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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Hello Lumia Island survivors!

As we grow closer to Official Launch, we will be ending the purchase of EP Tokens and deactivating all ER PASS. Please read the following information carefully:

1. End of EP Token Purchases - Purchases for 1,000 EP Tokens, 200 EP Tokens, and Random EP Token Boxes will end on Wednesday, June 21st after maintenance (PT).

2. ER PASS Deactivation - ER PASS for Snow Blossom, Ghostly Presence, Beachside Splash, Neon Aftershock, and Slumber Party were kept open for the duration of Early Access. However, once Early Access ends, we will be deactivating all ER PASS and they can no longer be used.
- A new ER PASS will be available after Eternal Return 1.0 Official Launch on Wednesday, August 2nd after maintenance (PT).

  • Items included in current ER PASS will be available in different forms at a later date.
  • Rewards with met conditions that are still unclaimed at the time of deactivation will be batch sent to your in-game mailbox at a later date.
  • Period is subject to change according to internal circumstances.
Thank you!

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