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Yesterday I bought the basic version, never buying the highest ones. However, I love the game so far. But I am having an issue with the payment. I went to upgrade my version to EOD, using paypal. It went through, but I also got an automatic refund from Xsolla? Does anyone know what this means?

I got 2 emails from paypal. 1st was saying I paid 98.15 to Xsolla, but then the 2nd says it was refunded. It was automatic because the emails are exactly 4 second apart.

I also think my card has been charged for it. It seems to have minus 100 dollars give or take, but it's not on my purchase history? Should I just try again? Haha

Edit - I DID try again and now I have 200 dollars pending instead of 100. Shame on me

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21 days ago - /u/BSG_Damiano - Direct link

In this case you have to contact with Xsolla support (https://support.xsolla.com/).