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221s wow
232s so
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484s hello elvenar fans i'm jada and i'm here
488s with thiago
490s to celebrate together the alvarian games
494s yes
495s thank you i'm excited this year
503s i love it
504s i'm sorry there is a little bit of delay
506s what what are you saying the ovarian
508s games are always an incredible game yes
512s yes and i see that you have the same
514s strawberry beer gear that i have so we
516s are all ready what can you tell me about
519s the event so this year we are bringing
523s again russell's our afficionated by the
526s hippo for the hippocampus
528s again he's watching the games
530s uh just as we will
532s and also our players will be able to
535s and
536s he as you know particularly interested
539s in the seahorse races
542s so
543s he is
544s choosing which one he thinks will be the
547s winner maybe he will bet on it who knows
551s but interesting is that this year one of
553s the competitors
555s seems slightly different
557s this year they um
561s the among the competitors we have sea
564s cookies see cookies is a rather slightly
568s small seahorse but
571s uh
572s don't judge the poop for its cover even
574s though he's small he's very brave he's
577s very smart and quite sure maybe in the
579s end a few of our new games he surprises
582s us
583s interesting
585s all right
586s what can you tell me then about the race
589s like what do we get
592s so
593s in these uh ovarian games
596s we will
598s be allowing the players to visit the
600s whole hypocampus
603s park you will be
606s you'll be uh
607s allowed to
609s visit the
610s winner parade
612s so it's a new building we did where uh
616s the lord can expose in his kingdom
619s the place where all the winners from
621s each race show off to the
624s expectators
626s we also
628s have
629s the
631s um
633s the fountain the winners fountain so in
635s this fountain we will be able to
638s see
640s to make a tribute for the winners
643s we also have the azure stables
648s on the azure stables all the
650s horses stay there and are kept fed
654s and
655s last but not least
657s we will be preparing for our players the
661s food stamp called savory bites
664s and as you know all the races happen in
667s a
668s stadium
669s and
670s this year we take the players to visit
672s the glory of the nimbo our
675s majestic hypocrites
678s where the races happen
679s and
680s if you
681s start the event you already get this
684s incredible evil beauty glory of the
686s nimble
687s and as you
689s complete the quests and
692s feed and help the the racer
695s go through the hoops
696s you will see
698s that the glory of the nimble changes
700s and
701s some players will think
703s why does it change
705s in this event we are following the
708s career of secrets
710s so
711s every round you complete at the
713s 20
715s points and you get a great prize
717s you uh
719s see cookies will move from a lesser
722s stadium
723s to a more intricate to a more beautiful
725s one and in the end he is on the big
728s stadium his dream the glory of the limbo
733s really nice
734s um
735s i have already uh i see a question from
738s gan that is asking what is best to build
741s uh
742s between for example the coral fountain
744s and the winners parade uh which is the
747s royal prize pass
748s prize
749s [Music]
751s what do you like
753s best
754s it's bad uh on most of the events we
756s like to capture all types of
758s requirements and all kinds of audience
760s so if you need you need now of units for
764s example as you're stable you give you
767s heavy ranged units
769s how many players on chapters
772s please that don't have a personality
774s or if you haven't unlocked these
776s uh these uh technology you can already
779s start producing the big frogs
782s the finnian frauds
785s on the other hand if your city is like a
787s little bit of culture you can have this
789s beautiful one by three culture building
792s called
793s um carl's fountain so it's very narrow
796s you
798s can fit it quite well in your mat and
800s it's also very beautiful
802s if you up to
804s uh
805s have a little bit more population on the
808s royal constance we have the winter spray
810s that gives you a very good amount of
812s population as well as the a little bit
815s of culture so
817s i believe that there is no
819s battery i think uh when we plan these
821s movies we try to make all types of
823s playstyles
825s um satisfied and happy with the with the
829s prizes
830s so
832s this is from this event
834s for example uh on the daily buildings
836s the daily beauties we have for example
839s on the first day
844s it's a very interesting beauty for
845s players that actually
847s want to have a little bit more of mana
849s in their city so players on
852s later chapters
854s which were you saying because uh there
857s there was a disturbance
859s which building are you talking about the
860s daily price so in the daily prices we
863s have the monterrey
866s a very paper the mentoring yes it's a
868s very
870s um mana building
872s it was i love it
877s hello it was there on the first uh day
880s we have shackapalooza yesterday giving
883s new seeds for example
885s i think you know by the end of the event
888s we're gonna have somehow the crab hotel
891s that looks that is a huge culture
894s um a huge population building that's
897s also really really good
899s um some we have also the manta boat for
902s the people that
903s don't want to have the monterey that is
904s a little bit bigger takes 12
907s squares you can have the smaller
909s diversion the manta boat
911s and we also gave up some uh
914s portal refuels so players after chapter
916s five that already
918s uh met their first guest race will have
920s the chance to collect water refuels and
922s boost a little bit
924s the gas raised production
927s and several beautiful uh culture
929s buildings
931s we have the seahorse monument we have
933s the of the coral fountain the diving
936s platform so
938s i think in this event we are giving
940s as
941s uh dailies
943s a lot of different options for our
945s players
947s yeah looks like it like if you want to
949s do some more uh
951s pvp uh maybe the azure stables are
954s better for you but if you want more
956s population uh maybe the the winners
959s parade is better
961s am i getting this
962s yes exactly
964s i think it looks cool it has to be
967s uh that's hard to be a decision
969s uh for each player
974s you were saying sorry no this is a
976s decision for each player and their
977s strategies
979s yeah
980s again
981s yes yes i i see her i like that we win
984s platform in the event
987s this is really something that we we had
990s already uh but uh we
993s brought it back
994s yeah
995s i think um
997s we had a very good feedback from uh the
1000s easter event and we actually
1003s thought that the players would love to
1004s have their twilight phoenixes a lot of
1006s players enjoyed it and built it so we
1008s are giving a little bit more of pet food
1010s so players can also use it more often
1014s of course we have the pet food available
1016s on the royal price pad
1019s and on top of that
1021s just as a
1025s just to
1027s get in the spirit of the ovarian games
1029s and cheer for the horses we created the
1033s savory bites you will find on the oil
1036s price path and on the grand prize path a
1039s building an expiring building that will
1041s allow you also to get a little bit more
1043s of
1044s that food
1045s so
1047s yeah
1048s and it's super cool that you can find it
1049s in both
1050s progress lines right so you can get it
1053s nevertheless uh if you if you get the
1056s real price pass or not but if you get
1058s the royal price bust you can get it two
1059s times
1060s um
1062s in the progression so that's really cool
1064s um we have uh steen that is asking
1068s already i i i love the spire uh will
1071s there be a fourth level in the spire and
1073s if so when
1075s so
1076s we have some veterans fire players that
1078s three levels not enough for them they
1080s want the fourth
1082s uh what are your thoughts do you know
1083s anything
1086s i don't i don't
1087s know exactly now if you're gonna have a
1089s fourth uh level okay but i heard that
1093s maybe
1095s in a few months a few more months
1098s maybe we work a little bit more on the
1100s spire give a little bit of
1103s an extra
1104s twist to it
1106s but
1107s i'm not sure if our fourth level will be
1110s implemented maybe just make the mechanic
1112s a little more interesting
1115s you never know
1116s but yeah uh thank you thank you for the
1118s answer thiago uh there's mindy would be
1122s nice if we had a shrink buildings potion
1128s [Music]
1130s could be interesting
1132s but
1133s then it is the question
1135s if the beauties get smaller
1136s would the productions get smaller
1139s ooh
1140s actually
1141s very interesting uh
1143s it could be a strategy sometimes like i
1146s don't care about the
1148s the buildings but i can do like i don't
1150s know 20 buildings at like 20 productions
1153s at a time uh
1155s because i need it for a quest or
1157s something
1158s there could be an exploit to this so um
1161s i leave it in your capable hands tiago
1164s because
1166s but it's nevertheless very very
1168s interesting in thinking all of these
1169s possibilities we do have a teleportation
1173s option already so if people don't have
1177s space and won't temporarily move or
1181s reorganize
1182s that that is available i know but yeah
1185s shrinking them
1187s [Music]
1188s a little bit more complicated huh yes
1191s oh there's steam that wants to know what
1194s liquid is in the helmets
1196s why it's strawberry beer you can do it
1199s your own um
1201s i i used some food coloring with some
1204s sparkling water
1207s mine is literally strawberry
1210s yeah
1211s many many ways to do the same thing uh
1214s but thank you for asking and if you want
1216s a tutorial for this it's actually quite
1217s simple
1218s so
1219s just ask
1221s um
1222s another from gann if you reach the gold
1225s league
1226s uh
1227s you got the rewards but how about the
1229s number one top player can receive a
1231s unique price in addition of normal price
1234s in the gold league
1235s this is actually
1237s a very cool idea
1240s i don't know
1243s what the the possibilities are uh what
1246s do you think thiago
1249s i think
1251s the league
1251s are
1253s the leagues are a function that we would
1254s like to have to see if the players can
1257s will compete for it and get your higher
1258s point
1259s and
1260s the gold league is already uh
1264s favoring one percent of the
1267s total players playing the event
1270s and
1271s for them we give already the
1274s exclusive avatar i think for only one
1278s player
1281s might get a little bit too competitive
1283s but i will think about it
1285s yeah
1287s yes uh the the leagues are a bit of
1291s competition but we don't want to uh
1294s stress out
1295s uh too much the players right exactly
1299s it's nice to be you know rewarded as the
1302s best
1303s so i understand the enthusiasm but we
1306s need to make it also fair in a
1310s general way i guess so yeah and fun
1314s thank you thiago um
1316s ooh we have we have two questions that
1319s are looking in the future uh you know in
1322s a very
1324s uh
1326s interesting like all of these are
1327s veteran players hi guys thank you for
1329s coming um can you tell when chapter 20
1333s starts
1335s soon i know soon yeah
1338s yeah
1341s i think in a few months definitely in a
1344s few months
1345s not to
1346s take very long but in a few months
1350s uh and then we have dalwolf uh that says
1353s we need more ways to expand
1356s uh i think what he means is that
1359s um the expansions that we have in the
1362s game are limited and this is um
1365s something that is actually
1367s uh
1368s designed
1369s for the game yes the size of the
1373s space and the size of the map is one of
1375s the main parts of design in the game
1378s so i think for now
1381s there won't be
1383s other ways of
1385s expanding
1387s further than we already do
1389s but
1390s uh
1391s [Music]
1393s maybe in the future we decided to do
1395s something different
1396s maybe
1397s even new man
1401s oh
1405s [Music]
1411s cool
1412s absolutely
1414s all right
1415s i was curious to see what the players
1418s felt about the
1420s last event with the
1422s um
1423s arcade very well
1425s i wonder if they like the
1428s the
1435s please let us know in the comments uh
1438s shout let us know what you think about
1440s the ferris wheel did you get it did you
1442s manage to get it did you liked it like
1444s do you have 20 in your city like let us
1447s know uh because we want to
1450s give you buildings that you like
1452s um
1453s talking about that point
1456s have you felt something different on the
1458s glory of the nimble
1460s actually
1461s i was
1463s seeing a little bit of dexterity on that
1466s building like one time
1468s it was one way and one time it was
1470s another
1471s is it just me or
1473s is my intuition right
1476s the glory of the nimble is a very
1478s interesting building to
1480s to pay attention to because
1482s the glory of the devil is our
1485s first evil building evolution building
1488s that actually
1490s has a random production i do it
1495s what does that mean though because
1497s random production could mean anything
1500s so
1501s you know that in all the eight horse
1504s race
1505s we have
1507s players picking the winner horse right
1510s and
1512s the
1513s idea is as the glory of the nimbu grows
1516s and you move towards
1518s a bigger stadium
1520s the chances of rewards get bigger so
1523s you will be able inside the guardian of
1525s the nimble to receive the goods that you
1529s need for your chapter
1530s and you can even hit chatbots that gives
1533s you a lot
1536s of knowledge points
1537s so you you this you bring your glorious
1540s of the neighborhood level to stage 10
1542s and you go back to the game
1544s to the game on
1546s every day and you see the results of the
1548s race maybe you won
1551s 50.
1553s oh wow
1555s that is a lot and also the glory of the
1558s liberal is an incredible building
1559s because
1561s it will follow you all the way to
1562s chapter 20. so if you have learned the
1565s name now on stage then
1568s and as you move into next to the future
1571s chapters
1572s the the random two will also change so
1575s players don't know which chapters will
1577s start with
1578s very standard precious and refined goods
1580s then you're gonna have
1583s sentient basic
1585s sanctioned uh
1586s refined
1587s and refined and precious goods all the
1590s way to sent to us centered goods
1593s to send some goods so nice as you break
1596s the guard of the limbo with you the
1598s goods will follow you all the way to the
1600s end of the content
1603s wow
1605s i mean i i think it took a lot of work
1607s to
1608s balance for every chapter
1610s yes we balanced for every chapter and
1612s for every stage so that's roughly 200
1616s different rewards but we really really
1619s really wanted to give something very
1621s exciting for the players
1623s these events so we put also that extra
1625s love on it as always
1627s wow
1629s that's impressive
1630s um we have uh
1634s del wolfe 77 uh again clarifying uh the
1638s question thank you so much um what i
1640s meant is to expand out
1642s through something beside research maybe
1645s like as a reward i have a lot of
1647s buildings but space is an issue um
1652s you can have you can have uh
1654s suspension by unlocking
1659s jesus
1667s unlocking um
1669s yes yes thank you thiago because i was i
1672s was struggling like
1674s because we already we already have that
1676s of course there is the possibility to uh
1679s buy some expansions but this is not a
1681s question the question is like i would
1683s love to have expansion as a reward
1688s and then i am thinking
1691s uh that the problem here is not the
1694s possibility to expand but to actually
1697s acquire expansion in another way because
1699s sometimes we have very veteran players
1702s that have their space maxed out and that
1706s is something that is designed so you
1708s have that is a piece of the puzzle like
1711s if you had more space it would not work
1714s in the design of the game uh for the
1717s chapter that you're in but uh if you
1720s have
1721s potential space to expand in how to get
1724s it in another way so
1726s please tell me um
1728s if i'm writing
1730s and understanding your question um but
1732s if that is the case as you already
1734s replied thiago uh by
1738s you know
1739s acquiring new provinces you get new
1742s expansions and i think do you think
1745s there could be another way
1747s to
1749s uh acquire expansions aside of all of
1751s these methods
1754s [Music]
1757s maybe maybe in the future but i don't
1758s think it's an easy thing because
1760s this is exactly balanced for that
1763s it's part of the balance
1765s complicated i understand
1767s thank you
1768s uh steen give us the wishing well again
1774s yeah um the wishing well was a very very
1777s powerful building that we had to
1780s make sure it was balanced and so we have
1783s the goddess of wishes uh
1786s i i i i've already talked in other q and
1790s a's about the wishing well with thiago
1791s uh thiago has your answer changed
1795s um
1796s for now it has much change but i'm
1799s trying to think of a way
1801s oh are you now i'm trying to yeah
1804s we received so many requests i'm trying
1806s to think of a solution for that
1809s thank you for that like i know that
1811s balancing takes a lot of work
1812s yes but let's see maybe it will find a
1816s way
1818s yeah yeah it was exciting when it went
1820s out i was like
1822s um
1823s tina in march some city were offered uh
1826s to buy
1828s three military boost buildings for
1830s diamonds like melee monuments have emily
1832s sanctuary heavy ranged buildings that
1836s expire in five days
1838s will the buildings be coming back soon
1842s um
1843s yeah we have a place to use it to you to
1845s uh
1846s to implement them
1849s nice uh we have also mindy can we have
1852s more windows in them in the magic
1855s academy uh there is so much in there
1857s that uh
1859s what you need sometimes that will come
1860s up for weeks uh i think in this in this
1864s uh scope the windows uh mindy is
1867s referring to are the uh
1871s yes the slots that are available
1873s what is your answer to that thiago my
1876s answer to that is magical crafting is an
1879s erratic science it's normal but it's
1881s normal that you not get all the time
1884s what you need
1885s but as you
1886s learn more about magic probably it's
1889s gonna some of the
1891s the the crafting to finish better
1894s yeah
1896s it's i mean uh and and there are also
1898s there is there is an erratic science but
1900s it's a science because certain slots are
1903s reserved to certain things yeah it's
1906s fine
1907s you
1908s you players have uh actually noticed
1911s that there is always something of a
1912s certain category so if you if you see
1916s that something of a certain category is
1918s not coming up most likely it could
1921s uh randomly come up the next time i mean
1924s probability right i think it's very
1926s important to log in every day and
1928s follow the rotations
1930s every time the match academy rotates
1934s the offers
1935s go there give it a check if it's
1936s something you need and also you have you
1939s always have the possibility to use some
1940s type of clarities oh and re-roll and
1944s re-roll all the thoughts so there's a
1946s lot of possibilities there on these
1948s events we can find some of characters in
1950s the royal prize path and in the grand
1952s prize lane
1953s so
1954s play the event collect our tip of
1955s clarity
1957s use wisely
1959s the crafting timers so wait until the
1961s crafting starts reroll it so you can
1964s already
1966s save time and
1968s being active and being there checking
1970s the the results
1972s uh it will allow you to get what you
1974s want
1975s cool uh helle asks uh will uh will there
1980s be a search function in the inventory uh
1983s for browser player because i mean uh
1986s mobile players have that uh but the
1988s implementation takes
1990s different roads
1992s and so browser players don't have that
1994s yet
1995s uh do you know if
1998s that is in the works
2000s i will take these questions for the
2002s development team and
2006s yeah
2007s what i know is that we always want to
2009s improve the experience of players so if
2013s something works
2015s why not
2016s we don't know we don't know the timeline
2018s though but uh this feedback is very
2021s precious and we will bring it to the
2022s developers
2024s so thank you
2026s god hi again uh the game is so good a
2030s lot of excitement very unique game i've
2032s ever played this kind of game that i
2035s really want after a thousand years i
2036s find this thank you for creating this
2038s game welcome ah it's a pleasure
2041s thank you we have so much fun with you
2044s we really have a lot of fun playing
2046s preparing the game for you
2048s taking care of all the details making
2050s the game look beautiful with a nice
2052s story with great balancing
2054s so
2055s it's made with a lot of love and a lot
2057s of people are involved in creating this
2059s experience
2061s yes
2062s absolutely
2064s oh we have only four minutes
2066s questions guys
2068s come up with questions because we don't
2070s have much time left uh in the meantime
2073s um
2074s thiago do you know anything else that
2077s it's important to know about these
2079s events like uh what do we collect what
2082s is happening how do we uh how do we
2085s advance in the race
2087s yeah so for this event we implemented a
2089s few changes
2091s so first you have to complete
2094s um
2096s the quest line
2097s which is new right
2098s like we have
2100s yeah now we changed a little bit the
2104s production a quest so now players from
2106s later chapters are uh
2109s they are allowed to use sentient and
2111s ascended goods to complete the questline
2115s so we want to give also the
2118s more experienced players
2120s uh a little bit of yeah
2123s producing something that they would use
2124s directly
2126s and by concluding by completing these
2128s quests
2129s we you are able to collect uh
2133s see how
2134s fast
2135s that will go to the different groups
2137s each group has
2140s cost in uh
2142s and will allow you to take different
2144s prices some are more focused in
2147s uh progressing in the in the race some
2151s would give you more chances to
2155s get the daily prize
2159s really cool
2160s uh we have
2162s uh
2165s gun again uh can you do something uh a
2168s new building to create a blue a
2170s blueprint
2172s uh
2173s using only one good but more goods are
2176s needed to create it because it's very
2177s hard to have it
2180s do you have a fellowship
2182s okay this this needs nothing
2185s he says that he wants to have a
2186s blueprint using only uh
2190s goods like he wants to produce a
2192s conflict with goods because it's very
2194s hard to have it if we don't have a
2195s active fellowship
2198s so oh yes it makes yes thank you thiago
2201s um
2203s what's your answer to that
2206s i don't see that happening in the near
2207s future
2210s thank you sorry uh that wolf is asking
2213s again will the maximum number of uh of
2216s uh fellowship be 50 per group
2219s get bigger in the future
2222s could be
2224s to be a fellowship
2226s let's see let's talk to the development
2227s team and see what we can do with that
2229s [Music]
2230s cool
2231s um
2232s i think we are
2234s nearly out of time
2237s but uh let's see there is uh asia asia
2240s welcome back i remember you why do does
2244s it seem like the events are getting
2246s closer together does it seem so
2249s yeah we um
2251s we added one more event this year
2253s because i think our players enjoy it and
2258s we are making the events
2259s a little bit less stressful for the
2262s players so everyone can
2264s do the main uh
2266s progression and also have some time out
2272s [Music]
2274s from the main storyline and do a little
2276s bit event and then continue
2279s okay
2280s thank you um
2282s now the time is up uh
2285s so i get this opportunity oh falcon wing
2290s hi
2291s sorry
2293s you will be able to rewatch this like it
2296s will be available um
2298s thank you all for coming and joining us
2302s in the event thank you for playing thank
2305s you for being so passionate
2307s and
2308s let's see you in the next q a
2310s yeah see you
2313s bye guys
2345s you

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