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Greetings, Capsuleers

The release of EVE Online’s native mac client is coming soon – and while we’re excited to bring this new and improved EVE experience to macOS, we’d also like to pre-emptively notify you that the Personal Skill Plans functionality of the new skill interface will not be accessible in the native client upon its release, due to external factors beyond our control – meaning that players will not initially be able to either create or save personal skill plans, nor save a shared plan.

This will not affect access to the skill catalogue or certified plans, however. Additionally, any personal skill plans you have already saved will remain in the database, and will in fact be accessible if logging in on a PC during this waiting period.

We plan to bring you this functionality as soon as possible in a later release. Please bear with us as we ensure that your experience will be as well-polished as possible: the native mac client includes significant improvements across the board, and we can’t wait to bring you into this new era!