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0s other uh tips and tricks that you want
2s to go over like I know you're talking
4s about before like using your movement
5s ability during your R and stuff like
7s that like how does that interaction work
9s now that we can actually see it um so
13s your e can affect your q and your R so
16s if I just press Q if I just press r i
18s just sit there and you're pretty
20s vulnerable and often between the R1 and
22s the R2 people can like flash here um
24s they can electric shift they can move
26s ability out um against characters like
29s you know uh Luke if you hit them with
31s the R1 they can just E before you R2 and
33s walk out of the back one that's probably
36s the most notable one that comes to mind
37s but flash is another thing like after
39s the first one they can Flash to get out
41s of your
42s hearts uh however you can play around
45s that say your facing a luk um you R1 the
49s E behind you you can just uh R1 and then
52s wait till the E and then e behind you uh