Transcript (by Youtube)

0s Hello Elvenar fans!
2s With the smell of delicious seahorse  food dropping around your city,
5s you can hear the scream of eager spectators  getting ready for the annual equestrian race!
10s The nomination is getting close and the  fans are gathering in the recreational area
14s of the most premium grade! Before we find out  who competes in this year’s Aquatic event,
19s watch this video and subscribe to our Youtube Channel
22s to stay up-to-date with all things Elvenar!
28s Log in daily and progress through Rufus’  questline to collect Seahorse Food
32s - an essential resource to ride your Jockey  through the depths of the monumental coral reefs
36s and earn various rewards that the  Hoops of the Competition have to offer!
40s Everytime, you can move your jockey  to one of the three available Hoops,
43s each offering a unique set of possible prizes and  a different distance towards the end of the race.
49s After collecting 20 Starfish Medals,  you can reach the end of the current round
52s and collect the next Grand Prize of the sequence!
55s The Grand Prizes offer a plethora  of valuable resources for you,
59s including Pet Food, Boosters, Tomes, new buildings  and even special portraits for your city!
66s With a one-time investment, you  can unlock the Royal Prize lane
69s and collect two rewards simultaneously  every time you reach a new milestone!
73s Speaking of milestones, Rufus will reward  you when progressing through his questline
77s with additional prizes after  reaching certain milestones.
81s These prizes include more  Seahorse Food, more buildings
84s and of course, the premium Goddess of  Wishes after completing the whole questline!
89s Some fortunate humans and elves have claimed  to witness it bestowing Diamonds on occasion!
94s The Aquatic event means not  only a tense equestrian show,
97s but also a wonderful place to relax!
99s The Daily Prizes of this event are coming with
101s a collection of buildings  of a Summer Paradise theme!
104s Bring joy to the fans by creating a  recreational area where people can relax,
108s bask in the sun, and enjoy the enticing aroma  from the newly opened seafood restaurant,
113s renowned for its selected  quality and delicious meals!
117s Keep an eye on the rotation of Daily Prizes  and target exactly what your city needs!
122s The event comes with your  favorite Leagues mechanic!
125s Each Starfish Medal that you collect improves  your standing in the event's leagues,
129s providing an opportunity to earn extra  rewards when the event concludes!
132s These rewards contain additional items  for the development of your city,
136s along with unique bonuses to elevate the  power of the main highlights of this event!
141s If the Leagues of the Aquatic  Event is what you aim for,
144s you want to maximize the  output of your Starfish Medals.
147s To achieve this, aim for the Hoops of the  Competition with the highest relative chance
151s of obtaining Seahorse Food and those that  offer the greatest amount of Starfish Medals
155s for the Seahorse Food they require.
158s In each turn, evaluate the 3  different Hoops of the Competition
161s and select the one that provides the best return  in Starfish Medals for the Seahorse Food spent.
166s If you prefer Daily Prizes, consider  choosing specific Hoops of the Competition
170s that maximize such chances. While they may not  be as advantageous for earning Grand Prizes,
175s these Hoops offer the highest likelihood  of obtaining the current Daily Prize.
179s Each Hoop provides a chance to win one,  
181s with the more expensive ones  generally offering the best odds!
186s Visit our official Discord server to discover  valuable tips and tricks from our community,
190s and to learn more details  about all the event rewards!
194s Find your spot amidst the bustling crowd  and indulge in the culinary delights
197s offered by the chefs and cooks  from all around the world!
200s Are you excited for the event?
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206s to connect with thousands of other players.
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212s Bring the champagne and see you in the arena!