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1s [Applause]
2s foreign
6s [Music]
8s welcome back to lumiapedia where we
11s learn about the newest test subjects
12s today we'll be looking at Tazia
22s potassium's individual skills are not
24s the most powerful a full combo can bring
26s devastating results for the enemies
38s and skill stiletto leave glass shots on
41s the ground which empowers their other
42s abilities while tazio is a character
44s with a high skill floor positive rewards
46s successful execution with an even higher
48s return
51s foreign
55s [Music]
58s combos are centered around glass shards
60s from our cute and passive stiletto and
63s polizzia gain additional effects after
65s collecting glass shards combo and Q with
67s Fiasco and pradiso amplifies tazia's
70s potential
71s let's start with tazia's passive
73s collecting a glass shot gives a stack up
75s to maximum of 4 Stacks which gives Tazia
78s a glass sword and Max stacks
82s enhances tazia's next basic attack to
84s enhance skill damage and generates a
86s glass Shard when hitting an enemy
88s hazier's Q spota relies on class shots
91s to make glass swords this is important
93s to keep in mind while doing combos when
95s playing Tazia use glass shards to rotate
97s your abilities efficiently
99s tells you shoots a glass blade towards
101s the enemy dealing skill damage and
103s generating a flash Shard how's your
105s automatically generates a classic blade
107s charge up to a maximum of 4 stacks of
109s glass blades but Tazia has a glass sword
111s prepared for a cube become spotter
115s she launches the glass floor dealing
117s skill damage while pushing them back and
118s generating glass shots hit and at the
121s splash as well
124s stiletto has a short cooldown and Tazia
127s can hold up to four Stacks being precise
129s with your aim is important as you rely
131s on hitting your target to generate a
133s glass Shard which also then leads to
135s forming a class forward the range is not
137s the longest for the ability with extra
138s difficulties with a short free delay
140s during the cast that allows enemies to
142s play around tazia's combo so make sure
144s you're careful
148s SW is Fiasco creates an unstable glass
152s barrier at a chosen location if an enemy
154s collides with the barrier the glass
156s breaks dealing damage and stunning dub
158s after the glass barrier breaks glass
160s shards are created at each end
164s [Music]
165s giveaway for Target to Anchor her
167s targets which helps her skill shot face
169s combo there's a bit of pre-delay with
171s the animation for the wall so using the
173s wall as a chain with other abilities
174s such as spada or other crowd controls
176s for teammates is advised when using
179s Fiasco and the wall most efficiently
180s Tasia players should aim to utilize the
183s stun and glass shot to generate from the
185s wall to enhance and nature their combo
186s cycle tazius e is pulitzia quickly moved
190s to a specified point and Shadow the
192s surrounding class shards glass blade is
194s recovered to the number of destroyed
196s class shards if a glass Shard is
198s shattered tazio swings the glass blade
200s at arrival tells you against shield and
203s Deals skill damage to enemies enemy's
205s movement speed is also slowed damage
207s amount and shield amount increase for
209s every shot of glass shards
212s Valencia is Target's Mobility skill
214s Valencia has a short delay allowing
217s Tazia Pilots to use the Ability
218s instantly to dodge skills or quickly
220s chain abilities how's it shatters glass
223s shards around the ability Landing
224s location
224s [Music]
229s s ultimate is Paradiso she creates a
232s large sword shattering All Glass shards
234s within range so those enemies wooden
236s rings as well enemies directly hit by
239s this skill take skill damage and are
241s slowed if glass bleeds or class forward
243s is used and the large sword is destroyed
245s enemies and range take skill damage
247s damage increases proportionally for
249s every shadow glass shards
251s foreign
254s is fairly small but the Direct Hit adds
257s damage and the slaughter combo so make
260s sure to hit the target with the center
262s producer also shatters All Glass shards
264s around the skill area adding bonus
266s damage Tesla can also explode the logs
269s for it with a Q and additional area
270s damage
272s exploding the large sword once it's
274s fully formed the last Tasia to continue
276s cycling the combo after as well
280s halsey's goal is to keep enemies in her
282s effective range to create as many glass
284s shards to prepare her combo once the
286s settings are right pazia can quickly
288s shatter the glass shards to burst out of
290s targets a combo chain and the high level
292s of control required to executor combo
294s makes Tazia skill floor and ceiling both
297s really high we hope players can have fun
299s experiencing and finding their own
301s Combos and play style with Tazia
302s [Music]
305s now let's talk a bit more about our safe
307s plans Tazia offers a high damage output
310s with the combos kaziers kit requires her
313s to stay in action to create glass shards
315s but taking some help and defense of
317s Tazia is a good decision skill map is
319s also a must in order to make sure her
321s cobble's pack punch we'll get into more
323s details once we get a game for the
325s weapon we went with a desert dagger
327s which offers heel reduction having
329s healing reduction lets players have more
331s freedom with other items in other slots
333s especially when it comes to accessories
334s for characters that rely on skill app
336s room and motorcycle helmet for the head
339s hazier's passive requires Tazia to use
341s basic attacks skill lamp attack speed
344s and health are all great on Tazia so we
346s went with motorcycle helmet
348s a choice for the chest is Cardinal robes
351s the armor has been buffed recently for
353s skill lamp the Rope also offers SP regen
355s additional HP and defense these are all
358s great options for Tazia so we believe
360s that Cardinal robes is one of the many
362s good options for blazio
364s we picked up near for the arm drop near
367s is always a great option for skill lamp
369s builds offering good skill lamp and
371s defense
373s straitjacket sneakers for the leg now
375s that cloth can be found at top the
377s sneakers are easy to Route if you miss a
379s cloth on the route feel free to pick up
380s a scrap metal to make sure you can get
382s glacial crampons instead foreign
391s who has to be in the heart of the fight
393s due to a range to create glass shards
395s overall We Believe Uchiha is a great
397s pick
398s here are our choices for our Outlets we
401s picked vampiric bloodline as the main
403s Outlet tazio's combo requires a setup
406s beforehand naturally allowing Tazia to
408s build stacks for the empiric Tazia also
411s used the skill lab and omnisiphon well
413s stopping power and punch are always
415s great options as one helps damage the
418s other allows for an easier time farming
420s we also went for support secondary with
423s Thor shackles and Daya for more damage
426s and extra Vision range at night
428s the plant is a three zoner of Doc chapel
431s and pond
433s we start at dock feel free to eat your
435s bread at the get-go as we'll be making
437s healing potions and cowboy for our
439s consumables make sure to pick up the
441s glass bottles in unfortunate situations
443s where others also start talk and getting
446s three cloth is not feasible grab a scrap
448s metal to craft glacial crampons over
450s straight jacket sneakers Chapel is our
452s second Zone make sure to grab a stone to
455s build motorcycle helmet we can finish
457s cutting your leg and chest here as well
459s which helps you maintain SP try to get
462s leather here as well as getting leather
464s a pond can be really rough
467s foreign
481s [Applause]
483s [Music]
493s you can finish all your equipment as
495s well as consumables in the zone as the
497s planet is fast you can prepare for tree
500s of life or meteorites as well if you
502s want you can even make double
503s Guillotines if you prepared some rusty
505s swords from dark which can increase your
507s chance of successfully getting these
508s objectives
511s foreign
514s [Music]
524s [Music]
545s we hope you enjoy her fancy abilities as
547s much as we did we'll see you next time
549s for our 61st test subject era