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7s thank you
8s we have liftoff it's good on YouTube as
11s well all right guys look I am setting up
14s all those sweet delicious elements right
17s now to get us ready for the stream we
18s will be starting here in just a handful
20s of minutes my goodness
22s my goodness
24s why is this streamer always behind a
25s schedule my so unprofessional geez who
27s hired this one come on
30s all right
33s almost there
42s welcome welcome look at all the people
44s swinging in today oh I love this I love
48s this hello everybody
50s a lot of excitement
66s foreign
69s [Music]
78s [Music]
101s foreign
108s [Music]
129s [Music]
137s all right whether I want it to be or not
139s it's time to go live welcome ladies and
143s gentlemen to the official Rockfish game
144s stream I am your host your servant and
147s your guide through all things ever space
148s too my name is Eric Schroeder your
150s community Ambassador oh my goodness we
154s had a little update recently I think I
156s think it was uh something about
158s um something about like uh you know the
160s fall and uh it's like riffs or something
162s something along those lines uh but it
165s all seems to be going well enough uh and
168s uh your feedback's already been super
170s freaking awesome actually
172s um a lot of really great things that we
173s got through the experimental and we
175s continue to see a couple more little
176s elements coming up so keep that up keep
179s up the feedback even though we don't
181s have any more major releases until the
183s full release
184s oh because we're getting close wow
190s man that's weird to say out loud oh gosh
192s I got like Goosebumps but um you know
194s that feedback is still very much
196s prevalent here it's still very important
198s I mean this is why we're doing the Early
200s Access in the first place and while
201s there's going to be a little bit of a
203s gap between now and that full release
205s um you know we're still going to be
207s engaged with you guys we still want to
208s digest what your thoughts are and uh who
212s knows maybe we'll push like a little
213s update or something to make some
216s adjustments that we need to test I don't
218s know I'm kind of speaking out my butt
219s there I probably shouldn't even say that
220s Michael's like stop it uh but uh we'll
223s we'll see how things go
224s um for now let's focus on what we're
227s going to discuss in the Stream so
229s because it's the fall update we're gonna
232s just be going through that content
235s that's been added like officially it's
236s now live you guys have access to it if
238s you are inside of the Early Access
240s branch and uh
243s playing around with it it's gonna be fun
245s it's gonna be fun so some highlights we
247s will be going through some races and
249s there's a spoiler there so if you don't
251s want things spoiled
253s then uh why are you here you probably
257s aren't here if you if you're dodging
258s spoilers but still I have to just make
260s mention of that uh we're gonna be doing
262s some more riff runs I kind of optimize a
265s Interceptor build actually I'm kind of
266s happy with it it feels decent feels
269s pretty good uh and then we are going to
271s be answering a load of questions I'm
272s sure and uh having some playful
275s discussions there will not be
276s screenshots today all right there will
278s not be screenshots I want the focal
280s point on all things to be the gameplay
282s related elements and answering your
285s questions that's where my focus is next
287s week we will very much have your
289s screenshots highlighted maybe some fan
291s art stuff uh maybe Michael selects I
293s don't know maybe maybe it's possible
295s that would be super cool
297s and uh we'll just uh see where it all
300s Lays out so when we start things off
302s today I wanted to go through the racing
305s that's number one on this list so again
307s spoilers and bound um and I wanted to
309s show you a very important aspect of
312s these races seems a couple of
314s individuals couple of users aren't fully
316s grasping uh the intent behind them and I
320s just want to make sure everybody's on
321s the same page
322s so let's do this this save that I have
326s believe it or not
328s is very possible to accomplish in fact I
332s did not cheat in this build
336s at all
337s aside from getting some extra credits to
340s purchase the ship that's it that's the
341s only cheating
342s so it is very much possible that when
344s you're going through the missions within
346s arborspace 2 you can get to Old Friends
348s not even at level five yet
351s okay
352s not even at level five yet
355s and I feel like this is fairly relevant
358s here in this introduction
361s look at that oh my goodness the
363s underground Raceway
364s as the Vanguard
367s is actually the fastest of the ships
369s that you can choose from so let's pull
371s this up let's get it going and talk
374s about it
384s is that you yes no please put me into
388s hibernation mode during any exchange
390s with this deranged boss I simply cannot
393s abide him
396s so nice to see a familiar face after all
399s this time have you come to compete
402s well I guess I could try it out but how
405s come you're doing this now what happened
407s to your bounty hunting operation
410s oh la la that is a long and complicated
413s story I can tell you since you are such
416s a share of me but not right now not not
420s my competition will be quite easy for a
422s man of your capacity
424s win you must simply make the course in
427s record time and pass through the oops
430s oops
431s the wrong things I suggest you not use
434s your real name air as we will be
436s streaming this to millions of racing
438s fans throughout the Delta grades this is
441s how we make the prize money
445s okay put me down as the infinite Madman
449s a cryptic name if ever there was one the
453s infinite madman it is and after you
456s complete this you may want to try my
458s other racing challenges now open in the
461s co system too
463s excellent so
465s um a couple of things to note just right
467s out of the game first off Maurice
470s oh ah man let me tell you what he's like
473s one of my favorite characters
474s um and uh so this makes me very happy it
477s is all text-to-speech it is very much
480s text-to-speech you bet your bottom
482s dollar whatever that means that we do
484s want to get you know all those authentic
486s voices back and uh have a lot of fun
488s with it and that will be the case both
491s in English and German we will have all
493s of that Voice work added in at 1.0
496s so a couple other things to note
500s some of you who've been playing through
502s the Early Access you know you started a
504s new save and then you were like going
506s through sedo and you were like wait a
507s second where's where's the race gate in
510s uh cribness bowl for example you're like
512s did you guys remove it why did you
513s remove it well we very much so intended
516s to have those retained
520s um at an early part in the game however
522s we were having some conflicts with the
524s characters inside of the game
526s um and so we adjusted some stuff around
529s so the short of it is that this is the
532s first time you can trigger racing when
534s you get to Prescott Starbase or yeah
536s when you get to Prescott Starbase and
539s from here it opens up the races back in
542s cedo which are in those two respective
544s places uh both at nefty's planes uh or
548s yeah nifty's planes I said wait
550s no crypto cribness bull
554s yeah curved is full and I'll sign you
557s station all right
559s naming conventions are fun
561s um then uh once those are opened up you
563s can go back and you can do them blah
564s blah blah all that type of stuff
566s so uh yeah there you go that's that's a
568s bit about the racing
570s the next thing to talk about is these
574s challenges now I told you guys in a
576s previous stream
577s that we wanted the challenges to be
579s somewhat tightly we wanted them to feel
581s like you have to earn them we also
583s mentioned in the streams that bronze
586s should be very achievable
589s very achievable and thus far I do think
592s we're still in line with that we have
594s received a number of complaints about
596s some of the timings that's totally fine
598s but keep in mind when you are flying
600s this is really what I want to iron out
602s we're level level four right now we're
604s flying a
605s um tier one plus Mercury D7
609s okay
611s this is incredibly important when it
615s comes to something like this
619s and this
621s level is incredibly important when it
624s comes to something like this
628s all right
630s there's a there's a little bit of a
632s difference
633s between flying a tier one at level four
635s and flying a tier three
637s at level 25. a little bit of a
639s difference and that's what I want to
640s show you so we're going to do this race
642s basically as the earliest you possibly
644s can in the fastest ship mind you okay
648s and the fastest ship
651s hopefully I don't embarrass myself too
653s much
654s Ready Set Go
658s there we go
663s so again this is the fastest ship
668s oh man come on energy core come on
671s energy core oh my gosh
675s fastest ship we could really possibly
677s get at this level
679s come on come on
681s ah okay so like I really pushed myself
685s there
686s secret time eh I won't settle for
689s average I really push myself there okay
692s and we were able to get gold I just am
695s gonna straight up tell you all you are
698s not gonna do that well on your first
700s attempt you're not you're you're not
703s you're not going to this this is a
705s person who has been practicing these who
708s has been helping design around these who
710s has been helping establish the timers
712s and stuff and uh yeah so I've done that
714s a number of times I kind of like know
716s the system and where things are supposed
717s to be up first time you do this
720s especially if you're a newcomer and the
722s first time you do this that is you're
724s not going to get that fast I don't okay
726s the bronze is designed to be something
728s that you simply have to go for for the
730s racing uh the
732s uh
733s citizens of velocity there we go
735s citizens of velocity
737s in order to accomplish this side mission
740s you just have to get bronzes on every
742s single race that's it you do not have to
744s go platinums
746s the requirement is just bronze that's it
749s that's it okay
752s very intentional to make that accessible
754s to make that fair while also you know
757s having that Platinum challenge for the
760s most astute skillful players out there
765s to really bring home the gold so that
769s was again that was the introduction to
771s races right so now what we're gonna do
774s is we're going to uh I think it's is it
777s this one I think it's that one maybe
779s it's this one
783s I saved too many saves and I don't know
785s which one it is I think it's racing
787s pretty sure it's racing
791s um yes it is this one because this also
793s is going to load in an update to a side
796s mission should be a fix for everybody
798s um if you didn't get this I just want to
800s like show it very briefly if it's gonna
803s if it's gonna pop up yes there we go so
805s riffs in space should be working uh as
807s intended now so if you haven't built one
809s in Drake or like something happened that
812s should totally be available now
814s should totally be fixed and if for any
817s crazy reason it's still borked for you
818s guys let us know please
821s please
823s so now I'm gonna head back to the race
825s over here
829s and now we are level 25 and this is I
831s believe a tier three yes this is a tier
833s three
835s it's a tier three level 25 we got a
837s recharge booster
839s probably should get some oh it's fine
841s it's fine and we're gonna do the exact
843s same race
845s exact same race and I think you guys
847s will see a little bit of a difference
867s oh I messed that up a little bit
874s but as you can see
877s we did a little bit better
880s a little bit better and we played mostly
882s the same same sort of use of tactics you
885s know boosting waiting for boosting uh in
887s both instances I did not use any devices
889s even though you can if you want to be
891s like really tactical about using certain
894s elements or using like your inertia
895s dampeners taking them off that's totally
897s possible as well
899s but do keep in mind these races when
902s you're first exposed to them they're
904s probably going to be Pretty stinking
906s hard to get those platinums and that's
908s very much intended
909s you come back to them later when you're
911s up to your skill you've gotten some
914s better ships you've refined your gear a
916s little bit there's not a lot of gear
918s surrounding races and that was
920s intentional but we also know that there
922s are some people who really freaking love
923s that type of stuff so use the tools that
926s you can find out there to help increase
928s your odds make things a little bit
930s better and uh yeah
932s then those numbers aren't nearly as
934s scary and last but not least this is
937s very important to note as well
941s level 25 is not the end level
945s and tier three is not The Last Ship tier
949s so
953s if you are even still struggling with
956s just getting those platinums in the
959s current save have no fear
961s there will be additional opportunities
963s in the future
966s awesome
968s very much designed it like that now of
971s course I say all of this and then I need
973s to also say you know or Herp Derp Early
976s Access balance adjustments you know so
979s there can be a further details coming to
983s racing uh but it's not something we
984s really want to touch on it really isn't
986s we are very happy with what we were able
989s to add to the racing
991s um honestly I don't think any of us
994s expected to make it as thorough as it is
996s now but we are thrilled to have a way
998s for Maurice to tell his story
1002s which I I don't want to spoil I want you
1004s guys to I want you guys to like go
1007s through Maurice's story through these
1008s races and figure out what happened it's
1010s fun it's it's great
1013s um I'll let you do that but just know
1015s all of these things surrounding races
1016s like very intentionally designed
1019s very much so on a level of accessibility
1023s um at first with the bronze and then
1026s like really skillful challenging as
1029s you're progressing through the game and
1030s building yourself up all that fun stuff
1032s all that fun stuff all right
1039s there was a I guess I should kind of
1041s mention there was an individual on the
1043s forums I can't remember their username I
1045s don't know if they're in the chat right
1046s now
1047s um they were using one of the heavy
1049s ships with inertial dampeners off and
1050s they were saying that the races were
1052s really hard
1053s [Music]
1057s everyone's gonna have different play
1058s Styles and that's great
1060s um
1062s there are ways to make things easier for
1065s yourself
1067s um
1068s so just keep in mind certain aspects of
1072s the game that can benefit you
1076s versus ones that can uh just make life
1079s harder for yourself
1081s okay just just keep those details in
1084s mind all right I'm kind of like flying
1085s around Prescott because it's pretty and
1087s I like this ship but that was the that's
1088s the main opening segment here that I
1090s truly wanted to discuss all this racing
1094s we are so happy with how it's come along
1096s I want to do another race actually I
1097s want to try another race
1099s all this racing has been coming along
1101s pretty well pretty happy with how that's
1103s uh come together and we do really
1105s appreciate the feedback from you guys
1106s especially through
1108s um experimental especially through just
1109s comments and watching me do the racing
1112s on the live streams and like you adding
1114s a little bit of input
1115s it's been it's been helpful it's been
1117s nice so thank you for that
1119s uh let's see where where's another
1121s where's another race where's a good race
1123s that we could go to
1125s what race do you want me to go to maybe
1127s you should ask that
1133s um but otherwise oh shoot I forgot to
1135s say this at the start of the stream I'm
1136s so sorry um if you guys do have
1137s questions by the way if you guys have
1139s questions I'm looking over at the chat
1141s here and there but there will be
1143s segments of the stream that we
1145s completely devote to answering questions
1146s I've got geekbite on the line he'll say
1148s hey this is question from such and such
1150s I'll respond to them we'll go through a
1151s pretty solid list then we'll get back to
1153s gameplay stuffs
1154s so uh do if you do have questions go
1156s ahead and ask them in the chat they'll
1158s get cataloged hopefully nothing gets
1160s missed if for some crazy reason it does
1161s just attack geek bite at geekbite and uh
1164s we'll try to get you hooked up as soon
1166s as possible all right
1167s he says he feels ignored all right
1171s all right the ghost Fleet raced oh my
1173s gosh
1175s that one's that one's kind of hard
1178s um but yeah let's do that one let me um
1180s let me go back to Prescott
1182s and uh
1186s and get there fast
1188s ER at least
1194s oh everybody's saying a hell ride no
1196s what
1197s yeah
1199s goodness you know ironically whenever we
1202s were doing uh the testing for balancing
1205s purposes for races just to make sure
1206s that it was decently fair for All Ships
1209s obviously it's it's I mean some ships
1212s are just going to be inherently better
1213s at racing than others they just simply
1214s are
1215s um my best race time
1218s at hell ride the one in
1220s um the one in Drake the longest one it's
1222s like a
1223s two three four minute course
1227s um my fastest time was with the gunship
1233s um and
1235s yeah it felt so good because it it just
1238s like it just kept moving it just didn't
1240s stop whereas the light Fighters I don't
1242s know I was having a problem with them
1244s so uh
1246s you got the gunship uh it was also
1248s before the passive was nerfed a little
1252s bit for those who don't know the passive
1254s for Boost was decreased it used to be 25
1257s we scaled it back to 15 because of a
1260s couple situations it was creating
1263s spoiled by the ease of spatial bypass
1265s travel
1266s but uh rest assured we are still very
1269s happy with the fact that the gunship can
1271s get that little added boost it feels
1272s nice feels good feels appropriate
1276s ghost Fleet
1279s we'll go to the ghost Fleet
1282s we'll do this one
1284s because you guys asked
1289s and then we'll get into some questions
1291s and move along but uh yeah overall I do
1294s have a I have a question for you
1297s and that question simply put is
1300s did the fall update hit your
1303s expectations
1306s you can just say yes or no you don't
1307s have to explain it just simple yes or no
1309s I'm just curious I'm just curious and
1312s based on what I see maybe we'll have
1313s some additional conversation
1318s the first one I see is sure
1323s all right well
1325s it's gonna be one of those days okay all
1327s right
1328s foreign
1338s go ahead and answer that question over
1340s the course of you know me doing this no
1343s rush on it but still sincerely just say
1345s yes or no no details just yes or no
1348s [Music]
1352s oh my gosh
1353s some of the responses already
1355s [Music]
1359s oh Bearded Frog I just looked over at
1362s your challenge no
1367s have mercy
1370s all right where's this race course it's
1372s on the other side
1373s where's this at
1375s somebody tell me I don't know what I'm
1377s looking for where is it
1380s wait was I in the right spot I was
1382s wasn't I
1385s is it invisible
1388s no it's on the other side
1396s race
1398s is this not the right is this right
1402s no this is not the right spot oh my gosh
1403s it is on the other side
1406s it is in fact on the other side
1411s except now I'm completely lost
1415s excuse me
1416s excuse me racetrack I would like to uh
1419s I would like to attempt
1421s I would like to make an attempt
1426s am I a crazy person have I forgotten
1428s where the racetrack is
1431s guys am I nuts
1437s like it was supposed to be right right
1439s here okay this okay this is like it hang
1441s on a second
1442s should be right down here is this a bug
1444s that we just created that I didn't know
1447s about that you guys have been holding
1448s off on
1450s the racing doesn't populate yet it was
1453s working in a previous build
1455s hang on a second hang on a second
1457s it's totally
1461s I'm lost
1463s because I'm lost there's only one thing
1466s that we can do at this point and that is
1468s uh go to hell ride I guess
1472s I'm so I'm so flabbergasted I could have
1475s sworn it was like
1478s wait no that is it
1480s wait where was that where was that
1485s because it has all these little yeah
1487s okay yes we're getting closer we're
1489s getting closer yes yes
1492s oh that's the end
1497s guys come join the official Rockfish
1500s stream where gamedev doesn't know where
1503s he put stuff in his own game uh it's
1506s like not spawning or something okay well
1508s this is probably a bug and uh my
1510s particular build because totally was
1511s working beforehand
1513s I broke it it's all on me it's probably
1514s on me yeah it's 100 my fault I will
1516s totally well do you need to track the
1519s mission for it to be able to start it
1523s I think so
1526s yeah it's uh I think is there's
1527s something borked in my particular save
1529s file no worries guys no worries it's
1531s totally fine it's totally fine instead
1533s we'll just uh cheat and go to hell ride
1534s uh actually maybe I should
1537s just do a different save and make sure
1539s it's generating at all oh my gosh guys I
1541s wasn't expecting this it was supposed to
1544s be there it was there yesterday yeah
1547s literally yesterday okay all right hang
1548s on a second hang on a second
1550s let me just uh let me split up the First
1552s Time Racing
1554s this will be interesting
1556s this is what I just want to see make
1558s sure it's working
1560s is there a race on the map yes there is
1562s meant to be one in the pseudo uh ghost
1565s Fleet so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna
1567s start this rice I'm gonna skip it
1570s that should unlock the other ones then
1572s I'm going to use my magical Dove cheats
1574s I'm gonna go
1576s [Music]
1578s and you better be here dang it should
1580s generate there we go there it is now um
1586s we're only level four
1590s uh
1591s jeez it's fine this will be it's it's
1593s great it's great so it is working as
1595s intended I just got a pork save all
1596s right
1597s that's always fun
1600s so let's go ahead and do racing from the
1603s dead
1606s we also get a little bit more story from
1608s Maurice I'd like
1612s how nice to see you back but you've got
1615s to tell me how come you gave up the
1617s bounty hunting alas when my employers
1620s discovered my real activities such as
1623s Outsourcing my contracts to the likes of
1625s you you were contracted by G and B right
1629s we when they found out the truth about
1632s me they were not too happy
1635s happy
1636s pleased they were not very pleased when
1639s they discovered the truth
1641s what truth was that Maurice I cannot
1644s speak of it now none it is too painful
1647s ask me another time perhaps
1654s [Music]
1656s for those of you who don't know Maurice
1659s everspace one is on sale right now and
1662s the DLC too you should totally pick it
1664s up have a go it's a lot of fun uh
1667s definitely we'll give you some more of
1668s the details that are not provided here
1670s and uh I'm not gonna give them to you
1672s because I'm gonna be like that today so
1674s let's get into this race uh but
1676s sincerely ever space one is I think it's
1678s 75 off you can pick it up for like five
1680s us American dollar bucks
1682s that's a pretty nice Steel
1685s definitely uh check that out if you have
1689s an interest in similar movement and
1692s combat challenges as everspace 2 but in
1695s a roguelike format
1699s it's kind of fun and you'll get a bit
1701s more of that world building knowledges
1702s uh behind the scenes too when we're
1704s meeting characters like Maurice yeah
1719s work nobody saw that okay nobody nobody
1722s is totally um you have finished
1726s not with the best time still got bronze
1729s your strategy here still stand up runs
1732s I'm gonna take that
1733s I'm Gonna Take It
1735s there we go
1738s the deed is done it's all you need you
1740s just gotta get brunch
1742s okay let's go into questions
1745s go ahead and move into the question
1747s segment we've seen enough
1752s hello everybody Welcome to the stream
1755s all right all right we've got a few for
1757s you it's all perfect
1759s let's hear it first up is Laurie over on
1762s Twitch and he asks is the name for Adam
1764s in the races hard set or will be able to
1767s choose our own I had his hearts out yup
1770s it's uh think of it like part of how the
1773s developing story just goes like you are
1776s controlling all aspects of how Adam is
1780s navigating through this story but the
1782s story is set like you are experiencing
1785s that through that through the lens of
1787s this Adam rossling clone how you are
1790s bringing everything together like the
1791s jobs that you take on the missions you
1793s conclude the loadouts you use the ships
1794s you fly all of that stuff that's your
1796s decision but the story like his the
1799s naming convention there uh that is set
1802s yes that's part of the story
1805s excellent excellent uh it was a Jerry uh
1808s over on YouTubers asked uh is there
1811s anything that can be revealed about T4
1813s and T4 plus ships at the moment I did
1816s say probably not but uh this this I
1819s would ask anyway
1820s um I can actually say a couple things
1821s about the T4 yeah I know right they will
1825s be ready for the 1.0 launch I did the
1827s same exact thing I did the exact weird
1829s oh my gosh I deserved that that's that
1832s was like Instant Karma it's like oh
1834s you're gonna be a jerk to these viewers
1836s asking a serious question Get Wrecked
1839s nerd all right uh but uh no sincerely
1842s can't really say anything nope can't say
1844s anything
1846s um but we are in fact they're not even
1848s being prioritized right now we are
1850s working on a couple of different
1851s elements to ensure everything does in
1853s fact come to come together down not up
1859s um and uh yeah the ships and the
1862s customizations thereof like all of that
1863s aesthetic
1865s things and and whatnot all of that will
1868s be focused in on for the 1.0 release so
1871s that is going to be uh pretty awesome
1873s when we get there
1874s just not yet not not quite yet
1878s oh that it that energy
1880s Oh I thought I was gonna I thought it
1883s was gonna be able to get a platinum in
1885s this level four nope I lied I think my
1889s my bronze was better I just needed to
1891s miss the ring
1894s I'm close yet so far
1898s right uh next question for you over uh
1901s on YouTube from Finn's uh regarding
1903s racing uh is it a bug that only one best
1906s time is displayed per race even if
1909s Platinum by multiple ship classes so I
1912s didn't know if it was a bug but rather
1913s it's the best time by the pilot rather
1915s than specifically a ship that you were
1917s flying there were a lot of discussions
1919s about the leaderboards and how it needed
1921s to be set um at least on the display
1923s here
1924s um I believe if you go to oh it's I
1928s don't have it unlocked here yet no no
1930s wait that's that's wrong that's wrong
1932s what's wrong here we go uh
1935s is there a way to expand no
1939s are we done with this
1941s so it was my understanding at one point
1944s that we were gonna have the top five
1946s slots I suppose that was changed in a
1949s conversation that I was not a part of
1952s because I had to tackle some other
1954s priority elements for you guys
1956s um but uh yeah that could be something
1958s that maybe can be uh I can look into to
1962s get you a more direct answer but my
1964s guess is that it has to do with the ux
1967s on this front to make sure everything's
1968s clean enough to understand uh and how
1971s it's coming I know that before there was
1973s a discussion point we had internally for
1974s example how listing all of these times
1977s out was a little bit confusing in terms
1980s of knowing what you had to accomplish
1981s for the individual tiers the different
1984s uh
1986s metals versus which ones you
1989s accomplished so
1991s um yeah probably intentional probably
1994s intentional but I do need to get more
1996s information on that so
1999s yep excellent excellent all right uh
2002s heading back to Twitch first uh lie on
2005s um is it possible to allow Rifts to drop
2007s one level higher gear since at the
2010s moment it's supposed to be the end game
2011s but level 26 jobs can get better red
2014s gear which seems a bit off so yeah this
2017s is a particular question and I'm glad
2019s that this was asked because I think
2020s there's a lot to just to discuss on this
2022s front so much like I had mentioned about
2024s the races where you are running with
2027s tier three ships at level 25 even though
2030s that's not the the cat
2032s we are internally not super concerned
2036s about level 26 stuff generating and not
2040s generating and they're kind of being a
2041s couple of issues there it's not game
2043s breaking
2044s um and the main intent for all of this
2046s gear to transpire is ultimately going to
2049s be that level 30 Mark okay and
2053s that kind of moves into territory that
2055s we're not entirely ready to discuss yet
2057s I know some people are curious like is
2059s there going to be level 31 gear for
2061s example is going to be level 35 gear for
2063s example what whatever and
2066s we have to work on them we have to
2069s figure out what's honestly best for the
2070s game based on the feedback that we've
2072s been getting pertaining to this kind of
2074s slippery higher level stuff that drops
2077s currently like level 26 is when the cop
2079s is level 25. so rest assured we are
2083s going to come to a pretty solid solution
2087s once we get there and I can tell you all
2089s about how we get to it but uh share your
2092s thoughts especially on those forums for
2094s example if you feel very strongly about
2097s certain give and take polls and all that
2100s stuff with that level 25 versus level
2103s 26. uh it's uh I can definitely
2106s understand some people being frustrated
2108s over that but we are not done with the
2109s game level 30 is the cap level 30 and
2113s the levels around that perhaps
2116s um
2117s there'll be a lot more to discuss in the
2118s future there
2121s wonderful answer sticking with twitch
2124s we've got kizal this time asking a while
2127s back there were talks about Vanguard
2129s adjustments is that still the case or is
2131s the team content with its current tool
2133s kit struck identity so I love how you
2136s ask that question
2137s um we are constantly evaluating the
2139s ships we had a recent internal poll as
2142s to like what each one of the players
2144s favorite ships were like what we use the
2145s most I should say uh the the three ships
2148s that we use the most and every single
2151s ship got at least two votes except for
2157s the Vanguard which got none
2160s um so there's definitely room for
2162s improvement on the Vanguard definitely
2163s agree that it could be a little bit more
2165s exciting even though it's technically
2167s the best racing ship technically
2169s technically
2172s um
2173s so yeah
2175s we'll continue to critique we'll
2176s continue to evaluate we'll continue to
2178s you know
2179s make those adjustments accordingly
2181s probably
2183s I hope
2187s um
2189s YouTube uh thunderflame and he's asking
2192s what's the status on Rift bosses will we
2195s get them via a hotfix and do we have a
2198s time frame
2201s there's gonna be a lot more coming to
2203s riffs in the future
2206s love that answer
2209s I just want to express right now I love
2211s you guys I love your questions I love
2213s how you want to like get all the answers
2215s it's great
2217s we I mean it's with Early Access and
2220s hitting the end game stuff like we've
2222s given you the first sample of
2223s legendaries and these riffs like it's a
2225s lot of fun I'm having fun with it it
2226s seems like you guys are too uh thus far
2228s especially based on that recent poll
2230s um I I like we are very much satisfied
2234s with where this has started from this is
2236s the foundation with which more shall be
2240s built upon you know and I can even go
2242s into a little bit of detail pretending
2244s like you know those legendary items man
2246s I can't like do anything to say uh like
2248s those legendary items and there's
2249s something pertaining to crafting like
2251s that's all gonna be down the line right
2253s and when it comes to these riffs when it
2255s comes to Rift bosses when it comes to
2258s Rift variety when it comes to
2261s more Rift stuff riff riff riff when it
2264s comes to Legendary accessibility as well
2267s I hope you guys actually read I'm
2269s jumping around now but whatever I hope
2271s you guys also read our beat yesterday
2273s pertaining to whenever we did launch the
2275s game because there's a little note in
2277s there about legendaries and how there
2280s will in fact be legendaries outside of
2281s riffs okay so there's not this very
2285s harsh
2286s super skill Gates barring you from being
2290s able to use legendaries that we are
2292s implementing in the game we do want it
2293s to be challenging to earn those through
2296s the riffs we also do recognize that
2299s there need to be additional adjustments
2301s to like the number of uh tiers of the
2304s Mad being dropped and how that that
2305s works so I can guarantee you there will
2308s be
2308s um a lot of tweaks on that front but
2311s overall to give you the straight up
2314s answer to all of this to your question
2317s it's sincerely there will be more
2320s with the Rifts in the future like that's
2322s that's what it comes back to so
2328s very full answer
2330s pins back over on YouTube a question
2333s about player stats shown in the game uh
2335s there's no more kill counts how many
2337s Outlaws Oh Come more car except to the
2339s player has destroyed has it been moved
2347s um I thought it was combat yeah the
2350s combat shows the number of kills is that
2353s is that what the question is
2355s yeah pretty much yeah okay yeah we we
2358s separated this out because this was
2359s getting really long and there's a couple
2360s other things that we probably want to
2362s put in the player stats
2365s cool
2369s awesome she'll find uh right two more
2373s questions
2374s um first up from cell line over on
2375s Twitch uh being a Speedster gunship man
2378s uh why specifically was the speed perk
2381s stealth chain I get the initial 50 to 25
2384s on the release but why another 10 for me
2388s whilst I can still Dodge everything from
2390s an outsider's perspective it looks
2392s arbitrary
2394s I would have to ask Marco for a direct
2396s answer on that one
2398s um I did not play too much of a role in
2400s that balance
2401s um and I know that this also kind of
2404s goes in with
2407s the play sessions that we do internally
2410s right like
2412s there are a lot of elements that are
2413s evaluated to ensure that the ships are
2416s operating the way that they are met to
2418s and with the gunship in particular I
2420s mean you understand this the most
2422s because you were using it at that 50
2424s bonus it was way too fast right it was
2428s it was no longer a heavy ship it was it
2431s was it was something it's like an
2433s amalgamation of of a ship type because
2437s of how quickly it could move
2439s and
2441s for our vision of everspace 2 with how
2444s everything's meant to come together you
2446s know keep in mind the focal point is the
2448s looter shooter combat being in a one-man
2451s fighter we're not trying to make it to
2453s where you're flying around Capital ships
2454s or like Freighters or anything like that
2456s the gunship is probably the closest
2457s thing you're gonna get to a uh sort of
2461s you know
2463s Millennium falcon-esque experience right
2467s and we want to make sure that it's still
2470s falling in line with its unique traits
2472s to gain its particular benefits all of
2475s this Cycles back around and the
2477s adjustments that we made cutting it down
2478s to 25 it felt right it felt good it
2481s still felt too fast cutting it down 10
2484s more it's an evaluation of where it
2486s feels and thus far the team feels that
2488s that was a necessary change to get it
2490s far more in line with how the ship is
2492s designed to be played and also to make
2495s sure that it's still within the realm of
2498s not being more powerful than other ships
2502s with similar traits or qualities
2504s so a lot really does go in those
2506s decisions we don't just go oh hey let's
2508s just change this number willy-nilly are
2510s you good with that yeah okay but it's
2512s just cut it down by 10 yeah yeah okay do
2515s it like there's there's a lot there's a
2518s lot that comes down in that and it just
2519s it was still a little too fast so
2523s that's really what it comes down to
2524s [Music]
2527s right last question for now
2529s um Flory over on Twitch a question in
2532s the Far Far Future I love these and will
2535s the level cap with DLC be raised to 35
2537s or will it stayed 30 was there anything
2540s in a discussion or not thought about
2542s right now I have no idea I think that it
2546s could make sense I think that it also
2549s makes sense not to do it it all depends
2552s on the perspective one has in
2555s approaching that content when we get
2557s there uh but that content we're not
2560s there yet we are still very much working
2562s on the 1.0 release
2564s and yeah it's that's it's just a little
2567s too hard to say SL2 hard to say I could
2570s see it going either way
2572s so yeah right all the rest of the
2575s questions that we've got to now will
2576s take in part two perfect excellent so
2579s what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna jump
2580s over to another
2582s um
2583s another save that I've got here
2585s another save that I got here because I
2587s want to do I want to do a rift I want to
2589s try Rift I kind of played around with
2591s this Interceptor build I don't fly a lot
2593s of interceptors but I also I'm a big fan
2595s of the way this one looks I did not uh I
2598s did not cheat it this was one that I was
2599s able to just purchase right out of the
2602s fresh from the ship dealer hanger
2605s pretty satisfied with it
2607s I just wanted to go over the build it's
2609s a little bit of an unconventional build
2611s I think in terms of its Weaponry
2613s specifically because I am using penumbra
2615s and Umbra uh not very popular choices
2618s I've uh I've discovered in my various
2620s conversations and poking into streams
2622s but uh I
2625s tweaked this a little bit and I made
2627s Umbra calibrated I used a a common
2634s um makes this surprisingly like uh
2637s satisfying to use not even joking um I'm
2640s sure somebody out there is like nah bro
2641s you're supposed to put powerful on it I
2643s mean sure probably
2645s um but I'm enjoying how much more
2647s accurate it is and I wanted to show this
2648s uh in combination with having a powerful
2651s penumbra as well as having a powerful
2653s Jaeger for those accurate pinpoint shots
2655s whereas these are not gonna be so much
2659s you know
2660s um we also have a bunch of rockets we
2662s have cruise missiles we have corrosion
2663s mines to boot
2665s and then a pretty decent Loadout of gear
2669s I would say with a lot of Firepower not
2671s a lot of emphasis anywhere else our
2673s structure is probably going to be
2674s problematic but that's fine that's fine
2677s we'll we'll see what we can do
2679s on that front I do want to buy or
2681s actually I can just I could just craft
2684s I'll just I'll just store this here I'm
2686s gonna craft some more Nanos
2689s I just want to fill that up to two oh it
2692s seems a little bit silly and I also want
2693s to do that to my damage boosters as well
2695s [Music]
2697s just want to top those off because
2699s whenever you do this
2703s I'm also going to change this one out
2706s whenever you do this whenever you enter
2707s a rift
2709s all of your stuff is saved with how much
2713s you have when you're kicked out of the
2714s rift you get it all back so if you're
2716s spending all your secondaries and your
2717s consumables all that type of stuff when
2719s you leave the rift you do get it back so
2722s definitely keep that in mind we did that
2724s intentionally we wanted the builds to
2726s feel good and we wanted those
2727s consumables and secondaries to feel
2729s very powerful when you're going through
2732s those situations
2734s and uh yeah we're fairly happy with it
2738s I wonder if I should go
2739s Nano injector here probably gonna go
2741s with Nano injector just to make sure
2744s just to just to kind of
2747s be sure
2750s and we're gonna do a run
2754s oh
2757s I looked over and I see somebody else
2759s using a calibrated blaster on a gunship
2761s ooh
2763s oh that sounds that actually sounds
2766s amazing nice
2769s yeah gunships uh
2772s gun ships are uh pretty freaking
2774s stinking powerful in riffs as well all
2777s right so I think I can do a pretty good
2780s job here but practicing a little bit I
2782s want to get too cocky we're gonna we're
2785s gonna boost it to 400. I think we can do
2788s this
2789s I think we can do this
2790s and uh yeah we're gonna slap this in go
2793s for a ride
2794s and uh just for anybody who's joining
2796s the stream this all of the stuff that
2799s you're seeing on the screen this is now
2800s live in Early Access as of yesterday
2803s um and yeah so we're flying into it
2806s we're having some fun here we are we are
2808s having a little bit of a celebratory
2809s close to weekend sort of stuff going on
2813s here at Rockfish and uh we're just
2815s really thankful for all the support you
2816s guys have given us and
2818s the ability to
2819s bring this all together in the
2821s capacities that we believe it deserves
2823s oh come on there we go
2829s I don't like that missile guy
2837s wow so many missiles excuse me
2843s yeah look at look at that thing shred I
2845s just I love it
2851s there you are there's my there's my
2854s enemy that I gotta drop before my
2857s missiles oh no
2861s come here come here you look how
2863s accurate it is
2873s oh yeah this is this is feeling right
2876s this is feeling good I like the way this
2878s is all coming together
2892s another one we got another one of those
2894s boogers and oh my gosh we got a Weber
2896s drone
2898s new priority Target where are you at
2905s all right we also have to get this guy
2907s that's that's problems uh nope that's
2909s the bomber wait
2911s just a bomber could have sworn it was a
2913s tournament Journey there's got to be a
2914s Tormentor around here too that's
2915s ridiculous that fire is ridiculous
2925s foreign
2928s get out of here all right
2954s oh that was a lot of self-damage oh boy
2962s ouch ouch pain
2966s all right okay okay
2972s let's get that Shield drone out of the
2973s way
2975s oh I just realized I didn't show you
2977s guys my perks that probably would have
2978s been helpful
2980s if you guys care I can show you those in
2981s a little bit but
2984s all right there we go there we go
2988s but yeah I was I was flying this build a
2990s little bit earlier today and uh well
2991s earlier this week and I was having a lot
2993s of fun with it
2994s so it also kills the boss pretty well
2998s too and if we get there
3000s unlike that gunship build I had last
3002s week that one was a little bit rough
3008s I don't like either of these
3013s there have been so many can I just say
3015s there have been so many of you
3017s who have expressed to me how some of the
3019s mutators aren't nearly as hard as other
3021s ones and you all keep saying enemy name
3023s types is easy
3025s what
3028s what I'm trying to understand what you
3030s guys have come from honestly I don't get
3032s it because when I go into an enemy name
3033s types or hidden
3035s immediately I feel like I'm screwed
3038s because of armor drones and sniper
3041s drones if I can't find those in the mix
3042s I feel like I'm done like I just I just
3045s died and I have to have that information
3048s and y'all are like oh yeah I know it's
3050s super easy because they're not stronger
3052s or anything what are you talking about I
3054s need that information
3057s but uh I digress I think we're gonna do
3060s enemy deals area damage on death and
3062s with how close we're getting to our
3063s enemies here this could be uh
3066s this could be bad
3069s each have their own visuals thank you
3072s flurry I really appreciate that yes each
3075s each ship has their own visuals yeah
3077s look at this I wouldn't have seen this
3078s sniper drone well okay I would have
3080s because of the line but the the point is
3087s just let me just let me play my way okay
3095s oh goodness
3101s ouch
3102s come on come on oh no wrong weapon
3104s that's not good that was not good
3111s new priority Target
3113s new priority Target
3115s there we go
3120s I don't get too close get too close to
3123s me that is asking for death
3128s a little further away there we go oh
3131s much better
3134s much better
3140s wait wait wait all right you're good
3152s okay nice nice
3154s there are things Hive oh my gosh what my
3157s what a buddy what up buddy
3163s oh my gosh normally he's just a complete
3165s jerk
3173s now look at that damage no I don't I
3176s don't like that damage but thank you
3178s ouch I think
3190s oh
3206s go away
3209s there we go
3218s I do not want to be wet thank you very
3220s much
3226s that's a lot of damage
3239s it's a little closer than I wanted it to
3240s be
3244s oh my gosh Come on come on give me
3246s something good
3249s enemies repair that's not too bad
3252s drop mines oh
3257s God all right
3258s all right
3261s a freighter spot I missed it yeah we did
3263s incorporate all of the other uh ship
3266s types to be spawnable there's a little
3267s bit of a small chance for some of the
3269s larger vessels but it is totally
3272s possible for there to be uh larger
3275s vessels that appear in the standard Rift
3277s progression
3278s um
3279s and it cannot it can make things a
3281s little bit hectic a little bit fun
3285s we are happy with that Edition and uh
3287s I'm gonna say this so many times
3289s probably but there's still more coming
3291s to the rest in the future
3294s and uh oh I looked over I see somebody
3295s say Corvette yes you can actually fight
3298s Corvettes
3299s um yes they can be they can be a little
3301s bit gnarly too but it is possible to
3304s enjoy
3306s all right
3307s yeah wardens do not show up we no no
3310s words do not show up
3312s all our dreadnoughts can't show up
3314s shadowy because they don't exist
3318s yet
3321s all right
3324s oh there's an armor drone somewhere and
3327s there's a sniper drone what is this
3329s nonsense
3331s no no no no
3334s where's the armor drone it's the next
3336s priority
3338s there you are
3342s oh that was a good hit
3344s I am very pleased with that result
3355s ah coalition
3367s I love it when things just melt
3372s yes
3377s I'm hoping I'm converting some of y'all
3379s who's been crapping on the blaster
3382s this thing can be super good if you just
3385s take a little bit of extra attention to
3388s how to maximize its damage and whatnot
3390s hello
3402s Tormentor that's a sniper drone
3405s [Music]
3407s oh oh all right they're good where's
3410s that Tormentor
3414s focus on the problematic ships
3417s and all your dreams will come true
3420s oh my gosh
3431s excuse me
3434s excuse me what the crap was that we were
3438s on like half a freaking hit point
3442s and so you guys are aware uh so you guys
3445s are aware I that was not a close call
3448s because I don't have it that
3451s legitimately did survive that with like
3454s half a hit point uh I really want
3457s somebody to clip that and send it to me
3459s because that was nuts
3468s that was seriously crazy
3472s outside ouch
3474s ah you dirty Shield drone all right
3486s firing Flack out of tormentor guys it's
3489s never a smart idea why was I doing it I
3491s was just trying to get it killed
3493s oh no
3496s [Music]
3504s things are looking a bit tight
3508s I really got to get that Tormentor down
3511s oh no no no no no
3519s aren't they a great challenge oh my
3521s goodness
3526s man I was feeling so good in those first
3529s two areas
3530s then it all fell apart it all fell apart
3533s goodness
3534s goodness
3537s well
3539s well there was a rift run that was uh
3541s that was nice that gets your adrenaline
3543s going
3545s we've had a number of musical additions
3548s to the game as well uh not just in riffs
3551s itself but actually across the Stars
3553s lots of different locations if you
3555s haven't been keeping your ears tuned in
3557s to the end game music because maybe you
3559s like turn it off and you play your own
3560s music which is totally great and Awesome
3561s by the way uh totally approve of that um
3564s but we have received a number more of
3566s tracks to the game and we're pretty
3568s happy with how they've been coming
3569s across seems to be good reception there
3571s too
3573s and the rift one in particular uh I
3575s think there's a couple that can play for
3577s riffs
3578s comes together well it's great it's fun
3585s so it's good stuff
3588s all right so um with all that being said
3591s I think it was a good Rift run and we
3592s are in a good position to start
3593s answering a couple more questions so
3594s geekbite if you want to jump in here we
3596s can start uh yeah we can start going
3599s through the updated list
3601s excellent we have a few we have a few
3603s excellent right Bram over on YouTube as
3607s actually this one's quite a good
3608s suggestion
3610s um definitely want to post up on the
3611s forums Discord Etc can we have a dynamic
3615s decal showing the number of kills with
3617s that particular ship
3624s I have a lot of concerns with something
3626s like that even though I love the concept
3629s and uh I just want I want to show you
3632s why I have concerns because on a level
3634s of like the decals let's just go to
3636s something default here
3639s with uh oh excuse me
3641s no no no we uh decals there we go with
3644s the decals I mean in comparison to the
3647s rest of the ship itself you know the
3650s logo is awfully tiny in comparison like
3653s it's meant to just add that little extra
3655s you know oomph to your design and then
3658s the text which I think is not visible
3660s here because it's in white
3662s nope whoops
3667s yeah there we go the text I mean I could
3670s see the text being maybe a number that's
3671s just listed
3673s but
3676s I don't know something about that
3677s feels a little strange to me
3681s put on the forums though as a suggestion
3684s it's fun it's definitely clever so kudos
3687s to you for that
3689s can't say it will happen though nope
3691s nope
3693s next question similarly something that
3696s uh is on the lines of decals
3698s um is from slowing Texan on YouTube and
3701s he's asking will the skull ship skin
3703s from everspace one be in everspace too
3707s it could but we haven't really um we
3710s haven't really expressed
3713s that particular symbol and the desires
3716s thereof to bring that one back but it's
3718s it's possible it could
3720s um that will come into play whenever
3723s we're getting into all the Aesthetics
3724s which will either be late this year or
3726s early next year
3728s when we're hammering all of those
3729s elements home
3731s um I do think that that could be a lot
3732s of fun I think that could be really cool
3733s so it just kind of depends on a number
3736s of factors but it's not currently
3737s planned no not currently planned
3741s it's good uh next up uh on YouTube still
3744s we've got fins just asking their new
3746s favorite job type is the ramen delivery
3748s at the time on it as is now is neat but
3751s can we hope for increasingly great
3753s reward the faster we deliver them
3755s noodles
3757s always always wanting more you guys
3760s um I mean we actually had a discussion
3762s months ago about
3765s um having timed jobs just in general
3767s like you'd have a you have different
3768s jobs where like one would be like
3771s Minefield right and then the next one
3773s would be timed Minefield so you would
3776s have a distinction between those and if
3777s you completed just the standard
3779s Minefield you get standard rewards if
3780s you did the timed Minefield your rewards
3782s would be based on how quickly you
3783s performed it now when this conversation
3786s happened internally a lot of the team
3788s was like that sounds like a lot of fun
3790s then we started working on how those
3792s aspects would play out and touching up
3793s on details and all that type of stuff
3795s also while we were working on other
3796s update elements and there were
3798s complications through that so this is
3801s something the team would like to do I'll
3803s straight up say that this is something
3805s the team would find to be quite awesome
3808s however this is something that also is
3811s in the would-be nice to have list so
3814s here's hopen
3816s I think that would be awesome sounds
3817s like you would think it'd be awesome we
3818s would think it'd be awesome it's just
3820s not priority so further diversity and
3822s job types I think is always fantastic
3824s that's why we added more in this
3826s particular update
3827s so um here's hoping here's hoping we can
3831s add even more so yep
3834s nice nice uh stay on YouTube again uh
3838s slaughtering tetson and I think this
3840s could be a little introduction to one of
3842s your topics for later on there have been
3845s several updates to the steam development
3846s Branch since the update dropped might
3849s there be a patch in the worst so
3852s um this is this is a question that I
3854s thought was going to just be inevitable
3855s because you know we just launched the
3857s update I told you about you know how we
3859s are still generating it garnering
3860s feedback from you guys
3862s um and you know I'm gonna be 100 clear
3865s guys I don't know if we're gonna do a
3867s hotfix or not
3870s I don't I don't know
3874s we've been talking about it we've been
3875s like hey we like whenever we do a hotfix
3877s like you have to keep in mind here let's
3879s let's get some context here so you guys
3881s know this isn't just a matter of like oh
3883s well all you guys have to do is push a
3884s button come on well for those of you who
3887s are waiting to play the update on uh via
3890s Microsoft for example you're still gonna
3892s have to wait a couple more weeks until
3893s that goes through the approval process
3895s right so whenever we are doing anything
3898s we have to keep in mind everyone that is
3901s going to be receiving the contents
3903s thereof and what those timetables look
3905s like and especially for our game pass
3907s users if we go into a hotfix that's more
3910s approvals that's more work on our end
3912s that's like more there's a lot of
3914s complications there that is also then
3915s delaying other elements other priorities
3918s especially that we need to be pushing
3920s forward with so
3923s it kind of sucks to say
3926s um especially on this this front but
3929s if it's not dire if it's not grave
3932s material is what I'm going to put it
3934s then we are then the likelihood of
3937s getting a hotfix in is it's not really
3939s that high and as of right now there's
3942s only one thing that we diseem deemed
3944s sort of concerning it's not even a big
3947s concern because it will be rectified at
3949s the 1.0 release so
3952s we'll see if you guys do continue to
3954s catch bugs and you find something that
3956s is quite truly game breaking let us know
3959s because stuff like that we will
3961s absolutely want to hot fix the game we
3963s don't want to slow down our process but
3966s we want you guys to be able to play the
3967s game the way it's intended and if you're
3969s getting some sort of blocker from being
3971s able to do a mission chain which uh by
3973s the way we found a couple which is one
3977s of the reasons one of a few reasons why
3978s we actually had the update go live a
3980s little bit later than normal with the
3982s experimental Branch being a week apart
3984s um let us know please let us know
3986s immediately let us know
3988s so we can fix that because we really
3989s don't want to touch this too much more
3992s to focus in on that 1.0 release
3994s structure all right
3996s all right
3998s so yeah or hopefully that's the context
4001s to like fill in those gaps I know we're
4004s not going to please everyone on this
4005s front you know it's that's just the
4007s nature of development but sincerely uh
4010s we don't want to push any more updates
4013s unless we have to so that we can put our
4016s Focus where it needs to go
4021s excellent excellent right uh switching
4024s over to Twitch for this next one from
4025s cellion
4026s um any chance of getting the HRA music
4028s in the riffs they missed the guitar riff
4031s and the HRA music
4034s the ancient riffs
4039s I could talk to gyro about it I don't
4040s know I don't know if there's a specific
4042s rule that we have to follow pertaining
4044s to how that music's delivered but uh
4046s could definitely talk
4048s I I legitimately don't know the if
4050s that's like a super easy thing that's
4052s like oh yeah we just like click a button
4053s or if that's like I actually have to
4055s redevelop the entire process of how this
4057s comes together thanks Eric thanks for
4059s making it sound like it's super easy
4060s during the stream Eric that's never
4062s happened before ever
4064s um so yeah so legitimately
4067s it could happen I suppose but I don't
4070s know the details so yeah it kind of is
4073s what it is for the moment
4077s um
4078s uh sticking with twitch for the moment
4080s uh T3 Cube uh asked a question
4083s uh given the fact that there have been
4085s lots of unknowns in the development with
4087s everspace too uh you mentioned that
4090s content has been impacted and that some
4092s Cuts had to be made yes you perhaps
4094s clarify what will be targeted for 1.0
4097s and won't will be put off the free DLC
4100s or gaming updates later down the line
4103s with more time given
4105s um some people want to fully experience
4107s um everything but the experience is
4109s hampered by some of the missing content
4110s IE side quest devices Etc sorry big
4114s question
4115s that's a big question that's a real big
4119s question
4120s um and I will try and satisfy the an
4122s answer to this question as best I can
4124s sincerely so in short
4128s we looked at
4131s what our promises
4133s were made at the initial Vision the
4136s creation the ideation if you will of
4138s everspace two what we wanted to aim for
4140s everything that surrounds that and we
4143s said these are our core pillars this is
4145s the foundation everything must be built
4147s on these systems right
4150s some of those systems have been altered
4154s so thinking about like
4156s a house on a foundation we shifted the
4159s foundation
4160s That Rocks the house a lot right and so
4164s what we had to do with these very
4167s applicable and noteworthy changes to you
4170s know back-end systems that were integral
4173s to making the vision come to fruition we
4175s had to go in and say all right well this
4178s is no longer relevant that is no longer
4181s applicable this would be a nice to have
4183s instead of a priority etc etc etc
4186s which has led to us ensuring the main
4189s priorities are still those promises we
4193s made within the kickstarter we have to
4195s hit those even if they are delayed of
4198s course they are you know we could talk a
4200s number of reasons why they were
4202s um but those have to be hit that's
4204s that's like number one on the list and
4206s then from there we have to ensure that
4208s all of these built systems are working
4211s in tandem with one another we cannot
4213s have two great ideas that butt up ahead
4216s right like we can't we can't do that we
4218s can't do that two great ideas are great
4221s if they're working in Tandem and if
4223s they're not you gotta cut one you got to
4225s pull it out so
4227s through all of that
4229s and also through your guys feedback
4232s very important through your guys
4233s feedback we've been able to isolate the
4235s most important aspects of
4238s what would generally be called content
4240s creep as we've gone through development
4242s to ensure these priorities of what we've
4244s promised you guys who have funded us
4247s with your money
4249s is going to be made right that's number
4252s one and then the second is we got to
4254s make sure that all those systems coming
4256s together reaching fruition like I said
4258s for that 1.0 release guaranteed we've
4260s got boom boom boom has to be done like
4262s we we want to make sure we had to make
4264s sure all the playable ships were out we
4266s had to make sure most of the enemies
4268s were out we had to make sure most of the
4269s locations were available we had to make
4271s sure the main storyline was completed
4273s like all of these things like were
4274s integral to the 1.0 launch and that
4280s sweet delicious gravy that we get to
4282s pour all over everything
4284s all of those super nice to haves and
4287s would be super sweet that would be dope
4288s wouldn't it those are being carefully
4290s put and crafted on a list that says if
4293s we get time and we'd like to incorporate
4296s this we're going to pull that out and go
4298s boom slap it on because we know that we
4301s want it we know that you guys want it
4303s especially through the feedback there's
4304s certain things you absolutely want that
4306s are not Incorporated in the game and
4307s weren't necessarily on our initial
4309s vision
4309s that if we can bring that together it
4313s will be done so after that 1.0 release
4318s hopefully
4320s but of course we also do have plans like
4323s what we would like to do with a DLC when
4326s we get there so you know it's uh it's
4329s just a massive process it's a massive
4331s process and we just we want to make sure
4333s that the priority is on you
4337s like what we promise the development
4340s that we were creating
4342s is exactly that and more so that is the
4346s bare minimum we will not cut down
4348s further than that
4351s cool I hope that was thorough I tried to
4353s be as detailed as possible without
4355s obviously giving anything away that you
4357s can't know
4358s um so
4362s very good answer very good very sorry
4365s thanks very much for that uh switching
4367s over to YouTube Jules Mercier uh has
4371s asked any news about the eventual tears
4373s of the Mad Auto Loot and it was I think
4375s it was last week we discussed this
4378s um it was quite difficult for people to
4380s go pick them all up yeah let me uh let
4383s me talk on that for just a moment um now
4385s if
4386s if we were to do a hotfix one of the
4389s elements that would probably happen in a
4392s foreseeable half fix would be adjusting
4394s the tiers of the mat a little bit
4396s um one of the things that we had an
4397s internal discussion about was like
4399s um and I even referred to this earlier
4401s on stream like the accessibility factor
4402s of legendaries within the riffs right
4405s um for those who are you know out here
4408s now and you're like playing the riffs
4410s and you're like man this is way too hard
4411s uh you need to dial it back otherwise
4413s I'm never going to get a legendary you
4414s know that type of stuff we hear you we
4416s hear that and um that that doesn't feel
4418s good that that that sucks that sucks
4421s we're making this content for you to
4422s experience and while again I'm not going
4425s to apologize for the challenge of these
4427s riffs because we want them to be we want
4429s them to be very hard right for the vast
4432s majority of our player base these are
4434s very difficult challenges I think most
4436s of you can agree with that
4438s um that's that's not going to change
4440s however with the tears of the mad for
4444s example
4444s um we are looking to possibly adjust
4446s asked how lunacy 0 and 50 Works in
4449s regard in regarding uh getting a
4452s legendary to drop based on using tears
4454s of the Mad
4456s um and a couple other
4458s details surrounding that which I can't
4461s quite get into because you guys know
4462s that there's going to be more changes to
4464s the Rifts in the future so
4466s um but do know please understand like
4468s this is something that we are talking
4470s about like this is something that we
4471s know is important the accessibility of
4474s content we don't want to gate people out
4477s of our own content that would suck at
4480s the same time the game is it's a game
4483s you are challenged by what you are
4485s experiencing and you must overcome that
4487s and if there is no challenge then we're
4489s not doing our job either so
4491s a fine balance must be made in there so
4495s yeah
4498s we got another question yes I do two
4501s more okay
4503s um was it Jerry on YouTube was asking
4506s may I ask when we can obtain set items
4508s especially bloodstar items when
4510s finishing ancient Rifts in the future I
4513s love that question that's also been
4514s something that we've been talking about
4515s internally so
4518s um there's gonna be more on that front
4520s to discuss whenever there's more set
4522s items in the game
4524s so uh for now I think the unfortunate
4528s reality of it is that
4531s one star gears just not really
4533s so great to obtain in reps
4536s sorry sorry
4539s so
4542s it pains me to say that I hope you guys
4545s know it's not fun but
4547s um
4549s time will tell time will tell
4553s this is a funny question over on Twitch
4555s uh will it be intended for All Ships to
4558s be able to do lunacy 1000 with the right
4562s build since it would seem some ships
4564s have it much easier time than others I
4566s think that's going to depend on personal
4568s play Styles and skill levels and the
4570s legendaries that are being used
4573s um so there there's a lot of factors
4575s that come into play there as well as the
4576s fact that there's still more coming to
4577s the rest but but with like where it's at
4580s currently let's talk about where it's at
4581s currently because that's this is
4582s applicable right
4584s um so when we were doing testing with
4587s the riffs even if we didn't like a
4589s particular ship we went through every
4591s single ship to see how it felt in
4593s conjunction with other ones and you guys
4596s have made similar observations like for
4597s example for example
4600s um the Scout does struggle a bit more in
4602s riffs because you don't have nearly as
4605s much of that gorilla Warfare tactics
4608s style of play you can't shoot hide
4610s behind an asteroid and nobody knows
4611s where you are right but there are tools
4614s to get back to that there are tools like
4618s the cloak generator the consumable right
4621s you can use that to fire hide go
4624s somewhere else especially if they're all
4626s coming upon you it's a very valuable
4628s tool but it's not nearly as accessible
4632s as something like a gunship that just
4634s fires twice as fast with four like you
4636s know with the four hard points you've
4638s just gotten super crazy DPS which to
4641s some degree is like the most important
4643s thing right like you have the most DPS
4645s you win right so
4647s um yeah like these are elements that
4649s continue to be evaluated we want to
4651s promote opportunities for every single
4653s playstyle through every single ship
4656s that's that's the dream
4658s that's the dream we're trying to get
4659s there
4660s we're trying to get there so uh it could
4662s mean the addition of a couple more items
4664s in fact to kind of help lead those tools
4667s uh in the right direction
4669s or balancing elements but I will say
4673s holy crap you have not lived if you you
4677s have not lived if you haven't played a
4680s scout with all of the crazy ranged
4683s bonuses with a cruise missile that gains
4686s damage it basically one shots anything
4689s in the game guys like if you line up
4692s your shot correctly you've boosted your
4694s Firepower accordingly and oh my gosh it
4697s is like the most gloriously satisfying
4700s thing uh even at higher Rift levels this
4703s thing can well it wasn't quite one shot
4704s at uh one thousand
4706s um but it can do serious damage so we
4710s want to make sure that those
4711s opportunities are all being promoted we
4713s want to make sure all of those
4714s opportunities are being promoted and
4716s we'll continue to go down those
4718s particular Avenues to do so
4721s so
4722s yeah
4724s super long-winded answer to basically
4726s say yes we're we're working on it
4731s free to fly on sir
4733s excellent all right so um I think what
4736s we're gonna do I wanna I wanna try this
4738s build again I feel like I feel like I
4739s can do this I'm upset that I didn't get
4741s it I want to do another Rift
4743s I want to do another Rift
4746s and then after this we are uh we can do
4749s Talent acquisition if we want to go that
4751s direction we can also I think I can
4753s generate the um the re the second
4756s Redeemer Mission there's a second
4758s Redeemer mission
4764s I'm gonna I'm gonna do 400 again it's
4766s I'm gonna do it
4767s we're not changing
4769s trying it again
4779s our cruise missile totally won shots
4782s smaller targets if they hit absolutely
4785s they absolutely one shot them are you
4787s kidding that's a joke right
4790s it's obviously hard to hit them but if
4792s it does that's a one shot absolutely
4794s there's no doubt just making sure that's
4798s super clear
4803s foreign
4806s cruise missiles yeah they're insane
4810s lots of damage
4814s all right Tormentor again
4817s I'm gonna have to go get that guy in a
4819s moment
4822s come on
4825s come on no no don't want to use my flock
4828s I don't want to kill myself
4832s all right
4833s watch where you're driving huh
4837s I took way too long all right where's
4838s the store mentor
4840s that's a ravager not a Tormentor
4845s fight what there you are
4851s all right here we go
4866s wow
4869s [Music]
4872s all right okay
4887s oh that was nasty all right all right
4890s Fair
4895s no thank you ever drones no thank you
4898s no thank you Weber drones actually much
4901s like an average space one can be a run
4903s Ender when it comes to grips when it
4907s comes to your roguelike progression Loop
4909s do not leave those alone they are
4912s absolutely brutal
4921s they might not seem like much at first
4923s just because they're you know
4925s just these little cute drones that hang
4927s out from afar
4932s when they get close they do not mess
4934s around guys
4936s all right let's focus you down
4946s cool prospector don't like you ah
4950s there's another Tormentor
4952s no that's a bomber okay
4958s all right that wasn't so bad
4961s that wasn't so bad
4964s he says
4986s dang it
4991s all right we're gonna do it we're gonna
4993s do it and I hate it
4995s we'll just squint really hard and see if
4997s we can see the enemy types
5005s all right here we go here we go I want
5008s this roof real bad
5010s it's a guitar to losing
5013s I lost all the last stream too
5016s oh my gosh all right
5021s okay good good ah
5025s yes
5027s wow that was a bad use that was a bad
5029s use
5036s that and go away for a second line
5040s things up
5048s so all these freaking terrible drivers
5051s what around the world
5053s go get your license
5055s oh wait that's right they're mad
5065s must have just been out of range
5075s Elite
5076s ouch
5081s oh dang it that was a Weber drown
5088s it's hard
5097s you'd be quiet now huh
5100s a little more brutal than I wanted it to
5102s be
5112s when they get close they are very much a
5114s danger it just kind of depends on the
5116s composition of enemies though
5121s no
5134s all right okay
5144s goodness gravy my aim suddenly sucks
5149s all right there we go there we go
5151s stay frosty stay focused
5161s ah let's just get some distance
5168s so one of the attempted elements of this
5171s particular build is that I have this
5173s combination of ambran penumbra right
5175s which is meant to be a pretty strong
5177s damage dealer when you get a little bit
5178s closer to your target you don't want to
5180s get too crazy too frisky with the Flack
5182s because it can seriously wreck you
5185s especially when you don't have any
5186s freaking structure
5188s um
5190s so that's why we have the Jaeger the
5192s Yeager is one of the few weapons in fact
5194s it might be the only weapon that has
5195s zero percent spread it's a hidden
5198s attribute but the Jaeger is hyper
5200s precise it will go exactly where you
5202s fire it so we have that even though it
5205s doesn't do as much damage as the other
5206s pulse lasers to ensure we're chipping
5208s away from afar then we go inside and we
5211s just like run them through with this
5212s particular build it pleases me greatly
5216s um healing is trying to find oh
5218s increased movement speed
5222s name is Dill area at amazon.com I don't
5224s think I want to Brave that one I'm not
5226s feeling that confident let's go ahead
5228s and go the heel route
5230s let's go ahead and go the heel route
5231s we're we're doing a pretty good job of
5233s focusing down
5235s decent job focusing down I feel like
5241s [Music]
5246s all right here we go
5257s lots of damage to my face
5259s ouch
5261s that's what I'm talking about I got to
5262s be careful if you don't have any
5264s structures
5266s goodness gravy
5273s come on come on there we go there we go
5283s just gotta get some space here we're
5285s gonna kind of reset
5289s ouch
5294s freelancer come on oh my God
5299s okay all right here we go here we go
5303s everything's starting to come into the
5304s mix oh that was a nice one I'm happy
5306s with that
5320s okay okay
5321s no more missiles please
5324s no no no no no
5326s okay good good
5339s a lot of scary damage out there
5348s there we go that'll be a good one
5350s [Music]
5362s Lucas they're all auto healing
5369s oh that armor drone
5381s what's up
5389s good good good all right all right all
5390s right ouch no no thank you
5406s hello man
5411s a lot of collisions this time around
5416s are gonna be a little bit greedy I think
5418s I can save my ALT for the boss
5423s come on come on trigger trigger please
5436s should be enough coverage right yes no
5437s maybe
5439s yeah there we go all right
5442s we're at the boss time
5451s one of the conversations I had with Hans
5453s Christian by the way is that whenever
5454s tears of the Mad drop if you are for
5456s some reason out of range we might just
5458s have it to where they just get sucked in
5459s anyway that way you do not have to
5461s scrounge around on the battlefield to
5462s pick them up just a little quality I
5464s like be sure that we'll very likely be
5465s present in 1.0
5468s so all right here we go
5474s don't be dumb
5479s foreign
5507s it hurts
5511s it hurts the pain
5514s maybe I should focus a little more in
5516s structure
5519s ouch
5523s man
5526s tell you what whoever designed this game
5528s I don't know I don't I don't know how I
5531s feel about that
5532s I mean I got some things to say I'm
5535s gonna I gotta go to these forums and
5537s give them a piece of my mind clearly
5539s they don't know how to develop a game
5541s it's awful it's terrible everything
5543s about it's garbage
5545s man clearly like the level of just like
5549s balance like it's so easy a caveman
5551s could do it I just I can't believe this
5553s nonsense absolutely atrocious
5556s um that was kind of in part
5559s um you know just the the bosses do
5561s actually hit much harder I'm sure many
5563s of you have told that I do think that I
5565s needed to add some structure here I
5567s think that is the foundational element
5570s here that's missing because my skill
5572s level isn't as Top Notch as I would like
5574s it to be my evasion was not on point for
5577s example
5578s um so yeah because of that I think I
5581s should have taken a couple safety
5583s measures to ensure we didn't have that
5585s happen
5586s but uh I digress
5588s I digress I did enjoy that run though um
5592s I felt really good about that aside from
5594s you know getting you know completely
5596s obliterated in a second
5598s but uh this particular build I feel like
5601s comes together so well and it makes me
5604s happy to be able to utilize
5606s Umbra since sincerely like whenever I'm
5609s watching the streams of you guys and
5611s hearing the conversations not many of
5612s you use Umbra in fact a lot of you guys
5614s kind of talk bad about it talk bad about
5616s Umbra and the Blaster
5618s um and this is something that we are
5619s also internally reviewing uh for the
5622s record just on that level of does it
5624s feel good like is it fun is it fun to
5627s use and so we are kind of going through
5629s that and saying well what would happen
5630s if we did x what would happen if we did
5632s y
5633s um and while there aren't any specific
5636s plans in mind for the Blaster and for
5638s Umbra in particular at this point it's
5640s very likely that when we add in the
5643s additional elements to the game getting
5644s closer to 1.0 that there will be another
5647s yet another pretty full-scale balancing
5649s pass to ensure everything is feeling fun
5652s right that's the main goal is it fun is
5655s it not fun because if it's not fun then
5657s we gotta we gotta fix that we gotta fix
5659s that we gotta prove it so overall good
5662s stuff
5663s good stuff
5665s so
5666s thank you for saving the clip don't be
5669s dumb t3q very very nice that makes me
5672s feel so proud I'm just gonna go run and
5674s tell my parents about it all right let's
5676s go ahead and transition to some
5677s questions and uh I might have to try
5681s this Rift again because man I'm I might
5683s start balancing this out as we're
5684s answering questions so go ahead and
5686s shoot them at me and let's see what we
5688s can uh discuss here
5689s alrighty we've got three lined up for
5692s the time being uh first up is from
5694s Sirloin on Twitch for a lunacy 1000 run
5698s any of these have a thousand more HP so
5701s the portal that adds five percent more
5703s is it 1005 or 1050
5710s that's a technical question I would have
5711s to double check but you're basically
5713s asking is it additive or multiplicative
5716s um I don't know the answer to that I
5718s encourage you to go to the Discord and
5721s ask the same question and ask rfg and I
5723s can follow up with
5724s probably gonna be Hans Christian who's
5726s in charge of that one
5727s and get a direct response for you
5729s it pains me when I can't answer a
5731s question because I don't know
5732s I'd love to follow up on that
5735s I'd love to follow up with
5738s so sorry I cannot answer that question
5742s uh right we switch over to YouTube uh
5745s shall roon is asking uh is everspace 2
5748s also coming to the cloud version of Game
5751s Pass uh they would like to play the game
5753s on there oh
5761s um
5762s we're getting the technical questions
5764s today all right
5766s um let me do a super quick look
5769s and see if I have anything that's stored
5772s in
5773s more specific Niche style questions like
5777s this
5778s I don't I don't uh I don't think we are
5781s but let me
5783s let me evaluate
5785s I also don't know like if there's a
5786s difference between
5789s that accessibility on on like is it a
5791s general I don't I don't use Game Pass
5795s I don't know if there's like a general
5796s accessibility for like gaming on the
5798s cloud or if that's like an extra thing
5799s an added thing or if that's completely
5802s different it's an extra one yeah
5808s I am not seeing a single element as I'm
5813s sneaking through
5814s our content like our discussions
5823s so that is also something that would be
5826s great to ask in our Discord
5829s um
5831s that's a that's a man
5833s [Music]
5834s I
5836s [Music]
5837s I know that we've had a lot of
5839s conversations about cloud gaming
5841s internally and I know that there were
5843s some I think it was more frustrating
5845s than it was feel-gooding style of
5847s discussions so my gut tells me probably
5850s not
5852s my gut tells me probably not but that's
5855s not a full concise answer so I do
5857s encourage you to go to the Discord ask
5859s them ask rfg and uh I will get back to
5863s you to give you the correct answer give
5866s you the full-fledged 100 Rockfish
5869s approved
5871s uh great question great question so very
5875s good very good
5876s what else we got
5878s uh this is the last one at the moment uh
5881s Flory over on Twitch uh will we be able
5884s to reset locations in the future not the
5887s storyline but like the puzzles and stuff
5889s so that we can experience them again
5893s that sounds like New Game Plus
5898s so if you if you want to do them again
5899s you'll just need to start a new game I
5901s mean you can retain the prior saves that
5903s you have of course
5905s but yeah if you want to re-experience
5906s all the missions then just you know do a
5908s new game to go through all the missions
5912s that's
5913s that's the short answer
5919s yeah and that's all I've got for now
5921s awesome so what I'm gonna do I think
5924s we're gonna try and get maybe like uh
5926s we're gonna take a job or a unknown
5928s signal or something here I want to see
5931s if I can get
5933s a signal decoder maybe do an HRA and
5935s then maybe if there's enough time I'll
5936s try and best that Rift again because
5938s it's looking at me funny now I don't
5940s like that
5941s um but otherwise yeah guys keep in mind
5944s that you know through the course of the
5946s stream like this these are Community
5947s streams it's a tad more chill today
5949s because you know we've been excited here
5950s at Rockfest to get this update out so we
5952s are talking a lot about the update
5953s contents and whatnot if you've got
5954s questions pertaining to what this looks
5957s like how it's come together anything
5958s like that anything along those lines
5960s please let us know
5961s please let us know I'd love to uh at
5964s least attempt to answer the questions
5966s goodness uh we've had some very
5968s technical questions asked and I love it
5970s so good stuff
5972s good stuff otherwise uh yeah let's see
5975s if we get a new disgust distress call
5976s type sometimes these can be really fun
5984s okay a more basic one but I'll take it
5987s we got a couple of Elites that's good
5989s sign for a signal decoder our odds are
5992s looking fine
5993s [Music]
5995s see what we got
6002s no whammies no whammies
6009s all right that's what I like to see
6011s let's go help this guy then we're gonna
6013s activate this HRA didn't have to cheat
6015s for it that's always nice
6017s that's always nice
6020s oh whoops where am I going I'm looking
6022s over at chat
6025s what do you need sir what do you need
6028s any way I can think oh it's just it's up
6031s there
6033s whenever you get the chance
6036s good feedback
6038s I love it okay so now that we got our
6040s signal decoder turrets on asteroids
6042s wealthy foes all right maybe there's the
6044s turrets on asteroids bug I think that's
6046s actually in our Dev build it shouldn't
6048s be in your life build but if it is well
6050s um
6052s let me see if I can show you what I'm
6053s talking about because that would be
6054s hilarious
6056s at least at least we think so you
6058s probably guys probably don't like it if
6060s uh
6061s if it's active so let's see if we can uh
6064s trigger this bad boy
6069s oh it's not going to be in this one and
6071s never mind it's not gonna be this one so
6072s there's a there's a bug uh so you're
6073s aware if you do high-risk areas in Drake
6076s uh specifically being Drake because if
6078s the turrets on asteroids generate
6081s um and I do think where we fix this but
6082s still I'm gonna let you know if you are
6084s in Drake and you get turrets on
6085s asteroids the zirilia turrets
6089s haven't fit at range
6093s uh
6095s whoops uh so pretty like I said pretty
6099s sure that that's uh fixed
6101s I don't believe it's in your build
6104s but uh yeah that that totally happened
6112s so yeah we are we should be able to pan
6114s out this HRA relatively easily
6117s um for those of you who are not familiar
6120s with like the equivalence of lunacy and
6123s where that would stack up with um you
6126s know just your standard game like all of
6128s these level 25s for example that we're
6131s facing
6132s if we wanted kind of like the
6133s equivalence of what we're facing here in
6136s a rift that's almost lunacy 100 actually
6139s it's almost lunacy 100. now there are
6142s some differences here and there because
6144s your enemies are going to be a little
6146s bit stronger and beefier however
6148s um the difficulty factor is also
6150s important when you're at lunacy zero
6152s it's actually more the equivalent of
6154s playing at like an easy difficulty
6157s like and when I say that I'm talking
6158s about this thing I'm talking about this
6161s thing
6162s I'm talking about that thing
6165s legitimately did not know that was
6167s ticked down
6168s out there
6174s not that it matters because the
6176s difficulty is completely disregarded
6177s whenever you're in a rift but
6181s lunacy zero is like the is basically the
6184s equivalent of playing on easy
6207s all right here we go
6224s a lot of drones over in this one all
6226s right
6230s a lot of sniper drones good
6243s excuse me there we go
6250s where's that sniper drone at anywhere
6252s let's let's just go deal with you I
6254s don't like you
6262s should get a boss here any minute there
6265s we go that's what I like to see
6272s wow hey you are supposed to leave thank
6275s you goodness how dare you
6306s foreign
6312s you're not supposed to be here anymore
6313s oh it's the truth
6316s all right
6319s well that was fun that was nice let's
6322s see what loot we got see if there's
6323s anything we can help optimize or build
6324s that wants to have a little bit more uh
6328s structure
6332s [Music]
6338s so notice as I'm kind of going through
6340s these it might seem like there's a
6342s couple
6342s um
6344s how to put it
6345s missing modifiers
6349s and our particular build that we are
6351s currently testing out we are
6353s experimenting with what those look like
6354s and how many they have
6359s this may or may not change so don't read
6361s into it too much
6363s [Music]
6368s we're gonna need to we're going to need
6369s to get a little bit better stuff all
6371s right we have about 15-ish minutes left
6373s I think we can just we're gonna just try
6376s to
6377s we'll try to do the rift again why not
6379s one more time
6380s why not and uh let's
6388s maybe I could go this route actually
6391s maybe do a little bit of
6398s I really like utility it's nice but that
6401s difference is not as good as I think
6402s what we need over here
6407s also kind of not so nice
6410s maybe we'll do that
6412s yeah that difference is a little bit
6414s more substantial
6416s we'll do something like that we'll see
6419s attributes don't make a massive
6421s difference but they can make a
6423s difference so we're gonna see how that
6424s comes together why not
6428s I'm seeing a discussion about stuff that
6431s was supposed to happen that didn't uh
6436s oh yeah about the companion yeah yeah so
6438s that actually kind of goes in line with
6440s you know the discussion we had earlier
6441s about how
6443s um you know we had to look at our
6446s priorities and what is expected for 1.0
6448s and figure out you know those release
6451s timings and what to cut and all that
6452s type of stuff and the companion the the
6454s next companion uh happened to be one of
6457s those elements that was not it wasn't it
6460s wasn't where it needed to be it wasn't
6462s where it needed to be we would not have
6463s been happy delivering that I don't think
6464s you guys would have either so uh we did
6468s pull that character that entity back
6471s from delivering it when we did say we
6473s were going to we we did say oh yeah
6475s you'll get compare at this date and then
6477s we said nah actually just kidding it
6479s will still be a full 1.0 release
6481s but um yeah I just did for anybody who
6485s didn't hear that that we had a stream
6487s where we talked about that even
6490s um I don't know if there were any
6491s official
6492s PR beats about it I feel like Michael
6495s did but regardless
6498s we do we do our due diligence to try and
6501s communicate that level of stuff so you
6502s guys don't get caught off guard and
6503s you're like hey you said you were gonna
6504s do this you didn't do it ah punks but
6506s that's not cool you know so uh we did
6509s try to get that out there
6511s but uh regardless yeah yeah he was
6515s totally supposed to be in the song No in
6517s the fall up day and the one that we just
6518s released
6521s so
6522s yeah and I have a couple of questions if
6525s you uh
6526s yeah yeah sure why not let's do it right
6529s um so Lion on Twitch wants to know can
6532s any in the team do lunacy 1000 with only
6536s Reds underneath their skills within the
6539s team uh we haven't had any sort of
6541s competitive
6543s like let's do riffs as hard as we can
6546s sort of moments we have had a bit of
6548s friendly competition to see who can
6549s compete at like lunacy 500 to complete
6552s without a legendary and while my
6555s performance today doesn't indicate it I
6557s have I have beaten the uh lunacy 500
6560s without a legendary it was a Loadout
6562s actually it wasn't similar to this at
6564s all um it was a gunship build
6566s um uh I know that Marco's also
6568s accomplished you know lunacy 500 without
6571s legendaries
6572s um there's a number of members on the
6574s team who uh don't really like the
6577s challenge of the riffs it's just not
6579s their it's not something they really
6580s like to go do they prefer other aspects
6583s of the game we have a wide assortment of
6586s um you know mindsets and how they
6588s approach and and so it's you know it's
6590s something that we uh
6592s are quick to ensure meets a large
6596s demographic which is why I even talked
6598s about earlier like how we want there to
6600s be a bit more accessibility on the front
6602s of obtaining legendaries for those who
6603s are not skilled at the game at all we
6608s don't want to bar that content
6611s um super hard
6613s so um I think right now
6616s um
6617s let's see is there I don't even know if
6620s you okay did we add this it might be in
6623s this particular dub though I don't know
6625s what it looks like on your guys's end
6626s but
6627s um values here too guys could
6629s potentially change but at lunacy 0 and
6631s 50 I know before you couldn't even put
6634s tears of the Mad in
6636s but now we have included that and again
6639s values probably will change
6642s but uh yeah
6646s so yeah several members on the team can
6648s do uh at least lunacy 500 but again it's
6651s not something we've really been trying
6652s to like churn out we wanted to make that
6654s a challenge for you all more than
6656s anything and some of the builds that
6658s you've cultivated have been super cool
6660s super fun
6664s cool uh right tcq bass on Twitch if I
6669s want to experience the full content
6671s should I wait until the first few
6672s content drops post 1.0 to get a better
6676s experience if I don't want just to have
6677s the bare minimum experience now
6681s what who who's asking that question is
6683s this a new user or no T3 T3 Cube oh
6689s oh
6692s well
6694s um
6694s I mean
6697s I feel like if you want a full complete
6700s content game I mean I feel like the
6704s answer is obvious there if you are
6707s referring to
6711s um if you're referring to just like
6714s a taste of the experience what to have I
6716s mean
6717s then it would be it would very much be
6720s like dive in now
6723s um
6724s I'm not sure I understand the
6725s distinction here between like the the
6728s level of experiencing the full content
6730s because like obviously
6732s the content is not full yet so you can't
6735s experience that unless you wait for 1.0
6738s [Music]
6741s can I get some more clarity to you
6745s I want to make sure that I'm uh
6748s making sure that I'm getting this uh
6751s thing I asked between 1.0 or 1.1 oh like
6755s future content I mean when we reach 1.0
6758s it's not okay so this actually does open
6760s up a door we might not finish this Rift
6762s because we're running out of time but
6763s let me let me talk about this so the
6765s plan with 1.0 the delivery of 1.0 is
6768s that it is a Content complete game
6771s you've heard me say a lot like we're
6773s planning on doing a DLC like we put
6774s these really awesome ideas like kind of
6776s in this back pocket that would be nice
6778s to have that if we can't get to by 1.0
6780s we would put it into a DLC probably
6782s maybe right so
6784s um let me be 100 clear
6786s all of the promises
6789s that we established especially from our
6791s Kickstarter especially from our internal
6793s vision of what we want to accomplish
6795s what we seek to accomplish that is what
6797s 1.0 is going to hit it will be a Content
6799s complete Game it will have everything
6801s all Corners will be rounded everything
6803s will be in that nice big old package
6804s boom delivered for you to enjoy and if
6809s you want the full experience yes 1.0 is
6812s the way to go if you are looking for
6814s added experiences if you're looking to
6817s add on top of if you want to expand upon
6820s the territory with which we have
6822s established our promises and delivered
6824s on those then
6826s you could wait for DLCs and buy the full
6829s package of the game plus DLC potentially
6832s multiple DLCs you know whatever that
6833s looks like right
6835s so
6837s um
6841s yes
6842s I think that's I think that's kind of
6844s what you're looking at
6847s I'm also reading your message right now
6849s so pardon the pause screen I want to
6852s make sure I'm getting this clear
6857s as far as like
6860s I mean so we can use everspace one as an
6862s example let's go that front because I
6864s think that's going to be much more
6865s relatable so whenever space One released
6867s we had three playable ships we had a
6870s slew of enemy types and a lot of
6872s different fun engagements and how uh
6875s certain elements could just like
6878s you know challenge you as a player
6879s through that Loop whenever we got to the
6881s DLC we did two we actually snuck in a
6884s free sort of DLC in there like there was
6886s a Content update when we uh created the
6890s encounters DLC to purchase which added I
6892s think a couple new devices into the game
6894s and the DLC the encounters DLC it added
6898s additional story elements to the
6901s roguelike loop through the addition of
6902s those five characters it added a new
6904s ship that you could try out and fly and
6906s I have the slew of new equipment and uh
6908s you know options on that front so
6911s the full game experience was had from
6914s everspace 1 but then the expanded
6918s fleshed out
6920s um you know added bonus of all of this
6924s World building and all of the you know
6926s replayability Factor getting enhanced
6927s further that's what comes up with the
6929s DLC so
6931s hopefully that's I'm I'm really
6935s I'm hoping that makes sense I like
6938s personal I I don't want this to sound
6940s rude I really don't I I hope that you
6944s guys
6945s look at a 1.0 release for any game as a
6949s completed project a completed experience
6951s to enjoy that should be the way it goes
6954s and that's very much our mentality and
6956s what we will be delivering anything
6957s after that in the form of DLC content
6959s packs especially that is a bonus on top
6963s of that experience it enriches
6966s it reformats in some cases and expands
6969s upon what the full experience is that's
6972s that's the intent so okay we have seven
6975s minutes left there's no way I'm gonna do
6977s this ref but you know I'll fly I'll fly
6979s and answer questions what could possibly
6981s go wrong do we have another question we
6984s have two yes we do uh first if we have
6987s Graham on YouTube uh will there be rare
6991s legendary
6993s no no no no no no no no no no no no no
6997s no
6998s that would be so telling it would be
7001s awesome though that would be pretty safe
7003s at the same time though if something
7006s like that were to be delivered let's
7007s just let's just you know let's let's
7010s play with this concept very briefly I
7012s want you guys to think about this if we
7015s have restrictions on legendaries
7018s what would I do to the catalysts
7023s hmm there's complications though it's
7026s the main point but I still want you to
7027s think about that I want you to think
7028s about that unless I just kind of like
7030s you know marinade in your brains for a
7033s little bit
7033s there will be more stuff pertaining to
7035s legendaries and Frankly Speaking there
7038s will be there's still more in line with
7040s catalysts they're star they'll still are
7041s so
7043s um here
7045s can't say there will be legendary cows
7048s can't say that
7051s all right
7054s Advantage broke ass on you
7057s uh I think this research don't be full
7059s but is there any thought on being able
7061s to use tears of the Mad Or Rift levels
7064s of both 500 to perhaps increase the
7067s quality quantity of the loot you get
7070s further Also to clarify that I mean the
7073s other loop not the legendaries it would
7075s be nice to have more use for them and
7077s you can do lunacy at level 500 plus
7080s there's more coming to riffs in the
7083s future
7085s that's all I'm gonna say
7088s someone hand me my grammy now
7092s but yeah I mean they're we um we have
7095s set like in the update we had yesterday
7097s the um
7099s the beat the the content beat that you
7101s can read from Michael it does
7104s specifically stay in there that there is
7106s going to be an element to oh my gosh I'm
7108s killing myself there's gonna be an
7110s element to
7111s um opening up riffs you're gonna need
7114s something to do that so that you can't
7116s just like Rift after Rift after Rift
7119s after Rift like it's just it's not gonna
7120s be anything crazy
7122s but we are going to slow down that
7124s process a little bit
7128s um and through that there could be an
7131s assortment of other
7133s things that follow and it stopped
7138s okay
7142s so I can't guarantee anything
7145s but it's definitely there's definitely
7146s been some discussion surrounding it I am
7148s I am really bad when I'm answering
7149s questions and doing a rift all right
7154s oh
7156s right that's all the questions a slight
7160s reminder from YouTube about the boxing
7169s oh that's the post stream stream
7171s Shenanigans so if you guys want to make
7172s fun of my you know beatboxing you can
7174s definitely stick around but for now I
7176s want to put the focus still on you guys
7178s um uh you know if you have a couple more
7181s questions I'm happy to just like chat a
7183s little bit
7184s um spoon out I love your little question
7186s your little analogy is it probably play
7188s everspace one hour play every space one
7189s with encounters I really like that I
7191s really do encourage people to play with
7193s the encounters because to me it does
7195s feel this is gonna sound so
7196s counterintuitive to the discussion we
7198s just had but it does feel like that is
7199s the true complete experience with the
7202s DLC
7203s so it's like but you said the one point
7205s I was the full release time then it's
7207s Attica I know I know all right okay you
7211s caught me to a degree
7212s um but sincerely like I really do like
7214s the DLC that we added to everspace one
7216s it just it adds so much
7219s the enrichment of the base game it's
7222s insane it's like you you need it it just
7226s feels so right to to get sincerely
7230s um
7230s but uh yeah you at the same token you
7235s can't play content that doesn't exist so
7237s if you just keep holding out for that
7238s full experience I mean
7241s it's it's gonna be a while it's gonna be
7243s a while I don't know if we're just doing
7245s you know two DLCs a free one and a
7247s premium one I don't know if we're doing
7249s five DLCs I don't know if we're uh gonna
7253s there's so many different things that
7254s can happen so the point is
7257s the point is
7259s is that
7261s if you spend your time just waiting for
7263s things to happen you're never gonna have
7266s fun you're never gonna get anything done
7268s you gotta just
7270s gotta go you know that's that's how I
7272s feel about it
7274s and if you like something a lot what
7276s you're doing do more of it enhance it
7280s let's cut if we can kind of get a
7282s philosophical discussions on that too
7284s but I digress focal point everspace too
7286s speaking of which it's time to end the
7288s Stream
7290s I love how we're ending it on this like
7292s very thoughtful deep thoughts
7294s if you just wait for anyway all right
7298s guys seriously really do appreciate the
7301s stream today
7302s um you have jumped in and asked an
7304s assortment of really solid questions I'm
7306s glad we were able to like attempt to do
7308s riffs apparently I've gotten worse over
7310s the course of this week ugh what's going
7312s on it's probably all that typing that
7314s I've been doing for work lately what
7315s what was that um but yeah so um
7319s I hope you're enjoying the update I'm
7322s glad that most of you guys are it seems
7323s like if you're not let us know why
7325s let's have a discussion about it if you
7327s are
7328s let us know why maybe we can do
7330s something a little bit better on
7331s something that you enjoy it's always
7332s nice to be able to further a discussion
7335s about things at all and you can do so if
7338s you jump over to the Discord here
7340s there's lots of fine places that you can
7343s go to also talk to us including but not
7345s limited to Twitch and YouTube and
7347s Twitter and uh you know all the things
7349s uh it's still not a link up here I still
7351s think it should be but uh you know the
7353s steam forums are a very good place to
7357s chat with the community too yes
7359s sometimes it can be crazy because it's
7362s the internet
7363s duh things get crazy on the internet but
7366s so long as you have a brain and you know
7371s you want to see what other people are
7372s thinking about and you want to
7373s contribute to that discussion if you
7375s want to add to a suggestion or an idea
7377s that seriously is like the best place to
7379s do it because we see how much of an
7381s impact it has on all of you all at once
7383s in a very well cataloged space all right
7387s that's all I got for you today
7389s we'll probably do something afterwards
7391s it's my guess uh you guys seriously have
7394s been awesome and I have seriously been
7397s Eric Schroeder the community Ambassador
7398s for Rockfish games don't stop being
7401s awesome and we will catch you next week
7404s toodles
7408s foreign
7411s [Music]
7419s with the trailer we did
7422s I was gonna open the stream with the new
7424s truck we can just play the trailer now
7426s right this this trailer showed up
7428s yesterday but for anybody who's missed
7429s it uh yeah here let's watch a trailer
7431s first and then I'll beatbox
7440s foreign
7460s okay I said I was gonna do this please
7464s don't make fun of me because they're
7465s always completely improv and ridiculous
7468s here we go
7477s [Music]
7493s [Music]
7498s thank you
7500s Roblox
7502s [Music]
7522s [Music]
7534s [Music]
7536s foreign
7552s [Music]
7559s excuse me
7561s [Music]
7569s [Laughter]
7577s I hope you guys had fun all right
7579s I don't think you wanted to see me
7580s coughing sorry about that
7582s um also did it was there a black hang on
7584s a second I want to look at something
7588s okay yeah something was weird with the
7591s transition because I got a black screen
7592s I'll have to rerun the tapes I'm gonna
7593s figure out what's going on there anyway
7595s um yeah seriously guys thank you so much
7597s for all that you do it's a lot of fun
7600s I'm glad to do these fun little
7601s Shenanigans with you all
7604s um and uh yeah it's it's it's a good
7607s time I hope
7608s um per usual uh I do have to give you
7610s that little rundown like I said before
7612s during the course of the stream ever
7613s space one is 75 off right now it's it's
7617s insane it's insane it's very super cheap
7619s uh very affordable uh definitely uh
7623s check that out go in that direction I
7625s highly highly hotly encourage you to do
7627s so
7629s um let's see I also wanna hang on one
7632s second I wanna look at a thing yeah yeah
7637s I'm gonna see if there's a thing oh man
7640s oh
7642s so um I wanted to I wanted to jump
7646s around and try
7648s um
7649s oh goodness
7652s I want to give more love to various
7654s individuals who are streaming everspace
7656s too
7656s um
7657s uh though Corbin who is one of our like
7660s dedicated streamers who loves to focus
7662s on everspace too he is going we also
7665s have another individual that I did run
7666s into recently he's he's been uh he's
7669s been very pleasant he's been kind of fun
7670s to hang out with uh simustv
7673s um so I think what we're gonna do is
7675s we're gonna have the official link go to
7677s corbin78 to raid him but I do want to
7680s just give a quick shout out to simustv
7682s uh maybe one of his friends can clip
7684s this and say oh hey look uh the devs
7688s mentioned you in their stream because
7689s seriously he was a lot of fun and he
7691s does game design stuff uh just getting
7693s to know him in a prior stream I snuck in
7695s there he didn't realize I was one of the
7697s devs it was great I actually do that a
7699s lot uh so if you are ever pushing the
7702s streaming button of everspace 2 I might
7704s sneak in and you might not know that
7706s it's me well you got you guys would
7708s probably know but other people don't and
7710s it's fun that's that's what I'm getting
7712s at okay anyway so yeah so I'm gonna
7715s recommend simonstv but we are going to
7717s move the official official hosting
7719s stream from here over to corbin78 so
7723s um gig by if you could do that for me
7724s that would be super duper awesome and
7727s then there's 25 off airspace too as well
7729s sneaking that all right all right guys
7733s seriously take care don't stop being
7735s awesome
7739s [Music]
7748s [Music]
7754s foreign