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1798s all right ladies and gentlemen and
1801s Welcome to our very first season eight
1804s Lumia Marathon finish good old North
1808s America here I am of course circadia
1810s joined today by my man himself suvi
1813s Senpai shuvi welcome back to North
1815s America we've been road tripping in
1817s Korea for a while but we are back here
1819s in our home how are you feeling brother
1821s feeling pretty good man I mean we've had
1823s so much eternal return during season
1826s eight and we are back this time around
1827s with the season finals I have been
1829s waiting for this ever since we ever got
1832s announced to both you and I because we
1833s know a little bit longer than most of
1835s the players did for the most part but
1836s ever since we got the news that this was
1838s going to be happening in North America
1840s EU and sa I've been waiting for this day
1843s and it is finally here yeah it has been
1845s a long time coming we hope you guys are
1848s excited for it today as well but we have
1851s a lot to go over shuvi and I think today
1854s we're going to be starting out with
1856s talking about our scoring system and of
1859s course just our general event overview
1860s if you guys do not know it is a five
1862s round format today for squads with the
1865s total prize full being a whopping 1200
1868s dollars coming home to all of our lovely
1872s participants with of course our point
1874s system down there at the bottom it is
1876s going to be 32 for first second uh we'll
1879s get 16 points so on and so forth with
1881s four points for kills and of course four
1883s uh negative four points for death from
1885s anything that is not another player and
1888s I am just looking so forward to today
1890s and you know speaking of today's
1891s shooting we have to introduce our
1893s players as well would you like to take
1894s us through who we're going to be seeing
1895s on Lumia Island today oh yeah these
1897s people have been working so hard
1899s throughout the past couple of months
1900s here to get to the season finals here
1903s today guys all of you guys in the chat
1904s give it up for a team no flame played by
1907s Superior Frankie doodle and enot team
1910s oozing e girls represented by Lily pedal
1912s nikoniko Sushi and uzma team Riz
1914s represented by passant Esther and meek
1917s Speedy hi Empire represented here by
1920s Candlestick mactel and tris ikuyo please
1923s with sakamata Desi dekiru as well as
1925s drowning kittens and a gaposaurus as our
1927s last team rounding out our six teams
1929s here tonight with Deus mesroy as well as
1932s gallozer an incredible lineup that we
1934s have here today an incredible season
1936s that these play people have played so
1938s far all they have to do is just five
1940s more games that they have to work on
1942s yeah it has been so long now that we've
1944s watched these players come in to do
1947s their thing I've been looking forward to
1949s it for so long I know me and you both
1951s have we've been casting tournaments
1952s we've been watching them we've been
1954s going over them we've been doing so much
1956s going into this and we are already into
1959s our picks for this Lobby shuvi it's
1963s looking like we're seeing a lot of what
1964s we kind of expected from these players
1966s of course if you guys don't know these
1969s are just some of their best characters
1971s of course look at no flame picking their
1973s usual sua Sylvia and of course Fiora
1977s from Anon and just shoot what else is
1980s content is anything really standing out
1981s to you in this Lobby right now or you
1983s know what what do you got your eye on
1984s nothing at all I mean the only thing
1986s right now that I personally have my eyes
1988s on is the fact that we have two irms
1990s actually coming through One's Gonna Be
1991s On nikoniko Sushi and the other is going
1993s to be on dezu this character has gotten
1996s a lot of changes in recent times and in
1998s my opinion very solid character when it
2000s comes to team mode she has a lot of
2001s damage a lot of sustain for herself as
2003s well we can see Sentinel being built on
2005s both of our irms here 100 makes sense
2008s you want to be that front line crowd
2010s controlling source and allowing your
2011s teammates to do all the damage so those
2014s two irms are going to be the ones that
2015s I'm going to be looking at the most here
2016s but other than that I mean this is your
2018s standard North American Lobby there's
2020s nothing we can say about that wow
2021s honestly not too much I am actually
2024s excited to see a sentinel cecila I don't
2026s know if I've ever seen that personally
2028s maybe Deus played it in the past and I'm
2030s just kind of blanking on it right now
2031s probably that's the case but I'm looking
2033s forward to that as well I know me and
2035s you apologies we've been watching Korea
2037s here for a long long at time now so
2039s we're kind of used to that but man does
2041s it feel good to be back home and good
2044s o-n-a I'm ready for it we are loaded
2047s into our first lobby of the day and
2050s let's see what everybody's gonna be
2052s doing I am curious as far as what
2055s everybody's doing for routes planning uh
2057s maybe there's been some switch-ups uh
2059s the big thing uh that I think of off the
2062s top of my head is no flame uh usually
2064s does like to go for that first Temple
2066s Tree but of course you know they usually
2067s built that for totem uh but now actually
2070s totem is made out of a mithril SUV
2073s instead of that tree of life and how do
2074s you feel about that change it's
2076s definitely something in my opinion that
2077s completely balances the utilization of
2080s totem it was just such a good item I
2082s mean we all know how good stasis is in
2084s general especially in a game like this
2085s with teams that are actually coordinated
2087s we've seen people just completely
2088s stomping other teams just with the totem
2091s single-handed where you focus so much on
2093s that one source and then they just go
2094s into stasis you can't hit them for a few
2096s seconds and then most likely you're
2097s going to die team no flame has been one
2099s of our best Representatives when it
2101s comes to making use of that item in the
2102s early stages of the game they will not
2104s be able to do that in the early phases
2106s on Fourth from here but they still have
2108s other options to go for we have a ton
2110s more objectives coming out especially at
2112s the introduction of season eight a lot
2114s of different ways for you to get it four
2115s objectives dropping at night number one
2117s we have six total teams which means
2119s there's a pretty good chance you're
2121s gonna be able to go to one that doesn't
2122s have anybody on it a lot of ways for
2124s transitions here today Circ yeah I'm
2127s really wondering what a lot of these
2128s teams are going to be feeding you know
2130s in terms of uh which player uh the
2132s definite one um I can already see is of
2134s course Lily pedal on that uh adrenaline
2137s Ayah and I can already tell that is most
2139s likely an AR I don't think I even got a
2141s guess about that unless we're seeing the
2142s the fabled adrenaline sniper rifle
2145s nowadays of course
2149s yeah no of course of course of course
2151s that is uh that that's a that's a
2153s classic you know the Polaris Maverick uh
2155s Greek Factory if you remember the really
2157s old days but yeah I am excited I have
2160s not been seeing a lot of ak-12 ever
2162s since uh acne came out many many moons
2165s ago of course you know uh ak-12 I feel
2168s like really fell to the Wayside but they
2170s uh did change up AR I believe it was
2172s sometime this season so we've been
2174s seeing a little bit more diversity you
2175s know I I did see a type 95 a while ago
2178s as well so I'm kind of uh maybe we'll
2180s see one today maybe in our future but I
2182s am looking forward to this and it looks
2184s like mac Hall already trying to get on
2185s top of Frankie Frank he will be on the
2187s bike the diamond Shard gonna proc and
2189s everything but Frankie of course with
2191s that bike gonna be able to get out of
2192s there right now yeah nothing too much
2195s happening right this is pretty standard
2196s I would say nowadays MacDowell just
2198s trying to build up a couple of his items
2199s didn't have his weapon either so they
2201s didn't want to over chase that full fuel
2203s gauge for the Sylvia in the early stages
2205s on here but only 10 seconds left until
2207s we have our Knight one phase for game
2209s number one this is going to be a fun one
2211s as you know for the most part I think a
2213s lot of people are spread out through the
2215s map at the moment so no real hard focus
2217s on a couple of these objectives it is
2219s still as a matter of fact going to be in
2221s that tree of life picked up here for a
2222s team no flame although Frankie doodle
2223s once again being jumped on by a couple
2225s people here this time around it's
2226s acoustic we'll not be able to chase this
2228s any further Frankie gets off their bike
2230s but enough distance has been gained they
2232s do maintain their life as their
2234s teammates up and towards the top side of
2235s the map we'll be able to secure that
2236s tree of life for themselves yeah very
2239s great job done to them and now let's see
2242s we do have Esther over here in Chapel as
2244s well gonna be beating up with his
2245s teammates Meek speedy and poisson all on
2247s their best characters which is not
2249s surprising to me at all Esther one of my
2251s favorite lures to watch the northern
2253s American G work if you will you know of
2255s course but even G work after what we've
2257s seen this week and I don't know how many
2259s of us would be keeping up with the RM
2260s but it might be uh might be a theater or
2262s move for Esther I don't know you know
2263s what I mean we've got to bring out some
2265s of the fun team compositions here for
2267s some of our players but our big first
2269s fight happening up in towards the top
2270s side of the map alley the Magnificent
2273s ultimate of the uh of the Elena could be
2275s going down the freeze is still going
2276s through that's a beautiful big partner
2278s it's coming down from Lily pedal as well
2279s a lot of distance gained here for the
2281s side of losing egirls they will be able
2283s to at least get out with their lives or
2284s maybe they were the ones to get away
2286s with just a little bit more advantages
2287s there's a lot of Health damage was
2289s exchanged in that fight but nothing
2291s conclusive at this point it was trying
2293s to rest up for himself everyone on the
2295s side of the left all healed up and ready
2297s to go they still want to try something
2299s here but these are double layer rounds
2300s in very tight corridors very tough to
2302s fight at either one of them
2304s looks like they're going to be
2305s retreating into Avenue right now
2307s looks maybe I don't know if they want to
2310s fully commit to this fight right now of
2312s course no blank cartridge or anything
2313s drowning kittens not having their
2315s ultimate or anything that dance club
2317s being such a huge ultimate for them now
2320s it looks like we possibly might have
2321s another fight Superior trying to get a
2323s pick onto Ester goes in
2325s you put the dash not much going to come
2326s out of it right now we'll be able to
2328s walk out with that Shield the CC
2329s immunity being so great a not gun
2332s stunned up as well
2334s like everybody's gonna be poking back
2336s and forth a little bit
2337s leak sitting right around the corner
2339s waiting for somebody just to check him
2342s Superior trying to fish for anything
2343s there but it's not going to happen in
2345s school our Battle Zone will be coming up
2348s Factory as well nikonikasushi gonna be
2350s on the ground the first person
2354s oh my goodness Julie let's see are they
2356s going to be able no I don't think
2357s they're going to be able to get an Econo
2358s Sushi up for this unless actually it
2360s looks like they will uzma gonna be able
2361s to pick him up Lily pedal meanwhile
2363s trying to just actually fend off
2365s everybody huge Shield actually there
2367s poor Lily doing so much damage but
2369s unfortunately will fall down to the
2371s ground but there we go that is
2373s unfortunate there they have lost that
2375s factory Battle Zone and now croissant
2377s actually trying to be on the run but
2379s actually is about to get the ABC
2382s treatment and that is poisson's team
2384s falling down here in the school battle
2386s Zone as well oh man already these fights
2391s yeah we now have two teams left inside
2392s of the School Battle Zone at the moment
2395s team no flame as well as team equal
2397s please they're both trying to get
2398s whatever they can right now this is the
2400s only drone that is left in this area and
2402s we know how fast these nerve gauges
2403s start stacking up so these people have
2405s to start moving quickly here the gauge
2407s slowly but surely being recovered on the
2409s side of ikuyo please you should start
2410s seeing those timers start popping very
2412s soon here Superior is going to go in a
2414s lot of damage though over onto dezu they
2415s will be able to knock him down and the
2417s timers have been reset you're you're not
2419s knocked down yet there we go Superior
2421s does go down soccer body gets taken down
2422s here as well this drowning kittens
2424s actually have enough time to Outlast the
2426s duration of everybody else is the
2427s question they're trying their best right
2429s now they want to chase down that Elena
2431s as fast as possible Superior down on the
2433s ground and it is going to be enough as
2435s enot will knock down I believe it was
2437s actually Frankie who knocked down the
2438s Elena where's the top slate there and
2440s they will as a matter of fact be able to
2442s take away that Battle Zone first off and
2444s it is going to be about a lot of green
2445s that you and I were talking about last
2447s night as well for this team here yeah
2449s great job towards them the ring you know
2452s we see it a lot recently even despite
2454s the Nerfs I feel like it is still a
2456s great item for team modes especially
2457s Frankie having Sentinel it's going to be
2459s shields on Shields on Shields everywhere
2461s for these teams and we have a Mac tall
2464s cow stick and them and tris just sitting
2467s in the bush right now possibly waiting
2469s on something nothing really gonna come
2470s out of it right now but oh now it looks
2472s like drowning kids soccer Mata on the
2474s Run once more uh oh a not Superior and
2477s Frankie might be looking for a second
2479s fight a redo of what happened at school
2481s soccer Mata
2483s feeder knocking up superior but of
2486s course Superior loves these giant
2487s hallways it's like they're gonna try and
2489s kite away if you're still fishing for
2491s anything to look for a stun Nina's going
2494s awfully low as well
2495s Mina just a little bit more in him
2499s down right now for them but that means
2501s the trigger has been pulled Frankie's
2503s trying to go in no more gas for him
2505s right now they are currently they're
2506s just chasing so hard shooting my
2508s goodness yeah they really want the
2510s Sakamoto without Nina is easy fish at
2513s that point they there you go they will
2515s end up knocking that fish out of the
2516s water sock them on it down on the ground
2517s right now in archery range as people
2519s going into some of these objectives
2521s night number two this is where some of
2523s our big objective play has to come
2525s through here and it does seem like we
2526s have two teams hanging around here it is
2528s going to be team Ariz as well as team
2530s High papaya trying to contest for this
2532s Forest about uh Battle Zone but the tree
2534s of life right now the initiation does
2536s come through from MacDill knocked the
2538s ball over the place he will stay alive
2540s for now Tris is the first one down on
2542s the ground chaosic not really having an
2544s in on that fight we'll have to back away
2546s from there and that means it's going to
2547s be an easy tree of light picked up here
2548s for passant team Riz picking up a big
2551s win over in Forest yeah huge win for
2554s them that is massive Tris down for the
2557s next 20 seconds Kawasaki Max all gonna
2560s have to retreat in the cemetery honestly
2561s these teams are actually kind of spread
2563s out right now despite actually Superior
2565s and drowning Kansas team right next to
2567s each other over there in Beach Hotel
2570s she also they're going to be tping into
2572s Uptown right now it's actually man this
2575s is gonna be a spot this is just such a
2577s spicy game so far isn't it juvie it
2579s really is there hasn't been anything
2580s it's too conclusive yet right because we
2582s haven't had any full teams being
2584s eliminated yet and it is still night
2585s number two but as we start hitting the
2587s eve of you know day number three this is
2589s going to start getting a lot more tough
2590s for these teams that doesn't have that
2592s many ways in passant trying to look for
2594s an angle we will not be able to find it
2595s on Lily pedal for now eating a ton of
2597s damage I don't think that charm was what
2599s you wanted to eat there passant will get
2600s knocked down I don't know what they
2602s ended up doing with that tree of life it
2604s does seem like the glacial shoes would
2605s at least transferred over onto this team
2607s that has a couple of characters that
2609s they want to run that item the Iran of
2611s nikuniku sushi will be able to use that
2613s we did see the missile team not going to
2614s be used for anything on this team at
2616s least but additional 15 credits going
2618s over onto them might be 12 I forget
2619s something like that you know but oh no
2622s it looks like Frankie and then we're
2624s trying to go on top of galazor Davis in
2627s them right now let's see oh my goodness
2629s they just won
2630s I don't blame them right now everybody's
2633s leaving just because it is about to be
2635s day three and if galazord dies right now
2637s he's still able to come back in 30
2638s seconds that's gonna be everybody full
2640s retreating right now away and now I'm
2643s curious what's actually going to be
2644s happening over here in fourth
2648s it'd be something that we can see in the
2651s next few minutes because again as I
2652s mentioned nerve gauge is going to stack
2654s up really really fast for these teams it
2656s is going to be that drone towards the
2658s top side of force that will be the one
2660s that people have to fight over but
2661s they're spending a lot of time just
2663s walking up towards this objective right
2664s now the zoo does end up eating a lot of
2666s time but look at the gauge difference at
2668s this point between these two teams oh
2670s the Eagles have to do something and they
2672s have to do it quick gear they have a lot
2674s of zoning utilities on the side of this
2676s team right now but they have to try to
2678s find a way in otherwise they're just
2679s going to unfortunately die the time or
2680s Desi trying to do something here for
2682s himself dezu is gonna stay alive and the
2684s Elena stays alive as well look at the
2686s timer it's gonna be a lot more
2687s problematic in a couple of seconds as
2689s there we go it's starting to take down a
2691s little bit restored back up there's you
2693s trying to stay alive he will not be able
2694s to do it drowning kittens also down as
2696s well now soccer Mata is the one in a lot
2698s of trouble with the timer and it is
2700s gonna be using you girls who ends up
2701s picking up that Force Battle Zone for
2703s themselves a wonderful play that spreads
2705s out throughout the whole time and great
2707s results for them as we have a couple
2709s players falling down over in Cemetery as
2711s well two players down from team
2712s gamposaurus galazar and Davis out of
2715s game in number three from uh game number
2716s one most likely yeah and I saw a lot of
2718s transitions actually going on a no flame
2720s as well Altair out for Frankie dudo I
2722s believe I saw a tellurion there for
2724s Superior as well and there's that totem
2726s we know and love and oh no Hassan's team
2729s trying to currently recuperate right now
2732s I don't think this is the fight that
2733s they want just gonna try and leave
2736s completely Superior ain't on Frankie
2738s just gonna be sitting over there in
2740s cemeteries still as well and it looks
2742s like nothing more gonna come out of this
2743s one unfortunate that galazorn days felt
2745s like that gonna just have to leave these
2747s Royce athletes our first round of the
2749s game oh man but now actually you do have
2752s WIC in 45 seconds I believe this is
2754s going to be Cemetery of course for our
2757s lovely doctor coming up looks like Lily
2759s pedal also going to call a four score
2760s Esther calling in that tree of life ah
2764s everybody's getting their upgrades nice
2765s and done shooting before this Wick
2767s starts
2767s yeah we're at that quiet before the
2769s storm as we start heading into our next
2771s night phase of day number three and 20
2773s seconds here with weak spawning I mean I
2776s will say cemetery is like the only Zone
2778s that's available from the looks of it
2779s right now that does have the entryway
2781s for wiggling which it means you know
2783s looking at the mini map it's going to be
2785s team no flame sitting on that objective
2787s and we've seen this time and time again
2788s throughout the course of the season they
2790s have so much uptime on those objectives
2792s they're able to sit right in front of it
2794s with absolutely zero contestion seeming
2796s to be liked it in this game as well this
2798s is going to be an easy objective going
2799s over onto no flame their mid late game
2801s is going to be guaranteed at this point
2803s because they're so tanky at this point
2805s too all Thai Air on on Frankie doodle
2808s means that each individual heel is going
2809s to heal for so much on top of everything
2811s else that is going to be an amazing
2813s objective going over onto no flame
2815s congratulations to them for getting it
2816s in game number one they just need to
2818s make sure they can use it and take it
2819s all the way till the end
2821s um let's see now we possibly have a
2823s fight breaking out soccer Mata did get
2825s knocked up there by poisson's little
2826s combo
2828s so I'm currently trying to build that
2829s clean up once again while me grabs the
2832s meteorite Lily pedals team here as well
2834s I believe had a look and strong as ever
2836s new chess piece online judgment as well
2839s with the Fallen Pegasus they are looking
2841s great should be possibly looking for
2843s another Tree of Life from somewhere to
2844s be able to get that radar online but oh
2847s man this is so this is such a juicy
2849s first game these players are out here to
2853s play today guys don't forget as well
2855s this is just North America we still have
2857s Europe for tomorrow we have South
2858s America next weekend all of our Lumia
2860s marathons will be finishing it up within
2862s the just the rest of the month I'm so
2865s looking forward to this if this is what
2866s na is bringing oh man these other
2868s regions are gonna be just as good yeah
2870s game one pretty much everything is done
2872s textbook again I think that has been a
2873s pretty standard thing for you and I to
2875s see across squads or team modes in
2876s general that's a beautiful whipped skill
2878s coming from Esther drowning kittens zero
2881s chance to retaliate on that one wow
2883s goodbye to the Elena Esther setting up a
2886s beautiful baiting hook on that one and
2888s that means all of a sudden team is
2890s sitting at a beautiful Advantage down
2892s the dock right now and everyone else on
2894s the side of of Team equalize has to run
2896s away their team just completely
2898s discombobulated with that one beautiful
2900s grappling hook oh my God Esther he is on
2902s form today yeah we love to see it are
2906s Laura here and and getting those big
2909s grappling whips that's what you really
2911s want to see shuvi that was definitely a
2914s highlight right there oh man poor
2917s drowning kittens though I know how awful
2919s it can be to be on the receiving end of
2921s something like that but still the beauty
2923s of a play like that cannot go unnoticed
2925s from any of us oh man now it is day four
2929s shuvi we still have four full teams left
2932s up
2933s and I'm actually wondering what our
2935s final zone is going to be it is swinging
2937s down towards the southern side of the
2938s map do you think what do you think it's
2940s going to be any predictions one doc I
2943s want to I can get a doc final zone game
2945s number one this is gonna be the funniest
2946s situation that we get because as I
2948s mentioned earlier a lot of these teams
2950s are very good at these vertical areas
2951s where it is going to be a straight line
2953s down to try to knock some of those teams
2955s down and we saw temp zones being so
2957s important in north in uh what is Inc the
2959s Korean server it's going to be the same
2961s thing here as well it's been the same
2963s idea the entire season a lot of Zone
2965s controlling especially with traps being
2967s built by a lot of these teams here to
2968s try to get that Advantage as they move
2970s on we have to see if they are going to
2972s be able to continue to do that
2974s throughout the course of this game
2975s although maybe we might see a little bit
2977s of initiation here another one another
2979s beautiful whip skill from Esther but the
2981s charm goes through and Esther is
2982s actually the first one to follow Meek's
2984s gonna get taken down here as well
2985s passant has to completely book it and
2987s run as two of his teammates now down in
2989s the ground a beautiful whip skill pull
2991s from Esther but then the charm coming
2993s down from the IRA I'm locking down both
2995s the Yuki as well as the Laura a
2997s beautiful play coming there from
2998s nikuniku sushi yeah and it looks like we
3001s have dezu and sakamada I thought maybe
3003s they were gonna try in third party but I
3005s don't feel like they think it's worth it
3006s right now of course just trying to play
3007s for that placement but all these teams
3009s are slowly falling apart what was four
3011s full teams now is only three shooby oh
3014s no is anybody gonna check the bush
3018s no I don't think no they're not actually
3020s gonna check the bush oh no oh Sacramento
3025s and oh man they get to live for another
3027s day it looks like passant now gonna have
3029s to run we go on actually just gonna go
3032s over the wall and into Factory Oh
3035s okay little sneaky play there passant I
3039s respect it but they do have a camera in
3041s here so they will know where he is and
3043s Lily pedal's gonna be sitting right
3044s there in the bush waiting for him oh
3046s facade the corner is not where you
3048s wanted to go my friend no and that is
3051s our first full team out of game number
3054s one Shoei yep a step in the right
3056s direction for Roy as well as sakamada
3058s and Desu as they Outlast a couple of
3060s these other teams here they will get a
3062s little bit more placement points when it
3063s comes down to it but they still have a
3065s lot more work to do Roy just cosplaying
3067s the board right now standing right on
3068s top of it inside the chapel a very less
3070s populated area so you should be fine
3072s until it does go into the final Zone and
3075s we do get the satellite radar and I just
3077s go and a notice go when he wants to look
3079s for these ankle places are absolutely
3080s Chris has no hate to counter whatever
3083s just happened there everyone sitting on
3085s top of the acceptance speech they just
3086s don't care at this point macto trying
3088s his best to run away but you can see the
3090s gauge on Frankie doodle is all the way
3091s to the Max and this should be Mac towel
3093s following here a beautiful kill rotation
3095s coming from no flame this team just
3097s feels Unstoppable and their weak buff is
3099s already gone
3100s yeah that is crazy to me oh and now me
3103s is really just looking at them sitting
3106s there watching the fight and Ashley
3109s apologies but your wish has not been
3111s granted it is gonna be a chapel final
3113s Zone here for game number one today oh
3116s man let's see actually only two full
3119s teams left everybody else down on the
3122s ground Tris is actually still alive
3124s funny enough let's see if maybe is cow
3127s stick gonna be able to go for that I
3129s don't think yeah oh no chaosic is going
3130s for it yeah Tris is back up
3132s yeah you could pick up there for count
3134s stake and they really do need that Leon
3136s if they want to build a little bit more
3137s of that front line set up for themselves
3139s remember the game is not over until the
3141s end of the game screen is up and online
3143s even for team no flame right now they
3145s might have a lot of advantages going for
3146s them but if they just get caught out
3148s like this a couple of times they're
3149s gonna be in a lot of trouble for
3150s themselves too sakamada can be eating a
3152s lot of timer here Superior we'll be able
3154s to push them out so now we start going
3156s into these temp Zone phases where we
3158s have to start seeing which teams
3159s actually have all those traps that
3161s really allow them to get these leads as
3163s well as the Zone control here for now I
3165s see a couple pendulum axes being built
3166s for some of our players here a couple
3168s teams hanging around with some of these
3170s minor traps that you gotta build a lot
3172s of does it seem like the plan is in the
3175s right State of Mind for now we have Cal
3176s State starting to walk back in but they
3178s don't have anywhere else to go accepting
3179s speech down on the ground but the
3181s knock-up comes through and cow sticks
3182s can get taken down with no play that
3184s available there not enough stacks for
3186s their passive and goodbye to the Jenny
3188s as the Marines were getting chased down
3189s here as well that's a beautiful suture
3191s but at this point he uses the emerge
3192s sister do to go back in Roy's gonna get
3195s chased down by Frankie doesn't have
3196s enough fuel to at least chase him down
3198s with the bike but you can see the
3199s distance already being gained here it's
3201s not going to be enough for Roy to get
3202s away our Second full team to fall and
3204s that will be gaposaurus for game one
3206s these teams are gonna keep falling
3207s really fast Desu and sakamada versus
3210s uzma's team right here let's see no
3212s they're just gonna actually walk down
3214s here to the South Side Of Chapel there's
3215s 60 seconds though left for this
3217s temporary final Zone who are actually
3219s going to be the ones to go in for shuvi
3222s it's gonna be this is gonna be really
3223s close oh no this is let's see the only
3226s 10 seconds left they need to do
3228s something right now you guys just have
3229s to unfortunately go go go Chris might
3232s actually be or they actually going to be
3234s able to get a kill on Chris only a few
3236s seconds left there's the Surf's Up and
3238s everything and no but now shooby won V
3242s one oozing e girls in no flame your two
3245s final teams here in game one oh boy both
3251s teams are super well set up right now
3252s know they have a couple of traps down on
3254s the ground at least double Guillotines
3255s in the inventory of superior everyone
3257s else slowly but surely you got to move
3259s in there we go perfect play here from
3261s oozing eagles they need to get some of
3262s this Zone control down ASAP right now
3264s pendulum Max is going down on the ground
3266s we see a couple double Guillotines down
3267s on the ground too but now they're
3268s cornered into a little bit of an area
3270s that I don't think any of these guys
3271s want to be in this is a very tight
3273s quarter that you really cannot run
3275s through at all as these guys have to
3277s find another way in the zone control has
3278s been lost here for losing egirls they
3280s have a little bit of time to try buying
3282s before maybe they are completely out of
3283s options but are you not getting poked
3285s down pretty massively should give them a
3286s little bit more control remember we do
3288s have Frankie doodle sitting on that
3290s Sylvia a lot of sustain for these guys
3291s right now and yet again it's another
3293s very kind of a lateral areas where you
3295s don't have that many angles to play off
3297s of Sylvia's healing will hit many people
3299s we are going to be going down into the
3302s end game for Game number one student
3303s circuit oh and now Enoch getting
3305s absolutely shredded by Lily pedal on
3307s that Ayah right now look at the damage
3309s like cartridge out as well a not kind of
3312s taking out of this fight everybody from
3314s oozing Eagles is completely healthy
3316s right now though they're currently on
3317s the chase for him but I don't think
3319s that's what they want to be doing 40
3321s seconds left on the timer for no flame
3323s but oh man what a crazy just absolutely
3327s insane amount of damage coming out from
3330s Lily pedal the full adrenaline stacks
3332s and everything and now these traps are
3334s here as well no flame they have a lot of
3337s work there is the EMP drill to disable
3340s some of the traps but oh here we go Lily
3342s paddle kite in the way right now so much
3344s damage coming out I could already see it
3346s they have a lot of bullets big Surfs Up
3348s oh nuts oh my God there's just so much
3350s suvi we already have Nico down as well
3354s as Superior aenot's gonna join them and
3357s now it's up to Frankie can he 1v2 this
3359s he's at a quarter HP right now Lily
3362s pedal though has the damage and that's
3364s oozing e girls taking game number one
3368s shooting with 11 kills such a clean play
3372s coming out from these guys slowly but
3374s surely they continue to chunk people
3375s down over and over again those assault
3377s rifle shots ringing true like she goes
3380s back onto one of her right-click
3382s characters for the ages Buffs to assault
3385s rifle yeah coming through in recent
3386s times definitely helping out in the
3387s damage Department there but my goodness
3389s I mean you would have to say that at the
3392s beginning of that fight no flame had a
3393s really really solid Advantage especially
3395s inside a champion they were difficult to
3396s push through but losing you girls again
3399s slowly but surely just poking people
3400s down playing it slow everything by the
3403s books managed to push them away get the
3405s Zone control again and then in the end
3406s beat the 1v1 in the team fights versus
3408s Team No flame congratulations to using
3411s girls yeah even the EMP drone was able
3413s to disable the traps but it just didn't
3415s matter at the end Lily pedal able to
3418s kite them so effortlessly on that AR Aya
3422s building up the adrenaline in no time
3424s the judgment is also I think one of the
3427s biggest deciders having a hundred and
3429s twenty bullets in that magazine to be
3431s able to just constantly rain down damage
3435s is unparalleled on somebody like Aya and
3439s that was just a beautiful finish to game
3441s number one I will say yeah and I have to
3443s give real big props to Lily pedal there
3445s I think with a few exception of like
3447s maybe some flashes that Aina threw at
3449s her she didn't get hit by that many
3451s skills which really yeah bumped up the
3453s amount of DPS she was able to push out
3454s especially with that judgment on the
3456s assault rifle Ayah too so an incredible
3458s job there the micro gameplay as I think
3460s you and I have noticed throughout the
3461s course of the season a lot of these
3463s games are being fought in the way that a
3466s lot of these teams want to it's just
3467s these very small my new micro decisions
3469s that really determine who is the one to
3471s win out the fight who is the one to
3473s knots I also want to give it up uh for
3476s uh Nico and usma in those fights because
3478s of course Lily pedal was able to pop off
3481s due to their support great surf's
3483s upcoming out just great stuff from Nico
3486s is well she was doing fantastically in
3489s uzma man you are doing good as always
3491s brother and let's see if they're going
3492s to be able to keep up that hype in game
3494s number two I'm gonna be excited for
3496s whenever it comes on up there's a lot to
3498s look forward to today especially if
3500s that's how game one is gonna go oh yeah
3502s and looking at that game result I do
3504s believe we do have the scores post game
3506s number one so uh this is gonna be an
3509s interesting one let's see here oozing e
3511s girls of course with their performance
3512s here eight total kills outside of the
3514s battle zones means they will have 64
3516s points overall and uh you know what this
3519s is absolutely amazing I mean circadia
3521s what do you think about the scores right
3522s now yeah no I think honestly it's it's
3524s it just is how expected after that
3526s losing egirls 16 points ahead of no
3529s flame right now which doesn't really
3530s surprise me
3532s um especially well just you know
3533s deciding how the uh end of the game went
3535s there doesn't really uh you know take
3537s I'm not shocked by it whatsoever but we
3539s still have a lot more games to go four
3541s left today of course out of you know
3543s there's gonna be a five total amount of
3545s games as uh you know we said before if
3546s you guys are joining us you know it is a
3548s five game set today so there's still a
3550s lot of opportunity for these teams to be
3552s able to catch up to everybody and I
3555s wonder if we're gonna see any big
3556s changes coming in game two I think
3557s everybody's gonna give it like another
3559s try you know uh for their comps and
3560s everything so I don't think we're gonna
3561s facing too many changes but uh I'm
3564s excited honestly like we said after game
3566s number one it was fantastic uh the
3568s players were doing great
3570s um yeah North America's back baby
3572s yep and it's nice to be home for you and
3575s I this is this is where our comfort zone
3577s is the end of the season is very nice
3578s for you and I because we're being able
3580s to kind of spectate games with the calm
3583s you know cool demeanor of eternal return
3585s in its fundamentals now we are back at
3588s our comfort zone in our home region as
3590s well for North America we are literally
3592s living The Best of Both Worlds man this
3594s is awesome yeah living the dream we have
3596s been working so much this weekend though
3599s and you know like we said we hope you
3600s guys are just able to stick with us
3602s through the entire time it's just been
3604s fantastic truly I'm having such a fun
3606s time
3607s yeah I very much am as well and
3609s hopefully the the players are also doing
3611s that as well right because we cannot
3612s discount the amount of effort they also
3614s put in throughout the entire course of
3615s the Season consistently showing up to
3617s these tournaments to make sure they get
3618s enough circuit scores to get to where
3620s they are here today of course especially
3622s for team no flame they've just haven't
3624s been having such good performances
3626s throughout the course of the Season here
3628s and they are here trying to put on that
3629s dominating show fell a little bit short
3632s during game number one but you can see
3634s the amount of preparation that they have
3635s done here and the amount of effort that
3637s they're putting in to try to get those
3638s scores try to get those kills trying to
3640s get those snowballs early as their team
3642s really should
3643s yeah no oh man they've been doing just
3646s so fantastically I believe we also have
3648s a little bit of an updated score sheet
3650s actually after that if I'm not mistaken
3652s yeah just a little bit but yeah of
3654s course you guys can see the updated
3655s scores and everything I believe it was
3657s just a little a little uh not really the
3659s scores on the right hand side but I
3660s believe it was just different thing no
3662s no worries though don't worry our lovely
3664s uh scorekeepers are production staff
3665s they're all getting it done in the
3666s background while me and shuvi are out
3668s here talking about these lovely lovely
3670s players but yeah we should be getting in
3672s to Lobby number two here relatively soon
3675s everybody's gonna be joining up and
3677s shovie what are you looking forward to
3678s for the next round of this
3680s right now I think one of the biggest
3681s things that I want to be looking at from
3683s these guys is if their teams are going
3685s to be consistent or not right because as
3687s I just mentioned in season 8 throughout
3689s the course of the whole season here the
3691s idea is that a lot of these teams are
3692s playing characters that they are
3694s comfortable with and they're also
3695s getting fights that they also want to
3697s fight most of these fights that are
3699s being determined with one team losing
3701s and one team winning is just by these
3702s very small my new micro decisions that
3704s come through here that allow these teams
3706s to either pump out the damage stay alive
3708s more and stay alive throughout the
3710s course of the fight too so I think for
3712s the most part in game two would be okay
3714s if these guys still go with their
3715s comfort picks nothing seems to be out of
3717s the ordinary even the picks that we
3719s didn't expect coming out from some of
3721s our players here yeah did look
3723s comfortable enough for them to continue
3724s running their strategies that's what
3726s we're going to be looking here in game
3727s number two at least on Mayan but it's
3729s too early in the day to call for any big
3731s big changeups I think yeah honestly like
3734s uh you know I talked a little bit about
3735s it earlier but I feel like everybody's
3736s gonna try and give like one maybe two
3739s more games maybe you know the the
3740s intermission buff that I know we always
3741s talk about will come through but yeah I
3743s feel like everybody's going to keep
3744s picking the same thing for right now
3746s honestly a lot of these players as you
3748s said look very comfortable I'm sure
3750s they've been practicing like crazy if
3751s you did have that ranked squads night
3753s last night ever beating kinda everybody
3755s kind of could get in the last little bit
3756s of practice that they needed uh
3758s depending on you know what they wanted
3759s to to practice I will say whether it's
3762s mechanics if they want to meet up
3764s somewhere and do routes new planning but
3766s I'm looking forward to it game two is
3768s always where stuff's really starts to
3770s get you know intense you know I'm sure
3772s we've seen it a hundred times before but
3773s it's always a fun time you know I can't
3775s ever get enough of eternal return huh
3777s yeah absolutely not and I was honestly
3779s surprised that we had a ranked squads
3781s although I guess at this point
3782s especially with season finals coming up
3784s today it should have been uh given that
3786s a lot of people in na were going to try
3787s to queue for squads but the amount of
3789s support that I think the community has
3790s poured into these teams to make sure
3792s that they also got enough practice is
3794s something that's also very uh
3795s heartwarming to me North America amazing
3798s region never alone for a reason for us
3800s uh yeah just to genuinely appreciate all
3803s the support that the community has
3804s poured for all of our players here not
3806s just this weekend of course but
3807s throughout the course of the Season here
3809s has been an immense amount of support
3811s that really would not have been possible
3812s without you guys here but yeah I mean
3815s we're slowly but surely getting
3816s ourselves prepared for game number two
3818s and I'm honestly super excited after
3820s that game number one yeah it was a crazy
3823s game number one I know we keep talking
3825s about it but of course I am looking
3827s forward to game number two and as shuvi
3829s I also kind of want to Echo his
3830s statement of thank you all to everybody
3832s out there that was able to help out with
3834s these players getting their games in and
3836s a big thank you to all the tournament
3838s organizers as well over the season so
3840s far for all the hard work they've been
3842s doing putting in the hours and I'm going
3844s to give a big thank you to us as well
3846s for casting oh yeah a little bit of a ad
3848s on the back for us right individually
3850s just a little bit
3851s yeah no it's okay no but of course I
3854s also have to be uh give a big thank you
3855s to all the other lovely casters that
3857s have been casting through season eight
3858s so far as well oh man I love seeing all
3862s of our new casters and everybody come
3864s out there it's so great isn't it shoot
3866s me yeah absolutely and in the end you
3868s know what really matters at least for us
3870s here right now though are the players
3872s here we are going to start going into
3873s our character selections which have been
3875s locked in for game number two not too
3877s many different things as you and I
3879s thought but just one small change that
3881s is a pretty apparent there galluser will
3883s be swapping off of his foreign Fiora
3885s going over onto the Felix here for a
3887s game number two which in my opinion I do
3890s like it here it's just a little bit of a
3892s problem but uh you know compared to the
3894s team that it used to be in before he's
3896s not going to have that much um Team
3898s sustain for himself he will be running
3900s that diamond chart as he usually should
3901s the only real sustained source that he's
3903s going to have access to is going to be
3905s the Sentinel from do so I wonder if
3907s Gallos or is going to be able to stay up
3909s in the front line as much as he wants
3910s before and if misery Davis can
3912s capitalize on the fact that a lot of
3914s people are going to be focusing down on
3915s this Felix to really get the damage out
3918s yeah I'm excited to see Felix you know I
3920s know our lovely man
3921s uh made uh tank Felix popular here in
3925s North America at least I know I know we
3927s I know we kind of the technology from
3928s Korea don't get me wrong but I still
3931s love watching some of those good old
3932s tanky felixes come on through but it's a
3935s shame uh next uh season when you know no
3938s more Felix for him he'll be completely
3939s onto the Arda you know what I mean I'm
3941s uh it's been a good time it's been a
3944s good time for him
3945s rest in peace for Zito Felix uh 2022 to
3947s 2023 you know what I mean we gotta get a
3949s headstone made for him for uh for next
3952s season
3953s I'm excited for season nine in general a
3955s lot of good stuff coming we only have a
3957s little under what three weeks left I
3959s believe in the season so we're getting
3961s closer and closer we have Vanya coming
3964s out next week as well so many great
3966s things but the season 9 characters all
3969s look like so much fun I've been looking
3971s forward you know who's uh personally who
3973s are you looking forward to most I will
3974s say in season nine I'm also I feel like
3977s I have to write the uh the rezito hype
3979s train here or the gameplay I I haven't
3982s I'm not I wasn't uh somebody who really
3983s played uh the original Battle of the
3986s black survival games but after hearing
3988s rosito is very
3990s um enthusiastic speeches on how art of
3993s work in general and how that might
3994s translate over onto eternal return I
3996s guess I very much am to see how Arda
3998s himself is going to be implemented in
4000s the game like eternal return with the
4001s state that it's going to be in season
4003s nine
4004s yeah no I am wondering what is going
4007s also to be happening in season nine I'm
4009s sure we'll get a Dev stream and
4010s everything uh you know to confirm what's
4011s going on but we're getting closer and
4014s closer to season 10 man I can't wait for
4017s it the Big O release juvie oh that's
4019s gonna be the best time of the year isn't
4021s it yeah it really will be we're all
4023s we're all kind of a market down the
4025s clock until that begins like right we
4027s have we surely all have our like timer
4029s set to make sure that every single one
4030s of us has the dates as well as the
4032s alarms bring in as soon as the game
4034s officially releases here ah it's been a
4037s long time coming sir two and a half
4038s years that you and I have been doing
4040s this for a very very long time actually
4042s now we're starting to come up around the
4044s two-year Mark for uni casting in about a
4046s week or so here so yeah we've been doing
4048s this for a while and uh you know what
4050s the amount of effort that we've been
4051s putting into it it's so happy for me to
4053s see that the effort has been
4055s reciprocated here so much effort being
4056s put in by the community and a lot more
4058s effort being put in by the developers to
4060s try to reciprocate the amount of effort
4062s we put in as well yeah it has been a
4065s crazy crazy two years for us man I can't
4068s believe it's been that long since Lord
4070s we are oh man actually hold on a little
4073s bit of an early grief there almost onto
4075s galazor okay they want a little bit of
4077s Revenge for last game I think
4079s they're trying they're trying
4081s yeah but unfortunately nothing is there
4084s right now everybody's gonna be still
4086s getting their builds online 10 seconds
4087s left here in day number one as we will
4090s start having our first tree fights or
4092s meteorite fights or black thereof in
4094s this case
4095s yeah still three seconds until we do
4097s have our objectives spawning here right
4099s we are having a couple of teams already
4101s prepped up and ready to go I will say a
4103s couple of items missing over on the side
4104s of the Leon so he's gonna just have to
4106s back away here Roy seeming to be in a
4108s little bit of trouble himself but you
4110s will use that speed gate to get himself
4111s on out of there trying to miss out on
4113s some of those hunts inside Beach that's
4115s okay as long as he stays alive but he
4117s hyper Loops into uh directly everybody
4118s if team no flame right now
4121s oh gosh run Roy
4125s oh God I think he's accepted his fate
4128s and I don't blame him at that point I
4130s think he realized what was going on I
4132s think he's I think he's so freaky and
4135s Superior and was like ah that must mean
4137s a knots a tree so I'm about to get
4139s absolutely cornered might as well just
4140s die don't blame him one bit for that but
4144s now oh man how unfortunate
4147s yeah it's hardly enough in the game
4148s where the death timer isn't too too
4150s massive so at least you get to die early
4152s just take a little bit of a breather
4154s reset your mental while you are looking
4155s at that gray screen but for Roy he will
4157s be back up here right trying to join up
4159s with his teammates over in pond maybe it
4160s was a misclick over in a Tempo because I
4163s saw a couple of his teammates inside a
4164s pond so that could have been a little
4166s bit of an oopsie there for Roy but that
4168s will set up at least for team no flame
4170s an early kill snowball for them of
4172s course the Tree of Life still picked up
4173s for those guys so that's not going to be
4174s too big of an issue I was okay this
4177s makes nothing pretty big here that's an
4178s instantaneous dance Macabre coming
4180s through as well it seems like nikuniko
4182s sushi is going to get locked down here
4183s as well drowning kids trying to chase
4184s down the Leon we will not be able to do
4186s so but in early and a fast kill coming
4188s in here for these guys a beautiful kill
4190s coming out for equio police
4192s yeah very nice job there Nick going down
4195s like that is going to screw up the tempo
4197s I feel like he's losing any girls a
4198s little bit but Esther also most likely
4200s maybe about to go down Frankie getting
4202s awfully low oh Frankie Goes Down as well
4205s as Esther now it's a 2v2 Passat trying
4208s to take on Superior with Meek right
4210s there as well the battle zones are
4212s coming up but is it gonna be fast enough
4214s Enos resin Frankie right now oh no this
4218s is not what you want to be seeing Meek
4220s you gotta run right now brother there's
4222s that Dash from Superior looking for a
4224s bait Frankie's here on the bike and
4226s that's oh my god oh team Riz already
4232s taken out of game number two dude the
4235s amount of sustainability that Superior
4237s has on the sewer oh dude you cannot let
4240s him do that you gotta lock him down as
4242s fast as you can try to get the damage
4243s out while he's Crow controlled never
4245s found that opportunity meat got a good
4247s amount of Damages in with his Auto as
4249s well as a stun coming through but you
4250s gotta actually do more on top of that at
4253s and then ends up leading to the full
4254s elimination of team rizzier they will
4256s not have a chance in game number two to
4258s get any more points here except for the
4259s one killed up a song God but we still
4261s have to continue the game here it is
4262s going to be an hourly Battle Zone that
4264s is being fought by these two teams right
4266s now a lot of damage being turned on
4267s towards Uzi egos the Israel trying his
4269s best on that side as well a lot of
4271s damage going down until Lily pedal
4272s actually will be fully eliminated here
4274s Roy is also going to get taken down lose
4276s by trying to resurrect his teammate as
4278s fast as possible the smoke screen goes
4280s down Lily pedal comes back up who's by
4282s trying to run away from gausser as much
4283s as possible gallons are going to get
4284s taken down the uzumak gets taken down to
4286s the ground Davis I don't think has
4287s enough damage to try to deal with both
4289s of them they will not and that means
4290s oozing Eagle is picking up the Battle
4292s Zone over an alley for themselves and I
4294s believe no flame picking up the one over
4296s in Pawn for themselves as well even
4297s getting the alpha mithril on top of it I
4299s think
4300s yeah that is insane oh my goodness that
4304s is a lot of upgrades I already know that
4306s is definitely going to go into totem I
4308s suspect there for Mr Superior as we saw
4311s last time so not that a bad oh yeah
4314s there it is of course already the totem
4317s coming out are we surprised Julie but
4319s now I also wonder actually what did they
4323s pick up in the alley battles of did we
4325s get it did we get a chance to see that I
4327s can't remember probably the uh actually
4329s let's see I don't think I caught that
4332s either but looking at Usman right now
4333s it's most likely the mithral here the
4335s totem coming through they weren't the
4337s ones to pick up the one from alpha
4338s surely they're the ones that called in
4340s the mithral from the Battle Zone here
4341s instead which is going to be pretty
4343s important I think in the battle just now
4345s in game number one at the end uzma
4346s actually ended up passing the totem over
4349s onto Nico nikusushi who also stayed
4351s alive for the most part right at the end
4353s of that fight thanks to the work of the
4355s stasis which follow the pedal even more
4356s time to Auto attack so a huge huge bonus
4359s going over onto both of these guys the
4361s importance of the mithril in the early
4362s stages now accepted speech down on the
4364s ground but it's not even gonna matter
4365s Roy never touched the ground before he
4367s got eliminated there Kathy done and
4369s dusted 30 seconds till he comes back up
4371s yeah that was an insane pick out there
4375s from mactal Tris and cow stick right
4378s before tree as well that means
4381s unfortunately Davis and galazorn not
4383s gonna be able to go for it gappa Source
4384s unfortunately has to leave that fight
4386s entirely oh man but now taking it over
4390s school it looks like we actually have
4392s Iko please along with no flame over here
4394s fighting for the meteorite there's a
4396s great Finish Line to DARE from Frankie
4398s just to be able to kind of Zone
4400s everybody out right now a notch is going
4401s to be grabbing the meteorite not able to
4403s fully get it yet let's see we might have
4405s an engage here nice Shield over there
4407s from Superior to block the knock up from
4409s irem
4410s now let's see Superior definitely trying
4413s to fish for something once again trying
4415s to find that stun there it is and
4417s there's the big engage a totem actually
4420s talked out there as well very nice job
4423s but no damage actually going on to no
4426s flame soccer Mata trying to fly away
4427s with these Autos but it's not gonna
4429s happen drowning kittens unfortunately
4432s taken out of that fight and it just
4434s looked too clean there from no flame
4435s it's just so hard for these guys to find
4438s it in at all I mean you're exchanging
4440s Nina's health bar for people who can get
4442s healed up by a Sylvia instead of like
4443s that's not even for those guys so this
4446s team is just having such good fights
4448s into a lot of their counter counter
4450s opponents here they have so many ways to
4452s deal with those guys continuous pokes
4454s from Superior as well as Frankie
4455s guaranteed ends as soon as the stun
4457s comes through from Superior guaranteed
4459s out if they don't even want to fight
4460s them it is so difficult to match up into
4463s these guys and they're still continuing
4465s to put on their aggression as Tris now
4466s going to be the one pushed into a corner
4468s trying to jump across the wall will be
4469s able to do it but a mess massive amount
4471s of damage taken there right before he
4472s managed to get out and he's completely
4474s split off from his own team so this is
4476s not looking good for Tris either and
4478s someone has to deal with no Flame the
4481s sooner or later they cannot just let
4482s these guys run rampant in these games
4484s what they have been doing so far
4487s I'm also thinking that's gonna be them
4489s possibly going to get Omega here very
4492s soon they of course don't have their
4493s battle kits up to be able to get another
4496s battle Zone unless they you know they're
4498s that cocky I don't think it's gonna be
4499s happening but you know you know that
4500s that'd be kind of funny but I don't
4502s think that's gonna be happening here
4503s Superior actually taking a little bit of
4505s damage there as they teleport into
4506s Factory
4508s actually is a rematch of the end of last
4511s game she'll be using egirls and no flame
4513s are gonna be joined in Factory right now
4515s let's see if they want to fully commit
4517s for this fight this is gonna be a close
4519s one I feel like Omega is of course here
4522s in Factory if these teams won it they
4525s are this this is gonna be really good
4527s I'm looking forward to it though but oh
4529s what is this fight going on over here uh
4532s oh this is that good of course it is a
4535s battle Zone but still whoever wins this
4536s Battlezone that is a free upgrade for
4538s whoever does win these Roy now looking
4541s for some raid emergency surgery actually
4544s that's ecoyo please losing that Cemetery
4547s Battle that was a beautiful clean combo
4550s from Roy gosh that was actually
4552s disgusting there from Roy actually
4554s managing to land Nina straight on
4556s towards I believe that was drown the
4557s kittens at the end there and then just
4559s completely eliminating everyone else
4560s with the emergency surgery too so
4562s wonderful place there are coming from
4564s Meez Roy still poking being fought out
4567s here right around the Omega is gonna
4568s maybe again as you mentioned the mirror
4570s match between the two teams that was at
4571s the end as the final two full teams here
4573s they're looking for advantages they know
4575s how important a four score is going to
4577s be at this stage of the game the
4578s talurian timepiece for Superior of
4580s course absolutely massive you can go for
4582s the flowers of Fate for uh what is it uh
4585s what is the internet for Lily pedal
4586s there too my like this is there's a lot
4589s of things that you could go dice of
4590s dusting is gonna be huge for an assault
4591s rifle eye at this point or even the
4593s Judgment assuming that Lily pedal
4595s doesn't have it here which she already
4596s does so yeah a lot more damage potential
4598s on the side of both of these teams at
4600s the moment but you can see who's winning
4602s the Poke battle right now the healing
4604s Potential from Frankie duel just way too
4606s big for these guys to continuously keep
4608s up that poke consistently
4609s yeah it is kind of hard there but
4611s they're not backing off at all they do
4613s not want no flame to have any of these
4615s upgrades right now and this is gonna be
4618s hard though uzma looking just to get a
4620s little bit of vision find out where they
4621s are this is gonna be really hard I think
4623s Lily pedal is able to put out that
4625s damage but the question is how does she
4628s not die here it's kind of it's difficult
4632s third a partied over here ikuyo please
4635s coming on into Factory we also I believe
4638s that's gaposaurus coming in from Chapel
4640s but are we actually gonna have a fight
4642s break out they might oh no someone I
4644s feel like somebody's gonna get third
4645s partied here in a second we might have
4647s an ABC moment about to happen Julie oh
4650s yeah this is gonna be pretty dangerous
4651s and especially with uh you know Omega
4653s well not despawning luckily we still
4656s have about 30 seconds until we start
4658s going into night number three wick is
4660s gonna be the one that spawns and you can
4661s see the priority from these guys they
4663s want that additional damage coming
4665s through especially towards the mid to
4666s late game here they are gonna opt to go
4668s for the wickling here instead a lot more
4670s priority towards the Avenue area cow
4672s sticking around here as well so there
4674s might be a little bit of contest
4675s compared to what we see before breaking
4677s a lot of trouble that's a beautiful stun
4679s coming down from macto but they aren't
4681s able to finish Frankie off at this point
4682s a little bit too scared of Superior and
4684s Aina to try to completely invest into
4686s that but now this gives time for Frankie
4688s to actually start building up his fuel
4689s he's going to try to rest up here as
4690s well and you're not just trying to buy
4691s some time the accepted speech goes down
4693s it will actually charm Superior these
4695s stasis does come through and another is
4698s coming through for eight not as well
4699s macto still staying alive he's not going
4700s to be able to stay alive through the
4702s rest of it though Frankie doodle is
4703s alive Superior and ain't out are alive
4705s too the healing is there from the Sylvia
4707s chaotic is trying his best to get
4709s everybody in low as much as possible but
4710s look at the heels coming down from the
4712s radar gun leading straight in line
4714s Frankie doodle just sitting all the way
4716s in the back too I mean this is way too
4717s much healing for Kelsey to keep chasing
4719s on to this but he wants to try it he
4721s knows how much of an importance that
4722s kill could have been doesn't get
4724s anything but now they have to jump onto
4725s the wiggling that is disgusting the fact
4729s that Frankie got completely caught out
4731s like that and still nothing came out of
4733s it I also see it no okay they actually
4737s are able to get the wickline all the
4739s items as well but I think ain't on
4740s Frankie might want then no they're not
4742s going to be able to chase after that
4743s anymore also Nico niku Sushi and Lily
4746s pedal going down from losing ye girls I
4749s believe they died actually to gaposaurus
4752s oh no that is not good either should be
4755s yeah that's the benefit of running the
4757s composition like that though right the
4759s explosive fights if it goes in your
4760s favor it is so difficult to ever deal
4762s with the amount of damage that actually
4763s comes out there Deus and Roy as well as
4766s Gallos or they're trying to pick up the
4768s pieces that has been sprawled throughout
4769s the course of the game here they need to
4771s pick those up to make sure they can make
4772s up for the performance that they had in
4774s game number one because you know we only
4776s have a best of five that is not that
4778s many games even if it might seem like a
4780s lot of a lot of tournaments nowadays
4782s have even more games than that for you
4783s to try to make up your points five
4785s really is not that much you can already
4786s feel that these teams are starting to
4788s get pressured they're looking for a lot
4790s more opportunities than they did in game
4792s number one playing outside of their
4794s comfort zones a little bit trying to get
4795s whatever opportunities they can to
4797s secure those points for themselves
4799s I'm actually you know really proud of
4801s gaposaurus right now I know they had a
4802s little bit of rough early game
4803s especially I believe Roy died twice if
4805s I'm not mistaken but now look at them
4808s actually taking down Nico and Lily pedal
4810s like that that isn't that is huge
4812s especially with them uh just being that
4814s high up on the leaderboard right now it
4816s looks like they're just about almost
4817s tied with no flame kills right now
4819s getting close at the least looks like
4821s they might actually get tied if they
4824s want to take this fight over here on the
4825s dock Uptown border uh oh boy's actually
4828s getting packed up he's gonna actually go
4830s through them
4836s oh but here comes the third party from
4839s no flame and let's see Superior what are
4841s we gonna be looking for here actually
4843s uses the stun onto Nina there and
4845s there's another down drowning kittens
4847s actually gets the return oh no they're
4850s down as well Dave's on the run right now
4852s soccer Mata also just about to die and
4854s Gallows are actually going back to Res
4856s means Roy while Davis runs that's
4857s actually a great third party for them
4859s holy what the hellers were just playing
4862s around the vision just outside the
4864s vision range of no flame manages to pick
4866s up his teammate Saka mod is actually
4867s going to be the one that takes the fall
4869s there and now all of a sudden it's
4870s turned into a situation where there's
4871s third party potentials literally
4873s everywhere for these guys Team Six is a
4875s little bit split apart we do see that uh
4877s you know no flame does not want to
4879s contest any of these guys right now a
4880s lot of cooldowns still already blown
4882s Frankie doodle not at Max fuel either so
4884s they'll try to play a little bit safer
4886s but man Haya papaya could have found
4887s something big just barely miss out on
4889s the opportunity but now uzma gets found
4891s out inside a dock here as well Galaxy
4893s knows exactly what's going on he's not
4895s going to let that happen at all from
4896s this Leon wheel just round it out uzma
4899s trying to do his best although we're
4901s okay they're actually not opting to go
4903s for this doesn't want to try for the
4904s third party here
4906s maybe okay they want to play safe
4908s because they don't have daeus here yet
4909s either so they're just trying to play it
4911s safe don't want to go in any risky
4913s situations Davis is going to start
4914s hyperlooping here as well probably where
4916s are you doing buddy what are you doing I
4918s need to go we can't I don't know if he
4921s was waiting for them or something but oh
4923s he waited way too long unfortunately I
4926s don't know what the plan was but yeah
4929s unfortunately way too late on his end
4931s and he will get taken down it's sad
4933s because he actually was able to live the
4934s fights beforehand but yeah that is quite
4936s unfortunate but now that's huge Surfs Up
4939s there for Chris and that's actually I
4941s believe Frankie may be gonna go down
4943s here he will there we go back to also
4946s falling awfully low is the damage
4947s actually there the fear just about to
4950s fall as well now Enoch's On The Run
4951s they're gonna be rezzing Mack tall they
4953s just have to full kill Frankie here that
4955s is a
4956s huge surface off Scooby the Leon
4959s ultimate oh man
4962s oh at that point I mean the acceptance
4964s speech was down on the ground but it
4965s just bought choustic so much space to
4967s actually continue Auto attacking this is
4969s the crit variant as well with a lot of
4970s the additional upgrades that we've been
4972s seeing towards crit nowadays it might
4974s not be as consistent as before because
4976s of the nurse to this consistent Auto
4977s attack and crit variant of the journey
4979s but now this sets up really well by the
4982s way for team higher papaya the final
4984s team that is actually fully standing
4986s right now oh okay Gallows were playing a
4989s little bit dangerous there will fully
4991s step in towards the uh the restricted
4993s area and he'll be able to get out it is
4995s Uptown final zone so with the teams kind
4998s of being split like this this is going
4999s to get super hectic right we have traps
5002s that are going to be built by a lot of
5003s these teams here assuming they even have
5004s the credits to do that right now and it
5006s is Uptown final zone two we have seen
5009s how chaotic this can get especially with
5010s third party angles happening all over
5012s the place this is going to be dangerous
5014s for teams that do not have timer I was
5016s gonna say the temporary final zones are
5017s up you know like Just Breath distance
5019s away from each other you can literally
5021s just like look at everybody over there
5022s you don't even you don't even need
5024s cameras or anything you can straight up
5025s see what's happening inside the house
5026s from the uh from the other final Zone
5029s just to know in the third party but oh
5031s boy a little fight going on over here
5032s secure oh my God absolutely destroying
5034s dezu drowning kittens has to get out of
5037s there right now but that's a nice little
5038s pick there for team no flame kills or
5040s kills right Shoei but oh galazorn Meese
5043s Roy might actually see this else would
5045s have a lot of upgrades oh there they go
5047s hold on uh oh cow six there as well
5050s who are they gonna find they're actually
5052s gonna go in the corner and check out
5053s what's going on with Anon superior but
5056s they end up oh they're gonna get third
5058s parties maybe if they try and fight this
5059s they're actually just gonna Force
5060s everybody out of there and that's
5061s actually gonna be thing to pull the
5063s fight grounding here as well merge
5064s surgery out from Meez Roy everybody's
5066s just fighting now oh my God it doesn't
5068s even matter we don't even need a final
5070s Zone this just I don't know what is
5072s happening everybody's running now
5075s and now Maxwell trying to chase down
5076s galazor what is happening Superior
5079s actually is going to fall down as well
5081s that's no flame in fourth place oh my
5084s God what was that I don't even know but
5087s whatever I saw I like that these teams
5090s are still looking for angles to get
5091s these kills it's gonna be one of the
5093s temp zones being completely covered here
5095s by team High papaya you can see the bomb
5097s the bottom side of the map I mean each
5099s individual player is trying to do
5100s whatever they can uzma has absolutely no
5102s time or to speak of however cow sticks
5104s aggressing on to this they know they
5105s have such a big Advantage gallozer is
5107s actually going to fall outside of that
5109s as well getting completely executed for
5111s himself uzma has absolutely nowhere left
5112s to go that is going to be oozing e girls
5114s ending third place and at this point Roy
5116s has done his job broken plays for his
5119s team gaposaurus will at least be able to
5121s make up for the slight whoopsie that
5123s does you and uh sorry Deus ended up
5126s doing here in game number two and you
5128s know what if Roy is able to pick up a
5129s kill here it's gonna be pretty worse but
5130s look at the amount of distance that's
5132s gonna be made here not gonna be enough
5133s Roy will get taken down congratulations
5135s the higher papayas they pick up game
5137s number two and it's going to be a total
5138s of six kills for them a very solid
5141s performance coming out from these guys
5142s yeah a great game especially they looked
5145s really good there in Avenue during that
5147s Wick take that is really what I think
5149s they kind of came into their own more
5150s than anything and so I think that was
5152s just fantastic really coming in just the
5156s the end game there I will say actually I
5158s think was my favorite part about that
5159s the way they just kind of they poke Wick
5162s and then they just kind of ran through
5163s everybody you know what I mean that huge
5165s huge Leon ultimate there in uptown was
5168s one of the big deciders I feel like more
5170s than anything and I was like wow no
5172s flame just got taken down completely
5175s there
5176s yeah we can see how much of a priority
5178s that wiggling has to be for all of our
5180s teams here some teams can be playing
5181s quietly for the first few minutes of the
5183s game they want to try snowballing hey go
5185s for the wick if you do end up getting it
5187s you can get that very offensive side of
5189s the next four or five minutes that you
5191s have the wig bleed it is so so important
5194s for you to have that and even if you're
5196s not fighting specifically during the
5197s duration of the bleed maybe outside of
5199s it you still get those transition items
5201s via blood sample very very uh flexible
5204s in regards to who can actually use it
5205s and how they can use it nowadays too so
5207s massive advantages coming out for these
5209s teams that do end up getting that
5211s objective you need to try to go for
5212s whatever you can because there's not
5214s that many chances left for these guys to
5216s gather points yeah oh man that is such a
5219s great ending to game number two though
5221s hi papaya man that is so great to see
5224s them actually taking a win there for
5226s themselves huge fan of of course Cal
5228s State mactol and tourists some great
5230s people over there playing in these games
5231s but man yeah great game number two we
5234s have one more game to go before our
5236s intermission there and are we expecting
5239s anything again you know like we said
5240s maybe after game two some of these teams
5242s are gonna be making changes
5244s um are you expecting anything different
5246s out of this or are we gonna get more of
5247s the same do you think I will say okay
5249s again I think it was very unfortunate
5251s that especially team Riz ended up
5253s following that early game but their team
5255s comp in my opinion is fine right like
5257s sometimes you're looking for these
5258s opportunities it just doesn't work out
5259s and especially in North America too
5261s we've seen a lot of these fights
5263s especially early on not really ending in
5265s any conclusive manners but the fight was
5267s split after a certain point and when
5268s you're trying to 1v1 up against
5269s characters out of a ton of Chase still
5271s available towards them while you're
5272s running out of utilities to work with
5274s you're gonna die and that's what ended
5276s up happening to both I believe it was
5278s Esther as well as Meek Speedo it might
5280s have been Passante Meek speed at that
5281s point too but it happens sometimes you
5284s just have to make sure that you get back
5285s into the game you kind of you try to
5287s climb back from what ended up happening
5289s in game number two and hopefully for
5290s team Riz they're able to do that and
5292s maybe one of those ways to do it is try
5294s to change up some of those characters
5295s but just looking at that roster I mean
5297s what are you really expecting at this
5299s point like passant swapping over to Tia
5301s yeah
5302s I mean I know I don't know if he's the
5305s biggest fan of Tia anymore after the
5306s Champions but we'll have to find out but
5309s actually we do have our scores there
5312s after game two coming on up and as we
5315s can actually see it no flame is out
5318s there in first place right now coming on
5320s up with 96 points oozing Eagles followed
5323s up up with after them with 72 points
5327s rizz in third with 22 I'm sorry actually
5329s no they are a little bit different a
5331s little bit Yeah my apologies my brain is
5334s going everywhere right now you won't
5335s explain that a little bit my apology
5339s so uh the way that the points are going
5341s to be formatted here for the next few
5342s games that we do end up seeing the
5343s scoreboard is I believe the order is
5346s going to be like top to bottom the
5347s circuit points that they had uh
5349s throughout the course of the season
5349s right it's going to be no flame who had
5351s the most circuits circuit points
5353s throughout the course of the season next
5354s is going to be losing egirls next is Riz
5356s so we're going to keep that order
5358s consistent we're not going to be having
5359s these teams order in the uh in the point
5362s departments but just in the order that
5363s they had their circuit points so you're
5365s pretty close uh we do have no flame in
5367s first we have oozing e girls in second
5369s but it's going to be high papaya in
5371s third place with 60 points equal please
5373s as well as kapposaurus tied for fourth
5375s place right now both with 30 points and
5377s Riz is going to be in fifth place or
5378s sixth place if you want to consider it
5380s like that with 22 points right now as
5382s well
5382s yeah oh man I am excited to see what is
5385s going to happen in game at number three
5387s though all these players are getting
5388s already in the lobby of course trying to
5391s figure out what they're gonna do for
5391s this game you might see some changes
5393s like I said but not too sure other than
5396s that though I think honestly it's been a
5397s pretty consistent day so far you know
5399s we're almost halfway through of course
5402s um I don't know I don't think I'm
5403s expecting much different today like we
5405s said uh other than that is there
5407s anything you've been really wowed by or
5408s like you know what's been your uh
5410s favorite thing so far I like how teams
5412s are already finding answers to one
5414s another I think you know even in
5416s previous Seasons every single time
5417s Frankie doodle and Superior was on a
5419s team a lot of teams struggled to find
5421s answers to how they actually operate but
5423s we're already seeing teams adjusting to
5425s those guys they're actually being the
5426s ones to aggress onto them might have
5428s been a slow a small mistake there from
5430s Frankie doodle to actually spawn in a
5432s random area instead of Avenue so that
5434s he's completely isolated from his
5435s teammates it was one of the worst spots
5437s that he could actually get with the top
5438s left of Avenue which is uh not what you
5440s want to do when both of your teammates
5442s are down towards a outside near the
5443s weekly lean spawn
5445s um might have been a bit of a catalyst
5447s there in that situation but it really
5448s opens up opportunities for these other
5450s teams to actually get those openings and
5452s they're actually capitalizing not
5454s backing away just because that team is
5456s team no flame that's a good thing
5458s yeah honestly man no flame it's it's so
5461s crazy still the fact that they were not
5463s able to pick Frankie out there more than
5465s anything I was so surprised to see that
5467s it was just nuts I thought they really
5470s had him there but that bike after the
5472s changes especially it is so powerful
5474s shuvi it is so insane and I know they
5477s did take away of course Soviet
5479s self-healing but in in team modes now
5481s do's and squads I feel like it just got
5483s even crazier for her you know what I
5484s mean yeah and we saw the amount of
5486s healing it's two very healthy characters
5489s by the way that lead into the game sua
5491s as well as a Fiora pretty healthy when
5493s you start going into the phase of Wick
5495s like they have what maybe base 2.5 k HP
5497s on both of them maybe a bit more maybe a
5499s bit less Silvia healing was hitting them
5502s for like a quarter of their health per
5503s heal so I mean it's pretty massive for
5506s them for the most part like as long as
5508s you know Sylvia stays alive which
5510s Frankie doodle is pretty good at doing
5511s on that character he will be able to
5513s keep his team sustained up so I want to
5515s see if a lot of our teams here are
5517s actually going to be trying to swap up a
5518s little a little bit of their priority in
5519s regards to who they actually knocked
5521s down and if it does end up becoming
5522s Frankie doodle maybe he can adjust his
5524s gameplay a little bit to adjust to that
5526s as well because again it's not just
5528s these teams that are slightly behind
5529s that's adjusting it's also these teams
5531s that are going to be very much ahead
5532s they're learning from their small
5534s mistakes that they're doing throughout
5535s the course of the game getting even
5536s better and better as these games goes on
5539s yeah no actually and we don't really see
5542s actually no Passat is gonna be on the
5544s team oh boy we were correct about that I
5548s guess I'm surprised that they thought
5550s that Adella I I don't know I do think
5552s Esther's had some great picks there with
5554s the whip skill of course Meek looking
5556s great on that as well I guess they
5557s thought maybe it was just they needed to
5558s get rid of the Adela right now in favor
5560s of the Sentinel Tia actually that's
5562s gonna be coming out for this game I
5563s believe everybody else for game three
5565s here is going to be staying exactly the
5567s same as it was in game two other than
5568s poisson
5569s yeah it should be the case uh again it's
5571s not too surprising for you and I right
5573s like we even were able to predict the
5575s Tia coming through it was just kind of
5577s like one of those you know off thoughts
5578s that we had but it is going to happen
5579s here
5581s um it is North America right these
5582s people have their comfort picks these
5584s people do have strategies that they
5586s ended up coming up with so sticking to
5588s the fundamentals is completely fine as
5590s long as it's within the realm of their
5592s possibilities which the Tia also falls
5594s in line with so very happy about that
5595s one and I am hoping that Hassan is able
5598s to make use of this pick to the fullest
5600s right since even if the utility from the
5602s Tia is gone she's been compensated with
5604s a lot of damage Buffs on the side of her
5606s and I've been hit by a couple of those
5608s things dude they hurt so yeah you can't
5610s just still willy-nilly walk into Tia at
5612s all you still have to play around there
5613s and hopefully uh Hassan is able to play
5615s around that for himself as well yeah no
5617s I've really been enjoying Tia lately I
5619s don't know how uh do you actually know
5621s how Korea responded to the changes
5623s because I've been I don't know I haven't
5625s really seen uh too much Dia ever since
5628s happening yeah I was gonna say I don't
5630s know who's been mad quiet recently too
5633s man
5635s no flame again right but uh yeah
5638s revolution's also been very quiet when
5639s it comes to the tier recently too so
5641s might be a bit of a difficult character
5643s to Pilot but it is still poisson right
5645s this man has been doing amazing work on
5647s TIA ever since he decided that you know
5648s Tia was another character that existed
5650s in the game yeah
5652s no yeah I think tea is great though I do
5655s kind of like the changes that they did
5657s to her I don't know should need any
5658s tweaking butt I don't know I think when
5661s it comes to this season we there's been
5663s a lot of great changes especially you
5665s know what they've done to Tia what
5666s they've done to Sylvia
5668s um
5670s I'm trying to think on the top of my
5671s head of any other character that I think
5673s maybe could use changes like those but I
5675s don't think there's really a lot uh the
5677s new characters that have been coming out
5678s I think they've been doing fantastic
5680s with uh irem you know took a little bit
5682s uh kind of tweaked properly but I think
5684s she's uh in a good spot right now
5687s um Leon I still think needs maybe a
5689s little bit more time in the oven I've
5690s been enjoying her of course she is
5692s banned for this tournament so nobody's
5693s gonna be able to play her anyways but
5695s other than that I don't know I've uh
5698s I don't know I think this season's been
5700s really good you know what I mean the
5701s battle zones have been great just it's
5703s just been fun overall I think of one of
5705s the greatest stories that you and I have
5706s got to witness throughout the course of
5708s the season was just like straight up the
5709s development of the Battle Zone so cool
5711s things there Frankie uh isn't having any
5714s of that though he's gonna get taken down
5715s and that means uh should be down here
5717s for the next few seconds but at least
5718s from the position that he is in he's
5720s towards the end of his round he's just
5722s looking for uh ways to get to all of his
5725s little uh you know his little good old
5727s uh Marathon Marathon what is it the
5730s Grand Prix there is the word yeah Lumia
5732s Grand Prix I was thinking Lumia Marathon
5734s that's not exactly that's what we're
5736s doing right now exactly that's what
5737s we're doing that's not what the Sylvia
5739s is doing so cool thing is there I don't
5741s know if that's exactly where chaosic
5743s wanted to be at all he's going to be
5744s inside of the Bush nikonikasushi also
5746s joined The Fray he's gonna get chased
5747s down by the siren we'll be able to dodge
5749s away at least on The Knockout but look
5751s at where he is in comparison to
5752s literally everybody else he's gonna be
5754s stuck inside a corner losing e girls
5755s looking for a kill and they will find it
5757s it was likely next couple of seconds
5759s here Kelsey's just a link there's that a
5761s little bit further it's not going to be
5762s a good sign for him
5764s yeah I don't blame them though actually
5766s oh hold on I see a food across in my
5769s eyes right now hold on Meek get a big
5772s one out there gals are trying to
5773s actually I believe get a return pick
5775s over there but it is gonna be Gala going
5777s down here miss Roy is going to teleport
5778s on in yeah softly low right now there's
5781s the big Kathy ultimate but hold on it's
5784s unfortunately gonna mean passant down on
5786s the ground Esther trying to do as much
5789s as he can right now Meek I believe is
5791s just trying to grab the tree and
5792s everything and heal on up they will be
5794s resin galazord but that's just gonna be
5796s Beacon Esther making off like thieves in
5798s the night with that tree of life yeah
5800s and they don't really care that at this
5802s point that somebody fell because they
5803s will get resurrected anyways but these
5805s objectives there's a very limited amount
5806s as long as you get that and get away
5808s with your life that's a huge dub in your
5810s books and that's what Meek speedy and
5812s Esther will be able to do poisson join
5813s The Fray yet again as he is going to
5815s resurrect here so a good start for team
5817s is way better than game number two which
5819s is what we always wanted to see you know
5820s more advancements towards how they were
5822s able to play gonna be always nice then
5824s this should set them up pretty well I
5826s think going in towards the mid game here
5828s because we saw the amount of damage that
5829s Meek was able to do and I think he was
5831s the one that ended up getting Alexander
5833s I may have missed out on it because uh
5834s Discord is being a little bit weird for
5836s me when it comes to organizing a lot of
5837s my uh uis but yeah I mean damage bonuses
5841s aside like you want more movement speed
5843s on literally anybody so if it is the act
5844s of Alexander absolutely huge if it's
5847s anything else still huge it's big it's
5850s always going to be big you know what I
5852s mean don't worry about it it'll be fine
5853s but oh no jao stick maybe in a little
5856s bit of uh situation there again I do see
5859s a team or is passing right on by don't
5861s think they saw a cow stick that night
5863s time uh I was gonna say buff but Nerf in
5865s this case to that Vision you know what I
5866s mean it's uh it'd be killer but in this
5869s case it wasn't so a very nice cow
5871s sticker to be able to meet up with their
5872s team at a hotel 20 seconds till our
5874s Battle Zone started looks like Ally and
5876s pond will be it for today
5878s not many teams moving there yet they
5880s only got 10 seconds left till they can
5882s get over there we also have Alpha in
5884s good old archery range and yeah honestly
5888s very nice moves from everybody so far
5891s yeah I'm a little bit worried here for
5893s Alpha at the moment because we saw
5894s especially during game number two no
5896s flame was able to capitalize on the fact
5898s that Alpha actually wasn't taken at the
5900s end uh right before their Battle Zone
5902s was finished which means there's still
5903s opportunity as long as these two teams
5905s fight continuously over and over but
5907s it's actually Frankie that falls first
5909s inside of the Battle Zone what is going
5910s on over there
5911s ain't not falling there as well but the
5914s fight still continues on it's going to
5915s be inside a pond okay it's gonna be
5917s gaposaurus actually knocking down no
5919s flame inside of that pawn Battle Zone
5921s for themselves which means a full reset
5923s there are 14 no flame and more fights
5925s happening inside of the alley Battle
5926s Zone as well Frankie's gonna spawn
5928s inside of archery range actually more
5930s stuff happening towards the top side in
5932s the alley right now as well more fights
5934s being pushed away more things happening
5936s and now that Alpha starts getting taken
5938s I don't know if they have enough time
5939s though flame is slowly but surely making
5941s their way down we've seen what they've
5942s done in the past are they going to be
5944s there in time I do not think so not at
5948s all there and that is unfortunate
5951s ring no mithril no nothing there for no
5954s flame that is honestly a little bit
5957s uncharacteristic for them I'm surprised
5959s they actually just got destroyed by
5961s gabasaurus in that Battle Zone wow but
5963s great plays there by gaposaurus of
5965s course Dave scalzor and Roy coming on up
5968s big and man just yeah day two not going
5971s their way so far but now they're gonna
5972s try and possibly look for a pick round
5974s three of the fight between no flaming
5976s oozing e-girls a rivalry as old
5980s yeah and in the end right now it's again
5983s people just finding answers to team no
5985s flame that's what we want to be seeing
5986s right now and this might be a good
5987s initiation actually coming down from
5989s oozing Eagles Lily Pell all the way
5990s towards the back side they're actually
5991s gonna be able to dodge out up against
5993s that uh Odyssey as well but look at the
5995s health bar differences between these
5997s guys Frankie doodle still holding strong
5998s towards the back side it's gonna be a
6000s full on-scale Retreat we'll try to poke
6001s people out that's exactly where the
6003s Sylvia wants to be at the moment those
6005s stuns really coming out from Superior a
6007s lot of Steel is actually missing and the
6008s auto attacks from Lily pedal are
6010s starting to hurt and you know it's gonna
6011s get taken down here inside of our tree
6012s Range Superior as well as Frankie doodle
6014s now on the full scale Retreat they're
6016s trying to put as much space as they can
6018s for Superior to get out here they don't
6019s want to lose as many people as possible
6021s try to not waste time if they can and
6024s they will get away with their lives more
6026s fights happening over in four so it's a
6027s one for one exchange between these two
6029s teams on their screen Cal State trying
6030s his best to run away he's not going to
6031s be able to for now oh no the Liam misses
6035s the pool over and I think this might
6036s actually be our first team that follows
6038s here Tris is trying his best but he's
6040s full team elimination early on in day
6043s number two for game three and
6044s unfortunately it's the team higher
6046s papaya the winners of our game number
6048s two that takes the full brunt of that
6050s yeah that is
6052s unfortunate Chris not able to get over
6056s the wall with that duck dive just
6058s actually was the nail in the coffin
6061s unfortunately oh me wrong way brother
6063s wrong way hold on a second
6065s wrong way wrong way hold on let's back
6067s it up vicious
6070s no right into ecoyo please kind of uh
6074s kind of a little bit silly there I
6076s actually thought he might have gotten
6077s picked out there but not gonna be
6078s happening and I believe this is also
6081s gaposaurus gonna be getting the tree
6082s over here in the hospital very nice
6084s pickup but man really unfortunate
6086s there's a high up a pie to come down
6087s like that that is so unfortunate yeah
6090s and again the fight splits up right you
6092s have a couple people trying to run away
6094s from each other but then you missed the
6096s jump over from the Leon I don't can Leon
6099s jump that well I mean like he was even
6101s in the little cubby where you're like
6103s the other wall yeah maybe it was just
6105s like a couple pixels off of getting to
6107s that spot but it costs their team their
6110s lives a single kill onto Cal stick is
6112s all they're going to have at least going
6113s into game at number four but at least
6115s this gives them a little bit more time
6117s to organize right because now they have
6118s a little bit time before the
6120s intermission so they have some
6121s organization they can do they can do a
6123s little bit of communication between
6125s their teammates as well so hopefully we
6127s can see equio play Oh not equally sorry
6129s higher papaya coming back strong in the
6131s second half of these games oh Roy has to
6133s get out of there now there's that big
6134s deal with the whole rainbow May quit the
6137s damage as well D.S Wiki he is doing it
6141s Dave's Gonna Knock him back with that
6143s girl in a bubble oh pullback as well but
6145s I believe we're also seeing gals or go
6147s down gaze the last one remaining
6150s wow that was insane passant with the
6154s huge Tia picks you love to see it yeah I
6158s mean this is why passant loves to play
6160s tier right like you can have all the
6161s crowd control in the world still be
6163s removed you still have the yellow and
6164s blue tried true and tested at that point
6166s for that player linking it directly into
6168s the full rainbow and by then it's just
6171s done and done for me a lot of good crowd
6173s control linkage from all those guys not
6175s letting boy have an opportunity to even
6177s get that emergency surgery out but this
6179s might be an interesting fight here Aina
6180s taking a huge chunk of their damage but
6182s sakamada is forced to pop their soul and
6184s pretty early on into the fight here
6185s drowning kids towards the back side
6186s sakamata is gonna get taken down first
6188s as you're trying to do whatever he can a
6189s great knock-up but the Silvia is still
6191s alive the Sylvia is still alive you
6193s can't do any more than what you have
6195s already done so far the camera goes down
6197s that should be the end of our actress
6199s here we'll end up losing out on that
6200s Battle Zone Superior a not and Frankie
6203s doodle no flame taken to the second set
6204s of the battle zone for themselves after
6206s missing out on the first one and it
6208s seems like unfortunately for team equal
6209s please will end up missing out on both
6211s of the battle zones for game number
6212s three
6213s back line front line why decide when you
6215s can just be Sylvia and be both you know
6217s what I mean do you need do you need
6218s somebody to engage for you that's fine
6220s places you need a backline Healer play
6222s Sylvia do you need somebody that can
6224s also dish out damage from mid-range play
6226s Sylvia it doesn't matter the literal
6228s jack of all trades they can somehow do
6231s all of the trades just as good as other
6233s people can that is disgusting she has
6236s catch she has Chase she has healing what
6238s more do you need Julie
6240s bring out the uh octopus is like
6242s literally everything in the game right
6244s just every archetype it's too long I
6246s can't even remember I can't even
6247s memorize the whole thing because of how
6249s much there is but that's literally what
6250s Sylvia is right now
6254s exactly
6255s oh the whole nine yards but yeah
6258s actually man great pickup there of
6261s course I believe I think that did they
6263s get the claddar ring off that I believe
6264s that was what they actually ended up
6266s getting I yeah it is I actually see it
6267s now
6268s um they did end up getting that ring for
6271s Frankie the shields will be coming out
6273s as always now let's see we have about a
6277s little bit over a minute until we oh
6278s hello me actually just spotting out
6281s gaposaurus there but oh my goodness plus
6284s sod taken so much damage there there's
6286s the lovely totem activation there be
6289s trying to actually heal for Passat right
6291s now to try and get some of that healing
6292s which they will be able to avoid getting
6294s chased down by Meek sauna's back right
6296s now Dave's is down of course Roy down
6298s two now galzor 1v3 scenario but I don't
6301s think it's gonna be enough and that's
6303s gaposaurus get taken down by the
6306s rizzlers themselves team Riz
6309s man this is not good for team gaposaurus
6312s they had such a good early game trying
6314s to knock down a couple of these guys
6315s even getting the first battle Zone over
6317s team no flame but they're not able to
6319s transition that into a victory or even
6321s towards the late game portion of their
6323s game right now managing to secure four
6325s kills for themselves is not bad but a
6326s lot of them were inside of the Battle
6328s Zone which are not going to count here
6330s in the long run so a brutal end there
6332s for a team gaposaurus but again it's
6334s more time for them to reorganize they
6335s got to start talking about what their
6337s plan is in games four and five because
6339s if they'll continue with this team which
6340s is actually working for the most part I
6342s think they just need a little bit more
6343s communication these fights are a little
6345s bit too split apart for these teams to
6347s operate correctly The Sentinel have not
6348s really seem that much usage here either
6350s from that fight
6351s unfortunate there for them but of course
6354s in classic fashion we do have no flame
6358s picking up Wick not many people near buy
6361s to end up taking it using your girl's
6363s not going to take it Riz not going to be
6365s able to take it either that is the next
6367s four and a half then it's going to be
6368s dominated by Wick oh man and these last
6372s four teams here shuvi it's close all of
6376s these teams have kills the transitions
6378s are coming online for all of them this
6380s is some of the best action we've seen in
6382s a while
6383s yeah and again you know you might say
6386s best action but this is like textbook by
6388s all these guys they're actually fighting
6389s according to how their teams actually
6391s want to fight which is even more
6393s surprising right like this is the amount
6395s of uh coolness that we're seeing because
6396s I can't I can't think of words I I can't
6398s speak English cool yes there's the words
6400s I'll go with uh textbook fights are
6403s usually not supposed to be cool because
6404s we see them all the time but these guys
6405s are making it look cool so cool things
6407s for us we're winners in in the end
6410s you know these guys are playing here but
6411s uh yeah it's rizz you know it's it's you
6413s and I as casters winning The Observers
6415s are winning the admins are winning the
6417s chat's winning because we get to watch
6418s all this happen in real time as these
6420s guys have to suffer through these games
6423s yeah exactly we just get to sit here and
6425s watch them you know what I mean we've
6426s watched an insane amount of eternal
6428s return over the last uh like three
6430s months I mean over the last like two
6432s years in general we've watched so much
6433s VR you know I could I feel like I could
6435s just cast with my eyes but at this point
6437s just kind of guess I could sit here and
6438s be like oh wait Frankie killed somebody
6440s oh oh he's on Sylvia no way you know I
6442s could just
6443s feel like we could do that at that point
6445s maybe that'd be fun do a blind cast one
6446s day just trying to see what's happening
6448s based on sound but oh there we go Esther
6451s with a huge grappling whip there zoo in
6455s gets finished off by the ultimate from
6458s me soul link is definitely pop from
6460s sakamada but is it gonna be enough for
6463s Sonic Carolina 1v1 with drowning kids
6464s might need a little bit of help with
6466s that one but wow Esther with these whip
6470s skills today who is this guy
6473s man this man is putting on his uh g-work
6475s cosplay right now he's Landing every
6476s single one of these dashings with the
6478s grappling Whip and oh my God Esther is
6480s sitting up so much and you know even
6482s without the knock-up on passant side all
6484s he has to do is just land the blue and
6486s then link it up immediately with the
6488s yellow there's not that many answers to
6489s anything else after that so beautiful
6491s combination coming out there from the
6493s Sun as well as Esther this is also going
6495s to be drowning kittens fully eliminated
6496s here too so only three teams remaining
6498s as we start going into the eve of game
6500s number three here three full teams left
6503s and it's gonna be team no flame as well
6505s as team let's see here it's gonna be
6507s losing egos as well as team Riz they
6509s have a lot of opportunity still left in
6511s this game even if we are on day four
6512s credits still being built for these guys
6514s map is going to be relatively open
6516s considering there's only three teams
6517s compared to the five or six that we've
6519s seen so far at the stage in the game
6521s oh this is gonna be a fun one potential
6524s for his final zone for you too no of
6526s course you know me the forced final Zone
6528s lore I need it right now 50 seconds
6531s until we find out these three teams it's
6534s gonna be close I this is gonna be a
6536s close one truly it's gonna be fun though
6539s I'm looking forward to it we have a lot
6541s of our teams in forest for I mean
6543s two-thirds of them technically over here
6545s in Forest right now oh prison oozing
6548s e-girls are we actually gonna see Esther
6549s with a huge pick again possibly another
6551s insane whip he is fully transitioned in
6554s everything or just about actually by
6557s apologies I thought he had a different
6558s head piece on but he just needs uh just
6561s a little bit more shuvi and is it gonna
6562s be oozing e girls it actually gives him
6564s that headpiece hold on let's find out I
6567s can tell he's looking for something you
6569s can feel it he is broken definitely he's
6571s cooking hold on is he gonna be able to
6574s find it does it actually goes a little
6576s bit wide there okay actually Nico gonna
6579s get rooted down but now looks like
6580s they're gonna be retreating right now
6581s just kind of wait for that uh that pick
6584s potential again
6585s something I found really funny
6587s throughout the whole course of that is
6588s the fact that poisson actually held onto
6589s his blue the entire duration of that so
6592s and as soon as Esther tried using the
6594s grappling whip that's right when he
6595s changed over to the blue to try to set
6596s things up so their game plan is very
6599s simple but it's straightforward that's
6600s pretty used though
6611s oozing Eagles obliterated by the hands
6614s of the painter Passat
6616s back with the Tia in season eight don't
6618s worry no more Adela get get it away only
6622s Tia what in the name of the Lord was
6627s that
6635s you know
6637s oh my goodness hello three minutes in
6639s the past us and everybody else out there
6642s I don't remember what it is
6644s hey you guys are in one minute three
6646s minutes
6646s sure same thing yeah exactly hi guys but
6649s um of course and now it is one on one
6653s shuvi I'm actually gonna laugh if they
6655s don't even go this way if they end up
6656s opting to go upwards oh dude this is a
6660s cool unfortunate too man I mean like
6661s look at where they are right all the
6663s information is on the side of Frankie
6665s Doodle's team at the moment no flame has
6667s Vision if they go towards the top side
6669s of that area they should be able to know
6671s the CCTV goes down there's absolutely no
6673s information on them in this area will
6676s hit them oh this is not looking oh good
6679s Dodges though from everybody this is at
6681s least good they know that everyone's
6682s here right now Esther meek and passant
6684s they're looking to go towards the other
6686s entry but that's also really bad too
6687s because they got to start walking in to
6690s a very enclosed area up against these
6692s three characters that's not good Finish
6694s Line in and of itself will Perma slow
6695s these guys to Oblivion hopefully we can
6697s see something happening here no Corner
6699s checks coming down from Team No flame
6701s this time around so person can't really
6702s get an easy three-man knock-up and a
6704s route like that so we'll see what ends
6706s up happening here double Guillotine is
6708s already going down Zone control going
6710s down as well hatchets being called we
6711s know exactly where that is going into
6714s yeah now let's see Esther what are you
6716s gonna try and do Superior always gonna
6718s try and hunt for that little stun just
6720s to have an engage there this is gonna be
6722s such a close fight here it does get
6724s rooted down but that shield from Sue is
6726s going to be able to block so much damage
6729s now looks like they're just trying to
6730s get some of these traps out right now
6732s all the teams they're trying this is
6734s just a war of attrition right now trying
6737s to take space from each other oh Wester
6740s not able to find the pick unfortunately
6741s that would have been beautiful
6742s especially if it was on to Frankie
6744s that's who they really I feel like you
6746s need to worry about more than anything
6747s in this fight I know they have some form
6749s of anti-hill on them so it's not that
6752s big of a deal want to get this bear down
6753s as well just so we don't have any little
6755s third party scenarios coming in from
6757s that bear trying to stun up everybody
6759s but juvie this is gonna be a close one
6762s uh losing ground though is going to be
6764s team no flame they're slowly but surely
6766s being pushed back from all of these Tia
6767s yellow paints right now the blue paint
6769s is down I think that was a flash but
6772s that's an awkward ultimate there from as
6774s they're trying to split up a lot of
6775s these fights it's going to be that full
6777s rainbow with really good coup de gras
6778s going down to multiple people at once
6780s Superior is trying to stay alive but a
6782s not is already down that means Frankie
6784s can't heal that player up anymore the
6785s health bars on the side of uh Team Riz
6788s looking very healthy for them again
6790s making their way back from game number
6792s two is gonna be this team their kill
6794s count looking absolutely amazing Enoch
6796s is fully Down and Out Frankie doodle and
6798s Superior the last two standing Martyrs
6800s of his team the grappling whip is gonna
6802s land onto Sylvia oh it's not looking
6805s good
6805s nothing left in his Arsenal team or is
6809s the change up into the tf4 poisson is
6812s the answer there they will take away 14
6814s kills overall absolutely amazing wow
6818s what a game zero two hero shuvi that was
6825s crazy
6826s from sixth place in game two to first
6830s place in game three
6834s oh my goodness gracious shooby what a
6838s fantastic showing there by team Riz that
6842s was incredible all of the plays from
6845s forest to Temple it just doesn't matter
6848s that was disgusting by them fantastic we
6854s said textbook and that's what they came
6857s here to do the fundamentals getting us
6859s shown off from meek Esther and poisson
6863s fantastic job done gentlemen I mean you
6867s have to say man that change up from the
6868s Adele over onto the Tia seeming to be
6870s the answer just everything clicking in
6874s the mindset of Team Riz as soon as that
6876s Tia comes through they know exactly what
6877s they're playing off of the yellow paint
6879s as well as the blue paint just
6880s pressurizing so many of these teams I
6882s mean you don't usually see a team no
6884s playing losing ground literally anywhere
6886s as soon as all those traps are coming
6888s down but they're so scared of that
6890s yellow and blue paint combination from
6891s Hassan who we know can land very
6893s important ones at the correct time even
6895s that full rainbow was an amazing one
6897s down on the ground too to split up the
6899s entirety of team no flame isolate the
6902s Fiora and lock him down until he is dead
6904s too
6905s just wow yeah that's all you can do
6908s right the little claps from us exactly
6910s great job there by team Riz guys that
6915s was insane oh my goodness but guys we
6920s need a little bit of a break after those
6923s three games we're gonna be sending it
6925s over for a 10 minute break you guys
6927s stand up get some rest and everything
6929s get some drinks get some snacks we're
6931s gonna show the scores and everything
6932s once we get back give everybody a little
6934s bit of time to recuperate from an insane
6936s game and we'll see you guys back here in
6939s 10 minutes
6944s thank you
6955s [Music]
6978s foreign
6980s [Music]
6987s [Music]
7032s [Music]
7046s thank you
7052s [Music]
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7061s [Music]
7089s breakfast
7092s [Music]
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7210s thank you foreign
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7316s thank you
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7330s thank you
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7347s thank you
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7368s [Music]
7412s thank you
7413s [Music]
7419s oh
7423s [Music]
7429s my God
7431s [Music]
7458s foreign
7461s [Music]
7496s thank you
7499s [Music]
7528s thank you
7540s [Music]
7546s hello everybody and once again welcome
7548s back from our small little intermission
7550s there to the season eight Lumia Marathon
7553s finals for North America I still think
7555s I'm circadia possibly for today I joined
7557s alongside by my work husband and
7560s fellowcaster Mr suvi Senpai welcome back
7562s shuvi from our break how are you feeling
7563s brother feeling pretty good I got the
7565s lights on I'm ready to cast again as
7567s well it's starting to turn a little bit
7569s dark outside so I can't rely on the
7570s illumination of the sun anymore but I'm
7572s feeling good game three was an absolute
7574s blast I think you guys will be
7576s absolutely amazed the moment we see the
7577s scoreboard as well
7579s we have two more games left of the
7581s Season finals for North America all of
7583s their hard work all these six teams is
7585s hard Works comes down to these last two
7588s games and has been an amazing ride with
7590s these guys two more games left for
7592s season eight yeah it's gonna be
7593s culminating into all this two more games
7596s guys we've really gotta get hyped for
7598s these players are gonna be on the edge
7599s of their seats and so should you but for
7602s right now let's actually take it over to
7604s our scoreboard after game three of
7606s course not getting to take a look at it
7607s before the intermission in first place
7610s still we have no flame in coming in
7613s second Riz right now coming all the way
7616s up from almost last play shuvi can you
7619s believe that with third place also going
7622s over to oozing e girls fourth place is
7625s higher papaya fifth equal yo plays in
7627s and six is gaposaurus only six points
7630s Riz needs to catch up to first place
7633s that is
7634s insanity after coming back and having
7637s such an explosive game game number three
7640s can they keep the magic going yeah it's
7643s absolutely Bonkers I mean like if you
7644s take a look at the scoreboard here you
7646s can see that the first two games ever
7647s has had sixth place sixth place they got
7649s dead last in both of those games four
7651s kills on one one on the other day that
7653s night one in that second game too they
7656s completely turned it around it seems
7657s like again as I mentioned before the
7659s intermission here that Tia pick Change
7660s Up Click right inside their head going
7663s straight into first place 14 kills all
7666s of their kills outside of the battle
7667s zones that is an immense game coming
7670s down from Team Rose but you can see that
7672s these scoreboards are not rigid at all
7675s it can still swap around for these guys
7676s two more games like we talked about how
7678s they're running out of time but each of
7680s those games are really going to matter
7681s for all of them so hopefully games four
7683s and five all these guys had enough time
7685s to talk with one another during the
7686s intermission and hopefully they should
7688s have a plan going into them
7690s yeah I'm looking forward to it it is
7693s crazy man I know we have to Hype up Riz
7696s as much as possible but it can't be
7698s understated what they just did coming up
7702s like that started from the bottom now
7704s they are here shuvi I am looking forward
7707s to seeing as I said if they're able to
7708s keep that magic going in games four and
7711s five maybe they'll stick with the Tia
7713s which you know I I think any smart
7715s person after having a game like that you
7718s would stick with the Tia but let's see
7720s what they're gonna be able to do outside
7722s of that of course they still have that
7724s Yuki and Laura Esther also has to be
7728s praised for those whips able to just
7732s grab people and bring them right into
7735s the loving arms of Meek and poisson and
7738s meek still having great ultimates there
7741s as well has to be talked about as well
7742s team risbane just looking wonderful but
7746s shuvi no flame is their competition
7750s right now sitting there in first place
7752s only six points ahead does no flame
7755s possibly have this game in the bag as
7757s well
7758s I have absolutely no clue man if we've
7760s seen anything from games two and three
7762s it's that other teams have found them
7763s out and the funny thing is it's not just
7765s one team that has figured out how to try
7767s fighting up against them it's actually a
7769s lot of these teams we saw that you know
7771s especially up towards Temple after team
7773s no flame had a huge Advantage going into
7775s that fight especially when it came to
7776s positioning wise team risk still had
7779s answers for them Tia is still very care
7781s a scary character especially as soon as
7783s you get hit by those yellow uh paints
7785s and we know that teams aren't going to
7787s single-handedly stand inside of it so
7788s you gotta either pull the trigger and
7790s just go or you gotta back away and give
7791s them space sometimes backing away and
7793s giving them space means that you lose
7795s ground especially in season eight where
7797s losing ground means so so much
7799s detrimentally to your team
7801s I don't know man team no flame they got
7803s to do a lot more things like pulling the
7805s trigger I feel like yeah they did have a
7807s little bit of a rough game three there
7809s we did see them kind of not really get
7812s the early game that they wanted lost
7814s upon Battle Zone I believe that was to
7816s gaposaurus if I'm not mistaken and then
7819s actually not able to get the outfit that
7822s they wanted up in archery either two big
7825s blows to their Tempo there early but
7828s hold on let me actually talk about the
7830s lobby real fast because drowning kittens
7831s possibly gonna be oh on the Bianca okay
7835s I'm looking forward to that Bianca I
7839s feel like we haven't been seeing enough
7841s of her oh I'm so happy about this it's
7843s drowning kittens on the Bianca too one
7846s of if not I think one of my favorites uh
7849s favorite Bianca is in North America
7850s whenever drown the kittens pulls this
7852s pick out you can expect to see something
7853s pretty good and you combine it on top
7855s with sakamata as well as dezu both on
7857s their characters as well the irm and the
7860s Chloe this should be an easy way for
7861s drowningkins to get a lot of crowd
7863s control down funny enough uh we're gonna
7865s be seeing a swap up from the Elena over
7868s onto drowning kittens going on to the
7869s Bianca here instead so we're going there
7872s from uh you know a little bit of a big
7873s AOE circle of freeze into a big AOE
7876s circle of ground and blood
7878s yeah I'm excited for it honestly I think
7882s that's a great switch up and it's going
7884s to be the Frailty Bianca as well no
7886s vampiric or anything for her but that is
7888s completely understandable but the rest
7890s of these teams looking exactly the same
7893s here we always talk about fundamentals
7895s and these teams are really going to have
7896s to show it off to us here
7899s um other than no flame and Riz uh who
7902s are you keeping your eye on this game I
7905s think the team that I'm specifically
7906s looking out for right now is going to be
7908s team higher papaya because we saw the
7910s potential that these guys really have
7912s when it comes to the mid to late game
7913s fights it's just game number three was
7915s not it but we've seen what happens to
7917s teams that really just was not it for
7919s the game before especially with Team Riz
7921s so hi papaya the one that I'm looking at
7923s right now Cal stick Cal stick macel and
7926s tris have a lot to prove to us
7928s especially with this Leon on Tris at the
7930s moment running glove here instead of the
7932s tomfa especially in a day and age where
7934s you're looking to just consistently
7936s Shield your Jenny you will be opting to
7938s go for the glove here instead so I gotta
7941s I'm expecting a lot more here from Tris
7942s right now he's looking for much more
7943s angles we saw the amazing three-man
7945s Surfs Up earlier from him as well to set
7947s up Cal stick into a beautiful fight into
7949s no flame they just have to be able to
7950s finish some of these games out
7952s sometimes you know you make me forget
7954s that Leon has taught but some days I do
7956s I could be forgetting yeah you know I'm
7958s like love what are you talking about of
7960s course he's going oh yeah
7962s right
7964s oh there's actually been more people
7966s running confidently on in team modes if
7968s I remember correctly and then they
7969s slowly started nerfing that thing which
7970s is mind-boggling to me because we
7973s haven't really seen it that often but it
7975s is a thing
7976s I mean I don't blame them I think uh it
7979s I think it's because they nerfed if I'm
7981s not mistaken I think they nerfed the
7983s shielding power on it if I'm trying to
7985s remember yeah it was the actual
7986s percentage there uh if I'm remembering
7989s correctly but I think they've honestly I
7991s still like it I think it's a great
7992s pickup uh but of course they will be as
7995s you said opting for the glove here not
7998s surprised at all you know you talked
8000s about them a little bit but I'm going to
8001s talk about oozing e girls just not
8003s having the game that they wanted last
8005s time either especially after a dominant
8007s game one performance we're sitting right
8010s there I believe in first it was first or
8012s second place I'm sorry I have to take it
8014s back a little bit but I still think they
8016s are looking fantastic really able to
8018s just do so much on that Ayah yeah I
8021s think at this point
8023s um also it's a lot of other teams again
8024s adjusting to how other teams are going
8026s to play Lilly puddle just has not had
8028s that open of a front line to hold
8030s everybody back there's always somebody
8032s that gets straight through both uh what
8034s is it USA as well as at that point it's
8037s pretty problematic for everybody else
8039s Cal State trying to fight it out up
8040s against
8041s joining in meek meek you're just not
8045s giving an opportunity at all here for
8047s Chao stick we'll get taken down down
8048s over on beach standard Yuki in beach at
8052s this late in night in day number one
8053s just coming in supporting his teammate
8055s will be able to knock down tastic am I
8057s crazy or like did you notice how fast it
8060s looked for Meek when he went through the
8062s speed gate and also used his death it
8064s looked like he literally just like like
8066s shun pulled behind him or something was
8068s like oh my God I was like he literally
8070s that was crazy
8073s but yeah also going to be our first to
8075s fall here in game number four and should
8078s be time is ticking the clock is ticking
8082s he's gonna be able to do it
8085s objectives being contested right now
8087s right number one people are hanging
8090s around to your Meeks looking for an
8091s angle poisson just trying to do
8093s something but Rory is not the type of
8094s player this is the guy that just pulls
8096s the trigger and he finds that angle
8098s inside a passive passat's not gonna be
8100s able to survive your diamond Shard is
8101s going to be enough right before he dies
8103s though he does end up getting the full
8104s rainbow off as they're trying to poke
8106s down mizor as much as possible but we do
8107s have Deus hanging around here as well it
8110s seems like the tree of life for the
8111s first time in all of our games here
8113s tonight going over towards team
8115s gaposaurus they will be able to pick
8117s that up and let's see what they do in
8118s the building with this because yeah I
8120s just don't I just really didn't expect
8122s him to actually get it here at this
8124s stage yeah but now Superior is here as
8126s well kind of feeling out what's going on
8128s no the rest of no flame behind them a
8130s not getting a perfect hyperloop in there
8132s now Frankie I believe might pull the
8135s trigger Roy having to do something here
8137s very nice suture but they're actually
8140s they're gonna leave the map to try oh
8143s Esther's actually coming back
8145s hold on wait is this actually
8148s actually saw it trying to get something
8150s in right now A not falling down to half
8151s health
8159s [Music]
8165s Elsewhere on the map but yeah very nice
8167s pick there by the rizzlers themselves
8169s this is absolutely all over the place
8171s right now I mean look at how this map is
8173s situated we have everybody trying to run
8175s away from one another and then leads to
8177s everybody just running into each other
8178s instead and it seems like Superior also
8180s being found out here as well team Riz
8183s trying to get as many points as possible
8184s as they can but you can see Trista macto
8186s hanging around the outside Superior he
8188s can know here yes they do but on here in
8191s subsequent fashion facade you need to
8193s run there buddy yeah don't risk this
8194s just by standing inside of that bush
8196s Esther going inside of Doc as well
8198s Prasad getting taken down pretty low
8199s full rainbow is going to be good but
8201s Esther needs to completely book it he's
8202s gonna get out of there himself as well
8204s so full skill Retreat for team Riz just
8206s sneak down on the ground for now with
8208s the speed Gates everybody else
8209s theoretically you should be fine too
8211s that is still a very nice pick up rizz
8214s already on four kills that means
8216s actually with the kills I know they
8218s surpassed they're in the driver's seat
8220s right now that's first place for them
8221s and now Esther in a little bit of a
8225s pickle there as I don't think he could
8227s take on all of no Flame by himself yeah
8229s not at all it was a good attempt there
8231s it was a pretty nice uh Twilight Heist
8233s coming through for him as well but just
8234s a little bit too dinky especially with
8236s the Sylvia hanging around there healing
8237s up you can't single-handedly take down
8239s all that effective HP for those guys so
8241s unfortunately and therefore Esther but
8243s again Meek is back up on the line
8245s passant managed to stay alive too so
8247s this is a pretty good result I would say
8249s for team Riz considering how old is the
8251s situation they were in although I don't
8253s know if that's where Superior maybe
8254s wants to be but a beautiful Shield makes
8256s it so that the stun from the Yuki
8258s actually does not go through the health
8259s bars on both teams actually looking
8260s somewhat equal at this point but we do
8262s see that the Yuki is pretty low when it
8264s comes to the health bar they're going to
8265s make a full scale Retreat as they do not
8267s have ways to sustain themselves Superior
8270s still looking for angles I mean he's
8271s still thinking about going in on this
8274s one because he knows how isolated he can
8275s make each individual one of these
8276s players Frankie doodle also trying to
8278s chase but what the heck was that that
8280s was like super delayed for them the red
8283s carpet onto the Fiora but I think for
8285s the most part it will be a successful
8287s Escape unless Frankie still wants to try
8289s for this that's crazy they're actually
8291s gonna be Jason you notice how much
8293s Frankie gets back just look at that this
8295s entire fuel getting back just by
8297s existing oh my God
8300s went from zero to a hundred just real
8303s quick that was insane oh my God that
8307s fuel Mark maybe we need to take a look
8309s at that one again
8310s just a little bit oh this could be found
8313s out in the bush by losing egirls
8316s actually I believe they're gonna be
8317s chasing him we can see the little kitty
8319s actually going after Maxwell right now
8321s there's that BS skill gonna be able to
8323s get Maxwell out of there possibly well
8324s he pedal those Autos well they chunked
8327s no flame is right below them as well
8329s maybe we have actually looks like
8330s another fight's going up the sauce down
8332s somewhere hold on now they're getting
8334s chased by sakamada hold on EPO please
8336s but guess what we also have gaposaurus
8339s here
8340s to go in uh-oh uh oh shoot me this is
8344s not good actually we might Yeah clean
8347s pick up there by Roy ondaster and Pete's
8350s just gonna have to get out of there wow
8351s I wonder what happened uh oh but hold on
8353s wait we're not done yet yeah we're not
8355s done yet hold on big reign of the
8357s vampire queen out there from the Bianca
8359s Dave's gonna be still alive right now
8361s though they're just trying to take down
8363s Esther's body soccer model looks like
8365s trying to get some Autos in stack up
8367s that I'm trying a little bit dezu going
8368s over the wall but it looks like
8370s everybody's just gonna be retreating for
8372s right now kind of recuperate yeah
8375s this is uh looking quite interesting I
8377s think for most of our players here right
8379s now because there's no full team that's
8381s been eliminated I feel like this is one
8383s of our slower paced games out of the
8385s four games that we've had so far Esther
8387s will fall of course but he's gonna
8388s resurrect here that's a really nice
8390s blank cartridge oh that's not looking
8392s really good for Aina right now the Perry
8393s actually is pretty good to get him out
8395s of that fight the health bars on
8397s nikonika Sushi as well as Lily pedal
8398s looking pretty dangerous those cameras
8399s inside the bushes maybe finding a little
8401s bit of an angle for them to try to
8403s getting a little bit more space for a
8405s lily pedal to rest up nikonikasushi will
8407s do the exact same thing a not doing the
8408s same thing as well it's gonna be a full
8410s fight reset and the meteorites seem to
8412s be going over on the side of team no
8413s flame as Vision looking still pretty
8415s bright on the side of uh team moves and
8417s egirls the meteorite has been picked up
8419s though they are they got what they came
8420s here for the charm is pretty good but
8422s Usman has to fully back away their Lily
8424s pedal sitting in the middle of nowhere
8425s you don't have a front line you get
8426s taken out as that Aya will get fully
8429s eliminated as nikunikasushi getting
8431s chased down here by Frankie doodle they
8433s want to go for this though going
8434s straight into Avenue
8436s will just saying nope and get on out of
8438s there that was crazy oh no
8443s right now no knock them to get them out
8445s of the coffee but there's the silence
8446s and everything that is drowning kids
8447s going down like it was nothing
8450s man kills everybody these last two game
8453s shoot me looks like everybody just wants
8455s it
8456s yes they have murder destruction Mayhem
8460s that could possibly also be red you know
8464s no but of course oh man I don't even
8467s though see they are just doing their
8469s bloodthirsty that meteorite fight was
8471s insane we also have our baby zones
8474s coming up in 20 seconds I believe it's
8475s forest and Alley if I'm not mistaken we
8478s can't see there on the lovely map and
8480s look at these transitions for people
8481s Frankie already on the Altair a not
8483s gonna be on the Almas as well uzma with
8486s that cross pedal just so many upgrades
8488s coming in and now it looks like here we
8490s go with our alley Battle Zone just about
8492s to start up here in five seconds
8493s shuttles are spawning no flame looking
8495s for these kills oh boy shoot me here we
8498s go can equal please turn it around this
8501s time around I don't think I've really
8502s seen them ever having a successful fight
8503s up against team no flame so far but
8506s maybe this is their area where they do
8507s end up doing it because this could be a
8509s very detrimental moment for team no fun
8511s if they don't end up winning this
8512s battles and remember the clotted rain
8514s has been so pivotal in making sure that
8516s this team is able to sustain themselves
8518s all the way till the end here oh
8519s drowning kids is actually going to be
8521s completely denied they're a beautiful
8522s place from Aina to deny that he does end
8525s up eating a shot from the reign of the
8526s vampire queen but it doesn't matter
8527s Bianca's kid is all done and done at
8529s that point soccer mod is trying to put
8531s down as much damage as possible you can
8532s see the shield coming through for them
8533s as well but this irm is just not able to
8535s sustain at all for themselves and that's
8537s gonna actually get knocked down there
8538s from sakamada so link is over however it
8541s is going to be a done fight there for
8543s team no flame they will be able to do
8544s once again triumph over team equal
8547s please a brutal Ender for those guys but
8549s that just means that they're gonna
8550s resurrect here in day number three
8552s should be able to at least get a couple
8554s more fights in the last hurray coming in
8556s for that team and game number four
8558s that's the one unfortunate thing about
8560s Bianca especially into a team like no
8563s flame uh once you have the ultimate
8564s everything uh you realize slowly the
8566s superior block 90 of the damage and that
8568s Frankie is still healing him anyways so
8570s you're like uh huh well might not be the
8573s uh best thing I was looking for out
8575s there but yeah that is a nice pickup
8577s there we do have rizz walking in here
8579s they spot Frankie a naught as well I
8581s believe
8582s period they get a camera down they do
8585s see all of them yellow paint not able to
8587s land unfortunately I'm gonna be waiting
8589s for it again
8590s and see how scared they are of the blue
8592s yellow combo though split apart is there
8595s around the wall as well are we actually
8597s gonna see some oh they're just chasing
8600s what is that oh my goodness oh look at
8602s this
8603s oh yeah now they're able to walk at
8605s least into the Force Battle Zone of
8607s course haven't won it but it's right
8609s around the corner oh my God they don't
8611s even know that is hilarious what is
8613s going on
8615s uh this is actually looking I think a
8617s little bit difficult for team no flame
8618s right now because they have to walk down
8620s towards that area unless they want to
8621s hyperloop out they're gonna have to eat
8623s timer a little bit regardless I feel
8624s like at this point unless uh they're
8626s able to just take that item and straight
8627s up go you can see the amount of vision
8629s that these teams have right now I mean
8631s our Observer doing absolutely amazing at
8632s the moment giving us a little bit of
8634s that suspense for you and I although
8635s it's for me I'm in the game itself so it
8637s doesn't matter on my end but the
8639s suspense for all these teams just
8640s knowing what they know and that is going
8642s to be it we don't have full vision of
8644s those guys during these small moments
8645s that we're only seeing team vision and
8647s you can see how much of time they're
8649s really being given to react to this and
8651s it's not that much
8653s not that much at all
8655s let's see they do spot out that camera
8658s that's in the bush
8659s coming out of it right now though Wick
8661s is up she will be in Avenue uh oh
8664s Frankie fighting oozing e girls right
8667s now there's Nico trying to go in she's
8669s not gonna be able to find much just yet
8671s balls going on every which way there for
8674s Nico it's the finish line there's the
8677s knock-up on the a knot but it's gonna be
8678s superior going back in in return who's
8681s about trying to knock him in the wall
8682s with the ultimate oh oh unfortunately
8684s Nico does go down there's Lily Kettle
8686s about to fall as well that guy cartridge
8688s ultimate not going to be able to help
8690s you and unfortunately they just get
8693s dismantled by no place wow that is good
8697s look at this they barely even took any
8699s damage either it's more a not than
8700s anybody but now another fun Esther's
8703s actually down thanks to Dave's what
8704s happened over here Meek trying to rest
8706s up in the corner right now Dave's just
8708s about to fall down Roy is here too
8710s Meek's coming back into the fight great
8712s skill uh of the bat there you know I was
8715s trying to say bat skill but of the bat I
8716s think is fine it's a 2v2 here passan
8718s needs to rest up right now oh it's me oh
8720s what's gonna happen here oh the third
8722s party guess what waves here Hassan has
8725s to Res Esther and they have to get the
8727s hell out of there right now oh how
8730s unfortunate you hate to see it juvie
8733s oh God and now no flames is in such a
8737s good standing here over literally
8738s everybody else so many advantages going
8740s over onto them at the moment Wick is
8742s still not even dead yet so the amount of
8744s opportunities that this team has they're
8746s running straight towards that objective
8748s right now it is looking tougher and
8750s tougher as the game goes we're still
8751s seeing people trying to Res people as
8753s much as they can silence is going to be
8755s gausser he's still down on the ground
8757s weak is still already done and does the
8759s two as they're getting taken down very
8760s dangerously low does Davis want to stick
8762s onto the resurrection it does seem like
8763s that is the case passant has no way of
8765s stopping this anymore he doesn't have a
8768s knock-up anymore and that means gelser
8770s will be picked up as all the wiggling
8772s gonna be taken here by team no flame yet
8774s again they get a tree of life on top of
8776s it so Best of Both Worlds all the
8778s transition items yet again coming
8779s through for these guys that blood sample
8781s is going to be huge that tree of life
8783s will be massive for these two yeah and
8785s it looks like Grizz was doing their uh
8788s doing good there for a while in this
8789s game but unfortunately no flame I guess
8792s that intermission really just woke them
8793s up Bob they are sitting on 10 that kills
8796s right now absolutely disgusting and now
8799s he may have another fight down here in
8801s dock I'm still trying to go in have some
8803s stasis and everything there's a big
8805s ultimate from the Bianca uses their own
8807s spaces as well everybody has totem I
8808s swear to God it just looks like it Cal
8811s State trying to get as much damage out
8812s onto that coffin-up Bianca as possible
8814s mactile also gonna fall meanwhile
8817s there's the play dead forced out from
8819s Jenny but I don't think anybody can deal
8821s with this this might be doesn't going
8822s down it will not and it looks like if I
8826s am able to take this fight here down in
8828s dock oh wait there's oh no that oh what
8831s is happening dezu actually falling down
8833s with Chris and Max Hall actually almost
8836s in full health so unfortunately that is
8838s the end of the e3o please here in game
8841s four what a brutal end and you know what
8843s it was a good attempt there from
8844s sakamada as well as Desi trying to turn
8846s it around they had no timer inside the
8848s factory so they had to go back in
8850s regardless of the situation they try to
8852s make the post of uh the best of it got
8854s one single kill but ended up getting
8855s taken out regardless so a good attempt
8857s there from those guys and now it's gonna
8858s be no flame yet again trying to chase
8860s these people down they have the wick
8861s buff passant trying to run away here as
8863s well but now they have absolutely
8864s nowhere else to run Beach is the only
8866s spot left and they all have to eat time
8868s or this is not looking good for Esther
8870s or Busan at this point you try to
8872s maintain as much utility as possible but
8874s look who's waiting for him right at the
8877s edge here does he know not yet but I
8879s don't think anyone on the side of Team
8882s gaposaurus either they're looking for
8884s angles but they're actually instead oh
8887s my god oh now they just saw it for a
8888s moment right like I saw it for a second
8890s yeah it might have been a little bit of
8892s a vision bug I don't know oh they
8894s actually don't see him oh my God
8900s no
8902s you're those easier footsteps all over
8903s the place right away saying why am I
8905s still alive nobody saw Esther there oh
8909s my God that is crazy just barely at the
8913s edge of every six people didn't see
8917s Esther although they're coming
8920s oh no this is so oh this is just awful
8924s gals were trying to go in but I don't
8926s know if it's enough there's the diamond
8928s card as well Roy's trying to do
8930s something I don't know
8932s everybody's gonna die
8936s [Music]
8940s and I already know what's about to
8942s happen we're about to see the donut
8944s delivery girl herself
8946s but anyway I love it Esther no passants
8950s down as well and it's just gonna be
8953s extra oh wait a minute
8956s no I want to wait I actually didn't see
8958s what was on my thing lagged for a second
8961s I said that and that he instantly came
8964s on my screen in half though
8969s oh no that is unfortunate that is the
8972s worst timing I feel like I just spawned
8973s Esther into existence there unfortunate
8976s but let's see it's gonna be the Battle
8978s of rats right now oh no
8980s on them Battle of The Rats battle of the
8983s teams the Titans two remaining alive
8985s right now no flame as well as team uh
8988s what was that again oh my goodness I
8990s keep forgetting team names hiya papaya I
8992s talked about both of these teams by the
8993s way right before the intermission Haya
8995s papaya is struggling a little bit in
8996s game number three seeming like they have
8998s a solid foundation here in game four
9000s though as a you know beautiful
9002s transitions over onto Cal State we do
9004s have gals are still sitting on zero
9005s everybody else sitting pretty nicely as
9008s well I mean I'm checking the items on
9009s all of our players that are alive right
9011s now Superior sitting on 40 CDR with the
9013s Queen of Heart by himself mactel and
9015s tris also sitting on wonderful
9017s transitions for themselves too like it
9019s is very evenly matched it all comes down
9021s to if Cal State can really start pumping
9024s out the damage over the course of time
9025s and if he is able to then maybe maybe
9028s there is a world they were able to
9029s overtake this wicked up team right now
9031s Beach is going to be the final zone two
9033s this is gonna be a struggle for all
9034s these guys
9036s gonna be hard Ken cowstick do it though
9039s it's gonna like you said it's gonna be
9041s hard to honestly pump out all that
9043s damage I feel like they have so much
9046s dive shoot it's crazy oh no poor Esther
9049s oh no Esther and gals where you guys
9050s gotta get out of there they want Esther
9052s though that Twilight Heist not to be
9054s able to do much for Esther and
9056s unfortunately I believe that it's fourth
9058s place for our friend there and that's
9060s gonna be third for gapasaurus as well
9062s maybe unless there there's a world in
9065s which galazord lives here that wait why
9067s are they not just killing gals that is
9069s time well I guess so but I mean I know
9072s they have a lot more than and they oh it
9074s actually goes over the high of papaya
9076s wow okay
9078s it's a nice kill for them and I think
9079s for a team no flame they don't need to
9081s risk anything right now right I mean
9082s look at the amount of kills that they
9084s have 13 already very close to the
9086s performance that we saw coming out from
9088s uh Team Riz there in game number three
9090s now I we don't know how many are from
9093s the battle zones and how many are not
9094s I'm thinking 10 outside of the field
9096s right now just looking at the scoreboard
9098s right there yep so that's still a
9100s massive amount of points going over onto
9102s them they have absolutely no reason to
9104s risk anything right now they didn't want
9106s to agreed too much and lose too much
9107s time or be at a deficit on that specific
9109s resource they will play safe completely
9112s understandable right now
9114s now let's see what ends up happening 20
9118s seconds left everybody's just kind of
9120s chilling out right now I feel like one
9122s team maybe might move a little bit early
9124s just to be able to get that console and
9127s it is going to be high up a pie that
9128s ends up doing that but actually no flame
9131s boost second oh here's using a lot onto
9134s that bat Cal State's trying to get the
9136s Autos out right now Frankie moving back
9138s to the temporary Zone Superior actually
9140s having to use oh God that is the same
9143s that's a huge acceptance speed here we
9146s go let's see Frankie ends up taking down
9148s Mac tall Cal stick just not able to get
9151s that damage out Chris is in the back
9153s right now play dead force but this is no
9157s flames a game finally they take one shoe
9160s V game number four belongs to them
9165s wow incredible game there for team no
9168s flame again 16 kills overall 13 outside
9171s of the Battle Zone that is a beautiful
9173s performance coming out from those guys
9174s and this pretty much almost almost I'm
9178s not gonna say anything more than that
9179s almost guarantees them their season a
9182s final here for themselves an incredible
9185s game exactly when they needed it over
9187s some of the other teams right now
9189s that was a crazy game from them executed
9193s so well I will say towards the end doing
9197s everything that they needed to do
9199s properly I will say more than anything I
9201s think that was just textbook as we
9204s always say I don't know what more you
9205s know you can really say about it they
9207s act they played their comp to Perfection
9209s they like they always do I know these
9211s guys you know Frankie Superior and of
9213s course a not they're just playing their
9215s characters to a hundred and ten percent
9217s more than anything Frankie is just doing
9220s so much on this Sylvia it feels like
9223s almost nobody can contest with it if
9225s they get that little lead they need
9227s early to get the cladal ring to get some
9229s totems online
9231s it just feels impossible
9234s yeah and the bigger problem here I think
9236s as well is the fact that there's just so
9237s much on the side of team no flame to
9239s counter a lot of the things that Cal
9241s State wants to do it looked like an
9243s agree it looked like a great Acceptance
9245s Speech but right after the acceptance
9246s speech like there's all the kinds of
9248s damage mitigation that team no flame has
9250s we have the Parry over on the side of A9
9252s who is also by the way as well I will
9254s let you know this we've been talking
9255s about this pretty recently especially
9257s last night during ERM amp two-handed
9260s sword Fiora so the outer wings of those
9262s spaces are hurting massively especially
9264s over around the counts they didn't have
9265s an angle back in after that uh that
9268s acceptance speech too so
9270s it's very tough right now for a lot of
9273s our teams and for no flame again they're
9275s winning this game with 13 kills on top
9277s of everybody else exactly at the time
9279s that they really needed to solidify
9281s their dominance and solidify the amount
9283s of points that they have going into our
9284s last game here only at Best of five
9286s instead of a best of six that we are
9288s usually accustomed to when it comes to
9289s finals like this
9292s they're almost done it they have almost
9293s done it one more step all they have to
9295s do is just take that one extra step and
9297s reach the finale and they should have it
9300s no flame has done so much during season
9302s eight they just have to get that little
9303s bit done they're so close to the end and
9306s now let's actually speaking of take a
9309s look at our scores there after game
9311s number four no flame sitting on top as
9315s you can see with 200 points coming out
9318s there should be our first team so far in
9320s this tournament to hit over 200
9322s following up is Riz still of course with
9325s 142 points higher papaya in third with
9328s 109 oozing e girls in fourth with 93
9331s ikuyo please in fifth and then of course
9334s gaposaurus sitting in sixth place right
9336s now
9337s wow this is going to be a I said uphill
9341s battle before this is climbing Mount
9344s Everest for Riz to be able to get the
9348s points needed to win this shoe V can
9351s they do is there a world in which they
9354s do it
9356s there could be man I mean we saw all
9358s kinds of shenanigans happening
9360s throughout the course of the evening
9361s here and this is one of the reasons why
9363s you know I was so excited for this right
9365s people adjust people learn and we have
9368s come to the conclusion of season eight
9371s at North America which is the season
9373s finals that we are watching right now
9376s but this is the end the last game is
9378s upon us very soon we will be going into
9380s our final competitive game for North
9382s America when it comes to nibble neuron
9384s tournaments it was a great ride it's
9387s going to be amazing I think during
9388s season nine as well hopefully they
9389s continue something like this because we
9391s have learned a lot when it comes to this
9393s style of tournament in North America I
9395s think we can develop on it a lot more
9397s during season nine we had a ton of fun
9399s both organizing casting as well as
9401s watching a lot of the tournaments that
9403s happen for the community as well thank
9406s you again yeah before we go into our
9408s last game yeah big thanks to everybody
9410s out there in the community teos casters
9412s score keepers organizers if you play the
9416s game maybe if you claimed an NP code or
9418s something it don't matter if you're just
9419s here for the drops it don't matter we
9421s appreciate all of you out there and from
9424s myself I speak maybe for you as well
9427s here and saying that I think the season
9428s 8 Lumia Marathon was a success it has
9432s just been fantastic here of course like
9435s we said before we still have of Europe
9437s and the South American finals to do here
9439s uh tomorrow will be the European finals
9441s with next weekend giving us the South
9444s American finals I believe on the 18th
9446s but it is just going so so fantastically
9450s and I hope you all are looking forward
9453s to the rest of the events we have for
9456s you and like you said hopefully season
9458s nine will bring us some more eternal
9460s return action as we get closer and
9462s closer to the release date of the game
9466s it's been it's been a fun ride so far
9468s hasn't it it indeed has been but all
9472s great things must come to an end the
9474s final game of season eight is upon us
9476s for North America ladies and gentlemen
9478s give it up for our final six teams as we
9480s go into the final character selection of
9483s season 8 in North America oozing Eagle
9486s swapping it up completely there saying
9488s let's go all out for game number five
9490s all the other teams seeming to play
9493s something consistent but then drowning
9494s kittens coming out here and says not
9496s really we're gonna play hard
9498s I mean I'm down for it I like it but man
9501s losing egos they're actually switching
9504s over they're doing the sua Sylvia
9507s they're actually getting on to no flames
9511s Turf right now shuvi oh oh this is gonna
9516s be a fun one I think here we go what is
9520s uzma's plan what is uzma's plan does he
9522s have a certain idea going into this
9525s because he does have at least have Lily
9527s pedals sitting on the back side of
9528s things we are going to see red sprite
9530s from her as well as the bow so we know
9531s directly that she's already planning on
9533s going for the amplification gameplay
9535s style here trying to poke people out
9537s it's been a long time since we've seen
9539s American Sniper Lily pedal come back but
9541s maybe that is what they need to try to
9543s topple some of our teams here in the top
9546s two and for those players they have
9548s worked so hard again in the previous
9550s couple of Seasons I will have to say
9552s kind of diverting from the original
9553s gameplay style of Lily pedal but we're
9555s making a full round of back we're going
9557s back to the beginning of the story here
9559s for a little pedal to try to End season
9561s 8 with an absolute Bank let's see if
9563s they're able to do it they're all on the
9565s default skins as well you know I love it
9568s oh man that is over
9571s but let's see if they're able to Contest
9574s no flame for what they want to do ladies
9577s and gentlemen once again our last game
9580s of the day get hyped it's gonna be a fun
9583s one I'm ready for it we have had a fun
9586s day so far where is the time gone I
9588s can't believe it's been two hours
9589s already actually my goodness or in this
9591s no I can I keep the cast as like right
9593s after work I'm not even tired anymore I
9595s was dead exhausted after work I don't
9597s care anymore
9599s give me another game okay let's go let's
9602s go game six right surely sure if we
9604s could just change that real fast the
9605s whole it's like the nine games you know
9607s maybe like the first surprise yeah
9609s exactly it's actually a mind game it's
9611s like solos
9614s oh man let's just keep let's just keep
9616s playing online oh yeah as you said
9618s before all great things must come to an
9621s end and that we're gonna have everybody
9623s crafting over here two minutes until
9625s night number one begins but that means
9627s we have a little bit of time to reflect
9629s on this season these players the stories
9632s leading up to this it's been fantastic
9636s it really has been so many of our teams
9639s have kind of set their arcs and set
9641s their sights on this from the beginning
9643s of the season of course that is what's
9644s going to happen if you set a tournament
9646s like this and a big event like this too
9648s and you know what I will say uh
9651s considering how the season so far has
9653s gone I honestly expected no flame to be
9655s like the sole dominant team here but
9658s kudos to the other teams again for
9661s finding answers to everybody else you
9662s gotta give credit where credit is due
9664s for those guys and it seems like game
9667s number five starting out with a little
9668s bit of a rough start here for Pasad the
9670s massive slow it's gonna be pretty solid
9672s but drowning kittens are you gonna be
9674s trying this right now we do have a
9675s couple additional people starting to
9677s spawn in and as soon as beats these that
9680s spawn and he's saying nope get on out of
9682s here I am sorry you will die but I will
9685s keep myself alive
9687s Frankie got it to see oh no oh my
9692s goodness that is Turbo unfortunate
9694s that is uh not what you want to see if
9698s you're any of these other teams Frankie
9700s taking the kill uh oh shuvi four more
9704s points on that leaderboard
9707s oh
9709s dude this sucks for all the other teams
9711s man they're trying to topple the throne
9713s team no flame has set up not try to
9715s construct it even further for those guys
9717s but that's what ends up happening here
9718s if you are able to third party all the
9720s way you know now in a little bit of
9721s trouble oh baby this was the plan all
9723s along they're trying to actually one-up
9725s no flame over in Temple right now maybe
9727s if they're able to knock somebody down
9728s but Superior is just doing way too much
9730s damage who's been trying to do whatever
9731s he can as well gets taken down and uzma
9734s gets taken down as well Lily pedal the
9737s last one standing alive right now on the
9739s side of Team uh using e girls oh my God
9742s you kidnot one top the uh OG sua of
9745s North America
9747s unfortunately a little a bit rough there
9750s for oozing e girls having to get out of
9752s their croissant also having to run
9754s through red right now burning a lot of
9756s time or hopefully he will be able to get
9758s it back at some point but
9760s oh man this is uh this is an interesting
9764s one so far but no flame already on three
9766s kills Julie
9769s all outside of battle zones too that's
9772s an additional Point going over to them
9774s the point gap just furthering and
9776s furthering and furthering second place
9778s was sitting at like 140 something as
9780s well so it's gonna get even tougher for
9781s these guys in the next few minutes here
9783s but you know we've seen some crazy
9785s things happen here tonight sir we've
9787s seen some weird things happening here
9790s who's to say that it cannot happen again
9792s or even better yet one top that previous
9796s performance is coming out from some of
9797s our teams here too so we still cannot
9799s give up any hope for all of our other
9800s teams just
9802s we gotta be again pretty appreciative of
9805s how no flame has managed to maneuver
9806s around these entire courses of games
9808s especially considering how much pressure
9810s they've been under especially with the
9811s amount of teams and players also
9813s supporting them in the background too
9815s yeah no completely agree oh no please no
9817s not passant
9820s about my son Passat at least the speed
9822s games
9824s [Music]
9826s we know how this goes Julie we've seen
9829s it before and I believe this might be
9831s the end of passant right now he's trying
9833s a healing no
9837s yeah not there not there oh there's
9840s another person falling down Meek's
9841s actually going to be able to knock down
9842s Lily pedal now ask here's the last one
9845s Staying Alive on the side of uh Team Riz
9847s for some reason but multiple things
9849s happening right now she's the first one
9851s to get taken down there as well so
9853s you'll be falling down here over in
9854s school Superior looking for more angles
9856s he has all the targets to try to knock
9857s up he's gonna go straight into a wall
9859s instead as Nina trying to open up some
9861s areas oh John the kittens will end up
9863s popping that Peacemaker for himself the
9865s SP is getting drained by literally
9866s everyone
9868s it is the Ultimate Upgrade Frankie's
9871s gonna get taken down here Superior and
9873s eight on full skill Retreat oh my God
9875s but now they know now they have a way to
9878s deal with that at all do they is the
9881s question the SP drain hard Superior oh
9884s oh my God sir we're seeing it all again
9886s man we're seeing it all
9889s it all just comes back around doesn't it
9891s chewy I cannot believe we're actually
9894s seeing the SP drain build part I love it
9897s though uh oh but this isn't what you're
9900s gonna be seeing either unfortunately
9901s Nico Niko Sushi she will be going down
9903s here uh-oh but now Mac's calling them
9906s trying to actually get after it
9907s unfortunately our our one casualty will
9911s be Nina the child will not be protected
9914s unfortunately I love how they're not
9916s fighting when they don't have the hard
9917s ultimate
9918s can we make Nina also worth like half a
9920s point
9931s actually getting aggressed upon there
9933s hold on I think that's the end of Lily
9935s pedal here right now up in alley
9937s unfortunately get picked out there by
9939s gaposaurus their first kill the game
9942s more stuff happening though down in down
9944s the hotel Esther's Gonna Take You Now
9946s Meek speedy and uh passan was actually
9948s able to knock down a couple of these
9949s guys too but again chaosstick trying to
9951s pick up their teammate will get canceled
9953s out even without the knock-up from the
9955s uh the Tia they're still trying to do
9957s things macto is actually going to be the
9959s one that gets taken out here instead red
9961s carpet is pretty nice more movement
9962s speed coming out from cow stick as well
9964s but Meek is looking for the single he
9965s desperately wants this he wants to bring
9967s him out again any other contenders as
9969s much as possible spring and Autumn not
9971s there for Meek at all yet he's still
9973s trying to chase this cow stick trying to
9975s build up whatever Stacks they can trying
9977s to keep themselves alive
9978s now oh okay
9981s hey Chris comes back up chaosic has
9983s managed to save his teammates and he
9986s will stay alive for now oh my God Meek
9988s almost had it but just didn't have the
9989s damage to knock down count stick before
9991s dashing over the wall that's not too bad
9993s though honestly I think the play was to
9994s maybe keep them alive I know they want
9996s to knock them out but they need as many
9997s points as if they allowed them to come
9999s back they're just allowed to farm more
10000s points you know what I mean but oh hold
10002s on it's time for gaposaurus to actually
10004s find out what's going on now shoot
10005s unfortunately
10008s can you not be excited for a second I
10011s was excited too you know I was ready for
10012s it but unfortunately art will go down
10015s and it's up to the kitty cat to actually
10016s get out of there so their team that can
10019s live soccer Mata drowning kids
10020s unfortunately going down oh shoot I was
10023s I was so looking forward to it too
10025s be fair they lost because Hearts didn't
10027s have a right
10029s definitely definitely definitely
10031s definitely exactly but now it looks like
10034s a nice meteorite pick up here by no a
10037s flame I think that's still on four kills
10040s right now are they gonna be able to get
10042s more is going to be their next victim
10044s should be
10045s no but whoever it is they got to try to
10048s find something otherwise the game is set
10050s and done the entire set is done and done
10052s the entire season is done and done I
10056s mean listen man no flame is setting
10058s their Arc to be one of the best teams in
10060s the world and we've seen the results of
10062s solos as well although this oh my God
10064s eight out of those Ada knows he's being
10066s so careful oh my gosh
10070s at all oh good man dude this guy's game
10073s sense is absolutely Bonkers and funny
10076s enough it's actually gaposaurus that
10077s loses their patience and decides to go
10079s for it now they're all of us but in the
10080s really fast all right now oh that's a
10082s lot of damage going down onto Superior
10083s he's just barely managed to stay alive
10084s okay goodbye over on the superior and
10087s now a not in a little bit of trouble
10088s means we're trying to chase this down as
10090s much as possible but Frankie duel has
10091s got the call you gotta stay alive buddy
10093s runs away all the way to Nowhere ain't
10095s not gonna sacrifice his life to try to
10097s buy a little bit more time and that is
10098s gonna be the call here good pills coming
10100s out from camposaurus but I mean
10103s wow you gotta appreciate either man his
10106s game system is absolutely insane yeah
10108s gaposaurus pulled the trigger I thought
10110s that was actually gonna be the end for
10112s them but able to take down no flame oh
10116s man ain't not down for just about the
10117s next 30 seconds Frankie just sitting
10119s there in Factory that's a tree of life
10121s for them as well wow Ray plays there
10125s honestly I have to respect both teams
10127s that was crazy from everyone involved I
10131s find it so funny that it's gabasaurus
10133s that lost their patience of a bush check
10135s of all things at that point so ah what a
10138s what a weird transition of events in
10140s that stage at least in the end again the
10142s Gap still closes for everybody else
10144s against team no flame they're looking
10146s for more angles right now they want to
10147s try getting a couple more points to try
10150s to close that Gap as often as they can
10152s the question is will they be able to
10154s especially now that we're starting to go
10155s into our day three phase the final day
10158s of uh the final resurrections of game
10162s number five will be done and this is it
10164s ladies and gentlemen the Battle Zone
10166s resurrections are the only things that
10167s people have left at this point means
10169s really gonna get tagged up massively
10170s here cow's taking a little bit of
10172s trouble though he is not it's gonna be
10173s Roy that gets taken out here first Deus
10175s is done and dusted as well galazor tried
10178s to run away from everybody he's not
10180s gonna have that much of an Escape Route
10181s for himself as back till traces down a
10184s couple more Auto attacks should do it
10186s but he's gonna eat the red timer macktel
10188s wants to try chasing this he does have
10189s the spring and Autumn he's trying to run
10191s just down there it is the additional
10193s attack range will be enough that the
10195s apposaurus is going to be our first team
10197s eliminated here for game number five
10199s ain't not as well as Superior running
10200s straight in towards all of these guys
10201s the heart is gonna get canceled the
10203s piece picker is gone there's third party
10205s trying to happen everywhere uzma looking
10207s for an ankle here too but there this is
10209s a battle Zone remember Battle Zone means
10211s that you got to try to knock down these
10213s players it's possible oh this is not
10216s looking good for these guys dezu hiding
10218s inside of the bush sakamata is going to
10220s be down here as well I REM trying to do
10222s whatever they can but their timer is
10223s also running out goodbye over onto that
10226s team down here Iko please eliminated
10229s from the Battle Zone but now it comes
10230s down to oozing egirls as well as no
10233s flame a lot of damage done over on to
10235s Frankie he can't resurrect himself
10236s either no healing for himself when it
10238s comes down to the situation Superior and
10240s Aenon trying to do things does uzma have
10243s what it takes to one-up the OG sewer or
10245s is it gonna be superior and ain't not
10246s just completely running over his own
10248s teammates
10250s they're gonna get taken down most likely
10252s ain't not just couple more damage should
10254s be able to do it Superior just barely
10256s lives he gets the shield from The
10258s Sentinel Lily pedal is going to take it
10259s down here too the clotted green coming
10261s out yet again for team no flame and it
10263s just does not stop their their
10266s Stampede over all these teams in
10268s Cemetery continues on as well that was
10270s so unfortunate Lily pedal walking right
10273s past anoth to try and get a killer but I
10276s think they really needed to hit it ain't
10278s out there I don't know that was a little
10280s rough from them coming out of course
10282s they will come back because it was a
10283s battle Zone but that kind of spells Doom
10286s for the future in terms of if they're
10288s going to be able to fight them or not
10290s it's just not working out unfortunately
10292s but meanwhile the rest of these teams
10294s are trying to get strong as well man I
10297s don't even know if there's uh I don't
10300s even know it do you think team Riz are
10302s they actually I don't think they can do
10304s it anymore with the amount of kills that
10305s no flame has you know what I mean oh
10307s wait Esther was looking for a pick there
10310s for a second not able to do it but
10312s God should be this is nerve-wracking
10315s gosh dude this sucks man it's all of our
10318s teams here they're just looking at this
10320s point it might honestly be a contend for
10322s second place but again team risk still
10324s has a chance right and as long as
10327s there's still plenty of teams and
10329s players remaining alive right now of
10330s course there's not that many
10331s resurrections that can happen but still
10333s they have a chance they still have to
10335s keep the Hope up that they can manage to
10337s take away whatever points are remaining
10338s in the lobby and transition that into a
10341s victory for themselves too but time is
10343s running out McLean has spawned slowly
10345s but surely walking her way I think in
10347s towards Chapel from the looks of it
10348s right now which is really good team Riz
10352s needs this at the moment and they do
10353s have the one up on this full information
10354s gauge inside of here as well it is
10357s beginning you can see Team No playing
10359s trying to jump onto this as well but
10360s there's way too much distance being
10362s covered by them as well as wiggling it's
10364s going to be a wick cleanly going over on
10366s the side of Team Riz right now everybody
10368s slowly but surely walking in they now
10370s know that it's not worth it anymore they
10372s will back away try to reset their fight
10374s for another day
10375s and let's see what rizz is going to be
10378s able to do with that after this because
10380s now they need to get hunting they need
10383s to kill everybody shuvi to have a chance
10386s I quite literally think they need to
10389s kill the entire Lobby and get first
10392s place if they're able to if somebody's
10395s able to knock out no flame right now
10397s it's them and they need to find them and
10399s do it now before it gets worse
10406s that's the kind of unfortunate situation
10409s that you're placed on their ass team is
10412s but for the next five minutes they have
10414s the assistance of that Wick buff so
10416s they're gonna be really strong going
10418s into the next momentary uh fights your
10420s arrest are sitting on a couple of really
10421s nice transitions for himself this Laura
10423s is going to be doing an incredible
10425s amount of damage but son needs to do
10427s pull his own weight as we have seen him
10428s through time and time again as well oh
10432s goodness gracious the next five minutes
10433s man the next five minutes of this game
10435s are gonna be absolutely Bonkers for you
10437s and I yeah and let's see we do see who's
10439s Lily pedal amigo oh they actually see
10442s zakamada from around the corner wow this
10444s is gonna be a really close one they
10447s actually can't the problem is all these
10448s other fights are going to be breaking
10450s out and unless these teams oh man this
10453s is gonna be so close this is actually I
10456s I dude I'd feel like nervous if I was
10458s right now I mean I know myself I have to
10461s do the anxiety oh it would mess me up
10463s but let's see if they're able to do it I
10465s do see them down there walking into
10467s Beach from uptown
10469s oh man all these teams are up in the
10471s hotel as well this is going to be the
10472s hunting grounds right now they need to
10474s get up here and fast oh I actually see
10477s you in my fight Team Four here in a
10479s second hold on Esther's gonna look for a
10482s pick possibly not able to find cow
10484s sticks but they still have a lot of
10485s damage to be this is gonna be possibly a
10488s big fight for them before rainbow does
10489s catch out cow stick
10491s go in as well
10494s Esther actually falls down Meek has to
10497s go in right now but oh no ikuyo please
10500s is coming in from the back shoe V that
10504s is on
10506s fortunate good night to team
10511s at least Esther for right now but I
10514s think that is the hopes and dreams taken
10516s down shooby how unfortunate
10519s oh man you know what it was a good lucid
10522s dream that they were dreaming for a
10524s little bit here and for Esther he'll be
10525s placed in a permanent lucid dream
10527s himself in game number five as he's
10529s gonna be taken out of uh game at number
10532s five here from unfortunately multiples
10535s of team just kind of scattered all over
10536s the place inside of hotel and there's no
10538s flame starts to join them down here as
10540s well 20 seconds until we start seeing
10542s which one our final zone is here today
10544s Meek getting bullied passant getting
10546s bullied macto's gonna try to chase this
10548s down as much as possible it's gonna be
10550s it for team Riz they had a really good
10552s run here a solid game number three
10554s performance but that is going to be the
10556s memory that we will treasure them with
10558s good run for those guys yeah gonna get
10561s taken down Meek the last one remaining
10563s alive
10563s placement points it's still playing for
10566s a second at this point because you know
10567s money is money of course I believe it's
10569s 300 for second place so that's a hundred
10572s dollars per person you know I I could I
10574s could work with that a little bit I need
10576s some of that money right now maybe you
10577s know we dip into the prize pool a little
10578s bit you know
10580s yeah yeah like give me like four bucks
10583s you know
10584s oh just something like that but
10588s we have four teams left here a hotel
10592s final Zone I feel like it's kind of uh
10594s you know fitting everybody's gonna be
10596s checking into the hotel oh superior man
10599s I don't know if oozing girls can
10601s actually even fight this team at all
10603s yeah they have way too similar of
10605s compositions and then Lily pedals damage
10607s is very limited to the duration of her
10609s wolf assault which is problematic
10611s because Enoch's damage is really not
10612s that limited we've seen outer rings of
10614s the Fenty doing so much damage on this
10616s amp version of The two-handed Sword but
10618s here we go ADOT actually gets tagged up
10620s by the charm here there's the uh going
10623s through the SP drain coming through
10625s right now but they have to back away
10626s they can't fight this anymore Enoch
10628s trying to heal up as much as SP as
10630s possible but look at this fight the
10632s flash has already been used here which
10633s means ain't not gonna have that
10635s available the damage exchange is a
10636s little bit too much so link has already
10637s been popped so it's getting huge chunk
10639s of their damage with not that much
10641s damage being done over onto the other
10642s players here instead will most likely
10644s get taken out here as well Frankie
10646s doodle trying to run away to the best of
10647s his ability soccer mod is down on the
10649s ground but it doesn't matter the charm
10651s buys enough time for the resurrection to
10653s come through Ohio papaya trying to deny
10655s this whatever much as possible Frankie
10657s doodle now stuck in the corner of
10658s superior stuck in the corner here as
10661s well chaotic eating a huge chunk of
10662s damage they're gonna go straight into
10663s the play that but Superior is dead Greg
10665s doodle trying to run away here as well
10667s Kelsey trying to chase this down full
10668s fuel on the side of Frankie Judo so
10670s he'll be able to get himself away but
10671s team no flame and absolute tatters as we
10674s go into the final zone of hotel
10676s yeah they all need to get in there too
10678s right now but so many people are still
10680s in Beach Frankie the only one left from
10682s no flame alive Superior is of course
10685s gonna sit down there in Paw possibly
10687s actually you know Frankie they're gonna
10688s be able to resign I think oh no they get
10692s both of them literal zombie no Desu
10696s Fort dezu actually running around oh my
10699s God they're actually able to get both of
10702s them back up the timer from the final
10706s Zone going all the way up to I believe
10708s 40 or 50 seconds for them allows them to
10712s get back in the game shuvi oh they're
10715s not done yet
10717s oh my God all the damage from the
10721s bullseye oh dude what is going on juvie
10725s this is insanity I can't believe uh this
10729s is oh no Haya papaya needs a way to walk
10732s in onto oozing Eagles right now dezu is
10735s just gonna go for the Hail Mary play I
10737s don't blame them at all but yeah it's
10738s going down unfortunately yeah look at
10741s the timer man hiya papaya they're not
10744s enough they don't have enough of this
10746s resource they're trying to do whatever
10747s the coup de gras goes completely wide
10749s doesn't hit that much but somebody's
10751s taking down news but it goes down here
10752s as well oh that's not good because
10754s trying to do whatever he can five
10756s seconds until he's gonna get taken out
10757s completely pedal did you take it one
10759s more Auto attack
10761s okay okay a couple additional kills
10764s coming in for him he's gonna
10765s unfortunately pop here for himself it is
10767s gonna be a head pop unfortunately for
10769s him he's most likely gonna get kill
10770s secure by Lily pedal but it'll last
10773s hurray for me Speedy maybe that is
10775s enough to place him in second place
10776s maybe that's enough for team uh race to
10779s end up in that second place spot that
10781s they've been gunning for for such a long
10783s time an unfortunate end there that they
10785s can't finish first but a good run from
10787s me to end all the games here today hiya
10791s papaya versus no flame it's God time
10797s suvi I'm here for it let's see I believe
10801s they're gonna start moving already of
10803s course only 10 seconds left for Superior
10805s they will get a few extra seconds of
10807s course but oh no the traps are coming
10809s down who's gonna be able to take it
10811s juvie here we go our final fight is just
10815s about to start it is brewing circadia
10818s look at these guys they're all prepping
10820s up double Guillotines and Claymores down
10822s in the ground the MP drone is gonna be
10823s perfect and now tries to get away here
10825s acceptance speech is down on the ground
10826s the Surf's Up is not that great Enon
10828s actually chunks the entirety of the two
10831s of the coup de gras they're by
10832s themselves but look at the health bars
10833s on the side of this team it is getting
10835s absolutely demolished it's actually a
10837s not that can take it out here first but
10838s the AOE damage
10841s no flame Rises From the Ashes no flame
10845s my butt the Phoenix rises again these
10848s teams have been It season eight is over
10851s ladies and gentlemen no flame will be
10853s the final Victors of game number five in
10855s the final Victors of season eight and
10858s incredible season for these guys and
10860s they will take away everything in the
10863s end what an incredible series we had
10866s here today
10868s Insanity here on Lumia Island for us
10871s should be that was crazy congratulations
10875s we already know who came in first
10877s congratulations to no flame on a
10881s dominant victory over these five games
10884s here today
10886s just wow
10888s nobody can put them down even they were
10892s almost dead in beach and it didn't
10894s matter able to get the resurrections off
10897s that they needed and they came back baby
10901s wow oh my God
10906s there's not much to say about that is
10907s there shooting it's look at the look on
10909s your face I could see it it's what do
10911s you what do you even say about that they
10913s went hard they went crazy
10917s wow I can all I can remember all I can
10920s imagine in my head is that one GIF where
10921s this guy's like sitting inside of a
10923s beach saying like never give up
10925s that is basically the story that was set
10928s for a team no flame they had their ups
10930s and downs in game number five started
10932s with an incredible roller coaster ride
10934s all the way up to the peak and then just
10936s went straight down in Beach wow hopes
10939s and dreams of having that much time or
10941s simply due to how many kills they had
10943s allowed them to get back into it and as
10945s I said the Phoenix rises again no flame
10948s in my butt they have all the flames in
10950s the world they control all the damage
10952s and all the flame in their hands too an
10955s amazing season competed by them an
10958s amazing set of games that we saw from
10959s those guys and again
10961s congratulations yeah fantastic job to
10966s them it was a beautiful ending to our
10970s games today juvie let's take a look at
10974s our final scoreboard of today of course
10977s of course coming out first place team no
10983s flame
10986s 264 Point shuvi followed up in second
10990s place by Riz with
10993s 173rd Place Haya papaya with 157 fourth
10997s place oozing e girls meow with 117 iku
11002s yo please and fifth with just about 86
11007s points and then in six places gaposaurus
11010s with 85. congratulations once again to
11013s no flame for a great Victory there but
11016s thank you to all of our competitors
11018s today for coming out and playing and
11020s thank you for if fun and memorable
11023s season of the Lumia Marathon here for
11027s North America
11028s what a time shooting what a time to be
11030s alive for us
11031s my expectations are met man I am
11034s satisfied with the results of today but
11036s for you and me man
11038s you still have more that is happening
11040s this weekend so yeah
11043s exactly
11044s don't forget guys we still have the
11047s European Lumia Marathon finals tomorrow
11049s at I believe noon Eastern I was gonna
11052s say one o'clock but of course we have
11054s daylight savings time don't forget to
11056s change your clock-ish or change your
11057s clocks forward tonight guys my apologies
11059s uh and of course if you guys want to
11061s catch us again we will be live at five
11063s in the morning still here on this
11064s channel once again for the ERM finals as
11067s well today ERM number 13 finals next
11070s weekend it will be the South American
11072s Lumia Marathon finals and then the
11075s weekend after that will be the ERM
11078s season finals me and shuvia will be here
11081s again and again and again and again with
11085s actual like no flame Phoenix rising from
11087s the United States we've risen too many
11089s times I think we're super crisp at this
11091s point if we're the we're of the Phoenix
11093s but every single time I drag this out of
11095s yeah yeah exactly
11100s drags us out always to come and cast for
11102s you guys but we hope you really did
11104s enjoy uh today's show it was fantastic
11106s from everybody thank you to our lovely
11109s scorekeepers observation and well that's
11111s actually it there's only a few of us
11113s here today but uh you know there's only
11115s four of us
11116s um but yeah big thank you to you two out
11118s there I know you both can hear me
11120s um but thank you to everybody out there
11122s in chat as well for coming and watching
11124s this and supporting your favorite teams
11125s whether it be no flame rizz gaposaurus
11127s and the rest of them thank you for
11129s supporting everybody for supporting
11131s North America and supporting eternal
11133s return in general
11135s any final words from you as well
11138s you're ranked
11139s [Laughter]
11142s well guys I believe that is it here from
11145s us today but until next time we will see
11148s you guys here on Lumi Island once again
11151s take it easy everybody
11153s see ya
11166s oh
11170s [Music]
11173s foreign
11175s [Music]
11195s [Music]
11202s [Music]
11243s thank you
11247s [Music]
11261s thank you
11267s [Music]
11288s thank you
11291s breakfast
11293s [Music]
11333s foreign
11335s [Music]
11353s [Music]
11388s [Music]
11394s [Music]
11423s [Music]
11437s thank you
11444s [Music]
11449s thank you

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