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0s [Music]
5s foreign
7s [Music]
13s too
15s [Music]
17s oh
18s [Music]
21s all right
22s [Music]
28s [Music]
31s ladies and gentlemen get settled in
33s we're gonna have a fun ride today
36s I'll explain more in detail in a couple
38s minutes
40s [Music]
61s [Music]
70s foreign
71s [Music]
79s [Music]
95s [Music]
107s foreign
109s [Music]
117s [Music]
135s foreign
144s welcome ladies and gentlemen to the
146s official Rockfish game stream I am your
149s host your guide your servant Eric
151s Schrader the community Ambassador for
153s Rockfish games here to give you all the
155s details on everspace too well as many as
157s I can provide as we are in our home
159s stretch to the 1.0 release happening the
163s first half of this year so welcome
165s everybody for swinging on in it's good
167s to see you good to have you it's been
170s one heck of a week for us actually a lot
172s of stuff going on it's been good
174s progress
175s and um yeah I think it's going to be a
178s little bit fun today we uh took a little
180s bit of a note out of the community uh
183s Playbook and um for those of you who are
187s not aware in the Discord uh we kind of
189s chat with you guys from time to time you
191s know sometimes we'll do little streams
193s we haven't done that in a while but
194s admittedly
195s um but still we like to engage with you
197s kind of get your feedback from time to
199s time and this last weekend in fact I had
201s just sent a very casual questionnaire I
203s just thought it was going to be you know
204s very simple a couple people were going
206s to say some things and you guys were so
208s thorough with it we had a we had a
210s pretty good amount of people respond to
212s it it's just like okay I'm seeing some
214s Trends here so I just wanted to cover
216s what that looks like first to give you
218s some sense of how we are approaching the
220s stream today in short I asked what you
223s like about the stream what you don't
225s that's that's really what it comes down
226s to and what you guys want to see more of
229s happens to be Community content so the
234s second half of our stream we are going
236s to be highlighting a community build as
238s you probably saw in the thumbnail or the
240s title of the the stream or whatever and
242s we're going to start doing that on a
243s more regular basis I don't know if it'll
245s happen every week that would be really
247s awesome but that would also slow down
249s some other elements but we're going to
251s make it happen much much more frequently
253s at the end of the stream we'll also have
255s a community challenge for you all and
258s when I say challenge this time it's not
260s a themed screen shot okay so it's going
263s to be something a little bit new in the
265s first time we've ever done it so I hope
267s you stick around to find out what that
268s is and uh participate in that along the
272s way okay so we are in the hangar of the
277s home base where we left off at the
278s beginnings of a new Fresh save we are
281s going to be continuing this save in our
284s latest Game Dev build this is an
287s internal build that does receive updates
290s so
291s I can't help it if I accidentally show
294s you stuff that we are tweaking and
295s working on and was added to the back end
298s of the game you will also see updated
300s in-game cutscenes
302s probably not any unique items yet
305s um but there's a number of things by the
307s way I should probably clear this data
309s tab let's just uh Mark all this red here
311s uh just you know for the sake of not
314s having that yellow marker excellent so
316s yeah from time to time you might see
317s something that's completely new uh
319s completely different
320s that we've been working on in the
322s background so without further Ado let's
325s kick off right into where we left off in
328s the story we gotta get some stuff we we
330s got we got some things we need to dock
332s at the trading Outpost in Union bridge
334s and move things along
336s now in this playthrough we are playing
339s on very hard difficulty
341s um I think
343s I'm gonna change that right
344s [Music]
346s yes excellent we are playing on very
348s hard difficulty right there
351s so things might be a little bit rough
353s out of the the gates these starting
355s Gates and that's okay
357s that's okay because who doesn't like a
359s challenge
362s so we might even be playing this
365s Fleet may still be looking for an
367s illegal clone okay hang on Doc so I want
369s to talk so we we might even be playing
371s this to that like authentic level of
373s watching me kind of backtrack in
375s locations gather some stuff build up I
378s want you to see how the game is played
381s without using any cheats like I want to
383s avoid doing that as much as I possibly
385s can through the course of these streams
387s all the while receiving questions from
389s you all answering them of course as
391s we're leading up to 1.0 this will be the
393s same but we move all the way up to 1.0
396s with all of its distance all of its
398s nuances with all of its reveals
399s everything so
402s traitor try to be as boring as possible
405s I'm flying a stolen combat ship well
408s you'll think of something
413s all right
416s so I I literally have zero credits is
419s that
420s if I spend them on something I'm trying
422s to remember what happened
424s maybe it was repairs or
428s all right
430s so we need to visit the trading Outpost
432s before I do that I'm gonna just do a
433s couple of things in the area just uh
435s gather some more stuff because we need
437s it goodness
440s boy do we
443s so we're gonna grab this energy sphere
444s dispenser
447s and just bring it around
453s I also want to make sure you guys are
455s getting well taken care of I just got a
457s couple frame skips everything coming
460s through clearly for you all is it's
462s looking looking good looking okay
465s yeah
466s to make sure it's
468s we're giving you an optimized experience
471s here
474s you know so we got a little bit of goods
475s there
477s um I can't remember if we completed the
480s Drone it looks like we did not gonna
482s gather those things up with our side
484s mission here to kind of bolster the
486s credits just a little bit further
489s but man we need a new energy core like
491s ASAP
492s so let's hear what this guy has to say
497s sta
498s that's the pre-war model
500s quite rare but I do have one in stock
503s how much is it 4 200.
507s four thousand and two hundred yes
510s say you don't happen to be a contractor
513s do you no I'm just uh into Tech like
516s that that's all that's too bad I could
519s have paid you 2.5 k if you'd done a
522s little job for me
523s you would need to do is deliver a small
525s package to a dear customer of mine
527s really that's it will you do it sure why
531s not that doesn't sound very committed I
535s would be grateful if you'd let me take
537s this job good you'll find the package at
540s the abandoned station nearby
542s I'll give you further instructions once
543s you're there
545s all right
547s there we go so we've got a means to
551s acquire some more credits because yeah
553s we are completely out of them
556s um but otherwise we can't kind of start
558s building ourselves up a little bit
561s further
564s those corrosion missiles are awfully
566s nice and that they uh bypass Shields
570s but having over twice as many
574s awfully tipping tempting
578s as well as the fact that it's gonna do a
580s little bit of work to Shields even
581s though we don't want to fire its Shields
582s I think we're gonna go ahead and swap
584s that for now
588s oh sweet starting to clear some
590s challenges that's also good
595s that's also tempting
597s but uh we're gonna go ahead and just
601s we're gonna sell us for a little bit
602s more credits instead
604s just because we need to be building up
609s we are going to hang on to that though
611s that would be nice to have that would be
613s nice to have
617s excellent yeah high capacity being high
619s capacity Yeah we actually tweaked that
622s a couple weeks ago
623s I don't think it's in your guys build
625s maybe it is
627s shoot
629s man I'm not remembering when we did that
630s I just remember having a conversation
632s and we were all kind of like yeah you
634s know some of the missiles kind of don't
635s feel good
637s we need more of them
638s so yeah five
640s five's a pretty nasty Viper
642s do it
644s this might end poorly because they are
648s twice my level if you want to look at it
650s like
652s so let's um
654s let's be real oh we're dead we are we
658s are totally should not have taken this
661s hang on a second
663s let's see if we can navigate around this
665s anyway
668s oh gosh all right okay all right
686s basically every tool we've got
689s to survive this hopefully aren't we
691s gonna survive it's gonna be close
695s before but the Viper jumped out is the
698s package still there
701s we'll take it
704s well take it
707s don't mind the fact that we're gonna
708s have to spend all our credits to repair
709s that
710s all right
713s sorry
714s there are worse things
716s [Music]
718s you can't find it anywhere what ship
720s types did the group fly apart from that
723s Elite Viper there were two mad caps a
726s scout and a sniper drone
728s just as I thought I hate those guys
732s okay they pestered me to sell them the
735s west but I've turned them down they
737s didn't happen to have left their address
738s by any chance the Viper pilot has his
741s land Rodeo orbit
743s I would be very grateful if you could
745s get my package back this will cost you
748s how about a raise up to 3.5 K sounds
752s fair I'm on it
754s oh my gosh yeah Flory all right you
756s called me out well enough every tool and
759s I use all my consumables my weapons my
761s devices but I didn't use my secondaries
763s you're right you caught me
766s error on my part
768s all right
770s that would have definitely helped too oh
773s ship color
774s foreign
778s colors whenever you find them the reason
780s why it looks like a rainbow there is
782s because it is randomized upon collection
787s so you never know what you are going to
789s get and just before anybody asks if you
792s if you are going to that is
795s we have thought about having certain
798s ship colors located at certain uh parts
801s of the game or unlocked by like you know
804s Quest chains and stuff like that and the
806s long story short is that we don't want
808s to really alienate colors in that way
811s it's kind of weird like a lot of people
814s like you know the color black because of
816s its metallic nature and how it shines on
818s the ship for example
820s um but we also don't want to impede the
824s ability to acquire it if it's behind
827s something that's too difficult to do
828s that said it also does kind of suck if
831s RNG makes it to where it's like the last
833s color you find which is why we've been
834s considering that option so just note
836s that there is the possibility of things
839s changing on how to receive
843s colors
845s but it's also not something that we are
847s it's not going to be something super
848s crazy dynamic or dramatic uh in regards
852s to like the 1.0 release
855s so just keep that in mind
862s iron wonderful it's going to be useful
864s for some perks we get later so before I
867s get wrecked we're gonna dock here for
868s two reasons one I want to repair and two
870s it auto saves so that way if something
872s bad happens I don't have to do that
874s entire nasty conflict together
877s let's see lots lots of elements here
882s let's see what do we have I really want
884s to get my tractor beam up
888s so
889s in fact we are going to untrack repairs
892s and Cruise drive for now so I can really
894s see everything that I need for that
896s tractor beam and I see where all our
898s credits were put we put the credits into
900s our perk that's what happened okay
903s um oh yeah I'm being dangerous though
906s because that is kind of a an energy suck
909s um
910s wait I want to I want to compare you to
913s the weapon thank you
915s it is kind of an energy suck
918s um and we don't have a lot of energy
921s from our energy core at this point in
922s time so it could be
925s could be dangerous doing this but I'm
927s gonna do it anyway
933s and there's a little bit of that same
934s sort of shenanigans going on with our
936s booster here um because the energy
937s consumption is higher as well yes the
940s energy capacity does go up but still
942s because it's managed from the output
945s from the energy core that can present a
948s little bit of problems if you're ramping
949s up your weapons or your modules
951s especially in comparison to your energy
953s core too quickly so we will have to keep
955s an eye on that to make sure that things
957s are coming together where they need to
959s we'll sell some medicine here we're a
961s long ways for that Prime sense sta so
964s let's get back into this Mission chain
968s see what we can do we also might uh just
972s the one now there's two of them we're
974s gonna go ahead and
976s grab that level four tuned Energizer SP
980s and then
983s we're gonna go tackle the good the bag
985s and the decent
991s wonderful
995s so as you guys can probably imagine and
999s have probably already imagined one of
1000s the reasons why we started a new save
1002s for the new year is also to help a
1004s little bit of our onboarding process for
1007s new players those of you who I've never
1009s seen everspace 2 before and that's one
1011s of the reasons another one of the
1012s reasons is because there's going to be a
1014s lot of little things to highlight as
1015s we're moving through an entirely new
1017s game state
1019s so I know that there's going to be
1020s several of you out there who have
1021s actually uh seen things before already
1025s and whatnot
1027s and that's okay we're gonna revisit that
1030s because we want to really bring people
1031s in I know some of you are gonna like oh
1033s man I don't want to see this for the
1034s Thousand time okay
1037s but we will get to that new content we
1038s will get to those discussions we'll get
1040s to all those really fun things that I
1041s know that you're waiting for
1042s we want to bridge that Gap so everyone
1045s can enjoy it
1046s [Music]
1051s all right oh
1054s I forgot he was level five let's um I
1057s think we can level up let's go clear out
1059s some level twos over here
1065s foreign
1072s missiles are really good when you use
1074s them
1079s good thought right
1085s all right that's what we like to see
1089s now as you can see our Synchro pulses
1091s it's really sucking our energy reserves
1094s dry
1096s so we are going to need to be rather
1100s mindful of that hoping to get an energy
1102s course soon
1107s see what else is over here while we have
1109s the moment
1118s ah
1119s missile drone should have caught that
1121s first
1127s it does not feel good using an auto
1129s Cannon against the Shield
1132s which hey why don't we take a quick
1134s moment just to talk about damage types
1136s okay just a quick moment you have
1139s kinetic and energy damage from your
1140s weapons okay super simple and easy to
1143s understand energy DPS
1145s hits Shields
1147s kinetic DPS hits armor they both hit
1151s whole so if they have shields up and
1153s you're shooting kinetic damage at them
1155s it's not gonna do that that much so like
1157s in the case of our Synchro pulse if this
1159s was hitting their Armor after their
1161s Shields have gone down and their armors
1163s up we would only be doing 28 damage that
1166s 97 is negated conversely as we were
1169s firing the auto cannon at that shielded
1171s foe there you probably noticed it wasn't
1173s doing a lot of damage was taking a much
1174s greater time to break through that it's
1176s because we were doing 21 damage per
1179s second as opposed to doing that full
1181s powerful 85 if we were hitting armor or
1184s the hole because again when you
1186s eliminate their Shields and their armor
1188s you're doing both of those values
1190s combined to the hole so in the case of
1192s the autocannon here we'd be doing 106
1194s DPS once their defenses are down okay
1197s nice super sweet simple great everyone's
1201s on board awesome
1204s I so badly need a new energy core it's
1207s it's this is ridiculous
1212s all right
1221s can we remove the level restriction we
1225s can oh that's nice look at this
1229s modification we now have access to this
1232s tuned Energizer SP level 4 energy core
1235s which we can slap that on our ship oh
1238s gosh it basically doubles what we had
1241s whoo
1243s what an improvement
1246s Improvement
1248s so sometimes levels don't necessarily
1251s matter you got to look at those other
1252s values and in the case of the energy
1254s core generally speaking higher level
1256s means yes
1259s but uh yeah we're going to start seeing
1261s results immediately from that oh gosh
1264s that is such a feel good here let's
1266s disable you for the moment
1271s excellent
1273s one next thing we need to do since we've
1275s been leveling up we want to get our
1276s devices in a little bit better order of
1279s course I use that so we can't apply
1280s anything to it at the moment so after 36
1282s more seconds we'll be able to up the
1286s ante with our EMP
1297s calibrated blaster
1299s okay I think
1301s I think we're ready for this
1305s I'm gonna try
1309s but man I really want that
1311s Thruster to recharge and again it's
1313s recharging twice as fast as it was
1316s before the charging rate is that little
1318s blue line
1319s um and also I want to change one other
1321s quick thing that I just personally like
1322s I'm going to show the mouse dead zone so
1326s you're going to see this little circle
1327s in the middle
1329s just return what you stole and I'll let
1330s you go never they say that I'm just like
1334s everyone else
1341s I warned you
1345s not so bad when they're emped
1348s me
1351s Meridian paint by any chance yes that's
1354s it the recipient is already waiting for
1357s you at the outer rim you know that
1359s Viridian products are illegal I'm sorry
1362s but I'm not paying you so well to ask
1364s questions point taken
1367s ooh that is a missile silo
1371s I really want the loot over here so what
1373s I'm going to do is I'm going to clear
1374s this site out
1379s there's going to be one more site that I
1380s want to do as well give us a little bit
1382s more experience and goods
1388s always good to get plasma and scrap from
1390s any destructibles nearby as well
1396s I'll take these thank you
1399s and don't be too stingy on your alt
1401s usage especially early game
1404s you're really common defense I feel like
1416s I was a wasted missile gotta wait for
1418s that lock on
1420s all right
1430s one more base we're gonna clean this up
1434s and we'll move on
1437s there's a space in this one in
1438s particular that allows you to open some
1440s containers on the inside
1443s could sometimes be
1445s decent
1449s fairly beneficial I would say
1453s ouch
1460s and we're slow Armor's gone
1474s foreign
1476s plasma scrapping plasma is almost a
1479s guaranteed drop whenever you're
1481s destroying any destructibles
1485s so if you're looking for scrap and
1487s plasma that's how you get them okay so
1489s now we knock those Shields down we're
1490s going to need an energy sphere in order
1493s to power it I know you didn't see it
1495s you're just gonna have to trust me on
1496s that one
1498s I'm just gonna just grab these remaining
1501s elements that are floating about
1505s and then we'll get our energy sphere
1506s carry it on over
1518s now we also use this energy sphere
1520s dispenser to grab another item in the
1521s area it was nearby it's kind of like an
1523s example of usage
1525s what's really cool about these
1528s is that these overload your energy so
1532s you can constantly fire constantly boost
1534s whenever you are holding on to them
1537s now there is a little bit of an
1538s obstruction that happens so if you're
1539s trying to like fire sometimes it can be
1541s a little bit harder to uh do what you
1543s needed to do and
1544s maybe we need to tweak how it's held in
1546s some regards which may or may not happen
1548s but
1550s just know that there's a timer at the
1552s start at the top of the screen that
1554s shows you how much longer you have left
1555s to get it to where you want it to go so
1557s in the case of this we don't have to
1559s worry about it anymore because we were
1560s plugging it in but it did have
1562s approximately 10 seconds left
1565s so let's grab the goods there's a lot of
1568s goods here
1571s bonfire excellent I see a sensor scrap
1574s metal ICM Crystal yeah we got we got a
1576s pretty strong handful of goods there
1582s very beneficial to scoop up in this
1584s early game
1585s more credits as well
1592s last but not least some more iron
1597s and away we go
1600s foreign
1613s to complete this side mission
1620s also for those of you who are not
1622s accustomed to these streams if you've
1624s been asking a question and I haven't
1626s been responding to you and instead of
1628s just doing gameplay experiences it's not
1629s because I'm ignoring you it's actually
1631s because we have a little system in place
1632s to where we answer questions kind of all
1635s in one pocket so in approximately a give
1638s or take tennis minutes we'll be going
1640s through those questions you guys have
1642s asked
1643s and giving you the responses straight up
1646s how it works
1649s and you'll see geekbite also is saying
1651s that in the streams too
1655s here this paint job will finally make us
1657s stand out
1658s they will see that we're not like
1660s everyone else am I the only one that
1662s prefers to not stand out around here
1664s time to head back to the trader
1672s we'll go ahead and activate the Escape
1674s hot dude because we're here and why not
1680s this is one of the few examples of an
1682s escape pod in the current version of the
1685s game
1686s where you can download a logbook and you
1688s get like this little journal entry
1692s if you want to read it you can pause the
1693s screen or whatever but we're going to
1694s keep going
1705s fish I had a question in the Discord
1708s um and the ask rfg
1711s and uh just a
1713s finalize this before they start talking
1715s again the question was along the lines
1717s of will we have more of like those log
1720s books that we can find throughout
1721s everspace too similar to everspace one
1723s and the answer is sort of there are what
1726s are called Stranded Pilots that is a
1729s backer tier there's nine people that
1732s support us at that facultier during the
1733s kickstarter who will be supplying a
1736s stranded pilot within the game so those
1739s will very likely be incorporated to some
1741s degree if not fully by 1.0 I would
1744s expect them to be fully implemented and
1746s I you guys should too Frankly Speaking
1747s so there's going to be kind of that
1749s element it does look a little bit
1750s different from just a log book it's an
1752s actual pilot so but yeah we'll we'll get
1756s there when we get there and all all
1757s those added little details and creative
1758s rewards by the way I'm not spoiling
1760s anything here this is all stuff that's
1762s literally on the kickstarter page you
1764s can see what people have backed you can
1766s see like how many there have been and
1768s like what they would be incorporating so
1770s you know that there's going to be more
1771s content delivered on that front as we
1773s you've only just started reaching out to
1775s those creative backers to implement
1777s these elements well for most of them
1779s there are still some that got
1781s implemented a while back like zirilia
1783s for example which is a backer supplied
1786s faction all right here we go
1787s very good say about those
1792s guys
1798s yeah they're quite the raggle taggle
1800s group it's really hard not to like them
1802s isn't it they're exactly the same as the
1805s guys you just made me fight nah there's
1807s a big difference return to my shop and
1809s you'll understand
1812s all right so we're gonna get back to
1814s shop
1815s complete this Mission tweak some of our
1817s items
1820s then we're gonna move into the next
1822s phase of the mission chain actually no
1824s we're gonna take a quick break and
1825s answer questions that's what we'll do
1835s all right I'll deal with you really
1836s quick because I have this
1844s nice
1846s yeah
1849s I love getting those challenges that you
1851s uh weren't necessarily going for by the
1854s way challenges can be found in the data
1856s tab over here
1858s we only have two right now Outlaw hunt
1860s kill five allies Scouts affected by EMP
1862s kill 10 Allied runs with missiles let's
1865s go ahead and track that what that'll do
1868s is it'll add it to the front of our
1869s screen you'll see it at whole time so
1870s then Amber tinkerer we can see all of
1872s these elements craft an energy cores on
1874s here because it's like one of the things
1875s you absolutely need
1877s and of course there's a bunch more
1878s challenges to go later
1880s all right
1882s for the game let's get into this
1886s yay on
1888s don't worry for those of you veterans
1890s out there there's still going to be
1891s things for us to show and talk about I
1893s assure you
1895s I assure you
1897s all right
1900s excellent job here are your credits
1903s great
1904s oh and one more thing
1907s thank you
1909s uh you're welcome when the two Viper
1912s Pilots came by to order the paint the
1914s first one just barged in slammed his
1916s money on the counter and made his
1917s proposition while the other one began by
1920s asking if it was okay for him to dock
1921s here when I said yes he thanked me can
1925s you believe that that's uh amazing
1929s life out here is cruel and violent
1931s barely anyone treats their neighbors
1933s they're equal
1934s so just hearing a friendly thank you
1936s every once in a while means something to
1938s me
1939s sometimes it's the small things that
1941s really make us stand out uh yeah right
1945s well thanks for the creds I guess
1947s you're very much welcome my friend
1951s all right
1952s so we definitely have what we need on
1955s this front we unlock a new decal for
1957s ship customization which we might do a
1959s little bit of
1960s um and also we have stuff to kind of
1963s deal with in the shop so while I'm kind
1965s of looking over these elements we're
1967s going to go ahead and bring on geekbite
1968s who's been moderating you guys asking
1970s you guys for questions and we're going
1971s to start answering some of those so
1973s geekbite are you there are you with me
1975s hi every day good evening everyone hello
1977s hello hello all right we've got three
1980s questions lined up
1982s all right
1983s not too many but I think people are just
1985s stunned with your ability not to die
1986s today it's good thank you thank you
1991s uh first up we've got Fred spec vet over
1994s on YouTube he's wanting to know are
1995s there any colors that are especially
1997s rare or difficult to get oh this is a
2000s beautiful question and I kind of sort of
2002s answered that kind of outlined that um
2004s but as of right now no there's not and
2008s we have thought internally if that's
2010s something we should do
2012s more or less hasn't been decided on we
2016s kind of like just having them randomized
2018s if anything if not guaranteed if we
2022s might have random colors appear in the
2025s shop that you could then purchase so
2026s that you know if you did want that black
2029s color to have like that super cool
2031s metallic uh Sheen right then maybe you
2034s run across you know you go to wherever
2036s you come here to the trading Outpost and
2038s he's selling black awesome you buy it
2041s for like I don't know whatever credits
2042s amount and you could get it that way
2044s again this is not guaranteed but that's
2046s more of the direction we do want to go
2048s pertaining to the RNG surrounding colors
2051s to get you what you want versus
2053s something like saying this color can
2055s only be found here which then basically
2058s content Gates you from that color until
2061s you've made the progression to get there
2064s right so yeah just know that that's more
2067s in line of our thinking RNG but kind of
2070s making it a little bit more accessible
2072s versus locking it at certain Key Parts
2076s which
2078s doesn't as much so
2081s yeah
2084s that kind of ties in with a question
2087s from T3 Cube on Twitch regarding colors
2090s and he was asking our ship colors an
2092s additional drop or are they s set
2094s dropped from a container
2096s uh there are specific containers that
2099s are they're set in stone so
2102s um and you guys know this like whenever
2104s you're going to different locations
2105s there are secrets that you have to find
2108s right and those secrets are locked in
2111s locations because all these locations
2113s are hand crafted right so if you find
2115s one of those locked in locations and
2117s there's a container usually bulletproof
2119s containers and Specialty shipwrecks they
2122s will have a like they'll have a color in
2124s it guaranteed in some cases and when
2127s that's guaranteed it's not that it's a
2129s specific color it's a chance to get a
2130s random color but you will always get it
2132s when you find that specific location
2134s does that make sense I hope that makes
2136s sense so again it's not really this idea
2139s of like locking specific colors anywhere
2141s but if you haven't found them all if you
2144s find certain locations you'll get a
2147s random color for finding that certain
2148s location
2153s uh jumping back to YouTube uh for the
2155s last question from Fred specbats again
2158s for the sake of immersion are there any
2160s plans to add more MPC background chatter
2163s between NPC ships and bases planets
2167s there is a bit more on the front of
2169s chatter and voice over and stuff like
2172s that on the front of like background
2174s chatter specifically I'm not sure how
2177s much it's actually getting expanded by
2180s um in regards to like how expansive it's
2184s rather Limited in comparison to a lot of
2186s other uh factors for example The Hive
2189s and atom your your specific clone
2193s um there's a bit more chatter for them
2195s which you guys will absolutely see and
2198s here as placeholder as we're going
2200s through this campaign
2206s you're free to fly on pilot okay very
2208s good all right so I only bought a couple
2210s of different things there um we're gonna
2211s go ahead and purchase the prime sense
2213s sta pre-war system scanner coming right
2215s up
2216s say do you know about any medical
2217s stations nearby hmm closest is probably
2221s the one at Prescott star base in Union
2223s and here in Cedar you're kidding right
2226s out here no one ever cared about
2229s infrastructure like that not even during
2231s the War I understand thanks anyway no
2234s problem
2236s we also had a chat in the Discord uh I
2238s think it was even today about some lore
2240s driven elements and uh yeah we really
2243s like the World building that we've been
2244s applying to Aerospace too now at the
2246s Forefront we do have this game's Focus
2249s being a looter shooter but we very much
2251s want the story and the world to all have
2254s this cohesive experience for you to take
2257s yes there are going to be some things
2259s that don't make sense at all because
2261s it's a video game but we are very
2264s pleased with the results of how this
2265s codex is coming along and I do think
2267s that you guys especially if you love
2268s like diving deeply deeply into the lore
2271s I think you guys will have a lot to do
2274s so with whenever we hit that 1.0 release
2277s okay so I'm talking too much let's get
2280s into this I want to just do some quick
2281s customizations
2284s nothing super crazy we're just gonna be
2286s fast about it
2295s kind of want this to look more grayed
2297s out yeah I kind of like that
2301s like it's not painted
2303s I don't think we have anything on the
2305s for oh actually you know what let's make
2306s them blue now haha
2309s cohesion and we don't need a decal not
2312s yet not yet and just yeah just casually
2316s pointing at these guys yeah just just
2318s know that there is more coming to
2320s customization
2322s so excellent also while we're here we're
2324s gonna go ahead and upgrade our EMP
2326s generator
2328s twice
2329s we're going to be using this a lot
2331s in a lot of different builds so by
2333s leveling it up twice it's increased the
2335s radius as well as how long it applies
2338s you can see at the above status what
2341s it's currently doing and Below when it
2343s would go to level four in green you'd
2345s see what that would level up to we spent
2348s all of our device tokens on it however
2350s so we can't do much more with that
2354s last but not least
2356s hmm can't quite afford the teleporter
2358s but
2360s I'm gonna be stingy with my money
2362s currently which is probably a bad move I
2365s don't know I'm gonna buy this I'm gonna
2366s buy a shield St and equip it
2371s just like so
2373s and now we are gonna get back to the
2376s gameplay
2377s so you can't see because we tagged our
2379s Outlaw hunt item
2381s s come index any news
2384s so I just bought the STA and guess what
2386s there are no medical stations out here I
2390s told you we would come across something
2391s with enough time
2393s I don't have time why am I getting the
2395s feeling you're just using me to beef up
2397s your crappy station on the cheap listen
2401s I didn't have to take you in or stick
2402s your friend in my freezer
2404s trying to help you but we gotta do it my
2407s way with patience and under the radar
2409s this is taking far too long for people
2413s like us it is what it is there are no
2416s shortcuts in the DMZ
2424s still there talk to me
2426s yeah I'm here
2429s a delivery Convoy for G B just jumped in
2431s all automated barely guarded and
2435s completely packed
2437s damned if they're not hauling a medical
2438s pod
2453s remember what I said about being boring
2455s this is sticking your fingers in the
2456s faces of the very people we want to
2458s avoid I'm sorry Dax my friend is in
2461s trouble and this is my chance to help
2463s him the convoys AI driven they're just a
2465s few guards I might even manage to steal
2467s the meds without any trouble at all I
2469s don't like it if this operation goes
2471s south it's on you and your head alone
2473s got it yeah I get it it's been like that
2476s all my life
2478s all right let's go ahead and take out
2479s this broken drone while we're here
2485s gotcha
2490s so fun little detail about this guy
2493s the reason why we plugged this little
2496s thing in
2498s it was to help you kind of learn how to
2500s navigate just a little bit in the early
2502s game so generally speaking it's flying
2504s through this territory
2506s you can bump around to a lot of things
2508s so for the inexperienced Pilots out
2510s there this is a nice way to kind of just
2513s like hone your skills a little bit just
2515s by following it
2516s of course you can destroy it before it
2518s gets to its destination but
2544s excellent
2547s something
2549s Blaster level three all right
2553s Flack
2555s speaking of flock
2561s quick mining
2563s yay
2566s we're gonna use the autocannon for now
2568s at least though
2569s grab this shipwreck and then away we are
2571s going oh nice another damage limiter
2576s can be really good to level the playing
2578s field when you're just a tad under
2579s leveled
2593s thank you
2602s what a streamlined this process head
2604s straight for the mission chain for the
2605s moment
2608s we will beef ourselves up with some
2610s signals and some jobs and stuff like
2612s that
2613s but for now
2615s Mira Transit point it is
2621s [Applause]
2622s [Music]
2630s good they're still locked in transit
2633s whatever that means
2635s gnb takes inventory of their shipments
2638s before Distributing them to the
2639s station's proper that gives me time to
2641s look for the medical pod
2643s purity
2645s it won't detect me if I manage to avoid
2648s the scanning beams and those can be
2650s tampered with by hacking the terminal
2651s itself
2656s is he going
2660s [Music]
2665s I stand three candidates for where they
2667s might carry their medical equipment
2671s excellent
2673s all right so I don't know how many of
2675s you guys do this but whenever I'm in
2677s this Mission chain like I take I take
2679s everything
2681s I uh I don't just go for the ones that
2683s are highlighted like I I just want all
2684s the loot
2685s so it doesn't matter Ramen socks
2688s whatever I want it I need it
2692s for me it just feels better to have that
2695s early gain option to sell for more
2697s credits have a little bit more
2699s flexibility
2703s but of course you don't have to do this
2706s I just am because I can
2715s I also think that increasing our credits
2717s a little bit earlier here is going to
2718s give us some more opportunity later in
2720s our live streams
2722s to have some fun and doing some
2725s Shenanigans stuff
2727s especially these this is
2740s excellent I'm also kind of like zipping
2742s around the scanners but you don't have
2745s to do that you can hack into these much
2748s like was said during the mission chain
2749s start
2753s so I'll show that right here because
2754s this is the hardest one to do
2758s [Music]
2759s let's slow things down a bit they should
2762s give me a few seconds
2765s that was like the worst stop ever
2770s change your authorization for medical
2772s equipment great Dax
2779s for some reason it's under higher
2780s security
2781s do we have lock Breakers in our Hangar
2783s if I can get this thing to base I might
2784s be able to crack it we may have
2786s something but how are you planning to
2788s move an entire your pod through super
2790s light I am not that it will do all by
2794s itself just have to get my hands on that
2796s main server
2799s wonderful all right let's grab this
2801s distribution tremble
2804s and get our medical supplies back to
2807s base
2818s you
2824s shipment compromised initiate lockdown
2827s redistributing remaining cargo to mining
2830s outposts
2834s scrap
2841s hey what's going on
2844s tell me what's happening no time got him
2847s a jump
2849s I got time Adam
2850s I want some loot
2861s oh come on
2862s I just want I just want some loot
2866s all right we'll take we'll take the
2868s credits that's fine we'll get out of
2869s here
2870s [Music]
2878s your pie just arrived
2881s perfect get your ass back here ASAP you
2884s and me need to have a word
2892s delightful all right welcome to
2894s everybody who is sneaking into the
2896s Stream
2899s see a lot of people uh
2901s saying that they're enjoying the game
2903s and they're enjoying the stream it's
2904s great that's awesome I want to remind
2905s you all that during these Community live
2907s streams even though we are we've started
2909s a new game we're kind of getting some
2911s onboarding going for our community and
2912s talking about all the basics we're
2914s building up through this process okay
2916s this is also an internal build so for
2919s those who are just sneaking in know that
2921s you will still see some updated elements
2923s some tweaks some modifications and
2925s additions to the game in what I'm
2927s showing you even today
2930s some of you those of you who got those
2932s trained eyes will even have noticed that
2934s every single in-game cutscene that you
2936s have seen today has additions
2938s modifications and tweaks
2942s I am playing on very hard difficulty
2950s there we go
2952s back to the home base we go
2955s story time
2960s what the hell were you thinking you know
2962s we're trying to keep a low profile
2965s how did you reroute this thing anyway
2968s with my GMB signature look I had to do
2971s something for Ben it'll be fine you'll
2974s see
2977s I'm not happy about this at all
2981s let's see what you got then
2987s there's a whole medical lab in here
2990s we can strip it for parts and ditch The
2992s Vessel somewhere after
3004s looks like you've gone
3006s and stolen yourself a doctor
3014s he's off my base
3016s my base four she wakes up eject that
3018s thing
3019s hey hold on what were you saying to me
3021s earlier about trusting a little
3024s trust is something hard to come by in
3026s the DMZ don't abuse it how are you so
3029s sure she'll turn us in
3031s cushy's gnb
3033s she'll reveal our location first chance
3035s she gets
3036s she's a doctor we can persuade her to
3039s help us for Ben's sake well you are a
3042s clone I shouldn't expect you to
3043s understand human behavior
3046s let's think about this
3048s thaw her out and have her decide
3051s if she won't help us we freeze her again
3053s and drop her off near some G and B
3054s Outpost
3056s you don't understand what's at stake why
3058s I needed to come back here that medical
3061s popsicle could jeopardize everything
3064s unless there's more to this then you
3066s need to tell me what it is
3069s we're sending a great value for the DMZ
3072s it's the reason I've been waiting all
3074s these years
3075s one big easy job it could be my ticket
3078s out of here and yours too if you could
3080s just play along
3082s well I'm intrigued coming up to the
3085s control room and I'll explain
3089s I got a transmission through to my
3091s colleague Maddox he's on Prescott
3093s Starbase in the union system but I can't
3095s use the jump gate you could help me with
3098s this and that's where this mysterious
3100s job is not quite like I said it's where
3103s Maddox is there are others involved and
3105s I can't do the job without them look who
3108s are these colleagues of yours and what
3110s is this job anyway all you need to know
3113s right now is that it's a time sensitive
3114s operation that'll be worth your while
3117s okay so you want to use the jump gate
3120s exactly
3121s and your GMB signature can get me
3123s through
3126s look I know you want to know more but
3129s it's too dangerous I like you and I'm
3132s offering you the biggest opportunity of
3134s your life and I'm willing to go along
3136s with your plan with the ice nurse and
3137s the hangar of 12 point if she proves
3140s difficult I want her out in the vacuum
3143s find me a way to Prescott Starbase and
3145s you'll get your ticket out of the DMZ
3156s thanks to the new scanner we can now
3158s reach far deeper into the system I just
3160s had to scan the vicinity of nerea this
3163s is what came up
3164s good old Grady and Brunt maybe you could
3167s snatch has some spare jump keys from
3168s your old Buddies
3170s uh I can't head back to my former
3172s station but maybe nephe's planes could
3174s work if they don't recognize your
3176s signature as the one that just rated
3178s their distribution port
3180s you're given their databases too much
3181s credit
3182s some weeks ago a controller sold out his
3185s entire team to scavengers and when I
3187s left who is still listed as Employee of
3189s the Month all right
3191s before you go you need to promise me one
3193s thing what's that if you can't get the
3196s keys come back here and we'll figure out
3199s something else just don't bring back an
3201s entire team of Frozen gate engineers
3205s excellent
3206s all right so
3208s um I wanted to clarify one point within
3210s that cutscene that seems to have
3212s generated some interesting results in
3214s the communities talking about um so
3216s there's the part where Adam is you know
3220s trying to figure out the doctor and
3221s saying like you can't just dump her into
3223s space and then Dax specifically says
3225s well you're a clone you don't understand
3228s human behavior right
3231s I want to provide a little bit of
3232s context why that is this is in fact
3235s associated with the lore surrounding the
3237s okar colonial conflict and the Clones
3239s that were used thereof clones are not
3243s supposed to be living normal life spans
3245s all right they are not supposed to have
3247s all of these like core memories they're
3250s not supposed to be thinking for
3251s themselves they're really generated as
3253s biological weapons they are bodies
3256s generated to be plugged into spaceships
3258s to go fight that's it that's what they
3261s were served for in fact their memories
3264s were in fact wiped and they were given
3265s substitution memories so that they
3267s wouldn't do anything out of line so what
3271s Dax is specifically referring to is not
3273s the type of Clone that Adam is because
3276s if you have experienced the story of
3277s Aerospace one you'll know that he's
3279s rather unique in why he has these
3282s memories and how he's progressing with
3284s his own lifespan now Dax is referring to
3286s those clones who quite literally can't
3289s understand human behavior because
3292s their brains have not been wired for it
3295s so just wanted to provide that quick fun
3298s bit of lore context such a delight such
3303s such fantastic things we do in fact
3305s think about the delivery of these
3307s character interactions all right
3309s all right so uh we don't have too much
3311s time until I want to showcase a really
3313s sick build honestly
3314s so what I'm gonna do here we're gonna
3316s kind of like tidy some things up we have
3318s outdated equipment like our high
3320s capacity homing missiles that's that's
3322s okay that's fine for the moment
3326s otherwise just kind of look at what we
3329s have you know we're not going to do too
3330s much actually
3332s We're not gonna do too much more we are
3334s going to plug in these power cells
3335s however have some more atium Crystal
3339s why not we just need more atheum Crystal
3341s let's see if we can get that let's see
3343s if we can do that before we do the
3344s Showcase
3347s should be some in the area
3353s so this brings up another quick element
3354s here so this is just floating in space
3356s because it's left over from one of the
3358s last times we were blasting all the ATM
3359s Crystal when you leave a location that
3362s has mineral deposits
3364s coming back to it I think it's about a
3366s 10 minute timer it's something it's
3368s about 10 minutes
3369s if I'm not mistaken those nodes will
3372s regenerate at various parts of the map
3378s later when we get our resource scanner
3380s you'll discover which resources are more
3382s available at certain locations than
3385s others
3388s and so certain locations will be far
3390s more beneficial to revisit if you are
3392s looking to better your equipment or your
3395s perks on that front especially For You
3397s Crafters out there and want all the
3399s passive benefits of the perks
3404s want to see how much we have we have
3407s enough awesome let's get that tractor
3408s beam upgraded
3411s that feels good
3413s [Music]
3417s all right so we're gonna go ahead and go
3419s back and Dock at the home base
3421s and continue this story the next time
3429s that's some pretty good progress got to
3431s see a little bit of new content that has
3433s been adjusted
3435s feeling pretty good so we're going to go
3436s ahead and save this here
3438s oh oh look at that right at the top I'm
3441s Gonna Save Our new stream save
3444s Boom Bada Bing
3446s and I'm going to take a quick break in
3448s fact I didn't even bring my water for
3450s down to my basement where I'm streaming
3452s oh my gosh so guys get up take a quick
3455s stretch break get some water and uh yeah
3458s I'll see you back in a moment where
3459s we're going to highlight bearded frogs
3461s Striker build and we're going to be
3464s running it through a lunacy 1000 Rift
3466s and honestly I'm being sincere here
3469s I'm gonna be surprised if I don't make
3471s it through so stay tuned we'll be back
3473s in just a couple minutes
3490s [Music]
3496s [Music]
3502s foreign
3505s [Music]
3512s [Applause]
3513s [Music]
3530s [Music]
3536s [Music]
3539s thank you
3544s [Music]
3569s [Music]
3572s [Applause]
3574s thank you
3576s [Music]
3600s [Music]
3608s [Music]
3617s foreign
3618s [Music]
3634s [Music]
3651s foreign
3655s welcome back ladies and gentlemen
3657s to the stream where we have a particular
3660s build spooled up
3663s from a user who is being active in the
3665s YouTube stream right now
3669s Bearded Frog this was in fact the first
3672s submission we received from a community
3674s build so long ago now it seems and he's
3679s since updated it so he provided a brand
3681s new save tweaked it even further and
3683s let's just talk about this for a second
3684s and how it's going to work all right
3688s um also for those of you who kind of
3690s missed our introduction we are going to
3691s be doing community builds a bit more
3694s frequently I don't know if we'll get it
3695s to every single week but we do want to
3698s highlight these you guys want to see
3699s them and Frankly Speaking seeing them is
3702s insane how they come together so without
3705s further Ado bearded frogs build we got
3707s really strong Firepower precision and
3710s utility through these tools that we have
3713s he's using final Reckoning in
3716s conjunction with very strong sort of
3719s generic missiles if you will but they
3722s always Auto fire through getting crits
3725s which is a very important aspect of this
3728s particular build
3730s also he's using visions of Decay which
3733s is going to make corrosion invest in
3734s injector absolutely nasty very powerful
3738s legendary so using these in conjunction
3740s with one another it's just chef's kiss
3742s we also utilize energy injectors damage
3745s boosters and system recovery routines
3747s should things get a little too dicey and
3750s also to save our own skin
3753s furthermore the assortment of devices
3756s are as follows we are using Avenger from
3758s for the front Shield generator this is
3760s very powerful in a lunacy 1000 run which
3764s we are doing of course
3766s we also have corrosion injector and we
3769s are increasing the damage by 80 but
3771s reduce the duration by 50. we also have
3774s EMP generator with short circuit for
3776s that nice bit of Splash damage and last
3778s but not least Annihilator virus with are
3781s not in conjunction of course with our
3785s Visions okay oh wait that's corrosion
3786s injector whoop swap that corrosion
3788s injector is the one that gets uh applied
3790s from visions of K my bad
3792s so this one's going to get placed in
3795s three different ships instead of just
3797s one okay I saw visions of Decay Works
3800s whereas Annihilator virus still with r
3801s naught it's going to affect more targets
3803s so you're getting a lot you can see a
3804s lot of Splash damage in this particular
3806s build as well as that constant
3810s shooting of missiles through final
3812s reckonings increasing the damage of
3814s those secondaries by 500 percent so
3818s let's get into this shall we why Eric
3820s just a quick point from Bearded Frog by
3822s the way should I pointed out with
3823s something uh you don't forget to try and
3825s keep your missile ammo at three or less
3828s oh yes yes yes all right very good
3833s yeah that also increases damage
3835s um because whenever it's down to the
3837s last three missiles it increases the
3838s damage by 100 very very good so here we
3842s go
3844s you'll also notice a couple of new uh
3846s lines of text from hive and Autumn you
3850s you can read them if you'd like
3852s they may or may not get changed
3855s let's just get into this
3861s oh another really big aspect of all of
3863s this honestly is that you can almost
3865s dang your spam your Alt
3870s the generation which I didn't go over
3871s perks that's uh that one's a bit
3873s important let's take a quick pause and
3875s do that because this is important we are
3877s using close call
3879s saves your skin one time we are using
3881s downtime Warrior so use your devices to
3884s get that constant energy for weapons
3888s we're using crit happens for that Splash
3889s damage because this is very much an AOE
3891s build we have critical faculty so that
3894s we restore that alt super fast which
3895s we're about to see in fact and
3897s exploitation where increased critical
3899s hit chance when attacking enemies whose
3900s movement is impaired
3902s passive on this the striker here is that
3905s we have locking me targets suffer 20
3907s speed reduction so one target guaranteed
3911s is going to be receiving that additional
3913s damage boost but it's probably gonna be
3915s more based on everything going on all
3919s right here we go hopefully I don't watch
3921s this right as I get back into things
3925s now I'm going to kind of seemingly waste
3927s some missiles because I need to get them
3930s down to three
3932s there we go much better
3938s foreign
3943s style of fighter here
3945s I do not like to play the long game like
3948s ironically enough the the
3951s um the Scott was actually my favorite
3952s ship in everspace one ever space two you
3955s know he's ideal for long range and man
3957s he's powerful don't get me wrong
3959s but for me for being able to address all
3962s of these foes in the state that uh the
3966s game is currently in I just love being
3968s up in their Grill I love making things
3970s happen I love making plays and so the
3972s striker is like one of my favorites so
3974s as you can see we've already cleared out
3976s the first territory without so much just
3979s taking a little bit of damage
3983s this is lunacy a thousand guys
3986s this is lunacy a thousand we only got
3989s one portal that generated there that's
3990s interesting
3995s so we do have to be gentle in our
3997s approach because these do get a bit
3999s crazier as we go on and try and start
4003s over here
4004s whoa a little too fast
4007s there's also a lot of movement Buffs and
4009s and tweaks in this particular build too
4011s which is quite fascinating it's a lot of
4013s fun actually
4016s and how it all works together
4019s in a beautiful assortment like a dance
4024s of conditions and effects that just it's
4027s just so much pain for foes and again
4029s like I'm very much like in The Fray
4031s fighting here
4032s this is not me like skirting around on
4034s the outside like I can be super
4036s aggressive and the striker just loves
4039s this
4040s absolutely loves this now I don't love
4044s that
4045s we need to adjust that immediately
4054s you need a big targets a delicious
4057s Target now you're good enough
4062s there we go
4064s [Music]
4073s another beautiful thing about this build
4075s is that you just constantly want to be
4077s using your devices your Alt
4080s I'd say you're consumable so we haven't
4082s really needed them yet
4089s I'm not getting good positioning for
4091s this front Shield either because with
4093s the front Shield what you really want to
4094s do is you want to Stack all your
4096s opponents on one side of you so that
4098s it's reflecting all that damage back
4101s but look at look how cleanly this is
4103s going guys
4104s look at that
4110s all of this is coming out of the Bearded
4112s Frog and his build but he's cultivated
4116s here just a single portal again oh my
4118s gosh
4119s not getting very lucky
4120s oh this could be a tricky one too every
4122s time an enemies destroyed it gains five
4124s speed Shields armor and hole five
4126s percent
4127s all right
4129s so let's
4130s see what's next
4133s [Music]
4135s better track how am I doing am I using
4137s it okay
4138s I feel like you made it so easy oh also
4142s um you may may or may not notice
4145s um new additions in the riffs I guess I
4147s should have mentioned that
4151s all right
4154s works great on sniper drones oh yeah oh
4157s absolutely
4160s yeah I kind of like demoed it before the
4162s stream since you had mentioned that and
4163s uh you were not joking it's so
4165s satisfying you get the front Shield
4167s generator I'm hoping that we get an
4168s opportunity to do so
4170s kind of funny to say like I hope we get
4172s a freaking sniper drone to show up but
4174s sincerely oh look at that
4177s oh my gosh isn't that beautiful
4180s oh my gosh it's such a feel-good
4182s oh man it's just like oh these things
4185s are so hard and so annoying and so tough
4187s now not with this build this build
4189s laughs in its freaking face I do need to
4192s be a little bit careful here
4197s don't want to accidentally Jinx things
4200s you know what I'm saying
4203s foreign
4208s from this thing's nasty but the
4210s survivability I mean like and look like
4212s I'm not necessarily being the safest
4215s flying this round
4216s I am not being the safest I'm not using
4219s my front Shield constantly
4222s and yet we are still moving around we've
4225s got this nice speed to adjust where we
4227s are at
4228s to handle these foes
4232s and we're just we're pounding through
4234s this we're already at the last stage of
4235s a lunacy 1000 run with this very tuned
4239s very tweaked beautiful build
4242s this brawler build and a striker
4245s ah so delightful
4249s so delightful
4252s I see a statement of the chat saying
4254s bugs portals uh so um
4259s we are working on riffs still
4263s I had to make sure in fact that our
4265s particular build here didn't reveal too
4267s much well I've already said too much now
4271s but I digress
4273s let's get in here this was the hardest
4276s part for me when I was play testing this
4278s Bearded Frog so um
4280s if I'm gonna die it's gonna be right the
4282s heck now so uh here we go let's see if I
4284s can pull this off
4295s oh yeah there we go yeah he this this
4298s enemy hits like a truck and if you don't
4301s act quickly enough
4303s everything can shatter around you and
4305s there we go lunacy 1000 done in less
4308s than 10 minutes with this finely tuned
4311s very well optimized
4313s brawler Striker build gets up in your
4316s face and just explodes with all this
4318s damage like
4320s that's fantastic like that's that's
4322s amazing
4326s very very good stuff
4329s now we're back at the home base
4331s look at all these little treats look at
4334s all how tiny they are how how
4337s embarrassing this is for a lunacy 1000
4341s run really Eric really is that what's
4344s going on here
4345s this is in development this is not final
4348s what you see here is a product of
4350s rebalancing of the riffs I assure you
4353s guys when you're completing a lunacy
4356s 1000 your loot is not going to look
4358s anything remotely like what is currently
4360s on the screen all right just making sure
4362s everyone's very well aware of that also
4365s keep in mind
4366s we are at level 25.
4369s because that's what you guys can supply
4371s you can't go higher than level 25 in the
4374s current build
4375s um you might notice that I actually have
4377s some experience over level 25 right now
4380s and that's because we are going to be
4382s adding levels later and riffs are an end
4385s game system being incorporated into
4388s everspace too that means
4391s riffs will be level 30 territory so
4397s while you're looking on the screen one
4398s more time just making sure everybody is
4400s well aware this is a part of the
4402s development where it is not indicative
4405s of your rifting experience especially at
4409s lunacy 1000.
4412s so but all in all uh seriously Bearded
4415s Frog I love this build I think this is a
4418s lot of fun and it's fairly easy to
4420s reproduce as well
4422s the big things are going to be like
4424s honestly like you could almost get away
4426s without having visions of Decay but it
4427s does help with all that Splash damage
4430s um but final Reckoning in conjunction
4432s with low Supply missiles that are
4434s constantly firing
4436s and then just focus firing down targets
4438s using your alt especially I didn't even
4440s use my consumables you could speed run
4443s the heck out of this and I'm sure you
4444s have
4446s uh but yeah just it's a very solid build
4448s very finely tweaked I mean just look at
4451s those values man
4453s look at these values you don't see that
4456s every day
4458s so yeah big shout out to Bearded Frog
4461s thank you for this build submission
4463s seriously this was such a treat to fly
4468s and I'm already looking forward to the
4470s next build submissions that we will have
4472s uh and I also still need to get through
4475s a slew of them when we opened up build
4477s submissions back in
4479s October September of last year goodness
4482s so I will be putting the link so that
4485s you can supply a build to the Forefront
4488s on our Discord shortly after the stream
4489s so please know that and uh we are going
4492s to be rolling through those of you who
4494s submitted prior first but we will be
4497s moving into the space where we're
4498s showing a lot more of these Builds on a
4500s constant basis
4502s do you guys want to see one more Rift
4504s with this ship going
4507s you want to see this in action one more
4509s time yeah yeah yes
4512s I'm curious because I mean this this
4514s thing is so Fierce it's ridiculous
4518s one more
4519s okay so
4521s um remember when I said the things about
4523s how riffs are like not done or whatever
4526s so I'm gonna have to I'm gonna have to
4527s do some magic because I want to show you
4529s this really quick see the spatial
4530s bypasses create ancient Rift unlocked at
4532s level 25. it's an illusion it's a lie
4536s out of the light
4538s so um I need to do some Wizardry I'll be
4541s I'll be right back
4544s one moment
4546s one quick moment
4548s probably I hope
4558s [Music]
4564s [Music]
4566s so I see you guys talking about like
4569s value changes and whatnot and yes you
4572s are already on to something I will say
4575s that
4576s something else to keep in mind
4578s is that we are level 25 in a dove build
4581s where riffs are designed to be level 30
4584s so also keep that in mind
4587s [Music]
4598s and we're back for round two all right
4602s so thank you for your patience ladies
4603s and gentlemen it is the exact same build
4605s uh lunacy 1000
4609s uh we are going to go ham
4617s all right let's just show the beauty of
4619s how quickly this alt recharges by just
4622s maximizing destruction all the heck
4630s beautiful
4631s actually oh I still had my ALT on oh
4634s crud normally it uh recharges a heck a
4637s lot faster because uh you're not
4638s spending it constantly
4640s missed that one
4649s oh we also need to get our missiles down
4650s oh oh gotta get the missiles down
4660s [Music]
4666s all right there it is already got our
4668s alt back oh a nice nice Elite that's not
4672s not near any other targets well that was
4675s I wasn't very valuable was it
4677s that's okay
4679s I'm sure we'll get another go
4688s beautiful
4702s all right round one complete
4706s oh
4714s what are you using the second missile
4717s oh you're right I am
4720s let's use the first one
4727s there we go oh increase movement speed
4729s all right this could be interesting
4739s foreign
4741s [Music]
4751s ers
4761s what a treat
4778s it just melting away it's ridiculous
4782s nope
4786s [Music]
4796s something else that I quite prefer in a
4799s lot of my Rift runs is like having a lot
4801s of Mobility
4803s and this I mean aside from the
4805s inconveniencing of getting Weber drone
4809s this build almost doesn't need it
4810s because their Splash damage is so strong
4813s even if you are getting something like a
4815s Weber drone on you you can eliminate a
4817s pretty freaking fast
4819s oh wow goodness Grady
4822s and our movement speed has been slightly
4824s hindered all of a sudden
4825s we're gonna probably waste this a little
4828s bit
4828s all right
4837s could I say waste we already have her
4838s all back up
4840s what a treat
4853s here we go
4857s [Music]
4865s whoops didn't mean to fire that but
4867s that's okay
4871s five percent increases across the board
4876s oh I see a really great question that I
4879s would love to answer what is the use of
4881s the quantum tether let's talk about that
4883s very briefly because this is a core
4885s element of this build basically what it
4887s does is it attaches to a specific foe
4890s when you are shooting that foe all the
4892s enemies take the damage that you're
4894s doing to it
4896s so
4897s um and with more Tethered to it it
4899s increases the damage for everyone that
4901s you have and because this particular
4903s build allows you to regenerate alt
4906s really quick that means that in
4909s conjunction of using this corrosion
4911s injector that's hitting three targets
4913s not one
4914s with our EMP generator which can
4917s effectively hit anything at almost 600
4919s meter range and then Annihilator virus
4921s which can affect up to eight targets
4923s we're talking about some very serious
4926s crowd control on this particular build
4928s one of the reasons why I love it
4931s one of the reasons why I love it so much
4932s now I want to try and oh actually we're
4935s kind of getting surrounded here it's not
4937s a good position to be in
4939s that's better
4950s so here in this instance I'm actually
4951s kind of like just taking my time going
4953s one after another
4955s so that way we don't have something like
4957s that happen oh gosh
4961s and now I'm just gonna I'm gonna dive
4962s over here
4968s that's going to be easy enough to clean
4970s up
4971s those added missiles
4973s now we get to start taking out drones
4986s start with some pretty good Splash
4987s damage you can see there
5003s most of you guys are over here I'm just
5005s gonna do that beautiful
5010s I feel like Raiders have been probably
5012s the hardest thing for me to deal with in
5015s these particular Rift runs
5023s ah no our front Shield generator just
5025s went down
5028s we really don't want to get hit by that
5030s so okay good good
5036s wow that destruction
5039s so fast
5045s I'm like not even worrying too much
5047s about shields I'm just like plowing
5048s through it because it gives those free
5050s shots from missiles
5059s all right last segment here we go
5062s foreign
5084s there we go beautiful oh yeah look at
5086s that added damage
5089s and we're done
5091s once again
5093s what a treat
5095s and again don't worry too much about The
5097s Loot drop okay because again we're
5099s making adjustments to the roofs
5101s but just such a powerful build
5104s affecting everything nearby so hard it
5107s doesn't let anything stand up
5109s so really well composed Bearded Frog
5114s quite a treat
5118s rather impressed with how it comes
5120s together now one last thing and I know
5123s that there are some of you who are
5125s lunacy 1000 Runners out there and you're
5128s looking at this and you're going
5130s hmm
5133s that something seems a little bit off
5136s yes of course there are adjustments in
5139s this death build that are not present in
5141s yours
5142s okay so what that means is that there
5145s might be elements to this that are
5147s harder in elements to this that are
5148s easier than what you would have
5150s experienced in your particular gameplay
5152s experiences regardless
5156s the showcasing of this build and just
5159s positively annihilating Rift runs taking
5162s care of so many enemies so quickly as
5165s the primary goal here
5167s and also we can you know highlight your
5169s little look as well
5171s because this is all your customization
5173s this is exactly your ship
5177s so thank you so much for the submission
5179s really nice
5183s but yeah I am already looking forward to
5185s seeing what else you guys have in store
5187s regarding your builds
5190s we can we'll probably be doing those as
5192s well through some riff runs maybe even
5194s some unique situations to kind of like
5196s you know have some fun and really
5198s showcase those elements but once again
5200s beer frogs sincerely thank you so much
5202s for submitting this it's fantastic it's
5206s what a delight I had so much fun just
5209s running through playing this thing I
5211s love the way that you composed it and
5213s seriously it's fantastic so now what
5216s we're going to do is we're going to
5217s transition over to screenshots and while
5221s we are showcasing these screenshots
5222s we're also going to be answering
5224s questions from you guys now these
5226s questions could be for even Bearded Frog
5228s if you want he's over on YouTube you can
5230s ask him directly you can ask all sorts
5232s of questions regarding the content that
5234s we showed today through our story driven
5236s playthrough session as well as any
5239s additional questions about everspace 2's
5242s development as we are in the home
5243s stretch to 1.0 again for those of you
5246s who don't know the release date is
5248s reducted and we are absolutely
5251s delivering on that it's not going to
5253s change it is set in stone so first half
5255s of this year not going to change it's
5258s quite beautiful okay
5259s all right
5261s now
5262s I need to do a little bit of quick prep
5264s for those screenshots so one second
5267s and as a normal constant little reminder
5269s as well that we have all these places
5272s that you can go to to support us to
5274s engage with us to have a lot of fun and
5276s a lot of these Community elements are
5279s being serviced through the Discord so if
5283s you want to take part in the community
5285s challenge that will be listed at the end
5287s of the stream then you'll absolutely
5289s want to dive in there and we love
5292s showcasing screenshots from you guys and
5294s they generally come from the Discord as
5297s well so that you are aware for example
5299s this one this one is in fact one that
5301s was uh brought to the Discord
5303s and most of the time I'm showing you
5306s ones that are from this space and we'll
5308s also have instances where we will
5310s highlight Michael selects Michael's the
5312s CEO of Rockfish games he does everything
5314s for the marketing side uh well I
5317s shouldn't say everything
5318s most of the stuff and so he chooses a
5321s lot of fine looking shots from you guys
5323s and has even plugged them into the home
5325s page of everspace too so when people are
5327s purchasing the game they could see your
5330s fantastic screenshot that you took all
5332s it takes is to submit it over on Discord
5335s and that's it that's it that's really it
5337s that's all it takes super minimal effort
5340s and we love to highlight your stuff much
5342s like we just did the community build now
5344s let's dive into the screenshots now
5346s geekbite is going to join me and answer
5347s some questions as I'm going through
5349s these we're mostly just gonna like show
5351s a screenshot answer a question and go
5353s from there so this first shot comes from
5357s dawn of will who I think is a more he's
5360s a newer user in our Discord and he just
5363s he he delivered some pretty nice
5366s screenshots in fact I got a number of
5368s them from him today uh over the course
5370s of the last two weeks is the time period
5372s that these shots come from
5374s you guys seem to like it too give them
5375s lots of thumbs up so here we have just
5377s like that your beautiful little classic
5379s fires and missiles uh you know
5382s engagement and it's it's nice there's
5386s something about seeing these missile
5387s Trails like going over a wing that's
5389s just
5391s oh it's really really cool and if I
5395s understand the shot correctly this is a
5397s missed shot from an opponent behind this
5399s is not him firing off a missile because
5401s also this Shield's getting hit by
5403s something else
5404s but regardless of all of that pretty
5407s cool scene and uh yeah nice nice shot
5411s pretty neat so geek bite go ahead and
5413s shoot me some questions we've got as we
5415s transition over to this one in the
5417s background right we have a bit of a
5421s curious one from TC Cube over on Twitch
5423s uh he wants to know if we can reveal uh
5426s how many wings engines bodies and
5428s cockpits are planned for release for
5430s each subclass
5431s [Laughter]
5434s the wings we are doing four tiers of
5437s wings and there are four types of wings
5439s for each tier
5442s um at least that's what was stated a
5445s long long time ago way back in the
5448s kickstarter so we're gonna say that
5450s so so first there's gonna be effectively
5453s 16 different Wing sets right for each
5457s class
5459s uh then you will have I think it's nine
5462s bodies and nine engines
5466s for each class so that's nine total for
5470s Heavies that's nine mediums that's nine
5472s lights uh and then same goes for the
5475s engines the engines are distinct between
5477s the lights the mediums and the heavies
5479s and uh that's about all you can answer
5482s on that front as of right now uh there
5484s are going to be more elements of
5486s customization in the future guaranteed
5488s this is something that we have on our
5490s roadmap this is something we've been
5491s talking to you guys for a very large
5493s amount of time and that's not that's not
5495s changing why would that change so we are
5498s 100 delivering more customization
5501s options in the future everything that I
5503s have given you right the heck now has
5505s been the Baseline standard this is
5507s what's going to be hit so
5510s keep that in mind if you guys do want to
5512s know a little bit more about like the
5514s customization ideas you can also head
5517s back in our YouTube channel to the Vlog
5519s that says like 100 plus ships okay
5521s because it goes into a little bit more
5523s detail in the behind the scenes and like
5525s why we're doing what we're doing and how
5526s we're doing what we're doing and also
5528s has some really cool blockouts of stuff
5530s that you've seen the final results of
5531s and some that you haven't so it could be
5535s a fun little trip down memory lane
5537s thank you for that question all right so
5540s this shot comes from the chemical bro he
5542s loves these very deep Vivid shots a lot
5546s of Darkness but then a pops of color I
5549s can't say that this is a straight
5551s screenshot this might have been color
5554s adjusted but it also might just have
5557s been the in-game tools of the photo mode
5559s so it's it's so hard to say some of the
5562s shots that come out of him are just so
5564s remarkable and uh this one yeah
5567s definitely gives that strong feel of
5570s owning the skies you know when you see a
5573s silhouette like this with the color
5574s palette like that you probably don't
5577s want to mess with them just just by
5578s appearance alone and he does capture a
5582s nice surrounding element of color usage
5585s here with the red in the background the
5587s blue line of the planet the blue
5588s emanating from this asteroid as well as
5591s the blue from the engines the highlights
5593s etc etc so really great composition
5596s wonderful shot the chemical bro there is
5598s a reason why he has a galactic
5600s photographer in our Discord
5602s all right we're gonna look at this shot
5604s from uh wait a second what's going on
5607s there this is from terrible ogre
5609s highlighting some bugs that we have
5611s certainly had in the game Space so geek
5614s bite what's our next question
5616s next up we have a question from akara
5619s voltex over on YouTube uh that wanted to
5621s know will we see more catalysts or
5623s weapon mods coming for 1.0 so uh yeah I
5627s mean we we talked about whatever we
5629s delivered on the Catalyst that we were
5631s going to do more right
5633s that hasn't changed that hasn't changed
5635s that's still in the plans we don't we
5637s absolutely uh are Desiring and very
5640s likely going to add uh a couple more
5643s catalysts into the playing field in
5645s regards to modifiers and items and
5648s surrounding that territory
5650s um I
5652s how do I word this
5653s there's a lot more coming to ionization
5655s we're just going to say that straight up
5660s so this photo
5663s so this photo we got uh from terrible
5666s ogre and he's highlighting the fact that
5669s whenever you cloak with your ship uh at
5671s least using the uh the consumable we had
5674s a bug had very important uh thing to say
5678s there I think it might still be live in
5680s your build uh sorry about that but um
5682s with what we are working on this is not
5684s supposed to happen these are the
5686s secondary Chambers and these are the
5688s primary weapons and whenever we are
5690s cloaking it's not very advantageous for
5693s your foes to literally see your weapons
5695s so that's definitely fixed but it's a
5698s clever shot regardless especially
5699s because it's taken with this very clean
5701s silhouette of an Interceptor in the
5704s process
5705s nicely done nicely captured definitely
5708s think that was a fun little way to
5710s highlight
5711s you know the gimmicks of Early Access
5713s right so thanks for having fun beautiful
5717s next shot we've go we're going back to
5719s the chemical bro as we respond to
5721s another Crush gem
5724s uh same user camera Vortex is asking
5728s um will we see more variety in random
5731s locations for the unknown uh and
5733s distressed calls Etc we are working on
5736s more diversity of elements that can
5739s appear so you know like more wrecks and
5742s more asteroids and all that type of
5743s stuff I mean shoot we're working on more
5745s systems you guys know that and we
5747s certainly don't want to just like take
5749s from a previous system and then just
5751s like copy pasta over that would be super
5753s lame not to say that assets don't get
5755s reused because we also don't want it to
5757s be 30 terabytes worth of storage on your
5760s hard drive but
5761s the point is we are absolutely still
5764s making more uh content of that sort
5768s um and yeah I mean you could even see it
5769s in the Rifts there that we were doing
5771s today that there's definitely some more
5773s interesting elements going on in the
5775s background at the least those can also
5777s appear in the foreground in the actual
5779s playing area we didn't have any of those
5781s spawned today I'm kind of glad that we
5783s didn't because some of them were bugged
5784s but the point is yes we do want to have
5788s more stuff that adds a little bit more
5790s variety for when you're going to those
5792s locations and then we're also making
5793s more handcrafted locations additionally
5796s on top of that more more and more yes
5799s in the works
5802s so this shot comes from the chemical bro
5804s again you see those deep colorations
5806s that he loves to use the contrast
5808s between light and dark serving us really
5811s well in this shot that has that almost
5815s it's almost like a horror Vibe going on
5818s here where you've just got this wreckage
5820s you can't really quite make anything out
5821s but you've got these dark red pulsating
5824s lights ahead of you that goes into some
5827s sort of desecrated structure and you
5830s know who knows what's on the other side
5831s of that you can also see everything
5834s scattered about all of these pieces of
5836s debris some of which are brightly
5837s colored some of them are leaking and
5840s within an ice Droid field
5843s like what what's around the corner it's
5846s so inviting into a story what's gonna
5848s happen next and I think that the
5850s chemical Bros a very excellent
5852s Storyteller just from taking these level
5855s of shots and also that is such a
5858s profound silhouette on the ship too that
5861s it just it really does bring it all
5862s together you're not mistaken on any of
5865s these components of like what what what
5867s is that no you know you can see very
5870s clearly where everything's at and why
5872s it's placed the way that it is we're
5874s gonna cycle over to yet another chemical
5877s bro shop supplying us with those goods
5881s or another question
5883s right last question for the time being
5885s uh still on YouTube from Junior
5887s panciotti uh can some items be made that
5890s can only be acquired by crafting to
5892s increase the usefulness of crafting I
5894s think they're a little bit concerned
5895s that crafting isn't as good as what it
5897s could be oh yeah sure I mean okay so
5899s there there's a
5901s there's an element here that we could go
5903s into
5904s General design philosophies for game
5907s development as a whole when it comes to
5909s crafting systems okay so um instead of
5912s opening up that huge door and you coming
5914s to my TED talk instead what I'm gonna
5916s say is in short crafting systems in
5919s looter shooters or in any loot Centric
5921s games are generally speaking a guide
5925s until you reach the end game okay this
5929s is very common in all of these games
5933s experiences okay very few have
5936s meaningful crafting in an in-game
5939s experience that's not to say it can't be
5941s done and if you're looking at that and
5943s going oh but wait but wait Eric you have
5945s modifications that you can do yes but
5948s I'm talking about crafting I'm talking
5950s about crafting there's a very distinct
5953s and big difference between these two
5955s elements okay so I'm gonna leave that
5958s kind of in that territory for you to
5960s chew on a little bit but please note
5962s With all sincerity we are still
5964s developing more in the crafting
5967s territory it still needs some tweaks it
5969s still needs a little bit of bouncing
5971s modifications and
5973s just because we're kind of on the same
5975s topic there's more coming to modifying
5976s as well so not completely done but also
5980s note that what we have at its core right
5983s now in the game Space it's probably not
5986s going to deviate that much from that so
5988s if you're looking for this very rich
5990s detailed crafting experience that when
5992s you get to the in-game you can customize
5994s and create your own sort of like
5996s intricate wild sort of machinations like
5999s that's that is not the plan that was
6001s never the plan I also want to point that
6003s out crafting has always been a means to
6006s help you through your journey to
6008s compensate for weaknesses in your build
6011s and the modifying is meant to take
6014s everything to the next level through
6016s those levels of optimization and going
6020s ham if you will crafting bring you up
6023s modifying that's really going to be the
6025s icing on the cake get everything squeaky
6028s clean and where it needs to go all right
6030s all right so
6032s let's take a gander at this particular
6034s shot from Again The Chemical bro again
6037s fantastic use of that deep rich contrast
6042s that we see that beautiful glowing uh
6046s Drake star in the background
6048s [Music]
6050s cascading across the Stars through this
6053s asteroid field as are brightly colored
6056s and beautifully orange ship in contrast
6059s to blue because they're they're opposite
6061s so it's like really pops just flying
6064s away from this scene in a way that sets
6067s the tone sets this beautiful
6070s composition in a way that it's really it
6074s speaks to me okay I love the way that
6076s this is composed this is something that
6078s I would love to just slap on my wall
6080s right it's a beautiful poster that I
6083s think would work Wonderful in that
6084s regard
6085s and uh yeah I mean there's not much else
6087s to say other than just going wow
6091s nice it's very nice I also like the way
6094s that the way he composed the shot gives
6097s a strong sense of scale and gives it
6100s some Vibes like it's within that
6102s asteroid belt uh surrounding the planet
6105s so the Rings the rings of the planet
6108s which is effectively an asteroid belt
6110s but I digress so excellent
6113s excellent all right so uh with no more
6116s questions I am going to just start going
6118s through different photos but don't let
6121s the questions stop now keep sending them
6124s forward we're gonna have a conversation
6126s it's going to be a nice little hangout
6127s session here as we're still highlighting
6130s the really fun cool stuff that you guys
6132s have done and uh we're pretty
6134s transparent uh development team okay so
6137s like if you have concerns or questions
6139s or you know whatever
6140s this is the space to do that these
6142s streams are designed they're cultivated
6144s for you guys okay which is why we're
6146s bringing more of the builds and like we
6148s love doing the screenshots and all this
6149s type of stuff that's why we're bringing
6151s it to the Forefront now so good good
6153s stuff so this shot comes from Excel
6157s excels in the chat I think I saw him
6159s Excelsior
6162s floating over there earlier
6165s I want to say that he was
6167s but it's always nice to get a taste of
6171s scope and scale
6174s just buy a little bit of use at depth of
6176s the field
6178s really sets this tone of
6181s I'm over here moving this speed up
6184s against this very massive structure in
6186s the distance
6188s he was here early okay yeah I kind of
6190s thought he was
6193s but I love the way that he's brought
6195s this together we can almost like crop it
6197s up here but you know it's fine it's
6199s still it's still nice here but uh
6203s but love the way that he's bringing
6206s all of these details of curiosity really
6208s for the player because what's up ahead
6211s how are we going to deal with this
6213s but we're going to take it we want that
6215s sweet sweet loot
6216s all the while putting even more emphasis
6219s there just through that depth of field
6221s it's like we're not really worried too
6222s much about the ship yeah my ship's
6224s awesome no big deal but look at this
6226s look at this territory ahead what's to
6229s come what are we in for
6232s excellent oh there's a typo in the
6233s Marquee that's never happened before
6235s [Music]
6236s sorry about that if there is
6239s but oh well
6242s hopefully no one's heartbroken about
6244s that all right next shot comes from dawn
6246s of will
6248s again I said there were a number from
6250s Donna well that was like Hey all right
6252s people are liking this stuff you guys
6254s were thumbing it up I think explosions
6256s are pretty neat
6258s I think they're pretty fun and the use
6260s of colors on this ship
6262s do a number to the explosion colors
6264s behind the ship it's a nice way to
6267s capture
6269s the moment if you will
6276s good good stuff
6278s crispy muffin really likes this shot
6280s yeah I know I think I think that um when
6283s it comes to explosions the reason why
6285s this one stands out a bit more some of
6287s you are like oh yeah it's just explosion
6288s see all the time in the game well yes
6289s however
6291s the explosions can be a little bit
6293s volatile
6294s literally
6296s um but when it comes to like taking
6298s photos they can they can be incredibly
6301s fickle incredibly vital
6303s um in the sense of like how their colors
6305s are like combining or where they're
6307s positioned or if they're making the shot
6308s fuzzy and so for any of you guys have
6311s ever tried like take a really good photo
6313s where an explosion is happening it can
6315s be a pain to get a good aligned shot
6318s that captures the scene of really what
6320s you're going for and that's done rather
6322s eloquently here we have two very
6325s profound colors of explosions going on
6327s that are very well aligned with the
6330s particle effects being incredibly
6332s consistent overall there's nothing that
6334s seems like a jarring red line shooting
6337s out or like a green Arc or whatever like
6339s it's really come together here through
6341s that careful selection of an angle as
6345s well as you know whatever events led up
6348s to this so that's why it really does
6349s stand out it is quite a nice shot
6353s so kudos to you Dawn of will
6358s just glad we don't have smell-o-vision
6359s and chat with your flatulent dog what in
6362s the world did I miss something
6364s what is going on slowing tattoos donkeys
6368s in about to stay at the moment
6370s apparently oh my gosh all right good
6372s good luck uh that sounds rough I have a
6376s question it has come through on on
6378s YouTube
6380s um the Charlie op is asking will there
6383s be uh Mac support in 1.0 yeah or would
6387s you consider release a Mac version yeah
6389s we consider it so much that we're doing
6391s it yeah uh absolutely we have mac and
6393s Linux support happening
6395s um at or near the 1.0 release uh the
6399s goal is 1.0 release simultaneous okay I
6402s want to be incredibly clear that's what
6404s we are aiming for that's that's what
6405s we've really been preaching we're saying
6407s like this is the player we want that 1.0
6409s release with Mac with Linux with PC and
6413s Frankly Speaking also with console
6414s that's kind of a fickle element approach
6417s we will have more information on
6419s consoles by the way this month if
6420s Michael hasn't changed his mind again
6422s Michael Michael Michael don't change
6424s your mind for this dang Community all
6425s right deliver all right perfect now that
6428s the pressure is under my boss and he has
6430s a word with me uh you guys know that
6432s you're gonna get information on consoles
6434s very soon
6435s um otherwise uh yeah 1.0 we we really
6439s want to hit everything as hard as we can
6441s as close as we can together so first
6443s half of this year
6445s absolutely
6448s um Max Sport cool this shot comes from
6451s crispy muffin who was uh you know
6453s praising the last shot I believe and uh
6456s yeah I mean explosions aren't hard to
6458s capture much like we just talked about
6460s and uh crispy muffin you do a very good
6462s job in capturing your explosions I think
6464s that's actually why you've ended up
6466s becoming a galactic photographer in the
6468s Discord uh but yeah I mean it's it's
6470s consistent work you keep on nailing it
6472s your depth of field usage your color
6474s coloration and Grading like everything
6476s the composition yeah I mean this one
6478s this one's definitely
6480s of that similar quality which is quite
6484s fine it's quite astounding honestly so
6487s thank you for those captures always
6489s bringing us those delicious treats at
6493s the end of our streams also is that a
6496s new ship no no that's your
6498s that's still your ship that's your
6500s that's your slame ship oh my gosh
6501s starting to identify players just based
6504s on ships alone
6506s that's kind of fun all right
6509s all right we're gonna cycle over to
6511s Phantom Lord who delivered on several
6514s different shots and you guys liked them
6516s up so I'm bringing them over here as
6518s well also reminder for those of you who
6520s are somehow just joining us hi welcome
6522s to the stream you're late uh we're
6524s actually gonna be concluding the stream
6525s here fairly soon about 15-ish minutes
6528s but if you guys have questions you want
6530s to chat go ahead and drop Us online over
6532s in the chat room we're being real
6534s friendly right now just highlighting
6535s Community stuff I am going to kind of
6537s fast track this little ending though
6538s because I want to talk about our
6540s community challenge at the end of the
6541s stream which I am absolutely not going
6543s to forget about
6544s so Phantom Lord shot here again you guys
6547s really liked it I I really like this
6550s PlanetSide location it's it's a uh uh oh
6554s what is it called
6556s Adriana's storeport is that what it is
6558s oh gosh I can't remember the name but
6561s it's close to Prescott Starbase and yeah
6564s it's such a beautiful like it's like
6567s cotton candy clouds
6568s it's just oh gosh I I'm a big fan of
6572s this environment I wish we had more of
6573s them
6577s hey Hans Christian Andy Marco
6580s Tony all right anyway
6584s but uh sincerely I love the way that it
6587s comes across and getting this sort of
6589s overview of seeing all these stations
6591s which are gas Harvesters by the way
6594s these are gas Harvesters you do have
6596s some other industrial stations to boot
6599s but I do think it comes together rather
6601s nicely next one up we have from the
6603s chemical bro again you can probably tell
6605s because of the way it is
6607s a beautiful silhouette the dark
6610s atmospheric setting and just this
6613s massive sense of scale and you can see
6615s so much happening in this shot too
6616s sincerely there's there's a lot going on
6618s here in all the right ways you see these
6622s remarkably large ice droids you see this
6625s Con like this formation on the side of
6628s the ice droids telling an additional
6629s story like was this mind was there a
6632s collision what's going on here you see a
6634s structure in the side of the ice Droid
6638s and you can see that the movement that
6640s the player is taking like it just comes
6643s together so dang well like I love
6644s talking about your photos just how they
6645s are working so dang well and the
6647s chemical bro you are always delivering
6649s so much so that the next one's also
6651s yours look at this guy just keeps on
6654s bringing the fire
6656s ah I wanted to show this one as well
6659s um this is the fifth one from chemical
6661s bro now uh that's a lot but this one has
6664s a bit more color popping out and that's
6666s that's always a nice change of pace so
6668s it's not just darkness and a little bit
6669s of color like seeing those very broad
6672s Strokes of Shadows cascading across the
6675s scenes with this orange palettes that
6677s kind of match here making their cohesive
6680s unit between this gas Harvester that's
6682s out in the middle of a asteroid field
6684s and the ship
6686s really come together so very well done
6688s very well done we have another shot from
6691s phantomlord just showing us the love oh
6693s did I was there a question did I say a
6696s question hang on
6698s I think I saw a question
6702s nope looks like you guys are good
6705s you guys are chilling and I love it
6707s [Laughter]
6710s some conversations are interesting but
6712s I'll accept so but thank you so much
6715s from uh phantomore for sharing your love
6718s with us what a treat
6720s we might even talk about your ship
6721s colors though
6724s shot goes from Excel and I'm honestly
6726s not
6729s modification
6731s this end which is technically fan art or
6734s if there's something behind the ship
6735s that's creating that effect because I
6737s know that effect's actually in the game
6738s somewhere I know I've seen it I think
6741s I'm not so sure anymore but still I
6743s think that it's hilarious he posted that
6745s wins the thermo gun gonna show or not
6748s thermal gun the thermal the the
6750s flamethrower when's the the plasma
6752s thrower gonna show up in everspace too
6754s you know and I will say this though guys
6756s you know we have always wanted to bring
6758s every single element from everspace one
6760s Into The Fray of everspace 2. we want to
6763s bring it all but that's you know
6766s probably not going to happen we're still
6768s trying our best is it possible
6770s absolutely will it happen
6773s it's not a guarantee but just do know
6775s that of course we're thinking about it
6777s of course that would be a really fun
6779s thing to do next one up we've got Don a
6782s will his third one that we're showing
6784s just a nice capture flying into Sirens
6788s sea
6791s a very photo heavy field
6795s what a delight
6799s simple to the point again we got that
6802s very profound silhouette this almost
6803s looks like a chemical bro photo honestly
6806s almost
6808s just captured really well
6811s so well done dawn of will getting a lot
6813s of highlights today so much so that I
6815s got another one from him
6818s one more and it's just kind of similar
6820s vein
6821s but just showing what he's coming up
6822s with it's a lot of fun it's really
6825s stinking cool
6828s okay guys we are nearing the end of the
6830s Stream
6831s so I've got a community challenge that I
6833s want to set out for you with this last
6835s shot from crispy muffin just a last one
6838s just kind of set in the background
6839s so you guys been waiting patiently so as
6842s I have mentioned earlier in the Stream
6844s we are not doing a photo challenge this
6847s time around so geekbite and I were
6849s talking about like other various
6851s elements that we can do and we're going
6852s to be establishing a couple more
6853s challenges uh your way and also some for
6856s myself
6857s um in the future but the one that we
6860s want you guys to focus on for the next
6862s two weeks I'm going to walk you through
6864s the submission process so you know
6867s it's racing we want you guys to push
6871s your limits optimize the heck out of
6873s your builds get crazy I want to see the
6876s fastest times you got you can record the
6879s full race if you want or you can simply
6881s submit a screenshot of all of your times
6883s in the info tab of the game so
6888s if you are going to Simply submit a
6890s screenshot of your times you're also
6892s going to need to DM me your save file so
6895s I can check it for any
6898s naughty playing around that's all
6901s rather simple that's it the only reason
6904s we have that caveat is a long long time
6905s ago in everspace one we actually had
6907s somebody who tried to cheat in a contest
6908s it's not fun don't do it it destroys the
6910s fun for everyone else nobody likes that
6912s you think that you're hot stuff you're
6914s not I'm sorry it's not the flux you
6916s think it is anyway screenshot of your
6918s times
6919s and if you want you can record the whole
6921s race
6923s easy peasy lemon squeezy also feel free
6926s to supply screenshots of your build
6928s itself or not if you don't want people
6930s to like you know try and duplicate it
6932s that's fine I suppose but if you do and
6935s you'd be like oh man I I was able to do
6937s this because such and such reasons super
6939s great and also if you want to be even
6941s more cheeky and say like I completed
6943s this by
6945s turning off my inertia dampeners in a
6947s gunship because I'm crazy that's also
6949s great you wanna you wanna Supply that
6951s but do keep in mind that the individuals
6953s who will get bragging rights will be
6956s those who have the most top slots the
6961s fastest races overall okay so there are
6966s 10 races
6967s [Music]
6969s basically if you get five or more then
6971s you got first place right you have to
6974s have the five fastest times but every
6976s single race
6977s capture all of them screenshot
6979s you'll be able to drop it into a Discord
6981s Channel that I will be opening somewhat
6982s soonish
6984s and uh
6985s yeah that's about it any questions
6988s are devices allowed in the races oh this
6990s is a very good question yes
6992s devices are allowed you want to get
6994s cheeky you want to get crazy you want to
6996s do the freaking zarkov twisty one and
6999s use like a fusion hook with inertia
7001s dampeners off dude I want to see that uh
7004s yeah absolutely use devices use every
7006s single trick in in your toolbox
7009s go crazy
7011s have fun with it
7014s so yeah I have a feeling that over the
7016s course of the next two weeks we're going
7017s to see some really intense competition
7019s don't get discouraged when somebody's
7021s like absolutely blowing things out of
7022s the water because they do know somebody
7023s who's going to be
7025s um you know that's fine that's fine you
7027s know uh just do your best highlight your
7030s runs that's what we love to see this is
7032s really about you guys and having an
7035s element of everspace 2 to kind of just
7037s like lock in and really Explore More
7039s some of you guys haven't really done too
7041s much in the racing you might be
7043s surprised how much fun you can really
7044s start having when you put more energy
7047s into it
7049s all right are Dove tools allowed uh if
7052s yes can I get a Dev build ah this is a
7054s fantastic question
7056s um you probably know the answer
7058s um so I'll start uploading that to you
7060s shortly after no no absolutely not
7064s yeah and again I do want to mention that
7066s if you're just going to submit your
7068s times like the info Tab and you're going
7070s to plug it into the channel which I will
7071s open shortly after the stream
7073s um you will also need to DM me your save
7075s file where you had that race done so I
7078s can inspect things okay so yeah we do
7082s not want any any sort of naughtiness
7085s behind the scenes
7087s all right
7092s that concludes the stream well done
7093s everybody ladies and gentlemen you've
7095s done you've been a you've been a great
7096s audience today you've asked some really
7098s solid questions
7099s I'm really glad we've been able to
7101s continue the story we're gonna be
7102s highlighting that uh as we continue
7103s moving on to this 1.0 home stretch for
7107s that release that's way out introduction
7109s and
7110s um
7111s yeah so keep submitting screenshots have
7113s fun with these racing challenge that
7116s I've just presented you for the next two
7118s weeks on every track if you want to go
7121s ham on one specific Track by all means
7124s like just Corner the market on that
7125s single track or if you want to do your
7127s best or all 10 really have some fun it's
7130s gonna be so good it's gonna be a lot of
7133s fun
7134s so I'm also going to try and join the
7135s fun and highlight some of my uh my more
7139s harder core attempts at some of the
7141s races I know you guys have seen me doing
7143s it and I I have a little bit of skill in
7145s it so but yeah I'm gonna try and push
7147s myself even further
7149s and uh have some fun
7152s cool
7153s all right guys that concludes the stream
7154s honestly that we're good and I also want
7157s to say that
7158s um my wife is sick right now oh oh
7162s sadness
7164s um and I have something in my throat
7165s [Music]
7166s ah I should be fine for next week's
7169s stream uh but Tuesday and Wednesday
7172s around there if I'm like slow on the
7174s Discord just know I'm probably working
7176s through something
7177s um
7178s but that being said I'm also mentioning
7180s that because uh I don't think any post
7183s stream Shenanigans are going to be
7185s happening today
7188s um
7189s I made her sick no no uh probably one of
7191s my five kids did because two of them are
7193s sick
7195s I digress oh my gosh did you wanna did
7199s you want to add anything you want to say
7200s anything
7202s no I think uh it's been well that's been
7204s differs tonight uh
7206s well she's seen the Showcase of the
7208s bills oh fantastic frog thanks again for
7212s that build I'm since I'm sincerely
7213s impressed I'm wildly impressed with that
7215s build and uh shame on me for not getting
7217s these builds sooner am I right oh my
7219s gosh but I'm glad that you guys
7220s requested that after I did those casual
7222s questions in the Discord and yeah we're
7224s bringing them to the Forefront I think
7225s that these are gonna be a lot of fun are
7227s there some pretty wonky builds in there
7228s uh I might need to request some videos
7231s from some of you all because but uh
7233s still it's it's gonna be fun I love the
7235s way that you guys have your own unique
7237s Styles and how you approach things and
7239s just being able to Showcase that in the
7241s current state of the game is is
7243s such a pleasure so cool to see how
7245s you're breaking the game
7246s very very good all right
7248s so uh that all being said we are going
7251s to go ahead and transition the stream
7252s over to at least on Twitch uh
7254s specifically we're going to transition
7256s it over to Corbin who I believe is still
7258s streaming ever space too I think that's
7261s what he told me today if you changed his
7262s plans how dare he
7264s um but otherwise uh yeah guys I'm really
7267s glad that we kind of got a little bit
7268s more casual way to conclude the stream
7269s today honestly some of these some of
7272s these last couple of days man telling
7275s you what we had an incredibly productive
7277s time at Rockfish I told you guys that
7278s and um you know we do not we don't have
7282s a crunch mentality over here at Rockfish
7283s like we we are very intentional at the
7285s time that we clock in to the time that
7287s we clock out
7289s and uh you know
7291s sometimes there are moments where it's
7293s like okay we got to get this thing done
7294s we got to make it happen it's It's gotta
7296s and you know it's it's beautiful and how
7299s we've had so many new fresh
7302s opportunities to really ring home this
7305s 1.0 and
7307s yeah
7309s some of the stuff that we're doing
7310s behind the scenes it's uh I'm just
7313s really excited to show you and introduce
7314s you to what else is around the corner of
7316s everspace 2. so thank you so much for
7318s supporting us thank you so much for
7319s joining the streams and interacting with
7321s us thank you so much for your financial
7322s support thank you so much for your vocal
7324s support sincerely it means so much when
7328s you're just sharing our content sharing
7330s our game with others and for all of you
7332s guys out there we're just going to kind
7334s of transition to the after stream stuff
7335s if you have not wish listed us that
7339s helps the algorithms to guide people to
7342s us so much seriously it's it's nuts how
7347s this all works so please wish list us
7350s and in conjunction to that if there's
7352s any additional sales up to that 1.0
7354s release
7355s you'll be notified of them you'll get
7357s that boom and you'll know that you can
7359s purchase it for the cheapest price it
7362s will possibly be because when it does
7364s hit that 1.0 release the price point is
7366s gonna go up okay I know this every
7369s single stream I'm still gonna have
7371s people like I can't believe they did
7372s this they didn't tell anyone it's gonna
7373s happen I don't care I want to make sure
7375s you guys know because I love you all
7377s especially those of you like come back
7378s to these streams every time thank you so
7380s much just yeah it's gonna go up in price
7383s be aware wishlist it for your sake also
7386s helps us goodness
7388s amazing all right
7391s that's it that's all I got so we're
7393s going to transition over to uh Corbin
7395s and uh yeah
7398s so yes you guys have been awesome I have
7401s been Eric Schroeder your community
7403s Ambassador for Rockfish games don't stop
7406s being awesome I will catch you in the
7408s next stream
7409s doodles
7428s [Music]
7433s [Music]
7438s thank you