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i checked and follow the rules but i got banned on suggestion discord

i was genuinely sending my suggestion about the game and i wasn't even go "do this" but "please consider this"

it started when i voice my disagreement about the latest patch that imo contradicts itself in multiple ways

after that i see my post keep getting deleted no matter the likes dislikes ratio and today i finally lost my permit to post in the channel without even a single warning and reason.

i'll fully accept a ban if i broke a rule but this is just a forced silencing.

i thought it's cool how the mods are open and connected to the community but apparently i was wrong.

such a shame.

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15 days ago - /u/GM_Aesop - Direct link

Hey boss!

I was curious as to what caused this so I looked into it.

First off, you aren't banned whatsoever. Your rights to the feedback/suggestion channel was revoked. That's it.

We don't typically reveal who takes what action on the Discord, but looking into it, I see that some of your suggestions didn't quite consist of the quality that we're trying to harbor in that channel.

Some of the most recent ones, for example:

i don't care if you have to nerf daniel's ult and w to half let me fight without ult

talking about builds, please reset recommended builds per patch. reason is obvious enough.

is it possible for player perspective (including cursor) replay system? thanks

please let the server just kick me out of the game if i'm dc.

spending 3 minutes to reconnect to game that is no longer exists is annoying.

Now of course a few of your suggestions in the channel were good, but the channel is useful for myself and the rest of the devs in a lot of ways - I try to keep it clean and readable for various reasons. I'll reinstate your feedback rights eventually but you have to try and keep feedback high quality.

Also, I would appreciate if you didn't spread misinformation regarding your account. It seems like making a post in bad faith and that makes me a sad man