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7s hello everyone CA here today in lumedia
11s we will be looking into eternal return
13s 69 character
18s Lenny Lenny is a playful girl that likes
20s using her toys to prank her enemies and
23s help out her
26s friends each of Lenny skills can grant
29s buff to her alies
30s and apply debuff to your enemies which
33s is why you need to hit as many targets
36s as possible to maximize your damage dild
38s and make your team much more stronger
40s with every
43s hit let's first talk about Lenny skills
47s hery consists of the following q k
50s bazooka W guacamole e air horn gun R
56s Spring lunch and finally passive teddy
59s bear attack
61s attack L's passive is teddy bear attack
65s upon hitting an ally with a basic attack
68s a teddy bear spoon on her Target when an
71s ally who has received a teddy bear hits
73s an enemy the teddy bear flies away
75s dealing addition skill damage dealing
78s damage with teddy bear reduce the cool
80s down of Lenny's Bic
83s skill Lenny's passive is teddy bear
87s attack every time she hits her allies
89s with a skill the Tedy bear deal L damage
92s including the damage from her items
94s unique passive that's why using items
97s with unique passive like Le's grasp or
99s debilitation could be another option to
102s create Synergy in her play her next
105s skill is Q carrot bazooka Len fires her
108s carrot bazooka and is knocked back
110s slightly the carrot back flies to the
113s end of its range or explode if it hits
116s an enemy or Ally the explosion deal
119s skill damage to en enemies and heals
123s allies Lenny's Q is K bazooka this skill
127s allows Lenny to hear her allies and they
130s damage to her enemies within range of
132s the explosion so it will be more
134s effectively used when allies and enemies
137s are engaging closely in
139s fights her next skill is W wacka Lenny
143s jumps up and smash her Mallet on the
146s targeted location dealing skill damage
148s and slowing enemies animal heit in the
151s center are slowed even more hitting on
153s allies slows them for a short period of
155s time and increases their movement
159s speed Lenny's W is wackamole Lenny
163s planks her allies by slowing them with
165s her Mallet and then grants the movement
167s speed which is great for infiltrating or
170s using main skills not only that but the
173s skills Vision range is quite long and it
175s allows her to go over worse so it can
178s also be used to move around the ey more
182s efficiently her next skill is e air horn
186s gun Lenny fires her air horn gun dealing
189s skill damage to enemies and stunning
191s them for a certain amount of time allies
194s hits gain a shield Lenny's e is air horn
198s gun this stun Mele skill has a short
201s casting time but it's easy to use and
204s it's good for counter your enemy skills
206s as well as to protect your allies by
208s granting them a shield you can also use
211s it with the next skill spring lunch to
214s initiate fights
217s instantly her last skill is our spring
220s lunch Len starts the spring Lune dealing
224s skill damage to enemies heat and sending
227s them flying in the targeted Direction
229s enemies that hit a war are slowed for a
231s certain amount of time lny flies away
234s too but her allies are not affected by
237s the skill Lenny's ult and is spring
240s lunch you can use this skill to get lead
243s of enemies approaching your allies or to
246s move the main enemy DPS toward them not
249s to mention that using it through your
251s allies will help your team deal even
253s greater
254s damage Lenny is lovely and play for test
258s subject that may lack on her own but can
261s be really helpful when she is
263s strategically play in teams whether it's
265s by supporting her allies or blocking her
267s enemy skills she can use the FL of the
270s battle to her advantage to be fair she's
274s very difficult since players need to
276s coordinate their moves with the moves or
278s their allies and enemies but because she
281s loves to play pranks on everyone you
284s surely enjoy getting to know her if you
287s like play pranks and helping your
289s friends Lenny is the one for you Lenny
293s has joined our Dimension as the 69 test
296s subject and we hope you guys are excited
298s for her once again this was CIA signing
302s out see you next time on Lumia
307s pedia

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