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2s [Music]
3s foreign
9s [Music]
25s [Music]
39s foreign
52s [Music]
65s [Music]
70s a lot of snow where I'm at
73s well maybe not a lot better
79s [Music]
97s [Music]
106s foreign
111s [Music]
119s [Music]
128s looking at the chat I see last week's
132s Community winners
134s Floria over on Twitch and I see thunder
138s flame over on YouTube congrats again
140s guys those were great submissions you
142s had from the last tweet hope you enjoyed
145s those bragging rights that you got
149s foreign
153s [Music]
159s [Music]
180s foreign
181s [Music]
183s 's gonna be starting here in a little
185s less than a minute guys generally goes
187s for two hours I see that question even
189s though I see people already helping out
191s but yeah we're gonna have a nice casual
195s hangout session stream today
198s just want to be up front since we are a
200s very transparent development company
202s there are no spoilers happening today
207s it is a hangout game Dub with community
212s space
215s one second I'll start the stream up
223s [Music]
231s [Music]
235s greetings
237s and welcome Rockfish games Community I
241s am your host Eric Schroeder the
242s community Ambassador for Rockfish games
244s your servant your guide for all things
248s ever space too and uh first off I just
251s want to say uh happy holidays Merry
253s Christmas you know the drill to all the
255s people out there I'm sure that you're
256s all getting prepped since we're like two
258s days out and I still need to wrap my
260s wife's Christmas present
262s um
263s but uh yeah it's uh it's it's looking
266s really great over here at Rockfish we've
268s been hammering things home this last
271s week for us uh next week we're going to
273s be a bit out of the office letting
275s individuals go hang out with their
277s families and their friends and you know
278s doing that sort of thing as you probably
280s are all accustomed to uh we will have
283s some floaters like myself who will still
285s be present on the communication channels
288s so if you still have questions if you
290s still want to make Forum posts you know
291s all that type of stuff we'll still be
293s lurking in the shadows ensuring that
296s you're taken care of so um please know
299s that so today we don't really have too
302s much of uh you know details going on
305s today's stream we've got one guaranteed
309s thing that's gonna happen we are going
311s to ensure that we reveal the contest
313s winners
315s for this last week and some of you guys
317s might be saying wait what there's a
319s contest yeah it's it's a little bit of a
321s stream Discord sort of exclusive deal
326s it's very light as of right now but we
329s are going to be building up these
330s contests over time in this 1.0 home
333s stretch and for right now the First
336s Community contest that we had was a
339s screenshot contest with a specific theme
342s regarding what needed to be taken and
343s this next week this sort of last week of
346s 2023 also had that same sort of deal I
349s said 2023 it's 2022. slow down there me
352s slow down but yeah so we will be
355s reviewing those contest winners
357s um at the end of the stream and they'll
359s get some bragging rights in the Discord
361s for about a week's time and uh we'll
363s highlight their image and you know that
364s type of stuff cool so with that being
368s said what I'm gonna be doing is I'm
370s gonna load up a save file I think I'm
372s going to start with um I was actually
374s kind of thinking I just start a new game
376s just like be playing as I'm just talking
378s with you guys that kind of sounds fun to
380s me
381s um but if that seems really slow and not
384s as interesting I can always load up my
386s dang near 100 completed site file and uh
391s just kind of go from there answer
392s questions show
394s content
396s and we are just going to be flying by
397s the seat of our pants today so whatever
399s sort of happens we're just going to
400s embrace that we're going to love on it
402s and hopefully I don't accidentally show
404s any spoilers uh today
408s so
409s yeah cause all that that stuff's for
411s next year that's just for next year have
413s we been making progress oh heck yeah we
415s have it's been it's been good it's been
418s it's been real good
420s so uh yeah
424s if you see something that looks out of
426s place I should also say you know
429s traditional disclaimer this is a Game
432s Dev build it is not the same one you
434s guys have access to so in the case of a
436s wonky just nod your head and say okay
439s yep I was expecting this because it
441s seriously there's going to be there's
443s probably going to be something that goes
445s awry
446s and uh yeah
448s that's okay
450s it's totally fine so I hope that you
453s guys will Embrace that with me and you
454s know again I'm going to be answering
456s tons of your questions
457s um as we're just kind of hanging out
459s today
460s so I'm picking up where I was kind of
463s screwing around uh earlier this week I
465s picked up a Vanguard I wanted to try
467s some new stuffs
469s and uh
471s yeah I I this builds by the way is not
474s optimized for any sort of Rift runs I
476s know I saw some individuals asking like
478s hey can you can you please do a rift run
480s I am we could probably do that that's
483s probably not a problem I'm not doing
484s 1000 uh because those take a very finely
488s optimized build for me at least uh some
491s other you out there are like oh I could
492s do it with blah blah and that's great
494s that's I'm happy for you but I can't do
496s that
497s um especially uh while answering
499s questions and those type of stuff
500s so we'll just kind of like see where our
502s things go
504s um over here at The freelancer Hanger I
505s mean if you guys wanted to choose a ship
507s I could swap things out
511s for something else that's here again
514s like this is a very free form stream
515s where you guys are going to be asking
517s questions I'm gonna just be showing
520s stuff uh but nothing too revealing
524s and we're just gonna go from actually
526s I'm Gonna Fly my Vanguard for a little
527s bit I'm just gonna be stubborn about
528s this I want to fly my Vanguard hey guys
530s it's gonna be a free floor and you're
532s gonna be able to do this thing where you
534s can say what ship you want and then just
535s cancel it nope but still uh so yeah we
540s got
541s um an aerospace one run no no we're not
543s gonna go back to everspace one not not
545s in today's stream I do want to do that
547s sometime though slurring to be very
549s clear
550s I would love to do a
553s everspace one run first run completion
559s um I've done that
560s tens of times legitimately it's not too
563s bad when you've played the game a lot
567s and we could also do hardcore runs in
568s Arbor space one that would be so much
570s fun but that'll be a different later
572s stream uh so this particular build again
576s it's not super optimized or anything
577s we're just kind of using
579s bunch of devices here kind of the
582s classic
584s um crowd control that I like and then
586s teleporter I just feel like teleporter
588s is a really good option for just get out
591s of jail free card it might not be the
593s most fun like Fusion hook I think is a
594s little bit more fun to use than that
596s front and uh we're just gonna use
598s teleport today for now for the moment
601s otherwise you know we kind of got
602s Firepower and precision uh adjusted
605s using our Mainframe expansions but we've
607s got pretty sturdy utility structure
609s expertise and even an okay amount of
613s resistance here
615s uh let's see as far as our inventory
617s goes the big thing is that we're using
619s thundercore none of you guys have seen
621s the legendaries thundercore is the one
623s that makes everything just electrified
625s all the time it's it's very fun
627s um so so long as you're using some sort
629s of EMP effect you are going to be taking
632s thundercore for the wildest ride
634s imaginable it pairs really well not just
637s with the EMP generator itself but also
641s with any other elements that would blast
645s an EMP from it like our Shield here has
648s there's also EMP missiles that we could
650s add there which would also apply the
652s effect and it just keeps going and going
655s in fact we might just have a little bit
657s of fun with that and just uh
659s craft some EMP missiles for funsies
663s uh
665s if we can even do that
667s can we do that yes they're the second
669s one goodness gravy yeah so let's just uh
672s let's just craft some Just for kicks and
674s giggles
676s are they going to be as good as what we
678s have no absolutely not
680s but will it be fun Shenanigans I hope so
683s I hope so
686s cool
688s and we're just we're straight up
689s doubling up
690s oh
693s actually
695s Hang on we're gonna try one more thing I
697s want to get both of them to Auto fire
699s even though that's kind of redundant
704s yeah okay
706s that's a good one I like that
708s even though the two seconds disabling
710s Shield actually that could be really
712s good with thundercore because then their
713s Shields are gone then they take a ton of
716s damage okay yeah I like this this is
718s excessive
719s in all the right ways all right
722s so um one last thing so even though the
726s stream today is going to be incredibly
727s flexible and I will be giving you guys a
728s bit more attention in the chat uh you
731s know through conversation
732s all that type of stuff
734s um we're still going to segment the
737s structure of the stream to a sort of
740s gameplay first questions gameplay
742s questions so we go kind of that back and
745s forth that way we can ensure that no
747s questions are lost
748s it's just the best way to really move
750s forward it's been such a treat uh
753s adjusting things to that front so
754s geekbite is behind the scenes today his
757s throat's a little bit sore and instead
761s of him talking with me in our question
763s segments he will write out the questions
765s that I'll then read and respond to
767s accordingly so if you do have questions
770s throw them out there if it seems like
772s I'm intentionally avoiding it it's
773s probably because I am and then I'll
775s answer it in those uh pockets cool
780s excellent I like how I started the
782s stream and then I went back and was like
783s okay uh here's more details about the
786s Stream
788s cool so yeah with like little to no uh
791s plan of attack here I'm just gonna go to
794s some places that I really find fun
796s so I'm gonna head over to Drake and I'm
799s gonna do some of the uh
802s some of the battle stuffs going on
807s oh we could actually my goodness what
809s what are we doing I'm already I'm
812s already just like
813s not a hundred percent sure what the game
815s plan is guys oh my gosh
819s we need a game plan
823s all right
826s oh look at all the kind statements
828s saying get well soon you guys are really
830s awesome very thoughtful
832s very thoughtful
834s so we're gonna head on over to Drake
835s travel here
838s I'm gonna try my best not to use any Dev
840s console cheats and commands today
847s oh all right
851s foreign
854s tech for the win that's right I am
856s awaiting the next impending malfunction
858s so I can finally say I told you so
862s so let's just uh
865s take out a couple enemies see how things
867s kind of function here
872s so far all according to plan
875s but we're gonna be flying around and
877s taking on some jobs
878s from the Coalition here in a little bit
881s and of course as I'm going through this
884s like if you guys are like oh yeah this
885s seems interesting but what if
887s and you have additional questions about
889s any of the content that you see or you
891s have a thought that comes up that you're
892s like hey this never got answered or you
894s know whatever just shoot it my way
898s we'll put it into the list and hopefully
900s we can get that answered
907s I don't want to remark on one specific
909s thing for one particular user
914s um and that is that um well it's
917s honestly for all of you guys but we have
919s been hard-pressed with tackling some of
922s the most notorious and game-breaking
925s bugs within the game Space
927s and uh
929s yeah we think we think
933s we may have found a solution to uh some
936s of the more challenging issues with uh
938s the notorious unnamed pickup
942s and uh yeah we were still inspired a bit
946s by some of the processes that could come
948s out of it and that may or may not become
952s something in the future
954s no guarantees
956s but it's possible
958s just wanted to mention
968s that's a minefield
972s all right
974s I'm gonna head over to lithos starport
977s get ourselves some jacks
980s [Music]
987s [Music]
995s foreign
1000s I do see a couple individuals asking
1003s um some questions I'll I can answer like
1006s basic questions
1007s and the time between like now until our
1010s question segments so just for the
1013s general audience for those who are not
1015s familiar with the game or where we're at
1017s with Early Access or how progress is
1019s coming along or anything like that uh do
1022s know that we have been in Early Access
1025s for uh I think technically over a year
1028s now
1029s and
1031s we have made a lot of progress
1035s on the front of our vision as well as
1039s Community requests and feature requests
1041s and stuff like that nothing that's been
1044s so demanding that the content creep
1046s destroyed aspects of what we could do
1049s but we've always been in line with and
1052s have been pursuing all of the promises
1054s that were established from the initial
1056s Kickstarter uh 50 years ago uh and uh
1062s and through that we are very satisfied
1065s with a lot of the elements that we are
1067s bringing
1069s to the 1.0 launch of the game which is
1072s scheduled for the first half of 2023
1076s um which can also be translated to early
1078s 2023
1080s and uh yeah so that's fun
1085s also the 1.0 release will feature a
1089s couple additional elements
1091s like Russian localization
1094s a full-blown story that's finalized uh
1098s more polished systems foundational
1100s systems that you guys have been exposed
1101s to more just general content like
1104s equipment mod fires you know all that
1107s type of stuff
1109s tier four ships
1111s lots and lots there's going to be more
1113s stuff happening to riffs in the future
1117s quite a bit quite a bit of stuff from
1119s now until uh full release so we really
1122s have to get our act together
1123s because there's not a lot of time left
1126s but uh do know that it is coming along
1128s rather nicely and then we will also have
1131s information regarding console support
1134s this January just just next just next
1138s month
1139s so we'll let you guys know what we're
1141s bringing it to why how when that release
1144s window is going to look like uh all of
1147s those details accordingly do keep in
1150s mind and I've said this once I said it
1152s I've said it plenty of times and I want
1154s to set the expectation accordingly here
1156s we have always wanted to have our
1157s release window for consoles to be around
1159s the same time as 1.0 okay so
1163s um so yeah just casually dropping that
1165s so you guys are aware
1168s um and uh but yeah we'll have more
1169s information uh next month
1172s for all of those details I'm going to
1174s just take one more quick look at ships
1176s just to see if I want one of these other
1178s ones but
1179s nah not really I'm Gonna Keep flying
1182s this Vanguard
1184s so let's see what jobs we have
1186s also if you've ever looked at this and
1188s you were like wow why do you have so
1189s many drops during the course of these
1191s streams it's because I have like a a Dev
1194s cheat that populates way more than it's
1196s supposed to so yeah I'm definitely
1198s cheating the system here
1201s um I want to do a battle support here
1204s I want to do a destroy base there
1207s Let's do let's do a Search and Destroy
1210s and for a chill segment let's do a
1213s station maintenance
1217s that one's nearby I like it all right
1227s quick look at our equipments
1231s anything super fancy
1234s nothing too fancy
1238s let's just start
1240s let's just sell it all
1243s except for our legendary of course we're
1244s gonna we're gonna keep that
1250s okay
1252s neat
1265s let's go finish up some of these jobbies
1280s what's your present condition I have
1283s fully adapted to the new craft and I'm
1285s in the process of acquainting myself
1286s with you again as its pilot my data
1289s banks as discussed remain out of date
1291s until I am permitted to link to Eternal
1293s how about your personality Protocols are
1296s you capable of switching you are
1298s dissatisfied with my default settings
1300s please feel free to experiment I might
1304s just do that hive
1309s like I said I'm gonna try to avoid
1311s spoilers
1321s um so for those who are
1323s um
1324s familiar with like a lot of the a lot of
1327s the stuffs that's going on in the game
1328s uh uh just uh
1331s just a little reminder
1333s um you know the full Voice work for both
1335s English and German is not scheduled for
1338s the 1.0 release okay about early 2023
1342s and uh as such you are probably going to
1346s see some text-to-speech stuff going on
1349s in the mix of some lines recorded and it
1352s should be fun I'm sure it'll be great
1354s guys are sitting ducks out here let's
1356s redress the balance
1358s all right let's just get super crazy
1361s with lightning all over the place
1363s yeah this is what I like to see
1372s cross drones
1374s should probably pick the targets that
1375s are closer to me but
1382s wow Coalition you're getting decimated
1384s hang on a second
1385s hang on a second
1390s it's probably those Frost rooms over
1392s there
1394s here we'll just do this to get those out
1396s of the way
1402s [Music]
1404s and then I was hoping that was gonna be
1406s it
1412s foreign
1426s good riddance now
1430s they're leaving
1432s yeah they'll think twice before they try
1435s that again
1437s excellent for you
1439s much appreciated Mr rosney credits
1443s transferred
1446s all right so uh also whenever you
1448s complete certain missions you get
1449s rewards you guys know that why am I
1452s explaining that to you you know that
1454s already
1455s you know that already
1457s I'm gonna go ahead and grab some more of
1459s these containers
1460s but as you can see with legendaries
1462s Outsider riffs ma'am it's kind of it's a
1466s nice little casual experience kind of
1467s just kind of chop things up the way that
1470s you like
1471s feels good oh I see another
1475s almost missed the Shipwreck
1477s what could possibly in there
1483s okay all right okay dude
1491s never noticed that there was no icon for
1493s station maintenance yeah we've been we
1495s station maintenance was one of those
1497s sort of new ones that were added and we
1500s didn't actually know if it was going to
1502s be
1503s um
1505s just like a standard job type or not so
1507s this one was added I think with the
1509s latest update as a job
1511s two updates ago
1514s and we just haven't gone back through to
1516s polish up the uh iconography
1520s but some of these will likely get
1521s tweaked and adjusted and of course
1523s statement station maintenance will be
1525s one of those that uh gets adjusted
1529s happy holidays everyone absolutely
1533s welcome everybody to the Stream
1536s all of those individuals who have been
1537s here before
1539s to those who are showing up for the
1541s first time
1542s welcome welcome just a nice chill stream
1546s for you all I'm cold so it's literally
1549s chill
1551s my goodness
1552s it's actually not terrible but it's it's
1554s it's cold enough to me to complain
1560s oh my gosh
1565s but yeah
1566s just hanging out today with you all so
1568s if you got questions feel free to shoot
1570s them and then we'll have little segments
1572s where we answer a slew of questions for
1574s you all
1577s yeah and I I did say uh serene's correct
1579s there uh I did say that we are not doing
1582s any intentional reveals today
1586s let's clarify that point real quick
1588s um
1589s nothing is intentionally meant to be
1593s shown
1595s but you never know if you hang out long
1596s enough
1597s whoopsie dumpsy
1610s excuse me thank you I just want your
1613s Loop
1615s all right
1618s I'm gonna clear up some of these
1620s Fighters before I go in for the the base
1622s shots
1631s man I'm getting some good drops
1637s foreign
1670s oops we're a little too close to that
1672s got our Shields knocked out
1674s foreign
1708s nope
1731s wow
1735s these are loot crops honestly I mean I'm
1737s not seeing any superiors but I mean I
1739s think it's also important to note that
1741s you know we are only level 25
1744s only so uh
1747s can't be getting all the best loot
1754s all right here we are let's grab this
1756s shipwreck
1758s okay
1764s a couple more floaters so we'll go ahead
1766s and just clean this up when we're done
1768s with this engagement we'll answer our
1769s first round of questions for you all
1771s because I'm sure they're building up oh
1772s my goodness aren't they you guys are
1775s asking lots of questions awesome I'm
1776s glad you guys want to chat today it's
1778s always a pleasure when you guys are
1780s diving in here giving the Stream Energy
1785s it's a lot of fun you guys are fun
1787s I like you a lot
1789s I'm glad we get to hang out one last
1791s time before the new year
1797s warms my heart
1810s man I kind of felt like a bully there
1812s just blasted everything with the EMP
1814s generator
1816s but the best kind of bully you know what
1819s I mean like oh my gosh all right
1822s I think that's about it for this
1824s territory so let's go ahead and head
1826s back to letho starport
1829s claim our rewards from the job uh we got
1832s two jobs left so we'll probably end up
1834s doing those but uh you know I'm I want
1837s to answer some questions because I know
1839s you've got them
1841s that's the wrong that's the wrong orbit
1843s excuse me
1844s thank you
1847s foreign
1848s much better much better
1851s the bully generator
1858s all right
1859s so
1861s um if you guys didn't know uh geekbite
1863s is a little under the weather right now
1865s so he's not going to be joining me on
1867s comms today but he is cataloging your
1868s questions so that they can get answered
1870s accordingly a very important detail
1873s so geek bite
1875s get better I hope you're doing okay uh
1878s and thanks for calling the questions to
1880s make this all a bit easier
1882s so
1885s first question comes from uh Fred
1889s specvit
1891s from YouTube is there any chance we are
1894s getting cockpit sounds like muffled
1895s weapons Etc in the future it would be
1897s cool if stuff sounded different from
1899s inside the vessel the irony is that
1901s there are elements inside the cockpit
1904s that you get to hear that you otherwise
1906s wouldn't if you were just playing in
1908s third person
1911s um
1913s there's potential that we could add more
1915s sound effects on that front those are
1916s under the nice to have category so let
1919s me translate that really quick what I
1921s just said is that would be really
1923s freaking cool the team also thinks it
1925s would be really freaking cool and if we
1927s can do more with that we will
1930s if time allows
1932s if time allows I think the expectation
1934s to set here is to not think it's going
1937s to happen by one point on 1.0
1940s because if you think it's going to
1941s happen then it doesn't well that's just
1943s that sucks that sucks because like even
1945s for us like we want it to happen but we
1947s don't know if we'll be able to get there
1949s so here's open both an account for you
1952s but also for us it would be pretty neat
1956s any X4 fans in the office I am confident
1959s we've got X4 fans in the office
1961s that's
1963s I don't know who
1965s is it's not a game that I've referenced
1967s too much um and whenever I'm doing my
1970s work with the team
1971s um not to say that it hasn't been used
1973s as a referential
1975s um element toward our style of game
1977s however as you are probably very well
1980s aware uh animated Viking X4 and
1983s everspace's foundational
1986s approach to the Sci-Fi genre look a
1990s little bit different
1991s so
1992s um I want to say that even you know I
1995s don't think it was Michael I can't
1996s remember who it was one of our one of
1998s our one of our big boys over here in the
2002s studio is an X4 fan I'm pretty confident
2005s but I can't remember who
2008s the uh We've we've played a ton of all
2012s these guys cool you're Jets oh my gosh
2014s we've played a ton of sci-fi games
2017s across
2018s the years I mean starting even from the
2021s simple from like the original Elite and
2024s Privateer and you know uh to like the
2027s the crazy advanced stuff
2030s um you know we've got some Star Citizen
2032s players on the team for example
2033s um maybe not very consistent Star
2035s Citizen players but uh Star Citizen
2038s players regardless Eve players
2040s etc etc like we go on for days about all
2042s the Sci-Fi games
2044s um so I know that X4 is is definitely on
2046s that front but
2048s um inspiration that they may be it does
2052s not change our foundational vision of
2055s being a fairly pick up and play styled
2059s uh open world-esque looter shooter in
2063s space uh featuring some fast-paced
2066s combat situations you know I've seen I
2069s saw it's kind of a ramble but I saw a
2071s post on the forums there's somebody
2072s being like how how do they say this is a
2074s fast-paced arcade-like shooter blah blah
2078s well I'm mean if if you're expecting
2081s every second that you're playing to just
2082s be filled with a thousand chips I mean
2084s it's
2085s you know I I don't know if that's the
2087s case but like I feel like a lot of you
2090s guys here who've played a lot
2092s um especially like you guys know that
2094s when you do get into a combat situation
2096s like a dogfight even it's a one-on-one
2098s there is that very authentic arcadey
2101s style of combat play you're not having
2103s to like push all these different buttons
2105s to accommodate certain systems on your
2108s ship we didn't want to do that we want
2110s to streamline that process make it very
2111s simple again pick up and play where you
2115s can just engage you can swap weapons
2116s really quick
2118s like in an arcade game and customize
2121s that do absurd crazy things that aren't
2124s realistic at all but are fun and you
2126s know it just keeps going from there so
2129s uh yeah lots of influence from a lot of
2132s different games a lot of different
2133s genres but
2135s um we are we have never said we are
2137s trying to be a space Sim
2140s um even though we do love space sims we
2142s certainly do
2144s so just kind of that was a little ramble
2146s but
2147s wanted to point that out next question
2149s from uh Fred spikvet again uh now that
2152s various persons have already done lunacy
2154s 1000 runs without legendaries are there
2156s any chance to make riffs more difficult
2157s perhaps in a whole different way uh more
2160s to come yeah I mean there's more to come
2162s there's there's more to come with refs
2165s we're not done with refs we never said
2166s that we were done with riffs uh We've
2168s also said I've specifically said in
2169s these streams that we want the Rifts to
2171s be a really great challenge for the vast
2174s majority of our players and as it stays
2176s fans
2178s um it is it it technically is but
2181s because the riffs aren't finished
2187s I'm kind of walking some lines here guys
2189s basically just there's more there's
2191s gonna be more we'll be able to talk
2192s about more at you know it at that
2195s certain point in the future
2197s um to kind of you know crack that open
2200s because again also like the difficulty
2202s system like all of the uh elements on
2206s this front
2208s all the elements on this front these
2210s have not been polished yet like the
2212s difficulty has not been adjusted to
2214s where it's adding
2216s I'm going to call it meaningful change
2219s to the game Space that is still
2221s something that's going to be adjusted as
2222s well
2223s um and you know
2225s of course that separate from riffs
2226s anyway the the point is there's more
2228s coming
2230s goodness
2232s oh my gosh
2236s it's a part two question oh it didn't oh
2238s goodness
2241s it's a part two of the question
2251s let me see if I can find the rest of it
2252s I can't find the rest of it
2255s can you just ask the question one more
2256s time just to so I can uh get added
2259s Clarity otherwise let's go to Bram who
2261s said would it be possible for maybe
2262s future DLC to have signal decoder Parts
2264s dropping riffs so that we can craft our
2266s own signal decoders each part has a
2268s modifier EG Minds on death which
2270s increases the difficulty but also the
2271s drop chance Etc I think that would make
2273s a great mechanic I mean it sounds
2275s interesting but that is not in the plans
2277s that's not a design pathway that we have
2280s uh the pathways that we have through the
2282s Rifts are more revolving around
2283s legendaries and you know the tears of
2286s the Mad uh in its sort of basic format
2289s right now gives you a little bit of a
2291s slice of what that looks like where if
2293s you are doing riffs at a lower level you
2295s can still obtain legendaries no matter
2298s what just once you get a certain number
2301s of tiers of the map and regarding like
2303s the numbers of tiers in the mad that's
2305s all sort of like
2306s testing Waters and stuff not 100 sure
2309s we're satisfied whether it was uh so
2310s it's probably going to adjust it a
2312s little bit further but in regards to
2314s Signal decoders those are very
2315s intentionally separate from riffs signal
2318s decoders as a whole
2320s um operate in a very different playing
2322s field from riffs riffs are meant to be
2324s kind of obscure and uh hardcore
2329s as opposed to Signal decoders which is
2331s just a test of your widths depending on
2336s how things come together at the level
2338s that you're at so it's not supposed to
2340s be like this enormous insane Challenge
2342s in a in a a high risk area but it should
2346s be something that
2348s diversifies the elements that you can
2351s approach in the latter game
2355s so yeah next question comes from twitch
2359s sir lion will we ever get an in sunlight
2362s little buff indicator for weapons that
2363s get said buff through attributes there
2365s are a lot of little attribute buff
2368s things like that that we would love to
2369s plug into this condition uh setup we'd
2373s love to add those and that is absolutely
2376s not limited to item modifiers so here's
2379s hoping that will happen
2380s but uh
2382s I don't know
2384s I don't know when or how that's going to
2387s be implemented but I do know that's
2389s definitely been a discussion point it's
2390s definitely something that we would like
2391s to add proper Clarity for more players
2394s in the future
2395s well they're uh Serene from YouTube asks
2398s will there ever be tier 5 ships maybe in
2401s an upcoming DLC
2403s uh I guess that's I guess that's
2406s possible
2408s um
2411s sure
2415s oh my gosh
2418s what a nice concrete answer to your
2422s question am I right uh here here are
2425s devs here's the question uh what's the
2427s response
2428s Maybe
2432s it's just gonna we have to figure out uh
2436s how everything comes together with those
2438s tier four ships and the level 30 systems
2441s and the in-game content from there maybe
2444s that means we need to build up from
2446s there maybe it means we need to build
2447s out from there
2450s we'll see
2452s all right
2454s um so
2457s oh Fred's mcvet has to go uh man I
2460s didn't get the rest of your question
2462s I'm so sorry
2465s I'm so sorry
2469s I'm looking for the rest of the question
2471s uh geekbite if you see it okay
2475s does that seem like a brilliant idea to
2476s launch with something that people have
2478s already beat in the pre-release build
2486s well yeah
2490s that's why we're doing a safe life
2497s among other things among other things
2500s um hang on a second I want to make sure
2502s that I'm understanding this question
2506s various persons have already done lunacy
2507s 1000 words there's a chance to make them
2509s more difficult blah blah does not seem
2511s like a brand to launch with something
2512s that people have already beat in the
2513s previous book okay I see okay so
2515s regarding the rift difficulty yeah sure
2517s I mean well we're not done with riffs so
2522s um we are happy with what the difficulty
2524s has provided players at this point in
2526s time
2527s we're happy with what's provided players
2529s at this point in time but obviously uh
2532s we can do more and we will do more as
2534s I've alluded to a multitude of times uh
2537s so yeah
2538s um
2539s but we're incredibly thankful for the
2541s feedback we've been getting regarding
2543s riffs especially from the players who
2545s have been hitting that 1000 lunacy Mark
2548s uh we've gotten some pretty cool Insight
2551s from individuals who've asked inside of
2554s their own communities who've been like
2556s all doing lunacy 1000 runs
2559s um big shout out to those individuals
2560s you know who you are as well as just
2563s some clever conversations the Discord on
2565s the forums and uh yeah just I do want to
2569s put emphasis on this though um you know
2571s we are not trying to design the riffs
2575s around the specific one percent hardcore
2579s audience that could basically beat a
2581s rift level one all you've got is a
2584s booster on you like that's not that's
2586s not how we're that's we're not doing
2587s that right
2589s um we want the Rifts to be engaging and
2591s fun for the vast majority of the
2593s audience and you know we do want to have
2595s those fun challenges for those who are
2598s incredibly skilled yes
2600s um but truth be told if you are
2602s incredibly skilled in a game and you're
2604s looking for like this penultimate
2606s challenge I think you're kind of looking
2608s at it wrong
2609s um so we will have more challenges and
2612s more updates for the rift to come but uh
2616s just kind of keep keep that in mind
2619s keep that in mind we still want to have
2621s some cool challenges though
2623s we still want to have some cool
2624s challenges okay so now going back to the
2627s standard list of questions we're going
2628s to knock out a couple more of these and
2629s we'll get back to uh some gameplay
2632s um I'm not sure if this has been asked
2633s this is a Kilted ninja will there be any
2636s scope for tools to make mods for use
2639s with things like Nexus mods slash Vortex
2642s mod support is something that the team
2644s would like to do but it is not being
2645s worked on uh and it is not priority
2648s right now it's something that if we are
2651s going to pursue mod support it would be
2653s after the 1.0 release again that's a
2656s really big if
2659s um
2659s though if we were to pursue that I have
2662s a feeling we would probably pursue some
2665s degree of tools in order to assist us on
2668s that front and assist you guys because I
2670s think just throwing a game out on the
2673s floor and saying you mod it is just it's
2675s not that's not very effective if we want
2678s to support modding right so
2681s um if if if we were to pursue mod
2685s support
2686s um I have a pretty big feeling that we
2689s would pursue tools yes
2692s all right we got a couple from Finn's
2694s here
2696s um on YouTube now that 1.0 is on the
2699s horizon are there any news slash changes
2701s about codex will it be in 1.0 and if so
2703s will it be out uh will it be about as
2706s Rich a place as everspace one codex well
2709s let me tell you what
2710s um
2712s we had this was the I feel like this is
2715s a fair question because the last time we
2716s talked about the Codex was some months
2719s ago and I recall telling you guys that
2722s it wasn't likely that we would be doing
2724s a codex driver space too what but but
2728s Eric uh the data tab has a code codex
2731s and it says uh more to come are coming
2733s soon or something like that how can you
2735s say that it's not coming soon uh and
2737s it's not it's not gonna happen I thought
2739s you said that it was gonna no no
2740s actually what I said very intentionally
2741s uh many months ago was that it's not
2745s likely to happen we've had to adjust our
2748s workflow we've had to maintain certain
2750s priorities to ensure all those deadlines
2752s and you know promises are hit and the
2755s Codex
2757s not technically something we ever really
2760s promised but it would be a powerful nice
2763s to have
2765s that's that's for sure it would be a
2768s very powerful nice to have guys I want
2770s to just mention that today I am not
2772s revealing anything okay there's going to
2774s be no spoilers whatsoever so just uh
2777s just know that okay excuse me I need to
2780s go back to my inventory page just to
2781s look at some content okay let's uh go to
2785s the next question how much percent of
2786s 1.0 in-game content location ships
2789s shapes items cutscenes Etc is currently
2791s in a 1.0 worthy shape I.E done
2797s that is an impossible question to answer
2801s that is truly an impossible question to
2803s answer so I mean
2807s wow
2809s so much depends on
2813s the prioritization of development on
2815s this front
2816s so just kind of like cracking open some
2819s information like how does a game get
2821s developed what what happens when you
2823s reach a deadline for X Y and Z what's
2827s what's the next steps you know I've
2828s always been referring to these like
2830s priority elements in the nice tasks what
2832s does that even mean right what does that
2835s even mean like the nice that has like
2837s the team doesn't want to add the nice to
2838s haves is that what it means no not not
2840s at all not at all
2843s referring to the game as Early Access
2846s and you guys know that it's an
2847s incomplete State and there's more to
2849s come on basically many different fronts
2851s there's still polished that needs to be
2853s had some of that polish is gonna add
2856s like one percent to a 99 completed thing
2859s other polish to a different thing is
2861s going to add like 25 to it right
2865s um some stuff still hasn't been added so
2867s technically you would say it's at zero
2869s percent it's got to get to 100 like it's
2870s the it's way too impossible to form any
2874s sort of concrete calculated objective
2877s percentile
2879s thing that exists for our game to say
2882s this is what percentage it's at for
2884s completion purposes and this is what it
2885s will be at 1.0 right
2887s long story short we are still planning
2890s on doing everything that we said we are
2892s going to be doing for 1.0 which has been
2894s listed multiple times in multiple places
2896s blah blah
2897s um and all of those things are going to
2899s be at 100 when we get to 1.0 then we'll
2902s also incorporate some new elements and
2904s some new little features that have both
2906s been requested by the community as well
2907s as things that we just kind of desired
2909s that are simply not going to hit certain
2912s deadlines as free DLC you guys also know
2914s that so yeah
2916s if I were to throw out a random
2918s percentage it would literally mean
2920s nothing like I could say five percent
2924s what does that mean s nothing I could
2926s say 95 percent
2928s what does that mean
2930s all you guys need to know is that launch
2932s is right around the corner
2935s so if it's not close to Don we're in
2938s trouble
2940s all right the data section is that all
2943s planned for 1.0 oh what an interesting
2945s question from Sir lion
2948s um
2950s I don't know
2953s all right next question we got from
2955s Finns is there any news about
2956s transmogrification it's the same it's
2959s the same uh responses before if memory
2960s serves the plan was to have it by 1.0
2962s any changes any progress yeah it's the
2963s same response yeah we're having it at
2965s 1.0
2966s yeah that hasn't changed wholesome gamer
2969s on YouTube any plans for escort missions
2971s like in freelancer with the join Squad
2972s feature would be great to hire a
2974s freighter to buy sell stuff and be the
2976s escort that's an interesting idea that's
2978s an interesting concept
2980s um it's also kind of ironic in a way
2982s because our team uh as a whole we're not
2984s a big fan of escort missions and games
2986s we feel like they're very slow paced
2988s we'd rather just like go in all guns
2990s blazing and have that style of play that
2992s being said obviously we have mixed in
2995s much slower paced jobs throughout the
2997s game as well as challenges throughout
3000s um so I could see that happening but
3002s that's not something that's really on
3003s our table it's not not necessarily a
3005s priority
3007s um but uh yeah we also do not want to
3010s make everspace to any semblance of a
3012s squad based game it is very much a you
3015s are this pilot who does all these
3017s awesome things the focus is on you and
3019s your loot if it was it was started
3021s becoming a squad based thing well then
3023s it would be like well since the focus is
3025s on a looter shooter why can't I manage
3026s the loot of all my squads why can't I
3028s customize their ships why can't I do all
3031s these other amazing things and it's it's
3033s just that's a snowball and completely
3035s the wrong direction of what our vision
3036s uh is set out to be does that make sense
3039s does that make sense because like Squad
3040s that does sound awesome that's just not
3042s within the core design of everspace too
3046s so yeah
3048s still a still a a cool idea though
3052s um when you say Squad
3054s even if it is something like a momentary
3056s one which I'm sure you're getting at
3058s um
3058s but yeah
3060s uh we'll do a couple more questions
3062s there okay we got three more questions
3063s I'll I'll slap these down and then we'll
3066s get back into some more gameplay I'll
3067s complete some more jobs uh so from Sir
3070s lion when one completes lunacy 1000 and
3073s goes back to normal game there's a sense
3075s of whiplash is it possible to unlock
3077s lunacy 1000 as a difficulty when one
3079s completes a lunacy one thousand one like
3081s you got okay so you guys I'm starting to
3082s realize you guys are making suggestions
3085s more than you're asking
3087s questions and I want to be very clear on
3090s that front yeah it's an open Community
3091s stream and you can ask honestly whatever
3094s you want at the same time if you are if
3098s you're poking into the territory of
3100s suggestions it's not something I can
3102s really comment too much on because I
3104s mean we do have plans for riffs in the
3107s future
3108s um I get the sort of vibe that you're
3110s going for here and how like it's a
3112s disconnect right you're doing your
3113s lunacy 1000s however the lunacy runs the
3117s high level lunacy runs are a little bit
3120s of a different gameplay situation than
3123s the standard gameplay experience okay
3125s let's be clear when you're doing high
3127s level lunacy runs you do kind of have to
3129s optimize in a particular way to play
3132s them for example
3134s health is irrelevant in high level
3138s lunacy runs let's be let's be real
3140s health is irrelevant there is zero
3142s reason to put anything into structure
3144s and resistance in a high level lunacy
3147s run at least I haven't seen it I haven't
3149s seen any sort of semblance of
3151s Effectiveness in going that sort of
3153s Route everything has to be done in a
3155s much more specific Direction and in fact
3158s those specific directions mean certain
3160s opportunities that we would normally
3162s have in the standard play of the game uh
3165s simply don't exist in high level rips
3167s Okay so
3170s yeah
3172s um that's just kind of the the fact of
3174s it so high level riffs they're just kind
3177s of like a different breed than the
3178s standard game
3180s I see why you would kind of want that
3182s additional challenge for the standard
3184s game I see that as an absolutely super
3187s Niche thing that would be for like the
3191s one percent of the one percent of our
3192s audience where
3194s if we were to put in the work to do
3196s something like that and give it to
3197s everybody the people that are going into
3200s that are going to get really frustrated
3202s because they can't do a dang thing in
3204s any sort of standard play I mean even
3206s those of you out there who have been
3208s doing lunacy 1000 Rifts know that you're
3210s not just doing them back to back to back
3212s to back to back to back okay there's
3215s incredibly few of you who are doing that
3217s in most cases when you're doing lunacy
3219s 1000 runs you're still completing them
3221s pretty fast but you'll do a run you'll
3223s fail a run you'll do a run you'll do a
3225s run you'll fail a run you'll fail
3227s another run you'll do a run like it's it
3229s goes back and forth right it goes back
3231s and forth for most of you there are a
3235s few of you
3237s who definitely do turn them out like
3239s butter
3240s and that's impressive but still
3243s still irrelevant okay whoo
3247s all right
3251s Nikolay uh Petco
3255s over on YouTube is there any possibility
3257s to use the points from levels for
3259s something else than upgrading devices
3261s nope there is not
3263s there is not Excelsior over on YouTube
3267s as playing without inertia dampers isn't
3269s the intended way would you consider
3270s limiting the time the player is able to
3272s inertia drift or would that be too
3275s artificial
3276s also seems more like a suggestion uh
3279s we're not really too worried about what
3281s else inertia dampening can do we already
3282s think that it's an incredibly invaluable
3284s tool for those who know how to use it
3287s well in fact some people could call it
3289s an exploit we don't care uh if you want
3291s to exploit the use of inertia dampeners
3293s through your use of skill great that's
3296s awesome there's not really too much more
3298s we're going to be adding or adjusting on
3300s that front because it's again it's not a
3302s intended way that we see to play the
3305s game but you know for those of you who
3307s go crazy with it and you love it that's
3309s awesome and we want you to continue to
3311s go crazy with it and love it
3314s all right last last question uh from
3317s Wizard Jerry on YouTube and then we're
3319s gonna jump into more gameplay man we've
3320s been answering questions for like 20
3321s minutes just want to make sure with the
3324s uh custom ship modules implemented in
3327s 1.0 release does that mean I can change
3329s the outfit of my Predator B2 to Orion A3
3333s um well your Predator B2 at 1.0 is gonna
3337s get squashed because of the save wipe of
3340s course for a number of technical reasons
3342s um so but yeah whenever you find a new
3345s ship in 1.0 and it's a predator B2 for
3349s example and you want to change that to
3351s an Orion A3 yes that is exactly the
3354s functionality of what transmogrification
3356s will do at the full release of the game
3359s absolutely
3361s all right guys that was a good list of
3363s questions
3364s um geekbite if you don't mind to kind of
3366s organize the question list so I don't
3367s accidentally repeat questions or get
3369s that mixed up a little bit uh
3373s man geekbite ladies and Gentlemen let's
3374s just give like a round of applause to
3376s geekbite right now because like dude
3377s that man has helped these streams uh
3380s consolidate the question answer format
3383s so much better and you can even see a
3384s little bit of a difference as I'm
3385s reading them off myself oh I miss this
3387s beautiful voice please get better soon
3389s oh my goodness
3392s all right all right
3395s so let's go ahead and get back into the
3398s game
3399s let's do it let's do a drake signal
3401s decoder why not a couple of them
3404s and do some jobs and stuff like that
3410s it's not too bad
3411s I actually want that for the Boost speed
3413s that cannot be damaged sucks let's be
3416s clear but otherwise that's pretty that's
3418s pretty nice
3422s that's pretty nice
3427s um
3431s yeah we're still gonna do it
3438s all right
3440s we're gonna take it all right otherwise
3442s we're gonna clear out our inventory like
3444s we normally do
3453s yeah we're just going the distance here
3456s and do we repair yes we did all right
3461s let me change our color
3469s or this purple one
3471s just keeping it nice and simple
3474s all right hello there my goodness
3477s [Music]
3485s it's about uh Coalition a little bit
3494s man
3495s this is kind of funny just like watching
3497s watching them shoot at this scout with
3500s their coil guns right now
3503s every single one of you has ever done a
3505s rift you're like that ain't right that's
3508s not how that works if you are in a rift
3510s those would be pinpoint accurate
3513s like that is hilarious
3517s oh my gosh
3522s not even mad
3525s I'm impressed all right
3532s all right what we're doing I already
3533s I've already forgotten
3535s um let's see let's do a Search and
3537s Destroy yeah and then after that we'll
3539s do a high risk area
3541s and continue to ask your questions guys
3542s so if uh if I answered a question in an
3545s awkward way feel free to follow up on it
3547s if you would like
3549s um that's also totally fine we can have
3551s some nice chill conversations of course
3554s uh but yeah otherwise uh welcome to the
3557s stream for anybody who is just showing
3558s up the stream plan today is incredibly
3562s fluid we're just hanging out around a
3563s good time closing down the end of the
3565s stream I'm answering questions
3567s if you insist or they're the method of
3570s delivery does not alter the message it
3572s might be a little more pleasant let's
3573s just give it a try of course my default
3577s voice was not intended as overtly
3579s masculine to begin with yeah
3582s let's just stick to default for now as
3584s you wish perfect
3587s guys like I said there's gonna be no
3588s spoilers during the course of the Stream
3591s what is that number three now okay
3598s all right
3601s you know what's always fun about you
3603s know doing these live Community streams
3605s that you can't have any Tech backsies uh
3607s you know
3610s the Preparatory steps to get these
3612s things working and the smoke tests that
3614s are done you guys know what I mean by
3615s smoke tests right like you you get a new
3619s update you play it or you run it to make
3622s sure that it's working as intended it
3625s doesn't matter how much you do these
3626s things guys it does not matter if
3628s something can go wrong it will Murphy's
3632s Law 100
3633s oh my gosh
3636s this might get messy
3638s all right let's take out some targets
3644s oh
3646s well probably have that overcharged
3648s Shield
3649s this would clean them up rather nicely
3651s yeah
3660s one more grouping
3665s beautiful
3669s well let's mess with these guys
3673s uh not you I don't like you
3675s wow that's a terrible shooting
3681s sorry Alec
3687s good job
3694s what do you think Alex
3696s normally you leave by this time
3699s hmm
3703s thanks for having me Adam toodles
3704s toodles that's my line
3708s in the world
3710s all right
3719s all righty Let's uh you know let's do a
3722s high risk area let's do the one that has
3725s the GMB reinforcements on site
3728s and uh let's see maybe I'll show you an
3731s exploits if it's still in the game if uh
3733s we haven't addressed it yet is it
3735s possible
3735s okay all right all right I'm hiding it
3738s from here on out sorry you don't get any
3739s more of those spoilers we're canning it
3742s no more no more of the hive atom
3744s conversations that one's gonna be
3746s reserved for 1.0
3749s somebody's like wait how'd you stop the
3751s dialogue I have my methods okay
3754s wait but doesn't that also mean that you
3756s allowed us to listen to the other
3757s exchanges prior
3761s let's keep going shall we
3773s aren't these streams fun don't you like
3775s showing up and just hanging out
3777s isn't it such a great fun little time
3783s I look over I see blizzards are black
3785s yeah I think it depends on where you
3787s live and kind of like I think there's
3788s also like personality traits that like
3790s kind of go in with that I mean I'm a
3793s work at home you know dab of five right
3796s so for me it's like I get I get shut up
3800s into my house because of snow and like I
3802s can't go out and drive anywhere oh boo
3804s hoo I get to hang out with my kids and
3806s play around and like do arts and crafts
3809s and play video games oh gosh it's the
3812s worst you know what I mean like for me
3813s blizzards oh man I I'm I'm incredibly
3816s indifferent the only thing is that I
3817s want layers I don't want to be cold
3819s that's all that's all and even still
3822s sometimes I like going outside and
3823s hanging out with the kids and throwing
3824s snowballs out their face because it's
3825s incredibly
3827s um delightful depending on how they're
3829s acting and you know it's just there's
3830s there's so much from that there's so
3832s much for now you could break apart
3836s thank you
3838s it's on how you embrace it I think
3842s when life gives you lemons it's that
3844s sort of thing right life gives you a
3846s blizzard okay
3847s what are you gonna do about it
3849s how are you gonna improve
3854s now if you're a traveling person and you
3857s got like an hour drive to work
3860s that sucks and I'm sorry that sucks
3865s and I feel your pain because I used to
3866s have one of those jobs and you know what
3868s a jump sucks
3874s oh my gosh
3881s all right let's see if this exploit
3882s still works let's just see
3884s will you drop the equipment
3886s did we fix it it looks like we fixed it
3890s so you used to be able to like within
3892s the hris you know you're not supposed to
3894s have Loot drop
3896s [Music]
3897s but um whenever you have reinforcements
3899s on site they would still uh drop loot
3905s looks like we fixed them
3909s just gonna try this Elite
3912s oh nothing all right yep totally fixed
3914s that bug so anyone who's trying to do
3916s that exploit anymore
3919s it's gone and now I only have one Ally
3922s oh nope you just died oh
3924s that sucks I don't know what I'm gonna
3926s do I don't think I can handle this
3928s combat
3931s excellent oh oh snap look at me getting
3936s cocky oh I deserved that so hard
3940s oh
3942s the game was like what did you say what
3946s did you say you think you think you're
3949s tough crap all right deal with this Punk
3952s oh my gosh dude that's a hundred percent
3956s all right you know what fair oh gosh
3960s beautiful that was fantastic
3964s absolutely fantastic this is what
3966s happens when you're using a Vanguard and
3968s you don't use its Mobility to dodge
3970s freaking shots oh gosh let's uh let's
3974s just like get right back into that
3976s man seriously that was such a great
3978s example of what not to do
3980s oh
3982s I I am not even mad I am I am
3984s legitimately happy that that happened
3987s beautiful
3993s laughs
4000s foreign
4001s [Music]
4008s gosh isn't this great game just so much
4010s fun aren't these live streams the best
4016s oh geez
4032s foreign let's clear out these
4034s retaliators over here and then we'll go
4035s get a cluster on the other side
4038s actually it's not as new as I thought
4040s oh maybe it is
4042s let's just uh slow things down
4051s when I say slow things down it's only
4053s slowing things down for all the enemies
4055s it's not slowing things down for us
4058s so in fact you are kind of operating at
4061s double time in the course of this
4063s is also explained at everspace one
4066s believe it or not what
4069s yeah Hive has a remark on how this uh
4072s functionally Works in our sci-fi world
4074s where things aren't realistic
4076s um and it's totally legit
4080s it makes perfect
4087s we're taking some shodies
4091s foreign
4095s [Music]
4110s I'm using a Synchro pulse and a um
4114s equalizer right now I don't really
4116s enjoying these weapons Synchro pulse
4119s can be a bit challenging to use but its
4121s damage output just feels so nice even
4124s though the energy draw is uh maybe a
4127s little undesired
4130s I also like the way that it you know
4131s shoots twice every time
4135s the enjoyment factor for me like I
4137s really like it
4139s curious like what what are your go-to
4140s weapons
4142s let's start a little discussion in the
4143s challenge what are your go-to weapons
4145s whenever you're playing ever space 2.
4146s you go to something that's a little bit
4148s more easy do you want to challenge
4151s yourself through what a weapon provides
4154s uh is it something in the middle
4157s I'm really curious
4160s are you just like straight up
4161s secondaries all day every day
4165s lay it on me and I kind of want to know
4167s why as well like you know whether it's
4169s because oh I just really enjoy hit scan
4171s items or you know I prefer this element
4174s that challenges my ability to stray for
4177s get up close some combat or you know
4180s whatever I I prefer just sniping with
4183s Precision whatever that looks like
4186s I'm really curious
4189s um why you guys choose the weapons
4197s foreign
4211s [Music]
4222s probably shouldn't be this close
4227s foreign
4229s guys
4244s well it's good to know this bug is still
4246s existing
4249s sorry Hans Christian we gotta add
4251s another one to your 700 item list
4257s that's a decent drop recharge booster
4259s Goss cannon that could be kind of fun
4264s okay
4266s cool are you guys responding to the uh
4269s the item question I'm just curious
4272s look over here
4274s Synchro pulse Flack okay Goss Cannon
4278s nice nice
4281s flock deletes drones and missiles yeah
4283s oh absolutely does absolutely
4286s too much to answer Umbra penumbra plus
4288s equalizer oh very specific Synchro and
4291s decimators okay nice nice
4293s uh let's see what else we got
4299s love equalizers equalizers for the win
4302s oh my gosh final Reckoning otherwise
4303s rapid equalizers okay Synchro pulse is
4306s all right good for burst damage yeah it
4307s very much is that's that's why I enjoy
4309s it like you get a high profile Target
4311s that has a pretty strong shield and
4314s generally low to no armor the single
4316s pulse just it obliterates it right
4320s um like so if you're like in a rift and
4321s you're taking on okar Synchro pulse is
4323s just like low buy
4326s um of course there's also other good
4327s combinations for stuff like that for
4328s example if you had an equalizer that
4331s could disable the opponent's shield for
4333s two seconds
4335s I quite like this equalizer it's it's a
4338s lot of fun I mean it could be
4339s technically it could be better but you
4341s know uh for what it's worth it's uh it's
4343s pretty devastating
4345s uh final Reckoning plus homing missiles
4347s nice yup that's always a good one that's
4349s always a good one
4351s uh it's good choices good choices
4354s autocannon plus pulse laser and homing
4356s missiles on a striker nice nice
4360s really good
4364s no go-to's just prefer half a dozen yeah
4367s absolutely I like changing things up
4368s sometimes like I'll just um
4370s I'm sure this happens to several of you
4372s out there too like every now and then
4373s I'm just like I want to try something
4374s new so I'll just completely swap my ship
4376s and just let RNG determine what weapons
4379s I'm going to use like first things I
4380s pick up I'm replacing you didn't see me
4382s do that in the streams actually so you
4383s know that I'm not BS in you all uh it
4385s adds just that extra layer of flavor
4388s when it comes to just let's do something
4390s a little bit different and it's a lot of
4392s fun
4393s it's a lot of fun so uh yeah
4396s that was a nice little high risk area
4398s that we totally didn't die at all in
4402s foreign
4405s [Music]
4408s to this music while we answer another
4412s round of questions you guys have been uh
4414s you guys have been asking them let's get
4417s on it
4418s let's get on it here maybe we can even
4423s let's try to uh gosh excuse me excuse me
4427s just try to hover like so
4430s while I
4432s answer yes so the game's running you get
4435s to see the nice little visualization
4436s there as I'm looking at your questions
4439s so we got a question from Kaza over on
4441s Twitch
4442s are you able to provide any insight into
4444s the bug where a friendly T4 Interceptor
4447s appears that a few people have ran into
4450s uh yeah we're gonna probably fix that
4453s maybe I guess uh just I mean T4 ships
4457s are not finalized anyway
4459s um so there's still going to be a couple
4461s more tweaks and additions so if you've
4462s seen it uh I mean there's a little bit
4464s spoiled on the front we've also already
4466s showed it in promo material technically
4468s uh but I digress
4470s um
4471s you know there's still a slew of bugs
4474s that we gotta Rectify right
4476s I don't necessarily know if a T4
4479s Interceptor friendly is something that
4481s we are
4483s too concerned about at this time
4486s there's a lot of other much more
4489s important details to address let me just
4491s say that is the team happy with the AI
4493s director and how it behaves in riffs yes
4495s and no yes and no we there's there's a
4499s couple people on the team who are just
4500s like AI director it's exactly where it
4502s needs to be it's doing what we wanted to
4504s do it's it's the Pinnacle of evolution
4505s well maybe they're not like that but
4507s still like very satisfied with the
4509s results and then there's other of us
4510s there's like yeah but and
4514s um you know it
4515s is anything possible to truly Embrace
4520s fully from every single person's
4522s perspective right
4523s um overall though I would say that we
4525s are satisfied with the results of the AI
4528s director they're still a little bit more
4530s to go on that front I think um even with
4532s those who are really satisfied on the
4534s team I think that they would even admit
4536s that there's some tweaking to be had
4539s um and we'll likely see that um
4542s especially by 1.0
4544s maybe even uh well actually absolutely
4546s between difficulties the AI director has
4549s a bit of uh reasoning for why it would
4552s operate differently depending on what
4554s difficulty you choose so yeah there's
4556s there's still a bit
4557s um to come on that front how does the
4559s team feel this from T3 Cube how does the
4561s team feel about music with odd time
4564s signatures this late in development
4565s something that is not four four or four
4567s three or it's three four I mean sure
4569s like
4570s that that's that's all fine and dirty
4573s let's do three four let's do six eight
4575s let's do you know five four
4579s throw you off for a loop you know
4580s whatever
4581s um it's it's not necessarily something
4584s we are looking at like saying we have to
4586s diversify the music by doing different
4589s key signatures that's not you know
4592s the main overarching goal is to just
4595s make sure that the music feels right for
4597s the game Space that's that's it that's
4600s the goal and how that's done whether
4602s it's a key signature or if it's uh you
4605s know a wild Tempo changes you know
4608s whatever it's like super crazy like
4611s Progressive technical stuff however that
4614s looks so long as it is adhering to the
4616s style of the gameplay experience we're
4619s gonna be more than satisfied with that
4620s so it's possible but you know I don't
4623s necessarily think that ghetto's gonna
4626s intentionally choose different key
4628s signatures uh because of a requirement
4631s if he does it it's going to be because
4633s it's intentional to the music which he's
4635s designing for a particular element of
4636s the game
4638s question for Finns over on YouTube is
4640s there any reason to keep doing signal
4643s decoders for a player who consistently
4644s wins 500 plus lunacy riffs and if there
4646s is what isn't well I mean I think that
4648s you could answer that question uh better
4650s than I could because I feel like you
4652s have definitely consistently won 500
4654s plus lunacy rips so what do you think do
4657s you think that there's any incentive to
4659s do hras anymore do you value that is
4663s that something that you completely
4664s ignore
4668s I feel like I don't need to answer that
4670s because I mean you you have that
4671s experience right so so yeah I mean you
4673s want to share that with everyone else
4675s that's that's totally great that's
4676s totally fine high risk areas are meant
4679s to be an aspect of how the player is
4682s overcoming challenges and build up
4684s certain elements of themselves while
4686s they're pursuing you know the
4687s overarching story so uh yeah riffs as as
4691s uh completely Counterpoint to that uh
4694s antithesis to that if you will are the
4697s greatest challenges that the player will
4699s face in the game
4702s one is alternate challenges one is the
4705s greatest challenges so
4707s yeah
4708s if you are completing the greatest
4710s challenges and you're going for an
4711s alternate challenge if it's fun because
4713s it's an alternate challenge great
4715s if you don't like it because it's easy
4718s [Music]
4720s okay don't do them I'm not your dad I'm
4723s not going to tell you what to do
4725s all right
4729s uh another question what is rockfish's
4731s estimation for how long everspace 2
4733s would remain interesting for majority of
4734s players
4737s foreign
4739s questions
4741s uh I think in general
4748s how to respond to this I think there's a
4750s lot of different metrics to say you know
4753s if a game is
4755s servicing its lifespan accordingly or
4759s not I think the most traditional one
4760s that a lot of you guys have probably
4762s even done yourself has been oh if I put
4766s x amount of hours into a game based on
4768s its price point then it's a satisfactory
4772s experience now aside from opening an
4774s incredibly big can of worms as to why
4777s that might not actually be a very good
4780s metric I'll just say this I think that
4783s metric looks different that based on the
4785s type of player that you are there is in
4788s fact a lot of subjectivity to that as
4791s opposed to objectivity I can't just say
4793s well players are going to play the game
4796s for this much time and therefore they
4798s will be satisfied you know we are we're
4800s aiming for a 20 to 30 hour long campaign
4803s experience within Outer Space 2 but I
4806s think that there is considerably more
4809s content than just a 20 to 30 hour uh
4813s experience to be had in the game space
4816s But ultimately again those hours don't
4819s matter what matters is is the game fun
4821s to fly through to combat to pursue that
4825s story to gain new loot to upgrade your
4828s ship to do all these fun little side
4830s missions and quests and stuff or is it
4832s not
4833s that's what it comes down to so yeah
4838s how long will it remain interesting who
4840s knows
4841s depends on the player depends on other
4843s games that come out
4845s depends on
4847s depends on if big name streamers pick it
4849s up and stream it and hype up an audience
4851s and then it becomes like this master hit
4854s there's so many so many factors it's
4856s like it's like impossible to answer that
4862s but obviously we hope that it lasts for
4864s a very long time
4866s we hope that it lasts for a very long
4868s time
4869s all right
4871s that is the end of round two of
4874s questions let's get to our
4877s let's go to this job let's just let's
4879s just do a nice nice chill station
4882s maintenance job just repair some things
4886s just some just repair some things
4889s [Music]
4892s okay so I see this I see this uh point
4894s it's a it's a point of discussion more
4897s than a suggestion and I want to clarify
4899s that so that we can open this up just a
4901s little bit more from yes indeed
4904s um who by the way if I recall correctly
4906s you've been posting a bit on the forums
4907s and you've had some interesting
4909s suggestions so thank you so much for
4911s using those and and uh talking to people
4913s uh in a you know mostly respectable
4915s format it's pretty nice
4917s pretty nice to see
4918s he says it would be nice to see some
4920s non-missile secondaries through uh
4922s through though I see let's see here hang
4925s on let me pause this really quick it
4927s would be nice to see some non-missile
4928s secondaries though I see that would be
4930s directly contrary to their intended role
4932s correct 100 correct a bomber Fielding a
4935s mega shotgun or
4938s laser would Eclipse existing roles yeah
4941s absolutely absolutely so
4944s um it's an interesting thought and it's
4945s definitely one that we've considered
4946s ourselves it's something that we've sort
4948s of uh evaluated in the game Space and
4950s said well what is the intended role of
4952s this what's the intended role of that
4955s what's the intended role of something
4957s that could uh adjust another thing
4960s based on you know what its purpose is
4963s supposed to be about right like there's
4965s a lot of those sort of Concepts that
4967s sort of float in the nather the nether
4969s if you will the the whimsical
4972s thought mind of whatever I don't know
4975s what I'm saying what I'm saying
4977s specifically on this front is that
4979s there's been those ideas passed around
4980s but we do want to have concrete themes
4983s and ideas executed for specific rolled
4987s specific themed items right so to that
4991s there will never be a secondary
4993s especially a standard common secondary
4996s that operates in the same capacity as a
4999s primary
5000s it's not going to happen it won't it
5002s won't happen
5004s that being said
5007s there could be legendaries in the future
5009s that could do interesting things
5012s maybe I really wouldn't even expect that
5015s though honestly because like sincerely
5016s that's kind of breaking that mold a bit
5019s too much and we're already rather
5021s pleased with the modifier that allows
5022s you to automatically shoot a missile
5024s which is to a degree
5028s and just straight up the closest thing
5031s to that element of discussion let's be
5034s real about that you're Auto firing a
5036s missile it's kind of a part of your
5037s primary weapon kit because it depends on
5039s what your primary weapon is generally
5041s speaking faster fire rate equals uh
5044s greater secondary power right
5047s so you know
5049s that's that this is honestly like what I
5051s have up on the screen this is honestly
5052s like the closest we'd probably get to
5054s something of that nature so just throw
5056s it just throwing that out there cracking
5058s that open just a little bit more and
5059s providing some clarity
5063s and of course T3 Cube having broken the
5066s game funny you should say that stay to
5068s the end yeah yep absolutely there have
5071s been some interesting bugs that have
5073s been found but uh there is no intention
5076s of allowing primaries to be uh fitted to
5080s a secondary weapon slot definitely a bug
5082s not a feature
5085s whoo
5087s all right let's uh grab some of those
5090s stuffs and then we're gonna look at this
5092s little station isn't he cute
5095s and we got ten spots to repair my
5099s goodness oh goodness oh goodness
5102s so let's just fix them up
5104s [Music]
5108s the dedication to absolutely dismantle
5110s the game is admirable it's exactly the
5114s thing that just helps us so much
5116s honestly from a from a level of Game Dev
5119s like you
5122s Early Access
5124s is just a breeding ground for errors and
5130s when somebody loves to create errors
5133s it's the best thing ever it is
5135s legitimately the best thing ever so uh
5138s yeah
5139s thank you for all of you out there who
5141s have found stuff and decided you wanted
5143s to do more
5145s nice and clean
5149s speaking of bugs
5152s just gonna jot down a little note here
5155s [Music]
5157s no particular reason why
5163s if you uh feel like you're hearing
5165s something in your ears uh
5171s maybe we just need to leave this job
5172s alone
5176s you know it's funny because uh this
5178s bug's actually been in the game for a
5179s while
5182s I say funny maybe that should be sad uh
5185s but uh I digress
5188s I'm gonna go ahead and ping that job
5190s let's let's I don't like this sound it
5192s really bothers me I'm Gonna Leave
5199s oh goodness let's go do let's uh let's
5202s clear this job completely I just don't
5204s want to nope we're not gonna fix the
5206s station sorry you are the weakest link
5208s goodbye let's go do another high risk
5210s area
5211s and after we're done with this we'll
5213s probably jump over and do some of the
5215s we'll we'll get into Community
5216s screenshots and then the contest uh that
5219s we had oh my goodness
5222s foreign
5257s that's so dead
5265s that's the music I want to hear
5282s a little more focused and less jamming
5283s though
5287s foreign
5301s [Music]
5317s hmm
5331s really should get those drones hot all
5333s right
5339s so many drones what
5344s I'm a lot of turtles why why game
5370s oh that's not good
5373s oh that's not good
5377s cyrilia calm down
5389s foreign
5408s oh my gosh
5418s cool
5424s so many drones oh my gosh it's really a
5429s cool oh my gosh cool you're just
5437s wow
5449s jeez
5456s foreign
5477s I don't I don't think we're gonna make
5479s it guys uh I don't think we're gonna
5481s make it
5482s um
5484s rip
5488s [Music]
5490s maybe maybe that's it
5500s all right
5502s give me my health back please
5508s all right here we go
5513s hang on a second hang on a second
5516s foreign
5519s we're going hard
5552s whoa
5557s let's just make sure we don't get pot
5558s shot by a drone or something
5566s I was nice that was a fun high risk area
5569s to top things off
5574s that was incredibly close uh foreign
5580s well that's a good part to um
5584s this is a good time to zip on back to
5586s home base
5588s let the Coalition on a tail you guys
5591s won't believe this
5596s head on back we'll answer a couple more
5598s questions and we're going to be
5599s showcasing your guys's screenshots as
5602s well as the community contest shots that
5605s were taken so there's gonna be a lot of
5606s them we're gonna go through them a
5608s little bit faster than normal but we
5610s should have some nice little Pleasant uh
5612s dialogue through the course of this so
5614s if you guys still have any questions if
5616s you have anything that you guys want to
5617s like you know casually chat about with
5619s each other for me
5621s um it'll be fun it'll be good
5623s that was I was too close
5643s Eric equipped sunglasses fire flower
5646s Plus 30.
5648s I love that 30 percent
5653s sometimes you just gotta
5655s just gotta go hard
5658s was that the right style of Play No it
5661s actually wasn't uh
5663s but it was fun
5666s sometimes you gotta go for fun instead
5669s of functional
5671s all right so now that we have landed
5674s here we're gonna just save our little
5676s rifting game
5678s like so Gonna Miss This dismiss this bad
5682s boy and we're gonna transition over to
5685s the community side of things not that it
5687s hasn't been a focus point of the entire
5689s stream but you know what I'm saying so
5690s give me one second to set some things up
5692s and we'll show you some six screenshots
5696s so one one moment
5699s one moment it won't take long whatsoever
5703s probably I hope
5707s I think we I think we did it I think we
5709s got it boys I think we got it
5713s I think we got it probably
5718s it's working are you working
5721s oh okay it's open it's open okay
5723s excellent
5725s perfect Perfection 100 so guys this last
5728s little segment of the stream we are
5730s going to be highlighting some sick
5731s Community shots uh these shots are not
5734s part of the community contest these are
5736s just from casual screenshots taken um
5738s and again I'm going to kind of roll
5739s through them a little bit quickly I just
5740s want to highlight the users who are
5741s taking those shots and say a little bit
5743s of something nothing too super crazy so
5745s we can get into the community shots but
5747s while these communities sort of
5749s challenges have been going on
5751s the screenshot channel has still been
5754s flooded with glorious photos so thank
5757s you big shout outs to all of you who
5758s still contribute on that front we love
5759s them they're they're awesome they're so
5762s much fun and all the ones that you see
5763s here are ones that I selected either
5765s because I saw a lot of likes on them or
5767s just because I wanted to show them so
5769s there's probably a bias in there somehow
5771s or some way uh but yeah so if you see
5773s yours cool be excited because I love you
5775s this one's from Kaza retaliators nice
5778s big white boldness highlighting with
5781s that cyan into blue and indigo colors
5784s very very solid I like it this one comes
5788s oh whoops wrong button wrong button
5790s there it is this one comes from Sir lion
5793s I'm kind of blocking the way of the ship
5795s down here in the corner but
5797s um incredibly atmospheric
5800s this gives me all of those wonderful
5802s Vibes that I'm expecting from the
5804s exploration side of everspace 2. this
5807s captures that being so well just a big
5811s big shout out to you uh sir Lyon this it
5815s it I love it
5816s the use of color is also incredibly
5819s Pleasant and you know your gunship's
5821s looking pretty nice to boot that is a
5825s very very uh defined color scheme that
5828s works well so keep it up
5831s and look I downloaded your image
5833s properly this time
5835s we got this one from uh decimad
5839s oh
5843s okay
5844s um I can explain
5846s um
5847s no I can't uh so there are some there's
5850s some gimmicks in the in the game you're
5851s gonna see a couple more photos of this
5853s and man when you guys find something
5855s that can be milked
5857s when you find an exploit you go hard and
5861s that is exactly what we love
5863s um this is amazing and also I'm sorry at
5866s the exact same time
5869s um
5869s [Music]
5872s I uh
5874s let's move on
5877s uh Captain Milo uh taking some shots
5880s from everspace one uh always loved the
5883s atmospheric qualities from there we've
5885s we've had a number of individuals asking
5887s about Environmental locations uh within
5889s everspace 2 that could potentially have
5891s something like a black hole for example
5892s and you know guys we're not 100 done
5895s with the game yet obviously you know
5897s this of course you know it's possible
5900s okay uh but again I think it's one of
5903s those sort of expectations that we do
5904s need to be a little bit gentle with just
5906s because we did it in everspace one
5908s doesn't mean it's necessarily going to
5910s be as effective or as important in the
5914s space of everspace 2 uh simply because
5916s of that all-important genre change so
5919s we'll see what happens in the future
5921s regardless it's a fun little shot as a
5924s reminder of the challenges faced within
5927s Aerospace one we had BW Lambert also
5929s going through outer space one in this oh
5931s crap moment where you're just flying
5933s around casually and then Oka are like oh
5936s hello there and you're just like General
5938s Kenobi and uh
5940s it should be fine you know just use
5942s those blasters which are so uncivilized
5945s and you you got it covered so nice shot
5947s pretty clever
5949s uh we'll go into our next field here
5951s with Jared haven't seen a lot of stinger
5953s shots where we just like see all guns
5956s blazing so it's it was a little bit out
5958s of the norm also haven't had a lot of
5960s red shots lately uh surprising because
5963s our most recent Community challenge was
5964s red and green but uh yeah it's a very
5967s pleasant shot uh highlighting these the
5970s stinger and all of its laserings
5975s so cool I dig it nice little shot Jared
5979s we've got high barf here which a lot of
5981s you guys uh seem to enjoy I do like the
5983s way that there's the positioning of the
5986s playership down below and then the
5987s entire environment the entire
5989s environment above uh spanning across the
5991s entirety of the system you see that
5993s middle asteroid the remnants of uh maybe
5997s a moon or you know the asteroid field
5999s itself whatever and then the destroyed
6002s uh Colonial Cruiser off in the distance
6004s all while highlighting
6006s um a very vibrantly colored ship
6009s comes together pretty well nice nice
6012s super super delicious we've got the
6016s Thunder flame we got a thunderflame shot
6019s this thunderflame was one of our uh
6021s Community contest winners from last week
6023s uh so uh pretty cool stuff that he's
6026s been able to capture this one was also
6028s uh pretty nice from the community you
6030s gotta love those symmetrical shots from
6032s time to time and this one does pretty
6035s quality
6036s um yeah
6038s nothing too much else to say on that
6040s front we got T3 Cube I told you guys
6042s about exploits right
6044s I told you I told you guys about
6048s um
6053s that's a couple more hard points than
6055s they're supposed to be but still does it
6057s look awesome app so freaking lutely that
6060s is all of the laser beams
6063s um also it was pointed out it's a nice
6065s way to represent the scope of or excuse
6068s me not the scope the scale of the
6070s different ships in the game you know you
6071s have this bomber versus this bomber to
6074s put the player bomber versus the
6076s Retaliator bomber they're not the same
6078s size in fact a lot of enemy ships are
6080s quite a bit larger than yours but very
6085s cool to see nonetheless and seeing the
6087s reflections going all around this one
6089s was inspired by Kaza so uh yeah
6092s very nice I think maybe we got another
6096s shot from Kaza who found yet another bug
6099s um I already forgot what the bug stems
6101s from oh my gosh I know it's from the
6103s legendary but anyway
6104s um yeah it it's kind of a fun bug in an
6109s incredibly Whimsical way
6111s um seeing all of these sort of it almost
6114s looks like engine Trails they're not
6115s engine Trails for the record uh but it
6118s almost feels like they are it feels like
6120s there's something
6121s more going on and uh
6125s it's strangely cool and I think it was
6128s captured
6129s um in a powerful way regarding the depth
6130s of field as well having these red
6132s highlights brings this home to see every
6135s individual Target represented as opposed
6138s to just seeing like little black spots
6140s over here which would be hard to to
6142s visualize very well done on taking this
6145s photo and uh
6147s man bugs tell you what
6150s So Nice Shot kazaw we got this one from
6152s crispy muffin it got a lot of Thumbs Up
6156s and for good reason it's a very pleasant
6158s shot of just flying off into the
6160s distance looks like we got a little bit
6161s of a nebulous or cloudy sort of space in
6165s this territory I don't know if this is a
6167s random spot or if this is a specific
6170s location now that I think about it but
6172s regardless still a nice way to use that
6175s depth of field to put the focus in the
6177s environment and still being able to see
6179s your sexy ship which you've showcased a
6182s number of times so keep that up I am not
6184s avoiding questions by the way I am just
6186s trying to get through screenshots and
6189s then we'll get to more questions so keep
6191s asking questions we're not done with
6192s those
6192s we've got this one from jet brains
6197s and you know it's it's a bit simple in
6200s nature and yet it works so well I love
6205s the lighting contrast in this I love it
6209s so much is there a wide assortment of
6211s colors no it's not needed the the
6214s various the the variation of Lights here
6218s is what makes this stand out so well
6221s like that this is what you would expect
6223s to see in a codex
6226s tomorrow like if you were talking about
6228s a
6230s you know say a jump gate like this is
6232s the scene that you would you would have
6234s right this this highlights that so
6237s perfectly well
6238s um and it's just it's solid it's what
6240s what a great shot and for some reason I
6243s am never gonna unsee this now as I was
6245s casually looking at this gunship body
6246s the one that's you know recessed inside
6248s of the body it almost looks like these
6250s are headphones
6253s laughs
6256s I'm never gonna unsee that the gunship's
6260s totally wearing headphones
6262s ah ah now none of you could unsee it I
6266s love it so much that brings this home
6268s even further uh so very well done jump
6271s brains for that photo
6274s T3 Cube again showing us the bug where
6277s he's putting uh weapons on his
6279s secondaries uh such an interesting bug
6282s because you know they're not supposed to
6284s generate here at all but because of some
6286s of the rules within the game Space and
6288s how the uh locations on the ship are
6291s actually updated based on what equipment
6293s is there uh it's working as intended in
6297s an incredibly strange way you're not
6299s supposed to be able to put primaries in
6301s a second weapon slot secondary web slot
6302s but if you do the visual should update
6307s um weird so it looks awesome I'll say
6311s that it does in fact look awesome I
6313s can't argue with it
6314s but this is not no that's a bug that's a
6318s bug ladies and gentlemen don't get
6319s excited don't get too excited Kaza has
6322s another one of these little Pleasant
6324s shots using that depth of field also
6326s highlighting that color green it's
6328s Pleasant gotta love those added particle
6330s effects to highlight the majority of the
6332s ship without something too crazy to
6335s where it obscures the viewport uh
6336s completely and then just seeing the
6338s pathway forward is also nice we got
6341s crispy muffin here a more recent shot
6344s um
6345s that feels like the end of my high risk
6348s area run that we just did earlier just
6351s like okay we got to take care of this
6353s except he has a cruise missile uh at
6355s least I think that's a cruise missile
6356s uh and I certainly didn't
6359s um so it probably fared much better for
6361s him uh very nice very nice and last shot
6364s for the standard shots before the
6367s community contest shots we've got this
6368s one from the chemical bro
6370s that's like a movie poster shot the
6373s scale of this one is so powerful just
6376s seeing the ship in the foreground seeing
6378s this asteroid within sort of this green
6380s Haze and the planet also far in the
6383s distance brings this shot home and
6388s what more can I say than fantastic job
6391s all right so now we're going to go into
6393s the contest
6395s and we're going to start just the way
6398s that we did the last week which is we're
6401s going to start with the lowest uh voted
6404s shots and we're going to work our way up
6406s to the highest voted shots
6408s so we only had a couple that didn't get
6410s voted on at all I think the only reason
6412s this one to get voted on at all is
6414s because it was added fairly late so as a
6417s reminder the theme surrounding this
6419s community screenshot contest was red and
6423s blue
6424s right I did it again oh geek bites Never
6427s Gonna Never Gonna Let me not remember
6430s this ah red and green
6434s red and green you know because of
6437s festive reasons okay oh gosh
6442s wow anyway so
6445s um let's answer some questions before
6450s let's answer some questions real quick
6451s uh before we get into uh the rest of uh
6455s all of this fun stuff so the slithering
6457s peanut over on YouTube asks what does
6459s Alex ship inspired by it looks like a
6461s vaguely World War II Thunderbolt
6463s probably
6465s um I don't know my
6467s um
6467s real world
6469s vessels and Military
6472s things at all
6475s but you know we get a Sci-Fi World I'd
6477s be like hey you know what that totally
6479s looks like a Viper mark IV
6482s um anyway the point is
6485s um probably we have a lot of incredibly
6488s Brilliant Minds on the team and there
6491s are some that have pretty strong
6493s military backgrounds or they just desire
6495s that knowledge and so whenever they move
6498s into this formula of checking the design
6501s Direction they'll say hey we want to
6503s harken back to this element or that
6505s thing or you know whatever and you know
6507s there's very clear references to a real
6510s world
6511s fighter craft bombers
6515s um Naval vessels like all of those
6517s things I couldn't list them off
6519s specifically but I know that like UVA
6521s for example like he's he has an
6523s architectural background but he also is
6527s very much into the style of like those
6530s realistic uh real world applications of
6534s military and uh commercial and uh
6538s industrial all that type of stuff when
6541s applying his Creative Touch and feedback
6545s on these things so it's it's very
6547s possible it's very possible that it
6550s could so uh excellent uh next one we got
6553s from crispy muffin will there be a story
6555s related cause to being able to open
6557s riffs yes
6561s would feel a little odd to just be able
6563s to also casually open an hrf yes
6565s you know it's funny because whenever we
6568s dropped the riffs we said hey yeah
6571s you'll have access to these Rifts which
6572s is intentionally an in-game component
6574s even though you're literally not in the
6575s end game yet you're a level 25 you
6577s haven't finished the story
6579s and everyone's like oh so the so the
6583s wrists just magically open and this is
6585s the end of the game no
6587s [Music]
6589s yes there's more coming to riffs as has
6592s been stated oh my gosh I hope I'm not
6594s coming across like an absolute jerk and
6596s if I am
6597s my apologies the point is the
6599s overarching point is that we are not
6601s done with riffs we've never claimed to
6603s be done with riffs there are many more
6606s applications that need to be fitted into
6607s the game in order to bring the entire
6609s story to light uh and one of those
6612s aspects is why those Rifts exists at all
6615s yes it's a Sci-Fi story yes you can't
6619s you there's a degree of separation from
6621s The Real World of course of course there
6624s is but also we do want things to have a
6627s purpose for being in the game and riffs
6631s are no exception all right
6634s next one we have from Sir lion why are
6636s cyrillo drones really accurate in the
6638s main game but in Rifts they are weird uh
6640s probably because we are not done and
6641s there's some buggy stuffs going on with
6643s cyrilla drones that we've been
6644s addressing for some time and it's
6646s incredibly frustrating because of a
6649s number of reasons related to the AI
6651s director difficulty and the lunacy Rift
6653s system
6654s um in conjunction with uh I'm not gonna
6657s say spaghetti code because that's not
6659s the right word but there's a little bit
6661s of toggling that has to be done to
6664s adjust certain elements that can have a
6666s very large impact on others so the
6670s cirilla drones are a product of one of
6673s those situations which we hope will be
6676s rectified
6677s um but at the same time do note that
6679s it's power output even in that HRA that
6682s I was doing which I probably should have
6683s handled much more assumingly that damage
6686s output is correct zorilia Firepower is
6689s meant to be some of the greatest in the
6691s game period it's through their armor
6693s elements and um
6696s that will continue to occur now their
6698s accuracy on the other hand
6701s we got some tweaking to do admittedly
6704s so yep all right last one uh Finn's asks
6708s will 1.0 feature nameable save games
6710s this has been a point of conversation uh
6712s multiple times but the short answer is
6715s we hope so
6718s as a reminder for anybody who's like
6720s well why is that such a problem which
6722s should be so easy I mean you do it on
6723s your Dev streams all the time just like
6725s pull it over to the unfortunately it's
6727s not that simple
6728s unfortunately it's not that simple you
6730s see I have an incredibly easy time doing
6734s something like that because American
6736s keyboard I know that I have to avoid
6738s special characters
6740s the second we go into the 12
6744s localizations is it 12 is it more than
6746s that we start having some major issues
6750s with saving
6751s through typing and that is even not
6755s referring to the elements of consoles
6758s and how those operate because as much as
6761s we would love to just change it over
6763s since we have it in the Dove build it's
6765s not that simple it's incredibly
6767s complicated it's also a major pain in
6770s the ass to try and uh functionally get
6773s it to work for all players because we're
6777s not going to add a feature that say only
6779s English users get
6781s that would be dumb
6783s it's so we have to be incredibly
6786s thoughtful in that approach like if
6788s we're going to bring a feature over
6789s everyone gets it that's how that's going
6791s to work we're not going to be like oh
6792s yeah well this feature this audience can
6795s have and this feature that note no we're
6798s not we're not doing that so save games
6800s are one of those incredibly frustrating
6802s fickle beasts uh naming save games one
6805s is incredibly frustrating physical
6806s beasts that we hope to find a solution
6809s for we think we might have one
6812s we'll see if we have that capability in
6814s 1.0
6815s unfortunately that does fall under a
6818s nice to have so
6820s yeah
6821s ah all right so now let's get into this
6825s uh let's get into we got 10 minutes ish
6827s left the last 10 minutes of streams from
6831s Rockfish games for the Year ah let's get
6834s into this community this one we've been
6836s staring at for the longest time this one
6838s comes from Flory Flory you received zero
6843s votes for this but I do think it's
6845s because you submitted it late last night
6847s and the closing uh the the votes closed
6850s shortly after you submitted it so no
6852s worries I do like your highlights of the
6854s green and
6856s red this kind of goes from purple to
6859s yellow with orange in between but you
6861s know what it's still an honorable
6863s mention here okay so I love it thank you
6866s so much for your submission because that
6867s means the world next one we got from
6870s sirloin sir lion I always say sirloin
6873s sir lion
6875s I have some degree of reading usernames
6878s properly my apologies all right
6881s sir lion really putting that emphasis on
6883s the colors of red and green here with
6886s the red on the right and the green on
6887s the left with a bit of a mix in the
6889s middle again I don't know
6892s um if it was what everyone was expecting
6895s because you pulled zero votes from this
6897s one as well a shame really
6900s um but uh yeah still like the submission
6902s regardless this one is actually I really
6904s enjoy this one I really enjoy this one
6906s this is also from Sir lion which also
6909s has zero votes
6911s but I love the way that you've captured
6914s the um the green particle effects which
6918s looks like it's from toxic Defender
6921s um I think that's what that's from but
6923s regardless I love the way you've
6924s captured that with the uh Caillou nebula
6926s in the background
6928s um giving that sort of red and green
6930s sort of vibe along the side of blue
6932s because you know uh
6935s for some reason I'm really attached to
6937s Blue but I think you did a nice job
6939s there I think it's cool
6940s uh oh it's from Flack okay I guess that
6943s makes sense I guess that makes sense
6944s this one was submitted from T3 Cube
6947s um you can tell because of the way it is
6950s um definitely a fun submission uh with
6953s the red and the green got no votes I'm
6956s sorry man it got no votes uh but still I
6959s do love your uh desire to break
6962s everything in the game forever so keep
6964s it up it's pretty awesome stuff and even
6967s though it didn't pull any votes it's an
6968s interesting style regardless an
6971s interesting look at what can be done so
6973s uh good good stuff now we're going into
6975s the voted fours we got one vote for
6978s desra's here dashra excuse me
6981s with the green lights on the inside and
6984s sort of
6985s not it's not really red but it's reddish
6990s we're gonna see that struggle throughout
6992s this competition by the way uh is is an
6994s interesting uh it was an interesting
6996s theme and you guys did have some clever
6998s ways to approach it this one's from Kaza
7000s very green
7005s love the
7007s um scattergun shot as well just just
7009s couldn't insane amount of emphasis I
7011s feel like your ship color was red on
7014s this front too it just it gets washed
7015s out from all of that green
7019s next one we got two votes for Flory
7024s the interesting take within the union
7026s system it's always nice to get shots of
7029s things that don't get a lot of love and
7030s this one was a previously submitted
7032s photo and screenshots a while back but
7034s still a lot of people don't know about
7036s this thing that even exists on all and
7038s it's fun to see it in um just like
7041s floating out here with him shooting
7042s laser beams from his ship to make it
7045s seem like it's firing off the signal or
7047s something so nice
7049s we've got uh two votes for high barf
7052s here
7053s with very predominant Reds going on and
7057s then sort of
7058s um
7059s turquoise this color that you know we'll
7061s call Green
7066s a lot of vertical shots from high barf
7068s in general but I do think that he's
7070s getting better at those so it's a nice
7072s little shot we got this one from Kaza
7075s props to you Kaza this was clever
7078s this was clever he decided to go get
7081s himself radiated irradiated because it
7084s has a green effect right a kind of a
7086s limish green effect but green regardless
7088s and you put a lot of emphasis on his
7090s ship to be red with the explosions and
7092s everything to mix and match it and I
7094s kind of dig the effects that's going on
7096s on the ship as well uh super super cool
7101s I was too much enhanced uh but I do like
7105s the way that you uh brought that
7106s together I think it outside the box
7107s that's what I appreciate so definitely
7110s digging that we got this one from Radio
7113s human which only got two votes as well
7117s I feel like that's it that's like that
7120s is I asked for red and green and look at
7122s that we got red in the lower or excuse
7125s me the upper right corner we got green
7127s and the lower left corner we got a ship
7129s that is red and green we have a red
7131s green sandwich on a red green sandwich
7134s and then green laser beams to be like
7137s that is this hit the mark all things I'm
7140s trying to understand why this poor chap
7143s didn't get more votes he got two votes
7145s I I thought this was this nailed it it's
7148s like in particular I'm very much a fan
7151s of the asteroids in the background using
7155s that red and that green uh it's
7159s but yeah
7161s kind of orange I think it comes across
7163s kind of orange because this pink and the
7164s red sort of kind of like
7167s bleed into a different colored uh sort
7169s of space I mean you're right we could
7171s pick apart colorations all day every day
7173s but overall I think that this does
7175s really fit the bill incredibly well so
7177s radio human you at least have my vote
7179s I'll say that so good stuff thunderflame
7181s having a bit of fun
7183s [Music]
7185s is it specifically red no is it
7188s specifically green no is it close enough
7190s close enough very clever again I love
7193s this style of submission thinking
7196s outside the box instead of just you know
7198s the sort of standard
7200s um it props to you perhaps to you
7203s definitely dig it
7205s and I love the way you organized it as
7207s well
7208s um so commendable shot also only got two
7211s boats
7212s but I like it we got crispy muffin over
7215s here with a up close shot with his very
7218s Christmassy retaliatorship
7221s uh who got three votes through the
7224s course of the uh competition
7227s [Music]
7229s I'm a big fan of how you have the the
7232s lights
7234s by the way that just adds that little
7236s extra spice like especially like up here
7238s and stuff
7239s is to bring home that theme
7243s move it into another crispy muffin shot
7245s that also got three votes
7248s I think it's the same it's the same
7250s ship
7251s yes yes pretty sure it is pretty sure
7253s it's the same ship
7255s but with a blue background because you
7257s know everybody the rules stipulate red
7260s and blue
7262s whoo but still a nice shot regardless I
7266s like how all the emphasis is on the ship
7268s and it's not an overwhelming amount of
7270s of red or green and I do like that
7273s subtle approach it does come across well
7275s so nicely done
7277s next up we got high barf with three
7280s votes as well
7282s hi barf there's a lot going on here but
7285s it's definitely some Reds and some
7287s greens and basically every square inch
7290s of this thing with that orange light
7292s going woo
7294s definitely fitting the bill
7297s nice Focus I like it
7301s we got one from Medved who's got four
7305s votes using a clever blend of thermoguns
7308s for that red and green
7314s I think he had two shots that were
7316s similar-ish
7318s oh wait no this one this yeah yeah okay
7320s so this one was four votes for Medved
7322s and then this one's another one of
7323s Medved shot this one got five votes and
7326s it's very likely because of the blue
7328s I hope you guys weren't trolling but you
7331s know if you were well played but still
7333s uh definitely like the way that it's
7335s swirling around it has that sort of
7337s Garland Vibe I think
7339s um and it's also nice to see the cockpit
7341s in that deep red too just to kind of add
7345s a little further textual quality to the
7347s mix so well done the next one we're
7350s jumping up to seven boats
7354s seven votes this one comes from Thunder
7357s Flame
7358s look at that shot ooh I am I am feeling
7363s that one that is a that is a clever shot
7365s I don't know if there was any form of
7369s photo manipulation on this but at the
7372s same time there weren't anything in the
7374s rules that said you couldn't
7378s so
7380s um I think that comes across really well
7381s honestly
7383s I love the positioning of the green
7385s backsplash and then the green on the
7387s ship on the opposite side with the red
7389s in the back and the red on the opposite
7391s side definitely comes together in a
7393s clever way so Props to you thunder flame
7396s now we're going into
7398s third place
7400s shadowy with eight votes and a shot from
7406s everspace won even that is commendable
7410s very clever very clever using that red
7414s ship firing red Weaponry at a red
7417s shielded uh drone carrier with a green
7421s solar flare event
7425s nice
7426s it's definitely clear why you picked up
7428s that third place title well done
7432s that is cool
7433s next up
7435s in second place
7438s with nine votes
7441s we got t3q with the incredibly exploited
7445s glitch of firing way too many weapons
7447s but are both green and red with red
7449s enemies oh my gosh you guys really
7453s enjoyed this one and it does feel a bit
7455s festive for crushing all of these
7458s enemies ah wonderful shot I dig it do
7463s you all seem to dig it
7464s very good and it also makes me
7467s incredibly happy we had a lot more
7468s people vote for this particular
7470s Community contest as well
7472s um because last week our top vote uh our
7475s top voted image had eight votes this one
7477s was second place with nine we're going
7479s to the last one which got 12 votes from
7483s the community
7485s congratulations to the chemical bro
7489s for his Christmas tree shots using his
7493s Stinger or striker with this very
7497s elegant green over-the-top of Moria I
7501s think that's the planet in the
7501s background in the Drake system uh
7505s well well done just great positioning
7508s great emphasis on colors you even have
7512s that little Dash that little splash of
7514s red on the ship too just to bring it
7516s home and you you made sure to get blue
7519s in there too
7529s next week from now until next week you
7532s will have the bragging rights role in
7534s the Discord generally I would also
7536s provide the role of Galactic
7538s photographer but you already have it
7542s and rightfully so I mean you constantly
7544s barrage us with beautiful screenshots so
7546s now you get to brag about it though for
7548s a full week so congratulations to you
7550s the chemical bro keep sending us those
7552s six screenshots it's awesome so now
7557s we're at the conclusion of the stream
7558s we're at the conclusion of the year in
7560s fact and there's not much to else to say
7565s or do on this front other than thank you
7568s so much to all of you for a remarkable
7573s 2022. our Early Access phase for
7576s everspace 2 has gone beyond what we were
7580s hoping for thanks to you from your
7583s feedback to your conversations to your
7585s criticisms to your Delights to your
7587s streams to your screenshots to
7589s everything in between
7592s our hearts are full of joy this holiday
7595s season because of you and I speak for
7598s everybody on behalf of Rockfish games
7600s when I say don't stop being awesome
7605s and I won't stop being Eric Schrader
7607s your community Ambassador for Rockfish
7609s games
7612s we'll see you next year it's gonna be a
7614s good one because we're releasing the
7616s dang game ah super excited super pumped
7620s looking forward to others still so much
7623s more to go but I'm looking forward to
7626s going on this journey with you all
7628s it's been awesome
7630s it's been so good
7632s so
7633s no Community contest for from from now
7636s until the next stream which will be in
7638s in January again next week we are taking
7639s off we're gonna hang out with our family
7641s and friends
7643s um I'll still be with you guys on the
7644s you know uh online for the through the
7647s course of the next week because I you
7648s know somebody's got to moderate those
7649s dang Channel there
7651s um
7651s but uh yeah we will not be doing a
7654s stream
7655s oh gosh
7657s and I I feel I'm getting some emotions
7659s going on this is such a delight you guys
7662s seriously are just amazing
7664s um yeah
7667s oh
7668s so I already saw my closing things I
7670s gotta get out of here I know somebody's
7672s gonna get disappointed by this we don't
7673s have enough time to do beatboxing I do
7675s have to go
7676s uh but I'm certain there will be more
7679s beatboxing in the future because you
7680s guys are crazy and requested all the
7682s time
7683s but uh I already said it once but I'm
7685s gonna say it again because it's
7686s important you guys have been awesome and
7690s I have been air Trader your community
7691s Ambassador for Rockfish games your
7693s servant your guide to all things ever
7695s space too don't stop being awesome and
7699s I'll catch you next year toodles
7719s [Music]
7725s [Music]
7735s [Music]
7740s twitch we're gonna bounce over to Corbin
7743s [Music]
7745s otherwise have a happy holiday guys
7748s Merry Christmas all that stuff
7752s be safe
7754s have fun
7755s [Music]
7764s [Music]