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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Hello Lumia Island survivors!
Today’s Dev Journal will cover a new addition to Lumia Island: campfires! As the name suggests, campfires are where you can cook up plenty of special dishes.

You can cook any type of food by bringing the correct ingredients to the campfire. Before, the method of cooking and crafting was done by combining two ingredients. However, you can bring only one ingredient to the campfire and roast it up!

All Normal (White) ingredients can be brought to a campfire and roasted to delicious perfection.
For example, if you cook basic Bread over a campfire, it becomes a new item, Breakfast Toast.

This screenshot was taken before the final version of Breakfast Toast was completed. However, now that the real icon is finished, here’s what it looks like!

(Note: All of the figures featured in the Dev Journals are subject to change with official launch.)

If the campfire is too far away and you don’t have enough inventory, you can combine bread and water to make Bread in Tears. While its recovery isn't the best, it could be a good choice for beginner players as it also restores SP.

Meat is one of the easiest ingredients to find around Lumia. Bring it to a campfire to make a delicious Sizzling Steak.

In addition to these ingredients, bring a potato, cod, or garlic to the campfire and watch magic happen!

If campfires are too far and finding them is too difficult, you can use a Small Campfire Kit to instantly start a campfire for yourself.

Small campfires are (as the name suggests) smaller than campfires and disappear after a certain amount of time. However, they can be used anytime, anywhere. If you have the right ingredients but don’t want to trek to a campfire, ask a teammate if they have a small campfire kit and get to roasting!

Just like before, you can combine different ingredients to make new foods. This remains unchanged! Compared to campfires, it might be more confusing and complicated for newer players, but experienced players can continue to choose this method for the cooking experience and area movement.

Making a simple dish may be a bit more disappointing compared to a cool campfire.

However, a more complicated dish that takes a lot of planning still has a place on Lumia.

A once popular and needed item, Fish And Chips is a special case where a campfire must be used twice.

While collecting a lot of ingredients leads to a variety of special foods, we believe most players who don’t play as often will find campfires to be an easier choice.

Another good way to make special foods is to get special ingredients!

If you dig for potatoes, there’s a 10% chance you’ll get a Yellow Sweet Potatoinstead. (Please note that from here on, numbers could change for official launch!)

If you roast Yellow Sweet Potato over a campfire, you can get Roasted Sweet Potato. Doesn’t it look delicious?

If you fish, there’s a 10% chance you could get Salmon.

Roast that Salmon over a campfire to make delicious Sizzling Salmon Steak.

Yellow Sweet Potato and Salmon are rare, hidden ingredients.To our surprise, beginner players are very interested in food when they first begin playing the game. However, by continuously playing the game, cooking became like a bit of homework since you had to figure it out on your own. Our hope is that these hidden materials that can be found in repeated plays will make the game more exciting and become a fun staple, even if you don’t have to kill anyone to get them.

One of our current goals is to reorganize complex areas in time for official launch. One of those areas was the utilization and direction of food-related content. While future journals may focus on existing systems that will be reduced or removed, we added campfires as a new system so that cooking, collecting, and fishing are more meaningful to the overall flow of the game.

Now if there’s only one principle you remember about food on Lumia Island, let it be this:

“If you find any food ingredients while you move, bring them to a campfire and roast them!”

Whether it's garlic you get from a box or sweet potatoes you get while collecting potatoes (listen for the special sound!), you can bring them all to the campfires and see what gets made!

If you have any further interest in cooking or making new recipes, give it a shot. Campfires are meant to offer more variety on Lumia, so we hope that they become an additional way for you to strategize and try more complex recipes.

Lastly, there’s one more reason we decided to add campfires to the game. What do you think campfires mean to real survival?

We thought a scene like the one pictured above (with upcoming characters Debi and Marlene) would be a nice addition to the game. Team members sitting around a campfire will truly give the feeling of “survival”.

Of course, it’s not only team members who may swarm around the fire, but enemies as well! This gives another, wider area for battles to take place and offers more variety in games!

We tried out many different designs for the campfires. The first one we tried was an outdoor fire barrel-type campfire that was akin to something you’d find in real life.

While it was very realistic, it didn’t have the same charm as an open-air campfire so we changed it.

After a few different tweaks and changes, this is what the current campfires look like, but the design may change before official launch. For example, last week we put a pot over the campfire, but it made the fire effects come through the pot so it doesn’t look too great. We’ll be tweaking this as we work because making it more elaborate could have a negative effect on optimization. If possible, we’d love to change the campfire image depending on the type of food made (but that may be a pipe dream.)

We’ll also be giving additional effects (other than cooking) to these campfires, but these are in development. Resting next to a campfire could restore HP faster and could give a slight buff, but these features are still unconfirmed. Until now, we greatly considered how we could quickly make these fires since the game needed new functions. But honestly, campfires all started as something emotional we wanted to add before transforming into various implemented systems, including cooking.

Similarly, one element we really wanted to add was making the nights on Lumia even darker.

▼ Current Lumia nights

▼ Slightly darker Lumia nights (Temporary image)

There are times when it’s easy to be confused about whether it’s day or night, so we want to give each of them different vibes. We also want to reduce vision a bit to give the player a sort of claustrophobic, survival feeling. But don't worry—the range of vision is the same as before. Only lighting and shading have been changed!

Today we covered new campfires, food, and hidden ingredient systems.

If you want delicious meat to cook over the campfires, that means it’s time to hunt. Next Dev Journal will focus on changes to Wild Animals. Hope to see you then!

Thank you!
You can get WP from the Dev Journals on our web event page. Web Points(WP) are event points that can be obtained and used throughout the Season 9 web events

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