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896s hello and welcome to the eternal return
899s lemonade benefit series this is our
902s fourth show in the series and it's about
904s to get crazy we've got a new game mode
908s new content creators in gameplay you'll
910s just have to see to believe i'm casanova
913s and i'm back at it again with my good
915s friend crowin here to call all of the
918s action pro it how does it feel back
921s how does it feel to be back with another
923s lapse it feels so great to be back we've
925s gone through so many er labs together
927s it's hard to believe that it's you know
928s already though the fourth one is crazy
930s it's gonna be a ton of fun especially
932s with the new game mode i just can't wait
934s to get on into the action
935s look i'm so excited about as well and if
938s you at home have been taking a hiatus
939s from eternal return i mean
942s first of all what's wrong with you
944s second you might not know this but you
946s know three days ago nimblederon dropped
948s a new 4v4 game mode called cobalt
952s protocol and krone and i have been
954s grinding this game mode at soul watching
956s is so much fun i mean crow and just
958s break it down a little bit for me yeah
960s definitely i mean cool it's been so much
962s fun to play it's a great game mode to
963s hop in for the first time if you're a
965s new eternal return player but also a ton
967s of fun for the old strong return
968s enjoyers as well there's no crafting you
970s just kind of pick your items from a
971s couple of choices hop on in control the
974s beacons are on the map fight their
975s players fight over a couple of
976s objectives and you know take away points
979s from your opponent's life total and gets
981s to zero and then you win claim victory
983s it's short it's sweet but it is so so
985s much fun and really excited to see how
987s these players are going to approach it
988s right such a new game mode so yeah it's
990s really just you know wide open i mean
992s it's been awesome too it's like so cool
993s that you start out fully equipped right
995s so you can just get right into the
996s action you can get right into the
997s fighting you don't have to worry about
999s getting griefed on your looting routes
1000s anything like that you just get that
1002s random character you randomize through
1004s your equipment you get out there and you
1005s just fight and brawl and look for the
1007s objectives i mean it is so fun they've
1009s got the three phases right the 2v2 the
1011s 4v4 but really it has just been an
1013s absolute treat to play this game mode
1016s and i know we have both really enjoyed
1018s that brawler we both yeah we come from a
1020s bit of a brawler game so getting a
1022s little bit of brawling in has always
1024s been something we enjoy but on top of
1027s that to celebrate cobalt protocol nimble
1030s neuron has some goodies for you all
1033s there's some coupons that they've got
1034s you can use code play cobalt to redeem
1037s four characters and a 5 000 a coin which
1040s you can use to buy even more characters
1042s of your choice and that's not even all
1045s of the goodies we've got an additional
1047s coupon that is thanks cobalt that's th x
1051s cobalt that you can redeem for 300 event
1053s np so you can get you know some of the
1054s skins you can get some of the event
1056s things that are going to be super
1058s exciting but but but it is not just
1061s coupons we also have something for all
1063s of you sitting at home watching right
1064s now there are some drops going on and if
1066s you just stick around for one hour you
1069s can get randomized rewards of up to 2
1071s 000 np and 3 000 acorns you can get more
1075s skins or characters that you can go take
1077s and play in eternal return you don't
1079s need those characters for cobalt
1080s protocol because it's all randomized but
1082s if you want to jump in any of the other
1083s modes duo squad solos you're going to be
1085s able to do so with all of those extras
1087s but we've talked about a little bit of
1089s the coupons a little bit of the the game
1091s mode but we also have a tournament we're
1093s playing chrome can you go ahead and
1094s break down the format for the people at
1096s home
1097s that we do we of course have the new
1099s mode cobalt protocol and this is going
1101s to be a bit of a 4v4 where each team is
1103s going to be composed of two pairings
1105s with one content creator and one
1107s tournament turned pro player and those
1109s will be consistent but the paired duos
1111s to make up the 44 will shuffle every two
1114s games the winning creators will receive
1117s 1500 total so 750 per creator per round
1122s but there's gonna be bonus prizing as
1123s well whoever out of all four creators
1126s gets the highest number of kills is
1128s going to get a hundred and sixty seven
1131s dollars to their charity at the end of
1133s each round in cass we've got quite the
1136s list of creators joining us don't we
1137s yeah i mean let's check out who's gonna
1139s be fighting for those kills and trying
1141s to get that bonus that's gonna be a
1142s couple of league of legends pros and
1144s lorelo viper and sneaky joined by a
1147s super smash melee god himself plop is
1151s going to be an exciting group of
1152s creators and kronen why don't you uh
1155s tell me a little bit about the eternal
1157s return pros that are going to be pairing
1160s up with them
1161s that's right we have a fantastic list of
1162s return return pro players to join those
1164s creators and i got a chance to meet
1166s three out of four of them at dreamhack
1167s dallas just last week for a tournament
1169s there with sheepy passant and dark gen x
1172s and they're of course joined by sylvia
1173s legend frankie doodle and all of these
1176s players are going to be helping their
1177s creator duos win some money for their
1180s charities guys yeah and you know we
1182s mentioned that they're all paired up
1183s into duos but they are going to be doing
1186s even more here with the charity these
1188s duos are going to be fighting warlow's
1189s deal going to be fighting for united
1191s help ukraine uh viper's dog gonna be
1193s fighting for educational fun to stop gun
1195s violence plot playing for best friends
1197s animal society which i've actually
1199s volunteered there a couple times i love
1200s that charity and uh sneaky playing for
1202s the american foundation for suicide
1205s prevention uh grown this is uh gonna be
1208s a lot of fun looking at all these
1209s players we got them in their duos and
1211s they're gonna team up with another duo
1213s to make that four person team we're
1215s gonna shuffle those around but for the
1217s first round let's take a look at the
1219s first team that we're going to be seeing
1222s there we go we're going to have viper
1224s pay with frankie doodle and lurlo paired
1227s with passant for the first team
1229s cass i suppose that is going to leave uh
1232s sneaky and then pluck for the others as
1234s well but this team i think fantastic to
1236s start things off yeah terror in the top
1237s lane the viper loro do duo from league
1240s of legends they're both top laners uh in
1242s their pro careers respectively and
1244s they're do it up with some very very
1246s solid er players but the next team you
1248s gave the sneak peek there we've got
1250s sneaky and plop sneaky plus sheepy that
1253s cheeky fluff dark gen x pop also a chic
1256s main we just got cheeky out here it's
1257s all chic it's exciting it's awesome this
1259s team looks fantastic as well and i think
1262s our first round is gonna be absolutely
1265s crazy
1267s speaking of you know
1269s all of these players it is exciting
1271s we're gonna be jumping in with an
1272s interview with them in just a moment get
1273s to talk to them get their thoughts
1275s crowned but this team sneaky sheepy plop
1278s dark nx excited exciting team for sure
1282s oh yeah definitely i think i mean
1283s there's a little bit of a rivalry coming
1285s out for that last tournament last week
1288s um where it was uh she be in passant
1290s passant got the better out of uh
1292s sheepy's team by like it was a crazy 1v3
1294s on tia so she'd be definitely coming to
1296s this event with a lot to prove and you
1298s know i think a lot of that might be uh
1300s might be great some call she be an
1302s emotional gamer but you know it's it's
1304s it's all in good fun right especially
1306s when you're coming in really motivated
1308s wanting to win especially you know when
1309s it's money for charity well sheepy used
1311s all that emotion to win the last lab so
1313s we'll see if they can you know bring it
1315s back in this one as well especially
1317s since they're very driven to beat
1319s poisson to take him down i mean i know
1321s that rivalry is a lot of fun and in this
1323s game mode hey maybe sheepy's got an edge
1325s she'd be a bit of a flexible player
1327s where passant we've seen on just a
1328s couple of different characters but we're
1331s going to be jumping in with the
1333s interview we're going to be talking to
1335s our captains we're going to take a
1336s moment and uh ask some quick questions
1341s yep here we go all right we got all of
1344s everyone here it's been fantastic to see
1346s you all i'm gonna go ahead and start
1347s with uh pull up but i heard you already
1349s know your teammate uh darkjet x how do
1351s you know each other and did you know he
1352s was so good at eternal return coming
1354s into this event
1356s yeah actually uh we know each other
1358s through smash bros i'm a smash brother
1360s player in case you guys didn't know me
1361s but uh he's like
1364s he always reps this game
1365s rose and i can't hear flop i don't think
1368s i think we're going to get him in a
1369s second yeah
1372s i'm sure the answer was great though
1374s yeah i'm sure lovely answer i imagine
1379s we'll see if we can get him in a second
1382s i believe it may just be
1383s a discord on mute real quick but we'll
1386s figure out those uh technical issues in
1388s just a moment and we'll see if we can
1389s get that answer again so cronin and i
1391s can also hear the lovely answer from
1394s plop
1396s all right sounds like we may just be
1398s getting those words from them later on
1401s chrome we're going to be able to just
1402s talk to them in a bit but we've got the
1405s first match coming up in just a moment
1407s here crown we've got some
1409s amazing teams that we're looking at is
1411s there any team that's really standing
1412s out for you that you're really excited
1414s to be watching
1415s i mean i i do think it's going to be a
1417s lot of weight driven to that uh you know
1419s the little bit of a rivalry story there
1421s i think she'd be coming in here i'm just
1422s it's gonna be a lot of cheapy talk for
1424s me today unless someone else you know
1425s proves me wrong we'll see i know there's
1428s a lot of fantastic uh you know players
1430s that we got here for the pros and some
1432s of these creators as well have already
1433s gotten a chance to hop into this game
1435s mode start practicing no one really
1437s stood out for me i guess per se but
1440s there's still time and we'll kind of get
1441s that narrative as the day goes on
1443s especially as we're into our first game
1444s draft right here yeah we're looking at
1446s the draft a little bit i see i see a
1449s nicki for passant frankie doodle has a
1451s barbaro we actually we talked about
1453s barbara leading up to this event and how
1455s dark gen x if they can get their hands
1457s on the barbara it's going to be
1458s terrifying and uh you know go ahead and
1461s talk about the character select a little
1462s bit chrome to give some more context to
1463s that as well yeah sure so everyone at
1465s the beginning of cobalt protocol is
1467s going to be given a selection of uh i
1470s suppose eight uh test subjects right you
1472s start on one and you have a pool of four
1474s at the end of that look first timer you
1476s actually swap the unused picks with the
1478s enemy team and then you'll get a chance
1480s to uh you know pick from four more test
1482s subjects where you get into the game so
1484s you know you don't want to leave up
1486s someone maybe like a sylvia for frankie
1488s doodle or like a barber for dark gen x
1490s or maybe you want to take that away but
1491s there's a couple of mind games in there
1492s as we did get to see a chance uh get a
1495s chance to see what everyone landed on
1496s but there's gonna be a whole other phase
1498s right called protocol is so much fun if
1500s you're gonna draft your items see how
1502s they approach the early game it's gonna
1503s be it's gonna be a lot of fun oh yeah
1505s for sure i absolutely love this game
1507s mode we got a quick look at the picks
1509s there i did see a johann we've talked
1510s about how good he can be in this game
1513s mode being able to give that healing and
1515s shielding to his entire team we'll see
1517s who ended up on that pick in a moment
1520s but we do have kind of the item
1522s selection phase here growing and kind of
1524s talk about how the first few moments of
1526s cobalt protocol happen for anybody who
1528s maybe hasn't gotten a chance to jump in
1530s this game mode yet yeah definitely you
1531s hop on in and one of the first things
1533s you do is pick your uh item set up it's
1535s not like you know regular island where
1536s you have to craft all your gear you just
1538s get options presented to you and if you
1540s don't like your options you can hit the
1541s random button and get you know as it
1543s says a random item but also some more
1545s currency which you can use to buy things
1547s like you know some upgrades for your uh
1549s test subject or some extra items which
1552s they can roll legendaries doesn't look
1554s like we get to see anyone rolling
1555s legendaries right here but we get a
1557s chance to see them go throughout the
1559s beginning of the game take out the
1561s drones take out the mutated animals as
1563s well and actually see some action
1565s already starting a bit of an invade
1567s happening but back to viper and lorelo
1571s and this is the poster too yeah this is
1573s the 2v2 phase of the game and viper is
1575s on johan one of eternal returns kind of
1577s like more supporty characters who's
1579s fantastic in a game mode like this cass
1581s yeah i mean really good they've got a
1583s nice composition here a couple of
1584s backline carries kind of a front line
1586s with yuki and then the support of nature
1588s uh from that johan and and on the other
1590s side you know we saw sneaky with a crit
1592s kiara we might want to see that turn
1594s into a tank later but for now it's
1595s pumping out the damage they get a kill
1597s onto frankie doodle's hedging and now
1598s poisson in a bit of trouble uh just
1600s going to be walking away you should be
1601s able to escape this easily go get some
1603s heal and kind of ramp back up those
1605s these healing packs all over the map to
1608s help keep you sustained you can also
1609s move back to there's a safe zone for
1611s each team that you can still get some
1613s healing if you do get in a bind but once
1615s again basant in some trouble sneaky
1617s gonna chase him out frankie's got a
1618s little peel and it looks like he'll just
1620s go heal yeah this one's gonna have to go
1622s into the zone and yeah so you step
1623s inside of it you heal it can be dove by
1626s the enemies but we'll turn it there on
1628s the bottom side it'll start shooting
1629s them it's a very very powerful tower uh
1632s probably not gonna see too many dives
1633s unless people are really having fun you
1635s know get into feisty you'd love to see
1636s that but the main focus right now as
1638s phase one draws to an end or just these
1640s two v2s right controlling the beacons if
1642s you control a beacon for 45 seconds it
1646s is going to deduct a life point away
1648s from the enemies total and they also
1649s give you a little bit of stats when you
1651s control them as well each takedown gets
1653s a kill so we actually do see a 36 to 39
1656s right now in favor of that red side i
1659s think that is uh yeah viper and uh pull
1662s up in the lead currently
1668s sneaky and bluff it looks like there is
1670s a little bit of an issue in connection
1672s there and we may have a restart in a
1674s moment we're just getting that fixed on
1676s the back and but that was interesting to
1678s see the start just immediately going in
1681s the favor of the the red side picking up
1683s those you know couple of kills we saw
1685s sneaky grabbing a couple kills with
1687s kiara frankie doodle falling on that
1688s hedge in a few times and uh it felt like
1691s to us that blue team was gonna have a
1693s stronger kind of composition uh for the
1696s team fights but in the 2v2 phase they
1697s were getting dominated yeah that's a
1699s whole separate thing right that's why
1700s there's three phases you got to approach
1701s every single phase a bit differently
1703s right the 2v2s aren't always going to be
1705s good for you it does depend on that
1707s early draft as well you could have if
1709s you hit the random items or just maybe
1710s unfortunately didn't get presented with
1712s good options so you're gonna be a bit of
1714s a weaker build potentially but later on
1716s into the game after phase one after you
1718s farm out all those muted animals and the
1720s drones give you credits you have six
1722s opportunities to find other gear if
1724s something gear is fine you know you can
1726s use all six if you want to re-roll your
1727s weapon let's say but you can do it in
1730s pretty much any piece or actually any
1731s piece that you want uh it did seem like
1734s sneaky on that uh great kiara though the
1736s 2v2 was pretty uh pretty terrorizing you
1738s know sneaky known for the you know
1740s backline carries but you know obviously
1742s good on melee as well going right in
1744s your face and getting some early
1745s takedowns yeah and if you're just coming
1748s back to er and you just turned in the
1749s broadcast and you're curious as to what
1751s we're talking about because it all
1752s sounds crazy and not like the actual
1753s game that's because there's a new game
1755s mode that was released a couple of days
1756s ago and that's what we're playing we're
1757s playing cobalt protocol is a 4v4 where
1761s the objective is to kind of deduct uh
1764s life points from any team both sides
1765s start with 40. you do that by getting
1767s kills or controlling those objective
1769s points controlling the beacons you hold
1771s them for 45 seconds it'll deduct a life
1774s point and then there's you know the
1775s multiple phases that we've been talking
1776s about here you've heard us say in kind
1777s of the 2v2 phase the 4v4 phase and it's
1780s all entirely random you don't have to go
1782s and do the crafting it's random on what
1784s characters you get you can randomize
1786s items but you're given options to help
1787s your build and as you farm money
1790s throughout the game you can kind of
1791s build out uh that build even more by
1794s getting some more boxes and getting
1795s options to try to try to try and change
1797s things out through and through so a lot
1800s of fun in this game mode and it's really
1801s exciting to see these players kind of
1803s jump in and just kind of go at it
1805s definitely especially if we get some of
1806s these players maybe getting their
1807s signature characters we talked about a
1809s couple before but there's passant in the
1812s adela that i'm sure would be a treat to
1814s watch sheepy on literally any glove
1816s character would be fantastic to see
1819s always a terror on those and it's a
1822s little hard right because usually we're
1823s used to seeing it trying to return sure
1824s we can have you know the squads format
1826s but a lot of it is in the solos but this
1828s is the first time it's really 4v4 so it
1830s kind of takes team fighting to a whole
1832s new level and it's really going to be
1835s interesting to see which teams come out
1837s on top of those big uh kind of big
1840s fights right is it going to be because
1842s of you know some item rng that one team
1844s gets ahead or not is it just going to be
1846s a good engage the mechanics it could be
1848s literally anything right it could be
1849s taking bad fights maybe over like gamma
1851s because phase three that's when gamma
1853s comes out that's gonna be a big
1854s objective where i believe it takes six
1857s points away from the enemy's life total
1859s but it takes a very very long time to
1862s kill so even if you like wipe the whole
1864s entire enemy team go to gamma start
1867s whaling on it there's a good chance
1868s you're probably not going to kill in
1869s time for the enemy team comes back and
1870s says hmm they're not on the map i don't
1872s see them they're probably on it again
1874s a bit of a burger flip you might say
1876s there that might be happening i'm sure
1878s at some point
1878s and that'll be hype when it does come
1880s through but yeah gonna get back into
1882s game hopefully resolve everything in
1884s just a few moments we gotta see a little
1886s bit of a sneak preview so you know at
1888s least that at least we're getting our
1889s bearings underway yeah we are we we got
1892s to see a little bit of domination from
1893s uh team sneaky and plup
1896s going in on the early game in the 2v2
1898s phase and uh crow and i'm curious we
1900s didn't really do like major predictions
1903s going into that game do we think you
1905s know for round one is it gonna be sneaky
1907s and pluck taking it over viper and lorla
1909s or the other way around and yeah we got
1911s a sneak peek on what it looked like that
1913s time but what are you thinking going
1915s into the first game which side do you
1916s think is going to be able to take it
1918s from our totally you know entire game
1920s link that we saw there that three-point
1922s lead i'm just kidding with the results
1925s right now and the results are resolved
1929s ridiculous yeah ridiculous i can't
1930s believe it
1933s it it was sneaky going you know going
1935s pretty ham be able to get some takedowns
1937s on some yo er pro players that's you
1939s know not something that's the easiest
1941s thing obviously a lot of these people um
1943s are going to be very good just at games
1945s in general so that's i think something
1947s to bring up when it comes to a
1949s tournament environment even though it's
1950s a new game or newer game for some of
1952s them they still pick up concepts pretty
1954s easily a lot of them have this you know
1956s moba you know style experience you know
1958s very very high level moba experience so
1960s i'm sure that delving into return return
1963s isn't going to be too difficult for them
1964s and seeing the progression of how they
1966s play like you know from game one to game
1968s six i'm sure it's gonna be noticeably uh
1970s noticeable improvements yeah yeah i i
1972s completely agree i also think it's
1974s really cool because if you are someone
1976s who plays eternal return but you maybe
1977s struggle in the looting phase or kind of
1979s the pathing and maybe don't like that
1981s part of it as much but you just love the
1983s endgame fights football protocol is
1985s absolutely the game mode for you because
1986s the the character design in this game is
1988s so awesome as far as the like you know
1990s the kits the skill sets that these uh
1992s characters have and getting a chance to
1993s just jump in and brawl immediately with
1996s all the items is so much fun i think
1997s that does favor these uh pros from other
2000s mobas like league of legends where they
2002s come in and like okay well this is a
2004s this is a four ability or five ability
2007s character uh
2009s i've done this before i i can do this
2010s again i just gotta learn kind of what
2012s these abilities do and i can kind of
2013s figure it out so i think they'll pick it
2015s up quick and as you said we'll see that
2017s noticeable improvement throughout the
2018s day and then also plop of course being
2021s uh someone who has played some er before
2023s and i think i'm expecting some big
2025s things from club but just as a reminder
2028s if you are watching here if you are
2030s hanging out with us if you spend at
2032s least an hour doing so you can get some
2034s drops you can get some rewards in an
2035s eternal return for yourself there are
2037s randomized rewards of up to 2 000 np or
2040s 3 000 a
2042s coin for just one hour of watch time so
2044s uh make sure you stick around make sure
2046s you are having your drops linked up with
2049s your steam account so that you can get
2051s those because you don't want to miss out
2052s on those pretty pretty rewards but front
2055s speaking cobalt protocol we're talking
2057s about this game mode what are some of
2058s the characters you've really enjoyed
2060s playing in this mode in particular that
2062s you felt it really shined yeah that's
2064s interesting i think i mean generally
2066s when i'm hopping into a return i like
2068s playing only a couple of test subjects
2071s with um i think adella probably being
2073s the uh the most fun one but i think um
2077s in in cobalt protocol i've actually
2079s liked a lot of like melee engagers kind
2081s of like engaging for my team things like
2083s you know hyun wu getting some nice wall
2085s stunts and i even found myself on 11 a
2087s couple times i really enjoyed being that
2089s nice you know tank engager setting my
2091s team up and allowing them to you know
2092s just clean up and get all the job done
2095s especially when 11 we've seen 11 a lot
2097s in previous er labs
2100s yeah in some team modes before and she
2103s is a fantastic at that role cobalt
2105s protocol is uh no different but cass let
2108s me ask you the same thing cause i know
2110s there's one test subject at least
2112s carrying a dagger in a briefcase that
2113s you've been uh definitely enjoying yeah
2115s i don't think kathy is appreciated i
2117s don't know
2119s no of course yeah yeah of course uh if
2121s anybody has ever watched a labs or any
2124s other time where i've talked about this
2125s game they know that i'm a suici player i
2127s like playing suici and uh labs or not
2130s labs
2131s cobalt protocol is uh no different for
2133s me
2134s it's kind of a lab you know we get in
2135s there we're lapping it up but i love
2137s playing suici in that mode and i think
2139s that it's nice to be able to just get
2141s into the team fights the most fun parts
2143s of playing suici uh have been great but
2145s i'm also with you i really like the the
2146s engagers i think it's a lot of fun to be
2148s able to just set things up you got three
2150s other teammates helping you out but also
2153s uh people like johan we mentioned uh
2155s that character when we saw it in the
2156s game being so strong in this game i
2159s think it's sweet to just be able to
2161s group up with my team as a four stack
2162s and just just press my r key and run at
2164s them and provide all that healing and
2166s support and just your team becomes
2168s unkillable it's very very powerful in
2170s the four before phase and as you said
2172s once again it looks like we may be
2174s getting that block you'd have it hovered
2176s but they might just pass it away
2178s yeah you see here oh
2180s that's kind of a good idea actually i
2181s didn't think about this until now but
2182s you can just hold that first pick until
2184s the uh the picks between you and the
2186s posing team swaps over so if you leave
2188s it here you don't offer you know offered
2190s to the enemy team so you can just kind
2192s of deny it in that way by holding it
2193s during the first draft phase that's
2195s we're already learning here some new
2197s strats for co-op protocol i love it but
2199s now we get a chance to see who everyone
2202s lands on
2204s heart
2208s is this do we just do we call it a wrap
2210s right now i can hear awfully somewhere
2212s screaming always avalia is upset she's
2216s mad she is so angry about this pic
2219s happening yeah you've watched any labs
2221s before you know you know what i'm
2223s talking about you know
2225s she wanted this character banned when
2226s passat was in this tournament he wanted
2228s it out of here and now passant has his
2230s adela going into cobalt protocol
2233s uh definitely could be someone to watch
2235s out for with all those combos in the mid
2237s game especially
2239s definitely as we get on into game number
2242s one cass we get to see once again where
2245s all the items are going to go that looks
2247s like a kind of crit attack speeds to
2249s sell it from lorelu
2250s and when i first started playing it's
2251s our return i was playing a auto attack
2253s like throw build to sell a crit and then
2255s they nerfed it unfortunately so i had to
2257s find the new test subject to play but
2259s lerlo's bringing it on back maybe just
2261s for now you know there is going to be
2263s those six item boxes that you can
2266s re-roll your gear with taking a look at
2268s some of these builds it's not bad i
2270s believe from viper on the emma that was
2273s a lot of skill amp items some solid ones
2275s no legendaries coming through as well so
2277s maybe the uh you know eternal return pro
2279s players are saying you know don't just
2281s hit random let's get you actually
2282s started with a nice solid build so that
2284s you're not going to feel complete you
2286s know worthless in the early game but as
2289s mentioned for the start of last one
2290s teams are just uh kind of farming it out
2292s and then they're going to fight over
2294s these beacons beacons give some stat
2297s buffs control it for 45 seconds and you
2299s get some points and finally get seasoned
2302s little dueling on the top side passant
2304s able to grab the healing he's got a
2306s queen prep does land the stun big
2308s knock-up combo onto both of these
2310s players and there is the follow-up
2312s damage that is going to be dark gen x
2314s falling very low viper just gotta get
2315s one more hit and he does nice now it's
2318s just sneaky trying to get away on that
2320s heart able to get away for now but that
2321s is the danger of passant on adela the
2324s big combo on to both members of the
2327s enemy team able to set things up nicely
2328s for viper yeah you don't want to stack
2331s going into poisson adela that is for
2333s sure you're gonna have to make sure to
2334s split off in
2336s uh in subsequent fights but 40 seconds
2338s left of phase one but once that ends the
2340s whole map will open up we might start to
2342s see some four b4 brawls coming through
2344s but right now it's just gonna be going
2346s over controlling these points and it
2349s only takes three seconds to actually cap
2351s a point and damage doesn't stop the
2353s channel it's cc that does an old oh not
2356s again
2360s the sun is just dominant on this adele
2363s and he picks up two more
2365s landing the combo on both again poisson
2369s just an absolute terror and you can see
2371s why we were talking about this adella in
2373s the pregame and being like okay you just
2375s can't let busan have adela if you have
2377s the option to deny it unfortunately they
2380s just didn't even have the option to do
2381s so as we do move into phase number two
2384s break down phase two a little bit there
2386s we go phase two that middle beacon opens
2388s up blue team actually gonna be
2390s controlling everything right now with
2391s the viper lore lo santa frankie doodle
2394s but also uh omega spawns in the map as
2396s well it's you know the the boss pit if
2398s you're familiar with it or that kind of
2399s concept oh sneaky getting engaged on the
2401s whole actually oh the polly timing
2404s gets the cancel on to the peacemaker and
2407s viper gets another kill
2410s reminder the top kill creator after
2412s every game gets bonus money for prizing
2414s so viper off to a fantastic start
2416s already with two
2418s and we just get to see maybe some 404
2419s action go on but back to the omega the
2422s boss pit that's going to give a lot of
2423s credits over to the team and oh this is
2426s a catching door as well
2428s that's just going to be another kill it
2430s looks like frankie dude also in some
2432s trouble and knock up from plup they're
2434s going to spell doom there not going to
2436s land on all these abilities here but a
2438s lot of zoning off of the blue side viper
2441s gonna go in aggressive with passant on
2443s the follow-up sheepy goes down and
2445s there's the queen to stun down sneaky
2447s and it is just a domination right now
2449s from lorlo and viper
2451s yes it is indeed already up by nine
2455s points quick caster math at least even i
2458s can't mess that one up but viper getting
2459s chunked out just a little bit plus a big
2463s shield you get shields from either
2464s spawning in base you can pick one up or
2466s by killing mutated bears on the bottom
2468s and top sides of the map as well so just
2471s some nice a little bit bonuses to get to
2473s the fight with there's also heel packs
2474s around so sheepy grabs one for dark gen
2477s x it heals your allies around that
2478s circle as well
2480s but 10 points down at this point cass
2483s what are they gonna have to do maybe
2484s take some good fights like this one yeah
2486s there's a big fight here but frankie
2487s doodle already in the back line wreaking
2489s havoc the song falls pretty low on the
2491s left side of that fight but plop is now
2492s just in danger frankie doodle completely
2494s zoning off this is here looking on the
2496s top side of the fight sheepy blow as
2499s well
2500s looks like it's going to be just trying
2501s to grab a health pack run away and buy
2503s time for these beacons to generate more
2505s points if you can try and stop frankie
2507s doodle i mean jackie can't themselves
2509s but plop is there with the tornado with
2511s the follow-up damage trying to secure
2513s this and it looks like he will tick down
2515s at least get the one point before it
2516s gets capped
2517s yeah trying to get a kill on to frankie
2519s doodle drops rather low but it's okay to
2521s reset you don't have to keep fights up
2523s until you die but larlo yes gets auto
2525s fight over the ball
2527s yeah there's the checkmate though all
2529s the big damage from poussant is gonna
2531s get pushed away though a very good
2534s placement of that uh smoke grenade as
2537s well tries to help out from plop and it
2538s does end up making a big difference
2539s basamp falls without being able to grab
2541s one
2542s sneaky not able to get away frankie
2544s doodle gonna grab that one as well wow
2548s even in the peacemaker there still not
2550s enough with the barbara damage sheepy
2552s claims another as well this is the
2554s sheepy's fourth kill passant's fifth
2556s kill
2558s the creators is tied you know in the
2559s lead from two a piece believe plup and
2562s viper both have two but the gap of
2565s points is closing it's just seven now so
2567s it's still anybody's game especially as
2569s phase three comes through in the next
2572s minute and 15 seconds yeah and we just
2574s had a triple cap for a second there i
2576s mean now finally the blue team able to
2578s grab one but it's back to a triple cap
2579s as sneaky kind of just steals that one
2581s away
2582s should easily go back to poisson as
2585s lerlo trying to trade onto the heart but
2588s while keeping the pressure on the third
2589s they have two capped so they
2591s strategically could just not fight for a
2593s little bit and just try and keep them
2594s corralled here at the bottom beacon and
2597s they would slowly be winning but that's
2598s gonna be an engage from bassan that's
2600s gonna be two kills for passant and
2603s there's not really much that sheepy and
2604s pop can do to turn it around maybe to
2606s grab one onto frankie but viper in the
2608s back line on to pluck to stop the damage
2611s follow up and passant just gonna zone
2613s away even steals the hp that's a four
2616s for nothing wipe and they're gonna be
2617s able to pick up all the beacons they
2619s could pick up the beacons they did not
2621s turn their attention over to omega and
2623s they might not even really even need to
2624s at this point the builds still have
2627s maybe a lot more to go if they want to
2628s reroll some items but viper right now
2630s has a prominent very very nice arm piece
2632s of pick happening the show stopper but
2635s it's not going to stop enough
2639s not able to do enough there and now
2640s sheepy and sneaky are just stuck in
2643s their base they need to wait for dark
2645s gen x to spawn try and look for another
2647s 4v4 plop is there now so they at least
2649s have three members but still waiting for
2652s that bernice
2653s dark genetics not available just yet but
2656s fishing with a queen we see it it lands
2658s on bernice he looks for the follow-up he
2659s lands it on two
2660s not fully going in as there's a lot of
2662s trading back going down onto the barber
2664s it looks like she'll fall passant with
2665s the checkmate he's gonna die as well
2667s dark jack's pointing out a lot of damage
2669s and now sheepy with the chainsaw gonna
2672s fall to viper and lorlow who are just
2674s using their range using their auto
2676s attack builds to just poke away goes two
2679s for two in the end of all that as sneaky
2681s and plup run back to their base but it's
2683s a triple cap for blue team and the
2685s points are not looking good they're
2687s definitely not 13 point gap right now
2689s they need to find a way to push out of
2690s their base but if sneaky goes down
2692s sticky does go down that's going to be
2694s devastating but the least they get the
2696s trade viper is traded or yeah viper is
2699s traded back
2700s oh but the res actually they have the
2702s augment where they come back once
2703s they're taken out out of there
2708s yeah not quite able to get out there oh
2710s man look at this build from lower low oh
2712s my the burgundy the auto arms as well
2715s just has a queen of hearts and glitter
2717s shoes just sitting in the in the bag
2719s just in case they want to swap on out of
2721s there clash of shoes may be a bit better
2723s for that skill amp but you know busoful
2725s is going to be the boots that have a lot
2726s of crit damage auto attack based and
2728s yeah autos are chunking right now he's a
2731s bit stacked he's just kind of playing
2732s like an 80 carry back here just hanging
2734s out he's got his ability to to bubble to
2736s get away he's got his little cc from
2738s tiscella
2740s earlier there'd be an opening but yeah
2741s they just need those six kills or just
2743s to keep these beacons in control they've
2745s got two of them right now
2747s gamma it could just be the end of it if
2749s they find a chance but i think it's just
2750s gonna be a couple more kills one more
2752s big team fight and the points from the
2753s beacons will do it yep
2755s there we go let's see that team fights
2756s happening
2758s frankie noodle getting caught out a
2759s little bit early but now dark gen x
2760s might be in some trouble lerlo able to
2762s dodge out on the cc and pop getting
2764s knocked down i mean sorry that is dark
2766s gen x falling to passant sheepy trying
2770s to dive lorelo this fight on both sides
2772s lorello going to get away and it's
2774s sneaky who falls on the top side sheepy
2778s trying to get away from viper now and
2780s plop in the 1v2 but passant finds an hp
2783s pack and is going to get it back to high
2786s hp sheepy
2787s does get lower low in the end but it is
2789s a three for one and now the beacons are
2791s going to start coming through for those
2792s points there's only three remaining and
2794s it is such a big gap i don't think
2796s there's gonna be an opportunity for plop
2799s and uh sneaky to come back here all
2801s three points being capped but they're
2803s not going to be taking over soon
2805s actually denied one so two more kills
2807s though and sticky is alone is he gonna
2809s drop it down to one
2810s there's the paulie there's some damage
2812s the showstopper does get to the hp as
2815s well but the knock-up the stun the
2817s follow-up the song
2819s there once again to get the kill and
2821s it's just the last one to come through
2823s dark gen x not long for the world trying
2825s to get away the big damage from plop in
2827s the choke point but sheepy is in a lot
2829s of trouble and he's gonna fall and
2831s that's gonna be the first round going
2834s over to viper and lorello
2837s there we go viper and lorello on the
2840s back line shuriken users emma and
2843s sisella some great work there that you
2847s know there were some moments of hope
2848s however from sneaky and plop there was a
2851s couple of fights that were really close
2853s you know went their way um but still a
2855s fantastic way to start off that game
2858s cass
2859s yeah i mean it felt like a big frontline
2861s difference of jackie not being able to
2863s start those fights whereas we saw
2865s passant on the adela getting those
2867s knock-up combos getting that cc down and
2870s all the damage to set things up and when
2872s he goes in he's got a button that says
2873s hey i'm immune for a second she
2876s doesn't quite have the same luxury so it
2879s looked really good with passantino set
2880s things up and i'll see if they can deny
2882s him that adella going forward as we've
2885s seen in past labs he's been a menace on
2887s that pick 100
2889s need to that's why i mean you mentioned
2891s it right at the game like yes this is
2892s why we were talking about pissant on
2894s adela if there's opportunity to deny
2896s that you probably should take it or if
2899s that's going to happen poisson was a
2901s terror that whole game but it's going to
2903s be completely different in subsequent
2905s games when all the drafts uh do start
2908s shaken up but man these moments ah the
2911s facade plays casa that's not
2926s is too good
2929s kills if not multiple right there it
2931s happened again
2932s it's like how every time he's got a
2934s queen he stuns two people why why is it
2936s two people it's not a big area it's a
2938s small stun every single time though he
2940s is just connected
2941s one hp another turn if you would have
2944s survived there it would have been
2945s absolutely disgusting but yeah one hp
2948s can still make a lot of plays happen
2950s lower though as well a very very nice uh
2952s w there print some damage actually
2954s forcing the opel to have to walk a
2956s little bit you know far up but did still
2957s get the kill over the corner this is
2959s just a hassan highlight reel it seems
2960s like from this game honestly it's just
2962s checkmate after checkmate after a
2964s checkmate but the teammates were also
2965s there for some nice damage right we
2966s can't take that anything away from that
2968s frankie doodle did very very nice on the
2970s barbara as well as the creators right on
2972s those backline trick and users
2973s especially in this fight right they were
2974s able to survive for so long i'll put so
2976s much damage to follow-up passant on
2978s every single engage
2979s yeah i mean it's just viper and lolo
2981s understanding their role in this uh team
2983s composition as well they're just always
2985s there on the follow-up every single time
2986s never scared to step up and hit the
2988s autos because they know that all the
2989s focus has to be on passant right in
2991s front of them creating all this havoc
2993s and they also frankie doodle setting up
2994s just you know a big area of zone control
2996s on that barber it makes them really safe
2999s and they recognize that just step up get
3000s plenty of damage out through throughout
3002s the entire fight it's just been a very
3005s very solid team comp and good execution
3007s from that side there's one at the end i
3009s mean sheepy you could tell she was like
3010s we have to make something happen we have
3011s to get a full wipe right now we did not
3014s actually time the two ended sword parry
3017s correctly and a lot of damage came
3019s through right when it ended but
3021s yeah viper and lorello get in the dub
3023s the league of legends top laners you
3025s know they're they're having a lot of a
3027s lot of success here in game number one
3028s cause look yeah the 750 dollars to each
3031s of their charities after that round one
3033s we got plenty more rounds to go but we
3035s also have viper and lorello here we're
3038s gonna get to chat with them a little bit
3040s after their round one win congrats guys
3043s i'm picking up that first w it's kind of
3045s like a like a top gap here but it's both
3047s top laners on one team i guess that's
3049s the team here i don't know viper what is
3051s it about top laners you guys just built
3053s different with mechanics or what is it
3056s yeah something like that we're just uh
3058s we got the hands our mechanics are there
3060s we're just like not too sure what to
3062s build and stuff like that
3063s uh but definitely when it comes to
3065s fighting and stuff we know what we're
3066s doing so
3068s that's why we came out on top
3070s 100 the mechanics are there even if it's
3072s you know some backline carries but you
3074s know speaking of these test subjects
3076s right you're probably going to be on a
3077s lot of different ones for all of today
3079s but lorello you know what uh you know
3081s kind of characters have you been liking
3082s what what do you hope that you uh get
3084s rng'd into for your next games
3087s 80 carrot dude i just parted playing the
3088s game like last night i mean i was
3090s playing i was streaming champs q last
3091s night and then off stream i was like
3093s playing like four or five hours to get
3094s some champs down but mainly he carries
3096s mostly carries i feel like the melees
3099s are just too complicated for me i know
3101s how to right click and kite
3103s similar to league so yeah yeah
3105s it works it works so well look at the
3107s cecella you got the like attack damage
3109s build on the socella and you were just
3111s chilling behind your front line being
3113s able to just uh they click around get
3115s get plenty of damage out so it worked
3117s out i mean viper you're known for riven
3118s play has there been any uh test subjects
3120s that have kind of felt close to riven or
3123s kind of clicked like uh you know
3125s that champion has for you
3127s honestly i tried some melee stuff
3130s uh but it wouldn't work out for me like
3132s i tried to play similar champs that i
3134s would in league like you know irelia
3135s riven all the melee bruiser stuff
3138s but then in this game it's just a lot
3139s harder so i just stuck to you know just
3142s mages like rage stuff that
3144s like the camera guy is really fun
3146s there's a lot of uh yeah
3147s gotcha fun characters for me that like
3150s you know that just
3152s poke and stuff like that so these are my
3153s favorites so far
3155s so
3157s yeah definitely i mean looking forward
3159s into those you know next games the teams
3161s are going to get shaken up a little bit
3163s maybe you know you got your top lane you
3165s know brethren here beside you but how
3166s are you going to think that things are
3168s going when you once we shake up and kind
3169s of swap teams around later on into the
3170s day is that going to change anything for
3172s you
3174s for either you let's go with lorelai
3177s um
3178s as long as i get 80 carries i'm pretty
3180s confident at least if i don't get an 80
3182s carry champ i'm probably going to run it
3183s down the only other melee i think i
3184s could play is probably luke like he was
3186s only guy that was like a decent grass
3187s like he's got like lee sin like league
3189s term so
3190s it's kind of similar for that but a lot
3192s of the melees just have a bunch of like
3193s combos that i would just assume takes
3195s hours and hours of game time just
3196s similar to leagues so
3198s yeah hopefully 80 carries i'm praying
3199s crossing my fingers
3201s yeah i guess you saw passant on it doing
3202s the the melee combos with the adela all
3205s games setting up those big plays for you
3206s guys so uh we'll see if you guys can
3208s continue that success going onwards
3210s thanks for talking with us and good luck
3211s in the next couple of rounds
3215s thank you thank you
3216s all right cronin that is round one in
3219s the books but that was a a pretty wild
3221s round one at that uh we'll see i mean
3225s adela
3226s yeah let's hope he doesn't get it again
3227s girl let's hope he doesn't get it again
3229s maybe let's hope that he does but then
3232s players in the other team also get their
3233s signatures so it's like a battle of the
3235s godzilla battle of the truly the best of
3237s the best that would be pretty spicy i'd
3239s like that you know a real close game i
3241s think would what happened there it'd be
3243s pretty hype
3244s all right but we've got plenty more
3248s cobalt protocol coming up in just a
3249s moment we're gonna have to take a short
3251s break but after the break we'll see who
3253s earned the bonus pricing for highest
3254s kills by a creator plus round two of er
3257s labs but first did you know that season
3259s six is upon us and celebrating the
3262s summer time with a splash take a quick
3264s look
3267s [Music]
3285s oh thank you thank you
3288s [Music]
3328s so
3331s [Music]
3344s [Music]
3351s uh
3354s [Music]
3363s [Applause]
3366s [Music]
3385s [Music]
3394s back everybody to the lemonade benefit
3397s series i'm casanova joined by krellen
3400s we've just gotten through the very first
3402s round of action and i think it's a as
3405s good a time as any for us to take a look
3408s at the updated you know
3409s charity pot where the money has gone and
3412s uh we'll see eventually who that person
3414s was that took the most kills did you
3415s actually see who got the most kills
3417s there it felt like it was probably going
3418s to be
3419s viper right i think orlo got close
3421s though it might have been viper that
3423s would be my guess but i didn't get a
3424s chance to see i was too busy being like
3425s oh is there any potential comeback here
3427s is there going to be any sort of crazy
3429s stuff happening here but
3431s um that'd be my guess though i would
3432s think let's just see let's see it was
3434s viper okay viper didn't pick up the most
3437s amount of kills of the creators there i
3439s know passant had just so many of the
3440s kills that it was like hey maybe someone
3442s snuck in and got it from the other side
3444s but i did think yeah viper and lorello
3446s were able to grab quite a few viper
3448s getting the best of that one and both
3450s viper and lorelo were able to take home
3452s that 750
3454s for the round one victory but we'll see
3456s if plup and sneaky can start to pull it
3458s back in this next game
3461s i feel like you know they had a lot of
3463s good moments and it did feel like
3465s compositionally there was a little bit
3468s of a favor towards the side of uh you
3470s know viper and lorlo especially with
3473s passant being on his signature adela
3475s right there was no like counter measure
3478s for that i think you mentioned it uh you
3480s know in the game or right after you know
3482s the frontliner for the other team was
3484s sheepy on jackie and there wasn't really
3486s any true gauge potential right jackie
3488s likes to kind of be on the sides of
3490s fights going for like flanks getting in
3492s there to clean up but not really as the
3494s initiator um so there was no real tools
3496s to stop it there was
3498s sneaky with the heart having the
3500s peacemaker there and which helped in a
3502s couple scenarios but one time they even
3504s got cancelled by a fantastic poly from
3506s viper um and it just wasn't quite enough
3508s to reset the fights the way that they
3511s wanted to so maybe a bit of a draft gap
3513s the teams aren't going to be shuffled
3515s quite yet so this game number two is
3517s gonna be the exact same teams and it
3518s could go completely the other way right
3520s that's what's so cool about this game
3522s mode there's so many opportunities for
3523s crazy stuff to happen yeah give sheepy a
3526s glove
3527s take away passancedella yeah and let's
3529s say let's see where we're at let's see
3530s where we're at from there let's see what
3531s happens
3532s in that spot i mean also
3534s as much as lola was like i just want to
3536s get like you know an attack damage just
3538s kind of auto attacker every single time
3540s ranged auto attacker i want to see
3542s lorelo get like a melee character i want
3543s to see it happen i want to see lorelai
3545s luke he mentioned luke
3547s is a very mechanically sound top player
3549s very good very good hands
3551s and i think watching him on luke would
3553s be sweet same for uh viper i wanna i
3555s know they said mages and auto i wanna
3557s see them on the melees and i think
3559s they're going to do better than they
3560s think they're going to do somehow i feel
3562s like viper on like a lee da lin you know
3564s might be like really cool i mean there's
3566s that triple q it's like kind of like
3568s ruben-esque a little bit at least that's
3570s where my mind jumped but i i do agree
3573s with them i think their perspective on
3574s in any game right melee characters
3577s you're gonna need to know like the
3578s matchups in and out like the limits of
3580s those characters whereas auto attackers
3582s you can kind of sit back there output
3583s damage safely and you know oh okay
3586s melees are coming into me i should back
3588s up and kite away but you don't really
3590s get all of that you know playing melee
3591s you need to know very very specifically
3593s or you're gonna get punished uh pretty
3595s hard so i think it makes checks out make
3597s sense to me but would still be nice to
3599s watch especially you know luke i think
3600s is super fun and we'll click with league
3602s of legends you know players i think uh
3604s pretty pretty solidly i mean it's why
3606s you know being a league of legends
3608s player myself coming in and playing
3610s suici because it was familiar with kind
3611s of katarina-esque things and yeah and
3614s luke having similar leasing type you
3616s know it's one ability where you throw
3618s out that q it connects then you get to
3619s go follow up but just that even that one
3622s little bit of familiarity can be enough
3624s to make a character click with you a lot
3625s quicker uh than a lot of other
3627s characters and i think that mobility
3629s also uh can be really helpful when
3631s you're trying to learn melees and learn
3632s limits because you've got a little bit
3635s less of the uh the punishing nature of
3638s it but uh krone i mean we've got the
3641s exciting new game mode that we've been
3642s playing and that is going to be cobalt
3644s protocol this is this is the mode it
3646s just came out a couple days ago and uh
3649s you can jump in and play alongside
3651s everyone else
3652s or free on steam for free phone for free
3656s absolutely here we go for free on steam
3658s absolutely love it i mean it's not
3660s returned such a good game we've been
3661s playing it for so long now it's been a
3663s long time coming for a new fantastic
3666s game mode like this and it has delivered
3668s right now so if you're watching liking
3670s what you're seeing you don't gotta you
3672s know be overwhelmed by like oh i don't
3673s know what to do with all this you know
3674s crafting and stuff it seems like a bit
3676s you know just too much you don't have to
3678s worry about that with cobalt protocol
3679s you can just hop in pick your items heck
3681s you just hit random six times you know
3684s rng some legendaries
3686s it's crazy it's a lot of fun so
3688s definitely if you're interested even if
3691s you're an old term return player right i
3692s think there's a lot of new fun that you
3694s can kind of rediscover uh coming back
3696s into it and playing cobalt protocol well
3698s what's so great too is like they keep
3700s adding a lot of new characters so if
3701s you're just returning to the game and
3702s you're a little overwhelmed with like oh
3703s what do all these characters do come
3705s play a little bit of cobalt protocol
3707s you'll quickly kind of learn or you can
3708s pick up one of the new characters and
3709s not have to worry about like learning a
3711s whole new route to even get to the point
3713s in the game where you can even play with
3714s all your abilities and play you know
3716s against other people you can just jump
3718s in get abilities fight a little bit be
3720s like is this character for me uh if so
3723s hey we got drops we got coupons you can
3725s get you know some acorn you can go pick
3727s up that character that you just had fun
3729s playing uh in cobalt protocol i mean
3731s it's perfect it's a perfect setup for uh
3735s as good a time as any if not one of the
3737s best times to get back in to eternal
3739s return if you've been away and look
3741s there's a there's a code there right on
3743s your screen perfect i think actually you
3745s can use that code get the eight coins
3746s and buy a bunch of different test
3747s subjects if you want them i was counting
3749s the other day i think when we kind of
3751s first started playing storm return there
3753s was like 18 test subjects and now
3755s there's 53 and that's that wasn't been
3758s that long there's already so many more
3760s test subjects that are in this game it's
3762s absolutely fantastic and a lot of them i
3764s always get so excited for them right the
3766s like you know the trailers for them or
3767s like the little spotlights and i'm like
3769s oh i want to play you know adela and
3771s yeah that absolutely clicked for me i
3772s love the della obviously passant does
3774s too as we saw that last game i you know
3776s only hoped to be as good as as fassant
3778s one day but we're going to get a chance
3780s to see a lot of other exciting you know
3782s characters uh maybe priya one of the you
3784s know supporting ones johan as well we
3786s were talking about earlier i know it'd
3788s be a treat to see shuichi and we always
3789s kind of meme about it but it's actually
3791s very realistic
3793s i think it's really good yeah actually
3795s not ironically soichi is good in this
3797s game mode that's crazy we're probably
3799s gonna see it yeah i think it's actually
3801s good i think it's really good i also
3802s think it's funny you're like oh i see
3804s the trailer and it's like i want to try
3805s this new character jump in and play it
3807s every time i see those trailers i'm like
3808s yeah i want to try this character i'm
3810s gonna go play it and then i load up the
3811s game and i lock it's reaching
3813s everything's really true that's your
3815s experience
3815s every time you're just you're loyal hey
3817s you're loyal to the shuichi i can't
3819s fault you for it i'm just like oh this
3821s is new and shiny i want to play this
3822s recently i was like oh elena she's
3824s coming another rapier characters you
3826s know kind of flashy dash and skating
3827s around uh i didn't play away it didn't
3829s really click with me unfortunately but
3831s maybe you know we're going to get these
3832s molena buffs in the future and then i'll
3834s you know hop back in maybe player but uh
3836s you know like camilo clicked with me but
3839s i just feel like i don't do any damage
3840s because i'm bad uh i i i i mean really
3843s mobile i don't get hit by anything i
3845s just i don't die but i also don't do
3846s it's great but you know i i think that's
3848s another character i think um would be
3850s really fun to watch someone like uh like
3852s viper play or lolo play but i also feel
3854s like that character needs so many reps
3856s because of just his damage pattern and
3858s knowing how much damage to take uh but
3860s if they spent some time playing it i
3862s think they'd uh they'd make some good
3863s camilo players for sure 100
3866s i mean there's just no doubt about it
3868s there's a lot of characters that if you
3869s put the reps in this game you're gonna
3871s see some fantastic stuff and i think
3873s it's sort of like you know other games
3875s in the past where the uh the length of
3877s time where the game like exists for the
3879s characters are just going to be like
3880s that much more like nuance and
3882s have the potential for that much more
3883s just like flashy plays it's it's so so
3886s nice even uh one of the newest subjects
3888s to come in marcus i think that's going
3890s to be really good in this new game mode
3893s kind of frontline bruiser but he does a
3895s a ton of damage potentially has a lot of
3897s displacement to where like you can get
3899s you know some catches and once you get
3901s that first pick right we saw poisson get
3903s a lot of picks to open up fights that
3904s last game but it's going to be crazy but
3906s uh we're finally here casting draft for
3909s game two it's basanto luke currently but
3912s if he swaps off the loop oh no pass it
3914s over oh wait a minute oh no no
3918s no facade
3921s come on
3922s i mean
3924s hassan wants to you know help with some
3927s money for charity
3930s and passage
3932s get it out of here no it's gonna be good
3934s though viper on the emma again and oh
3936s lordlow on the phone okay wait we we
3938s actually get lola luke i'm excited for
3940s that
3940s because i think i think he is being hard
3943s on himself because you know we're both
3945s former pro players we know this thing
3946s when you play a game and you you think
3948s you're like really bad but when you
3950s actually look at the grand scheme of
3951s things he's probably quite good at this
3954s loop he's probably actually quite good
3955s and he's just he doesn't feel like he's
3958s nearly as good as he can be so i'm
3960s looking forward to seeing this luke
3961s seeing where it shapes up and on the
3963s other side
3964s oh there's still not a lot of engage
3967s dark gen x on the barber though yes they
3969s got your character that's going to be
3971s huge the shapey on you know a backline
3974s there's not that much tank engaged so i
3976s am worried similarly for you again luke
3978s can go on and passanti della can go on
3980s in
3981s it might be kind of similar in terms of
3984s you know the fight patterns that we saw
3986s uh in the last game but sneaky is on
3988s raws he was kind of you know ap
3990s cary-esque what sneaky is very known for
3993s these backline carriers think rozzy
3994s would probably click with him it should
3997s suit sneaky i actually think he should
3999s look pretty good on that rossi i know
4001s that there is some amount of rossi
4002s that's a little unintuitive if you've
4004s never played her before but if sneaky
4006s even has like a rep or two on rossi even
4008s if he's played one game i think he would
4010s be able to feel really comfortable on
4012s that pick so we might see if he hasn't
4013s the early game a little shaky and then
4015s suddenly he's like popping off on this
4017s character so excited to see that as well
4019s i think what's really good about sneaky
4021s and flub's comp is
4023s they're very good at if the enemy is
4025s running into them they can pop off and
4027s just destroy frontliners so i think that
4030s jackie is gonna have a lot of trouble
4032s yeah i do agree with you i think we saw
4034s jackie have a bit of trouble last game
4035s and i think it might be similar this
4037s time seeing sneaky's built down there
4039s it's pretty good uh oh auto arms
4042s actually
4044s wow
4046s nice buy there or nice kind of rng i
4048s guess not really a buy still just have
4050s to pick the accessory and have those
4052s loot boxes left over because if you hit
4054s random you get an uh even just like two
4056s or three times you're gonna have credits
4057s to uh you know fully purchase a another
4059s item or is rng one so we'll see as the
4062s action begins sneaky not a bad build in
4065s this auto attack rozzy plop on the
4068s nether pawn i heard that i think lorello
4070s mentioned the the anathephon right in
4072s the interview or was it viper one of the
4073s viper piper did you like the
4086s i did talk about how this comp was
4087s pretty good at dealing with divers so
4090s yeah there's gonna be a luke and a
4091s jackie i think they're gonna have a
4092s little bit of issue but we'll see if
4095s they can follow up on a passat engage
4096s because that can make all the
4097s differences
4098s up and sneaky
4100s he's getting a lot of damage on the
4101s passant
4102s stinky did miss the ultimate
4104s unfortunately uh i always in my first
4106s playing rossi it's like oh the alt i
4107s wish it would just go a little bit
4109s farther so it can connect with speaking
4110s of connecting passat connects but oh
4112s actually
4113s salt from plop to make sure that sneaky
4115s gets out of there
4117s yeah that was huge that was a great play
4118s from plup to keep sneaky alive there and
4121s i i think you know sneaky gonna be able
4123s to heal up they're just trying to play
4124s slow they actually have control of this
4127s top beacon i believe so yeah it should
4130s be a cap in just a second there we go
4132s yeah there they get it so tap it back
4134s over here
4135s over though just back up on the bottom
4137s side
4138s frankie doodle getting chunked out
4140s i'm actually curious if the colors are
4142s just uh swapped here on the beacon caps
4144s because it seems like the two teams that
4146s have full control did not have the
4147s beacons on their side um and it might
4149s just be swapped there for us uh in the
4151s perspective but there we go
4153s there's sneaky kiting away from a viper
4156s once again viper been looking very good
4158s on this emma you said he was feeling
4159s confident on mages and his pick has
4162s definitely looked solid so far yeah 100
4165s gonna be comfortable especially doing it
4167s in game number one it's kind of funny i
4168s was like oh you know you're probably
4169s going to be forced to play you know
4170s different characters and for subsequent
4172s games how are you going to feel about
4173s him he's like as long as i get any of
4174s them turns out he gets the same one two
4176s games in a row
4177s so very nice this is phase two
4180s actually lower low gets the connect on
4181s to the queue one more but no oh
4184s knockback maybe gets over wow it does
4187s makes it out
4189s makes it out but now this team's got a
4192s kite away frankie doodle trying to dive
4193s in but there's all the damage on the
4194s turnaround there's a lot of heavy damage
4196s dealers in the pool uh oh there's the
4198s knock back dark gen x is in trouble and
4201s falls down
4203s yeah now it looks like maybe we get a
4205s take here uh
4207s no it's kind of leash yeah i mean still
4209s 3v4 in the area it's a little risky to
4211s take it
4212s it is a lot of credits however oh a nice
4214s two-man ulti from plum yeah that's big
4216s they're split a frankie doodle can take
4217s a lot of damage
4218s balls pretty low but does get away and
4221s now lower low on zoning duty there does
4223s not quite connect with the bat skill and
4224s viper's in trouble dark gen x on the
4226s back line does actually find it the
4228s turret picks that one up and now they
4230s can take control of this top side as
4232s sheepy once they get one down they just
4234s run at them and they have so much damage
4236s with this comp that is the big thing
4238s three huge range damage dealers
4240s oh can they find lower lower low running
4243s for his life rio can chase though she
4246s dashes forward gets some autos off
4247s sneaky for the cleanup sneaky does
4249s sneaking up
4252s let's get that kill and now it's looking
4254s a lot better this time around for plup
4256s and sneaky they've got full control of
4260s the beacons they've got full control in
4262s the fights yeah and even though they may
4265s not have you know a lot of cc in the
4267s front line they do have a barbara who
4269s can split the difference and they just
4270s have so much damage just raw power on
4274s those back three characters that it just
4276s means that hey if you don't get the
4277s perfect engage you misstep at all you're
4279s gonna take a ton of punishment yeah
4282s definitely this is not how i expected
4284s this uh at least early game um and phase
4287s two to start going uh poissant is the
4290s only kill in that team but sneaky goes
4292s then kind of 1v5
4294s quite where he wanted to be one kill now
4296s turns to two
4298s guys are looking to turn the pace of
4299s this game yeah and it looks like club
4301s now gonna be the one in trouble dark nx
4304s with a really good zone control good
4306s pressure and she'd be starting to turn
4307s it around with the damage alongside plop
4309s and this barbara is working perfectly as
4312s a solo front line just being able to
4314s zone so much deal that creates so much
4318s space for both sheepy and plup to just
4320s pump out all the damage
4323s exactly sheepy is doing so much work on
4325s this rio plup as well kind of side by
4328s side every time
4330s sneaky is back and oh this build from
4332s frankie doodle is going to be on the
4334s timepiece and the uh the fallen pegasus
4337s for for the headpiece that is a pretty
4339s nice build still has one more item to
4341s roll a bit later on
4342s but in a fantastic spot for now at least
4346s yeah gonna be off on the flank though
4348s sneaky gonna try and put some pressure
4349s down
4350s let's get the knock back
4352s wait able to get the dash but now viper
4354s a little bit of trouble dark gen x still
4355s gonna put forth the zone control and
4357s just let his range step up with impunity
4359s right now
4360s it's looking very very good for team
4364s plop and sneaky
4366s oh and now is the legendary weapon as
4368s well as the auto arms for a viper
4371s is 11 point deficit cast this team fight
4374s needs to solidly go towards the way of
4378s lorelo and uh viper here the saunt
4381s getting caught out the nathan pawn hall
4383s does not land but passat's still in
4384s trouble he doesn't have the queen yet
4385s and he's dead before he even gets a
4386s chance to throw one out now viper off
4389s trying to get back towards the safe zone
4392s cannot get there and they're just
4393s getting farmed in their fountain for now
4396s 14-point lead extends even more the
4400s melees just cannot even get in on these
4402s backliners with dark gen x just
4405s continuing to provide that support
4407s yeah talking about i mean they're
4409s getting real close to uh you know
4410s fountain diving here forcing all of
4413s these members to stay in their base it
4414s is a 14 naked 15 point gap triple beacon
4418s control got to find something but was so
4421s good at finding engages during the last
4423s game he has to find something here soon
4426s orlo frankie doodle and viper right
4429s behind they have the damage output
4431s potentially to get something going the
4432s queen doesn't connect though that's to
4434s look for another opportunity yeah he's
4436s gonna have to build that up again it
4437s looks like frankie do a one for engage
4438s but gets stunned up and just taken down
4440s immediately
4441s no shot to do anything more passant has
4444s a queen
4445s and they actually find anything no not
4447s gonna connect on their cc and they're on
4450s cooldown now so it is time
4452s for team sneaky and team fluff to just
4455s keep pushing forward full beacon control
4458s point lead extending even further yeah
4461s this is an absolute slaughter and it
4463s looks like hey passat can be on adela as
4466s long as dark gen x gets that barbara
4468s exactly that's what i was talking about
4470s you know maybe put this onto the attella
4472s but put someone else on their mane as
4474s well dark gen x is having a lot of
4476s impact in this game pretty much shutting
4479s down passant can't get anything going
4481s it seems like ah larlo if you hit that
4483s unable to make something happen there
4486s but this is a 20-point lead it is phase
4489s three now so gamma is available we
4492s haven't really seen teams prioritize
4493s those big objectives though omega has
4496s not been taken out but that's fine
4498s it's an opportunity for gamma though but
4500s oh that was a checkmate going in sheepy
4501s actually went down there same with dart
4503s gen x this is time this comeback all
4505s right here's an opportunity it looks
4506s like lorello and viper gonna go in onto
4508s sneaky trying to cut away finds the heel
4511s but there's the snipe back from lorelo
4513s almost able to get it and it looks like
4514s viper should be able to clean it up but
4516s no
4517s stinky gets away for now is he gonna
4519s make it out and he does wow
4523s crazy it's fun lands the big ulti there
4526s it does connect onto multiple members of
4527s both sides but it looks like just gonna
4529s be a big disengage
4531s so everyone's running away frankie
4532s doodle trying to get away from sheepy
4534s rio still has that chase down there's
4535s the sniper
4539s doesn't land now just resting up in
4541s those vents which is pretty much like a
4542s bush in terms of vision you know you
4544s walk right by it can't see it oh a nice
4546s hop over the wall from sheepy
4549s in a turn actually laura
4552s gonna get taken down once again and now
4555s klopp in a little bit of trouble frankie
4557s doodle does get in on two club but he
4560s finds a heel and he can turn it around
4562s that's another kill for darth gen x
4565s going on to viper now viper gonna fall
4568s and yeah it is just a slaughter once
4570s again
4571s hassan trying to look for something but
4573s there is nothing to be found oh half the
4575s checkmate just to get over the wall to
4577s survive i mean i don't blame him doesn't
4580s want to give any more points over
4583s when it's 10 to 30 time is running out i
4587s actually have one of those nice
4588s accessories that you can buy as well we
4590s didn't talk about those yet this is the
4591s cobalt blue that's a cobalt protocol uh
4594s specific kind of item there it's going
4596s to make the team go very very fast they
4598s run through other members they're going
4600s to get take a lot of damage big damage
4602s a lot of damage straight engage by viper
4604s and frankie doodle and now passant
4606s trying to land the follow-up he gets the
4608s pull in that's another one of the items
4609s you can get from the shop there as he
4611s pulls him back he's going in on to shape
4613s he jumps over trying to find the stun
4614s frankie doodle finds one sheepy kiting
4617s back taking basant very low but there's
4619s the heels cheapy continuing though
4620s looking at these mechanics trying to
4622s kind of wade gets clipped by the
4624s castling but he can just go over the
4626s wall rio's got some terrain scaling on
4628s this mode trying to get away there and
4631s it's just going to be another stun down
4633s onto sneaky but he lives he gets away
4636s with that one it will look like a
4637s complete disaster kind of just gets
4639s turned around with only a few kills
4641s falling down still able to cap some
4643s points in their favor however so if they
4645s can win another fight hold all these
4647s points it's actually still winnable it's
4649s definitely a long shot but don't count
4651s them out quite yet cuz
4652s yeah they're trying to see if they can
4654s pick up a big fight they have the
4655s control points right now all three of
4658s them if they can just zone for well
4660s they're gonna have to zone for a while
4661s hold on to this but that is the weakness
4664s of this composition on the other side
4665s they don't have fantastic engage they're
4668s more about just kiting you back and just
4669s firing a ton of damage but it looks like
4672s they've been given enough space to try
4673s and go for the cap and a sneaky back
4676s capped one on the bottom side so that is
4678s enough room to create some pressure to
4680s maybe create an opportunity as the sonic
4682s engages on a dark channel but he gets
4684s two he gets two he picks up the kill and
4686s the nathan paul is just a second too
4687s late as now sneaky gets soloed out by
4690s lorelo on the bottom side and the
4691s comeback is maybe upon us for this team
4695s as frankie do who tries to dive plump in
4698s the the fountain
4700s yeah it's okay so the that back event
4702s happened there's still eight seconds
4704s left for the bottom point to actually
4705s result in a point and no it doesn't it
4708s gets capped back over so all three
4709s points remaining the point lead is
4713s getting slimmer
4715s there is still some hope but they're
4717s going to have to have that happen again
4719s and probably again another couple of
4720s times so
4721s here's what's going to be the
4723s continuation of potential comeback
4725s yeah poisson was looking he doesn't have
4727s a queen right now so they're looking to
4728s try and force the issue dark gen x
4731s moving in on to viper viper gets away
4734s the heel the nathan upon all on to do
4736s though no there's the big combo from
4738s poisson picks up the double kill once
4741s again and there's
4742s again he's got sneaky's number
4745s we see that luke finally getting a
4747s chance to shine
4748s as they are making a big comeback with
4751s another four points going to their team
4752s and they still have control of these
4754s beacons yeah that's a late game top
4756s laner versus 80 carry 1v1 that sounds
4758s about right there you find him you get
4760s on to him and yeah just take him out
4763s real monkey king
4764s yeah oh my god he has three magic sticks
4766s and then victoria really tried to roll
4767s that monkey king bar finally got it
4769s though and that's what's going to be
4771s huge in terms of that one viewing
4772s potential
4774s all right we'll see i mean if dark gen x
4776s can try and set something up once again
4777s but it's beside they need to not stack
4779s up if the song gets one person with the
4781s combo i think they can still win but
4782s he's gotten two in each of these last
4784s two fights oh did we see lorelo
4787s going deep he might have gone too deep
4788s here but he does start to run away and
4790s there is the follow-up from passant he
4792s lands once again just blowing up the
4794s barbara and now sneaky trying to kite
4797s away trying to kite but the scaling has
4799s come through the item builds are online
4802s and they cannot be stopped the full
4804s comeback is happening here we are
4806s witnessing a crazy series of events from
4810s team viper and lorla this is crazy it's
4812s just a four-point difference now and
4814s that's all of a sudden once these uh you
4816s know beacons uh tick to another point
4819s gonna be just a one point game that's
4820s gonna be seven to eight
4822s what can they do castle what can dark
4826s gen x sheepy plup and sneaky do they
4829s were doing so great in the early game it
4830s was kind of barber dominance but passant
4832s is just allowed to find all these picks
4834s lord those are allowed to find these
4835s 1v1s
4836s so this is maybe the problem as we see
4838s another engage onto dark gen x with the
4840s composition it's just barbara is a
4842s little too squishy at this stage in the
4844s game it's gotten to the point where
4845s everyone's able to take her down but
4847s maybe here's the turnaround plot the
4848s turn and she find one can they get
4850s passant find another they can't quite
4852s yet but sneaky on the side he gets a
4854s pickup on the bottom side there is the
4856s checkmate having to be used defensively
4858s and that is where everything falls apart
4860s it just took one slip up they weren't
4863s able to land the combo on a dart gen x
4865s and the turnaround comes through and now
4867s they're going to be forced to run into
4869s the barber once again and that's not
4871s exactly what they want to see
4873s ah definitely not frankie doodle coming
4876s back gets that shield from him base it's
4878s so massive five to ten right now about
4880s to be four to ten as that beacon point
4883s comes through
4885s does not want to get taken out right now
4886s this could be the last fight of the game
4888s cass
4889s it could be we see dark gen x trying to
4892s posture aggressively here passant just
4895s drop the queen we'll see if he can build
4897s that back up there's one there's two the
4900s third one is gonna give him the queen it
4902s is available a little poke lands but
4904s does he have the engage push forward
4907s rio getting a lot the zone control is
4909s there oh and there's the nathan pawn alt
4912s where's the follow-up lurlo wreaking
4914s havoc on the back line stopping a lot of
4916s follow-up from coming through but now he
4917s is going to fall and dark gen x still
4919s has a lot of hp but now he falls on the
4921s other side there is a turnaround a lot
4924s of damage passant trying to push forward
4926s with the checkmate but he doesn't
4927s connect he doesn't connect and now it's
4928s just up into sheepy can she be kite back
4931s the bleed from jackie not enough doesn't
4932s take him down sneaky on the other side
4934s but that's the final take down coming
4937s through the points from the beacons and
4940s there was almost the biggest comeback
4943s oh but at the end of the day
4946s it is still picked up by sneaky and
4947s plump
4948s there we go we get another winner here
4952s from team sneaky and plump
4954s i have to say though i got got my heart
4956s pumping there cass i thought that was
4958s going to be the comeback but no they did
4961s shut down the passant adella shut down
4965s all of that momentum that was you know
4967s coming through so so so quickly what a
4970s game
4971s yeah i was crazy the difference from the
4973s early game the barbara being tanky
4974s enough to live through a lot of the the
4976s burst and initial setups and then from
4978s there the team just runs them over right
4980s because they still you know have full
4982s health backliners and their tank's still
4984s alive kind of kiting back so if you want
4986s to chase that kill you're running into
4987s all that damage but
4989s in the late game hassan lands the stun
4992s and
4993s nano snaps the barbara off of the kobo
4995s protocol map i know from there you know
4997s how do you win in that 3v4 especially
5000s with this luke just running down onto
5002s your rozzy crazy oh yeah lola was doing
5004s such a good job at most points of that
5006s game to just solo out sneaky sneaky
5009s maybe going for the 1v1 a bit more
5010s aggressively than he should have been
5012s doing but you know learned a bit later
5014s on lordlaw actually got punished for
5016s that and yes passant on the abdullah had
5018s some great moments plup tried to uh save
5021s him there had a lot of good damage
5022s output but wasn't quite enough at this
5024s point but at this point we kind of
5026s thought the game was going to be over
5027s and done with but but no this fight was
5029s a fantastic almost actually getting that
5031s final kill there oh
5034s my gosh it's it's so much
5037s it's hard for plup to respond to that
5039s right because when the damage comes out
5040s even if you're dropping that nippon ulti
5042s it doesn't come out quickly enough to
5044s save your team
5045s yeah you you almost have to be too
5047s preemptive and that's a rough spot
5049s because if assange kind of recognizes it
5051s he could delay his engage if he does
5053s think that you're gonna go for that so
5055s it's it's very very difficult timing
5057s very tight window and plop i you know i
5059s respect the try trying to get in there
5061s trying to land that nathan pawn ulti to
5063s stop that engage it just wasn't working
5065s out but end of the day able to find a
5067s couple great fights at the end and the
5069s advantage they earned in the early game
5070s was enough to carry them through
5072s exactly once poisant is forced to
5075s checkmate away defensively you know that
5077s fight's gonna be already over but it was
5079s some nice beacon control from both teams
5080s multiple points there but oh hello step
5082s just a bit too far got really nicely
5084s punished the damage came back on stark
5086s gen x their frankie doodle goes forward
5088s but yeah
5090s the passant
5092s not
5093s landing the combo very nice positioning
5096s out of uh sneaky and plop there and
5098s sheepy as well to survive for that whole
5100s entire time just a nice finish when we
5103s thought you know again the comeback
5104s could have been happening but no they
5106s they persevered in the end of it all
5108s yeah and there you go take a look at the
5110s results we had each team take a win in
5113s the first round of two we will be you
5114s know swapping those teams up as we go
5116s into the later rounds but nice to see
5118s that this combination of teams resulted
5121s in a in kind of a one-to-one there in
5123s rounds one and two and everyone's gonna
5124s be on the board for charity right out of
5127s the gates
5128s really really awesome to see that
5130s oh definitely everyone getting little
5132s pieces of pie there very nice to see as
5135s well as yeah it's not just gonna be a
5137s stomp one way or the other even now
5139s we're swapping up you know the teams
5140s going into round three it's still it
5143s comes down to a lot of the draft you
5145s know who's on which test subject who's
5147s gonna be getting some good fights we
5148s still haven't seen again that objective
5150s control happening and that could shake
5152s things up even faster or even more you
5154s know later on to the game when you know
5155s some real fast fights maybe some fast
5157s game ends came out if there is
5159s prioritization on to the gamma but
5163s still i mean fantastic first couple of
5165s games i'm sure going to see a lot more
5167s great action as well yeah i mean
5169s nobody's even tried to take gamma yet no
5171s one's even looking at gamma no one's
5172s even attempted to even have a
5174s conversation with gamma even ask them
5176s nicely if they can award them six points
5178s none of that has happened uh i'm curious
5181s if we'll actually even get any of that
5182s it seems like everyone does want to get
5183s these fights going uh but we we did see
5186s some people attempting to go and
5188s backdoor beacons it was yeah you know
5189s not just the bloodthirsty like okay well
5191s this 404 isn't working uh let's just
5193s keep four on fouring there was a little
5195s bit more uh rotations throughout the map
5198s in that last game and you know i think
5200s we probably will see more of that
5202s especially because people are starting
5203s to get a lot more familiar with the mode
5204s even just games one to game two we saw a
5206s big difference in the strategy yeah i
5208s wonder if we're gonna you know see that
5209s even more
5210s actually but it looks like we're gonna
5212s be having an interview with our winners
5214s of last round plup and sneaky fantastic
5219s to get to see some more winners there so
5221s yeah here we go
5223s congratulations
5225s congrats on picking up that first win
5227s plop i wanted to check in with you first
5229s uh on just you know what was the big
5230s difference between game one and two
5233s because game one felt like you guys were
5234s getting kind of destroyed but game two
5236s you guys started out destroying them it
5238s was the opposite
5239s oh yeah we were we're kind of beating
5241s them down so i think
5242s what happened was
5244s we figured out that poisson is a
5246s one-trick another player
5248s and
5250s no i'm sorry he's really good uh i don't
5252s think i was very good with my with my
5253s first hero
5254s uh i liked nathapod a lot i'm much
5256s better with that guy and
5259s sorry sorry i didn't mean it this sounds
5261s pretty good
5262s but yeah i think i just need to like
5264s roll those characters i'm comfortable
5265s with and then we can play better also we
5267s positioned a lot better that time maybe
5268s our comms are good i don't know
5270s yeah definitely there's a lot of
5271s elements into it uh you talk about the
5273s character change felt good for you with
5274s sneaky did it feel good for you as well
5276s on raw as he made a bit of uh you know
5277s feel like you're at home in the a.d
5279s carry roll was that a big benefit for
5280s you in that game
5283s uh
5284s yeah that was the first time i played
5285s her um
5287s but
5288s i was reading her abilities before like
5290s i was looking at all the characters i
5291s wanted to unlock and like i read her
5293s because she looked cool and yeah i kind
5295s of knew what the i knew what the queue
5297s did but like if you use it you can move
5299s after but
5300s i didn't know what the other ones did
5301s then the audio
5302s like i played a bunch of games yesterday
5304s and i kept
5305s learning pretty quickly on what they do
5307s but i still a little unfamiliar but she
5309s she was really cool she was very
5310s short-ranged though
5312s yeah a little bit kind of having to know
5313s the limits there you found yourself in
5315s that game a couple of times in a 1v1
5316s with uh you know warlow on that loop
5318s kind of you need to carry a good thing
5321s happening yes i mean you know you might
5322s be similar with that you kind of you
5324s know mid game you you find yourself
5326s there with a bruiser top laner you're
5327s like okay it's just you know unwittable
5329s you're familiar
5331s but you got through and got the victory
5333s so congratulations there as well
5335s all right well thank you so much for
5337s jumping in and talking to us real quick
5339s uh excited to see the rest of the games
5341s it looks like you guys got more into
5343s your rhythm in that game too and i think
5345s uh everything's gonna heat up as we get
5346s into rounds three and onwards but best
5349s of luck in the rest of the rounds and
5351s congrats on getting a little money for
5352s charity already
5354s thank you
5356s all right kronen that is round two in
5359s the books we got a couple more rounds to
5362s go and four more to be specific but uh
5365s after that game too i mean what are some
5366s of your your major thoughts going into
5368s the the next couple of games
5370s yeah i'm definitely gonna see how the
5373s kind of i guess the meta evolves is it
5375s still going to be just very um you know
5378s brawley are on these 4v4 fights is there
5381s going to be any just like let's avoid
5383s fights and you know back cap things i
5385s mean that would be a little resulting in
5387s a little a little slower of games but i
5389s think it should be a very viable
5390s strategy right it's depending on on the
5393s timings as well when you actually are
5394s eliminated where you can get these uh
5396s you know really good item builds come
5398s through
5399s and just you know just different pacing
5400s in general so i think there's still a
5401s lot that we have yet to see again
5404s gamma fights i think those are going to
5405s be hype if we get to see those they got
5407s a burger flip gamma who's gonna get it
5409s there's no you know slights in this game
5411s it's just gonna be raw damage output
5412s just oh you hear it gonna be a ton of
5414s fun i hope
5415s i am looking forward to it reminder that
5417s we are gonna be shuffling the teams for
5419s these next two rounds when we come back
5421s but we're going to another short break
5424s and just before we go one of the best
5425s parts of eternal return is that they add
5427s new characters all the time my favorite
5428s character is suici as everybody knows
5430s but the newest character telumia island
5433s has an axe to grind about that selection
5434s let's take a look at marcus
5440s [Music]
5448s fight with honor means to only take on
5450s opponents of your own size
5456s [Music]
5474s um
5476s [Music]
5488s [Music]
5493s so
5507s [Applause]
5518s let's hope i see someone strong
5525s my blood is boiling
5531s you've got nothing on me
5542s you're a pest
5547s not a single scratch on me
5557s don't even try to stop me
5570s welcome back to the eternal return
5572s lemonade benefits series i'm casanova
5574s joined by crowin we've knocked out two
5577s rounds already and we're moving on to
5579s the remaining four we are playing cobalt
5582s protocol and it has been so much fun
5585s already to watch all of the brawling but
5588s of course this is a tournament for
5590s charity and i'd love to to take a look
5592s at uh some of the charity stuff that
5593s we've been doing when we can but ron you
5595s know
5596s how has the tournament been for you so
5598s far oh it's been a ton of fun we kind of
5600s went into this being like oh yeah cobalt
5602s protocol new hype mode it's gonna be
5604s people just brawl and get everything on
5606s in there and i think it has certainly
5607s delivered what we've seen so far and now
5610s we get a chance to see the prizing and
5611s it is very very close in terms of the
5614s money that all of these teams have
5616s earned so far casanova
5618s yeah sneaky comes out with the the kill
5620s lead from round two so he's tying up
5622s with viper but everybody gets to be on
5624s the board right now because the rounds
5627s went one to one in our first setup of
5630s teams right so they were able to even
5632s out 750 a piece the extra bonus coming
5634s from those kill leads in those two games
5637s but now we've shuffled up the teams so
5639s we'll start to see where those uh wins
5641s end up happening and here's the first
5643s team of rounds three and four who it's
5646s gonna be it is going to be lorello and
5649s plup this timer
5651s all right lurla with passant and plop
5653s with dark gen x now not sure that these
5657s team shuffles are really going to be too
5658s indicative of you know going like you
5660s know oddly one way or the other because
5662s it comes down to again you know a lot of
5664s the rng of the items you know the the
5666s draft as well but nice to see you
5668s everyone get a chance to play with the
5670s other duos for sure yeah and of course
5673s that means the other team is viper and
5675s sneaky they're joined by frankie doodle
5678s and sheepy of course and uh for them
5681s they just have to make sure that the
5682s other team doesn't get the combination
5683s of adela and uh barbara i think that's
5687s the big thing that's the big thing for
5688s them yup oh definitely because that
5690s would be certainly a little terrifying i
5693s would imagine
5694s all right well we do have kind of a
5696s check in with all four of our creators
5699s so let's go ahead and talk to all of
5701s them and see how they've been feeling
5703s about the matches so far and maybe the
5705s uh the swap up of teams
5712s all right back into it as well we just
5713s got a chance to speak with pop and
5716s sneaky but now we get everyone back onto
5718s the desk sneaky i'm going to to start
5720s with you again you know there's a lot of
5722s uh different uh test subjects i actually
5726s think you might be muted so we'll move
5727s on over actually to club plup i just
5730s want to get a chance to talk to you
5732s about just the game mode cobalt protocol
5734s have been enjoying it so far do you
5735s think this game mode is what you
5737s expected or you know how are you feeling
5738s about it
5740s yeah it's really cool it's very
5741s different from like the normal game
5742s obviously the item progression is
5744s strange and starting off at level 9 is
5745s pretty cool but i've i've been enjoying
5747s it it's pretty like intuitive you know
5749s yeah that's what i like about it
5751s all right and uh you know lorelo viper
5753s you two have played against each other
5755s on summoner drift all the time in the
5756s top lane and now uh you were teams in
5758s the first half now you're going up
5759s against each other lorelo you know are
5761s you are you going to take it to viper
5763s you think you're better are you going to
5764s beat him down what's up
5766s yeah yeah we're winning as long as i get
5767s to adc guys so please don't take them
5768s thank you
5772s like for a little bit but
5774s i don't know i can't hit a cube i was
5776s like missing like every q
5777s so we'll see all right i'm inviting
5780s you think you're gonna take him down
5781s instead yeah what's your rebuttal he
5783s leaked his traps to us you know we just
5784s take away the adks and we're all good
5791s i guess we say don't do something i mean
5793s teams right here they're gonna they're
5794s gonna do that thing you know so maybe
5796s not the smartest thing to do but i'm
5797s sure it'll work out you know there's
5798s there's a lot of backline carries that
5800s we can uh work with but now we're gonna
5802s toss it over to sneaky sneaky you know
5804s you're well regarded for a lot of stuff
5805s your league success but also you know
5807s your cosplays uh as well and there's
5810s some pretty cool looking tone return
5811s characters are the eddy that you know
5813s might be thinking about for the future
5815s or just the ones that you're gonna like
5816s to play in the game you know maybe we'll
5817s be able to go there there are some
5819s pretty sweet skins uh it was like there
5821s are rio last game with that swimsuit
5830s here we go there we go all right well on
5832s that note we'll uh head into the next
5834s round
5835s thank you all so much for checking in
5836s with us uh good luck in the remaining
5839s rounds we're gonna be jumping into round
5840s three in just a moment thank you all
5842s thank you
5845s all right crone we got round three
5847s coming up was nice to check in it looks
5849s like we do have a sneaky rio cosplay
5851s confirmed definitely happening 100
5853s sounds like uh so you can get excited
5855s for that in chat i'm sure chat is
5856s blowing up about that as well but
5859s we we heard it from lerlo he wants an 80
5861s carry and on the other side you know uh
5865s or for his team they also want adela and
5867s barbara so now there's so many things
5868s that you need to take away from this
5869s team
5870s i know you're not gonna get a chance to
5872s take away you know deny everything as
5873s well as get all the stuff that you want
5875s so we're just gonna get a chance to see
5876s who lands on what as the draft comes
5880s through there is an adela in this pool
5883s and it is on the other side sheepy has
5886s taken adela hostage right now and uh is
5889s he gonna keep it there or maybe swap it
5891s once the you know these test subject
5892s changes come through where these kind of
5894s swap pools then he might leave oh wait
5896s he swapped off of it
5897s uh-oh is that too soon uh-oh
5900s wait a minute
5902s is it going to go over
5904s the scene
5905s that's also a very nice test subject for
5907s personality playing that's what actually
5909s got the better of sheepy at dreamhack
5911s dallas on the tia
5913s yeah tia also just very good in this
5915s mode having that aoe setup having a lot
5916s of just good setup in general good crowd
5918s control and it looks like lorello is
5920s going to land on something that he can
5921s auto attack with on the chloe i was kind
5924s of expecting him to end up on nadine but
5925s it looks like plop wants that one uh to
5928s hang on to it and is that is that
5929s frankie doodle did they end up getting
5931s that sylvia it looks like they did
5934s yeah oh man she be uh going to be on the
5938s oh actually uh oh okay on the eva the
5940s rio is going to be played by viper so a
5943s backline carry yet again kind of comfort
5946s zone there lorlo going to be on the
5948s chloe chloe is a bit difficult i would
5950s uh you know assume for maybe some of
5952s these uh newer term return players
5954s because you gotta control nina as well
5955s which is that dull um
5957s i'm excited to see it though if that's
5959s actually gonna be uh you know coming out
5960s with some success or not you know i've
5962s seen i've seen lolo on gwen you know
5964s he's good with the seamstress
5968s with a little bit of nina action as well
5970s being able to play uh chloe and nina uh
5972s we'll see how lorell is able to do on
5974s that character but i think uh the big
5977s one for me is watching frankie doodle on
5979s this silvia we've seen how well uh these
5981s players perform on their mains we get
5983s the passant adella we've gotten the
5985s barbara from dark gen x and now it's
5987s frankie doodle's time to show everyone
5989s up on their main character yeah the
5992s thing about sylvia though is sylvia
5994s works really well with the regular game
5995s mode because she's gonna get fueled by
5997s passing through zones and stuff i'm not
5998s exactly sure how the silvia is gonna be
6000s working in this game mode maybe she can
6002s be kind of out of fuel not be able to
6003s use half of her kit a lot of the time
6005s hopefully it's not the case though and
6007s get to actually see why frankie doodle
6008s is going to be the silvia legend as we
6011s get a little fight here in the early
6013s game big engagement viper but he gets
6014s onto the platform in time so that was
6016s really really well done even though he's
6018s crowd control he's standing on the
6019s little thing that's gonna pop him over
6021s to the other side he'll be able to get
6022s away from the fight
6024s lorelai yeah
6026s viper actually had a nice item as well
6028s one of those rng ones the mithril helmet
6030s that was fantastic on the other side
6032s actually some fights going on as well
6034s frankie doodle picked up the first kill
6035s over here for first blood
6038s yeah frankie already starting off strong
6040s with that sylvia picking up a kill for
6042s their team and hassan and lorelo just
6044s absolutely zoning cheapy and viper off
6047s on this bottom side yep getting that
6050s heel pack going to be very nice there is
6052s no neenah left she's gonna have to have
6054s a little bit of time to uh you know come
6056s back so he might be giving up this point
6058s for just a little while he'll back up
6059s themselves may take out some of these
6061s drones
6063s or just go he loves the boar but there
6064s we go nina comes back a croissant
6066s actually oh he's just gonna go down he
6068s just gets
6070s tagged down by a viper and sheepy there
6073s just the range damage just coming
6074s through and
6075s not enough respect there from a possum
6077s but frankie doodle falling very low
6079s sneaky also pretty low as well freaking
6081s noodle ends up falling yeah for you to
6083s fell to i believe plup over there on the
6085s other side not nadine which nadine does
6088s not get hunt stacks from the drones but
6090s will still obviously from the animals so
6092s maybe
6092s a bit more pv focused there as oh a nice
6095s knock back from song there with the bat
6098s skill getting the take down on to viper
6102s trying to take down laurel not able to
6104s though just a little bit of life wait a
6105s minute warlow
6107s oh oh oh there goes gb gets the kill on
6110s del oro is able to grab one for their
6112s team
6114s he's a very very close one so far
6116s getting sniped down as well and dark gen
6118s x on that 11. gonna go over the wall but
6120s everyone's coming with you so that might
6122s just be
6123s another one going down frankie doodle
6125s and
6126s sneaky hopping off together picking up
6129s quite a few kills oh i think oh wow
6131s viper with not only mithral helm now but
6133s also the artemis bow a lot of nice
6136s legendaries coming through here the suit
6137s is sauna shuriken
6139s these builds are looking real real nice
6142s when we see these fights come out
6144s they're gonna be very very explosive in
6146s terms of that damage output
6149s and i guess it's just going to be up to
6151s poisson and dark gen x to set up these
6153s fights get that cc on to these very
6156s strong members and so that follow-up can
6158s come through and the viper's a little
6160s far forward but he does have that
6161s mobility of rio trying to kite away and
6163s sheepy and it just put out a lot of
6165s pressure and damage there goes in the uk
6167s the coup de gras not really going to
6169s connect onto too many members but sneaky
6171s gets out alive and they're able to grab
6173s that first kill a very close fight it
6175s looks like just a one for one passat for
6176s frankie doodle so far and now the
6179s healing is being grab a plop that is a
6181s huge huge hit
6183s from that bow the snipe is doing a lot
6186s of damage oh another didn't keep
6188s charging
6190s it bow versus bow but uh while rio has
6193s very long range uh nadine's gonna have a
6195s bit longer range when it comes to
6197s channeling up these cues doesn't connect
6199s on that one but it is just fake 44
6201s structure next drops to half oh sheep
6203s sheepy's just getting so much pressure
6205s on to 11 that front line just falling so
6207s quickly they're gonna have to back up
6208s the heels to full control
6210s going over to this side as
6212s now it's just sneaky fishing for a
6214s little bit more eventually looking for
6216s another coup de gras looking for an
6217s engage finds croissant there's one hit
6220s knocked back knocked up clerlo goes down
6222s on the back side but can sneaky find
6224s more is taking a lot of damage from 11
6226s but they have to kite away sneaky's got
6229s the backup he's got the damage coming
6230s through from his team this passant just
6232s gonna have to ditch and that is going to
6235s be just dark gen x falling pluck doesn't
6238s find the snipe and they back away down
6240s ten points nine points currently yep
6243s down nine still points taking through
6246s gonna be opportunity for okay not quite
6248s a uh triple cap here as there is going
6251s to be that bottom point going over to
6253s the red side i pretty soon up and
6255s viper's only used one item re-roll so
6257s far it has two legendaries so that build
6259s can still get way way stronger as we get
6261s on into the later stages of the game
6263s maybe phase three when he gets taken out
6265s finally
6266s yeah we'll have to see if he even you
6268s know gets taken out his positioning has
6270s been really good he's been in a really
6272s good spot he's gotta get set up so there
6274s we go now lor load just trying to kite
6276s away from sneaky he's kind of winning
6278s the 1v1 but now viper's showing up
6280s dealing a lot of damage
6282s laurel pretty strong build as well as
6284s the uh the auto attacks he's just trying
6286s to get the auto attacks ready he's
6287s switch us up
6288s yup gonna be big auto attacks there it
6290s always seems like we we find uh lord in
6293s a situation where he's wondering sneaky
6294s even again here
6297s yeah this time lulu's on the auto
6299s attacker and sneaky's on the bruiser but
6301s i think a little difference with the
6302s yuki match up here and lorella's getting
6304s the better of him but that's a big fight
6306s a lot of deaths coming through ends up
6308s being a three four no a four for two
6311s exchange as viper and sheepy able to
6314s pick that one up
6315s wow a lot of kills coming through for
6318s this side frankie doodle having seven
6320s kills at this point she be having three
6322s fight braving two
6324s that's what 13 kills already for the
6326s side sneaky only has one but still doing
6328s his role on this yuki for sure coup de
6332s cross maybe could be a little bit better
6334s but i'm sure he's gonna get more
6335s comfortable as the game continues to go
6336s on it is a triple cap right now cass
6339s yeah and dark gen x already just getting
6341s chunked down to almost half they grab a
6343s heel passant looking for the engage he
6345s can't find it either they're just not
6346s able to find anything but viper goes
6348s over the wall into a really rough spot
6350s there's just not enough follow-up though
6352s and the coup de gras to turn it around
6355s sneaky goes down and they're not able to
6356s pick anything up just yet dark gen x
6358s falling very low but facade with the
6360s zone picks up viper on the back side
6362s frankie doodle wreaking havoc in the
6364s back line though and it looks like he'll
6365s get two he's just an absolute menace on
6368s the silvia he finds the angle takes down
6370s both backliners that is why you don't
6373s want frankie doodle to have sylvia if
6375s you are on the enemy team because it
6377s plays like that just all around the back
6379s line in the range form getting a
6381s takedown immediately goes bike and then
6383s gets another one fantastic stuff for
6386s frankie doodle there sneaky even though
6388s he went down still had a lot of damage
6390s output with the coup de grogs landed on
6391s multiple members so that sacrifice was
6394s very well worth it there see if we can
6396s make something like this happen again
6399s yep there is more big damage from
6401s frankie going out sheepy with the
6403s constant poke and facade though
6405s does land a little bit of a knock-up
6407s trying to set something up for his team
6409s it's just difficult to get the follow-up
6411s through need to have hassan and plop on
6413s the same page just get that combo on one
6415s person with the snipe
6417s find the pick as dark gen x
6419s falling low on the top side sneaky once
6421s again just finds a stun into all the
6422s follow up from sheepy
6424s yeah definitely oh she'd be getting
6426s really low here oh the oh frankie doodle
6429s is going to get yet another kill
6431s shaping not landing any single damage
6433s there the coup de gras does connect plup
6435s is going to go really low sneaky is on
6436s the chase right now the other side of
6438s the fight has been cleaned up though it
6440s is just
6447s looking like a quick one for this game
6450s it looks just absolute domination from
6452s frankie doodle on the silvia
6454s yep sheepy with the follow-up always
6457s there
6458s being able to cast those spells the
6459s lasers over the wall oh gamma so much
6463s frankie doodle shot the uh shot towards
6466s the gamma there i don't know
6468s there's six health remaining gamma would
6470s finish it out
6472s but no need to be
6473s that risky however probably just
6475s controlling points going for another
6476s fight yeah wow there's a big engage
6478s though they get onto sheepy sheep he
6480s could go down immediately and they do
6481s fall and now frankie's in trouble trying
6483s to kite back to all the mechanics from
6485s frankie are sick he's getting so much
6487s damage out but he does end up going down
6489s the blinking health bar is on the other
6490s side but this is the fight they needed
6492s as viper is taken out by lower low and
6495s it's just up to sneaky to try and run
6496s them down but it looks like it's gonna
6497s be a four for nothing this is the only
6499s way you can start coming back when
6501s you're at those six points you can't
6503s give an inch and they're able to take
6504s that four for nothing
6506s there we go comeback potential is
6508s happening yet again it happened in the
6510s last game but didn't result in a full
6514s kind of reverse sweep there when it
6515s comes to all this life total deficit it
6518s is 5 to 21 but triple cap they're
6521s already all grouped they're on some
6523s strong builds but when the other team
6525s dies comes back they're going to come
6526s back
6527s they're going to come back with a lot of
6528s more items
6530s close
6531s looks like they'll give the top beacon
6534s at the very least yeah before they start
6536s to look for the next engage they need to
6538s poke off these shields with plop just
6540s trying to get the damage out because
6541s right now there's a big hp advantage
6543s from respawning in and grabbing those
6545s shields another big hit on the sneaky
6548s yeah here comes the engage there's dark
6550s gen x gets the engage the cc on the
6552s piper but the cooler are going to
6553s connect onto basically everyone can it
6555s take anyone down it's just sheepy on the
6557s backside and frankie for the cleanup
6559s frankie on the bike running them down
6561s vroom vroom gonna take them down
6564s they just need to defend these beacons
6566s for just 15 more seconds and the victory
6569s will be theirs
6571s top beacon seven more seconds cast this
6574s is probably it don't think that's a good
6575s spot in time
6577s yeah i mean that was a great engage from
6579s dark gen x the follow-up was all there
6582s but just frankie being able to avoid it
6584s on the side same with sheepy just being
6587s able to play the edges of the fight and
6589s we saw a perfect counter-engage from
6591s sneaky there on the kudegra hitting
6593s everybody as they piled in what a what a
6595s great game out of viper and sneaky
6598s frankie of course dominant on the silvia
6600s definitely so down on the silvia that
6602s was fantastic uh i think sneaky had a
6605s lot of great moments in that game as
6607s well on the yuki these coup de grace
6608s were pretty much after the first couple
6610s always landing on multiple members
6612s getting a lot of solid solid damage on
6614s out of there and then it was just the
6616s clean up crew of literally all the
6618s honestly all of the viper frankie doodle
6620s and sheepy they did a fantastic job on
6623s these back line carries pretty dude kind
6624s of playing a bit of a hybrid as well but
6626s that's what sylvia does
6628s fantastic work outside some question
6630s marks about you know how would sylvia
6631s work in this game mode but frankie to
6633s put them all to rest that was a
6635s absolutely dominant performance
6637s yeah frankie playing on the silvia how
6639s like the jackies probably want to play
6641s in this mode but i think just does it
6643s better right and it also might just be
6645s just how good frankie is but let's go
6647s ahead and take a look at some of those
6648s key moments from the game and just break
6650s down i mean this dominant performance
6652s yeah poisson's had a nice opener in the
6654s early game getting some picks you know
6656s we could do it on adele i can do it on t
6658s as well but sheepy
6660s i was talking about this should be pass
6661s on a rivalry and hopefully on the tia
6664s he's right back where it all went so
6667s wrong but sheepy got the better of him
6669s this time on a backliner right
6671s a contest subject he's not quite known
6674s for but still going to be doing a great
6676s job as we see clean up a lot of fights
6678s there oh so much damage yeah i mean it
6681s was absolutely huge i i just think
6683s frankie you know we keep seeing it the
6685s mains for these er pros coming out and
6688s just having these pop-off performances
6690s but the son of course was on the team no
6692s slouch there and just the fact that this
6694s was able to be so dominant out of
6696s frankie and company there it was it was
6698s perfect and and we did attribute a lot
6700s of that to just you know viper having
6702s great positioning to follow up and then
6703s on top of that every single time an
6705s engage came through from dark gen x and
6707s poisson there was a coup de grace from
6708s that sneaky to meet it and able to get
6710s that counter engaged through exactly it
6712s was enough time enough damage uh output
6714s as we see here again you know sheepy
6716s went down though this oh this was the
6717s start of actually the potential comeback
6719s though frankie doodle goes down here i
6721s believe as well
6722s and yes wasn't actually able to result
6725s in anything though oh look this thing
6726s engaged they press the go button and
6729s they do go with that cobalt blue
6731s movement speed but always like a
6733s three-man cuda graph from sneaky hits so
6736s so many allows frank noodle and sheepy
6738s being at full hp to just clean up every
6740s all the knock-up as well but they had
6742s the augment we're on death it knocks up
6743s everything around you and so it bought
6745s time for frankie and cheapy to actually
6746s clean everything up that was so well
6748s executed there from that team yeah it
6750s was just perfect i mean just really
6752s really well done overall here's frankie
6754s going into the enemy base
6756s for the victory screen
6758s of course get a little bit of bm we see
6760s the emote pop out behind the victory
6762s screen as well perfect but you know we
6764s see the results from three rounds viper
6766s grabbing their second win sneaky also
6768s grabbing their second win here and uh it
6770s went one to one last time but we'll see
6771s if round four has that as well but until
6773s then hey we've got viper and sneaky on
6776s the line to talk a little bit about
6778s their victory and uh you know hey viper
6782s able to grab another win on another
6783s ranged character i know uh the 80
6785s carries that's kind of lorello's thing
6787s you said mages but how did the rio feel
6790s you know we came in with a game plan uh
6791s i saw rio and uh
6794s you know lorelei said he needs his range
6796s top so we took that away from them
6798s uh and i've been playing this
6801s a lot honestly and i like it so
6803s yeah
6804s it was fun perfect yeah definitely
6806s sneaky you're kind of solo fro lion
6808s there was that kind of hard to to adjust
6811s to i mean by the end of the game you got
6812s some really nice coup de gras out there
6814s but how is it trying to you know just
6816s balance like when do you engage when you
6817s don't did you gotta get a good feel for
6818s that uh during that game uh
6821s yeah i mean i'm more like a uh
6824s melee carry i think of that guy he's not
6826s very tanky i mean like his w reduces
6828s damage for like a second but
6831s yeah i don't have much initiation had
6833s like the the little turd stun
6835s but like the alt was really good
6836s counter-engage if they actually went in
6838s like that last team fight it's
6841s pretty strong tons of damage
6843s definitely this big and steal the deal
6845s and yeah helped your team achieve a
6846s victory so that was fantastic stuff
6849s yeah yeah it was absolutely huge and uh
6851s you know we are we are playing for
6852s charity so viper i wanted to ask you uh
6854s just kind of uh what charity you picked
6856s and why you picked it viper
6858s i picked the
6861s charity against gun violence
6864s because i've just been seeing a lot of
6865s uh stuff go down with like you know
6867s there's a shootings everywhere like in
6869s america especially it happens like
6872s every every other day so i want to try
6875s my best to do my part and try to make it
6878s stop
6879s all right sweet thank you so much viper
6881s for sharing that and we'll talk more
6883s about those charities later on but we
6885s gotta jump into the next game but thank
6887s you too so much for the interview we'll
6888s talk to you guys a bit later and good
6890s luck in the next game
6892s thank you
6893s thanks
6895s all right growing that's our third round
6898s in the books we got halfway point we're
6900s at the halfway point there's the halfway
6902s check in what teams are really
6903s impressing you so far what players have
6905s really stood out especially out of our
6907s you know our content creators because we
6909s all know the er pros are all absolute
6911s beasts yeah definitely i think coming
6913s out of that game viper i think it's done
6915s a great job it's been on emma a couple
6917s of games and then was on rio always
6919s seems to be in the right place at the
6921s right time when it comes to these you
6923s know follow-ups um just you know didn't
6925s really get caught out i don't maybe like
6927s one time that last game but you know it
6928s happens it's a whole big you know 44
6930s brawl it's gonna happen at some point
6931s but generally speaking i think viper has
6934s been a very very solid especially with a
6936s different play style coming over from
6938s league to these backline carries
6940s all right well we've reached our halfway
6942s point we're gonna go to a short break
6943s but while you're gone why don't you
6944s check out the new skin lumia island
6946s felix see you on the other side
6948s [Music]
6956s aim high act quick
6958s wanna give it a shot
6963s [Music]
6975s let's go find some bad guys
6987s careful watch out for riptides
6992s [Music]
6996s nice to meet you
7006s nice let's keep this feeling going
7018s [Music]
7025s [Music]
7036s [Music]
7043s uh
7056s [Applause]
7059s uh
7061s [Applause]
7066s [Music]
7073s [Applause]
7077s [Music]
7083s back to the eternal return lemonade
7085s benefit series i'm casanova still joined
7087s by crowan and we've reached that halfway
7090s point we've got rounds four five and six
7091s to go we got the first three out of the
7093s way and it has been awesome to watch so
7097s far and i want to take a look at how
7099s much money each of these players have
7101s already earned for their charities as we
7102s still have plenty more to go right now
7105s it's viper in the lead with that
7108s eighteen hundred and thirty three
7109s dollars going to the educational fund to
7111s stop gun violence it looks like he
7112s picked up another uh highest kill of the
7115s match for the creators in that last game
7117s over sneaky looks like it about at two
7120s thousand dollars right now but as we get
7123s into the latter half of the day there's
7125s still opportunities for you know low and
7127s pluck to earn some more as well as
7129s sneaky of course so that's what we're
7132s all here for right cuz this is you know
7133s trying to return promoting this game and
7135s how it's so fun because it really is but
7137s also earning money for charity is always
7139s a nice way to do it with so just love
7142s seeing people kind of give it their all
7143s and be able to give it to a good cause
7145s yeah and the format is awesome too
7146s because it's like every single one of
7147s these games you're playing to win money
7148s for charity if you got look that last
7151s game it wasn't close but that's okay
7153s because this next one it might get
7155s completely turned around we saw it in
7156s the first set of teams right in the
7158s first set of teams the first game didn't
7159s look super close but the second game the
7161s team that got beat up in the first one
7163s came back around picked up the win and
7165s we might get the same kind of
7167s opportunity here that was a frankie
7168s doodle sylvia hey maybe the next one we
7171s still see mains on both sides we see the
7173s compositions being really even and we
7175s get more of like what our game two
7177s looked like where it was so close and
7178s back and forth and almost a huge
7180s comeback
7181s definitely and i think as i mentioned
7182s earlier as well just having these uh
7184s creators coming in and having more reps
7186s on each test subject maybe they're going
7187s to get some repeats and be like oh okay
7189s i messed up these moments earlier on but
7191s i know exactly what to do to not do that
7193s again right and actually come in and
7195s look very very solid as even the
7197s progression of the game from beginning
7198s to end from sneaky that last one looks
7201s kind of like night and day right i
7202s talked about it the coup de grasse
7204s weren't actually landing with the
7205s highest impact in the early game but by
7207s late game they were probably one of the
7208s biggest like deciding abilities that
7210s were cast in some of those so this great
7213s great stuff i'm sure we're going to see
7214s a lot more because we're already halfway
7216s through the day cast kind of like you
7218s know blinked and now we're here all of a
7220s sudden this just these games are going
7221s super quick yeah
7222s they just fly it it's fight it's fast
7224s it's fun this is the way it is with cobo
7226s protocol it's so great to have this game
7228s mode and you know we're talking about
7230s some of the test subjects and people uh
7231s being able to kind of get another rep on
7233s it from the creators like plop nathapon
7235s looked really good i'd love to see him
7237s on that again i think that'd be a big
7238s difference maker in some of these uh
7240s games i also think you know sisella for
7242s lorlo i think that was maybe his best
7244s performance so far was on that ciscella
7247s but hey you know how we mentioned uh you
7249s know dark gen x and facade maybe eating
7252s those two characters and also plop on in
7255s the pawn
7256s that's that's a pretty wild setup i'm
7260s i'm i'm scared if i'm uh sneaky and
7264s viper team on the other side uh eve plop
7266s again on the nother pawn like you said
7269s as well as lorelu on the 11 being an
7271s engager
7272s that got a ranged character got the
7274s hedge and hedging
7276s is going to be a bit more combo oriented
7278s though not just sit back there and auto
7280s attack but i think lolo could still find
7282s some success with this especially being
7284s right behind passanta nadella and dark
7287s genetics on the barbara i think it's
7288s gonna be they're gonna be just fine
7290s what are the odds that lorelo just plays
7292s like auto attack engine just does it
7294s like doesn't even play for just 95
7297s pretty high right like he's just gonna
7298s get one of the auto attack bows he still
7300s has crowd control and he's got mobility
7301s it's just gonna be like uh you know it's
7303s just an ad carry with you know a lot of
7305s mobility some cc i think he's gonna love
7307s that instead of playing fully for the
7309s combo but we'll see because i think he
7311s should be fine on the combo just hedging
7313s has a lot of different intricate ways
7315s that she can play and uh you know i
7317s think she'll be just viable uh doing the
7319s auto attacks if that's what he wants to
7321s do definitely get a chance to get into
7323s the game see where these initial item
7325s drafts are going pretty solid build for
7328s bluff so far is gonna be okay four out
7330s of six right now what boost does he get
7332s took a long time to decide those
7335s might hit the random button okay some
7336s tachyons
7337s and the lux averta to round it out
7341s not terrible i'm wondering if maybe some
7343s of these uh you know back line carriers
7346s are gonna be starting off with
7347s legendaries because that can set the
7348s pace the whole game winning these 2v2s
7350s getting the point control it's almost
7352s like it forces the enemy team to feel
7354s like oh we're behind we have to make
7357s these like you know big plays to come
7358s back in the game right maybe forcing
7360s some little bit of uh you know
7361s overstepping and just generally just
7363s uncomfortably right you never want to be
7365s playing from behind you always want to
7366s be playing uh from ahead
7369s yeah and uh you know it's the early
7371s footsies the farming up trying to get
7372s those credits so that when that first
7374s death comes through you can try and fill
7376s out the bill because we've seen some
7377s crazy builds being put together in these
7379s last couple of games especially on those
7381s carries and uh you know that was where
7384s the late game scaling came in right the
7386s barbara being so tanky in the early game
7387s but on the other side uh we saw carries
7390s being able to finish their builds and
7392s start shredding through those tanks and
7393s engagers and uh really turning around
7396s from those fights the viper before
7397s zoning out dark knight looking really
7399s good on this glowing nina wow
7401s really well done lorello can jump away
7403s with viper looking pretty practiced on
7405s this chloe definitely anything that you
7408s just auto attack sit back and chill yeah
7410s viper's pretty good at it is 39-39 so
7413s just one kill a piece but both beacons
7415s controlled by the red side there lorelo
7418s first okay yeah look at this build right
7420s this auto attack focused every single
7421s item here is going to be auto attack the
7424s elemental or not the elemental bow but
7426s the another one the auto attack forced
7428s uh or the auto attack bow another 2v2
7431s happening wiper is pretty low however
7433s yep there goes lorlo he's going to set
7435s up the combo he gets the kill onto viper
7437s after fearing both of them away
7440s just trying to get on to sheepy on that
7442s isil not gonna be able to get there but
7444s just the kill for lorelo very even start
7446s so far yeah oh club already having two
7449s of the three kills of his team actually
7451s so already putting himself up there for
7453s conversation of you know the extra bonus
7456s money for top kills we can keep it up
7458s okay just okay a zoning zoning ultimate
7461s making sure that his teammate was safe
7463s so the chase didn't come through
7466s the sand is safe coming back however so
7468s maybe re-engage happening soon
7471s yep there's the next phase though
7472s everything's opened up we'll see if
7474s there's a collapse immediately onto
7476s either side and it looks like all of the
7479s blue squad is moving up to the top side
7481s of the map gonna grab the middle
7483s straight away and just try and take some
7485s control with the iso putting down some
7487s of those mines
7488s yeah it's a little happening to zone
7489s control actually this mode is something
7490s i've really thought about they're
7492s actually going really aggressively
7493s forward here at the dark gen x during
7495s the next taking a ton of damage can you
7496s go down no not quite
7499s does make it back she'd be grabbing some
7500s heels but gets sneaky on the other side
7503s though
7504s yeah they're pinched and sneaky ends up
7505s falling for it so it is just going to be
7508s a viper trying to take this beacon we'll
7510s see if anyone goes in on the engage
7512s croissant
7514s and pluck just moving back taking out
7515s some telephotos trying to get a beacon
7517s on the top side as well but not a full
7518s group yet still kind of playing these
7520s 2v2s playing both sides of the fight
7523s that is going to result in a 3v2 and a
7526s double kill for frankie doodle frankie
7528s doodle a lot of nice damage out there
7531s and sneaky is in a position again where
7532s he's actually gonna be the solo you know
7534s melee on to this team um kiara is a bit
7538s different though she's going to be very
7539s tanky when she pops her ulti no big coup
7542s de grace like yuki has but
7544s gonna be on a bit of a hybrid build here
7546s a couple of uh auto attack items a
7548s couple more skill amp builds
7550s generally the skill am kiara's a bit
7552s tankier there plus unfortunately falling
7554s but she'd be getting reengaged on here
7556s yeah fluff tried to escape tv to the
7559s safe zone but that was the enemy base
7561s instead getting taken down
7564s looks like uh we finally see those kind
7566s of uh
7567s fountain turrets coming through we're
7569s dealing some damage
7574s all right some footsies here dark
7575s genetics is running away with lorelai
7577s still yet to see a big 4v4 a lot of
7580s split fights sneaky up to the side it
7582s looks like maybe a 3v3 here but he gets
7584s the root tag onto lorello lorlo's caught
7586s out does get a big shield trying to
7587s trade back some damage not able to get
7590s enough and passant not connecting with
7591s the checkmate it looks like frankie
7593s doodle just taking him to town right now
7595s picking up a couple of kills
7597s oh man passant goes down there's
7599s actually once again we see santa on the
7600s adela but not being the lead and dart
7603s gen x on the barber as well but you know
7605s it's not really working out maybe once
7607s they actually get these four or four
7608s fights coming on through this to me a
7610s lot better sneaky doesn't go down though
7612s but immediately dark gen x
7615s yeah it's just a trade and a plot
7616s underneath the pond trying to get some
7617s damage back but the zone from frankie
7620s doodle on this rio has been immense
7622s alongside sheepy just the range damages
7624s we've seen a similar comp to this
7626s earlier that did pretty well but it
7627s didn't find the win right the three
7629s ranged carries and then just one
7631s frontliner it's the kiara that's the
7632s frontliner this time which i would say
7634s maybe a little bit less tanky than the
7635s barbara in the early game but if uh the
7638s right build comes online for sneaky can
7639s be an absolute beast of a tank yeah
7642s definitely a real ultimate kind of whip
7644s in there he doesn't pop ultimate
7648s that was big from the pawn from pull up
7651s and now sneaky in a little bit of
7652s trouble but he's got the ulti the second
7653s reactivation because they execute on to
7655s dark gen x but
7657s double kills the back line on the bottom
7659s side of that now plump and lower low
7661s just going to run down sneaky and that
7663s is going to be a little bit of a
7665s comeback as they're able to pick up a
7666s few kills there but still down nine yeah
7668s get taken out by sheepy on the bottom
7671s side there gonna go over the wall maybe
7673s farm some more animals bear not quite up
7676s it looks like but actually just walking
7678s around back to the base
7681s there's our next implement position kind
7683s of aggressively right now however
7685s yeah frankie's gonna start to trade back
7687s on to dark gen x it's going to take a
7688s lot of damage so far plop trying to turn
7691s things around but this rio is just doing
7693s so much oh work
7695s there's engage
7697s here where's the cc there it is frankie
7699s goes down great pick found by
7702s wow i was thinking maybe okay laura lowe
7704s i'm not sure how coffee you're going to
7705s be with hedge and going forward knowing
7706s those windows to burst get the fears off
7708s get the engages but laura looks so
7710s comfortable
7712s on that hedge and that was that was
7713s fantastic to watch
7714s yeah i think he's he's just liking the
7716s ranged characters he's just feeling like
7718s even even though it's not just auto
7720s attacking he's finding opportunities to
7721s use the utilize the full kit to utilize
7723s the full combo and just blink forward to
7726s get it done he's definitely making it
7727s happen here a lot of damage the viper
7730s but there is the zone control coming out
7732s from sheepy and dark gen x just goes
7734s down immediately but as a queen can we
7736s see a turn in the turn with all the
7738s damage
7739s does not connect with the queen
7742s lord though playing so safe gets a nice
7743s route there though this could be a
7744s catchphrase
7746s frankie no queen available doesn't get
7748s the knockout with the castling and kind
7749s of whiffs with the checkmate now
7750s passants and troll facade's gonna go
7752s down but is there enough damage to trade
7754s back for lorello and ploppin yes they do
7757s have enough to zone off and now it's
7759s down to dark gen x on the flank finds
7761s viper picks up that kill orlo gonna get
7763s that one with the bow skill
7765s and they're just trying to keep this
7766s game very close they have been turning
7768s things around to close the gap from nine
7769s to seven yeah i'm gonna keep that moving
7772s keep it moving indeed lower low keeping
7774s the kills moving is now the highest kill
7775s creator in this game with three kills on
7777s the hedge and almost the lead in the
7779s whole game frankie and cheapy do have
7782s four but a lot of kills coming through a
7784s lot of nice damage
7786s okay isil root is going to connect on to
7788s busan
7790s just walks away oh my god larlo this
7792s damage does so much oh
7796s the crit yeah there's crit on like three
7799s pieces here and then the uh the creed is
7802s gonna buff the crit damage every auto
7803s attack is just absolutely chunky all
7805s these squishy backline characters yeah i
7807s mean if lorilo crits he's taking like 20
7809s percent of your hp so you got to be very
7810s careful when you walk up to him looks
7812s like lorlo going to go towards sneaky
7813s gets the root and the fear there's the
7815s damage there's the knock-up can he go
7817s down the omens come through and that is
7819s the first kill onto sneaky and now
7821s there's no room for the rest to go in
7823s they're all ranged characters lower low
7825s face taking a bit of damage there he
7826s tries to look for the engaged tries to
7827s go forward no knock-up from bassan
7828s they're trying to find one more but
7829s there's the checkmate on all three and
7831s they're gonna get one more kill frankie
7833s doodle gets out of there but sheepy will
7836s not be so lucky and that is a three four
7838s nothing on that one and they have fully
7840s brought themselves back into this game
7841s they are only down three points pull ups
7844s third kill lerlo's fourth they're kind
7846s of neck and neck here on this comeback
7848s triple beacon cap right now and there's
7852s still more room for this team to get
7854s stronger the build's coming through
7857s sneaky has spent three out of a four out
7859s of six rerolls uh trying to get
7861s something great but only one laid down
7862s something good might be soloing sneaky
7865s here flop is just destroying him but
7867s sneaky does have the ultimate he's
7868s trying to turn around that engagement
7870s passant is here to try and get the cc
7872s but he's zooming sneak is out of there
7874s he's so fast on that kiara gonna jump
7877s over the wall
7878s trying to find a reset on an animal but
7880s does not quite get there any time
7881s generally kira not gonna be fast but
7883s taking those acceleration gates uh from
7885s the rooms and speeding on out of there
7887s with it but he's gonna have to heal back
7888s up which means that it allows passant
7891s lorello and crew to kind of come back
7893s here and maybe find an engagement before
7894s he can come back
7896s good zone from allure low while they
7897s look for the cat passant has a queen
7900s looking for a stun on a viper piper gets
7903s over the wall able to escape for now a
7905s lot of damage coming through nina going
7906s to be the victim of that one but oh oh
7908s sorry let's get away for a second
7912s yeah they actually popped the ultimate
7914s making sure that nina can't die but
7915s won't have it for any you know fight in
7918s the near future
7919s 1v1 sneaky it's happening again oh no
7924s goes down
7925s it's a trade
7927s yeah they get the one for one
7929s floor low just has had sneaky's number
7932s all day so far
7934s seems like it oh dark gen x goes and
7936s takes a ton of damage goes down but did
7938s he do enough passant how's the queen
7940s prepped after the checkmate
7942s damage
7943s big damage and he's able to pick up one
7945s takes down cheapy
7948s the viper resting up
7950s a nice slow there oh sneaky going on in
7952s has the ultimate popped oh it does not
7955s connect the roof though lower low great
7956s kiting
7958s yeah it doesn't quite get there passant
7960s trying to run away from viper viper
7961s should be able to pick up lorelo
7963s there it is
7965s they're trying to re-extend their lead
7968s yeah back to six felt like this comeback
7970s was imminent but they've started to turn
7972s it around
7974s still close though just a five
7976s life point game
7978s probably the closest game we've had so
7979s far back very back and forth you
7982s wouldn't want to get cut
7984s all right we'll see if they can regroup
7985s right now plop is split on the top side
7988s the rest of the team on the bottom side
7989s lord lord just spawns in
7992s starting to run over we might have a
7993s fight here passang getting chased away
7994s he doesn't have any stacks ready for the
7996s queen there's the almonds from lower low
7997s looks like he finds the fear on a sneaky
7999s sneak is gonna go down first he's the
8000s first victim of the fight and now dark
8001s gen x trying to stay alive and shapey
8004s just getting blasted as this is looking
8006s like it's gonna be a four for nothing
8007s the checkmate from bazant can he get any
8009s stuns on the viper lorilo goes forward
8012s lordlow finds the damage that's another
8014s kill and that's a four for nothing where
8016s it's a two-point game as all the beacons
8018s are going to get picked up
8020s there we go such nice kiting and
8023s re-engage happening right they are able
8026s to eliminate sneaky on the side he has
8029s not been able to find a good angle to
8031s approach any of these fights it's now a
8033s triple cap lorlow up to seven kills in
8037s this game might be going for the record
8040s oh i know i've been keeping track but
8041s this has to get close to that right now
8044s that has been a lot so far
8047s looking
8049s at the posturing once more
8051s frankie is gonna be a big key for this
8053s team he's doing so much damage right now
8055s yeah it's just a matter of staying alive
8057s to get that damage out
8060s basant this is who we have to watch
8062s every time at the start of the fight oh
8064s they're going to see those three pawns
8065s he's got a queen he can look for the
8066s stun they run right past nikki to get in
8068s the back line but the one off does not
8070s do enough and lower low once again
8072s trying to one see one stick he can sneak
8074s he finally win it he does he gets the
8076s 1v1 and now sheepy in a 1v3 but he's got
8078s full hp he's trying to fight that oh
8080s lordlow ends up taking it down on the
8082s revive
8083s oh
8084s [Music]
8085s he will not let sneaky have the better
8087s of him he will not
8089s uh uh not gonna let that one happen she
8091s be the only one alive right now is gonna
8093s actually go aggressively forward but
8094s can't do enough he's not gonna have
8095s enough hp to work with no
8098s 13 to six now this comeback it hasn't
8102s been by much but these two past fights
8105s have been so so dominant
8108s still controlling all of the beacons no
8110s one turning their attention over to
8111s gamma it just doesn't seem worth it
8113s right now but just another minute or so
8116s and if this keeps pace
8118s it should be a victory here oh they
8120s found sneaky again lorello good patience
8123s snapping back there was a big engage
8125s from pasop and they didn't have the
8126s follow-up dark and x just taking a viper
8129s just kills viper out of nowhere and
8131s that's huge now the root lands onto
8133s frankie doodle he's looking like he's
8134s gonna fall down they are so fast right
8136s now running in trying to get all the
8139s damage down there's just one left
8141s they're gonna get it in 15 seconds if
8142s they don't find another kill anyway yeah
8145s the beacon takes away
8147s they're not gonna they can't get in
8149s it's gonna be a wrap
8151s here just got it three seconds left
8153s fluff just gonna land one more ultimate
8155s for good measure they don't even need it
8157s that's gonna be the comeback after a
8159s rough start but they big dominant late
8161s game
8162s all those engages they pop the move
8164s speed they're able to run all past the
8166s kiara and just pick up the damage
8168s lorello and plop take the win and once
8170s again we get a 1-1 between these teams
8172s oh
8173s boy that was that was an exciting game
8175s right it was the closest one that we've
8177s seen in terms of the early and the mid
8180s game but really popped off when poisson
8184s and dark gen x were able to find their
8185s stride on their you know notable test
8188s subjects they're the ones that they're
8189s famous for and pull up doing a great job
8192s on the nasa pawn like you said you
8193s wanted to see him on it again did
8195s fantastic but laurel on the hedge in a
8198s real standout for me in that game
8201s probably if we were picking mvps of
8202s games finds larlo for that one oh yeah
8205s absolutely i think he was really popping
8207s off and again just he's been dominating
8209s sneaky in the 1v1 it's been happening
8212s he's been an absolute terror on the side
8213s we thought it was like oh no he's just
8215s he had the melee bruiser into the ranged
8216s character we've seen this one in many
8218s different uh similar you know brawlers
8220s and mobas but you know no even on the
8222s range matchups he's taking it down but
8224s let's go ahead and take a look at some
8225s of these key moments from the game
8226s chrome break it down for me there you go
8229s it's going to be a nice engage i
8230s actually think this is the early game
8231s one but a turnaround from passant kites
8234s back out make sure he doesn't go down
8235s while plup secures the kill just a very
8238s very nice micro in and out knowing the
8241s limits right this is something that the
8242s eternal return pro players are obviously
8244s going to be so so good at but even
8247s finding their strides for the creators
8249s as well
8250s sneaky
8252s tried to get some back capping going on
8254s i actually had a little bit of what was
8255s looking like the turn potential but
8258s passant was there for the assistance
8260s actually able to live and escape on that
8261s one strangely enough kind of crazy
8264s then big team fights of course so much
8267s damage coming through
8269s a big turn on this one as well the
8271s checkmate with all of those pawns
8274s and castles kind of prepped there it's
8276s just way way too overwhelming
8279s yeah just just on constantly being so
8282s clean on that adele and we got the
8283s little 1v1 on the bottom side of this
8285s play as well
8286s he finally he finally you know it thinks
8288s he's got him and at the end you know it
8290s doesn't matter lordlo gets out of there
8292s turns around picks up that kill yeah
8294s he's just not going to let sneaky get
8295s the better of him
8299s it just always happens like somehow we
8300s just see sneaky and lordly just in one
8302s view once every single time but
8304s it unfortunately did not go the way of
8307s sneaky this time around sheepy not able
8310s to do enough here it's just a matter of
8312s time that beacon control is so important
8314s not only does it give you those points
8315s but also gives kind of passive stats for
8317s the team as a whole nothing too crazy
8320s but still
8321s it's going to be enough
8323s there's that last couple of seconds
8326s there plop landed a nice ultimate there
8328s just to make sure they couldn't get
8329s anywhere near the beacon to recap it
8331s look and that's what we've been talking
8332s about the adela as well has just been so
8335s aggressive especially these late game
8337s fights is where we see it purely shine
8339s just sets up all those kills for his
8341s team and the follow-up was there from
8343s plop and lorelo to just knock them down
8345s in every single one of these fights and
8347s you know i'd love to see this out of the
8349s rounds right we're looking at the
8350s results here and you can see that every
8351s single time that there has been the team
8353s shuffles we get a one to one keeping the
8356s money close for all these charities back
8358s and forth and back and forth it might be
8360s a trend we are starting to see here but
8363s it's it's real nice right we get to see
8364s some dominance some money earned for a
8366s lot of different charities right it's
8367s great to see
8369s it has been awesome orlo and plop able
8372s to grab that win and we're actually
8373s going to grab them for a quick interview
8375s and chat with these two lorelo plop
8378s congrats on picking up another round win
8381s here uh lorelo i just want to i look i
8383s saw you take a sip i'll give a second
8384s but i i saw you uh being able to just
8387s take down sneaky time and time again it
8389s has been consistent throughout the day
8391s that you've been just finding sneaky and
8393s soloing him do you have like a vendetta
8395s against sneaky what's going on
8397s he's always split but at the same time i
8399s actually didn't know how i was living in
8400s the game because i've only played like
8401s 10 hours of the game so far and there's
8403s apparently a passive that like when i'm
8405s low hp keeps blinking me out so i'm like
8407s well i guess i'm winning by accident
8408s like i got one hp every time i blink out
8410s and then i just autumn twice he must
8411s have been so mad i thought it was part
8413s of my like actual character kits passive
8415s at first but then i asked that passani
8417s told me i'm like oh okay
8420s yeah the new game mode coming in hot
8423s plop you had some dominance on
8424s anatheplane at that game as well i think
8426s it's your second time playing it how are
8427s you liking the knife pawn it seems like
8429s you're very comfortable on it dude he
8431s seems pretty good in this mode i'm not
8432s gonna lie the stasis did did anybody
8434s catch my stasis when i stayed just like
8435s two people and we just give you one or
8437s two dude
8438s that's so good right that seems so good
8441s yeah i don't know if i get this
8442s character we win that's that's
8446s well when the team shuffle up lorelo you
8448s know if there's an athaphon trying to
8450s keep it away from fluff you know you got
8452s that going for you at least but of
8453s course we are playing for charity and i
8455s want to give you know some time for you
8456s guys to talk about your charities so
8457s we'll start with lorello then go to plup
8459s but uh laura what charity are you
8460s playing for and why did you pick that
8462s charity
8463s yeah i just wanna mainly just for
8465s ukraine i think the the war happening
8467s right now in the world like i think it's
8469s just spreading awareness to that and
8471s giving any money i can through this
8473s event is something i'm just looking
8474s forward to do so
8476s yeah i think it's a
8478s pretty rough time in the world so
8480s i think it was like a main reason for me
8482s to do something like this so yeah i'm
8483s really grateful for the opportunity to
8484s be able to help where i can yeah
8487s gratefully for you spreading a little
8488s love getting some money for a charity in
8490s flop i know you've got a charity you're
8492s playing for as well so i'd love for you
8493s to share with everybody uh who you're
8494s playing for and why
8496s yeah i believe
8497s it's the best friend's animal society i
8499s just i just uh i just love animals i
8502s guess so i
8503s i really wanted to i think it's
8505s it's to help
8507s promote adoption and i guess reduce
8510s euthanasia which is i think a good cause
8513s so yeah yeah awesome yeah i love that
8515s charity i've actually volunteered best
8517s friends and they're they're so so nice
8518s such a great uh people to work with and
8520s i absolutely with you love animals uh
8522s great charities uh that we have picked
8524s uh everybody has picked some awesome
8525s ones and i'm glad that we get to do this
8526s and just play games and have fun and uh
8529s make some money for a charity so thank
8530s you guys for jumping in on the interview
8532s good luck in the last couple of rounds
8537s thank you
8538s all right cron yeah four rounds down
8541s means we're gonna have a swap coming up
8542s pretty soon but hey we called it the
8545s nathan pawn looking kind of good for
8547s pluck he's looking kind of good on like
8549s the pawn and we're gonna win i'm pretty
8551s sure that was just just decisive flat
8553s out okay
8555s i mean i believe it's seeing the
8556s gameplay there i can't help but believe
8558s it right it was it was so good
8560s look i love the confidence it has been
8562s sweet to listen to them all and i'm
8564s excited to see if we'll get even more of
8567s that later the nathapon something to
8568s look out for but that hedging for lower
8570s low that was kind of crazy anyways we've
8573s got a couple more games to go but we got
8575s to go to a short break after the break
8577s the teams are shuffling plus we've got
8579s another new skin releasing on june 13th
8581s so everybody check out everlasting
8584s blossom priya
8588s [Music]
8592s you can't hear anything if you close
8594s your heart
8603s [Music]
8608s really get started
8611s [Music]
8614s performance continues
8625s [Music]
8637s and that's a wrap
8648s [Music]
8654s [Applause]
8655s [Music]
8658s so
8666s [Music]
8682s uh
8685s [Music]
8686s [Applause]
8691s [Applause]
8692s [Music]
8696s [Applause]
8696s [Music]
8704s [Applause]
8705s [Music]
8718s welcome back everybody to the eternal
8719s return lemonade benefit series i'm
8722s casanova joined by crowin we've just got
8725s a couple more rounds to go crow and
8727s we've been raising plenty of money for
8730s charity and we can go ahead and see
8731s who's been raising the most so far after
8734s that matchup kind of evens things out oh
8738s that gets the bonus for the most amount
8740s of kills in that last one but piper's
8742s still holding that little bit of a lead
8744s definitely viper with just the no kills
8746s a couple times in the early game sneaky
8749s and laurel picked one up nothing quits
8751s it's time for for plup to get some
8753s because he's been you know having a lot
8754s of great action but still it's just been
8755s back and forth uh throughout the day
8757s right that's why there's at least
8759s fifteen hundred dollars for every single
8761s creator here and that's wonderful to see
8763s right like everybody getting a portion
8765s of it and still more up for grabs in the
8767s final two games cast and we're shuffling
8770s the teams again right so we're gonna see
8773s some crazy new pairings maybe some new
8774s dynamics it's gonna be a lot of fun to
8776s kind of reinvent how well they work with
8779s each other right we've seen some great
8780s 4v4s some others maybe not looking so
8783s great i think lolo maybe called out
8785s sneaky a little bit saying oh yeah stick
8787s it split all the time that's why i'm
8788s taking these 1v1s gets the better of
8790s them so maybe during a new team dynamic
8792s we'll get that figured out lorella with
8794s the kindest way of saying this guy's
8796s kind of griefing
8798s the kindest way possible so let's take a
8800s look at the final uh split ups between
8803s these teams we've uh paired them up now
8805s it's viper and plup so this is the last
8807s uh duo they haven't played together yet
8809s they're gonna be played together for the
8811s last two games frankie doodle and dark
8814s gen x joining them so we gotta watch out
8815s for those sylvia and the barbara for
8817s those two and on the other side sneaky
8819s and lorlo so lorlo can stop bullying
8821s sneaky on the sides
8823s they can play together this time
8825s yeah i don't really think about that
8826s they're like oh yeah basically the
8828s kindest way of saying sneaky's free but
8830s gonna be playing with them so hopefully
8831s not so free but then who's nick gonna
8834s find to 1v1 same with lorello they gotta
8835s find their targets somewhere who's it
8837s gonna be i don't know
8839s look i've seen lorelo and viper 1v1 on
8842s the rift plenty of times i'd love to see
8843s them find some 1v1s on the sides of
8846s these fights as well i think that would
8847s be a hype to watch for sure but it is
8850s fun this team dynamic is pretty great
8852s because there's been like a little
8854s rivalry in the tournament of sneaky
8856s lorelow of them fighting each other all
8858s the time this was a passant and sheepy
8860s who kind of you know had the call out
8862s going in like she'd be really wanting to
8864s beat bassant and now he's gotta join him
8866s it's the enemies to friends arc going on
8869s here yeah it was actually right after
8871s the tournament happened at uh in dallas
8874s it was like
8875s sheepy you could tell
8877s had passant in his head just like rent
8879s free for like days like it was just it
8881s was it was bad but you know getting a
8883s little bit of revenge here sometimes
8885s today it's not been super dominant one
8886s way or the other though and with teams
8888s all shaking up you know they're gonna be
8889s playing with each other uh this game as
8891s well sheepin passant so we get a little
8895s bit of everything viper on the rossi
8898s this time another backliner lorlo as
8900s well they've found their backlash
8901s carries it's actually sneaky who's on
8903s melees again they've just fully swapped
8905s their their traditional roles right now
8907s yeah maybe sneaky just kind of liking
8908s the kiara because we actually saw that
8910s pick in the actual like first
8913s game that we had that we had to remake
8915s because of some connection issues and
8917s then he's picked it twice more since
8918s then so i think maybe that's just a
8919s comfort someone that he's liked in
8921s playing the game uh so far
8924s but also we got a glove character for
8926s sheepy finally i feel like we haven't
8927s even seen them on a glove that is true i
8930s don't think so so this is a treat we
8931s don't get deal with santa della or dark
8933s gen x barbara but we do get someone on
8936s their big comfort zone get a chance to
8939s look at the builds
8940s not the best build for sneaky if he
8943s wants to just go full like auto attack
8945s focus there's a couple of just tank your
8946s items in there that don't go super well
8948s with it but that is still gonna be fine
8950s of course again you can re-roll those
8953s items up to six times later on into the
8956s game once you go back to base get taken
8958s down you can buy some augments to power
8960s up your test subject or re-roll of those
8964s items
8965s gonna be just farming out at the
8967s beginning then going for beacon control
8969s same every single time but how this
8972s early 2v2 is gonna go
8974s is sneaking to be able to land a good
8976s route atlanta good engage because rio
8978s and lorelo or looks so good in the hedge
8980s last game probably can do very similar
8982s stuff with rio this time around as well
8984s yeah you might like it even more but
8985s we've got to fight immediately on the
8987s bottom side
8989s and sheepy getting the better of this
8991s one forcing dark genetics but coup de
8993s gras is going to get it they get there
8995s they get the double kill
8997s yeah it looks like another fight on the
8998s top side here sneaky gonna grab the hill
9001s the heel trying to get away
9003s the range though is kind of in the favor
9005s of frankie and plup and the showstopper
9008s flop gonna be able to step out of it to
9009s try and get the damage
9011s gonna get there takes down low though
9013s so some fights going uh each team's way
9016s on just either side of it
9019s going to be sneaky surviving for now
9022s just kind of dancing with pleb oh that's
9023s a solid auto attack
9025s is going to the empowered one it does so
9027s much damage
9028s yeah i know dark genetics and viper
9030s though it engages on it by sheepy yeah
9032s there goes sheepy with that nicki going
9034s to get a lot of damage down there's the
9036s taunt where's the follow-up from viper
9037s he's trying to pump out all the damage
9039s but that is just so much tankiness so
9041s much pressure from sheepy facade double
9044s bruisers just kind of getting the best
9046s of this 2v2 croissant being on uh
9050s uq right now having three kills and
9052s sheepy of course the glove characters
9053s that makes sense that the 2v2 is going
9055s their way frankie going super low
9060s really good throw skill from plop there
9063s to stop lorla from getting that damage
9065s down on to frankie doodle turning that
9067s around and now sneaky might die for it
9069s it was a bit too far forward as we reach
9071s phase two or low gets the heel maybe can
9074s turn with this one
9076s should be able to
9077s show stopper once again
9080s gonna just try and run away now lordlow
9082s yeah good just not gonna be able to
9083s quite get that kill as sheepy shows up
9085s to try and play enforcer
9086s phase two omega is here we still have
9089s four games down we have not seen omega
9091s or gamma taken oh wait a minute this
9094s build okay that was the uh argy
9097s legendary bow
9099s super super good oh nice catch my club
9102s yeah plup finds a pull in on the passant
9104s but ian sheepy are just playing that
9106s front line really well right now lorelo
9108s trying to step up get some damage in
9110s tries to get enough onto dark gen x
9112s might be able to find that there's the
9113s first kill frankie noodle getting popped
9114s up by sheepy wow lurla with the charge
9117s up the follow-up really great timing
9118s from those two pairing up for a big kill
9121s there they get one more on the way out
9123s taking down viper when you pair up those
9126s rivals right sheepy and passant and then
9128s sneaky and larlo larlow
9130s they working pretty good together
9132s as well it turns out so nice to see that
9135s is only a two kill lead at the moment
9138s her two points lead but actually going
9139s for a mega oh are they gonna secure it
9143s oh is that stolen wait oh no they didn't
9145s get stolen it was close though
9146s almost grabs that taunt lands on a
9148s passant once again though sheepy just in
9150s there wreaking havoc that's a good dodge
9152s from plup on a coup de gras doesn't
9154s connect on anyone but now he's got no
9156s bubble to get away from sheepy
9159s oh sneaky was kiara has found mithra
9161s armor emerald tablet for the accessory
9164s gonna be able to get some nice damage
9165s out there if you stick to a target but
9167s they're just kind of found camping right
9168s now sheepy being a absolute bully
9172s sheep he's going crazy right now looks
9174s like might go over the wall
9176s gonna go down more low being able to put
9178s all all the damage orlo is just free to
9180s fight i think lorello is in his absolute
9182s happy place he's like i just want to
9183s play an 80 carry and now he's got three
9186s front liners just running in front of
9188s him creating a wall while he just
9190s follows up flicking away putting out all
9192s the damage and rios right to be safe as
9194s well has a lot of dashes on low cooldown
9196s soon if anybody does get to him can just
9198s you know self-peel
9199s oh
9200s they are just
9202s pushing them into the they cannot even
9204s leave they can't escape their base
9206s they're gonna try and speed run the
9208s fastest game of the tournament so far if
9210s they can just keep them here and it's
9212s just tough to turn it around like how do
9214s you even come back from this
9216s well gonna have to maybe not spawn on
9218s the top side try a spot on bottom get
9220s some you know back capping of these
9221s beacons going on and make sure you get
9224s everyone together as four because these
9227s are mostly four v three fights happening
9229s get one pick and the rest of them are
9230s running forward that makes something
9232s happen but they can't might be doing it
9233s again actually okay dark gen x is here
9236s it is a 44 can make it happen and she'd
9238s be just immediately they they don't give
9240s them time to set up just in instantly
9243s there goes viper there goes moore the
9245s showstopper gonna stop us from being any
9247s more kills but it doesn't matter they
9249s picked up one and then nothing else is
9250s happening from there
9252s she'd be finally on a glove and it's
9254s just an absolute menace oh actually
9256s really pull back there can they actually
9258s take them down the guard oh they finally
9261s get sheepy so one kill traded back but
9263s yeah still in the favor of team sneaky
9267s and lolo that does give time for sheepy
9269s to get some more items though so i'm
9270s actually a little scared theoretically
9272s with all these deaths happening for team
9275s uh viper and plup
9277s they should be able to get strong great
9279s they can get these augments together all
9280s but dashing forward though gets the kill
9283s onto viper plop with a nice
9284s backpack one more auto that's not enough
9288s not quite an elvis ultimate though
9290s actually i'd hold it this whole time
9292s that should do it maybe oh
9297s maybe
9299s ah just looking for the poke back and
9300s forth sneaky onto dark gen x on the
9302s bottom side but this is just a 2v2 this
9304s is an opportunity to maybe find a kill
9307s but sneaky's so fast on this kiara
9311s getting out of there
9313s the turnaround coming through for sheepy
9316s the knock up can they give the takedown
9318s on to dark gen x
9320s very tanky neither of them have a ton of
9322s damage but they're still able to do it
9324s and now viper just gonna have to try and
9326s kite but not gonna be able to get away
9328s this is a 20 point gap might indeed be
9331s our fastest game of the night casa
9335s always these peacemakers coming out
9338s resetting the fight
9341s yeah it was just three yeah we just hit
9344s phase three and there's only 13 points
9347s left on the blue side here they're just
9349s trying their best sneaky root on the
9352s plop he might just get plucked himself
9354s he does
9355s takes him down
9357s and now there's just to chase down onto
9359s dark gen x there's no damage to
9361s follow-up viper trying to do their best
9363s rozzy just can't get through this meat
9365s shield of three tanks
9368s really get anything done
9370s definitely
9371s down to nine light points viper will go
9373s down gets back into the base uh does
9376s passant whiff on the coup de gras that's
9379s fine more of his own included all right
9380s just stay in your base let the beacons
9382s do our job for us
9388s eight more
9389s points to go they've got all the beacons
9392s absolutely speedrunning this one creepy
9395s there's the engage show stopper to slow
9397s it down but viper on the side and lord
9399s oh lordly gets stepped into this
9401s showstopper viper not able to get over
9403s the wall though he's stuck
9405s sheepy gonna take him out now they're
9408s just still diving in
9410s goes down with a grab one more oh sheepy
9413s oh
9414s finally a turnaround frankie doodle on
9416s the heart trying to get more
9419s i'm trying
9421s 3 to 32
9423s yes
9430s it's a great game for a warm-up right
9432s look it's you have to get your warm-up
9434s in some time right the rest of the game
9435s is everyone you know going going really
9437s hard now you're just warming up for the
9439s last game you're just getting ready for
9441s that one
9442s you know hey
9443s you play six games the fifth one doesn't
9445s count everybody knows that exactly
9446s that's you know the rule that i'm sure
9448s we've all heard of before
9450s the classic motto right
9460s [Music]
9464s wow that was a great round ready for us
9466s to jump into round five now um
9470s yeah this really long break we just had
9471s there i'm sure we're gonna get a nice
9472s round five here soon
9474s oh jeez sneaky and laurel how are you
9477s gonna do it to him
9478s this is what happens when rivals paired
9481s together actually
9483s this is it's the most anime game we've
9484s had look they they they've channeled all
9487s of their rival energy right all of this
9489s you know hatred being like oh i'm gonna
9491s beat you and be like wait we can't beat
9492s each other try to chill children all
9493s together to beat the enemy team i guess
9496s that's what happens there right like i'm
9498s gonna beat them harder than you're gonna
9500s beat them and then they are just both
9502s being very very very like
9505s yeah having something
9507s competing for top kills maybe i think
9509s the kills are pretty evenly spread i
9510s didn't even get a chance to see who got
9512s the top kills there at the end but was
9514s it 32 was the number that they ended on
9517s it was
9519s 32 points it went so quick krone why
9521s don't you just break down the entire
9522s match again here in this replay package
9524s yeah i'm sure we could do it and they
9526s got a lot of kills they got more kills
9527s and it's over all right nice breakdown
9530s of that game no but it was just some
9532s moments from almost start to finish
9533s right the early game was a little bit
9535s close uh i think the standout for the uh
9538s you know losing team there i think would
9540s be plup plup had some really nice
9541s miscella play had some key uh pulls with
9544s the sasela ball um that actually did
9546s result in a couple of kills
9548s good play but it just wasn't enough
9550s overall however
9551s dart gen x on the 11 didn't really have
9554s that many opportunities for engages it
9555s seemed like they were often times uh
9557s split or
9559s somebody dies and they don't really have
9561s the time to go forward after that
9565s it just wasn't really enough you taught
9567s the three meat shields in front and then
9570s they don't die in time and then you're
9572s stuck there with all of them
9574s it's it's a it's earlier the whole time
9576s you're getting just absolutely shredded
9578s by rio and i think uh rozzy ends up
9580s being a really tough pick in this
9582s matchup because she's relatively short
9583s range you heard sneaky talk about it in
9584s the interview
9585s she's very short range and you're going
9587s up against you know yuki chiara and and
9590s uh nikki who all have that kind of
9592s mid-range engage and in order for rozzy
9595s to deal any damage she's standing in
9597s range of all of these engagers it's so
9600s tough to play that character
9601s it just turns out you know the execution
9603s from you know sheepy passant lorello and
9606s sneaky uh to follow that up has just
9607s been you know they were yeah absolutely
9610s nailing it on the engages the follow-up
9611s coming through and they pick up a big
9613s win but the trend has been whoever wins
9616s the first round ends up losing in the
9617s next one so we'll see if we see a big
9619s comeback in round six that's true it has
9621s literally been back and forth and then
9622s back and forth again
9624s sneaky laurel will get the dub this time
9626s but is it going to be viper and plop for
9629s the next one it very well could be with
9632s a new draft maybe getting back on their
9635s comforts but the triple melee
9637s that one's pretty dominant i wonder if
9639s we're gonna start seeing more trending
9641s towards you know melee test subjects
9642s because i think overall we've seen more
9644s range than anything else for the first
9645s you know four games
9647s yeah and i mean i don't know if they had
9649s you know maybe some better range damage
9650s dealers uh that matched up into those
9653s kind of mid-range engages would it have
9655s looked differently because you know
9656s heart and uh rosie are both a little bit
9658s shorter range so might have been the
9660s difference but also the melees looked
9661s good when you kind of paired together
9663s for those big engages those big dives as
9665s long as they've got that one damage
9667s dealer in the back line but you know
9668s that was so quick we got to get
9669s everything reset for the final round
9672s we're gonna go to a short break but then
9673s we have the final round of the eternal
9675s return lemonade benefits series don't go
9678s anywhere you're not gonna want to miss
9679s this
9686s [Music]
9710s so
9711s [Music]
9724s so
9731s [Music]
9753s so
9769s [Music]
9813s welcome back to the eternal return
9815s lemonade benefits series i'm casanova
9817s joined by crowin we've just got that one
9820s round left to go to try and farm some
9823s more money for these charities it's been
9826s a lot of fun so our throne i mean what
9829s have you thought of all these matches so
9831s far before we get into this last one
9833s didn't have too much time to think about
9834s that last one though it was just so
9835s indomitable but
9837s it was good though it was actually i
9839s think we can see how dominant you know
9841s some people can be when they're in their
9843s comfort zones right when you get your
9845s stride going it's a little hard to maybe
9848s you know come back and project
9850s or cobalt protocol um but i think there
9852s are a lot of opportunities right that
9854s maybe they didn't quite go for they
9856s didn't take time to reset it was really
9859s it was just team sneaky lobo who kind of
9861s pounced on that and really punished at
9863s every single turn and it was just so
9865s well done yeah and let's see how that
9866s affected the prizing and who got that
9868s little bonus for the most amount of
9870s kills in that match looks like lorello
9873s grabbed the most kills and so he just
9875s kind of edges out a little bit above
9877s sneaky in the total amount of prizing
9880s that he's won so far very close though
9882s across the board and everybody has
9884s already won a great amount of money for
9886s their charities and we still have
9888s another round left for them to try and
9889s secure a little bit more
9892s definitely that's i mean over 2.5 k
9896s right now for lolo sneaky just behind
9899s and still a game with over 1500 still
9902s left to go
9903s yeah and we've actually got sneaky and
9905s lorelo our two leaders right here with
9908s us for a quick little chat they actually
9910s just won that last game together as well
9912s and they got one more to get it done in
9915s this last one you know i guess we have
9916s the uh the the enemies the rivals to
9919s friends are going on here lorelo now you
9922s and sneaky are together and the most
9923s dominant game we've seen so far how you
9925s feeling after that one you're gonna do
9926s it again in the game six if we get a
9929s ranged character honestly
9930s the the times i didn't get a ranged
9932s character i ran it down when i'm on like
9933s a range character i've been looking
9934s pretty okay so like that real character
9937s is so crazy like her range is on that
9939s mode i'm just like autoing three screens
9940s away the whole time it's kind of
9942s obnoxious so yeah i'm hoping for the
9944s best
9945s yeah definitely i mean there's friends
9946s to rivals arc i mean sneaky
9949s who have you enjoyed maybe playing the
9951s most with on your team or maybe if you
9952s want to go the other way who have you
9954s you enjoyed playing against the most
9955s does anyone kind of stand out to you in
9956s that regard
9958s ah
9959s i don't know i hasn't been too much of a
9963s difference because a lot of it's like
9964s you know learning my own
9966s yeah
9967s my own champ and then you know learning
9969s how to play against the other ones
9970s because i guess trying to play against
9972s the adela girl right the chess lady yeah
9975s i'm just watching for her like queen pop
9977s now because i'm like every time i got
9979s hit by the queen i just die
9981s yeah that's like full focus gotta be
9982s aware of when the queen's prepped when
9984s that stun could come out it's yeah it's
9985s a lot i feel you
9986s all right well right now lorlo is
9988s leading in the money sneaky if you do
9990s get the most kills in this game and you
9992s guys win you can catch up to him do you
9994s think you're gonna be able to get more
9995s kills than lorelei in this one oh
9997s maybe
10001s there we go
10002s i love to hear it i love the little
10003s bands back and forth good luck in the
10005s final match of the day we've already
10007s raised so much money for charity it's
10008s been awesome having you all so thanks
10009s for coming on for the chat
10011s yep thank you
10013s all right crone we got this last game to
10015s go we gotta leave it a little little
10017s bass but yeah we'll see i like it
10019s who's gonna be able to grab more kills
10021s in this next one if they're able to pick
10023s up the victory however because every
10025s time whoever's won that first one has
10028s lost on the second round in each of
10030s these kind of pairings that we've had so
10032s if history repeats itself
10034s they're not even winning this next one i
10036s think we've seen a lot of patterns
10037s happen just in labs before it's like
10039s okay it goes to this team and then that
10041s team and back to this team and it might
10043s happen again
10044s um ooh okay
10047s we get to see some maybe new test
10048s subjects for the first time that we've
10050s been seeing at least on the broadcast
10051s with the linux potentially for sneaky
10055s does have an interesting element of a
10058s whip skill i think that in a team mode
10059s to get a nice pick with that is going to
10062s be potentially huge lorello on the hedge
10065s and once again however oh pissanto
10068s camilo vanilla oh i like camilla i think
10070s camilla is really cool um adella is
10073s being kept
10074s uh currently club has it there is a
10076s nathan pawn available i wonder if that
10077s will go to plup or if pop's just gonna
10079s be playing some adelie
10081s yeah viper's viper's going to take
10083s somebody at the fawn here he did mention
10085s earlier on uh in one of the first
10087s interviews we had that nathan was
10088s someone that he liked playing so yeah i
10090s think maybe it was you know plop also
10092s may be comfortable on adela to keep it
10094s out of poisson's hands and passant
10096s instead he's going to lock in that
10097s camillo we are going to get to see all
10099s that mobility i'm sure all the league of
10101s legends players are going to be getting
10102s run down by cabello and being like what
10105s is happening why does he not stop
10106s dashing at me how many dashes does this
10108s character have what is going on
10116s it's gonna be quite the interesting
10117s dynamic to see that one but plop on the
10119s adela i mean
10121s obviously when you get to see a player
10123s as fantastic as possanto nadella um it's
10126s kind of like okay let's try to do even a
10128s fraction of that but plup has gotten a
10130s first-hand taste at what adele can do
10132s see if he can repeat any of that success
10135s as we get into the item draft and in to
10138s phase one
10140s where they're gonna be farming but who's
10141s going to come out on top of these early
10143s game scraps of swarlow and sheepy on the
10147s screen right now lulu on the hedge and
10148s was fantastic earlier and it's on a
10150s really good build the twin bow and these
10152s crit items triple crit and rockers
10154s jacket music box to round it out
10157s i think larlo's gonna be a huge factor
10159s in this game yet again
10160s yeah nice early game items and he can
10161s just kind of reroll a weapon until he
10163s gets the legendary as well if you'd like
10165s oh good spot the flank from dark gen x
10168s doesn't connect on the root there's the
10169s omens the fear is not going to land it
10171s they're so close to the escape it's
10173s really just a bad spot in a fight dark
10174s genetics might go on the sheep the
10176s bubble's still up there's the bait and
10178s dark gen x you can't fall for you're in
10180s er pro dark gen x you can't fall for
10182s that one
10184s got a little greedy there passang
10185s getting greedy going back in but against
10187s the kill is actually surviving camilla
10189s everywhere
10191s oh
10194s he stays alive they get two kills
10197s poisson
10198s how are you gonna doom like that 37 to
10201s 40 right now no kills came through so
10204s far for plup and friends lorelo trying
10208s to oh get back to the base get a heal
10211s not able to though so plump and dark
10212s genetics do claim one kill just go over
10214s to dark gen x however
10217s looking for sasela or at least just that
10220s beacon cap as we have just 35 seconds
10223s left for phase one now last game
10226s was i believe our first omega take but
10228s we see our first gamma take this game to
10231s close it on out i'm gonna say no
10234s like looking at these comps as well and
10236s i don't think like either is
10238s particularly wanting to just take the
10240s gamma i mean maybe the auto attack hedge
10242s in auto attack heart like that setup
10244s yeah they can burn it down really quick
10245s later on but yeah i'm not sure
10249s tracks went down
10251s one kill for everybody
10253s for
10255s getting very aggressive and just going
10257s down the chainsaw coming out from
10259s frankie doodle just gonna really see
10261s that's the thing with camilo sometimes
10263s you're just like dancing around looking
10264s pretty looking cool and someone just
10266s right clicks you the entire time
10269s you just die and that's what we saw
10270s there
10271s gets that one sneaky gonna get away
10273s though wow viper tried to set it up
10275s right got the nice ultimate the stasis
10278s and then got the uh the pull back with
10279s the w but
10281s i don't want to get the kill tricky too
10283s does not have chainsaw massacre quite
10284s yet i don't believe so might want to
10286s kite on out of here
10289s cheapy kills plop off screen there but
10291s looks like he might go down again but
10292s once again living with just barely any
10294s hp and frankie doodle cannot pick that
10296s up hassan knowing the limits of this
10298s camillo quite well continuing to find
10301s kills on low hp
10303s definitely
10304s oh just a duo on this i i like this a
10307s lot actually
10308s uh oh pass on able to find the other one
10310s opposite such good work on this camilo
10312s just not fearing anybody just continuing
10316s to go in knowing the limits of this
10319s character you know lurlo on the artimus
10321s bow already as well we rolled it four
10323s times to try to get one but did manage
10326s to to grab it
10328s this is the boy i believe laura was on
10330s last time was outputting just so so much
10332s yeah and i mean the the rest of the
10334s build you already mentioned at the start
10335s was so good already but you do finally
10338s find a pick onto passant now lorello and
10340s trouble frankie doodle on the jacket
10342s this is the first time we've seen jackie
10343s really like have any life in this game
10346s in the tournament so far and frankie
10347s killed putting on a show triple kill
10350s wow really is kind of setting the pace
10352s for this team here i mean a lot of kills
10354s for both sides but there is a kind of a
10355s beacon cap difference it was a kind of a
10358s triple cap going on for a long time
10360s there and again every 45 seconds these
10362s beacons are going to be given points or
10364s assuming deduct points from the enemy
10366s team
10367s omega gave a lot of credits to buy some
10371s nice augment power-ups and to re-roll
10373s the gear
10374s lola was rolling bows again it seemed
10376s like but yeah you already have probably
10378s the best bow you can want
10380s so no more opportunities for that one
10381s but maybe the opportunity to kill viper
10382s the charm the flank from sneaky
10385s able to set that up and chiefy grabs
10387s that kill and now it's just dark gen x
10388s in trouble gonna get melted down
10392s lower low trying to kite frankie to
10393s frankie though
10394s playing really well so far gets the leap
10396s in gets the kill can you take out sheepy
10398s as well great perry wow the girl in a
10400s bubble not able to find more there as
10403s plup is going to be taken out by sneaky
10405s on the top side of that fight
10408s trying to go frankie is so fast right
10410s now he's got a pretty good build he's
10411s got the auto arms he's got some more
10412s just steals the healing yep putting
10415s sheepy on an unsafe part of the map but
10417s now he's between a rock and a hard place
10419s there's passant coming through and you
10421s can't run away from a camilla once
10423s they're on you especially not after you
10424s already used your jump oh that's a nice
10427s charm on to the kiara dark gen x goes
10430s down another one they're just cleaning
10432s house here rocking as four this is the
10434s dominance that we saw in the last game
10435s just four man death balling everywhere
10438s they go only having one melee here with
10440s assange it's not even a tank but still
10442s just the raw damage output seems to be
10444s too much for plop viper and friends to
10447s deal with
10448s yeah camilo kind of can act as a tank in
10450s certain you know he's got some good
10452s damage
10453s right yeah he has damage reduction he
10454s goes in now he just kind of buys space
10457s now if he ever gets locked down
10459s uh he's gonna disappear but he does have
10462s some ways to buy space to create can we
10464s create room for his backliners and
10466s that's what we're gonna see pissant do
10467s right he's just jumping forward trying
10469s to buy space this time he gets taken out
10471s very quickly and it looks like plop on
10473s that adela gonna try and find one on the
10475s back side of that one and for now it's
10476s two for one as frankie pops the chainsaw
10478s trying to chase down onto lorla uh oh
10480s lorelow that's not getting you out of
10482s there one more hit and frankie dual
10484s grabs another it's so hard running away
10486s because you want to be able to escape
10488s with a jump pad but it takes a couple
10489s seconds to fully channel it so it gave
10491s time for
10493s frankie to just hop on with him and take
10495s him out right afterwards just a 10-point
10497s deficit not the end of the world we've
10498s seen central comebacks start to happen
10500s before so it is still a possibility
10504s that's not going in
10505s episode trying to find a little bit of
10507s an engage ooh that combo is sick with
10509s the item to pull them all in off of his
10511s ultimate
10513s good use of the active and they're able
10514s to pick up dark gen x and passant lives
10516s this is what i'm talking about with the
10518s mobility even though he's not a full
10520s true tank he can still find ways to
10522s create that space but that is gonna be
10525s the checkmate as the showstopper comes
10527s in for sneaky to grab one it isn't gonna
10530s be bassant as the first to fall sneaky
10532s goes down as well frankie doodle gonna
10534s walk away oh
10536s nice i still are low
10538s just gonna be that nine point lead but
10540s some of these are gonna tick down
10542s as we see all of the caps are currently
10545s for the blue side so they are getting a
10547s little bit of ketchup as they just take
10549s three points from these
10550s yeah a little bit catch up it's just an
10552s eight point lead right now it is phase
10554s three so gamma is available hasn't been
10557s priority yet and like you said earlier
10558s probably isn't going to be but frankie
10560s doodle jumping on it with chancellor
10561s massacre
10562s yeah goes in there's the perry there's
10565s the fear attempt from lordloid mr land
10567s one more doesn't get a jump pad does
10568s send frankie over the wall he's 1v1 with
10570s passant now should be able to take out
10572s basant if that continues as lorelo
10575s hiding away sheepy trying to zone out
10577s there's the girl in the bubble gonna
10578s stay alive lord low is completely out of
10581s the fight now as passant is gonna get
10583s taken down finally no he doesn't but
10587s i keep saying it i just shouldn't
10589s believe he's never gonna die every time
10591s it's like oh it looks like he might go
10592s down and he does not sneaky trying to
10595s get a catch here on to frankie doodle
10596s just kind of setting it up with the
10598s peacemaker pregnant jumps away sneaky
10601s the heart is so good at chasing yes
10602s sneaky gets the kill it was gonna be a
10605s bit of a battle to see you know who's
10606s gonna be getting the most is it going to
10608s be sneaky or lower low and sneaky has
10610s six right now it looks like
10612s yeah six to four sneaky said hey he's
10615s gonna he's gonna get it he said we'll
10616s see lorelai said something like good
10618s luck with that and uh yeah
10620s but not able to
10622s so far
10624s seems like uh sneaky is the leader can
10627s try and tie up the money for charity if
10629s they win this round and he keeps that
10630s kill leave yep
10632s there's only 11 more kills or beacon
10635s points to go over
10637s assange going into what he does best
10641s yeah he's just making a lot of space for
10643s his team they pick up dark gen x
10644s bassanja's staying alive he just won't
10646s go down and it's causing a lot of
10648s frustration but sneaky just gets
10649s absolutely deleted by frankie doodle and
10652s he will fall to lorello uh lorelai you
10654s know sent the paypal over be like hey
10656s kill sneaky for me so i can get some
10658s kills here and catches up to sneaky wow
10660s yeah it's six apiece right now maybe
10662s gonna get another one no viper gets back
10665s into the safety of the base
10668s well both actually creators have more
10670s kills than the er pros but the chibi
10672s have five a piece sneaky and little have
10674s six
10675s frank you don't like jackie though but
10677s pick up a lot there's the fear lorella
10679s going in gets the root on a viper the
10680s nathan pawn gonna fall down lower low
10682s gonna grab that with the omens combo's
10684s looking clean look like those
10686s electricity out here look at this
10688s i know the second best hedge in north
10690s america oh no he's gonna hate you so
10693s much
10695s making it look easy however just five
10698s more kills to go
10700s can dark genetics find anything gonna
10703s pull up find anything on the adela for
10705s the engages frankie dude lost nine kills
10706s he's been soloing members but he can't
10708s one before
10711s all right looking for that root dart gen
10713s x is charmed up might go down but a
10715s great combo from plop girl in the bubble
10717s still up though for sheep and he's able
10719s to get away and passages won't die he
10722s won't go down there's finally there's a
10724s nathan puddle to try and set it up and
10725s he does eventually fall and now viper
10728s just trying to take a couple pictures
10730s and it might not be enough is lower low
10734s doesn't quite get the kill frankie
10736s doodle's gonna turn it around picks up
10737s one more and it might just be a tick
10739s down of the beacons to close it because
10742s mid it's down to eight seconds you gotta
10744s run for it viper going for another kill
10747s on the sheep he doesn't get it but then
10748s three
10749s two
10750s one they can't do it but wait did your
10753s not next
10754s time
10756s doesn't get it round six
10758s goes over to sneaky and lower low once
10761s again
10762s that was way closer than any business
10765s being there
10766s if they were able to win that fight get
10769s all the beacon caps i mean they would
10770s have to never die from there on out
10772s which would have been so so difficult
10773s but at least we got a hype way to end
10776s off and it was
10777s the pattern breaking casanova sneaky and
10781s lorelo
10782s those teams did pick up the win yet
10785s again a pair of courses sheepy and
10787s passant right there with them but it was
10789s kind of the lorello and sneaky show they
10791s got so many kills a piece during that
10793s game you could really see the
10794s progression from game one until now they
10796s really found their stride and looked uh
10799s just as strong as some of the other pro
10801s players i'm gonna say yeah they were
10803s playing awesome i feel like lulu really
10804s found his groove on those bows the rio
10806s the hedges i think he was really really
10808s liking those um and you know we saw it
10810s in that last game even getting a very
10812s aggressive with jumping in and we've got
10815s some of those highlights here crowing if
10816s you want to talk me through some of the
10818s big plays that we saw throughout this
10819s game yeah definitely oh sheepy with the
10822s girl in the bubble bathing dark genetics
10824s you said it dark genetics shouldn't get
10826s baited by that for that
10828s but he did
10829s see that from sheepy would she be known
10831s for obviously for the glove characters
10832s oh going down there
10834s she feels the glove characters but still
10835s able to make it work on zazella as well
10837s warlow picking up a couple of kills
10839s there
10840s just give lorlo an artemis for that
10842s legendary bow and just you know watch
10845s him at work absolutely beautiful frankie
10847s goodall though was a
10848s kind of a big terror on this jackie
10850s however haven't seen jackie have that
10852s much dominance in cobalt protocol as you
10855s mentioned earlier able to find a lot of
10857s nice 1v1s chasing people down
10859s but passant on camilo as well cass it
10862s was an absolute treat to watch that
10864s fancy footwork in action yeah i mean i
10866s think for frankie doodle on at this
10868s jackie it makes sense that it's frankie
10870s who's able to find these angles because
10871s i i even called it out when he played
10873s the the silvia it's like that's what we
10875s wanted the jackies to be able to do and
10876s they haven't been able to make it work
10877s and we saw him do with sylvia we saw him
10879s do it again
10881s it's a frankie diff frankie's so good on
10883s those characters that just look for
10885s those side angles find uh you know those
10887s ways in onto the back line and
10890s really just a great performance from him
10891s all the er pros came to play and really
10893s put on a show as well which was awesome
10895s to see but finally the combo breaker is
10897s sneaky and lower low picking up both
10899s round five and six
10901s back to back
10903s such a fantastic day of games and where
10907s we earned a lot of money
10910s lord oh god i'm 3 500
10914s sneaky just behind but everyone still
10916s earned a lot of money for their
10918s charities of choice cash yeah i mean
10920s it's awesome to see right it's just so
10921s much money going to charity lorlo
10923s getting that 3 500 for united help
10925s ukraine is the biggest number that we
10927s get to send out but
10929s all of this money going to these
10931s different charities all of these money
10932s these charities are gonna get some of
10935s the money and all the players came in
10937s and had such great performances right
10938s everybody was able to take a couple of
10940s rounds have some pop-off plays um you
10942s know plot may be at the bottom of 1500
10944s but it felt like he had a lot of really
10945s fantastic moments throughout the entire
10947s tournament and was really close to
10949s picking up even more of that definitely
10950s i mean plop i think was just like a kill
10952s or two away from getting the bonus prize
10953s in a couple of times there had some
10955s really nice nathapon plays of course
10957s viper on and just pretty much a lot of
10959s range characters kind of similar to
10960s lorelai they filled the same world they
10962s came in there as top laners you know
10963s being like okay
10966s so you know it's just crazy how that
10968s happened and then sneaky was kind of the
10970s opposite there but still fantastic stuff
10972s everyone walking away with some money
10973s for their charities we got to see
10976s a really nice display of cobalt protocol
10979s this game mode is fast it's fun it's
10983s cobalt protocol
10984s we got to see a wonderful showcase of it
10986s here today look it's awesome and if you
10988s at home have been watching the whole
10990s time and you're you're wondering like i
10992s want to play cobalt protocol that looks
10994s sweet how could i possibly do that it
10995s must cost a lot of money to get in there
10997s and play that well well let me tell you
11000s let me tell you eternal return and
11003s cobalt protocol is one of the game modes
11005s are free on steam there are other modes
11008s as well you can play duos squads or
11010s solos on the main map which will have
11012s more of the looting and stuff but if you
11013s just want to brawl get in there for some
11015s cobalt protocol and we're going to have
11017s a lot of fun as in fact internal return
11019s is free on steam krone and i are going
11021s to go play right now so thank you all so
11023s much for watching uh shout outs to the
11025s crew that's it for me you everyone else
11027s thank you all for tuning in we'll see
11029s you next time
11037s [Music]
11079s [Music]
11095s you