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37s hello hello everybody stream looks like
39s it is now live across our usual Facebook
43s steam twitch and YouTube so welcome
48s everybody we're going to be getting
49s started here in
51s about 4 or 3
53s minutes looking forward to
59s it
65s my mic seems to be running
68s hoto all
70s right it's not a stream without a
72s technical
75s problem I think you're all left as well
78s oh goodness
80s gravy all right let me see if I can uh
82s fix
89s it
146s testing the mic are we
149s good
175s [Music]
179s e
207s I think I fixed
209s it
212s yep woo all right going live in like 30
215s seconds perfect
239s timing
251s Greetings oh and welcome ladies and
253s gentlemen to the official Rockfish game
255s stream where we've never had a technical
256s issue occur ever oh my gosh what a
260s pleasure it is to be here for you all
261s this delightful Friday man 2024 is
265s looking so pretty oh it's looking great
268s what's that you haven't seen any of F
270s Well boy do I have a treat for you today
272s oh my gosh so if you couldn't tell by
274s the title today we are going to be
276s adventuring through our uh normal
278s nightmare difficulty gameplay session
281s but with a little bit of a
283s Twist at any point in time as many of
285s you know on nightmare a legendary item
287s can drop so I'm letting RNG decide if
292s it's going to Showcase a new legendary
293s item for you guys today isn't that fun I
297s have no idea which one it's going to be
299s it could be really cool it could be very
301s basic it could be something incredibly
303s unique but who knows what is going to
307s drop and if RNG fails us we're going to
309s reveal one at the end of the stream
311s anyway so I hope that you're excited for
313s this little Adventure that we're taking
314s on it should be a pretty good time now
318s where we're at in the game we had uh
320s just finished up some story missions and
323s then we're doing some side questing and
324s stuff we're going to be continuing that
326s sort of process here um not uh we're
328s going to be very careful on stepping on
331s any territories that are under
333s development right now this is the Unreal
334s Engine 5 build so you can see uh
338s hopefully you'll be able to see that in
339s a lot of cases we've improved a number
342s of factors across the board um I think
344s we had a couple of technical problems
345s last week or last two weeks ago last
347s stream I should say um a lot of those
350s issues have kind of like worked
352s themselves out as we've continued down
353s this process of uh getting everything
355s migrated over not done yet still going
358s to be a while but uh just letting you
360s all know the progress that we've been
362s making at Rockfish has been so good guys
364s it's been exciting it's been fun and we
367s are incredibly excited for you guys to
368s all join us in this process as we're
370s getting to this incursions update uh
372s scheduled for the first half of this
375s year actually so looking looking good um
379s I also just now realized I never
381s introduced my co-stream partner H do you
384s want to say hello Gary hello Gary oh
388s beautiful fantastic so he is going to be
390s joining me along for the ride Gary as
391s our community man uh manager I'm also a
393s community manager you can call me the
394s community Ambassador um we both want to
397s just help you we serve you during the
398s course of these streams so if you have
400s questions on our journey through
402s everspace 2 including questions you have
405s about development you can ask but we are
406s going to be a bit Hush Hush today aside
409s from you know a legendary teaser um but
411s by all means ask those questions in the
413s chat we're going to be reading through
414s them coating them and then responding to
417s them as we can through the course of
419s this 2hour long stream so with that
422s being said let's get right into things
424s uh we did leave off with our uh neous NE
427s neminus our ninous uh we've been uh
430s debating on purchasing another ship um I
433s think we were talking about something
435s like a a gunship if I
437s recall um but um I'm not sure if I'm
440s ready to like pull the trigger right now
443s I but you know I'm going to let fate
446s decide once again um and I want to know
448s if the chat is happy with our current uh
452s loadouts we've got omn Manus and Wrath
454s of the Fallen here in a powerful gos
456s Cannon rail gun all on a beautiful
458s little Sentinel um but if that is not
461s desired and you want something different
464s shout it to the masses right now uh
466s because we can take just a couple of
468s minutes to to iron this
470s out um aside from all of that I'm just
473s to kind of give you guys um a little bit
475s more of a recap as to how things have
477s been going at Rockfish um yeah because I
480s mean I want to I want to fill you in as
482s much as I can you know um we are doing a
484s lot uh behind the scenes right now um
487s you guys many of you know that we're
488s doing the migration to Unreal Engine 5
490s and we're just preparing a lot of this
492s content um so if you're ever wondering
494s why you're not really getting to see too
496s much it's because there's much being
498s prepared and it's why we're pacing
500s things out like just having a new
502s legendary to show today even though
504s there's a lot of legendaries that are
505s coming um so we really appreciate your
508s patience in this process us while we are
511s developing everything putting it all
512s together for you because we especially
515s me are so excited to reveal these things
518s to you it's just part of that process we
521s got to we got to pace ourselves you guys
523s got you have to you know understand
525s where we're coming from it's woo
528s development man it's crazy stuff it's
530s crazy so can I just dive in while you
532s just take a little breath everybody's
534s noticing your slight green screen issue
536s to your right okay thank you for that
539s thank you for that you know it's funny
540s because I actually tweaked that from
542s last week oh that's not slight that's
545s big that's goodness gravy that was uh
549s that was ridiculous thank you for
550s calling that out I must have bumped that
552s whenever I was uh changing my audio
554s settings so thank you for thank you for
556s letting us fix that uh but yeah very
559s good very good um let's see what ships
561s are being called out here needs more
564s rapid equalizers okay that's noted
566s that's noted um we've got
570s uh
571s Interceptor Vanguard Striker so no
575s consistency in requests fantastic I love
578s it just what you want to see oh my
582s goodness geez but um yeah that's fine
586s you know what if if we don't have an
587s idea of what we want to change too yet
590s uh totally totally good uh we can kind
593s of come back to this a little bit later
594s we're going to we're going to stick to
596s our Sentinel for the moment and do this
598s Ramen delivery J job we want to finish a
600s couple uh jobs for KO clan um and so
604s just as a reminder um through the course
606s of this entire process you know even
609s something as simple as a job technically
611s speaking because we are um to make aies
615s oh wow we're we got we got we got a big
618s one um because uh legendary items can
622s drop literally from anywhere for any
624s reason in Nightmare it's possible
628s technically possible we could get this
629s super fast from just a Ramen delivery uh
633s that would be wild I I doubt very much
634s doubt it but it's possible okay that's
636s the that's the point oh oops that's the
638s point so uh Ramen deliveries have been
642s said to be one of the easiest ways to
644s make money from jobs as well so if
646s you've never seen this job before
648s because you kind of like skipped over
649s jobs and you just want to go out and
650s blow stuff up totally fair honestly uh
653s in fact I commend you I mean that's the
655s big point of the game is you know the
657s combat but uh if you ever kind of need a
660s little bit of a break and want to test
661s your skills on how to navigate a
663s slippery drone through narrow passages
666s like this or so uh definitely recommend
669s looking over the job boards there's a
671s bit of variety on that front to shake
674s things up a little
675s bit it it's a pretty good time generally
678s so let's see I'm trying to figure
680s out is this the one that's inside I
683s always get that one confused I think
685s this is
686s outside okay I think yeah we got we got
688s three easy ones
690s nice that's easy
693s credits easy
695s Renown done and
701s done willed it's righty
704s will let's see uh we want to we got Pure
709s titanium from that nice um did we have
712s any other yeah we had other jobs okay
714s Hitman destroy base and item retrieval
717s um let's do item retrieval next
720s cuz that's going to be a little bit
725s easier then we'll destroy a base and
727s then we'll uh we'll wrap up with Hitman
729s so good good
732s stuff I see individuals kind of sneaking
735s in now um after the whole I don't know
737s five minutes of talking about what we're
739s going to do in the Stream but totally
740s good totally totally fair to ask those
743s questions um lots of jobs showing up
745s here too um but we are going over here
748s for our job
750s today's stream we are playing in the um
754s nightmare difficulty and we are allowing
757s new legendary items to actually generate
759s in this playthrough and we're going to
762s let RNG decide which new one is going to
764s be showcased today if we somehow do not
767s have one drop by the through the game
770s playay I will be showing a legendary at
772s the end of the stream no matter
774s what no matter what it cannot hide it be
786s showcased but per usual Gary and I will
789s also be having some banter between each
791s other and you guys and uh we'll also be
794s answering questions that you
803s have all right here we
808s go
813s woo this is what we came
816s for oh I I missed that shot that's
826s silly pretty sure we have enough juice
828s to finish this guy off does look like
831s we're going to need some upgrades soon
833s cuz um this is taken way longer than I
836s would have liked it
838s to
856s nice man that explosion sound seemed
860s like it has
861s improved I wonder if anything has been
864s done to the sound
868s effects
873s excellent uh let's see we have another
875s job hitman's over here uh so let's go
878s ahead and and tackle that one behind
888s us no no I see Flory saying seems like
891s Eric didn't get the new keyboard till
892s now no no look if you're commenting on
894s the fact that I didn't use my ALT in
895s that combat I didn't feel like there
897s were enough I didn't want to waste it
900s so uh
902s yeah maybe here where we could aggro a
904s bunch of neutrals and make things
906s absolutely chaotic will use it how does
908s that sound that seems more fair
915s right all
921s right no
923s match too easy that's actually exactly
927s what I was thinking
931s ah there is a dedicated enemy here that
935s is the one you need to scan so that um
937s So for anybody who's wondering like does
939s it always have it to where you have to
940s scan four and then you get the fifth one
942s always no one of these is actually the
944s one you're supposed to scan it is
947s completely
949s random I have definitely been able to
951s scan the first Target and be satisfied
953s before all right's number four all
958s right
959s oh yeah okay so we do need to Al here
962s cuz uh we're taking a lot of
965s damage
969s goodness
979s whoa I really ticked off the Oar though
981s I got a jump suppressor even uh H all
985s right so jump suppressor is complet C by
989s itself oh too kind too
996s kind that's
1000s good he almost started talking there
1002s before I actually sniped that thing
1008s impressive all right so now we've got uh
1011s like one two more jobs here okay the
1013s destroy
1017s base is this the last one I can't
1019s remember now we're blowing through these
1021s jobs so fast it's great super
1026s great oh I see I see a curious question
1029s that I want to answer right now uh in
1030s the chat from Turbo Gandalf over on
1033s YouTube says where can you give you guys
1035s money um I love that I love that
1038s question um right now the answer is by
1041s buying everspace Evers spaces DLC and
1044s everspace 2 uh directly from steam or
1047s from Gog or if you want everspace 2 um
1050s on consoles you can have it on the
1051s PlayStation 5 or the Xbox series s and X
1055s those are going to be the main ways to
1056s fund us because we are developing video
1059s games that's that's that's our stick so
1061s we don't really do much outside of that
1064s um I mean we did create uh additional
1066s elements uh for Kickstarter and we will
1069s have a uh physical art book that can be
1073s purchased from storefronts which we will
1074s let you know about when that can show up
1077s uh but they're not quite ready yet
1080s um but uh yeah those are going to be the
1082s the main way is going to be buying the
1084s game that's going to be how you can
1086s support
1088s us your support is also very much
1091s appreciated from a non-financial
1093s territory cuz like just being part of
1095s the stream being a part of the community
1098s uh wishlisting us telling your friends
1100s about us all of that stuff is incredibly
1104s powerful to help others just be in on
1109s this amazing game we've put together for
1113s we and there is a healthy bit more
1115s coming we ain't
1126s done
1129s see just going to see what's in this
1131s container I would have giggled if
1133s somehow there was a legendary in there I
1135s don't know if that's actually possible
1137s though I I don't think they can generate
1139s inside even like on
1145s nightmare pretty sure they
1153s can't all right is this going to be
1154s where the legendary
1160s drops for some reason I'm I'm fairly
1163s hopeful that it
1164s is I just I don't know why I have a
1167s hunch
1177s dang punched
1182s failed but we did get some small
1187s arms
1189s neat all right so one more job to go
1193s wait a second let me just double check
1195s my missions here uh
1200s three out of four so need one more job
1202s uh we have the rewards from that and
1205s then item retrieval okay
1208s cool where is item
1214s retrieval oh we need to we need to drop
1216s it back off okay
1219s cool
1227s neat ah
1231s ah I'm seeing a lot of little questions
1235s today that's fine keep all those
1238s questions coming Gary and I will cover
1242s them whether they
1245s are large questions small
1248s questions important priority questions
1250s or even you know more simple ones we
1254s want to get you all
1257s covered
1264s oo hello
1267s there probably shouldn't fight them
1270s should probably leave them
1277s alone those are more Oar no those are
1280s Outlaw okay that's
1284s fine sort of at least teleport drones
1287s man
1295s almost ah quit jumping away there we
1317s go
1324s okara almost done with me just need a
1328s little bit longer I hope that's not okar
1330s jumping
1332s in it
1335s is dang
1343s it they're fighting The Outlaws now even
1346s though I really wanted to get another
1347s kill
1349s that's fine we're going to we're going
1351s to crash into this turn sideways get
1353s through it and go back up to
1357s KO all right I think the okar are going
1361s to
1363s uh let everything slide cuz they realize
1366s now I was just a just a Hitman for a
1369s moment that's all it
1374s is all
1376s righty go ahead and repair and rest
1379s stock get our ramen
1383s delicious all right now we need to go to
1385s abidan
1387s to just try and well we'll just kind of
1389s do the side mission chain that's fine
1391s we'll do the side mission
1393s chain again
1403s overl you know I see some of you guys
1405s are pointing out like the U the red
1406s shield icon and stuff like that now do
1409s keep in mind um there are still going to
1411s be a couple of little kinks and whatnot
1413s um because this is the dve build that we
1417s are migrating over to Unreal Engine
1423s 5 so pretty confident that that one is
1428s uh on our
1430s list actually but um I will take a note
1433s of it
1435s anyway just in
1437s case
1464s fun pretty sure this is just a defend
1466s the freighter Mission should be simple
1482s enough I keep checking my
1486s stream and I'm not sure how it's working
1489s for everybody else but legitimately this
1491s is the smoothest the stream has ever
1494s been and I have very lightly tweaked any
1497s settings at all
1499s um I'm thinking our migration to Unreal
1502s Engine 5 is is starting to take shape
1504s honestly um this is like we've been
1507s through our process there's definitely
1509s been more than a couple of uh
1513s issues um it's it seems like it's
1516s perfect yeah it seems like it's really
1517s buttery smooth today like I'm like my
1519s CPU usage and like the like everything
1522s is just coming in clear it's nice what
1525s did
1526s you illegally
1538s all right going to have to deal with
1539s this
1540s Tormentor that's for
1544s sure and unfortunately he's far away
1547s from everyone else so I can't really use
1549s the ult here it's not going to be
1553s relevant wow we are going so far away
1556s from combat all right hang on second can
1558s turn around
1561s please
1569s by
1585s wo woo
1589s now I'm wishing I would have saved that
1590s Al just a hair
1593s longer man I'm collecting all the
1617s blueprints
1647s us
1650s cowy new ship module man we're getting
1653s everything but a legendary that's a good
1655s sign though we're getting some pretty
1656s good
1659s loot pretty good loot going pick up this
1662s scrap metal head back to
1665s Prescot I think it's finalizing this
1668s Mission side mission chain
1671s right can't remember if it's this one or
1674s there's one
1677s more
1694s you know actually I think it might be a
1696s pretty good time right now where we're
1698s at since I'm just going to trigger this
1700s Mission chain I'm going to skip the
1701s dialogue cuz I don't really care about
1703s it um let's start answering questions
1706s cuz I I I know that there have been
1708s quite the number that have come in both
1709s large and small so uh yeah let's let's
1712s let's get through this what do you got
1713s for me Gary we have a few lined up
1717s actually which is very very nice um so
1720s first off uh over on Twitch xhs and just
1722s wanted to know uh do we have any kind of
1726s date uh for incursions to be
1730s released uh the only information that
1732s we've revealed thus far I believe is we
1734s either said the first half of the year
1737s or like the the first or second quarter
1739s of the year if I'm recalling correctly
1741s um and it's still in very much in line
1743s with that um so as soon as we have more
1746s information to share on those release
1748s dates we will absolutely let you know
1749s otherwise you're just going to have to
1750s wait for more information to drop um but
1752s it is just keep in mind this was all
1754s completely free content that you will be
1757s getting sooner than later um so that is
1760s something to look forward to you won't
1761s have to drop a scent for it it's just
1763s going to enter into the game Space uh so
1767s yeah good
1769s question excellent excellent um Adrien
1772s cavalero over on YouTube uh would like
1774s to know will there be any new job types
1777s uh in the next update that would be
1780s telling um but I will also say but I'm
1783s also going to say like while it's
1785s certainly possible that that could
1787s happen we have been pretty clear in the
1789s direction that we want to take
1790s incursions so your expectations should
1792s be aligning with the endgame content uh
1795s which is why we've been talking about
1796s legendary items being out of into
1798s incursions obviously the incursion thing
1802s is also going to happen uh which was
1804s teased at the end of last year um and
1807s things surrounding that nature should uh
1810s should be aligned with what to expect
1812s coming around the corner um so yeah I
1814s want I want to just say it again I
1817s there's probably going to be more aside
1820s from just that stuff uh we will let you
1823s know what that looks like when that
1824s timing is right um for now I can't
1827s really say no but I can't say yes you
1830s know that's I I can't
1833s so it's a mystery it's a mystery to us
1838s all um you can just briefly speak
1842s towards a question from Lenard over on
1845s Twitch um what are our current like uh
1849s shortterm plans for everis space yeah oh
1853s that's I love that question short-term
1854s plans are to just get more content into
1856s everspace 2 because we just we we've
1857s been really enjoying the process of this
1859s game we've very much enjoyed the Early
1861s Access phase uh bringing a lot of the
1863s community individuals like yourselves in
1866s the chat in this very chat like you just
1868s like speak freely on what the game
1870s should be like for you um and then
1873s roping that into our core Vision uh
1876s making things happen there's been a lot
1877s of improvements to the game because of
1879s Community Support um so moving that
1881s forward into uh where we're off to now
1884s like we are we've been continuing to
1886s pour love into this game because not
1888s only you guys enjoy it but we do too
1891s it's we're just we're making more
1893s content because we can it's not even
1895s necessary we just want to um and we're
1898s having a blast doing that and and it
1900s shows with um the communications that
1902s you guys have had with us and uh you're
1904s enjoying it too and and we're really
1905s glad that we can do that beyond the free
1908s content that we're producing we will
1910s have a premium DLC uh in the future of
1913s everspace 2 as well um and more
1916s information on that will also be shared
1918s in the future
1920s um but yeah gosh there's there's so much
1925s there's so much there's much there's yes
1929s yes is our future so uh it's
1932s exciting much much much uh right
1935s sticking with twitch we have a question
1938s from good guy Goku who wants to know how
1940s does the law team handle naming
1942s conventions in the universe are there
1944s rules that you follow to keep things
1946s straight or is it just more of whatever
1948s sounds good um so there are actually
1950s rules we have themes that we go by um
1954s and these various themes can be uh
1956s everything from uh references to
1959s historical events um to uh Legends and
1963s lore um to just fun stuff that we just
1967s really enjoy it could be sci-fi
1968s references it could be a a a book or a
1971s novel um it could be a movie um it could
1974s be
1976s um uh uh Roman gods it could be like
1980s there's there's always a usually a theme
1982s so that way everything within a sort of
1985s pocket of our universe makes sense with
1989s Itself by being all referencing uh and
1993s thematic uh towards itself right and a
1996s lot of that can actually be seen uh on
1998s the map in our naming conventions there
2001s um so uh trying to think of a good
2005s example here all of a sudden
2008s um if I recall correctly on the theme
2011s it's not it's not a um it's not folklore
2014s that I'm as familiar with but there's
2016s something about the name cedo that is in
2018s reference to like an ice goddess I
2021s believe and so all the naming
2023s conventions surrounding these planets
2026s and locations uh from uh from from from
2031s from all the things oh my gosh I I'm not
2033s going to just read them off cuz I mean
2035s you can you're familiar with the the
2036s system at itself all of them are
2038s referencing some aspect of a correlation
2041s to that ice goddess or other sort of
2045s gods and goddesses surrounding that
2047s character um and also pursuing more of
2050s an icy or cold theme um and that's cedo
2054s and then you jump over to something else
2057s you know and it goes into that sort of
2058s same distinction like zarov um the
2061s intent was uh it was actually
2063s surrounding uh a Russian Explorer I
2067s believe um and yeah so I'm not going to
2071s like speak to every single one but
2072s that's that's our naming conventions and
2075s of course we do take some Liberties for
2077s ourselves in building our world with
2080s unique naming conventions because we
2082s have the okar a completely unique race
2084s that is only found in everspace 2 and
2087s everspace of course within our world and
2089s we do have uh a correlation of themes
2092s for them as well but uh how we kind of
2095s approach the naming conventions there is
2097s also our specific sort of twist on uh
2100s what those themes might look like there
2102s a really big answer for a clever
2104s question so hopefully you appreciate
2106s that that's good good yeah that's great
2109s answer every time I see zarov I just
2111s think of Flash
2117s Gordon oh my gosh that's
2119s great uh right we've got a question back
2122s over on YouTube which uh Michael kindly
2124s answered uh there's a question from Lou
2126s long and it's specifically to do with
2128s ever space one actually cuz they're
2129s wondering if we will ever put ever space
2132s one the Stellar Edition onto the Xbox
2134s game pass um I know obviously we have a
2137s lot of love for Ev space and a lot of
2139s players still still like it but there
2141s are no current plans to put ever space
2143s one back onto the Xbox game pass at this
2146s time yep that is correct thank you for
2149s responding to that Michael um and also
2151s for those of you who are wondering who
2152s Michael is he is the CEO of Rockfish
2155s games the big bad boss himself thank you
2157s so much for being a part of the streams
2159s ah it really is a pleasure not only
2161s because it's amazing that he is devoting
2163s this type of time to this community but
2165s also so you can keep me in line right so
2167s it's great it's wonderful good stuff
2170s yeah you've got to have at least two
2171s bounces when when er extrem yeah my
2175s gosh uh right last question for now uh
2178s from twitch and it's from stormbender um
2181s he's asking can we hear or we'll be able
2183s to hear some of the ue5 changes Asing
2185s what has changed so far could you kind
2187s of outline some of the changes that we
2189s can see you know I love that question um
2192s the actual response is we don't want
2195s there to be changes like we we actually
2197s uh we want the migration to be not
2201s changing anything as much as possible um
2204s it's when we are going through this
2206s transition it's not about oh we've got
2208s these new technologies we can play
2209s around with and and we're going to like
2211s super enhance ever Space 2 nah-uh nah-uh
2213s if somebody told you that they'd be
2214s lying um with our announcement to this
2217s migration through this migration
2219s progress
2220s process um it's all about focused on
2224s continue support okay Unreal Engine 4
2226s does it still get support yes Unreal
2228s Engine 5 gets so much more support and
2231s we we are buddy buddy with epic they
2233s have been very supportive of helping us
2235s get through our engine problems and
2238s processes uh and it's uh it just makes
2241s sense for us to continue loving on
2242s everspace 2 by bringing it up to date in
2246s the unreal 5 format with all that
2249s continued support and love from epic
2252s that's the main line uh reasoning um is
2255s I mean obviously that also does mean
2257s there are new opportunities that can
2259s come up um should we start going down
2262s those directions we will let you know
2265s what that looks like if there's anything
2267s that we do and in an appropriate time
2270s that we would do that in all right lots
2273s of words there but
2275s tldr there should be any changes it
2278s should be exactly the same so yep
2283s excellent excellent you are free to fly
2286s on pilot excellent yeah I'm kind of
2288s still uh messing around my inventory um
2291s so let me just this is fine I think
2294s we're going to just knock out those
2295s signal decoders and and
2300s uh do I have what do I need here I need
2304s Neutron membranes can we even craft
2306s Neutron membranes
2310s uh yes we can we have
2316s six oh I'm not tracking it hang on a
2318s second let me let me track this so I
2321s know how many I
2323s need um so we need seven so we have six
2326s okay let's just let's just do this cuz
2328s what I want to do is I want to send all
2329s the legendaries back to the home base uh
2331s because as of right now when you scrap a
2333s legendary you don't get anything for it
2335s it's just that really stinks man I hope
2338s that changes um so we are going to uh
2342s going to go ahead and get this oh we
2343s also need power cells ah goodness gravy
2345s we need power cells power cells power
2347s power power okay so we have four we need
2350s 15 all right five 6 7
2356s 8
2364s excellent so now we can invest in this
2368s get autonomous cargo
2370s dispatcher so we can send items from
2373s here to the home Bas home base now I
2375s don't think we can do it immediately CU
2377s we have to leave this uh the this
2380s menu uh can
2382s we not yet okay so I think I have to
2385s like undock and then
2388s redock scrap one why would I do
2395s that
2397s we just got we just got Crimson Sun
2401s nice nice That's not a new one so we're
2405s going to send actually Crimson
2408s sun is probably going to be a really
2410s good weapon for
2414s us yeah it's kind of it's kind of a
2417s massive upgrade honestly um let's see
2421s missile defense system is really good
2423s rather the fall oh my gosh we have these
2426s are just too good these are just too
2428s good but I think we want to swap over to
2430s Crimson Sun uh so we're going to
2432s uninstall our cargo unit install Crimson
2436s Sun uh and now what I want to do is I
2439s want to craft a new cargo
2442s unit sweet we can do a superior I'm only
2445s going to go
2447s rare I'm confident that we will find a
2449s better one uh in the near future ah
2452s unfortunate rolls but uh it's fine we'll
2455s get something to replace that soon soon
2458s and let's go ahead and store these
2460s legendary items actually we're going to
2462s store all of them so that's going to
2464s clean up the space we have here quite a
2471s lot very
2474s good all right let's go finish some
2479s location challenges and hope for that
2481s legendary drop I am itching to see a
2485s legendary
2487s so much so that if it takes too long I'm
2489s just going to show it like at the
2490s halfway point in the Stream uh let's see
2493s we got
2495s 93% oh this one's going to be I really
2497s need kala perk hang on a second how far
2500s along are we with oh we have supervision
2503s okay let's actually do that let's go
2505s here I think we'll be able to
2507s see we might be able to see the remains
2510s with
2513s supervision yes a trail of debris we
2517s just didn't follow it that's going to
2520s take us to the last little secret feels
2531s good I see individuals commenting on uh
2534s being better off with the uh Wrath of
2536s the fallen and stuff yeah probably I
2538s just really wanted this uh this weapon
2542s um and I didn't want to think too much
2544s because I want to keep the stream going
2548s so could I have done a bit better job in
2550s coordinating all that absolutely and
2552s you're probably right Bearded Frog but
2555s uh but yeah we're just going to we're
2557s just going to go we just be
2565s going I'm just going to leave him he's
2567s lost in the clouds anyway it's
2572s fine I see the comment that says I hate
2574s it when games are epic exclusive I mean
2576s I think think that there there's a lot
2577s of comments that we could have on that
2579s right like it we don't need to go like
2581s super deep into conversation about that
2583s um with you know exclusives and all that
2585s type of stuff um but whenever you made
2587s that statement the reason why I kind of
2589s stopped and have read it aloud is
2591s because you would not believe how many
2593s people thought we were going to be epic
2595s exclusive when we made very clear points
2599s during the kickstarter of the game that
2601s we were not going to be epic exclusive
2603s like people were like yeah right n
2605s you're totally going to sell out uh-uh I
2607s don't believe you jeez that number was
2611s absurdly way too high but uh instead we
2614s got a massive amount of support through
2617s the community lots of good guys like
2619s yourselves actually uh cuz I know I know
2621s that I see a lot of backers in the chat
2623s right now uh who did have faith who did
2626s believe us and know that we are not ones
2628s to sell our souls so uh yeah we have a
2631s beautiful relationship with epic we have
2632s a beautiful relationship with valve and
2634s if we were to go any sort of exclusive
2636s it route we'd be stepping on toes of
2638s very important friends of ours so it
2640s wasn't an option so
2643s yeah good good
2650s stuff
2653s uh wait what am I doing I went the wrong
2657s way oh my gosh I went to the
2659s mission what am I
2661s doing everybody's done that yeah that's
2664s true that's true I wish hi I've also had
2667s like a um like a what do you want to
2670s call it like a satinav mode where it's
2672s like you fly past a loc or like you're
2675s going further away from your location
2677s he's like um Adam turn left you know
2680s that would
2681s be a totally sarcastic way so you didn't
2684s want to turn left there then yeah it's
2686s fine I'll redirect your route for you
2688s it'll only take 3.7 light years you know
2692s be pretty
2695s fun let's go find it turn left now and
2699s you turn into a sun classic
2705s Hive
2713s je man I will say crimson Sun certainly
2716s requires some juice maybe I should have
2719s evaluated my uh energy core before
2722s plopping it
2725s on we only have a level 19 energy core
2728s well I'm seeing a problem with that
2729s output of
2732s 261
2734s ouch
2737s ow
2744s yikes yeah we're going to need to we're
2746s going to need to replace that one fairly
2755s soon
2759s man those explosions though they
2761s certainly sound meteor even though I
2763s know that we totally didn't do anything
2764s about that
2771s whatsoever could be one of those
2773s improvements that we didn't do that's
2775s got nothing to do with Unreal Engine
2776s fight oh yeah it's definitely probably
2779s like there's going to be improvements
2780s that we've definitely never mentioned
2781s during the streams that all whatsoever
2783s that are going to just show up and
2784s everyone's going to be surprised CU
2786s nobody was expecting
2788s it
2793s 100% all right
2796s I we could we could probably do the
2798s spunking for Mad Cop section of this
2799s this should be fine
2803s um our energy problems will probably
2807s naturally go away I
2810s hope but I guess we'll
2815s see
2836s wonderful all right let's keep
2845s going
2869s a big fan of how um goo layered the
2873s music so there's I believe there's three
2875s tracks for every song um so it changes
2880s depending on the sort of threat
2884s nearby we had the same job once
2887s unfortunately money doesn't buy respect
2891s at least not the pathetics they used to
2893s give
2895s us did the presc Port Authority send you
2899s yep I'm here to clean this place out you
2901s are welcome to
2904s try now where are you
2916s delicious I do believe this place has a
2919s lot of
2920s Secrets um not planning on collecting
2923s all of them cuz I think that would take
2924s a a bit too
2930s long at least for now we could probably
2932s address this in a another one but I like
2934s changing up locations so bear with me as
2937s um everybody with OCD cries inside a
2941s little bit as we leave some things
2950s unfinished I don't think he's there no
2952s we need to go into the into the lair
2955s here we
2959s go have contempt for
2962s you just PL
2964s thugs got him on that
2966s one
2984s then's so many
2988s blueprints we're going to go ahead and
2989s do this even though we're probably going
2990s to get radiated that's
2993s fine maybe not okay we're fine
2996s cool it's got to be quick wow we're
2999s almost done with all of the oh my gosh
3001s all right let's just let's just top this
3003s off I had no idea we were so close to
3005s finding all the secrets thank you
3011s kala super
3022s duper so many ship modules and
3024s blueprints this is crazy
3028s I just want a
3039s legendary pardon my bad
3052s driving H why not it's just two enemies
3054s but
3058s now I have an excuse to try and fill it
3059s back
3062s up I'm going to have all the blueprints
3064s by the end of this one stream alone this
3066s is
3068s ridiculous it's
3071s crazy sounds like I'm complaining
3074s shouldn't be
3076s complaining and yes you are correct uh
3078s wizard Jerry over on YouTube says uh no
3081s legendary and secret containers if I
3083s recall correctly and that's yes that is
3086s is how I understand it as
3100s well all right good good
3105s stuff going go ahead and get these
3108s titanium
3110s deposits titanium's a little bit rare of
3112s a resource so just having it on hand
3115s might help us uh get through a
3117s requirement for a perk or job or
3121s something a little bit
3131s later I'm not always that sort of
3133s diligent about collecting all the
3135s resources but for now I'm going to
3143s be Flor says Ah I know a location that
3145s would be perfect to hide a legendary
3147s well what is it speak
3158s up goodness we have collected so much
3161s that are not
3163s Orange Let's uh let's see let's check
3166s our challenges real quick
3168s like uh oh oh my gosh I forgot we had
3172s the rail gun for this and then we didn't
3174s finish it ah man
3177s that's fine uh Kill An Outlaw Outlaw
3179s Demolisher with one of its own minds
3182s let's try to do that
3183s one let's just go to an unknown signal
3186s hope that they uh jump us have an outlaw
3189s Demolisher and then destroy him with his
3191s own
3195s M
3200s okay not what we were looking for
3204s unfortunately try again
3209s I see you're all referencing ever space
3211s one and weapons that you would like you
3213s guys oh my gosh I love it I love it your
3217s desires are uh in Good Taste um let's
3221s see oh we still have a lot to collect
3223s over there
3232s s this shouldn't be too hard I mean this
3235s a small area let's let's clear this
3237s place out there might be an outlaw
3239s Demolisher that shows up
3243s too man if I could reach level 25 today
3247s that would be that would be huge
3249s honestly get a level 25 perk could make
3252s a big
3257s difference meanwhile we have this
3259s absolutely pathetic Outlaw link drone or
3262s outlaw drone carrier excuse
3264s me
3265s [Music]
3274s really wasn't even worth using my all
3275s for but you know I did it the deed is
3283s done that sounds so
3293s good we're going to need a do just to
3296s sell all this stuff we've been getting
3298s jeez we're making some pretty good
3301s credits
3306s though see more containers I could just
3310s blast these open man I don't know why
3311s I'm spending all this time walking over
3313s to him oh now I know why cuz I don't
3314s have a very accurate
3318s weapon
3320s woo what else we got Scout
3323s Raider neither of you you are a
3327s Demolisher
3340s unacceptable so because he is four
3343s levels lower than us I don't even think
3345s that he actually gives us
3347s experience um you have to be within
3349s three levels to gain experience from a
3354s Target
3358s so that's a fun little fact for those
3360s who might not have known
3365s that let's go all right let's start uh
3369s getting these pieces moved about and
3371s where they need to
3373s go sort of um because I think that
3376s there's a hidden yeah power
3380s core and I can't remember where the
3383s slots are at we'll just do a little
3385s loop-de-loop around get all the power
3387s cores and plug it
3389s in I think there's like three or four or
3392s something is that right am I think of
3394s the right
3398s location
3399s [Laughter]
3403s yeah could be thinking of a different
3406s location there's lots of power cores all
3408s around so we already fixed all the leaks
3410s so I don't think there's anything in
3412s here actually yeah that was just a leak
3420s um get this container oh they're over
3423s here oh my gosh yes over here I have to
3426s say the power calls are some of the
3428s funnest bugs that we have to work
3430s through um you guys if you've ever
3433s contacted support you'll probably get in
3435s contact with me uh and a lot of the
3437s questions we get asked is I've lost a
3439s power cord do you know where it is I've
3441s been around this area and I can't find
3442s it and through she look you know uh we
3447s do find them you know we do go searching
3448s for them but yeah they can be in very
3450s obscure places because unfortunately the
3452s players and inadvertently PT them to the
3455s farthest reaches of a sector uh and uh
3458s we have to try and find them for them
3459s but yeah just keep an eye on where you
3461s put your power calls otherwise you can
3463s spend a very long time looking for
3466s them that's great um Michael you sent me
3470s a private message um I have done nothing
3472s of that sort uh but glad to hear that
3475s things are
3477s pleasing so good stuff everybody was
3480s wondering what he asked too bad all
3482s right let's take out this Elite Outlaw
3489s Scout I will say this um and I kind of
3492s mentioned this earlier in the Stream um
3495s I don't I I I don't want to correlate it
3496s to Unreal Engine 5 guys because I don't
3498s want to set a false expectation I will
3500s say that the stream is incredibly smooth
3502s today and I have barely tweaked any
3505s settings
3506s whatsoever um so I am really glad that
3508s things are coming through really nicely
3512s today so hope you're enjoying it leave
3516s that Thumbs Up And subscribe and ring
3518s that Bell and and shake
3521s that uh whatever else on all the
3526s things it's
3528s appreciated sincerely though support
3530s goes a long way for for you know us cuz
3533s we are but a small team producing uh
3537s some fairly decently sized content here
3540s okay I'm going to say that like the feel
3543s like we've got a pretty quality game
3544s here for all of you guys to share in and
3547s uh your support uh doesn't just have to
3549s be Financial like just you know
3551s following us commenting
3554s um telling your friends like there's a
3557s lot that comes from that it really is
3562s appreciated
3564s see I really haven't been getting set
3566s items like at all of course I haven't
3567s been looking for them
3574s either I'm not even sure if I want to go
3577s for any particular set item builds right
3579s now I think I just want to just
3581s generically build up to something a
3584s little bit better for the
3587s moment and figure out our own path if
3590s that makes
3593s sense sure somebody in the comments will
3595s will tell me how wrong that
3596s [Laughter]
3599s is uh let's
3603s see Prim zapper could be
3607s fun we're keep going I think somebody
3610s actually wanted more Prime zage so maybe
3614s maybe we'll just do this for a little
3620s bit lots of clearing out here lots of it
3627s my goodness have we made a lot of
3631s money in today's stream so that's been
3636s good RA
3637s [Music]
3639s gun was that a level was that a level
3644s nine when did I get that oh my gosh
3646s that's weird shoot I wish I would have
3648s taken notes cuz uh that looks like yeah
3652s that looks like um if Tony's watching
3655s the stream we had to go through gosh it
3657s was such a grueling process development
3659s story time so there is this time where
3662s we had to actually go through when we
3664s were getting um a pretty decent amount
3667s of criticism on uh the challenges
3671s throughout everspace 2 um CU we want to
3673s make them you know meaningful but also
3676s challenging uh we didn't want them to be
3678s like a big grind for you have to go out
3679s of your way some of them were a bit too
3681s out of the way so we were condensing
3682s them back and through that process uh we
3685s were also adjusting how the leveling
3687s system worked and when we were adjusting
3689s the leveling system we had to identify
3692s locked levels from containers um so what
3695s I mean by that is if you like showed up
3696s to a location and you were level five
3698s everything that would generate would be
3699s level fives around there right well now
3702s imagine that you leave you play for 20
3704s hours in the game and then you go back
3706s to that same location all right and
3708s you're finally okay I'm going to explore
3711s this now and you're level 15 or 20 or
3714s whatever you open up a container and it
3716s gives you level five
3718s equipment thought we squashed that we
3721s got a we got a playback the tapes we got
3723s to figure out where that came from um
3725s considering that a bug uh that does need
3727s to be
3728s rectified that's not supposed to happen
3730s like that but thankfully those could
3732s also just be scrapped so uh we're just
3734s going to we're going to re them both and
3736s uh give ourselves a little bit of uh
3738s circuitry and spare parts there we
3740s go still has value just uh you know
3743s isn't supposed to happen
3745s gosh isn't development fun guys isn't it
3748s just the best thing
3749s ever my gosh uh we do have the ship
3753s dealer looking Us in the face once more
3756s uh
3758s ooh o I just I like the way that looks
3762s that's just that's a Sleek looking
3764s vessel right
3770s there also like that one that's pretty
3773s that's pretty pretty
3775s we have the Vanguard excellent we have a
3779s Titan bomber as well very
3783s cool oh man I'm I'm really thinking
3786s about this Striker though gosh
3788s that's do we push the button do we take
3792s it like said do it do
3799s it where are the passives what do we got
3802s can grab and throw drones eh enemies
3804s Within 300 M cannot regenerate
3807s Shields I mean this is a close quarter
3810s combat vessel so that could be pleasing
3812s probably not with Crimson Sun however
3815s enemies with one km range deal 20% less
3818s damage
3819s yeah strategically this is not the play
3821s with Crimson Sun uh I just have to be
3824s realistic we're going to keep we're
3826s going to keep on keeping on oh my gosh
3829s with the same ship we'll get there let's
3831s start answering some questions as I pick
3833s another location to start to uh clearing
3835s out 100% and get this legendary to
3837s freaking
3839s drop all right we got three questions
3842s lined up at the moment uh first up we've
3844s got a question from slur Teton um he's
3848s just wondering has there been any talk
3849s around uh
3850s improving um uh or doing sorry a rework
3853s of how scrapping of legendary items work
3863s yeah to the point we love it absolutely
3866s that's what I'm here for
3868s guys you ask I deliver can't say I
3871s don't low it um Jr panot sticking with
3876s YouTube this time um obviously we have
3879s an issue from time to time where
3881s sometimes we get items that may
3883s disappear into the asteroids or any of
3886s the scenery Etc um will the engine
3888s upgrade to Unreal Engine 5 solve that
3890s problem do we know no no there that
3897s uh it wouldn't make sense for the engine
3899s to to fix that that would be something
3901s that we would have to painstakingly go
3903s through on an incredibly manual basis of
3906s every single asset that we've produced
3909s um outlying targetable zones of where
3911s things can generate versus where they
3913s can't um and for the most part we're
3916s very satisfied with the results on
3917s occasion there's that one little outlier
3919s and it just H it makes the whole bucket
3923s smell um that's not the right analogy
3925s but you probably understand what I'm
3927s saying um so yeah it's definitely not
3930s something that we like to see um and we
3933s have continued to tweak that through
3934s Early Access and even after the 1.0
3936s release so it happens less and less and
3938s less it's still going to happen guys
3940s like there there's there is a lot of of
3943s random in all of these locations over a
3946s 100 handcrafted locations but we still
3948s have loot generate at random points
3950s throughout as well as the fact that
3952s there are unique procedurally generate
3954s generated locations that you can
3956s discover as you're flying around um that
3958s are also going to have procedurally
3960s generated locations for equipment like
3962s you're you're getting random on top of
3964s random and the control that we have over
3966s that just kind of slips away more and
3968s more uh but again we are very thrilled
3971s with how much coverage we have uh done
3973s across that board and we've even done a
3975s number to how you can collect equipment
3977s through walls I'm sure many of you kind
3978s of know that um is very possible I think
3982s it's up to 100 m so if you're close but
3984s you're not next to it you can just suck
3986s it through a wall and uh keep on going
3989s without issue
3991s so yeah swapping engine's not going to
3994s fix that
3995s no
3998s nope lovely lovely right uh twitch this
4001s time not cion would like to know uh set
4004s items has there been any discussion on
4006s making them easier to acquire at max
4009s levels so when you finish the campaign
4011s and yes they would like to Star Forge
4013s everything interesting well we're
4015s actually really happy with how much
4017s easier they are to obtain uh because
4020s there are specific locations you can go
4022s to to acquire certain set items um in
4026s fact before we introduced the uh armed
4029s and dangerous update last year with a
4031s slew of new
4032s sets the way to get blood Star
4037s Equipment was so
4039s grueling I think we had a tester say
4043s over a,
4044s attempts at getting a star Forge one of
4047s the star Forge uh Blood star items
4051s before again this is before the update I
4053s think they found one and it had a bad
4057s role on it if I remember
4060s correctly there was one star forged of
4065s this Blood star set item that dropped
4067s after a, collections just let that sink
4070s in we're really happy with how we've
4072s adjusted the set items
4075s with the armed and dangerous update and
4077s if you want to get very specific sets
4080s you go to specific systems and they will
4081s fall so that other ones don't meaning
4084s you are uh eliminating alternate factors
4088s into that pool of set items that will
4090s drop making it far easier for you to
4092s collect not just the standard set but
4094s also the uh uh star forged as
4098s well uh beyond that um we also included
4102s the ability to find those sets in any of
4104s EV within those systems so that includes
4106s high-risk locations jobs uh unknown
4109s events riffs everything uh if it's in
4112s that system then the set items of that
4115s system will have a chance to generate so
4117s doing like lunacy 1000 Rifts um means
4121s that you've got a really good chance to
4123s get those star forged Superior set items
4128s that you are looking for for
4130s example definitely increases those
4133s odds
4136s they lovely so yeah you free to play on
4138s now party okay cool it's a good it's a
4140s good question I hope it didn't sound
4141s like I was trying to like deflect that
4143s cuz again that is something that was
4146s very important for us to ensure uh
4149s Pilots could uh sort of curate to their
4152s heart's
4154s content um so that's why I was very deep
4157s in in context there um cuz that's
4160s important to us we do want you to have
4161s an easier time to find what you're
4163s looking for and that's why we did what
4165s we
4167s did um how much more is here we're at 56
4171s oh my gosh that's too low level n let's
4174s go somewhere
4176s else let's go somewhere
4178s else Stone Bender says glad that was
4181s changed yeah no we are too honestly we
4183s are
4187s too it was definitely something that
4189s needed an improvement um do we have we
4193s do we don't have one in Drake let's go
4196s get that one and Drake established
4197s that's what we're going to
4199s do uh so Drake Passage here we
4203s go let's increase our fast travel
4206s capabilities we haven't been to Drake in
4207s a
4221s while um I did see a technical question
4223s while suppose you could call it
4224s technical um a little bit of a personal
4226s question I suppose but um sorine tson
4229s asks is Eric Still rocking a 2060 or
4231s what inquiring minds would like to know
4233s uh yeah it's a it's a 2060 I believe I
4235s shared the specs on the Discord a number
4237s of times I can share it again um it's
4240s like it's no secret um but yeah
4245s um for those those really wanting those
4248s details I don't have it on hand per se
4251s you know and obviously I'm I'm streaming
4253s here come on so you know I'm going to
4255s focus on this but uh yeah I can I can
4259s tell you it is a
4260s 206d it looks pry
4266s too is it made without any aluminium oh
4269s my gosh gosh dang
4271s [Laughter]
4276s it you know honestly I I know next to
4279s nothing about the materials used with
4281s computer parts it very could be or
4284s somebody out there's going to be like no
4286s absolutely not are you kidding have
4288s standards Eric I I I really don't know
4290s that is not my
4298s expertise he's a fake nerd I see over a
4301s chat oh my
4304s what you want to
4310s fight I'll tell you
4312s what why don't you
4317s tell me what your race times are in
4319s everspace 2 all your Platinum Platinum
4321s scores are you send it over to me and
4325s then after I have thoroughly laughed at
4327s it we can begin the process of how we
4331s will sound
4334s off and uh do this competition how's
4337s that
4339s sound Get
4342s Wrecked you don't say like a chatu
4345s though
4346s [Laughter]
4349s true oh my gosh PVP mode confirmed says
4353s freaking super Scrapper oh my gosh I
4356s love it
4358s jeez PVP gosh that would be really
4365s cool and if anybody's like oh he said it
4367s would be really cool it's going to
4368s happen no no we've commented on this a
4370s lot guys it's multiplayer is not a thing
4372s for ever Space 2 it was never going to
4374s be uh it was never intended um that
4377s would be a massive pivot not not going
4380s to happen just clearing that way next
4383s keep
4386s going first person only know inertial
4388s dampeners with a bomber gosh dang it no
4391s never again oh
4394s gosh I will say that was fun
4396s entertainment purposes for the stream
4399s when that was accomplished but man my
4402s like literally my stress level
4404s like my blood was boiling uh-uh I just
4408s nuh no I play games to have fun not to
4411s not to destroy
4415s myself all right let's do this do some
4419s waves surely one of them will drop a
4421s legendary
4422s Right
4432s surely
4436s I am waiting to use the alt y'all chill
4442s out I want to get to like wave two or
4446s three at least probably just wait to
4448s wave three oh we'll use it on Wave two
4449s or
4452s not maybe we'll have enough time here to
4455s also oh my gosh we're dying all
4462s right hopefully will last long enough
4464s into weight three not sure we're we're
4466s going to wait we're going to see if it
4468s happens oh it's almost
4470s over see if we can get a little
4473s bit all right I'm happy with
4477s that pretty pleased with those
4485s results that was another
4489s blueprint a freaking how many how many
4492s blueprints have we on blocked the stream
4495s this is ridiculous I don't think I've
4497s seen this many blueprints in a single
4498s game session before this is
4500s wild uh and just so everyone is aware no
4503s I don't believe we adjusted those uh
4505s those setups that
4522s setting
4525s let's get over here to our
4529s uh resources that we can
4535s collect you
4539s guys can't take you
4546s anywhere there more titanium yeah okay
4552s good I don't think we need that much
4555s Culver I might check just in case
4558s actually let me see um how much Culver
4561s do we
4562s have wait which one's
4567s Culver there it is goodness yeah okay um
4571s yeah we have plenty of Culver I'm not
4574s too worried oh we only have three
4576s Flawless okay yeah no let's let's go
4579s let's go grab a little bit
4580s more all
4582s right
4592s four Flawless
4595s Culver
4596s oh that feels
4600s good
4603s three wow I'm impressed I'm very pleased
4607s by those
4612s results all
4614s right let's go activate
4617s our friendly little
4621s warp undiscovered wait a
4624s second oh my gosh we haven't like hardly
4626s explored this place at all wait have we
4628s we haven't even done the gang
4632s wars
4635s wowor wow we spent like no time in Drake
4638s then I guess we this must have been a
4641s part in the Stream where we got to a
4642s certain level and we just need to keep
4643s cranking out the the mission chain so
4646s that probably makes sense somehow but
4648s yeah we got to we got to get our fast
4650s travel
4658s on I'm very low on iron yeah I didn't
4662s really take the time to look and see
4663s what I'm low
4664s on so thank you for that I appreciate it
4667s a bit of an iron deficiency mhm my
4672s gosh
4676s we go making sure oh we need more dark
4679s energy
4681s no oh there's got to be a way that we
4684s can get dark energy around
4686s here oh there's got to be there's got to
4688s be a way it's the only thing we
4691s need ah one stinking Dark
4697s Energy all right let's go ahead and do
4699s this
4701s wave get the loot
4705s and uh I really am itching to show a new
4707s legendary so I think uh if this yields
4710s no
4712s results we are going to move into the
4714s next phase and and really start
4716s uh I want to show something you know I
4719s want to show
4722s something and uh
4725s technically I've actually shown a couple
4727s of
4729s things so for those of you who've been
4731s really paying attention
4733s you kind of know what's
4737s up but more on that
4740s later for now let's take care of these
4752s zilia uh where'd that other drone go
4755s hold still there we
4762s go
4764s woo
4771s Frosty oh there's four waves oh why did
4774s I disable my ALT well it was almost B
4777s that's
4779s fine uh
4788s ow
4790s woo spicy okay let's get some space
4794s let's get some
4801s space jeez why are you hitting me so
4803s hard
4805s ouch Why Can't We Be
4809s Friends
4817s ow oh probably cuz I was ignoring the
4820s freaking
4822s bomber
4824s shame on me oh no oh I think I I went
4827s right into his his uh his fireworks
4830s display oh gosh oh my goodness yeah I
4835s went straight into that oh shame on me
4840s this is a good engagement though I'm
4841s actually kind of glad I get to do it
4842s again because now I can actually play
4843s smarter all right death counter 24 plus
4848s one 24 really oh honestly I I'm
4852s surprised that said it's that
4855s low legitimately thought it was going to
4857s be
4858s higher I can play if you like you
4861s know my
4865s gosh I'm going to take out some of these
4867s enemies on the
4871s outskirts I don't want them creeping
4873s over and providing more fire
4882s support
4884s another blueprint though goodness
4888s gravy all right Dark Energy H maybe what
4892s we can do is expect an ancient or
4896s redeemers to to track me and and try to
4899s fight me
4901s here that would definitely help
4907s out I could basically they bring the
4910s dark energy to me right that would would
4913s be nice that would be
4920s appreciated okay we're going to disable
4923s the alt Pro Strat here cuz we're going
4925s to be able to get it back pretty
4928s quick I hope I think yeah there it is
4932s okay so we have our Shield up we'll just
4934s take time
4936s here Pace
4938s ourselves and these Scouts though
4941s jeez who balanced this
4948s game there we go all right one
4957s more right alt is almost ready for wave
4961s three it's four waves is it four no it's
4964s six waves six waves oh boy all right
4967s well we're going to use our alt here
4972s then
4974s get these Scouts for
4980s sure almost shot ourselves
4987s there what do we got what do we got oh
4989s I'm AGG gring more more than I need to
4993s O all
4999s right I just I did the same oh my gosh
5003s was the exact same death oh
5007s gosh
5010s oh you said you wanted to add to the
5012s number of deaths and you're doing a f j
5014s oh absolutely yeah it's all according to
5016s plan all right we're giving this one
5018s more go uh because now I'm
5024s mad going to address this with righteous
5028s Fury that's that's how we're going to
5030s play our cards here oh man man uh so
5034s what we're going to do is we're going to
5035s uh even the odds just a tad more we are
5039s uh probably going to man these are all
5042s pretty nice options it's going to be
5045s weird but I think we need to remove our
5047s teleporter I think what we need to do is
5049s get a little bit more
5051s aggressive uh either with the EMP
5053s generator or Annihilator virus for some
5055s crowd
5056s control
5059s um ah we only have two upgrades though
5064s maybe this is a bad
5066s idea can't be any worse than the one
5068s you've got
5070s already all right okay we do have memory
5074s recal recalibrator okay we're going to
5075s change we're going to change over to the
5077s EMP generator um and we're going to slap
5080s these bad boys on it it's going to be
5083s the direction we take it uh we are going
5085s to take short circuit a very popular
5087s choice that also adds damage to all
5089s those affected um I want to say that we
5091s had something uh that increases EMP
5094s duration good right there our intuitive
5097s perer um what else there was something
5101s else uh maybe that was just the one for
5105s I thought I thought there was another
5106s one um I know that cloaked one isn't
5109s serving us
5110s whatsoever this could also be a boon to
5113s us if we go to a tuned energy core
5116s solution of course we're losing
5117s Firepower structure or Firepower
5120s precision and utility and we're gaining
5122s structure here but regenerates 4% weapon
5124s shield and Boost energy for each enemy
5126s stunned by
5128s EMP I think the Synergy is just really
5131s nice so we're just going to we're going
5132s to go for that um that Shredder in place
5136s of the Prime
5138s zapper 20% increased critical hit damage
5141s chance to J Jam weapon systems yeah I
5144s think we're going to swap some things
5146s around they're just looking looking
5149s really good honestly all right
5153s so we are going to quick save just so
5155s that I don't uh lose
5159s that L lose this new load out and we're
5162s going to try
5175s again all right this is the one I can
5178s feel it I can feel
5181s it
5204s woo that's a lot of
5206s pain that's a lot of
5211s pain
5217s that's a
5226s bomber it's just it's the Retaliator one
5229s it's not the one that uh kills us the
5230s zilia one is the one that really
5232s punishes us retaliators just have those
5234s Shields they're much more defensive Z
5237s really is the ones that going to be
5238s painful there he
5241s is
5244s oh come
5254s on all
5259s right amazing what happens when you use
5262s your tools right
5265s crazy it's like the game was designed to
5268s have different ways to address a problem
5271s and find Solutions if you used a
5273s secondary you stop it oh my gosh
5276s freaking you know what here we go you
5279s want a secondary there's your
5285s secondary gosh is doing no
5293s damage oh I should really be addressing
5296s those
5301s guys
5311s okay okay
5319s okay almost
5324s there here we are yes
5327s yes pleas get you a t-shirt printed that
5330s says all I got was a lousy blue
5334s blint oh my gosh please Michael can we
5338s open a store and sell that shirt that's
5340s all we
5342s need that's
5345s amazing I am going for weak points uh on
5347s this vessel for the record uh if you
5349s guys didn't know they actually do have
5351s weak
5354s points let's give ourselves some more
5358s space Oh that was the last
5360s wave yes
5363s oh and we got a legendary oh we got we
5367s got a legendary oh what a wonderful
5370s conclusion to that nonsense the same one
5373s what now let's hope it's not the same
5375s one you already have no no no it's a new
5377s one this is a new legendary folks this
5380s is a brand new
5382s legendary so I'm excited to show you uh
5385s what this is so let's go ahead and grab
5390s it this legendary is called Figure of
5396s eight
5398s crazy it's also grab our goodies over
5402s here too cuz we want those all
5405s right so get this zilia scout
5411s down I am playing with fire cuz that's
5414s another zeria bomber literally playing
5417s with fire uh so all right yeah let's
5419s talk about this sweet
5423s uh we got another main frame expansion
5425s too which is always nice let's go ahead
5426s and drop that into Precision so figure
5428s of eight let's talk about
5430s this this is a new legendary that will
5433s be showing up when we get to our
5435s incursions update uh a little bit later
5438s this
5439s year this is a specialty
5443s mine that creates The
5446s Singularity pulls up to eight smaller
5448s enemies within 600 M for 5 seconds and
5451s then it explodes loads damaging nearby
5454s Targets is a great uh oh yeah we can
5457s only have two uh we're going to remove
5459s Crimson
5460s Sun we are going to uh put a Synchro
5464s pulse there for now and have figure of
5467s eight here as our
5470s secondary and obviously we want to use
5473s this in a uh beautiful way so first
5477s we're going to take out this bomber uh
5479s actually no we're going to how did I
5481s miss the optimize ornate plating in the
5484s world I thought I oh maybe I just
5485s collected the
5488s one but this item figure of eight here
5491s we go this this is going to be kind of
5494s fun this item says hi to your opponents
5498s and then sucks them all
5505s in you really couldn't see it cuz I got
5508s burned so I have to do
5511s again but that was one mine we just took
5513s out a pretty good chunk of
5517s them no worries we will do it
5520s again I mean it comes with eight or 10
5523s of them excuse
5535s me here we go all right so we need to
5538s find just like a grouping of enemies so
5542s unfortunately we're going to have to
5542s leave this spatial bypass location I
5544s want to show this now want to show
5551s it but uh effectively if for those of
5554s you who could kind of see some of the
5555s details let's see where we want to
5558s go we probably want to steer clear from
5561s a site that's going to have neutrals so
5563s let's
5564s go let's go
5567s to actually let's go to cold
5571s side
5573s let's go to the cold
5575s side that way we won't get uh burned
5581s literally we
5586s go uh H in the YouTube chat says holy
5590s crap it's me
5593s um so yeah this was a uh this is
5596s actually a backer
5599s item Believe It or Not uh got a little
5602s bit
5604s delayed but it is finally here so this
5607s is actually uh in reference to uh one of
5610s our backers so thank you for your
5623s support let's show it off in the proper
5625s capacity that it
5628s deserves this will be good I am going to
5631s get a little a little bit more Mobility
5633s back though um cuz we kind of need it um
5637s even without upgrading the teleporter uh
5639s fully this is going to be good enough
5641s for this purpose
5643s so all right here we
5652s go I got too far away oh my gosh inverse
5656s problem
5659s now here we'll just do it on this enemy
5663s he's stuck he's pulled into other ones
5666s and he explodes as we drift lazily
5669s through
5683s space you can really see the shape that
5686s it takes
5687s there and it dishes out a pretty healthy
5690s amount of damage just like the opponent
5691s on are doing to me
5695s here but again the key point of this
5698s particular legendary whenever you have a
5700s lot of enemies in particular it just
5703s sucks them away for
5704s you and what's also cool if they're uh
5707s if they have a little bit more health
5709s and we're not getting to see it here
5710s which is a little unfortunate but one of
5713s my favorite things about it is that like
5715s if it's a bunch of Scouts for example
5717s and you got them all cluttered together
5719s when they explode they are thrown
5722s aunder they are just like violently
5725s pushed everywhere and so you can have
5727s some beautiful collision damage if
5729s you're using it in the right location
5730s especially like in a
5740s tunnel but it is absolutely nothing to
5743s scoff
5745s at Singularity that pulls everything
5747s together can be incredibly
5750s powerful
5754s like just look at that bunched up
5756s nonsense oh I love it all of the drones
5760s instantly
5770s gone
5780s woo
5782s there we go good good
5794s good now it does say in the description
5796s that it only works on smaller style
5798s enemies so bombers for
5801s example is not going to work on that and
5804s it can't pull missile turrets off of
5806s their
5807s posts no capacity all
5810s right
5812s but it can still do damage to stuff so
5814s like if I do
5816s this yeah it's pulling the drone over
5819s there that was not close enough to the
5822s turret silly
5832s me helps to take down the shield
5837s first ooh combat
5840s drones
5842s um let's just make a little bit of
5856s space I guess the last thing to mention
5858s about this um figure of eight um the
5863s icon is the same as the bird's nest
5866s legendary right now that will be updated
5869s we are still getting a couple of updates
5871s here here and there for everything um
5874s ironically enough because I let fate
5877s decide what we were going to see um you
5880s got the only legendary does doesn't have
5882s its icon updated yet so that's fun
5884s that's fun thank you RNG but uh it's
5887s very much uh a strong
5892s legendary pulling many targets together
5895s dealing
5899s damage and also looking pretty cool
5914s I think we're going to use this
5920s instead see if we can
5926s find actually don't think this is a good
5928s territory for interior combat cuz I
5931s don't actually think think there's a a
5932s grouping of
5934s enemies so we're just going to sneak on
5936s out of here sorry folks with OCD who
5939s want me to finish
5949s that that's actually pretty good
5953s um clean up a little bit more so we can
5956s take all of this
5960s cool
5973s nice and uh let's actually go ahead and
5975s start answering some questions I'm going
5977s to kind of wrap up what I'm doing in
5978s this territory and then we're going to
5980s jump over to uh we'll look at figure of
5983s eight one more time and then we'll check
5985s out some screenshots from the
5988s community oh we haven't got anything
5990s really lined up but there's um something
5992s just coming from Wizard Jerry was just
5994s wondering if there was any more
5995s information or law behind the new
5996s legendary that we can share at
6004s all not
6007s really um so it's kind of it's kind of
6010s interesting uh kind of fun because with
6014s uh the backer
6016s legendaries a lot of the lore we gave
6019s into the hands of the backers if they
6021s provided it then that was kind of bound
6024s to it uh with some exceptions obviously
6027s we do need to make sure it fits uh in
6029s World um uh
6032s details but uh it is not to my uh it is
6037s to my understanding that there isn't any
6038s unique particular lore to this oh whoops
6041s I got too close
6048s ouch but eight if you're in the chat
6050s still and you want to Enlighten us what
6052s you think the Lord is I mean shoot it's
6054s basically Canon whatever you
6056s say almost you watch
6071s it we we'll consider that nice and
6074s cleaned up we're going to head back to
6077s um actually we're gonna go because we
6080s haven't even been to letho starport yet
6083s uh oh no we have okay we're going to
6085s head over to letho
6086s starport so but if there's no questions
6089s we're just going to
6090s like woo just kind of relax as we fly
6093s back over here not that you a regular
6095s psych exam you
6098s kidding um so yeah I do recall having a
6102s conversation with eight if you will let
6104s me Enlighten the
6106s folks about how there was a desire to
6109s reference a
6111s um particular item from a particular
6116s game that uh we previously made at a
6119s different
6120s studio and of course we don't have an IP
6124s so we can't you know copy paste because
6127s it's not
6128s ours but the
6130s reference very much honors the player
6133s character in the shape that is
6136s produced from firing the
6139s weapon uh in addition to fact um because
6143s there's been a lot of emphasis on the
6145s number eight obviously it made a lot of
6147s sense to make the shape in the form of
6150s an eight you know with the singularity
6152s especially kind of lines up
6157s perfectly and uh
6160s yeah warm and to
6162s C so that's that's truly the the lore if
6166s you will more of the creation behind
6169s this one
6172s but I digress so let's go ahead and give
6175s ourselves a dock
6177s wonderful repair nice to see you thanks
6181s you stay in such a good mood all the
6183s time we're going to
6186s save so we'll pick up where we left off
6189s uh in two
6192s weeks right from here we'll probably
6195s maybe start the gang wars side quest cuz
6197s we still need a couple more levels
6199s before we get into the final mission
6200s change
6202s um but uh I guess I should also mention
6204s just because you know we're showcasing a
6206s new legendary today a little bit of the
6209s plans and you know as we're moving into
6212s these final stages if you will can we
6214s call them final stages it's hard to call
6216s them that we've been working on this
6217s stuff for freaking ever um uh getting
6221s like these legendaries worked on and the
6223s endgame worked on and the incursions
6225s worked on and all of these other things
6226s that we haven't talked about but if you
6228s had really good eyes you might have saw
6230s an extra little thing or two today's
6231s stream um like we're we're still doing a
6234s lot uh and it's taking a lot of time
6237s it's taking a lot of effort it's taking
6238s a lot of energy and we very much
6240s appreciate you guys and your patience as
6242s we Pace ourselves uh to not like just go
6246s too crazy with this stuff uh CU even
6248s with me showing you figure of eight
6250s right here um these numbers are not
6253s locked in these could very much change
6257s by the time we get to the incursions
6259s drop itself um so
6261s if it's exciting for you cool if it's
6264s not exciting for you maybe it'll get
6265s more exciting who knows uh we'll we'll
6268s go through that lavish process when we
6270s get there of course but for now um do
6273s know that through this process we do
6275s want to be able to tease you we do want
6277s to be able to feed you new things okay
6279s um and that is actually the plan to do
6282s um in the sake of uh little beats that
6285s we are going to present to you over the
6286s course of from now till the incursions
6288s as well as in these streams um but also
6291s please set your expectations accordingly
6293s uh cuz we are not it's not like every
6295s single time we're going to have a reveal
6296s we're going to Showcase 50 new enemy
6299s types and here's 78 new location like
6302s it's it's no like slow down remember
6305s we're showing one legendary here uh we
6307s want to show you that progress is being
6309s made that we want to honor your wishes
6311s we want to make sure that things are
6312s coming together and show you that things
6314s are coming together that's why we're
6316s going down this route um so we
6318s appreciate you all being on this journey
6319s with us as we are putting everything
6322s together and wrapping it up in a nice
6323s little bow so uh yeah I'm going to take
6328s a quick break won't be gone long um and
6332s we're going to get the screenshots of
6335s all you delightful folks from the last
6336s two weeks and highlight some of them we
6339s had a couple
6340s allar absolute Allstar that uh really
6344s just took took the the scene uh this
6347s these last couple of weeks so uh quick
6349s breather and then we will showcase taste
6351s them it'll be it'll be good it'll be a
6352s nice little fun
6379s time
6396s all right we are
6400s back let's get into some Community
6402s screenshots and uh let's just have a
6404s good time to wrap up the stream thank
6406s you so much for all of your patience and
6408s uh all of your due diligence through
6412s this process of Game Dev it's it's
6415s awesome it's super great just like your
6418s screenshots you've taken like kazah here
6420s rocking a set of eight drones oh my gosh
6424s that's super cool in his Vindicator how
6427s is that possible well he has the six uh
6431s the six slot from a passive he has the
6434s legendary Bob and he has activated a
6437s standard combat drone giving him eight
6440s uh eight is the theme of the day let me
6442s tell you what it's great eight is
6446s great ah so good definitely love it I
6450s also love and appreciate the the little
6452s detail of also colorizing your ship like
6457s that of your drones that is Pretty
6460s stinking cool that is Pretty stinking
6463s cool let me tell you
6465s what master class and matching don't
6468s worry about this little guy in his
6470s engine that's different color okay it
6472s happens okay it happens to the best of
6473s us otherwise it's great super duper uh
6478s obviously we did have Valentine's Day
6480s recently and I do hope that all of you
6482s had wonderful days with your loved ones
6484s and your family and your friends and you
6486s how however you celebrate that and if
6488s you don't celebrate that I'm you know
6490s that's also awesome like you know what
6492s you need and who you are blah blah blah
6495s look at this there's a heart in the game
6496s did you know that was this here did you
6498s know that was here look at this Adam
6500s says something about this place quite a
6502s romantic setting also a shot from kazah
6504s I think a very appropriate in the time
6507s of year uh kudos to you very adorable
6510s very good uh definitely appreciate it um
6514s also keep in mind as I'm going through
6516s these screenshots ladies and gentlemen
6517s ask your questions let's have a
6519s conversation I am more than happy to
6521s discuss figure of eight I'm more than
6523s happy to discuss uh a lot of uh little
6526s details that folks may or may not know
6528s about everspace 2 but also keep in mind
6530s that we will not be answering any
6532s questions pertaining to development
6534s timelines or uh specific dates or
6538s anything like that um we will let you
6540s know those details when we get there
6541s okay otherwise I'm going to keep going
6543s through some screenshots that are just
6545s awesome this one comes from pesky
6547s husky uh pretty cool actually really
6550s like that shot this weapon the um uh uh
6555s pigeon
6557s stare it I just love the way that it
6559s looks I mean it's I think it's
6562s incredibly
6563s unintentional uh that it happens to look
6565s like uh the dark saber um sincerely
6569s completely unintentional um the inverse
6571s color I think is just kind of a popular
6574s style because of how much it stands out
6576s and it fits so well here um then getting
6578s this charged up and then when it turns
6580s purple I think is it's it is one of my
6582s favorite visuals actually pertaining to
6584s Weaponry that we have in ipace 2 I just
6586s it looks so good it looks so good so
6589s thank you for that share pesky husky
6591s looks fantastic we had Sona Zaki sharing
6595s so many photos from the last two weeks
6598s um I had to limit myself choosing them I
6601s only chose four but every single one is
6604s just it's it's absurd it's it's it takes
6607s you on an adventure it's just it's a
6609s pleasure to the eyes um this one is is
6613s probably his worst one and it's like
6614s better than every shot I've ever taken
6617s um just phenomenal stuff um love the way
6621s that he emphasizes detail in his shots
6625s uh everything from the contrast of of
6627s the light hitting uh to the depth that
6631s the space gets through having like this
6633s part of the asteroid behind this one in
6635s the foreground the ship kind of in the
6636s middle ground then this vastness of
6638s space use of colors we go on and on
6641s don't worry I'm not I'm not going to be
6642s like an art teacher and tell you how you
6644s need to fix your your screenshots he's
6646s just doing everything right here it's
6648s it's so pleasant uh so good I like the
6651s way that uh Sentinel looks too really
6654s good way to to bring it all
6657s together here's another one from sonaki
6659s which again it's
6661s just gosh I need to figure out um what
6665s his setup is sonaki if you're in the
6667s Stream let me know I need to get a
6668s widescreen monitor um because uh the
6671s ones that I have are uh no longer good
6676s they are they were stolen so I need new
6679s one so so uh but dang like I can only
6683s imagine what this game is like playing
6685s in wide screen it looks phenomenal with
6687s every single shot he takes it is crazy
6691s uh and these wide sweeping shots like it
6694s just makes me want to ask the question
6696s Michael when are we making a movie like
6699s it's gosh it's it's so so clean so thank
6703s you for your contribution son isaki cuz
6705s seriously stuff like this
6708s just pleases me greatly and I hope that
6710s you guys are also enjoying these shots
6712s like cuz these are wow they're they're
6714s just they're tremendous these are these
6717s are tremendous
6719s shots um and I just want more I just
6723s crave more of this it's so good and if
6725s some of you are watching this and you're
6727s like oh wow those are pretty cool but I
6729s think that I could do better I could I
6731s could do something unique and all that
6733s type of stuff awesome make sure that you
6735s share it with us go on over to our
6737s Discord share it on your steam account
6739s on your you know your pictures and
6741s provide us a link um hit us up anywhere
6744s that you feel comfortable on the
6745s internet uh you know share share the
6748s content that you digest and that you
6750s love from our game so that we can give
6752s that praise right back to you all right
6755s uh cuz we love highlighting your work it
6758s makes us so happy it's so
6761s cool so thank
6763s you excuse
6765s me uh we have one more shot that I chose
6769s from sonaki and if
6770s if these weren't enough for you if this
6773s if you were just like I need more sonaki
6775s head on over to the Discord find the
6777s screenshots Channel and you're just
6778s going to melt in the best way possible
6780s she going to be like yes it's so good
6783s it's so it's so lavish and
6787s beautiful many praises to sonaki here he
6790s is a galactic photographer for a reason
6793s so good so good now before I jump over
6796s to the next uh user I do want to just
6799s make sure we're not missing any
6801s questions so I'm just doing a quick
6803s check nothing yet don't see I see some
6806s pleasant conversations going on in the
6808s chats and that's always fun
6811s so gosh from The Usual Suspects it looks
6815s like as well yes
6817s yes very good I did see a question that
6820s was from earlier and it was from uh it
6822s was from Facebook actually and the
6825s question was do we have any other IPS
6827s any secret stuff in the works even if we
6830s did we wouldn't be able to talk about
6832s that right um but uh I can actually
6835s soundly say that Rockfish has one IP and
6837s it is uh
6839s obviously um you know this this game
6843s what's it called I forget uh but yeah
6846s that's it this this is the one um so if
6850s you're looking for any other franchises
6853s uh from Rockfish uh you're you're not
6855s going to find them here just ever space
6857s next up we have typed Kibbles 96 we have
6860s a couple shots from him cuz I think he
6862s did also a really great job um I feel
6864s like typ kib's been around for a little
6866s bit I think his screenshots are
6868s definitely improving they they've got
6869s really great use at D the
6871s field great to see this type of content
6874s coming from you
6875s guys these shots that he has I think do
6878s a really good job of that storytelling
6881s component uh surrounding like gmbb and
6884s the mining operations of the DMZ itself
6886s like you could almost see this in a
6888s documentary of of GMP
6892s like especially this one where you're
6893s you're getting this flyby of like a
6896s specialty station in goods and services
6898s that are transported from one location
6900s to the next and you know gmbb mercenary
6903s protecting like go I love it I love it
6905s it's just it's so it's so clean it's so
6909s well done all the focus and attention is
6912s where it deserves to be the color usage
6914s is great um yeah it's it's just solid
6917s stuff really do enjoy this I see type
6919s Kibbles isn't the chat thanks I think I
6921s have improved yeah I definitely agree I
6923s definitely agree you've done you've done
6924s yourself uh a good job uh representing
6928s your capabilities uh definitely continue
6930s to improve
6932s more so uh yeah really good stuff uh
6936s last one I I chose um was this one this
6938s one got a couple of likes on the Discord
6940s so I thought yeah you know what we'll
6941s take it um it's a curious look into the
6944s Beyond of the Keon system but I like the
6947s color palette you chose for your ship
6949s it's kind of like TI everything together
6951s here shot for sure so
6956s nice nice uh my phone is buzzing stop it
6961s okay
6963s cool we have just a couple more photos
6968s screenshots I should call them we have
6970s this one from V Valentin Valentine the
6975s Valentine I think um and I just like
6980s this shot because it's just so up in
6983s your face um and it it really embodies
6988s zilia as a whole I mean you watched the
6990s stream you saw my struggles with them
6993s their their damage output is just it's
6995s it's wild um and so looking at this
6999s scene I just the it it it actually
7003s like
7005s it there's something inside of me that
7008s yearns for action to be taken like it it
7011s it fills me with motivation in a way cuz
7016s I know that ship is going to get
7017s crunched if it does not move like it's
7019s got to it's got to enact some sort of
7021s special power or ability it's got to
7024s like it's got to get out of there cuz
7025s otherwise it is just going to get burned
7027s to a crisp um I love it I love this shot
7030s I think it's I think it's wonderful it
7032s gives a great sense of
7034s urgency last but not least the the one
7037s that I chose uh from the last two weeks
7039s of SC shots shared within the uh Discord
7042s um this one comes from winged nightmare
7045s winged nightmare also chooses some
7046s pretty clever shots from time to time um
7048s I think this one also kind of goes into
7050s that um with this fire theme if you will
7053s this passion of Burning Love from
7056s Valentine's Day that's not what I did
7058s but regardless I love it I love the way
7061s that it's you know everything is on fire
7063s and that's okay uh it's great so uh
7067s really great contributions from the last
7069s couple of weeks
7070s very much enjoyed your guys time with uh
7073s the game and continuing to share your
7075s stories through screenshots or even just
7077s chatter on the Discord uh we'd love to
7079s have more chatter over there actually so
7082s I'm going to try and be a little bit
7083s more active um and I might actually go
7086s back and stream the rest of my everspace
7089s one run uh over on the Discord next week
7092s uh you know that one that I got to
7093s sector 6 and I've like destroyed three
7095s frigs but haven't finished yeah that one
7098s um going to try try and and top that off
7101s so uh hope that you guys will be
7102s watchful of that there will of course be
7105s more conversation and banter uh where
7108s appropriate and also just showcase a lot
7110s more of you know what Rockfish games has
7113s really done over the course of its
7115s existence there's a lot of a lot of
7117s really cool stuff so yeah don't be a
7120s stranger to the Discord or any of our
7123s socials for that matter we are available
7125s on Twitch Twitter YouTube uh Reddit uh
7129s Instagram
7130s uh uh I'm slowing down Facebook
7132s obviously steam of course um we're also
7135s over on Gog uh it's a little slow over
7138s there but absolutely you can utilize
7139s those forms too um obviously there's
7142s also our presence on PlayStation and
7146s Xbox never be a stranger we love
7148s chatting with you we want to make sure
7150s that everything that we're doing is well
7152s communicated and you know what's up uh
7155s we're a very transparent team so let us
7158s help you reach out to us and we will
7161s respond in kind because after all you
7164s guys are awesome and I am Eric the guy
7168s on the line is Gary you don't you don't
7171s stop being awesome and we will catch you
7173s in a couple of weeks as we continue our
7176s nightmare difficulty play session um and
7180s with a little bit of luck we'll get
7182s permission to Showcase a little bit more
7185s I can't guarantee that at this time but
7187s we are starting to open those doors as
7188s you saw today with a new legendary so uh
7191s don't be a stranger come on back to us
7193s and
7193s [Music]
7194s uh yeah good
7197s progress all right
7218s toodles
7276s okay guys I'm actually going to uh sneak
7278s back into a game really quick just for a
7282s moment just for a moment um I want to I
7285s wanted to show you just one other quick
7287s little detail um this isn't really
7289s considered something new I just wanted
7291s to highlight it a little bit more cuz
7292s this was actually teased um at the end
7296s of last year and I know that some of you
7298s have screenshotted it and you already
7300s like know about it so again this isn't
7301s technically anything new um but just
7304s because I love you I wanted to sneak
7307s this into uh the
7314s sequence so here we are we're just going
7317s to go over to our
7320s um we're just going to go over to our
7322s storage like this uh real quick um
7325s because I wanted to just highlight this
7328s this was something again this was
7329s something that we showed at the end of
7332s uh last year another one of the
7334s legendaries um just a very quick little
7338s teaser um just indicate all I wanted to
7340s do honestly was just indicate that we
7342s updated its its icon that's all that's
7346s it that's all that's that's all I wanted
7349s to do also I don't know how that got
7351s there that's weird that's what's this
7353s doing it's don't don't worry about that
7355s don't worry about that at all it's it's
7356s all good it's all good ah so so
7359s delightful oh my gosh what a great
7362s community and of course I also want to
7364s have some fun with you
7367s so oh geez
7370s but uh yeah I don't know if I've
7371s mentioned it or not but um we are uh
7375s we're having a lot of fun with our
7377s development we're having a lot of fun
7378s with development stuff is moving along
7381s um and uh gosh I cannot wait for this to
7384s get in your hands so as of right now um
7389s let's see doing a quick check on any
7391s other details that you may or may not
7393s want to
7395s know uh for those who have never knew
7399s there is free demo for ever Space 2
7402s that's like really we're kind of
7405s pulling but uh some really good stuff
7408s there if you've never tried the game you
7410s can do it completely for free um and
7413s again the reminder of all of this stuff
7416s that we've been talking about and the
7417s teasing um this is free content that is
7420s coming to the game this year um and uh
7423s there's going to be more beyond that so
7426s ah so good so good I don't think there's
7429s any other quick details to mention Gary
7431s did I miss anything like checking my
7433s notes you were very very thorough yeah
7436s okay wel done you cool all right I'm
7439s muting you over on Discord to protect
7441s your ears
7443s so all right okay let's have some
7453s fun
7455s uh actually can somebody else start with
7457s a Beat Can you somebody else start with
7459s it and
7460s then how would you even do that through
7462s text oh gosh that'd be crazy all right
7474s [Music]
7485s [Music]
7488s anyway
7501s [Music]
7509s [Music]
7518s Bo
7535s [Music]
7548s what out with like a puff of
7552s smoke goodness
7554s gravy
7556s ah I didn't practice at all the last two
7559s weeks I need a new beat I need something
7561s I need fresh and original something
7564s something just like really I don't know
7568s also I have discovered that is
7569s incredibly hard to try and like sing as
7571s you're doing beatboxing like it is
7573s insane uh it was something that I kind
7575s of like opened up on the doors this is
7577s completely irrelevant to anything
7578s Rockfish if you're still here awesome
7579s thank you for being here but you can
7580s leave it's fine uh but yeah so crazy uh
7584s just trying to like sing and beatbox at
7585s the same time so I'm just going to like
7587s give you a really terrible attempt at it
7588s just so that you can kind of have an
7590s understanding so let's
7592s see
7594s okay okay
7597s EPS is an awesome
7600s game that we've worked on for a long
7603s time and I hope you enjoy
7606s [Music]
7608s it
7611s and cl's on the clums and she can hear
7613s us talking he can hear us talking he can
7616s hear
7621s us SL wizard Bearded Frog in the stone
7625s is awesome in the chat
7631s log I got to be done there it's oh it's
7633s crazy it's crazy you should look it up
7635s if you guys have any interest at all and
7637s like how insane some of that stuff could
7639s be um it it's nuts it's nuts seriously
7642s go look it up uh it is insane I
7646s appreciate you putting up with this
7648s nonsense okay um go have a great weekend
7651s everybody don't stop being awesome uh
7654s take care of yourselves we are going to
7656s show more stuff soonish uh really
7660s looking forward to all the excitement
7661s that you guys bring to the table ever
7663s Space 2 free content coming soonish TM
7668s ah great why you still here go take care
7671s of yourself go be
7690s awesome