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1s [Music]
4s whoa
7s [Music]
14s [Applause]
16s check one two
17s [Music]
19s oh fine
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29s I'm excited for today I'm not sure I'm
31s ready
33s yeah
35s okay
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66s foreign
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95s my goodness so many Chatters over on
98s YouTube
100s I got a pleasant mix of folks over on
102s Twitch oh so delightful welcome
103s everybody we're still getting settled in
107s make yourselves at home
111s would be a good time today
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120s [Music]
136s foreign
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166s I knew this
168s believe it
170s oh what a week I'll show you what I'm
172s talking about in a moment one second
174s guys one second
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190s [Music]
203s you know honestly I feel like the best
205s way to open the stream is starting off
207s with a trailer
210s right
213s right I I agree
233s foreign
237s yeah of course of course I love that
241s trailer a lot it's a very pleasant
242s trailer it's the same one that we showed
244s last Friday but still it's a good
246s trailer for any of those who missed it
247s now you get to see it boom we are still
250s amid the experimental branch and uh
253s we'll be closing up soon on that front
255s by the way hi welcome to the official
257s Rockfish game stream I am your host Eric
259s Schroeder the community Ambassador for
261s Rockfish games all things ever Space 2
264s related I will be talking about today
266s whether it's little bits of new content
269s whether it's upcoming content whether
270s it's
272s um attempting to do really crazy things
274s it's gonna it's gonna happen right here
276s and it's gonna be a good time at least I
278s certainly hope so and I'm excited for
280s you being on this journey with me with
283s us as we crack into this so
287s we are we have a number of things that
290s we're going to be talking about that
291s we're going to be discussing in today's
293s stream uh the first thing that we're
295s gonna jump into are showing some new
297s assets that have been getting worked in
300s and uh one of which is for the bomber I
303s think it I think the experimental has
305s access to it but the other one is for
307s the gunship and uh it's gonna be it's
310s gonna be fun highlighting what these new
312s looks are
313s in addition we are going to be looking
316s at some adjustments we made to some
318s secondary weapons all right some tweaks
322s some modifications here and there
323s helping some shine a little bit more
325s than they previously were since we
327s noticed a couple of gaps in the
329s balancing department on that front
331s then we're also going to be attempting
335s a lunacy 1000 Rift run
339s which I've been practicing for
341s and I'm not sure I'm ready but we're
343s gonna try we're gonna try
345s um it is going to be using a community
346s build that you guys are familiar with
348s called the blast master from Wizard
350s Jerry it's been optimized a bit further
352s we're going to test it out
354s then in addition to that man what else
357s do we got going on I know we're going to
358s be doing screenshots near the end um
360s also we're going to do a job one of the
362s new job chains that's been added
364s um it's a side mission I should say but
366s it has new jobs in it
368s um for the Cato Clan so whenever you go
371s to Cato Palace there's a new job chain
372s there we're gonna show that off a little
374s bit and through the course of these
376s streams at any point in time you've got
378s a question about anything that's coming
380s out of my mouth you have any concerns
382s you have any whatever
383s um ask
386s shoot a little question into the chat
388s geekbite who is our moderator in the
390s chat he's also going to be grabbing
392s those questions writing up a little list
393s and at certain intervals during the
395s course of the stream we will then be
397s answering them as many as we can in fact
400s so uh don't be shy
402s ask your questions and we will help
404s refine that I know that there have
405s already been a number of details
408s pertaining to the
410s massive level progression adjustments on
414s that front all the conversation around
416s that's been incredibly positive thus far
418s but if you do have more questions on
419s that feel free to ask I could probably
421s even pull up some examples now without
423s further Ado let's show some new content
426s yeah let's show some new content so um
429s I'm going to start off by polling this
431s safe
433s and this is in the midst of doing a new
436s job called Hitman uh but we we need to
439s pick a new ship first we need to pick a
441s new show
442s so here we go let's get into this
445s let's get into this
451s here we are
453s Hive Mark the potential
456s it is already done close and on them to
459s start the scanning process
461s all right so this new Hitman job this is
464s available
465s um from specific locations one of which
468s is Cato Palace where you have to scan
470s these targets
472s and figure out which one is not uh not
475s the good guy but we need a better ship
477s to do this because our Scouts beat up
479s it's not it's not looking so great we
482s need to we need to replace this so let's
483s head on over to the ship dealer here
485s where we have a nice selection of ships
487s oh my goodness I love the tier three uh
489s Stinger uh the Hornet specifically The
492s Hornet Wings big fan of it but now down
495s here we've got these two new named ships
498s and that's what we really want to dive
500s in here so first we have this Titan
503s bomber
505s look at those wings look they're they
508s don't even fit on the screen
512s this guy is wide
516s and he packs a serious punch too with
518s all the barrage of secondary equipment
521s I have been practicing a little bit with
523s my hand at using bombers and those
525s secondary weapons seriously it's that's
528s it's insane this this ship might be too
531s good in fact we need we need a Nerf at
532s all just Nerf we're scaling her back all
534s of it scaled back uh not really it's
537s fantastic feels really great to use
540s when it all comes together but I think
541s the big one the one that none of you
543s have seen yet is
545s the gunship
547s the Dominator Wings I'm gonna choose
550s this ship and I want to show you a bit
552s more on these wings
556s what's crazy about this is that now the
558s gunship actually has four it's got these
561s beautiful curves
563s organic structures and lines cutting
565s across it instead of that boxy shape
567s from the original uh gunship Style
570s and and pulling this out uh let's see
573s first let's check the passes pulse laser
575s turret Turtle will also attack mine
576s three percent bonus Against drones let's
577s see what we else we have
579s reduce hold armor repair costs bonus
581s damage Against drones and increase boost
583s speed I'll take that one
585s I'll take that one so we're gonna pick
586s up this uh dominator
589s this is buying soccer
595s was that Wing two in concept art I see
597s as a quick question uh I have no idea I
599s don't I don't keep the concept art uh
602s orders and numbers in my brain that
604s would I feel like I would just explode
607s probably but okay so now we've got this
610s Dominator gunship and I want to I'll
612s just color it up a little bit further
614s because we can uh we can see oh
617s I kind of like I kind of like that
621s some of our you know what let's go with
623s this this is the same color of our Scout
625s I'm just gonna highlight all those nooks
627s and crannies by using this this green
629s orange uh off-white sort of coloration
632s and some neon green and yellow lights I
635s think that looks nice we're gonna go
636s with that we're gonna go with that
641s excellent
644s and for our inventory we do need to
646s adjust this because we're not going to
647s use a broken railgun on a gunship who
651s does that uh let's see what we have I
653s did a couple of riffs and stuff on this
655s save
656s um but for a gunship we could do a
659s number of things
661s we could use these rapid Thermo guns
664s that could be a lot of fun
666s Umbra actually got a boost to its damage
668s in our uh in our pass just this week so
672s I believe this damage is larger than
674s what you might be accustomed to from it
676s and do keep in mind that the damage
677s still increases by 30 when you have this
680s in its Eclipse set
683s uh but let's go ahead and set this uh
685s rapid thermogun over here just replacing
687s that one outright and for now we'll just
690s use this calibrated pulse laser oh we
692s got two thermal guns look at that look
695s at that we don't we don't have a need
696s for that one
697s looks like we need to get more Weaponry
698s that's what we need so we'll do uh this
700s calibrate Umbra thermogon and a
702s calibrated pulse laser that's a lot of
705s energy damage
707s but we do have these cruise missiles
708s which should pack an absolute crazy
710s punch
712s and then we also have destabilizer
714s missiles which also uh this should look
717s a little bit different as well
721s secondaries got a bit of a tweak
725s got a bit of a tweak so we will be
728s coming back to these
730s but in short you can probably tell
732s that the numbers have gone up and the
735s amounts you can hold
737s so we will return to that for now the
741s focal point is going to be on these
743s wings I want to show you the different
744s tiers the looks of the different tiers
747s and then we're going to complete this
748s job for Cato so lots of things happening
751s all at once all all the things happening
753s in this moment
755s all right so let's launch
760s excellent oh my gosh these These Wings
763s I feel like harken back to everspace one
769s so well just the form that they provide
772s it makes me so happy but um let's show
774s you what the different tiers look like
776s through my Dove cheats
779s so as you can see
781s as you can see this is the tier 3
783s variant we're gonna go down to tier one
785s oh look at this cute little engine
788s and all the nice little lights on the
790s side and you know we only got like one
793s little whatever that is it's a Shield
795s Pack I don't know
800s and as you go up in tears of course so
802s do the details
806s this is the tier two stylization
809s got more lights got more
811s everything's honestly and the engines
814s also change back here too on the the
816s rear like if we go from this first one
818s there's not actually an extra booster in
820s there that is an engine
822s I can show you uh like this
827s so you see the engines kind of lit up
830s there we change it forward you can see
832s the engine's lit up now in there
835s more engines for the gunship right and
839s then finally that brings us to this tier
840s three really maximizing the size and the
843s scope that this vessel provides giving
845s it that added weight extending the
847s engines out look at this look at all
849s this 77.
854s beautiful
857s when looking at the two gunship Wings
859s this is easily my favorite but I don't
861s normally fly heavy ships I think you
862s guys know that is it faster I mean
864s technical I got the passive that allows
866s uh 25 boost speed so this one in
869s particular is
870s but uh you know at this time Wings do
873s not affect Wing types don't affect the
875s stats of the ship
877s um
877s and that's probably not gonna happen
879s just to kind of loop a potential
881s question in there um at one point we
884s actually did want to do that and when I
886s say at one point I'm talking like
887s literal years ago then we had to make
890s some decisions internally to figure out
892s what would be best for the ionization
894s and customization for the player and uh
897s turns out that wasn't it
900s turns out that wasn't it
903s so all right so now now we got this
906s wonderful wonderful gunship
909s feeling really good about this
912s feeling really good about this now we're
913s going to complete this mission
915s hit man Mission by scanning these ships
918s oh my gosh Come here
926s so you have to stay a little bit close
927s to them
929s and not be a doofus there we go
931s beautiful that's not a match so we have
933s to go find the other ones
941s let's just throw ourselves over there
942s because it's more fun that way
947s all right all right good good good
951s hey all right not so fast
955s is it you is it you match all right here
958s we go
965s thank you
967s killed him so fast
971s couldn't even finish his dialogue that's
973s beautiful
975s let's clear the rest of these guys out
977s though
993s taking off the old car is probably not a
995s good thing but you know
996s all right come on give me that jump give
998s me that jump
1003s go ahead me
1005s quit hitting me
1011s thank you Alec I really appreciate that
1014s oh what what perfect timing oh my
1016s goodness all right so we're gonna head
1018s back over to uh Prescott to finalize
1020s this mission
1022s chain because this actually goes into a
1024s side mission
1026s where we will just uh tackle the needs
1030s of our job here
1032s so you'll also notice that
1034s um every time like an unknown signal
1036s pops up just ignore it guys just ignore
1038s it
1039s um we have a little hiccup in the
1040s current Dev build which happens you guys
1042s know this because we're working on the
1044s game and sometimes when we pull little
1046s components out uh it messes other things
1049s up so yeah don't worry about that
1052s don't worry about that heading straight
1053s over Prescott Starbucks we're going to
1055s conclude this uh Cato mission
1058s let's see where it goes from here
1068s hi I look biolic yeah basically
1074s foreign
1079s so we are heading right back over here
1082s um so Talent acquisition this Mission
1084s chain that we are now a part of this is
1086s one of three new side missions that has
1089s been incorporated into the uh update
1095s so you have three new missions
1098s that progress various stories that you
1100s have accomplished that you're going
1101s towards all that fun stuff
1103s so let's continue it here
1107s welcome back Mr Roslyn
1115s so long as I don't have to deal with
1117s that chair till uncle came I've got it
1120s toots so I did some favors from the job
1123s board what's next hey now no need to get
1127s tested I've good news for you Mr Cato is
1131s pleased with your recent work good why
1133s can't he tell me himself
1135s he doesn't have time to personally deal
1137s with every Hot Shot who floats our way
1139s but he has asked for you to handle
1141s something that requires a little more
1143s discretion and compensates
1145s correspondingly
1146s I'm listening
1148s a simple task retrieval of a valuable
1150s asset
1152s what is it
1153s not it she code name Clockwork and the
1157s best damn safe cracker in the business
1159s okay so when you say discretion you
1162s obviously want this asset to remain on
1164s the hush obviously but we got worthy of
1167s your car authorities are interested in
1169s her whereabouts she poached from the
1171s wrong dirty aliens
1173s been hiding out but our sources say
1175s they're getting close
1176s don't you have a way to warn her
1179s he shut down long-range calms to avoid
1181s detection
1182s I'm not so sure I want to start messing
1185s with the other authorities
1187s if you're fast enough you should get
1190s there before them we need you because
1191s your ship ain't tied to our organization
1195s I hope I don't regret this at the first
1197s sign of trouble I'll bear it won't come
1200s to that like I said in and out
1205s man Daryl's our favorite isn't he oh my
1208s goodness
1209s all right so I'm loading ourselves up
1211s for this little Mission chain uh but
1214s clearly there's uh clearly there's a
1217s thing happening there's a thing and it's
1219s it's happening so let's go uh continue
1223s this Mission chain
1228s Cato's minion is hardly a reliable
1230s source you believe you can undertake
1233s this operation without your car
1234s discovering you like he said in and out
1238s let's find this code name Clockwork and
1240s make the extraction
1244s all right
1250s [Music]
1251s so I was with each of our new side
1253s missions we want to develop the world a
1255s bit further uh we want to make sure that
1257s it's fun and functional right
1261s to everything that's kind of going on
1264s and uh
1266s yeah
1268s it's kind of a bit of showing that
1269s [Music]
1277s we're gonna be flying a bit of the
1278s gunship today I hope you guys like the
1281s gunship
1284s hmm
1294s keep my hands off without I suppose all
1296s right
1304s gunship equals King of the riffs yeah
1306s the gunship is very very good at riffs
1311s so is the bomber
1313s a lot of Heavies are I've been
1316s practicing some Stinger builds for the
1318s rift because I want to like I want to
1319s get some light ships in there and show
1321s that up but uh it's hard it's hard
1326s all right here we go
1329s we're actually on time no sign of the
1332s Ark
1333s better make haste before the current
1335s state changes
1338s so I do want to mention this uh briefly
1340s because I imagine there's going to be
1342s questions about localization since all
1344s this is text-to-speech um so one very
1346s important note about all of this
1349s dialogue that you're hearing all the
1351s dialogue added from the side missions
1352s all the added dialogue from the banters
1354s between Hive and Adam and all the
1357s everything else that's floating around
1360s we are ensuring that the next
1362s localization is going to be a full
1364s coverage of
1367s basically everything so
1370s um there will not be a localization
1373s adjustment for this update in regards to
1378s the vocals uh that you see so like
1380s you're not going to have uh the
1382s text-to-speech is not going to be
1383s removed
1384s um we're still going to have the
1386s placeholders in effect here
1388s um
1389s and I also know that regarding the um
1393s implementation of like the crowden
1395s elements I know that we've already
1397s started implementing some of that and I
1400s hope that we'll have further
1402s implementations for this update if not
1405s um then that will be kind of like
1406s filtered in over time and the big the
1409s big boy if you will for all of the
1411s languages to be incorporated into
1412s everspace 2 is that 1.0 release and we
1415s are doing this in order to
1419s make sure your funds are being put to
1421s where they need to go I mean you guys
1422s supported us you guys have funded us
1425s um and we don't want to waste that if
1427s we're doing all these quick little
1428s segments of localization and voice overs
1431s that's that's not a very good use of our
1434s time and our money and ultimately your
1436s time and your money so that's why we are
1438s withholding a lot of that until that 1.0
1440s release so if anyone had those thoughts
1441s any of that was kind of like circulating
1443s around just know uh that that's what the
1445s game plan is we want to utilize these
1448s resources effectively so the
1450s localization the voiceover that is
1451s happening at the 1.0 uh next year
1456s timeline all right now let's get into
1458s this Mission can you hear me I was sent
1461s by the family
1462s who is this do I know you
1465s not yet I was sent by Cato well honestly
1469s it was that jackass Daryl jackass then
1473s you clearly don't know Daryl
1475s look we don't have the time to discuss
1477s Daryl's characteristics right now the
1480s anchor are about to arrive
1482s yeah
1485s with our given Authority the female
1487s human individual is to surrender and
1489s hand it out without resistance
1491s you were online
1493s why would I there Allah on the other
1496s hand promised me an easy in and out I
1498s guess I can forget about that
1500s sure as hell don't want to end up in a
1503s knockout dungeon hi block our ship's
1506s signature the aqua mustn't be able to
1508s track what is about to happen this would
1511s be the right time to consider certain
1512s Life Choices
1514s already did
1533s foreign
1543s a little gratitude would be nice I've
1546s put my neck on the line for you I'll be
1549s sure to thank Daryl when I see him
1551s Charming
1555s she seems nice
1556s Adam I must yet again apologize for my
1560s nephew is it true he sent you off on
1562s another one-way Mission it's all taken
1564s care of I think there's something
1566s between him and this Clockwork oh this
1569s was about her yeah there's a spark of
1571s Interest going on there at least the boy
1573s has an interest I'll need proper payment
1576s for this Cato I jeopardized my standing
1579s with the ark I'll see you right the
1582s important thing is that everyone is safe
1583s we could always use a true jet like you
1585s do some more favors for us and we'll
1587s watch your back I'll check in on the job
1589s board when I get the chance
1592s excellent so by starting Talent
1594s acquisition it does open up a new uh
1597s subcategory of missions for you to go
1601s through and what it requires what it
1603s entails is you completing additional
1605s tasks specifically for Mr Cato
1609s um and with every mission that you do it
1612s builds to your ability to unlock another
1614s one of these Clockwork missions and to
1617s see how that all plays out
1620s pretty happy with
1622s um how this is coming together from the
1624s feedback you guys have been providing it
1625s also seems to be working out the way
1628s that we intended it to
1631s so uh yeah so those job boards are going
1633s to be a little bit more exciting we also
1634s increased the amount of credits that you
1637s earn from jobs
1640s I'll say that one more time in case
1641s anybody missed that jobs are more
1643s valuable to do they are providing more
1646s um I do think we also decreased The
1649s Experience gains however so uh what we
1651s want to do is kind of like separate out
1653s these elements especially since we've
1656s evaluated and completely redid the
1658s leveling system right
1660s we want to make sure that the experience
1661s that you earn is applicable to how you
1664s are addressing the needs of yourself
1667s whether it's your items whether it's
1668s your credits purchasing stuff crafting
1670s stuff whatever
1671s and jobs were not the best at credits
1676s and yet they were really good at
1678s experience so we kind of
1680s turn that a little bit because we want
1683s jobs to be more valuable when it comes
1684s to credits and items there's still some
1687s good opportunities to collect items that
1688s you're looking for through job boards
1696s just to highlight those differences a
1699s bit further from General campaign
1702s progress hras and the in-game riffs
1713s so much damage that's beautiful
1725s excellent
1728s oh
1729s some armor breaker missiles
1733s that's gonna be fun whenever we start
1735s talking about the changes to the
1737s secondaries which will be after we go
1739s through some questions I want to get to
1742s a shop however this might work
1745s see if we can
1747s find
1749s some specific Goods here maybe we
1752s already have that you're not selling
1755s what we're looking for all right see you
1756s later
1761s try another place
1765s try the freelancer hanger
1769s so I want to have some stuff to compare
1772s and some of these adjustments that we've
1774s been working on
1775s Yes No Maybe
1777s also a no well all right I guess we
1780s might just have to generate it in anyway
1782s that's okay
1784s if push comes to stuff that's what we'll
1785s do
1788s but overall
1791s a lot of reconfigurations of how
1795s the stats of items are benefiting you as
1798s a player
1799s there's been actually let me let me go
1802s to my cheat sheet really quick here just
1805s for a couple other tweaks
1807s so you guys are aware like for example
1809s we've adjusted even like the utility
1811s damage scaling
1814s this
1815s the scaling that it does for your
1817s devices this has also been something
1819s we've had to go back into and refine a
1821s bit
1822s um lots of little things like that
1825s and a lot of this comes down to how you
1828s guys have been feeling about
1830s it working in tandem with like certain
1832s device combinations or certain weapons
1834s or you know whatever and the feedback
1836s you've been providing as well as our own
1838s internal tests too right
1841s and we're getting it to a really good
1843s place of
1845s having these different items and devices
1848s and tools General tools all be great in
1852s their own merits with their own merits
1854s especially when you're comparing them to
1856s one another
1858s now one could argue that comparison
1860s comparing is kind of like a
1863s a death nail right like you it's uh not
1865s always the best to do that but if you're
1867s specifically looking for and you really
1869s like a certain item we do want to make
1871s sure that it Stacks up to other items
1873s around it just like I said earlier and
1875s how the Umbra got a bit of a power boost
1877s we want to ensure that it is keeping up
1881s to its name and it's valuable at the
1883s same level of something else right some
1886s equivalent that you would compare it to
1890s like this blaster for example just a
1893s straight straight example there right
1895s straight example there
1897s just making sure that the balance still
1899s fits
1902s and maximizing your resources of course
1904s is still going to yield very powerful
1905s results so even though this Umbra might
1909s not be nearly as powerful as say an
1911s executioner with Kinetic damage Catalyst
1914s on it it's a very popular choice out
1917s there
1918s the Umbra still does get that 30 bonus
1920s if you pair it without eclipset right so
1923s it comes down to the build that you want
1925s how you want to Dive Into The Fray
1928s a lot of important tricks and tools to
1931s help optimize to bring it all together
1934s and don't forget that we're adding a lot
1936s of those tools for you to like
1937s manipulate the game Space with it's why
1939s we put them there
1942s I say that like you're not doing that
1943s you're clearly doing that feedback
1945s feedback shows
1947s all right we're gonna fill up
1949s our ship
1951s and uh while we're doing this let's go
1953s ahead and answer some questions that I'm
1955s sure you guys are really curious about
1958s um and uh yeah here we go so geekbite
1960s are you there
1962s good evening everyone hello
1964s right we have several questions for you
1967s I hope you're feeling uh you know full
1968s of answers oh yes absolutely absolutely
1972s Oh and before you ask the first question
1974s I just looked over and I see somebody
1975s say repeater the repeater actually did
1977s get a buff the repeater did actually get
1979s a buff as well so uh don't say we're not
1983s listening guys all right anyway now
1984s question time
1986s the irony to that is my first question
1988s was uh from Wizard Jerry on YouTube may
1991s I ask Will you guys implement the buff
1993s on the repeater in this fall update
1995s oh my gosh that is amazing well uh spoil
2002s alert yes
2003s yes uh yeah that that should be uh that
2006s should be tweaked as well as just kind
2008s of give it a little bit of extra
2009s coverage because you know I think this
2010s is a good question to talk about like
2011s game balance and design and all this
2013s type of stuff
2015s um there's a lot that's been adjusted
2016s for like the utility damage scaling the
2018s bloodstar repeater we even adjusted like
2021s the cave crawlers the the creatures that
2023s are walking around like we adjusted
2024s their corrosive damage in some cases it
2026s was uh it was not it was not pleasant
2031s um but we also want to make sure that
2032s it's an actual challenge whenever you're
2034s spending time down there and if you're
2036s not dodging cave crawlers you can't just
2037s soak that like you do have to be
2039s thoughtful
2040s um we also did a number to like how the
2043s attributes uh can roll simultaneously on
2047s items this is something that um I know a
2050s lot of individuals have kind of asked
2052s tons of questions about pertaining to
2054s how it stocks uh we'll do like the
2057s shield and the nanoplating here where we
2059s have Firepower structure Precision
2061s structures it's like several of you out
2063s there your diehards out there recognize
2064s that certain attributes were triggering
2066s in certain orders and we have gone
2068s through and we are making it possible
2072s for example Firepower precision and
2074s structure can all be on an item
2076s simultaneously so
2078s uh but yeah lots of tweaks like that I'm
2081s sure we could probably talk about a few
2083s more of those but let's get into more
2085s questions before we get too crazy
2088s okay uh Fred Speckman over on YouTube
2092s and he's asking any thoughts on letting
2094s us choose a Starship when making a new
2097s save uh and or allowing us to skip the
2100s campaign if we've completed it before
2102s it's putting it as a kind of a new game
2104s plus idea yeah yeah I know I I think
2106s that is I think that's a very clever
2108s idea I do I want to give you credit for
2110s that that's pretty cool that's a nice
2113s thought and the concept I think would
2116s even work in execution however we just
2118s don't have a we don't have a desire to
2120s do a new game plus
2121s we don't instead our focus is making
2124s sure that the onboarding for everspace 2
2125s when you first dive in it gives you a
2127s ship that is easy to understand the
2130s Sentinel is a basic ship at first you
2133s can start flying it right away you don't
2135s have any severe deficits you don't have
2137s any severe benefits and it's easily
2139s understood to start your adventure and
2141s then whenever you get to nefty's planes
2143s in the first ship dealer we
2144s intentionally have it set up to where
2146s you get the greatest assortment of ships
2148s so you can start diversifying where you
2150s want to go from there otherwise on the
2154s side of a new game plus it's a kind of a
2157s complicated issue so I'm just going to
2158s be brief on this it would require us
2161s rebalancing Believe It or Not we'd have
2163s to rebalance most of the core of the
2165s game experience for that alternate game
2168s mode and it's not something that we can
2169s devote time or attention to we've got to
2172s stay the course we've got to focus on
2173s our 1.0 release after 1.0 release I know
2177s that we're also going to be working on
2178s DLC content
2180s a new game plus it's just not something
2183s that it's not really even on the table
2186s um but we do hear you guys if there's
2188s more discussions around it and you know
2190s it it really blows up or something you
2192s know we'll have more discussions but
2193s please I would not expect that it's just
2195s not in our desire to pursue so we're
2200s happy with the end game you get to the
2201s end game you're supposed to stay there
2203s and enjoy the content that keeps
2205s enriching where you're at as opposed to
2207s starting over and effectively
2209s going through the whole thing again to
2211s get to the end game where the meat of
2213s everything is at
2215s so
2216s uh so yeah so thank you for that
2219s question I hope that's
2220s as much clarity as I can Pride at least
2222s right now
2223s um but uh yeah so excellent next
2227s question please next question next one
2229s is from flori over on Twitch uh hazards
2232s are they scrapped or will they come with
2234s 1.0 that's that's
2237s oh my goodness so I know that uh hazards
2241s has been on our road map for a very very
2243s long time this is not anything that's
2244s been hidden it's not like oh we're we're
2247s not gonna say anything and maybe people
2248s will think no no
2250s um hazardous was on the original road
2252s map for the kickstarter in fact and
2256s technically yes we still have a desire
2258s to create hazards inside of everspace 2.
2261s just remember keep in mind guys that
2263s these hazards would look different in
2266s the everspace too than everspace one
2268s ever space one we're kind of throwing
2270s those hazards right in front of you in
2272s the mix of trying to overcome this
2274s roguelike loot right of progression and
2277s so because we have static locations here
2279s in everspace too
2281s we have these static locations
2285s these locations are handcrafted and we
2287s have to be incredibly intentional about
2288s what's appearing there and if we had
2291s even something like say a black hole
2294s appear as an unknown signal in the
2296s middle of Union
2297s that's that's going to raise some
2299s questions right it's like why why does
2301s this exist here in an unknown signal and
2303s nobody's nobody's concerned about this
2305s there's a black hole inside of the solar
2308s system so you know
2309s we have to be mindful about what the
2311s game Space is providing how the lore
2313s comes together regarding that and if
2316s necessary then approach that
2317s gamification accordingly so hold your
2320s horses on that for now I'm not saying no
2324s but we'll see uh we'll see where things
2326s go we'll see where things go
2328s cool
2329s excellent excellent uh again we're going
2332s back to Fred specnet over on YouTube
2334s okay uh puzzles location challenges and
2336s type passages are they all balanced and
2338s doable with any ship in the game
2341s probably not
2343s probably not I say that
2347s because I don't think we've tested every
2350s single puzzle with every single ship
2353s it is likely that there are some
2357s outstanding moments in certain puzzles
2359s or jobs or events whatever
2363s where a certain ship model might have a
2366s greatly improved chance and odds of
2369s success versus another one I'm looking
2372s at you a new Titan bomber wings
2375s might have a couple more challenges to
2377s overcome and face
2379s I think that's just getting to know your
2381s ship right understanding that they have
2383s different hitboxes they move differently
2386s they are better at doing certain things
2388s over others so
2390s um I don't think that we have the desire
2394s to like fully balance and make every
2396s single ship have equal fairness across
2398s the board they are meant to be different
2400s they're designed differently so
2404s yeah hopefully though you're not
2407s stopped from completing any task if
2410s you're using any specific ship if that
2412s happens that's a bug that's a bug report
2415s it say hey I'm flying this ship These
2417s Wings I can't get into
2419s X Y or Z whatever's going on let us know
2422s because that's not cool that's not cool
2425s that's ship dating
2427s we don't want to do that
2429s all right
2434s um Thunder flame on YouTube wants to
2436s know what's the deal with the new ship
2438s icon colors is it just for Flair
2441s the ship icon oh so for purchasing ships
2445s yeah I think it's too relevant to the
2447s tier yeah yeah absolutely yeah and it's
2449s that's exactly what it is it's just
2450s relevant for the the tier so especially
2453s when you start a new game this is going
2454s to be so much more apparent
2457s because here they're all they're all
2459s pink oh here we got we got a tier two so
2461s here we have a slight
2463s a slight display of what's going on here
2467s yeah this is just stacking up the
2469s different tiers of ships so that you can
2470s more readily see a tear from another one
2474s because sometimes that little number
2475s just isn't quite enough
2478s this isn't quite enough
2479s yeah just a little added splash of color
2481s and we just felt like it should be
2484s consistent with these other elements
2486s across the board so the items you know
2488s you've got your effectively your tier
2490s one chips are your uncommons your tier
2493s twos are your rares your tier threes are
2495s your your superiors and tier fours I
2498s mean they're probably just going to be
2500s Commons that's my guess we'll see we'll
2502s see what those look like
2504s but uh yeah very common very common
2508s uh right yields Mercier on YouTube is
2512s asking did you change the overall
2514s weapons numbers these ones seem low I
2516s think it's to do with their bomber when
2518s you've picked up the bomber
2520s in regards to like the ship balance
2522s these numbers over here
2524s is that the question
2527s I think it was yeah this is just a tier
2530s three it's not a tier three plus ah this
2532s hasn't been something I've been
2533s following so I don't readily know my
2536s guess is that we have continued tweaking
2538s this type of stuff
2542s um I'm kind of doing a quick search just
2544s to see if I have any additional
2545s information on it I've not seen anything
2547s that jumps out at me it's possible I
2550s know that we also haven't done
2553s um we haven't been trying to go in and
2556s touch up stuff like this because if you
2557s guys remember we had a pretty strong
2559s balancing pass of all the ships and what
2562s was it the last update two updates ago I
2564s can't remember time is is it's all
2567s blurring together for me
2568s um but we like to do those in heavy in
2572s like uh
2573s how do I describe this all together so
2576s when we do it all together that ensures
2578s the balance is proper it's effective
2580s right if we're just going in we're
2581s tweaking little things here and there on
2583s a ship not in comparison to everything
2585s else that could lead to some issues
2587s um and uh yeah don't think that's so
2590s much happening right now
2592s don't think that's so much happening
2594s um has done a little update about uh his
2597s question he said he was more about the
2599s weapons that you were going through at
2601s the time the weapons I was going through
2603s at the time there have been adjustments
2605s to
2606s um various values on uh Weaponry on
2609s especially on secondaries which we will
2610s talk about after the questions are over
2613s um and uh yeah I mean there's been
2615s tweaks across the board on a number of
2617s elements most of them have been
2618s pertaining to Weaponry attributes
2621s secondaries
2624s um that's that's been the main priority
2626s as of late and this feedback uh excuse
2630s me the reason these changes have been
2633s getting implemented and these items have
2635s been specifically getting balanced is
2636s because of the successes and failures of
2639s these riffs that you guys are running
2641s through that player feedback that you're
2644s providing helps us see what items are
2647s actually too powerful and which ones
2649s aren't powerful enough so that we can
2651s make all of them fun and functional we
2654s don't really want there to be one go-to
2656s item
2657s and
2658s because then it's like oh you're just
2660s like searching for one item in the whole
2662s itemization pool and then you've
2663s completed your build that's not fun
2664s that's not fun we want there to be
2666s opportunity through every single one
2667s which is why this balance has to
2669s constantly come into play constantly
2671s refined constantly adjust even if it's
2673s just a light little increase like on the
2675s Umbra or a little bit more of a boost
2677s like on the repeater to
2679s um again the secondary stuff which we
2681s will talk about I want to I want to do
2683s that all at once that way it's not
2684s confusing to you guys who have lots of
2687s questions when we get there so
2689s yeah oh right I've got three more
2691s questions we'll fly through these do it
2694s uh Fred spec that on YouTube uh just
2696s wants to know how many hours do you have
2697s in everspace too well it's it's uh so my
2701s steam accounts I mean
2703s not all of my hours come from Steam on
2707s everspace too I want to be very clear on
2709s that front but my steam hours as of
2710s right now say I've almost reached 800
2714s hours uh but again that's not fully
2717s telling of of that full you know time
2721s spent for uh work related purposes
2726s um also fun little fact this one's this
2727s one's kind of hilarious my everspace 2
2730s prototype time is 14.2 hours and that's
2734s an absolute lie uh in regards to how
2738s much time I spent on that for example so
2741s um yeah just uh take that number and
2743s double it triple it quadruplet uh you
2746s know whatever probably how much time
2747s I've spent in this damn game it's great
2749s I'm waiting for somebody to come up with
2751s Rocky numbers in the chat you know
2753s Matthew McConaughey oh my gosh of course
2757s right uh next up is Wizard Jerry on
2760s YouTube he's just asking uh will the
2762s localization on crowding be covered in
2765s the fall update okay so it is to my
2767s understanding and uh Michael if you're
2770s there I would love additional Clarity on
2772s this but I I haven't understood that the
2775s crowden information will not be applied
2777s until 1.0 release I would happily yield
2781s to any additional information or
2784s um correction if that information is
2787s available but that is how I understand
2789s it so Michael if you do have more
2791s information regarding crowden and its
2794s implementation and everspace 2's
2796s localization
2798s love any any additions there
2801s if you got it
2805s so go ahead and ask the next question if
2806s Michael gives us a response back then we
2809s will uh provide that clarity
2812s right left again from Fred specvet uh
2815s are there any changes planned for Alec
2818s is right now he seems to be more useless
2820s than actually useful his damage is low
2822s and these days for a really short time
2828s thoroughly
2829s it kind of makes me sad I mean yeah I
2832s mean
2833s so
2836s look okay so
2840s um Alec the poor lad only has one perk
2844s right now
2845s um right now did I just say right now
2847s man that could be really revealing if
2849s that's uh taken out of context
2852s um but yeah I mean there's definitely
2855s more that could be done to Alec it's
2857s just not been a focal point because we
2859s need to make sure that this update has
2861s content for you to experience in the
2862s in-game it's like do you want us to work
2863s on Alec or do you want us to work on
2864s riffs think I think I know what the
2866s answer would be there so we do recognize
2869s that Alec uh has some
2871s hmm how to describe it shoddy
2874s interaction times with the player
2877s and some unconvincing forms of help so
2882s uh yeah
2883s we'll get more
2885s we'll get more in the uh in the future
2888s pertaining to our for a little friend
2890s probably
2891s good stuff Michael did give us a uh
2893s official response I do appreciate that
2895s Michael I know sometimes there's a lot
2897s on your plate when you're watching the
2898s streams so really appreciated that you
2901s went aside and pulled this information
2902s he says that the crowd and feedback will
2905s be included in the final pass for 1.0 so
2908s for those of you who are hearing that
2910s and you're like crowded I've never heard
2911s of crowd and so if you speak a different
2914s language and you want it to be
2916s incorporated into our game you should
2918s head over to crowdin there's a link in
2922s the Discord and uh you can also just
2924s like search for everspace 2 and crowded
2926s and you can help localize the game now
2931s we are utilizing um you know
2932s professional localizations as well on
2935s this front but that shouldn't stop you
2937s obviously there can be errors to boot
2940s and there's tons thousands tens of
2943s thousands of lines of text in this game
2947s and every extra set of eyes go such a
2951s long way we know this because we're
2953s using an early access format and your
2954s feedback has been insanely good right
2956s same thing applies from crowding
2959s regarding localizations dive in on that
2961s and at 1.0 that will be fleshed out
2965s along with voice over work for both
2967s English and German for all of the casts
2970s and crew
2972s cool cool
2974s great question was that the last
2975s question do we have another one it was
2977s indeed fly on pilot awesome very good
2980s well those were solid questions guys so
2981s I think the next big thing that we do
2983s need to discuss are these secondaries so
2985s quick transition from what we were just
2988s doing to here right now
2991s basically
2993s and talking about how all the items need
2995s further balancing refinement blah blah
2998s we identified a little bit a little bit
3000s of a balancing issue a little bit one
3005s so for those of you who just love your
3007s secondaries like you're just you love
3009s your missiles and you love your minds
3011s and all of that stuff you might have
3013s noticed that your missiles if you
3018s compare the damage output of a standard
3021s missile here let me let me just give you
3022s an example we need to we need to give
3024s you an example one second I'm gonna just
3026s I'm gonna get a mine okay so one
3029s breathing moment I want to do this so
3031s you can see exactly what I'm talking
3034s about all right this is important
3038s it's important for the people
3045s it'll be good I promise it's important I
3048s know some people are going to start
3049s crunching the numbers and everything
3050s already but um
3052s you know that's that's fine you guys do
3054s you
3054s [Music]
3057s do one more actually we're gonna we're
3059s gonna do the whole Suite we're gonna do
3061s the standard missiles we're gonna do the
3062s armor breaker missiles we're gonna do
3064s the shield breaker missiles you're gonna
3065s get all of it
3066s [Applause]
3067s we'll give you every single one so you
3069s can see what the heck it is I'm talking
3071s about
3075s foreign
3079s so what I've done is I've just generated
3081s in a bunch of missiles right here so
3084s that you can see kind of like the
3085s differences and how it's applicable now
3088s um this should be already just like
3090s observing the numbers on these you're
3092s already kind of should be turning your
3094s head a little bit like oh I see a
3095s difference here none of these have
3098s um the uh thing that gives it more the
3101s prefix
3102s the high capacity there it is
3105s none of these have high capacity all
3107s these have been adjusted values for how
3109s many you can hold in addition to that
3111s like let's just take a look at the
3113s damage output for example we're going to
3114s peel these off we can do some quick
3116s comparisons
3117s let's take a look at the mines versus
3119s the uh uh the uh
3123s are we are we going to compare oh wait
3124s there we go
3126s the corrosion mines versus the standard
3128s mines
3129s you'll see for example the corrosion
3130s mine deals a ton more kinetic damage as
3132s it should because it doesn't do any any
3134s energy damage
3136s right
3137s but if you are looking at these numbers
3139s incredibly carefully
3141s and then you look at the Homing missiles
3144s you will see a pretty large difference
3146s now in comparison to probably what's in
3149s your currents build
3151s right because before
3154s these mines and these missiles
3157s the mind's actual damage like that
3159s appeared here
3161s was was higher
3165s the mines
3166s now don't require a lock-on
3169s the deal Splash damage
3172s uh they they were doing more damage in a
3174s single shot now
3177s now
3178s if you were to take your homing missiles
3181s in comparison to these mines and you
3185s evaluated how much overarching damage
3188s they do and how quickly
3190s you could submit said damage you would
3194s find that the Homing missiles actually
3196s won
3197s but it wasn't by much
3200s and it was also to a single Target right
3203s so that's what we've kind of gone in
3204s here and started addressing we said hey
3206s look we need to make sure that these are
3208s on par with one another and generally
3211s speaking we don't like nerfing so much
3213s we like to you know give the benefit to
3215s the player and also the opportunities to
3217s expand further so what we've kind of
3219s done is instead of like going in and
3221s touching up the damage values too much
3223s instead what we did is we decided you
3226s know what the fire rate is something we
3228s need to be more observant about here we
3231s need to be careful about that General
3233s output rates and comparison to the
3236s overarching damage totals as well so
3239s you'll see on these Minds that the fire
3241s rate is now one per every second this
3244s has been reduced
3247s this has been reduced
3252s you'll also see on the Homing missiles
3257s they have also been reduced
3261s damage increased
3264s on these missiles on Missile types
3267s but the speed at which you can fire them
3269s has been reduced down okay
3272s so now your decision-making process with
3275s your secondaries it's going to come down
3277s to more of like the right timing as was
3279s the intention uh straight out of the
3282s gate
3283s in conjunction with what you are
3285s utilizing in the space that you're in
3287s blah blah blah blah and here through
3290s these balance changes we believe we
3292s still have to you know do further
3293s testing and stuff and I'm sure you'll
3294s help us out when this goes live with the
3296s update
3298s is to make sure that homing missiles are
3300s in fact fantastic for taking out a
3303s single Target and mines no aren't
3306s necessarily they're not as good as
3308s taking out a single Target right
3310s versus homing missiles probably
3312s shouldn't be as good for taking out
3314s multiple targets whereas mines should
3317s that's their difference
3319s that's where they shine apart from one
3321s another and we have to ensure that that
3323s balance is fair so you're not looking at
3326s between the choices and you say oh well
3328s minds are straight up better at a single
3330s Target damage anyway so I'm just going
3332s to use mines and never use missiles so I
3334s never have to worry about lock on so I
3335s never have to worry about range you know
3338s all this type of stuff we wouldn't want
3340s that to happen which I think might have
3343s started happening a little bit so those
3347s are some pretty big adjustments that
3349s we've made on this front I'm going to
3350s kind of like hover over these so you can
3352s kind of see uh where they're at maybe
3354s you have the game pulled up over on your
3356s own Monitor and you're like taking
3357s screenshots of where it was at before
3359s keep in mind every single one of these
3361s does not have a grade on it
3365s um this one has Marksman how dare you I
3367s was trying to not generate any prefixes
3370s but none of these have grades on them so
3372s they're not prototypes they're not star
3374s forged
3375s you're getting straight up what they are
3377s capable of uh the only thing this is
3379s going to do is it increases the Marksman
3380s range or excuse me it increases the
3382s range due to Marksman
3384s but you can see how those damages now
3387s are different based on that rate of fire
3390s based on that rate of fire
3395s also keep in mind
3398s those numbers are not your DPS
3401s not your DPS okay like you're looking at
3404s your weapons the top is the DPS
3407s the connect damage to energy damage is
3408s below the reason we have gone with this
3411s format is so that you know when you fire
3413s one missile that's the damage it's gonna
3415s do when you fire one mine that's the
3418s damage it's gonna do if you wanted to
3420s calculate the DPS uh you're gonna have
3423s to you know crunch those numbers a
3425s little bit yourself but uh do keep in
3427s mind that homing missiles do win
3429s outright on that front
3431s straight up because you can fire them
3433s faster and now through this particular
3435s adjustments they should be doing more
3438s damage to boot
3441s last but not least quantities
3444s last but not least quantities we
3446s evaluated how many you can hold and we
3449s decided
3450s we needed to tweak those values
3453s we needed to adjust them so we gave you
3455s uh I believe it's more on the front of
3459s missiles let me just do a quick double
3461s checker
3462s it's a quick double check making sure
3465s I'm not speaking lies because that would
3467s be sad
3468s yeah increase missile ammo across the
3471s board
3474s yep
3478s and slightly reduce the mine ammo across
3481s the board
3482s so again this is one of those uh
3484s elements that we had to employ
3488s so as to not make one secondary item
3490s just inherently better than other ones
3493s because it not only fulfills a certain
3496s role but then it also overrides other
3498s roles that other secondaries would
3499s accomplish right
3501s isn't balancing fun isn't this just the
3505s greatest thing ever you come into a Dev
3506s live stream to watch everspace 2 being
3509s played and this guy's up here talking
3511s you're like we changed some numbers it's
3513s crazy okay this stuff is nuts but you
3516s guys did help us get here with some
3517s subtle observations you made with some
3519s uh builds that you've provided with you
3522s know concerns that you raised
3524s is good it's it's good
3527s we don't like nerfing I bet touching
3529s executioner was painful then no it was
3530s actually rather easy
3534s we're like everybody on the team is just
3538s like anytime we're like trying to like
3539s screw around and like just do Insane
3541s amounts of damage like everybody's using
3542s executioner with Kinetic damage it's
3544s like okay maybe maybe this is a little
3546s too much
3548s there's like not another option so yeah
3550s balance is uh it's you know one of those
3553s things that
3554s the Nerf bat does have to come out from
3556s time to time but we didn't want to just
3558s like straight up destroy the abilities
3560s here that would just that wouldn't be
3562s fun they just need to be functional in
3565s different ways and one shouldn't be
3567s inherently better than the other that's
3569s that's the challenge that is the plan of
3572s balancing thereof it's just it's wild so
3576s with all that being said I mean we're
3577s almost into a next q a segment but what
3579s I want to do is I want to load up a
3582s familiar save
3585s from Wizard Jerry who is part of the
3587s stream and we are going to be after this
3590s line of questioning we're going to be
3592s attempting
3594s we're going to be attempting a lunacy
3596s 1000 run
3598s without any legendaries
3602s because he did it
3606s he accomplished this feat
3608s with and it was a bill that wasn't as
3610s refined as this one even like he's
3612s further refined it he's been optimizing
3614s it this thing is an absolute
3617s fiend when it comes to sheer damage
3621s output
3623s now
3624s that being said here's a little bit of a
3626s plot twist and wizard Jerry I know I
3629s kind of chat with you before stream he
3630s didn't know this this has all these
3632s changes in place
3634s so my doing this bombing build we should
3638s see a little bit of a leveling out
3640s ensuring that these mines aren't as
3643s um insane it should still be quite
3645s powerful because it's a bomber it
3647s optimizes secondaries but we'll see if
3650s these little tweaks uh give it a bit
3653s better a bit of a better feel or not as
3656s you can see kind of like all these
3658s components here what we're about to be
3659s running we got this insane powerful Goss
3663s Cannon we got an efficient Thermo gun
3666s high capacity destabilizer missiles
3669s powerful corrosion mines back to back
3671s with Kinetic damage catalysts
3676s the blast Master ladies and gentlemen
3678s and then a slew of very well optimized
3681s equipment for absurd stats
3685s so you can see over on the right side
3687s with the attributes we've got
3689s 3215 Firepower 3081 precision and that
3694s is in conjunction with using
3696s exploitation so increased critical hit
3699s chance for movement impaired foes as
3702s well as critical faculty which is kind
3703s of the chef's kiss of this build
3705s Critical Hits on a 30 chance to restore
3707s one percent alt energy so the arc 9000
3710s is going to find a lot of love here last
3713s bits we've got crit happens
3715s explosive damage of course and play it
3717s safe for that reactive armor which is
3719s necessary for lunacy 1000 like it's just
3721s it is a you have to use it uh even
3724s flying this ship you're gonna take an
3727s insane number of damage and we also have
3729s close call for those moments where you
3730s just can't expect dying in a two-shot
3733s format
3734s oh my gosh so now that you have all of
3736s the oh wait we're not done yet hang on
3737s we also got to go through the devices we
3739s have corrosion ejector Mercy Kilt we got
3742s Fusion hook reach extender
3744s to help really make sure we can grab
3747s onto something and get out of there
3748s we've got short circuit EMP generator
3751s and we've got Parting Gift teleportal
3754s now
3755s you've got the build in your mind
3757s everything's fantastic Target lockout
3759s duration is reduced by 50 20 reduced
3761s damage from enemy explosives and
3763s Arginine thousand damage increases by
3764s two percent every second after being
3765s fired now that you've memorized every
3767s single one of these pieces we're gonna
3769s go into another round of questions
3770s answer them and then we'll use this in a
3774s lunacy 1000 Rift run
3777s so what questions have generated
3779s geekbite that need to be addressed what
3782s do we got
3783s well we got one we've got one I'm
3786s perfect you've stunned everybody again
3787s no that's great that way we can get into
3790s the rift so yeah go ahead and shoot me
3792s the question and we'll get into it
3794s it's a first time chatter of Venom uh
3796s four one five five uh welcome uh on
3798s Twitch uh he's been curious about
3801s getting this game but I'm wondering if
3803s All Ships including enemy ships are able
3806s to just stop and shoot like a stationary
3808s turret if so did you ever consider a
3811s Thruster type that's fast but could keep
3814s only propelling to keep your ships
3816s moving they're just like the thrill of
3818s the Chase and the Maneuvers that could
3819s throw enemies off which gives you a
3821s chance to line up a shot okay yeah so it
3824s sounds like you're referring to inertia
3825s dampening which I can show you right
3827s here like I'm turning it off and my ship
3829s is just free floating so I can fire my
3831s weapon while I'm moving backwards so
3833s like there's a Target over there I'm not
3834s boosting at all
3836s then I could boost to the left and I'm
3837s moving backwards to the left and you
3839s know all this type of stuff inertia
3841s dampening is a setting that you can uh
3844s change on your ship oh wait a second we
3847s need to go to customize controls there
3849s we go foreign
3852s by default
3854s we don't believe that the game is meant
3857s to be played in this fashion here it is
3860s we don't believe the game is meant to be
3862s played in this fashion but it was due to
3864s popular requests that we plugged it in
3865s and it happens to be fun if you utilize
3869s it well
3870s there can be some strong functionality
3872s in conserving Thruster boost and you
3875s know positioning advantages around your
3877s foes
3878s but uh yeah in short
3881s use it delicately
3885s it can be a bit of a pain if you are
3889s first trying it
3891s because the game is very much intended
3894s to have full control over your
3897s positioning and space
3900s but uh yeah it's there it's in there
3902s otherwise enemy ships will always be
3906s moving the only exception to that rule
3909s are drones which have so much speed and
3913s ability to like move around that they
3915s can literally just stop and keep
3916s shooting at you from one location as
3919s well as
3920s any flow that's webbed
3922s for obvious reasons
3925s so hopefully that's that's uh that
3926s provides quite a bit quite a bit Clarity
3928s for that particular question
3931s but if you have a follow-up follow-up
3932s feel free to ask otherwise I'm going to
3935s attempt to do this
3937s this is what I've been nervous about
3939s guys because this this is nuts this is
3941s going to be insane
3943s um we are doing the full-blown lunacy
3946s 1000 here so for anybody who's missed it
3950s the lunacy levels affect your enemy
3952s damage your enemy hit points the loot
3955s quality and the legendary equipment drop
3958s chance okay the higher you go the higher
3962s those numbers go
3964s at 500 you can get legendary equipment
3967s guaranteed anything above that is truly
3970s for bragging rights but it does still
3972s enhance the loot quality which makes all
3974s of the other stuff that drops
3977s higher grade greater chance for prefixes
3980s uh higher tiers all of that stuff it
3984s just boosts that up and up and up so it
3986s gets absurd and at lunacy 1000 the loot
3988s quality is a thousand
3992s wizard Jerry I appreciate your
3994s encouragement on this front oh gosh I'm
3997s so nervous
3999s uh but this should also show you just
4001s like how much of a challenge we do want
4002s these refs to be
4005s and we're not entirely finished with
4007s riffs either all right let's do this
4015s oh my gosh okay
4018s I'm so freaking nervous
4028s here we go
4035s foreign
4061s gotta get my maneuvering down a little
4063s bit
4064s reset okay here we go
4069s no no
4075s all right
4076s yep
4085s oh not okay
4089s that's not fair
4100s well we've already popped our emergency
4103s procedures that's not a good sign
4110s I lasted longer than my first attempt I
4112s will say that oh my goodness oh my
4115s goodness
4119s wizard Jerry you are an absolute wizard
4125s all right gonna do this one again
4127s because I feel like
4129s I feel like the core issue here is I
4131s gotta get these enemies to group up a
4133s little bit
4133s oh my gosh so you can see uh just like
4137s how crazy how absurd
4139s this comes together pertaining to your
4142s enemies and their power level how much
4145s damage they can take it is very high and
4148s that's very intended so should you come
4151s to the lunacy 1000s
4155s if you have sanity inside of your brain
4158s you would only do above like 500s when
4162s you have legendary equipment like that
4164s legendary equipment will truly take the
4167s builds that you have to the next level
4169s they do
4171s it's it's absurd it's delightful but
4174s when you don't have a legendary this is
4176s meant to be basically impossible
4179s it's meant to be basically impossible
4181s I'm gonna give it one more go
4183s I'm gonna give it one more go I wanna I
4185s really I want to push myself
4188s I almost got one area completed earlier
4192s this week
4193s oh my gosh so here we go
4199s see if we can bring it together just a
4201s little bit better
4208s he does have a screenshot of the loot I
4210s I looked over he posted on Discord I
4212s will show it also whenever we get to the
4214s um Community screenshots segment we will
4218s be covering all of that stuff
4226s I don't know
4227s right here
4233s there we go that's what I want to see
4239s that's not what I want to see get out of
4241s there
4244s all right let's let's just try and
4248s maximize a little bit of this
4254s okay all right
4256s this is coming together decently well
4258s all right
4264s feeling a little bit better about this
4266s one
4269s foreign
4276s let's try and focus this guy down
4290s did we get him oh my gosh we didn't get
4292s him okay there we go
4298s all right all right all right our
4300s progress is too slow we're gonna have to
4301s build this up
4310s oh no
4314s I was feeling so good about that one too
4316s oh my gosh
4318s ah
4320s oh my gosh
4323s oh
4325s I got like that one two punch right
4327s there when I slowed down you can't slow
4329s down you can't slow down those high
4331s level lunacies oh my goodness guys so um
4335s a little bit of context to this too just
4337s so you guys are a whale a whale you're
4339s not a whale
4341s um you're to make sure that you're aware
4343s um I am not a stranger to doing
4346s challenge runs and high intensity uh
4349s events and games like this
4352s um obviously I'm not the best at the
4354s game I'm not gonna make that claim I
4356s would never have made that claim ever
4358s and it is such an incredible showcase
4362s of wizard Jerry's abilities to push this
4365s to its limits by completing what you
4368s just saw the absolute chaos putting
4371s everything together
4372s in less than a 10 minute Rift run
4376s sequence
4377s completed this at lunacy 1000 without a
4381s legendary
4383s without a single legendary like
4386s absolutely insane now my best run my
4391s personal best run
4394s um at this point since the update has uh
4397s since the experimental has dropped I
4398s should say
4400s um we had I had a lunacy 450 run that I
4406s almost completed without a legendary and
4407s I felt pretty good about that but my
4409s best one was a lunacy 400 without a
4413s legendary
4413s my build was actually I actually used a
4417s gunship and I was just kind of like
4420s spamming alt making sure the turret was
4422s constant and firing my weapons like a
4424s fiend I was using an executioner for
4427s those who are wondering
4431s gosh I almost feel like I'm cheating for
4433s saying that but still
4435s um but yeah my light ship runs oh my
4438s gosh
4439s guys it is it is nuts in here in this
4442s space it's nuts my best light ship run I
4446s had a three no it was probably a 300
4448s with a stinger I want to get better with
4451s stingers here they're so much fun when
4454s you are dodging everything and bring it
4455s together it is nuts
4458s so yeah so even with the changes to the
4461s secondaries you can see like
4463s um you know this build should it be used
4464s effectively it's it's not gonna be
4466s hindered too much by that fire rate
4468s because you can cycle between these I
4469s think that's a really powerful
4470s combination here that wizard Jerry has
4472s especially with the high capacity to
4474s stabilizer missiles to bring down those
4475s very important and dangerous targets uh
4478s it's not it is absolutely nuts so I
4482s don't want to keep showing you uh death
4486s screens
4487s I want to show you a pretty good Rift
4490s run
4491s at the same time I want to give this
4494s shot I want to give this one more shot
4496s because
4497s dang it this build just deserves a lot
4499s of love that's why we're revisiting it
4501s that's why I want to show it we're gonna
4502s do this one more time
4505s do it one more time
4512s I will see what we can do
4515s clearly not nerfed enough oh my gosh
4517s spoot night goodness gravy we don't want
4519s to Nerf stuff to where it's not fun
4521s goodness stuff should still very much be
4523s effective like it was but it should now
4525s like through the adjustments that we're
4527s making it needs to be more fine-tuned to
4531s that uh the qualities that it's meant to
4534s provide right
4535s that is what balancing's all about
4540s oh come on
4542s where are my asteroids at
4544s okay we're just gonna zip around
4556s okay that's good damage output that's
4558s good oh no no you gotta be kidding me
4561s give me an asteroid oh
4566s I got to be more observant in my
4568s environment that's for sure
4575s all right I gotta I'm gonna change over
4577s to a build that I'm a bit more satisfied
4580s with using that is nuts there's nuts
4585s truly with how fast I'm getting
4587s destroyed as a testament to wizard
4588s Jerry's skills so uh and yeah and when
4590s you guys you know when you're doing your
4592s Rift runs and you're excited about
4594s reaching certain points continue sharing
4596s that feedback with us continue sharing
4597s your builds with us like we love to see
4599s that we love to see what's working
4601s what's not because again through all of
4603s this balancing stuff like even with the
4605s stuff pertaining to especially with the
4606s stuff pertaining to the secondaries as
4608s well as increasing and decreasing
4609s various uh item damages and whatnot we
4612s are doing that not because we want to
4615s mess you up when we come back to the
4617s game you're like I don't know how
4618s anything Works no we're doing that to
4620s ensure
4621s that all builds can shine all items can
4625s shine all utility purposes can come to
4629s fruition based on how you're approaching
4632s the game Space
4634s that's why we do balance it's not
4636s because we hate an item and your play
4639s style it's actually because we love it
4642s and we want more play styles to emerge
4644s in similar skill
4647s so yeah good good stuff man it's nuts
4652s I'm gonna have to practice so much more
4654s jeez
4657s absolutely nuts so let's go ahead and
4659s I'm gonna bounce to
4662s um I think our rifting save
4665s this was a I think it's a striker but
4667s I'm gonna go ahead and change it over to
4668s a gunship I want to do a gunship build
4669s so we'll adjust it accordingly
4672s [Music]
4676s oh this is oh this is this is a bit
4678s further back that's fine here we're
4680s gonna um we're gonna cheat because
4684s I'm just gonna zip over here really
4686s quick
4688s this file is this is a cheated save so
4691s if you're looking at any values or
4692s Mission chains or anything it's it's
4695s borked it's it's broken that's not
4697s important the important thing is the
4698s rift that we're going to try to run
4704s oh my goodness
4708s I don't necessarily want to use a
4710s stinger
4712s in the you know I'll ask you guys what
4713s do you want do you want a gunship or a
4715s stinger
4716s I'll give you the choice
4719s there's those Titan wings
4721s Liberator we'll change the we'll change
4723s the wing type
4724s if we go the gunship would you rather
4727s see a gunship or a stinger what do you
4729s guys want
4732s Scout nope we're not doing a scout
4735s quit quit science go
4745s gunship gunship
4748s gunship
4752s okay I got three gunships so far and two
4754s stingers
4755s four gunships
4759s three no three gunships and three
4761s Stingers okay excuse me
4764s Rogue
4767s so the Rogue would technically be the
4769s Stinger
4772s it's tied right now what do you
4774s we're these two you're you're losing
4777s you're losing it guys
4780s okay I'm seeing more gunship we're gonna
4783s do gun show we're gonna do gunship
4785s all right so we're gonna we're gonna
4786s purchase the bad boy and then we're
4787s gonna change the wings to the magic of
4789s uh you know
4790s Dev console
4793s I do keep in mind guys that uh you know
4796s even though I have this power in my
4799s hands to change the wings on the Fly uh
4802s you know
4804s do keep in mind that
4809s we're gonna we're gonna keep that
4810s original look do keep in mind
4813s that
4814s whenever you're going in here and you're
4816s changing things
4819s but there's still some more stuff
4820s planned okay
4822s there's still some more stuff coming
4825s in the future
4826s all right this is not done
4829s this is not done
4830s Okay so
4832s Let's see we are going to probably use
4835s all day I like this one a lot
4838s teleporters probably gonna be good Nano
4841s transmitter
4842s I did use this last time yeah this is
4844s actually this is the same build that I
4846s had okay cool and for our equipment
4849s um we're just going to kind of wing this
4851s first one to generate more equipment
4853s we're going to do this at probably
4854s lunacy 300 pretty confident that I can
4856s pull that off
4858s foreign
4866s weapon
4868s [Music]
4873s oh boy oh boy
4877s outdated equipment hang on a second
4881s hang on a second let's get it let's
4883s tweak this up a little bit further and
4885s uh change those wings
4887s oh oh so much better already improved
4895s let's head over here to the GMB office
4897s hangar
4899s see what they've got for sale real quick
4908s look guys I it's RNG all right like
4915s uh I didn't I didn't choose this oh I
4917s can't I can't install the kinetic damage
4919s all right it was it was destined to be
4922s all right it was destined to be but you
4924s can tell I mean this is level 24 so
4926s maybe you can't tell because it might
4928s look a little different it's an uncommon
4930s level 24 so the damage is gonna look a
4932s little bit different but regardless
4935s pretty sure we can still best uh one of
4938s these riffs at uh probably about 300
4942s that seems to be about my break point
4944s with most ships
4954s and bring it all together
4956s I had no idea that item was there I
4959s legitimately have no idea
4961s God dang it I'll take it that's for sure
4965s oh I could have upgraded it to Superior
4967s shadowy that would have been smart huh
4968s foreign
4969s that would have been incredibly smart
4973s but I didn't we're going with what we've
4975s got
4976s [Music]
5004s all right
5013s oh much better
5027s oh excuse me excuse me all right okay
5030s all right
5035s that should help out immensely
5041s foreign
5072s foreign
5080s yeah so as you can see we're doing a
5082s lunacy uh 300 our equipment isn't like
5085s fully optimized it's not terrible
5088s I definitely could have made it better
5089s that's for sure
5095s but sometimes it's kind of fun just to
5096s see what you can do with whatever you
5098s get
5099s at least that's my mentality
5107s thank you
5111s oh yeah this is feeling good
5114s excellent
5124s all right good good good koi gun and
5127s execution are seem to be putting in
5129s quite a bit of work Synchro pulse is
5131s running out of juice too fast we gotta
5133s we gotta fix the energy core probably
5135s maybe not now we need to fix energy cork
5139s a lot of hiccups here but that's okay
5141s let's see corrosion Fields actually not
5143s too big of a problem for something like
5145s a gunship enemies have 50 increased
5147s movement speed kind of a problem for a
5148s gunship we're gonna go we're gonna go
5150s with the the prior we're gonna go
5151s enemies lead behind corrosion fields
5153s I think we can deal with that a bit more
5157s I think we can deal without a bit more
5162s all right let's drive forward
5168s foreign
5189s match because it dropped I do believe
5193s that we are adjusting the values of the
5195s tiers in the mat as well
5199s foreign
5202s [Music]
5210s because we've seen a number of
5212s individuals kind of like
5215s remarking on the lack
5218s of Tears of the Mad collection uh we're
5221s seeing that too
5222s there will I mean it's all part of
5226s the balancing acts thereof
5230s so rest assured we will get to that
5234s let's try and line this stuff up here
5236s come here all right
5240s here we go
5247s there we go this is much better
5250s much more focused on what I was trying
5253s to accomplish
5268s oh
5271s corrosion thankfully doesn't hurt us too
5273s much
5278s either of these Auto fire do we have an
5280s auto fire
5282s scorpion missiles all right so let's
5285s keep the Scorpion missiles out let's
5286s just get some added bonus uh you guys
5288s probably already noticed this but
5290s another tweak that we actually made
5292s um was that the modifier that insta
5294s shoots missiles for you
5295s we had to reduce that damage down it was
5297s proving to be way too powerful
5300s way too powerful but we didn't scale it
5302s back that much believe it or not
5305s you didn't scale it back that much
5311s oh come on there we go
5313s all right that's primary target
5317s let's get our health back
5318s good good
5324s much better all right
5329s foreign
5336s doing this Friday we having a good time
5340s we having a good day everybody
5346s I certainly hope so I'm having I'm
5348s having fun with you all it's always nice
5350s to be able to come to these streams give
5352s you some insight what's going on
5354s talk about the balance all the changes
5356s give some praise where it's due
5363s oh come on come on I really don't want
5366s that perimeter to survive
5367s thank you
5374s there we go
5385s all right any health bars hidden not
5387s really the biggest fan on that one I
5389s think a lot of people that I continue to
5391s watch and engage with they're like oh
5392s yeah that one's not so bad at all I
5394s personally don't like it
5396s speaking of things that I don't like uh
5400s turning off the damage numbers
5403s we gotta take this off now
5406s enemies slowly repair their hole
5408s you know if we add more Splash damage
5410s ability to be concerned about that
5412s but uh
5414s but because we don't I'm gonna just go
5416s ahead and utilize this one
5421s when your resolve reaches zero you are
5424s forcibly pulled out of the rift
5427s you are forcibly removed from the rift
5429s so you have to keep your resolve up in
5431s order to maintain the rift
5434s it's a great question
5442s I'm waiting for your buddies to show up
5443s Sir they're not uh getting over here in
5446s time
5447s okay that'll that's good enough
5449s I was only a drone ah
5452s that was a waste
5466s really don't like those earlier drones
5469s oh my goodness
5473s overheat socks and riffs
5485s cyrillium man they can be brutal
5506s whoa
5512s I really would like to time that better
5514s with uh additional damage but oh well
5518s [Music]
5521s all right
5527s here we go yes good good
5532s lining up oh there's that Demolisher
5535s problem
5538s problem no more
5542s yeah
5544s this is much more my Pace than scale as
5547s opposed to
5548s freaking
5549s 1
5551s 000 oh my gosh so I am excited to see
5553s just like how freaking crazy your builds
5555s go guys oh my gosh
5559s I want to see all of it
5561s really does make us happy when we see
5563s you like exploiting the tools that we're
5565s giving you
5567s you're not meant to just like fall in
5569s line into like a very specific thing to
5572s do like if you can find combinations and
5574s stuff enjoy those benefits
5578s it's good
5592s no thanks I do not want to be mined
5594s excellent
5609s oh all right good good excellent
5624s I should also mention some stuff that
5625s maybe hasn't pointed out uh so well if
5628s you're ever like in the middle of a rift
5630s and you're like not happy with how
5631s things are coming together or whatever
5633s reason you're like your time's up and
5635s you want to save you can't save in a
5638s rift but you can in the upper right you
5640s can always leave the rift at any point
5643s in time you are not bound to completing
5646s a rift or not
5648s you can GTFO
5652s and you'll at the very least when you do
5654s that you will save the found uh goods
5657s from
5658s uh
5661s like your tears in the mat for example
5662s you will retain those
5678s we really need to get those Shields down
5680s I want those Shields down ASAP come on
5683s not my shield down excuse me Gabe
5687s Excuse Me game
5691s ah come on break the shields there it is
5701s [Music]
5708s oh this might actually be closer than I
5710s would like it to be oh goodness
5717s come on all the results going down oh
5721s guys it's gonna be close
5724s oh the wrist pulling us out oh no
5728s come on
5737s [Applause]
5742s that's what happens when you're resolved
5744s it
5747s oh man I waste I used all my missiles oh
5752s gosh oh man it hurts that I have to end
5756s the rift runs on that note but it just
5759s goes to show you know how a little bit
5761s of preparedness can really change the
5763s format when you're entering into these
5765s riffs like again my build is nothing
5766s like amazing here in fact I don't even
5768s know if I checked my perks oh gosh like
5772s I don't even know what I had here okay
5774s so um you know we've got an assortment
5776s of items that are uh not a full Suite of
5780s superiors and you know still with that
5783s and our attributes too like what am I
5784s doing with utility I should have refined
5787s this further
5788s um but going into refs like there's
5790s still a lot of opportunity for a lot of
5792s gains a lot of combinations of powers
5794s and abilities when you're putting your
5796s head together and you're taking the
5797s items that we're giving to you and
5800s creating those synergetic effects You're
5802s Gonna Shine it's gonna be awesome and
5804s I'm I really am excited to see what you
5806s guys come up with and accomplish through
5809s the course of the updates launch and you
5812s know up to 1.0 it's going to be a lot of
5815s fun and it's going to be super exciting
5816s so at this point we do need a transition
5819s over to the pictures the community
5823s screenshots that's going to be the next
5825s element here that I want to highlight
5827s because that's always awesome to do and
5830s through that we are going to be
5832s answering tons more questions whatever
5834s they are whether it's about riffs
5836s whether it's about legendaries whether
5838s it's about leveling whether it's about
5840s uh the wizard Jerry's build that I show
5843s on screen you know whatever it is uh
5846s changes that have been made I can give
5849s you details to a point
5852s um but yeah like let's let's crack that
5854s open it'll be a fun time I'm sure of it
5856s and uh yeah we'll just uh go from there
5860s So speaking of going from there I need
5862s just one quick break
5864s one quick break to get it all set up and
5866s we'll get right into it
5868s oh my gosh thanks thank you everybody
5870s for your support and these riffs by the
5874s way you give me so much energy it's kind
5876s of ridiculous uh so thanks for that
5879s truly it is quite a delight
5884s all right
5885s let's see here okay all right all right
5889s let's get cracking and showing off this
5892s very first thing uh because I wanna I
5894s just want to prove to you guys that I'm
5896s not uh you know I'm not like talking
5899s wizard Jerry's build up needlessly again
5901s this is a no Legendary Run at lunacy
5905s 1000 this is completion look at that
5907s Loot drop lots of star forged lots of
5911s prototypes uh and uh yeah pretty pretty
5915s nice pretty nice
5918s uh awesome awesome job and excited to
5922s see more from you wizard Jerry as well
5925s as from all of you who love that
5927s challenge of obtaining the highest loot
5929s possible
5930s it's amazing so keep at it so I'm going
5934s to start diving into these screenshots
5935s and highlighting we got a lot of
5937s fantastic shots over the course of the
5940s last week with experimental as you
5941s probably could tell
5943s um and I probably should have mentioned
5944s at the very freaking start of the stream
5946s and how you know their spoiler-ish
5948s territory going on here but you know
5950s we're here now so screenshot some of
5952s these are going to be spoilery-ish just
5954s a heads up but we're starting off strong
5956s with a crispy muffin shot screaming
5959s other than a asteroid hole that appears
5962s to be exploding I love it I dig it so
5964s much it's great geek bite what questions
5967s do we got oh we got some we got some
5970s everybody's lining up ready good
5972s excellent
5974s right Shields Mercier first over on
5977s YouTube it's been said on previous
5978s streams that Gamepad playing will still
5981s need to be tweaked is there some things
5984s to be done on that front in the coming
5985s update
5987s ah yes
5988s there are in fact tweaks to Gamepad uh
5993s updates like specifically how navigation
5996s is used for Baxley for both Gamepad and
5998s keyboard for certain ux elements like
6002s refining to the crafting inventory
6006s um
6006s interactions uh let's see what else we
6009s got
6010s um oh these are these are these are a
6012s little bit more dated hang on a second
6014s let me find the because I know that
6016s we've been
6018s let me say this let me say this so I'm
6020s actually having a hard time finding the
6022s specific details it might take me a
6023s little bit of digging and I don't want
6025s to do that I want to just answer the
6026s question get through it
6027s um I know for a fact that we've got
6029s several dedicated Gamepad users on our
6033s team one of which is Michael okay one of
6037s which is Michael he loves playing on a
6039s controller
6040s um we've got several other members that
6042s we want to make sure there's great care
6044s and attention put towards these controls
6046s for fairness across the board we do
6049s recognize that there are benefits for
6052s using mouse and keyboard we recognize
6054s there's benefits for using a controller
6056s they are not equal okay and through that
6059s that's why we have certain adjustments
6061s and tweaks here and there that are
6062s continued to get refined so I think one
6065s of them uh more recently was with a
6069s Gamepad not for mouse and keyboard but
6071s with a Gamepad when you lock into a
6072s Target and they leave the screen you'll
6074s actually retain the lock for a little
6077s bit longer verse if you're using mouse
6079s and keyboard where when they're off the
6081s screen the lock is gone so little tweaks
6083s like that we're assuring there is a
6085s proper functionality and a balance
6087s towards the benefits and the trade-offs
6090s thereof
6091s great question I love it I want to
6093s answer in more detail I just don't have
6095s it on me so my apologies uh but yeah
6097s definitely a focal point where we feel
6100s it necessary to continue improving that
6103s absolutely
6104s absolutely this next shot also comes
6107s from crispy muffin I got several crispy
6109s muffin shots where he's just being an
6110s absolute baller this one takes me back
6113s because this is from the tutorial this
6116s is from the opening Mission I don't
6118s remember it looking so good uh Nice Shot
6122s great great shot Chris we often I dig it
6124s and you guys dug it too because you
6126s liked it a lot in Discord what's another
6129s question we got
6130s and we got on from Bearded Frog uh and
6133s he's asking what is the purpose use of
6135s the crafting materials you get from
6137s dismantling legendaries is there any use
6139s for them as of right now the specific
6142s use of the dismantled legendary crafting
6145s materials is to sit in your inventory
6147s and look incredibly pretty that's it
6150s that that's the functionality so there
6153s will come a time when that stuff is
6155s useful and I think that there's going to
6158s be a lot of additional enjoyment had
6160s when we get to that point so we just
6163s have to stay the course we got to be
6164s patient and wait for the next round of
6168s legendary stuff to appear for some
6172s playful interactions in our future
6175s we've got a shot from spoot night as
6178s well he had several that were just super
6180s clean I dug this one so much because it
6183s feels like a movie shot it's like a
6184s movie sequence where we have like this
6186s huge gate that's opening up really
6188s slowly and the lights pouring in you're
6190s like what's in there but you get this
6191s huge sense of scope and scale with your
6194s tiny little ship using just a subtle
6197s amount of depth of field here to just to
6200s add that level of detail ah
6204s chef's kiss I love this we're going to
6206s jump over to yet another uh crispy
6209s muffin shot as well and just observe the
6212s beauty of these Dynamic angles as we
6214s answer another question
6217s all right we've got one from Flory over
6219s on Twitch uh will the tears of Madness
6222s drop rate be adjusted from experimental
6224s to stable in low risks The Dropper is
6227s extremely low and players playing the
6229s Loris would need them the most for
6231s getting legendaries right yeah this is
6233s something that we have
6238s be something that I raised to my fellow
6240s Brethren over us a little bit more
6241s because it doesn't feel it doesn't feel
6244s the same you're right it feels like when
6246s you're running uh lunacy at zero the
6248s drop rate seems to be lower
6250s um that's not supposed to be the case
6251s it's supposed to be the same regardless
6254s of what lunacy you run at it is supposed
6257s to be the same regardless of what lunacy
6259s you run at so
6261s um yeah that's going to be something uh
6263s that we evaluate and ensure because like
6265s we want to make sure that players who
6266s are just wanting legendaries like you
6269s don't need to grow into a massive
6272s skillful fiend at the game right that's
6275s why we added that system in the first
6276s place and we recognize that right now
6279s it's not as accessible as we thought it
6281s might be
6282s yep so yeah stay the course there will
6286s be some adjustments in the future
6291s so great question alongside a great
6294s screenshot kazal is flexing his Rift
6297s runs here with a selection between the
6300s three love that cockpit shot that
6302s separation also just looks clean very
6304s nice approach for all of our screenshot
6307s needs I dig it
6309s very very awesome we have Flory who's
6312s just having a party with explosions and
6315s it's like fireworks I see your ship I
6318s see you I see you I see that EMP
6321s absolutely nuts it's cool
6324s very nice explosion what's another
6326s question we've got shoot me
6329s uh we just had a little follow-up from
6331s Michael as well about the tears of
6333s Madness uh so that it had a discussion
6335s just today yeah regarding it and there
6337s will be adjustments yeah absolutely
6339s absolutely yeah
6341s yeah I'm right and and the way that
6344s they'll be adjusted too like guys we
6345s we've got several different ideas you'll
6347s just have to be patient and see what
6349s those look like but again please note
6350s that the focal point of those
6352s adjustments is for you guys the player
6354s to make uh it a bit easier to obtain
6358s legendaries even if you are failing
6360s riffs doing them at low lunacies like we
6362s still want to have that system in place
6364s that brings everybody into the fall to
6366s experience that beautiful content known
6368s as legendaries okay that's why we are
6370s going back in there and adjusting it
6372s cool
6375s all right
6377s we have El Plato 19 from YouTube is
6381s asking is the ancient risk going to be
6382s season-based like Diablo 3.
6386s we do not have plans to do seasonal
6389s events and outer space too this has been
6391s a point of discussion we don't have the
6394s funds we don't have the resources we
6397s don't have the space the time really to
6400s bring that to fruition even though I
6403s think universally the team thinks that
6405s would be really cool it's just a matter
6407s of putting in the effort
6409s and the attention that it would deserve
6411s we can't we don't have the ability to
6415s based on our already massive amount of
6418s uh scale uh our vision that we're
6421s bringing to fruition for 1.0 it's just
6424s it's not it's not something that we are
6426s going to do so I love that concept too
6429s like let's be in incredibly clear I
6431s think that would be super cool
6433s it might be something that we do in a
6435s future project maybe even that's a
6437s little bit wishy-washy
6439s um but everspace 2 will not have seasons
6442s no
6443s I love that question though it's a great
6445s question
6447s this shot comes from Kaza and
6449s highlighting the new biological wildlife
6453s and this one is at a Thor this is the
6456s planet and we wanted to make sure and
6458s something that I kind of talked about a
6460s little bit where we wanted to diversify
6462s the assets that we're presenting from
6464s like even different planets to make them
6466s feel like different planets so when
6468s you're looking at this planet and the
6470s screenshots thereof even though that
6472s there are some similarities to the
6475s wildlife as something as like the
6477s authorian rift for example there are
6479s some distinctions made whether it's
6481s through coloration size
6484s Etc of these elements that helps you
6487s understand where you're at and we are
6490s very pleased with your results we love
6491s the screenshot because it looks pretty
6493s neat next shot we've got from Excel
6497s we've got several of them uh I also just
6500s want to take a quick moment here and
6501s address an important uh element the the
6504s elephant in the room if you will so uh
6507s not really an elephant it's not it's not
6509s um anyway this is broken this is this is
6513s not working as it did uh all those
6516s little little orbs those are those are
6518s ancients here's another here's another
6520s view gorgeous shots from Excel I I love
6524s them so much definitely Wrath of the
6528s Fallen procking 100 chance to duplicate
6530s ancients
6532s um not not intentional so thank you so
6535s much for your bugs uh the bug reports
6538s that you supply because this like only
6541s applied to this location there's so many
6543s weird factors when bugs happen like this
6545s so thank you seriously everyone when
6547s something weird happens showcase it in
6550s its full Glory because we love this we
6552s love this this is not intentional and it
6554s will be removed but still taking
6556s advantage of that moment super super
6559s cool so thank you thank you for that
6562s we'll also see another couple bugs in
6564s the couple follow-up screenshots too
6567s geekbond good give me another question
6571s right next up we've got one from Herman
6573s Jones over on YouTube uh which lunacy in
6577s wrist level roughly corresponds to very
6579s hard difficulty outside of riffs people
6582s quantify that obviously so actually that
6584s quantification would be about Rift 50.
6588s um that's going to be your closest point
6589s to that because Rift 50 you have the
6592s fewest modifiers being applied to your
6594s enemies and they're going to be mostly
6597s at an equal level
6599s uh tour what's out in the world now also
6603s keep in mind that of course the game is
6605s not finalized there will still be
6607s additional balancing between the levels
6609s of enemies and you also haven't seen
6611s everything from level 25 and up up to
6613s level 30. so where you're at with lunacy
6617s level 50 and where the game will be is
6621s going to look different whenever we
6623s reach that 1.0 state so
6626s um as of right now lunacy 50 is about
6628s the most on par with the enemies outside
6632s of the rift
6633s all right
6635s um we've got a shot from BW Lambert's I
6637s really appreciate this shot I really
6639s appreciate the shot for a couple reasons
6640s but the first thing I want to do is I
6643s want to highlight the fact that this is
6644s not a high resolution shot when we ask
6647s you guys to highlight screenshots from
6649s the game and all that type of stuff you
6651s don't have to have like a super crazy
6653s computer and be pushing
6656s 250 FPS what are the kids playing these
6659s days I don't know your expensive
6661s monitors and graphics cards whatever
6662s like you don't have to be doing that
6664s sometimes you just have to take a really
6665s interesting and really cool shot which
6668s is here this is a great shot that
6671s explosion of all these light effects
6673s pouring out from clearly the destruction
6674s version of an outlaw Destroyer BW
6676s lambrick I think that you captured this
6678s in all of its Glory uh very nice clock
6682s very nice shot very clean shots even
6684s without the detail of the ship itself
6687s comes together really well so thank you
6689s for that I want to recognize that I love
6691s it I love it let's answer another
6693s question as we look at another take on
6696s the
6697s oh gosh Kazakh gosh well it's I'm not
6701s surprised it's kazak because I has a
6703s little bit of a history with his
6704s community
6706s um engagement with us and pertaining to
6709s spamming everything a thousand billion
6712s times all right perfect let's see on the
6714s next question
6716s uh we've got Shield's mess here again on
6718s YouTube uh just wants to know uh armored
6721s drones also present in the Rifts they
6723s are yes they can be present yes and in
6727s fact we actually encountered one earlier
6729s in the Stream there was one that was
6730s nearby the um uh
6734s a la drone carrier so yeah they can show
6737s up we do we uh we adjusted some values
6740s for certain enemies spawning though um
6742s and I believe that the outlaw armor
6744s drone was one of them since all types of
6748s ships can spawn if a random Outlaw armor
6751s drone appears and starts giving benefits
6753s to basically everything else that you're
6755s facing in the moment especially when
6757s those numbers the values that the
6758s armadrone is now increasing it by have
6760s been significantly ramped up based on
6762s your lunacy it can be uh it can be a bit
6766s jarring if its spawn rate was equal to
6770s what's like what's equivalent to Union
6772s for example where you run into a lot of
6775s Outlaws in Union so that has been
6777s something of a balancing act for us as
6779s well but they can show up and when they
6782s do it's got to be your priority Target
6784s just letting you know you got to bring
6786s them down
6787s so uh yeah great question great question
6789s next shot this one also comes from uh
6792s sput night and his shots you know nice
6796s sweeping shots with great use of
6798s [Music]
6800s everything it's a great use of all the
6803s things the colors the saturation here is
6806s quite nice you know we have all these
6808s blues and Grays very Spacey
6810s love the angle that's being delicately
6812s performed on The Station it's almost
6814s looking towards the sun amidst this very
6817s passive space that desires it Longs for
6821s something more shots that tell a story
6823s guys they're like my favorite they're
6825s like my favorite let's hear another
6826s question we got as we transition over to
6829s a shot from Bradley that's also giving
6832s another side of the DMZ and telling its
6834s own little story
6836s all right Shields Messier again uh has
6839s asked in the Rifts and do you have to
6841s manually grab the tears of the Mad from
6843s the tractor beam or the auto clean
6851s I feel like you have to grab them
6854s because in my specific playthroughs
6856s that's been the case
6859s I don't know what was fully discussed
6861s pertaining to tears of the Mad in our
6864s meeting today
6865s uh spoiler it happens at a time in
6869s Germany when I am just waking up so I
6872s generally am not able to make certain
6874s meetings
6875s um but I do know that with the
6879s adjustments two tiers of the map
6881s we have had conversations in the past
6883s about how they would potentially Auto
6887s collect as opposed to having to go out
6889s and collect them specifically uh based
6892s on the fact that at the very end of the
6894s rift everything drops gets sucked
6896s through the portal and you are insured
6898s to get it all right so having that level
6900s of autonomy is something that we do
6903s value and do think
6905s could has a proper effect at certain
6907s parts in the game this is something that
6909s we have not come to a conclusion on I
6912s have a feeling
6913s that that's the direction we're probably
6915s going to move in but
6917s um
6918s I can't guarantee you I personally would
6921s like it we'll have to see what we feel
6923s is the best fit for the game and if you
6925s guys have thoughts on this you should
6926s also leave a comment or two in the Forum
6929s so I can link it whenever I'm
6931s voicy list case to the team members
6939s touch but there are a lot of factors
6941s that come into play and we do have to
6942s have these internal discussions to find
6944s out what's really is best
6945s so good question good question I'm being
6948s a little cheeky sorry about that tube
6951s somebody's mad at me I just know it all
6953s right uh we have another shot from Kaza
6955s remember how I said kazaz this guy in
6956s the community who likes to spam stuff
6959s Bob
6962s this is but hello Bob hello hello a
6967s thousand bobs
6972s ma'am
6974s it's super cool though it's a it's a
6977s great shot utilizing depth of field
6980s utilizing the lighting that's going on
6983s everything brings us together in an
6986s incredibly powerful way
6988s I hate it for all the best reasons like
6992s it's just it's fantastic it's phenomenal
6995s thank you Kazar
6998s um
6999s yeah so
7001s yo okay we'll keep this one up we'll get
7003s to the next one in a moment we'll we'll
7004s keep that one up let's go ahead and
7006s answer another question
7009s uh right we've got one from Venom uh
7012s four one five five on Twitch uh on the
7014s topic of game pads I feel like the Dual
7017s sense could be very beneficial
7018s especially with adding a use to the
7021s touchpad or enabling the haptic triggers
7023s any plans to utilize those features uh
7027s they said I'd love to have the ability
7028s to click the touchpad in certain places
7030s maybe in his Four Corners to activate
7032s certain functions and even swiping the
7034s touchpad to do other things so from my
7037s previous conversations with the team I
7039s don't believe this is gonna happen but
7041s let me let me let me see if I can find
7043s anything else and Michael if you've got
7045s additional information on that one I
7047s would appreciate the dive in I know this
7049s has been a point of discussion I also
7051s remember complications surrounding it so
7054s that's why I'm
7056s I'm a secret screen trying to see if I
7058s can pull up additional information
7063s I'm not coming up with anything
7066s solid here
7072s I know we've talked about this stuff in
7074s the past
7080s um
7081s [Music]
7083s I thought this would be a lot easier to
7085s find
7086s or in the world
7091s in a general just in a general sense we
7095s a lot of the elements that we are
7097s bringing over
7098s ensuring work are is the exact same
7101s functionality is between that what you
7103s would expect from like a PC title to a
7105s console title right it would absolutely
7108s be a benefit to have like dual sense to
7113s have like the haptic uh
7116s use through controller support
7120s um I also know like
7122s man
7124s I really need to find this because it's
7127s a great question and I want to be
7128s thorough uh so Michael the question
7130s actually geekbite go ahead and read the
7131s question asked directly to Michael one
7133s more time so that uh and they certainly
7135s will uh so on the topic of game pads uh
7138s I feel like the Dual sense could be very
7140s beneficial especially with adding a use
7142s to the touchpad or enabling the haptic
7145s triggers any plans to utilize those
7148s features uh Venom did give examples of
7151s how he prefer them to be used yeah
7153s absolutely absolutely I do know that
7156s we've talked about this goodness gravy
7158s I've maybe it was much
7161s longer in the past than I thought it was
7166s trying to find anything
7173s my my quick question list didn't have it
7177s on there I guess I need to add it to the
7180s list oh sorry
7183s um so okay Michael Michael says
7186s specifically he says we'll share more
7188s details about dual sense support when we
7190s announced the console release date okay
7191s thank you Michael for that sound
7194s response uh that is incredibly uh
7199s denying a full
7203s it's great it's great we'll have more
7205s information for console stuff like dual
7206s sense uh support in everything in the
7209s future so
7211s gosh
7213s man
7215s what a what a wild ride uh some of these
7219s questions
7220s all right let's move on to our next one
7222s oh I closed my I closed my fan art
7224s folder hang on a second
7226s okay everything's everything's back up
7227s and alive this one comes from uh Kaza I
7230s love this one we got a reflect game
7232s going on legitimately when your beams
7235s hit a reflection shield and they hit a
7237s reflection Shield it just keeps going
7239s back and forth that is not a bug that is
7242s entirely intended and it looks amazing
7245s also big shout out to your color scheme
7249s here in matching the freaking
7251s retaliators like dang near perfectly
7254s that is that just adds to this if only
7257s the beams were blue that's that would
7259s make this perfect but still I will allow
7262s it really nice really nice
7266s um oh Michael also says Frankly Speaking
7269s we haven't even looked into dual sense
7270s support yet
7272s um while that statement is true I do
7274s know sincerely um I do know that we have
7277s had internal conversation at least I
7278s have at least with one or two team
7280s members about the concept about the
7283s implementation of dual sense so uh yeah
7287s we'll just have to get there we'll have
7288s to see what that looks like in the
7289s future and we'll make those
7290s announcements accordingly so thank you
7292s for that additional added Clarity
7293s Michael
7294s um I don't think we've had the the
7296s meeting about like what that's going to
7300s look like if we were to pursue it you
7301s know so cool
7304s cool stuff all right we're gonna jump
7306s over to another image uh once again
7308s because we are running low on time
7310s actually we're gonna go through a couple
7311s more and then we'll answer uh maybe a
7313s few more questions uh we've got this one
7315s from high barf highlighting this massive
7317s shield around the ocar and when you
7319s first meet them for a mission for the
7322s mochar side quest I think the makkar
7324s mock the mocking uh whatever that one we
7328s got high barf who's flexing a formation
7331s run with these GMB light Fighters
7333s definitely enjoy that very nice very
7335s nice we got T3 Cube who's highlighting a
7339s shield disrupted Colonial Fleet Cruiser
7342s which is always fun to see I liked this
7345s one because of how much it stands out
7346s from a lot of the other components
7349s within Aerospace 2 like you almost have
7351s to like double double back on this one
7353s and confirm that it's actually from
7355s everspace too it feels like it's almost
7356s from a different game that's why this
7358s one I chose and felt like it stood out
7360s we have this one from chemical bro which
7363s is that's just that's sexy shot let's be
7365s clear that is gorgeous that gets that
7369s gets you going I just wanna I wanna take
7371s this ship for a spin see what its
7373s potential looks like that that is
7376s enticing I love that shot let's get
7378s another question as we look at
7379s drivelife's photo of flying into open
7382s space in a very pleasant scene
7385s oh right the last one I've got currently
7387s uh from Nikolai petkov on YouTube I want
7391s to know do you consider making some
7392s hidden systems that contain unique
7394s weapons like in freelancer
7397s so
7399s um that that is wow that's so that's
7402s that's so particular
7404s um so I'm I'm not stalling because the
7406s answer is yes the answer is no we're not
7408s planning on doing that
7410s um but like man comparing to freelancer
7413s on that front on that specific level I
7415s think is
7417s uh I I think that's a false comparison
7420s um at best we might have some
7423s specialized equipment that you can earn
7425s by completing a specific challenge or a
7427s side mission stuff like that
7430s um but having a completely hidden system
7433s when we have six planned for full
7437s release that is
7440s um
7441s that might be unintentionally constant
7443s gating our players based on a level of
7447s uh attempted
7450s exploration for uh hidden content that
7454s we just we simply don't want to do that
7455s when freelancer came out it was far more
7458s applicable to have secrets within games
7459s because the information age wasn't as
7462s ripe and ready with all of those Secrets
7465s being discussed in very easy channels of
7467s active communication like your main
7470s source of engagement on that front was
7472s generally like a a resource guide like
7475s you would have a strategy book in order
7479s to figure out where stuff was at if you
7481s wanted to go that direction
7482s um and you know the scope and scale that
7485s freelancer was at and what it could
7487s provide and the funding for it I think
7489s that that was far more applicable to
7491s have a little secret like that that's
7493s just playful just one little additional
7495s uh um space in a game that already has
7499s like hundreds of locations that you can
7501s go to that kind of makes sense uh where
7505s you could just plug in an extra one but
7507s for us that would be
7509s that's that's a lot that's a really big
7511s ask and I want to make sure that you
7513s understand the comparison like that's
7514s that's not something we can afford to do
7517s and we also don't want to accidentally
7519s you know hurt the player base for
7522s something that we feel like should just
7525s be found in the game anyway so
7528s not that Secrets don't exist but that's
7530s besides the point all right
7532s I hope that's a fluid enough response
7534s there
7535s um
7536s but uh
7538s yeah so this this screenshot that was
7541s all the questions right by for the
7543s moment at least yeah we're all done okay
7544s cool so I wanted to highlight the
7546s screenshot from high barf because
7548s um is this High barf yeah this is high
7550s barf because this just showcases how far
7553s along we've come
7555s in terms of ux which we talked a lot
7559s about last week in terms of UI which we
7562s talked a lot about last week
7565s um
7566s wow
7569s like
7571s to the night and day difference to what
7574s the current everspace 2 visualization
7577s for the player looks like all of that
7580s loot the information pertaining to your
7582s thrusters your weapons your whole like
7585s even your devices in the lower left your
7588s Weaponry oh goodness my house has this
7591s changed so freaking much just a great
7595s little flashback so thank you for
7597s providing that shot hi barf really
7598s appreciate that we just got a couple
7600s more screenshots and then I gotta get
7602s out of here
7603s so thank you for sharing that we've got
7605s spoot night very clever Shadow and just
7608s kind of move over to give that full
7609s Embrace I think there was also somebody
7612s uh who said um to turn it vertically uh
7617s and it's still it still absolutely looks
7619s fantastic yes it still works
7621s beautiful beautiful shot
7624s doesn't matter how you position it it's
7626s uh it's great even even like this like
7628s oh my gosh look you can't go wrong it
7631s just it looks great it looks it just
7633s looks phenomenal
7634s so nice job very nice and that also this
7638s is a GMB fighter that's not the
7640s playership is it the player no that's a
7641s GMP fighter
7642s I had to do a double take player ships
7644s over here there it is there you are a
7646s sneaky little devil I see you your scout
7650s great work great great shot all right we
7652s got two more to go and then I gotta get
7654s out of here we got one from dark chaos I
7656s love these sweeping Landscapes that he
7657s always provides with such Clarity of
7659s detail we zoom in here we see all those
7662s elements so I feel like this is like a
7664s panoramic shot you would see in like uh
7668s National Geographic right it's like
7670s panning over do you just hear like over
7672s the the comms like the the notorious mud
7677s Dabber ice queen lives amongst the
7680s Draconian systems you know whatever that
7683s happens you know it just I love this I
7686s love how this comes together it's great
7689s it's so great all those details I I want
7693s it to be like this panoramic that's
7695s accessible like on the wiki make it
7696s happen Grendel just do it no it's super
7699s easy right just push a button make it
7701s happen great great shot and then final
7703s last but not least we got another one
7704s from chemical bro utilizing that
7707s metallic reflection in all its Glory
7710s highlighting those colors the
7711s Expressions thereof
7713s glorious saturation of oranges to be
7716s found on the ship as well as a
7719s desaturated uh
7721s adventure to see what's beyond with
7725s light gazing across the Stars I love it
7728s I love it so much
7730s Eric Attenborough oh my gosh
7734s ridiculous ridiculous all right guys but
7737s that seriously that concludes the stream
7739s um I am going to go ahead and throw the
7741s trailer that was shown last week again
7744s just because it's fun it's awesome uh
7746s the experimental will still be live for
7748s a little bit longer okay uh that's the
7750s last big point I should mention because
7753s generally speaking we go with the
7755s experimental about a week yes
7758s we need a little more time because
7761s two reasons we gotta do this right this
7763s is the last big update before the 1.0
7765s release
7767s this is the this is the this is the last
7770s big update before the 1.0 released we've
7772s got to ensure that when we deliver this
7774s that individuals walking into the Early
7776s Access experience are able to provide as
7779s much feedback as possible that's
7781s relevant that's going to be good that's
7782s going to be pure that's going to be
7784s enjoyable for waiting for that final
7786s release and we have to take a little bit
7788s of additional time to ensure we're
7790s nailing these bugs to the floor and we
7793s are solidifying the content that which
7795s you can enjoy so there will be a couple
7797s more additions as we've kind of shown
7798s through the course of the stream lots of
7800s balances fixes all that stuff Galore and
7803s I hope that you guys are looking forward
7804s to it so thank you for your patience as
7808s we take just a little bit longer to plop
7812s that update down and let the floodgates
7814s open all right guys you have been so
7819s freaking awesome today thank you so much
7821s for your questions thank you for
7822s watching me get absolutely annihilated
7824s at lunacy 1000 the difficulty might even
7827s even increase further because we want to
7830s tweak things don't stop being awesome
7832s and I won't stop being Eric straight or
7835s your community Ambassador for Rockfish
7837s games ah oh thanks ever space too blah
7839s blah blah happiness energy ah it's great
7842s go have a wonderful weekend give us more
7845s feedback that you're discovering and we
7847s will give you a very nicely polished
7850s update very very soon
7853s toodles
7867s foreign
7872s [Music]
7878s [Music]
7887s [Music]
7901s are you kidding me I felt like that was
7903s a pretty decent run for not optimizing a
7906s build oh my gosh you guys are a bunch of
7908s savages you guys are a bunch you want me
7911s to beatbox oh my gosh I I never play I
7914s never prepare for this Bearded Frog oh
7918s my goodness
7919s um we'll do beatboxing next week okay
7921s I'll I'll battle bearish shanans after
7923s the stream next week um tonight I gotta
7925s go uh but sincerely I do want to
7928s reiterate this because I feel like we
7931s have to communicate it more frequently
7932s than knots um I don't want this to
7934s Blindside anyone okay when we get to the
7938s 1.0 release the price point forever
7939s Space 2 is going up okay the price point
7942s forever Space 2 will increase all right
7944s so if you are looking to purchase
7948s everspace 2 at an affordable price point
7951s the best way to go about that is by wish
7954s listing us waiting for a sale
7957s and then purchasing it from there okay
7958s also note when you wishlist us that just
7961s increases the exposure for us also for
7964s you it makes it a happy little you know
7966s everything's great you get all the
7968s details on what's going on uh other
7970s people are enticed to look at our title
7972s through you so thank you for those wish
7975s lists it really makes a big difference
7976s also want to point out if you have been
7979s enjoying the experimental if you have
7982s been enjoying the Early Access and you
7984s haven't left a uh review yet uh
7987s generally speaking we want the reviews
7988s to reflect the 1.0 experience however if
7991s you do have a lot to say that you
7993s believe could bring more into the mix
7995s let the people know
7997s drop your information down it's it's
7999s great it's fantastic and if you ever
8002s have any additional concern question
8004s comment suggestion anything like that
8006s bring it to the forums come meet me on
8008s the Discord it's we're always there for
8010s you that's literally our job we have to
8013s that's why we're so transparent so okay
8016s way so much to talk
8019s all these details but yeah know it
8022s embrace it thank you so much for your
8024s love and your energy we'll catch you
8026s next week I gotta get out I gotta get
8027s out here toodles guys
8029s goodbye have a great weekend have a
8032s phenomenal weekend
8035s oh I said the truck we're gonna end with
8036s the trailer here's the trailer one more
8038s time and then we're gonna go raid Corbin
8040s I think over on Twitch here we go
8043s awesome thanks trailer now
8064s foreign