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5s [Music]
12s thank you
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32s foreign
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66s foreign
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100s foreign
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154s thank you
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176s thank you
179s thank you
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209s foreign
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246s hello ah good evening good afternoon
249s good morning to you
251s oh
253s what a day what a day how are you all
255s good evening uh wherever you are in the
257s world thank you very much for joining us
259s sorry for the slightly messy start
261s um unfortunately
264s um
265s a lot of the team are quite ill at the
266s moment so I've had to step in at the
269s very last minute and uh yes
275s yes mad bed well spotted well spotted
278s this is not Eric uh this is definitely
280s not Eric unfortunately Eric is feeling
282s very under the weather uh so he asked me
285s at the last minute to step in and uh do
288s a stream now obviously it won't be to
291s the same in depth
293s um as whatever it can dive into
296s um but yeah flori yes I do look David uh
300s unfortunately I've been ill over the
302s Christmas period as well I know
303s Michael's not feeling too good and some
305s of the rest of the team aren't feeling
306s too great but we're gonna sold Jerome
308s we're gonna try and do a stream of some
311s description
313s uh for you
315s um at least so do bear with us like I
318s say it was all last minute uh Eric's
320s come down very ill and he just asked me
322s at the last minute if I can dive in so
323s we haven't got anything planned as such
326s uh apart from screenshots now so uh if
329s you do have any questions uh please do
332s still ask them obviously Michael is here
334s but he's still feeling a bit under the
336s weather
337s um and we're trying to answer as many of
339s those questions as possible
341s um obviously we won't be able to answer
342s everything
344s um but
345s fingers crossed uh we'll we'll still
347s have a good stream so um
350s flori saw another stream without money
353s for the new ship yeah we're gonna be
355s playing on my build that I'm currently
358s playing but we're also gonna play a new
360s game because obviously over the
362s Christmas period uh the game was on sale
364s if you've been on Steam
366s um some of the new players may have come
368s along and wanted to see what
371s uh everspace 2 was all about and uh they
374s may not have dived in yet because it was
376s early access so we're going to start off
377s with a new game straight from the
379s beginning but we're then going to dive
381s into
382s my serious
385s um attempts at riffs now I will preface
388s this uh I've only been into the Rifts a
391s couple of times yeah I've kind of been
394s hanging back from them because I know
396s some of you boys and girls uh out there
397s are all seriously better than I am at
400s these uh things so uh riff chaos for the
403s win yeah maybe right Kilted ninja you
405s could be right there but I've got a
406s gunship I've gone in there uh but I've
409s only done like a a level 100. and there
412s you need to obviously at some point
414s check out uh Eric's twitch when he's
417s back up Fit and Well so uh yeah we're
420s all feeling a little bit under the
421s weather you probably sound you know you
424s can hear my voice it's a little bit on
425s the Husky side
427s um but yeah I I had the kovid over the
429s Christmas period so I did have a great
430s Christmas but uh well we're all trying
432s to how do you become above the weather
434s yeah you flood you fly so yeah ask away
438s ask as many questions as you can we'll
441s try and answer them if I can't answer
442s them Michael will try and answer them uh
444s if we see anybody else on the team
445s obviously they will dive in as well so
448s uh
449s yeah there we go Mike is already
450s answering so in the twitch I've got both
452s the chats open so I'll try and keep on
454s top of them as well
456s um if I do miss any do apologize but you
458s can always dive into the Discord and
460s then follow up on ask rfg in there so uh
463s yeah yeah it's always good fun it's
467s always good fun these you know but we do
469s we do these things because we like you
471s or we love you all and we're glad that
473s you keep coming back so um
476s uh yeah it is indeed so we're gonna play
478s a new game like I say I'm gonna play
480s just so people who've bought the game
482s over the Christmas period because of the
484s sale might want to see what it's all
486s about uh and they might want to you know
489s find out a little bit more about the
491s game uh how it looks how it plays and
494s then ask the basic questions which we
496s you know everybody's could be brilliant
498s at the game but they can be a newbie at
500s the game so uh yeah there it is so uh
503s let's dive in with a new game
509s uh Florence this is geby stream will
512s also be screenshots Recall now uh I'll
514s talk about the screenshots in a little
515s bit
529s approaching extraction area all miners
533s stay in formation wingman you take up
535s the rear understood
538s understood so straight off obviously if
542s you're new to the game it's going to
543s tell you how you even fly your ship
547s um if you've never played everspace one
549s very similar controls obviously
552s um sorry for those of long time players
555s it will feel very very much at home with
557s it but for new players we'll run through
559s a tutorial of how just to basically
561s control your ship which is what we're
563s gonna do now uh Shields how you doing uh
566s well any news about the release date
569s um I have no news about the release date
572s Etc uh we'll get that one out with the
574s out of the way I've got no news on it uh
576s but I believe we will have some news
578s coming soon
580s um from the team uh and we'll wait to
582s see um
584s you know what comes there
587s um
591s right yeah I'm just catching up with the
593s rest of it uh excellent excellent right
595s so
596s how to accelerate press W and then
599s decelerate with an S so we're just going
601s to follow the mining Colony as we go
608s search and could use a push hey Ben
611s we've got a clunker back here got it
614s let's meet near a ship
616s cool so we're gonna go to the miner
621s what's going on with it
623s still laggy jump
626s Ed good as my granny's creaky old knee
628s thanks Ben I'm nearly out of Nanobots
631s say how's your ship holding up just the
633s usual wear and tear don't tell me you
636s want to run another Mobility check can't
638s risk you breaking down in the middle of
639s a fight can I no all right knock
641s yourself out first show me two healthy
644s strafes left and right there so
649s strafing with your A and D keys
653s and then I can still hear your smile
655s move up and down with space and left
659s control I know I'm teaching a lot of
660s people to suck eggs here but it's not
662s into you
670s finally I need one last strafe with
673s boost to the right
675s yeah there we go there's Slinky rocket
678s Dodges go I'd give you a four out of
680s nine yeah you're in good enough shape
683s for the junk pile you're floating try
685s telling that to Callahan I bet 10
687s credits that if we don't catch up he'll
689s threaten to remove this ship from our
691s tally nah he's a jerk but not that bad
693s I'll take that bed let's not keep him
696s waiting then
698s oh uh right just here a couple of
701s questions uh Cyril how are you doing
702s good evening good afternoon good morning
703s to you uh Michael has just put he's
706s working on a press release about the 1.0
708s release date as we speak so if you
710s haven't seen that
712s interesting information there
715s um so yeah just so you're aware on
717s YouTube obviously uh because of settings
720s and and getting the stream up and
721s running uh Michael is logged in on his
724s account uh his personal account so if
725s you do see him that is Michael yeah he's
728s normally into Rockfish games but I kind
730s of usurped him a little bit just to get
732s the stream up and running so yeah don't
734s worry that is definitely Michael in the
736s YouTube channel so he's definitely there
737s as well as in the Discord
740s uh twitch rather not Discord
743s right so we're going to catch up with
750s there he is
752s ridiculate just can't say no to those
754s terraformed links
755s I can't imagine what it'd be like to
757s finally be out it'll be plasma gin and
760s sunsets my friend
761s after the slog we've been through it's
763s the least we deserve
768s I know it's something that came up on uh
770s steam in the discussions uh you'll see
772s me uh running around on there answering
774s as many questions as I can if you've
776s nicely seen and don't know if you want
779s to look at
781s um
782s your various viewpoints press your V key
785s on the keyboard uh third person far
788s third person near in cockpit and then
791s you get the nose view as well so there's
793s various ways as well
795s um to look at the game so if you want
797s full immersion you can go into the
798s cockpit uh Bearded Frog I'm on that one
801s because that's how I'm logged in so
806s then we can hold F to catch up with
807s Callahan to the cruise
810s there we go
818s if it is an R2 Slackers five seconds
822s longer and I would remove this shift
823s from your tally what's the situation
826s there's a Hydra infestation clogging up
829s the entrance and since you're the one
831s that gets paid for handling these things
833s I thought I'd be so kind as to let you
836s earn your creds
840s at Callahan's a bit of a jerk he's a bit
842s of a jerk
843s um just to answer friends uh I would be
846s interested to know what the team is
848s focusing on right now on what you guys
849s have been doing the last two weeks
851s perhaps a bit more than just working
852s towards 1.0 to be fair over the
855s Christmas period obviously in the last
856s two weeks the team were taking some very
858s well earned uh time off but obviously
860s work still going on behind the scenes uh
863s the team only did come back to the
865s office this week really so obviously
867s over the festivities uh people were
870s taking a Weller and brick
872s um
873s uh Bearded Frog to be honest with you if
875s you want to yeah you can tell you can
877s tag me or you know uh the Rockfish games
879s or if you want to tag Michael you might
881s be able to answer as well
882s um med bed over on Twitch he's asking
884s can you give us a quote from the press
886s release pretty please bonus points if he
888s Clues to release date I like his style
890s med bed I really like what you're doing
891s there I don't think it's gonna happen
897s I love it love it yeah very good nice
899s try I like it
901s so uh
903s uh Cheryl any information for the road
905s map 2023 uh once we get the pressure
907s release out uh which Michael's working
909s on uh now uh you'll have more
911s information about what's going to be
912s coming in 2023 so uh just hold on hold
915s on hold on so I'm going to get rid of
917s this infestation
920s boom boom that's black goof goop
923s everywhere still jammed
928s you going first and secure a path to the
931s Core
931s the engineer will follow with some
933s distance in case anything needs fixing
935s how much distance enough to make a
938s U-turn should he run into trouble
941s rest we'll wait outside with me until I
944s give this signal all right I'm going in
967s let's get rid of these hydras on the way
970s looks like the last shift never left
974s thank you
978s we've just gotta reach the core which is
981s down this tunnel let's go there
1006s lots of dead Outlaws and miners in here
1010s yeah and since the Hydra had time to
1012s spread but hasn't devoured them yet I'd
1014s say they killed each other less than 48
1016s hours ago scrap you might want to
1019s consider that U-turn some of the Outlaws
1021s may still be alive forget Callahan I can
1024s take care of myself
1027s oh so we're gonna check out these wrecks
1029s see what's in them if anything
1031s uh isn't Crystal clothing credits
1035s credits are always good another wreck
1038s here as well
1039s more atheum Crystal
1050s smack into too many things never a good
1053s idea
1056s let's pull up in credits
1061s another shipwreck
1064s liquor
1065s always a good phone
1068s the entrance to the core is blown try
1071s using your missiles
1074s hey so we're gonna blow up this slightly
1076s blockage with the right Mouse button and
1077s the missile shots
1082s now while drone appears
1086s whoever sent that might still be in
1088s there we'll see
1090s hmm
1092s interesting
1099s we'll hack the terminal holding down the
1101s F key we're here until I've had a look
1103s inside
1107s and into the next cabin
1111s that's the core
1127s we appeared
1130s and I have no idea who you are hey you
1134s GMP scum this will take care I don't
1138s think so
1139s there are no rescue squads out here
1141s everyone the risk meter just went way up
1144s they were Outlaws here and maybe more on
1146s their way so what we've still got an
1149s armed Patrol outside they could be here
1151s any minute all the more reason to work
1154s fast
1155s let's do this people those crystals
1157s won't mine themselves and that Outlaw is
1160s from bloodstar not just some low-level
1162s grunt
1164s even had a custom built coil gun I'll
1167s keep an eye on the main shaft
1168s and I'm gonna hold on to the coil gun
1170s let's hope we won't need it
1173s yeah he's such a jerk he's Callahan such
1176s a jerk uh right let's just have a quick
1178s look
1179s um
1182s yeah Michael's just updated with press
1184s release he's gonna be about the version
1186s 1.0 release on PC and console supported
1189s by a new trailer uh planned for later
1192s this month so there we go it's a bit for
1195s the horse's mouth you can't get more
1197s direct than the boss man himself so uh
1199s yeah
1202s interesting a better frog with a trailer
1205s or a teaser
1208s I think it's gonna be a trailer I think
1209s it's gonna be a trailer
1211s um but yeah but for those of you that
1213s have still encountered the text to
1215s speech within the game uh obviously the
1217s voiceover work is still in process it
1219s takes a lot of time and Logistics to get
1221s the scripts written the voice actors
1224s into the studios get everything pinned
1226s down Etc so uh
1229s voice acting for the various languages
1231s that are going to be supported will be
1232s in at 1.0 but obviously uh for the time
1235s being there's a lot of placeholder text
1236s so um
1239s um
1240s really feel high
1242s yeah people may have picked up on that
1244s one for the last stream from what Fred's
1246s backed about um with a British accent
1250s um t3q will the trailer include RAM and
1253s field power calls I see what you did
1255s though if you're uh
1257s it'd be nice it would be nice it'd be
1259s nice
1259s there we go right so we need to equip
1261s the coil gun which is going to go into
1263s our secondary slot uh now you can use
1265s the r key if you wish or you can drag
1267s left click and drag it's entirely up to
1269s you so if you want to press ah it will
1272s go into there but you can also drag
1273s items in and out with your left Mouse
1276s Button as well obviously a keyboard and
1278s mouse players uh
1281s there we go so we can come back out with
1284s there
1295s hey what's with the shaking indeed the
1299s bloodstar guys Rescue Squad and if they
1301s spotted our Patrol outside they won't
1303s just come in with medics
1304s son of a lizard
1306s all right want everyone to stay calm and
1309s clear of the walls I got this
1316s um
1318s time to earn my credits here we go
1322s Chief you here scrap more miners they
1326s got here first
1327s don't work only one left
1330s that's it everyone all right
1333s we're okay
1335s pal take my last Nanobots you'll need
1337s them
1339s my sensors are lighting up
1341s there's more of them coming down the
1342s main shaft let's take the fast lane and
1344s bust through that drill
1348s all right let's head towards the target
1361s you go first that Patrol better be doing
1364s their job out there
1366s right let's Zoom through
1370s here we go
1377s I think I killed everything very quickly
1379s before I managed to get a lock on with
1381s the uh with a missile so slaughtering
1384s the escort
1387s you all try to slip past I'll keep him
1389s busy
1391s the middle Mouse does Target whatever
1394s you're pointing at generally uh left
1396s Mouse will need your primary and then
1398s obviously your secondary right Mouse
1399s button will fire that as well
1406s scroll Wheels to switch between your
1407s primaries
1409s oops
1415s and foil gun
1417s can't jump
1424s sorry Ben how long till you can jump
1426s again
1430s I'll buy you some time
1458s don't think I've ever destroyed the
1460s Destroyer before so I'm hoping that
1462s doesn't turn
1464s down make things go away bit wonky
1466s I guess that would be oops
1469s what's happening the engine's burning
1472s and now the fire's moving all the way up
1473s to the cockpit use the extinguisher
1476s reduce oxygen you got this
1480s they got this
1502s burning for so sick
1504s hold on tight I'm on my way
1507s all right we need to get to Ben who is
1509s way over here oh hello traffic
1522s Ben I'm coming
1524s may run out of time here
1533s I think we're gonna fail this I've been
1536s too far away
1546s all systems are down
1550s that's quite lucky
1554s first mission and I failed it that'll be
1556s that would be awesome wouldn't it a
1558s tutorial I failed the tutorial
1569s damn it you're wasting your energy
1572s we're locked in by a force field
1576s just sit tight and make the best of it
1578s looks like they threw you quite a
1580s welcome party I've been here for quite a
1583s while already just a regular checkup on
1585s what I might know
1588s where do they grab you your outfit looks
1590s like GMB work crew you guessed it
1594s these jerks here got no Style a bunch of
1596s amateurs they'll be looking to get the
1599s best price for you so given your
1601s professional opinion you know a lot
1603s about Outlaws hell I know a lot more
1606s than they'll ever get from me
1608s you hear me
1611s if it ain't gas mask so where's your
1614s boss things have changed Basha and
1617s because your soulmate here killed the
1618s chief I am now in command did he now and
1622s for your insults I will make certain you
1624s suffer like never before where's my
1627s friend Corbin Grendel he's in the med
1629s Bay for now maybe you'll live long
1632s enough to fetch Ransom
1634s your DNA scans show that you're a
1636s military clone pilot no wonder you
1639s bettered my predecessor
1640s I wonder what your face value is what if
1643s I broadcast your profile that would be a
1646s bad idea you may not like we'll come
1648s looking for me why would I heed advice
1651s from a clone I know my business
1657s interesting
1658s interesting
1660s [Music]
1662s friends of yours yeah I kind of want me
1666s dead
1669s all right
1671s power outage the force field is down
1673s this is our chance let's try to pry the
1676s door open
1681s grab the door
1687s let's get the hell out of here while
1689s they're distracted
1691s this way to the hangar
1694s wait I'm not leaving without my friend
1696s don't be an idiot he's a dead man
1699s okay get your friend but hurry
1705s hey Ben
1707s huh what's happening it's our chance to
1710s get out of here come on
1711s forget it man I'm done for it I told you
1715s I'm getting you out of here
1717s over here
1718s thanks for waiting my pleasure
1725s I might have more luck with a clone
1727s pilot at my side
1738s um
1743s watch out
1747s you may call this a warning shot
1750s attackers are advised to disengage at
1752s once great stick between a rock and a
1754s damn flaming meteor as a colonial Fleet
1758s we better stick together if we want to
1759s make it out of this alive get ready to
1762s jump no dice drives are jammed
1765s there's a jump suppressor down there
1773s so we got our first mission which is
1775s Flying Blind and we've got to remove the
1778s jump suppressors
1781s in your jeans
1784s oh David I'll just have a quick look
1786s through
1787s um
1788s I think uh
1791s uh yeah bitter frog
1793s yeah my PC is probably a slightly higher
1796s spec than uh than Eric's I'm running a
1799s 3080 TI I'm running at 1440p
1802s um I mean windowed full screen uh just
1805s for the time being but uh yeah I I cap
1807s it 144 as well because that's the
1809s maximum that my uh monitor will run to I
1812s am running DX 11 mode but this is just
1815s to ease on the stream and that's all but
1817s everything else is
1819s there you know motion blurries off I
1821s know obviously some people don't like it
1823s I'm not a fan of it but hey you know
1825s these things happen so but but yeah
1829s excuse me holding relatively steady
1832s right let's get rid of these jump
1835s suppressors
1840s foreign
1845s right
1852s oh just fly up to them hit F to disable
1855s as it gives the prompt on the screen and
1857s that's that one down
1859s so I need to find these others
1862s right just stay out of view of that
1865s Cruiser yeah we're all good taken out by
1867s that sir
1872s Ben you okay back there I don't know man
1874s not feeling so good getting us out of
1877s here I promise
1891s at least we're away from that Colonial
1893s Cruiser which is fine I just got to deal
1895s with anything that's protecting me
1898s there oops
1901s a drone that's just launched and we'll
1902s take out the turret as well
1904s and we'll just take out this uh
1906s suppressor if we can
1912s two down
1915s I don't get it the fleet has no
1917s jurisdiction here
1919s this is our last warning scans are being
1921s initiated on all units harboring a
1924s military clone is a violation against
1925s the peace treaty hand him over we will
1929s find him either way it's
1931s after I told the gas mask not to
1933s broadcast my profile let's finish this
1935s and get the hell out
1936s [Music]
1942s we've identified you Mr Roslyn I suggest
1945s you submit your Sentinel without
1947s struggle Hold On Tight pal we're about
1950s to enter super light
1958s super light we go
1966s you need to disconnect your Nav Now
1968s can't fly blind do it
1974s displays white now what I'll give you
1977s some chords one sec
1980s there see that sweet shiny marker that's
1983s our way out
1985s I've seen clones fight before but damn
1987s not your first dance you're a goddamn
1990s Prima ballerina what's your name pal
1993s it's Adam and that's Ben in the back he
1996s really needs a medic the only Medics out
1998s here work for GMB and that's not where
2000s you want to be right now not with a
2002s fleet Ward on your head
2004s one foot out of the DMZ don't tell me
2007s you had one of those GMB pension plans
2010s it's called a Lionel Grady retirement
2012s scheme world is still a plan and plans
2015s are for fools my friend I'm Dax by the
2018s way let's get your friend into stasis at
2020s my old Hideout that'll give you some
2022s time to figure out how to save his life
2023s I guess it's the only choice I have
2042s foreign
2068s hey buddy we're here
2074s Ben's not responding we need to do
2076s something now
2079s there's a med Bay but we need to get to
2081s the control room first
2083s [Music]
2087s so this is your hideout
2089s this place looks huge an old military
2091s post found a decommissioned after the
2094s war I laid low here for a few years
2096s after the DMZ was established
2099s here we are
2104s yeah worse than I thought
2109s problem with the main reactor
2111s it'll only hold us on basic for a while
2115s how about the med Bay the cryopod can
2117s run on backup power but no chance of
2119s getting the medical facilities running
2121s all we can do for now is put your friend
2123s in deep freeze until we can get the
2125s reactor back up
2126s I want to get him in there as soon as
2128s possible
2130s all right
2134s let's take it slowly
2138s in order to fix the main reactor we'll
2140s need parts
2142s I can help you with that
2146s good I'll give you a shopping list then
2150s you know this place ain't so bad we just
2152s used it to lay low for a while really
2154s but I guess you could say we had some
2156s good times here so you weren't alone
2159s here's the cryo
2161s yeah looks like it's working all right
2163s dreams buddy
2168s well that's done now let's get the
2170s reactor running
2172s I feel like you're not telling me
2173s something about this place what were you
2176s hiding from what happened my colleagues
2180s yeah I knew you started asking questions
2181s if I brought you here
2183s look I took a gamble on you why don't
2185s you take a gamble on me now trust a
2188s little
2190s I'll stay on comms and fill you in on
2192s what you need to know
2199s there we go so that's Dax a lot of stuff
2203s and he's fixing but we're still good on
2205s resources to patch up our ships for
2207s refill our ammo should things go south
2209s there's also some space in the storage
2210s unit so feel free to dump your cargo
2213s whenever it's getting cramped in that
2214s Sentinel
2215s here's a list of what we need to fix the
2217s reactor
2218s scrap metal a cooling unit all pretty
2221s straightforward the cooling unit could
2223s be a problem check out that nearby
2225s debris field that's your best shot at
2228s finding one by the way I took the
2230s liberty of installing two devices into
2232s your ship an EMP generator in an
2234s energized boost
2236s not sure how I feel about you mucking
2238s around inside my ship yeah well let me
2240s know how you feel once one of my goodies
2242s saves your life
2245s indeed indeed so where that Stacks he's
2248s obviously uh mysterious fellow to begin
2251s with uh obviously as we progress the
2253s story we'll find out that it is a little
2255s bit more of a nice guy just comes across
2258s a very abrupt uh just a question that I
2261s did see in uh YouTube uh from astorworld
2265s is there any plans for a mobile version
2267s of this game uh as far as I'm aware of
2270s Michael May jump in and tell me
2272s otherwise but as far as I'm aware there
2274s is no plans for a mobile it's going to
2276s be PC and console with um
2280s steam deck support
2287s so right we've been given some new
2289s devices now devices obviously uh help us
2292s in our battles in our fighting in our uh
2295s dogfights with the uh the enemy all the
2298s different ones that we come across so
2300s you've acquired your first device wall
2302s fire devices are vital tools for
2304s handling tougher enemies in large groups
2305s whereas support devices will help a
2308s pilot to survive longer some devices
2310s will need a Target that is in range to
2312s function others can be activated in any
2315s situation
2317s devices can be upgraded with upgrade
2320s tokens that are received at level UPS
2322s once a device reaches level 5 the device
2324s is mastered and its devices modes are
2327s unlocked with Device mode you can tune
2330s the device to your liking maybe even
2332s find and exploit synergies between them
2335s equipped devices in the ship menu
2337s experiment with different devices and
2339s modes and find the right mix to match
2341s your playstyle and to be honest with
2343s that's what he boils down to a lot of
2346s people can say oh it's they love playing
2349s with a say a gunship or a Vindicator
2351s with XYZ devices other people play a
2353s slightly different style and that's the
2355s beauty of using the different devices
2357s you don't have to you know go with what
2360s somebody would come consider the meta
2363s for the game you'll be able to switch
2364s them out and choose the ones that you
2368s actually like and you'll do that with
2369s various playthroughs I know a lot of
2371s guys that have been following the
2374s development for a long long time have
2376s found some very good synergies between
2378s uh certain devices and uh I think there
2381s was even a discussion today uh regarding
2384s or yesterday regarding hard reset so um
2388s I will get back to you on the Discord
2390s about how to reset I did have a reply
2392s from the team regarding that so uh yeah
2395s we'll put that into the uh into the
2398s Discord because of where he was asked so
2400s we're going to have a look at these and
2402s we'll dismiss that uh right so we've got
2405s to find some scrap metal we've got to
2407s find a cooling unit and we've got to
2408s find some ethium Crystal and we'll have
2411s a quick look at our ship as well
2414s so we've been given a couple of things
2415s we're given an EMP generator which
2418s creates an electromagnetic pulse in a
2420s 500 meter radius around the ship
2422s disabling all Targets for six seconds
2425s which is nicer
2427s and then an energized boost uh instantly
2430s catapults to ship forward for two
2431s seconds so it's like we fly along so
2434s they're the ones that we've been put put
2436s in uh also here when you're in the ship
2438s uh a home base or when you're docked you
2441s can alter the look of your ship you know
2443s you can see over here I've got the
2444s original style and for customization you
2447s can choose various things because you
2448s will pick up colors obviously people who
2450s uh
2452s have a um
2455s play through whatever space one you'll
2457s know that you're able to customize your
2458s ship with various skins Etc obviously
2460s this uh
2461s Sentinel is very much in the basic style
2464s but if you want to customize it you can
2466s go to here and then you can hit R to
2469s edit and then you've got paid jobs
2471s detailing planned cockpits and planned
2473s ship modules okay so they're not in at
2476s the moment maybe in the future uh Etc
2479s but uh obviously not at the current
2480s moment uh paying jobs we can change
2483s whatever if we've got red and red that's
2484s the only colors we've got for the
2486s primary Livery
2487s um but if you want to change that to uh
2489s you know any color as you pick it up if
2491s you want to go full red if you want to
2493s go full white you can uh but then also
2497s you can change the Finish if you want to
2499s go metallic super glossy then you can
2502s see that as well although it looks like
2504s it's been smudged somebody's been
2506s putting paw prints all over it uh so
2508s yeah let's go we're gonna go full
2510s metallic I think with a I think with a
2512s uh
2514s as well that that's that's a shiny death
2517s healer isn't it there we go we'll go
2519s with that we'll go with that
2521s a detailed uh emissive lights obviously
2524s uh what you'll see uh here if you look
2527s for the Little Blues and the yellows
2529s underneath
2530s um on the ship we can change them all to
2532s Blue so we'll go Blue go Blue for that
2535s one
2536s yeah
2538s we can even turn them off you can like
2540s so there we go and we'll hit apply
2546s and then we'll go about that so we're
2548s going to apply uh so we're going full
2551s blue and then decals if you want to put
2553s a decal on it you can uh now I I do
2555s because I normally go GB because
2557s obviously everybody knows me is gig bite
2559s uh but this one we'll put a rockfish
2561s logo on you know
2564s got the wrong fish and then you can
2566s change obviously the style is around it
2568s as well if you want to be all the way
2569s around uh around it in a specific color
2573s you can which makes it look a little bit
2575s nicer and stands out so plenty of more
2579s callistical obviously uh but uh we we do
2582s limit them rather than being a total
2585s um
2586s a widespread uh color gamut we're not uh
2590s we're not picking every color available
2592s there is going to be a limitation which
2593s you'll pick up as you go along uh but
2595s there's some very cool uh color schemes
2598s which players do
2600s um bring to the fall
2602s right let's launch let's go find some
2603s scrap metal some cooling a cooling unit
2605s and a near Team Crystal
2608s now before we even go anywhere for those
2612s of you that you are new to the game
2614s um
2617s we're gonna give you a little hint here
2618s if you want to find some uh nice things
2621s straight away before you fly off
2623s little hint why round and underneath
2627s look what we can find a nice glowy glowy
2631s glowy patch which would suggest that
2633s there's something there
2637s maybe a little rocket to the face and go
2639s Miss oh
2643s there'll be somebody somewhere and I
2645s know they're gonna just say this is
2646s somebody in the chat is not gonna have
2648s ever done that they've not realized it's
2649s there
2653s so let's have a look in the bulletproof
2655s container bulletproof containers you
2656s can't shoot open obviously because they
2658s are bulletproof uh but we can hit that
2660s and then we get a Mainframe component
2662s which is an incomplete part of a
2664s re-rooted military grade circuit
2666s designed to amplify shipball destruction
2668s a full stack of these will construct a
2671s mountable Mainframe expansion
2674s that's handy we've also got some iron
2676s and then we've got a sensor which is
2679s actually an upgrade over the one that
2681s we've got so we'll take that anywhere
2682s because we can always sell it oh there
2684s we go
2687s there we go so we got a little
2688s description because we picked up our
2689s first Mainframe component a full stack
2692s of these can be converted uh Mainframe
2693s expansions can be used to enhance
2695s attributes like Firepower Precision
2697s structure utility resistance and
2699s expertise
2701s um be aware that each enhancement on the
2703s same attribute costs more than one
2706s before
2707s so there we go
2712s all right so let's get out of here and
2714s we shall go find
2717s did we actually miss something yes we
2719s did we've got some ATM uh is that
2721s actually in here or is it through the
2722s other side
2724s oh he's on the other side whoop
2728s let's fly around the other side of the
2730s asteroid
2739s foreign
2741s and then we'll collect some of this so
2743s when you're mining when you're
2744s collecting resources you pretty much
2746s want
2747s maybe a flat Cannon you may want beam
2749s laser Etc but all we're going to do is
2751s just collect that
2753s and then listen for the Ping
2755s and then you'll see the difference but
2760s there we go
2762s uh but yeah just uh regarding the the
2765s question earlier about the mobile game
2767s Michael has said that there's no plans
2769s for a mobile version of airspace too uh
2771s free to play is just not our cup of tea
2773s plus way too complex of a game for a
2775s touch input so there we go so that's
2778s just clarification on there will be a
2780s mobile ever space too
2789s all right so we're gonna go to the DB
2791s field
2793s using our f
2797s all these resources
2807s ridiculous name they have lakes there
2809s cool I dig Lakes when I was a kid my old
2815s kayaking almost every day
2817s that was on Byron 4 just before the
2819s whole place went to hell what's kayaking
2822s you serious
2825s crap we've got a visitor leave him to me
2829s just maybe a good time to pop that gift
2830s bag and try one of your new devices in
2833s the meantime I'll lock the front door
2834s just in case
2836s so our devices are on one and two but uh
2841s that's on the keypad uh on the number
2843s pad on the keys at the top so damage
2846s there are two basic types of damage
2848s kinetic and energy damage while Shields
2851s are solely affected by energy damage
2853s armor can only be brought down with
2855s Kinetic damage once The Shield is down
2858s and the armor destroyed both damage
2860s tanks will decimate the hull usually a
2863s weapon deals both types of damage but
2864s depending on which value is higher
2866s you'll want to use different weapons in
2868s different situations so yeah
2872s uh so we know he's you know gonna have a
2876s we're gonna get close to him and hit a
2878s stun
2880s very stunned and then we're gonna hit
2882s two to boost away so that is our
2885s use of the devices so and then obviously
2888s you'll see in the bottom corner uh we've
2890s got 37 seconds 36 seconds on the
2892s cooldown of 43 on the energy boost so
2895s we're gonna take out the shields you can
2898s see he's already dropped
2901s that again there we go
2903s there alone again he must have detected
2906s us when we reactivated the hangar so
2909s about Kayaking
2910s kayaking best thing ever
2914s say they never told a soldier gross how
2916s you clones worked but I heard this game
2918s you guys fake memory fragments to keep
2920s you motivated while fighting if kayaking
2923s isn't in there someone clearly didn't do
2925s their job
2928s Nanobots which we can put into there
2930s which will be very handy
2932s but not fake they're a mix of random
2935s experiences taken from my clone father's
2937s life and every Incarnation that came
2939s before me
2944s holy
2946s Soul well not anymore the cycle was
2950s broken so this time when I die I'm done
2953s you know what I would do if I were you
2955s no what not croak before
2959s been kayaking
2961s I really mean it if I ever get the
2964s chance I will
2968s more Outlaws make sure that the area is
2971s cleared before you head back don't want
2973s anyone to kiss and tell about this base
2978s like this before we engage there we go
2981s oh
2982s the The Fairly far away so we're still
2985s okay uh the pull ranges about two and a
2988s half kilometers ish
2991s there we go
2993s so let's go engage them and that will
2996s all drone Outlaw Weber
2998s we'll get rid of those as well
3009s this game range oh I've got webbed out
3012s oh
3018s he's down all the cooler unit and the
3020s outlaw drone done and the Weber drone
3023s with me as much as it likes
3029s a choking system
3030s any luck with those resources yet
3031s checked off everything on the list great
3034s now bring the parts so we can give that
3035s reactor a whirl
3037s right I'm just going to set this
3038s container
3039s she's just here because you never know
3041s what you're gonna find and we'll get
3043s some more Nano Bots when I bash myself
3045s straight in the face
3047s there we go
3056s all right so what we got yet we got
3058s those we can stack into there and
3060s there's always cool down when you put
3062s something into one of your uh slots
3065s all right so let's get back to the home
3067s base
3069s because we can
3072s let's dive in there
3080s all right let's fix the scrapper
3087s so we've just acquired the companion of
3090s Dax
3091s um which we'll have a little look at if
3093s I had one rocket though we'll just
3095s replace that as a homie missile
3097s so when we look at perks we've got
3100s obviously companion perks so that's been
3103s the first one that we come across uh
3105s each companion comes with his or her own
3107s set of perks that can have multiple
3109s levels to unlock unlocking is done by
3112s fulfilling the requirements sometimes
3114s you will just need to provide some
3115s Simple Resources other times you are
3117s asked to complete accomplish certain
3119s tasks know that all resources you are
3121s investing in a perk cannot be retrieved
3124s so always think about when and how much
3126s to invest so yes sometimes obviously you
3129s might think oh I've got to use like 12
3131s 000 credits uh and you put all your
3133s credits into them then you realize you
3135s haven't got any credits left
3136s but yeah sometimes you just got to be a
3138s little bit thoughtful uh but obviously
3140s to get the reactor online we've been and
3142s collected this stuff now just
3145s kind of here and you can see the green
3148s dots uh on there the green diamonds that
3150s is going to tell us that we've got all
3152s of the items that we require uh you can
3154s also see Dax has got a little green
3156s floaty Diamond uh so is the reactor so
3158s it's basically saying that we've got
3159s items uh enough items to actually
3162s complete the uh the upgrade so
3166s let's invest
3168s and so we can choose obviously scrap
3170s metal we've got 11 but this is the
3172s amount we've got this is the amount that
3173s we need so the these are the amounts
3176s that we have and this is what we need to
3177s invest so we're going to invest invest
3180s invest
3181s there we go so that's the 11 that's
3182s completed we're going to put 1480 and
3185s Crystal in that then becomes completed
3187s and the cooling unit and we've got one
3189s for spare it worked never thought I'd
3193s missed this Chevy Place those Blood star
3195s idiots had me locked up for ages what do
3198s they want from you well what they want
3200s from everyone credits and information
3202s unfortunately for them I don't share
3204s with Outlaws anyway this is where we're
3207s at right now we've got lights climate
3210s control and access the scans of our
3212s vicinity can the scans help me navigate
3214s super light again I can't fly blind
3216s forever good idea we can't reconnect our
3219s navs or the fleet would immediately
3221s locate our asses but with these scans
3224s here have a look
3226s Sido Outer Rim orbit and Union Bridge as
3231s far as we can scan is far enough for now
3234s at least what we need to do next I need
3236s you to fly to all three locations and
3238s keep an eye out for little devices we
3240s like to call beanies beanies that's
3243s short for bean bags they're small DIY
3245s signal distractors and used to keep this
3247s base off enemy Radars but obviously they
3249s don't anymore sounds like a job for Ben
3252s you need an engineer on this not me why
3255s don't we focus on getting him fixed
3256s first no time or lit like a bonfire if
3259s we don't figure out what's wrong with
3260s the distractors now we won't live long
3262s enough to save Ben 10 to the beanies
3264s that make us vanish that'll give us time
3266s to figure out what to do with your
3267s friend
3269s ah there we go so when we pick up a new
3273s request we can also craft as well
3275s because we're getting resources uh but
3277s obviously now we've got perks we have
3278s more perks from Dax uh which will allow
3281s us to
3283s do some repairs so you only pay for 70
3285s of your whole repairs or your equipment
3288s repairs and then Freehold repairs up to
3290s 30 percent of the maximum Hull hit
3291s points once you upgrade that fully uh
3293s track to beam uh which is one that I
3295s like to use just because it's easier to
3297s collect items uh increase the track base
3299s track to beam range to 800 meters allows
3302s you to pull multiple objects at once and
3304s increases the speed at which items are
3305s pulled so they're obviously perks that
3308s will be handy for collecting more stuff
3311s so you know that's why I like to do it
3313s and then the cruise drive one which is
3315s obviously three separate parts to it
3318s reduce the cruise activation delay by
3320s one and a half seconds
3322s and now to 1.2 and then 0.9 so obviously
3325s you bring down the activation quite
3327s nicely but obviously we do need uh
3329s upgrade items uh just over my shoulder
3331s yeah you can see that we're gonna need
3334s Crystal diodes credits and plasma for
3336s that so we've got to find those things
3338s not necessarily
3340s um
3341s easy but we'll get them over time as
3343s well so uh there we go let's go on a
3346s little journey then
3347s watch out of there
3349s now a nice shiny ship
3353s right so we've got to go find some bean
3355s bags so we've got to go to UNI Bridge uh
3358s Rodeo orbit or ceto outer orbit
3361s and we shall fire up the uh super light
3364s drive with holding down C and oh here we
3368s go
3370s [Music]
3373s right you could slide you can fly there
3375s very very slowly if you want uh you can
3378s say a custom work point being the map on
3379s the map directly uh if you want to uh or
3383s we can choose obviously where we're
3384s gonna go to uh while we're in this orbit
3388s it's entirely up to you obviously it's
3389s very very slow uh in this speed uh we
3392s are getting there it's down to 38 but if
3395s you press F uh the autopilot will kick
3399s in so you can see that we're going a lot
3400s quicker now obviously as you unlock an
3404s area you will kind of Master the area
3406s and you will be able to fly there a lot
3408s quicker by holding down the shift key so
3410s that makes it a lot easier so once
3412s you've done the challenge for the area
3414s sweetness of speed is yours
3422s so we're here at Union Bridge
3425s we're just gonna try and that's a signal
3428s distractor there
3431s we've got other things over there but
3433s eventually we will go look at
3436s we've got an hour drawing a couple of
3438s drones there which we'll take out
3440s because they're gonna get in the way
3441s they're taking on the GMB
3445s that's just it that there we go oh that
3448s one's done as well
3450s easy peasy if you do find by the way
3453s that you are either struggling with the
3455s game uh in terms of difficulty uh there
3458s is options uh you can go into your
3461s settings uh into gameplay and you can
3463s see at the top we have normal or uh
3467s other settings so if you do find it too
3469s easy because you're an experienced pilot
3471s um please do change the difficulty and
3473s test yourself uh now I know Eric he does
3476s normally play it on very hard which is
3478s obviously yeah uh which is the highest
3482s difficulty I'm just playing on normal
3484s just simply so that I can show off
3486s without dying too often uh the intro to
3488s the game but if you do find that you are
3491s struggling you know maybe you're new to
3493s the uh the genre of space loser shooters
3497s by all means go down to easy or very
3500s easy there's no shame in it as long as
3501s you enjoy the game we'd rather the
3503s players enjoy the game and that's why
3504s we've got the option there
3506s um if you get very frustrated with it
3508s because certain part of the game that
3510s seems too difficult turn it down too
3512s easy turn it down to very easy there's
3513s no shame in it
3515s um
3516s and then you can change it back again
3517s once you get more familiar with the game
3519s so you can set it to however you like
3522s um I'm actually just going to put it up
3524s a notch probably gonna absolutely just
3527s uh regret this
3531s right there we go
3533s off we go again see the signal
3535s distractor
3542s and it's power core fell off I'll plug
3544s it back in no keep your distance
3547s don't go in until you're ready to take
3548s some damage
3551s uh huh
3552s it's an ambush you got this all right
3555s that's one down
3558s here we go to the Weber
3560s he's done and the Scout he's hiding
3563s where are you come on yeah man there we
3566s go Shields are down in with the Gatling
3568s oh God thank you how did you know it was
3570s a trap it's called scavenger baiting
3573s Outlaws do that a lot besides bean bags
3577s don't run on power course oink so
3579s removing the debris should be enough
3581s there we go
3584s back online excellent for disappearing
3588s act we need two more
3592s right so we're gonna fly on uh we're
3594s gonna go to Sita Outer Rim next
3604s in a place like this originally I was
3607s stationed in the Ethan system as part of
3609s our rear guard subunit we did some
3611s scouting missions but really not much
3613s else how many were you around 12 some
3617s died some became Outlaws two pounds and
3620s I got out before the war got really ugly
3622s this is where we ended up feels like the
3625s edge of the universe it isn't but if you
3628s squint you can see it from here
3632s all right we're just coming up on ceter
3634s Outer Rim
3635s obviously you'll see other things
3637s popping up as well which uh you can take
3639s a look at at your leisure you never know
3641s what you're gonna get
3644s right
3648s any side of the Beanie out there don't
3650s know I got this marker jumping around on
3652s my display though
3654s could be it try to follow it and keep me
3656s posted all right let's tear down these
3658s process accounts
3661s shot the flying Duchess maybe worth
3664s checking out
3665s I mean sir
3670s let's try and color this together where
3672s but got his shield down let's just hit
3674s him with the Gatling
3675s oh there we go
3678s it takes some hits on the shields but
3680s yeah there's a flying dutches should we
3682s need to speak to her uh we can go have a
3685s look there there's an escape holder
3690s let's say we will go see the flying
3692s dutches because I think it's nice and
3694s one of the NPCs that you can come across
3704s there she is I'll try not to bash into
3706s it but uh there was always final landing
3709s pad
3710s pooping in here after dock
3713s [Music]
3714s customer
3716s or customer I guess but can't you be
3719s both
3721s you can't I operate an honest business I
3725s see
3726s say you look like you can handle
3728s yourself very well in a situation are
3731s you up for some challenges hunting
3733s Outlaws in a more creative way I'll even
3736s throw in some reward for you what do you
3739s say well let me take a look
3742s hey so we've just got one of the
3743s challenges which is Outlaw hunt uh
3746s wizard Jerry uh you're asking a question
3747s over on YouTube there I remember very
3749s exciting 1.0 some ship dealer will sell
3752s certain ships only like Stinger only Etc
3755s any news follow-up as well as commodity
3757s prices for different station I think
3760s that's still uh in discussion I'm not
3763s entirely sure for definite if you want
3766s to pop that question up on ask rfg on
3769s the Discord we'll try and follow that up
3771s and see if we can get any uh update on
3774s that for you
3776s um as well as the prices on the
3777s Commodities as well so uh we shall see
3780s we shall see so when you go to the
3782s Flying flying Duchess uh you can ask uh
3785s to see what they've got basically they
3787s have a shop uh here as well so she may
3790s have some items that you want also as
3792s you go around you know you're gonna pick
3795s up some various items we've got this
3796s sensor that we're not going to need now
3798s we do have a couple of options here
3801s we can sell it for credits It's Worth 22
3804s credits uh which isn't a great deal or
3807s we can destroy it
3809s um it's entitled to us we could equip it
3812s again as well uh same with the liquor
3813s we're going to sell the liquor because
3815s that's always good
3816s because we can't do anything with it uh
3819s on the inventory as well uh we can
3821s destroy it like I said to get the
3822s blueprints so let's just
3824s we need to we need a cargo uh thing I
3827s forgot about that but uh yeah and then
3829s we can craft some stuff
3831s so uh yeah she's not really got anything
3834s there's a tuned energy core there which
3836s is slightly better but
3838s um sensor that we sold which is no
3841s better we do need scrap metal anything
3843s that's got the little green icon is
3845s basically saying that you require that
3846s for one of your perks
3848s um so you can see
3850s here on this one which is the first step
3853s of the repairs we'd actually need
3854s credits iron and scrap metal the tractor
3857s beam we need Power Cell iron credits and
3859s ethene Crystal and the cruise drive we
3861s need some plasma at credit and Crystal
3864s dyered yeah obviously if you wanted to
3866s buy
3867s um some of the stuff we could uh plasma
3870s is expensive and we haven't got that
3872s many credits yet we've only got 619 so
3874s we're probably not going to use that
3876s just yet but do remember that she does
3878s have these things which you may want to
3880s come back to at a later date if she does
3884s get around the universe so uh you never
3887s know what you're gonna do right the
3889s other thing that she just gave us uh was
3892s uh the challenges so she's giving us
3894s Outlaw hunt now this is give it given by
3897s Marie Devin who obviously we've just
3899s spoken to the owner of the flying
3901s Duchess uh get rid of some Outlaws in a
3903s creative way as a warning to other
3904s Outlaws so we got to kill five Outlaw
3907s Scouts affected by EMP so once the
3909s scouts are trapped in the and Pages take
3912s them down uh kill 10 Outlaw drones with
3915s missiles and that's 10 of them and kills
3917s three Outlaw weapons while not webbed a
3920s lot of the time you will do these as you
3921s fly around you won't have to necessarily
3923s uh go out and get them but sometimes you
3926s might want to because as you can see
3928s well if I get out of the way because my
3930s head's underwear
3931s um you get some credits you get XP bonus
3933s and you unlock the outlaw hunt too but
3936s when you master it you get a 10 discount
3938s on all equipment items kind of just
3940s which is quite handy uh you want to see
3943s the map up to now craft uh that
3945s currently is
3948s the map as it is some of these areas you
3951s do not have access to not yet
3954s not yet anyway uh Flory will there be an
3957s option for a station party at our
3959s station so much drinks and we can't even
3961s enjoy the Earth One
3961s [Laughter]
3966s that would be quite good that would be
3968s quite good so yeah you can see a lot of
3971s the places that we do get to go uh
3972s you've seen Eric obviously flying around
3975s Etc but um you'll have access to more
3978s areas in 1.0 so there we go
3983s foreign
3984s Ty unfortunately yeah for some people
3986s who uh have just joined us Eric's not
3989s very well today
3991s um uh we we didn't want to miss out on
3993s doing the stream so he asked me at the
3994s last minute to dive in and do uh do the
3997s stream to take over you I'm normally The
3999s Voice uh asking the questions so uh yeah
4002s Eric unfortunately is not with us
4004s because he's not very well in fact a few
4006s of the team haven't been very well
4007s myself included over the Christmas
4008s period so we're we're battling through
4011s the best we can at the moment so yeah
4013s fingers crossed uh we'll be uh everybody
4016s will be a bit fitter and healthier in
4017s the in the coming weeks so uh keep your
4020s fingers crossed keep your fingers
4021s crossed
4024s um
4025s right so that's the map for those who
4027s wanted to see it
4028s yeah yeah Flory I am the The Voice from
4031s Beyond yeah so yeah when when we're
4033s doing the uh the streams we are
4037s um
4039s have you seen the flying doing the
4040s commentary I'm doing the action of the
4043s questions and I collect the questions
4044s from the chat so you don't normally get
4046s to see my pretty face you know uh sorry
4048s if you want to keep you know be scared
4050s then obviously uh you come to the right
4052s place so um
4055s right so we're just going to pick up
4057s this scrap metal you can see that
4059s there's a little weird marker bouncing
4061s around there as we get closer obviously
4063s our scanner was picked up on some things
4066s so uh we'll check out this shipwreck
4071s yeah yeah I've got some wiring kit may
4074s come in handy may come in handy
4079s and we have some iron which is very
4082s handy because that's what we need uh one
4084s of the packs
4088s there we go
4101s there we go heading over here
4110s after hidden in a giant shipwreck
4111s surrounded by mines I do remember a
4114s wreck but it's been a while since we had
4116s the beanies out there
4119s okay let's just get a little bit closer
4121s we'll still follow this little ping ping
4124s okay and looks like we have
4131s um hydras
4135s that could explain the weak signal
4137s let's clear these off if we can
4142s nice nice
4146s okay so we're going through there
4147s because we may come back to this point
4149s but uh who knows who knows right we
4151s shall fly on we'll just do the next part
4153s of the section uh and then we'll
4155s probably switch over to dying in some
4157s Rifts
4159s which I'm sure will be wonderful
4161s uh like I said I've only done a couple
4163s of rests
4166s so they make our indicator Jump Around
4171s man you obviously never had to endure
4174s shift Duty a Jackson Mullen uh when is
4176s this game coming out uh first half of
4178s 2023 uh but we've got a uh
4183s a press release about 1.0 coming out
4185s here soon uh Michael uh who's a CEO
4188s Company and is in chat he's working on
4190s it right now uh so there'll be some
4192s details coming out
4195s scrap the filter's rattling again talk
4198s to you soon
4210s oh right so let's go for this signal
4213s distractor
4214s see what's happened
4217s uh yeah there we go bumped off half of
4220s its antennas
4222s maybe we're lucky and they got caught up
4224s somewhere
4228s yeah to to open a riff you have to have
4230s done part of the storyline hit Level 25
4232s and have the special bypass unlocked
4235s uh so it is a little bit way in uh the
4237s riffs are seen as a more end game uh
4241s challenge for players who've maybe got
4243s to to the level cap Etc so he's not
4246s aimed at the lower level players uh they
4249s are definitely uh seen as a uh as an
4252s endgame challenge
4254s um so yeah uh special bypass is a fast
4257s travel system which you do get through
4258s to the story I'm not gonna spoil it too
4260s much but you will see it when we switch
4262s to the other build that I've got so
4264s yeah you just need to keep playing keep
4267s playing hey
4268s a little scan to simulate the crash
4274s there we go so let's follow that and see
4276s where we go
4281s um there we have this one
4283s for it you don't have to be a court
4285s mechanic to reattach them all right so
4287s we just grab it and you can see that
4289s it's
4289s pulling is uh pulling along or pushing
4292s it in this case and then we just need to
4294s get quite close and it'll reattach like
4296s so good
4297s and then we follow the other one roughly
4300s in a straight line over here
4302s looks like we may get into a bit of a
4305s firefight whoop mine that big asteroid
4308s there we go once you hear the little pig
4310s noise
4311s obviously
4313s hey so you have a fully charged your
4316s ship's alt or your ultimate power uh
4319s also special ship abilities that can be
4321s activated to unleash a mighty offensive
4323s or defensive power they're usually
4325s charged by shooting down enemies and
4326s have been used to be able to charge
4328s again
4333s uh and be sure to do not to waste your
4336s role on a single week enemy but at the
4337s same time don't save it for too long
4339s it's just a matter of time when the alt
4340s is fully charged and while active you
4342s can stop The ultra-person Preserve the
4344s remaining energy charge maybe getting
4346s surrounded we can hit that yeah there we
4350s go let's just use down there so we've
4352s level up the level two we're using the
4355s ultimate we're gonna get rid of that
4356s Scout with our ultimate as well and
4358s we'll just turn that off here we go
4361s so you've reached a new level yeah
4364s level two uh each new level increases
4366s your base stats of structure Firepower
4369s Precision utility resistance and
4370s expertise which will give bonuses to
4373s your hit points damage and repairs Etc a
4375s detailed breakdown of these stats and
4377s their effects can be found in the ship
4378s screen you've also received a device
4380s upgrade token which can be used to
4383s upgrade any device to the next level
4387s there we go
4389s give me those credits give me those
4391s credits
4392s he wants to crazy I want this container
4394s because I want to see what's in it up
4397s for credits and stuff that's always good
4400s right so the disruptor antenna is in
4402s here
4404s and we shall fly quickly back to the
4407s distractor
4408s to avoid in the asteroid
4416s we'll get this plugs on
4419s what is new all bean bags are back
4422s online
4424s our base marker is now everywhere but
4426s here you can come back to base now I
4429s found something that can make life a lot
4430s easier for you there we go we need some
4433s scrap metal which is good so we've got
4435s all the things that we can pick up here
4436s but we're gonna do them yet we'll want
4438s to spoil them so we're gonna just jump
4440s now he's saying obviously planetary
4443s obstruction uh adjust course now for the
4446s super light uh to work you can be
4449s obviously pointing straight at a planet
4451s you kind of got to go around a little
4453s bit so you just need to make sure that
4454s you aim aware into deep space and hold
4457s the c key if at any point you do that
4459s it'll go no you can't get through there
4461s so everywhere into deep space power up
4464s the super light cruise and away we go
4470s foreign
4487s Mutiny second Lieutenant Dexter Dax
4491s Fisher is facing murder and desertion
4493s charges after the death of first
4495s lieutenant gabap Voigt It is believed he
4498s was assisted and is still accompanied by
4500s Lieutenant Henley Maddox transferring
4503s full entry to Pilot log a mutiny huh
4508s mmm bit of a mutiny uh by the way if you
4511s are new to the game and you want to try
4513s it out you can on Steam there is a free
4515s demo available uh which gets you you
4518s know good feel for the game uh playing
4520s through a lot of the quest missions
4522s rather that uh that I've been showing
4524s you right now uh and you get a feel for
4526s the overall uh game as well so please do
4529s try if you're a little bit undecided
4530s it's always worthwhile and it is free it
4533s doesn't cost you anything just to
4534s download
4538s check this out while going through some
4540s old junk I found some protective plating
4541s for your ship might give you an edge in
4544s an upcoming fight
4545s use our storage
4547s fancy there we go so that's in the
4549s storage and we get some plating which
4552s obviously you can see is saying that we
4554s can put it in the empty plating slot so
4555s where we can hit right it's
4558s whip Dax who was gabbard
4563s too many things are the cutscene Jones
4565s in so plating slightly different
4568s um
4569s installing a plating item gives your
4571s ship armor it protects against energy
4573s damage and is a second layer of
4575s protection after your Shield has been
4577s depleted once your armor reaches zero
4580s percent the hull of your ship will
4582s become vulnerable
4584s placing items automatically repair a
4586s small portion after each kill they can
4589s also be repaired on stations or through
4591s special item on ship
4595s I wondered how long it'd take for you to
4598s look me up they say it was a mutiny that
4601s you killed your Superior officer I
4603s didn't kill him but I didn't stop it
4605s from happening either that war the
4608s things we all did it wasn't right my
4611s friends and I we had a plan to get out
4613s and make it all mean something but Voit
4615s was hell been on stopping us
4617s and there I was thinking plans were for
4619s fools never said I wasn't one myself
4622s look I know how hard it can be to trust
4624s someone maybe you'll find it easier if
4626s we focus on fixing up your friend and
4628s see where it goes from there it's really
4630s all I'm asking all right let's start by
4633s having you head over to the union Bridge
4634s station and buy something called a prime
4636s sense STM that's an old but untrackable
4639s scanner module with it we can finally
4641s see the entire system without the fleet
4643s seeing us back
4644s and then we use a scanner to look for a
4647s medical station we loot the place beef
4649s up our Med Bay and let the medical AI
4651s patch up your friend
4653s what if there are no medical stations
4655s around
4655s sudo isn't that small we're bound to
4658s come across something I was hoping for
4660s something more solid well all right
4663s what's the name of that scanner uh Prime
4666s sense sta correct have some faith I
4670s promise it'll be worth your while
4675s there we go so that is pretty much the
4678s uh early
4681s missions that you're gonna do
4683s um obviously if you've never played it
4685s before you've got a lot to unravel a lot
4688s of mystery there's a lot of tied in with
4690s obviously ever space one uh so do check
4693s that out as well but uh just bear with
4695s me a second uh we uh just
4701s I'm gonna time that out there we go
4705s there we go right so
4712s let's just go back to our there
4717s into there so we're just going to load
4720s up a one of my other sieves which I've
4723s got to find
4727s yep
4738s so this
4741s is my gunship
4745s something new that I'd not actually
4746s played uh through before
4749s T3 literacy 1000 no shield no armor
4752s comment only run but that's definitely
4756s not gonna happen that's definitely not
4757s gonna happen uh my attempts in the Rifts
4761s have been very minimal uh I thought I'd
4763s give them a go uh just for you to uh
4766s probably look at it and we go yeah
4768s that's not how to do it but we're going
4770s to give them a try this again obviously
4772s we're going from one extreme to the
4773s other what you saw earlier
4775s was pretty much our
4778s early intro into the game yes it's going
4780s to be revamped for 1.0 and I think
4782s Michael touched on it earlier uh that is
4785s obviously uh going to change slightly
4787s but this is the opposite end this is
4789s going to be when you're level 25 when
4791s you're kind of near enough finish the
4792s story and you've got the special
4794s bypasses so uh yeah gunship uh I've not
4799s really played it uh I've been a bit of a
4801s sentinel kind of guy uh
4809s it was just a little speed run you know
4813s so anyway
4815s um now I'm open to suggestions on this
4817s but my I'm going to change boost I've
4819s got the teleporter I've got the EMP and
4821s I've got the front Shield generator I've
4823s been trying various things
4825s and I just start you know we'll we'll go
4828s with it and see how it plays so uh yeah
4830s we're gonna give it a whirl let's launch
4833s we are at uh Braille plans which looks
4837s fabulous at this time of year uh
4841s there we go
4844s so we're gonna go find the special
4846s bypass
4860s one thing I always like around here is
4863s so I was just gonna take a nice picture
4866s of my ship and then I realized that I'd
4868s stopped so of course
4870s stealth mold enabled like where's my
4872s ship going where's my going oh yeah
4875s whatever we do is don't don't move but
4877s yeah that's that's the ship is looking
4879s uh all glowy yellowy uh gray and blue
4882s and all kinds of colors but yeah I've
4886s always got a love say the uh the art
4889s team
4893s right so when you're here obviously you
4895s can use it in two different ways the
4897s special bypass you can activate it to
4898s travel around if you want
4900s or you can see the second option which
4902s is hold down F and that is to create an
4905s ancient Rift
4907s obviously we're going to try the engine
4908s Rift uh I know where
4912s we can see that uh upgrading the front
4915s Shield yeah I haven't got anything I've
4916s only got no more of the device upgrades
4918s I literally got that quite late on uh on
4921s this one so it'd be something that I
4922s would do later on
4924s um
4925s you see as well we've got final
4927s Reckoning which is also a Canon also
4930s pangos Pride they're the only ones that
4931s I've picked up up to now so I
4933s I've thrown them in for the time being
4935s uh and then we've got Nanobots and other
4938s stuff in there as well so uh I'm gonna
4941s see how it goes I'm certainly not going
4943s to be doing it on a uh a high high level
4945s as some of you guys do so Kai nebula
4948s Rift uh on the Luna seats currently set
4950s to 100 so increasing the lunacy will
4953s increase the chance of obtaining a
4955s legendary item after finishing the rift
4956s use tears as a man to increase the
4958s chances to 100 currently the enemy
4961s damage is 55 more at a level uh Lucy 100
4964s enemy hit points are plus 44 the loot
4967s quality is 200 the legendary equipment
4971s uh chance is low okay
4977s so yeah to be a bit low
4983s uh Flory uh can you already say anything
4986s about the rift a method already or
4989s nothing you ready yet I can't tell you
4991s anything to be honest with you on that
4992s one Florey uh
4996s maybe in the future okay there'll be a
4998s bit more information like I said uh over
5001s the Christmas period obviously it's been
5002s fairly quiet uh
5006s um
5008s because of time off Etc but obviously uh
5011s Michael's doing the whole uh press
5014s release for 1.0 and obviously we might
5016s have more details uh in the near future
5018s so uh yeah uh have a look for that so
5021s I've done a lunacy I'm gonna do a 200. I
5025s don't know how this is gonna put I
5026s really don't know Lord Remo easily
5029s released it yet nothing confirmed yet uh
5032s we've got a press release coming later
5034s this month I believe uh and we'll have
5037s more details uh but it is going to be
5039s first half of 2023.
5042s uh Excel is there any New Concept out
5044s you could show us I haven't got any new
5046s Concepts up because of the whole
5048s um very latest of me having to dive in
5051s to do the stream uh I've got screenshots
5053s from uh what Eric's chosen but I haven't
5056s got any concepts out that I can show uh
5059s so but but yeah it's gonna be worth your
5061s wait Lord remote hopefully you'll be
5063s able to dive in uh to release and I'm
5066s sure everybody's gonna be uh
5068s uh very interested to see how the game
5070s is now there is going to be something
5072s and it always crops up especially on the
5074s steam forums and it does catch people
5076s out obviously a lot of people have been
5077s playing through the game currently as uh
5080s Early Access there is and we have to
5083s strenuously uh say this because people
5085s don't always say no but there is going
5087s to be a save wipe for 1.0 so everybody
5090s is going to be starting from
5093s zero uh everybody's gonna be on the same
5096s code everybody's going to be on the same
5097s saves uh we're not going to be kind of
5101s uh letting people be level 25 straight
5103s from the offer anything like that so
5105s just be Please be aware at launch
5107s everybody you are going to have a save
5109s wipe uh I know some people are not happy
5111s about that but it is done for a very
5113s very good reason uh for player enjoyment
5117s and obviously development as well so uh
5120s yeah
5121s just thought I'd throw that in because
5122s it's always a nice bit of information so
5124s right
5125s let's try what can go possibly wrong
5132s apart from everything
5147s right I have no idea how this is gonna
5149s go this could end in absolute tears
5152s [Music]
5164s I'm a drone there he needs to go
5184s this is actually the first time using
5186s the auto Cannon
5187s in the riff
5191s thank you
5195s oh hello we've got a snipey boy
5198s somewhere he just hit me very hard there
5202s yeah I'm getting sniped through
5203s somewhere right where are you I Was An
5206s Outlaw ravaged you as well
5227s where is
5256s foreign
5299s there we go
5302s foreign
5309s oh we get the portals we've got enemies
5312s leave behind corrosion fields
5314s we have every time an enemy is destroyed
5318s all those present game five percent
5320s speed
5323s it's only the little sound of that one I
5326s think we might go corrosion field I
5328s think that'll be that one
5329s yeah
5331s I think we might do the corrosion that
5334s might be the better option for me I
5335s think
5337s I really don't fancy the yeah
5339s again in the five percent
5345s oh we do have screenshots to show as
5347s well after I've probably died a little
5349s bit in here
5375s results
5377s first time I've heard Hive today
5379s obviously we didn't get him in the uh in
5382s the earlier build
5387s webbed that's not good let's get over
5390s there
5397s just got to avoid these corrosion Fields
5399s hello
5411s version again nearly
5418s to get to me though
5428s I get that freelancer out of the way
5430s come on
5435s come on
5448s get the turret rocking and roll it
5450s there's the sniper drone
5453s boom I
5460s quick
5462s I just love how the turret just keeps
5464s going just keeps blasting
5469s so uh next turn to the next part of the
5471s rift uh we've got every time an enemy
5473s destroyed always getting five percent
5475s again wow
5478s uh this one is corrosion Fields again
5482s that's not bad choice is it
5485s um okay so I think we'll go where
5488s we'll go with this again the corrosions
5491s we'll see how this one bears
5495s like I said I'm not a gunship user I'm
5497s not uh this is my first one I have
5499s actually owned uh I've been more of a
5502s sentinel guy playing through so uh yeah
5506s I mean you just gotta look at Willow
5509s we were just getting Zapped there
5511s weren't we
5512s not very nice whatever you are just
5515s trying to take a nice little pot shot of
5517s me
5518s oops
5520s hmm
5522s there we go
5524s all the Deets on the ship a very nice
5526s fit got some zorrilla in now so that's
5529s going to be an interesting one
5531s bronze drones
5543s anybody seen the Drone
5548s got the turret on the go again
5551s the turret does help massively if I'm
5554s honest it does help
5563s I'm kidding me thank you
5565s you need to stop that's not fair it's
5567s not nice
5572s yeah it is to be fair but uh lunacy 200
5576s is quite chill uh like I say it's only
5578s about my hello
5584s Viper
5587s that's not good
5595s oh well
5605s okay that would be what's causing us a
5607s bit of a problem there isn't it
5624s there we go that did help having that
5626s that drone
5629s the Drone carrier
5643s right
5645s the portal is there
5656s let's enter the portal
5668s foreign
5677s well you bring your friends along
5693s and you go boom boom there we go he went
5696s boom boom
5698s oh come on are you going what do you
5701s know
5707s and we get pulled out with all our
5709s goodies as well which is nice
5712s always nice
5720s so there we are we reappear in the Katy
5723s nebula
5725s what there we go
5728s oh all this stuff appears with us as
5730s well
5731s you see all the items I have the storm
5735s we'll grab all the things all the stuff
5737s have a little look at what we picked up
5740s so a new legendary appears which is
5743s either the storm which is uh the sensor
5747s very nice uh definitely increase the
5749s Firepower Precision utility and
5751s expertise secondary weapon will always
5754s critical hit when your alt charge is
5756s below 50 percent
5758s that is quite nice that is quite nice
5761s with the ultimate as well
5763s would you want to switch out for pangos
5765s Pride uh would you want to switch out to
5767s final Reckoning I'm not entirely sure
5769s you would
5771s uh
5773s interesting
5776s so uh yeah I mean that was just on a 200
5779s run obviously we get a lot of other
5781s stuff that you might want to sell you
5782s might want to uh dish out to uh uh your
5786s storage Etc but
5789s um for any other ships that you may be
5791s carrying uh but yeah uh just uh as what
5794s Bearded Frog has just put in the YouTube
5796s chat there uh to do with uh hard
5799s difficulty difficulty levels in there uh
5801s the difficulty is only
5804s um affected by the lunacy that you
5807s choose not whatever you have set for uh
5810s uh normal medium easy uh kind of setting
5814s very easy
5816s uh t-cube uh does
5819s 500 of for Reckoning with either someone
5822s make it deal 1000 damage and now I have
5825s the storm does give you Critical Hits
5830s so um
5831s I don't know if it'll deal a thousand
5836s um I'm not entirely sure on that
5837s multiplayer it'd be interesting to see
5839s uh we'll have to ask her for that
5841s question as well
5842s um hey slower in can we get some poor
5844s stream singing tonight with the weather
5847s might throw of my head is uh that is
5849s definitely a big no unfortunately uh
5852s yeah after getting over
5854s um
5854s uh Christmas uh an Etc and the whole
5857s team seemingly has got uh some bug of
5860s some description at the moment yeah
5861s sadly I won't be straining my vocal
5864s chords
5865s uh definitely not definitely not so uh
5868s yeah I mean that's that's not bad the
5870s eye of the storm but like I said would
5871s you take pangos off uh instead
5874s um
5876s it's an interesting one yep see as soon
5879s as you don't you only have two
5880s legendaries what I'm gonna do is I'm
5882s gonna take pangos off
5883s uh I'm gonna put our optimized plating
5886s on but then I'm actually gonna put in
5888s the eye of the storm and I'm gonna see
5890s uh if we can uh
5896s we've done the 200 that was wasn't too
5898s bad
5899s [Music]
5903s food Choice 300
5905s [Music]
5923s uh
5926s once we get details in place uh with
5929s regards launch and everything else then
5931s you'll certainly see uh everspace 2
5934s being pushed a lot more I know you
5936s obviously think that there's not a lot
5937s going on with we get but obviously
5939s there's a lot going on in the background
5940s uh you will always see everything but
5942s there's a lot of things getting put in
5943s place uh with regards promotion for the
5946s game Etc so uh yeah
5948s right tell you what have we got the
5956s come on Scout you need to die thank you
5959s where are we
5969s that needs to go
5975s oh I love you you can get out of the way
5978s gorilla drawn you're not eating me for
5980s breakfast nope
5982s not today
5988s he needs to go down
5990s he's a big
5992s all right there we go
5994s oh we got the Drone again and we've got
5996s the Drone we've got the Drone out
6006s get that out there we go
6010s let's just turn the turret off for the
6012s time being
6016s oh doink wow
6020s that Jerome was doing this damn this to
6022s uh take me and hit me out so we've got
6024s the portals of enemies drop mines when
6027s destroyed uh enemy hit points are hidden
6030s and a random item is overheated for 10
6033s seconds every 10 seconds
6035s I hear that one to be honest I do not
6039s like that overheat at all
6042s um
6042s mines or hit points I think we've got
6046s hit points hit points aren't too bad I
6048s don't think
6049s ah
6054s so we'll try that once we've done this
6056s Rift whether we complete it or not we're
6058s going to have a look at the screenshots
6060s that we've had picked out by Eric uh he
6063s did manage to pick some out but sadly he
6064s like I say he's not very well at the
6066s moment
6067s um so he asked me to step in at the last
6069s minute
6070s uh and that's why you've got my
6072s beautiful face to entertain you for the
6074s last couple of hours uh
6078s need to tell that sniper drawn out he
6080s can go
6092s foreign
6098s [Music]
6108s in
6112s let's just get out of the way if we can
6115s someone do
6122s Shield just went there he saw the little
6124s blink
6127s there we go he's done
6133s oh mad caps done
6144s let's get the turret rocking in a
6146s rolling again the turret does absolutely
6149s obliterate things in uh in here oh well
6151s I'm liking that you hit me with asking
6155s what outlaw Raider
6157s there we go
6158s [Music]
6167s right then so we've got a bottle of
6169s enemy type names are hidden we have a
6173s enemies slowly repair though
6177s and enemies deal damage uh Airy damage
6180s upon death
6182s okay I think the uh
6185s the names hidden would be good
6195s laughs
6207s right let's see then
6216s executed
6231s Shield them come on we need those Shield
6234s up don't run away come back
6239s there we go
6254s totally hit the wrong either
6257s all right get the turret done
6264s there we go
6266s the turret critting actually when it's
6269s below 50 it's quite phenomenal because
6271s it's just destroying everything
6274s I'm quite glad that lots of um minds are
6277s mine
6278s mine mine
6282s got ancient something other than
6284s whatever you uh it's like a mad cap
6287s no they got the best combo
6290s yeah there he is
6298s stable eyes gone
6302s come on there we go
6308s get the turret up and going again
6319s long distance away but it's not all good
6326s come on yeah
6332s and easily gone
6334s yeah
6359s did we
6362s portal
6364s yard sensors ah God sensors
6379s right so hopefully get through this and
6381s then we'll get onto the screenshots
6386s hopefully
6391s let's get the shields down if we can
6394s there we go Shields are gone
6399s black a little bit a little bit after
6401s that
6423s oh oh
6425s no we just died
6429s oh
6432s I got hit too hard right at the end
6436s air
6439s day night
6444s lip right
6446s there was a second we shall just switch
6448s over to some screenshots back in a
6451s moment
6469s foreign
6476s I should have just hammered it with
6478s rockets but no didn't I didn't I didn't
6481s I didn't I denied right let's have a
6484s look at some of these screenshots so
6487s let's just switch your route
6489s here we go some lovely screenshots
6492s brought To Us by the wonderful people on
6495s the Discord uh so if you do see your
6499s rather marvelous pictures uh then
6502s congratulations uh you've again
6504s slaughtering absolutely new bite yes
6507s sorry I I did make a boo-boo there did
6509s make a boo-boo absolutely without a
6511s shadow of a doubt so uh here we are
6514s right let me just
6517s on that let me just just give that a
6519s little squeeze yes so this one is BW
6522s lambrecht uh again these were chosen by
6525s Eric he sent them over to me
6527s um
6528s we'll just have to look at them uh
6529s casually and just decide why we think
6532s they're cool and if you like them
6534s obviously uh do give some prayers back
6537s on the Discord as well so obviously BW
6540s Lambert does like some really nice
6544s um
6544s in cockpit now it's a combination is
6547s this one I know it looks like space
6549s lightning or crack on the windscreen it
6551s it's it's obviously uh inside the
6554s cockpit but that it looks like the front
6556s Shield generator
6558s uh the red one uh the red variant so yes
6561s it's very very clever
6563s um and obviously there's the site
6566s um decals uh running through this uh
6568s screen as well
6572s um a comprehensive insurance indeed so
6574s yeah well done a BW that is a cracking
6576s shot uh very well framed with the
6580s uh the planet in the background and
6583s obviously the effect is catching people
6584s out but yeah I believe that is the front
6586s Shield generator which does look around
6588s the splendiferous on the right next up
6593s we have crispy muffin now these are all
6597s in uh kind of alphabetical order so I'm
6599s going to be going through these uh
6600s crispy obviously is a great screenshot
6604s taker uh and this one I keep creating my
6607s head to see which way around this
6608s actually is uh whether they've rotated
6611s it or not but uh it's such a a dynamic
6615s shot in such a the serenity uh in the
6619s background
6620s um
6621s but also the uh the movement of the ship
6625s you know
6626s um it's it's almost like the there's a
6628s dividing line down the middle uh you've
6630s got the action on the right hand side
6631s and then the Serenity and the Stillness
6633s of deep space it to the left as well uh
6636s certainly color scheme looks a little
6639s bit Christmasy uh we've got a bit of
6641s green we've got a bit of red and yellow
6643s going on in there so we're very very
6645s nice and obviously the uh the color Halo
6648s yeah uh just creating a nice nice oval
6651s effect all the way around as well so uh
6653s crit shot as always crispy uh we do love
6658s these if you do want to post them up on
6660s the Discord please do in the screenshot
6662s Channel we do pick some out each week as
6664s well
6666s um
6667s next up uh ah there we go crispy said
6670s yeah I did uh took it well the previous
6672s challenge was up so yeah I did think it
6674s was uh it's quite Christmasy the old uh
6677s dealership coloration there so yeah well
6680s done well done
6681s next up we have again crispy muffin like
6684s I said these are in alphabetical order
6685s that is just a phenomenal shot now I I
6689s had a quick look at this image and I was
6691s trying to work out where your ship
6692s actually was but I think it got lost in
6694s the the whole melee of that explosion
6697s somewhere and obviously you've you've
6699s zoomed right out very very far as far as
6702s the I could see really so uh uh again
6705s great Action Shot you're drawn to where
6709s the Creator and the asteroid is and all
6711s the uh
6712s uh the glowing crystals and then
6714s obviously the massive explosion and
6716s everything else so uh yeah if you do
6718s take any of these Shots by the way and
6719s you are in chat and you want to just
6720s give a little description about
6723s um your focus on this please do
6725s um the the more information we have the
6726s better uh but that is a wonderful shot
6729s again it looks like
6731s um some of the pictures we've had from
6734s the James Webb Telescope uh of distant
6737s uh galaxies Etc it just looks like that
6740s with the coloration so well done crispy
6742s again uh absolutely cracking shot as
6745s always and uh but yeah if you do know
6748s where your ship is in the middle of all
6750s that melee then please do let us know
6752s and then next again is another crispy
6756s muffin uh I believe yes it is it is uh
6759s and this one
6760s I didn't actually notice on this one uh
6763s straight away uh because I didn't have a
6764s lot of time like I said Eric was was
6765s poorly and all of a sudden he just said
6767s uh uh he uh he picked out these but
6771s obviously the coloration is very muted
6774s very Brown uh very Sandy color uh Etc as
6778s a out of a frame explosion is all you
6780s need very good to trust me but obviously
6783s you see the the main ship uh and then
6786s you see the crispy ship but then if you
6789s notice the missile that's just making it
6791s sneaky way into frame into the top right
6794s and you think oh that's gonna hurt any
6797s second so uh yeah not in the face you
6800s don't actually notice it until you think
6802s what's that and then you realize missile
6804s inbound
6807s very good crispy I like the framing of
6809s that I really do because you you focus
6811s so much on the Destroyer this this ship
6813s here and obviously your but then
6815s you just think huh
6816s what's that very very good very good
6818s very good right uh moving up uh on to uh
6822s I believe somebody who we've not chosen
6825s before
6826s um but we have Dawn of will
6831s very very nice I do like this very very
6833s moody very moody love the coloration
6835s with uh uh the yellows and the red and
6838s the mistiness of uh of this area but
6841s then with the Stark ship coloration uh a
6845s little uh Green Turtle making its way
6848s through the area uh very very nice very
6851s very nicely done uh as well and uh
6853s they've done some good good uh
6855s screenshots of dawn of will uh we do
6858s keep an eye on them we might not choose
6860s them all but we do look at all the
6861s screenshots that get posted uh same just
6863s as a slight aside we do read all the
6866s comments and all the feedback and all
6868s the information that gets put onto the
6870s Discord as well as the steam forums Etc
6872s uh because we do want to read we might
6875s not respond to everything we might not
6876s like everything and give you a thumbs up
6878s or anything for a Discord but we do do
6880s know we do read it and then we do
6882s discuss things as well as we see fit so
6885s uh please do be aware that uh we're very
6888s noticing what people say and do so um a
6891s lovely shot there from dawn of world now
6893s next up from dawn of will is this a very
6897s moody shot now I think if I'm not Cur uh
6901s incorrect on this one this one is taken
6903s from underwater looking back up at the
6906s ship to the surface of the water
6909s uh I do think that's uh
6912s I think that's where it is anyway that
6915s just looks like the ice that's floating
6916s on top of the water so uh
6920s hopefully it's um
6923s uh that's the right way around and they
6924s haven't mistaken it but I do believe
6926s that's an underwater shot uh looking
6928s back up it's almost very uh sea
6930s creature-like
6932s um
6935s say yeah I am reading the comments right
6938s yeah I mean people say don't read the
6939s comments from the live stream and uh you
6941s know in various chats but yeah
6944s but uh cracking shots uh dawn of will uh
6947s very impressive keep up uh the good work
6949s on the screenshots as well and uh next
6952s up we've got dashra
6955s now this is a very iconic shot if you've
6958s never seen this before where have you
6960s been hiding you must be hiding under a
6962s big rock like those in the background
6963s obviously uh the Leviathan
6966s um Etc
6968s which you will get to see in some
6970s SharePoint during your travels uh in the
6972s belter grid
6974s um and uh finding things in and around
6976s the area can be tricky but um
6979s I'm sure you'll all enjoy it but uh it's
6982s a great shot the scale of that creature
6985s is quite phenomenal so uh yeah fingers
6988s crossed you'll um
6990s you'll see more of those in the future
6992s in the future but uh lovely shot deshra
6994s uh cracking as always and we will move
6998s on to a very moody shot again from
7000s Destra who's got four shots actually in
7003s this one
7004s um of just this a star just poking
7008s through the side of the asteroid
7009s underneath the base creating a very
7011s moody almost
7014s um Subterranean kind of look to this one
7017s um but uh yeah very moody very strange
7020s very ethereal is it a dead station is
7023s there anything there
7026s um hiding ready to pounce other Outlaws
7028s uh is there anybody you know are we
7030s going to get a random Alec appearance
7032s just to spoil it who knows who knows uh
7036s Laurie says how's the space world doing
7038s coming along
7040s I'm sure it's doing fine Lori I'm sure
7042s it's doing fine I have nothing to report
7044s on that one sadly uh but yeah deshra
7047s great Moody shot uh well done as always
7049s and uh great work from everybody to be
7052s fair uh these are really really nice
7054s shots but so moody uh so moody these uh
7057s next up again uh the the iconic bat logo
7061s uh if anybody's not done this yet you
7063s need to do it you need to do it
7066s uh but yeah that's a that's a cool shot
7069s that is really cool very vibrant Sun uh
7072s and then obviously casting the Shadows
7073s of the ship uh uh just creating a
7076s magnificent halo effect so uh it's
7078s almost like I think a
7080s um a rite of passage really if you're
7083s gonna take a screenshot that you need to
7084s at least try this one at least once uh
7087s I'm pretty sure I did in some capacity
7089s of myself yeah I think everybody did
7092s um if you didn't yeah and you need to
7094s find it you know you give it a whirl uh
7096s let us know how you get on post those
7097s screenshots into the Discord it uh it is
7101s an iconic uh bat logo so uh yeah well
7104s done dashra and the last one from deshra
7109s who doesn't like exploding things yeah
7112s you can see that a wonderful uh star in
7115s the background he's captured it really
7117s really well
7118s um having the ship in the foreground
7120s blowing himself to Pieces as a drone
7123s carrier and then the star almost going
7126s Supernova in the background and I'm not
7128s too sure if that sees ship just sneaking
7130s off into the top of the screen either
7132s then we've got the light halo effect as
7135s well just kind of creating a nice little
7137s uh framing for the the drum carrier as
7141s it gets blown into a million pieces but
7144s uh yeah well done dashra uh great work
7146s again so
7149s this one is a new one from jetbrains now
7152s obviously you can see the uh the missile
7154s I don't know if it is that cruise
7155s missile
7156s well if it is a cruise missile uh but
7159s the the power the flame effect and just
7164s I'm trying to work out if that is the
7166s just the effect of the rocket propulsion
7170s or whether there actually is a star
7172s behind that book is that uh that is
7175s quite a bright effect uh and very much a
7178s very nice uh Nice Shot you don't almost
7182s notice the but obviously the the
7184s flames and obviously the smoke billowing
7186s behind
7187s um
7188s a very very nice effect uh the art team
7191s do wonders they really do and uh I think
7194s we always have to take our hats off to
7196s them for the artwork that they're uh did
7198s yes sorry there is no way I'm singing no
7202s way I know people keep asking I know
7204s that's uh
7205s I know they keep asking for everything
7208s he's beatboxing but no the second is not
7210s coming along but um yeah jet brains well
7214s done on that entry uh very nicely done
7217s uh you just can't take your eyes off
7219s that missile you really can't
7221s well done another one from jet brains
7226s this just oozes Star Trek for me I think
7229s he's obviously it's a very nice uh nod
7232s towards Star Trek with the whole lethal
7234s starport there and the logo looking like
7237s the front of the Enterprise or any
7239s Federation ship
7241s um I don't think you can take your eyes
7242s off that without thinking Star Trek uh
7246s from uh uh the the very angles that we
7250s see the the ships that uh peruse uh the
7255s Star Trek universe so and then obviously
7257s their ship I think it's a is a bomber
7259s bomber or a gunship I can't really tell
7261s uh just sneaking underneath the the logo
7264s there so um
7267s yeah hopefully someday we'll have a
7269s rockfish Band Come Together Eric with
7271s the beatbox and the gear by singer uh I
7273s haven't you haven't actually heard my
7275s singing voice that's the problem Eric
7277s can beatbox to be fair my singing voice
7279s not so good not so good but yeah
7281s jetbrain is well done for creating such
7282s an iconic shot uh over the Star Trek
7285s lethal starbot as we shall call it
7289s uh we have the wonders of kizor with a
7293s very nice
7294s um shot I mean there's so much going on
7296s there I mean what what do you want to
7298s look at first what do you want to see
7300s do you want to see the the chasing ship
7303s do you want to see the ship screaming
7305s into the tunnel do you want to see the
7307s Destroyer blowing up in the background
7309s and then obviously the wonderful Sunrise
7311s that's just creeping over the top of the
7312s asteroid
7317s absolutely fantastic absolutely
7319s a Wonder of a shot well done on that one
7323s and then obviously your eyes are then
7325s just drawn into the cabin to just see
7327s what's going on with the the red
7328s lighting and the the blue uh background
7330s lighting as well creating a bit of a
7332s foreboding atmosphere for you to dive
7335s into but yeah it's a it's a cool one
7337s that one obviously as Christmas just
7340s said that's just a movie poster and
7342s that's hyper is coming from crispy so
7344s well done kizor uh High Praise indeed a
7348s great shot thoroughly recommended do
7350s check them out on the Discord they're
7351s still there uh scroll through those
7353s screenshots
7354s uh and then again
7357s I think this is very similar obviously I
7359s think that's possibly is it Eric coming
7361s to help out after destroying another
7363s Destroyer looks like a similar area uh
7366s maybe destroyed another one but
7368s foreground and obviously blurred
7370s background just
7371s where do you look there's just so much
7373s going on uh excellent shot as always uh
7376s but yeah yeah is that Alex new ship his
7379s new little ship coming to help
7382s it looks like it it looks like it but uh
7385s very nicely done loving the color scheme
7386s of the ship as well very nice very nice
7389s and obviously that was kazara's girl uh
7393s and then the last four of kids all is
7396s big and little here taking it facing off
7399s against each other uh my money is on the
7401s little uh it doesn't matter how big you
7403s are the harder you fall so uh very
7407s nicely done and obviously then you've
7409s got the uh the the rig in the background
7411s uh the floating station in the
7413s background but uh yeah
7415s my monies are on the on the little guy
7418s taking down the big guy it looks rather
7419s menacing it actually I can actually see
7421s the face like a very angry face uh in
7425s the cockpit of of the Destroyer so uh
7431s I think this should be the chase
7433s informatics yeah it could be actually
7434s you may be actually on that previous
7436s shot
7439s ah yes yeah yeah so spoon night's just
7442s done exactly the same thing that may
7443s have been when he was commented that
7444s Maddox will outrun you yeah yeah you're
7446s probably right actually on that previous
7447s shot I couldn't work out which uh ship
7449s it actually was but you could be very
7451s very right on that one uh but uh yeah
7454s again
7455s um finishing up with a great shot of uh
7459s David and Goliath absolutely just as
7461s just as a uh saw it in the chat as I was
7463s just about to say David and Goliath uh
7466s take on the big guy and uh like I said
7468s money's on the little guy for that one
7470s uh last one for the time being very
7472s difficult to see this one very difficult
7474s to see this one but uh the chemical bro
7478s is hiding the ship uh and keeping things
7482s very low profile very stealthy I hope
7485s you boys and girls can see if you can't
7486s do go check it out on the Disco because
7488s it's a very very dark obviously the
7490s background and the stars are very
7493s blurred got the soft focus on there but
7495s obviously just in pinpoint Focus that
7497s he's running stealth mode uh is it the
7500s Scout it's very difficult I say it's a
7502s scout
7503s um right underneath uh an asteroid and I
7507s think that is a phenomenal shot as well
7509s very moody uh and obviously if you want
7512s to be secretive and very sneaky
7515s that's the kind of ship you want to fly
7517s I want to kiss you Banshee B3 possibly
7521s yeah we'll have to actually ask chemical
7522s bro what ship it was actually it's very
7524s difficult to see we'll do go have a look
7526s on the Discord for uh for what we can
7528s ascertain from there to maybe look at it
7531s a bit later because it is quite dark and
7532s I've got
7533s like so uh some light zombies that make
7537s it very difficult
7539s so uh yeah but uh yeah that's some
7543s wonderful screenshots from the community
7544s if you do want to post them up they are
7546s free to do so on our Discord please do
7549s lob them up anything that you take uh
7552s yeah it's a philosophy yes Lauren yeah
7555s sorry about that yeah we'll get you here
7557s full one next time we'll next time so
7559s um I am gonna dive out now uh like I
7562s said it was a little bit of an
7563s inadvertent stream for me uh
7565s unfortunately uh like I said Eric was
7567s feeling a bit poorly a few on the team
7569s have been a bit poorly so we need to
7571s send some love there where to hope they
7572s get better soon uh but uh you know
7576s these things happen these things happen
7578s so that's the first stream of 2023 uh as
7581s Michael said earlier
7583s we do have an announcement uh coming up
7586s later sometime this month here Eric's
7589s working his work sorry Eric so Michael's
7591s working his way through uh the pressure
7593s release of to do with the release date
7595s on PC and console
7597s please do check it out when it launches
7599s keep your fingers crossed information is
7602s heading your way very very soon uh and
7605s thanks very much for joining us uh glad
7607s you enjoyed the stream uh should have
7610s really finished that riff but hey to be
7613s honest a bit if I'm glad you had a
7615s proper State file this time to be honest
7616s with you it was my own save file it was
7619s my own I didn't have to rely on anybody
7621s but uh thanks very much for joining us I
7623s hope you enjoyed it uh keep being
7625s awesome as always and we shall see you
7627s on the Discord on the forums and in the
7630s next stream which will hopefully be next
7632s week uh in the meantime folks take care
7634s be good and we'll see you again soon
7636s noodles
7651s [Music]
7659s [Music]
7676s foreign
7678s [Music]
7686s [Music]