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Hello Lumia Island survivors!

Check out the details of the Season 3 Ranked Rewards!

[Season 3 Ranked Reward Details]
1. End of Season 3 Ranked Matches and Requirements
- Weds, May 22nd, 23:59 (UTC)

* Only points from ranked matches started before May 22nd at 23:59 (UTC) will be included.
* Accounts with a total ban record of 14 days or longer are ineligible for ranked rewards.
* Rewards that have already been sent out, will be retrieved back from said accounts.

2. Season 3 Cadet Elena
- Players who achieve Gold or higher by the end of Season 3 will receive the Cadet Elena skin!

3. Immortal & Titan Reward Criteria
- Immortal: Top 200 players that reached Mythril or higher with 200+ points
- Titan: Top 201-700 players that reached Mythril or higher with 200+ points

*During Season 1, the Immortal Tier is displayed only for the global TOP 200. (To be improved in the future)
*If you achieve the Immortal and Titan criteria, you will be awarded the corresponding tier rewards.
*Players ranked 700th and below will be rewarded based on their final tier achieved before the end of the season.
*Ranked Rewards will be awarded according to the server in which you played 80% or more of your Ranked matches.
*If you haven't played in one single server for 80% of your Ranked matches, the count will be based on the server with your lowest tier.

4. Rewards per Tier

*Rewards will be distributed on Thursday, May 30th after maintenance, and will be available to players who log into the game by Friday, August 30th 2024 at 14:59 (UTC).

■ Rank-Dependent Rewards
- Icons, backgrounds, and borders that correspond to your achieved rank!
- Show off last season's accomplishments in Normal and Ranked!

■ Ranked Gold or higher
- Cadet Elena

■ Ranked Platinum or higher
- Animated Emote A (Widriana's Mocking You)

■ Ranked Diamond or higher
- Animated Emote B (Cadet Elena's U Cute)
- 500 NP

■ Ranked Mythril or higher (Titan, Immortal)
- 1,000 NP

■ Ranked Immortal
- Exclusive profile border, icon, background, and emote for Immortal players only! (Permanent)
- Additional Immortal profile border and icon!

*2023 Season 3 Ranked Reward icons, backgrounds, and borders expire upon the start of Season 5 unless otherwise stated.

As always, thanks for playing Eternal Return!

Good luck!