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0s of the day off so it's always good oh
2s nice we are live everyone can hear us
5s hello everyone hey good evening
8s or looks like YouTube's up and running
10s too oh my gosh it was Flawless today wow
14s that's what I like to see
18s I got a couple more things to set up and
20s then uh we'll be getting started
27s [Music]
48s foreign
48s [Music]
56s [Music]
75s [Music]
79s foreign
95s still have a squeaky chair you can hear
97s it probably
104s guys we're getting ready to start the
105s Stream
107s let's get some grub settle down
111s foreign
143s foreign
156s [Music]
168s [Music]
186s foreign
203s [Music]
219s welcome ladies and gentlemen to the
221s official Rockfish games stream I'm your
224s host and your guide Eric Schroeder the
227s community Ambassador for Rockfish games
228s I will be your servant through all
231s things everspace 2. ah what a delight to
235s have you today we've got just a light
236s little light light lights oh gosh yeah
241s super light I'm gonna be trying some
242s Rift runs that lunacy 400 to try and
245s reclaim my honor uh but uh in addition
247s to that we're also going to be diving
249s through the Redeemer detoxification side
252s mission that was added in the latest
255s update
256s and then we're also going to be doing
257s screenshots and Michael selects he was
261s able to go through and select about 12 I
264s believe there's 12 images that uh he's
266s procured from November
269s so we'll be highlighting those
271s screenshots if you are among one of
273s these screenshot takers of those that is
275s a high honor because when Michael does
277s go through and select these images he
279s does so because they are powerful
282s imagery for the game it helps people see
284s what the game's about it tells a story
286s and it's also just composed really well
288s so
289s we'll be highlighting those of you at
292s the end of the stream
294s welcome everybody sneaking on in it's
297s good stuff also do keep in mind we have
300s a uh we've got geekbite who's moderating
302s the stream he's also with me in vocals
304s and he's going to be cataloging any
305s questions you guys have in chat so if I
307s miss a question or anything like that
309s just drop it in there he'll catalog it
311s and then we'll have you know questions
313s answered at Key Parts in the Stream
316s without further Ado let's go ahead and
318s start into this side mission called
320s detoxification so
323s slight backstory on this Mission chain
326s you do not get this to start until
328s you've completed the prior kite nebula
330s quest which is to help out engine
334s I think her name's engine I don't know
336s how to pronounce her name but she has a
337s name and she's in the kite nebula and
340s when you go there she's like help my dad
342s he's he's caught and trapped and stuff
345s and things so you go through this little
346s side mission thing and you rescue him
349s but he's still crazy and you're like
352s okay peace out uh I'm gonna go do the
356s mainline quests and get a bunch of loot
358s so I can do riffs or whatever and uh
360s yeah so she's she then leaves with her
363s dad and to try and help him out this is
365s the follow-up mission to that
367s detoxification it's about her and her
369s dad so let's Dive In
371s no game audio oh
373s no game audio
376s you sure
380s yeah I can hear it
386s everything seems to be coming through
387s for me
391s Imogen yeah that's kind of how I read it
393s as well um thanks gigabyte for that
395s confirmation guys if you're having any
397s sort of audio issues or desyncs or
400s anything just a quick recommend it's the
402s notorious it solution to everything just
406s turn it off and back on again you know
407s reload the stream that's probably gonna
410s fix it if I do see reports from enough
412s of you guys you know we'll we'll dive in
414s make sure that it's it's all fixed so
416s cool
417s let's get into the mission
419s I'm so glad you came
421s let me introduce you to my father
423s Professor Bernard lafrere please first
426s names can't have such formalities with
429s the man who saved my life
431s it is an honor to meet you young man
434s the pleasure is mine young man I'm ever
436s indebted to you for rescuing me from the
438s clutches of those poor maniacs you know
441s you bear the Striking resemblance of a
443s subject for the section I once made must
446s be my age my memory playing with me
449s I get that a lot so you made a full
451s recovery how did you manage that
454s my colleagues worked diligently to
456s reverse the effects of a dark energy
458s which bombarded my mind and found a way
460s to accelerate recovery by using subsonic
463s wavelengths
464s interesting
466s that's why we asked you here we think we
469s can do the same for the redeemers we can
471s save them from their Madness but we
474s would need your help
476s oh well I am approached for a lot of
479s favors you know
481s undoubtedly because you are such a
482s competent person it speaks well for your
485s character
486s okay give it to me straight what are you
489s planning
491s my father's team has developed a device
493s which can funnel these dark energy
495s blocking wavelengths and transmit them
497s over short distances
499s so to say we have developed an
501s infrasound with sandwich if delivered
504s within range of the Redeemer can disrupt
506s the link with the ancient curse which
507s has the mini grip we just need someone
510s brave enough to go back into their
512s territory confront them up close and
514s give them a therapeutic dose of this
516s infrasound frequency
518s they were all just normal people once I
521s suppose they deserve a second chance
524s I told you he was a good man
529s assistance in his vital work it would
532s seem the right thing to do Bravo your
535s kindness in this matter is to be
536s commended meet me near the Redeemer base
539s and we will begin our work what you're
542s coming too this might be dangerous
544s Bernard
545s I know the risk I have seen the darkness
548s all the more reason I must be there to
550s calibrate the device and bring Salvation
552s to those poor souls I will meet you
555s there thanks Adam all right aren't you a
559s little worried that your father is
560s throwing himself back into Jeopardy
562s again
563s no because I know he has you at his side
567s beautiful
569s so everything you witnessed there
571s obviously is text-to-speech
574s um we will have full vocals both in
576s English and German by the 1.0 release so
578s because this was added content in the
580s latest update you're going to hear that
581s throughout the entirety of this Mission
583s chain
584s and
585s um also note that some of the text may
589s or may not change a little bit it
590s already has a little bit
592s um and uh yeah it'll continue to do so
595s until it's perfect in every regard
598s oh gosh all right so let's go ahead and
600s check out our Loadout real briefly
603s nothing super crazy or fanciful just
606s something to get this questline done and
608s we got a pulse laser a thermo gun a
610s rapid Prime zapper and then uh some
613s Rockets some corrosion mines and some
615s stats or whatever we are at level 25 our
618s perks that we are using we got defensive
620s Massacre to get our Shield back up and
621s running uh play it safe which I think is
624s a pretty strong staple for the level 10
626s perk we're also using Relentless for
629s each installed Warfare device of which
631s we have two then we are using critical
633s faculty for critical hits to restore alt
636s and exploitation so that our critical
639s hit chance is increased when attacking
641s movement impaired bows
644s I also noticed that these guys need to
647s be set so we are going to go ahead and
649s do that right now
651s see I'm gonna do
655s we're gonna do this we're gonna try to
656s use rockets and try to get our missile
657s defense system to bring them back and uh
660s Parting Gift is fine
663s excellent excellent
666s so now we're gonna fly on out of here
668s and follow along the trail
671s to see how much we can help
685s I could fast forward
688s what's the point
710s hmm
712s so nice
716s [Music]
727s I suppose I probably could have used it
728s ah whatever
730s go in the manual way we're flying per
733s usual
734s to get there
738s take out these guys before they're any
740s trouble at all
741s [Music]
743s thank you
747s all the way through we still have to we
749s still have to go through zarkov it's
750s fine everything's fine oh ow excuse me
754s turret how rude
757s how rude
759s oh my goodness busy busy end of year
761s stuff I look over and read yeah it's
763s actually we've had man last month was
765s kind of insane but you guys knew that
767s because you kind of saw how it all came
769s together and we're pretty happy with the
771s results of this latest update thus far
773s you guys seem to have been receiving it
775s rather well there are a couple of
777s complaints here and there of course well
779s most of that stuff ironed out and you
781s know some of it we won't because we
783s can't please everybody and we know that
785s but in regards to our vision we're
787s pretty happy with how it's all coming
789s along and this home stress to one home
791s stretch to 1.0 which again we are aiming
794s for and are very confident on of the
798s first half of 2023.
801s we are uh we are adding so much more to
805s the game uh on the side of the missions
807s so that you'll have all of that stuff
809s completed by 1.0
811s um and then
812s a slew of other content you know it's
815s also going to kind of boost things up a
817s bit with a lot of Polish and balancing
818s passes to go as well
821s so uh yeah
824s feeling pretty dang good
833s hopefully we can dodge this yeah
836s all right I just wanna I just want to go
837s straight there straight there going
839s through all the activation things we're
841s gonna we're gonna take this shot
843s we missed excellent
846s Pro Dodge while not moving
848s [Music]
858s legendaries Cannot drop a star Forge I
860s just look over saw it in the chat it's
861s an easy one to answer uh normally all
864s the questions will be combined in one
865s little segment but since we got a little
868s bit of down time as I'm trying to watch
869s out again thank you
871s oh my gosh I know I'm sorry
875s but yeah the legendaries are independent
878s from grade
880s but
881s um
882s there's more definitely coming to
884s legendaries in the future
886s that's all I can really say that's all I
887s can say
889s there's more coming to them
893s all right
895s now we're getting real close
900s [Music]
905s just gonna pave the way forward so it's
908s a little bit easier you know nothing too
912s crazy
916s [Music]
918s actually I don't really want to deal
919s with that uh Inquisitor all right here
922s we are
924s of course I'll do my big win call your
927s selflessness in this vital task is
929s vastly appreciated by all
931s my colleagues on egg list will be
933s observing remotely end of tech and huge
935s interest in the outcome of our undertak
937s Kings
938s let's get on with it shall we I don't
940s like to hang about this area too long
943s I understand redeemers are likely to
945s appear any moment
947s indeed I have dispatched the infrasound
950s missile delivery system call The
952s Exorcist for short imogen's idea not
955s mine Sweet Child
957s pick it up and install it on your craft
959s without delay
962s excellent so we have a specialty missile
965s for this mission
966s this isn't likely to mess up anything on
969s my ship I hope
971s I have not at all will only be used for
973s this Mission and will not affect your
975s ship's systems in any way thank you for
978s asking I have enough experimental Tech
980s to deal with as it is without a new
982s factor to consider now once you are at
985s the we must find a redeemer too while
988s the program for want of a better word
990s there's enough of them around
993s when you shoot the target it will be
995s mocked stick to the one target as it
997s will need to be bombarded several times
999s in order for this to work
1002s excellent all right so let's go ahead
1004s and grab this Exorcist missile
1007s range is 1800 meters
1011s has an eight second lock duration
1015s all right
1019s here we go
1024s so if the one coming at us oh my gosh I
1026s think it is
1033s these missiles take forever to lock on
1036s their target
1037s I'm literally not a rocket scientist
1044s main goal of this mission is to
1047s keep your luck
1058s time for the calibration I hope we won't
1061s be bothered
1065s are closing in
1067s you must keep them off me otherwise I
1070s won't be able to work on the exorcism
1072s already on it
1076s in between these little segments we have
1078s this you know escort duty if you will
1082s so Bernard stays alive
1084s because if you didn't well
1086s then the mission probably wouldn't keep
1087s going huh
1092s meanwhile I have made the necessary
1095s modifications
1097s please Adam if you could try again with
1100s another subject I hope it works this
1103s time I really don't enjoy shooting down
1105s these guys
1109s let's try this again the Excellence
1112s predictive results this time
1114s I sure hope so too
1125s such a big lock on timer
1129s which by the way whenever we were
1131s testing this we found out that when
1134s using a controller
1136s it's a heck of a lot harder to
1137s accomplish
1139s so now this one's good this won't do a
1142s tour and whenever we discovered that we
1145s decided we would make some a men's
1147s four you controller players and there's
1149s actually a duration when the target is
1152s off the screen that you will retain your
1156s lock if you're using a controller this
1158s is different from Mass and keyboard but
1160s if you're using a controller you have
1162s some uh extra time when a character goes
1166s off your screen when you were trying to
1167s lock them on we discovered that through
1169s this Mission chain alone
1171s especially with that eight second timer
1173s kind of sucks if you can't quite get
1175s where you need to move uh on that front
1177s I hope there's a point to this exercise
1186s you better we already have income
1189s I didn't actually know I was gonna come
1191s with the dialogue whoops
1193s but basically he's just saying hey I
1194s need more time to do all the things
1196s so he's recalibrating and
1198s whatnot
1199s well we have to defend him
1203s set up the missile accordingly oh man if
1205s we're not careful we're gonna get
1206s wrecked
1225s there we go
1229s two more one more
1237s there's a nice simple practice I guess
1239s for the rift that's coming later even
1241s though it'll be in a different ship
1248s foreign
1258s nice and easy
1267s there we go
1277s my side you'll need another refill my
1280s boy this time supercharged wonderful
1283s made adjustments to the infrasound
1285s delivery strength
1286s sounds unsafe to me wouldn't that
1289s eventually risk instability no no no
1292s well a little but the benefits outweigh
1296s the risks
1297s well let's see
1301s all right refilling them one more time
1305s foreign
1321s something has happened he has gone
1323s silent
1324s I think we may have successfully
1326s deprogrammed a redeemer
1328s he's no longer hostile that's for sure
1337s hello can you hear me what what is this
1341s what is happening
1344s remain calm you were possessed somehow
1348s possessed what are you talking about
1351s something took over your mind you
1354s couldn't think straight but we just
1356s fixed that right professor
1360s Eureka
1362s but I you shall ARG my head it hurts you
1367s shall die I will no this can't be
1370s happening
1371s no no they must see such it's simply not
1375s working yet I will continue the work on
1378s The Exorcist by carnaven wrist don't
1381s fret Professor there is hope you are
1384s doing important work important work now
1386s we at least made some progress with
1388s these experimentations we learned
1390s something excellent we've continued to
1392s study I feel we should be able to cure
1395s his tortured Souls one day but not today
1398s look me up when you think you're closer
1400s to a more accurate prototype I'd be
1403s happy to help
1404s so sorry to waste your time please take
1408s this it could be of use to you in your
1410s travels oh you really don't have to no
1414s no I insist well okay thanks Professor
1419s say hi to Imogen for me and look out for
1422s her she's a sweet kid
1426s beautiful
1427s and that's the detoxification mission
1429s where we get another mission change
1430s surrounding the redeemers and uh trying
1433s to restore them effectively
1436s pretty crazy stuff
1439s pretty crazy stuff
1442s and that was uh that was only 20 minutes
1443s nice however I want to transition over
1446s into the questions that you guys have I
1449s think it's a good time to cycle over to
1451s that and then after we're done with that
1453s we are going to be doing some Rift runs
1456s or if need be from a question or
1458s whatever I can give some examples of
1460s various stuff and things so gig bite are
1463s you there
1465s [Music]
1467s just one or two okay
1471s so uh and luckily two of them Michael's
1474s actually answered in the chat so we've
1476s got a bit of clarity on this as well
1477s beautiful
1478s right first off we had a question from
1480s Flory uh over on Twitch and he asked is
1483s the DLC for Mid 2024 wave distance away
1487s the free DLC the one with the space
1489s Wheels all the paid one uh Michael did
1492s answer this the major expansion planned
1494s for 2024 will be paid for that's correct
1498s yep yeah and so anybody else who's out
1500s there wondering and we're talking DLCs
1502s already and you're like what but the
1503s game's not even one point watch why are
1505s you guys working on DLC don't you have a
1506s game to make yes yes calm down everybody
1508s hold your horses okay I want to add a
1510s little bit of clarity of development
1512s here because I think it's important and
1514s I think it's really good as Gamers us as
1516s Gamers to understand this process just a
1518s little bit further okay so when a game
1520s is getting developed and there's
1522s prospects for more going Beyond a 1.0
1526s release there's a lot of planning in
1529s terms of expansion packs and DLCs and
1532s all that type of stuff okay there's a
1533s lot of planning that does not mean it's
1536s in development
1538s I mean it's being accounted for that
1540s means the ideas are circulating around
1542s being gathered in so that there's
1545s prospective locations to move into okay
1548s so the 1.0 release is in fact the full
1552s game that you will be purchasing when we
1555s are completing that in the first quarter
1556s of 2023 then we're going to add
1559s additional content to expand the game
1562s into more areas with more items with
1565s more opportunities at that later point
1568s out in 2024 for that premium DLC now we
1573s also do have a free DLC that we will be
1576s producing after the 1.0 release as well
1578s just a nice little boom here's some
1581s added content so at the very least there
1584s will be two forms of DLC we got the free
1586s DLC that's going to be coming after the
1587s 1.0 release not sure when that's going
1589s to happen gonna be 100 honest
1591s don't know what what's in the schedule
1593s for that Michael
1594s um but then for the premium DLC that
1597s one's going to be the one that's mid
1598s 2024 okay so now you guys are aware but
1602s our Focus right now and everybody on the
1604s team especially with this week we have
1606s been so hardened and focused on the
1610s story driven components to bring 1.0 to
1613s fruition that means all dialogues that
1615s means All Mission change all characters
1617s that means all of the interactions for
1620s basically how everything's coming
1622s together in addition to uh some elements
1626s right now we're kind of talking a bit
1628s about balance but that's going to be a
1629s little bit closer to the 1.0 release but
1631s still that's where we're going right now
1633s so that the full game is complete at 1.0
1637s okay
1638s so hopefully that's providing just
1640s enough Clarity for you all to understand
1643s and uh
1645s yeah
1646s if you do have any further questions on
1647s that do feel free to ask I'm sure that
1649s Michael would be able to slap down a
1651s response pretty fast and if need be I
1653s can also Supply that for you so cool
1656s great question
1657s excellent uh slightly follow-up question
1659s to that camper plow Cube on Twitch as
1662s well which Michael also answered okay
1664s and it was regarding any kind of
1665s discount that uh current owners of
1667s everspace 2 would get for uh any of the
1670s DLC uh Michael I did answer he said no
1673s that's not even possible technically
1674s because we don't have the information
1676s about the base game ownership correct
1679s and in addition to that
1682s um I mean goodness
1685s I feel and actually no that's that's
1686s that information is clarified well
1688s enough so Michael do appreciate you uh
1690s on that term but guys do know that the
1693s game will increase in price at 1.0 so if
1697s you own it now you kind of got a deal on
1700s the game and you know you could pocket
1703s some dollars in that sense that can go
1704s towards the DLC you could think of it
1706s like that if you wanted to
1708s um I know that some of you are gonna be
1709s like no that's not how it works that's
1710s fine whatever you know but um if you
1714s folks do want to have like that sort of
1715s opportunity though definitely wish list
1717s and then purchase the game if the if
1719s ever Space 2 Then goes on sale once
1722s again
1723s um through who knows what time uh for
1725s you to dive in on that because again 1.0
1728s release it's going up in price uh but
1730s DLC to follow yeah we we can't uh we
1733s can't just hand that off and be like oh
1735s yeah since you bought the game here's a
1736s little now it doesn't work like that not
1739s even legally so
1741s yep good question again
1744s marvelous marvelous some more questions
1745s have come in good good right it's on
1749s YouTube uh Finn's has asked a question
1751s probably a little bit spoiler territory
1752s and I don't think we've got any
1753s information on this but they want to
1755s know what will be the new star system in
1757s 1.0 cold and what if any can you tell us
1761s about the system at this point
1763s well
1764s um I mean that's that's definitely
1766s seriously telling
1768s um you know but you can see on the map I
1770s mean we've got five systems that we have
1772s uh more or less completed at this point
1775s in time and then we also have these
1777s other targeted systems on the outskirts
1779s some of which already have some lore
1781s that you've heard either from in-game
1783s characters or from a little bit of the
1785s text if you're reading everything
1787s uh to know kind of where things are at
1791s within the um you know the okar expanse
1794s versus the the colonial territory stuff
1796s like that
1797s um where most of this stuff is slap
1799s slapped right into the middle of the DMZ
1801s itself it's the neutral territory if you
1803s will
1805s so while I can't specifically tell you
1807s which system it's going to be it will be
1809s a system that is going to continue to
1811s impact the story it's going to be
1813s referential maybe there's going to be
1814s some tie-ins to uh prior storytelling
1817s that's been up to this point maybe it's
1819s going to introduce completely new
1820s elements
1821s we'll find out together but I can't
1824s reveal all those secrets you guys knew
1826s that though
1828s secrets we love Secrets uh right back on
1832s to YouTube and a question from Olivia
1835s stoth who wants to know a bit of a
1836s technical question regarding your system
1838s because of your loading screens being
1842s very short in time are you using an m.2
1845s SSD
1848s hang on
1852s hang on okay so
1854s um in regards to how all of this stuff
1857s works hang on where's my I have a
1859s shortcut to this somewhere
1863s um
1864s there it is
1868s let's see
1878s it doesn't look like it's an m.2 SSD
1882s um let's see two terabyte Samsung 970
1886s Evo plus oh M2 pcie nvme ssds okay yeah
1891s so I I guess the answer to that is
1893s correct
1894s yes
1895s we'll go with that perfect
1899s that's definitely in the technical side
1901s of things I don't I don't really uh know
1903s what my computer has in it oh my gosh
1905s somebody's like how can you not
1906s understand what your computer has that's
1909s just that's ridiculous well
1910s um my computer was built by a tech
1914s expert to ensure that we were able to
1916s run the game in the capacity that it
1917s needs to both for testing and for
1919s streaming so
1921s um yeah I wasn't I I'm not I know just
1923s enough in like computer building to be
1925s dangerous I've built my own computer
1927s before that was a process but yeah so
1931s good question good question
1933s excellent right three more questions uh
1935s all from YouTube uh first up we've got
1937s wizard Jerry will the detoxification
1940s Quest have any follow-ups
1943s it's possible but
1945s um you know that I could say that for
1947s every single one of the missions that's
1949s been interlaced into the story
1952s so uh yeah I mean it's certainly
1955s possible but we'll have to do we'll just
1957s have to see we'll have to see if Bernard
1958s continues his adventures and requires
1960s our assistance uh what's going to become
1962s other redeemers and all that type of
1964s stuff uh in the future maybe maybe we
1968s won't
1968s it's hard to say it's really hard to say
1972s so I like that question too though
1975s uh right another question regarding kind
1978s of DLC from William Hosier on YouTube uh
1982s is the DLC presumably the premium paid
1985s one that's coming in 2024. questions
1990s you mentioned it
1992s is it going to be in early access as
1995s well
1997s uh no DLC would not be in early access
1999s whatsoever so uh and I want to be really
2001s clear on that front so when it comes to
2003s DLC
2004s all of the content of DLC is effectively
2007s like separate from any sort of like
2009s testing grounds
2011s um that you would be able to do within
2013s Steam so it's from like a technical
2015s standpoint we simply couldn't do that
2018s um we could have like pockets of play
2020s testers for example assist us in the
2023s creation on the back end you know like
2024s an agency or like hand selected
2026s individuals but no we would not have an
2029s experimental Branch for the DLC that's
2032s not something that we would do
2034s so good question good question
2036s well my last question for now from Paul
2039s ra on YouTube uh is there still plans
2042s for mods
2044s I mean it's still something that we
2045s would love to do but in the whole grand
2047s scheme of things you know like the
2049s priorities and the like would very much
2051s like it's desired the nice to haves the
2054s Aesthetics and then the not gonna
2056s happens
2057s um that's much more in the realm of the
2059s nice to haves closer to not gonna happen
2062s um but we do want it to happen like I
2064s want to be clear on that front like we
2066s do want to have mod support internally
2069s like the team wants to do that but it's
2072s not something that we are working on
2074s it's not something that we've
2076s prioritized we have to make the game
2078s because you can't mod something that
2079s doesn't exist we have to have the game
2081s in place first so uh yeah the focal
2083s point is a hundred percent making the
2085s game we do want to have mod support but
2087s it's not
2089s on the list it's not on the checklist at
2092s all it's not on the list
2094s so
2095s I know a lot of you guys have been
2097s crossing your fingers about that
2099s um and you know I I do want to continue
2100s to say like even though we desire it
2102s that doesn't mean it's gonna happen guys
2104s it doesn't mean it's gonna happen and I
2106s want to make sure that the expectations
2107s here have a strong understanding that
2110s it's more likely to not happen than it
2113s is likely to happen okay not saying it
2116s to make you all sad
2118s that's the reality of it that's where
2120s we're at with development that's how
2121s this all comes together okay
2124s doesn't change the fact that we would
2125s like it to happen
2128s we'll see it's that's a very like
2134s that's just uh yeah that's just how it
2137s is very honest answer very only
2141s uh you can fly on now pilot oh my gosh I
2146s feel like there are Savage questions all
2147s right but very very good okay well
2149s speaking of savage I am going to now
2151s attempt a lunacy 400 uh Rift run
2155s to redeem myself
2157s um and I'm sure that there were probably
2158s people asking I think I caught a couple
2160s individuals as well uh so basically
2163s um if you missed last stream I
2167s needlessly exclaimed that if you
2169s couldn't complete a lunacy 400 Rift run
2174s that you were a scrub more or less
2177s um it wasn't exact like that but you
2179s know what we just took it to heart and
2180s said you know what if I can't complete
2182s it then I'm a scrub and I actually
2184s changed my username in the Discord so um
2186s so I'm now rfg Eric scrub and in order
2190s for me to redeem myself I must complete
2192s a lunacy at at least level 400 or rift
2195s at at least lunacy level 400. so that is
2198s what I'm going to attempt to do uh I was
2201s just kind of like just decking out my
2202s ship a little bit while we were talking
2204s there so uh
2205s so I kind of like this we're going to
2207s change the emissive lights as well just
2209s a little bit more Frosty
2211s because why not
2214s and uh this is the ship that we are
2216s going to fly into our run so what we
2220s have here is we have a sort of
2222s more balanced attribute chip
2224s um I did put more emphasis in Firepower
2226s because who doesn't
2228s um but our Precision is also kind of on
2230s equal footing I opted to go for a little
2232s bit more structure here and I'm doing
2235s this because my reactionary time seemed
2237s to be kind of slow I've been noticing
2239s for my practice sessions uh through this
2241s week but when I have a little bit more
2242s structure it gives me the opportunity to
2245s repair myself before I die for example
2248s otherwise I'm boosting my expertise just
2250s a little bit found that I don't actually
2251s need it that much in the interceptor and
2254s then just a little bit to utility for
2256s that added device boons
2258s speaking of our devices we are going a
2261s bit uh crowd control heavy here
2265s with EMP generator doing short circuit
2267s damage we got an Islander virus with the
2270s r naught to spread it to two additional
2272s targets we have corrosion injector with
2274s mercy kill so if we have a larger Target
2276s that we really need to iron out we drop
2278s that on them hits with the other Splash
2280s if they die we can keep transferring
2281s that over for just continual damage and
2284s then as our kind of safety measure we've
2285s got teleporter with Scurry so that we
2288s can get out of Dodge should that be the
2291s necessity our passives on this
2293s Interceptor which I am blocking 10
2295s increase primary damage critical is have
2296s 20 chance to recharge weapon overdrive
2298s by one percent collecting energy or
2299s grants one percent increase critical hit
2301s chance for eight seconds up to twenty
2303s percent I know I was blocking some of
2304s that still but that's just the way it is
2306s our inventory is nothing special I'm
2308s still holding on to this like I was last
2310s time I don't want to use it I want to
2311s just do Reds this is more than possible
2313s to do I say that
2315s in the hope that I show you that it is
2319s um the equipment that we have
2321s um it's also not anything super crazy
2324s I'm trying to kind of be a little more
2326s modest in terms of how this is all being
2329s coming together I have a Synchro pulse
2331s which is an energy hog and I also added
2334s energy damage to it so that's going to
2336s be our primary energy damage then our
2338s primary kinetic damage is actually going
2340s to be from a powerful equalizer that I
2342s found and I also added kinetic damage on
2345s top of it
2347s and then we also have this railgun that
2349s I found which I found incredibly useful
2351s whenever things aren't going your way
2353s you need a breather you're hanging out
2355s in the back you just kind of pot some
2356s shots off
2358s um it's nice we also have corrosion
2360s mines and cruise missiles which I think
2362s these are the exact same ones on our
2364s last attempt but we also added some
2366s Rockets uh that I discovered
2368s to the mix
2370s um really happy with these actually I
2371s was surprised I got Star Force Rockets
2373s uh and then the suite of equipment here
2375s we're not going to go through it all
2376s because it's already taken enough time
2378s to explain this but we do have an energy
2380s Shield damage limiter and Nanobots to
2383s try and recover if things do go south
2386s this
2389s yeah if anybody's wondering uh you know
2392s um like how much I've done the riffs and
2394s everything I've I've done quite the
2395s number of riffs
2397s um and I have completed the rift at a
2400s thousand uh with and without legendaries
2402s believe it or not first time I did it
2404s was with the gunship I feel like
2405s everybody's is with the gunship but
2409s um you know
2410s uh but then I also had a really solid
2412s Scout run
2414s um the other day last week two weeks ago
2417s it's pretty happy with that uh kind of
2419s surprised by the results of that I
2420s wasn't expecting to clear with the Scout
2422s and I continue to attempt with the
2424s Vanguard and I fail miserably and it
2426s makes me sad uh I want I want to see
2429s more Vanguard builds I need some
2430s inspiration because I can't get it to
2432s work it's it's so fast uh and then I
2435s just I miss all my targets I guess I
2436s don't know
2437s so that's all I want to see discussion
2441s going like Vanguard builds like how do
2443s we how do we make the Vanguard Shine
2445s That's What I want to hear
2446s all right so here we are we've got our
2448s lunacy 400 Rift
2450s enemy damage has increased by 370 enemy
2453s hit points 296 percent we got loot
2456s quality 800 and a high chance for
2458s legendary equipment to drop
2460s I look over and I see Vanguard is bad oh
2462s my gosh what a Savage you know there are
2465s people here who do enjoy the Vanguard
2467s like myself
2470s yeah it's rough around the edges the
2472s Vanguard needs some love but still okay
2473s like look
2475s our free ship has has its own little
2479s whatever
2481s Vanguard needs a little love it's going
2483s to get some adjustments in the future oh
2486s my gosh all right let's get this let's
2487s just get this show on the on the road
2490s oh look over I see every ship is bad
2492s played what is happening in the chat
2497s oh I see I see uh
2499s uh I get kited by Oh no you're talking
2502s about the gunship run yeah
2504s um no sincerely I feel like the
2506s gunship's probably the easiest within
2508s the um the lunacy runs just because of
2510s the times two damage modifier like you
2513s just get it straight out of the gate
2516s um which is delightful
2519s all right we're gonna take out this we
2521s oh come on don't get your armor back yes
2527s don't worry the whole Run's not gonna
2529s look like this it's just kind of
2530s starting things off I really don't want
2532s to I really don't want to mess with any
2534s sort of retaliators really a drones oh
2536s that's my cue to go
2550s foreign
2570s oh come on now what do we got oh my gosh
2572s asteroids coming out of the blue
2575s look at this guy
2578s oh no it's an ocar Prime you got to be
2581s kidding me
2584s we're gonna have to we're gonna have to
2585s find that
2586s that's problems
2588s here we'll do this
2590s here's the ocar prime
2591s that's a Mad Cop but you didn't get hit
2594s by anything else so I gotta take you out
2596s [Music]
2597s ah no Minds
2604s nope
2607s where you are where are you at and you
2609s have a drone
2614s foreign
2618s there we go now we gotta get this guy
2622s what am I doing we got another protect
2625s oh my gosh
2633s that was really close
2636s to that Viper goodness Grady so you'll
2640s probably notice my playstyle has changed
2641s a little bit
2642s um from last week of just being a little
2645s bit more cautious about how everything
2647s kind of comes together sometimes this
2649s works in my favor sometimes it doesn't
2651s uh and even though I did do a number of
2653s Rift runs this week and some of which
2655s were successful there were also a lot of
2656s failed attempts
2658s but this particular build I felt was a
2661s bit more fun than the others
2664s just seemed nice
2674s there we go
2681s ah how did you get away
2686s I don't want this prospector either
2695s oh come on
2700s [Music]
2708s oh my gosh this progress all right let's
2712s let's focus in uh let's see a Marauder
2715s no no no are there any drones nearby
2717s just to like
2719s all right whatever
2722s no
2735s let's just try and get this Raider out
2737s of the picture I don't like this
2739s continued
2741s webbing sucks
2749s no
2753s foreign
2762s why was that so hard
2768s oh my gosh I kept changing targets that
2771s was the big issue I'm sure somebody's
2773s gonna point out be like well Eric upon
2775s the further analysis of y'all play
2776s through what I've noticed that the
2778s reason for y'all failure is because of
2780s this because I'm so Superior to you
2783s because thank you for that I do
2784s appreciate it
2786s um oh my gosh let's see what we happen
2789s to come across in our next segment of
2791s the rift enemies deal area damage upon
2793s death actually that might not be too bad
2795s because I'm trying to stay at range
2796s enemies leave corrosion feels I think
2797s this one's better because we're not
2799s gonna be swooping through them
2802s why railgun it's uh it's just trying to
2805s give me it's giving me a little bit of
2806s spacing
2807s um this is just what it's been working
2808s for me Wizard um
2810s I found that just like starting things
2813s off especially I'm able to get a couple
2814s of pot shots in
2816s like so before everything goes to crap
2820s and I can take down priority targets
2823s like glow gun shooters and armor drones
2827s and I can do a serious amount of damage
2828s to
2830s um
2830s Elites
2833s so it's just kind of what I've
2834s discovered uh which kind of works for me
2836s maybe it's not for everybody maybe I'm
2839s like peaking I don't know
2843s my guess is that I could definitely
2845s optimize further but I'm pretty happy
2846s with the results of this particular
2848s build thus far
2855s nope nope oh he got away all right
2857s that's fine
2860s so yeah that's just kind of what I was
2861s uh growing accustomed to
2864s I mean obviously if you're using a
2866s railgun like all the time as your
2867s primary especially like Scott's going to
2869s be your favorite vessel for sure
2876s all right cycle back around for another
2878s pass poker Interceptor that's not
2881s pleasant
2882s all right we gotta get some kills come
2884s on there we go
2890s no
2892s government
2909s I'm not a demolisher
2917s okay good he's gone
2919s really didn't want him to stay
2921s do not like no thank you
2925s all right all right
2926s getting a little too close
2928s don't like it
2933s oh no
2936s I have my mouse button that slows my uh
2939s ability to move my mouse around oh gosh
2943s user error
2956s oh come on I just need an amp give it to
2958s me thank you
2968s all right okay okay
2971s oh my gosh Shield recharge drone I know
2974s you're nearby because you're doing the
2976s bug oh my goodness
2981s I think maybe we need to focus here
2984s okay
2991s [Music]
2992s all right okay okay
2995s okay
2998s nice
3006s continue to take shots
3008s continue to get kills please
3014s oh that was way Overkill I used way too
3017s many devices for that one foe
3020s oof all right
3024s [Music]
3029s foreign
3040s looking pretty decent too
3044s that's cheating quit taking shots you're
3048s supposed to stop oh my gosh let's not
3051s run into those mines and
3058s all right
3060s I say take your bets Now ladies and
3062s gentlemen is he gonna do it is he gonna
3064s do it
3067s will I complete the rift on the first
3070s try during the stream I'm not even sure
3072s I'll get allow the second try
3074s no I look over and just seeing no oh
3077s excellent perfect a random item is
3080s overheated I do not like that that could
3083s hurt enemies drop mines that might not
3084s be too bad enemies slowly repair
3087s I've been doing a lot of spread out
3088s damage so I'm gonna do mines
3097s oh a Vindicator player has entered the
3099s chat that's awesome very cool very cool
3102s yeah there's um there's some really cool
3105s uh vendi builds that I've been seeing
3108s lately
3112s another coil gun
3114s all right
3117s we actually did have to do some
3118s adjusting on the coil Guns by the way
3120s because they were hello asteroids hey
3122s can I just uh yeah this is nice
3125s this is nice ow
3129s oh my gosh
3132s there's no such thing as peace in a rift
3139s ah stop it
3151s nope nope
3153s [Music]
3164s nope nope
3171s nope stop it yo
3179s good good good that's a lot of mines
3188s all right
3194s unhealthy amount of enemies in this
3196s space right now it's not looking good
3203s Oh no I got no device maneuvering
3211s [Music]
3217s no
3228s all right you gotta go no
3233s foreign
3239s thank you
3246s and a sniper drone of course of course
3248s there's a sniper drone
3266s I was leaving the priority targets alone
3268s I was trying to get all the small ones
3270s hoping to complete
3271s still a scrap
3275s still a scrub
3279s oh my goodness
3284s but I'm having fun with them at least
3285s these are good
3287s I wonder if I should get some missiles
3289s that will just Auto shoot for me that
3291s might be a nice little trade-off if I
3292s can buy some then we're gonna go right
3294s back into the rift
3296s I see just a couple little things that I
3298s could tweak further
3301s see if we've got something available oh
3304s of course not here all right well we'll
3305s just have to uh
3308s we'll just have to craft it
3313s so let's see we could do
3320s um I feel like an auto firing armor
3323s breaker would be really good here
3325s of course I could also go destabilizers
3328s and that would be pretty phenomenal as
3331s well
3333s we're gonna destabilizer
3336s uh ammo oh nope dismantle try again
3340s try again
3343s there we go
3345s lock durations not really a big deal I
3347s kind of try again
3350s I feel like we can do better we're gonna
3352s we're gonna try again
3354s we just spent a couple of resources here
3356s to see if we can do better
3357s cannot be intercepted might not be a bad
3360s thing
3362s these stabilers don't generally get shot
3363s down
3365s or try again
3368s welcome to stream ladies and gentlemen
3370s where I continue to roll equipment until
3371s I get what I like uh
3375s this isn't so bad this isn't so bad uh
3379s it's not the best but I'll take it we'll
3382s take it
3383s so we're gonna go ahead and Swap this
3385s out for
3388s our Rockets because I want to use the
3389s cruise missiles on our foe at the end
3398s [Music]
3402s so the reason why I'm I'm really
3404s debating between these options so you
3406s guys are aware I'm looking at the
3407s Rockets because they have the chance to
3409s disable Shields and because of how fast
3411s this thing fires I'm basically not gonna
3413s have to worry about the shields at all
3415s on the big Target at the end
3418s that's desirable but then you know
3420s cruise missile damage
3423s um especially with the 10 increased
3424s damage for each second the missile flies
3426s and it flies for a long time it can be
3428s pretty pretty baller
3431s [Music]
3433s all right
3435s yeah you have some questions
3437s anybody have do we have more questions
3439s keep bite out of curiosity
3441s uh we've got a couple nothing related to
3444s your failure in the rift yet
3449s let's answer a couple questions while
3451s I'm like debating my build options and
3453s guys I'm not like super optimizing don't
3455s think I'm doing that I'm just kind of
3457s looking at some different options I want
3458s to try uh but yeah if you got some let's
3460s hear them okay uh first up we've got one
3463s from uh Dominic Troy over on YouTube uh
3465s and he's uh he's asking will there be a
3468s native Windows build forever space too
3470s are you not using steam or good old
3473s games except for just a downloadable EXE
3477s well I know that
3480s um like everspace one and everspace two
3481s are are meant to be DRM free so I think
3486s that should be possible
3491s um but I do need to get clarity on it
3493s just to make sure I'm not uh just bsing
3496s out my mouth
3498s um
3501s but um I do know though whenever we are
3503s Distributing Keys like for backers and
3505s whatnot but we are either providing a
3508s steam key or a Gog key or of course
3511s consoles
3512s um appropriately too once we get there
3515s um uh Michael do you have it further
3517s Clarity on that one actually
3520s um
3520s trying to figure out who to poke on the
3522s team maybe but um they're all offline
3530s big question I think think I do think
3533s that you can but um
3536s [Music]
3542s I'm not sure I'm not 100 sure so
3546s bringing out with tough questions
3547s tonight really yeah it's a great
3549s question and I want to get that answered
3552s oh igmar thank you so much Gog offers
3556s results without the need to install
3557s Galaxy clients okay
3561s you can download via web UI
3566s so if you wanted to go independent from
3569s like the the Gog clients then you could
3572s get Gog and then download it through the
3575s client in that capacity to where it's
3576s separate from the client yes
3579s get the client so you don't have to use
3581s the client exactly
3583s cool
3587s thank you igma I appreciate the clarity
3589s on that
3591s right still on YouTube uh from Olivia
3595s doth again
3597s um
3599s you've got a ranking system coming up
3601s for this one what are your top three
3602s ship classes can you put them in order
3605s my top three ships yeah
3609s I feel like it's it's slowly changing
3613s um
3614s so
3616s I'm gonna add just a little disclaimer
3618s here for me personally when I say top
3621s three it's not a level of the greatest
3623s amount of skill and most optimized I'm
3627s going for fun Factor what I just like
3629s playing okay and when it comes down to
3632s playing the ships I really enjoy the
3635s Stinger it's such a feel-good ship it's
3638s so light it's so fast you get the
3640s hardpoint activity with the devices with
3642s its device Mastery like it it feels like
3645s it synergizes with itself so well and
3648s that's before you're trying to pinpoint
3650s what specific items you want onto the
3651s ship right it has a lot of flexibility
3653s in range of motion because of the device
3655s kits it has a lot of flexibility and
3656s range of motion because of the
3657s assortment of equipment
3659s um and like it's just fun I just really
3661s enjoy flying the Stinger
3663s uh in addition to that
3665s um I also have a lot of fun with the
3667s Sentinel I think the Sentinel is nothing
3670s special
3672s um but I enjoy it because of how it has
3675s a massive shield and it's built out
3677s accordingly you can have to wear your
3679s Shield basically never breaks and
3681s because you get increased attack speed
3684s based on how much Shield you have
3685s remaining it's just like a nice little
3687s Boon just to have
3689s um it's it's fun for me and then
3691s probably my third favorites probably man
3696s I do enjoy the Scout but it's not as
3698s satisfying as some of the other ships
3700s for me for me
3704s um
3705s hard one the bombers I've the bomber's
3708s been growing on me but I I think I'm
3709s gonna have to go to the striker I think
3711s the striker it holds a special place in
3714s my heart even at the end of that last
3716s Rift where you saw me dive bombing
3717s everything because I knew I was dead
3719s um I love that sort of play style where
3721s you're just into the mix and you're
3723s getting barrage from outside and then
3725s you're also dishing it back out and the
3726s striker is just so fantastic at that
3728s just it gains so much strength for all
3731s of those surrounding it but you do kind
3733s of have to beef it up a little bit for
3736s it to hold its own
3737s but yeah those are probably my three
3741s probably
3743s so uh Michael does say that we're also
3745s Distributing DRM free on Steam yeah I
3747s yeah I I know that it was I just can't
3749s remember if it's um
3751s I just don't know if you can like
3753s download the game independently from
3756s Steam
3758s I think that's the question like you can
3759s have just a separate
3761s um exe basically I don't know how that
3764s specifically works if there's like a
3765s technicality there versus DRM free
3767s versus uh you know
3770s in clients out of class whatever
3773s so if there's special Clarity Michael I
3775s would or igmar I would love to supply
3777s that on the steam side because it sounds
3779s like gog's going to supply that
3781s um but yeah
3783s but yeah so for my top three shifts
3785s again it's the fun Factor um I I'm not
3788s the biggest fan of heavy ships
3791s even though they're amazing in the game
3793s and that's probably why I don't like
3795s using them because I feel like when you
3797s start using the the heavy ships they're
3799s so powerful like the gunship especially
3801s I've noticed that it's just I don't I
3804s just I don't have the right mindset for
3805s it I suppose it's like I want to I want
3807s to invoke some different level of
3809s gameplay and um and the bomber too
3812s unfortunately like I love the arc 9000
3815s but
3816s gosh I I'm probably like offending
3819s somebody when I say it light ships are
3821s really where my heart is at
3823s um Stinger's probably my number one
3825s though just in the fun Factor
3828s in the fun Factor but uh yeah
3831s for convenience factor my go-to is the
3833s gunship though because
3836s it's so
3839s all right
3841s I love how everybody else is joining in
3843s The Fray here and like listing their
3844s favorites too this is really cool guys I
3846s like this I like this active
3847s participation where you're all listing
3849s out your favorite chips and you know
3850s obviously there's like there's no it's a
3853s judgment-free Zone here so you know
3855s whatever ships you enjoy uh list them
3857s out it's it's fantastic to see that it's
3860s pretty odd awesome
3862s very very cool
3863s all right
3865s yeah then you can go fail again I mean
3867s they're past uh you know for that thank
3870s you for that hey Michael we need to talk
3872s about geek bites payroll
3873s [Laughter]
3876s uh yeah the very quickly moving on
3880s uh wizard Jerry ass on YouTube uh does
3883s different attribute combinations on
3885s equipment EG FPU FPE Etc have any
3888s different drop rate from enemies so no
3891s it doesn't have drop rates from enemies
3893s there there are what we consider to be
3895s three primary attributes which are
3897s Firepower precision and structure and
3899s then three secondary attributes which
3900s are utility resistance and expertise and
3902s so whenever you're generating attributes
3904s on anything you will always have the
3907s first attribute either Firepower
3910s Precision or structure that will always
3912s be the first one and then in addition to
3914s that you can have any other of the
3916s attributes so you could get a Firepower
3918s precision and structure item but you
3920s could never get a utility resistance
3922s expertise item okay
3926s so that is how we've designed the
3928s attribute distribution if you are
3930s wondering if you were to take say
3933s um a thousand items that you just
3934s randomly generated because you asked
3936s Hans Christian and he did that for you
3938s and you calculated how many instances of
3940s each one showed up uh you quite
3942s literally have Firepower precision and
3943s structure showing up almost 50 percent
3945s of the time utility resistance and
3947s expertise about 25 of the time
3951s cool
3955s and you can dive into the rift and
3958s succeed I'm sure you will dive into the
3961s rift excellent
3962s beautiful all right attempt number two
3968s I hardly even changed uh this ship build
3971s around and I know that there were some
3972s of you probably who said oh man you
3974s really need to swap this out probably
3976s I'm gonna try it again because I'm
3978s stubborn uh but yeah
3980s uh through the course of this Rift run
3983s um guys continue to ask your questions
3984s though geekbite will catalog those we'll
3986s do another round of questions before
3987s moving into the screenshots as well as
3990s Michael selects for this evening so this
3992s will be the last sort of event that I do
3994s in my second Rift attempt oh my gosh ah
4000s you know I just hit that and I wonder
4002s can I should I change this out for oh
4005s gosh
4006s I'm locked in basically but I can still
4009s swap something out before I'm sucked in
4013s no I'm gonna keep this I'm gonna be
4015s stubborn about this
4017s I'm gonna be stubborn
4023s all right
4028s here we go
4031s oh just to add a little additional
4034s Clarity
4035s um just because I haven't done it myself
4037s it's not my it's not my field
4039s um there is a user wado Kiko
4044s over on Twitch who says you can run the
4045s game from the exe without having steam
4047s loaded
4048s um you just pull the files from there as
4050s long as they're in their proper
4051s locations within the folder directory so
4053s to completely answer the question now a
4056s hundred percent if you don't want to
4058s have to go through either Gog or Steam
4060s and run it from an exe you totally can
4063s do that you can totally do that we do
4066s not require any sort of online
4068s connection or what have yous and the the
4072s realm of
4073s of gaming
4075s um but yeah the only thing that that may
4077s have you miss out on for example is if
4079s we push an update
4081s um through the course of everspace 2's
4083s lifetime which of course you guys know
4085s there will be a free DLC so you might
4087s want to like ensure you have access
4088s online to update it on that sense
4091s um and then if you want you have the
4093s premium DLCs uh which are coming down
4095s the line as well I said that plural but
4098s we only have one at this time planned so
4100s I don't want to confuse you all that was
4102s not a slip of the tongue or anything 100
4104s assure you we have one free DLC that
4107s will be appearing after the 1.0 launch
4109s and then we have a premium DLC lined up
4111s for mid-2024
4114s um there you go awesome here we go
4117s let's try this again
4121s I almost wanna hang on a second I'm
4123s gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna change the
4125s setting Michael please don't be upset
4126s with me because I know I'm supposed to
4128s have this on but I'm turning screen
4129s shake off it drives me freaking batty
4131s and
4134s this is I'm gonna I'm just removing it
4137s helps my shots
4142s and we're dying already awesome uh great
4145s great to hear oh my goodness and we
4148s missed our EMP
4150s everything is just working out
4152s swimmingly
4156s oh my gosh and we
4159s are all right all right
4162s we forgot to start this party off of the
4164s thing that's the problem
4170s [Music]
4176s all right here we go ah you Mr Coyle got
4180s fanatic
4184s if you're out of the picture that'll
4185s make things quite a lot easier
4188s and a surreal ah not not not okay let's
4191s get behind you please
4194s uh maybe not behind you
4201s just enough all right cool
4207s no thank you for the Weber
4209s where I'm sure it's not too bad let's go
4211s Focus fire him down
4215s much better with these destabilizer
4217s missiles
4221s [Music]
4223s oh come on
4231s I do not like that sound at all
4235s another oh my gosh these glow guns
4246s thank you
4253s there we go
4256s see if I can just maintain my sanity
4258s like this one all should be well right
4261s that's that's how that works right
4266s speaking of Sanity oh
4270s go away all right
4275s goodness gravy
4277s so how have you guys been doing in the
4279s the riffs yeah everybody at this point
4281s cleared lunacy 2000 uh
4284s 2 500.
4286s unlocked the super secret mode in the
4289s game
4290s gives you access to a 10th playable ship
4295s the scrub
4301s why do I have a bad feeling about this
4302s oh gosh guys
4304s stop it all right oh no
4307s oh no
4309s please don't be bad okay that's not too
4312s bad
4313s this one is Savage I've discovered
4315s whenever I was doing my I think I
4317s actually had a conversation on Discord
4318s like all of you guys kind of agree like
4321s the plus five percent speed Shields
4322s armor hole is absolutely damaging at
4325s high lunacy
4327s um yeah so
4330s I'm not I'm not even gonna touch that
4331s nope gonna steer clear I'm gonna go for
4334s the deal area damage on death
4336s whew
4338s all right
4341s it's been really fun watching you guys
4343s whenever you're doing your live streams
4344s by the way of course I haven't seen a
4346s lot of live streams doing Rift runs I've
4348s seen a lot of live streams for people
4349s like who are showcasing the game or
4352s trying out for the first time which is
4353s awesome
4354s but I'm just seeing a bunch of story and
4356s I'm getting feedback on that front too
4358s which is nice but I would love to see
4360s somebody stream rip runs oh my gosh I'm
4362s not even breaking through a shield there
4364s we go
4366s thank you
4368s it'd be super awesome to catch one of
4371s you guys uh doing a stream
4374s foreign
4378s [Music]
4383s let's just
4384s clear this out of the way
4401s okay all right
4405s oh that's America do not want to get
4407s mined no no no no not even gonna risk it
4411s no thank you Game
4417s already feeling not very confident
4419s already
4420s of course this is treating me really
4422s well all right okay all right
4424s bringing it together
4428s [Music]
4429s wait why am I wasting this on drums
4431s because they're not happening that's why
4432s okay
4434s [Music]
4441s all right okay okay
4446s got a little breather that's always nice
4459s all right I want to go after this bomber
4461s next we are slowly getting close to
4463s firing right oh gosh all right hang on a
4465s second
4468s let's get these guys first easy prey
4471s right
4478s that was easy right
4481s all right now we got to focus this guy
4482s down I don't want to get hurt
4487s [Music]
4499s are you in range yes okay good good good
4501s good good excellent
4505s ah
4510s [Music]
4516s that's good [ __ ]
4519s oh come on
4529s no no no no no
4531s how did you survive that
4539s all right good good
4543s some more kills we charge the oh all
4546s right it's fine
4549s foreign
4553s to where we died last time
4557s what could go wrong all right um
4561s any name types are hidden oh gosh now
4566s now
4571s I don't want the name types to be hidden
4576s oh I looked over and I see I I maybe a
4580s conversation about uh which ships are
4581s doable in the riffs and I see a response
4583s that says every ship is doable like
4585s Jerry has done in every ship I do want
4587s to point out like you know let's let's
4588s be clear here I think that there's some
4591s Nuance to using some ships over others
4594s wizard Jerry is actually uh very good at
4598s the game he's perfected a lot of the uh
4600s systems in place to maximize results
4604s um and don't let me just speak for him
4605s like he also have shared video clips
4607s inside of our Discord which I highly
4609s encourage you guys to join you can see
4610s how he manages to pull these off they
4613s are rather impressive we've highlighted
4615s his uh one of his builds um during the
4617s course of the streams he's very very
4618s talented and bringing the game pieces
4620s together
4622s um whereas I'm just kind of like trying
4623s to go a more casual route but I still
4625s want to get lunacy 400
4628s um but yeah it really does kind of
4629s depend on what your play style is it
4631s depends on what you like to use it
4633s depends on
4635s um you know even if it's something as
4636s simple as like the ship you desire it is
4639s possible to do it with any of them but
4642s some ships and some loadouts are going
4643s to be far more challenging far more
4646s demanding of your Precision of your
4649s dexterity than others which are going to
4652s be much easier to move into that space
4655s with that are kind of just like hold
4657s fire and let do all the work go for you
4661s uh just get timings of devices done like
4663s it's there's a lot of varying
4665s intricacies to bring a build together
4667s it's not just as simple as choose this
4670s ship and you will win
4672s um
4673s but if it weren't get the gunship uh
4679s oh my gosh
4685s oh my gosh all right here we go yard
4689s sensor sensors
4694s oh no
4697s all right hang on we gotta change
4699s targets I don't want this guy to survive
4703s and of course we have a sniper as well
4706s wait this isn't the one that I'm trying
4708s to
4709s fasting we already started off in the
4711s wrong target
4713s no that is the right guy ah
4720s how did I not die
4724s okay there there it is there's the
4726s damage that I was uh fully expecting to
4728s receive
4729s d
4738s nope you need to go why am I using this
4741s so close I don't know
4743s that's what I did
4748s oh come on
4757s no no too far and too far in all right
4760s back it up
4769s okay all right Sloane said he wins the
4771s race right that was a good hit
4778s I'm leaning I'm leaning guys I'm getting
4780s into it oh
4782s come on one more shot
4784s here we go
4787s Piper
4791s oh that was a good hit all right
4800s a lot of Proto Scouts
4811s more spacing
4826s I really want you down please
4830s all right good good
4833s is this the red
4837s I need you Down's really a drone
4839s you gotta go too
4843s hello there
4845s we are not flying in formation no sir
4849s all right
4860s priori all right okay okay
4865s I feel like things are getting a little
4867s spicy
4869s ah come on EMP I need you back
4873s all right
4875s okay okay
4879s [Music]
4889s come on
4891s come on
4896s no no no
4899s [Music]
4905s no
4910s no
4937s all right here we go
4941s now
4956s things are getting sloppy guys
4962s [Music]
4970s well done Eric well done
4973s foreign
4996s here we go
5004s let's throw all the cookies
5007s I'm not messing around
5009s and I know the enemies aren't either
5010s here we go
5012s here we go
5025s [Music]
5027s come on
5031s come on come on
5034s yes ah
5038s hmm
5045s Redemption at last Redemption
5052s goodness
5053s [Music]
5055s gosh
5062s see you guys it's super easy you can't
5065s complete your scrum
5069s oh my gosh
5072s but that was that was a lot of fun oh
5074s pangos Pride excellent without some
5077s Syria like we we did have a lot of fun
5078s designing these riffs and we do want
5080s them to be challenging you know the
5081s higher that you scale up and we are
5083s noticing a couple of Trends with um
5084s certain particular builds being more
5086s effective at higher lunacy levels for
5088s example than a lot others and
5091s um I want to be super transparent about
5092s this guys
5093s we are going to be doing more balancing
5095s passes in the future for like over all
5098s of like the items the devices the ships
5099s like it's going to continue to happen
5101s and there will be adjustments some of
5102s the things that you've grown accustomed
5104s to and you love they might get better
5107s or worse there's there's still a number
5109s of things that can occur on this front
5111s and while the main focal point is to
5114s ensure that the fun factor is Ting
5117s especially through the overarching
5119s narrative as you're progressing up to
5120s level 30. um we also do want the Rifts
5123s to maintain a pretty sturdy and strong
5125s challenge for those who want to take it
5127s to the next level
5129s so do keep that in mind okay sincerely
5132s keep that in mind there's still a number
5134s of changes that are coming to the Rifts
5136s themselves there's going to be more to
5138s that there's going to be more to
5139s legendaries there's obviously five more
5141s levels level 30 and how that impacts all
5144s of this space uh to boot like there's
5146s still there's still a lot there's still
5148s a lot on that front so um you know don't
5151s get too comfortable
5153s don't get too comfortable at the same
5155s time thank you so much for providing
5157s your feedback and getting us this far to
5159s make these types of experiences
5161s so rewarding I don't know about you guys
5163s I feel like I'm on cloud nine right now
5165s ah
5166s which is so dumb because I've completed
5168s lunacy a thousand but but now I've
5171s proved to you guys that I could do a 400
5176s oh my gosh
5178s so uh
5180s anyway that's great so we have about 40
5183s minutes in the Stream left but I do want
5186s to uh I do want to talk to you guys
5187s about
5189s um the screenshots I wanna I wanna crack
5191s into that and then I want to answer
5192s questions and I'm giving a little bit
5194s more time than usual because we have
5196s both your guys Community screenshots as
5199s well as Michael's selects I don't want
5201s to run out of time on this okay I want
5203s to give you guys as much praise as
5205s possible so let's punch it
5208s 600 lunacy to go yeah I could I could I
5211s could perhaps do higher lunacies but
5214s there's still more to talk about and
5215s answer your questions so uh yeah so no
5217s worries
5219s so what we're going to do is we're going
5220s to jump over to the segment of the
5222s stream where we talk about your
5223s beautiful screenshots
5226s um let's take a let's take a quick
5228s breather oh my gosh I could use a
5231s breather I don't know about you guys
5234s I'm sweating
5236s I'm sweating
5240s goodness
5242s I'll be right back guys like one minute
5244s give me a minute
5247s no big deal
5250s [Music]
5258s [Music]
5270s I look over the chat and I see
5272s I see he said one attempt only did I did
5276s I say that I want somebody to clip where
5278s I said that and show it to me because I
5280s don't believe I said that I said I was
5282s going to try and get it in the first
5283s attempt I feel like that's what I said
5286s but uh maybe maybe I'm misremembering
5288s maybe I did say that I was going to be
5289s one attempt only
5291s I also felt like I said I would be doing
5293s several Rift regardless whatever
5296s whatever I said maybe I'm a big phony
5299s after all I don't know
5300s but uh Michael was feeding the game he
5303s was using cheat codes
5304s but uh regardless
5306s uh here we are
5308s so uh yeah so for everybody who's like
5311s just sneaking into the stream welcome
5312s this is the ending of the stream
5315s um I'm Eric Schrader Community
5315s Ambassador for Rockfish games welcome
5317s we're answering questions about
5319s everspace 2 and right now we are focused
5321s on the community and we're going to be
5322s doing some highlights thereof now some
5325s of these screenshots might cross over
5326s with some of Michael's selects
5329s um it's just kind of what happens this
5330s one was actually catalog from last week
5331s we just didn't get to it this one comes
5333s from Kaza and during a rift we've added
5338s in the opportunities for larger vessels
5340s like the oak our Corvettes to appear
5344s and uh we've been having a lot of fun
5347s with that it's very rare to get two to
5349s spawn in but because I was like hey I
5350s like super rare things and took that
5352s shot very very good
5354s it wasn't even you playing you faked it
5356s oh my gosh you guys yes there's it's a
5358s all of this is pre-recorded uh just so
5361s everyone's aware it's 100 pre-recorded
5363s message
5365s gosh
5368s this is showing
5369s Beauty and the riffs here taking on
5372s these okar Corvettes
5373s um and you can also encounter some of
5375s the larger GMB vessels including
5377s frigates by the way so even though they
5379s might not uh punch you very hard with
5383s their turrets uh they can still prove to
5385s be they can be almost useful tools in
5388s some cases to allow Splash damage
5390s opportunities and whatnot uh but uh
5392s those can appear so keep your eyes
5394s peeled for that
5395s we might even increase some of the
5397s chances on some of them but uh let's
5400s also move into high barfs and then after
5401s this we're going to start answering some
5402s questions High barf takes a lot of shots
5404s he keeps customizing his stuff it's it's
5406s it's wonderful it's wonderful a lot of
5408s vertical shots from him as of late with
5410s this almost Iron Man clad gunship with
5413s the new wings that we applied for this
5415s particular update looking pretty good I
5418s like it
5420s we're gonna cycle over to a shot from
5422s Excel as we answer a question that you
5426s guys have been waiting on
5427s let's hear it
5429s right we've got one on YouTube uh from
5431s necro
5433s um if a player first attempts an ancient
5435s Rift will they always get legendary
5437s items
5438s uh not the as of right now that is not
5442s uh the case that is not the case we've
5444s been having some discussions internally
5446s as to like how we can set a player up
5448s for success for obtaining legendaries
5450s and uh it's also something to re uh to
5453s note that there will be legendaries in
5455s the 1.0 that you can obtain outside of
5458s reps there will be those uh styles of
5460s opportunities
5461s it's just that right now in the current
5463s build the only way to do it is by either
5466s achieving a lunacy level you know a
5468s little bit higher than what is known as
5470s secure or safe or by investing the tiers
5474s of the mad that you collect through
5475s multiple Rifts you could like do lunacy
5477s zero collect a bunch of tiers and then
5479s you could spend them all it would be a
5482s lot of Rift runs you could theoretically
5484s do that
5485s um but we're trying to find a much
5487s better balance for that it's not done we
5489s don't think that it's where it needs to
5490s be
5491s um at the same time and I've also
5493s expressed this too going back and forth
5495s here we do want the refs to be a
5497s challenge we want them to be very
5499s challenging and we're not going to skim
5501s on any aspect of easy mode or
5504s accessibility like when you do a rift
5507s it's for the challenge to obtain a
5510s legendary is
5511s it's very like that's that's a reward in
5515s and of itself and it's something that
5517s you have to accomplish
5519s it is not a small feat so a lot of added
5523s information from a fairly basic question
5525s but uh uh no currently you cannot get a
5529s legendary on the first run
5532s um it's still it's still applicable to
5535s um the lunacy level and the number of
5538s tiers like if you wanted to guarantee it
5539s through that means
5541s [Music]
5543s Excel very much enjoy it I love the
5545s coloration of the rift and this one the
5547s orange and blue I mean we've talked
5549s about that so much such a such a
5551s fantastic contrast of colors
5554s and I love the way that the asteroid is
5556s shaped here and just flying down this
5559s pathway just like these lines bringing
5562s you on this journey together in that
5564s glorious beautiful Stinger oh such a
5568s delight So Nice Shot Excel we got
5570s another one from Excel here as well and
5572s you know look
5574s I think that taking shots of the rift
5577s openings is a popular one so when you
5580s take them they got to really stand out
5581s right and look what he's done here look
5584s what Excel has done here this is this is
5586s a very clever shot making it almost look
5589s like the rift is pouring out like
5591s there's another space that you can see
5593s it the fragmented remains within just by
5596s using that clever use of uh Hues the
5601s values that you see here you have the
5602s darks that just there's nothingness in
5605s here and then you have the very bright
5606s very vibrant coloration at the bottom uh
5610s just like seeing this light Into
5611s Darkness
5612s that's such a rad screenshot I very much
5615s enjoy this Excelsior nice job let's show
5619s the chemical Bros shot in all its Glory
5621s if we've got another question can you
5623s fight do we have one uh yes we do we do
5625s uh it's got a question for Finns on
5627s YouTube uh does it make any difference
5628s from which location we enter a rift like
5631s a risk generated from home base any
5633s different risks generated from the brile
5635s plant in Kai nebula at this moment no
5638s this has also been something that we've
5640s internally talked about and uh you know
5643s maybe this is too revealing and you know
5644s maybe there's a team member watching it
5646s like no don't say anything I'm just
5647s going to tell you guys we did have plans
5649s to make them different based on where
5650s you went but that also that plan also
5653s kind of messed up some other components
5655s on how to bring it all together it's
5657s kind of like a development sort of
5658s learning process because if we had made
5661s the riffs differently well then
5663s everyone's gonna play the easiest Rift
5667s that's that's what happens like our
5669s human brains say what is the path of
5672s least resistance because I'm going to do
5673s that to grind out the most stuff right
5676s so you're going to go oh well if the
5677s kite nebula is the easiest Rift I'm only
5679s going to do the kite nebula riffs screw
5681s the other ones I'm going to get all the
5683s rewards there and uh you know because it
5687s we didn't like that we didn't like that
5690s so for now
5692s they are all the same
5694s they are all the same I believe even the
5696s generation thereof within like the enemy
5698s types the the scenery all of that it's
5701s it's completely identical the only
5703s difference is literally the text within
5705s the rift that says Rift seedo Rift Union
5708s Rift zarka that's the only difference
5711s that could change but I would not expect
5715s it to
5716s I would not expect it to so but if it
5720s does we are there's going to be a number
5722s of reasons why and we explain all of
5724s that if it occurs so it's a pretty good
5726s question I like that one
5728s um but yeah as of right now no there's
5729s no differences between them
5731s no differences at all uh the chemical
5734s bro always taking these very contrasty
5738s shots between light and dark usually
5740s with metallic surfaces I'm surprised the
5743s chemical bro you don't have nearly as
5745s many uh like shimmering sparkling
5747s reflecting elements here that you
5750s generally do but it's still a fine shot
5752s nonetheless and also flying the
5755s Apparently hated Vanguard from all you
5758s guys
5760s I think the vanguard's a ton of fun to
5762s fly but it is it's a little bit harder
5764s to uh uh get that satisfaction value out
5768s of it
5769s um but uh still I do like the
5771s stylization I love the look let's move
5773s into one from sirloin why is the
5775s screenshot so small I thought I
5777s downloaded the hi-res oh crap uh sorry
5779s sirloin uh sir sir sir sir lion sir lion
5784s um
5785s but yeah anyway this is supposed to be a
5787s super high res shot apparently I fail
5788s welled and downloaded the wrong one but
5790s uh his this is his customized gunship uh
5793s he's just rocking that very contrasting
5796s colors that are actually uh it's fun
5798s fact the same colors of my high school
5800s nobody cares
5802s um
5804s those are always the best fun facts uh
5806s but it's looking super clean I like the
5808s way it is I'd zoom in for all the fresh
5810s details but because I messed up and
5812s downloaded the wrong image well it looks
5814s like crap uh but that's not because of
5816s you that's because of me don't stop
5819s being awesome sirloin and keep taking
5820s fantastic photos
5822s uh let's move into a geek bite shot as
5825s we have geekbite read off another
5826s question Oh look The one of mine
5830s um right
5832s oh hang on a second what happened to the
5835s Marquee
5836s what in the how do I oh gosh that's not
5840s that's not fixing it
5841s hang on how did that happen
5844s that should only be uh
5846s that should only be one line
5848s did I fix it
5852s I think it goes to one line then
5853s sometimes back to two Okay that's that's
5855s incredibly weird sorry about that thanks
5856s for pointing it out I honestly don't
5858s know how that happened
5860s um I probably misclicked something
5862s whenever I set it up I'll see if I can
5863s adjust it but uh let's hear that
5865s question and then uh we'll keep going
5868s uh right yeah we'll conform on Twitch
5871s and do the rift settings where like
5873s enemies dealing AOE damage on death
5875s carry over to the following instance of
5877s a riff
5879s no the um the various Rift mutators are
5883s only applicable in the location that
5885s they exist this has been something we've
5887s talked about internally and we kind of
5889s do like the idea of them stacking over
5891s time
5892s um that may happen it might not I
5895s wouldn't expect it to
5896s but maybe it will so who knows uh we
5899s also know that we are not entirely done
5901s with mutators either and that also is
5903s applicable to high risk areas so yeah
5906s they're why are you doing that why are
5908s you doing that Ah that's so annoying I'm
5911s sorry guys that's that's a technical uh
5913s something on my end and I I really do
5916s apologize as to what's going on there uh
5919s just ignore the bottom text
5921s gosh I'll try to fix it uh but let's go
5924s ahead and uh I'm gonna cycle over to
5926s another screenshot here we've got C
5928s dutson who's taken a beautiful shot
5930s inside of the uh nebula
5935s um always uh always wonderful to see
5937s these asteroids highlighted I even
5939s mentioned it I think last week's
5940s streamer these are like one of my
5941s favorite asteroids because they're so
5943s unique it makes me incredibly happy uh
5947s to see them uh but uh yeah I mean it's
5951s you don't really go to them very
5953s frequently right
5955s um they're not ones that you see very
5957s often
5959s and uh yeah let me see let's start let's
5963s see where's the there's a there's an
5965s enter button perhaps that has happened
5971s I think that's what it is hang on hang
5972s on hang on
5975s aha I found it I found the problem
5978s ladies and gentlemen we have fixed the
5980s Marquee Oh Praise celebration oh
5986s goodness gravy except now it's going off
5988s the side of the red
5991s Red Bar
5994s oh guys you know now is the perfect time
5997s to mention uh oh no it's not it's fine
5999s it's fine everything's fine everything's
6001s beautiful
6002s okay let's go on to the next screenshot
6004s we got so many to go through wasting all
6006s this time on fixing a marquee all right
6007s so uh we're gonna go a little bit more
6009s to like Snappy quick stuff geekbite if
6012s you have a question for me go ahead and
6013s read it off as we look at high barf's
6014s shot here right uh E2 Moto on YouTube
6017s wants to know in version 1.0 will it be
6020s possible to eventually have enough
6022s device upgrades to fully upgrade all
6025s devices So based on our internal
6028s conversations this has been something of
6030s a
6031s um I'm not gonna say a Hot Topic but
6034s it's been one that's been a little bit
6035s contested between team members and so uh
6039s honestly I want to ask you guys what do
6041s you think do you think that you should
6043s be able to upgrade every single device
6044s in the in-game do you think that that's
6046s uh do you think that's reasonable do you
6048s think that's fair or do you think that
6049s when you're customizing your various
6052s things you have to just spend a couple
6053s of resources in order to do so
6057s I I turned that to you guys and not for
6059s you to answer right now in the chat by
6061s the way but something to think about and
6063s if you do like feel really strongly
6064s about something definitely take it to
6066s the forums let us know why you feel that
6068s way and that might encourage us to move
6070s in a certain direction or not but as it
6073s stands and of course you can tell
6075s because it's the way it's implemented uh
6077s more of the team believes that it's
6080s better for it to utilize this element of
6082s a limited number of upgrades that you
6085s then have to invest in specific
6087s territories and you can of course reset
6089s you still have the means to reset
6092s um it's not too hard to do so either
6093s just with collecting a couple resources
6096s uh but uh yeah that's kind of where
6098s that's
6099s setting yeah I see everyone's already
6101s answering answering the question just
6104s let let the go to the forums because
6106s like there's only there's only so many
6108s of you guys voicing here but if you take
6110s it to the forums the whole team can see
6112s that the whole team can look at that and
6113s say hey this is a particular idea that
6117s maybe we could get behind maybe this is
6118s something that we could do uh to have a
6120s bit of fun and uh and yeah it's good
6124s stuff all right so this one comes from
6127s I think who was uh experimenting with
6130s destroying everything at this GMP
6133s compound in sarcos
6136s that's a lot of scrap metal and I bet
6138s some of that is plasma as well very very
6141s sweet very sweet that's that's so many
6144s resources this almost reminds me of the
6146s Prototype uh builds that we had where
6148s resources would just go absolutely crazy
6150s you don't see this very often so that's
6152s why we were highlighting that one so
6155s good so good
6157s all right
6158s um I'm gonna move into a shot from dark
6160s chaos and then let's answer another
6161s question
6163s uh super Scrapper on Twitch uh once
6166s though is there any chance to be able to
6167s create a custom ship for example you get
6169s to pick which components get used to the
6171s engines which gets used for the Wings
6173s Etc yes that's the plan for a 1.0 so
6176s you'll be able to uh I don't know
6179s the full intricacies of the details in
6183s regards to how that process looks like I
6187s don't know if it's going to require
6188s resources or credits or you know what
6191s have you
6192s um but we very much do want you to be
6194s able to choose the ship style and that
6198s you want and that is absolutely going to
6201s be provided at 1.0
6203s absolutely
6204s I really love this shot I like the
6206s contrast of the red ship and the blue
6208s background and just flying down into the
6210s Unknown super super Neato
6214s um shot from
6216s dark chaos very good we're not moving
6219s into a shot from BW Lambert's who took a
6221s crazy Journey back through outer space
6223s one he took a lot of shots and um they
6226s were actually all pretty good looking
6228s shots uh so commendable BW Lambert very
6231s much enjoyed that gunship love oh my
6234s gosh
6235s crazy how the uh the design the second
6239s Wing design is actually more similar to
6241s the gunship of everspace one I think
6242s that's just mind-blowing
6245s um but uh looks really looks really good
6247s like this shot love the use of the tilts
6251s flying into this particular location
6253s which that's gotta be zarkov right
6255s that's gotta be zarkov
6257s probably
6258s I don't know but uh still very cool and
6261s I love the ships that you can still see
6263s in the background near that G and B
6265s Factory or Mining facility whatever it
6268s is good good stuff
6271s we got one from crispy muffin who also
6273s took a venture back through everspace
6274s one
6275s and he has the DLC Encounters in the
6279s game which guys if you don't have the
6282s DLC for everspace one and you really
6283s enjoy ever space one I'm telling you it
6286s adds so much content
6287s it's kind of ridiculous and it just talk
6292s to the people who have purchased the DLC
6294s with Aerospace one and it's nuts they're
6297s just like yeah it's an absolute buy you
6299s have to it's just so don't even take my
6301s word for it like talk to the people in
6302s the community uh it adds such an absurd
6305s amount of content and this is actually
6306s the first look that players had of the
6309s okar homeworlds so very very cool how
6313s that all came together we also have our
6314s classic Sentinel all the way over Yonder
6319s super cool then we have let's see timing
6323s is getting a little bit tight so we're
6324s going to keep moving forward I like this
6326s shot a lot too uh this one's just fun
6328s because you don't see a lot of the warp
6331s in uh effect variation from everspace 2
6334s to everspace one but in everspace one
6336s they have like this portaling effect
6337s which you only see within the story
6339s components of overspace too
6342s so this shot from BW Lambert I thought
6343s was a really nice takes also kind of
6346s goes well with these uh esteroids that
6348s are nearby too so pretty clever we'll
6351s move into this shot from chemical bro
6353s here's that dark shot that he's so
6354s accustomed to geekbite if you got
6356s another question let's have it yeah I've
6358s got the one uh super Scrapper again on
6360s Twitch are there any plans to add a
6363s person in the cockpit of the ships so
6365s that was also something that was uh
6367s somewhat debatable
6368s um on our team but I think the long and
6371s the short of it is that it is in the
6374s realm of a nice to have so it's possible
6378s but it's not likely it's not likely
6382s um so we'll just have to see what type
6384s of time we have for uh developmental
6387s purposes
6388s um
6390s yeah it's it's not integral to the
6392s gameplay right that's why it's a nice to
6394s have that's why it's not going to happen
6397s um but we have a lot of aesthetic ideas
6399s that would be so much fun
6401s um and I think I could kind of loop that
6403s one into that space I think I think
6406s somebody else seems like no you can't
6407s well that's what I think uh but uh but
6410s again I would not expect it I don't
6412s think it's gonna happen
6413s uh but it is something we've talked
6415s about
6417s all right so nice shot from the chemical
6418s bro here again with those the really
6420s dark shots he does such a fine job with
6422s that did we skip skip wait a second
6424s did this download incorrectly again from
6427s Sir oh my gosh sir lying I'm so sorry I
6430s downloaded your shots wrong here's
6432s another uh super fantastic shot from him
6436s all the details all the glory which I've
6438s butchered and downloading the shot
6440s incorrectly
6442s oh my gosh this is what happens when you
6443s don't have enough time to consolidate
6445s all the information on a Friday stream
6447s uh but uh still the original shot that
6451s he does have you have to download it
6452s through Discord and that's probably
6454s where I failed now I'm thinking about it
6456s um and these very high res you can zoom
6459s in and see like so many details of this
6462s shot
6463s um this lethal starport over in the
6465s Drake system
6467s so I like the shot a lot it's very clean
6469s it's very representative of the starport
6472s itself good good good
6475s I like it
6476s moving on over to
6479s your futa fish
6482s this is a classic shot of the ice droids
6484s over in Drake I dig it
6489s that's all
6491s good shot I like it we got another one
6494s from high barf and trying out his
6495s vertical shots and again he's changing
6496s his ships around this time he's flying
6498s that Vindicator I love those wings on
6500s The Vindicator oh my gosh they are so
6502s gorgeous because this color these colors
6504s though I'm a I'm a little concerned my
6507s eyes hurt just looking at that but still
6508s I love the way that it's flying forward
6510s into this uh Planet I'm not criticizing
6513s the image maybe a little am I
6515s criticizing anyway whatever am I the bad
6517s guy uh but I still do like the
6520s positioning that you're doing and
6521s playing around vertical shots super
6523s super good I love this shot from Flory
6525s for catching something that a lot of you
6528s guys haven't you got these little mining
6530s drones that have scurried around and
6533s implanted their feet so that they can
6534s start chunking away these minerals uh
6537s clever shot I love highlighting this a
6540s lot of people didn't even know this
6541s existed in the game there's a lot of
6542s little details like this in these
6544s environments because remember these are
6546s all handcrafted locations we've hidden
6548s lots of things around
6550s another one from chemical bro um
6552s geekbite I'm gonna have you hold
6553s questions for a little bit because I'm
6554s going to try and get through these I
6555s want to get to Michael selects
6557s um no worries another one from excellent
6560s another one from the chemical bro very
6562s dark very contrasted you see these
6565s missile trails and this barraged uh
6567s start Port base thing going on
6571s I love the juxtaposition of the asteroid
6574s in regards to the planet and the ship
6576s you get this a decent sense of scale
6579s going on here
6580s um and it's very classic Sci-fi it
6584s almost looks like it was painted by an
6585s AI in some cases so good stuff I like
6588s that one we also have a shot from Wizard
6590s Jerry uh with that classic expression of
6593s good guys never look at explosions
6594s except this is a bad guy and he's flying
6598s away from his own buddy his own ship uh
6601s either that or he's the one exploding I
6602s can't quite tell it's it's a pretty
6605s clever shot regardless especially as you
6607s see this massive freighter in the frost
6610s things are not going well for either of
6612s these uh retaliators
6615s great little capture
6617s we also have another one from Sir lion
6620s and once again I downloaded incorrectly
6623s but we have this nice shot of Cato
6625s Palace we get to see another side of the
6627s scrolling Marquee elements up at the top
6631s and how it can change to different
6633s things
6634s and that is a very gold Gunship again I
6638s wish it was in high quality detail
6639s because it's incredibly reflective in
6641s the natural image
6643s but uh
6645s Nice Shot I love it
6647s we've got this one from dark chaos which
6650s I love these super expansive shots of
6654s highlighting various locations
6656s and this one over in the Drake system is
6659s one of those you get to see everything
6661s that this site has to offer and you also
6664s get that very impressive sense of scale
6666s don't mind the fact that you can tell
6668s that it's um combined images you get
6671s everything on this space this ice that's
6675s floating in the water and all the bases
6677s it just shows you just how large some of
6680s these territories can be so great job
6683s dark chaos and then this last one from
6685s darkcast he said he he'd try to find the
6687s right angle for the shot multiple times
6689s so I just wanted to give them an a for
6690s effort here just to highlight it see the
6693s various colors going on in the uh just
6696s how crazy some of the locations you can
6698s find actually are
6701s I don't know how many of you people know
6703s that environments like this exist but
6705s they definitely do
6707s they definitely do
6709s all right so all of that being uh
6712s covered now we're now going to go over
6713s to Michael selects we're going to take
6715s another quick break in between Michael
6717s selects we'll answer like one question
6719s if we have time uh but we might not so
6722s give me one second to prep the Michael
6723s Michael selects because it's a little
6725s bit more of a process
6726s and then we're gonna Dive In
6729s highlight these beauties
6732s and don't worry I have it set up
6734s correctly so I can actually read and
6737s show you a beautiful screenshot at the
6738s same time ah so nice
6742s so nice
6744s back we are again these are the Michael
6748s selects who's Michael you may ask
6751s Michael is the CEO of Rockfish games he
6754s is the creator of everspace and a couple
6759s other games honestly but um and whenever
6762s he goes through and he picks out a photo
6764s it means that it is the best of the best
6766s from the community these are
6769s beautiful representations of what the
6771s game has to offer highlighting some
6773s certain element or otherwise here we
6777s have Bradley's shot called ship rear art
6780s kicking off November's Michael selects
6782s with an artsy shot demonstrating how
6784s much more care our art design team took
6786s to make player ships look great from
6788s behind where you see it most of the time
6790s great use of depth of field focusing on
6793s the rear while the Blurred Sparks in
6795s mid-ground look like some pop neon art
6798s note the incredible Delta on the engine
6801s and Thruster VFX when zooming in
6804s [Music]
6806s all right
6809s a great shot from Bradley
6812s so we'll go ahead and keep on the screen
6813s geekbra do you have a quick question for
6815s me
6816s yeah well very quick one check you won't
6818s forget it frog
6820s um we'll Arc 9000 Mighty make it into
6822s 1.0
6826s okay it never ends
6828s uh
6830s you know I just talked with the team and
6832s there's a slight chance
6834s because .001 is still a chance all right
6837s let's move into the next shot we've got
6840s uh the chemical bro cold lava boy
6845s chemical bro always comes up with great
6847s shots like this one where you can sense
6849s the speed of the spaceship flying at low
6851s altitude over a jagged cold lava crust
6854s shimmering black in the Sun that is
6856s partially covered by smoke and Haze at
6858s Alpha Draco
6862s clean directs
6864s solid shot from the chemical bro next up
6867s we're going to highlight one from Kaza
6869s and one we've used I believe in a
6871s thumbnail somewhat recently this one's
6874s called asteroid ahead another fantastic
6876s shot by kazad demonstrating how
6878s beautiful everspace 2 is even if there's
6881s just a weird asteroid eclipsing a star
6883s with some strange purple nebula in the
6884s Skybox yet again kudos to Marco our lead
6887s technical artist for his Space Magic yep
6891s absolutely beautiful uh shot that we are
6893s composing here fantastic because uh
6896s highlighting all the hard work that our
6898s technical artists have put Blood Sweat
6901s and Tears into good good stuff this next
6904s one is also kazaz this one's called out
6906s bombered
6908s ah
6909s because all doubles down on a beautiful
6911s backdrop this time with an outlaw
6913s station apparently destroyed by the
6914s bomber notice the classic floodlight
6916s illumination of the massive structure
6918s like in a Batman movie great going to
6921s the movies vibe
6926s solid
6930s super good super good
6933s all right we're gonna keep this alive
6934s and well because we are yeah we're just
6937s we're rocking this the chemical bro has
6939s one called Ice Break the chemical Bros
6942s parking his Sentinel for a quick break
6945s on Gilbert Shelf with a massive Iceberg
6947s adding impressive scale to the scene
6949s really digging the flares on the beveled
6951s edges of the hole as well as the wave
6953s Shader on the ocean looking super real
6956s oh that ocean
6959s yeah those curves are incredibly nice
6962s and uh per chemical Bros desires he does
6965s have these reflective shots that uh
6968s make the there's like the sense of
6970s realism that comes out
6972s um with his shots especially of this
6975s close-up shots but that one's so clean
6977s and I love the the very large uh body uh
6981s the iceberg is what it is called in the
6983s background there as well
6986s next one up we got whiskey dancer who
6990s has done a lot of screenshots over on
6993s Steam so if you went to steam and you
6995s went to like the community posts and
6996s stuff and you went to screenshots you'd
6998s see a ton from him over there in fact
7001s this is where I believe Michael gets
7003s most of his screenshots but he does also
7004s get some from Discord as well
7006s um but yeah there's some fantastic shots
7009s if you're scrolling through there and a
7012s lot of them are from whiskey dancer this
7014s one is space submarine whiskey dancer is
7018s best known for amazing solitary
7020s playership shots which you can find tons
7022s of on the everspace 2 Steam screenshots
7023s page
7025s however here's an amazing environmental
7027s shot with a totally different vibe
7028s almost making ever Space 2 look like a
7031s space submarine game maybe a cool idea
7033s for an expansion or even a spin-off uh
7035s what a tease couldn't resist oh Michael
7038s oh Michael that does very much look like
7040s it's underwater though
7041s clever clever shot a good observation
7046s next one also comes from whiskey dancer
7050s this one is called space force sometime
7054s you just gotta reduce it to the max to
7056s take a stunning wallpaper screenshot I
7059s mean just look at this for a second I
7062s even thought this might be Homeworld 3
7063s but nope that's also everspace 2 baby
7066s yet another idea for a spin-off okay
7070s I'll hold it here all right oh Michael
7072s you with the Jesus Nice Shot nice clean
7075s shot fly into formation with those six
7077s Coalition Fighters I love it I dig it
7080s very very clean another one from Kaza oh
7086s my goodness Kaza you're getting you're
7088s getting a lot of Love Today
7090s jeez how much did you pay Mike odds
7093s dive into the rift is what this one's
7096s called one of my favorite shots of
7098s entering another Rift stage great
7100s alignment of the purple Thunderbolts the
7102s gunship and the rift opening while the
7104s camera has a nice tilt for extra Dynamic
7107s with the orange Horizon cutting the
7108s image in two halves almost like the
7110s player is about crossing a line before
7112s getting sucked into the rift also notice
7114s how the rift's opening light is tinting
7116s the spaceship's hole in the same color
7119s 100
7120s wallpaper material and I couldn't agree
7122s more couldn't agree more very very look
7127s over the chassis everspace 3 ever world
7130s uh oh my gosh home space confirm oh my
7134s gosh you guys are ridiculous thank you
7135s for being here so it's such a delight
7138s having you
7140s really good stuff we got another one
7142s from Kaza again jeez seriously uh oh
7147s cars in the rift
7149s this one looks somewhat familiar to
7151s another screenshot that I was able to
7152s highlight earlier one that I chose uh
7154s kazak going for the big ocar ships and a
7156s rift is a breathtaking shot because we
7158s don't see two Capital ships close
7160s together too often while it also
7161s perfectly timed with three explosions
7164s going off on the one with the other okar
7167s trying to GTFO before it is too late
7169s since there's nothing to do against a
7171s gunship attacking the Goss cannon with a
7174s Goss Cannon and a front Shield generator
7176s fully charged man ain't that the truth
7179s these gunships holy cow they go into
7182s riffs and they just tear things up
7185s solid shot once again
7188s we are nearing the end of the Stream
7191s time for Speed Run
7193s Kaza broken heart asteroid meanwhile I
7197s can look at a screenshot until it was
7199s taken by Kazan usually we're looking at
7201s a star at the distance partially
7202s occluded by a massive asteroid or
7204s structure maybe a capital ship in the
7206s mid ground to spice things up and the
7208s playership entering the scene from an
7210s angle while we have seen even better
7212s shots from Kaza this one made the cut
7214s because no matter if intended or not the
7217s broken heart asteroid is just too good
7219s not to show looks like a broken heart oh
7224s my goodness
7225s oh my goodness
7227s very clean once again next one comes
7230s from dark chaos dark chaos this one's
7235s spaceship Eclipse dark chaos is back
7237s with another spaceship Eclipse shot and
7240s it doesn't it does not disappoint either
7242s I love how tiny the ship is at this time
7244s yet that sense of scale yet no prominent
7247s yet so prominent due to the harsh
7249s lighting the massive Planet setting in a
7251s hazy orbit with a field of strangely
7254s shaped asteroids gives the scene an
7255s eerie almost Mystic touch letting you
7257s wonder what the heck this place is all
7260s about wallpaper material absolutely
7263s absolutely so dark chaos again is
7266s another one of those fantastic
7267s contenders we highlighted several of
7268s them and uh yeah he he's also a galactic
7272s photographer as all the individuals that
7273s have been listed thus far are just for
7276s their fantastic scenery that they
7278s capture from the game here's another one
7280s from dark chaos and this is also the
7282s final
7283s Michael select Alpha Draco claimed to
7287s more wallpaper material from dark chaos
7289s this shot is one of the most popular of
7291s the past three months on Steam
7294s while there's no action there's just so
7296s much visual storytelling going on as
7298s Pilots we'll have figured out by now the
7300s active laser beam of the broken
7302s structure hints at other location
7304s challenges as a puzzle to be solved to
7306s get some precious loot while mining
7308s structures on the asteroid will surely
7310s be worth a visit too all in front of a
7313s mesmerizing lava planet in the
7315s background if I had an ultra wide
7316s monitor this would be my desktop image
7319s ah so delightful and that's the Michael
7323s selects thank you all so much for your
7325s continued submissions of screenshots
7328s um and hey I kind of have a challenge
7330s for you all for next week
7332s what that's right we would like to start
7335s going into some uh Community territory
7339s to spice things up on this road to 1.0
7342s we're gonna start having some fun with
7344s it
7345s and so I want to challenge you guys
7349s with a themed screenshot challenge for
7352s next week okay we're gonna start one off
7354s that's kind of basic and then we're
7356s gonna build into more in the future so
7360s all next week
7362s I want your focus
7365s of your screenshots
7367s to be on weapons
7371s and devices
7372s that's it weapons and devices if you are
7376s focusing in on weapon and device usage
7380s or highlighting their style or
7382s showcasing a crazy use of those elements
7385s you're going to have your screenshot
7387s shown in next week okay so that is the
7390s challenge we are going to also have a
7392s little playful uh you know vote
7394s internally uh with the community to see
7396s which one kind of Reigns Supreme which
7398s one you all think is the best so we are
7401s going to uh coordinate this with some
7403s added components after the stream uh
7405s into Monday and all of these elements
7408s are going to be very accessible
7410s especially through the Discord in order
7412s to submit and also to vote
7415s and then the polar is going to close on
7417s Thursday that way we can iron out the
7418s ones that get selected by you guys and
7421s then talk about those on Friday so that
7422s is your challenge you want to focus in
7424s on weapons and devices for the
7428s screenshots that will be gathered for
7429s next week
7432s we've got some fun themes we're going to
7434s be doing this from time to time and
7436s there's going to be varying challenges
7439s that we Supply to you all so uh don't
7442s get too comfortable just taking
7443s screenshots I'll say that all right guys
7446s I
7448s um man it's been a lot of fun today it's
7451s been a really fun stream we were able to
7452s highlight the uh the detoxification
7454s Mission uh I got my butt handed to me in
7457s the first Rift run but you know what I
7458s do feel like I redeem myself partially
7460s in the second one
7462s um partially
7463s four reasons
7465s um but guys thank you so much for your
7467s energy thank you so much for your
7468s questions it's been fantastic being able
7470s to serve you and make sure that your
7472s needs are being met and also making sure
7474s the expectations are aligned here as we
7476s continue working on everspace 2 the 1.0
7478s release and then beyond it you have
7481s sincerely been awesome and I have
7484s sincerely been Eric Trader your
7485s community Ambassador for Rockfish games
7487s so don't stop being awesome we'll catch
7490s you next week I want those screenshots
7492s again focused on Firepower on devices
7495s and
7497s um
7499s if there are any questions that I missed
7501s uh take them to the Discord as well I'll
7503s answer those here shortly okay all right
7506s toodles
7529s [Music]
7537s [Music]
7545s foreign
7555s [Music]
7565s I see that Corbin Corbin is uh he's
7568s actually playing riffs within ever space
7571s two uh so I think we should totally go
7574s raid him for our twitch streamers so we
7577s should definitely set that up guys I was
7580s just evaluating my throat to see if if I
7582s could do any sort of shenanigans
7584s afterwards uh it's not looking good I I
7586s know that no I know that we have a lot
7588s of fun in like the after stream and you
7590s know I I do really bad beatboxing that
7593s you guys for some reason enjoy it it's
7594s fine
7595s um I'm not gonna do that today I don't
7596s want to hurt myself uh maybe we can plan
7598s on doing that next week okay but also uh
7602s per usual I just want to make sure that
7603s you guys do know in fact that everspace
7606s 2.
7608s right now if you wishlist us and you're
7611s following all the things that are going
7612s on when we're on sale you're getting it
7614s for the best price you can possibly get
7616s because at one point oh the price point
7618s is going up okay it is increasing we
7622s have put a lot of time and energy into
7624s this thing and projections have in fact
7626s changed you know like if you've been
7628s with us from the very very beginning you
7630s understand this if you're just getting
7632s into things you'll maybe you don't
7634s realize just how much more the game has
7636s taken for him and the directions that
7638s we've uh been able to like build into it
7641s and we want to make sure that our team
7643s uh is compensated for that right so the
7647s price point will in fact go up at the
7649s 1.0 release
7651s furthermore
7652s um if you you know do the whole wish
7654s listing stuff you'll know you'll be
7656s notified of the sales and everything as
7657s well as the fact that you know we'll
7659s continue the conversation about DLCs in
7660s the future there's going to be at least
7661s one free DLC pack after the 1.0 release
7664s and we've already showed uh that we are
7667s going to work on a DLC a premium DLC in
7672s mid 2024 so that's going to be
7674s approximately a year and change after
7677s the full release
7679s um and uh yeah it'll be it'll be good
7682s stuff so
7683s that's all I got that's I think that's
7685s it stream concluded let's go red Corbin
7688s twitch people uh YouTube
7691s my heart I love you you're wonderful
7694s take care guys have a great and safe
7697s weekend