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2s foreign
8s and welcome back to lumiapedia where we
11s learn about the newest test subjects
13s joining us on Lumi Island today we'll be
15s meeting Vanya
22s the Butterflies from vanya's fantasy
24s guide her to Victory harming enemies
26s while defending her at the same time
27s lavanya utilizes both sustained damage
29s over time and shields
32s the butterflies will show me the way
35s 's playstyle is centered around
36s constantly activating her passive for
38s Shields to control damage taken while
40s closing in on her Target using her High
42s Mobility
50s let's first talk about vania's skills
53s vanya's kit involves her Q Guiding Light
55s W butterfly Embrace e yearning and her
59s ultimate is sand dust by combining her
62s passive and Q bunny can create shields
64s for durability while W and E Grant her
66s Mobility
67s vanya's passive is dream of a butterfly
70s her first pass of his fantasy were her
72s basic attacks deal extra damage every
74s few seconds the second part of her
76s passive is dream of a butterfly lavanya
78s applies a stack on her enemies every
80s time she hits a skill when Vanya applies
82s four Stacks a butterfly emerges dealing
85s damage over time and granting Vanya a
87s shield
92s vanya's Q is Guiding Light Vanya sends
96s out a guiding butterfly that deals
97s damage to enemies the butterfly then
99s returns to Vanya gailing damage again on
101s its return
103s catching a butterfly on its way back
104s reduces the skills cooldown and Grant's
106s Vanya a dream of a butterfly Shield
108s lavanya gets many benefits for
110s retrieving the butterfly we highly
112s suggest Pilots keep track of the
113s returning butterfly while fighting for
115s better results
119s butterfly Embrace is vanya's W lavanya
122s takes flight dealing damage around her
124s and getting a movement speed bonus that
125s decays over time
131s recasting W allows Vanya to cast The
133s Butterfly Effect lavanya flies up higher
136s in place making herself untargetable for
138s one second Wanya then knocks enemies up
140s and Deals damage on the way down casting
143s the butterfly effect increases the
144s cooldown on her w
146s vanya's butterfly Embrace is great for
148s vanu when fighting up close not only
151s does she do damage over time but the
152s skill is also a great way for Bonnie to
154s gain Shields from her passive
155s experienced players can also use the
157s movement speed to dodge dangerous enemy
159s abilities
160s the butterfly effect can be used to
162s dodge enemy attacks when in a pinch but
164s players should be cautious with the
165s cooldown penalty that comes with the
166s butterfly effect with the skeleton
168s cooldown Fanny loses a lot of doing
170s potential
178s vanya's Eve is yearning lavanya flies
181s toward her selected Direction while
182s becoming Unstoppable Vanya damages
184s enemies in her path and Deals bonus
186s damage to enemies in the outer range of
188s the skill enemies hit by the outer
189s Ranger also slowed the outer range has
192s bonus effects but hitting the tip while
194s casting the skill max range makes the
196s skill avoidable for the enemies we
198s recommend being careful when using the
199s skill aggressively
205s wanya's ultimate is sand dust by
207s spreading the sand dust Vanya deals
209s damage to enemies and puts her enemies
211s into a drowsy State drowsing enemies are
213s slowed and eventually fall asleep
215s enemies are woken up when hit
222s sleeping is a new crowd control
223s introduced to the game along with Vanya
225s enemies cannot move or attack for the
227s duration but are awakened right after
229s being hit vania's butterfly Embrace is
231s an exception and does not wake up
233s enemies
234s wanya's ultimate hits enemies in a wide
236s range and spreads sand dust in the
239s pre-indicated area after delay even
241s after Vanya moves after casting sand
243s dust is fired from the first placement
245s of the animation once you get your
246s enemies to fall asleep you can ensure
248s your combo hits
250s Vania bases her play style on the
251s mobility from her skills as well as the
253s shield that allows her to keep her HP
255s high while whittling down her enemies
256s outside her ultimate and slow on
258s yearning Bonnie does not have any other
260s crowd control focus on using your
262s Mobility to avoid important enemy skills
264s and constantly keep your shirt up to
266s press the attack against the enemy
268s foreign
277s is relying on cycling skills to
280s constantly strike enemies to fill stacks
281s for her passive he made sure to include
283s cooldown reduction on our build we
285s wanted to be sure we could finish our
286s plan fast to farm animals to level our
288s passive and skills ASAP
291s we chose the hermit for the weapon the
293s weapon is easy to Route while having hex
295s to force enemies to stay in combat as
297s well as deal continuous damage
300s for the chess piece covert agent uniform
302s the stats one by one aren't the most
304s amazing but gives Vania a lot of the
306s stats she wants including cooldown
308s reduction and skill amp
311s we picked motorcycle helmet for the head
313s we believe this skill amp headpiece is
315s great for Banya who needs to use basic
317s attacks for their enhanced basic attack
318s damage Wanya can also cycle basic
321s attacks while keeping distance against
322s the enemies using the attack speed it
324s offers
325s drop mirror will be our arm piece drop
328s mirror is an all-around great piece with
329s skill amp and defense we have cooldown
331s reduction from our other gear so going
333s with the Reliant drop mirror was our
334s choice
336s we went with tachyon braces for our legs
338s tachyon braces comes with a high amount
340s of cooldown reduction making it our
342s go-to pick for Vanya
344s and finally Veritas Lux Maya is our
347s accessory this accessory not only has
349s the stats we want the item also has an
351s active that heals Vanya over time we
354s also recommend carrying around a
355s Schrodinger's Box in case you ever need
357s healing reduction against enemies
360s vampiric bloodline was our choice as the
362s main augment the augment complements
364s vanya's playstyle of winning sustained
366s fights to whittle down enemies while
368s healing Factor can complement vanya's
370s Shields she does not utilize the attack
371s power well therefore we went with
373s vampiric bloodline for the bonus skill
375s amp for our sub augments we went with
378s stopping power for bonus damage and
379s quenched to help with farming wild
381s animals we went with assembly for the
383s shield when using ultimate and Penny
385s Pincher to push early advantages
388s the plan we will be using is a four
390s zoner between chapel Temple hospital and
393s pond
395s the first zone is Chapel we need two
397s Saints relics in the build so we chose
399s Chapel first we are planning to use milk
401s for food so feel free to eat all the
403s bread in your starting inventory do not
405s pick up a box here we can get that again
407s at pond
416s the second zone is Temple Temple is
418s often the starting zone for a lot of
420s characters if you feel like the loot
421s distribution has already been looted we
423s advise moving to a different
424s distribution to find your items you can
426s also look at the map at the start of the
428s game to see where players spawned in
429s Temple to see where players have likely
431s looted
434s our third zone is Hospital make sure to
437s craft all your items fast to farm the
438s wolves that spawn in the zone we
440s recommend farming the Wolves close to a
442s hyperloop first then walking towards the
444s pond bridge and farming the wolves on
445s the way
452s foreign
491s foreign
497s you can finish your items here and get
499s ready to fight over the Bears if needed
501s once you finish eliminating the Bears
503s you're good to go
522s whether you're a new player or a veteran
523s player we hope you enjoyed meeting our
525s 64th test subject Vanya this was
528s circadia once again for lumiapedia
530s signing off until next time