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3s foreign
12s [Music]
17s check one two everybody
25s hello to everybody who is swinging on in
27s welcome twitch welcome YouTube also
29s welcome to all these steam view viewers
40s thank you
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52s [Music]
61s [Music]
68s [Applause]
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72s foreign
75s [Music]
86s [Music]
92s [Music]
116s foreign
118s [Music]
124s [Music]
128s [Applause]
132s [Music]
146s get this stream started just a moment or
150s two longer guys I'm almost there
154s gonna be a fun one today
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164s [Music]
174s [Music]
190s foreign
198s [Music]
212s [Music]
222s foreign
228s [Music]
244s y let's get this show on the road shall
247s we
248s welcome ladies and gentlemen to the
250s official Rockfish game stream I am your
253s host your guide and your servant Eric
255s Schroeder the community Ambassador for
257s Rockfish games to help you understand
259s all things going on in everspace too
262s today we got a couple of things to knock
264s out a little bit of you know elements in
267s the community side that we're adjusting
268s tweaking refining to better serve you
271s guys that simply looks like Discord
273s events as of right now for those of you
275s who are part of the Discord you have
277s already seen it we have a Discord event
279s it's live it shows that there's a stream
281s going on you can click on that link now
284s as far as I'm aware you can only plug in
285s one link so right now we have it at
287s twitch.tv we're going to look into that
288s and see if there's a way to add multiple
290s links otherwise
292s that's going to help you guys know
293s exactly when upcoming events are
295s happening and it's not going to be
296s useful just for the streams no it will
299s also be useful for any upcoming beats or
302s teasers or anything like that I don't
304s know if there's any of those coming up
306s at all so uh yeah so that's going to be
308s fun otherwise
309s we had an incredible ride with the last
312s two weeks of doing a racing challenge
314s we'll be talking about that and showing
316s some stuff uh and then we're going to be
318s doing screenshots and you you guys
321s already saw the thumbnail and you guys
322s have already been talking about there's
324s ship customization there's new ship
325s customization so we're going to get to
327s that very soon what I'm going to do is
329s I'm going to pick up where I left off in
331s our game okay okay all right we're gonna
333s finish out this side mission and then
336s we're gonna go show you what we can do
338s to this ship straight out of the gate
340s without having anything truly unlocked
343s yet and then I'm gonna have some fun and
345s show you a bunch of cool examples
348s let's get right on into it so this is
351s where we left off literally right where
352s we left off
354s where we are doing the back to work
356s mission
357s let's top this out shall we
360s your new wingman I was sent over from
362s outside station to escort you I thought
364s we were out of combat Pilots well since
368s you're here help us get the gate fixed
370s look I'm just a wingman not a mechanic
372s you can't just be one thing if you want
375s to survive out here that's a given if
378s you want to work in this team all right
380s I'll see what I can do
383s I just looked over and I just saw
384s teasers of teasers actually I want to
386s just I want to point this out real quick
388s real quick the reason why we're moving
390s into the Discord events formula is
392s because it's not just a oh hey there's
395s something coming up it has a timer
397s included on it
399s tells you when
401s information will be given Okay so
405s it's not a teaser saying hey we're going
409s to make an announcement soon it says hey
411s we're going to have an announcement at
413s this time
414s you can wait for it you can wait for it
416s with us we can talk about it the moment
417s it drops so you don't miss it that's the
419s big difference all right so it's not a
422s teaser for a teaser it's actually a
424s timer for when we will have information
426s to share and you can plot out your
429s schedule accordingly
430s all right now let's get into this now
433s let's get into this we're gonna grab
434s this energy unit
439s are you a good fighter I have a few
442s tricks up my sleeve why do you ask you
445s never work together so I'm just trying
447s to figure you out
449s foreign
451s we've been having a lot of good
453s conversation on the pr side of things
455s just to make sure everything is in a
457s quality state to deliver to all of you
459s all right
461s it's good stuff
464s this home stretches
470s all right let's get through here check
472s out the mine
474s take some iron
483s crystals
495s to the mine I'll handle this all right
514s now for those just joining the stream if
517s you've never been in one of our Rockfish
518s streams before the chiral gist of it is
521s this I will be showing you gameplay of
523s our updated story
526s we are going through this save all the
528s way through till the 1.0 release
532s and that's going to include little
534s teasers and plot twists along the way
538s this place should have been protected
541s doing what I can here
543s not by you by the people who sent us
546s here you can make a lot of money minding
549s this pit but you still always have a
552s responsibility for your people
555s I'm afraid that's not how GMB operates
557s you may be right on that account
559s yes this settles it settles what all
563s right these are the coordinates of our
565s next stop that's even deeper in Outlaw
567s territory you fly ahead and make certain
570s that it's safe my team will bunker up in
572s the mine until then
574s all right but in addition to just you
577s know all the delivery thereof
580s we also have these streams to be a
583s direct line of communication to all of
584s you answer questions which will be
586s answered in Pockets so if you have a
588s question you can ask directly in the
590s chat tag us and we will respond at
593s intervals during the stream the end of
597s the stream is always devoted to our
599s community so that's why we have
601s Community challenges we have showcases
603s we have all of that fun stuff to
605s highlight what you guys have been up to
607s just to have a little bit of fun
608s together
617s one bomb thrower and a batch of fuel
620s tanks someone's about to build their own
622s little base it seems
626s and right here in the midst of us firing
630s at this bomb thrower we actually have a
632s new weapon sound
635s not sure if you caught it or not but
637s we'll do it again this is the Flack
641s thank you
644s you're gonna see a lot of little
645s adjustments and improvements and
647s additions and all those sorts of things
649s during the course of these streams
651s but there's a
654s you're gonna see a lot of tweaks
659s a lot of them
661s all right let's grab these atheum
662s Crystal deposits as well
666s and now we got to blow up all the
668s instructions
670s clear the way
675s there could still be more
686s there you are
689s down to me
693s don't want that weapon oh nice that's
697s beautiful
705s all right
708s not a bad find don't encounter this too
711s often
714s clean an outlaw hunt one
720s oh whoop that's the wrong asteroid
723s come over here
742s this is your wingman speaking I ran into
745s a bit of trouble but the area is clear
746s now hello
751s scrap better check on him
754s all right let's head back over to
756s Giordano
757s probably land on a station where we
759s might have some ship customization to do
769s oh yeah see I like the extra lines on
772s the HUD for roll reference
774s yeah we included that it's actually in
776s the last update so you can kind of see
778s where you're at on the plane within the
780s game no it's not realistic because
782s there's no up in space
784s but for our gameplay purposes it does
786s help some folks find that alignment a
789s little bit more clearly
795s all right
806s yeah we're not we're not trying to be
808s too pedantic about
811s the realism in our game I hope that's
814s clear
817s but uh yeah
821s overall we think it's a nice addition
822s that you can toggle on or off should you
825s desire it or should you not design it no
828s biggie
840s [Applause]
842s foreign
848s why are they talking here
858s story time
860s oh
861s doctor
863s so you found us
865s you didn't tell me this was part of your
867s itinerary
868s I've been flying past this place for
870s weeks now wondering when I would ever
872s have the courage to do this
874s my team won't survive much longer
876s working for those fools this is where we
879s will build ourselves a better life
881s what how do you think you'll be doing
883s that
884s by looking after each other
886s by taking what we can and doing what is
889s necessary
890s it sounds like you want to set up your
891s own little Outlaw operation is your team
894s in on this we're all in the same boat
896s here we had enough of Grady and brunt
898s screwing us over here take this it's
902s your payment for protecting us back
904s there
905s we will not see each other again I found
908s the last one to judge you on a move like
910s that
911s all right so guys we are going to
913s continue doing the story and whatnot but
914s I know you guys are super eager to see
917s how customization has being shaped and
918s transformed now I'm going to give you
920s just a little bit of a taste this is not
922s complete but I was given permission to
926s start showing how things are coming
927s together and that's what I'm excited to
928s do right that's what I'm excited to do
931s so this is our first sampling of more
936s what we're going to do is we're going to
937s go in here and look at that
939s we can already directly see the addition
942s of some details now this is a new save
945s so for example we don't have like many
947s of the colors unlocked
949s um and because you want me to get there
951s let's just go to window tint and we see
953s we have two starting colors the
955s absolutely named yellow one
958s but what happens when you click on it
960s boom that's that's what it does and
962s we're actually going to change because I
963s think it looks fine with our ship
965s that's nice that's Pleasant
968s there's a lot of emptiness here though
970s that kind of stinks for now
972s I certainly hope this streamer has some
974s examples to show in the future but also
976s let's go ahead and jump over to engine
977s colors this is going to be a little
978s exciting it's gonna be a little exciting
979s ready one two three go oh
982s look at that the lights went off it oh
984s oh we have three customization options
988s we have the main thrusters the Boost
991s color and the lateral Thruster color all
995s right okay so yeah the lights also
998s conveniently turned off so you can see
1000s where all of those delightful little
1002s lights are coming from more easily
1007s so yeah if we wanted to just go straight
1009s blue we could do that you know obviously
1012s but you know since we are using orange
1014s maybe we just maybe we need to go all
1015s orange
1016s for now
1018s it's it's a bit much but it'll work
1021s it's a good example right
1024s or maybe we'll just swap the colors
1026s of the engine default and the Boost
1028s default so uh individuals who are coming
1030s in they'll be a little bit confused
1032s they're like wait what why did why'd you
1034s guys swap the colors that would be funny
1036s maybe maybe not I don't know but also we
1039s adjusted a couple other details such as
1042s whenever you're adjusting your emissive
1043s lights as well the lights also do dim to
1047s make them easier to find here you can
1049s see that being represented like so
1052s anytime you ever want to take a look at
1054s the ship with all of its colorations and
1056s everything you can always go back out
1059s and see the lights turn back on just a
1062s little touch that was adjusted and again
1065s I will say this we're not fully done
1068s with the customization here there's
1069s still a bit more coming it's not going
1071s to be like super crazy game changing but
1074s you guys do know that there's transmog
1076s in the future that effectively means we
1078s know you have these ship modules that
1080s you'll be able to do stuff with so that
1082s is still that's still planned that's
1085s still in the works that's still
1086s absolutely what we want to do and for
1088s all intents and purposes that will
1090s happen by 1.0
1092s uh but yeah so those are the base colors
1095s that you start with you just have you
1097s know this yellow or the standard blue
1099s tint and then you also have this yellow
1102s starting and then the engine colors you
1104s have just the engine default and the
1106s Boost default but again you will also be
1108s able to adjust those lateral thrusters
1110s to your pleasure
1113s now uh this is a really good spot to
1116s just uh pause and let's let's show some
1119s examples here that we have just so that
1123s you are aware of what this does look
1126s like
1128s so yeah
1129s [Music]
1130s what I have done here is I went into
1133s everspace one for kicks and giggles and
1136s I located the selection of ship skins
1138s that we used in the DLC and I just kind
1141s of mirrored them a little bit using the
1144s window tint and engines to add a little
1147s bit of extra Flair they're not perfect
1148s representations of those skins but you
1151s know they're fun regardless so let's
1153s have a look
1154s let's have a look
1159s [Music]
1162s this is the first one we've got on
1163s display
1167s we got some blue and rad engine
1170s thrusters going on there we got some red
1173s laterals
1175s just giving it that little extra touch
1178s to bring home that theme that style
1184s capture all that glorious combat with a
1186s nice red tinted cockpit and just in case
1189s you are wondering no the cockpit is not
1191s tinted when you're looking through it
1193s from the cockpit this was intentionally
1196s done like this for gameplay related
1199s purposes
1201s I imagine most of you can understand why
1206s but yeah
1207s that's example one let's get to the
1209s other ones
1212s let's get to the other ones let's go to
1213s the cluster 34 ship skin
1222s was that a T3 Wing Orion wizard Jerry
1225s caught it yep it's the first time you
1226s get to see those wings too
1228s all right let's go in for a ride with
1231s this Hawk F3 that is designed more
1234s according to the cluster 34 skin of
1236s everspace one
1239s keeping things a little bit more basic
1240s we're doing these yellow engines keeping
1243s the laterals nice and blue
1246s and of course we have that yellow
1247s cockpit
1248s to match the theme overall bring it at
1252s home
1256s now these uh there's not like a ship
1259s build for this so it's not really
1261s designed for combat
1264s I'm just uh doing this for visuals
1268s oh go away we want the visuals
1272s all right we'll just pause right there
1273s oh that's kind of a fun shot
1275s getting all those beautiful thrusters
1279s next
1283s one we have the Sharon
1285s chairing
1289s again all of these that I designed
1291s around those ever space One skins from
1293s the DLC so if you're like wait what I
1295s didn't know that there were skins like
1296s this yeah it's it's the DLC for
1298s everspace one uh it's not just skins
1302s okay it's not a horse armor DLC pack I
1305s can assure you it just so happens to
1306s have five beautiful skins but it adds a
1308s tremendous amount of content otherwise
1310s you can read more about that should you
1311s desire it by heading over to armorspace
1313s one's store page I'm looking at the DLC
1316s uh but yeah so this is the next one this
1318s is the Belta grades
1321s style this one I went for a little bit
1323s more clean of an approach given those
1327s sort of a cyan and yellow blend with the
1330s engines
1331s and darker yellow for the cockpit
1338s here let's go over here
1341s just some nice
1344s nice ways that you can bring your build
1346s together even further by just using a
1349s little splash of additional color
1352s the laterals are solid white here
1357s so you can't like this is a mixture of
1359s three different colors from your uh from
1361s your main thrusters to your boosters to
1364s your lateral thrusters all three of
1366s which are engines
1368s you have your main thrusters
1370s your boosters and your lateral thrusters
1374s we're bringing that one together all
1375s right next let's just keep let's keep
1377s going
1378s let's keep going so as the Delta grades
1380s now we have the skull which of course we
1382s don't have a skull graphic in here
1386s this one's a this one's a nice style I
1388s like this one
1392s I look over and see I'ma make a skittles
1394s ship I mean you can
1397s you can inevitably do that we are
1399s providing a pretty healthy number of
1401s colors
1402s to be determined how many still at the
1405s moment
1406s [Music]
1408s but we're getting there we're getting
1409s we're pretty getting feeling pretty good
1411s about it I do like the way the engines
1412s look on this one this one feels
1416s like it's got some gusto
1420s very subtle white lights coming from the
1423s emissives than with the white
1424s uh boosters
1427s the orange engines to complement the
1430s detailing
1437s shame we don't have any drones but uh
1441s just in case folks are like wait what
1443s drones show the drones are they
1445s customized suit no no we we uh we have
1447s not done that but still something that
1449s we are looking into it's it's a it's a
1451s chance there's a chance that we could do
1453s something like that
1455s um for the full release but I cannot
1457s guarantee it will happen believe it or
1459s not there's a lot of technical issues
1462s with accomplishing that task but do know
1464s that it is something we are considering
1466s and if it if we have time for it within
1469s the Aesthetics Department as we continue
1471s moving towards the 1.0 release we will
1473s in fact add it in
1475s all right and now this last one this is
1478s going to be one that
1479s maybe looks a little unfamiliar to a lot
1481s of you because this was the kickstarter
1484s exclusive skin in everspace one that I
1487s think only about 200 people
1489s actually own that's it but I did base
1492s this one off of that as well
1494s because this one's just dang sexy I
1497s really I really like the the way that
1499s this one comes together we got the green
1501s cockpit here
1503s across this very just
1505s I mean
1507s you have eyes you can you can see
1513s look at look at those oh
1516s gosh yes
1519s yeah
1521s I am pleased
1524s I I am quite pleased
1528s and we hope that you are enjoying these
1531s options as well
1533s because there's gonna be more of them
1537s there's going to be more we're not done
1539s to pay me a visit by the looks of it yes
1543s I've given you six different ship
1546s examples
1548s of how your engines can be colored
1551s your that does include your main
1554s thrusters your Boost
1556s as well as your lateral thrusters all of
1559s that is in your hands
1562s so you might be wondering well wait how
1564s do the ship colors get unlocked like are
1565s they just like random drops so yeah this
1567s is also something we've been internally
1569s talked about pretty sure that we have a
1571s solution to uh how you're going to
1573s acquire those maybe it'll happen when we
1575s continue playing our save game maybe it
1578s won't we'll find out I suppose
1582s so let's get back to our main site
1595s all right so we did tweak our engines a
1597s little bit and we changed the cockpit
1598s for what we have available here because
1600s again uh it's not much that we have oh
1603s oh look at that look at that that's nice
1606s that's not I wonder why I wonder why the
1608s ship has to load in like that that's a
1610s that's a Curious Thing
1613s all right let's uh go ahead and just
1615s show one more time
1617s you know we obviously have these three
1619s different slots for engine colors all of
1620s these are shared Slots of colors very
1623s similar to like when you're changing
1624s these three colors they're all from the
1626s same pool
1627s but the colors for the window tint and
1629s the colors for the engines are unique so
1632s there will be complementing colors to
1633s you know bring it all together but they
1635s will have their own uh color pools and
1639s color drops uh that you have to earn
1642s while playing all right
1644s let's get back into it shall we
1653s oh here we go
1659s and last but not least I did want to
1661s point out that in super light because
1663s these are unique engines the Supra light
1666s engines are
1668s going to be blue that's the intended
1670s method we want to approach with these
1673s so in super light they will always be
1675s this blue color
1679s have a good life you bastards what to
1682s tell Krasinski
1687s any location that you stop in or
1690s screwing around in
1692s your engines will be actively color
1694s coded according to your
1697s desires
1702s I didn't change the engine
1705s I thought I did
1710s excuse me
1721s [Music]
1725s that was a lot of it was a lot of
1727s different images and forms of
1729s customization that I showed pretty
1730s quickly so we might share that again at
1732s a later point in the Stream
1734s but the main goal here is to show you
1736s that we are absolutely ensuring that
1739s those promises we made for ship
1741s customization customization are coming
1742s together we know that you know let's
1746s talk about this just for a brief second
1747s I have said on a number of occasions
1749s that oh that would be a nice to have
1751s that goes into this Aesthetics category
1754s where if we have time we would like to
1756s accomplish that right and I think that
1757s it's really easy to look at ship
1760s customization as one of those nice to
1762s haves because it's aesthetic right it's
1764s fully aesthetic it has no impact on the
1767s gameplay that being said if you rewind
1770s the tapes you go all the way back to the
1772s kickstarter we made mention that we are
1775s going to have a lot more ship
1777s customization than what's been presented
1779s through a course of Early Access itself
1782s and by all means we are making sure that
1784s we adhere to those promises keep in mind
1787s some of the concepts shown during those
1792s times were in fact just Concepts so we
1796s can't bring everything that we spoke on
1799s but we will be bringing all of those
1802s elements that we promised regarding the
1804s amount of customization all the way into
1807s the 1.0 release
1809s so that's why if you're thinking like
1811s why are you working on this now this is
1813s Aesthetics shouldn't this come later
1815s well
1816s technically yes but this is also one of
1818s our promises and we are locking in all
1821s of our promises in this home stretch
1823s guaranteed we're not missing any of them
1827s that's not how we operate over here at
1829s rockfish
1830s all right conclude the story here we go
1838s I tried to catch up with them but they
1840s were already gone this is bad Jordana
1843s was the last one to make a stand for us
1845s normal guys
1846s I can only hope that management will
1848s soon move us all out of Sito
1850s here take this I can't pay you for the
1853s miners but I still owe you and Ben for
1855s bailing on you thanks and good luck to
1858s you yeah it was good seeing you man
1862s excellent nice completion of a side
1864s mission get some credits and experience
1867s foreign
1870s [Music]
1875s I kind of like having better resource
1877s range honestly
1878s so we're just gonna keep what we've got
1880s I also like the Firepower
1886s yeah I mean that's just a straight
1887s Improvement
1892s [Music]
1896s all right let's see what's in the shop
1900s this one is all about resources uh our
1903s credits are okay
1906s only one we're tracking is
1907s nanotechnology and we don't need that
1909s yet of course we could top it off
1914s all right let's do that
1918s [Music]
1927s I purchased one
1930s that's better
1933s beautiful all right topping it off now
1936s very very good
1939s let's get back into space
1941s I want to search this area just for one
1944s quick element and then we will get right
1946s back to the mission chain and uh
1949s hopefully start finding some unlockables
1956s there's this little
1957s base up here it kind of reminds me of a
1960s colonial derelict
1962s wreck
1964s also stems from everspace one
1967s [Music]
1971s I'm gonna go over here and check it out
1973s real quick
1980s No Loot here
1984s it's technically it's it's not lying
1989s bulletproof container let's grab
1990s ourselves a missile defense system as
1992s well as the main frame component
1998s on our way we can go
2005s now the part of the story that we are in
2007s we are hunting down the ghost Fleet so
2011s in order to do that we have to explore
2012s these three locations across sudo try to
2015s find the signal disruptors
2019s basically they're Outlaw bean bags so
2022s that we can reveal the location of the
2024s ghost Fleet to gain access
2028s foreign
2031s here it's a good time for us to open the
2035s doors for answering questions so uh
2038s we've been collecting those questions in
2040s the course of the stream if some of you
2041s are wondering like why hasn't answered
2042s yet now is the time that we're going to
2044s answer so geek bite let's go ahead and
2045s jump in and start answering some of
2047s those questions
2049s howdy dude everyone good evening good
2050s afternoon good morning to you all uh yes
2052s you've caused a bit of excitement with
2054s all that customization as you expected
2057s uh first question actually is from kizor
2060s on Twitch and it's not actually to do
2061s with the customization but um he's
2063s asking is the team happy with the amount
2066s of RNG involved with item modifiers or
2069s are there plans to add more player
2071s control influence over the modifier so
2074s that's a that's a that's a very
2076s particular very detailed question and
2078s the short answer is this is something
2079s that we have been internally talking
2081s about I wouldn't say that we are like
2084s thrilled it's perfect you know 100
2088s um but I also wouldn't say we're like
2089s disappointed or upset or you know like
2091s we don't think that it's lacking right
2093s now um that being said you know if we
2095s can do more in that system of
2097s itemization uh I've spoken on this a bit
2100s in the past we do want to push that
2101s right whether that looks like more items
2104s entirely
2105s modifiers catalysts all of these
2109s elements that can adjust or provide
2112s different opportunities those are things
2114s that we are considering so and I am
2118s using my words very carefully there
2119s considering does not mean guaranteed
2122s obviously but do know that this is
2125s within our schedule so that if we do
2128s have some time to like take another cold
2130s hard look at it especially as we're
2132s doing our balancing passes which have to
2134s happen there could be some adjustments
2136s and additions on that front so I can't
2139s guarantee anything but absolutely know
2141s that this is something that we have
2143s talked about at lengths and we do have a
2146s lot of ideas too but we don't have a lot
2149s of time you'll get more information on
2151s that soon in fact all right next
2155s question
2156s uh next up right we're diving into the
2160s customization questions now uh we've got
2162s one from thunderflame on Twitch it will
2164s be an option to hide lateral thrusters
2167s it could help when taking photos so
2169s people are already excited about taking
2170s some real nice photos that's a that's an
2172s interesting uh that's an interesting
2174s statement you know I don't think that's
2176s something that we've actually considered
2177s that sounds like something you should
2178s slap on the forums and be like hey guys
2181s I have this idea for photo mode to
2183s disable the lateral thrusters
2185s I don't know how possible that is I
2186s don't know how
2187s um the the technical side of the
2189s lighting works on that front if that's
2191s like a super easy implementation super
2193s actionable or if that's like an absolute
2195s pain in the ass and Marco's gonna be
2196s like no
2198s so uh yeah but go ahead and put that on
2201s the forums that's uh I like that I think
2202s that's clever I have no idea how
2204s possible that is
2208s a Bearded Frog and flurry uh both ask
2212s very similar questions uh and they're
2214s asking are the colors unlocked
2216s separately from the emissive light and
2217s ship colors
2219s um so yeah both of them were very very
2221s similar so ship colors are all in their
2224s own category there's 35 of those which
2226s you guys know about the emissives are
2228s all in their own category there's 15 if
2231s you include the no emissives option of
2233s course and then for the uh window tints
2236s and the engines we have their own
2239s separate categories as well so window
2240s tint has its own uh the number is yet to
2244s be decided I can just give you a
2247s ballpark it's probably going to be
2248s between we're at 10 to 15 all right and
2252s then the engines we are also haven't
2254s completely decided those colors yet
2256s there's still a little bit of
2257s adjustments fine tunings and approvals
2259s to go through that's also looking like
2261s it could be somewhere between 10 to 15.
2263s each one of those pools is separate but
2265s as you can see those numbers are going
2267s to provide a a lot of different ways
2269s that you can highlight your vessel and
2271s fly in the style that you want
2275s Michael also does respond to the hiding
2278s lateral thrusters saying it's not
2280s planned absolutely it's unlikely we'll
2283s be able to add something like that
2285s before 1.0 and I do appreciate that
2287s follow-up Michael
2288s um
2289s so yeah it is a really interesting idea
2291s again I do want to say that but we are
2293s in the home stretch that's an aesthetic
2295s idea it does sound cool don't get me
2297s wrong don't get us wrong but uh
2300s the actionability is incredibly
2302s important right now for us
2304s so okay next question I kind of
2306s backtracked there but let's keep going
2308s let's keep going
2310s um right we've got next to uh General
2311s over on YouTube uh will we have any
2315s other customizations uh in terms of
2317s colors for uh things such as weapons
2320s I love this question so much and as of
2324s right now we do not have any means to do
2326s any sort of uh weapon customization I
2329s know that's also been an internal
2330s conversation we've had and I suppose now
2333s is kind of like the time to like think
2335s about what that process looks like with
2336s all these other colors uh right so sure
2340s we could go in and find new solutions to
2343s how that could possibly work and add
2345s maybe some sort of crafting region but
2346s that also goes into the whole lateral
2348s thrusters being removed that's going to
2350s be an added sort of feature that doesn't
2353s affect Gameplay at all so it's possible
2357s not planned all right so let's set those
2360s expectations accordingly currently by
2362s the way fun little facts there are seven
2363s different colors for the weapons
2367s all right
2369s oh cool
2371s um just as a quick follow-up uh with
2373s regarding like the engine window colors
2375s um are they going to be at random drops
2378s or are they going to be achievement
2379s Challenge Rewards we will we will get to
2381s that if I can trigger an event in the in
2385s the game but if it doesn't trigger I
2388s will I will just straight up answer that
2389s with what our plans look like so you
2391s guys are aware so it will be answered
2394s uh right Dominic Troy over on YouTube uh
2398s will there be a beta experimental build
2399s for download after 1.0 there will be a
2403s demo that will still be live but as far
2407s as a beta no there will not be any sort
2410s of betas after the 1.0 release
2413s um if you're talking about like Early
2415s Access into DLC
2418s um like because we do have DLC that is
2420s going to come out somewhere in mid 2024
2422s we'll be starting working on that after
2424s one point was released obviously
2426s um that's going to be completely up to
2429s Michael and our processes thereof if I
2432s recall correctly during the process of
2434s Aerospace one
2436s we only had internal testing for the DLC
2439s we did not have an open Beta or early
2442s access for our DLC
2445s um so my guess is going to be we're
2446s going to stick to that same formula and
2448s that's what you guys should probably
2449s expect so
2451s to ring that home no they will probably
2453s not very likely not be any betas after
2456s 1.0
2461s excellent right shreem over on Twitch
2465s they switch ships quite often as each of
2468s them are so unique and engaging but
2470s sometimes it's a bit hard to play a
2471s different ship as they can't always
2473s switch devices as they run out memory
2475s calibrators they find themselves farming
2478s them often is this intended at the
2481s moment the memory recalibrators are kind
2483s of a double-edged sword it is intended
2485s and that you have to earn the ability to
2487s strip your devices down uh the
2491s convenience factor is actually really
2493s inconvenient right we're noticing that
2495s as well it's an internal Trend that
2497s we're seeing there could be adjustments
2498s with how that's accomplished to be it
2500s the resources that are used for that
2503s memory recalibrator are eased up on or
2506s you know otherwise those sort of
2507s elements but we do not want it to have
2510s this system where you get device
2511s upgrades that you can just freely add
2513s wherever you want and take them off
2515s because at that point it's like why not
2517s just have them be permanent upgrades
2518s because then it's just a matter of
2520s wasting your time was saying oh yeah you
2522s swapped your device now you have to
2523s empty it all if it's upgrades then go to
2526s the new device and add all the upgrades
2528s that's we don't want to do that there is
2529s a specific number of device upgrades
2531s that we do have planned and we want you
2533s to have to use resources in order to
2536s shift those around in the late game
2538s though
2539s not going to be a problem not going to
2542s be a problem at least we don't want it
2544s to be that's what we're evaluating to
2546s ensure that it feels good it feels right
2547s it could probably use a little bit of
2549s adjustment yeah but uh yeah we'll see
2553s what we do
2554s we'll see what we do
2557s excellent right a Vigilant fish over on
2561s YouTube uh will dismantling be improved
2564s this monthly quality doesn't seem to do
2566s anything in dismantling seems to be
2567s based on item Rarity alone yeah I think
2570s just me it's only quality it was
2571s something that we had a little bit of a
2573s greater uh mindset over whenever it was
2576s first added to the cargo unit this will
2579s very likely receive some updates and
2582s improvements or a straight up removal
2585s that is to be decided mostly by Hans
2588s Christian we'll see how things move
2591s forward on this path to 1.0 because
2593s again we're hitting those promises first
2595s and this does fall into that category of
2597s modifiers and catalysts and uh you know
2600s even like weapon customization of
2603s modifiers the question was asked earlier
2605s so uh it's
2607s so tricky tricky territory there to to
2610s give a full clear response to
2614s um that's right last question for now
2616s um was it Jerry's just asking will Early
2618s Access players get a unique weapon gear
2621s or any unique weapon or gear just like
2623s everspace one does
2626s there are specific backer tiers that
2629s will gain unique elements there for
2632s example we do have a
2635s H what's the tier called oh goodness I
2638s forgot the tier name specifically But it
2641s includes the ability to have a custom
2644s ship Skin Within everspace too so if you
2648s had backed Aerospace 2 at that
2650s respective tier very similarly to
2652s everspace one where there was about 200
2654s users again it was a bit of a higher
2656s tier but those 200 users can say hey I
2659s put a lot of investing into this title I
2662s had all my favor for this team and now I
2666s have this super cool ship skin to show
2668s for it we do have a similar element
2670s accordingly within everspace too as far
2674s as everybody getting something like that
2677s it's going to be representative of the
2680s tier that was backed and all of those
2683s elements listed thereof obviously there
2686s are going to be a couple of adjustments
2688s simply based on the timeline and
2691s development schedules being changed we
2693s have been communicating that pretty
2695s clearly I'm sure we'll get plenty of
2697s questions anyway but uh we'll help you
2700s guys out as much as possible to get
2702s everyone squared away based on what you
2705s initially backed for
2707s all right
2709s on pilot
2711s I shall let's continue
2715s if it's a beanie they should have some
2717s dome-like structure hold on to it hold
2720s up
2721s the whole thing up to be certain
2727s guts this could be real bad for us
2730s we are level five currently
2733s oh that makes things a little bit easier
2742s I'm not even aiming towards his weak
2745s points I am just firing my guns
2749s give me the kill please maybe maybe a
2751s couple more there we go
2754s it's level nine level nine Outlaw Viper
2757s is a little concerning maybe I should
2759s have saved my ALT for that but let's see
2761s if we can navigate this regardless I
2764s hope that some individuals watching the
2768s stream right now
2770s can see that there have been some
2772s adjustments pertaining to experience
2774s gains and location levels this is
2777s something that we've been taking a lot
2778s of great care in by the way with the
2781s whole changing out of the dynamic level
2784s scaling system to the static location
2786s levels okay and a big part of this
2790s was dropped with the fall update you
2794s guys kind of got the first glance and
2796s it's not where it's supposed to be
2798s that's why we put it into Early Access
2799s to see how it felt to you all
2802s we are making fixes we're making
2804s adjustments so you're going to see a
2805s little bit of that as we're going
2806s through this entirely updated story
2809s playthrough and all of these components
2812s surrounding it accordingly I might die
2815s here
2816s probably be in my best interest to go do
2819s some side missions and take on some jobs
2822s instead of trying to just only push
2824s through the story let's see how it turns
2827s out for us
2829s things go sideways we can always try
2832s again or go do something else
2837s after all it doesn't make a lot of sense
2839s to look at a high security prison and be
2841s like oh yeah I can just totally break in
2843s there anytime I want no no it's it's
2845s going to be more challenging than where
2846s you're at probably
2848s you got to build up to it
2850s and we're going into some more devious
2853s Outlaw territory
2855s they're going to be a higher level than
2856s us
2857s that's how this works
2859s working as intended at least much closer
2863s than it was for the quality
2869s Renegade plating that feels good
2873s all right let's see what else we can do
2878s so now the time I think Now's the Time
2880s let's do it let's try it
2883s this could prove to be real painful
2893s start things off with a light amount of
2897s I don't want to get scattered no no
2900s thank you no thank you no thank you no
2902s thank you ah perfect
2904s perfect
2908s his Minds came in handy all right
2915s [Music]
2922s all right excellent let's just clear out
2925s what we can see around here we did
2928s complete the location right it's uh yeah
2930s okay so we didn't complete the location
2932s there's not really anything else to
2933s necessarily find there's no particular
2935s secrets to be had or anything like that
2937s but you can still check things out and
2941s you know explore to your leisure
2946s basically everything in this environment
2948s is going to be randomly generated
2950s as opposed to intentionally placed
2953s those intentionally placed elements
2956s like the now aptly named valuable
2958s shipwrecks
2960s go towards that completion total of an
2962s area
2964s as opposed to just randomly finding loot
2967s these locations are handcrafted
2971s so those secrets are also intentionally
2973s placed
2976s all right I want to get a little bit
2978s more experience before we keep heading
2980s over in that direction so let's find a
2983s job or a side mission to grab
2986s so we haven't gone to a lot of these
2988s places to see so let's um
2990s let's do this
2992s let's do this uh item retrieval job
2995s right here
3002s that sort of looks completely new to
3003s folks as well
3006s when you are just flying around in super
3009s light
3010s jobs are not possible to find
3015s [Music]
3022s um and Michael is providing a little bit
3023s of clarity regarding unique weapons for
3025s Early Access players in Aerospace one
3027s this is very very clear there was only
3030s one item
3032s that was exclusive to the kickstarter
3035s backers of everspace one it is the uh
3038s pulse laser KS and it's quite literally
3041s just a slight color change to the pulse
3043s laser that's it that's all it is that's
3046s I mean there's there's subtle other
3048s adjustments like the range is slightly
3049s higher but it's not a game breaking
3051s changer sort of thing it looks really
3054s good alongside the kickstarter exclusive
3056s skin however since it's green and then
3058s you have a green pulse laser button eye
3060s digress
3062s just a little bit of added Clarity there
3065s we are not going to content lock
3067s specific items especially dropables like
3071s we're not going to have like certain
3072s means like oh if you didn't back us then
3075s this item will never generate in your
3076s game but if you did then that will we
3078s are not content gating stuff
3080s anywhere close to that the only thing
3084s that we are making exclusive is to
3086s kickstarters who have backed us at very
3089s substantial tears who deserve that
3091s recognition and we're doing so
3093s exclusively let's see who's got the
3096s goods
3102s really good questions are I'm enjoying
3104s the discussions and the conversations
3106s going on you guys are you guys are
3108s killing it today it's pretty awesome
3118s forgot I had a thermo gun for some
3119s reason
3121s crucial
3123s Marksman Rockets
3128s all right
3132s let's do that
3134s oh my goodness we also have three
3137s Mainframe components two combine to a
3139s Mainframe expansion
3141s let's go ahead and reduce this and bump
3143s up our expertise for weapon energy
3144s consumption to be brought down just to
3146s tadmore
3147s doesn't change too much at the start we
3150s don't want the Mainframe experiences to
3151s be complete game changers for you
3155s um like whenever you're growing through
3156s the progression systems
3158s but over time if you do take the time to
3161s explore and complete various location
3164s challenges
3165s and you do a great job searching
3169s locations these handcrafted environments
3173s then inevitably that's it
3176s those Mainframe expansions are gonna
3179s come in decently useful as they expand
3182s those values greater and greater the
3185s higher level you go
3188s grab this container as well
3190s oh shipwreck
3193s oh two wiring kits that's that's perfect
3196s that's perfect we needed one for our
3199s tractor beam
3202s very awesome
3208s see you in folks saying it all I could
3210s say is the next time there's a
3211s Kickstarter for airspace 3 I'll be there
3213s hey you know what that's awesome
3214s you know irispies three four five six
3217s seven eight
3218s all of them
3225s love to have your support
3231s right I do wonder how far we'll take the
3233s outer space franchise it's always that's
3236s always kind of a
3237s curious thought let's see
3240s pretty happy with the results of
3242s everspace shoes thus far and
3244s we hope you guys are too
3253s power cells okay
3257s I'm thinking that whatever we crack into
3259s the questions uh for this next round
3261s gonna be in a little bit what I'll do is
3263s as I'm answering questions I'll just go
3265s back through those example ships and
3268s show them off a little bit more in case
3270s anybody missed those or just wants to
3271s have another sneak peek
3273s [Music]
3275s all right
3278s complete this mission
3283s bring container 2 blank and Outlaw
3286s Outpost Andy I think we might
3288s I think we might need to add one more
3291s element to this I think we maybe
3295s didn't finalize this
3302s but uh I mean it said it shows that
3304s they're
3305s working as intended
3307s it's a little bit of language
3318s you never really know what you're going
3320s to get in these Dev streams do y'all
3321s we're working on so much stuff and we're
3323s excited to like tease you with
3324s information and you know it's
3327s not technically a stable build
3329s Ah that's great
3345s Michael says I highly doubt I have
3347s another Kickstarter in need to be honest
3350s that's fair actually that's fair yeah
3354s crowdfunding definitely helped us exist
3357s ever space one would not be alive
3360s Rockfish would not be alive without
3361s doing our crowdfunding through
3363s Kickstarter everspace 2 has been a huge
3365s Boon because of the kickstarter
3368s so we do appreciate everyone's support
3370s on that friend
3372s here's hoping that future projects will
3374s be entirely self-funded
3377s and then maybe we can make DLC for
3378s Content supported packages or something
3380s like I don't know whatever that's that's
3383s way out there guys let's uh there's not
3385s even a reason to speculate why would I
3386s bring that up oh that's a new uh that's
3388s a new enemy
3390s it's exciting
3392s sounds Christian you told me those don't
3393s unlock until uh level 10 or so
3397s guess we'll have another look at that
3398s teleport drum
3400s foreign
3403s those things are nasty
3406s this was not technically part of the
3409s reveals today but uh we're here we're
3411s right now it's fine it's great let's
3414s look at this outlaw teleport drone a
3416s little bit more
3419s [Music]
3422s where we are right there all right
3424s so let's just go have a quick Gander at
3426s him
3427s it is a completely new model
3429s something to be you know someone excited
3431s for I suppose
3433s a new drone type being used by The
3436s Outlaws this is the outlaw teleport
3439s drone
3443s what does it do you might ask well let's
3446s see if we can survive a little bit
3447s longer this time
3449s oh my gosh or maybe not
3453s see if we can clear out some of these
3455s foes oh gosh I think we are I think we
3457s are Connor
3458s there's two yeah there's too much in
3460s this area they are higher level and we
3462s are not prepared for this
3465s up
3468s you're not prepared for this
3474s that's a really good example of what it
3476s does though
3478s um so that's a benefit so basically the
3481s outlaw uh teleport drone
3484s moves you around
3487s it messes with you
3490s sound
3491s [Music]
3492s and it can be beneficial to you if you
3495s are in the right space or it can be
3497s absolutely horrendous the best way to
3500s deal with the teleport drone is by
3501s eliminating it as quickly as possible
3506s let's try this one more time
3513s yeah I think this Outpost is going to be
3515s a little too
3517s a little too much for us
3520s wow let's let's let's leave
3526s that is a nasty area
3530s yeah I mean the alt would help you're
3531s you're right I'm I'm looking over at the
3533s shop but just seeing how many sniper
3535s drones are there in conjunction to our
3537s level
3539s as well as I mean shoot look at our
3540s equipment we got we still have some
3542s level ones and twos we gotta refine
3544s ourselves a little bit more before we're
3545s gonna go up against something like that
3547s so we don't have to drop the job but we
3550s do need to explore some other locations
3552s first
3553s beyond that ship should be relatively
3555s easy to pull off and give us a nice
3557s little net gain of experience so let's
3559s do that
3559s [Music]
3561s let's do that
3567s there's not a black hole in the
3568s background if you think you see one it
3570s is it's not a black hole there are
3573s there's a planet
3576s black holes did exist in Aerospace one
3578s they are not 100 something that's going
3582s to be available for everspace two in
3585s terms of the gameplay experience
3587s probably
3589s but we can hope you can be hopeful we'll
3591s see
3593s environmental effects uh I mean we're
3595s not strangers tools
3601s missing a distress call yeah goodness
3604s sorry wall charger should we go back is
3606s that
3609s foreign
3623s [Music]
3626s this must be the freighter mentioned in
3628s the log entry
3640s now as of right now because we picked up
3642s this Undead ship
3647s [Music]
3652s dang it all right
3655s uh but this is a level two mission
3660s this Mission will remain at level two
3662s for the entire game
3663s until
3666s specific events occur
3671s damn so we could technically just not do
3674s this and wait until we reach another
3676s part in the game and then it will level
3677s up and the rewards from this Mission
3679s would in fact increase as well but I'm
3682s looking to just get a little more
3684s experience and this is going to be like
3685s easy mode and that's that's what we're
3688s gonna do that's how we're gonna do it
3693s I just have to remember how to enter
3694s this place there it is
3705s still pumping
3710s oh come here come here
3713s go away thank you
3721s all right where were we
3728s power core dispensers anytime you see an
3731s unstable power core it's explosive which
3735s means if you do something silly like Ram
3737s into a wall it will explode
3742s these are different from standard power
3744s cores which do not explode
3747s and generally have a specific socket you
3749s need to be plugging them into
3751s all right we got a marksman Umbra and an
3755s ooh all right that's I like I like that
3758s we're just gonna dismantle it
3760s yeah I agree that feels good
3769s [Music]
3773s level up all right that feels feels good
3776s that means we can start making more
3777s progress
3783s I'm a little nervous to going back to
3785s that level seven location most
3796s hours
3798s all right let's stop at Union Bridge
3800s here for some repairs oh my gosh that's
3803s so weird I almost never stopped for
3804s repairs
3806s thank you
3808s [Music]
3810s I could use my Nanobots
3812s do we have more no we only have the two
3814s I want to hang on to those for in the
3816s moment
3817s all the setup they have here
3827s somehow I missed the warp gate off in
3828s the distance
3832s [Music]
3839s foreign
3846s it's nice that's actually that's good
3850s that's good
3853s all right we're gonna dock at this base
3854s I'm gonna repair We're Gonna Save I'm
3857s gonna answer some more questions and
3859s while I'm doing so we're gonna highlight
3860s some more of those beautiful ships cycle
3864s back around it should be nice so what
3868s can I do for you yeah
3870s repairing the ship Gonna Save geek bite
3872s let's go ahead and start answering some
3874s questions
3876s right we we have a question from glory
3878s on Twitch
3880s um will there save Styles say it five or
3883s will we get more
3887s oh the Styles the there's the original
3889s style and then there's the four custom
3891s Styles now remember the four custom
3892s styles are for each ship it's not for
3896s all of your ships so I know that
3898s sometimes that can feel a little bit
3900s um
3902s got to be careful here because I can't
3903s show you all the things yet but um for
3906s each one of these each one of these
3909s this is bound to this particular ship
3911s when you purchase a new one it does
3913s carry over the Styles you had from The
3915s Last Ship to the new one however
3918s they're completely separate from each
3920s other so if you take your second ship
3921s and you completely change around the
3923s styles that you have for each of your
3925s vessels and look at those beautiful
3926s Wings right look at those beautiful
3928s wings
3929s um if you completely change around the
3930s styles for your second chip and then you
3931s go back to your first one you didn't
3933s just update the styles for your first
3934s ship either because they're gonna remain
3937s that same four different custom styles
3939s that you have now there's also space
3942s down here okay it almost looks like it's
3946s completely uh
3948s um missing something
3951s uh I I shouldn't tease that because
3953s we're not 100 sure how that's going to
3956s be finalized but it is likely that we
3959s are going to have a little bit of a
3961s transformation on this front
3963s so we'll see what happens we are very
3967s happy with having four specific custom
3970s slots for each ship so do know that it's
3975s not likely we'll have more custom style
3978s slots but
3981s we'll see all right next question please
3984s uh random over on YouTube would like to
3988s know will there be a colorless
3989s transparent window tint among the new
3991s window colors
3998s um
3999s you know that
4002s is an interesting request
4004s you'll just have to wait out and see
4006s what color options that we have for you
4008s we uh we don't want to have anything
4011s that looks
4013s off-putting or weird I'll say that
4018s [Music]
4022s I know it's kind of like a he didn't
4024s answer the question so I can be hopeful
4026s you can be hopeful
4028s um but yeah I can't can't really get too
4031s just more descriptive things
4035s [Music]
4040s just all of a sudden everybody's
4041s thinking all of a sudden of course of
4043s course right super Scrapper on Twitch is
4046s after is there any way to implement some
4049s kind of priority targeting system where
4052s the ship always targets specific enemies
4054s first uh also is there any way of doing
4056s Target the closest enemy there is a way
4060s to Target closest enemy it is not bound
4061s by default
4064s um you have options here right here
4067s where you have the lock Target lock
4068s closest Target locked next on-screen
4070s enemy lock previous on-screen enemy lock
4072s next previous on-screen enemy access
4075s um lots of different options that you
4076s can kind of customize and mess around
4077s with to get to your liking on that front
4080s because we've had a lot of people
4081s um asking about this it is not something
4083s that we are going to enable by default
4085s this is in the similar vein of the
4087s inertial dampeners we have a particular
4089s way that we want the game to be played
4091s especially for the controller okay so if
4095s you want to mix things up and go your
4098s own Direction though that's where that
4099s you can find those particular elements
4101s uh the first part of that question read
4103s it one more time because I think this
4105s there's a difference between that part
4106s in this it's the
4110s Jake bite if you could read the start of
4111s that question one more time
4113s uh is there any way to implement some
4115s kind of priority targeting system okay
4118s yeah always Target specific enemy types
4120s right so you're wanting specific enemy
4122s type selected we we don't have that
4124s functionality and that's not planned
4126s um that's a that is a clever idea but
4127s that is not that is not one that we have
4129s planned uh to add in here
4132s but we do have these options for the
4134s closest Target next on screen preview is
4136s on screen and next on-screen inmate
4138s access
4139s okay
4141s right
4144s I have another question and this time
4147s from YouTube uh from Finns okay we hear
4150s black holes and not a promise but are
4151s there any plans considerations about
4153s white holes I.E object repulsing big
4156s white thingies that was verbatim that
4158s was oh yeah I got you yeah I know I mean
4160s we are definitely familiar with white
4161s holes as well but I think that if we
4164s were in the direction of white holes
4165s then it would start we'd we'd start
4167s having individuals kind of go well wait
4169s they have white holes so where are the
4170s black holes it's one of those things
4172s where it would be hard to go in One
4173s Direction and not the other one and I
4176s think jumping to white holes is a little
4179s bit too far of a leap in this particular
4181s case if we were to go into an
4183s environmental Direction the black hole
4185s would absolutely be first I feel uh with
4188s a possible white hole situation beyond
4191s that should the prior be satisfied but
4195s again this is environmental uh danger
4199s elements stuff which is currently I mean
4202s it's not planned okay guys it says this
4205s is not something that we are really
4207s wanting to crack into and doing too much
4209s we're very happy with the results of the
4210s handcrafted environment so I want that
4212s expectation to come back down I know you
4216s had that in everspace one but this is a
4218s different genre there's different
4219s elements uh bringing it all together uh
4222s and we are moving away from certain
4224s directions so
4227s let's let's hone that in just a little
4228s bit that's all I ask all I ask
4231s [Music]
4233s excellent right uh Bill Farson has a
4235s question I think we've touched on it
4237s before regarding the Codex for every
4239s space too now and all there has been
4241s some changes so maybe some people have
4243s missed the changes that we've got
4245s now if you could show that
4247s yeah so we cleaned up the Codex uh in a
4250s way to where we now have four slots
4252s Consolidated information this does not
4254s mean we took those four slots that were
4255s there previously it's on screw you get
4258s out of here get lost no no we took that
4260s we Consolidated it down we felt that
4262s looking at the screen with too many
4263s buttons was uh not it wasn't it wasn't
4265s good it wasn't pleasant it was not
4267s delightful and
4269s um even though this also wasn't
4270s something I was technically going to
4272s show I am going to go ahead and click on
4273s this guides and tutorials just to give
4274s you a little bit of a taste as to how
4276s this is being composed this is
4278s completely work in progress I just want
4281s you to show I just want to show this so
4282s that you can kind of get a little bit of
4283s a sense of it and of course I'm showing
4285s you the most basic one that you probably
4287s know what it looks like already but
4288s still it's something okay be happy I
4291s love you so when you go into something
4292s like this you see all of those tool tips
4295s that you received through the guides and
4297s tutorials
4298s once again you get the image you get the
4300s information so if you had like
4302s accidentally clicked on something and
4303s you just completely bypassed it you can
4305s find all of that here it says 11 out of
4307s 11. that could change okay just letting
4310s you all know that
4313s for this other stuff I'm not getting
4315s into it I'm not opening it please don't
4317s ask not gonna happen but again we do
4320s want to provide all of that rich
4321s beautiful information and detail into
4324s this world that we have created uh and a
4327s somewhat similar way that you see from
4329s the everspace 1 codex this uh is
4333s technically not play I don't think we've
4336s actually officially said we are doing
4338s the Codex even though I'm clearly
4340s showing you
4341s um because the last time we had a chat
4343s uh in this live stream sincerely we uh
4347s we had to say that we it was probably
4350s not going to happen
4352s um obviously some things have changed so
4354s I'm hopeful that we'll be able to
4356s deliver a codex to you all with some
4359s nice information to bring all that rich
4362s lore together
4363s [Music]
4366s indeed
4367s um would you be able to show some more
4369s of the customization again
4371s um because I think some people just
4373s dropped in not on these particular ships
4376s uh because it has all the work and
4379s progress stuff but I am happy to go back
4381s to my very limited
4384s save file that can show you just like
4386s the basics of what things look like yeah
4388s um
4389s yeah otherwise I am flying with some
4392s customized Styles here so you can kind
4394s of see uh new engines and cockpits in
4397s conjunction with uh themed Styles the
4400s themed being that they are reminiscent
4403s of the everspace one ship skins through
4405s the DLC
4407s I'm just getting a little bit of a
4409s glance at that next question please
4412s uh shreem on Twitch uh is asking a bit
4415s of a technical question to get regarding
4417s the sentinel's ultimate and does the
4419s sentinel's ultimate damage Scale based
4421s off the weapon equipped or does it do
4423s flat energy kinetic damage
4426s [Music]
4429s I read that question one more time
4431s I want to make sure that I heard that
4433s correctly
4434s oh yeah the the does the sentinel's
4437s ultimate damage Scale based off the
4439s weapon equipped or does it do a flat
4442s energy kinetic damage it's flat yeah
4444s it's flat
4446s okay
4447s [Laughter]
4450s oh my gosh there's there's like some
4453s particular rules inside of the game that
4456s like we had to like make some decisive
4459s directions as to what's kind of
4461s benefiting other values and what's not
4463s because some of those values that do
4465s enhance others
4467s completely break the game and in the
4469s realm of ultimates we have to be very
4472s careful in fact if you've been a part of
4474s the Early Access ride you'll know that
4476s we used to have some rather broken
4478s ultimates because of values being
4481s included as well as other problems like
4483s the ability to chain them into
4484s themselves but I digress so yeah that is
4488s a flat damage yes
4492s oh man I like this engine combination
4494s personally I like this one a lot with
4496s the ship so that is nice next question
4499s right uh T3 Cube was asked uh and
4502s Michael has responded to this one
4503s directly so I'll read that as well
4505s looking into the final stretch our
4507s movable ship parts on the horizon
4509s anywhere or is it not even on the list
4511s of nice to have due to the time evolved
4513s to create animations for each model uh
4515s Michael did say it's not happening due
4517s to our modular player ship design having
4519s animations will be a pain for very uh
4521s various technical reasons yeah yeah and
4524s that's that yep
4526s that's exactly it that's exactly it
4531s can't say fairer than that right last
4534s question for the time being from Wizard
4536s Jerry over on YouTube uh about the ship
4538s modules customization in 1.0 if I'm
4540s piloting a tier four ship will it be
4543s possible if I can change my wings to a
4546s tier 2 style
4551s can we can we tell him Michael I'm just
4561s well okay look look so if Michael answer
4564s is awesome if not just know that we want
4566s you guys to have the styles that you
4569s want in your shows right like this is
4570s kind of your non-answer here
4572s um you know we've talked about this
4573s transmog and the enjoyment Factor
4576s thereof and if you really like a certain
4578s Wing type then you know we want to do
4580s our best to allow you to have access
4582s into that so
4584s um it's a possibility
4588s Michael
4589s [Laughter]
4593s oh gosh and tiptoeing around rules fun
4597s oh goodness
4601s we'll share more about transmogging
4603s closer to the 1.0 release thank you for
4606s your feedback it is very important to us
4612s beautiful
4614s it's a great question it's a great
4616s question I really like these engines by
4617s the way the the green and the light
4619s comes together so well oh
4623s and uh also through all of this I I want
4626s to give a massive shout out to Marco by
4628s the way he is one of our lead technical
4631s uh designer engineer developer
4635s what is his official title dang it he's
4636s just he's a wizard okay that's honestly
4638s what it comes down to and when he came
4641s up with a lot of the just the
4643s demonstration colors of what I'm showing
4645s you today he literally just went and was
4647s like okay I'm just gonna pick some
4649s random stuff and just through his
4651s his massive brain over there I was just
4654s like all right color selection this
4655s works this works this works Bam Bam boot
4657s about a beam and just knocked it out of
4660s the park with just examples examples of
4663s colors
4664s a good chance most of these will be
4665s approved and in the game but what you
4668s are technically seeing is placeholder
4670s it's work in progress so pretty awesome
4672s lead artist oh my gosh
4677s guys I know the team super well wow
4680s that's embarrassing thank you for that
4682s correction Michael I'll make sure that I
4684s apologize to Marco after the stream all
4686s right
4687s let's um let's get back to the save that
4691s was the last question right last
4692s question it wasn't dead yet okay so I
4695s lied I don't want to get back in and
4696s save I want to crack into some Community
4699s Centric stuff
4701s um so what I'm going to do in order to
4704s finalize one of the questions which was
4706s just seeing the customization within the
4708s game I'm going to show this really quick
4710s and then I'm gonna go in that direction
4713s we're going to focus in on the community
4714s so as a follow-up to that question
4715s pertaining to like what this
4717s customization looks like now you can
4719s kind of see how things have been
4720s adjusted a little bit and also whenever
4722s you are navigating your emissive lights
4724s the color surrounding the ship falls so
4728s that you can have a better sense of
4729s where those emissives are coming from
4730s obviously lesser tiered ships like tier
4733s ones don't have as many emissives coming
4735s off of them
4737s that only increases with more
4739s and then window tints we have two
4742s starting colors we have the standard
4745s baby blue as well as the notoriously
4749s titled yellow one
4752s those are your two options to start and
4754s then engine colors you'll be able also
4756s light dimms here so you can see where
4758s those are coming from and it does toggle
4760s the engines on so you can get a sense of
4762s how it looks
4764s you'll be able to adjust your main
4765s engine colors normally the main Thruster
4769s is uh orange and the main boost is blue
4773s let's cycle those around I think I
4775s thought I was going to do that and then
4777s I forgot to
4778s and then you can also change your
4780s lateral thrusters those are the tiny
4782s lights whenever you are adjusting up
4783s down left to right
4786s and change that and there will be a pool
4788s of colors that all three of these are
4791s modified from similarly to how all three
4793s of these are modified from the same pool
4795s of colors as well
4797s all right so that's that's the follow-up
4799s on that front hopefully that satisfies
4802s the question
4804s so yeah we're going to take a real quick
4806s break then when I come back we're gonna
4809s dive into some Community elements the
4811s big thing that I truly want to talk
4813s about is the racing challenge
4816s oh my gosh
4819s um it should be fun it should be fun so
4821s stick around you don't want to miss it
4822s it's uh rather impressive I would say
4825s one second one second
4827s foreign
4841s [Music]
4847s [Music]
4857s [Music]
4862s [Applause]
4863s [Music]
4867s foreign
4869s [Music]
4886s [Music]
4909s oh
4911s oh goodness gravy
4913s I'm about getting situated real quick
4916s please take note of all the scrolling
4917s things on the screen
4919s [Music]
4921s most no other worthy ones we are we're
4924s pretty active over on the Discord and we
4926s are starting new Discord events so you
4928s guys know when things are going on
4930s definitely encourage you to join the fun
4932s over there we will be doing more
4934s Community contests and highlighting
4936s folks and all that fun stuff
4939s should be a good old time
4942s okay so I'm gonna do uh I'm gonna do
4945s something real quick
4946s just basically jump to this screen hello
4948s hello perfect
4949s so hopefully everything you can see here
4952s is is clear if not we'll zoom in a
4955s little bit but these are the official
4957s racing results for the recent Community
4961s challenge what we did is for the last
4963s two weeks we've had it to where you go
4966s racing and whoever had the fastest time
4969s following very specific rules which were
4972s you had to race within the latest
4975s version of everspace 2. you had to
4978s submit them
4980s um on the Discord with the screenshot
4982s and then send me your save files and you
4985s could use devices or any other
4987s Shenanigans so long as it was not a
4989s gimmick or an exploit those were the big
4991s three rules surrounding the whole uh
4995s elements we had a fight at the finish I
4998s think it was about uh maybe an hour or
4999s two at the conclusion of the whole thing
5002s and chadawi snuck in for a tremendous
5006s number of steals here
5008s which is going to zoom in here you can
5010s see but man I tell you what we had we
5013s had six individuals who were up for the
5016s race
5016s six individuals out of the whole
5018s community
5019s was not uh as large of a response as I
5023s was personally hoping for but you know
5024s what thank you to those six in fact
5027s because there were so few of you I have
5029s granted all of you the ace pilot roll if
5031s you didn't have it so yeah there you go
5033s you are Ace Pilots because of your
5035s participation in this particular
5037s challenge thank you for that here you
5039s can see scrap race chattahooie
5042s sneaking in these times again these were
5044s right at the end
5045s where we are singing uh some of some
5048s really healthy competition between Finns
5051s and random we also saw some competition
5053s from uh was it wizard Jerry I think also
5056s plugged in a little bit uh crispy muffin
5058s also you can see the whole uh details
5062s down here at the base where chatawi had
5064s nine first places in one second place we
5067s had fins with six second places and four
5071s third places random snuck in another one
5073s of those first places he had three
5076s second places and six third places
5079s crispy muffin was behind him wizard
5081s Jerry not too far behind we had some
5083s really healthy competition back there
5085s and human Aimbot he gave it his awe he
5087s was the first one to submit times what
5089s an absolute Legend really do appreciate
5092s your contribution seriously super
5094s fantastic now you're looking at some of
5096s these times and some of them are rather
5097s tight some of them are rather close to
5100s one another and some you're just like
5102s wait a second what how in the world can
5104s there be that much of a description so
5105s you look at border crossing and this
5107s thing was this thing was crazy we got
5109s random at 12 seconds we have chatawi
5112s with a little bit of a couple extra
5114s tenths of a second and then fins even a
5116s couple more like we had it's nuts it was
5119s nuts
5121s and through the evaluation of these you
5123s know we had to make sure that everything
5124s was all fine and fair and dandy so I do
5127s want to show you some videos that
5130s shadowy handed off to me and he said it
5132s was totally okay for me to share with
5135s this particular audience now keep in
5137s mind
5138s this is actually private videos of his
5141s ownership I'm showing you on his behest
5143s and on his approvals okay just given
5145s that sort of Legal Information out and
5148s uh yeah
5149s so jumping over here to this screen so
5152s that you can see as much of the glory as
5154s possible
5156s and without further Ado let's crack into
5159s uh whoops let's crack into scrap race
5164s and I'm gonna just kind of
5166s I'm gonna remove my face I want you guys
5168s to get the full effect I want you guys
5170s to get the full effects this is nuts all
5173s right
5174s here we go
5176s shadowy scrap race
5185s straight out of the starting point ball
5187s chance
5207s [Music]
5219s oh man
5221s [Applause]
5222s [Laughter]
5225s so it turns out handling is a rather
5227s important trait when it comes to racing
5230s want to see some more I've got some more
5233s to show because that was the first out
5236s of nine of his first places and I also
5238s want to point out that random still kept
5240s a first place Victory okay this is just
5244s one way to go about these races let's
5246s get into some more I'm just gonna vanish
5248s my face we're gonna keep going
5250s high voltage
5255s oh my gosh
5265s freaking Maurice barely had a chance to
5268s finish his comment Before the Race
5270s concluded
5272s he doesn't have any energy injectors
5274s he's not using them he doesn't need them
5276s okay guys just let's keep let's keep
5278s going try to eat you're ridiculous
5281s fantastic use of the rules oh my gosh
5285s racing from the dead
5287s check this one out
5299s [Music]
5307s oh
5312s let's keep going loophole loophole here
5315s we go oh my gosh
5324s just
5326s oh my gosh
5334s [Music]
5335s the fact that he like even tops it off
5338s with that teleport at the end what a
5339s cheeky way of saying yeah I still got
5341s this you think I'm gonna go slow now I'm
5343s maximizing the sucker like what what an
5346s impressive use of devices to capitalize
5350s on these races underground Raceway
5355s this one this I particularly enjoy this
5357s one here we go yeah lots of practice you
5359s can even see in the upper right like his
5361s previous records like you could tell
5364s that he was going through these races
5366s multiple times trying to finalize them
5368s all of these races that you are watching
5371s here every single one is from a new
5374s saved
5376s after the latest update okay so there's
5379s zero ability to even freaking tamper on
5382s these things there's no prior save data
5385s that's being pulled over so here's a fun
5387s one this one border crossing this one is
5391s actually uh he did not have first place
5393s here this is second place but he's still
5395s using the same techniques this is just
5398s one way to go about these techniques but
5400s random was actually faster than this not
5405s by much but just enough
5409s random was faster than that
5413s crazy
5416s crazy
5418s so just seeing this level of skill reach
5421s fruition using those devices and you
5423s know it's it's nuts let's keep going we
5426s got uh let's see race to Rock Bottom
5429s here oh goodness
5437s absolutely wild oh I see somebody's
5440s Counting about the circle he didn't go
5442s through the circle but it registered
5443s yeah there's a
5444s there's a unique hitbox there that has
5446s been employed through various techniques
5449s through our racing sort of challenges
5451s already that's
5453s so fast
5455s awkward roller coaster let's keep going
5461s I'm diesel look at him that cheeky
5466s teleport oh gosh
5475s imagine official racing tournaments
5477s after release that would be exciting
5478s yeah for all three people who'd want to
5480s do it
5482s oh man
5486s goodness if we if we could
5489s put emphasis into our racing to where we
5493s could get like a racing following
5494s surrounding it that I no doubt would be
5497s amazing but it's just it's not it was
5499s never the plan it was never the plan and
5502s the fact that gosh dang it of course
5503s currents is also beautiful the fact that
5506s we're seeing this level of skill
5509s and this side mission that we've been
5511s able to produce I mean thank you so much
5513s for everyone with your dedication to
5515s this
5516s holy crap like
5521s [Music]
5522s wow
5541s that teleport oh my gosh but man
5545s who absolutely nuts all right last one
5549s this is hell ride this is hell ride
5551s and again everything that you've seen
5554s here okay everything that you've seen
5556s there's no time fool or a foot you can
5558s see for yourself he's using that Fusion
5559s hook he's using expert controls using
5562s the handling of the Vanguard which has
5563s the best handling oh my gosh just
5567s maximizing that use of skill pounding
5570s away and some of those times they were
5572s pretty close to other people employing
5574s different tactics is incredible to see
5577s how everyone was diving in let's get
5578s into hell right here let's get into hell
5580s ride oh my goodness
5594s [Music]
5613s foreign
5620s like I don't know about you guys but
5622s like
5623s this race in and of itself it's such a
5628s it's a test of patience
5631s and the fact that he's blowing through
5633s this
5634s with these very specific moments of
5636s device use because he's got to make sure
5637s he's got that to use again right
5641s he's got to make sure it's charged he's
5642s not using any device charging
5644s consumables imagine what you could do if
5646s you paired it with that
5651s the fact that this is not a fully
5654s optimized race
5663s that ending though has that's
5665s questionable that's enough to finish
5667s Kate there I don't know about that
5671s shoot man I think on on that last race
5675s he beat my record by I don't know say
5676s something like a minute oh God
5682s absolutely wild absolutely crazy so um
5688s just a massive shout out sincerely
5691s um to shadowy he has absolutely earned
5694s the bragging rights
5696s um insane I do also want to give an
5700s appropriate shout out once again for all
5702s of our other Racers seriously every
5705s single one of you you took great care
5706s and attention and approaching those
5708s races and you rocked it no matter what
5711s your style was no matter what your skill
5713s level is at the fact that you came up
5715s and sent those submissions you were like
5718s dang it I'm gonna do this I don't care
5720s what other people are gonna think of me
5721s I'm gonna have some fun doing it you are
5723s rock stars in my book thank you so much
5725s and the skill employed to like
5727s especially our top three random fins
5730s shadowy sincerely you guys know what
5733s you're doing I know that you could
5734s optimize more I know that you can employ
5736s some incredibly cool new tricks along
5738s the way I do hope to see that in the
5741s future this was incredibly enjoyable to
5745s watch and I do think that we'll have
5747s more Community challenges in a similar
5749s vein as this
5751s for now let's go ahead and jump over to
5753s the fan art section first we got some
5756s pixel art that was made from the
5757s chemical bro after some pixel art the
5760s Rockfish logo that we saw last week was
5762s done so just uh it's interesting it's
5765s always kind of weird looking at your own
5767s face I feel like so you know it's it's
5770s nice it's fine we got geometry Prime
5772s over here showing this reflecting panel
5774s and some laser beams bouncing off of it
5776s it's pretty cool I should also slow down
5778s for a moment and allow geekbite if you
5780s would like to jump in and send us some
5782s questions while we are highlighting
5784s these screenshots from the community
5787s what if I had any people are just as
5790s they stop smacked with those times I'm
5792s not surprised honestly I'm not they
5794s haven't got over that yet
5796s I'm not surprised so
5799s uh very very good oh so yeah it's the
5803s the racing was absolutely wild like
5805s whenever I had I was speaking to him on
5807s the side because obviously I needed to
5809s you know ensure that there was no
5811s tampering because why would we have a
5813s challenge that was competitive that
5815s didn't do that that would be kind of
5816s ridiculous
5817s um you know he just casually sent them
5820s he was like oh here's here's the content
5822s that you're looking for no big deals
5824s dude
5825s but just sincerely um
5828s yeah very very impressed I just remember
5830s watching the first video and my just my
5832s my jaw just dropped to the floor I love
5835s it I love it and I do hope that those
5837s videos that I showed that revealed his
5840s techniques inspires some of you out
5842s there that have that competitive spirit
5844s because I do know that there are some
5845s very skillful Pilots out there
5847s who could do better that's right I said
5850s it I know that you could if you really
5852s devote the time and energy to it it
5854s could be amazing make sure you record it
5857s if you do I don't care if we're doing a
5859s challenge or not showing that crap on
5860s the Discord is going to get highlighted
5862s I don't care amazing amazing all right
5865s let's go let's go over to our next
5868s screenshot and as I'm going through
5869s these screenshots that I'm sharing from
5871s the community these all came from the
5872s Discord from last week to this week feel
5875s free to go ahead and ask any questions
5876s that you guys have uh formulate some
5878s discussions we can also revisit ship
5880s colors if we have enough time possibly
5882s maybe and uh yeah we'll just keep going
5886s on that front
5888s what a pleasant photo from flooring I
5891s don't know if Flory was intending this
5893s to be just like a super chill photo or
5896s not but it has captured all the elements
5898s of
5900s common down and
5902s clue in one's Jets after a ridiculous
5905s racing session I suppose
5908s environmental shots they
5910s I seriously just want to slap so many of
5912s these up on my wall it's crazy because
5913s like yeah there's super cool explosions
5916s and spaceship models and blah blah blah
5917s just that and the other thing yeah I
5918s mean our team's done a fantastic job
5920s whatever but the environmental design
5923s like I just I love being invested in
5927s this world space that's been
5929s created just I just want to go explore
5931s in it and I think that this shot by
5934s flori has captured the home-based
5936s territory incredibly well on that front
5938s just
5940s begs me to go in there and find the
5942s things that are hiding
5944s feels really good
5945s [Laughter]
5949s all right yeah that's definitely a
5950s background screenshot for sure
5951s absolutely the number of screenshots
5953s that I have taken from you guys I I
5955s should probably clear out my folder I
5956s think it's
5957s I don't think it's out of terabyte yet
5959s but it's it's there's a there's a lot in
5961s it
5963s all right next photo
5966s we got from Bill Farson who was having a
5969s bit of fun uh with lining up his ship in
5972s various shots and uh it's clever that's
5974s clever I like that
5976s Boop in the nose he's a bill fasten yeah
5978s that's the whole question from him oh
5980s perfect well let's have the question for
5982s Bill Farson as we're looking at Bill
5983s farson's truck let's do it uh on the map
5985s he noticed some planet names and he's
5988s asking what they are Kosh and mokosh uh
5992s yeah so we are they're gonna be a couple
5994s more adjustments improvements and
5995s additions to the map
5997s um which you may or may not have caught
5998s I wasn't probably being as careful as I
6001s should have been when I was on that
6002s screen but
6003s um oops Yeah there's just more stuff on
6005s that for I mean it's not it's nothing
6006s too crazy revealing Michael please don't
6008s fire me it's it's more just along the
6010s lines of you know there's going to be
6012s more like we we have this expansive
6014s world and yeah the planets do in fact
6016s have names like it's been uh it's been
6018s explored by deep space uh Colonials way
6022s back before the wars and through that
6024s exploration and naming conventions and
6026s everything they butted up against the
6027s okar who also have their naming
6029s conventions for certain territories and
6031s you know after the trees were made you
6032s know it's it's been a very long time in
6035s this space in the DMZ and there's a lot
6037s of stuff that has been explored and
6039s appropriately named accordingly so
6042s there's also some territories that are
6044s still left unexplored or intentionally
6046s left unexplored as well maybe we'll run
6049s into some of those I don't know
6052s that's great
6055s but with all sincerity yeah there's more
6057s stuff on the map names all that stuff
6060s you'll get more of that delicious lore
6062s when it's done
6065s it all comes to go
6068s excellent next shot comes from dawn of
6072s will I'm trying to remember the naming
6075s convention he applied to this one
6078s but the long and the short of it is that
6080s that drone carrier was very brave
6083s sneaking into that pipe and then
6084s performing that maneuver this reminds me
6086s of that scene in Austin Powers
6093s try to turn that guy oh my gosh that's
6098s what this reminds me of that drone care
6099s it's all automated right so it's just
6101s like trying to like
6103s slowly turn around or so oh my gosh
6108s great capture I love it I dig it
6111s wonderful shot donovo I approve
6117s very nice and then get stuck yeah
6120s exactly exactly or in the case of this
6122s one in the end just gets blown the heck
6123s up because it can't get out of there oh
6126s my gosh
6132s all right this next shot comes from Wild
6134s charger which we've had some we've had
6137s some uh some questions from I think in
6140s the chat yes uh had some conversation at
6143s least
6143s and this comes from everspace one
6145s um and I love the way that this creature
6149s this is in fact a creature
6151s looks whenever you're just examining the
6155s space that it's surrounding this is a
6159s it's like an ice Crystal creeper I can't
6161s remember the official naming conventions
6163s we have but it is in fact a living
6165s entity that infests inside of certain
6169s materials and in this case it is ice
6172s droids there are a certain number of
6174s them that you can find in the randomly
6176s generated spaces of everspace one and
6178s you have to scan them for maester throng
6181s for a side mission that he puts you on
6184s so pretty pretty neat pretty fun
6189s foreign
6193s otherwise I do like the composition as a
6194s whole it's just it's very pleasant very
6196s pleasant good framing stuff
6199s we got this shot from Kaza which is a
6201s more recent one and dang man sick bling
6204s what in the world
6206s I I remember a long long time ago where
6209s I was decking out certain ship designs
6212s where I had like the um silver Scout the
6216s golden gunship the what else did I have
6219s oh my gosh
6222s amethyst Interceptor it's been so long
6225s but man this like takes me back and it
6229s looks sick dude that's awesome I don't
6231s even know if that's actually gold I
6233s think that's just white but there's so
6236s many of these missiles that are flying
6238s by with that yellow glow it makes it
6240s look gold that's awesome that's really
6243s cool maybe it was the Scarlet Sky I
6244s can't remember spoon I think I think
6246s you're right though I think you're right
6247s I had a lot of fun with creating those
6249s different uh Styles and looks but yeah
6251s that that is a very smooth looking show
6253s like that's that looks like a um
6256s that looks like the ship of like a
6258s royalty right there that's that's weird
6262s to say but it comes across very clean
6264s nice shot
6266s very nice shot
6271s and then we have oh I see I actually see
6273s a question I want to answer this really
6275s quick from Junior panchiati
6281s I'm probably mispronouncing that but
6283s it's why do you get any loot from
6285s destroying an okar frigate
6287s um there aren't frigates in everspace
6289s too and you should absolutely be getting
6290s loot from Oak our frigates and other
6292s space one that being said if you're
6294s referring to the okar in General within
6296s ever Space 2 it is because we do not
6298s want to have them be farmable because
6302s they're meant to be the protectors in
6304s the territories of the DMZ
6306s so if you were just constantly engaging
6308s them and destroying them and then more
6309s were warping in you would effectively be
6310s able to
6311s endlessly collect Loot and our solution
6314s to working around that was disabling the
6317s loot drops that's that's really what it
6319s comes down to so yeah that's all that's
6322s all next shot comes from dawn of will I
6325s think there he was kind of going through
6327s a different number of shots pertaining
6329s to like bombing runs Maybe
6332s and man just looking at this shot it
6335s makes me oh I'm so excited for when you
6337s do inevitably get your hands on warship
6339s customization because I know it's gonna
6341s go through the roof and all of these
6343s customized shots and the glows and
6346s I'm already I'm already envisioning it
6348s even though we are uh you know still got
6351s some time in this home stretch
6353s but my goodness definitely enjoying the
6356s way that he's coming down and just the
6359s destruction the thorough destruction of
6360s this base
6362s looks good this is a preset ship
6367s it's clean I like it
6369s I do like seeing your customized ships
6372s however much like this one that's
6375s provided by random in fact this is the
6377s racing Striker
6380s that random used to grab that number one
6383s trophy as well as a slew of the other
6387s trophies that he had collected the
6389s several second and multiple thirds and
6392s yeah this is the way that he stylized it
6394s lots of yellow glows from those
6395s emissives
6396s nice clean red white blue
6402s colorations
6404s bringing it all together
6406s good stuff
6414s I'm not missing any questions am I I'm
6416s just I'm looking over it I'm
6418s seeing some discussions lion no no
6421s questions are coming in all right just
6423s making sure
6426s I was actually going to ask the various
6428s chats actually with the customizations
6429s that they've seen and obviously the
6431s potential the transmogification coming
6433s up how many hours do they think they're
6435s going to spend colorizing and swapping
6438s out parts I mean I don't know I
6441s don't know how many of you guys have
6442s like
6443s there are so many different mindsets
6445s when you're playing video games right
6446s for for me I'm one of those guys
6448s whenever I'm diving into an RPG it's
6450s like you have the Character Creator I
6452s will spend half of my total time with
6455s the entire game in the Character Creator
6458s versus the time that I spend playing the
6460s game like at the end of the the end of
6462s all of being said and done I'll have
6464s created thousands of characters and all
6467s these varied ways and then I'll have
6469s played the game successfully if you're
6470s like five of those characters
6473s this is what I do I love character
6476s creation and so for me that's going to
6478s be a no-brainer but yeah I mean it's I'm
6481s curious how you guys are gonna like
6482s enter into that I can I foresee a lot of
6485s time and dedication to going into these
6487s details especially when we have more to
6489s talk about and it's it's gonna be yeah
6492s it's gonna be a lot of fun this shot by
6493s the way comes from Kaza and I don't
6497s think this one was employing any sort of
6500s adjustments I think this is a natural
6502s shot inside using the um uh the time the
6507s the the time magnification effects if
6512s I'm not mistaken is that right Kaza or
6514s did you touch this up a little bit
6515s either way I'm not gonna like
6518s I'm not gonna be upset with you I think
6519s it's a fantastic shot I love the way
6521s that you've neutralize the colors and
6523s the contrast is very pleasant here
6526s it's very good
6530s build fastened is there any plans to
6532s make a video or something which will
6535s show the cut scenes of the colonial ocal
6537s war or lore in detail that could be kind
6541s of fun but we do have that represented
6543s partially in Aerospace one already
6545s um so yeah I mean there's not
6547s necessarily any plans to do that but
6550s even still mine my answering of that
6553s saying there's not really any plans
6554s that's already kind of giving you too
6556s much information if I'm being completely
6557s honest all right because there's a lot
6560s of elements of the lore that we haven't
6562s quite revealed yet and the World
6565s building is still going to be expanded
6566s even further you're going to see some of
6568s those elements within the Codex you're
6569s going to see some very strong
6570s referential and in some cases probably
6572s like direct information that you would
6574s have read from everspace one pulled over
6576s into everspace two because we want
6578s everything to be that cohesive whole
6580s everything's in that world existing
6582s together we don't want there to be any
6585s wonky sort of well this happened in
6587s everspace one so why is it like that in
6588s every space too like we we do have a lot
6591s of EX lore explanations as to how all of
6593s that's bridging over and pertaining to
6595s the okar Colonial conflict and how all
6598s that stuff went down and the referencing
6599s back we do feel that it was very
6601s appropriate how we've done that through
6603s the everspace one clone
6606s thoughts of his clone father spoiler
6609s and there's not necessarily A need to
6612s revisit that in everspace too based on
6614s its particular story so if you want the
6618s whole Gambit of the story and the world
6621s and the characters and everything that's
6622s gone on in the Aerospace Universe I mean
6625s I implore you to purchase everspace one
6626s and DLC to get as much of it as you
6629s possibly can otherwise the main focal
6633s points of the story the lore the world
6635s all type stuff in every space too it's a
6636s continuation thereof but it's going to
6638s bridge into new territories into new
6641s unfolding events and actions so yeah
6645s that was a lot that was a sh there's
6647s tons of information so but yeah
6650s hopefully that makes sense
6652s um and
6653s yeah there you go there you go I also
6656s think that there's been a pretty good
6657s job of a timeline creation by grindel
6660s who is our Wiki Mastermind effectively
6663s over on the Aerospace Wiki there's a
6665s there's a timeline of events that you
6667s can sneak into there and the last time I
6670s checked it it was so accurate I may even
6674s have brought the attention of it to the
6676s team to ensure that it was not going to
6679s accidentally get
6680s adjusted or changed or misaligned with
6683s the offense of everspace too so kudos to
6686s you grindel for keeping us in check
6688s wonderful
6690s all right well this was the last photo
6692s that I did have by the way so we ended
6694s up having a little bit of time left
6697s um but I do think there's a couple other
6699s little details that I can kind of point
6701s out
6702s um just because we started it with the
6705s the opening of the Stream
6707s I had kind of gone through and said hey
6709s you know we got some sort of these
6711s logistical things you've probably
6712s noticed some moves on the pr side of
6716s Rockfish okay and we have had a couple
6718s of wonderful new directions that have
6721s pushed us into New Opportunities and we
6723s want to make sure that you guys are in
6725s the loop of all of that so I'm not gonna
6727s sit here and tell you all of our plans
6729s because I can't that would be rather
6731s dumb of me to do but what I can tell you
6734s is that elements like Discord events we
6736s are going to be capitalizing on so you
6738s are in the know of when we are
6741s establishing key moments and reveals and
6744s all of those elements so that you can
6746s get to that information as soon as
6748s possible what that means for you is that
6751s it's no longer going to be like these
6752s shadow drop moments where you weren't
6754s anticipating anything and all of a
6756s sudden oh all right okay I missed it and
6759s now it's here it's much more going to be
6761s in line of saying instead of an
6763s announcement for an announcement it's
6764s going to be hey we have an announcement
6766s at this time
6767s come join us that's what it's going to
6770s look like all right
6771s so we will have a pretty pretty decent
6775s amount of information to share with you
6776s soon I know a lot of you guys are
6777s anticipating a trailer for example uh
6780s based on some information that we shared
6783s it's a Monday I think it was Monday we
6785s we had that little teaser of the
6788s beginning of the trailer
6789s and we've also mentioned that you know
6791s we'll have a release date soon and
6796s through that we said that we've been in
6798s development for five years Early Access
6800s two years and then we will be sharing
6802s that release date information in the
6804s trailer in a week so a week
6808s it was posted on Monday that means next
6810s week
6812s that's that's how that works right
6815s that's how that works
6816s Dax
6818s that body we just found
6821s and I saw it it felt like that was still
6823s me in there
6830s so yeah
6833s I hope that you're looking forward to it
6837s should be a good discussion
6838s good time to chat about things
6841s when the stream does conclude here today
6843s I will be making a Discord event that
6846s tells you the exact time
6849s we will be delivering this trailer
6853s cool so you won't miss it the second it
6855s goes live you will know about it you'll
6857s be able to dive in we're going to have a
6858s really good time together
6860s um I'm thinking about maybe as soon as I
6863s might join like a Discord chat session
6865s maybe don't know if that's going to be
6868s the best thing that's going to work out
6869s but um you know either way we will be in
6872s the Discord we'll be able to chat with
6873s you guys uh whenever all the stuff
6875s happen per usual of course and otherwise
6879s we are really looking forward to sharing
6881s a lot of information with you and
6883s helping you reach this 1.0 Adventure
6886s through your fantastic feedback and
6889s support it's been such a wild ride and
6893s oh my gosh goodness gravy
6898s it's uh dang near emotional so
6902s shoot
6903s man I guess I guess I started the
6905s community segment a little too early oh
6906s my gosh we have like nine minutes left
6908s but all the more reason to engage with
6911s you answer your questions and hang out
6912s guys did you did you have some questions
6915s you want to see anything specific I can
6917s I can roll back the tapes we can we can
6919s have a jolly old time here we got eight
6922s solid minutes together
6923s how are you doing
6925s how'd the cutscene and vo work
6927s progressing oh it's going great it's
6929s going great alien pickle it really is
6931s the the cutscenes have been getting a
6933s lot of improvements and tweaks and
6934s modifications the vios really been
6936s coming together
6938s um and that also includes like the
6939s German vo we will have both English and
6941s German voice over for the entirety of
6944s the game localization uh goodness gravy
6947s the it's yeah it's it really is coming
6949s together we're really happy with how the
6951s cutscenes are being employed and handled
6954s as well as a as well as as new things
6959s so as well as the more
6962s so very very good stuff
6964s [Laughter]
6965s what day is Monday on the Rockfish
6967s calendar versus the Earth calendar oh my
6969s gosh it's it's Monday guys it's not this
6972s this is not an illusion three more days
6975s thank you guys
6979s how are you doing oh I'm great my throat
6981s has been awful the last several weeks
6984s but you know what I persevere I've been
6987s pounding this uh what's it called it's
6989s uh hang on a second let me
6991s read this it's called traditional
6994s medicinals oh it's not listed on here
6996s it's like a throat coat sort of it's
6999s kind of like tea except it tastes like
7001s garbage
7002s but
7004s it helps your throat it helps to be able
7007s to talk and
7008s oh yeah invisible cup I just green you
7011s know cheers very good
7015s but it's good is it gonna be a Premiere
7017s no uh sniper nln I love I love that
7020s thought it is not going to be a Premiere
7021s so but that that might be something we
7024s do in the future might can't guarantee
7026s it we do have very specific processes
7028s that we handle internally with Rockfish
7030s and we don't want to jump the gun on any
7034s elements that don't need to be or would
7036s put us in a pickle that wouldn't make
7038s any sense so this is kind of like a slow
7040s movement into making you guys even more
7043s informed and bringing you into this
7045s space of knowing when things are
7047s happening so it's exciting it's a lot of
7049s fun
7050s it's it's it's pretty good
7053s so yeah
7055s seeing a couple more questions how is
7057s the atmosphere in the studio is everyone
7059s nervous last minute crunch Etc we don't
7061s Crunch at Rockfish uh helenth we we
7063s really don't like I'm saying that
7065s sincerely like yes we have a lot of
7067s tasks that we still need to do we do
7070s sincerely
7072s um and we're working on as many as we
7073s can there are this is like that element
7076s of like what has to happen by 1.0 it's
7079s going to make it obviously like promises
7080s for example then we also have those
7082s things that would be nice to have and
7083s then there's those things that we do
7084s have to drop maybe they'll come back in
7086s a DLC maybe not just there's a lot that
7089s has to uh come into play there but we
7091s are not going to drive our employees
7093s into the ground and say no you can't
7095s hang out with your children come into
7097s work damn it and finish this concept no
7098s that's that's not that's not gonna
7100s happen that's not how we work that is
7102s not how we work so
7104s um
7105s yeah in fact if
7108s if Michael knew how much my throat's
7110s been in pain the last couple of weeks he
7111s probably would ask gate bike to stream
7113s instead
7116s but I digress oh I am I'm plowing
7119s through this because I love you guys and
7121s this is honestly a highlight of my week
7122s so no worries no worries
7126s um I'm missing a couple questions keep
7127s right did you grab one
7129s uh um beta frog was just wondering
7132s because you got on your ticker uh going
7134s through with regarding the reunification
7136s projects He was just wondering about any
7138s blur oh yeah so fun fact I actually have
7142s talked about this Earthen uh
7144s reunification project before what
7147s um yeah and it's technically unofficial
7150s it's not approved by UVA
7154s but basically I think it works I'm just
7156s gonna explain it to you I made the
7158s Marquee in the bottom so deal basically
7162s um whenever the Colonials moved into the
7164s belter grades like they sent uh you know
7166s exploring parties and whatnot and some
7168s of those made a back some of them didn't
7170s obviously then they sent on the
7172s colonialization of the Belta Graves and
7175s when that happened they encountered the
7177s okar everything kind of went crazy and
7179s so then they had diplomats and
7181s everything the expanse between Soul
7184s earth right which does exist within our
7187s universe and the belt grades is it's a
7190s very long distance okay very massive
7193s spam it is not something that you can
7195s just travel in a couple minutes via
7197s super light or warp gate Technologies it
7199s has a very highly Advanced Technologies
7201s in order to bring those groups over and
7205s it probably has to do a bit with cryo
7207s sleep as well but long story short to
7209s cut to the chase
7211s during the wars during the okar colonial
7213s conflict the colonos were like oh crap
7216s we don't want these guys to go back to
7218s Earth so the warp gate was destroyed
7221s gone severed the connection back to
7223s Earth can't get back there anymore
7226s no longer there so the signal would
7228s still be you know out there technically
7230s if it's still on the side of Earth but
7232s in the belt grades no longer exist it's
7235s gone
7236s completely severed can't get back to
7238s Earth now that being said after the war
7241s events they were like oh hey maybe we
7243s should reconnect this now that things
7244s have you know calms down and everything
7245s so they've created a new warp gate have
7248s been sending a signal to reconnect and
7250s it hasn't been it's not it's not
7253s connecting the warp gates back online
7255s but the Earthen reunification project is
7258s a no-go it's it's there's nothing out
7260s there to connect to so that's uh that's
7263s my lore and I'm sticking to it I think
7265s it sounds awesome UVA please approve it
7267s and uh
7272s oh man Michael's probably listening to
7275s all this be like okay either he's
7276s brilliant or he's absolutely ridiculous
7284s but uh I digress I digress we don't have
7287s any sort of uh components from Earth
7290s coming over into the belt grades anymore
7293s through any of our timelines that we've
7295s established like everything that's
7296s happening in the belter grades it's all
7298s concentrated it's all it in and of
7301s itself happening here so there is that
7304s and uh it's important to note that
7306s because yeah it's that's just how it is
7309s all of the colonial militarized assets
7312s they they're basically 16 ish years old
7315s if not more and yeah
7318s there you go Michael did put something
7321s up regarding when the information's
7325s going to be okay it wasn't more stuff
7328s excellent no yeah yeah yeah you're okay
7330s on that one you're fine he hasn't he
7332s hasn't rung Uber yet
7335s uh we're gonna be revealing on Monday
7338s afternoon Central European Time so we're
7341s just uh time zones to suit
7343s yeah and I like I said I mean we've got
7345s about two minutes left here um I am
7347s going to start a Discord event and it is
7349s going to reveal the exact time so if you
7351s do want to see that and you want to like
7354s approve that it will notify you if you
7356s go into like the Discord events you go
7358s to it and you say like I'm interested or
7359s whatever it will ping you when the event
7361s goes live so you know trailers live and
7365s we'll link you and make the announcement
7366s all that type of stuff accordingly but
7368s you will know exactly when it drops so
7371s again I will be doing that shortly after
7373s the stream so you were all looped into
7375s it so
7377s um last but not least I'm still on these
7380s photos let's go ahead and issue a new
7383s challenge for the next week which I'll
7385s also be plugging into the Discord we're
7387s going to go back to a delightful little
7389s screenshot challenge maybe even
7390s something similar to this the theme the
7393s focal point
7394s explosions I want to see the craziest
7398s wildest most badass looking explosions
7402s you can capture in all of its Glory the
7405s way that this will be handled is will be
7407s posted into our community challenge
7409s Channel which will be opened again
7410s shortly after the stream it will be a
7413s case-by-case basis of you voting for
7416s each other's Works can you vote for
7418s yourself technically you can I think
7421s that's kind of weird but that's fine
7423s that's how emojis work we don't want to
7425s like make this more complicated than it
7427s needs to be May the best screenshot or
7430s win and give love to all of those who
7432s contribute because that's certainly what
7434s we do
7435s all right okay everybody
7438s I believe that's everything for the
7439s stream
7441s um
7442s yes geekbite was there anything that we
7444s missed uh no you've done very well you
7447s haven't missed anything so I I think I
7449s think we're all good there so yeah well
7450s done well done all right very very good
7454s all right so um guys if you did miss
7456s anything on the stream obviously you can
7458s catch this over on YouTube you can watch
7460s the VOD over on Twitch as well um but we
7462s did have a lot to show today a couple of
7464s little elements that wasn't thinking
7466s we're going to be showing but we did
7467s anyway it was fun so rewind the tapes
7469s have a blast share with your friends
7470s it's always a good time to you know
7474s do this have the space for you all and
7477s engage with you just be with you you are
7479s our lifeblood you give us this energy
7481s you give us the the strength to
7483s persevere and really ring this home
7487s you guys are awesome
7489s and I am Eric Schrader your community
7491s Ambassador for Rockfish games don't stop
7494s being awesome and we will catch you next
7497s week after we deliver some very pleasant
7501s news
7503s toodles
7505s Dax
7507s that body we just found
7510s when I saw it it felt like that was
7512s still me in there
7533s [Music]
7539s [Music]
7548s [Music]
7555s [Applause]
7556s [Music]