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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Last but certainly not least, we have our final Augments.

Let's begin our final stroll through the Augments.

First up is the Havoc Sub Augment, Quench.

This augment increases damage dealt to animals and androids and heals for a certain amount of the damage.

Wild Animals, Wickeline and the Alpha/Omega bros sometimes pack too big of a punch for some test subjects to handle. Quench your HP to heal off of animals while looting or in clutch situations while you're in combat with one of the big scary neutral androids!

Next one up is a Core Fortification Augment, Diamond Shard. When you have Diamond Shard, Immobilizing an enemy player increases your Defense based on your current level.

After some time, the buff expires and deals skill damage in an area around you, slowing enemies hit.

Not only does the augment provide defensive stats, but also equips you with some tools to deal damage and CC enemies. Offensive or Defensive, pick your poison.

Our very last augment of the reveal will be the Support Core augment Amplification Drone.

Using your ultimate summons an Amplification Drone that follows you around.
The drone increases Movement Speed and Skill Amplification of you and your allies based on your level.

You'll have an even better time initiating fights with your ultimate. Just like, don't run too far away from your allies. They benefit from the buffs, too!

Keep your enemies close but your friends closer. So you can boost them.

Alright! This concludes the final chapter of our Augment reveal for Season 4. What're you most excited for?

These augments are just a small look of what is actually coming to Season 4, so keep an eye out for more information as we approach the preseason! You can also check out the Dev Letter that was posted earlier this week on Steam or the official Eternal Return website.

We're going to be adjusting Augments a bit, namely the balance of them, and more will be added in the future as well! We hope you enjoyed looking at the cool new features and that you're excited to try all of them in out in-game!!!

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