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13s [Music]
16s foreign
25s [Music]
72s foreign
79s [Music]
88s [Music]
112s foreign
148s foreign
220s foreign
245s [Music]
257s [Music]
263s I think we're about ready boys and girls
265s oh yes we're about ready
294s foreign
311s [Music]
325s in the best form at the moment his
327s throat's causing him a little bit of an
329s issue uh so he's been told to rest
333s and by that he's got to be still be here
335s but he's just not going to be talking so
337s we've switched duties just for a little
339s bit of funsies you're gonna get to deal
341s with me for the next two hours sorry if
343s everybody's rather disappointed by that
345s but uh yes Eric's still here as is uh
347s Michael and also Doctor Who you so if
350s you do have a plethora a plethora
354s and please do ask them in the chat I'll
357s try and answer them as best as I can but
359s we have some wonderful people in the
361s chat to answer all those questions that
364s you will uh uh no don't ask through the
367s Stream
369s yeah look at the accident definitely the
371s beard yes exactly exactly
373s um so yes a bit of a change of view uh
376s Eric's resting himself as best he can uh
378s because we you know we all want that
380s beat boxing back but he can't do it at
382s the moment uh so we are giving him a
385s reprieve this week so you've got me for
387s the next couple of hours so what do we
390s have in store for you
392s well
393s couple of things we're going to be
395s carrying on with our playthrough uh now
397s luckily enough myself and Eric are a
399s similar position uh in our playthroughs
402s obviously Eric's maybe in a slightly
404s different position but I'm not far too
406s far ahead of him so I'll be playing it
408s slightly different to how where it does
409s it does play it on very on hard setting
411s as well
412s nah I'm not that good Eric to be fair
415s he's a lot better pilot than I am so
417s I'll play through still in my normal
419s Sentinel I haven't swapped ships yet but
421s I've done some modifications
423s so we'll play through that what also are
426s we gonna have a look at now if you can
428s see on maybe I'll just make it out on my
430s head
431s IR yes we're gonna give that a
433s whirl we're gonna see how that's faring
434s uh in the various places it causes
437s um
438s a real immersion especially if you're
440s playing in the uh cockpit or on the nose
443s view of the ship so we're gonna try that
446s see if we can wet anybody's appetite to
448s try out truck IR uh when the game
450s launches I mean if you're in Early
451s Access now you can also try it now
453s uh we're also going to be looking at
457s the community challenge later on which
458s we've been running uh which is a mining
461s and Fan Art we've got some good good
463s pictures this week some amazing ones
465s from the regulars who's just knock it
468s out of the park week in week out we'll
469s also be looking at uh the community
472s screenshots there's some new people uh
474s diving in with some wonderful
476s screenshots this week that were very
478s very excited about so um we're showing
481s those at the end we'll also do some
482s reminders for uh where you can get to
485s play uh and have your first hands on
487s with near 1.0 release
490s um of everspace 2 and that's going to be
493s at Pax later this month and we are also
497s on The Final Countdown oh yes we're
500s about
501s 26 days I think it is now 26 days out
504s from launch
507s pressure pressure but uh
511s Flory I've just noticed so another zero
514s credit sale to be fair no because it's
517s my save it's not it's not Eric save I
519s know what Eric's like for giving me no
521s money but
524s uh but yes I've got somebody I've got
526s somebody in my bank for this one uh but
529s yes definitely uh keep my dance yeah
533s that's uh that that's probably not gonna
535s happen super scrap unfortunately all the
537s all the rap now
538s so yeah before we dive in just uh
541s remember
542s if you have any questions do stick them
544s in the chat and you're normally uh
546s people do tag me in there so if you want
547s to tag Rockfish games or giraffes or if
551s I could delete his credit someone thanks
553s Eric love you thanks very much
556s delete all the credits
559s um do tag uh Rockfish games on um
562s YouTube and also geographical uh on the
566s twitch chat if you do want your
568s questions answered uh I'll come to
570s somebody if I can see them as well but I
572s expect everybody to be diving in uh as
575s they see fit so uh yeah well yeah med
579s bed 26 days 26 days it's so close it's
582s so close oh don't you thank you very
584s much loving the beard loving the beard
586s yeah this was this was curvy beard uh
588s some of you might know I got covered
590s just uh around Christmas time and uh I
592s just let it I just let it do whatever he
594s wanted to do for four weeks yo scary
596s scary anyway we shall dive in we shall
598s dive in uh and continue on with my C
602s save
606s I love everybody's like yeah come on
607s just delete his credits just delete them
609s delete them come on game you you know
611s you're gonna load you know you're gonna
614s right so you can see I'm still in the
616s Sentinel but my ship has slightly been
619s modified so some of you might not have
621s seen this so we'll have a little look at
622s the custom style I've collected some of
625s my little journey through this game
626s already uh not many but if we look at
629s the edits and the ship modules you can
632s see that I've got different sets of
633s wings now that is a normal set of wings
635s uh you can see it's very very swish as
638s it is with that color scheme uh in the
641s metallic but then I prefer the Tormentor
643s wings I do like that setup
645s so if you do collect them
647s um you will get them from various things
649s such as completing challenges uh in the
651s region
653s um or you might even just find them in
655s boxes so have a look around for them
657s they do not generally drop if I remember
659s correctly from normal quest lines you
661s have to go find them you got to kind of
663s earn them uh we'll have a look I haven't
665s got any oh yeah I've got the different
666s fronts
667s some of these I'm not keen on
670s I do like that one uh and then the rear
673s end as well is the different type of the
675s rear as well which I've got that one
677s I've got that one with the the wing oh
680s maybe that one but I I do I do quite
683s like the uh
685s type 8 I do quite like that one now
687s bearing around while we're here as well
689s you can get various engine colors as
692s well so as you again you earn these you
695s pick them up you find them in the world
698s that you will travel you can choose
699s different colorations
701s depend upon what you've picked up
703s obviously if you want to go full orange
704s that's that's quite nice in a Darkness
707s the following you I think over the men's
709s thrusters
713s people are spottering things they're
715s like my honestly things
717s uh so yeah we're going to stick with I
719s think we're the full orange the neon
720s carrot uh if we yeah we're going neon
723s camera we've got a full neon carrot
724s there's nothing wrong with that also as
726s well we've got the window tint which you
728s can change your
730s cockpit view to various colors that we
732s found
734s but yeah I'm quite I'm quite liking that
736s it's matching the color we'll stick with
738s that that one
739s I I believe that uh maybe Eric had the
742s screaming infection name there
748s and various decals as well which you you
750s probably know as well you probably know
752s so uh yep different customization
755s definitely nice customer engine I know
758s RGB Thruster then
761s love it love it yeah we haven't gone for
764s the rainbow puke just yet we haven't not
766s yet anyway not yet now don't worry I
767s know I still got points to spend up
769s there in my mainstream expansions and
771s also my device upgrades because this is
773s a slightly older save than what I've
774s been playing I have upgraded but uh
776s we'll carry on with the story anyway we
778s shall dive out
780s we'll go continue I believe we're gonna
783s have to go to Prescott
793s the game volume up a smidge
800s number there is a box in there filled
803s with research material and other stuff
805s it has my name on it it's Delia window
808s right that's an interesting name wendo
811s yeah I think it's Japanese originally
814s possibly Canyon definitely of Soul
816s origin just let me know once you find
819s anything okay I will talk to you soon
828s yeah I don't have too bad a potato
830s computer it does need an upgrade though
832s just personal preference I'm a PC Gamer
835s right
838s let's go through Sito
840s transport Transit brother
854s [Music]
865s you're just gonna pick up that
867s bulletproof container because you never
868s know what you might find it's always
870s good to have a little look
878s oops
879s we put that mine there right so we've
882s got beam laser and then Shield
886s I had a few disagreements with mines in
889s one of my other places I was not a happy
890s chappie
894s yep there goes your Shield as well
899s right Let's Travel
902s Prescott
904s Vice and skimmery Central
906s is it possible to change aspects of your
909s personality yes that is possible is
912s there any way to make you a bit
914s friendlier a little less cynical gee
917s Captain you betcha that's such a swell
920s suggestion a jolly Hive makes for a
922s happier ride oh my sweet Scrappy hell no
926s stop that please revert to default I
930s knew you would see reason
932s you've got a love Hive he is amazing
944s I mean he's one of the best NPCs I think
946s I've ever come across uh in the gaming
948s world
953s Jolly Hive is a setting because you I
956s think you'd eventually want to turn him
957s off because it'd be like it's not high
958s if it really isn't
973s right here we go Prescott
977s Vice and skimmery and various Outlaw
980s things let's get rid of them
982s get out of here
986s while I remember actually
988s oh hello just going to pause I do have
991s in
993s in the
994s [Music]
996s Q let me just check
1001s where
1003s where have I got it set
1013s yeah sorry I was looking in the wrong
1014s place uh also Amy strength it's one
1017s thing that I think people are gonna have
1018s to get used to it the default is uh 0.5
1021s which is bang in the middle which people
1024s have probably got used to now if you do
1025s fancy a little bit of a different
1026s challenge
1028s there is a auto aiming that you can
1031s tweak as well so not only can you adjust
1032s the difficulty
1034s if you want to be supremely accurate if
1036s you find that things are a little bit
1038s too easy a little bit too sticky when it
1040s comes to the aiming then you can
1043s actually tweak this about so I actually
1046s knock it down ever so slightly
1048s um if you're feeling very adventurous
1050s knock it off
1052s good luck with that good luck with that
1054s but I tend to run it about 30 to 40 just
1058s for you know a bit more of a challenge I
1060s only play on normal I'm not like Eric
1061s I'm not you're super hard and an
1064s exceptional pilot so I just started to
1065s remind people that you can change that
1067s or you will be able to change it
1069s um
1070s or your pleasure to help with the Autumn
1072s because sometimes people have said it's
1073s a little bit too sticky a little bit too
1076s easy
1078s I just feel like I'm just about to get
1080s blown up first you know what I'm gonna
1083s do get over there
1098s I don't know thank you
1100s there we go just cleaned out the place
1102s of a few things before we go see
1105s Decatur
1121s well look who it is you're dealing with
1125s me from now on
1126s hi Daryl so now I get to know where
1129s Maddox is for real right yeah he leashes
1132s the biggest hanger in even rest a
1134s settlement here in Union
1135s but so far as what kind of reception
1137s you're gonna get when you arrive there
1138s we hold no responsibility
1141s Medics has good reason to be a deeply
1143s paranoid individual who else has been
1146s looking for him hard to say it's just
1149s murmurs on the wavelengths okay see you
1152s around oh hey before you leave in case
1155s you're interested in doomless more
1156s favors and earning some credits talk to
1159s Marianne over here
1161s sure as long as she doesn't have
1162s anything else up her sleeves I do not
1165s understand oh wait you are referring to
1168s your first visit an unfortunate incident
1171s I extend my apologies
1174s it's quite all right Marianne he's out
1176s of your control
1176s so what can you offer me please let me
1179s inform you about the station's John
1181s board I have the clearance to inform you
1183s that there are jobs of special interest
1185s if you succeed in doing some of these
1187s I'll have a look
1193s right Dr you've just asked what fov I am
1198s playing at
1198s [Music]
1200s um
1202s question is okay
1207s 110 I play it very wide
1210s on the third person
1214s now some people might find that a little
1215s bit too wide
1217s um I don't know what the default is I
1218s think it's probably around 90 maybe even
1221s less
1224s that's actually just launch and just see
1227s what that looks like
1229s a lot of customization so that is what
1232s we're currently at
1235s yeah but that is what we're currently
1237s rocking at
1239s and then like I said what I play at is
1244s that as I go over to 10.
1248s gives you that little bit wider
1250s um some people may find it a little bit
1254s too far
1256s I'll tell you I I feel it's quite
1259s fascinating you're almost like
1261s interesting what do we need to change on
1264s that one
1265s [Laughter]
1271s excellent race so we'll just re-doc
1274s because we do need to speak to uh
1276s there we are ensure that I use 100 okay
1281s yeah a lot of people are saying anything
1282s between 90 and 100.2 you use these 100
1285s yeah I just go to the max just to give
1286s me that
1287s preview because I'm a third person
1289s Viewpoint player I do prefer to play uh
1292s in that Viewpoint definitely
1295s right so let's have a look let's have a
1297s look at the shop actually they don't
1298s generally have anything about liquor
1299s small arms and ramen uh let's assault
1303s that's
1304s okay we'll switch that because it's got
1306s a slightly better Precision
1309s now that's rubbish rubbish
1312s rubbish rubbish
1318s keep them for the time being
1323s let's pop them in get rid of them
1325s your Breakers
1333s that
1335s and we'll sell them get rid of them get
1337s rid of them right let's have a look at
1338s the jobs on offer from Marianne we're
1340s just going to do pick a pick a jump jump
1343s story base I'm good should we do that
1346s one let's go find that one
1353s there we go thanks oh we gotta finish
1356s two jobs wow now they say right I want
1360s another job from you then while I'm here
1364s you just said choose a job and now it's
1365s saying do two jobs
1367s Ramen delivery
1371s you know I'm gonna pick that one up as
1372s well do Ramen Ramen Ramen Ramen
1378s right
1382s so we need to go get control we require
1385s you to make three deliveries using our
1387s ramen drones if you fail to make a
1389s delivery in time a small percentage will
1392s be deducted from your payment what Ramen
1394s drones I bet it's not even Ramen they're
1396s carrying
1397s please be careful with the drones they
1400s can be difficult to control yeah one of
1403s the drones is destroyed you will not
1405s receive any payment for that delivery
1407s I'll do my best
1409s I really thought I graduated from menial
1411s tasks
1415s where there we go rice
1417s some people have struggled uh with the
1419s controls either but they do say it is
1421s difficult the you know Marianne even
1424s says if one of the uh sorry these are
1425s difficult to control you know so we
1428s asked let's kind of laid out there that
1430s you are going to take a little bit of
1431s skill to try and control these words is
1433s completely crashing
1434s so you just gotta be very careful
1438s let's see where we need to go
1441s that way they are definitely wonky
1445s donkey to uh yeah to deliver things with
1448s oh bro
1450s come on we got 36 seconds so yeah you
1453s kind of
1456s anyway quite difficult you if you keep
1458s pushing hard then it's like a boat it
1462s really is like a boat if you keep
1463s pushing throttle forward all the time
1464s you're just gonna keep going
1466s there we go then you can stop in the
1469s area
1471s that was good that was good oh right
1474s next oh no
1476s over here
1478s sometimes the challenge is actually
1479s finding the way in to the point where
1481s you need to deliver
1487s right
1493s precision
1494s he says
1497s but yes small movements not too much
1500s power
1504s momentum exactly exactly
1507s Mr counters Casino
1510s where your money gets lost come
1516s there we go so yeah you can see I'm
1518s still slightly it's almost like no
1519s inertia now but no inertia dampeners at
1521s all not at all
1523s right
1525s 39 39.
1536s okay where are you are you around oh
1538s you're around the back sneaky sneaky
1540s sneaky
1545s there we go
1549s people sure do go crazy for their Ramen
1552s it's what's really interesting I think
1555s that's the first time ever that I've
1556s done that first time
1559s I will transfer the payment immediately
1562s there we go bit of renown which is nice
1565s and some more crates
1568s right so that's one of two jobs done
1570s for the keto Clan
1573s we shall
1575s yeah
1576s acquisition wait okay so where do we
1578s need to go
1580s but Renown is veteran too oh look we can
1584s pick up some stuff
1586s rewards oh thank you we've got tuned and
1590s Energizer SP but now we're in here uh
1594s yeah
1595s we've got Max with destabiling missiles
1598s yeah that's not too shabby it's not too
1601s shabby
1605s and our missions is start acquisition
1611s the other one
1613s oh it was destroyed the best wasn't it
1615s yeah right
1619s he's over there right let's power up the
1621s super light and let's head there
1632s Hive what can you tell me about even
1634s rest unfortunately there is nothing in
1636s my latest iteration thank you very much
1638s Eric much appreciated
1641s I would perhaps be able to tell you more
1644s but I can at least ascertain that it is
1647s an unofficial category of location given
1649s there is no record
1654s so yeah if you do want to ask your
1656s questions just fire them off uh Eric
1659s um druyu and also Michael will dive in
1662s with the answers
1663s um I will always see them we normally do
1665s a section like every 30 minutes where
1667s I'll ask Eric the uh the questions that
1669s get collated but Eric's just firing them
1672s out there like a demon uh he's answering
1674s them all for you so please uh do keep
1676s asking them you've probably got lots of
1677s various things that you need to know the
1679s answers to we won't be able to tell you
1681s everything
1683s something secret that's
1686s right let's go take out this base
1693s he is indeed he's indeed
1703s so this is the place I gotta take
1705s offline
1714s why did there have to be one of these
1716s parts right next to it
1719s what I wanted
1721s hey hang on let's try and check out this
1722s place first I think
1734s because we're on the pesky bronze oh
1738s hello
1740s how are you you Mr turret all right he's
1742s going from over there
1744s the range on some of these turrets is
1746s quite phenomenal to be fair
1755s come on through thank you
1758s I thought I was gonna get blown up there
1760s that uh missile just colliding with the
1764s uh
1766s the bomb that I threw back oh right
1768s that's cleared that up a little bit so
1770s we need some more energy calls taken out
1775s through it on there
1780s okay
1782s no power taking on them
1784s we're having a little ding dong we'll
1786s have a little fight there between them
1787s that's fine not what we want to do
1790s and
1792s right so we've got that
1795s else I got a mission energy coil amount
1804s okay there it is there it is there it is
1808s become the boss
1810s tells you where they want to be taken
1812s two but we shall oblige
1816s look peeps I use
1819s my old
1821s I completed that job for you um will be
1824s pleased
1826s nice
1830s I've got some more stuff we've got some
1831s mirror down and we got some money
1834s go to get some money
1836s what else did we get we get a nice boost
1842s yeah nice speed but recharge shocking
1845s yeah
1846s yeah we'll do that should remove that
1848s one yeah we'll do that
1851s do it improving that though cool there
1853s we go so that has
1855s two things nicely oh okay somebody had a
1858s little ding dong fight over here as well
1859s which gives us some credits and new ship
1862s colors
1868s I'm sure Eric one day will remember
1870s where the G key is for um using his old
1874s we all do it we all do it
1886s more credits
1896s yeah very good
1903s love it right we'll have a little scoot
1906s around here because you never know
1907s always have when you go to a little
1909s section
1910s always have a little look around because
1911s you never know like there's a shipwreck
1913s there you never know what you might find
1918s spawn points there we go ready doors
1921s make it
1923s uh and over here we've got the
1925s Demolisher not a fan of demolishers
1929s see if there's anything yep there you go
1935s how much room you can go up
1938s as well
1946s we got a scattergun blueprint
1952s right last is this
1957s throwing his stuff at me which isn't
1959s very nice
1960s um
1962s did we just get both three blueprints
1964s there
1969s love it
1971s right
1973s go grab this container see what we got
1975s another box
1977s see
1978s we got some stuff we'll just get some
1980s stuff right
1982s so that's into there we've completed
1984s that uh Talent acquisition docket kit or
1987s Palace so we'll head back there
1990s and that little lot in as well Prescott
1993s Starbucks
1994s obstacle detected don't fly into a rock
1998s never good again
2002s thank you
2005s David out fly into a rock
2008s it's greatest way to stop yourself very
2010s quickly
2015s I've nothing I've come to terms with you
2017s just the way you are well that is
2019s reassuring that is if you're okay with
2022s me the way I am so far as Allegiance you
2025s should not doubt I am here merely to
2027s serve you and ensure the best possible
2029s outcomes for your continued survival I
2032s cannot be programmed any other way okay
2035s but that still doesn't say anything
2036s about how you feel about me personally I
2039s work with what I am given
2043s oh hi
2044s I love it like well
2048s I've got to play it with a hand that's
2050s doubts and we don't I really
2054s harsh he's a harsh critic he's high
2060s he doesn't hold back he doesn't hold
2062s back
2072s roast clone anyone
2075s ah yields Mercier yeah we are gonna get
2077s that changed we keep mentioning it every
2079s week it's like yes we'll get that
2080s changed and then
2081s you know we then don't get a change but
2084s yes it is don't we haven't forgotten on
2086s these
2095s there we go oh another ship puller or
2098s did we get deep sea
2101s now
2103s some people I know maybe they've had a
2105s little fight yeah
2107s right let's get back into guitar Palace
2129s welcome back Mr Roslyn Mr Cato with like
2132s a moment of your time if you'll wait
2134s just a moment
2135s so as long as I don't have to deal with
2137s that jerk tell Uncle K I've got it toots
2140s so I did some favors from the job board
2142s what's next hey now no need to get testy
2146s I've got good news for you Mr Cato is
2149s pleased with your recent work
2151s why can't he tell me himself he doesn't
2153s have time to personally deal with every
2155s Hot Shot who floats our way but he has
2158s asked for you to handle something that
2159s requires a little more discretion and
2162s compensates correspondingly I'm
2165s listening a simple task retrieval of a
2169s valuable asset
2170s what is it not it she called Big
2175s Clockwork and the best damn safe cracker
2177s in a business okay so when you say
2180s discretion you obviously want this asset
2182s to remain on the hush
2183s obviously it's like we got word the okar
2186s authorities are interested in her
2188s whereabouts she poached from the wrong
2190s dirty aliens she's been hiding out but
2192s our sources say they're getting close
2195s don't you have a way to warn her she
2198s shut down long-range comms to avoid
2199s detection
2201s not so sure I want to start messing with
2202s the oakheart authorities
2204s it's an in and out job if you're fast
2206s enough you should get there before them
2208s we need you because you're shipping tied
2210s to our organization
2212s but I don't regret this
2214s the first sign of trouble I'll bail
2216s it won't come to that like I said it's
2219s in and out
2221s like it's in and out he says so
2224s confidently right so we did get the uh
2227s scattergun
2230s we got the pulse laser
2233s and he also got some web Minds right
2238s uh we've got some stuff that we can sell
2239s as well while we're here
2242s nope
2244s that's a prime zap is not too bad you
2248s bad
2250s I'm not a fan of scatterguns
2253s really haven't
2255s never have been
2258s nope
2264s that's
2265s I'll keep those for the time being I
2268s think
2269s yeah liquor very cheap as you'd expect
2271s right
2275s yeah I've just never been an absolutions
2279s minion is hardly a reliable source you
2283s believe you can undertake this operation
2284s without the okar discovering you like he
2287s said in and out
2289s let's find this code name Clockwork and
2291s make the extraction
2293s I'm just going to document because I
2295s want to have a look at the new colors
2297s that we got the ship
2299s I love about the customization on the
2301s style
2308s that's the original
2310s um so yeah we could do completing us a
2313s rebuild
2314s uh yeah we'll go over that table we'll
2317s do a completely different ship
2319s why not hey
2322s I'll use a Tormentor Wings they're good
2325s the rear
2329s chunky doesn't it work very aggressive
2332s do that we'll go with that one uh paint
2334s job now we'll have a look at our new
2337s colors so we've got the Orion
2340s Amy
2341s that's
2343s inkalicious please hello
2346s laughs
2347s midnight yep that's uh
2354s that's the way and that's
2359s you know
2361s without saying you know we're going
2363s metallic but yeah
2365s very golden
2367s wow like in that like in that bit of
2369s metallic on that as well the more Super
2373s gloss the gloss is good
2376s and then see
2380s only
2384s [Music]
2393s I think the red was quite cool let's go
2395s for the darker red
2398s I'm liking that I'm liking that I do
2400s like the metallic colors
2402s [Laughter]
2406s absolutely I mean you've got you've got
2408s to die inside okay yeah well you've just
2410s got the dying style if you've got to get
2412s blown up let's do it in style you know I
2414s quite like that I like that correlation
2415s that looks I'm an 80s kid I grew up in
2418s the 80s
2421s right window tint let's go you know what
2424s we're gonna go with screaming infection
2429s hey there we go and remember when you do
2431s choose the engine coolers everything
2433s darkens so you get easier to see so
2436s obviously we can see that we've seen
2437s that uh we've got the Tea Leaf we've got
2439s the mayor blue
2442s or we've got the neon carrot I'll just
2444s do that we've got a booster
2447s opposite to that we'll do that so you
2449s can see that the in the middle and then
2451s the lateral thrusters of these here I've
2455s got orange just a bit of stand out a
2457s little bit I like that I like that
2462s yeah it's actually yeah
2464s Columbia
2467s let's think it's a Colombian flag
2469s very good very good uh I think we'll
2472s leave that as well uh decal
2475s I'm gonna go GMB haven't they GB if you
2478s ever see me on the Discord or generally
2479s anywhere else I can plaster the GB logo
2482s EB geek bite a nice gradient brunt but
2486s I'll Nick it but that's fine yeah
2488s uh let's go budgie
2492s now we'll get rid of that border Let's
2494s Go full on weight there we go
2498s I know there's a lateral Thruster in
2499s there but it'd be really nice you can
2500s stick a logo on there
2503s that'd be cool
2504s right uh yeah I think that's uh
2509s take off in a bit not stylish
2513s there we go
2516s right let's set off on our journey then
2530s okay dokie right let's head down
2536s nebula which is going to carry on this
2538s storyline which I think
2541s nice arrival just making sure we're
2544s going in the right direction
2553s nothing physically however as I am an
2556s advanced intelligence capable of
2558s building relationships and forming
2560s independent opinions it is possible for
2562s me to experience something akin to
2565s emotions in extreme circumstances mostly
2568s tempered by my pragmatic Outlook that's
2571s an insightful answer so you can form
2574s relationships I would be unable to serve
2577s my Pilots otherwise
2579s ah so we do get a connection I does get
2583s a connection with the pilots
2585s interesting
2588s AI evolved
2593s including free sarcasm which is always
2600s definitely
2608s every single right see what we're going
2610s to do is we are gonna dive into this
2614s distress goal now the reason we're going
2616s to do that is
2618s I want to test out the track IR
2621s we're just going to go into the distress
2622s call
2626s ending like that is the best
2627s relationship
2630s right okay so we've got this Festival
2634s right
2636s so track AR system obviously it's what I
2639s got the track AR Pro uh clip which
2641s attaches to your headset there is also a
2643s receiver that sits on top of your
2645s monitor or however you have it
2647s positioned now it does do the head
2649s tracking so rotation side to side pitch
2651s your
2652s everything that you want to do 60
2654s degrees of freedom now not everything
2657s translates into the game but you are
2660s going to be
2662s looking around and I'm going to switch
2664s and this could go totally wrong here uh
2666s into first person
2668s um just so you can click the V key take
2670s you into here now you can see I can tilt
2673s my head around as much as I like I'm
2675s going to dive in
2679s and let's see what we can help out with
2681s these Vipers
2682s find that rock
2689s so where are they over here around it's
2692s a lot more immersive but also a lot more
2695s I think difficult than the third person
2697s player a bit like Eric click playing
2699s third person
2699s [Music]
2701s yep
2703s moves down with that temporarily
2709s if you ever find that you need to reset
2710s it I do have a reset Viewpoint button on
2714s my mouse makes it a lot easier
2720s oh these are twisty tourney isn't he
2722s Spiderman boom thank you
2725s thank you and partly I do want them to
2727s actually blow up the GMB a little bit
2729s because it gives you more Loop
2737s um
2746s too much bother
2748s well you're over there
2756s oh yeah come here
2762s oh he's a twisty
2772s what are you hiding
2774s 50 Boosty let's get there and take him
2777s out
2782s corrosion
2788s I do have a slight dead zone so that I
2790s don't do this all the time which can be
2792s very nauseating right so they did take
2795s out some of those
2796s we made it
2800s as I tilt my head it does tilt the
2802s camera as well up and down
2807s absolutely yeah spoon I just said that
2809s you could be looking at a Target and as
2811s long as you can lock that Target while
2813s you're looking to the side obviously
2815s there's a certain timer cooldown
2819s um
2820s for it to actually lock and then fire
2822s off the missile it will then hit as long
2824s as you keep
2827s looking that way right let's go collect
2829s some stuff
2830s uh whilst we did complete it we also got
2834s some of more content oh God new
2836s module
2837s Rosa Crosser nice
2842s your front medium C let's go get some
2845s Nanobots
2847s as well
2849s good there we go right what have we
2851s missed there is container always have a
2854s good look around as well
2856s uh when you come into a distress call or
2858s any kind of little instance because
2861s there can be nice bit oh another
2863s blueprint nice
2865s always good always good
2869s now I've played in first person for this
2871s just for the immersion but there's
2873s nothing to stop you going into
2875s third person and still using it which
2878s gives you an even wider Viewpoint if you
2881s need to now
2882s initially track AI you've just got to
2884s set up uh so that it's not too
2887s nauseating and I do always try and
2889s recommend that you do a slight Dead Zone
2891s because it you will invariably just
2893s twitch your head and you can see that
2894s I'm just ever slightly moving my head
2896s and there's a little bit of movement
2897s there but if you have it too sensitive
2900s as soon as you even look around it'll be
2903s going all over if you do it too quick so
2905s do bear in mind it does take a little
2907s bit of setting up but
2910s if you want to be in cockpit there we go
2912s having a little around your cockpit yeah
2914s you can see down there ah no legs
2918s um but hey what cool is that that's very
2922s very cool very very cool
2924s I can't fly in cockpit though
2927s it never works for me I just like don't
2930s give me give me nose cone of third
2932s person
2933s right the other thing I'm going to show
2935s you as well is a very handy little
2937s system
2939s now there may be something you need to
2940s come back to for example you might find
2942s oh I need to come back to here but I
2944s can't remember where it was
2946s there you go I'm not putting that
2949s a little pin notification so we go off
2952s and we think all right I'm just gonna
2953s have a little nosy around for some more
2954s stuff over here
2959s is there anything over here no no
2961s obviously the the items that we've
2963s scanned with the scanner will stay there
2965s but it gives you a good representation
2966s of where it back is if you want to
2969s remove the icon because you can you can
2971s just see once you hover over it hold
2973s down F boom gone it's disappeared it's
2976s disappeared
2978s it
2979s it's a nice system very handy uh also
2983s the other option is is if you are in
2986s here and you've set a variety of pins on
2989s the keyboard it's the number pad plus so
2992s if I put that over there and go like
2993s that and then you can see it puts it
2995s right close if you want to get rid of
2997s them all at once
2998s you can go down to here to there into
3000s the distress go oh no it's not there now
3002s that's ever slightly changed
3005s that has changed
3010s now that there hang on let me just yeah
3019s different
3021s yesterday okay
3023s not least that's meant to still do that
3027s might need to check on with Andy is that
3029s because uh something we booked yesterday
3032s yes
3036s still a working progress
3038s uh but yeah it was something that we did
3040s come across but don't worry we'll get it
3043s fixed up
3048s let's dive down where are we there's one
3051s over there
3062s and away for the next point
3076s right let's get out of here now
3079s options everywhere everywhere get all
3082s the way
3086s just popped up just as we left
3095s now
3098s uh just to answer your question no they
3102s don't stay on the map as you can see
3104s once you leave a distress call once you
3105s leave an instance uh obviously that just
3109s gets deleted so no it won't stay there
3111s forever
3113s it's now disappeared because we've just
3114s launched out of that which is good
3120s let's go to Volta nebula and carry on
3122s with this we'll stay in the Pacquiao
3137s better make haste before the current
3138s state changes
3144s over there
3146s anything
3157s right already I can see that I'm gonna
3159s get blown up
3161s by various things
3165s oh before I engage in this Waypoint I'm
3168s going to get rid of these
3170s because invariably I will probably walk
3173s straight into those and blow them up
3176s and myself will be with them
3179s just going to clear out a few of those
3181s what's the betting I still find at least
3184s one of them
3192s container outcasting nice
3196s lead
3198s can you hear me I was sent by the family
3201s Emily who is this I know you
3204s not yet I was sent by Cato well honestly
3207s it was that jackass Daryl jackass you
3210s clearly don't know Daryl Brooke we don't
3213s have the time to discuss Daryl's
3214s characteristics right now the old car
3216s about to arrive the oh car
3220s is
3224s why would I Daryl on the other hand
3226s promised me an easy in and out guess I
3229s can forget about that I'm sure if
3231s they'll don't want to end up in a no-car
3232s dungeon Hive block our ship signature
3235s the oak arm mustn't be able to track
3237s what is about to happen but this would
3239s be the right time to consider certain
3241s Life Choices already did
3244s hello
3255s all that why does it have to be an elite
3258s Corvette
3268s right a true intrinsic value of these
3270s credits may never be known
3293s thank you
3302s if in doubt use your G key
3312s [Music]
3315s everything's full
3317s right what can we get rid of that is
3320s [Music]
3325s I think that's all of them so now
3327s there'll be more get in the hell out of
3330s here a little gratitude would be nice
3333s from my neck out of line for you I'll be
3336s sure to think Dale when I see him
3337s Charming
3341s he is indeed very Charming I must
3350s I must it's all taken care of I think
3352s there's something between him and this
3354s Clockwork oh this was about her
3358s yeah there's a spark of Interest going
3360s on there at least the boy has an
3363s interest I'll need proper payment for
3365s this kiddo I jeopardize my standing with
3367s your car I'll set it right
3370s the important thing is that everyone is
3371s safe
3372s we could always use a true gen like you
3378s okay now we're getting to the point
3382s problematic
3384s uh
3388s yes
3391s I tend to join dismantle things that I'm
3393s not necessarily going to use so that I
3396s get the parts for them rather than just
3398s destroying stuff
3401s kind of running out
3402s some more favors for us
3406s you're back I'll check I'm getting on
3409s the job board when I get the chance
3414s that's
3417s yeah
3419s let's see if we can line this up
3424s you see anything there we go right
3427s e point
3428s oh you are having a giraffe
3432s there we go follow the glow follow the
3436s glow I think
3439s now
3441s scattergum
3444s sorry Eric
3451s well that's actually better than the one
3453s that just put in what okay we've got a
3456s dismantle that as well
3478s yeah there's no chance of Omar of uh
3481s Eric leaving I don't think I know he I
3483s know he's more leaky than the colander
3485s at times but that's his charm we love
3487s him for that
3491s chassis Wheels scatter gun executioner
3494s waste of time waste of time give me an
3497s auto Cannon oh love those
3504s I think to be honest with you it was a
3507s Jerry I think uh it'd be like this
3510s we'd be all over I think everybody very
3512s knowledge just very quick
3514s foreign
3525s yeah so just a reminder while we go back
3527s to Prescott if you do have any questions
3529s please do throw them into the chat uh
3531s Eric is rocking through them like an
3533s absolute legend that he is answering
3535s everything and everything that you can
3536s throw in so uh please please please do
3539s ask away
3545s GPS at the Sonata
3552s uh repeaters are basically also a Canon
3555s scaggins yes very true very true very
3557s true
3559s I just don't like the range on them
3565s still the Lesser stream until these
3567s things first very nice
3570s right let me just to that office like we
3574s do have an issue as you can probably see
3575s where's track ir and Prescott
3580s wait don't worry
3581s the devs are away
3584s I've just temporarily turned it off it's
3586s always look at Cato
3588s welcome back Mr Roslyn have you come to
3591s see the current job listings
3593s why not Marianne I could always use a
3595s few extra credits completion of tasks
3598s will earn the appreciation of the
3600s organization appreciation of the
3601s organization and not too sure this is
3604s ideal if I'm honest uh the appreciation
3607s of the Cato Clan
3610s yeah let's do a little quick uh repair
3612s yeah and restock as well which is always
3615s good let's just sell some stuff while
3617s we're here
3620s um
3622s so let's just sound
3626s keep that because that's not too shabby
3628s keep these because we're going to be
3629s hitting 12 soon
3634s maximum destabilizers now let's get rid
3638s that's well those
3644s else I'll keep that because we do need
3646s some new um
3648s what do you think
3650s getting a little bit on the lower side
3652s there
3653s get rid of them for the time here um
3658s shabby hey crafting we can now craft a
3662s rail gun
3665s Japan too bad
3668s yeah I haven't look at our perks how are
3670s we doing on the tractor beams so we need
3672s a lot of Athen Crystal and super gel
3676s uh that uh energy orbs ourselves
3682s [Music]
3683s I do I do and then obviously Alec with
3686s his flying support oh very good exactly
3689s yes they have for sale
3692s they do like you
3694s bye let's buy ten of those if we can get
3697s the wonderful Alec diving ins for some
3701s bought
3704s too sure how um usually can be from time
3706s to time so we'll just invest in there
3708s give them all the liquor there he is the
3711s mighty alic will occasionally jump in
3713s and help Adam shoot down enemies if he's
3716s in the mood
3722s right
3723s so
3725s oh
3727s how's that then
3729s every time an enemy is destroyed all
3731s over the present game plus five Shields
3733s armor and full
3737s uh HRA should we do a HRA we haven't
3740s done a HRA
3742s it will do though because I'm just gonna
3746s do I put another point in Firepower do I
3751s do I do I
3755s I'll do a go a bit structure tell you
3757s what we're going to do we're gonna do
3760s a bit of structure bit for survivability
3763s and I'm just gonna Wang teleporter in
3767s because I do like yeah we'll stick with
3769s teleporter I think
3772s see what time
3774s oops hello
3777s that's upgrade let's upgrade
3783s oink uh and then we'll change it to
3788s um Scurry because he's got 25 chance to
3791s refund the charge which I think is quite
3793s good
3795s um
3796s stick with the EMP
3798s is quite handy
3800s it is quite handy
3807s all right too so we'll just Mark where
3809s we're gonna head uh there so we've got
3811s that set
3813s may come back and do that
3816s it's a very big if yeah
3823s right where it's a fly let's fly away
3828s okay right so I mean it is a 10 but it's
3831s a high risk
3834s risk reward let's see
3845s as nightbot has just put through there
3847s just as a reminder if you do want to try
3849s out the game you've never played it
3851s before there is a free demo available on
3854s Steam uh follow that link uh bit.ly
3857s forward slash
3858s estu demo right and go try it download
3863s have a play around with it if you like
3865s it enjoy uh we are launching on PC on
3869s the 6th of April
3870s not long
3875s right so we've got a link to them nice
3880s okay
3881s that doesn't help fight you for me to
3884s make whoa you can disappear owl wants to
3887s do at all
3893s let's just
3896s get out of there
3900s a blondie Nina just normal keyboard and
3902s mouse
3906s armor drill
3917s just dodge that
3920s and that one
3928s yeah
3931s lots of Mines hanging around there
3934s it'll just shift out the way
3937s sniper drone pest
3946s s
3974s swooping in have a word
3979s let's just get out of the way a smidge I
3982s don't want to be near that drunk area if
3984s I can help it
3985s then what we're going to take him out if
3987s we can
3996s cool
3997s he was annoying
4010s that does not help
4019s but it's still not good
4033s okay everything coming in for us now
4069s [Music]
4072s foreign
4089s [Music]
4126s Boom the boss is just gonna spawn
4130s look at him before he jumps dude
4136s people are saying that's how it's done
4138s Eric
4141s okay where are you Jerome carrier
4147s for you
4178s boom thank you
4186s and everything leaves ship girl boom
4189s boom
4191s I'll collect the loots
4194s give me all the stuffs thank you
4197s nice
4203s there we go right oh we've got the
4206s Thunderbolt for the center nice right so
4209s even though we've got a lot of stuff
4210s here
4212s railgun okay thermal guns I do like
4215s thermal guns
4223s right uh yeah that's not bad crafting we
4228s oh God catalysts Okay so we've got the
4231s Catalyst for primed
4234s Fusion core as well
4237s yeah and
4239s um probably not gonna use that
4242s I'm gonna use that now not this time
4244s anyway not this time
4248s damage booster
4250s right so we're just gonna have a quick
4252s fly around see if there's any more stuff
4255s we've already found one case
4257s you need to unlock
4261s ing in here
4265s but well we're flying around let's just
4267s go into IR again
4270s we just walk straight into these mines
4273s I mean my luck I probably would
4281s shipwreck
4286s uh that's nothing there
4295s nothing's picking up
4300s do I think that's probably about him
4306s yeah to be fair to be fair to be fair
4309s Eric
4310s um
4311s you do play on hard I I don't
4316s I tried hard and lemon
4319s um
4321s [Music]
4324s right there we go so
4327s that's a high risk done 120 loot quality
4330s not too shabby if I should do say so
4332s myself
4334s where do we need to go running the wheel
4336s we need to speak to Maddox so we still
4338s need to do that which is uh he's just
4340s his hideout in even rest so let's have a
4343s look see over there
4345s let's do that we'll just turn off that
4349s again
4350s and you shall fire up super light
4355s where we go
4368s yeah I did it's funny enough Dominic I
4370s did realize that the the light icon was
4372s on I just had to beat them back up
4384s stay at your business before entering
4386s time's just here to check out the
4388s leasing on some anger space
4390s appointment
4391s not really I was just open a knock
4393s around
4398s we don't want any trouble okay huh the
4401s Coalition running the place in no
4403s trouble that's a change for them I'll
4406s have to ask Alec what happened between
4407s him and these guys I detect heightened
4409s Outlaw activity circling these
4412s coordinates it is likely that you will
4414s become involved in a raid should you
4416s choose to dock here
4424s right you can hear that ping
4427s if you're not familiar with that ping
4429s sound it's like a sauna
4431s it means that there's a invisible hidden
4434s case from where we need to find it by
4437s following the pings
4440s and not bashing into things
4445s which is easier said than done
4448s okay and then there's a little
4449s notification that's somewhere down here
4454s there's a little hint somewhere
4456s now still down okay so maybe it's
4458s outside
4459s oh hello
4464s I love the shields fields are good
4471s there it is we can spot it
4474s there we go let's see it nice opacity
4479s and that gives us the Mainframe
4480s component
4481s now gives us three
4484s we also got a nice cargo unit which is
4486s more structure and speed and we got
4488s plating which is very very nice because
4491s ours is a little bit shabby
4493s though we shall equip that we
4498s most speed less time you know
4502s and then we'll combine the mainframes so
4505s do that and that gives us another point
4507s to spend in Memphis
4510s but obviously we can't spend it there
4512s because you need three to upgrade to
4513s your next level of Firepower Precision
4516s we could put it in expertise
4518s resistance
4521s utility
4524s I think we'll save it we'll save it for
4525s now
4528s yeah plus nine percent speed is not too
4531s shabby
4537s so we've picked up these first cabinet
4541s Sauvignon from earlier which we know the
4543s person belongs there uh also we found
4545s evanrest which gives you a bit of
4547s background there's a bit of law in the
4548s Codex in the data tab which I think
4551s people are going to love because it's
4552s going to be filled up with all sorts of
4554s information
4555s all the way from the start from where we
4557s actually are cluster 34 and the bell to
4559s grades and where everything happened for
4560s the first game and into the second game
4562s weapons ship types places people
4567s etc etc so there's a lot of information
4569s being filled into there oh we're very
4571s close to level 11 as well
4574s nice
4581s shot can you casually
4585s um hover over then
4589s I don't know what you mean
4593s uh right so that's Aries which is the
4596s Vault worthy one so we're not going to
4597s go do that
4599s anyway what we'll probably do is we
4601s might dock here just to help these
4603s people the coalition
4610s and fly under here without bashing into
4612s things coming through
4617s like
4619s hey how did you find us I have almost
4623s two dozen markers on my map this was one
4625s of them
4626s crap this is bad
4629s Uma the distractors are offline we're
4632s sitting ducks here I'll fix them but I
4635s might need someone to have my back in
4636s case those bastards show up I'm used to
4638s this kind of stuff I can cover you all
4641s right set yourself up then tag along we
4644s don't have much time
4645s how much time yeah sorry mad but I did
4648s kind of pull in Eric
4649s on you there yeah
4654s okie dokie right so we've still got a
4656s look for Maddox but we've also got to
4657s prepare for an outlaw raid uh okay
4663s let's launch
4670s okay we'll switch
4673s our
4674s thing back on presented oh there we go
4678s All These Little Ships flying around
4679s whoa playing around they're
4685s here's jelly right Outlaw drone inbound
4689s deal with them
4696s get that one down
4713s hello
4719s level up yay hello
4734s I don't think so
4743s oh my god oh hello
4753s I found that
4754s all right I'm gonna try something really
4757s risky here first one
4759s is
4760s like in the first person in The nosecon
4763s View
4764s um
4774s that's fine
4778s right so you
4782s should die
4785s and Viper you can go down
4798s oh hello
4818s the orbs
4822s okay yo coming in let's go deal with
4824s them
4828s typical anti-missile Jordan
4830s fire announcing yourself
4844s there come here you go back don't fly
4846s away how rude that is
4849s oh yeah there you are
4857s behind me
4865s hello behind you
4876s oops hello
4878s mantle that picking these things up in
4880s space we have room
4881s oh
4899s Switcheroo for them your Breakers
4905s it's just me are they getting more
4907s aggressive
4908s they've been trying to pin this down for
4910s a while they won't wait for another
4911s chance
4913s true
4914s go in
4916s there
4918s careful of
4925s coming in about another stay in the
4927s distance that's good
4946s it is good it's good
4949s remember to blast that
4956s they are definitely coming into range
4973s ready doors
4978s done
4980s scrap one last wave incoming oh they're
4983s trying to get out our provisions
5000s that's right
5002s oh yeah after that
5006s let's give it some beams
5011s oh
5013s into the Rockets because I'm sure
5014s they're all still heading my way
5019s all right
5041s I think that's it thanks let's meet in
5044s hanger
5046s it's made in the hangar
5052s right let's see what we can collect oh
5055s we do we've got room for everything that
5057s was nice and we've got plasium
5058s crispersium Crystal
5062s and we got asparagus
5064s the win color
5067s window color
5069s not the wind killer that's a totally
5071s different thing
5073s um
5076s let's just die through here
5088s alongside up
5089s pretty flip you saved our derriers out
5092s there pay him well Tico he deserved it
5095s here does this account for your trouble
5097s it's more than enough
5100s if there is anything else we can do we
5102s gave your ship clearance to bypass the
5104s distractors thank you very much feel
5106s free to come back anytime thank you well
5112s marvelous
5114s right so our inventory is getting a
5117s little bit on the full side so we shall
5119s just um
5120s equip things as necessary
5123s I do like blasters just they can hit
5126s very very hard but there can also be a
5128s bit
5133s not as accurate as I'd like them to be
5135s so uh
5137s sell a load of stuff
5152s keep that back
5156s right into there
5158s we're going to there we'll dismantle
5161s that to the blueprints
5163s oh so
5174s I'm gonna switch temporarily
5183s never decide never decide
5191s right
5193s Prime weapons we got so we got the beam
5196s laser on The Uncommon secondaries we got
5198s the web missiles
5200s and then craft an image we've got a lot
5202s of stuff in there as well it's nice
5207s and then we can just restock as well
5210s pitches
5214s now have they got anything that we might
5216s require always and this is a just a
5219s little tip when you go to various shops
5222s various places be it The Duchess like it
5225s is here at the settlement or even if you
5226s go back into Seto
5228s take the shot for the resources that you
5231s may need for your perks you may find in
5234s certain places that something that's
5235s really obscure that you've not been able
5237s to find yet would be available for sale
5240s so do check out the shops
5242s um
5243s because like I said things do pop up
5245s that you just like huh why is that there
5247s and it's like oh yeah that's handy super
5250s gel okay let's just check on that uh I
5253s think that super gel is on this one have
5256s we got anything yeah we've got super
5258s cool so we can invest into there
5261s Crystal we still need uh we need two
5265s more power cells we can craft those
5268s I'll just see if we can actually craft
5269s those in particular
5271s uh power cells yeah we can't so how many
5275s do we need two more
5277s one
5278s oh we need one more rain damage
5281s you got the iron for sale
5286s don't have any iron when I want Iron D I
5288s have everything else but no I
5292s if you go there we go
5295s so we need one more power cell or some
5297s iron I don't think they had any power
5300s cells did they
5302s now they got super gel but nothing power
5304s if you see this icon here it means that
5307s it's required for one of your perks okay
5310s so if you are looking specifically and I
5312s know I need this ATM Crystal for the
5315s perk for the track to be
5318s um then that would be what you'd be
5321s looking for specifically also obviously
5323s these markers that are on there tell you
5324s that a price is good or a price is or a
5327s price is bad when you are buying also it
5330s equates to whether it's good for you to
5331s sell
5332s uh ghost uh yf19
5336s um the original plan was that we're
5337s going to wipe um the save games for 1.0
5340s release but that is not happening now
5343s um
5344s we're still recommending and this goes
5345s for everybody we're still recommending
5347s across the board that everybody does
5349s start a fresh save when 1.0 releases
5351s just to mitigate as many bugs as
5354s possible uh issues with the game Etc you
5357s are still quite free to use your rule
5360s saves however on the Proviso that we are
5363s not going to be able to support any
5364s issues that arise from using those saves
5368s and would much rather people enjoy the
5370s game from
5372s um level one upwards rather than being
5374s at sea level 25 Etc but like I said
5376s there's going to be a big caveat there's
5378s going to be a big notification uh to say
5381s that you're using an old save
5383s but just be mindful it isn't guaranteed
5386s to be the best experience and that's
5388s what we want people to do
5390s um the dev team of
5392s been creating this game for a very very
5394s long time uh sweat Blood and Tears have
5397s gone into this so we want people to
5399s experience it as the best uh that it can
5402s be and that means from fresh 1.0 new
5405s start and we hope that uh
5407s everybody will uh will partake and
5410s that's not to say that you don't have to
5411s but we just rather that people do
5417s right uh so we've done that mission
5420s we've got to level 12 in a bit
5422s to keep an eye on the times we've got
5423s some things to go through we've
5424s obviously still got to go through the
5426s community challenge uh for this past
5429s week as well as
5433s uh the community screenshots as well so
5435s let's go check out with Maddox live and
5437s rest
5439s snooze you around
5444s see what the composition is
5462s so you found me again
5465s look I just want to talk where is Dax
5469s where's his body
5471s I buried him on Rodeo Station
5475s pace so you know
5478s don't shoot I have something to show you
5480s I'm going to reach into my belt
5483s slowly
5486s biochip how can I be sure it wasn't you
5489s killed him for that
5490s I share to sell with him and we escape
5492s together
5493s I helped him get the base set up again
5494s while he made plans to reach you
5496s give me that thing
5502s you got me I guess I ain't a surprise I
5506s used to be
5507s yeah right how about I ask the questions
5510s now indeed this chip what does it lead
5513s to
5514s you mean he didn't tell you Dax offered
5516s me a cut said it was a once in a
5518s lifetime opportunity
5520s and this rig You're Building here just
5522s confirms to me that it's a big Viridian
5523s mining operation hold on there fella
5526s don't you know what the ocar would do if
5528s they heard there was even talk about
5530s viridium mining
5532s strictly prohibited by the treaty
5534s look are we gonna cooperate or not
5538s what are you doing
5540s well you seem like a decent enough kind
5542s of guy come on upstairs and let's have a
5545s proper talk
5547s you've come at the worst possible time
5549s or the best possible time and I I ain't
5552s sure yet but I do know I'm short on
5555s friends at the moment
5556s with the hell car on the threshold about
5558s to kick the door down and from what I
5561s hear the g b Scouts chasing down rumors
5563s of my whereabouts things are looking
5566s tight
5568s have a drink
5570s a crap that took out Dax had a GNP
5572s signature that's no surprise but to be
5575s honest I got everyone breathing down my
5577s neck at the moment and the local
5578s situation here is getting bad the okar
5581s are becoming pretty testy yeah I know
5583s and I can't launch if they get one sniff
5586s of this rig my ass is grass so
5590s came all this way what's your big plan
5593s uh no this is as far as the plan got
5597s damn it I was hoping you had an idea
5600s tell me this viridium find you think
5603s it's worth it oh hell yeah I've been
5605s waiting years for this one quick
5607s excavation and we'd be set for life and
5610s all you need to do is get this freighter
5612s off the settlement without the okar
5613s seeing you I'll have to figure out some
5615s way to slip you out unnoticed boy you
5618s are gonna be one of the richest men in
5621s the galaxy
5622s [Music]
5628s so you've spent years putting this
5630s freighter together
5631s yep well Dex was back at the base
5633s twiddling his thumbs but it was all part
5635s of the plan to keep the team separated
5637s until the time was right who else is in
5640s your team you don't need to worry about
5642s that right now unless you get me off
5644s this station the plot ends here
5646s I hate to say it but that won't be easy
5648s you're flying a Viridian mining rig the
5651s yokar could smell a setup like this from
5653s light sex away you seem to know a lot
5655s about these things any ideas on how to
5658s fix it well the only way to fool the oak
5660s car would be to encrypt all sensory
5661s information coming from your ship Optics
5664s chemistry it even needs to taste like
5666s cheap steel when you lick it you'd need
5668s something like a material encrypter
5670s that's right you know that sort of tech
5673s doesn't really exist at least not out
5675s here and that's wrong there's at least
5678s one person who designs such things but
5680s both Cato and I have always been careful
5683s not to do business with him I think I
5685s know where this is going hey you're good
5688s at pestering people you even got me to
5690s come around this guy has a station near
5692s the ice Planet Volta follow these
5695s coordinates and you'll find it
5697s you know I'm putting my faith in you
5698s over this Maddox like I said it'll be
5702s worth it
5704s oh yeah I will have a look at that for
5706s you Eric now yeah in the crafting panel
5709s uh secondaries
5712s um
5713s Weber Minds
5716s yeah I haven't got anything listed in
5718s mine yet
5721s we're all an unknown so
5724s they would be the same slot wouldn't
5726s they saw to be
5729s would be there
5736s I'm presuming it is there but
5739s um a caravortex do you see when you go
5743s into the your game obviously there's
5746s 12 slots there's 12 on there as well and
5749s there's 12 on there are you not seeing
5752s 12 slots per page as such
5761s I'm just wondering if they're if they're
5763s not
5773s all right let's have a little look-see
5775s while we're close by
5779s there's a fishing there we've got that
5781s there but nice
5783s over to Mars that's there
5786s dauntless twin stations another boat
5789s where
5792s [Music]
5798s yeah I'm thinking
5802s uh that just hasn't unlocked them and
5803s but there is obviously still the slots
5808s right
5812s go to
5814s you you think
5817s leave
5820s doing with you
5824s right so yeah on orbit I'm not going to
5827s continue that storyline as such because
5829s there's some very interesting characters
5831s coming up that you will if you have not
5833s seen them I won't spoil
5838s no freaking way really
5841s I was more surprised to run into the
5843s Coalition they seem to be running the
5845s place now weren't they your gang once
5847s back when they uh were still a gang yeah
5850s they changed with Mercantile I had a
5855s meaningful sit down with the Coalition
5856s boss at least that's what she called it
5859s and we mutually agreed that my skills
5861s would be better applied elsewhere
5868s so you parted on good terms well she
5871s smiled when they waved me off so I'd say
5873s yeah part of my kids still live on that
5876s station along with some very good people
5877s a lot of them broke stranded and can't
5880s get home hey why not tell them I said hi
5882s I'll do that just need to get through
5884s another gig first
5888s he's always busy always busy yeah
5894s promised a some reward
5900s just remember disappointed the first
5902s terminal you may want to hack okay here
5905s goes nothing
5906s oh yeah I just remember this
5911s I may die here this could be an
5913s interesting one
5921s right I'm just gonna collect things
5925s you never know when you could
5928s explore
5930s in a bad way my power core socket power
5933s core socket yeah that's server to hack
5937s there's a power core up there
5946s [Music]
5949s here
5955s one half done now I've got to remember
5958s where the other half actually is
5963s look at these containers see if anything
5965s else has cropped up
5974s uh
5979s right okay oh there's a power called
5981s there power cord there let's go get that
5982s poke
5994s get rid of these turrets because they
5996s are going to be frustration for us
5998s shortly
6001s a very viable tactic uh to clear out a
6004s pathway for yourself
6006s um if you familiar with a certain Quest
6008s or a mission rather than clearing out
6011s your Pathways for ease can be very
6014s helpful because you can be dealing with
6015s lots more than you necessarily need to
6017s do so uh
6019s yeah oh hello puzzle oh little puzzle
6023s wrestling bones no lights on
6026s let's go get the power core
6029s let's just go pick up
6030s nice
6035s little little
6036s is really 0.02 of a kilometer and 0.1 of
6040s a kilometer
6041s oh structure I'll lose a bit of
6044s Firepower
6045s too sure I can a direct mandatory reward
6048s for your endeavors
6050s come here you hello
6056s [Music]
6063s there we go who's booster
6066s right
6068s uh more Speak oh that's dramatically
6071s poor compared to what I've got oh not
6074s swapping there yeah
6076s and we get more structure plus 15 on the
6079s structure but I'm just going to
6079s dismantle that for the blueprint
6091s right initiating hacking sequence
6095s you will need to remain close to the
6097s terminal until the firewall is broken I
6099s tend to fail this mission
6102s ask me why it's just one of those
6104s missions that I need yep
6110s everything to do very well at
6114s whoa hello
6132s good shot
6139s that little mad cap that's stuck around
6141s that corner which is fine you can stay
6143s there
6145s hello
6158s the location of the next terminal to
6161s your display
6172s [Music]
6173s caps
6184s right
6188s all right let's just go to Turner
6192s and let's just clear this out
6198s yeah there's nothing else on here
6209s missed
6211s okay there's a
6215s light up right into a turret that was
6217s not a good idea
6222s good thank you
6224s give me the container
6227s doing for time
6236s stops
6238s all right
6242s okay right let's hack this terminal down
6245s here
6246s oh it's a fun one
6258s we'll call that plumbing mine there
6267s foreign
6283s wow I did not catch that Barrel bomb
6288s can you believe it
6290s was shocking me bad that was shocking
6298s right let's just do this uh terminal
6300s anyway while we're here
6307s look
6309s implicated process
6310s but for the sake of human comprehension
6313s I am willing to call this a thing from
6316s here on out
6320s come on
6334s foreign
6363s [Music]
6399s is doing my
6401s this is
6402s I didn't
6405s go oh we got this we got this we got
6407s this
6409s check and download is complete how many
6412s more to go
6413s I only detect one more server in the
6416s vicinity
6416s okay let's get this over with all right
6419s we need to take down that sniper drone
6421s he's been in the bottom
6425s hey ghost I I think so uh Some people
6428s prefer controller but I certainly play
6430s with keyboard on Mouse
6440s make me Adam see you around thanks Eric
6443s I think
6460s all right let's open the containers
6462s crystals some credits
6467s that's okay that's cool let's go right
6470s last terminal I think last time
6477s initiating the thing I think Alec was
6480s this on a little flyby
6483s it sounds cool to whom
6486s forget it just concentrate on the hack
6488s while I Keep Us Alive
6491s yep not today
6507s I'm just gonna hit him just because I
6508s want to take him out of the equation
6526s sending in the mud caps aren't they
6528s definitely send it
6535s oh
6536s hello hello thank you
6544s oh
6545s to get me out of this indeed since luck
6548s is only a figment of the imagination
6554s ouch
6557s over raid approximity mine I got done by
6561s a proximity mine
6568s that's more shameful I think getting
6570s done by approximately actually I know
6572s it's it's the absolute uh sarcasm wit oh
6579s dear right
6582s give me a second we were going to switch
6584s over now after dying unceremoniously to
6587s a proximity mine we're gonna have a look
6588s at the community Challenge from this
6590s week so give me a moment and I shall be
6592s back very very soon
6620s foreign
6654s moving on after that dismal ending which
6657s everybody seems to have noticed uh Eric
6660s good use of considerables nice
6661s maneuvering solid device use but you
6663s pulled and everything went straight to
6664s my mind indeed I did
6667s oh dear that was shocking shocking it's
6669s always the thing that you least expect
6670s that gets you at the end but there we go
6672s right so this past week we have been
6674s running a community challenge
6676s which has been based around and the
6679s theme of mining
6681s and we've had some excellent shots with
6683s this as we always do and we're so
6685s thankful that you guys go into the game
6687s and pick out some sweet sweet things for
6689s us to look at uh and to choose from it's
6692s always very very difficult but then you
6693s guys vote for them and we have had some
6696s absolute Scorchers so
6699s without further Ado we shall bring up
6701s our first screamy shots
6704s now we're going to be working in kind of
6707s reverse order okay so in joint fourth
6711s place with unfortunately no votes
6714s um for this shot but it was from flori
6716s of some ethium Crystal which was um
6720s plethora uh in this cave I don't know
6723s how much there actually is there Flory
6724s but um I think he hit the jackpot there
6727s absolutely hit the jackpot if you need
6729s some of that now I don't know if you're
6730s mid collection with that screenshot but
6732s it certainly seems to be floating around
6734s so I am presuming that you are uh they
6736s are ready to mine indeed they are very
6738s ready to mine ready to mine but great
6742s screenshot thank you very much as always
6744s next up we have
6746s the terrible ogre uh who also got zero
6750s void votes for this one but at the end
6753s of the day it's a subjective choice but
6755s this is very very nice you can see that
6757s the crystals that's been mined by the
6759s autonomous mining uh beams and I'm
6763s trying to remember where this is it
6766s looks like it's near bryo Plant
6770s I'm just going by The Tubes I think it's
6771s around there uh but yeah terrible logger
6774s uh thank you very much a great
6776s screenshot as always
6780s that was it yeah I was trying to
6782s remember I just go by the actual tubes
6784s uh the cylinders there Mayo plant cool
6786s cool right next up and this is a joint
6790s third place because everybody was Voting
6792s and it was all very level pegging very
6794s very level Peggy next up we have it
6797s Laurie again uh with four votes for this
6800s one so we're in joint third place for
6801s this one
6803s oh a nice little mining dude there it's
6807s just
6808s he sat there you know mine in a way all
6810s all day long you know just quite happy
6812s breaking down some Crystal and you know
6815s reporting back to superiors that you
6817s know a little mining dude you know he's
6819s happy he's you know he's got a nice bit
6822s of sunshine you know it's not raining or
6825s anything like that he's just
6827s happy that you know he's just able to
6829s left to get on with this job he's in
6830s Bliss at well done flurry uh absolute
6834s cracking shot I love it these little
6836s details as well these little details you
6838s do not necessarily see
6840s um until you get up close and personal
6841s uh to some of the the background stuff
6844s so uh very good shot there Laurie next
6847s up again joint third place and I do
6850s think this is a really great shot uh for
6853s sonazaki uh
6856s this looks like kind of nefty's kind of
6860s area
6863s all votes for this one so it was like
6864s say a tide
6866s um god tier framing uh crispy muffin
6868s from you that's obviously a exceptional
6871s um praise indeed I do like that simply
6874s because it's just like no matter where
6875s human life seems to go we pollute and
6878s that is just uh very prevalent with that
6882s shot of the fumes seemingly coming from
6885s that processing plant but uh great shot
6888s from sonozaki
6890s mixed up
6892s slower is like where do you hear me
6894s singing dude we have spoon night are you
6898s overthinking
6900s how is this mining well it's technically
6902s mining the GMB
6908s so yes
6909s um he's technically mining the GMB he's
6912s getting the things from there he's
6913s mining all day long you know
6915s what more can you add a great take on
6918s that now this is the this is the fun
6920s that we have we give you money by proxy
6923s you're very correct there fellow
6925s um let's check it up I mean why do the
6927s job yourself when you get somebody else
6928s to do it you just pick up the bits you
6930s know it's gonna be a bit of piracy
6932s involved but it's still mining mining
6934s piracy
6936s you know we'll go with that we'll go
6937s with that but yeah it's a it's a
6939s cracking shot well done spook uh I love
6941s that we have
6943s um a joint third place with that one and
6945s then
6946s next up is terrible orgo another four
6950s votes for this one uh so into the third
6952s like Paris here proxy and proxy mining
6955s is in exactly
6957s um now I think this is Culver uh that
6960s they're collecting uh Clover Crystal
6963s um for a pike but you can just see
6964s obviously the ship in the background the
6966s red layers is
6967s uh
6969s Jim B spoon like yeah exactly uh
6972s the red lasers really set this picture
6973s off I think it's uh amazing it's like
6976s cutting through and just absolutely
6978s decapitating all the Culver Crystal uh
6981s for the collection but well done too uh
6983s terrible auger for that one
6986s um a great shot now
6988s in second place
6991s for this week in second place we have a
6994s regular who does bring out some cracking
6996s screenshots and we have that chaos now
7000s you may have seen this picture before
7001s but it is such an iconic picture
7004s um I do implore you to go check these
7007s screenshots out uh on the community
7009s challenge
7011s um Forum again on the
7014s the Discord uh Eric will put it back
7016s into view should we say uh at the end
7019s but this screenshot the abandoned mining
7022s uh platform I believe
7025s um the coloration I mean how many colors
7027s do you want in one screen it is really
7029s fantastic and this is a massive massive
7032s screenshot as well
7034s um brilliant shot from dark chaos
7038s um
7038s what more can you say the week after
7041s week they bring out the best screenshots
7044s um yeah
7046s amazing amazing amazing
7049s right now we have two screenshots
7053s that are coming up from the same person
7054s so they actually took first place with
7057s two of their screenshots and they got
7059s eight and nine votes for each of these
7062s shots that case by the way they've got
7064s seven for this one
7066s uh and it is the legend that is
7069s crispy muffin and this one with their
7073s gunship blasting away it looks like iron
7077s or I don't actually know what that
7079s or actually is very high high gold
7083s uh you got eight and nine uh for the
7086s you've got eight for this one crispy
7090s um
7091s but it's city of that's the one this
7093s idiom now if I remember rightly crispy
7095s you did actually put on the on the
7098s Discord that this took you a very long
7101s time to set this one up
7103s uh and fair player to people who go out
7106s there and uh would you would you like to
7109s particular or you know sell that tell
7112s everybody how long it actually did take
7113s you to do this because setting up some
7115s screenshots you just just pick them out
7117s straight away and you're just like oh
7118s that's a great screenshot I want to do
7120s that straight away into the photo mode
7122s and you pick a great shot when you have
7124s to spend time
7125s lining things up perfectly getting it
7128s exactly how you want
7132s that Daddy's dedication and we're very
7134s very lucky that uh people are so
7136s dedicated in their uh Ventures into
7139s whatever 20 30 minutes
7142s 20 or 30 minutes for one shot that's
7145s that's quite amazing that crispy very
7147s very good right and your actual winning
7149s shot because we've gone buying them as
7151s such that uh you were in first place so
7153s we're doing your first place overall is
7155s this great great shot now this is
7158s probably one of the best ones I think uh
7160s I've seen in a long long time
7164s the alignment on this in the parallels
7167s straight across the man's disappearing
7169s but the parallels
7171s this to me I think that it would take
7173s you longer to do this one than it did
7176s the previous shot but you're gonna tell
7178s me that you did it in like two minutes
7180s oh yeah
7182s but
7183s you know Fair player Round of Applause
7185s for that shot that is just absolutely
7187s from the depth of field
7189s on that shot well done crispy uh a round
7193s of applause so absolutely top notch
7199s you don't remember I I don't think
7201s you're actually admitting how long it
7202s did but yeah uh I I I
7207s you know it is so close to Perfection uh
7210s it's just phenomenal how everything
7211s lines through I mean I'm sure somebody
7214s would probably be trying to get the
7215s ruler on the screen to try and work out
7217s how close that is to level but well done
7220s so I said in uh joint third place we had
7223s Flory we had sonozaki spooknight and
7226s terrible auger the second place we had
7228s dark chaos and then in first place with
7230s those last two shots uh they got eight
7232s and nine votes respectively and you can
7235s see why uh that was crispy muffin a
7238s muffin of crispiness who um
7241s uh I believe already has the bragging
7244s rights for the week
7246s yeah you did very very well crispy very
7248s very well people obviously love your
7251s work as always now I'm just double
7253s checking yep crispy you already have the
7255s bragging rights role which you obviously
7257s get for being the winner of the
7260s community challenge for the week
7262s now that was the community challenge
7265s um now just so you're aware a me and
7268s Eric have discussed this because there's
7269s a lot of things to
7271s get ready for PAX East we've got a lot
7274s of things coming up because obviously on
7276s the 23rd to the 26th of March
7279s um we are heading out to Boston uh so
7283s that you can all um come and have a
7286s little look-see at near 1.0 gameplay uh
7290s and we're gonna be showing off to the
7291s masses over there we're not going to
7292s have a community challenge this coming
7294s week because we've just got a bit too
7295s much to get ready
7298s um so we're gonna be giving that a
7299s little breather for a little while and
7301s then we'll return after uh all the
7304s conventions
7305s Etc so we're no Community challenge
7307s coming up but we please do send in your
7310s screenshots in the meantime because we
7311s always want to see them we want to
7313s collect and collect and collect more
7315s screenshots
7316s um from the Discord from the steam
7319s forums Etc because
7321s they are worthy of being shown off to
7323s the world and we want to see them so
7324s please do take in the screenshots
7325s wherever you are in the game now
7328s speaking of screenshots I'm going to run
7329s through at some of the community
7331s screenshots so that was the community
7332s challenge which is all to do with Mining
7334s and then this one is gonna be to do with
7338s I bring them up
7340s our screenshots that we've just chosen
7342s from uh the best shots from the Discord
7345s Etc of people that have pushed out there
7348s uh
7350s slow in um will there be any video from
7353s PAX East would love a video diary or
7355s something
7356s I don't think we've actually got
7357s anything planned I know probably myself
7359s and Eric could knock something together
7360s and have a little video diary each day
7362s and show you some highlights Etc we're
7364s certainly going to be taking lots of
7366s pictures
7367s um over in PAX East so um yeah that'll
7370s be cool
7373s there we go uh Eric's just bought I love
7375s this question and we're having to
7376s capture moments from the event at least
7377s there isn't a planned video diary yeah
7379s exactly so we're we'll try and do
7380s something we'll post up some pictures
7382s I'm sure of the events so you can see
7384s how things are set up and uh Etc
7387s you know saying our um it's gonna
7390s actually be interesting I really want to
7392s see how how tall Eric actually is in
7395s comparison to me now I'm quite tall I'm
7397s about six foot six foot one I don't know
7398s where it's a lot taller than that he's
7400s he's like above this you know I'm gonna
7403s be like hey Eric that doesn't happen
7405s often but I'll be like hey Eric
7408s I feel like we're gonna need a box
7411s this is gonna be fun so anyways much
7414s about that we'll have a little talk
7415s about paxi very very shortly so these
7417s are the
7418s screenshots that we have
7421s um
7421s chosen from the Discord now this one is
7424s from sonazaki who was involved in the
7428s community screenshots as well I I love
7430s the coloration again and the
7432s mysteriousness of this
7434s um region where obviously the cowgirl
7436s drones are all getting checked
7439s etc etc a great shot from sonozaki
7441s loving that
7443s a fun one next which I'm sure a certain
7446s person will recognize uh crispy muffin
7449s again
7450s um
7451s he was a bit worried about the aster the
7453s uh the Destroyer getting stuck on the
7455s asteroid but you know sometimes you just
7458s need to take a break you know you just
7460s need a bit of downtime and that's what
7461s the the Destroyer is doing he's just
7463s having a well-earned rest just a
7465s well-earned rest
7468s uh yes Lauren uh Jimmy you never met
7471s Eric in person no not yet no no
7472s definitely not no we've spoken many many
7474s times but we've never met in person
7477s Laurie Landing party go mining exactly
7480s so somebody's gonna see that picture I
7483s can imagine see that picture and they're
7484s gonna be like we can go mining on foot
7487s that you can land your mining ship on an
7490s asteroid no there isn't before if
7491s anybody gets the idea nope
7493s not in this one not in this one
7496s uh right so that was crispy muffins
7499s etle is indeed he's chilling he's
7500s chilling uh this one was from Kinetics
7504s uh off the Discord I love this region it
7508s has such a Star Wars Vibe
7510s um
7512s all the big clouds it's so soft and
7515s ethereal Etc and then all of a sudden
7518s you just got this like
7520s green ship hello in the middle of it
7524s but a great shot nonetheless from
7525s kinetic thank you very much for posting
7527s these as always yeah slow intestine Eva
7530s confirmed no
7533s no this one I did like this one for the
7536s coloration and this invax a new user on
7540s the Discord
7541s um who posted this and I liked it
7543s because of the coloration of the ship
7544s blending in very much with the
7546s background
7548s um I think that
7549s spot on color scheme and I actually put
7552s this one down there's a little title of
7554s on the threshold of Discovery uh because
7557s it gave me a kind of an ancient Egypt
7559s Vibe so you can imagine you know when
7562s they were discovering the tombs in
7564s ancient Egypt and everything that's what
7566s I feel like this ship is is doing
7569s uh very much sure I think it's just like
7572s if I go into that Gap what am I gonna
7574s find you can see just to to the the few
7577s hundred meters off the nose of the ship
7578s there's a little glowy thing
7581s chameleon mode very good baby frog yeah
7583s let's go to like that
7587s on the threshold of Discovery next up we
7590s have
7591s again sonazaki with the colonial Cruiser
7593s that to me looks like he's almost
7595s running in stealth mode it's like it
7598s doesn't want to be seen it doesn't want
7599s to be heard it's just waiting waiting
7601s for its pray just waiting to see what
7603s comes along now the thing that I got
7605s from this was uh and I think it's just
7608s the angle and the ship Etc is Battlestar
7611s Galactica
7613s um if you've ever watched the BSG or
7615s many years ago
7616s um that to me just screams about a stag
7619s Galactica
7620s um absolutely uh great shot and I love
7622s the background uh all the nebulas and
7625s the planets Etc as well so yeah sonazaki
7627s at great shot uh as as always doing some
7630s good work good work loving it
7633s uh next up and I think this one uh this
7636s one's from Phantom Lord now I believe
7639s this is everspace one from one of the
7642s ancient buildings and one of the portals
7645s out of it uh so yes I'm I'm fairly
7649s certain Phantom that this is from
7650s everspace one and I think you've just
7653s completed it and you're trying to exit
7656s um from the ancient Warden
7658s swirly yeah it's a swirly this is whirly
7661s uh trying to part out with a great
7664s um great shot very curious angle as well
7667s because obviously a lot of people don't
7668s realize if they look up that they can
7670s see that they'll always see it obviously
7672s lovely work lovely work right let's just
7674s check I'm just making sure that I've got
7676s everybody on this list I'm supposed to
7679s uh next up we have a screenshot from
7682s Casey now obviously we know we can
7684s remove horde Etc but
7686s that is a resource jackpot
7689s absolutely phenomenal I mean it's idiom
7693s I don't know what the other one is
7696s um somebody likes to tell me what that
7697s other or is but
7699s that deserves Arc 9000 mining
7703s that is absolutely just
7706s thank you resources yeah get this man a
7710s lottery ticket right there crispy moving
7713s everything there isn't it just
7714s everything everything you can require if
7716s you need some of that resource there you
7718s go it's a it's a gold mine really isn't
7720s it you've just hit gold uh if you were
7722s selling that on the open market
7724s absolutely great shot from uh Casey
7726s thank you very much for posting that one
7728s uh next up is another one uh from
7733s crispy how do you do it man how do you
7735s do it uh Barrel mate is a pain in the
7737s ass to find it you just you just find
7739s this yeah exactly paramite that's it
7740s that is a phenomenal shot it looks like
7743s you're using the The Sentinel
7746s uh I think with the WinCo win conversion
7749s uh modules maybe but the workout was it
7752s windy
7753s uh but I'm curious what is this in the
7757s is it a drone or is it another ship that
7760s you've managed to capture in the
7761s foreground that's uh
7763s my favorite Sentinel uh cool so in the
7766s foreground is it a oh it's a drone
7768s carrier right okay I could I couldn't
7770s work it out but um
7772s excellent shot I mean the the depth of
7774s field again you can see that the
7775s missiles firing is
7778s that you shooting the red lasers or is
7781s that from a sniper drone that's missed
7786s and I'm most curious I like to know the
7788s background of what's been set up in the
7790s in the image but it does look like
7791s there's a sniper drone that's just
7792s trying to focus on you you know he's
7794s doing the three lasers and then they're
7795s all triangulated to try and hit you
7798s or it could be just that you're firing
7800s it but amazing shots uh thank you very
7802s much to everybody uh slow and yeah I
7804s don't actually know if that's a cruise
7805s missile or just a standard missile
7808s uh don't worry oh crispy thinks he's
7810s maybe just been a red coil gun okay
7813s excellent excellent excellent right
7815s amazing shot as well great to see
7819s uh
7820s uh second to last we're going back to
7822s sonazaki uh who now correct me if I'm
7826s wrong but all I got from this was a Star
7829s Wars Vibe of the Hutts just because of
7832s that Central Building uh obviously if
7834s you know your Star Wars Lords are very
7836s round not just the Huts but the actual
7839s buildings that they uh live in uh and
7842s that's all I saw straight away
7844s book vibe from
7846s at Star Wars so great shot and obviously
7849s the
7850s transports in the background
7852s yeah yeah it's a scoop this graph is
7854s gone yeah no way Trade Federation droid
7856s control ship yeah
7858s I know which one you means yeah yeah uh
7861s excellent but yeah that's all I saw
7862s straight away just straight away
7864s and then we're gonna come to the last
7866s screenshot for now
7869s and that is this one which is from Blue
7871s x uh now
7874s if you like your purples and your pinks
7876s and your gloves Etc that is to me is a
7879s phenomenal shot I mean look at the
7880s coloration now I think a lot of it is to
7882s do with the advertisement uh that
7884s they're flying very very close to
7887s um it's probably one of my favorites
7888s just because of the coloration it's
7889s almost like the ultimate shipwrap uh so
7892s if you go to
7894s uh you know a dealer and say right wrap
7897s my car in this color uh then
7900s that would be what you would get uh but
7902s it's a phenomenal shot and uh blue X I
7905s don't know if you're watching but if you
7906s ever do watch it back uh 10 out of 10
7908s for that really cracking shot uh I do
7910s think it's a slower and very good point
7912s very cyber Punky with that coloration I
7915s think you're very very spot on with that
7916s comment very very nice very very nice
7920s um but
7921s yeah uh Round of Applause you all thank
7923s you very much for your screenshots this
7925s week and every week they are phenomenal
7927s as always and we thoroughly enjoy
7929s looking through them
7930s right we're way over which we tend to do
7933s you know what it's like uh
7936s thank you very very much uh for um being
7939s here uh I know I'm not Eric I won't fill
7942s you with all the details but Eric's been
7944s a wonderful uh side host as is Michael
7947s and uh Doctor Who you and everybody else
7949s that's been in answering your questions
7951s um be on the lookout for more
7953s information
7955s Etc as we get closer and closer to
7957s launch April of the 6th yes PC not long
7960s Now 26 days we believe
7962s uh also remember we are going to be at
7965s PAX East
7968s you're very welcome you're very welcome
7971s um
7971s 23rd to the 26th of March in Boston
7977s if you want to come and check out
7980s near 1.0 build then please do drop down
7984s if you can I know Saturday tickets are
7987s all gone
7988s so if you want to visit on the Sundays
7990s There's Thursday other Friday and you
7992s need to get your tickets
7993s um but we will be there myself Eric 31
7994s Fox uh we're gonna be there showing off
7997s the game on some cracking Alienware PCS
8000s etc for those four days and we can't
8003s wait to meet and greet say hello high
8005s five and show you the game uh we're very
8009s very much looking forward to it
8011s um so I'm gonna play you out with the
8012s trailer
8013s you've all seen and I'm gonna bid you at
8016s your and see you in the next one see you
8018s on the Discord see you on the steam
8019s forums and everywhere else uh we'll see
8022s you again soon in the meantime folks
8023s take care be good
8025s yeah doodles
8030s Dax
8031s that body we just found
8035s and I saw it it felt like that was still
8037s me in there
8041s your DNA scan sure that you're a
8043s military clone pilot no wonder you
8045s better my predecessor at what if I
8048s broadcast your profile you may not like
8051s we'll come looking for me
8054s hundreds of loose cannons like you
8056s roaming the region and causing problems
8058s something had to be done about it
8064s Great Value in the DMZ
8068s one big easy job
8071s you might take it out of here and yours
8073s too
8079s filthy presence I have no place here
8082s they call themselves
8085s any opportunity to trigger a new war
8089s their purposes perfectly
8092s it is time to be clear about your
8094s allegiances we can leave you in peace or
8097s I can put you and your companions on a
8100s high priority eliminate list
8103s which will it be
8105s you don't understand what's at stake so
8110s are you in
8117s I'm still trying to figure you out Adam
8119s it's clear you're running from something
8121s can't help what I am all I cared about
8124s the Star Wars getting out of the DMZ
8126s there's no going back now
8134s things are looking up hive
8136s I think I see light at the end of the
8138s tunnel
8139s so soon
8154s [Music]
8164s foreign