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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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0.42.0c will be an maintenance-free hotfix and will only affect games that begin after Monday, October 4th 23:00 (PT).
A update is required for the hotfix, so please restart steam to receive it.

Skin Noblewoman Sissela will be available for purchase.

  • Camilo is now playable in Ranked.
  • HP 730 -> 700
  • Olé (Passive) Cooldown 18/16/14s -> 20/18/16s
  • Base Attack Power 29 -> 25
  • Cannonball(W) Cooldown 18/17/16/15/14s -> 16s
  • Go Get 'Em Wilson!(Q) Skill Range 8.5m -> 7.75m
    (Note: In update 0.15.2, Sissela's Go Get 'Em Wilson! (Q) cast range was noted as 8m. During a code rework we changed the calculations to exclude Wilson's model. The cast range was changed to 8.5m to maintain the original range. To put it simply, her base range is noted longer but it is still a nerf)
  • Amethyst Flow(E) No longer affected by cooldown reduction.
  • Checkmate(R) Cooldown 85/75/65s -> 105/85/65s
  • Double Bypass(Q) Cooldown 21/20/19/18/17s -> 16s
Weapon and Armor
  • Guitar(Weapon) Basic Attack Range 3.85 -> 3.65
  • Diadem Attack Power 15 -> 10
  • Steel Knee Pads Defense 20 -> 15

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