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We're super excited to finally announce the rewards you'll all get for climbing the ladder in Season 3.
Sure, you've seen Cadet Hyejin (and it's awesome) but we've got even more stuff for you on the way!

How to receive ranked rewards
  • All rewards are given based on the highest rank among solo, duo, and squad.
  • Season 3 will end on October 27th with the start of the maintenance. (Rank is recorded till the start of the maintenance on Wednesday October 27th)
First, those who end the season with gold and above rank will receive Cadet Hyejin skin.

Season 3 Ranked Rewards are listed below.

1. Rewards for overall ranks
  • Ranked Borders! You will get a loading screen border based on what tier you end up in, allowing you to show off what you accomplished during the past season!
2. Gold and above
  • Cadet Hyejin (Reaching Gold in any mode - Solo/Duo/Squad)
  • Sua Borgir Emote (Reaching Gold in 2+ modes - Solo/Duo, Solo/Squad, Duo/Squad.)

3. Ranked Platinum or higher
  • Dazed and Confused Emote

4. Ranked Diamond or higher
  • 500 NP
5. Ranked Titan or higher
  • 1,000 NP
6. Ranked Immortal or higher
  • New Merchandise (Cushion)
  • For servers without anyone reaching Immortal, you will be awarded on a separate ranking basis.
  • Merchandise just for Immortal ranks will be announced later in the upcoming weeks.
*Season 3 ranked icons, background, borders can be used before Season 5 starts. (Season 2 ranked icons, background, borders can be used before Season 4 starts.)

Now start climbing up your ranks!

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