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4s foreign
9s [Music]
24s [Music]
37s foreign
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74s [Music]
82s thank you
84s [Music]
96s hello hello everybody streams getting
98s started real soon
103s this is the proverbial mic check
107s it's like everything's coming through
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135s [Music]
139s [Applause]
144s [Music]
162s thank you
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177s foreign
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236s [Music]
243s foreign
256s ladies and gentlemen
258s to the official Rockfish game stream I'm
260s your host your servant and your guide
262s Eric Schroeder the community Ambassador
264s for Rockfish games leading you into all
267s things ever space 2. today we are going
271s to continue our story playthrough that
273s of course has all the latest updates
274s that we've been including in our little
276s internal Dove build so you might see
278s some stuff that's ready to show and some
280s stuff that um hilariously isn't and
283s that's okay because that's all part of
285s the process isn't it oh man so we're
287s gonna have a little bit of fun today
289s and then we also are going to cover some
291s Community side stuff because that's why
293s we do the streams these are Community
295s Centric streams and you guys wanted to
297s see more builds and stuff like that so
299s we are going to highlight more
301s screenshots at the end we've also got a
302s community build that was submitted uh
304s from T3 Cube today it's a bomber build
307s and that should be interesting it might
309s invoke some discussion surrounding it so
312s that could be fun and uh otherwise yeah
315s should be nice chill Friday to conclude
318s your work week
319s and uh to prepare you to embrace a nice
324s gentle weekend through all of your daily
327s happenings
328s very good so welcome welcome everybody
330s who is joining us it is good to see you
336s so good
337s and uh yes I am actually stuffed up
342s um
343s just a quick personal side note uh yeah
346s so my family I've got five kids
349s we have uh been rotating who's sick and
352s it's been going on for two weeks now and
354s uh I think we're taking a second turn
357s everyone's taking a second turn now so
358s yeah that's that's fun but don't worry
360s about that don't worry about that
363s what we need to do is just we need to
365s embrace the stream and let's have some
368s fun so to start things off we are going
370s to continue our save game
373s way that this is gonna work is I'm just
375s gonna play and you're gonna probably see
377s and hear stuff that is
379s supposed to be seen and heard and maybe
381s not
382s and we'll deal with that if that comes
384s and uh you ask questions
388s that's how we engage with you right you
391s guys have a question you can tag
392s geekbite in whatever chat you are
395s messaging inside of and then he will add
398s it to his sort of pool of questions when
400s we get to a certain part in the Stream
401s we'll take an aside from the gameplay
404s experience answer those questions and
406s make sure that everyone's got a response
409s every single person if it's a basic
412s question or it's a really simple
413s question that we have answered like a
415s thousand times we will probably have
416s somebody just respond to you in the chat
418s okay so just keep that in mind those
421s deeper more thoughtful questions we will
425s answer aloud at those particular
426s intervals okay now all of that stuff out
429s of the way now all of that taken care of
430s let's get into this gameplay where we
433s were at before we were on this mission
436s to acquire
438s medical supplies we picked up a Doctor
440s by mistake and now we need to head to
443s nufti's planes to hopefully get some
446s access keys for a jump gate so let's
448s just look and kind of check and see
450s where things are at we got some new
451s items here yes uh some new perks but we
455s can't quite afford we could get repairs
457s but I don't I don't care about repairs
458s not right now
459s not right now I want that tractor beam
461s uh this data tab just just ignore this
464s just to just ignore that all right and
467s then uh let's see what else
471s we have one more device upgrade so I'm
473s going to use it on my EMP generator
476s and I don't think we actually have any
477s more ship details we had a couple more
480s colors but
482s this is kind of fine I'm kind of fine
485s with it this is very American
489s I'm kind of fine with our current ship
490s colors
494s so we'll do that
495s cool all right
496s let's get out of here
499s enough these planes
504s and through the course of this gameplay
508s live stream walkthrough possibly I am
512s going to be exploring a lot and finding
515s little secrets here and there I'm not
516s gonna get them all intentionally but
518s every now and then we'll uh we'll do
520s some little missions because I'm
522s operating in this format as though I am
525s playing the game for myself trying to
527s unlock things just trying to have a fun
529s time as one should when they're playing
532s a game in fact
534s I want to go to this undiscovered site I
535s want to clear this area out it's a nice
537s simple area
540s let's do it real quick
544s and get ourselves
546s a completed Mainframe expansion
556s oh good and we are over leveled at this
558s location some of the locations since the
561s leveling is no longer
563s foreign
568s locations have static
570s values to them
572s and as such we can be over leveled we
574s can be under leveled
577s and for here this this place shouldn't
579s be too difficult for us
581s because these are all pathetic level
583s twos
584s while we're at a level four state that's
586s good
587s making it super easy to explore and
589s collect at least right now
592s all right so here we have a power core
595s socket
596s here we have a floating power core oh
598s and we have an iron deposit we do need
600s more iron so I'm going to go ahead and
602s collect that up too
608s I'm really happy with our sound design
610s how it's all come together
614s really nice
615s very satisfying sounds
620s all right
621s so I want to just look at this for a
624s brief second for those of you who are
625s new to everspace too
627s this is a very important visual on
630s screen right now okay because when you
633s see a little button like this
635s it's interactable one so it changes okay
638s and two it almost always is doing
642s something into the world so this is your
646s sign to look around and make sure that
649s everything in the space you are at is
651s getting thoroughly explored now when I
654s pushed out you probably saw that little
656s line we see there's a line that goes all
658s the way over here and most games
662s especially in ours
665s if you see an interaction
668s as probably associated with something
670s else and is bound to it in some way we
672s have a literal binding here especially
674s since sedo is you know for all intents
676s and purposes it's like the starting
677s tutorialized system when we shoot that
680s we see the light and then we also see
681s this door this bulletproof containers
683s opened up how dare you
686s so we are just going to
688s hit it from all the way over here now
691s open it up get our Goods wonderful
695s let's go ahead and transfer all and we
697s also made sure that this is dummy proof
699s so if you like where to stay in here
700s when it's trying to close you're not
702s going to get locked in here permanently
710s Adam
711s [Music]
713s everyone's not ready for this yet all
715s right let's go ahead and Supply the
717s sensors up here since we have a new
719s sensor very nice very good
722s [Music]
726s we also have a new coil got here let's
728s go ahead and just show levels while
730s we're leveling up here I think that's
731s going to help us out a lot yeah look at
733s that we definitely need some higher
735s level Goods here I do like the coil gun
739s I think it could be
741s I think it could be a replacement oh man
743s I'm a big fan of that Synchro pulse but
747s um
748s the energy draw might also be a little
751s too much for my taste so we are gonna go
754s ahead and swap it out
755s oh maybe uh oh it's a hard call I think
760s we're going to
762s um
763s I think we are going to somebody
765s somebody out there is like no don't do
767s it Eric don't do it but also
769s um we got three of these
772s Mainframe components
775s by acquiring three of them
777s on the text on the screen you can
778s combine them
779s for Mainframe expansion Mainframe
781s expansions up here allow you to expand
784s your attributes in some way shape or
786s form here for now we are we already have
789s one in expertise which increases our
791s Shield damage reduction can't add
793s another one there because we need two to
796s add to the second tier so we need two
797s full Mainframe expansions to keep
799s increasing this up every time you add a
801s Mainframe expansion to an attribute
803s increases by five percent
805s excellent perfect wonderful let's go
809s ahead and add this to utility because I
810s do like using devices
812s each attribute does something different
814s by the way I'm not going to talk about
816s each one of those I'm going over some
818s Basics but we're not going to cover the
819s whole freaking kitten caboodle not every
821s single time absolutely not so cool all
824s that's taken care of now we can
827s head on
829s over to Netflix
832s [Music]
837s I see some individuals
840s speaking towards information
844s saying Michael said end of January
848s and yeah you know we are getting really
849s close to end of January guys I wanna I
851s wanna let you guys know I want to make
853s sure that you all aren't in the Stream
855s for the wrong reasons let's set the
856s expectations correctly I do not have any
859s new news to reveal today okay
864s so if you're lingering in the Stream
866s just for that reason alone you're going
868s to be disappointed I don't want you to
869s be disappointed okay so please know that
872s we don't have any new information in
875s this stream
876s that being said we are absolutely still
878s adhering to end of January
886s all right let's see we've got nefty's
889s playing we're just gonna go straight to
890s Memphis planes yeah let's do it
892s nefty's planes here we go
899s [Music]
902s I know it makes you some of you sad I
903s just want to make sure the expectations
904s are clear on this front okay
909s station is under attack main Hub come in
912s main hub we are in a bit of a pickle
914s here please send wow who am I kidding
918s agnetta everyone will do
922s need help looks like Soul reinforcements
925s and just in the nick of time these
928s Scoundrels are pummeling us all right
930s here we go
933s I knew this was gonna happen the first
936s two enemies that we face
938s are Proto Scouts
941s when we no longer have our energy
943s focused weapon
946s it's me that's
948s oh
953s make it five bags
963s there we go
972s my mistake carry on
977s beautiful the fancy that bullseye
984s let's cut to the Chaser a little bit no
987s no I want the kill thank you
989s excellent I'm trying to complete a
991s challenge here
1005s well done you lot I can see the sky
1008s again carry on scouting the perimeter
1010s while I have a chat with our visitor
1013s if you don't mind docking here I'd like
1014s to have a word
1017s excellent
1020s and we've also reached the part of the
1021s story where we can start deciding on a
1023s new ship maybe we're probably gonna need
1025s more funds but we can start thinking
1027s about it at least
1036s I'm a wingman from elsini station we had
1039s a bit of server trouble so I was ordered
1041s to come here and get a fresh batch of
1042s jump keys so you won't send us
1044s reinforcement
1046s blasted bureaucrats there is a tandem
1049s score of Outlaws at our doorstep and all
1051s management cares about is a fresh batch
1053s of junk keys I'm sorry to inform you but
1055s you were sent on a Fool's errand the
1057s only Keys we were given are reserved for
1059s my own people
1061s there are none left none whatsoever not
1064s even if I was to take care your Outlaw
1066s problem
1067s well
1069s in that case I might be able to think of
1070s something
1071s before you leave have a look at our ship
1073s Loadout there may be something that
1075s catches your eye
1077s excellent excellent and hey I do see a
1080s question about Unreal Engine 5. I just I
1082s want to I want to say this one out loud
1084s just so everybody is aware you know a
1085s lot of individuals know that we're
1086s working an Unreal Engine 4 to create
1088s ever space too it's been in development
1089s for some time and we are in the home
1091s stretch to 1.0 okay we're in the home
1093s stretch to 1.0 if we were to stop and
1096s then take the time to
1098s change engines and go to Unreal Engine 5
1101s we would we would not be in a home
1103s stretch anymore we would add like at
1106s least a year probably more than that
1108s just for swapping engines it's rather
1111s ridiculous uh what that would do now had
1114s we started the game like last year then
1117s we could have started in Unreal Engine 5
1118s but we didn't we started Unreal Engine
1120s 4. that's how it's going to finish so
1122s just make sure everyone's aware it's not
1124s a simple process it's not as easy as
1126s clicking some buttons and updating so
1128s yeah all right so we've taken care of
1130s these Raiders
1131s we got some ship dealer elements that we
1134s can look at some Vanguard oh
1140s I do like the Vanguard I know it's not
1143s the most popular ship but it was just a
1145s discussion of the Discord a moment ago
1146s too where we were talking about uh the
1149s poor little Vanguard not getting a lot
1150s of love
1152s and just looking at our options here
1155s we could swap our ship for any of these
1158s except for these two guess what the Red
1160s symbol means because you can't afford it
1163s we could get a scout a stinger an
1167s interceptor
1170s or a Vindicator
1172s so if you guys want to think on that a
1174s scout Stinger Interceptor or Vindicator
1176s if you want us to swap you just let me
1179s know otherwise I'm going to uh look at
1182s my perks one more time because we did
1183s collect a couple things nope still
1185s nothing
1186s Cruise drive would also be good but uh
1190s all right
1192s see what the shop has the quantum
1194s entangler
1195s I like finding these at their locations
1198s instead of purchasing them so I'm going
1199s to be stubborn and continue doing that
1202s otherwise I
1205s man
1208s [Music]
1211s want to update my energy core again
1213s already and it's
1217s not worried about cargo units all right
1220s I think we're ready to just keep going
1226s not worth it so let's go ahead and sell
1229s this material because I really want
1231s credits
1232s really looking for credits and we'll go
1235s ahead and just plug this in
1240s it's a level two guys I'm I'm gonna
1243s dismantle this we're gonna scrap it
1246s uh flax kind of tempting but
1251s I'm scrapping it too
1253s all right
1257s let's get to it
1258s clear out some caves
1262s oh check the passes first that makes
1264s sense
1270s let's actually let's do that really
1272s quick
1273s look at the passives for the ships real
1275s quick now remember these are tier one
1276s ships so they only have one
1279s one passive yes
1281s good to see a friendly face
1283s so maybe this will help interest you in
1284s a new ship
1286s would certainly use the funds so we have
1288s the Scout which has gained five seconds
1290s of invincibility after Shadow strike
1292s ends
1293s we have the Stinger which has 20 reduced
1296s cooldowns for Warfare devices those are
1298s the red devices we have an Interceptor
1301s with collecting an energy orb grants one
1303s percent increase critical hit chance for
1304s eight seconds up to 20 and uh we don't
1306s have energy orbs unlocked yet and we
1309s have Vindicator which is 50 reduced
1311s damage from enemy drones which actually
1313s isn't so bad starting out but I don't
1315s want to fly I've been Decatur alright
1318s so there you go
1320s there are your options
1325s all right let's start clearing out these
1328s ways now
1329s this is story progression so their
1331s levels are probably going to be higher
1333s than us because we haven't been working
1334s yeah they are actually there's a level
1336s five
1339s [Music]
1341s now that would be painful
1344s all right
1346s let's focus down the Fighters first
1351s since they're closer we got another
1352s drone
1354s progress our challenge
1360s slow and steady wins the race am I right
1363s there we go now we just need to dive
1365s into the cave
1367s clear it out
1370s [Music]
1372s oh he's trying to be cheeky there
1380s I think I got them all
1384s right
1390s excellent
1393s really happy with how the resource
1396s collection Has Come Together overall
1399s would you believe that at first we had
1400s to wear if you wanted to get all of the
1402s resource value you had to shoot every
1404s single bit that you saw on the screen
1406s whoo
1407s that was uh that was rough
1410s that was rough to say the least
1415s I believe now you just have to shoot I
1417s think it's 80 percent
1419s of what generates and then it just
1420s automatically collects the rest
1423s what a nice simple convenience
1431s all right we're gonna clear out this
1432s cave when we get back to base we're
1433s going to be choosing a ship I am going
1435s to be referring to what you guys spoke
1437s about
1438s seeing what I might be purchasing
1442s it is your decision
1460s this is bad
1462s it's not that bad it's okay
1465s hmm
1468s that's interesting
1471s that's interesting
1476s I'm not sure if I've ever seen that
1478s before
1481s clear away excellent let's get some iron
1484s deposits
1488s and let's just see what's down here
1490s valuable shipwreck oh and it's gold too
1493s oh my gosh was that you Tony that's a
1495s clever touch all right look we got our
1498s magnetic Repulsor
1499s and our credits oh that's nice
1503s that's really nice
1505s [Music]
1511s nice dialogue okay thank you Adam
1518s good
1520s isn't it nice to just see like little
1522s updates like this do you guys do is this
1524s enjoyable is this are we having a good
1527s time
1528s because let me tell you what we're
1530s barely scratching the surface we haven't
1531s even reached level five yet
1533s we're continuing to save all the way to
1535s full release guys all right
1552s okay our Shield's held us all right
1560s plasma plasma
1563s got a little plasma okay
1565s not a lot let's get some more
1573s all right there we go there's the plasma
1576s much better
1577s so yeah for those who don't know the
1580s shipwrecks the containers elements like
1583s that
1584s um so we had this sort of conundrum
1586s there's a certain point in the game
1587s where you can unlock the ability to know
1589s the valuables in an area that you've
1592s explored or not the secrets of the area
1594s and we decided to make that more clear
1597s so when you're seeing that valuable
1599s shipwreck that is an identifier that
1601s says hey this is a secret when you
1604s collect this it adds to your total
1606s versus they're just being shipwrecks
1608s over the place and containers over the
1610s place and not really knowing which one
1612s counts for that and which one doesn't so
1614s that's why I was you know kind of having
1616s a little bit of uh fun in speaking
1618s towards hey you
1625s okay
1632s foreign
1642s all right that's just a straight upgrade
1651s [Music]
1656s seeing some folks saying new voice lines
1658s great ah thank you yeah we um especially
1660s at the start of the game
1662s we wanted to make sure that players
1665s whether you are familiar with everspace
1667s one or not you know exactly what's
1669s happening when certain things hit you or
1672s happen Weber drones for example you know
1674s just a casual saying oh hey I can't move
1676s because reason
1678s makes a pretty big difference
1680s it's a pretty big difference
1681s so
1689s they contain old key signatures uh I was
1692s hoping for a more straightforward
1694s solution
1695s it is indeed a dubious solution but for
1698s a dubious character you see while you're
1700s gone I run a background track
1703s your name is Adam Roslin you are a
1706s fugitive sort by the colonial Fleet
1709s scrap didn't expect a g and B officer to
1712s be so diligent well we have a bit of
1714s time on our hands out here
1716s I also learned that you were a wingman
1718s assigned to Craig Callahan Squad
1720s wingman who apparently died defending a
1723s doomed engineer
1725s because Callahan abandoned him didn't
1727s make him doomed and that is precisely
1730s why I am helping you because in
1732s Management's eyes we too are a lost
1733s cause fields and Sita were drying up
1736s director Blakemore is making more profit
1739s from our life insurance than from what
1740s we actually mine everyone should get out
1743s while they can I'll search the Junk's
1745s gate for those key signatures then at
1747s karibdispo yes and should you require
1750s some additional funds we have a few
1752s assignments on the drop board sounds
1754s good thanks in Good Luck likewise Mr
1758s Roslyn out here we all need it
1762s excellent so I'm kind of looking through
1764s and seeing what you guys uh decided for
1767s the ships and
1769s um there weren't a lot of vocalizations
1772s for them
1774s I've only seen an individual say that
1778s they like the look of the Interceptor
1779s thank you Excel sir we appreciate that
1781s we do like that one
1783s otherwise
1787s yeah and then Diamond also said to try
1790s out the interceptor
1791s and super Scrapper also intercept our
1794s favorite oh my goodness lots lots of
1795s them over on Twitch actually I'm seeing
1797s now crispy muffin vanguards my absolute
1799s favorite light fighter yeah it's a lot
1801s of fun definitely agree there so it does
1803s look like we're gonna go with the
1804s Interceptor I'm seeing a lot of
1805s individuals going that direction and
1807s then all of a sudden I see people
1808s they're like now now choose this ship no
1811s no that time has passed that time has
1814s passed
1815s so we are going with the Interceptor
1817s here
1818s the colonial fleet's original Workhorse
1821s the Interceptor classified you can read
1823s it on screen if you want to pause it or
1824s something you can read it we are going
1826s to go ahead and purchase bad boy
1828s and sell the old
1831s Sentinel is gone
1835s oh I see it oh man now I kind of feel
1838s bad I see a user just jumping in saying
1840s I've never played a Vindicator before
1841s I'd be interested in seeing that oh
1844s oh all right maybe maybe next to
1846s purchase and like you know a couple
1848s streams from now but that's that's good
1850s that's good information to know
1851s do do appreciate that all right so let's
1854s go ahead and start figuring out how we
1857s want to approach this I do think I want
1859s to hang on to this energy injector
1861s especially for early game these really
1863s come in a pinch when you literally have
1865s no ability to control that uh we're
1868s gonna sell the medicine that we don't
1869s need
1872s and
1874s it keeps telling me to buy the repairs I
1876s don't want the repairs I don't want the
1878s repairs let's take one job and then
1881s we'll keep progressing the story
1883s uh let's just do a repair the attack
1885s actually do any of these have rewards
1887s any rewards to any of these none none
1889s yet and I have way more jobs here than
1892s normal this is actually for testing
1893s purposes the for our internal build so
1896s just pretend I only have access to like
1897s the first six that's what I'm gonna do
1899s so between these first six
1902s I think I'm most interested in this lost
1904s cargo actually so we're gonna do a lost
1906s cargo level five it's gonna give us a
1908s little bit of stuff
1910s so let's go find that
1916s oh wow it's right outside look at that
1920s okay
1923s okay very nice
1930s it was so close that we have to cycle
1933s back around it looks like
1935s my goodness
1936s oh maybe not maybe I was just looking
1938s the wrong direction
1946s welcome welcome to everybody sneaking on
1948s in welcome to the Stream
1951s Welcome to our community
1954s lost cargo es this area
1960s you know this was a good choice I I I'm
1963s really pleased with the way that this
1965s Interceptor looks we didn't even like
1966s change the colors but man
1969s that that's this is nice
1973s aesthetically pleasing
1975s foreign
1984s containers Mission it's uh something
1987s where you just kind of have to keep your
1988s eyes peeled
1989s when you see a yellow flashing blinking
1992s thing that means that's the sealed
1994s container
1996s hoping that the oh
1998s there's a cheeky third one over here
2002s I was gonna start heading over to the
2003s other side thinking it was two and two
2007s foreign
2009s [Music]
2012s so fun little fact about this is that
2014s this mission
2016s Mission job does have its Origins from
2019s everspace one from the DLC
2026s all right let's collect some goods from
2027s the shipwrecks oh baby
2030s I'll take those
2035s give me that coloration I dig it
2038s oh
2040s oh it's like Christmas
2042s oh I I love that
2045s yes please
2048s and we got oh we got Rusty Earth that's
2051s one of my favorites
2052s oh
2055s I'm happy I am pleased
2060s we're actually just having a color
2061s conversation internally today too
2073s thank you
2074s excellent so we're gonna go ahead and
2076s land at the station
2081s finish up this job
2083s and then I'm gonna start customizing the
2085s ship even though I just complimented the
2087s look I really like the way it looks but
2088s we are going to customize we got a
2090s couple more colors to do so and while I
2092s am customizing we're going to answer
2094s some questions so geekbite are you there
2099s hello this Nifty station I am indeed I
2102s am indeed
2110s good evening everyone
2113s right uh we're starting off with Flory
2116s over on Twitch and he's asking uh
2119s regarding where you were picking up your
2121s first ship on Lefty's station uh maybe
2124s will there be a chance that we could
2125s change the first ship we will have
2128s access to maybe the nine ships to choose
2131s from would that be a possibility so we
2134s did that for Early Access purposes at a
2136s certain update because we wanted to get
2138s the most variety of ships as early as
2140s possible for all players
2142s um that is something that is sort of
2144s being considered there are still
2145s discussions about
2147s um how ships are being distributed
2149s across the board so there could be
2151s potential changes to that but I cannot
2153s issue any guarantees as to how as to
2157s when
2159s so it's a little bit up in the air but
2162s do know that is an internal discussion
2164s that we do share we do want ships to be
2166s accessible as soon as possible even in
2169s the early game so uh know that your
2171s voice is very much heard and it's
2173s something that of a conversation that is
2175s going on
2180s um tcq but over on Twitch
2183s um asked
2184s uh
2186s interesting question which Michael did
2187s answer and it was Regarding why did we
2189s choose uh the steam platform and did we
2192s look at all the platforms which is epic
2194s games good old Games Etc uh I knew that
2197s Michael had answered this previously but
2198s it did come in with the vast majority of
2201s our fans on PCR on PC Plus steam is by
2205s uh far the best platform for Early
2207s Access lastly the more platforms to
2209s deploy on the more complicated things
2211s get without too much sales upside
2215s all right yeah it's that's a solid uh
2217s solid response and it's completely
2219s accurate from our CEO Michael uh
2222s Rockfish games so
2224s yeah very good very good I'm gonna go
2226s ahead and swap these colors to the
2228s yellow with the purple since they are uh
2231s complementary colors it should stand out
2233s pretty well all right next question
2235s please
2236s and next up is
2239s um from Super Scrapper on Twitch and he
2241s was asking are there any plans on
2243s improving being able to see explodables
2245s as there are a lot of missions with the
2247s hidden base stuff and they've had issues
2249s trying to find the one last thing that
2250s they need to take out is there any way
2252s of making them all noticeable or doing
2254s the intentional accepting thing of
2256s making everything be red
2260s um
2261s I think he's cluster minds and stuff
2263s like that I think they're struggling
2264s with
2265s interesting okay so yeah like the
2267s different parts of the base that you
2269s have to destroy like I'm assuming that's
2270s kind of the question so yeah so that was
2273s I mean the reason why they get
2275s highlighted at all is because we
2277s recognize there be a need to be able to
2280s see that a little bit more clearly
2282s um we're pretty happy where it's at
2284s currently we haven't seen too many
2286s complaints if any from like the Forum
2289s posts from Discord conversations so this
2292s is I'm a little bit surprised that this
2294s is coming up
2295s um I can say that we are I don't know if
2298s there's any like color deficiency uh uh
2301s for you or anything like that but we are
2303s approaching some accessibility options
2305s in the future
2306s um in fact I'll just kind of I can't
2308s technically speak on them which is kind
2311s of ironic but I am gonna just uh go into
2313s my settings menu uh just point
2316s um so there might be some ways to kind
2319s of like make it highlight a little more
2321s naturally possibly
2323s um but as far as us going and adjusting
2326s anything
2327s specific for that mission we're really
2330s happy with the results as of right now
2332s where we think that it's pretty clearly
2334s laid out and it comes together pretty
2336s well so
2339s excellent
2341s um lastly and it's quite an important
2343s one because it came directly from
2344s Michael it's not regarding uh anybody's
2347s particular question but everybody's been
2349s hankering about the upcoming
2351s announcement so Michael did say uh I'll
2354s read the upcoming announcement we synced
2356s it with a major press event coming up
2358s very soon trademark another plus is more
2361s polish for the story trailer
2363s [Music]
2371s no that's perfect that's perfect well
2373s you guys heard it so Michael is saying
2376s that there's going to be a pretty decent
2377s beats coming up at the end of January
2381s that we are definitely adhering to
2384s 100 percent
2386s in fact so that's exciting thank you for
2389s sharing that Michael that's a that's a
2390s nice little detail
2392s very good very good you can fly on now
2395s pilot okay I think I'm gonna go with
2396s this I like this it's nice and simple
2398s it's nothing too crazy I do like the
2401s purple lights that are going to stand
2402s out a bit
2404s and just uh fly on maybe maybe one other
2407s one other detail maybe no no no no we're
2410s gonna keep it like that I'm pleased with
2411s this
2412s all right so now we are going to go
2414s ahead and continue the story
2416s once again
2420s Bowl here we go
2423s yeah and there's overall uh just because
2425s I kind of started the discussion we do
2427s want to have a bit more accessibility on
2430s a number of fronts
2431s and so yeah there there will be there
2435s will be more elements to that to talk to
2437s in the future just they're not something
2440s that can be shared or dove into detail
2442s currently but yeah we we definitely want
2445s there to be a bit more accessibility a
2447s bit a bit just you know up that factor a
2450s little bit
2451s we see those territories we want to
2453s improve them
2459s excellent
2461s so I also want to point out you know
2463s because there's new dialogue elements
2466s that have been incorporated into the
2467s game some of you might have just caught
2469s a double dialogue sort of interaction
2472s there
2473s so guys do know that this is a
2476s development Branch copy that I'm showing
2478s you there will be bugs absolutely
2481s guaranteed it's gonna happen weird
2483s stuff's gonna be present it's okay it's
2487s okay we'll fix it lots of things getting
2489s added polished improved
2492s Just Junk
2493s beat me to it right now what
2500s huh a jump suppressor where did that
2503s come from
2505s so one other little detail when
2508s searching for secrets
2511s this is a fantastic location that helps
2514s guide you to where things are hidden
2518s whites
2520s see that orange amid all of this blue
2525s these are really good indicators of
2527s something going on
2530s and the smoke trails
2533s all those smoke trails
2535s it's probably something nearby so let's
2537s go ahead and dive down in here first
2541s just uh grab a couple things oh look at
2544s that valuable shipwreck some containers
2547s excellent excellent
2550s now look at that color overall that's
2553s that's nice that's nice
2555s [Music]
2558s oh yeah and a blueprint oh my goodness
2562s oh that's that's delightful
2566s and let's see what's on the oh yes okay
2568s all right yep thermogun
2572s welcome to the party
2573s [Music]
2574s look at all the things
2577s feeling good
2581s so I know there's another container
2583s nearby ish I think it's on the floor yet
2589s beautiful
2592s [Music]
2600s perfect just what just what we needed
2607s oh my God oh my gosh all right
2609s lower level comparisons are a little
2611s silly let's go ahead and to one of these
2613s smoke balloons and I'll show you a
2615s little bit more what I'm talking about
2616s pertaining to guiding you to Secrets
2619s so you see this smoke all the way over
2621s here
2624s and then we start hearing the sound look
2627s at that
2629s right underneath
2632s so if you're ever trying to figure out
2634s where those secrets are at
2638s just look around a little bit
2642s and there might be something that guides
2643s you there to it
2649s I guess no matter how
2652s there'll always be someone willing to
2654s kill for it
2658s okay
2663s now let's head to that jump suppressor
2667s [Music]
2670s oh my gosh this is kind of uh this is
2674s kind of silly
2675s but uh currently our thermogun is our
2678s best energy damaging weapon uh the
2680s reason why that's silly is generally
2681s speaking the thermal gun is a pretty
2683s large energy draw weapon
2687s but uh you know what if it works it
2689s works it should also be pretty accurate
2694s one more little secret in this area and
2697s then we will keep going across
2700s I just like collecting things doesn't
2702s everybody
2704s certainly hope you win a looter shooter
2711s wonderful
2715s bulletproof containers by the way these
2717s are also like your valuable shipwrecks
2719s if you find a bulletproof container that
2722s is very much an bound items to the area
2725s that is technically a secret considered
2727s a secret
2734s all right sneaking on out of here
2737s now let's continue to the source of this
2740s signal
2754s and
2758s someone clearly doesn't want me to leave
2764s all right
2772s gone Rogue
2774s that's today
2778s maybe a little cheeky there just
2779s boosting through but sometimes
2781s all you need is
2783s the Boost just go faster
2786s that's it
2800s that's it I'm out of here please don't
2803s go
2806s INE eat your parts
2810s so do I you know this is a junkyard why
2813s not look for spares that aren't attached
2815s to people Computing request
2818s request accepted
2820s iww will allow FFF for spares that
2824s already did attached from PPP people
2827s the sickness coming from near the jump
2829s gate
2830s he be that bot knows what happened to
2832s the gate's key module
2836s excellent
2841s just a generic container but we'll take
2843s it anyway
2844s some more copper
2849s wonderful
2852s and real quick I'm just going to dip in
2854s here collect some stuffs
2865s all right we'll take that
2872s ah yes a valuable shipwreck
2876s okay all right
2879s that that's nice all right
2883s I do kind of still want to maintain the
2885s normal muscles too though so we're gonna
2887s put the mines below take those Nanobots
2891s here let's replace the
2895s I like all my options here but we're
2897s gonna do that all right
2902s good finds for the start of the game now
2905s let's have a shot
2910s welcome to Career disc recycling plant
2912s where your garbages are future
2915s how may I help you
2917s I'm looking for a jump gate module that
2919s can generate new Jump keys Computing
2922s request only head management at HQ can
2925s generate and activate new key codes
2928s if you are an employee of Grady and
2930s brunt please direct all code requests to
2932s HQ HQ that's not even in this system
2936s you're saying that everyone who isn't
2939s part of the company cannot leave Sito
2941s exempt our Colonial military off
2944s off
2945s turning off all systems
2948s what about the military
2950s Colonial officials may use their
2952s military override to access jumping
2954s facilities
2955s a military override huh terrorist I need
2959s p-a-r thank you for having visited Carib
2963s dis recycling plant
2965s where your garbages are few oh
2968s poor guy but time to head back to Dax
2972s wonderful and for those who don't know
2975s this bang Jack actually uses the
2977s text-to-speech because of the community
2980s request we we kind of enjoyed it
2983s ourselves but then when it went out in
2985s Early Access and was like no we need to
2986s keep it we did have Voice work done for
2988s Bing Jack and it was like
2990s text-to-speech and so we're keeping it's
2993s staying that it's the text speech is
2995s actually his voice and we hope that you
2997s enjoy it as much as we do
3000s all right found some new crafting
3002s components we got secondary weapons that
3004s we can make oh that's nice
3006s that's nice
3009s weaponry's not so nice
3012s [Music]
3013s um
3017s yeah you know what we're gonna replace
3018s the coil gun so we got the thermal gun
3020s the Flack and the auto cannon that
3022s should be okay and then we got a slew of
3023s missiles to complement what's going on
3026s here so very good
3031s let's keep going also just want to point
3033s out there are certain stations by the
3035s way that when you undock from there's
3038s not really a launch I need
3041s yeah I get it let me see what I got so
3044s whenever we are leaving the actually
3046s we're gonna sell some stuff first but
3047s whenever we're leaving this station
3049s you'll notice that it absolutely does
3052s not
3053s send us
3055s forward
3056s okay instead what it does is it just
3059s makes us have control aversion okay
3062s that's very intentional we don't want
3064s you to fly into this when you're you
3066s know launching from this site
3069s so it's only applicable to certain
3071s stations if you think that's a bug it's
3073s not
3074s it's only at certain places that you're
3076s going towards
3079s very intentionally done
3086s all right
3091s back to the home base
3097s I know how to get through the gate but
3099s we will need a military override an
3102s override like at a hive unit wait what
3106s we need a hive that's what you just told
3109s me you don't happen to know where to
3111s find one do you
3116s no I
3117s don't master I trust the sound of those
3119s pauses looks like there's only one place
3121s where we will most definitely find one
3123s but it won't be easy
3126s that pause is on you now your friends
3129s just emerged from cryo Ben he's awake no
3133s the other one get your ass back here
3135s wonderful
3142s yeah so we're gonna head straight back
3143s here do the story stops we might go to
3146s Alsina station after this and start a
3148s side mission to level ourselves up that
3150s way we can stay consistent with the main
3152s story lines going on
3154s [Music]
3158s we might have a problem
3161s hey what are you
3163s what is it
3165s X
3167s hold on tight I'm on my way all right
3171s [Music]
3174s oh oh man I really have a purple in the
3176s cockpit I should be playing from here
3178s all right we're gonna save it like that
3179s so do that there we go story time
3211s what the Dax
3222s paralyzing darts your lab here is
3225s everything
3229s so you hijacked my transport and brought
3232s me here not much I can figure out you
3234s left me unattended so you're obviously
3236s not that smart
3238s he's fine he'll just have a bit of a
3240s headache when he wakes up
3245s firstly I'm going to give you this local
3247s muscle relaxant so you can move your jaw
3249s then I want you to talk if you don't
3252s give me satisfactory answers I will use
3255s this syringe which will put you to sleep
3257s indefinitely blink if you understand
3263s okay so where the hell am I
3268s see God damn it so those bastards really
3271s did send me to the DMZ this is this is
3274s all I need
3276s so your Outlaws not quite
3279s free agents
3280s how many more of you
3282s it's just the three of us yeah I saw the
3286s poor guy in the Next Room rating medical
3288s Convoy is something you do often first
3290s time
3295s the hell welcome back
3299s are you going to cause trouble your
3301s companion here has been filling me in on
3303s a few details
3304s you know you should never hijack a lady
3307s without her consent your unintended
3310s cargo we're only after the meds hmm well
3314s I'm not sure what meds alone will do to
3316s help your friend in the cryo those are
3318s third and fourth degree burns he'll need
3320s operating on you aren't planning on
3322s doing it yourselves were you we're just
3324s doing what we think is right
3326s well I'm a medic first and foremost so
3328s I'm offering to save your friend if
3333s if you can get me back out of the DMZ
3335s afterwards this is not where I need to
3338s be look we'll bring you back to GMB
3340s apologies and all
3342s no thanks G and B are in my bad books
3345s now perhaps I should have read the small
3347s print in the contract I had no idea I'd
3350s end up in the DMZ
3352s okay
3355s yeah we can come to an arrangement no
3357s small print okay then well you two can
3361s scrape yourselves off the floor while I
3363s get to work and no funny business
3366s I have to admit I like her style
3373s I'm Delia by the way Dr Delia wendo call
3377s me Dax and that's Adam so which one of
3381s you brought me into this mess
3382s that was me that puts you in the pilot
3385s seat when I fly back out don't worry you
3387s and I have the same goal here but first
3390s we need to
3392s Blair Park sweetie
3395s we'll talk about that after the dialogue
3396s start find a military override to get
3398s past the jump gate
3399s you got a plan for that actually we
3402s might
3403s Adam have you ever heard of the cedo
3405s ghost Fleet
3407s and say that I have it's a graveyard of
3409s old war wrecks hidden by those Blood
3411s star idiots
3412s it's a treasure Trove of scrap military
3414s Tech bunker casings Cruiser engines
3418s Hive units
3420s exactly problem is it's hidden by
3423s distractor Tech so no one ever found it
3425s so more bean bags nah that's not Outlaw
3429s style they're more like fortified bases
3432s that'll make them easier to find but a
3434s hell of a lot tougher to take down
3436s where do I start looking in the Deep
3438s Fields I already uploaded some chords to
3441s your map once all the three bases are
3443s down the ghost Fleet will make its grand
3445s entrance and present us with our ticket
3446s out of cedo well I'm glad you two got it
3449s all figured out I'll gather some data on
3452s my patient while you free agents get
3455s busy rating bases
3456s we're really not Outlaws and I really
3460s don't care we're good as long as you
3462s uphold you're under the bargain
3465s excellent
3467s there might be a little more dialogue
3468s I'm gonna make sure I'm not uh
3470s gonna get a challenge here but I did
3472s want to comment on a couple of things I
3473s saw in chat
3479s okay all right so I wanted to mention so
3483s I see uh one person had asked Bearded
3485s Frog asks why did the lab have
3487s paralyzing darts anyway this is a fair
3490s question I think uh the short answer is
3493s that this was previously an outlaw base
3494s where an outlaw crew was operating yes
3497s that did include Dax they were not doing
3501s the most polite things here in the DMZ
3503s they were you know Outlaws entirely they
3507s were stealing they were ransacking and
3510s paralyzing darts would be incredibly
3512s useful tool uh in their belt for
3515s operations just so happens that whenever
3518s they got ransacked and taken not all the
3521s supplies did some of those paralyzing
3523s darts were still at the station
3526s all right so let's go into the perks
3530s really quick every time you hit up to
3532s like five levels 5 10 15 20 25 in the
3535s inevitable 30 you will unlock a slew of
3537s perks they are passive perks that will
3540s help you on your journey I'm gonna go
3542s ahead and start with defensive Massacre
3544s especially just out of the gates early
3546s actually you know what maybe we should
3548s go with exit strategy
3550s nah we're gonna have a lot of Boost
3552s energy so we're gonna go with defensive
3553s Massacre
3555s we're just gonna say you know if we if
3557s we die we're just gonna restart anyway
3558s so I'm not too worried about close call
3560s maybe I should be but Delia also has
3563s access to energy orbs which I want to
3565s start immediately so we're just going to
3568s invest all materials and then plug in
3570s the credits like so
3572s these energy orbs can come in a pinch
3575s and are very powerful when you are
3578s operating in the end game especially
3581s so we need power cells all right well
3585s that's fine
3587s otherwise it looks like we can finally
3589s equip this new auto Cannon just a
3592s straight upgrade in every single sense
3594s it's fantastic even the energy
3596s consumption well not quite but it's
3598s close so that's wonderful
3600s that's wonderful let's get rid of the
3602s old one
3604s and uh let's go to Alsina station where
3608s we are going to stop we'll answer some
3609s questions so we're gonna go into the
3611s community segment of the build and
3613s screenshots the markers show all bases I
3615s detected within the Deep Fields a few
3618s may be Duds but I'm certain at least one
3621s of them is a beanbag hiding the ghost
3622s Fleet once you found it and taken it
3625s down I'll use a little trick to pinpoint
3627s the others
3629s wonderful
3631s [Music]
3633s let's pinpoint this on the map we want
3635s to go to Alsina station and uh just
3639s because I like talking about lore I
3640s still out signing station is actually
3642s where you were stationed prior to the
3644s opening sequence like this is where you
3646s were operating from in case that wasn't
3648s clear um
3649s um and yeah so you were operating from
3651s all signing station basically as a
3652s protector for GMB mining operations and
3656s then you went into the deep fields and
3657s uh you know then the events for the game
3660s started happening
3664s so we're effectively going back to
3667s work
3671s foreign
3680s well she had the upper hand and didn't
3682s play it as long as we don't provoke her
3684s I'd say we're safe that includes not
3686s revealing to her that you're a clone I
3688s know by now you're just a regular dude
3690s no but there's a lot of resentment
3692s against clones in the colonies
3694s on me not even Ben knows better keep it
3698s that way
3700s all right
3707s signing station here we are
3713s sort
3714s [Music]
3718s the G and D Space beautification Project
3721s the trail of scrap they leave everywhere
3723s is astounding
3729s here we are
3732s foreign
3738s said you were killed
3741s I was passing through don't tell anyone
3743s that you saw me okay sure
3746s um how's Ben did he make it he's still
3749s alive
3750s thanks Seoul look I am so sorry for
3754s leaving you guys behind
3755s crazy out there we all
3758s you know you were just trying to save
3761s your own skin
3762s I get that so how have things been bad
3766s Callahan and his whole Squad have been
3768s reassigned to the zarkov system there
3771s are barely any combat ships left so
3773s they've started sending out teams
3775s unguarded what that's insane tell me
3778s about it management is becoming more
3780s ruthless by the day
3782s no matter the cost
3784s you're Donna and his team left for the
3785s Deep Fields with him as the only wingman
3789s never flew with him he's one of the good
3791s guys right
3792s he's the last one who's looking out for
3794s us you know they put me in charge of
3798s budgeting teams if you were to assist
3800s jordanu I might even be able to do
3803s something off the books
3805s 400 credits for every Miner you bring
3807s back alive transfer directly to your
3810s ship when did they leave not long ago
3813s their first stop is not far from here
3816s all right I'll see if I can catch up
3818s with him I'd really appreciate it
3822s excellent even the missions called back
3824s to work right
3825s so I do I want to answer one uh sort of
3829s statement from Bearded Frog I'm not sure
3831s if it's a joke or not but he says I'm
3832s still want to know why it's called a
3834s bean bag
3835s um so referring to the signals uh
3838s scramblers basically around the base
3840s it's
3841s juggle bean bags right and so the
3843s signals are juggling the signal
3846s scramblers are juggling the signal
3847s that's that's literally why that's
3849s that's it that's as steep as that goes
3852s excellent all right so we're gonna go
3855s ahead and head to the shop here
3858s see what we have we have a lot of atheum
3860s Crystal which should be useful for
3862s nanotechnology and our tractor beam
3866s uh man
3868s I almost just want to buy this out and
3870s get our tractor beam moving because I
3872s just I love the ability to select
3874s everything all at once
3876s so let's see we have 17 so that means we
3879s need to buy 33 so yeah why not let's
3881s just let's buy 33 of these bad boys as
3885s expensive
3887s but you know
3889s sometimes it's oh we don't have any
3890s Crystal deals
3893s well you know what it's fine we got we
3896s got all the atheum crystal
3898s and now uh we need why are we getting
3901s some Crystal do it's okay let's see
3902s let's see what we can uh can do here
3907s not much we can do some wiring kits we
3910s could do two wiring kits okay okay
3913s all right hang on a second
3916s we could we can do one all right
3919s so we're gonna go ahead and track the
3923s copper ethereum and ethium Crystal
3925s because those are the things that we
3926s need so anytime those things drop
3927s they're going to be highlighted yellow
3929s which will please me greatly that way if
3931s that's the route we need to go to build
3933s these components I'll take that route
3935s otherwise if the crystal diodes or the
3937s wiring kits drop straight up obviously
3939s they're already highlighted green so
3941s that will work
3942s just fine
3944s all right I'm still not doing repairs
3946s yet nope still being stubborn
3952s the oh
3954s oh we can finally Master the EMP General
3956s let's do that
3959s and to start things off let's just
3964s let's just do short circuit I think it's
3966s a staple a lot of you guys go for it we
3968s see your streams that's fine just doing
3970s that added extra bit of damage can do a
3973s number to opponents around us
3976s so let's just keep that going
3979s okay
3984s I'm gonna get this side mission started
3986s [Music]
3992s and once we get to this location
3995s we'll answer some questions
3996s [Music]
3998s and then we'll move into some Community
4000s elements
4006s oh man
4008s we got a lot of conversations happening
4011s too today in the chats and that's great
4013s I'm glad you guys are asking questions
4015s and you're being curious it's awesome
4018s so thank you
4023s that's the team over there
4026s all right here we go
4028s and we'll stop right there
4032s so go ahead and save this
4035s done and done
4038s and then we're going to take uh your
4040s questions right now so yeah
4043s so geekbite are you there
4045s I am indeed Ryan we've got a couple
4047s lined up just just a couple
4050s um ebf game wolf over on Twitch is
4052s wanting to know are there any plans for
4054s expanding the ship selection after
4056s launch or will this be it that we see in
4059s the game now I mean we're pretty happy
4061s with the ship variety that we're
4062s bringing to the table of overspace too
4064s we do have a Content update a uh
4067s Community content update that will not
4069s have ships in it at all zero not not
4071s doing that uh but it will bring to the
4073s table some Community requests
4075s and then we do have a planned premium
4078s DLC out in the mid range of 2024.
4082s um so I wouldn't say it's not possible
4085s but I would also like to point out that
4087s a big focal point for us and developing
4090s more content from here and jumping
4091s forward is to diversify the loot pools
4094s is to diversify diversify the enemy
4096s types diversify the locations whereas
4099s the ship variety as it stands right now
4101s having nine different options to choose
4103s from with an assortment of different
4104s passives does in fact create a lot of
4107s varied opportunity in directions you can
4109s take which will only be increased if
4112s we're focused on that side of
4113s itemization in particular in enemy
4115s design so do keep that in mind it's a
4118s possibility yes but there's not really a
4120s guarantee on the side of player ships
4124s so good question and write that oh cool
4127s uh wizard Jerry up next uh over on
4129s YouTube uh is there any chance that we
4132s can name our ship in 1.0 release oh I
4135s love this question you know a long long
4137s long time ago we had the we had the idea
4141s to be able to name your own ship so uh
4144s maybe that will come in the future maybe
4146s you'll be able to like replace this or
4147s something and and type your own
4149s sort of uh thing but I can't guarantee
4153s it will happen but it's definitely
4154s something we've talked about so
4158s it would fall under the nice to have
4160s Aesthetics and customization side of
4162s things which isn't uh guaranteed and
4165s gums up closer to full release
4167s and we're in the home stretch
4169s and I'm smiling
4171s so we'll see
4175s uh you can fly on pilot here oh perfect
4178s perfect okay well uh instead of flying
4180s on what we're gonna do is we are going
4181s to take a very quick break just a really
4183s short one I'm going to just gather some
4185s things and then we are going to show a
4189s particular build
4190s that is uh a talking point for Early
4194s Access and and all things uh home
4197s stretch related so take a stretch break
4200s get some water we'll be back in just a
4202s couple of minutes all right see you in
4203s just a moment guys
4219s [Music]
4220s thank you
4223s foreign
4224s [Music]
4235s [Music]
4240s [Applause]
4241s [Music]
4245s ER you can probably see all of those
4250s social things scrolling at the bottom of
4252s the wait screen at this time
4255s if you would like to stay in contact
4257s with us and have deeper conversations
4259s and pick our brains and all of that fun
4261s stuff I highly encourage you to come on
4264s over
4265s to the Discord
4267s otherwise you can also check out the
4270s other socials where we're dropping news
4271s and information and etc etc all that fun
4274s stuff but uh for the most part
4277s yeah
4279s go where you like we're all over the
4281s place
4282s we'll be back in one moment
4284s [Music]
4287s foreign
4288s [Music]
4296s [Music]
4300s [Applause]
4304s [Music]
4307s and we're back
4309s welcome
4310s to the stream ladies and gentlemen and
4312s uh today we have a particular build
4317s from user T3 Cube
4320s who has done us a lot of of cool stuff
4324s in the midst of Early Access and what I
4327s mean by this is one of the things that
4329s we as developers are trying to iron out
4331s is to make sure that the big kinks are
4334s taken out of the gameplay experience
4336s that are causing problems that are
4338s causing issues uh we are also looking
4340s out for those sort of gimmicks and bugs
4342s that are fun okay and so what I'm about
4345s to show you here is a gimmick that he
4349s discovered figured it out and has put
4353s secondary weapons in his primary weapon
4357s slots
4359s now
4360s T3 Cube I know you're in the chat right
4362s now
4363s this bug has actually officially been
4365s squashed ah the pain the suffering but
4369s regardless I wanted to Showcase this and
4372s it's hilariousness and also talk a
4375s little bit in part as to why we aren't
4377s going to allow something like this in
4380s that it's breaking the intentionality of
4383s the approach of the game
4385s so also this bomber build it's not like
4388s super crazy optimized I don't think that
4389s was the intent it was all about being
4391s shenanigan driven right here right now I
4394s don't know why your cargo unit and your
4396s Shields are like this I don't know if
4398s you were doing something or if the save
4399s file came in weird
4401s but it has to be highlighted this is the
4403s community segment and we love you for it
4405s so let's
4409s oh my goodness
4411s and we have we have this beautiful
4412s Target here too I don't know if you've
4414s intentionally stayed like that so we
4416s have mines as a primary
4418s uh here we go this is this is me firing
4421s the main weapons
4433s and with secondaries
4440s and just a quick screenshot of just this
4443s absolute
4445s atrocity that is befalling the space see
4447s all these mines
4449s do you see this nonsense and remember
4451s this is this is the gunship so because
4453s it has four hard points
4455s it is firing twice as fast as a normal
4458s weapon would look look at this it's
4460s ridiculous
4463s and I don't know if you all caught it
4465s but we almost died in the process due to
4468s Splash damage Alone look at our health
4471s look at our diminished sad Health going
4474s on right now
4480s and yeah we also have Rockets we also
4482s have rockets in our our main which we
4484s can do this with
4486s it's ironic because it's not as fast as
4488s our the secondary but it's it's free
4490s it's not using any energy whatsoever
4492s because it wasn't designed that way
4494s all right
4496s so what's really fun is that you can
4498s combine firing the main Rockets with the
4500s secondary rockets for just um well for
4504s this
4508s I mean just
4512s I mean I'm not hitting any of these
4513s targets
4514s but that that is an excessive amount of
4517s rockets being fired all at once
4519s foreign
4521s in fact I'm surprised I'm not just
4524s hitting them accidentally oh maybe we
4525s did look at that we did we got a hit
4529s but if that's if that's not the most
4531s ludicrous thing
4535s see if we can take them out
4537s With Rockets oh gosh this is
4541s oh oh look at that nailed it
4545s otherwise it does look like we're about
4546s to die oh gosh
4548s okay good Target good Target here we go
4551s this this should be fine beautiful
4553s explosions
4558s wonderful just so much just look at all
4563s those missiles
4565s I don't even think the explosions can
4567s keep up with how many are impacting this
4569s portion that is just
4573s it's fun right it's fun
4577s it's fun because it's not possible
4579s really is it fun because it's
4583s a valuable element to the game Space
4585s however
4586s this is where we internally have to
4589s decide on if it's right for the game or
4593s not okay and that's that's a big reason
4594s why I wanted to show
4596s how this is coming together because
4598s honestly like first off recognition like
4601s credit where creditors do T3 group this
4603s is wonderful thank you for breaking our
4605s game thank you for all of you out there
4608s who have gone the length to break the
4611s game
4612s it helps us a ton it helps us make the
4615s game more fun it helps us increase that
4617s enjoyment Factor through and through and
4620s sometimes that does mean we have to take
4622s a cold hard look at things that do need
4624s to be removed and this is one of those
4627s things that does in fact need to be
4629s removed
4630s now that said
4633s what that said wow you can't follow with
4636s that said after something like this look
4637s we have started having some internal
4639s discussions about like well what would
4641s it look like if
4644s there were some ways that you could you
4647s know so so know that because of these
4650s interactions even though this is too
4653s much it does spawn new creative ideas
4656s not only within the community but also
4658s internally for Rockfish I'm not
4661s guaranteeing anything's gonna happen
4663s through any sort of primary to secondary
4668s means in fact I'm rather confident that
4670s it won't but something that could be a
4672s change from this for example might be
4674s some new modifiers that come to
4676s equipment with new opportunities that
4679s could shape the way a gunship or a
4681s bomber or basically any ship that's
4684s trying to put emphasis on their
4685s secondaries in a more unique way so
4688s sincerely huge shout out to you T3 Cube
4691s once again for putting this together
4694s saving it and uh we're gonna explode
4701s but yeah like this is this is fantastic
4704s this is lovely this is wonderful let's
4706s just let's just do it again
4709s let's do it again
4711s one more time
4715s and also because it opens up the doors
4718s for discussion I know some people are
4719s looking at this and be like wait is is
4721s ever Space 2 going to have mod support I
4722s saw the question uh a couple of times
4724s earlier generally speaking we don't want
4726s to answer this one out loud but
4728s um the plan of attack regarding motsport
4731s is that we think it would be awesome but
4734s it is not being prioritized whatsoever
4736s we need to make a game first after the
4738s game's made then we can start thinking
4740s about what the possibilities of opening
4742s those doors look like from a level of
4745s supporting mods
4747s should I disable life support to
4750s preserve energy
4752s chef's kiss Hive thank you so much for
4754s that and otherwise just know that in
4758s that space in that territory like we've
4760s already seen some users very few but
4762s some go into iberspace one and start
4765s doing unofficial not supported mocks if
4768s you guys really really want to do that
4770s you know okay just be very mindful about
4775s you know the legalities of that and if
4778s you do go in that territory I think one
4780s of the best things you can do is share
4781s it with us because again that can
4783s promote new ideas and opportunities or
4786s puts our button gear for making mod
4789s support more accessible for example
4790s still 1.0 full release home stretch mod
4794s support is not a focal point okay being
4798s very clear about that set that
4800s expectation accordingly
4803s set that expectation accordingly
4806s now watch as I completely break the game
4808s once again
4810s through things that are not supposed to
4812s be possible
4831s it certainly does it certainly does
4834s invoke some feel-good qualities yes but
4837s uh
4838s laughs
4843s beautiful you think I got him
4846s I had to be sure got it yeah I gotta
4848s check
4849s double tap or in this case uh thousand
4852s tap it's I don't know how to put that
4855s into words
4858s excellent
4860s excellent
4862s so here oh here's a here's a nice little
4864s example using the um the mines with like
4867s a bunch of
4869s smaller enemies too we can just like
4871s pave the way and then just let them kind
4874s of collide with everything even though
4875s we're flying way out of the picture look
4877s they just I just swarmed them as
4879s effectively created our own Minefield
4882s imagine actually having access to this
4885s in the game
4886s and just making every single other build
4889s completely irrelevant
4894s all right let's do it again why not if
4896s we don't know
4897s we might destroy ourselves oh oh all
4900s right
4900s beautiful
4906s absolutely ridiculous I can certainly
4909s make use of this
4912s excellent all these little dialogues
4914s popping up
4927s very clever
4929s and definitely need to show this stuff
4933s a valuable element to the community that
4935s was submitted
4939s very nice and guys if you guys find bugs
4941s and you think that they're hilarious or
4943s fun or funny whatever yeah just share
4945s them with us just share them with us
4948s maybe we can do something more with them
4949s maybe we'll find a thing that needs to
4953s be fixed for the general Community maybe
4957s there could be additional elements
4960s on top of that who knows
4962s there could be a number of things that
4965s can happen through your support that's
4966s why we do the Early Access thing at all
4969s is because through this we're able to
4972s Garner information that is going to
4975s shape and change the game for the better
4977s okay it's the whole reason
4980s whole reason yeah does it make it
4981s sometimes feel like the game takes
4983s forever sure because you know it's an
4985s early access period that you have access
4986s to until full release at the same time
4989s we have been able to do so much more
4992s for our game to flesh out our vision in
4994s ways that we probably wouldn't have come
4996s up with
4997s some some ways
4999s I mean I still want to you know make
5001s sure that Michael and UVA and the
5003s appropriate team members know that the
5005s core Vision that was established it's
5006s you know
5008s it's not like this is our first rodeo
5010s let me just put it that way but there
5011s have been a lot of good things from
5015s doing stuff like this
5017s oh oh no I broke it
5020s I I broke the Brokenness of it oh no how
5023s do I fix it how do I fix the bug
5029s oh my gosh I don't even see how I was
5031s reaching out to me like legendary
5033s primary mine thrower maybe oh my gosh
5035s Michael don't encourage them oh gosh
5039s but yeah it's definitely it's definitely
5041s something that you know is noteworthy
5044s definitely something that's a lot of fun
5046s and uh it yeah we we can't we can't have
5050s this in the game Sorry
5054s very very good
5056s okay so uh without without further Ado
5059s we are not gonna bounce over to the
5062s screenshot segment we've got a little
5064s bit to show on that front uh and answer
5066s questions alongside that we do have a
5069s little extra time to go I'm not there's
5072s not this extra time because there's like
5073s a surprise at the end I want to I want
5075s to be very clear on that front for
5076s anybody who's showing up trying to see
5078s any sort of release information I want
5080s to say this one more time we will have
5083s information to talk about at the end of
5087s this month maybe it's release
5088s information maybe it's content
5091s information maybe it's something else
5093s maybe it's all the things who knows I
5096s certainly don't
5098s okay I shouldn't lie to you guys but
5100s regardless just know
5102s we will have information for you at the
5105s end of this month okay
5108s so but yeah I do want to bounce over
5109s let's go to the uh screenshots talk
5112s about those because you guys had one
5114s heck of a week honestly one heck of a
5117s week in regards to screenshots and uh
5120s and I guess I should also say um
5123s I should also say fan art too because we
5125s we had one user who decided to go into
5128s Minecraft and recreate our logo and you
5130s know thank you
5132s it's delightful it's delightful thank
5134s you for this Phantom Lord who's having a
5136s lot of fun very clearly having a lot of
5138s fun who appreciates our history as well
5140s and uh where we've come from and
5142s building ourselves up so that's pretty
5144s awesome
5145s and I know sometimes it can be a little
5147s challenging to convert logos to pixel
5149s art sometimes it's really easy it kind
5152s of depends but regardless no one else
5154s has done this world's first right here
5156s ladies and gentlemen so thank you for
5158s that very cool very cool so in regards
5162s to screenshots
5164s it's fun to talk about bugs it's fun to
5167s highlight The Cheeky things that people
5169s are doing and again Phantom Lord he's
5172s all on top of this uh this is called
5174s sneak 100 I believe
5180s props that's that's good that's nice
5183s well accomplished
5187s it's uh certainly clear to us that not
5189s every hitbox is perfection
5192s not every hitbox is flawless
5195s and the fact that you capitalized on
5196s that
5198s kudos to you good sir
5200s I tip my hat
5203s very clever also while we are doing
5207s these screenshots
5208s we will be answering questions both ones
5210s that have been collected from geekbite
5212s if there are any as well as just like
5214s keeping this in open form right now I
5216s mean you guys can literally ask
5217s questions right now and I'll probably
5220s answer them
5222s I think
5223s unless they're you know not you know be
5226s smart about your questions right
5227s obviously so geekbite do we have any
5229s questions I've got the one from flori
5232s over on Twitch and with the build the
5235s bomber build that we've just been uh
5237s lying around in yeah
5238s um
5240s my thrower could be a bomber only
5243s legendary and he's just wondering would
5245s there be any ship specific legendaries
5247s yeah you know this is a this is a
5249s beautiful question and I think there's a
5251s lot to talk on this one actually but I'm
5253s going to kind of simplify it down uh
5255s because we aren't going to be here for
5257s another three hours in short we've
5259s actually had the discussion of
5261s restriction
5262s in the item category for all the
5265s different classes and you know if you
5268s guys are familiar with everspace one you
5270s you know that we had that initially so
5273s if you're wondering like well wait why
5275s why is the gunship able to use Shields
5277s now well that's not really a restriction
5278s thing uh why why is the
5280s why is the gunship able to cloak now and
5282s use teleport you know stuff like that
5284s which it did not have access to in
5286s everspace one right well the reason is
5289s because with the looter shooter Focus
5291s what we've done is we've designed the
5293s ship classes to put further emphasis if
5296s you build a certain direction without
5300s restricting what you can put on as an
5303s example the railgun being accessible to
5306s every single ship can promote some
5309s unique and valuable opportunities for
5311s every single type that you fly out in
5315s but if you're a scout
5317s it's absolutely ideal in conjunction
5320s with its passives and conjunctions to
5322s its special in conjunctions to its alt
5325s and all of these traits which puts a lot
5328s of emphasis on the Scout with the
5330s railgun
5331s so instead of saying railguns restricted
5334s to Scout and none y'all can use it
5337s we said if you're using a scout it's
5340s really freaking good but you can use it
5343s with every other class
5346s okay that has been our mindset moving
5349s into this since we do have a pretty
5351s large amount of item diversity in the
5354s game at this time and probably more in
5357s the future and that's how we are
5359s addressing it so instead of restricting
5361s out right instead we're saying you know
5363s what everyone can use everything but if
5366s you use certain things in certain builds
5368s and on certain ships it's absolutely
5371s going to be the best bang for your buck
5373s especially if you're playing gunship and
5375s then everything's the best uh
5378s so yeah that's the approach on that
5382s front
5383s and it's it's turned out to be pretty
5385s fruitful and that's legitimately that's
5387s why we've we've uh ensured uh no
5390s restrictions are being made
5392s and uh we're probably going to continue
5395s that that Trend moving forward and that
5398s includes legendaries so there might be a
5400s legendary that would be a sound element
5403s to a gunship build but it wouldn't be
5406s exclusive to the gun show this next shot
5409s by the way this one that we're hovering
5410s over this is also a phantom Ward shot
5412s phantomlord did some work over the
5414s course of the last week and shared them
5416s with us so thank you phantomlord really
5418s do appreciate these shots
5420s um and uh yeah
5422s really great use of depth of field good
5424s color selections here it's nice it's
5426s Pleasant
5427s comes together well you said that was
5429s the only question we had gig bite
5431s yes generally uh there's one just comes
5433s through baby Croco shoes on Twitter and
5436s he's just asking people are saying that
5437s the Vanguard is weak is there any plans
5440s for a buff oh yeah I mean internally we
5443s know it's weak it's it's it's designed
5445s that way uh what yes it is so the
5449s general philosophy that we have with the
5452s Vanguard is that because it is so fast
5454s it doesn't need health
5456s um so it is incredibly weak on the front
5458s of its armor and its hole in particular
5460s it's Shield being able to be overcharged
5463s gives it a pretty substantial benefit
5465s actually in conjunction with certain
5467s ways that you can use it now when we are
5469s looking at the full scale comparison of
5472s weaponry and we're doing that min max
5475s comparison like you're going into all
5477s the fine details crunching all the
5479s numbers and you're gone which one's the
5481s best you know all that type of stuff it
5483s turns out that the Vanguard does have
5486s the most limitations on increasing
5489s damage output this this is true it is
5493s difficult to gain its special bonus
5496s which for those of you are not aware the
5499s bonus is when you fire at an opponent
5503s in its engines
5505s you will do increased critical you have
5508s increased critical hit chance that's the
5510s benefit of the Vanguard and
5513s it's
5515s it ties to ties to the fact that it's
5517s really freaking fast it is the fastest
5518s ship
5519s all the way across the board every
5521s single element of it it's the fastest
5523s ship
5524s but because it can be challenged in that
5526s regard because of device usage because
5529s of you know positioning advantages and
5531s elements of that nature now we have to
5534s start talking about what can it do on
5535s this front of of weaponry and through
5538s that you know we have analyzed and
5540s identified that the Vanguard technically
5542s speaking if you're again crunching those
5545s numbers and looking out from the most
5546s hardest of chorus of spaces that it
5550s could use a buff
5556s so we agree
5558s not guaranteeing anything
5561s not guaranteeing anything so
5564s that's the space that the vanguard's
5565s currently in and uh even with all that
5568s being said the vanguard's probably my
5571s fourth favorite out of the nine classes
5575s it probably sounds so weird but it's
5576s like my fourth favorite uh it's just so
5579s freaking fun to fly I love its speed it
5582s feels so good just flying around with so
5585s much control
5586s that's why I enjoy it I also like its
5589s visualization
5590s I do like the way that it aesthetically
5592s looks
5594s something to it strikes my fancy this
5597s shot comes from sugar daddy
5601s over on the Discord and uh again it's
5603s another one of those times where depth
5605s of field is being used pretty swimmingly
5608s gotta love all those little glyphs
5611s coming off of a
5614s ship that's gotten the annihilator virus
5616s on it I think it's a popular effect
5619s comes together well so nicely captured
5622s sugar daddy very very good
5625s this next one comes from Trey we had a
5627s couple from trayv as well
5629s this one's technically out of order but
5631s it's fine we'll roll with it
5634s it's always nice to see a little bit
5636s more of the biology the wildlife I've
5639s ever spaced to I think because you know
5641s most of the time you're flying out in
5642s space most of the time you're doing
5645s things and fighting spaceships and
5646s whatnot and it's a nice change of pace
5649s to just stop and smell the alien
5653s worms uh
5656s but regardless of how awkward that just
5659s sounded I think it's it's great to
5661s capitalize on the the colorations the
5664s effects The General
5666s feelings that you get out of these
5668s spaces I know that there was at one
5669s point in time uh somebody had asked like
5671s what type of themes that irispace 2 was
5674s supposed to had because they were
5675s wondering well does it have like this
5676s horror theme to it and kind of the short
5679s answer to that is we don't mind if those
5682s other themes creep in now the focal
5684s point of everspace 2 is not horror but
5687s there are locations in everspace too
5690s that can feel a little bit more tense
5692s especially for the first time you go
5695s there you're going through a creepy
5697s space cave and you're starting to see
5699s stuff like this you don't know what's
5701s around the corner what are you going to
5703s expect
5705s and we're totally happy with that so
5708s yeah
5709s it's a nice creative way to capture
5711s those elements this other one from trave
5714s is on another side of the biological
5716s life where he's reunited these
5719s Shadow creatures
5721s while also highlighting this massive
5724s bone structure from a leviathan
5729s with a nice pleasant background to boot
5732s good
5734s better space too I said
5737s it's ridiculous
5739s good good stuff
5742s I'm seeing some some chatter surrounding
5745s the Vanguard as well okay I see I see
5751s from Jameson madrego I just want to read
5754s this out loud his two cents on the
5756s Vanguard if you're up close and personal
5758s to an enemy enough to actually get
5759s around to their engines you're likely in
5761s the middle of all the other enemies
5763s Which is far earlier death sentence
5765s compared to Ace Laura craft and yeah I
5767s mean this is absolutely true the most
5769s ideal state of the Vanguard is a
5771s one-on-one battle and when it's a
5773s one-on-one battle who cares about
5775s strafing it just fire it from afar and
5777s Dodge its attacks right so yeah we
5780s definitely recognize that there's some
5781s tweaking that probably should be done
5783s with how the Vanguard comes into the uh
5787s Fray quite literally to capitalize on
5790s those elements so we'll just we'll have
5792s to see what happens over the course of
5794s development because again the entire
5797s team across the board every single one
5799s of us
5800s rates of the Vanguard as actually the
5803s the lowest ship in regards to its power
5806s level and opportunities and so yeah I'm
5810s I'm giving you way more information on
5811s this than you guys probably thought you
5813s would get but yeah just recognize that
5815s we recognize that so
5818s all right enough about Vanguard enough
5820s about Vanguard
5821s we'll move on to other wonderful topics
5823s and whatnot
5825s that's what the shadow creatures look
5827s like I've never found them behold
5833s oh my gosh super Scrapper oh no
5838s yep that's what they look like
5843s goodness
5846s very very very nice do we have a do we
5849s have another question did you collect
5850s one geek bite uh not really no but
5853s you've kind of opened a can of worms
5855s with your list of uh false favorite and
5857s they want to know what your 10th
5859s favorite is and your first favorite is
5860s oh my 10th favorite is absolutely
5864s um
5864s all right let's see my tenth favorite is
5866s probably the shredder I think
5868s um and you know it's it's pretty
5870s fascinating vessel just has meat
5872s grinders on the front of it you just fly
5874s into the ships and it crushes them it's
5876s pretty phenomenal except that it sucks
5878s it doesn't do any damage which is why
5879s it's number 10.
5881s um but uh
5883s you guys are crazy my number one
5886s um my my number one actually uncontested
5889s for some time and actually
5893s yeah it's just a stinger the Stinger is
5895s actually my favorite
5896s um I really like light chips I really
5898s love their maneuverability and the
5900s flexibility thereof
5902s and I just don't like getting hit that's
5904s also a thing so
5906s um but The Stingers it's so powerful in
5909s using devices especially if you know
5910s which particular devices to chain with
5913s it
5913s um spoiler it's the ones that have
5915s charges uh you can
5918s you can do some remarkable stuff
5919s chaining things together and like never
5922s not having a device to use it's the
5925s Stinger it's just oh gosh I just I love
5927s how it can come together
5928s and uh I want to talk about this photo
5931s really quick this comes from the
5932s chemical bro and the chemical bro is
5934s notorious for these very high contrast
5936s very beautiful and metallic styled shots
5939s and here again he's bringing it home and
5942s I yeah like
5945s just look and you can see that's a nice
5948s shot very pleasant he's a galactic
5950s photographer for a reason
5952s it's delightful
5954s very very good don't I mean the Rogue
5956s asks T3 Cube uh you know we had to
5960s change its name it was originally going
5963s to be called the Rogue and then we
5964s realized that that wasn't actually very
5965s applicable to what it was doing in fact
5967s the Vanguard makes more sense to be
5969s called Rogue because it gains an attack
5970s benefit from behind hmm that's kind of
5974s funny uh but I digress stop talking
5977s about the fan guard
5981s next photo we're good we've got from
5983s Wizard Jerry and uh kind of reminds me a
5986s little bit of that Brokenness uh build
5988s except this is an authentic one and
5990s that's just fantastic I also love how
5993s you've captured the background elements
5995s of this particular Rift which I can't
5997s remember if you got a first glance at
5999s some more stuff and the riffs last week
6002s was that last week did you see some more
6004s stuff you probably weren't supposed to
6006s why am I recalling that anyway
6008s um I do like how there's you know a lot
6010s more in this space other than just open
6012s orange purple uh because that is
6015s something that we are looking at and uh
6017s we're thinking about
6020s that's all
6021s and I love the way that your ship is
6023s designed I love this wing on the
6024s Interceptor and the colors are very
6027s pleasant too otherwise yeah he did
6030s you you got him
6033s absolutely well done
6035s next shot comes from Phantom Lord again
6039s which is a great take on the entrance
6043s into kite nebula actually this is this
6046s is a fantastic angle that you have
6049s brought forward here it's very close to
6053s the jump gate because you can see the
6055s alignment of pillars on the left and the
6057s right
6058s and then you're seeing the captured
6060s ancient right Yonder and you're seeing
6063s all of you're just in the full field of
6066s what's in store for you when you're
6068s entering the space so very well captured
6070s like that's nice that is really really
6073s nice so
6076s um I also would just want to bring up
6077s one quick thing because I'm seeing a
6078s couple people talking about optimization
6080s I'm saying like oh my computer is having
6082s some issues with this and that and the
6084s other thing and uh you know those sort
6088s of elements and and guys know that in
6089s the home stretch you know there is more
6092s optimization coming but we're also not
6094s like redoing the whole game for
6097s optimization purposes so if you're
6099s expecting there to be like this super
6101s massive difference from now to full
6103s release I think that that's the wrong
6104s expectation to have but do know we have
6107s found problem locations in fact you guys
6110s have found problem locations and we are
6112s addressing a lot if not most of those
6116s spaces where you are having hiccup ups
6118s and internally we're seeing values ain't
6120s right they're not looking good so there
6123s we are doing more passes we are
6125s absolutely going to refine and tighten
6126s that up so that those minimum specs in
6129s particular on the store Page do remain
6131s relevant it would be kind of a silly
6134s thing if we had listed those elements
6136s and then you couldn't run the freaking
6138s game would it sound
6139s we're sticking to that and we're making
6141s sure that it's come together accordingly
6143s so have no fear
6144s more optimizations to come just please
6148s let's set the expectation clear it's not
6150s going to be like this massive Game
6152s Changer and everything's fixed forever
6156s okay cool
6158s next shot we got from Phantom Lord once
6162s again and this is just a nice backdrop I
6164s think I actually want to put this into
6166s uh my rotation for my desktop displays
6169s actually because it's just so pleasant
6170s it's so nice nice change of pace from ye
6174s good old space grind with asteroids and
6177s asteroids and explosions and it's nice
6179s to see some form of civilization even if
6182s Prescott Starbase is maybe not the uh
6185s you know the cleanest city around but it
6189s does come together well enough
6192s comes together well enough for everyone
6195s to participate in
6197s and the photo just captures that really
6200s well love the lights that are being
6202s displayed here and you're getting that
6203s sense of scale
6206s it's just nice in fact sometimes I look
6209s at this and it doesn't seem like this is
6210s in everspace like it seems like it would
6213s come out of a different game or a
6214s different uh almost a different genre
6218s but uh I love it
6220s so nice nice photos Phantom Lord it's
6223s being a Phantom Lord he also shared this
6225s one this one made me laugh uh he said
6228s this is what happens when you drop an
6229s iPhone from like tenths of an inch
6237s I feel you there man that's pretty great
6238s gig bite did you have a question I gave
6241s I've got a couple of lads oh sweet come
6243s on
6244s um Olivia tossed on YouTube uh was kind
6247s of wanting to know are we planning a
6249s dangerous black hole maybe system in the
6252s game
6253s so actually no we're not so and I want
6255s to clarify this so we had some internal
6257s conversations in the lore established
6260s surrounding uh the DMZ is mostly that
6263s these locations you're going to that are
6265s locked in that are jump points aren't
6267s going to be dangerous from a level of
6269s environmental hazards it wouldn't make
6271s sense in fact to sort of like beaconize
6275s those for transports if anything it
6278s would make more sense if we had them
6279s marked and say stay out of this region
6281s etc etc now that all being said I know
6284s some of you are going but but Eric and
6286s everspace one as you're flying through
6288s the DMZ you encounter these little black
6290s holes yes yes we are very well aware
6292s also keep in mind that with the genre
6294s change we do have to approach
6296s environmental disasters in a little bit
6299s of a different capacity so I'm not
6301s saying that black holes are going to not
6305s show up in everspace too but I'm also
6307s not going to say that they will this is
6310s something that we would have to approach
6311s somewhat carefully with a little bit of
6314s forethought to ensure that if
6317s a black hole were to appear in outer
6319s space too it's going to fit the
6322s overarching narrative it's going to fit
6324s the overall
6327s World building it's going to fit the
6329s overall gameplay experience and uh as of
6333s right now it's just not something that
6335s we deem
6336s is fittable for how we've moved into
6339s this space
6341s so
6342s here there you go hope that doesn't
6344s break your heart
6346s but yeah black holes
6350s my instant not really something we're
6354s trying to push
6355s so all right thanks excellent
6359s um I've got one that's coming from
6360s Excelsior on YouTube and uh kind of a a
6364s fun question was the inspiration for the
6367s shadow creature a striped eel catfish
6369s swarm in fact what was the inspiration
6375s laughs uh man I I honestly like when I
6380s look at the the shadow creature the
6381s first thing that comes to my mind is
6382s pray if you guys have played that game
6384s but um I don't I don't know if there was
6388s any sort of inspiration to it at all I
6390s know that the origin of the shadow
6392s creature you guys might enjoy this the
6394s origin of the shadow creature is that we
6397s wanted there to be something more to do
6399s in the Prototype of our game the
6401s Prototype remember that remember
6403s downloading the Prototype getting all
6405s excited about and finding stuff to do we
6407s needed more stuff to do so we were like
6408s crap what can we do that players can
6412s like find a thing and then like navigate
6414s a space in a certain way like avoiding
6417s the sunlight and Shadow creatures boom
6420s we added in what's it look like shoot I
6422s don't know I had some particle effects
6423s or something plot done next step like
6427s that's that's what occurred that was the
6429s process
6431s so yeah I mean in fact we didn't even
6434s have Shadow creatures in the mainline
6436s game uh for a little bit of time because
6438s like after the Prototype and into Early
6439s Access Shadow creatures basically didn't
6441s exist anymore and then we brought them
6443s back in because like you know what it
6444s was actually kind of fun it was a nice
6446s to to have and we're you know making
6448s sure that there's engaging elements in
6450s different locations should you explore
6453s so the Explorers out there who want to
6455s find all the things and get all the
6456s secrets yeah that's that's why they're
6459s in they were essentially they were fluff
6462s some padding to make the Prototype more
6464s exciting and they turned out to kind of
6466s be fun so we're keeping them
6469s yeah isn't that fun
6471s isn't that isn't that great
6474s this shot by the way comes from uh dawn
6477s of will who has been sharing some pretty
6480s stellar screenshots as of late as well
6483s and you gotta love bringing down those
6484s big old drone carriers and seeing all
6486s the different colors of explosions
6489s so don't forget that there are like
6491s different Rockets can't actually have
6493s different colored explosions to them so
6495s just like weapons have different colors
6498s of their blasts secondary weapons also
6500s have different explosion colors some of
6502s them some of them not all of them
6504s so I really liked the way this was
6506s captured what's that last question that
6507s you've got geek right uh we've got it
6510s from Bearded Frog and he's kind of fishy
6511s in here but you might you might have to
6513s just like wink or blink and you know
6515s that kind of thing is there still one
6518s more playable ship coming he says he
6520s might be wrong but he feels that he
6522s recalls one more to be coming at 1.0
6525s uh no there's no plans for another ship
6526s so we have reached capacity our initial
6530s Vision was to hit nine player ships at
6533s the 1.0 release and shoot we made that
6536s before 1.0 we want to get them in your
6538s hand so you guys could experience the
6539s ships now obviously you haven't seen all
6541s the ship modules and to that I will also
6545s say
6546s that it is not likely that we will have
6551s all of the modules at 1.0
6556s I'm going to be clear on that front so
6559s um so just setting that tone setting
6561s that expectation so if you are an
6564s individual who like wants more variety
6566s in a particular ship class and you're
6568s holding out to 1.0 for that it might not
6571s happen and that would suck so just kind
6575s of tempering that expectation right now
6576s so you guys are aware
6579s but also continue to know that we have a
6582s community content update after 1.0 and
6585s we absolutely want there to be a lot of
6587s variety for every single ship in fact we
6589s want equal variety for every single
6591s class so uh just keep that in mind as we
6594s continue to move forward for our 1.0
6596s release you will absolutely see more
6598s stuff at 1.0 don't get me wrong but
6602s there might be a couple of things that
6603s we need to continue working on beyond
6605s that 1.0 launch regarding ship modules
6608s and Designs okay
6610s so full transparency here just setting
6613s that expectation accordingly I just I
6615s don't want you guys to like
6617s get hurt
6619s being sad
6621s also a nice little transition here do
6623s know
6624s that we are not done with ship
6626s customization I've been preaching this
6627s for a freaking I don't even know how
6629s long now but just just know that we are
6631s not done with ship customization so in
6634s conjunction with the fact that you're
6636s gonna see more ship modules you're also
6639s going to see
6640s more
6642s thanks
6644s and that's as far as I can go on that
6646s front we'll talk more about that when
6648s there's more to talk about next shot
6650s comes from
6653s dawn of will once again and this this
6655s one just this brings home the theme of
6657s the bomber so well just seeing a base
6660s get thoroughly defeated just crushed
6663s exploding beneath you gosh that is such
6667s a satisfying shot this just this just
6670s screams I am a bomber and you are my
6672s Target and it's I love it I love this so
6675s much this is this is the epitome of what
6678s a bomber setup and photo should look
6680s like I love it comes together so well oh
6684s yeah bearded fox saying whoa more things
6686s I know I just spoiled everything things
6689s guys of course there's more things going
6692s 1.0 you're all ridiculous
6694s but uh but Donald dawn of will sincerely
6697s great shot I love the way that you set
6699s this up your bomber color is also an
6701s interesting choice I like that I like
6703s the teal
6704s what is that Viridian I can't viridium I
6707s can't quite tell what color it is but uh
6709s I do enjoy how it does come together and
6712s I feel like you also have what might
6714s possibly be the richest blue color in
6717s the entire game that's about as rich as
6719s it can be made
6720s so I also like the way that looks I
6723s think you put it in a metallic format or
6725s no that's that's not metallic that's
6727s actually
6728s I can't quite tell but either way I like
6731s the way that you've designed your ship I
6733s think it looks really nice and your
6735s captured screenshot to boot so good
6737s so good
6740s keep up those shots
6742s transition to a shot from blizzy which I
6746s think got a bunch of votes in the
6748s Discord and it's it's very explosive
6750s that's for sure got a lot going on
6753s a lot a lot happening there's definitely
6755s some aggression being taken out here
6758s sometimes that's okay it's in a video
6760s game so kudos to you lots of explosions
6765s who doesn't like a good explosion right
6766s deep out you got another question
6768s uh yes I do uh walnuts just come in from
6771s Paul Michelle over on YouTube uh is he a
6775s plan to have Pilots visible in the
6776s cockpit during super light travel for
6778s release it's a personal immersion caveat
6780s of theirs we've been getting this
6782s question a number of times
6784s um from time to time this is the general
6787s response is that we are uh this isn't a
6791s priority element um Bots
6793s [Music]
6794s we do think that it would be nice if we
6798s can find the time if we can put a body
6800s into the cockpit just because of our
6802s observations that you guys have been
6803s making in the community and also because
6805s you know the screenshots even if it was
6807s just like some sort of silhouette or
6809s something we do think that it could make
6811s an impact so can't guarantee anything
6813s I'm not guaranteeing anything okay this
6816s this is something that is like this is
6818s also in that would be nice to have
6820s territory it actually it moved up
6821s because originally we weren't going to
6823s do this okay originally we weren't going
6825s to put that body in but because of the
6827s community uh responses on this front
6829s we're seeing that okay maybe this is
6831s something that we need to uh pursue and
6834s we've moved it up so should time allow
6836s it and things come together
6839s it's possible
6842s I'll be not guaranteed or we could have
6844s a body in the carpet so stay tuned on
6847s that one we'll see what happens but
6849s thank you all for your feedback on that
6851s front whether it was on the Discord on
6852s the forums in these streams uh in
6855s regards to that because the only reason
6856s we're moving forward with that one is
6859s because of you guys so we'll see we'll
6861s see we'll see okay it's not guaranteed
6864s all right just
6865s you can't pay me to a wall
6868s just know that we are listening okay all
6871s right we hear you
6873s who
6875s all right we got terrible ogre here
6878s terrible ogre here using um oh shoot I
6881s can't remember which weapon it was he
6882s did a comparison of two different
6884s weapons I just like this one more and I
6885s selected it I just love the way the
6886s colors look I I love the way that comes
6889s together just shoot I think it's a is
6892s that a um
6894s the the bigger laser what's it called
6897s not a dominator desecrator
6900s disintegrator that's it disintegrator oh
6903s it's posted in the chat I could have
6905s just looked over but regardless yeah
6907s um I do like the way that it comes
6908s across I think that the Purple colors of
6910s weapons goes so nicely whenever you have
6913s like a a dark colored ship whether
6916s you're using like the jet black or
6920s um you know just like changing your
6921s metallic down so that the reflection of
6923s the uh lights just increases overall it
6926s just it looks so nice and I think that
6928s this one capitalizes on that and makes a
6931s pretty clean shot so good stuff and I
6934s like how the background is softened it's
6935s well I shouldn't say soften but it's
6937s it's all rather dark so you have a nice
6939s strong focal point in the foreground and
6941s uh not too busy
6945s yeah I think the other shot was a real
6947s gun maybe this one's the real guy I
6948s can't remember I can't remember all I
6950s know is that it's a nice shot okay it
6952s was a great shot thank you for taking
6954s that terrible ogre
6956s another one from Donna will is there a
6958s question is there another question did I
6960s miss a question
6961s no nothing nothing yet okay
6965s all right okay sorry I'm reading a
6967s couple of discussion points hang on
6969s anything to
6973s [Laughter]
6977s uh I just I want to respond to this
6979s because bearded fox says I don't mean to
6980s sound you know overreaching whatever
6983s or oversimplifying efforts uh regarding
6985s the body it doesn't seem like it would
6986s be hard to add at least for external
6988s views it is surprisingly
6993s challenging
6996s if we were to incorporate a body on how
6999s that impacts the player experience if
7003s you are flying inside the cockpit like
7005s are we going to show the legs I'm going
7006s to show your hands we're going to show
7008s the full body where we position that on
7011s the face
7012s what happens if there's you know some
7014s wonky Reflections in first person mode
7016s and since we removed the face so that
7018s you could actually see uh you see a
7021s faceless reflection in an explosion or
7023s something uh that would be a problem
7024s right well okay well then we'd have to
7026s address that then we'd have to adjust
7027s the camera we'd have to create uh
7029s one-way walls you know et cetera Etc and
7032s that can start adding up on a list of
7036s development priorities very quickly for
7039s one element on a road where many
7042s different elements are coming together
7043s for a 1.0 release right and I mean that
7046s was just a that was just in the cockpit
7048s right uh then we also needed we would
7050s have to think about like you know the
7052s modeling self and the textural qualities
7054s um like how much of a resolution
7056s difference is this going to make by
7058s incorporating this cockpit is that going
7060s to affect levels of optimization at
7062s certain locations because you know a
7064s higher polygon count overall can
7066s actually start to slip into uh the
7069s territories of
7070s your computer's processes right it's
7073s it's
7074s so crazy how something that sounds as
7077s simple as as a body like you said it
7079s sounded simple and it does it's like
7080s awesome Siri it does sound like it
7082s should be super easy it's like just
7083s click and drag a body plop lull done uh
7086s it just unfortunately it's not that
7087s simple it's it's way more complicated uh
7091s than I think we would like to pay
7093s frankly
7094s but um it's something again that we are
7097s looking into and if we can find a way to
7099s navigate around those spaces in an
7101s actionable way for 1.0 then yeah we'll
7105s we'll approach it but it's not something
7108s that's guaranteed it's not something
7110s that we are putting on that priority
7111s list because we'd much rather push
7113s elements that benefit the gameplay
7116s experience overall especially ones that
7118s use the various systems and mechanics
7120s through that gameplay experience like
7123s itemization enemy design location design
7127s etc etc
7129s super easy barely an inconvenience
7133s oh my gosh yes
7137s oh jeez
7139s this shot comes from uh dawn of oh I
7143s think I said the Ice event this shot
7144s comes from Donna will talking about
7146s interior uh designs and stuff like I
7148s think this is great looking to the side
7150s it's always nice to have these angles
7151s taken from the inside of the cockpit to
7154s show just like a little bit more of like
7156s that immersion style of experience
7158s that's being had and uh yeah it's it's
7161s great I love how whenever you go into
7163s photo mode you can go inside of your
7165s cockpit and the details are actually
7166s there
7167s they're there they're they're on it's
7170s it's all present
7171s it's uh it's rather nice and it that
7173s element wasn't actually terribly hard to
7176s to plug in though it still required some
7178s time and space to do so
7180s um but uh yeah really nice explosion of
7183s the arc 9000 and just seeing all of
7186s these retaliators
7189s evaporate effectively so nice shot
7193s we got two more shots here to show
7197s two more shots here to show this one
7200s comes from Trey keep asking your
7202s questions by the way if you got more
7203s questions by all means keep diving in
7205s we're gonna have this little
7206s conversation we got about four minutes
7207s left in the Stream I can answer
7209s something
7211s uh this one comes from trade just a nice
7213s way to capture these Outlaw bases within
7216s zarkov and how defensible they have to
7219s be because it's a storm you know
7221s it's flying off to the sunset there's
7223s something there's something nostalgic
7224s about that I think it's just like such a
7226s common sort of thing where you're flying
7229s off into the light
7231s and it's captured really well here I
7233s think
7234s pretty well done
7236s do you take screenshots only from
7238s Discord as super Scrapper I do yes I I
7241s personally do because that's where I
7243s hover the most that's where I'm picking
7244s up uh most of the elements because it's
7247s the most accessible and that way like
7249s every single day I'm logging in I'm
7250s making sure you guys aren't like somehow
7252s deteriorating
7255s um and I yeah I check out those
7257s screenshots and then I pull those
7258s directly from the Discord now uh we do
7260s occasionally have Michael selects which
7262s is our CEO who pulls all of screenshots
7265s from all the places whether it's you
7267s know whatever like Twitter it could be
7268s uh Instagram it could be uh stain the
7271s steam screenshots too uh you know etc
7273s etc and he pulls what his favorites are
7274s for like an entire month for example
7277s now
7278s um we're about due for that by the way
7280s Michael I think maybe we could
7282s he's probably working on the press
7283s release right now so probably don't want
7285s to bother him
7287s but uh I digress
7291s um yeah so there's there's a lot of fun
7293s little screenshots and whatnot
7296s and Prime primarily I take them from
7298s Discord just convenience
7300s good good stuff so yeah share them there
7302s you'll probably get highlighted on the
7304s streams because uh yeah I I share the
7307s funds I share the fun ones I share the
7308s ones that get a lot of Thumbs Up and
7310s likes and all that type of stuff too
7312s that's not just my choice it's also
7313s yours this last one comes from sugar
7316s daddy again
7318s nice pleasant up the field looking off
7320s into the sunset as we are going to sit
7322s and shot away
7324s so yeah Michael says he knows busy with
7327s the next Big B yeah I know I know yep
7329s it's our main end of January is coming
7331s up so I totally get it
7333s so good stuff
7338s [Music]
7339s man I I'm surprised that worked out as
7342s well as it did I kind of thought we
7343s started screenshots a little bit early
7344s but we had some really great questions
7345s some really good conversation today uh
7347s folks sincerely you have been wonderful
7349s I appreciate you so much for all the
7353s things you do whether it's sneaking in
7355s for a little bit of time just to say hi
7357s whether it's breaking our game and then
7360s submitting a build and continuing to
7362s break the game frankly whether it's just
7365s having chatter and being kind to other
7368s people coming into the streams and
7369s helping them out with easy questions or
7370s even some of the more complicated ones
7372s just being a valued member of the
7374s community that's awesome guys and you've
7375s done that today and it's hugely
7377s appreciated we that gives me so much
7380s energy and that helps us out so much to
7383s ensure that everything's getting managed
7384s and taken care of accordingly so
7388s awesome oh my goodness I don't really
7390s have anything else uh oh
7393s I see a question Maybe
7398s can the game be completely played
7399s through with a single ship type
7400s technically yes
7402s absolutely or will there be Parts
7404s encounters that will be difficult to go
7406s through and just oh oh okay full
7407s question okay so yeah you can play with
7409s whatever ship you want we do not we do
7413s not this was one of the elements in our
7415s mission design we do not want to design
7418s missions where it's like you have to use
7420s the ship to progress we didn't we did
7421s not want to do that we want that to be
7423s entirely player choice so if you fall in
7427s love with the ship you will you can in
7429s fact play that ship for the rest of your
7431s everspace 2 game session now obviously
7434s I'm going to encourage you to try all of
7436s the different ships and maybe even
7437s multiple times there might be new
7439s elements to them that you didn't know
7440s about uh the first time you maybe tried
7442s it so diversity is a delightful thing
7446s but uh yeah from a from a technical
7448s standpoint you absolutely could just fly
7450s one ship through the whole freaking game
7452s and that's it
7454s all right well that was my last
7456s screenshot I don't have any more
7457s screenshots
7458s that's literally all of them
7461s um uh oh you know what actually let's do
7463s one more screenshot uh Let's do let's do
7465s this
7467s because what is this what is this
7470s um this is actually the uh the gosh that
7473s burns my eyes uh I didn't have enough
7475s time I'm sorry it should be more
7477s presentable but this is the current
7479s state of the community challenge right
7481s now where we are seeing who has the best
7483s race times in fact so as of right now
7488s scrap race is being led by crispy muffin
7491s high voltage also being led by crispy
7493s muffin racing from the dead also by
7495s crispy muffin loophole by wizard Jerry
7498s underground Raceway by crispy muffin
7501s border crossing by wizard Jerry race to
7504s Rock Bottom by crispy muffin awkward
7507s roller coaster crispy muffin course
7510s Carnage crispy muffin and hell ride by
7514s crispy muffin I think it is also
7517s important to note that this racing from
7518s the dead is being
7521s like barely verily kept barely kept by
7525s crispy muffin I mean look at that that
7527s is tenths of seconds in how he's leading
7530s that charge and I also want to give a
7532s nice friendly shout out to human Aimbot
7533s he was the first one to submit times and
7536s regardless of the fact that his times
7538s maybe weren't super great the fact that
7541s he was up for the challenge that he saw
7544s that Community element and he was like
7546s you know what I'm gonna give it a shot
7547s why not so I'm gonna submit my stuff
7550s forward and see what happens here's the
7553s first one to do so in fact he held first
7554s place for a few days because nobody else
7557s submitted anything
7559s but uh crispy muffin is leading the
7561s charge right now with eight
7563s leading
7565s wizard Jerry with two
7568s and uh
7570s that's all I got that's it that's the
7572s stream ladies and gentlemen so if you
7574s want to participate in this thing that
7576s I'm looking at this is the halfway point
7578s of our racing challenge it's very simple
7580s all you have to do is go race inside of
7584s everspace too
7585s take a screenshot of your player racing
7588s times like it's on the stat screen you
7590s go to data and then you go to like
7591s player stats and then it's racing on the
7593s side just take a photo of that and if
7596s things look really questionable I'll
7597s also need your save file to ensure that
7599s there hasn't been any tampering these
7602s stats right here there was no tampering
7604s that I could at least find so yeah kudos
7607s to you and uh yeah have fun
7611s and
7613s that's it geekbite do you have anything
7615s you got anything uh no no I was just
7618s going to make sure that you absolutely
7619s did mention the racing oh yeah yeah
7624s no I had a little reminder and I was
7626s trying to time it out and of course it's
7628s three minutes after oh
7630s that's cool
7633s so but yeah guys seriously it's been a
7636s really fun time here today uh you guys
7637s have been awesome and I have been Eric
7639s Schrader your community Ambassador for
7642s Rockfish games don't stop being awesome
7644s and we will catch you in next week's
7647s stream and maybe before that absolutely
7649s before that you will get some
7651s information about the development of
7653s everspace too so keep your eyes and ears
7655s peeled join us on Discord follow us on
7658s Twitter YouTube all those things to stay
7661s informed because we will have some
7662s information very soon not after the
7665s stream it's not today it's don't don't
7667s freak yourself out but at the end of
7670s this month we will have uh information
7672s to do all right
7674s that's it that's all I got that's all I
7676s got I better stop talking so I don't get
7677s in trouble and uh you guys know my my
7680s throat's dead Bearded Frog I'm sorry
7682s it's not gonna happen can't do it
7684s uh so kick bite let's go ahead and see
7687s if we can give a nice friendly raid over
7690s to
7691s um oh shoot I forgot to do something
7692s hang on a second
7694s toodles
7698s oh perfect nailed it
7702s so let's give a friendly raid over to uh
7706s Corbin I believe is playing through
7708s everspace 2 as well yes it should be no
7711s he's playing dead space
7714s the deceiver how dare he enjoy other
7717s Sci-Fi games ah that's great we should
7720s go rate him anyway that'll be fun so you
7722s guys want to watch some Dead Space head
7723s on over to Corbin stream the twitch
7725s stream will be connected straight up to
7727s it for those of you on YouTube no
7729s worries peace love and happiness have a
7731s great weekend guys
7732s [Music]
7734s [Applause]