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Hello Lumia Island survivors!

Don't miss this two-week event for a chance to get new skins!

Event Period
Thursday, July 4th after maintenance - Thursday, July 18th before maintenance

Event 1. Buy Skin Data Boxes and get a Season 4 Bonus Skin Data Box!
Only for two weeks! Purchase the 11 Skin Data Sets and receive a Season 4 Bonus Skin Data Box!
The bonus box includes one random newly added skin.

Event 2. Buy the 11 Skin Data Box Bundle at a discounted price!
We're offering an additional discount on the 11 Skin Data Box Bundle and 11 Skin Data Sets for 2 weeks!

■ Price:
- 11 Skin Data Sets 3,325 NP (-31%) → 2,992 NP (-39%)
- 11 Skin Data Boxes Bundle 2,260 NP (-31%) → 1,990 NP (-39%)

Event 3. Higher Probabilities! (New skins in the Skin Data Box)
We've boosted your chances to snag new skins in the Skin Data Boxes!
For the next two weeks, each box you open could yield up to 3 items, up from the usual 2.
This bonus probability specifically targets the latest skins added to the boxes, so take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts!

Added Skins
- 3 Epic Skins: Scarlet Vampire Shoichi, Widriana, Housekeeper Corp. Rozzi
- 15 Rare Skins: Housekeeper Corp. Bernice, Housekeeper Corp. Aya, Street Fighter Piolo, Cozy Camper Silvia, Maid Adela, Arcana of Fate Adina, Plum Blossom Tsubame, Spring Romance Daniel, Marching Band Hart, Private Investigator Nicky, Zahirich, Store Manager Haze, Demon Hunter Nadine, Underworld Org Echion, Battle Priest Kenneth

Don't miss this chance!
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.