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Why is the upper one meta and whats the difference between my desired build bottom?My desired build is just pure spell amp, but whats the reason behind the meta one? Is it overall stats? items area found? or prioritizing health over spell dmg? Build time?

I want to know about items and why they are chosen. How to mix it up..Also about the rare ones like TreeOfLife, Comet, Blood Bag

Big thanks for responses

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Originally posted by JonOfDoom

Thanks for all the replies. Big help!
This game is just such a gem. I've been looking to get rid of Dota and Lol for the longest time and this game is the only one to match it. All the complexity and adventure of a MOBA while generating non of the toxicity.

Also the freedom of expression with all the roster is damn great. Hopefully balanced though? So far i haven't seen a 100% must play spam character yet. I keep dying to Carmello but I take it as new champ buff..

I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you chose to play Eternal Return with us! 8)

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