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o7 Economic Enthusiasts!

The Monthly Economic Report for December 2021 is now available!

Technical issues with a particular research database caused a delay with the publishing of the MERs from November and December 2021. The problem was recently resolved however and we’re pleased we can finally bring you these much anticipated reports. Thank you for your patience!

As always, the raw data can be downloaded by clicking on this link.

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Good evening capsuleers! As a few of you have pointed out, there are potentially some inaccuracies with the “Mining value by region” data for the December MER. We’ll look to rectify this ASAP and publish any updated values.

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Not nearly as drastic as this one, though :slight_smile:

There was an increase in the amount of ore mined in December over November, which is not accurately reflected in the the December MER (likely due to the issue that caused its delay). This net increase does not include Ice from the Winter Nexus sites.

We do have a full suite of internal tools that produce reports for internal use on a daily basis (the CSM has seen some of the reports if you’d like their verification), such that our game designers can make informed and data driven decisions.

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Just a quick MER update!

The Mining Values in the December MER are inaccurate. Attached is a graph comparing Volume of Ore mined - that is ore that is successfully mined (aka after residue). Intentionally absent is the Winter Nexus Event Ice, so that a proper comparison can be made to previous months.

The teams are looking at what caused the issue for the December MER Mining Values and will have an updated MER with more accurate information as soon as it is available.

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