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1s foreign
3s [Music]
17s [Music]
25s [Music]
35s [Music]
46s thank you
53s stream's starting soon everybody welcome
55s welcome
56s [Music]
69s foreign
73s [Music]
79s could you uh could you chat for a second
81s I want to test your audio too
85s good evening how are you all hello
88s oh that's beautiful thank you
91s [Music]
101s all right
102s okay guys about two and a half ish
105s minutes
106s stream will start
108s for shenanigans and fun and answering
111s questions and seriousnesses and all that
113s stuff
122s [Music]
131s foreign
137s [Music]
145s [Music]
154s [Music]
161s [Applause]
162s [Music]
165s foreign
168s [Music]
182s it's been a while
185s [Music]
198s foreign
205s [Music]
217s [Music]
221s [Applause]
225s [Music]
230s welcome
232s ladies and gentlemen
234s to the official Rockfish games stream
237s I'm your host your guide your servant
240s Eric Schroeder the community Ambassador
242s for Rockfish games here to tell you
244s everything about everspace 2 related
246s stuffs up into the 1.0 release for those
251s of you who are not in the know about our
255s developmental process whatsoever this is
257s the space where we come together with
260s you guys the community we have
262s conversations we answer questions and we
264s highlight stuff that's going on within
268s our walls so that you know how things
271s are going
272s it's a great little time also
275s uh there's some noteworthy changes that
278s you can see just on this screen alone
280s okay so um
284s quick disclaimer while we move into this
287s home stretch of that 1.0 release
290s we are going to be playing in the death
292s belts
293s and there's going to be issues
295s and there's going to be teasers
297s and there's going to be a lot of fun
298s stuff and maybe some weird stuff along
301s the way so just know that what you see
304s here is not a 100 final most of you know
307s that it's just quick Clarity okay quick
310s Clarity if you do see something that you
312s haven't seen before uh awesome because
315s you you are going to
317s and if you don't well you know
320s um that's okay too
322s but for the entire duration of these
324s streams you will be able to ask
326s questions about uh basically any aspect
329s of development we are a very transparent
331s development studio and are eager to
333s assist you and make sure that your needs
335s are being met especially the
337s expectations you have over our title if
340s we're not on the same page it's not
341s benefiting us it's not benefiting you so
343s let's cut to the Chase and answer those
345s questions so
348s let's talk about the stream today
351s we are starting a brand new fresh save
355s for the new year for the brand new fresh
358s new year and we're going to be
360s maintaining the save as best we can up
363s until the 1.0 release
366s through this process
368s I may or may not have to cheat backwards
371s a little bit uh based on what gets added
374s as we move forward into the game
376s experience uh but rest assured I'm gonna
379s try and keep it as not Dev cheated in as
383s possible so that you can see exactly
385s where the game is at how it's meant to
387s be received and if it's the right game
390s for you or not so uh by all means
394s use this time use this space to dive in
398s have a conversation ask questions and
402s generally just have a good time
404s all right so without further Ado we're
407s clicking on this button right here
408s nothing else no other buttons to look at
410s on this scene whatsoever uh and starting
413s into a brand new save
423s we are not skipping cutscenes for very
425s important reasons as well
429s foreign
442s extraction area all miners stay in
446s formation wingman you take up the rear
449s understood
451s brings back memories doesn't it
465s all right just a laggy jump drive
469s there you go good as my granny's creaky
471s old knee thanks Ben
474s I'm nearly out of Nanobots say how's
476s your ship holding up just the usual wear
478s and tear don't tell me you want to run
480s another Mobility check can't risk you
483s breaking down in the middle of a fight
484s can I all right knock yourself out
487s first show me two healthy strafes left
490s and right
492s there
494s and there what about your hover thrusts
498s man I can so hear your smile Isn't it
501s nice to have someone who cares for a
503s change
505s now some rolls
508s one two
510s finally I need one last strafe with
513s boost to the right
517s as Slinky rocket Dodges go I'd give you
520s a four out of nine yeah you're in good
523s enough shape for the junk pile you're
525s floating
526s try telling that to Callahan
528s ten credits that if we don't catch up
530s he'll threaten to remove this from
531s our tally
533s he's a jerk but not that bad I'll take
536s that bed let's not keep him waiting then
542s just eight more shifts have you finally
546s picked a Homeworld
547s yep Eden 12 it is
550s ridiculous name but just can't say no to
553s those terraformed links
555s I can't imagine what it'd be like to
557s finally be out it'll be plasma gin and
559s sunsets my friend
561s after the slog we've been through it's
563s the least we deserve
566s well if it isn't our two slackers
570s seconds longer and I would have removed
571s this shift from your tally what's the
574s situation
575s there's a Hydra infestation clogging up
577s the entrance and since you're the one
580s that gets paid for handling these things
582s I thought I'd be so kind as to let you
585s earn your creds
587s I'm on it
589s all right
593s still jammed
596s nice
597s wingman you going first and secure a
600s path to the Core
602s the engineer will follow with some
604s distance in case anything needs fixing
606s all right so as we move into this
609s tutorial State uh which I would just
611s like to mention yes you can totally skip
614s this by the way I also feel it just
617s appropriate to cover over uh to go over
622s rather some of the settings that I have
624s adjusted the game for so you guys just
628s start simply aware
629s you may or may not see a couple of
631s extras here and whatnot um I play with
633s the motion blur turned off okay
635s chromatic aberration and lens flares do
637s stay on for me I know my body's kind of
639s blocking that
640s um I'm also playing on Epic settings
641s with ssgi on uh dlss Ai upscaler and
646s dlss quality mode on quality I am
649s running in direct X 11. for me
652s personally and my specific machine I
654s have a had much greater success with
656s drexelx 11. we are making sure the game
659s will be optimized for a DirectX 12 as
661s well so anybody who's out there running
663s it there and has had problems which
665s we've had a couple of those reports
666s thank you for supplying them by the way
668s we are working to find Solutions just
671s know that right now HDR for example is
673s in an experimental state but we are
676s trying our best to rectify as much as we
679s can we can't make guarantees it's going
681s to be perfect okay but do know that our
683s focal point is to increase the
686s optimization for DirectX 12.
690s last but not least
692s um there's some new stuff over here but
694s we're not going to trigger that quite
696s yet I obviously gone I have a cap at 30
699s frames per second for streaming purposes
701s blah blah this that the other thing uh
703s audio you don't need too much
705s information about
706s um I also have a couple of things here
709s to look at as well I'm going to boost
712s the difficulty up to very hard
714s this can only be changed after you start
717s a new save or after you start a save in
719s general which is why we hadn't triggered
721s it until just now
723s um there's this
725s not mentioning too much but you can see
727s that there's been a number of little
729s details supplied and we'll go over more
732s of this once we're ready to kind of talk
735s through these new additions and details
737s I also don't like damage numbers and XP
740s numbers on the screen I think it's going
741s to be a little bit cleaner for you guys
743s to understand what's going on as well
744s and seeing the ships in particular and I
748s also hide key bindings and Huds and
749s cockpits just to have that more
751s immersive feeling last but not least I
754s have the mouse dead zone shown in the
756s middle of the screen that little circle
757s around so that way you can tell when my
761s mouse cursor goes into that that my ship
763s stops we've had a number of individuals
766s a number of users who don't like when
769s your mouse is on the right side you just
770s keep spinning right by showing The Dead
772s Zone it helps me know where I can point
774s so it stops moving we also have the HUD
777s Center indicator it's just the Middle
779s Point uh a horizon indicator which gives
782s you sort of a planar understanding of
785s the territory yes it's space there's
787s technically no up but as a video game as
789s orientation is important for you and
792s your human brains that's why we've
794s included that last but not least I do
796s have tool tips show and Camera shakes on
799s important only that's about as much as
801s I'm going to cover for now
803s hopefully that gives you guys a strong
805s sense of how the setup is and why we're
807s seeing things in the way they are let's
810s continue through the tutorial
812s not much distance enough to make a
815s U-turn should he run into trouble
817s the rest will wait outside with me until
820s I give this signal
822s all right I'm going in
838s looks like the last shift never left
846s hmm
860s loot
864s designers in here
867s has had time to spread but haven't
868s devoured them yet I'd say they killed
870s each other less than 48 hours ago
875s consider that you
876s some of the Outlaws may still be alive
878s forget Callahan I can take care of
881s myself
882s story
888s the entrance to the core is blown try
891s using your missiles
893s [Music]
903s whoever sent that might still be in
905s there we'll see
912s we're here until I've had a look inside
914s please be careful
924s all right we're gonna search this core a
926s little bit and I can tell that you guys
928s are asking some questions making some
929s observations
931s as a reminder for the questions and
934s whatnot there will be key moments during
935s the course of the stream that we will
937s consolidate those and answer them in
939s sort of a rapid fire format that way we
941s can ensure nobody's getting missed and
943s everyone's getting an appropriate
945s response
950s finally my rescue squad uh I have no
954s idea who you are hey your GMP scum this
958s will take care of you
963s sorry pal but there are no rescue squads
966s out here
969s everyone the risk meter just went way up
971s and we're Outlaws here and maybe more on
974s their way so what we've still got an
977s armed Patrol outside they could be here
979s any minute all the more reason to work
982s fast
983s students do this people those crystals
986s won't mine themselves then that Outlaw
988s is from bloodstar not just some
990s low-level grunt even had a custom-built
993s coil gun I'll keep an eye on the main
996s shaft
997s and I'm gonna hold on to the coil gun
999s let's hope we won't need it
1002s all right let's go in and equip our coil
1006s gun
1010s I don't want any crystals to end up in
1012s the wrong pockets
1016s just nice easy features to Loop in new
1019s players
1022s our guys Rescue Squad
1026s you won't just come in with medics son
1029s of a lizard
1030s all right I want everyone to stay calm
1032s and clear of the walls I got this
1035s [Music]
1043s time to earn my credits
1046s Chief you here scrap more miners they
1050s got here first don't worry more Ransom
1054s booty to line our pockets let's reel
1056s them in keep moving everyone I'll walk
1059s onto them and let my missiles do the
1060s rest
1075s we're okay
1078s Nanobots you'll need them
1082s my sensors are lighting up there's more
1084s of them coming down the main shaft let's
1087s take the fast lane and bust through that
1088s drill
1091s excellent
1096s man you go first that Patrol better be
1099s doing their
1107s welcome ladies and gentlemen to
1109s Aerospace 2.
1113s we're slaughtering the escort God
1117s damn you all try to slip past I'll keep
1119s them busy so
1125s one of the things to point out just to
1127s start things off with this new safe
1131s we are still going through and we're
1133s polishing a lot of the missions
1135s a lot of textures
1138s a lot of drop rates and itemization
1141s pools stuff like that
1143s and the tutorial is something that we
1145s haven't Revisited
1147s too much
1152s we are waiting to do a bit of an
1154s overhaul to the tutorial I shouldn't say
1156s overhaul but
1158s we're gonna add more to the tutorial
1160s after a lot of the mainline polish is
1164s complete that way we don't have to
1166s revisit the tutorial multiple times
1169s but you will see a couple of other
1170s little details within the tutorial
1173s hopefully
1174s so I hope clarify just a couple
1177s additional little elements nothing major
1179s just to help again Loop and new players
1182s especially to like the level progression
1184s system
1185s and um
1187s yeah
1190s also ensuring that there isn't a huge
1192s jump from going from the tutorial into
1194s the real game uh
1198s so that you're not uh you don't have a
1200s feeling of it being this easy this
1202s casual for everything showing up later
1211s let me show you an example of what I
1213s mean by that
1220s so this is Destroyer a lot of you guys
1222s know what this is this is not an enemy
1225s that you'll see until a bit later in the
1227s game
1233s just a couple tweaks later just to make
1235s it fit a little bit more thematically
1237s and also again to help that onboarding
1241s it's tightening it up a little bit
1246s all right let's go see if we can help
1248s out Ben
1262s are you okay
1267s all systems are down
1289s damn it you're wasting your energy
1292s we're locked in by a force field
1296s just sit tight and make the best of it
1298s looks like they threw you quite a
1300s welcome party
1302s I've been here for quite a while already
1303s just a regular checkup on what I might
1306s know
1308s where do they grab you your outfit looks
1311s like GMB work crew you guessed it
1314s these jerks here got no style bunch of
1317s amateurs
1318s they'll be looking to get the best price
1320s for you so given your professional
1322s opinion you know a lot about Outlaws
1325s hell I know a lot more than they'll ever
1327s get from me
1329s you hear me
1331s if it ain't gas mask so where's your
1334s boss things have changed Basha and
1337s because your cellmate here killed the
1338s chief I am now in command did he now and
1342s for your insults I will make certain you
1344s suffer like never before where's my
1347s friend Corbin Grendel he's in the med
1350s Bay for now maybe you'll live long
1352s enough to fetch Ransom
1354s your DNA scans show that you're a
1357s military clone pilot no wonder you
1359s bettered my predecessor
1361s I wonder what your face value is what if
1364s I broadcast your profile that would be a
1366s bad idea you may not like we'll come
1368s looking for me why would I heed advice
1371s from a clone I know my business
1377s interesting
1381s and the turrets
1383s friends of yours yeah I kind of want me
1386s dead
1391s power outage the force field is down
1394s this is our chance let's try to pry the
1396s door open
1400s help me grab the door
1408s let's get the hell out of here while
1410s they're distracted
1411s this way to the hanger
1414s wait I'm not leaving without my friend
1416s don't be an idiot he's a dead man
1419s okay get your friend but hurry
1425s hey Ben huh what's happening it's our
1429s chance to get out of here come on
1432s forget it man I'm done for it I told you
1435s I'm getting you out of here
1437s over here
1438s thanks for awake my pleasure
1445s I might have more luck with a clone
1447s pilot at my side
1463s watch out
1467s you may call this a warning shot
1470s ERS are advice to disengage at once
1473s great step between a rock and a damn
1475s flaming meteor
1477s the colonial Fleet
1480s you better stick together if we want to
1482s make it out of this alive
1483s get ready to jump
1485s no dice drives are jammed
1487s there's a jump suppressor down there
1499s all right
1502s kids this isn't my first dance you know
1504s right the military clone thing shooting
1507s scrap is in your jeans
1511s and now we are in the game
1517s it's down jumping is still suppressed my
1520s sensors detect two more
1522s find them and get out
1524s just stay out of view of that Cruiser
1537s getting us out of here I promise
1557s welcome everybody who's just sneaking in
1561s we've started a new save for the new
1563s year
1571s Jerry clone is a violation against the
1574s peace treaty hand him over we will find
1577s him either way it's you thereafter I
1580s told the gas mask not to broadcast my
1582s profile let's finish this and get the
1584s hell out
1585s I can't destroy a suppressor fly close
1587s and hack in that's the way to go
1592s excellent
1595s you submit your Sentinel without
1597s struggle
1602s you okay then damn they passed out
1605s they're tracking us you need to
1607s disconnect your Nav Now can't fly blind
1610s do it
1613s okay displays white now what
1617s I'll give you some chords one sec
1620s there see that sweet shiny marker that's
1624s our way out
1626s some clothes fight before but damn not
1629s your first dance you're a goddamn Prima
1632s ballerina what's your name pal it's Adam
1635s and that's Ben in the back he really
1637s needs a medic the only Medics out here
1639s work for GMB and that's not where you
1642s want to be right now now with a fleet
1644s Warren on your head hey we were one foot
1646s out of the DMZ don't tell me you had one
1649s of those GMB pension plans it's called a
1652s Lionel Grady retirement scheme world is
1655s still a plan and plans are for fools my
1657s friend I'm Dax by the way let's get your
1660s friend into stasis at my old hideout
1668s that'll give you some time to figure out
1670s how to save his life I guess it's the
1672s only choice I have
1675s all right so now things are going to
1678s slow down a little bit we're gonna have
1680s a little less talking soon so that I can
1683s chat more with you guys but I am very
1685s intentionally letting the conversations
1687s within the game uh take precedence over
1689s my own especially for those of you who
1691s are new and those who are keeping your
1694s eyes and ears peeled for uh any updates
1697s that may have snuck in
1702s hey buddy we're here oh man you look bad
1706s Ben's not responding we need to do
1709s something now
1711s there's a med Bay but we need to get to
1713s the control room first
1716s [Music]
1723s an old military post found a
1726s decommissioned after the war I laid low
1728s here for a few years after the DMZ was
1730s established
1732s here we are
1736s yeah worse than I thought
1742s problem with the main reactor
1744s it'll only hold us on basic for a while
1747s how about the med Bay the cryopod can
1750s run on backup power but no chance of
1752s getting the medical facilities running
1754s all we can do for now is put your friend
1756s in deep freeze until we can get the
1758s reactor back up
1759s I want to get him in there as soon as
1761s possible
1763s all right
1767s let's take it slowly
1771s in order to fix the main reactor we'll
1773s need parts
1775s I can help you with that
1779s good I'll give you a shopping list then
1783s you know this place ain't so bad we just
1785s used it to lay low for a while really
1787s but I guess you could say we had some
1789s good times here so you weren't alone
1791s here's the cryo
1793s yeah looks like it's working all right
1796s sweet dreams buddy
1801s well that's done now let's get the
1803s reactor running
1805s I feel like you're not telling me
1806s something
1807s about this place what were you hiding
1809s from what happened to your colleagues
1813s yeah I knew you'd start asking questions
1814s if I brought you here look I took a
1817s gamble on you why don't you take a
1819s gamble on me now trust a little
1823s I'll stay on comms and fill you in on
1825s what you need to know
1835s a lot of stuff needs fixing but we're
1838s still good on resources to patch up our
1839s ships for refill our ammo should things
1841s go south
1842s there's also some space in the storage
1844s unit
1845s so feel free to dump your cargo whenever
1846s it's getting cramped in that Sentinel
1849s here's a list of what we need to fix the
1851s reactor
1852s scrap metal a cooling unit all pretty
1855s straightforward
1856s cooling unit could be a problem check
1859s out that nearby debris field that's your
1861s best shot at finding one by the way I
1864s took the liberty of installing two
1865s devices into your ship
1867s an EMP generator in an energized boost
1870s not sure how I feel about you messing
1872s around inside my ship
1873s yeah well let me know how you feel once
1875s one of my goodies saves your life
1879s all right
1882s devices you've acquired your first
1883s device I'm not gonna I'm not gonna read
1885s through this stuff it just means we have
1887s things that are used to do other things
1890s that can be upgraded over time once you
1892s acquire those on level UPS they can go
1895s up to level five to be
1897s greater variants of themselves and also
1899s unlock new modes for specialty uses
1903s okay guys we have been watching a lot of
1906s the opening sequence of everspace 2
1909s whether you are familiar with everspace
1911s one story or not is irrelevant at this
1914s point you can Jump Right In whether
1916s you've played the prior game or not if
1918s you have played the prior game you will
1921s have been looped in probably within
1923s seconds knowing the added details
1925s thereof so it doesn't matter if you are
1928s a veteran of the first or if you're
1930s newly coming in to our franchise either
1933s option works swimmingly we have ensured
1935s that the story does bring that into the
1938s fold for you accordingly so since we've
1941s been watching a little bit I've been
1942s seeing a number of questions being
1944s poured out let's go ahead and bring
1946s geekbite into the mic he's gonna shoot
1949s those questions you guys have been
1950s sending towards us and we're going to
1952s provide that Clarity and feedback
1955s hello good evening good afternoon
1957s everyone hope you're all tickety-boo
1959s right we've got a few for you Eric
1961s future Challenger good I love it yeah
1964s right first up uh is Flory over on
1967s Twitch he's asking will there be a
1969s difficulty level over very hard like
1973s hell or something since very hard is a
1976s lunacy 200 uh equivalent if you remember
1979s this correctly sure uh I mean as of
1982s right now all of the difficulty settings
1984s are it's it's kind of a
1987s a testing ground for where we want to
1989s throw everything into the game so even
1992s everything you see here it's not even
1994s guaranteed they will remain it's
1996s possible these could get changed or even
1997s their names get changed we will have
1999s more information on how the difficulty
2000s is going to be adjusted in the future if
2003s if it gets uh you know revamped
2005s excessively
2006s um but we do want there to be Clarity on
2009s the difficulty system like what's the
2010s difference between very hard and hard
2012s for example it gives you no information
2014s and uh internally we're not a fan of
2016s that like you'll even have seen that in
2018s everspace one if you played that game
2019s where when you choose a difficulty it
2021s tells you those subtle nuances and the
2023s big improvements or challenges of what
2026s you'll experience just based on what you
2028s choose and we want to go into that for
2031s our space too as well so here's hoping
2033s we can set that up and have that ready
2035s for that 1.0 release so good question uh
2039s but I gave you a non-answer because it's
2041s possible and it's also you know we could
2045s remove uh some of the difficulties it's
2047s hard to say
2049s cool great uh Droid Diamond three two
2053s one on Twitch wants to know well a bit
2055s of prayers for us really to start with
2056s thanks guys for working on the game I
2058s really like it reminds me of the old
2060s freelancer game and a bit of a request
2062s but it's something that I think we just
2063s need to clarify for maybe new uh people
2066s to the franchise uh please add
2068s multiplayer option before launch yeah oh
2072s man no multiplayer would be seriously
2074s amazing but no as as our vision has
2077s moved into this space we wanted it to be
2080s a single player game and that's where we
2082s started from and that's where we are
2083s going to finish it at going into a
2086s multiplayer setting is a heck of a lot
2088s of additional work and features and
2091s optimizations and we don't even need to
2093s get started on you know networking
2095s situation and servers and and it's it's
2097s a hassle that we did not want to
2101s approach for everspace two so it is
2104s single player only just like everspace
2106s one but you never know what could be in
2108s the future for our ever space franchise
2111s um so yeah but driver Space 2 single
2114s player only and very much intentionally
2116s designed that way
2119s right
2120s um a question from will change my name
2122s later on Twitch uh do you have plans to
2126s add Intel's XS upscaler
2129s um shielded license with integration and
2131s we have had a response from the boss man
2133s Michael himself okay uh who said that we
2136s might add it at some point no promises
2138s though we've still got a ton on our list
2141s yep that's exactly what I was gonna say
2143s um yeah because we we received that
2144s question uh from another user a couple
2146s weeks ago maybe that's the end of last
2148s year and uh yeah we we kind of like shot
2151s that around internally was like what
2153s what does this look like and just
2154s exactly as Michael says it would be cool
2157s but you know it's one of those things
2159s where we'd have to look more into it if
2162s it's feasible for our launch and uh we
2164s can't guarantee that at this time so our
2167s launch by the way just to give you some
2168s perspective on that is the first half of
2170s this year so that's that's that's soon
2172s that's soon so something of this nature
2176s would require several months of testing
2179s to ensure that it's not going to wonky
2181s up everything else and we need that time
2184s to add content to polish to fill out the
2187s game for our 1.0 release
2189s it's a good question though good
2191s question
2192s excellent right a bit of a technical one
2194s and I don't know if we're going to need
2195s to throw this over to the team but
2198s random video over on YouTube is asking
2201s can you share any infos about your 3D AI
2204s navigation system is it a custom
2206s solution or are you relying on
2208s third-party plugins and how did you guys
2210s approach this so it is to my
2213s understanding that we do use it's a
2216s mixture of both there's a little bit of
2217s custom and there's also a couple of
2220s third parties uh in there now I am not
2222s one of the technical directors or
2225s developers or anything of that nature so
2226s I would have to defer to a team member
2229s who's deep into that level of detail all
2232s I can do is speak from a level of
2235s knowing that there's a lot of
2237s complexities through that and I'm glad I
2239s don't have to deal with them personally
2242s um but otherwise uh yeah there's there's
2245s a little bit of both so there's a little
2247s bit of both I don't know the full
2249s details of explaining how that works or
2252s why
2253s um if you want to know more I do
2255s encourage you to join like the Discord
2257s the the Rockfish Discord you can go
2259s there discord.gg Rockfish games and you
2263s can ask in our ask rfg Channel which I
2267s would be delighted to follow up with you
2269s on for more information if I can get it
2271s from a team member
2274s so
2277s excellent excellent uh right another one
2280s over from YouTube
2282s species1571 is asking will all those
2285s work in progress screens be full motion
2287s or will the time lapse transitions be
2289s permanent I think it's the animation
2290s style that they're talking about
2294s the motion cut scenes be
2297s okay read the question one more time I
2298s want to make sure I understand the
2299s question one more time please okay will
2301s all those work in progress screens
2303s obviously we've got the working progress
2304s at the top be full motion or will the
2307s time lapse transitions be permanent I
2309s think it's the animation style wondering
2310s if it's going to be full motion or stay
2312s as it is yeah so the we have in-game
2316s cutscenes of course which we've been
2317s revamping if you've seen the previous
2319s ones to the new one
2321s um you'll know that there's been a lot
2322s of refinement on that front in regards
2324s to the storyboard cutscenes if you will
2327s we have taken great care in the theming
2330s of those and the stylization and are
2332s very happy with those results and those
2334s are not changing they are going to
2335s remain as they are uh it's not going to
2338s be replaced by in-game assets or in-game
2340s cutscenes in that nature
2346s I think that answers the question yeah I
2349s know I know Michael had uh chimed in a
2352s little bit earlier regarding it as well
2353s okay
2355s um about the cut scenes as well saying
2357s that they're near enough done as is
2358s because people were liking the style of
2360s them so and I should I should Loop you
2362s guys in just in case for those of you
2363s who are new since it's a new year I'm
2365s expecting new users we keep referring to
2368s this Michael guy right who who is these
2370s Michael rfg has been responding some
2372s folks over on Twitch guys this is the
2374s CEO of Rockfish games I don't know how
2376s many dive streams you've been to where
2378s the CEO was active and was directly
2382s communicating and answering questions
2384s for you all but just a big shout out to
2386s Michael who's the one who's basically
2388s established Rockfish games and the
2391s everspace franchise so um if you do have
2394s questions and if they're you're shooting
2395s them rapid fire and he responds to you
2398s that's from the top okay and that like
2401s that's gold that's it's solid locked in
2404s place I can't even challenge whatever he
2407s responds with so
2408s thank you Michael for being here and
2410s being a classy boss all right next
2413s question please geek bite
2415s uh next question I see it's just a
2417s follow-up actually Michael did with
2418s regards the multiplayer
2420s um he put Ari multiplayer changing the
2423s direction of the game plus adding
2425s netcode even for simple Co-op would mean
2427s rewriting all game code from scratch
2429s delaying the full release by two years
2432s thus adding several million dollars
2434s Euros to our Dev budget which we don't
2436s have yeah I remember when we had a
2438s conversation Michael and I had a
2439s conversation about
2441s um like what multiplayer looks like from
2443s a back end because I didn't really have
2444s that understanding at the time of was it
2447s three years ago Michael something like
2448s that and when he laid it on me it was
2450s just like holy crap
2452s um as a gamer I mean obviously we want
2454s to like embrace our games and have all
2456s the features that we want it's like I
2457s want this like I need a game like this
2459s in multiplayer ah like this would be
2461s perfect for it well maybe yes that would
2465s be hella fun that's just not our vision
2467s and we very much appreciate you guys
2469s understanding why we've taken the dive
2472s in the push and not changed our vision
2475s forever Space 2 or even everspace one
2478s for that matter because if we were to
2480s alter that and content creep will get in
2481s the way you guys would be waiting around
2484s for your game to come out for a really
2486s long time that had netted a lot of money
2488s and hasn't
2491s satisfied all its promises yet
2494s probably see where I'm going with that
2496s all right
2498s anyway next question any more questions
2501s any more questions I've got two more
2504s just sneaking in
2505s um perfect
2507s on Twitch he's asking will the cockpit
2510s be more customizable for first person
2513s view at visual purposes or gameplay
2515s efficiency because they feel that it
2517s needs more visibility since the commands
2519s are taking too much space on the screen
2522s oh yeah I mean I think that's a really
2524s good question
2525s um I think
2527s um we do have plans to create further
2532s customization within the game so that'll
2535s be something that we'll just need to
2537s address uh through the development
2539s period and show you uh if that's
2542s something that we are going to pursue I
2544s will say that we did have some Vlogs on
2546s the matter of everspace 2 way back
2548s during the kickstarter period and you
2549s can actually see some very block out
2553s different cockpit Styles
2556s um and I don't want you guys to get like
2559s the expectations that this will happen
2562s okay those Vlogs and the content thereof
2565s was a lot of elements that we desired to
2568s have but unfortunately there's not ever
2570s a guarantee on those things it's just a
2573s projection of ideas to see how we can
2577s bring it all together we are incredibly
2579s satisfied with the focal points that we
2581s have made to push more prominent
2583s features into the game Space ones that
2585s have a lasting matter and incorporating
2587s entirely new ones that were far more
2590s important than how your cockpit is
2592s adjusted if you're playing in first
2595s person mode which is not the largest
2597s percentage of our player base so
2600s is it possible
2602s yes will it happen this isn't a full
2606s guarantee
2607s this isn't a full guarantee but it would
2610s be pretty stinking cool if we can bring
2613s that into the fold
2615s all right what's that last question that
2616s was uh that was brought him you said you
2619s had one more right last one was and
2620s actually Michael's answered it as well
2622s in the chat with as from will change my
2624s name later on Twitch okay will Ray
2626s tracing be coming to everspace 2 and the
2629s answer from Michael was nope Ray tracing
2632s doesn't add much to an open space game
2634s while baked GI and ssgi do a fantastic
2637s job while costing much less performance
2640s yeah yep that is uh
2644s you heard it from the horse's head there
2646s you go folks all right so I'm just gonna
2649s tweak in a little bit of my ship before
2651s we go out flying once again I'm going to
2653s change my lights to Yellow uh
2657s I don't have a lot of decals yet because
2658s I have to unlock them first so we'll
2660s just go ahead and keep things the way
2662s they are here I like this so let's get
2665s back into the game
2666s guys if you have more questions by all
2669s means dive on in
2671s and ask away Michael is answering them
2674s and geekbite is cataloging them for our
2676s next uh big old answering of questions
2679s otherwise we are gonna cruise through
2681s this game
2682s from the beginning
2684s and here we need to start collecting
2687s some crafting Goods
2691s fix up this generator
2702s I reckon GMB didn't know you were a
2704s clone
2705s no just eight more shifts and they would
2707s have paid me a ticket to Eden 12. heat
2710s in 12 huh
2712s that's one ridiculous name
2714s ooh cargo unit that feels good Lakes
2717s there
2719s yes thank you I have unlocked the
2721s Crafting with a cargo unit but let's
2723s continue hearing this little exchange
2725s between Adam and ducks
2727s when I was a kid my old man used to take
2730s me kayaking almost every day that was on
2733s Byron four just before the whole place
2735s went to hell what's kayaking
2738s serious
2740s scrap got a visitor leaving to me maybe
2744s a good time to pop that gift bag and try
2746s one of your new devices in the meantime
2748s I'll lock the front door just in case
2751s foreign
2755s nice
2760s all right we're gonna pick up a little
2762s bit more of this scrap metal
2763s deal with this opponent
2767s a little instruction on damage is
2769s popping up here as well
2772s um I think that this is a really good
2773s time to mention that anytime you have
2775s tool tips that pop up and you like read
2777s through them or maybe you don't and
2779s you're like oh crap I meant to read that
2780s uh well we are actually uh adjusting
2783s that so
2785s um don't get super crazy excited but I
2788s just want to show this very briefly just
2791s very just simply okay all right we're
2794s not taking a whole Deep dive into all
2796s the new stuff that could potentially be
2799s seen today but just know that this
2802s exists
2803s know that this does exist just a little
2806s bit of future proofing and helping bring
2808s in new players all right
2811s so we're gonna keep grabbing some more
2814s gears
2815s take this guy out to level two oh gosh
2818s ain't messing around
2820s here we go
2824s protected us when we
2827s were about Kayaking
2829s kayaking best thing ever say they never
2834s told a soldier that's how you clones
2837s worked but I heard they gave you guys
2839s fake memory fragments to keep you
2841s motivated while fighting
2842s kayaking isn't in there someone clearly
2845s didn't do their job my memory
2848s memories are fragmented but not fake
2850s they're a mix of random experiences
2852s taken from my clone father's life and
2854s every Incarnation that came before me
2855s Aerospace One spoilers jeez
2867s e so this time when I die I'm done
2872s you know what I would do if I were you
2873s no what
2876s not croak before I've been kayaking
2879s I really mean it if I ever get the
2882s chance I will
2883s man just seriously if you guys haven't
2887s been kayaking though it's it's wonderful
2889s the area is cleared before you head back
2891s want anyone to kiss and tell about this
2893s bass
2895s all right we're gonna gather a little
2897s bit more of this atheum Crystal
2899s because it's satisfying honestly that's
2901s that's the only reason we had enough
2905s but now we are going to boost in
2911s new neighbor new neighbors let's give
2913s him the tour
2915s Axel gosh it's nice having devices
2923s wonderful
2928s cloaking system
2933s great now bring the parts so we can give
2935s that reactor a whirl
2938s so while I'm doing this brand new save
2941s there may be moments where I kind of
2943s highlight secret Areas a little bit I'm
2946s not gonna I'm gonna try not to do this
2947s too much so um if you guys know where
2950s secrets are and I like bypass them it's
2953s because I want you to have the
2954s satisfaction of finding them too because
2956s this area is relatively easy to explore
2958s I'm just I'm grabbing these and also
2961s ignore the fact that I didn't get all
2962s those atheum crystals hopefully that
2963s doesn't bother somebody with ADHD
2967s we're gonna go back around because I
2968s want one more item before we return to
2970s home base
2974s right over here
2978s there we are
2984s plug that in boom and we got a little
2987s location completion thing as well as the
2989s information regarding Mainframe
2991s components oh my gosh all this
2993s information on things that are happening
2995s again isn't it nice to have a codex that
2998s tells you information if you
3000s accidentally bypassed it or if you just
3002s wanted to revisit it
3005s all right now let's dive back into the
3007s home base get some more story
3009s keep on keeping on
3019s actually
3021s we're skipping this one
3027s what happened there
3030s not answering me
3031s no time for a nap pal just uh blacked
3035s out no no or
3038s clone if it happens again I'll for now
3041s let's focus on our current needs and the
3043s base
3045s all right so now that we've got all of
3047s our elements back into the home base we
3050s are going to start fixing up our reactor
3055s we are going into our perks this is just
3057s a quick tutorial on it as you can see
3059s right on cue popping up giving us all
3062s the sweet details
3064s and investing those resources that we
3067s just collected outside in order to gain
3069s a benefit in this case it is it's story
3072s progression like it's right now the
3074s content of the story has been gated
3076s until you do this so that you learn how
3078s it works
3083s done and done
3085s ah it worked
3087s never thought I'd missed this Chevy
3088s Place those Blood star idiots had me
3091s locked up for ages
3092s what do they want from you well what
3094s they want from everyone credits and
3096s information unfortunately for them I
3098s don't share without loss anyway this is
3102s where we're at right now we've got
3104s lights climate control and access the
3106s scans of our vicinity
3108s can the scans help me navigate super
3109s light again I can't fly blind forever
3112s good idea we can't reconnect our navs or
3115s the fleet would immediately locate our
3117s asses but with these scans
3119s here have a look
3121s Sido Outer Rim rhodia orbit and Union
3125s Bridge that's as far as we can scan
3128s it's far enough for now at least what we
3130s need to do next I need you to fly to all
3133s three locations and keep an eye out for
3135s little devices we like to call beanies
3137s beanies that's short for bean bags
3140s they're small DIY signal distractors and
3142s used to keep this base off enemy Radars
3144s but obviously they don't anymore sounds
3147s like a job for Ben you need an engineer
3149s on this not me
3150s why don't we focus on getting him fixed
3152s first no time we're lit like a bonfire
3155s if we don't figure out what's wrong with
3156s the distractors now we won't live long
3158s enough to save Ben 10 to the beanies and
3160s make us vanish that'll give us time to
3162s figure out what to do with your friend
3165s excellent excellent so as you can
3169s clearly see there's more added into our
3173s game experience uh not only on the front
3176s of oh we polished some assets and we
3178s changed the camera angle a little bit
3180s but there's authentically new content
3182s that will be in place by the 1.0 release
3184s now when we see some of the more
3187s story-centric stuff like that in our new
3190s playthrough here guys I am going to very
3192s intentionally skip it okay this is
3195s content that is meant to be digested
3197s from you all at a later point when we're
3199s ready okay so keep that in mind
3202s otherwise there will be other little
3204s features and other little details that
3206s will happily explore to our fine
3208s merriment in the streams and I will be
3210s delighted to help answer questions uh
3212s all over those particular things if
3215s you're going to dive into the chat
3216s though and be like wait a second what
3217s was that cutscene I want more
3218s information what's gonna story gonna be
3219s is it I'm going to answer that ain't
3221s gonna happen uh so your patience is
3223s appreciated and thanks for understanding
3225s that this this is the process of a
3227s development stream and engaging with you
3230s guys it's good good stuff all right
3232s now all that out of the way
3234s we have to reactivate these beanies so
3237s that we can not be lit like a bonfire as
3240s the hanger seems to have uh
3244s I mean everyone can see it we don't we
3246s don't want people to know where we're
3247s based up that would be problematic now
3250s wouldn't it
3251s let's also go ahead and put some
3252s Nanobots in
3254s and uh yeah it's that's about it that's
3257s about it we could also we could put some
3259s liquor and some medicine in our storage
3261s why not
3262s you never know when you need some
3264s either either of those things uh and
3267s yeah crafting seems to start opening up
3269s as well with our new components
3272s very very good also the perks have
3275s expanded even further when we were
3277s learning about how to engage with the
3280s perks you'll now see that there are a
3283s bountiful amount of opportunities to
3285s give you passive effects over the course
3287s of the game all that's required are
3289s these upgrade requirements and you can
3292s see in this Progressive order from the
3294s top to the bottom what investing in that
3297s particular perk will accomplish
3300s for right now all of these are being
3303s tracked I'm just going to keep them that
3304s way but if you didn't want them to be
3306s tracked you can just turn them off be
3307s like I don't care about tractor beams
3309s who nobody would do that by the way
3311s tractor beams are an invaluable tool
3313s um and yeah the benefit of tracking it
3316s it means anytime there's an item that's
3318s dropped like any credits any iron ethium
3320s crystals or power cells all of the needs
3322s down here they will also be highlighted
3324s Green in the game Space so you know you
3327s need this for a thing if there are
3330s multiple things multiple perks that that
3333s item is required for it will list them
3336s on the item itself hopefully I'll be
3339s able to show that to you soon
3345s all right let's get out here and start
3349s enabling some bean bags
3355s let's start with rhodia orbit
3371s everyone's good in the chat right I'm
3373s looking over at YouTube just to make
3375s sure you're all
3376s you're all healthy everything's fine
3378s make sure we're nice and snug in here
3383s remember while a bunch of dorks wanting
3385s to have information on everspace too and
3387s ask questions and have a good time
3389s that's why I'm here
3393s excuse me
3397s all right we're only level one we're
3399s starting to run into a few level twos
3402s could take some damage here we just need
3405s to be careful about it oh man our
3406s Shield's almost almost went down
3409s we're okay go ahead and recharge there
3411s buddy that would be appreciated
3414s so for those of you who have missed a
3417s number of updates and details
3419s surrounding Aerospace 2. now is a really
3420s good time to mention about the level
3423s scaling adjustments that we have made to
3426s the game the big thing is that
3429s um we we don't have scaling so much
3431s anymore as we have permanent levels
3435s associated with various environments and
3438s regions
3439s what this means is that when you are
3442s navigating the space that is your home
3444s turf for example these sites have a
3447s hidden level that's associated with them
3449s and enemies will generate very close to
3452s that regardless of your level okay that
3456s means that if you're not doing your due
3458s diligence and leveling up and taking
3459s care of your ship and your equipment
3461s that you fly into a heavy-handed
3464s locations like a level nine too early
3466s You're Gonna Know it you're gonna need
3468s that you need to leave go somewhere else
3469s do some exploration before you can come
3472s back to that now there are also a slew
3475s of opportunities that help increase your
3477s level should you go outside the main
3480s story and uh other accomplishments like
3483s that
3484s but just know that everything no longer
3487s scales to the level of the location and
3491s the player now it has a static level
3493s associated with it with key moments and
3496s very specific situations that will
3499s invoke some form of scaling for
3502s balancing purposes
3503s all right all right let's pick up the
3506s goods here
3508s we got ooh ooh ooh okay we're getting
3512s some we're getting some nice stuff right
3514s out of the gate
3516s um I man I do like my pulse laser and
3519s this is an energy heavy device
3523s oh man we're already starting to get
3525s into decision making processes we
3526s haven't even leveled up what is this
3528s nonsense all right
3532s I want to get a device before we leave
3535s this territory otherwise then we're
3537s going to kind of fast track The Sentinel
3538s distractor so we can move along that
3540s story
3548s oh we do not want to get hit by these
3550s missiles that would be problematic
3558s oh
3568s all right we're going to take a little
3570s bit of cover
3571s because we just don't have the speed
3573s outmaneuver these guys
3581s oh
3583s all right okay
3586s I see you game
3588s let's do that again
3590s let's do that again
3592s this is why you need to use your
3594s consumables and your secondaries
3600s the save system the way that it operates
3605s has a two-fold saving system the first
3607s one is upon entering a new area and the
3611s second one
3612s is at specific Mission generated moments
3618s a mission generated moment could be a
3621s side mission that you're doing a job it
3623s could be an integral story-centric
3626s mission
3628s a number of ways that the game will then
3630s auto save so that you don't have to
3632s backtrack too far
3635s but death is a permanent effect in the
3640s game
3641s for story-centric purposes so in order
3644s to overcome that you do have to try
3647s again in that sense much like you would
3649s find in you know other traditional uh
3651s you know video games and like in general
3655s just that's just how kind of it operates
3657s so let's go ahead and approach this
3659s situation
3661s and a little bit of a different way
3664s this time I know those missiles were a
3666s problem but those Proto Scouts both of
3668s those level twos seem to be even more of
3671s a trick for us
3673s so we're gonna navigate around and
3675s address them first
3680s we might even stay right here so the
3681s missiles are completely blocked
3697s hello missiles all right
3700s maybe our new tactic isn't enough oh my
3704s gosh you
3705s said make it to a nearby station
3707s let's get a little more space
3718s all right isolated this shouldn't be too
3721s bad right
3724s foreign
3728s obstacle one addressed
3737s I really want this device so I'm going
3739s to be stubborn and I'm going to attack
3741s yes it's only a level higher than me I
3744s know I know am I playing poorly I don't
3747s know maybe
3749s does this showcase how we've been
3751s adjusting and dealing with a little bit
3753s more of the uh leveling absolutely
3758s at least I hope so
3760s all right now we got some enemies on us
3762s this is gonna be a little disastrous if
3764s we're not careful I want this temporal
3767s Nano recalibrator and I also want to
3770s just pound away turning off our initial
3774s dampeners to just really get the benefit
3776s of flying out of there so we can start
3778s addressing the story-centric missions
3782s we could use some armor
3786s like an asteroid half of its antennas
3790s maybe we're lucky and they got caught up
3792s somewhere
3795s all right here we go
3800s what do you think I just did smart man
3805s there's one
3806s the joints are up for it you don't have
3808s to be a quark mechanic to reattach them
3813s Spar fits
3815s wonderful
3823s come on over for the second piece
3826s it's a nice little introduction here on
3830s how you can use your ship to Grapple
3832s items and move them around
3835s this is
3837s fun little feature throughout the entire
3839s game actually
3841s um depending on which ship you're using
3842s the certain ships will allow you to grab
3845s drones the striker for example
3851s proper disappearing act we need two more
3854s and it can come in a pinch to navigate
3857s certain spaces a little bit more gently
3859s like you can hold uh asteroid in front
3862s of yourself to block incoming fire
3866s and uh other little things like that I'm
3868s gonna go ahead and get this secret
3869s because I don't think there's a turret
3870s in here
3873s all right good God
3875s let's get this shipwreck
3878s another Mainframe component beautiful to
3881s top us off at three
3884s whenever you get three Mainframe
3886s components it allows you to combine them
3890s combining them gives you a Mainframe
3893s expansion these Mainframe expansions
3896s have been reworked a number of times but
3897s in this version and probably the final
3900s version
3901s foreign
3903s they will provide a five percent bonus
3906s to your attribute
3908s for now I'm going to increase my shield
3911s damage reduction by 5 which
3913s unfortunately gives me nothing because
3916s it's just not too big at this time
3928s that's tempting
3930s that's rather tempting
3933s all right
3934s we're gonna go ahead and sneak out of
3937s here before we explode and give
3938s ourselves a quick save I'll explore the
3941s rest of that probably at a later point
3945s and uh yeah let's go over here to the
3948s edge uh the pseudo outer room
3957s we did some scouting missions but really
3959s not much else how many were you around
3962s 12. some died some became Outlaws two
3965s pounds and I got out before the war got
3967s really ugly this is where we ended up
3970s feels like the edge of the universe it
3972s isn't but if you squint you can see it
3974s from here I just looked over and I read
3977s a comment from seven nindo
3980s over on Twitch and uh just
3983s man completely nailed it by the way
3990s I play a ton of indie games for that
3992s very reason
3995s I shouldn't say ton
3997s I'm kind of selective I don't have a lot
3999s of time I have five kids and I don't
4001s know if you know this
4003s but I work for a development company
4004s that's working on a game releasing this
4006s year it could be it try to follow it and
4009s keep me posted
4015s shop the flying Duchess may be worth
4018s checking out
4019s excellent so we're gonna go ahead and
4022s stop at the Flying duchess
4024s as well as pick up a little bit of Loot
4026s on the way
4029s wiring kit once we get the second beanie
4032s online we will go in and answer more
4033s questions that you guys may have uh
4036s actually I want to go over here first
4037s too for one other little detail
4040s it's nice to see something flashing over
4043s here and a little bit of debris
4045s all of our locations are handcrafted by
4048s the way so if you see something that
4049s seems a little off or
4052s um different in a space it's probably
4054s because it's trying to tell you there's
4056s a secret nearby
4059s keep your eyes peeled
4061s always keep your eyes peeled
4064s stop over here at the Flying Duchess
4066s examine the station clear off the beanie
4072s keep on keeping it oh would you look at
4074s that customer or outlaw customer I guess
4077s but can't you be both
4079s not here at the Flying Dutchess you
4082s can't I operate an honest business I see
4086s say you look like you can handle
4088s yourself very well in a situation are
4091s you up for some challenges yes hunting
4093s Outlaws in a more creative way yes I'll
4096s even throw in some reward for you what
4099s do you say let me take a look
4102s excellent
4105s so uh key points in the game you'll also
4108s be unlocking these little challenges
4112s there are a lot of them and some of them
4115s are still being worked on okay uh and
4118s you guys know this those of you veterans
4120s out there the master will unlock some
4123s sort of generally speaking of passive
4125s effects that will last for the rest of
4127s the game they're nothing game breaking
4129s nothing that's like gonna transform uh
4133s all the game into something new we don't
4134s want it to be that but it just gives you
4136s a little added incentive to go after
4139s these and it could separate some of your
4141s like really end game highly optimized
4144s builds and make it just a little bit
4145s more depending on uh what you may be
4148s looking for but most of the passive
4151s abilities are kind of more like utility
4152s oriented for example when we complete
4155s the outlaw hunt the flying Duchess will
4157s give us a discount at 10 for all goods
4159s and services that she supplies
4162s all right so let's go ahead and head to
4164s the uh shop here real briefly we got
4167s that corrosion injector you know the
4169s pseudo signal decoder even though it's
4171s level one just I'm too hesitant to try
4174s something like that at this point in
4175s time but let's see if there's anything
4178s um
4179s that we might need to purchase here's a
4181s good example of some improvements we've
4182s done towards the
4185s the transparency of information
4188s we have this item highlighted twice we
4192s see that for the perks it can be
4194s supplied to both Dax repairs and Dax
4197s tractor beam had we had more perks it
4200s would list all of them there you're
4201s getting all the information on why this
4203s is tagged green not just for one thing
4206s but every single item and uh
4209s there can be a lot of perks active at
4211s once but you're looking to satisfy
4215s we're also going to go ahead and sell
4216s this calibrated Prime zapper we're just
4219s gonna need better stuff and for now I'm
4222s just interested in selling as opposed to
4225s scrapping once I get the funds I'll
4228s start scrapping at a later point in time
4232s maybe I do want to hang on to those EMP
4233s missiles we're gonna hang on to them
4236s perhaps stubbornly I'm not sure
4239s but regardless
4241s I don't want to give them up just yet
4245s two Proto Scouts let's see if we can uh
4249s lure them into a party
4255s oh
4256s oh that is a delight all right so we
4260s both got our Alt and we leveled up
4264s basically at the same time
4267s that doesn't necessarily always happen
4273s oh man I want to get them over to
4276s foreign
4283s missed farewell all right okay
4291s now even though our devices aren't the
4293s best
4294s they're enough
4297s if they are enough
4300s all right and because I don't want to
4303s embarrass myself again with another
4304s death we are going to take it a little
4307s bit slow moving in here don't want to
4309s hit the mine
4311s tractor
4312s really close though where
4317s oh a blueprint that's nice
4327s grabbing some power cores plugging them
4330s in
4334s full
4336s all these basic things from the get-go
4344s hmm
4346s very subtle Improvement but an
4348s improvement nonetheless oh we also need
4350s to swap this all right
4352s cool
4356s all right let's take it
4365s this is also a location that I want to
4366s come back and complete later but for now
4377s excellent nice one more and the show is
4380s on there is another device here that we
4383s could grab as well as that escape pod
4386s we're gonna just sneak away for now
4390s that way we can answer some more of your
4392s questions which are starting to stack up
4394s uh I don't think there's a conversation
4397s oh okay all right quick conversation
4407s so you never had to endure shift Duty
4409s hey station AI give Adam all the data
4412s you have on juggling affirmative
4415s I didn't know we had access to an AI we
4418s had it until I just repaired it cool
4421s and uh who's Maddox no just some I
4425s used to Surf with scrap the filter's
4427s rattling again I'll talk to you soon
4437s [Music]
4440s all right now that we've entered this
4442s space we've got another signal
4444s distractor right over there to address
4445s but first let's address some questions
4448s gig bite how's it going what do we got
4451s right we've got a few they're stacking
4453s up they're stacking up nice
4455s um
4456s Nakamura over on Twitch is asking are we
4460s gonna have a new game plus in the future
4462s I know this has come up before it is not
4465s planned it is not planned we have a
4467s story-centric mission chain of events
4469s and when you get to the end game we have
4471s all intention to make that in-game an
4473s enjoyable experience to continue the
4475s hunt for better loot so if we made it to
4479s where you then started a new game and
4482s you went through the static levels that
4484s we described that would be
4486s um kind of boring probably and the other
4490s swap to that is if we then designed a
4492s new game plus for having completed the
4495s story already
4496s um it's effectively just the in-game
4498s plugs into the original game and you're
4501s not you're not really getting anything
4502s new there's not any new challenges
4504s there's not any new discoveries
4506s um it's it kind of sets you back far
4509s more than it pushes you forward so we
4512s are intentionally leaving it to where if
4514s you want to start a new game and
4515s experience the story again you can do so
4517s that way you do so as intended a new
4520s game plus that additional mode would
4522s take a bit of extra work to ensure that
4525s it's properly balanced and fun for being
4528s a new run through the game which it
4530s would have to be in that space that we
4533s simply
4534s can't uh plug in time for in our
4537s development timeline
4543s uh right we've got a question from
4545s evacam on Twitch and Michael's given an
4548s answer for this as well what are the
4550s teams uh 2023 development plans will
4553s they continue to focus on everspace 2 or
4556s will they begin work on future games as
4558s Michael has said uh there will be at
4561s least uh one free DLC in 2023 and the
4564s creative team are already starting
4565s working on the major expansion scheduled
4568s for 2024. that's correct yep and to just
4571s add a little bit more to that to the big
4574s boss man's response itself um this is
4576s something that we did make public
4578s um prior and we will have one free DLC
4581s it's going to incorporate a little bit
4582s of community content stuff that you guys
4584s were wanting and stuff that we just want
4587s to make into the game that we don't have
4588s time for for the 1.0 release I don't
4591s know if you know this but this is kind
4593s of a big game it's taken a lot of time
4594s to make sure everything's been fleshed
4596s out accordingly so regardless of that
4598s deadline we're like screw it we're
4600s adding more content free DLC for you
4602s you're welcome and then we through the
4605s process of Wonderful
4607s wonderful marketing and PR and beautiful
4610s happenings thereof we have established a
4613s 2024 premium DLC that you'll be able to
4616s purchase uh when that time comes
4618s and it will provide a slew of new
4621s content and new story and all the all
4624s the stuff that you're probably expecting
4626s from a DLC so
4629s yeah good stuff very good stuff
4632s excellent right Bearded Frog over on
4634s YouTube he spotted something and he's
4637s asking is the Codex for sure dead then
4640s it didn't seem to be there anymore when
4641s the guys where the guys in tutorial is
4643s that's where it used to be
4646s um the Codex is definitely here I'm sure
4649s that you've probably looked at this and
4650s be like but there's only four blocks
4652s instead of eight yes that's because we
4655s Consolidated it is a very effective
4658s thing in any sort of Developmental
4660s progress to make sure that you're not
4663s doing too much because if you're doing
4665s the same thing twice it's it's a waste
4668s of time so the Codex is uh very much
4672s something that exists there even though
4674s I have said in a previous stream that we
4677s uh probably weren't going to make a
4679s codex so that's exciting that's that's
4683s fun
4684s um and uh yeah through the process of
4686s simplification and just cutting to the
4688s chase of importance that's why you're
4690s seeing it slim down but it's very much
4692s still a codex absolutely yeah for sure
4697s but we test have it technically said
4698s we're making a codex for airspace 2 yet
4700s we haven't technically said that
4703s I want to just be clear it's just a
4706s screen that has stuff that looks like it
4708s could possibly
4710s be that Michael's gonna slap me all
4713s right let's keep going next question
4717s this is Jerry on YouTube wants to know
4719s speaking of secret stashes
4722s uh so does now the type of equipment in
4725s all of them are they random uh because
4727s he remembers that you found a container
4730s with a scattergun in it yeah
4733s um so the items okay so the way that I
4736s understand it the items do get
4737s randomized for specific containers that
4741s are auto-generated into an area then
4743s there are also
4745s um
4746s there's a special term for it and I wish
4748s I could remember it they're basically
4749s id'd as a permanent object within the
4753s space and the contents thereof are
4755s generally not going to change their
4757s specific content for example uh
4759s Mainframe components those don't just
4761s get randomly added to the game you have
4762s to go to specific locations to find
4764s those there will be certain items
4767s with specific traits and modifiers that
4769s are found from certain locations like
4771s that as well and those can also be next
4773s to stuff that is just randomly generated
4775s so it's it's a mixture of both is
4777s basically what I'm saying there's
4779s intentional loot to find and then
4781s there's just random stuff that you can
4783s come across
4788s marvelous right uh this was quite a an
4791s interesting question quite in depth from
4793s evacam on Twitch uh and Michael did
4797s answer this because he was the best
4798s person to do so of course have the sales
4800s and ongoing player engagement numbers
4802s forever space two met the team's
4804s expectations are there Revenue
4807s generating options that the team has
4808s evaluated and ruled out such as
4810s collaborations with other titles and
4812s franchises ship skins micro transactions
4815s Etc so Michael did give a good detailed
4818s response to this and he says sales are
4821s good of course can always be more but
4823s we'd rather sell more copies for the
4824s full price at 1.0 uh regarding micro
4827s transactions we don't think those belong
4829s in a single player game we prefer
4831s selling major content packages like
4833s expansions possibly ship skins too uh
4836s collaborations with other titles is
4838s tricky because it wouldn't fit in with
4839s our law not a fan of it and something
4842s that will probably excite the uh the
4844s Youtube guys a lot because they've been
4846s asking for this we're looking into Eves
4848s space merchandise though yep yep we have
4853s we have a lot of things that we would
4855s love to do but you know joining up with
4858s uh another uh development team to
4861s incorporate like our assets to their
4863s game and their assets to ours or like
4865s brand a thing that like slaps a uh you
4870s know a logo over the side of ours it's
4871s like Monster Energy drink like I mean
4873s that stuff can be fun that stuff can be
4876s cool
4877s um not saying that it's bad if you go
4879s that route it's just it's just not the
4880s direction we want to take the game in we
4882s want to pursue this uh this game in the
4886s best way that we possibly can to satisfy
4888s its Vision first that's priority number
4891s one we're gonna handle all that type of
4893s stuff and then from that point once
4896s everything's been satisfied you know if
4899s there were any sort of whatevers to come
4902s after that point sure maybe but it's
4904s still not desired so it would have to be
4907s one heck of a freaking deal you know if
4909s I started Monster Energy drink I only
4911s say that because we had the fan art if
4913s you guys remember there's a the fan art
4914s of the chemical bro he supplied and he
4917s made a Monster energy drink Interceptor
4920s it was it was pretty hilarious it's
4921s pretty fun but uh not gonna happen guys
4925s excellent uh another one from avacam on
4929s Twitch on the topic of difficulty mode
4931s and death counts has the team considered
4933s a hardcore mode challenge where death
4935s equals game over uh with an unlocked
4938s asset Associated to beating the game in
4940s that mode
4942s um so
4943s oh
4945s I will say this there I I definitely
4947s understand where you're coming from I
4949s Love This I love Iron Man challenges and
4951s games myself like I think it's amazing I
4953s think it caters to a very specific type
4955s of game that is being played I don't
4958s think everspace 2 is that
4960s personally I don't think and also most
4964s of the team also agrees with that we
4965s don't think that it would be the proper
4967s uh framing for our story-centric looter
4971s shooter uh to have something that can
4974s happen completely random by chance and
4978s you're not 100 sure of why it happened
4980s in the first place as you're exploring
4981s the world and oh well because of that
4983s you just lost 13 hours of your play
4985s session because you have to start
4986s completely over saves gone bye bye
4989s that's not that's not what we want to
4991s approach uh the game Space in and we're
4994s doing that uh regardless of if our
4996s community wants it or not I'm going to
4997s be super transparent and blunt on this
4999s front because it's going to hurt the
5001s vast majority of our community more than
5003s it's going to benefit the five percent
5005s of the players less than that who
5007s actually get a thrill and are actually
5009s Satisfied by that so it will not happen
5011s we are not doing a hardcore mode of that
5013s nature that said that big old ramble
5016s said
5017s we do want to have really intense
5019s challenges in the in game State we have
5022s the riffs that we've already showcased
5024s that are part of that for some people it
5026s is like the penultimate challenge some
5028s people brag a lot about how it's so easy
5030s um but there's a lot more balance and a
5032s lot more changes and a lot more elements
5033s that are coming to that state so that
5035s should you desire those crazy challenges
5038s and Men maxing your ship to extreme to
5041s optimize and glorify all that loot that
5044s you've spent the time to customize and
5046s and optimize and bring to fruition we
5048s want you to be able to do that as well
5050s so there are still more in the pipe to
5054s bring that to uh 1.0 or after 1.0 uh
5059s even so yeah just be patient on that
5061s front if that is alluring awesome if the
5065s thought of a hardcore mode that's not
5066s gonna happen sucks
5068s just please understand where we're
5070s coming from and why we do not want to do
5072s that okay
5074s a good question though good question
5077s excellent answer uh right two more
5079s questions uh wizard Jerry on YouTube is
5082s asking he's wondering will the dismantle
5085s quality for the cargo unit be useful in
5087s 1.0 we've had some internal
5090s conversations about how this might get
5092s changed so
5095s um
5096s that's about all I can say to that
5099s um honestly itemization as a whole we're
5101s still evaluating some gaps there and
5105s also just want to make some stuff a
5106s little bit more fun for example for
5108s example even though I don't have the
5110s modifier on this missile let's just
5112s pretend that it auto fired you guys know
5115s the auto firing sort of uh modifier if
5118s you get a critical hits there's a
5120s percent chance that you fire free
5122s missile so long as active on your ship
5124s we had to go in there and say oh that
5128s percentage of power that it's reduced by
5131s the damage percentage we are now also
5133s reducing the utility of certain missiles
5136s like this EMP missile for example
5138s um by that percentage as well so it says
5141s the effect duration on this particular
5142s missile is 5.14 seconds that would also
5145s be scaled back to uh was it 30 30 I
5149s think it'll only be 30 of that maybe I'm
5152s remembering the numbers wrong but you
5154s get the picture so we are adjusting
5157s elements a number of elements for the
5159s itemization on that front and yeah
5160s dismantling quality is definitely
5162s something we'll be looking into further
5168s excellent all right last question for
5171s now is from twitch and we'll change my
5174s name later okay he's asking as you know
5177s all games with greater than light speed
5178s travel have their own name for it it
5180s seems how did you settle with super
5182s light
5184s um
5186s that would be a question for UVA I don't
5189s I don't rightly know it was actually
5191s it's probably internally questioned the
5193s team was just like ah you know what it's
5195s really super fast it's like super it's
5199s super super lost it could be that basic
5202s it could legitimately be that basic or
5204s it could have been like this Revelation
5206s like nobody could figure out it took us
5207s four months just constant debates no
5210s it's not it but still
5212s um it's generally speaking whenever we
5214s have a naming convention any naming
5217s convention in the game
5219s we have internal polls we have
5221s suggestions we have referential points
5223s of other games and real life situations
5226s and whatever to find something that
5229s makes sense contextually and also
5232s functionally like within the game Space
5234s for example Mainframe components went
5237s through a number of changes for their
5240s namesake because they were a little in
5242s conflict with a number of other elements
5244s that we were designing at the time
5246s namely signal decoders if I recall
5249s correctly the Mainframe component was
5250s something along the lines of uh
5253s it's like a something something decoder
5256s oh gosh I can't remember the name now
5258s but it was conflicting and so it was a
5260s little hard to understand what it was
5262s going to be used for by changing it to a
5265s Mainframe component
5267s you know that it is a component of a
5269s Mainframe that you need multiple of to
5272s create a Mainframe expansion just a
5274s simple it really does come down to just
5276s that simple ability to comprehend what
5279s those items are what the naming
5281s convention surrounds and super light is
5284s no different we didn't need it to be
5286s something Fantastical or crazy or wild
5289s we just want to give it the context that
5291s it deserves so you know you're going
5293s really super freaking fast
5295s and
5296s there you go whoo
5299s lots of contacts there
5301s lots of oh and then Michael Michael Pops
5303s in he says in fact it was me suggesting
5305s the name super light to have something
5307s other than FTL like in any other space
5309s game yeah we just want to separate out a
5311s little bit further and super light fits
5312s so uh well played Michael
5314s congratulations
5316s you have one
5318s um Michael did a little question earlier
5321s that was going on in YouTube as I
5322s thought we would just uh touched on uh
5324s regarding the free DLC uh that is
5326s actually scheduled for the second half
5328s of 2023 but the content is still to be
5331s determined all right
5333s nice
5334s I don't know if we've actually said that
5336s publicly so that's uh everyone write it
5337s down write it down he has now
5341s cool all right so that was the last one
5343s that we had for now right
5346s yes you're free to fly them awesome very
5349s good so I'm gonna go ahead and finish up
5351s this Mission so we can progress into the
5355s next bits we do have some level threes
5357s here
5360s I'm hopeful that
5362s We're Not Gonna
5364s be that
5368s oh ah okay
5371s okay it was enough
5374s I'm a calibrated pulse laser and A Cargo
5376s unit okay all right
5380s we really need some better thrusters
5382s than an energy core honestly energy core
5384s at the start is a pretty significant uh
5388s Boone
5389s [Music]
5391s but uh we're gonna satisfy this
5399s I look over and I just see a ludicrous
5403s fast I somebody was making a reference
5406s to Spaceballs earlier in the Stream
5410s no keep your distance
5413s don't go in until you're ready to take
5415s some damage
5416s you got you guys know that we had a a
5418s Spaceballs reference in our space one
5420s right for those of you who missed it
5423s um in irispies one hardcore mode okay
5424s we're already getting into like the
5426s niche of the niche but still in the
5428s hardcore mode one of the handicaps
5432s it makes it to where when you pause when
5434s you go into your inventory the game's
5437s still running in the background and you
5438s can kind of see it too in everspace one
5440s that handicap is called we break for
5442s nobody which is a direct reference to
5445s the bumper sticker on the back of
5447s Spaceball one all right
5451s excellent
5452s excellent
5453s [Music]
5455s let's drop some scrubs
5468s beautiful
5470s always a trap is called scavenger
5473s baiting Outlaws do that a lot
5475s besides bean bags don't run on power
5478s cores
5479s so removing the debris should be enough
5482s done
5484s all bean bags are back online
5486s you can see that our base marker is now
5489s everywhere but here you can come back to
5491s base now I found something that can make
5493s life a lot easier for you
5497s all right so let's go ahead and head
5500s back to base because I actually really
5503s need what he's talking about I haven't
5505s found
5506s um I haven't found any armor yet
5508s I kind of that kind of stinks
5512s that will help our survivability a bit
5514s more
5526s is facing murder and desertion charges
5529s after the death of first lieutenant
5531s galbot Boyd It is believed he was
5533s assisted and is still accompanied by
5536s Lieutenant Henley Maddox
5539s [Music]
5541s transferring full entry to Pilot log
5544s mutiny
5547s excellent I see somebody just popping in
5549s the Stream and said uh love your game
5551s Andra zanek well thank you so much for
5554s your appreciation stick around Stay
5555s Awhile if you have questions ask we love
5559s these little Community live streams
5561s because they are cultivated for you
5563s that's right for you exactly for you so
5566s if there's ever been something that
5568s you've been curious about and wanted to
5569s know more
5570s um yeah feel free to ask maybe we can
5573s supply some information or a very
5575s transparent development team we want you
5577s guys to have all the Deeds so that we
5580s have a
5581s very solid expectation of what we're
5584s working on so you're not sidelined or
5586s upset by something you didn't see coming
5591s check this out
5593s the junk I found some protective plating
5594s for your ship might give you an edge in
5597s an upcoming fight I put it in our
5599s storage thanks Docs
5603s oh Storage storage is this one all right
5605s it's excellent Dax who was gabbertville
5609s oh
5612s I thought we changed that timing whoops
5614s sorry
5615s I wondered how long did it take for you
5617s to look me up
5618s they say it was a mutiny killed your
5621s Superior officer I didn't kill him but I
5624s didn't stop it from happening either
5626s that war the things we all did it wasn't
5629s right my friends and I we had a plan to
5632s get out and make it all mean something
5634s but void was hell been on stopping us
5637s and there I was thinking plans were for
5639s fools never said I wasn't one myself
5641s look I know how hard it can be to trust
5644s someone maybe you'll find it easier if
5646s we focus on fixing up your friend and
5648s see where it goes from there
5650s it's really all I'm asking all right
5652s let's start by having you head over to
5654s the union Bridge station and buy
5655s something called a prime sense sta
5658s that's an old but untrackable scanner
5660s module with it we can finally see the
5662s entire system without the fleet seeing
5664s us back
5665s and then we use the scanner to look for
5667s a medical station we loot the place beef
5670s up our Med Bay and let the medical AI
5672s patch up your friend
5673s what if there are no medical stations
5675s around it isn't that small we're bound
5678s to come across something
5680s I was hoping for something more solid
5682s oh all right what's the name of that
5684s scanner Prime sense sta correct have
5689s some faith and I promise it'll be worth
5691s your while
5694s wonderful all right I think that this is
5697s a good point where we can transition
5699s into something a little bit more fun to
5701s kind of look at um as you guys know
5703s we've been talking a lot about uh these
5705s updates these changes you know we've had
5707s a number of them since the start of
5709s Early Access and some of you guys have
5713s caught a lot of those details and some
5715s of you missed them so what I wanted to
5717s do is show you some of the detail work
5721s that we've actually been doing uh behind
5723s the scenes whether you have caught it or
5725s not uh most of these are actually in the
5728s build that you uh currently have access
5730s to
5731s this is just a fun little fun little
5734s reference point uh at least I hope I
5737s also need to uh make sure that the game
5739s is
5741s actually we'll just save the game for
5743s now
5744s uh
5745s new stream or 2023 stream save 22 stream
5750s safe man wouldn't it be nice to be able
5752s to save a game by typing into it that
5757s would be pretty dope wouldn't it all
5759s right
5760s let's go ahead and head back into this
5762s right here all right so what we're going
5765s to do is we're going to knock the uh the
5768s game out and we're going to load up some
5770s cool little comparisons for you all I
5772s think that you will I think you will
5773s enjoy them so give me just one second to
5775s iron out the details of making this work
5777s in the meantime check out our socials
5779s there's lots of different places that we
5781s operate and I would say the most
5783s prevalent ones probably gonna be the
5785s Discord we have a lot of conversations
5786s in there a lot of little contests and
5789s challenges and and uh fun times a lot of
5792s questions uh you know it's it's it can
5794s be pretty crazy and a lot of fun and if
5797s you desire to follow up with any sort of
5799s chats that maybe were missed or
5801s otherwise definitely swing on in there I
5804s can assure you it's a pretty good time
5806s we have a solid group of people they
5809s don't get too crazy uh at times you know
5811s if they do that's why you're calling us
5813s to moderate but there's a number of
5815s locations we're also on Reddit we're
5817s also on YouTube obviously we're also on
5819s Twitch on Twitter of course uh Instagram
5822s lots of all right all right so so I
5826s wanted to get into this and what this is
5829s this these are comparisons of asset
5832s adjustments that we've been doing both
5835s for the sake of just a better
5837s visualization but also for optimization
5839s that's right as we go through and we
5841s polish these assets it's not just a
5844s matter of oh we didn't like it before
5846s it's actually helping the game be
5849s um in a more playable state so you're
5850s not tanking frames so here we have a
5854s comparison of the old zirulia base
5857s to the new one
5859s just a very
5861s very simple adjustment
5864s cleans up these assets
5866s so they're a bit more identifiable and
5869s also makes the game truly run a little
5872s bit smoother
5874s rather beneficial all around
5878s here's another scene you guys are
5879s probably familiar with these old assets
5881s these were updated I think of the last
5883s one where we went from these sort of um
5887s why this Wildlife this biology on the
5889s plants to getting a bit more Ambience
5894s detail work and more even though it's
5898s simplified these assets streamlining
5902s your gaming possibility
5905s and we've done this to a number of
5907s assets across the board even like this
5908s one where wow like that's kind of nuts
5912s how much that's actually changed like
5913s entirely new assets that had a similar
5916s structure but then it's just completely
5917s new uh lots of this going on in the game
5920s and you know I'm not going to show you
5922s guys a tremendous number of these but I
5923s think it's important to note that this
5926s process of Early Access like it's never
5928s been something where we wanted to just
5930s deliver an episodic release of the game
5933s we never wanted to have to where it's
5935s like Oh chapter one you get this story
5936s and then chapter that story that's just
5938s not how we function we function by
5941s making the full freaking game and every
5943s update adds so much more to the whole of
5946s the game not just those added chapters
5948s that added story and I hope that you can
5951s see through these asset modifications uh
5954s just how much I mean by that it's not
5957s just a simple matter of oh we put a side
5960s mission in that you can now enjoy like
5962s every update and why we've been pushing
5965s the idea of starting a new save here let
5968s me do that one again because it jittered
5969s around when you start a new save it's so
5972s that you can experience the game as it's
5974s intended from that update because it's
5976s not just a continuation of where you
5978s left off from the prior update
5982s just from a visual side uh you know you
5985s can see quite a lot going on here
5988s just from a visual side and that's not
5991s even scratching the surface of balance
5993s and
5996s gosh so much so much I mean all I have
5999s to say is balance really right that's
6001s all I have to say like look at this
6004s that is that's a healthy change that is
6006s not a small asset in the game
6009s right
6011s all right here's another one
6015s I think this one's a really telling one
6017s too
6018s [Music]
6021s through the process of building up the
6023s game you can also see that we did clean
6025s up the way certain assets looked as well
6028s because you know we do have this dark
6031s and Dusty sort of space throughout the
6032s DMZ but we also want to take great care
6034s and show off some pretty cool structures
6036s this is an example of it being it's a
6039s little too dirty for our taste so we did
6041s clean it up we ironed out some of those
6042s hard edges and Incorporated a little bit
6046s more of an organic structure
6049s there's lots of this here's here's the
6051s other side as well
6054s seeing that change
6056s [Music]
6060s lots of these adjustments all around and
6062s it doesn't just end on like you know
6065s the smaller stuff or you know whatever
6068s like it these are pretty massive changes
6070s like look at that you can really see
6071s like the Grits of the first one being
6074s replaced in this particular asset uh
6077s because this particular asset shouldn't
6079s have that grip now there are definitely
6081s other ones that do but we did have to
6084s refine and condense especially according
6086s to how the story progresses and how the
6088s lore is meant to be uh brought into the
6092s fold for all of these elements we have
6094s to ensure that the stylization that
6096s we're approaching fits the narrative and
6099s the gameplay experience
6101s uh here's here's another one where
6103s you're seeing that more gritty look on
6104s the outside that then gets replaced with
6106s a little bit more polish but a lot more
6108s detail work
6109s that magically I suppose
6112s optimizes the game making it easier to
6115s render
6117s [Laughter]
6122s oh and you know I just casually look
6124s over and I do see a really prominent
6126s response from we'll change my name later
6128s and I will read part of this because it
6130s is important to note you know a lot of
6132s you guys
6133s um going through Early Access who are
6135s making points and references saying like
6136s oh it would have been so cool if this
6138s looks like that or that looked like this
6139s other thing or there was more variety
6140s and blah blah well yes and there's would
6143s absolutely be that because a lot of the
6147s optimization passes that occur in
6150s development happen at the end
6152s it happened at the end and that is to
6155s ensure that you're not retouching stuff
6158s that's been created into the game
6161s multiple times because that's a waste of
6164s time imagine if we supplied our first
6166s update and then the next update was an
6169s update pass to incorporate that update
6171s into the original game and then the
6174s update after that was the next update
6175s and then we had an update pass on that
6177s one to incorporate all those assets into
6180s the fold of the the full like that would
6182s just that would be wow no and
6185s considering that we had your support
6186s through a Kickstarter I don't think that
6188s you would appreciate our funds to be
6190s spent uh so unprofessionally so here's
6193s another one that I think is a really
6195s telling of how the game's been coming
6197s along too
6198s [Laughter]
6201s but uh most of these assets I'm not sure
6204s if all of them but most of these assets
6205s are live in your build but there are
6208s still a lot more coming
6210s um because we are in that home stretch
6211s for 1.0 and a lot of the polishing
6213s passes and performance passes are
6216s occurring
6217s almost now
6219s some of them are actually happening soon
6221s and a little bit later even uh but yeah
6223s there's there's a lot of that that's
6225s happening on this leg of the course
6229s all right here's another one I I'm a big
6232s fan of this one this I like to describe
6235s this image this almost looks like a um
6238s you guys remember when Starcraft 2
6239s launched
6241s you guys remember Starcraft 2 launched
6243s and it kind of looks cartoony it looked
6244s too cartoony and then they like went
6246s back into the game and they're like okay
6247s we fixed it that's what this reminds me
6250s of
6253s or if I Starcraft two players oh my gosh
6256s you know what I'm talking about Taryn
6258s the Terran buildings it was like oh my
6259s gosh they look like little children's
6261s play toys and then boom they came back
6263s with the balancing class
6265s oh my gosh
6267s so
6269s oh man
6271s all right let's move into some more yeah
6273s here's another one of that different
6274s angle very much so
6279s awesome
6281s this is what it is now you can see we
6284s really want to bring home that very
6286s futuristic sci-fi and strengthened
6289s Structural
6291s Concepts to life here instead of having
6294s it just a little too no I don't want to
6297s say flimsy but it feels a bit more
6299s delicate doesn't seem as sturdy and the
6303s colors are a little too bold
6306s all around how we are dropping them in
6309s and uh here's one that I believe is
6312s actually live but you have the GMB here
6314s where we've got the uh the structures on
6318s the nefty's plane side and then we just
6320s added so much more textural quality I
6323s should really have a sit down
6324s conversation with Marco sometime because
6325s I really want to understand how by
6327s adding more visuals into the game it's
6332s less it's less work for the PC to handle
6335s I want to know why that is and there's
6338s specific terminology associated with
6339s some of you out there are probably like
6341s oh I know why you could explain it to me
6343s that's great
6344s um but we're doing that process that's
6346s what we've been uh going through and
6348s making sure these policing passions do
6351s for a number of these assets here's
6353s another look at this big old Spaceball
6358s oh my gosh
6360s and seeing where it goes from this more
6362s Dusty diminished sort of thing with less
6366s refined lines to Bam look at that so
6369s much more quality approaching that
6371s structure
6374s very good very good
6376s [Music]
6380s all right don't I think this is the last
6382s one so we got this um this one's very
6385s well I say simple but there's so much
6386s work that goes into these this one's
6389s more of like the outlaw main hob that
6391s home-based sort of structure
6393s that's uh you know boom gets so much
6396s more detail it basically it's naked at
6399s this point right just that slim Sleek
6402s look and it just it was a little too
6403s much for Outlaw bases pertaining to the
6406s lore pertain to the Lord most not all
6410s but most Outlaw bases are previously
6414s Colonial
6416s establishments during the war okay so
6420s Outlaws take them over and revamp them
6424s they customize them and they squat in
6426s them and they uh you know call them home
6429s because they want to exist outside the
6431s law obviously now uh Colonial
6433s authorities uh as well as the
6436s militarization of the DMZ have all been
6438s like
6439s removed right through the the trees
6442s which is why all these bases have just
6444s been left to dust and also why there
6447s happens to be a lot of military assets
6449s going around
6450s um
6451s just kind of a product of what has
6453s occurred since these events
6456s very very good stuff um I have been
6459s seeing a couple of questions being poked
6461s around and now that we're through that's
6463s the last one that's the last image here
6464s I want to answer some of those questions
6466s and I'm just gonna I'm just gonna start
6468s from the beginning and go back through
6469s again oh my gosh so much I actually
6470s showed you guys a lot more than I
6471s thought it was going to
6473s um so yeah let's go ahead and answer
6474s some of those questions geekbone if you
6475s want to chime in here and start
6476s answering I'm just gonna like slowly go
6478s through these so you can see those
6479s comparisons one more time no worries we
6482s have a couple uh first off is from
6484s Excelsior on YouTube uh and he's asking
6488s are you remastering those assets
6490s in-house or are you handing them over to
6492s external Parts Partners like Volta or
6495s streamlined Studios Michael did actually
6497s uh jump in on this one as well
6500s polishing assets happens in-house and
6502s through an external artist alter has
6505s been helping on adding details to
6507s concept art and with the official key
6509s app for the version 1.0 release
6511s absolutely it's actually been a pleasure
6514s of mine to see some of my co-workers
6517s dive into this and just Revitalize the
6520s look of certain assets but yeah we we do
6522s a little bit of work with others who
6525s come in they swoop in and they they help
6527s us out too because you know we're a
6529s small team and we have a lot of topics
6531s and a lot of uh systems that we need to
6533s address before that 1.0 release because
6535s we ain't gonna miss any of the promises
6537s that we made and they're still Frankly
6539s Speaking there's a lot that we want to
6541s do and a lot that we want to accomplish
6543s so getting just a little bit of outside
6545s helps so much that outside uh help helps
6549s so much
6550s and uh yeah so what you're seeing here
6552s is kind of a combination of of actually
6555s Michael I would say most of the stuff
6557s I'm showing here is actually outside
6558s help isn't it
6560s um
6561s some of this stuff I know we did
6563s internally but uh regardless the the
6565s point is the point is is that we you
6568s know we do you we both go through
6570s ourselves internally because we want to
6572s you know play the most hands into this
6575s as possible but we do you know call on
6578s assistance in order to get things where
6581s they need to go so our focus and our
6583s deadlines can be made accordingly
6585s all right
6588s very good
6590s we've got a question from Junior
6592s panchiati over on YouTube and again
6594s Michael's answered it he's on fire
6596s tonight he's on fire okay uh will the
6599s settings be wiped when the saved games
6601s are white uh will settings need to be
6603s reset
6605s um and Michael's just chimed in with
6607s saying the dot ini settings file should
6609s not be overwritten in at 1.0
6614s okay that's what Michael said then
6616s that's that's what we're going for
6621s I I know that we don't want to wipe
6623s anything like that
6624s um the big the big takeaway from it of
6627s course is that the save games are going
6629s to be removed and when I say removed I'm
6632s not just meaning they just vanish so if
6634s you store them somewhere else you could
6635s just pull them back over and they work
6636s uh no the functionality of those saves
6640s will be removed should you find a way to
6644s play an old save into the new finalized
6647s game it's going to leave to lead to
6649s errors that we will not fix because that
6652s is not how the game is meant to be
6654s played not from using the old Flags the
6656s old assets the old systems the old uh
6659s settings the old missions the old
6661s whatevers uh that's going to bring in a
6664s number of troubles that we're not going
6666s to deal with and wiping that away to
6668s start a fresh new save so you can
6669s experience everything the game has to
6672s offer in the way that it's intended is
6674s absolutely without a doubt what we are
6676s doing and it's not going to change so
6679s please keep that in mind for those of
6681s you who are like no my saved game I
6684s can't this is this sucks it's so dumb
6686s you know what you are fair and free to
6689s have that opinion but I truly hope that
6691s you do understand and respect our
6693s decision to make that wipe for the full
6696s true experience that is the 1.0 release
6698s from the get-go from scratch starting
6701s Anew because that's how we look at it
6702s and that's what we're doing
6706s excellent
6709s um Nila Nova on YouTube has asked will a
6712s wacky weapons like the ones throng-sold
6714s make a return
6716s I would be telling
6720s I love your curiosity there are more
6723s legendaries coming than I say too much
6726s let's keep going keep going next
6728s question I have a good idea about
6730s questions but uh hopefully somebody will
6732s come up with something so we can move on
6734s quickly think about it
6736s oh that's great
6737s it's it's possible right like this
6740s to the question it's it's certainly
6741s possible though I do I actually want to
6743s make this because now everybody's like
6745s oh he just confirmed it no no I really
6747s didn't I really didn't maybe uh but also
6751s note that we take the designs of the
6753s itemization incredibly seriously okay
6756s everything that we're bringing into the
6758s Forefront of this game we want it to
6760s have a very strong element associated
6763s with the lore within this universe that
6766s does mean there can be some wonky weird
6768s and wild jury rigged products and
6770s strange happenings right like that's
6773s definitely something within the realm of
6775s possibility for sure but if you're
6778s expecting to have a flat cannon that
6781s shoots watermelons and explodes and
6783s confetti making fart sounds you're going
6786s a little too hard okay that's not that's
6789s not what we want to do that is beyond
6792s where our vision lies should we reach a
6797s point that could establish mod support
6799s fingers crossed because again we do
6802s desire that it's just not a priority and
6806s it's not something we are working on
6809s if we could get into that territory
6812s then you can do whatever the crap you
6814s want
6815s but from a standpoint of what our vision
6818s looks like and how we're approaching it
6820s it's far more on the serious side of
6823s associating components with velor
6826s associating components with this world
6828s that we've created to bring it all
6830s together
6831s foreign
6854s [Music]
6858s I could pick up the game again and kind
6861s of go through it a little bit uh since
6862s you guys have technically seen all of
6864s these
6865s um all right I'm seeing some questions
6866s kind of come in here um Jack Jackalope
6869s over on YouTube will the ship limit be
6871s increased I'm assuming you're referring
6873s to the number of ships that you can
6874s store in the home base I don't think
6878s it's planned at this time
6881s but because there's definitely going to
6883s be more ship variety by full release I'm
6885s not going to say that it's not possible
6888s um I know internally we also have a
6890s number of of team members who are like
6891s that would be nice
6893s um it's going to be something we have to
6894s feel out
6895s it's gonna have to be something we feel
6896s out we don't want you to be able to
6898s store 50 different ships for example
6900s because I think that starts getting to a
6902s territory of overwhelming your SP
6904s yourself especially like if you leave
6905s the game for a while and you come back
6906s and you're like where the crap do I
6908s start like we don't we don't want to
6909s have that occurring
6912s um but you know customization and flying
6915s your own ship is important otherwise we
6918s wouldn't have the module ship components
6921s at all and uh I'm confident we will find
6924s a pretty good balance on that front so
6927s I'm confident
6929s except for those who want to have 50
6931s ships because that's not going to happen
6935s yeah super Scrapper has asked a question
6938s on Twitch
6939s um has there been any thought on being
6941s able to customize what mods a specific
6943s weapon has for example I had one that
6946s would temporarily shut down shield and
6948s that's something I missed later in the
6950s game it was it was super helpful yeah so
6954s um that has also been a point of
6955s internal discussion so it is no secret
6957s that we have taken inspiration from the
6960s likes of other looter Shooters such as
6963s Destiny Diablo I mean the list goes on
6967s the list goes on and I mean I think that
6969s it's
6970s you know not uncommon
6973s within other games of this nature these
6976s looter style Centric games
6979s to have a means to adjust and to tweak
6981s certain items even further Beyond just
6985s what its Rarity is or what its level is
6987s which we currently have in the game so
6991s um yeah we've definitely had
6992s conversations about what it would look
6994s like if we were to go in those added
6996s directions
6997s I can't guarantee that we will go
7000s super heavy into that because there is
7003s kind of this price that you pay when you
7005s have a level of customization in games
7008s that affects the end game of that nature
7010s and it starts producing less enjoyment
7014s of the hunt for Loot and more of a
7019s chore-like grind for the components or
7022s the parts that you need and that is
7024s something we would very much like to
7026s enjoy it very much like to avoid if it
7031s is within our power to do so so we'll
7034s see how things develop and and what
7037s happens in the future but do know that
7039s there will still be a couple more tweaks
7041s and modifications to
7043s um crafting and legendary stuffs and
7047s stuff of that nature so yeah
7050s fingers crossed for you I guess
7054s so good questions good questions
7057s I like it
7059s sneaky little questions just coming from
7061s Jill's Mercier on YouTube and what will
7064s the max shift here uh be in 1.0
7068s I believe it's gonna be for the four
7071s plus I suppose um which was advertised
7074s on the kickstarter like that's that's
7075s what we wanted to accomplish and that's
7078s still what we're aiming to do
7079s um I suppose you could say as the bare
7081s minimum but it's a freaking ton of
7083s workout you have many tears
7085s um with all the different modules and
7087s the passives and the everything's but uh
7089s yeah I mean we'll we'll have more to
7091s show on that front in the in the future
7093s most of that is going to be reserved for
7095s 1.0 itself though
7097s um I also see a question right after
7099s that one from Serene petson on how will
7101s transmod work here exactly will I be
7104s able to make my Vanguard look like a
7106s bomber but still handle like a Vanguard
7108s no that is not in the plans so slurring
7110s what we want to do what we're aiming to
7112s do with the transmog system is allow you
7115s to take a ship and modify it according
7119s to the assets within that class okay
7123s um and I I imagine a lot of you guys are
7125s going to be like oh yeah that makes
7126s sense and that's that's how we would
7129s honestly like to approach that and we're
7131s hoping that we get to that and
7133s incorporate it in that setting and
7137s through those trans mogs we're also
7139s considering the options you know like to
7141s have a tier one Wing even though you're
7143s flying tier four with those uh all those
7145s spruced up uh powers and and whatnot so
7148s but we'll have more to talk about and
7151s more to show again
7153s um on those levels those Aesthetics
7155s especially within like the transmark
7157s system that is still planned for 1.0
7160s um and everything that that surrounds
7162s because it's a it's a lot it's a lot and
7165s uh we don't want it to go
7167s crazy to where it's it's not uh
7171s conducive to uh the proper results
7174s ships have different hitboxes for
7176s example so yeah
7181s cool cool
7182s um I also see another question over on
7184s Twitch I like this question
7186s um from we'll change my name later will
7188s the DLC forward the story or will they
7190s be independent stories with their own
7192s story I love that and Michael does
7194s respond in kind this also goes to some
7197s previous conversations I've said about a
7199s full game versus an incomplete one at a
7201s 1.0 launch so this is kind of fun
7203s um very specifically they will be
7205s independent stories connected to the
7208s campaign so what that means is that it
7210s is not necessarily uh like this
7214s um like you don't get the full
7216s experience at 1.0 because you will the
7220s DLC adds to that it gives you more but
7224s if you only buy the 1.0 full release
7228s you're not technically missing the main
7231s key points and The prominent elements of
7234s the story of the character developments
7236s all of that type of stuff you can also
7238s look towards everspace once DLC as kind
7240s of a reference point to that in fact um
7242s if you've played everspace one without
7245s the DLC you're missing a number of
7248s prominent characters that encourage you
7251s to accomplish new tasks gain new
7255s abilities and gives you more assortments
7257s of goods that you can progress through
7259s that roguelike loop with but if you
7262s don't encounter those characters at all
7265s and just play bass ever space one first
7268s off you're missing out but second like
7270s it's still the full game experience
7272s you're still getting all of that main
7274s story of what's transpiring you're still
7276s getting most of that
7279s um no no you're getting you're getting
7281s all of it you're getting all of that
7282s story you're getting everything you need
7283s to know about the events of everspace
7286s one ever everspace one's DLC encounters
7289s expansion just adds so much more to
7292s bring it into this beautiful state of
7296s replayability and enjoyment that's
7298s that's honestly what that accomplishes
7301s so there we go
7303s a lot of detail on that one okay guys
7305s what time is it what time is it we got
7307s about three minutes left I can maybe
7309s answer like one or two more questions
7310s here yeah
7313s um oh we got one yeah Excelsior has
7314s asked uh would you consider adding
7316s engine muzzle and cockpit Park tears at
7319s some point in the future
7321s I don't think that's in the plans
7325s I think that the exterior weapon
7330s customization is not really
7334s an element we want to pursue most of the
7337s equipment is going to look like the way
7339s it does and we want them to be distinct
7340s from one another like a beam laser it
7341s doesn't look like a pulse laser for
7343s example but customizing its visual on
7346s the posterior of your ship hasn't really
7350s been a focal point we want stuff that
7352s makes a pretty strong impact like the
7354s ship modules for example and even to a
7357s degree You could argue like potentially
7360s the cockpit as well
7362s um you know it's I think it's important
7364s to note that you could have different
7366s cockpit styles that look that you see
7369s those differences from the outside based
7371s on your screenshots and whatnot so
7373s that's an important sort of reference
7375s point you know I did talk earlier in the
7377s Stream that it's not guaranteed that we
7379s will have that level of cockpit
7380s customization so I don't want to like
7382s hype you guys up too much and create an
7383s expectation where oh we're getting this
7385s massive customization cockpit because no
7387s I'm not saying that I want to make sure
7388s that's clear but we do look at these
7391s elements of customization from that
7393s standpoint if it makes a big impact and
7396s the weapons the the weapons themselves
7399s attached to the ship
7401s customizing those we just don't feel is
7403s the impact that the game really needs
7406s from that level it's a lot of time a lot
7408s of work to plug that in for a very
7410s little effect
7412s much greater focus on something like the
7414s ship
7415s [Music]
7417s ment good good stuff
7419s we might just be able to sneak in uh
7422s from nilo Nova uh shall there be more
7425s colors texture Styles beside metallic
7428s and normal for the paint jobs that guys
7430s that is something that I would love
7432s personally I know it's something we've
7434s talked about apparently the
7436s customization on that front uh needs to
7438s go through a lot of
7440s passes for approvals and it also
7443s unfortunately
7445s um would if it were to go through that
7447s which takes time of course would pull
7451s key team members off of priority
7454s elements required for the 1.0 release
7456s can you tell that I have played a part
7460s in trying to get more colors and and
7462s just textures
7464s it's quite the process unfortunately
7468s because I do think that we could benefit
7470s from you know a bit more on that and
7473s with every single addition you know it
7475s creates so much more
7478s um but it comes down to our development
7480s timeline it comes down to the focal
7481s points and the requirements that we've
7483s got to hit and as it stands and you guys
7485s know this Aesthetics
7487s that level and degree of customization
7490s that's all on a lower tier than missions
7495s than itemization then character
7499s progression and story like it's it's
7502s just not at that same level so here's
7506s hoping that in the future we can do more
7509s with the customization be it from a free
7511s DLC or a premium one to add a little bit
7515s more flavor on that field but as of
7517s right now I would not expect too much
7520s more to come on the field of ship
7523s textures and colors in particular
7526s so cool all right guys that is going to
7530s in fact conclude our stream I don't know
7533s about you but I had a wildly good time
7535s being able to chat with all of you it's
7537s been so good being back for the new year
7539s you have asked solid questions oh my
7543s gosh and it's great it feels good to be
7545s revisiting the game in a brand new state
7547s being able to tease new stuff that's
7549s added along the way and oh my gosh I'm
7552s just excited to continue this and pursue
7555s into new territories for you uh both as
7558s eye candy and also just as information
7560s because at the end of the day we do
7563s these streams for you to make sure that
7566s the expectations are realized what you
7569s desire what we desire have that strong
7571s way to bridge that gap between developer
7574s and community
7575s this home stretch is coming in hard and
7577s oh my gosh do we have some cool stuff
7580s ahead of you so
7583s you guys have been super freaking
7586s awesome and I have been super freaking
7588s Eric Schroeder your community Ambassador
7590s for Rockfish games a geekbite thank you
7594s again for diving in helping uh moderate
7597s and gather all those questions it's
7599s always a pleasure guys don't stop being
7601s awesome and we will catch you in the
7603s next stream scheduled for next week at
7605s the same time same channel all that good
7607s stuff toodles
7626s [Music]
7629s thank you
7632s [Music]
7641s [Music]
7647s [Applause]
7649s [Music]
7651s [Applause]
7652s [Music]
7654s thank you
7658s [Music]
7667s guys I can't find my sunglasses
7671s I lost them oh I found them oh my
7674s goodness New Year I need to clean my
7677s desk whoop all right here we are here we
7679s are ladies and gentlemen welcome to the
7681s uh post stream events where I look like
7685s a fool and you guys somehow love it
7688s um thank you all again for being here uh
7690s kicking off the new stream seriously New
7692s Year it's gonna be such a freaking
7694s awesome wild ride and I'm super pumped
7697s that you are along the ride with us so
7700s um if you guys don't know everspace is
7703s in fact ever Space 2 is in fact going to
7705s go up in price when it launches the
7707s first half of this year that's right
7709s that is a soon time frame because we're
7711s technically in the first half of this
7713s year are we releasing tomorrow is that
7715s where we're revealing no not not it
7717s that's not that's that's too eager but
7719s know that the price point is going up so
7723s if you are really tight on money okay
7726s and you still want to support us which
7728s we totally understand you can obviously
7730s use your voice and tell more people
7731s about us but you can also wish list us
7733s on Steam and wait for a sale all right
7736s because when you see that sale it's
7737s going to be the cheapest you can
7740s possibly get the game because you're
7741s going to have that percentage off of
7742s that lesser premium price point because
7745s when we hit again 1.0 this year the
7749s first half it's gonna go up okay so
7752s don't say I didn't warn you I'm trying
7753s to help you out here if that's the way
7755s that you want to support awesome so just
7758s know that otherwise we'd also totally
7760s love the sport of buying the game at
7762s full price you know don't let that stop
7764s you
7765s so um
7770s you guys I I think bearded Frog's really
7772s excited you all want this and um
7775s I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna do this so
7778s uh those of you who don't mind a really
7781s terrible beatboxing feel free to say
7784s um and if you uh think that this point
7786s is cringe have a good one thank you so
7788s much and enjoy your weekend
7790s all right what am I doing how am I going
7792s to do this
7794s I'll just start we'll figure it out
7809s [Music]
7815s [Music]
7821s foreign
7833s [Music]
7857s thank you
7859s [Music]
7878s my throat's gonna die but you're welcome
7883s ah that's fun that's fun for me I hope
7887s that you guys enjoyed it
7889s um yeah I gotta I gotta get out oh my
7891s gosh stream's totally over
7893s um seriously you're wonderful I love you
7895s so much you are great join us in the
7897s Discord let's have some fun
7899s um oh
7901s crud geekbot I I forgot to do something
7904s it's fine it's fine we'll we'll schedule
7906s it for next time it's fine
7909s everyone's gonna be like wait what
7911s what's he tired about you can't leave us
7913s like this oh no
7919s oh goodness
7921s enjoy your weekend we'll have some fun
7923s next week I promise
7926s let's go raid Corbin over on Twitch
7933s [Music]