about 1 month ago - CCP_Swift - Direct link

Hey there! Happy to weigh in and provide some additional clarity as to why this type of change was made, compared to others (such as tracking nerfs, or various spool nerfs).

Entropic Disintegrators are a unique weapon type in EVE - a weapon that progressively does more damage as it’s able to apply - and the designers strove to maintain that uniqueness. An issue we identified when examining data from various weapon systems is that that these ships were very often not spooling on targets. Their exceptional tracking, combined with the platforms of the ships, allowed them to kill targets well before their spool up began. This was especially true in PvP settings for the Kikimora, Draugur, Vedmak, Drekavac, and to a lesser extent the Leshak.

In order to maintain the theme of the Triglavian weapons, the range, tracking, ramp time, and ramp DPS was left the same. The initial damage was reduced by 20%, but each increment of ramp was subsequently increased. On the T2 Triglavian hulls - Nergal, Draugur, and Ikitursa - the max DP was actually, as well.

EVE Online is a complex ecosystem, where balancing can be difficult - especially when ships are used in a multitude of ways. We’re aware that Ikitursa fits need to be substantially changed in order to be consistently effective in high-levels of the Abyss, and will continue to monitor the effectiveness of our balance pass for future considerations.

I understand that some Abyss runners are upset by this change, but I hope that adding the additional context for why the change was made was helpful.