over 1 year ago - CCP_Paragon - Direct link

Hello everyone,

Tomorrow 3 January 2023 we will start a scheduled maintenance upgrade on the EVE-Search cluster on Tranquility shortly after downtime. This entails that dynamic player data, such as player and corporation names will not populate into this new cluster immediately but rather will become findable in the search over a period of approximately 24 hours.

Therefore, you should not be alarmed if certain search results do not appear to work until after we have mentioned in this post that the scheduled maintenance has been complete.

Lets hope we can all find ourselves sooner rather than later.


over 1 year ago - CCP_Arcade - Direct link

Maintenance has started and thus in-game search will be affected. We’re adding this info to the launcher for better visibility.

over 1 year ago - CCP_Arcade - Direct link

We’re adding the info to the launcher now.