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We've put together a special weekend event making it easy for you to lock down 2 new emotes!

  • Emote Name: Boohoo Hyejin, Speechless Hyejin
And also! Earn A-Coin every day during the event period!
  • Day 1: 600 A-Coin
  • Day 2: 700 A-Coin
  • Day 3: 800 A-Coin

    *Rewards will be delivered to your in-game mailbox.
    *Validity Period: 7 Days
Event Schedule
  • Event Period: October 1st, 2021 19:00 ~ October 3rd, 2021 19:00 (PT)

How to participate:
  • Enter the Coupon Code HOLIDAYHYEJIN1 and receive 2 Hyejin emotes!
    *Enter the coupon code in Game Options -> Service -> Coupons.

Hyejin Emotes will be available for purchase after maintenance on Wednesday, October 13th.
We've got 2 more Hyejin Emotes on the way soon.

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