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0s save on the YouTube all right there we
2s go
2s [Music]
31s [Music]
40s foreign
43s hello
45s welcome welcome get settled in we're
47s going to be starting up the stream in
49s approximately three and a half minutes
53s [Music]
58s [Music]
76s foreign
91s [Music]
109s foreign
112s [Music]
121s [Music]
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151s [Music]
172s [Music]
178s [Music]
179s foreign
181s [Music]
211s [Music]
212s foreign
232s [Music]
243s welcome ladies and gentlemen to the
245s official Rockfish games stream I am your
248s host your servant and your guide Eric
251s Schroeder the community Ambassador for
253s Rockfish games I will be telling you all
255s about everspace 2 during the course of
257s this development interaction with you
260s all oh my goodness it should be a pretty
263s nice time uh this is a volume check by
266s the way because I didn't quite do that
267s uh beforehand uh but uh also
271s just giving you a quick understanding of
273s what we're doing in today's stream it's
276s going to be fairly concise today it
278s won't be all over the place I hope it's
280s gonna depend on your questions that you
283s ask which we love to answer
285s um and we are as direct as possible we
287s are transparent development company that
290s means for the most part we are going to
291s give you the straightest answer of
293s everything that you ask I say for the
296s most part because there's some stuff
297s that we intentionally withhold because
299s development we don't want to spoil some
302s of the fun things we're doing that would
303s be kind of silly ah but uh anyway
306s yeah we're in the home stretch to 1.0 so
308s this stream today we are going to dive
311s into the last of the three added side
314s missions into the latest fall update the
316s one that we have not done yet is called
318s citizens of velocity we are gonna cruise
322s through it all at least as as much as
325s time allows for it maybe I'll go for
327s some platinums maybe I'll try to get all
328s platinums I don't know it's it's going
330s to depend on uh what time allows we'll
332s just kind of like navigate that process
334s organically and see its approach there
336s will be segments through the course of
338s the stream where we will take a break
339s answer those burning questions that you
342s all have then we'll dive back into the
344s game uh for either references to those
346s questions or also on to the next
348s particular topic I have a feeling we're
351s going to be doing a lot of racing today
353s um
354s that's just what to point out if we have
356s time beyond the whole racing stuff
359s um we will probably take on a couple
361s jobs to mix things up with some combat
363s maybe do a rift not sure again really
366s don't know we're playing a much more
368s organically structured stream approach
370s today it's going to just kind of happen
372s and we're gonna love it right and then
375s we are going to reveal the contest
377s winners for the community challenge we
379s did some of you might be going wait what
381s what community challenge that's right
382s last week we imposed a challenge that
385s you must submit theme screenshots the
389s topic was weapons and devices so we'll
391s reveal those winners and there will be a
394s member or maybe two who gets bragging
397s rights for a week in the Rockfish
399s Discord all right so
401s without further Ado let's get into this
405s so regarding citizens of velocity
410s some of you all who have been
412s participating in the early access for a
414s while uh have noticed something in
418s particular that occurred
419s [Music]
422s right here is where we would normally
424s have
425s a race gate
427s and some of you when you restarted your
430s saves and you were going through you
431s were like wait a second did they remove
432s racing I thought they were updating I
434s thought they were adding a bunch of
435s stuff well it's gone in fact it also
438s vanished from cryptus Bull and it also
441s vanished from the wreck the Ghost Field
445s just completely vanished at the start of
448s the game this was incredibly intentional
450s and I want to explain why for anybody
452s who's wondering and thinking that the
454s assets vanished and you can't
455s participate
456s you have to progress
458s to Prescott Starbase before you can
461s unlock races in sudo
465s we did that for a number of reasons one
467s so that you're a bit higher level when
469s you start doing races
471s and two so that you're not distracted
473s from the main mission and the
475s tutorialization of the game throughout
478s cedo so
480s and three we also felt like it was weird
483s when you first go to crib this bowl you
484s have uh thing Jack who uh he imposes a
490s uh
492s signal thing that stops you from leaving
494s wow uh whatever that's called terms
498s right and then you would also have
500s another robot that talked to at a race
503s in the exact same instance like
504s basically for the first time and that
506s felt a little samish so we also did that
509s that's done but mentally it's so that
511s you're a higher level and also so that
512s you're out of the uh tutorialization I'm
515s gonna you know there's loose quotes
518s there of the game through sedum okay so
522s we're in our signing station there's no
524s race gate that means we need to get our
526s butt over to Prescott Starbase in order
530s to trigger
531s citizens of velocity for the first time
534s if I recall actually you can basically
537s go to
538s um you can basically go to any of the
541s races outside of sudo and it'll start
542s citizens of velocity but Prescott
544s Starbase is kind of the intentional path
546s forward that you would encounter first
548s on your Trail through the missions if
551s you would
557s and and torben also jumped in there to
560s uh
560s at that clarity as well thank you I do
562s appreciate that Jordan um
564s just confirming that any race uh will
568s unlock the Sito races
570s once you find them but uh Prescott is
573s kind of the intended
575s first of all a lot of air quotes today
577s apparently so hope you're all watching
579s so you know when I'm when I'm quoting
583s it's going to be important
585s I guess
587s or not at all I'm not sure not sure
590s all right but uh yeah so we're gonna
592s head on over to Prescott Starbase
595s as Windows update pops up of course it's
597s like hey you're in the middle of a
598s stream great guess what
603s all right Prescott Starbase here we go
609s [Music]
619s foreign
634s let's just pick up the stuff why not
638s all right
644s so upon reaching Prescott
647s generally speaking this will be the
649s first race to get to again I'm gonna put
650s a lot of emphasis on that
652s you'll fly all the way down to the base
655s of Prescott
657s the foundation near the generator the
660s big Central structure
662s as well as the kind of the outside of
665s this industrial territory
668s and that's where we're going to find our
669s first Raceway now this ship is not
672s optimized for racing it's also at level
675s 25 so it's kind of a
677s you know whatever you want to call it
679s it's in a weird spot but I'm going to do
681s this race anyway to kick things off and
683s as we progress um after we start this
685s race we'll optimize our build just a
687s little bit further and you can kind of
688s see the difference so let's see what the
692s side mission's all about
696s Beyond venue welcome to the new racing
699s entertainment
700s holy scrap Maurice is that you oh no
705s please put me into hibernation mode
708s during any exchange with this deranged
710s boss I simply cannot abide him
713s ah Adam so nice to see your familiar
716s face after all this time have you come
719s to compete
720s well I guess I could try it out but how
723s come you are doing this now what
726s happened to your bounty hunting
727s operation
728s oh la la that is a long and complicated
731s story I can tell you since you're such a
734s share of me but not right now not not
738s my competition will be quite easy for a
741s man of your capacity
742s to win you must simply make the course
745s in record time and pass through the oops
748s oops
750s the round things I suggest you not use
753s your real name air as we will be
755s streaming this to millions of racing
757s fans throughout the Delta grades this is
760s how we make the prize money
763s okay put me down as the infinite Madness
768s a cryptic name if ever there was one the
771s infinite madman it is
773s and after you complete this you may want
776s to try my other racing challenges now
779s open in the pseudo system too
782s beautiful beautiful so after you start
785s citizens of velocity we have this prompt
787s that shows up and it indicates the times
790s you need for the four different badges
793s trophies
796s whatever you want to call them and in
798s order to pass the citizens of velocity
801s all you have to do is finish the race at
804s bronze or greater
806s that's all
807s so uh yeah
810s let's get into it
812s oh I should also mention before I start
815s um all the dialogue that you hear during
816s the course of the exchanges between Adam
818s and Maurice they're all text to speech
821s intentionally because we don't have the
822s Voice work done for them yet they will
825s be fully voiced in both English and
827s German at full release Here We Go
833s excuse me
839s I'm not gonna try anything too super
841s fancy I mean this ship isn't like crazy
844s good
845s maneuvering or anything
848s but the overarching thing and you guys
850s you guys have seen races during the
852s streams before
854s overarching things you want to try and
856s keep your momentum as high as possible
859s and go for that gold or platinum that
863s are alien friends
865s we are the winner
866s Victory lap
868s sweet
870s so that's uh race number one so the
873s another little pleasure that you guys
874s will get out of this stream just in case
877s you are struggling to find Envy other
879s races I'm gonna be directly showing all
882s of them
884s so uh yeah
886s I need to uh go upwards
891s and we need to swap our ship around
893s because I would like to get just a
895s little bit more optimization out of this
901s now I feel like for racing in particular
905s there are a couple ships that feel like
907s they're going to be a bit better than
909s others just kind of depends on what your
910s flavor is for me personally I'm a big
913s fan of the Vanguard
915s just because that speed is so good
918s um some people recommend the striker
920s because of the uh what's it do
924s does it does something
927s I can't remember uh it goes faster or
930s something whenever you boost uh probably
932s and then some people even like to go
935s with the gunship because even though the
937s speed looks like it's slower it can
938s sometimes have a passive with 15
940s increased boost speed just kind of
942s depends we did have to decrease that
944s boost speed not for racing uh but for
946s some other mechanics surrounding the
948s gunship itself it's meant to be a slower
951s ship and maybe we got a little excited
953s putting it on the ship because of the
955s big old engines but we're happy with it
957s being 15 percent
959s so what I'm going to do is I'm going to
960s kind of go a middle ground here
963s um I still want a three plus so we're
965s gonna go with the Scout I think we're
967s gonna pick up the Scout uh let's go
969s ahead and clear our inventory out a
971s little bit
973s some of you might notice uh the
975s equipment on here is gonna look a little
977s bit familiar
980s because these are what we've been
981s picking up from our Rift runs I suppose
984s I could equip one of these just for
986s funsies let's
988s let's go ahead and do that we'll keep
989s thundercore on
991s uh and we are going to purchase the
994s scouts
997s weapon range increase that's really good
999s shot of strike can't protecting mines
1002s game five seconds in the case two Shadow
1003s strikes let's try again
1009s [Music]
1011s we're gonna go with the first one
1012s because I want that increased weapon
1014s range I think that's gonna be nice
1017s so we're just gonna buy and swap out
1018s we're not doing any fanciful ship
1020s collecting for these streams
1024s [Music]
1028s all right
1032s and uh last but not least we're gonna
1034s give ourselves a little bit of a style
1036s just it doesn't have to be anything
1038s crazy but I want to
1040s I want to actually you know what let's
1042s just let's keep it simple let's get to
1044s the racing let's get to the racing right
1052s see if we've got
1055s recharge we do have recharge boosters
1060s yeah I want that recharge speed for
1062s racing so we're going to go ahead and
1063s buy this
1065s then we are going to modify it
1068s [Music]
1073s I'm just going to bring it up to speed
1077s what do we get
1079s all right I'll take it
1082s I mean certainly not gonna not take it
1084s now
1087s and uh yeah we'll go with that
1095s for the time being at least
1097s so this will make things a little bit
1099s better
1101s and let's head on to the next race
1105s there's not really a particular order
1106s you're supposed to do the races in
1109s so the next one we're gonna do is pry
1111s the one closest to us which is over here
1113s at Aries relay station
1126s I hope this year is coming to the
1129s conclusions that you desired
1131s by the way
1134s I hope that you are in good spirits for
1137s wrapping things up and ushering in a
1141s beautiful era of 2023
1144s over here at Rockfish we are still hard
1146s at work to wrap up elements that need to
1148s be done by uh
1149s end of year
1151s but uh
1153s we're pretty happy with what we've been
1155s able to bring to you guys the
1156s conversations we've had the feedback
1159s it's been nice it's really good
1165s all right let's uh clear things up a
1167s little bit because I don't want to deal
1168s with any enemies during the course of
1170s the race
1174s should have engaged these guys outside
1175s of range what was I thinking
1180s gosh that sound ah
1185s I really like the railgun sound
1193s good
1204s easy mode am I right
1207s well not so much a long-range player but
1211s there's definitely a lot of satisfaction
1213s here for those who enjoy this style of
1215s play that's for sure
1218s all right
1223s let's get over here
1226s to the first race gate oh my gosh look
1228s at all these mines
1233s I would not like to be webbed in the
1235s middle of a race no thank you
1240s this is fine all right race gate
1242s loophole here we go
1247s hey Maurice I'd like to try another race
1251s my old friend how nice to see you back
1255s but you gotta tell me how come you gave
1258s up the bounty hunting alas when my
1261s employers discovered my real activities
1263s such as Outsourcing my contracts to the
1266s likes of you you were contracted by G
1269s and B right we when they found out the
1272s truth about me they were not too happy
1276s happy
1277s priest they were not very pleased when
1280s they discovered the truth
1282s one truth was that Maurice I cannot
1285s speak of it now none it is too painful
1288s ask me another time perhaps
1292s okay Maurice
1294s let's do this race
1305s is a way to a good start oh
1308s I forgot there were enemies in this one
1323s what
1325s slowed down a little too much there but
1327s I think we can still pull this one off
1329s yeah we can
1330s awesome
1335s excellent that recharge booster really
1337s came in a pinch so uh see how fast that
1340s recharges oh my gosh recharge booster is
1344s phenomenal for racing just because it
1346s comes back even though it's acceleration
1348s and it's top speed
1350s um the speed gain
1352s they're not as fast as some of the other
1353s options but that recharge delay Can it
1355s can absolutely come in a pinch
1357s absolutely kind of pinch I think it also
1359s helps that our boost output is insane
1362s here too
1363s so all right
1367s that's race number two
1371s let's head off to the other side of
1374s union now
1376s all the way over to zarkov border patrol
1379s I think it's this one
1389s I look over at chat and I see remember
1391s when it was actually a garbage booster
1393s yeah the recharge booster yeah no it's
1395s funny because like
1397s man it was like several weeks I was
1400s evaluating different boosters and I was
1401s like no the recharge booster is okay
1403s it's fine it's it's fine and like the
1405s more I'm playing it's like every time a
1407s recharge booster shows up I'm like nah
1408s this isn't good
1409s and then I realized oh we need to change
1411s this
1414s it's uh it's not fine it if nobody is
1418s choosing it
1419s that's a problem so we uh tweaked some
1422s of its features to bring it into the
1424s fold and while you can still race with
1427s any of the boosters
1428s um it does kind of come down to like how
1430s well you optimize the spacing and your
1432s Boost recharge like it's it's all very
1434s important to bring it together
1439s oh
1440s but uh yeah recharge booster
1445s struggled there for a little bit how to
1447s had a nasty phase of being
1450s not fun
1454s all right here we are to the race gate
1463s with a little more of Maurice's story to
1466s boots here we go
1470s welcome back Mon Ami hi Maurice yeah I'm
1475s here for another round
1477s but I gotta press you on this you lost
1481s your gnb bounty hunting contract was it
1484s because of the gaming thing
1486s we because of the gaming thing
1489s it was a Middle Ages Kingdom simulation
1491s you were deeply immersed in what was it
1494s called empires of chivalry
1496s seal who played don't say the name it
1499s brings too much pain to me to hear it
1501s again I'm sorry Maurice I was just
1504s trying to find out what happened I mean
1506s happened
1508s another time perhaps as my art is heavy
1511s from the memory I might follow up on it
1514s later I have to say I'm very curious if
1518s you insist how can I say none to an old
1521s damn me like you
1523s and just as a reminder guys like uh this
1527s is all spoiler territory you you
1529s probably know that but just mentioning
1532s that once again we are going to be doing
1533s the whole citizens of velocity side
1535s quest so if you don't want to know more
1537s now is the time to kind of like
1540s dip out of the stream okay because we're
1542s gonna start cracking into some
1543s interesting developments all right let's
1546s do this border crossing race
1549s trying to remember how this one loops
1550s around
1552s here we go
1553s what spoilers in a development stream I
1556s know right
1562s oh also I have a I just realized I have
1564s screen shake off I left it off
1566s that's fine this is fine right do you
1568s guys want screen Shake on to feel more
1570s immersed or do you care that I leave it
1572s off
1578s also this is a great uh space to use any
1580s sort of boosters and thrusters that you
1582s have down that line because you are not
1584s restricted from using devices during the
1585s race by the way energize boost is
1587s phenomenal right there for example
1591s all right that's the third race
1595s the third race now we're heading on to
1597s the next one
1599s your ship doesn't look like it has
1601s spoilers on it clever
1602s clever Overland gamer all right I hear
1605s you I hear you
1606s I appreciate it
1608s uh let's see now it's time to
1614s head back to Seattle and complete those
1616s easy easy races
1619s we're gonna try and get five done
1623s we're gonna get six Stone we're gonna
1624s get the three from cedo done and then
1626s we'll go and answer your questions that
1627s you have uh geekbite I also see that
1630s I also see that you are you have a
1632s question for me just go ahead and put
1634s that into the mix as well we'll get to
1635s it it's a great question I love it we'll
1638s answer that in the section
1640s all right
1646s [Music]
1649s oh I can fast forward sorry I was
1652s enjoying the music too much
1654s my apologies
1667s all right let's get to that spatial
1668s bypass
1674s head on over to cedo
1687s um
1688s observation uh about the teleporter and
1692s being used during the um
1694s the races if I recall that's something
1697s that we ended up testing
1700s because we weren't sure if it was going
1701s to work or not like if it would register
1702s the the ship hit box if you will passing
1706s through the Rings
1708s um and I I'm pretty sure it does
1711s I'm pretty sure it does
1715s so yeah
1724s sorry it's it's really like super light
1728s music
1730s oh my gosh
1740s [Music]
1745s all right so now we have this one opened
1748s up as you saw at the beginning of the
1750s stream this was not available to race
1752s Act
1753s so we had to trigger a race outside of
1756s Sito in order to open the ones up in
1758s sedum
1765s all right high voltage 17 seconds let's
1769s get more of Maurice's story
1771s remember
1772s spoiler territory here we go
1777s hey series set me up with a race I'm
1781s feeling Speedy certainly Mon Ami you are
1785s making quite a name for yourself in
1787s these tournaments
1789s but tell me what happened with the some
1791s strategy game you were so addicted to
1794s you added the nail on the eat it was I
1797s am ashamed to say an addiction there I
1800s was top of the league table the reigning
1803s lord of the server the greatest King to
1805s have ever conquered the game
1807s but alas I was administered a ban from
1810s the platform
1812s how Maurice this sounds serious
1816s nah it is too painful to speak about I
1819s cannot some other time perhaps well I
1824s can see it's a sensitive topic maybe
1826s you'll feel like talking about it
1828s another time
1829s Maybe
1832s I'm also still looking over at the chat
1834s from time to time and even though
1835s they're not questions I do want to
1837s clarify a couple things just in the you
1839s know the conversations that are
1840s transpiring
1841s um all of the ships should be more than
1843s capable of accomplishing the race times
1846s especially to complete citizens of
1848s velocity like easily getting bronze and
1851s we did a quite a bit of extensive
1853s testing with these timings for
1857s if we're being realistic tier 4 level 30
1860s ships Okay so
1863s if you're still struggling like you're
1866s you're gold and you're like really going
1867s for that Platinum because you just want
1869s it you're just like you have this
1870s completionist mindset even though it
1872s literally unlocks nothing inside of the
1874s game at all but you just like have to
1876s have platinums on all the races
1879s um you know just wait until full release
1880s because you'll be faster stronger you
1883s know all that type of stuff
1885s so uh but yeah all right let's uh do
1887s high voltage
1894s this one's this one's quick if I recall
1896s correctly
1902s oh yeah this one's very straightforward
1916s time
1918s I can do better than it is all right
1921s we're restarting that race we're
1922s restarting that race so anytime that you
1925s are in the middle of the race even like
1926s after concluding it I got I gotta fix
1929s that that was that was bad
1931s um you can restart the race like if
1932s you're in the middle of it you miss a
1933s couple rings or you uh tall gear in a
1935s inertia dampeners to try and regenerate
1938s health or health regenerate Boost energy
1940s uh without slowing down like what I just
1943s did and you instead hit a wall you can
1945s definitely uh just restart immediately
1948s restart
1949s so let's do a let's do a second attempt
1958s there's not any real reason that I
1960s should be redoing this other than like I
1963s just want to clear my name a little bit
1968s yeah it was okay all right
1970s there we go
1972s awesome so
1976s oh
1979s I think it restarted the race there as a
1981s bug because I did at the end of the last
1983s one oh my gosh guys
1985s live stream bug that we get to catalog
1988s isn't that exciting isn't that great oh
1990s my goodness
1992s wow that that doesn't happen uh very
1995s often anymore but that's great
1997s I think on a second as I write this down
1999s didn't realize it's going to be a q a
2001s stream huh
2004s all right
2014s sweet
2016s let's get on to the next race now
2022s we got two more in see though and then
2024s we'll answer some questions after those
2026s questions then we're gonna pursue the
2028s other races
2029s a lot lots of racing in the Stream guys
2032s lots of racing in the Stream we might
2034s break it up with a little bit of combat
2036s um
2038s after the first question
2041s and then we'll we will top off all the
2043s races in today's streaming whether
2045s they're all platinum or not it's who
2047s knows but uh
2049s just making sure you guys know
2054s I look over and see rip collision damage
2056s in this game honestly collision damage
2058s isn't too bad
2060s um at least from our testing so long as
2063s your Shield's up you're not going to
2064s take too much collision damage if your
2066s Shield's gone it it hurts there's
2068s there's pain
2069s [Laughter]
2072s [Music]
2082s all right we got this race gate over
2084s here
2094s oh oh let's take out some foes before we
2097s get into the race
2102s there we go
2110s beautiful destruction all right racing
2114s from the dead
2116s this one uh this this race just so you
2119s guys know is like
2121s I have like a personal Vendetta against
2123s this racetrack because this has just it
2126s can oh gosh it's just let's just get
2129s into it next part of Maurice's story
2130s here we go
2141s in the mornings the curiosity is killing
2143s me what got you banned from empires of
2145s chivalry you can tell me
2148s ah I suppose I must confide in someone
2151s eventually but it is a tragic tale
2154s I worked hard to get to the top position
2156s on the server I devoted my every circuit
2159s to the expansion of my domain I paid for
2162s every possible upgrade in expanding my
2164s castle and my estate
2166s there I was finally not to be bettered
2169s or so I believed until I was usurped
2172s from my position in My Kingdom ransanked
2174s by another player we he went by a
2178s strange name Ross adamski he was very
2181s determined
2183s weird name
2184s it is a name that still stirs the Wrath
2187s inside me I can speak no more at this
2189s time I am becoming emotional
2193s all right
2194s racing from the dead here we go
2199s let's see if I can do the rotations
2201s correctly this time
2205s last time I kind of bested myself
2208s and attempting to
2211s try to nope I messed up oh well it's
2214s fine
2217s we still got it apparently oh barely
2221s holy cow that's close
2223s but I'll take it
2225s I'll take it yeah this race in
2227s particular uh man so whenever we were
2231s testing all of the races to make sure
2232s they were doable
2234s um for all the different ship variants a
2236s couple things to note
2238s um It's actually kind of easier in the
2241s Lesser tier chips because their hitboxes
2244s are smaller and it's absolutely easier
2248s from a perspective of not running into
2249s things with the light ships uh
2252s predominantly when you go into the
2253s heavies
2255s you know the they're a bit more slippery
2258s they're you gotta practice a bit more to
2261s make sure that you've got your timings
2262s and your uh controls down they're still
2265s very much doable guys they're very much
2267s doable
2268s but uh it's uh
2272s gets challenging it's challenging the
2274s larger your ship is
2277s in most cases there's some exceptions
2280s and I'm sure you guys will find plenty
2282s of exceptions too
2284s because you know if you guys enjoy a
2286s certain ship
2288s and you're good at flying it
2290s it would make sense that it would
2293s produce the best results in racing as
2294s well
2298s at least at first
2301s it's good stuff all right so we're
2303s heading on over to this next race this
2306s is cryptus Bulls race
2308s when we're done with this one we'll
2309s answer those questions you all have been
2311s asking
2314s [Music]
2315s I also see a comment from goofguile a
2318s bit of Praise over on Twitch
2322s very kind words
2326s I kind of want to read this out loud
2327s that sounds kind of like
2330s self-flattering but but good guy goof
2333s guy no that's uh we really appreciate
2335s that praise just as much as we
2337s appreciate the feedbacks and the
2339s criticism for our game and I'm really
2340s glad that
2342s you're enjoying what we've produced and
2344s I'm excited that you're uh wow you're
2346s really big into space games that's
2348s awesome so thank you so much for coming
2349s into the stream and just giving us some
2351s Praise on that front stick around if
2353s you'd like you can ask questions this is
2355s a uh this is a community stream it's
2358s entirely designed around you guys
2360s showcasing what we've been up to
2361s answering questions having fun uh so
2364s it's uh it's all good
2365s it's very cool very cool all right
2368s scrap race
2371s welcome Mon Ami to the next race track
2374s hey Maurice old buddy I have to say I
2378s really want to get to the bottom of your
2380s story what happened after your kingdom
2382s was looted
2384s uh you want to bring back up more
2386s painful memories consider it free
2389s therapy besides we've known each other
2392s long enough for there to be no secrets
2394s okay well I took the loss personally I
2398s spent much time trying to best this
2400s Pretender to no avail and then I
2403s realized I add another means at my
2405s disposal what wait oh no you didn't
2410s we I did all I had to do was create a
2414s contract for his elimination Savage holy
2417s scrap Maurice you really let the game
2419s cross over into reality well who is to
2423s say that we are not the simulation and
2425s the kingdom I built the reality okay you
2428s might have a point there but philosophy
2430s was never my strong point
2434s oh my goodness oh my goodness
2442s all right let's uh get into the scrap
2444s race complete it
2446s we'll take a quick breather from races
2447s and answer your questions
2449s and then we'll wrap up this uh side
2452s mission is on his way to possible
2454s victory
2460s whoop up doing a lot of side boosting
2465s can sometimes prove to be deadly
2468s you're not careful
2471s now guys I'm also not doing these races
2474s like super optimized or anything I've
2476s done these races a lot like I've
2478s assisted in the timings for them and the
2480s spacings for them so like if you're
2482s looking at this being like Oh my gosh
2483s you're so skilled I'm it's just a lot of
2488s experience a lot of you guys have done
2490s incredibly faster times than this I
2493s shouldn't say a lot but there are those
2494s out there who have been optimizing race
2496s times and it's pretty cool to see what
2498s our communities come up with so um yeah
2502s I imagine in the future we'll have some
2503s Community challenges surrounding races
2505s so definitely keep that in mind but
2507s otherwise yeah there we go that was race
2510s number six
2512s from here I'm gonna start heading to the
2514s next race and in doing so while we're
2516s doing so let's answer some of those
2519s questions you've been more than patient
2520s uh on waiting for so gig bite are you
2524s there
2524s good evening everyone how are you all
2527s uh yes we've got a few that your uh Keen
2531s answers uh if you could Supply them
2532s absolutely absolutely
2535s uh first off it's a bit of an origin
2537s story this one
2538s um 3D world uh on YouTube wants to know
2541s why are you called Rockfish games oh my
2545s gosh what a question
2547s um so this this dates back Michael
2549s should be the one telling the story
2551s because it's really his reasoning
2554s um but the long and the short of it is
2556s that
2557s um it's a rockfish is a creature that is
2561s very strong and and lasts through
2565s um the gravest of situations and through
2569s Michael's perseverance and Excellence uh
2572s in incredibly trying events and
2574s situations
2576s he was able to ensure that he and key
2581s members of his invaluable team that he's
2584s had for
2586s a very large amount of time like he's
2588s been in the gaming industry for 25 plus
2591s years now
2593s um in order to like scrap all of that up
2595s and to salvage it it wasn't uh it wasn't
2598s super crazy challenging for him because
2601s he's so robust because he's so
2603s determined and because you can't break
2606s his resolve like a rockfish and so
2609s Rockfish is very much the naming
2612s convention that was chosen for that
2614s regard
2615s especially if you know the full story of
2619s how Rockfish was kind of
2621s formed
2623s um which again that goes into another
2626s story that Michael should also share but
2627s the the super long story short on that
2630s front is that he was effectively fired
2633s um and then he was like well screw you
2635s guys anyway uh because they wanted to do
2637s microtransactions and he didn't want to
2639s do that he wanted a premium model and so
2641s he broke away from that uh lost his IP
2643s that he'd created lost all the funding
2645s through that company and instead was
2648s like you know what I'm going to start my
2649s own with the team I trust and Rockfish
2651s games was born with his own money and
2654s then he facilitated the growth and
2656s creation of everspace one through a
2658s Kickstarter that many of you guys out
2660s there supported us with so
2663s uh let's uh we're gonna start heading
2667s over to kite nebula next as we continue
2670s answering questions
2672s excellent excellent uh Lori on Twitch uh
2676s wants to know will there be races where
2678s enemies and traps like web mines are
2681s part of the races we originally wanted
2683s to do that and the more we were doing
2685s the races the less good it felt so
2689s um so ironically enough
2692s come on Lucy
2694s I told you yes very good um so we're
2696s actually going to the the next race
2698s we're going to here actually has a
2700s couple of those said impedements uh
2702s there's the jellyfish that are actually
2704s in the way of the track and uh while
2706s you're racing or before you race you
2708s have to clear them out
2710s um and there's also like turrets that
2712s fire on you in certain races uh
2714s especially the one in Union that you
2715s probably saw earlier in the Stream so we
2718s made them and over time we actually kind
2721s of reduced some of those challenges back
2723s because we wanted the focus to be on
2724s racing and not to have to like
2727s necessarily be an obstacle course
2730s it's a good question it's a good
2731s question
2732s next one
2734s and next up is Frank uh sorry Fred
2737s specvet over on YouTube uh is there
2739s anything new that you can tell us
2741s regarding ancient riffs that's being
2743s discussed with fatigue
2744s not at this time nope nope right now the
2748s continued official response is that the
2751s riffs are in a pretty decent place we're
2754s happy with where they are at with how
2756s testing's been going how the reception
2758s has been
2759s um and there's more to come there will
2762s be more that shows up in the rift
2764s so more that shows up surrounding the
2767s rift
2769s and all of that stuff next question
2771s please
2772s question
2774s um this has come from a bit of frog it's
2776s more of a request because you're doing
2778s the races
2779s um they want to know if you will uh
2783s yeah as the first person mode on the
2786s bomber
2788s why do you torture me
2791s um we might be able to do that if
2793s there's time
2794s next question
2796s laughs
2798s uh right uh it was a Jerry on YouTube uh
2802s is asking Maurice was playing empires of
2804s chivalry does this name have some origin
2807s behind it no it's just a fictitious game
2810s that we created from an amalgamation of
2813s cash grab mobile games
2817s that's all
2820s next question right uh this one's a kind
2824s of a two-parter from T3 Cube on Twitch
2826s so um
2827s yeah I think you're going to be uh
2829s thinking on this one right first part is
2832s are the Rifts supposed to be designed
2834s for you to be able to complete them with
2836s handicaps like no Shield or armor
2840s I mean it's not necessarily it's it's
2843s it's that's a particular question
2845s because the way that riffs are entirely
2848s established is to challenge players and
2850s certain players already have enough of a
2853s challenge with where riffs are at
2856s um and but the what the greatest
2858s majority of our player base seems to
2860s have a solid uh solution to getting
2863s riffs surrounding about 400 to 600 that
2865s territory
2867s um that key spot of 500 we're very happy
2869s with how that's been aligned with you
2871s guys and how you've been receiving the
2872s riffs and what you've been doing and
2874s your build surrounding it and of course
2875s we've got those All-Star players who are
2877s doing 1 000 lunacy Rifts without Shields
2880s or armor
2881s yeah all the all the tricks and the the
2883s trades that's awesome you know that's
2885s great highlight that show us it's it's
2888s wonderful we've had a couple of
2890s individuals doing that in the Discord
2892s and every time those Feats of Strength
2894s are impressive we on the dev team look
2896s at that and go but why and that's you
2898s know it's fine it's fine it's it's great
2900s uh but the only reward is just going to
2902s be accomplishing it for yourself we're
2904s not going to be doing any sort of
2905s specialty rewards for for that type of
2908s stuff we'll certainly probably give
2909s recognition to the outstanding users who
2911s accomplish these Feats but again it's
2913s there's not going to be any sort of
2914s added benefits to to accomplishing that
2917s similarly to like all the best Racers
2920s like again it's it's more of like that
2922s bragging rights territory
2924s um as opposed to to anything else
2926s so yeah if you can pull it off that's
2928s amazing that's that's freaking awesome
2930s uh but I I don't think that's any small
2933s Feats and even watching the video that
2936s you shared it's clear that you had to do
2938s a couple of attempts and you had to be
2940s very precise in your usage of your
2943s particular build to bring it all
2944s together and that is very much working
2947s as intended
2949s all right next question
2952s cool like this is uh the kind of a
2954s little follow-up to that and I think he
2956s probably answered it anyway but so does
2957s game testing involve checking to see if
2960s it's possible uh to do the risk on All
2962s Ships uh my current understanding of the
2964s game and your vision is that you want
2966s the player to use any means excluding
2969s game breaking books make themselves
2971s stronger or more challenging with player
2974s introduced handicaps like your shield
2975s for um
2977s correct so for the most part we are
2980s trying to design the riffs around the
2984s notion of flexibility meaning much like
2987s you spoke on allowing as much player
2989s agency as possible to overcome them so
2992s if you have a particular ship that you
2994s enjoy a particular weapon a particular
2995s device you should be able to use them to
2999s a certain degree in order to complete
3001s High lunacy rips in fact that being said
3005s there is a lot to speak on towards
3008s optimizing a Loadout optimizing a build
3010s so if you're just slapping a bunch of
3011s random stuff together it's going to be
3013s hard to even be say lunacy 400 during a
3015s live stream so it is important to you
3018s know take care and how you're
3019s approaching them
3021s um and yeah also note that the feedback
3024s we've been receiving on the riffs both
3027s from a level of enjoyment and also from
3028s a level of frustration are being
3030s cataloged there are certain things that
3033s we have noticed that uh are almost like
3036s necessary in order to complete High
3038s riffs I'm not pointing at anything
3039s specific on the screen right now for any
3041s reason whatsoever there may or may not
3044s be balances okay there may or may not be
3047s balances surrounding this at this like
3049s just just note that these high level
3051s riffs these are designed for your
3053s enjoyment to challenge you it's we're
3056s not trying to like perfectly balance
3059s all the different lunacies of Rifts so
3062s that they are the Pinnacle of everything
3065s the culmination if you will but they
3068s should be dang hard they should
3069s definitely be dang hard and as of right
3072s now in the feedback we've received from
3074s a standpoint of where the build is at
3076s where you get to level 25 we are
3079s pleasantly pleased with the results
3081s thereof
3083s we'll see what else happens in the
3085s future
3090s that was very subtle we play it's a very
3092s subtle
3095s uh Darth trethon over on YouTube would
3098s like to know uh can we own more than one
3100s ship and have setups saved for any ship
3103s other than the one we currently pilot
3105s you can save multiple ships
3108s um they are stored in the home base
3109s which you can get back to fairly quickly
3111s with the spatial bypass being present
3113s there as far as saving loadouts every
3116s single equipment slot is different from
3119s ship to ship so you could have an
3121s entirely differently kitted ship than
3123s what you're currently flying
3125s we have had some discussions internally
3127s about like saving specific loadouts and
3129s guys I just want to make sure that you
3131s guys understand this you know we are
3133s very transparent when all things when it
3135s comes to development
3136s um we do think it would be nice to have
3138s like interchangeable loadouts that you
3140s can like click a button and it sets up
3141s you know whatever
3143s there are a number of technical elements
3145s that have made that very challenging for
3150s us to rig into the game so it's not
3153s likely we will have a Loadout selector
3157s tool thing whenever your swapping
3159s machine ships you're going to have to
3161s manually select and adjust uh the
3164s various elements and this includes stuff
3166s like the perks and the devices and and
3168s all of that surrounding you have to
3170s manually do that when you swap ships
3172s around I know that that's not an answer
3173s that you guys like to hear and it's less
3175s than ideal if you want to like quickly
3177s change between play Styles but do note
3180s that from that level of development with
3183s the number of team members we have the
3184s finances the technical limitations
3187s it's not likely that will happen
3192s I'm sorry
3196s right Dominique Troy still on YouTube uh
3200s he's struggling a little bit with some
3201s of the location challenges they can't
3203s seem to find more than two in Union any
3206s Sito brick Etc uh they can find only one
3209s are they missing something
3211s the location challenges okay so
3214s um
3215s oh shoot this isn't going to be a good
3217s example because they're all done here
3218s but um basically
3220s all these locations I have check marks
3223s on them
3224s these used to be little Pips inside of a
3227s box
3228s I don't think I have yeah I think
3229s they're all done in this particular save
3233s but if you see a little if you see a
3235s little box inside of the big box that
3237s means there's a location challenge there
3239s and it hasn't been completed yet when
3241s you complete it it turns into that check
3243s mark this has nothing to do with this
3245s percentage
3247s But Chuck Mart has nothing to do with
3249s the percentage the check mark is about
3251s the location challenge
3253s if it is a much more filled box like
3256s something like rhodia orbit or
3258s um rhodia itself those are established
3262s places that do not have a location
3264s Challenge and are generally larger areas
3267s to explore so there's probably more
3268s secrets surrounding them than these
3271s smaller location challenge sites
3274s hopefully that helped
3276s help gear out maybe what you have left
3277s and where you need to be going because
3278s if you look around your map and you see
3280s a little Pip
3281s [Music]
3283s like this wait have I not why is that oh
3286s it's just because we're there okay uh
3288s but yeah if you see a little Pip uh that
3291s means you have not completed the
3292s location challenge yet
3297s well I think they were thoroughly happy
3298s with that answer they've just realized
3300s that oh I'm I am silly no no you're not
3302s silly I mean there's not really anything
3304s in the game that explains explains that
3307s UI element we designed the UI around it
3310s um but we're still working on little
3312s tidbits and details to help tutorialize
3314s the game Space so that you have a better
3317s understanding of it so it's a great
3318s question it's a fantastic question I'm
3320s happy to help you uh have that
3322s understanding and I'm glad it clicked
3324s immediately so that you can get on and
3326s enjoy the game in the way that you would
3327s like it's a good time
3330s all right uh wizard Jerry on YouTube uh
3334s wants to know uh will Maurice show up
3337s after completing this set of side
3339s missions
3342s maybe so I suppose it's possible
3346s I mean I was asking story questions of
3348s the future I mean my response is going
3350s to be one of two things no or maybe
3356s and it could be either
3359s could be no or maybe right face oh yeah
3363s uh probably a very similar kind of um
3367s potential spoilery question but it's
3369s from things on YouTube is Ross adamski a
3372s clone of Adam Roslin who is was not the
3375s protagonist of other space too
3379s guys I'm Gonna Let You
3381s [Music]
3384s first how many clubs
3386s the the loop the cycle from everspace
3389s one I don't know I don't know what it is
3391s kinetically
3393s could be five could be 50 maybe 500 who
3397s knows 5 000
3401s I'm not sure
3402s [Music]
3403s is it possible sure
3406s is it the case I don't know
3407s [Music]
3412s right uh I've got another question
3414s coming in but we'll hold that over until
3416s up to two
3420s what was that question
3422s uh I've got a very large question from
3425s T3 Cube
3426s um I was gonna hold over
3428s got it got it okay yeah all right so
3431s let's get into this race
3436s roller coaster
3438s and also more story more story spoilers
3441s speak they're racing
3443s hey mortys I gotta follow up on your
3447s story you put a hit out on this Rossa
3449s dance we got you can't leave me hanging
3452s there I suppose well I put Albany on
3455s this Pretender to my throne
3457s however I was how you say rumble Rumble
3462s ow I mean how so Maurice the moderators
3467s discovered my plans and I was given a
3469s lifetime ban
3472s obliterated from the server
3474s wow and after you put so much work into
3477s it I'm sorry Maurice
3480s now please join the race or lead me I
3484s need a moment to compose myself
3487s obliterated from a lifetime ban oh okay
3491s so this particular race has a unique
3494s element to it which is right there
3498s that thing is going to throw us forward
3500s really super fast so I might have to
3503s restart this race
3504s real quick we'll see
3507s sometimes hard to pull off
3515s important to get the alignment
3517s oh gosh yeah we're gonna restart the
3520s race
3521s but any sudden movements can be
3523s disastrous
3525s all right attempt number two
3528s we might do this one a couple times we
3530s might do this one a couple times
3531s hopefully it won't take too long
3538s all right I I lost the extra boost and I
3541s uh all right whatever it's still be
3544s doable in this state all these enemies
3546s being punks
3548s I'm racing here
3554s right there we did a very simple
3557s um turning off inertia dampeners to
3558s maintain momentum tricks so that we
3560s could recharge our booster some of the
3562s longer races definitely recommend doing
3564s so
3565s because it gives you just an extra
3567s little bit to bring things together oh
3570s gosh we got stuck by the hydroonymity
3572s where am I going oh my gosh oh my gosh
3576s can we still make platinum with this
3577s mess uh
3579s guess we'll find out
3582s ah it's gonna happen again it's gonna
3583s get through yes
3585s all right I don't think we're gonna make
3587s platinum
3590s that's fine we'll just get gold on this
3592s one it's fine
3595s if we even make gold at this point oh my
3598s gosh
3599s oh I'm not boosting nope
3603s Pro tip in order to win races one needs
3605s to boost the race but not quite record
3607s time hey I won't settle for average
3612s you will today Adam
3614s you will today all right let's keep
3616s going I wanna I wanna make sure that we
3618s have enough time to conclude all the
3620s stuffs that are going on here uh so
3622s that's the only race actually in all of
3625s kite nebula so now we need to head on
3628s over to zarkov for what I think is
3630s probably the hardest race
3639s and then we'll go uh explore some more
3642s in the Drake system to round off all the
3645s races
3649s wait did I miss a race
3651s [Music]
3655s no we're good
3668s all right heading up to the gas field
3671s which is conveniently the location of
3674s the next race
3689s with bypass travel this could catch on
3694s all right also you guys maybe probably
3698s noticed this a little bit but uh
3700s whenever I'm doing the races I don't
3701s like to use devices because
3703s um I just don't that's not what I like
3705s to do
3706s um you absolutely can though and
3708s depending on how good you get with
3709s Device usage and timings some of you
3711s guys are out there are freaking insane
3713s you could probably use devices to your
3715s advantage to score some insanely fast
3718s race times
3720s I haven't seen any yet but uh I
3723s definitely think that's possible all
3725s right let's get this story going
3729s ah
3731s you have returned for another race yes I
3734s have but um before we do any racing I'm
3738s still trying to put together the pieces
3739s of your story
3741s ah you wish me to revisit the most
3743s terrible chapter in my life
3746s it's good to talk about it it might help
3748s you come to terms with it a little more
3750s it's true Decor there I was banned for
3754s eternity from the game which had been my
3756s passion for so long I was in a terrible
3759s place I was Lost Bear do go on
3764s I add a hole in me where gaming used to
3767s be and to try fill it I resorted to
3770s desperate levels former surrendered
3772s myself out to robot tossing contests
3774s Android death karaoke I debased myself
3777s no end
3779s wow that must have been a real low Point
3782s sorry to hear it Trump laugh I thought
3784s I'm sorry
3786s oh
3788s did I mention we had fun riding these
3792s if you're not having fun with the story
3793s what are you doing all right
3796s I can't remember the alignment and how
3798s to start this so I might do two attempts
3800s on this because I I this is a very
3802s challenging one
3804s um
3805s let me see if I can
3808s what a great start formidable oh he can
3812s keep this up he will win for certain ah
3814s I'm touching too much I'm touching too
3817s much nope I don't think I'm gonna
3818s Platinum this
3820s ah no there's no way
3825s no way
3835s the infinite madman wins with the best
3837s record all right okay I wasn't I wasn't
3841s expecting that I legitimately thought I
3843s failed well
3844s um okay
3846s all right well there you go
3849s I I legitimately think that's the
3850s hardest one um especially if you're in a
3852s heavy ship
3853s um in particular because that that uh
3855s there's like it Loops downwards it Loops
3858s downwards the whole race
3860s and in that spiral you have to know
3863s where you're going like you have to have
3864s some semblance of the direction you need
3866s to take and also note that I kind of did
3868s a for me at least I like to flip upside
3872s down when doing this race so like if you
3875s saw me on that like oh this is the wrong
3876s side
3878s it's like whenever we started this race
3880s I started like this and we felt it
3883s incredibly necessary component that when
3886s you are waiting for the timer to start
3888s you can hold the Boost you can rotate
3890s your ship you can get things aligned to
3891s the way that you want to kick things off
3893s that way you're not restricted from the
3895s exact same output like it was when we
3897s first introduced racing we fixed that we
3900s fixed that because we wanted to make it
3901s uh more precise in regards to timings to
3904s make it a little bit more fair across
3906s the board
3907s um I'm really happy with that holy crap
3909s uh sincerely was not expecting to pull
3912s it up
3914s so yeah if that one's a race that like
3916s is really eaten you away just know I've
3919s been there too it's okay I know like
3922s again I've done these races a lot so
3923s you're going to see a lot of goals and
3925s platinums during the course of the
3926s stream
3927s um it's just because like I'm even one
3928s who was testing the races to see their
3931s achievability at the certain times okay
3934s um and yeah
3936s maybe I even had a huge impact on why
3938s the times were chosen anyway
3940s so now that we've gotten zarkov done
3942s we've got two races left at least I
3944s think so
3947s yep we got two races left look at that
3949s oh I don't like looking at that like
3952s that oh maybe I do need to go back wait
3954s we missed a ring
3956s that's why
3958s what ring did we make
3962s oh now I'm gonna have to go back and do
3964s that one guys I can't no I can't I can't
3966s I can't I can't I can't do it all right
3968s anyway we're gonna we're gonna go ahead
3970s and head on over to uh Drake and we're
3972s gonna top off the races
3975s I can't believe that I missed a rig
3981s all right that makes so much sense
3985s that makes so much sense ah
3989s whenever you miss a ring in a race it
3991s adds 10 seconds to your timer
3993s absolutely Savage who designed it like
3995s that I don't know
4000s I don't know if it's actually torben
4003s uh it's for the record so not uh
4005s throwing anyone under the bus
4008s but regardless we did want there to be a
4010s ramification for missing Rings aside
4012s from not being able to uh
4016s the joy of collecting all the Rings we
4018s did feel like there needed to be a
4019s timing impediment
4024s also I love all the new Chatters we're
4026s having today that's wonderful so welcome
4028s on in
4029s um whenever you're asking your questions
4030s so that you are aware they are being
4032s cataloged and they will be received at a
4035s key interval during the stream so I'll
4037s answer a slew of your questions if
4039s you've got them and deliver the goods
4043s at a point in time in the future that is
4046s near
4048s all right
4050s so we're gonna finish off these two
4052s races and I'm gonna resist the urge but
4055s probably not to go back and get platinum
4057s on that last race
4061s hardcore race mode miss a ring
4062s self-destruct oh my gosh I love that
4065s idea
4066s um
4071s better yet miss a ring deletes your save
4075s file
4076s foreign
4078s man races oh goodness all right
4083s this one is called coarse Carnage
4087s um
4088s delightful
4090s more story Maurice give it to me
4093s welcome back
4095s hi Maurice I wanted to pick up on your
4098s story where you left off you were hiring
4101s yourself out as a kind of gaming
4103s Mercy Adam just what I needed a reminder
4107s of the worst time in my life
4109s but it doesn't end there of course at
4113s this juncture in my sad tale destitute I
4116s was salvaged by some Freelancers who
4118s sold me onto a certain mature Cato
4121s oh yeah he treated me well Trace
4124s sympathique he realized my potential he
4128s suggested I find a new game and he could
4130s make it happen
4132s so he set up these race courses for you
4134s it is a mutually beneficial arrangement
4138s he screams the races at his casinos and
4141s makes a killing from the book making I
4143s get to create the greatest game in the
4145s Bell to grades
4147s so happy for Maurice he found his way
4150s after a permanent ban uh crazy all right
4154s let's do coarse Carnage
4160s this is the first of the longer tracks
4164s go Go I mean I say that and the one in
4167s kite nebula is technically longer but I
4169s digress
4172s this one kind of tests your patience
4176s especially when you start going a bit
4178s faster
4180s foreign
4185s how dare I how dare I shift around oh I
4189s lost I lost a lot of momentum there ouch
4193s but this one's looking pretty good for a
4195s platinum at this time
4200s even with all these little uh boost
4204s conclusions gaps whatever you want to
4207s call them
4208s still pretty sure we're gonna nail this
4210s one
4216s yep there we go
4221s so yeah there is a little bit of a
4224s little bit of flexibility surrounding
4226s these times and while they were designed
4228s around level 25 we do want to make sure
4231s that you know we have the satisfaction
4234s of of completing these missions
4235s especially whenever you get up to level
4237s 30. it's likely that some of the times
4239s will be further adjust adjusted okay
4242s it's likely
4243s um and uh
4245s we'll see what that looks like in the
4247s future when we get there but for now
4250s uh yeah
4252s feels pretty good feels pretty decent
4255s one more course to go
4258s which is the sort of Gauntlet course
4263s [Music]
4273s I can't remember if it said
4275s the second claim or the first claim
4279s it's one of the two alpha Draco claims
4281s we'll get there we'll fly through
4285s if it's not here then we'll just go to
4286s the other one real quick
4291s and then uh guys like I said once we're
4294s done uh topping off this race maybe
4296s maybe we'll try Kate and nebula one more
4297s time
4300s burning oh my gosh
4303s maybe we'll go back and try one more
4304s time
4305s and uh then we'll get into answering
4308s questions
4310s passing by distress calls for shame I
4312s know right actually I love doing the
4314s distress calls and the unknown signals
4315s especially after we've added some more
4317s and are continuing to tweak them in
4318s other ways that I can't talk about yet
4320s um so it's pretty not it's pretty fun
4324s wait so I don't see wait is it Draco
4326s claim one oh no
4329s oh no did I go to the wrong place
4333s did I not did I not remembering
4343s hang on a second
4345s is this the one with the bass
4348s no I think it is I think it is the first
4350s one isn't it
4352s I went to the wrong spot oh my gosh
4355s did I go to the wrong spot
4358s yeah I don't think this place has the
4359s base I think we went to the wrong spot
4361s okay
4367s you know what uh we totally uh warped in
4370s over here guys that's uh what we did
4375s [Music]
4377s um
4377s hmm
4379s hey there it is just like I said
4382s just like I told you guys uh fun fact uh
4386s recently did an evaluation of the
4388s streams and I have never made a single
4390s mistake in my life let alone during the
4392s course of these streams uh pretty
4394s interesting results uh I think that it's
4396s an incredibly not biased whatsoever and
4398s uh super cool to know anyway let's go
4401s ahead and start up this race this one's
4403s called hell ride and it's a doozy if I
4407s were smart I would go clear the pathway
4410s forward so that we don't get annihilated
4414s if I were smart
4417s all right Maurice give us the deets
4423s come back
4425s hey Maurice I think I got all caught up
4429s with your story now but you didn't tell
4431s me are you happy as happy as ever moan
4435s Emmy thank you for asking and Mr Cato is
4439s looking after you
4440s he gave me new purpose I am indebted to
4443s him I gotta ask one more thing even
4446s though you're no longer immersed in
4448s empires of chivalry how come you
4450s retained the French accent if something
4452s is not broken why fix it yes aha nice
4457s Maurice you keep being you I love it and
4460s you you moanimi this goes without saying
4464s the story is over can we stop talking to
4467s him forever now please
4472s ah beautiful beautiful
4475s all right I do see that there's a lot of
4477s you guys who are wanting me to do the uh
4479s other Challenge and try to get platinum
4481s so I'll probably go back and do it uh
4483s strap in this one's a bit of a
4485s ride
4488s here we go
4490s it's possible I might even die through
4492s this course uh let's find out
4496s there's a lot of segments that are uh
4500s just tricky
4501s just tricky
4503s oh my gosh I wasn't expecting that to
4506s actually hit me uh shame on me
4509s how dare I
4519s oh
4529s not super well optimized here but
4532s um you know sometimes that's okay
4536s oh here we go
4540s like a glove
4545s somebody's shooting at me I can't quite
4547s tell I'm trying to all right there we go
4552s oh you you came into the race to follow
4554s oh my gosh I can't even be mad at that
4558s okay ouch
4560s something burning all right
4566s I'm doing a lot of Shifting uh Maneuvers
4570s that are not ideal in this particular
4573s race uh but there is a bit more
4576s flexibility on this one than the others
4577s I think just because it's kind of a test
4580s of
4583s fortitude if you will
4585s endurance is probably a better term
4591s and there's definitely a lot of room to
4593s use devices but again I I don't I I
4595s don't want to do those for the purposes
4596s of just showing you the races
4602s we're getting there we're getting there
4605s oh forgot to turn
4609s okay we might not get platinum uh we're
4612s we're decently closed I think well I
4614s think we'll be okay I like how I
4616s mentioned that you know we added more
4617s flexibility on this course and then uh
4621s suddenly timer
4624s I think we're gonna be okay
4633s there we go
4635s I've done it
4636s you have completed all the racetracks I
4640s congratulate you felicitations
4643s of course you can always return and try
4646s to better your performance these will
4648s always be available to you
4650s cool this was fun
4653s and great working with you again Maurice
4656s naturally so we certainment
4660s beautiful so that's the conclusion of
4662s citizens of velocity and again I do want
4664s to just State for the record the way to
4668s complete it is not by getting all
4670s platinums it's not been getting all
4671s Golds it's not beginning all Silvers you
4673s only merely need to achieve the bronze
4677s level on all 10 races scattered around
4680s the game Space which I've shown you the
4683s locations of all 10 during the course of
4685s the stream so don't think that you have
4687s to like super grind out this incredibly
4691s intense uh racing strategy to complete
4695s the side mission side mission should be
4697s done in a fairly relatively easy state
4700s for you all
4701s um at least that's what we've kind of
4703s concluded thus far but we still wanted
4705s to have that added challenge right so
4708s that's why we've got so much more uh on
4711s top of it so all that being said I am
4714s going to start heading back to the kite
4716s nabila to see if I can uh
4719s best my gold into a platinum while we
4723s are traveling there and
4726s and whatnot let's go ahead and answer
4727s some more questions
4730s right uh a bit of a doozy from T3 Cube
4734s on Twitch uh just regarding has there
4736s been a decision made on being able to
4739s unlock all devices or having to reset
4742s devices to upgrade other devices uh the
4745s reason why they're not particularly
4747s switched ships is because some of their
4748s other builds require other devices which
4750s are not fully creatable however this has
4753s to go through with the whole downgrade
4754s of the upgrading other devices
4757s yes
4765s next question
4769s can I also just mention how much I love
4772s my job all right let's keep
4774s next question
4780s so just to clarify there hasn't been a
4782s decision made yep
4787s right
4788s maybe not as super Scrapper on Twitch uh
4792s he's uh just asking out of curiosity do
4795s you guys do any dirty collection about
4797s the control styles used uh they're very
4800s curious about how many people use
4802s keyboard and mouse versus controllers
4804s and they'd like to see a breakdown of
4806s which controllers were used if that was
4807s a possibility so yeah we we actually do
4810s have data collection on that front but
4812s it's
4814s it changes a bit and of course it's also
4817s going to change you know when we hit the
4818s 1.0 release and there's going to be some
4820s consoles that probably only have
4822s controller support
4824s um but uh yeah we we do have that style
4827s of data getting collected the player
4830s base is very much dominating on the
4832s front of mouse and keyboard I don't have
4834s the stats pulled up with me right here
4836s right now I think if I recall correctly
4839s it's somewhere around like a 75 to 80
4842s percent mouse and keyboard usage versus
4845s a 20 uh to 25 controller
4848s usage and also note that in that
4851s controller territory includes elements
4853s like hotas hosas all of that stuff as
4857s well so
4859s it's a pretty wide breath and difference
4861s but again I don't have the official
4864s numbers I'm not staring at them on my
4867s screen I know that that was something
4868s that's come up in previous conversations
4869s that I've had with like Michael and the
4871s team about like what we are uh what we
4874s are trying to cultivate for the game
4875s Space and we do highly recommend playing
4878s with mouse and keyboard for those of you
4880s who love playing with controllers though
4881s that's why we have the option for those
4884s who want to make it a more immersive
4886s experience that's why we have hotas and
4889s hosas and you know all of these
4890s different uh input options uh you know
4893s to to go in here and select your presets
4896s like there's a lot here
4898s so we've we've taken the time and the
4901s energy to incorporate those because we
4903s love you and we want you to have those
4904s options uh but yeah I mean beyond that
4908s if you want to get super crazy with
4910s playing on a dance pad or uh you know
4914s whatever Guitar Hero guitar whatever you
4918s know the world is yours and have fun
4921s but yeah vast majority play with mouse
4924s and keyboards
4928s any other question that did crop up
4931s um was from chicken Biffy over on
4933s YouTube and they're asking about some
4935s info uh regarding steam deck
4937s compatibility I did kind of answer it
4939s and say that it's in a playable stick
4941s currently
4942s um officially and then it will be
4944s optimized closer to 1.0 release yeah so
4948s uh so two things on that front first off
4950s we're surprised at how well Aerospace 2
4954s has been holding up on the steam deck
4956s because we don't officially support the
4958s steam deck at this time uh and I want to
4961s be clear with those words on this front
4963s because you know we've we've said that
4964s we want to pursue that I don't know if
4967s we actually have an official I don't
4969s know if we've said anything official on
4970s that front so I technically can't say
4972s yes we're doing this or no we're not
4975s um but we have done like we've done
4977s optimization passes and have used the
4980s steam deck to see how that's been going
4982s so
4984s yeah I know that kind of like it's kind
4986s of telling what the official response
4988s would be regarding the steam dug but
4990s guys just know that like uh we think
4992s it's pretty cool we think it's pretty
4994s fun that you can play uh ever space too
4997s it on on the steam deck it's awesome so
5000s hopefully we'll have more support on
5002s that front in the future right that
5004s would be pretty dope wouldn't it
5008s all right any any more is that the
5010s hospital
5011s okay we just did this right yeah awesome
5013s all right so I'm gonna go ahead and try
5015s the awkward roller coaster
5018s watch me watch the the 40 minutes of the
5022s rest of the stream just be me doing this
5024s race over and over and there you go
5029s space eagle
5031s oh Marie wait a second
5035s wait
5038s wait a second I see no oops there
5041s disqualified
5043s [Music]
5044s wait a second
5051s let's try that again I I missed the ring
5054s through the Boost am I moving too fast
5056s am I having the FPS issue that we had
5059s identified that I thought we addressed
5061s out of the starting point hang on a
5063s second
5068s interesting
5071s no no I like go away
5074s I'm racing here
5076s oh my gosh let's uh let's do this a
5079s couple more times maybe I'm just gonna
5080s need to take it slow
5082s maybe I'm just gonna have to take it
5083s slow even though I really don't want to
5087s maybe my alignment's also off a little
5089s bit oh my gosh
5094s it's an Alec
5097s oh my gosh
5099s oh
5101s all right
5105s try this again
5109s uh so I said FPS issue uh and some of
5112s you guys probably a little bit curious
5113s what that means so basically
5116s um we've discovered that there are
5118s certain
5119s um how to put it interactions in the
5121s game that register at different
5123s intervals based on your
5126s um your frames like legitimately the
5129s in-game uh recognition of like where
5132s your ship is at for example
5135s um can actually vary depending on your
5138s frame rate now this is something that
5139s we've addressed a number of times and we
5140s will continue to do so because that is
5142s definitely a lame uh bug it's 100 a bug
5149s all right we're just gonna we're gonna
5151s go with this one we're just gonna go
5152s with this one
5154s um
5155s and uh basically the short of it is that
5157s we want to make it to where regardless
5159s of how many frames you're playing the
5162s game in
5163s all interactions remain the same
5165s throughout this also has been a bug in
5168s Weaponry uses as well so you're aware so
5171s like in some cases like if you used a on
5175s an auto Cannon for example oh no oh no
5179s um you could actually have
5183s um
5184s your shot's not register if you were
5186s operating at a lower frame rate
5189s that sucks
5191s that's that super sucks and no but
5194s nobody likes that
5196s so we are going to attempt to uh remove
5200s that
5204s I think I'm technically flying the
5206s course upside down now I can't
5208s I think we got it I think we got this ah
5211s yeah
5212s platinum's all around
5215s infinite magnet great success
5218s I'm not one for speeches but thanks
5221s excellent
5224s excellent so that concludes all the
5228s races
5229s at platinum and guys remember like it's
5232s like the data surrounding these races
5236s you know it's somewhat finalized uh we
5240s could go back and we could tweak these
5241s things times are not set in stone just
5245s so that you guys are aware
5248s um also let me let me get my face out of
5250s the way if you guys want to take a
5252s screenshot and like challenge my times
5254s like sure go ahead I I don't care if
5257s that's if that if that's what you would
5259s like to do by all means
5261s um so take a screenshot now do it do it
5264s if that's the type of person you are and
5266s you want to just challenge yourself
5268s nice
5270s uh but otherwise yeah uh we absolutely
5273s designed these to be quite doable
5277s um again from a perspective of every
5279s single ship that is in the game
5282s some races are more challenging than
5284s others with certain types of ships this
5286s is this is just how it works so uh are
5290s there like meta speed builds out there
5292s yeah there kind of are that's not
5295s necessarily our intent but man if you
5297s want to go ham and get the fastest times
5300s out there by all means go for it you're
5302s gonna want to look for specific types of
5304s thrusters cargo units
5307s um you're probably gonna have a
5309s preferred ship
5310s um
5312s there's a couple other tricks out there
5314s floating about and there might be more
5316s in the future
5317s also note that whenever you do catalog a
5319s score it does show what type of ship you
5321s used
5323s just an added little feature that was
5324s requested from you guys and we thought
5326s yeah you know what that would be nice
5327s that would be fun so yeah the different
5330s ships are all here so we did this with
5332s Scout on all of them and then this one
5333s that's the interceptor that we did at
5336s Prescott
5338s there you go so yep
5341s meat and also if you ever wanted to be
5343s like oh man where was that at again I
5345s don't know if you know this but there's
5347s a there's a show on map button so like
5349s if you were like oh man I can't remember
5350s where a loophole was at you press R
5352s button and it takes you to that location
5356s boom
5358s isn't that convenient isn't that nice
5365s there you go
5369s so now guys we get to hang out have a
5372s good time I'll answer some more
5373s questions as we start leading up to uh
5376s this more Community styled segment which
5378s always is at the end of the streams we
5380s love to uh answer your questions we love
5382s to engage with you all that fun stuff so
5384s I'm going to pick some fights in Union
5386s uh wait where am I at
5389s oh yeah
5390s we're over here in Caillou I don't
5392s really want to pick some fights in
5393s Caillou uh so we are going to head back
5395s somewhere else maybe we'll go to Drake
5400s and uh we're gonna do some combat
5404s I don't we don't necessarily have time
5406s for a rift I'm not gonna throw myself
5408s out one I don't think
5409s um
5413s let's just hang out let's have a good
5414s time it's Friday I'm feeling good I hope
5416s you guys are too
5418s it's been a pretty good week over here
5419s at Rockfish for the record we've made a
5421s lot of progress on uh story and lore and
5424s missions
5426s a lot of that behind the scenes stuff
5427s for those eagle-eyed viewers you may
5430s have noticed a little bit of a change on
5432s a certain screen that I've been uh going
5434s through in the game there are additions
5437s and changes on this Dove build that I
5439s can't talk about yet
5447s but that being said
5449s there's been a lot of healthy and good
5451s progress
5453s getting us towards that 1.0 release
5458s uh yeah I want to go to Drake let's go
5460s over to Drake
5463s so
5465s while I'm doing this flying around geek
5467s bite if you have any catalogs questions
5469s and you want to shoot them over to me
5471s please do so
5473s um otherwise I'm also going to be just
5474s following the chats
5477s and I'll just try and answer and
5479s Converse with you
5481s no nothing at the moment nothing at the
5483s moment cool
5489s if you're making progress you're doing
5491s it all wrong oh my gosh
5493s apart from the reminder about the bomber
5495s challenge
5504s let's go see if there's any bombers at
5506s lethal starport
5507s which race
5509s which race is the the desired bomber run
5516s if it's if it's racing from the dead the
5518s answer is no I'm just
5520s I don't wanna I don't want to submit
5523s myself
5524s to such pain and suffering
5531s but what what do you what do you guys
5533s want how would you like to
5536s put me in a state of pain today
5547s I don't care which oh zarkov no oh gosh
5552s oh oh guys oh look at the time stream's
5557s over I gotta go change the laundry uh
5561s watch the tree grow
5563s oh my gosh that is absolutely
5568s um that is cruelty incarnate the zarkov
5572s race with a gunship with inertia
5575s dampeners off or a bomber
5578s I'm the first person
5581s [Laughter]
5583s sorry rip headphone users
5585s um wow uh
5589s I mean now we have to show it just to
5591s show how ridiculous it is now now it's
5594s like I have to give you an example
5596s goodness all right all right so we need
5600s a bomber oh look at this we got the wide
5603s wings to make it even worse oh gosh I
5607s love it uh
5610s oh
5611s geez
5613s we're gonna take this one
5617s well this is about to be hilarious
5620s probably
5621s let's just uh
5624s let's just see how this goes shall we
5626s all right thanks for the ship I'm not
5628s even gonna worry about the rest of the
5629s build it's whatever whatever whatever
5632s equipment we've got that's what we need
5636s you all are just absurd let's go ahead
5640s and uh
5642s do this manually
5646s I will say though I do like the wide
5648s wings on the bomber I do think it's a
5650s very attractive shift
5654s I think the modeling of these vessels
5657s has been coming across rather nicely
5661s I can't wait to show you all the tier
5664s fours oh
5666s hey
5673s all right
5677s I said that I tested races can be done
5680s in any ship config that's not what I
5682s said
5682s that's not nope nope that's not what I
5685s said I said specifically
5687s I said that races could be done in any
5689s ship
5690s using an assortment of builds
5693s but I did not say that I had tested them
5696s in every single ship config and can
5700s confirm that every single ship config is
5703s possible to do in races there are
5705s absolutely some configs like I don't
5708s know say a bomber with the nursery
5710s dampeners often first person that would
5712s be incredibly limitating
5719s whoo
5721s [Music]
5723s hey um one one question actually from me
5725s actually Eric is uh if you don't
5727s actually get platinum on this run uh do
5729s you get the scrub title back
5731s oh no no
5733s not even remotely close I I also just
5735s realized I'm at the wrong location okay
5737s I said that I was trying not to do
5738s cheats and stuff but I went to the wrong
5740s location that was a dirt moment so Dev
5742s cheats let's get to the right location
5748s all right let's just do a little
5750s practicing with our inertia tippingers
5751s off this is
5753s what what am I doing with my life oh my
5757s gosh it's for the people Eric it's for
5759s the people all right
5761s look at look at this come oh my gosh
5764s this is
5766s what could what could go wrong
5768s what could go wrong
5770s um all right let's uh
5777s oh boy
5778s oh boy
5781s I'm gonna be happy if I can get bronze
5783s like let's be let's be really stinking
5788s clear
5789s all right so 50 that's I don't think I
5792s can do that oh yeah I I'm gonna be happy
5794s if we get bronze on this one you guys
5796s are ridiculous here we go
5798s here we go
5813s no okay hang on we gotta restart we
5815s gotta restart
5817s oh the oh gosh whoa calm down calm down
5821s chip I can't even stabilize at the race
5824s gate okay all right all right
5829s here we go
5832s and anyone wondering oh it can't be that
5836s hard can it yeah here you go
5838s um let's try and
5842s don't leave it down
5845s we're gonna keep going we're gonna keep
5846s going we missed a ring ah
5849s it's freaking chill gaming oh no
5854s our wings hit the next side no come back
5858s ah it's dope we are
5863s ah
5864s man goodness I I feel so inclined like
5868s if somebody were able to freaking
5869s accomplish this race at a platinum level
5871s with freaking bomber first person
5875s inertia damager's off
5880s I don't even
5882s there would be no words I would have no
5883s words
5884s at all zero
5887s if if somebody were to pull it off I
5890s don't know if it's possible
5892s I legitimately don't know if that's
5893s possible I think you'd have to be using
5895s like track IR so that you could get the
5898s proper look around and
5900s oh my goodness
5903s this is this is nuts okay
5907s we're gonna do this a couple more times
5909s but uh
5914s you guys are absolutely ridiculous
5920s no there's too much plastic milk
5923s ah okay it's quick quick restart quick
5926s restart here we go quick oh slow down
5928s there
5931s all right
5936s the race begins with the infinite madman
5939s looking good against the timer oh thanks
5942s Maurice
5947s accidental weapon I'm doing the I'm
5949s doing like the the childish thing of
5952s like tilting my ah
5955s here we go ah no okay yeah we got it we
5958s got it nope we missed that we missed
5960s that one that was feeling pretty good
5962s there for a moment we're continuing this
5964s one that was just a slight
5967s air we got this guys we got this
5977s all right don't get don't get Duke
5981s gamma
5984s Mom that's a good bounce it's good
5985s bounce keep going
5991s let's go
5994s ah okay okay all right okay
6003s nope back back up please
6007s I meant to do that mine it was uh symbol
6010s no no don't complete the race I have to
6013s get the ring
6015s go away
6019s what why am I still going backwards
6022s come on come
6026s okay
6030s better luck next time hey
6033s man I really need to do this again to
6036s save face no Adam we don't
6040s oh gosh
6043s well
6046s that was an experience
6048s all right
6052s and with that ladies and gentlemen we
6054s are going to transition over to the
6056s community contest winners uh as well as
6059s any additional questions that you guys
6062s have I hope you enjoyed that segment
6064s that is insane that is actually insane
6067s uh so uh yeah let's just let's go ahead
6070s and save this as our rifting game so
6073s we'll have this we have this nice little
6075s bomber
6076s uh to take over uh for next stream all
6080s right so uh that being said we're gonna
6082s take a quick little break I'll be right
6084s back then we're going to go into the
6086s community contest winners uh for those
6088s of you who don't know uh it was a little
6090s contest we had it's just screenshot
6091s contest with voting internally from the
6094s community itself
6095s um and you had to capture weapons and
6098s devices that was the theme for the
6100s screenshot so we'll look into that and
6101s the winners we'll receive a
6104s um bragging rights role in the Discord
6106s for one week's time catch you in just a
6109s moment guys one moment
6112s be right back
6114s [Music]
6121s [Music]
6150s [Music]
6151s foreign
6172s [Music]
6178s self-imposed challenges man
6181s [Music]
6182s you guys are ludicrous
6187s welcome back
6188s so
6190s we did a little Community contest again
6193s theme weapons devices
6196s ask you all to share up to two
6198s screenshots you could not have more than
6199s two and then the community voted on
6201s using emojis so what we're going to be
6202s doing is we're going to start with the
6204s uh least voted on and we're going to
6206s work all the way up to the most so
6208s everyone who submitted gets their shot
6210s seen all right so in with zero votes
6215s unfortunately we have four Images though
6218s still are quite pleasing to the eye this
6221s first one comes from crispy muffin
6223s utilizing an ALT perhaps the votes
6227s didn't go in his favor because the alt
6230s isn't 100 percent
6233s you know on the same page as a weapon
6235s even though it is a weapon but it's also
6236s not like a primary or a secondary weapon
6238s so maybe there was a little bit of a
6240s loss in Translation there I'm not sure
6242s but I do love the shot regardless seeing
6245s those arcs out is just it's very
6247s pleasing from a level of just like being
6250s a player and hitting as many targets as
6252s possible like you you can't go wrong
6253s with that like that just feels good so
6256s uh crispy muffin
6258s it's still it's still a great shot it's
6260s still a great shot you got no votes I'm
6262s sorry man no Community votes for you
6265s uh we're gonna move on to flori with a
6269s shot from everspace One Duncan on the
6272s ocar with an arc 9000 the classic the
6276s original beautiful shot I think and uh
6280s yeah Novas
6282s doesn't satisfy
6284s anyone's desires I guess uh but floor is
6287s still I think that it captures the
6288s essence of what is needed for a weapon
6291s and or device front uh you know maybe
6294s it's that it was came from everspace one
6296s and everyone's like it doesn't count
6298s maybe it should be from outer space too
6299s I'm not sure I'm not sure I didn't
6301s specify that it had to be everspace too
6305s I just said it had to be everspace
6306s related content so
6309s maybe we should keep that in mind for
6311s the uh the next contest uh that shows up
6314s all right
6315s next one up we've got T3 Cube
6319s and again sorry you you got you got no
6323s votes uh but definitely satisfying the
6325s criteria here on this front with those
6328s absurd is this the gimmick is this the
6331s glitched one T3 cube is this one with
6333s the the glitch that you used and put the
6335s thermal guns in like the secondaries or
6337s whatever because uh I think that one's
6339s fantastic I think that shot looks really
6342s good I love the excessive use of
6345s Weaponry which you just get from a
6347s gunship regardless but still I think it
6349s comes together uh really nicely but
6351s unfortunately nobody else voted for you
6353s sorry
6354s uh a shame it's the bug excellent yeah
6357s it's an interesting bug for sure an
6359s interesting bug for three all right the
6361s last one that didn't get any votes at
6363s all oh my gosh unfortunate unfortunate
6366s we had this shot from Thunder flame with
6370s the uh the Stinger in the back pushing
6374s this ship with the magnetic Repulsor
6376s throwing it for a loop
6379s I think it's rather pleasing personally
6382s I love tossing ships about using like
6384s the physics engine within everspace too
6386s like I I've said it once I've said it a
6388s thousand times but the magnetic Repulsor
6390s from a level of just like enjoyment I
6393s love that dang thing so much it is
6395s hilarious it's you know it's it's you
6399s just it's getting it makes me giddy okay
6401s it's just I love it I love tossing
6403s opponents around using that in
6405s conjunction with kunai is actually a
6407s really powerful uh uh combination but
6409s it's so much fun to just like control
6411s the movement of your opponents it's it's
6414s delightful
6415s and I think that this shot is very
6418s playful and I love its focal point but
6420s no votes for you now we're going into
6423s the territory where uh we are starting
6425s to see votes all right and by the way I
6428s would love to see so many more votes in
6430s future contests okay there's not
6433s necessarily a limit to how many votes
6435s you can do for the record
6437s um and
6438s yeah you could vote for basically
6441s everyone's if you really wanted to maybe
6442s I should establish a rule instead of say
6444s that out loud huh anyway one vote
6448s on this shot from BW Lambert this is the
6451s last shot submitted
6453s it also comes from uh I I think this
6456s comes from everspace one
6458s I think
6459s question mark
6462s that's a Corvette right it's an oak R
6464s Corvette from River space one uh it's
6466s low res but that doesn't matter
6467s necessarily seeing it have an explosion
6470s after the arc 9000 as well but you just
6473s don't see the ball it's just the Flames
6474s going on
6476s um and uh yeah it got one vote maybe it
6479s was from BW Lambert himself I'm not sure
6480s but regardless it takes that place next
6485s up now we're going into three votes
6488s territories ooh ooh three votes guys
6491s seriously you should all vote even if
6494s you don't submit you can go in there and
6495s vote go ham okay all right next one up
6498s comes from
6501s this one has both the use of a weapon
6504s and a device
6506s yeah
6507s what a treat
6509s taking on this Tormentor utilizing that
6511s is a disintegrator as well as the kunai
6515s on the fusion hook
6517s what a clever combination I think the
6520s color uses is also fairly pleasing you
6523s know it's it does the job I think it
6525s does the job and uh yeah so definitely
6528s checks all the boxes and there are a
6530s couple other people who agreed that you
6531s should get some uh praise for this one
6535s rightly so next one up we've got another
6538s one from T3 Cube this one's absolutely a
6541s glitch that has since been removed so
6543s y'all don't get excited you can't put uh
6546s Primary Weapons into secondary items uh
6548s item slots anymore will that bug show up
6551s again I don't freaking know we hope not
6553s because it really is a bug does it look
6555s cool I suppose I think it's you know
6558s it's definitely crazy that's for sure
6560s that's way too many beam lasers in all
6563s the right ways so uh yeah but Frankly
6566s Speaking I think the gunship's already
6567s strong enough with its four hardpoints
6569s thank you very much you did get three
6572s votes for this one next one uh
6576s oh the glitch is still in the game
6578s confirm's still working okay hang on a
6580s second I have to go soak my head in
6581s water
6583s um
6586s jeez
6588s well that's that's fun anyway uh let's
6592s move on to the next one we got this
6593s second shot from BW Lambert
6597s which received four votes we got four
6601s votes on this one highlighting the
6605s um Annihilator virus on a drone close-up
6609s love the symbols that are able to be
6611s highlighted here I think there's a lot
6613s of detail in the effects that is
6615s captured in the right ways this is
6617s almost like a shot you would see to
6619s highlight in a um a Wiki right like you
6622s go to a Wiki and be like uh you know
6624s this is the blah blah blahs and like you
6626s see this shot
6627s um I think it's a I think it's a really
6628s nice shot and four other individuals
6630s liked this one in agree so well done
6635s next one up we've got crispy muffins
6639s second shot which also received four
6641s votes uh maybe it only got four because
6645s of the sheer audacity to conquer the GMB
6651s in cedo which we see have you have been
6655s going through some sense of Oppression
6656s uh and lack of care and yet here he is
6660s just absolutely annihilating them with
6663s rockets and firing his weapons uh looks
6666s like asynchropulse
6668s absolute Savage yet it does capture all
6671s the elements of the contest and you know
6674s it got four votes so I do think with
6677s Austin area I think it's a pretty clever
6678s shot I do like the use of depth of field
6679s I love that
6681s um and I also like this added spacing
6683s over here in the corner so that I can
6684s actually just talk right here and I'm
6686s not like blocking anything I'm not
6688s blocking any visuals as I'm using my
6689s hands to discuss and talk that's also a
6692s very clever use of spacing specifically
6695s for the stream presentation so well done
6698s we've got Med bad being clever with the
6704s Umbra it's the Umbra that's the Blaster
6706s right
6707s it's I've got a 50 chance here it's one
6710s of the two from the eclipse Set uh
6712s shooting a weapon that looks like an
6715s eclipse and I love the positioning here
6717s because it is over the star in the
6719s background so you still have the light
6720s cast forward
6722s um it's nice symmetry uh even though
6725s there's not technically symmetry like
6727s it's just it feels like there is it
6729s feels almost like a natural shot
6732s um
6733s very clever very creative four votes for
6737s med bed so well done on that front yeah
6740s all these shots are fantastic sincerely
6743s shots are a fan
6747s all right now we're going into the
6749s second place winners I say winners
6754s because there's two of you
6756s who got
6758s five votes the first one comes from Kaza
6763s oh
6765s he was doing a little bit of testing on
6769s what would happen if a gunship were to
6770s fire a beam laser at a reflecting Shield
6773s while using the front Shield generator
6774s that's also reflecting and my my were
6778s the results incredibly hilarious what
6781s you are seeing here are lasers bouncing
6783s back and forth and back and forth and
6785s back and forth between until they
6787s finally exit the location
6790s um and I think it also comes together
6793s well with the color usage overall we
6796s have a very mono blue uh cascading
6799s across the entire imagery with the parts
6803s of Grays and blacks you know appearing
6805s throughout and obviously the whites so
6808s you have a consistent theme across
6811s everything even with the lasers being
6812s blue sometimes it can be hard to get the
6814s right color of a weapon that you want
6816s but that's what makes this screenshot
6818s really stand out so I think you did a
6820s fantastic job capturing these using
6823s devices and their effects with weapons
6826s spot on theming spot on coloration comes
6830s together so freaking well particle Bing
6833s ping pong is what I see geekbox say yep
6836s and that's a hundred percent accurate
6838s so kudos to you Kaza and your second
6841s place
6843s Medved also receiving the second place
6845s reward here we've got the use of I think
6850s that's the uh the railgun I think
6854s blasting a Target off in the distance
6856s while these foes within this Rift are
6859s stricken with the annihilator virus
6862s trying to get some semblance of
6864s Direction which they're probably about
6866s to pop
6869s and uh yeah it's beautifully done very
6872s fantastic shot uh you know five other
6874s people at least in the community do in
6876s fact agree with you that this was super
6879s duper and now we are going to our
6883s winners we have a double winner we got
6888s two winners who took first place who
6890s both got seven votes seven votes the
6895s first one how do we do this I just I
6898s just show them both and then you know we
6900s come back around so the two winners are
6902s both uh Flory and thunderflame for their
6905s shots all right let's have a look at
6908s their shots and uh talk about them so
6912s this one comes from flori this was I
6914s believe from was this a bug I can't
6917s remember if there's a bug or not maybe
6918s this was just a natural shot
6921s um I feel like there was a bug that also
6923s produced a similar result but this might
6924s just be an EMP that's just annihilating
6926s a bunch of Mines nearby regardless
6929s regardless
6931s uh seven votes for Flory uh taking it uh
6936s to the extreme here and all those
6938s particles and and beautiful shots
6940s definitely bring it home uh so good such
6944s a great shot Seven other members of the
6946s community as well
6949s and uh yeah
6951s I love the way that it was brought
6952s together I think that this definitely
6954s deserves a first place finish so uh
6958s we'll now let's also move on over to
6960s thunder flame which feels like it's
6963s coming out of an action movie Let's be
6966s completely clear looks like a sequence
6969s that's from a cut scene or like wow uh
6973s very well done very well accomplished
6976s Thunder flame and you brought you
6978s brought home the goal as well alongside
6980s Flory so uh congratulations this is a
6984s lot of fun to do this little challenge
6986s to see what you guys could come up with
6987s and seeing a bomber just bombing the
6990s heck out of a station that looks like
6993s it's starting to crumble I love that I
6995s love the way that you captured all these
6996s elements the theming was on point and
6999s the stylization which you chose to bring
7001s this together uh is powerful it's
7004s powerful storytelling and that's what we
7005s were looking for to bring it all
7007s together and so yeah you guys did
7009s fantastic in getting all of these votes
7013s from the community so yeah so what that
7015s what does that mean what does that mean
7017s for both flurry as well as
7021s thunderflame here
7023s these two shots will earn you two things
7025s what two things yeah two things I'm
7030s going to not only give you
7034s the bragging rights role in the Discord
7037s for one week's time you could
7039s potentially retain that if you submit to
7042s a you know a future contest and whatnot
7044s um you'll get the bragging rights reward
7047s for one week's time so you'll be able to
7049s brag about it highlight your your
7050s victory in this community Challenge and
7052s you will also both be receiving Galactic
7055s photographer
7057s there it is you're getting Galactic
7059s photography of this permanently because
7061s you got at one point or another first
7064s place in the challenge which makes your
7066s images
7067s very delightful to look at so that will
7070s be a permanent addition to both of your
7072s guys's Discord accounts you'll become
7075s Galactic photographers that means your
7076s color is going to change over to that
7078s purple and you'll both have the bragging
7081s rights for a week's worth of time so
7085s very cool stuff thank you so much for
7087s everybody who participated I mean let's
7089s be clear all of these shots are awesome
7092s all of these shots are awesome if
7095s anyone's like oh yeah but not no all of
7098s these shots were very well crafted you
7100s can tell that there was care and
7101s attention to detail to bring home uh the
7104s the concepts to bring home uh how the
7108s the space Works to the colors work and
7111s to meet the theme so seriously
7113s congratulations to everybody who
7115s participated so from here now we need to
7118s talk about what's in store for you know
7121s future challenges what's what's next
7122s Where Do We Go From Here what are we
7125s gonna what are we gonna do
7127s well
7128s I had a little bit of talking with
7129s geekbite about it and uh there are a
7132s number of there are a lot of other
7134s challenges that we want to uh you know
7136s do with you guys and reward you for but
7138s in order to round off the year to keep
7141s things a little bit more festive
7145s we are going to have another Community
7148s screenshot contest
7150s and the theme surrounding this one
7152s is red blue or red blue red green
7156s color red blue why did I even
7160s red green so the thieves surrounds uh
7163s it's you know you can make it you know
7166s thematic to the holidays if you would
7168s like if you don't want to have anything
7169s to do with that you only want to
7170s highlight Reds and greens you can also
7172s go that direction
7174s um we're not splitting hairs here okay
7177s but every single one of your shots needs
7180s to highlight the colors the specific
7182s colors of red and green so get creative
7185s with how your ship looks find those
7188s items that reflect the coloration
7190s palettes get in those locations
7193s manipulate your environment have fun
7196s with this Challenge and remember
7199s whenever you do submit these you will be
7201s limited to two submissions okay we'll be
7205s opening up the uh the submissions again
7207s after the stream so you'll see that
7209s channel open up
7210s you can only have two submissions if you
7212s supply a third one you will be asked to
7214s remove one of your prior ones and if a
7216s prior one has had votes on it you
7218s effectively lose those votes so be very
7220s thoughtful which two shots that you
7223s submit furthermore
7227s go for that bragging rights and if you
7229s don't have it this is a you know a way
7232s to earn Galactic photographer as well
7234s and as you just saw there can be
7236s multiple winners even though it would
7239s probably be nice to get more votes and
7240s have a more definitive solo winner but
7243s you know what we're just getting started
7244s we're looking at how things go so
7246s congratulations again both to flori as
7249s well as thunderflame for your
7251s submissions all right
7253s that's what we got guys you have been
7256s you guys have been awesome oh I'm
7258s shutting down the stream early what am I
7259s doing oh my gosh nope we can't have that
7261s we can't have that do we have more
7262s questions uh geek man have I missed any
7264s questions no nothing came in nothing at
7266s all okay that's fine so guys we're gonna
7268s we can hang out we can if you want to
7270s ask some questions excuse me ask some
7272s questions about
7273s um
7275s any anything you know we can we can have
7278s a little bit of uh chatting here just to
7280s top off the Stream
7282s so uh yeah but dang I'm glad that we
7286s went ahead and started doing these
7288s little Community contests I hope you
7290s guys are going to be uh are going to
7291s enjoy them as we move in
7293s um and I do want to put emphasis on the
7295s fact that we are not planning on only
7296s doing screenshot contests there will be
7300s other little challenges for you uh in
7303s the future so we're just starting things
7305s off a little bit slowly seeing how
7307s interaction is with it we do like the
7310s numbers thus far I do think we could see
7312s more I hope that you guys get in there
7313s and start submitting and have fun with
7315s this again themed challenge for next
7318s week because the next stream's gonna be
7319s on the 23rd of of December
7323s uh you know it's going to have that red
7325s green theme
7327s and uh yeah
7329s shadowy says nobody votes everyone wins
7332s oh my gosh
7334s you guys if if we start thinking that
7337s there's some manipulation of votes going
7339s on we're gonna change the system but we
7341s think that the system currently is fine
7342s the way it is
7343s so
7346s oh
7352s good good stuff
7354s still working towards Galactic Builder
7358s been ironing out this latest build and
7360s it's been a time issue I totally
7362s understand that dashra yeah I mean for
7364s some some individuals like I mean for
7367s myself in particular like every time we
7369s had a major update I was like okay I
7370s gotta restart my save I got to get back
7372s up naturally I have to make sure that
7374s the progression fits and feels good blah
7376s blah blah and that does take a lot of
7378s time now because it's my job to have
7380s saved files and whatnot prepared for
7382s these streams as well as testing
7384s purposes
7385s um you know I have the time to do that
7387s because it's on work time but I can
7390s definitely understand why that would be
7391s a challenge for you to sneak in there
7394s especially if you're restarting your
7395s saves but yeah stay the course I think
7397s there's a lot of really good ideas out
7399s there with builds and whatnot
7401s um and feel free to share inside of the
7403s Discord you know have a discussion with
7405s others because I think there's a there's
7407s a some really good discussions that can
7409s show up especially in like the everspace
7411s 2 discussion Channel or in the rfg chat
7414s channel uh just like ironing out a build
7417s or asking like how things work maybe
7419s you'll discover something that you
7421s didn't know before maybe I'll discover
7422s something that I didn't know worked
7423s before it's great it's great stuff
7426s awesome
7429s oh
7431s steal steal the votes is crispy moving
7434s oh my gosh look okay
7437s just so everyone's aware after we moved
7441s the channel and we hit it
7442s um uh both geekbite and I went in and we
7445s just completely curated the number of
7447s votes because of our intense bias so not
7450s at all so the whatever the votes were we
7453s let them stand so
7455s um and for anybody who's wondering like
7457s this the definitive time of when votes
7459s close and stuff it's not really super
7461s definitive like this is a lot for
7463s funsies but it does kind of close
7464s between a Thursday Friday time period so
7466s we can count the votes and arrange for
7468s all the images to be shared during the
7470s Stream So aside from that as well like
7473s if you guys are still sharing in the
7474s standard screenshot Channel please do so
7476s today obviously we didn't have enough
7478s time to cover the standard screenshots
7480s but in the future we still will very
7482s much highlight both the themed contest
7485s as well as the standard screenshots so
7488s don't think that that's getting uh put
7490s on the back burner and uh you know
7492s anything like that because therapists
7494s are really cool screenshots too it's
7497s been a lot of fun
7501s I know this isn't a dove stream but will
7503s there be a roadmap for 2023 sorry to be
7505s paying no it's totally a Dev stream uh
7508s and there is only a road map for 2023
7510s listed in the Discord under the es2 fac
7513s channel in short it's just kind of
7516s listing off certain elements that are
7518s coming the official wording that we have
7520s been sticking to is that it's going to
7523s uh 2023 is going to release uh the full
7527s game in the first half of the year so
7533s um it's a very small tweak to our
7536s wording on that front a lot of you guys
7537s like to remind me and say oh you
7539s accidentally said quarterly that one
7541s time well it changed from quarterly to a
7545s half so uh there was a some soft
7547s manipulation there just to ensure that
7549s we hit everything that we are aiming for
7551s but I can assure you guys uh 100
7555s it is coming in the first half very much
7559s so there is no way it's not so yeah
7565s so not a pain whatsoever all right guys
7567s that is actually the conclusion of the
7568s stream we're actually passed now so um
7570s you guys have been awesome
7572s seriously with your screenshots and your
7574s submissions for this theme challenge I'm
7577s already Eric Schroeder your community
7579s Ambassador oh goodness what a change up
7582s don't stop being awesome submit those
7585s themes around red green colorations it's
7590s going to open up very soon shortly after
7592s the stream and we'll catch you next time
7595s toodles
7601s did I say blue again Red Green
7604s red Gray
7609s [Music]
7638s [Music]
7639s foreign
7653s so I made a promise last week
7657s dang it my voice is a little raw but I'm
7661s gonna do some
7663s attempted beatboxing
7665s and guys uh if you are staying for this
7667s first off I'm sorry
7669s um but second off I do this because I
7672s love you
7678s [Music]
7679s nope that's bad start hang on
7689s bam I'm having trouble starting okay
7690s hang on let's kick in overdrive let's go
7692s all right
7693s foreign
7696s [Music]
7708s [Music]
7724s foreign
7729s [Music]
7751s oh goodness
7755s all right guys I hope you enjoyed that
7759s uh
7764s I'd like to say they're getting better
7766s whatever but uh look I'm not a beat
7768s boxer I'm glad that you enjoy this with
7770s me it's it's a lot of fun to to just
7772s screw around and have a good time we are
7774s going to be transferring the stream over
7775s to on the twitch side at least I think
7777s Corbin is streaming hyperspace too is
7779s that correct geekbite I think he is I
7781s think I saw it we'll go check all right
7783s uh just give me confirmation on that and
7785s I'm gonna keep chatting with the the
7787s fine folks here uh because I do want to
7789s remind you all that everspace 2 is
7791s currently in An Early Access process and
7794s it's going to go up in price at that 1.0
7797s release in the first half of 2023. so
7802s foreign
7806s [Music]
7811s so yeah we'll transfer over and we'll uh
7814s uh look at Corbin doing those sick
7817s everspace 2 riffs
7819s um he's slowly getting better he's
7820s making some fine improvements and I
7822s think that encouraging him would be
7824s super freaking duper all right uh
7826s otherwise guys have a safe and wonderful
7829s weekend and uh I've already said it but
7831s don't stop being awesome because you're
7832s awesome and I love you and you give me
7834s so much energy oh it's great Community
7836s challenge red green certainly not blue
7839s get in there I'm gonna open up the
7841s channel like uh in a moment okay all
7845s right be safe
7847s goodbye
7851s [Music]
7860s [Music]