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Hi all

If you’ve not seen the information about the Native Mac Client playtest, please check out the news article first as it contains important information.

To reiterate the article, if you come across a problem in the client during this playtest, Press F12 and file a bug report where possible. You’re welcome to post issues in this thread, but it will be much more difficult for us to be able to investigate them compared to using the in-game reporting tool. Please include your system information if you do this (CPU, GPU, OS version at a minimum).

Please keep this thread for bugs and issues related to the client and launcher. If you’d like to give general feedback for the Native Mac Client, please use the thread here. So we can collate feedback more easily, please keep posts on-topic for the Native Mac Client. Any off-topic posts will be removed.

Found a bug, not on this list? Please press F12 and give as much detail as possible!

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Known issues

This is not an exhaustive list, but contains some of the more disruptive issues you may encounter:

OS Support

  • We currently support macOS 10.15 (Catalina) & macOS 11 (Big Sur)


  • The launcher responds slowly on M1 based machines. To fix, turn on hardware acceleration. New launcher installs on macOS have this enabled by default, but you will need to manually enable it if you have a previous install.


  • If you get disconnected from the server, the client might freeze and use a large amount of memory. If this happens, you will need to manually close EVE from the macOS dock
  • The game may crash when exiting


  • The client may set all graphical settings to ‘highest’ on a GPU that is unsuited. Please lower graphical settings if you experience low FPS
  • The client may appear too dark in some situations. Client brightness can be adjusted in the ‘graphical’ tab on the right side
  • High settings on NVIDIA cards may result in problematic rendering


  • The “Connecting” sound plays twice upon selecting a character

Input, UI and Localisation

  • Changing values in number fields via scrolling doesn’t function as intended
  • Sliding animation is missing from the panels in the Fitting window
  • Incorrect sorting of market groups in Japanese, Korean and Russian
  • Default Map Browser shortcut (F11) will trigger the system macOS command and won’t open the window
  • Filter text cannot be removed with backspace from the HyperNet search
  • Character Customization categories don’t expand when the character model is clicked
  • Changing UI Scaling can sometimes lead to offset picking in the UI
  • Shortcuts in the tutorial are not adjusted to a Mac keyboard
  • The game may look blurry with a non-default display scale


  • You may not be able to accept a fleet invite because of broken link
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Thanks for this - it’s one we are aware of and is something we will look at for a future release :slight_smile:

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Thanks - this one is listed in the second post and I believe is already fixed internally :slight_smile:

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Hmmm, that’s a bit weird. Can you please confirm the launcher version? How did you check that the Wine client did start? Is your launcher installation in any way different to a standard install?

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Hi there. Could you tell me the Launcher version you are running? It will show in the title bar of the application.

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Hi. It really should be seamless. Make sure the launcher is installed as an application (and not being mounted / run from the downloads folder for example), and that you have switched to Singularity in the bottom right. It should then download the client.
Could you provide a screenshot if this doesn’t work, so I can confirm everything looks correct?

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Hi. Exefile is the name of the EVE Client. I would love to get this changed…but there is a lot of pain in doing so :slight_smile:
In the future, the Eve client will look more as you’d expect on macOS (A image with the game name) in the dock.
You can check if you’re running the native client by bringing up the FPS counter and looking for ‘metal’ as the renderer in the bottom left corner of that window.

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Hi. Thanks, it is fixed internally. Tomorrow is the last day of the Native Client Test, so the next version on Sisi may have the fix included.

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When you are using autopilot - the next gate doesn’t show in the selected item window - it was weird, I was in lowsec and it worked, as soon as I jumped to nullsec it stopped populating with the next gate.

Uggh, OK, so I typed this and then the next gate it worked fine - so I dunno - it is inconsistent

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For the changing UI scaling affecting offset picking -

This happened to me but only in windowed mode - once I went back to full screen it stopped

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The playtest has now come to an end.

A huge thank you to everyone who has provided feedback. We have gathered a significant amount of data, both from the forum and bug reports. More than we expected at this stage!

There won’t be much new news for a while, as we’ll be acting on the data we’ve gathered here and continuing the normal development of the Native Mac Client. We may have another playtest in the future, so keep an eye on our normal places: News Articles, Forum, Email and social media :slight_smile:

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Hi all If you’ve not seen the information about the Native Mac Client playtest, please check out the news article first as it contains important information. This thread is for general feedback for the client and th…

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