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hello Lumia Island survivors!
Today’s Dev Journal will cover the changes to Wild Animals on Lumia Island.

Hunting Wild Animals is one of the most utilized parts of playing Eternal Return.

Although it’s not as exciting or intense as battling with other test subjects, we wanted to beef it up to make it even better as players spend a lot more time hunting compared to PvP.

(Note: All example images are still in development and are subject to change.)

We’ve added a small pattern for Wild Animals, which will make them slightly more rhythmical.

Let’s start with Bats. Bats are a way for the organizers of the experiment to keep an eye on all test subjects. This is why you’re able to get cameras when you slay them.

Now, as soon as you slay a bat, an Eye of the Beholder will be installed where its carcus is. Eye of the Beholder is a special camera that cannot be destroyed by attacks but that disappears after a short period of time.

Before, the use of cameras was a bit limited. Now, with the Eye of the Beholder, it can become a key point of vision for players. It also gives meaning to where bats are killed, as well as the timing involved with pulling or luring them to specific spots. For example, killing a bat in or next to a bush won’t be of much help!

Boar charging is one of the most loved gimmicks of our Wild Animals. It’s fun to work around and very useful when it comes to blocking paths or moving, but it can be annoying or difficult to deal with in early game.

Boars are now becoming stronger! However, if a boar's charge fails, they become stunned immediately and their defense is lowered for a short period. So avoid the charge and focus on attacking at the right moment—even the slower test subjects will find it easier to hunt boars this way!

Because boars are larger, you can now get more meat from them. If you don’t have enough food, hunt a boar and bring the meat to the new campfires for a tasty snack!

On the other hand, Wild Dogs don’t take as long to hunt as boars because they aren’t as durable. Still, their attacks are sharp and they can take a lot of damage. However, the difficulty of Wild Dogs greatly varies from test subject to test subject, so with their Bite Skill, this difference will get smaller. When Wild Dogs use their Bite Skill, they get faster, can quickly chase down ranged test subjects, and give additional damage and healing reduction effects. Even characters with good Omnisyphon will find these encounters difficult.

Chickens can also move faster now. The increase in speed for Wild Dogs and Chickens was made to help you get leather faster, even when you slay them from afar.

The Wolf’s Howl has changed to a new skill. If another wolf is killed, they recover some HP and their attack speed becomes faster, increasing their Ferocity. This means it’s more advantageous for wolves to attack in a group rather than one at a time.

The pattern of Wild Animals when hunting gives off a slight sense of rhythm that adds flavor to the game. It’s pretty easy to memorize if you hunt a few times. It won’t be a huge problem if you don’t learn it, but it will be effective to your gameplay to at least recognize it. Once you get used to it, we bet you’ll follow the rhythm without even realizing it!

This new system means that there will be many more herds of Wild Animals around Lumia Island. While Wild Animals don’t give special materials like Tree of Life or Meteorite, they are a great subobjective to gain Credits and experience. This will offer more of a choice between hunting and finding objects, which is a dilemma players often face as they traverse through Lumia.

However, once you attack one animal, you’re now in combat mode with the rest of the herd. You’ll now have to be more careful with the Wolf’s increased Ferocity and the Wild Dog’s Bite Skill. Of course, you’ll also need to be cautious around Boars and Bears who still use threatening CCs. If you battle near a herd, a new kind of battle may unfold in an animal-rich environment which was hard to find on Lumia before!

Although not as common as Wild Animals, the pattern of objects you want to get will also become more varied comparatively.

Tree of Life and Meteorite will now have a two-stage collection. Even if you have to cancel in the middle of collecting them, if the first stage is already complete, you’ll start collecting again from there.

The overall collection time will increase slightly, so you’ll need to capitalize on the space around the object for a longer period of time. However, the stages are shorter than before, which means that it will be easier to respond to interruptions when collecting.

Additionally, System Overload applied to Alpha, Omega, and Wickeline has been improved. Before, whenever you dealt damage every few seconds, System Overload dealt additional damage and slowed them. Now, when System Overload is triggered, they will take additional damage, become stunned, and their defense disappears. So during this short period of time, there is a “burst timing” that deals a huge amount of damage.

However, the huge explosion when System Overload is set off pushes other test subjects in the vicinity away. This could be a strong variable in your strategy if enemies are lurking! The forewarning effect will vary between burst timing and explosion effects, so make sure you’re keeping an eye on it!

Wickeline now has a new skill called “Toxic Explosion”. The closest test subjects to her will become toxic and slowed. When the toxin explodes, it deals heavy damage to nearby test subjects, which will spread the toxic contagion. You’ll need to pay close attention when you’re on a team or when you’re in the vicinty of someone fighting Wickeline.

All images for Wild Animals and objects are a currently work in progress, so improvements to direction and UI are still in development. If these new patterns fit well with the Wild Animals, we think it’ll add a dash of memorable fun to the game, which will increase control and tactical enjoyment.

Additionally, you’ll naturally grab objects and get to know the process as it goes along. You will also be able to check where Alpha, Omega, and Wickeline will spawn on the Minimap!

Until now, your only clue to where they would spawn was the area. Now you’ll be able to see in advance where they’ll spawn!

More information about this will be released in update “Operator Nadja”.

So far, we’ve covered changes to Lumia Island, campfires & food, and Wild Animals. Next Dev Journal, we’ll start covering one of the most important changes that we’re sure you’re all waiting for—characters!

Stay tuned for “Characters - 1st Update” coming soon.

Thank you!

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