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8s hello hello hello good evening good
9s afternoon good morning to you all I hope
11s you're all well starting up in one
14s moment just making sure everything's
16s live and Loud hope you can all hear me
19s be ready in Unos momentos
98s hello good evening good afternoon how
101s are you all hope you're all well hope
102s you're all Ticky boo welcome to the
105s stream yes it's me Gary who's going to
108s be your host this week I hope you all
110s had a fantastic week um Eric's not with
113s us this week unfortunately he's a bit
115s poorly uh sorry to say so uh it worries
118s he would have been uh joining me on the
120s coms as he normally does unfortunately
122s he can't be with us but not to worry not
125s to worry we've got plenty planned plenty
127s planned some nice things coming up
129s obviously we're going to carry on with
130s our um hard play through which we've
132s been doing uh for a little while try not
133s to die too often because yeah you
137s know know where's the funny not dying to
139s be fair uh so we're going to be doing
141s that Q&A is throughout as always so if
144s you're interested in uh asking a
146s question about development then uh
148s please uh just fire them into the chat
151s we've got rfg Lee uh who's uh going to
154s be tagging all those questions that I
156s can try and answer but as always if we
158s can answer it live on the stream then we
160s can always get back to you via uh
162s Discord and other methods so uh never
164s fear we've got you covered there um
166s we've got some screenshots coming up
169s yeah we have we've got some screenshots
170s coming up as always but uh some special
173s ones yes very special ones we might have
177s a little sneaky special surprise Tiding
179s with that with we shall see we shall see
182s for those of you've been asking I know
183s some of you have because Eric did it in
185s the last stream uh first person bomber
188s run with inertia dampeners
190s off yeah we might try that I have done a
193s couple of test runs it's not gone well
197s no it's not going well it's not my fault
199s here inertia dampeners are there for a
202s reason and we should use them okay use
204s the tools that are available so we may
206s do that if we get a chance um but um
209s yeah we're going to dive in do do a lot
211s of the uh uh wonderful uh flying around
214s on the zarov system so if I get loaded
217s up we shall fire in to our stream save
220s hard there I will double check that we
222s are definitely running on hard because
224s I've had a few tweaks of uh settings but
227s I will just double check there we go
231s let's just go to pause menu let's just
233s go to settings game yep we're on hard
236s just to prove it before anybody says I
238s don't think he's on hard there we go but
241s yeah a little alteration to this chip
243s with the supporter pack there you can
245s see the nice Tron lines the nice glowy
247s effect so uh yeah if you want to look
250s like that you can download a nice
252s support pack you can buy it over on
253s Steam hopefully we're going to bring it
255s to new um uh formats in the future so uh
260s keep an eye out for those but I hope
261s you're all well hope you're all Ticky
262s boo I'm trying to keep an eye on chat as
264s it as it filters through but uh yeah
266s Lee's going to try and grab as many
267s questions if you have them uh putting in
270s the chat uh hope you're all well so
272s let's see where Mission we got up to uh
275s okay five stops away we're doing the
276s vortex level 14 oh yes we got
279s blackmailed didn't we by commissioner H
281s because we had a slight little issue
283s there didn't we um where uh we kind of
288s helped madx out I'm not too sure that
290s was a good idea if I'm honest but hey
292s we'll uh we'll do that but we're going
294s to dive around a little bit around uh
296s zarov because I think it's a nice place
298s uh to go we've got okay purple area
300s there's vzna there so uh we'll set the
303s Waypoint to there and then we she'll
305s head on uh do let me know if uh if the
308s volumes of the audio is okay we do like
310s to get that right as well we don't want
311s to be blasting your ears off and uh
313s anything be too quiet either so uh yeah
316s let's uh that is just see a little bit
319s quiet
321s there all good all good right let's get
324s out of
326s here there's no future here
334s one of my these guys have clearly no
336s regard for Life whatsoever and sounds
338s like this Roslin isn't any better I
340s can't believe that we share the same
342s genes the sooner this is finished and I
344s can get back to dax's Mission sooner I
346s can put all of this behind
348s me indeed I like this system and I just
352s love the music by gerro it's one of my
354s favorites um just uh you know while the
357s hours away bringing around a uh the
361s universe and hearing some wonderful
365s Tunes Cosmic storms to your left and
368s Cosmic storms to you're right yeah Stuck
370s In The Middle With You yeah I'm Stuck In
371s The Middle With You guys you know what a
373s better way to spend a Friday
379s evening here we go
381s Lesner wonderful place that it is I mean
384s just look at the place it's a cool
386s planet is this isn't it sometimes I
388s think everybody needs just stop and take
391s a moment just to experience the vistas
393s that we've got in this game you know the
396s art team have done a wonderful job you
398s know whether it's in the Planet Side
400s whether it's actually in space itself
401s even the the ships it's just so amazing
404s to to look at yes I'm biased however I
408s think it's a good
409s bias right let's get
413s dock what's going on I am certain you
417s have now assumed the role of rasling
419s with enough ition to do the next part
421s without my
423s assistance thank you Hive yes I'm a
426s little more settled into the character
428s now though it keeps flitting through my
430s mind the things they'll do to me if my
431s deceptions discovered I mean dying in
434s space in a blaze of glory is one thing
436s but yep slowly at the hands of
438s interrogators is quite another stay
441s focused on the objective do not let your
444s mind Wonder possible get get it cool uh
448s yeah Beed frog yet it's probably why I
451s die too much to be fair I'm too busy
452s enjoying the
462s surroundings Mr
465s Roslin I am here to escort
467s you yes thank
478s you no thank yous what brin's a jerk if
483s you want to be like him drop the than
485s some polite stuff ah got it wow you
490s really do look just like him I take it
492s that's not a compliment I was going to
494s say I don't think that's necessarily a
499s compliment Blake Mo's office is up ahead
501s where is he now board meeting we have
504s time anything else I should know just
506s don't make any conversation and stay in
509s character like Ros
510s you know an [ __ ] yeah right he's
514s obviously another nice guy here we go
516s this better worker we'll both be sucking
518s vacuum in orbit by
527s morning I need your scan
530s again I'm in this will take a few
533s minutes while ep's to ET turna what do
535s we do about any surveillance footage
538s I'll cover our tracks once we leave
540s don't you
544s worry this guy certainly likes his
546s artifacts Blake Moore is OB with
548s archology but I reckon the interest goes
550s beyond his story if you guys have
552s obviously played through the story
553s before and you've seen this section
556s you'll obviously know how revealing it's
558s really to the remainder of the
561s story this data is good but I might not
564s be enough for a commissioner Hawk to act
565s on we'll need more so what's your deal
568s exactly how did you end up work working
570s for Hawk hey I don't work for anyone but
573s myself and I shouldn't have to explain
575s anything to you you're just here for
577s your DNA feisty sorry feisty I got what
580s I need for now let's get out of
583s here I'll go with you partway to the
585s hanger leave and talk to no one e had so
589s far it ain't over yet
600s rosin oops Blakemore that's still Mr
603s Blakemore to you what are you doing back
605s here already you look like crap do you
608s have something to report presently no
610s sir I need results Roslin the time is
614s coming and we need the exact trajectory
616s I need you out there making every moment
620s count for do you need a psych exam get
625s it together Roslin we could be mining
627s already had you not made such a mess of
629s inter intercepting Dexter Bashar indeed
632s that was regrettable Sir find his
634s counterpart whoever he was sending that
637s transmission to has the exact
639s coordinates let's get this done yes sir
643s oh one more thing we've had no car
645s trader through delivering some sensitive
647s parts I order the Elite Squad to
649s eliminate him before he Le the system to
652s get a bit mess we must ensure secrecy I
656s understand thank you I mean yes sir
665s indeed so no can't trador you had to
669s bump right into Blakemore didn't you do
672s you think he suspects I don't know be
675s honest I'm might have blown
676s it what you blow it for while you do
679s this next part so they don't have too
680s much time to think about your behavior
683s you'll need to hack several service
684s drones and send them through the vents
685s to the remote
687s servers I'd much rather get out of here
690s I'm certain that the commissioner would
692s appreciate that you see this through to
694s completion yeah love the threats it's
698s registering a higher than average blood
700s pressure yeah Hive this is nerve-racking
703s nerve-wracking
705s indeed right so we got a new mission
707s called the eye which basically is just
709s for around here so we got to go gain the
710s control of the Drone so we shall get on
713s with
714s that the
717s drones we must play this smart so we
719s don't drop draw any attention there are
721s three service drone terminals marked on
723s your hood by hacking these you should be
725s able to gain control of the drones and
726s remotely steer them through the vents to
728s the servers once there pack the servers
731s using the drones and download all of the
733s data
734s oh let's do
737s that so how did you end up working for
739s the commissioner again I told you I
742s don't work for Hawk I'm a free agent but
745s you must be a fan of the fleet to be
746s going in this deep for
748s him I have my own reasons for doing what
751s I do I only want to hold G and B to
754s account for their actions so you have a
757s particular grievance with g&
759s B okay the question stopped there you're
762s not here to
766s chitchat open sesame
782s yeah we like to give players choices I
783s know obviously some players are like oh
785s there's too much going on I can't keep
786s up with everything uh but yeah we do
789s like to give play choices and you can
790s play the the game in such a a different
792s manner uh some people will speed through
794s the content the storyline and then
796s others will be like I only want to do it
798s for a little while you know I'll do some
800s side missions
803s and there before I run out of
805s time okay yeah might need to just do
808s this first there we go that might help
811s let's just check the other side been a
812s while since I've been to this
814s one okay we need to be in there follow
817s the tubes always follow the tubes okay
820s so one into there as well
827s marvelous we'll just grab
832s that let's drop that into
836s there and down it goes
840s there we go so we got memory recalibrate
843s Auto Cannon and a calibrated G Cannon
845s we'll see if that's any good there's an
848s upgrade to what we've got uh even just
850s playing on hard for me particularly
852s anyway just um it is um an easier option
857s just
858s to back
860s again
863s uh there we go um just to keep a
866s slightly ahead of level um but as always
869s we always say what if you're struggling
870s at any point with the game just turn the
872s difficulty down it's perfectly fine uh
875s you enjoy the game how you want to enjoy
876s the game it's not a it's not uh a
878s challenge that you know the game sets
880s permanently for you you can turn it up
882s turn it down the difficulty whatever you
884s want um so let's have a little look see
887s what we got some that's handy some rare
890s prototype Misan Amal we'll get that
892s thrown
893s on calibrated G Cannon against the
897s powerful beam the beam is Handy what's
899s what's the AO cannon that's a 13 1%
901s chance
903s that's a nice little upgrade we've got a
906s thermal there should we need it again
909s quite good on the
912s energy we'll switch that out for the
914s time being that there we go we've got
918s some other things that when we get to
919s level 15 uh we can have a look
922s at a
925s second back to there there we go keep an
928s eye on that
930s so yeah we need to corrosions are not
932s doing too well there are they
936s um we switch them out for the Mind
938s anything that's got a red arrow
940s sometimes people are a bit unfamiliar
942s with the
943s iconography but as you can see that's
945s got a red AR on it's basically just
946s warning you that the the actual item is
950s um below your level uh and it's kind of
953s running out of uh usage so you can see
955s that these are a level 10 is the red
957s booster so I may need to look at
959s something that's uh an improvement um
962s but currently apart from crafting
964s something I don't actually have anything
966s else we switch back to the Synchro pulse
974s again uh what we'll do we'll switch back
977s to the Synchro pulse that was quite
978s handy so we'll see how we f with that
981s but yeah anything with a little red down
983s arrow you can see on there then uh do
985s look to switch it out bit more um useful
988s to do that when you you're at a slightly
990s higher level of difficulty right let's
993s take control of this service run and
994s let's see if we can bash our way through
997s uh and blow things up good now I just
999s need to guide the Drone to the server
1001s without drawing any attention indeed try
1003s not to scrape it too much along the size
1005s as
1007s well right there we go Let's Take Along
1012s there we go moving
1017s moving going back
1020s back there we go if you do get this
1024s wrong at any point you're just going to
1026s go and get splattered by the
1038s turrets first find the right way
1041s sometimes it's easy to get lost and go
1042s down the wrong place there we go service
1044s terminal let's get it
1046s hacked all good
1052s one okay data transferred two more
1054s servers to go two more to go right let's
1057s go find the second
1061s one over here
1064s somewhere Venture
1067s underneath where are we we're going to
1070s be here aren we we're going to be
1071s terminal should be behind that door yes
1074s I to open it indeed indeed so we do like
1077s to give hints to players so that we kind
1080s of semi give you a a pathway to follow
1084s now obviously we need to you know Shi is
1086s powered by generator yes maybe I should
1089s check the other end of the cable yeah we
1091s even tell you as well so there's
1092s obviously where the cable goes let's
1094s follow the
1095s cables see where it heads around here
1099s can we find a panel very nice Shield
1102s generator
1105s down we light people
1109s okay do that one first
1113s poal open and sesame
1118s there
1120s right let's see then what we got here
1124s service draw we got something else here
1126s yes we have okay Shield gens and
1130s buttons have a little look see if we got
1132s anything hiding
1135s oh them down so where's the other Z in a
1139s similar
1146s place okay it's down there it's at the
1148s bottom so we need
1157s to BU some bullets into there that's
1160s that one and
1161s then uh is there okay that one's in the
1165s middle so let's see if we can do similar
1167s thing
1174s little doing
1177s that there we easying so that's open
1180s them up uh now let's see what order we
1182s need to do
1185s that's okay that's
1188s three that
1194s one ah okay more Shield gen
1201s right what we got what goods have we got
1203s okay we got ship color nice Ramen not a
1207s good chance compens we unlock
1210s Chestnut uh zacho signal decoder that
1213s could be handy uh what I'll do is I'll
1216s activate that uh just a reminder for
1217s those that are new to the game if you've
1219s never
1220s um uh realized with the signal decoders
1224s they only last for so long in terms of
1226s levels otherwise you pretty much
1229s uh we'll just have to um abandon them so
1233s pretty much if you're going to pick one
1234s up and activate it make sure you do it
1236s within two or three levels uh otherwise
1238s it just um you have to B ignore it and
1242s cancel the mission because you kind of
1243s outleveled it and you won't get any
1244s rewards from it so uh let's just
1247s activate that directly cuz we're here
1250s grab and more charge compensators and uh
1254s we got some medicine medicine's always
1255s good hello what do I spy what do I
1260s spy can we just knock them out of the
1263s way thank
1266s you
1268s hello that open up
1271s then it
1273s was we got a efficient Blaster and a
1278s perer okay let's have a look at what we
1280s got
1281s then okay so that's good for resources
1284s in terms of if you're looking for uh
1286s equipment uh sorry resources in the in a
1288s longer range not really what we're going
1290s to be using just right now um so what we
1295s may do is we may dismantle that just to
1296s get the blueprint for the rare uh type
1300s done there we go and we're actually
1302s running out of space so let's
1305s uh dismantle that
1308s Rockets yeah we'll dismantle them keep
1312s all of that that's no good I just need
1314s to make sure a little bit of room get
1316s some resources uh corrosion misses we
1319s can still keep for the time being the
1321s energy core as well okay let's just get
1324s rid of that
1328s okay star armor always be on the lookout
1331s for the sets as well obviously because
1333s they can make a significant difference
1335s all the way through the game um once you
1337s get a decent Set uh such as these uh
1340s Blood star the Renegade plating and
1342s another part of the Blood star set if
1344s you get two or three you get a nice
1346s refill of your Boost energy so you can
1348s be flying around fairly very quickly um
1350s but don't worry if you don't find it
1352s there's still some good tools out there
1354s to uh to
1358s utilize let's take
1361s control yeah if you do have any
1363s questions that you want to to try and
1365s get answer for uh please do fire them
1367s into chat and we shall try and get them
1369s answered a simple
1373s question7 okay okay this one's probably
1376s the where I'm going to make a boo boo
1377s that's where GB open cast mining I
1380s remember the story they neglected to
1382s evacuate the settlements when the moon
1383s lost core integrity and fell apart okay
1387s damn it shut up look I'm sorry I was
1390s just trying to get your story yeah well
1393s you got it now it's Harley unique in
1395s this [ __ ] reality is it now keep
1397s yourself to yourself
1402s here I have to admit when I first played
1405s this through this did confuse me a
1407s little bit until I realized
1410s we need to knock that over
1414s yeah always check the
1416s environment always always good there we
1420s go anything else in here that we need to
1423s check is no let's just Hack That
1429s terminal
1431s yeah and only one server left one server
1435s left good let's get out of here and
1437s let's go find that
1442s right let's head over
1445s here check out the free B
1449s containers I mean it's free you know not
1452s grab it you never know I entertain
1455s Myself by trying to deter the contents
1457s of these containers before they are
1459s opened have you ever gotten it right hon
1462s a while I'll try not to do what Eric did
1464s in the last stream if you do remember he
1466s was zipping along in Cruise mode just
1469s looking around and then B straight into
1471s the
1475s station more shoot more loot more shoot
1478s more loot no not wrong there Ram not
1481s wrong another one over there that I just
1483s want to
1494s check eum Crystal and the
1497s Damage okay anything else
1500s good that's not really good I could sell
1503s it for credit or you know destroy it i'
1507s got some more Rockets there 14 so I'll
1509s stick with what I've got just an
1512s uncommon it's not always
1520s useless did
1523s get see where's the entrance
1529s I know we have some some hardcore
1531s players who've been playing uh the game
1533s since early access but what I'm
1534s interesting to know is how many times of
1537s uh you guys actually played through
1539s fully the game so how many times have
1540s you completed the game from level one to
1543s you know max level how many times it' be
1546s interesting to know if everybody's the
1549s uh similar amount or people have done it
1551s once or maybe
1553s twice and everything cuz I can imagine
1555s that there's a few people out there
1556s who've done it several times I think
1558s finished it
1560s twice um although I don't get to
1562s actually spend as much time playing it
1564s as I would like to be fair
1568s um it's uh as much as uh I do like
1572s playing the game I can't just play it
1573s all day you know we there we go the fan
1576s turned off it's um I do have to spend a
1579s lot of my daily uh routine uh checking
1581s bugs and uh trying to fix things for for
1584s players just in case things are going uh
1586s going wrong
1591s okay so we got a generator
1594s there a generator there bit of rugs into
1598s double digits at least uh
1601s Flory pick a number I think with florry
1603s you know I imagine wizard Jerry as well
1610s yeah right so let's okay there's an
1614s energy unit
1615s there oh yes sorry this is is the energy
1619s unit one as well isn't it which is
1624s in these sections as well let's have a
1626s little venture through shall we see
1629s what's going on okay there's a battery
1631s there athum
1635s Crystal there we
1646s go another discussion that actually
1648s cropped up on um Reddit during the week
1652s um interestingly a lot of people were
1654s saying I'm team flat Cannon or I'm team
1657s beam laser when it comes to
1659s mining um admittedly I do like flat
1663s cannons because you know you get the job
1665s done although obviously with the beam
1666s laser the ability to get higher uh rare
1669s amounts of uh resources is also
1672s advantageous so uh yeah it's um which do
1675s you category do you drop into are you
1678s team Flack or are
1679s you I was just about to say there be
1682s somebody will say AR 9000 and yeah there
1684s we go a bed frog right on the money yep
1687s 9,000
1695s yep right so that's that there isn't
1701s it here okay that's dead end Lor's team
1704s Flack uh the real bongman Team
1707s Flack uh um breez is looking for a
1710s legendary flag okay yeah good right
1713s let's
1714s just
1716s okay okay that's not
1719s that
1721s no maybe we've got another little
1723s trickster of
1725s a something over here let's have a look
1730s there there we go this
1733s one there
1738s go down
1741s here yeah there's definitely an argument
1743s for blasting the ndes and just getting
1745s everything in one fell SW With the flak
1747s uh again I think it falls down to more
1750s uh refinement if you're looking for the
1753s um uh more uh rare resources for example
1758s you know like for here you maybe want
1760s you know a higher tier stuff which can
1763s be
1764s handy like the Flawless malite you can
1767s see that I've just picked up there
1769s oh this is where I turn myself around
1771s and I'm like which way around was I this
1775s way right what I'm going to do is just
1779s if you're on PC I can't remember what
1781s how you can do it on Console but if you
1783s hit uh Plus on the number pad uh then
1787s you can leave a mark and that will kind
1789s of give you a hint as to which way out
1790s you should be heading so um if you do
1793s get lost and you kind of find that
1795s you're rotating around a little too
1797s often
1799s uh guess it can happen um obviously with
1801s having the six degrees of freedom and
1803s the rotation people can get a little bit
1806s lost uh myself and Eric
1809s included we we do tend
1812s to you know go round and round and
1814s around and go where was I going there we
1818s go right
1820s so uh let's just switch to Rocket yeah
1825s there we go grab the battery so as long
1828s as I know that I kind of head back
1829s towards the alpha
1833s pin then uh we can get rid of that by
1836s just that was the wrong one I want to
1838s get rid of it okay now where is the exit
1844s point this is the one I always get stuck
1848s in it's in the side
1852s somewhere there it
1854s is if in out just go around and round
1857s and round again a few times find it
1859s eventually not a problem not a problem
1863s there we go that's the second one we've
1864s got one more battery to find but I
1868s think this is the energy unit this is
1872s what we need to grab somewhere
1876s else uh I'm trying to remember exactly
1879s where it is that we put
1883s this energy
1885s socket oh yes there we are
1889s there we go there we
1894s go right heading through heading
1903s through
1907s down okay we've got some cave crawlers
1910s just hanging
1912s around get rid of
1916s them spitting their off juice at me
1919s thank you very much no Decor them these
1922s cave crawlers no deor
1929s them
1931s oh I've done you
1935s y right let's just eradiate ourselves
1938s here a little bit there we go and that
1940s we go yeah hang on hang
1945s on where's the exit on this one there it
1948s is
1950s I was like I'm going to I'm going to do
1951s it again I'm going to be like nope can't
1952s find the exit can't find the
1961s exit right uh last battery there we are
1964s there we
1969s are okay we've got some more sh G ah
1976s there one down down fly
1981s around you down that's
1986s one he'll down
1989s down let's see what we've got I hope
1991s we've got room for all these
1993s goodies oh wow oh wow
1997s indeed
2000s oo that's quite nice Superior pulse
2005s laser
2010s uh yeah we just got a question Matias JP
2012s over on YouTube uh which button can I
2014s use to move the camera freely I play on
2015s the steam deck another button to do this
2017s on the
2018s computer uh so when you're um now this
2022s is something in this kind of view if
2023s you're all down out so left out that
2026s allows you to rotate your camera around
2028s uh centrally around your ship so left
2031s out is the one that you
2035s need but yeah I'm just going to put that
2038s on straight away cuz that is a nice
2040s little upgrade so non- crit hits damage
2043s uh sorry increase the chance rather of a
2045s critical hit by 2% until a crit hit is
2047s made 10% experience per
2051s kill uh and Deals 20% bonus damage
2053s against Capital ships obviously that's
2055s if we come across
2059s any and an
2062s equalizer uh okay this is where we're
2064s getting to the point I've got too much
2065s stuff
2069s uh right actually cuz I'm I've upgraded
2071s I don't really need this anymore even
2073s though it is a nice the Salva Synchro is
2075s uh is very very nice um repair 30% of
2078s the K damage as whole hit points with
2080s each hit yeah and 30% increased damage
2083s against units with higher levels than
2085s your own again that's very handy that's
2089s very
2090s handy uh but I think I'll stick with
2092s that new pulse Le the superior uh just
2095s for the time being so I will dism that
2098s we got anything else I don't really need
2100s just give us some room any bits of
2104s rubbish uh okay that's
2107s a I'll dismantle that cuz we can use
2110s that uh for blueprint save that on that
2114s okay we can grab that now can't we get
2117s that so that's another thermal gun
2120s and
2123s nothing nothing
2129s oh RNG what are you doing to me that's
2132s no
2136s fun
2137s unbelievable just a few credits who
2140s needs credits though who needs well we
2142s all need credits oops bash that there
2145s coming through coming
2148s through there is another option yeah
2150s another option um it is actually I'm
2153s just going to touch on this as Bearded
2155s Frog has just said that I can't do it
2156s obviously with the um the current uh
2160s craft that I'm flying but as soon as I
2162s get back to my ship I will uh I will go
2165s through it uh up we go down we go let's
2169s not hit
2171s everything
2173s ow where where hello
2179s hello oh up here I was like where do we
2182s go where we
2185s go down
2189s and
2190s then back through
2193s here and one thing to note as well um
2196s some of the puzzles people uh and it was
2198s a lot of feedback in the early kind of
2200s uh game when we
2202s released a lot of the feedback we had
2204s especially with these kind of puzzle
2205s areas where you may be controlling a uh
2208s a drone and you've got moving parts and
2210s things like that you can alter the
2212s difficulty level of the game if you're
2213s finding something a bit infuriating
2215s maybe you just not got the dexterity to
2217s do these kind of puzzles and that's
2219s perfectly fine uh we do give the option
2221s to change the game difficulty and it
2223s will allow you to do these or complete
2226s these a lot easier uh by turning the
2228s difficulty down either the movement will
2230s slow dramatically or they'll basically
2232s stop and it can be you know uh one of
2235s those nice quality of life things where
2237s people don't you know get frustrated
2240s with the game we don't want that yes we
2242s still want people to have a challenge
2243s but we don't want people to be
2244s frustrated so uh um if just bear that in
2247s mind if you're ever at a point where
2248s you're just like ah you don't want we
2250s don't want you to R quck literally just
2252s uh have a go with the difficulty setting
2254s and just tweak it
2257s down Tammy transferring all the data to
2260s you are we
2262s good A lot of it seems to be encrypted
2265s it might take a while to decipher and
2266s analyze it but I think that's all we can
2268s do for now great can't wait to get out
2271s of here can't wait to get out of here
2273s better go while you still can well
2275s that's the luck in your endeavors uh
2278s okay there it is I'm having a bit of a
2281s problem requested on an Trader before he
2284s leaves the system hey Hive you don't
2287s think that this Oar trador could be my
2289s old buddy tne there is a high
2291s probability that this is the case I
2294s can't let that happen I have to warn him
2297s such an action risks breaking the rules
2300s and exposing your false identity the
2302s commissioner would not tolerate such
2305s mercenary actions can Stand By and Watch
2308s Friends die
2313s Hive yeah W with reference um I'm trying
2316s to remember the exact Mission uh
2318s obviously there's certain beam lasers
2319s that move up and
2320s down um if you've played through the
2322s game where you're moving the orbs for
2324s example when they move up and down
2326s things like that they are affected by
2328s the difficulty certain timers are also
2331s uh altered by the difficulty
2334s 2 um so if you do find that things are
2337s just a little bit you know on the tough
2340s side please do consider trying to change
2342s the difficulty it does it does help
2344s right so a ferle mode as uh uh B frog
2347s said earlier is a good example of how
2349s you can use it to maybe find something
2351s so you might be near a puzzle uh
2354s somewhere and you're like I can't find
2356s this thing use the photo mode uh to have
2358s a little look around uh it could be that
2360s you're looking for a particular spot
2363s there may be a hidden generator that you
2365s just got find it maybe your Radars uh SC
2367s is not picked up so just pop into um
2370s camera mode and have a little nosy
2374s around is it
2376s chea no not really because you're just
2379s using the tools that are available to
2380s you so have a little look around and
2382s then you might spot uh and think oh look
2384s there's a battery there I need that I
2385s know where to come now and then you can
2387s literally go and find it so uh but then
2389s also don't forget have some great fun in
2391s the uh in the photo mode it's a
2392s wonderful feature it is a wonderful
2394s feature right so let's have a little
2397s look see um we've got a bit of stuff
2399s that we kind of need to get rid of uh
2401s and I'm a bit worried that um poral
2403s terin's going to get a bit of a beating
2406s soon so we might have
2408s a we might have a a look see for that uh
2412s B frog says F mode was better when it
2414s had wall hacks yeah to be fair yeah for
2417s a bit of reference on this um what
2420s happened previously was the ability to
2422s kind of see through objects but you can
2424s see now you just bash against them uh so
2427s people were able ble to like really see
2429s inside certain things unintentionally so
2438s uh yeah I'm trying to remember the the
2441s mission uh the quest where you there's
2444s there's laser beams and you have to move
2445s the uh the orb uh the glowing orb
2448s through the chamber um changing the
2451s difficulty does slow the time and at
2453s times it actually stops it so you won't
2455s have the the beam laser because again we
2458s we we we listen to the feedback if
2459s players give us the feedback and go that
2461s was so infuriating I hate it's something
2463s we'll look at it and see if we can make
2464s improvements because we want you to
2466s enjoy the game we don't want you to be
2467s frustrated with it because there's just
2469s no fun in that um but by the same token
2473s we still want you to have a challenge uh
2475s but not to the point of absolute you
2477s know frustration that you kind of just
2480s want to uh put the game down and never
2482s play it ever again so yeah I'm just
2483s going to C dock again cuz I just want to
2485s sell some stuff and make some room make
2487s some credits too
2488s uh which is always a nice thing let's
2491s just do a little bit of a purchase thank
2493s you very much let's go to the shop so
2497s uh corrosion missiles we're probably
2500s going to get rid of so now on PC you can
2504s left click uh with holding down control
2507s to multi select things that you maybe uh
2509s want to get rid of all at the same time
2511s so for example I've colle you know
2513s clicked on the corrosion missiles the
2516s cybernetic implants the
2518s ren the Small Arms um that kind of thing
2522s and literally I can just click through
2524s all them and then if I want to you know
2527s I can sell all by pressing F and we're
2529s all done um other things you can just
2532s right click if you want to if you find
2534s that quicker but if you've got a lot of
2535s stuff to sell then yeah um hold down uh
2539s left control just a multi
2542s select uh so let's have a little see
2544s what we got then we still got the
2546s equalizer now that's interesting because
2549s uh elic he okay we've done that so we've
2551s we've given him theal so that's fine
2554s that's good startup
2556s delayers
2558s actually I need one more Flawless Culver
2561s Crystal
2563s damn
2564s okay I will see if they've actually got
2567s any here that would be a no shocking I
2571s know into there so that gets rid of that
2573s one these are ready for level 15 there a
2576s little upgrade uh I'm just going to sell
2581s that right click on that powerful beam
2583s laser a may keep the
2585s Blaster they're okay Rockets we're not
2589s going to keep we're just going to do
2590s this for some credits they're level
2593s 14 the
2597s penumbra the only Flack I've got so I'm
2600s going to keep that one for the time
2601s being we're going to sell that keep that
2605s Blood star Renegade plating can go
2611s uh and then Thermo gun as well can go
2614s Misan placing we did just upgrade that
2616s so I'm
2619s actually sell that cuz that's a goodly
2621s amount of credit keep that that's less
2625s uh sell that one and we'll keep the Nan
2628s box just in case so yeah we've got we've
2630s got a choice of weapons uh should we
2632s need to switch it around um I'm just
2634s going to answer one of the questions
2635s because we've got one coming from uh
2637s civan over on Twitch it's only
2639s possibility that time puzzles where you
2641s shoot the red dots are affected by auto
2643s aim with joystick and no pinpoint
2644s accuracy of the mouse it's very very
2646s tricky hard is fine but it can frustrate
2648s sometimes that's a very good question
2650s actually um in the um options if I go
2655s over to there and then input is it
2659s input um there is an auto aiming
2662s strength uh now you have to apologize CU
2664s I don't actually know if this affects
2665s the uh joystick to him as well because I
2668s don't actually play on joystick however
2670s if he doesn't um we can certainly have a
2674s discussion with the rest of the team uh
2676s and see if that's a possibility like I
2677s say we're quite happy to take feedback
2679s on certain behaviors within the game if
2682s again as de civian just pointed out you
2684s feel there's a point of frustrating it
2686s can be very very uh difficult to to
2688s achieve something then do let us know
2690s give us feedback we're happy to hear it
2692s good or bad um because that's what makes
2695s a better product and that's what we want
2697s to to do so if you're on our Discord
2699s leave us some feedback in the support
2701s Forum if you're on Steam leave it on
2703s there social media pop it in there um
2706s we're quite happy to to try and interact
2708s and get things resolved if we can it's
2710s not a promise that we can do everything
2712s but we'll be quite happy to um try and
2715s um try and ease that frustration uh we
2718s just got another question from Louis
2719s jaak this may be a d question but how do
2721s you actually take a photo once in photo
2722s mode I've tried searching settings but
2725s to no avail um
2729s when you're I can do this cuz I'm I'm
2731s kind of Let's Just Launch
2738s look so we're going to
2745s there hang on yeah that that was an F12
2748s if uh oh hello that was not the right
2750s one I think he's F10 is it F10 we've got
2753s that set too F12 is the steam one cuz
2756s that's why you can there
2758s beep
2761s beep that's that sound let me just check
2764s what the binding is for that
2767s in the
2770s game controls
2775s miscellaneous camera modes that's not it
2777s photo mode here we go let's do that
2780s uh move up yeah
2785s yeah they not got it set
2795s ke F10 yeah F10 now that will take a
2800s very high
2801s resolution uh image okay so hence why it
2806s does say high res so be mindful that
2807s they are a lot bigger I believe they're
2809s in PNG format um so they're
2812s non-compressed uh so it'll probably save
2815s to your update folder uh it'll be in
2818s there with every space to and then
2819s you'll find it on the screenshots um so
2822s it is um uh a very high resolution image
2827s so just be mindful of that if you're
2829s going to use steam then F12 um you know
2833s then obviously you'll find them when
2834s you're uh you're playing through the
2835s game uh SP somehow you have tier four
2837s wings on a tier 2
2839s ship yeah that might be because of uh
2842s alterations that I've had to make with
2844s regards doing some game capture and
2846s stuff so
2849s yeah obviously alt print green yeah is's
2852s another option yeah very very good right
2854s then so what I want to do is I think we
2856s might attempt this high-risk area where
2859s just to go in there I'm trying to bump
2860s along so I get to about level
2863s 15 um just to see uh how that uh how
2866s that goes hopefully uh we shall see
2869s obviously we've got to go there which is
2870s the mission we still got that area there
2873s which is a little too high so have we
2876s been to everywhere in here yet what's
2879s the challenge data on this AR of
2882s Explorer okay so we got oh so obviously
2885s we've been to all the all the regions
2886s but I've still got to complete three
2888s location challenges two distress calls
2890s and two high-risk
2892s areas
2893s yeah yeah that's a very good point
2897s actually Bearded Frog is just put up on
2898s YouTube um when you look at your I can't
2902s do it cuz I'm I'm in space at the moment
2903s but when you look at your ship uh as you
2906s look at the profile of it obviously some
2908s of the ship wings are wider the the
2911s bulkier you know your ship is bigger
2914s that does actually affect your hit box
2917s so if you want to
2919s be harder to hit so the enemies have to
2922s you know aim a bit better to hit you
2925s then a smaller profile will actually
2926s help you um so yeah do consider it
2930s consider your profile if you're thinking
2931s I'm find a flying a
2934s gunship oh M doesn't matter I'm a boy I
2937s don't mind getting hit I can take the
2939s damage then that's perfectly fine um but
2941s certainly if you're one of the more
2942s Nimble and agile ships that don't
2944s necessarily take as many hits um then
2947s yeah definitely consider your profile it
2949s could help quite a little bit uh sty go
2952s says if you look big then the enemies
2953s will be more intimidated good point I
2956s like your like your thinking not too
2958s sure it'll work but I like you
2961s thinking right let's uh adjust the
2964s course so we don't fly straight into the
2965s planet that would be a b bad
2968s thing that would be a bad
2976s thing it is it is another uh obviously
2979s very good option right yeah we're going
2981s to high risk out we oh let's see are we
2983s going to survive this high risk what is
2985s it actually giving us by the
2987s way uh okay enemies drop mines on
2991s death I know something else that kills
2994s me that drops mines on death as well
2999s yes that could be
3001s interesting yeah for those of you thanks
3004s Lee for for that little shout out there
3006s uh Eric is unfortunately sick uh today
3008s so U yeah I'm I'm the host for for today
3011s but hoping Eric will be back with us
3013s very very soon but let's do this
3016s distress goal we're going to do the
3017s distress goal first and then we'll do
3019s the HR we do need to do these I could
3022s use some help my ship needs repairing ah
3025s let's take a look let's take a luck
3027s indeed one narrow bot small and I've got
3030s a spare one aren't you lucky it's your
3033s lucky
3034s day now we always discuss
3037s this you could be good or you could be
3042s bad that's all I'm saying you could be
3045s good you could help them or you could
3047s not help
3050s them that's entirely up to
3053s you but I'm going to be a a good boy
3056s thanks a l God no
3060s worries there we go gave us a little bit
3063s of
3063s XP jumped and somebody's there now I
3068s really don't want to take them on uh
3070s they're level 17 so they're way above my
3072s level so I'm going to have to be careful
3073s so let's get out of here before they
3075s come sniffing over in this
3082s direction right so we've done that let's
3085s go while in this system
3087s can't forget the ruse can I can't forget
3090s the
3092s ruse uh
3094s justan yeah no I won't be doing any
3097s beatboxing oh hello let's uh let's do a
3099s bit of
3105s concentration a little M
3110s yeah I don't think so you can get off
3119s right oh tell what we got je somebody
3123s was trying to hurt me
3128s he wow that hit just to start with liim
3136s me that was not fun that was not fun the
3141s way that hit that took my Shields down I
3144s was not happy with that let's go find
3147s whatever that was is it that out
3164s R get out of there a second I think it
3168s was that Rader he's got an outload the
3170s arm drone as well
3196s yeah that's them let's just avoid those
3199s I don't want to be dealing with
3201s that yeah there's a plus one on the uh
3203s on the definitely uh
3207s oh on the death
3210s there he hesky hesky
3216s things what B come on
3225s die got
3227s him there we
3232s go come on you thank you
3237s just got to be so careful come
3261s on damn
3264s you it's because when I'm getting so
3266s close they are just absolutely murdering
3278s me
3284s regrouping how we doing on the boss not
3286s far
3294s far oh hello we don't really want to
3297s dealing with that if we can help it
3299s going to came in here for a few easy
3300s credits and look what's happening all
3301s going PA
3303s shape there we go oh I'm outnumbered
3307s would it be interesting
3310s otherwise five right okay what I tend to
3314s do here as well if I can before the boss
3317s drops in I get into cruise and that
3320s didn't really work did
3321s it right
3324s okay see what we can damage we can do to
3327s this bad
3331s boy not helping that we haven't got
3340s many
3352s hello hello
3358s can we get out of there for the time
3360s being thank you where's he G there he
3373s is
3375s Wow Let's see if we can use a bit of
3378s this so we can get a little bit
3384s rested okay we got Shield slowly coming
3386s back
3387s back
3389s drone not
3393s helping
3395s Scout wow them drones what is going on
3398s with the
3404s world I can do this I've got this yeah
3408s apparently apparently Adam you've got
3409s this I'm not too sure to be fair I'm
3411s Hest
3431s come on there we
3433s go I'm getting way out of
3436s there that is not looking
3440s good that is not looking
3443s good yeah my laser got busted yeah can
3446s you see that doesn't
3449s help definitely doesn't
3464s help just going to use these cuz yeah
3468s unfortunately that is not in a healthy
3472s situation right okay did we get rid of
3475s everybody yeah we did
3482s yeah I F when I'm more pressure I can't
3484s this play better he s I'm not
3486s concentrating I'm like nope it's got
3488s that totally wrong so we got quite a bit
3490s there some ship colors ship
3492s modules uh zakov signal
3495s decoder let's have a look at the stuff
3497s that we got okay so love this level
3501s 15 I will activate that just to get it
3503s out of the bag space which is good
3509s H see that's not as good that face
3513s placing yeah can't believe it's busted
3517s who broke it that nasty people know who
3521s I
3524s am that's okay yeah I mean the the the
3528s booster I think we need to to look at
3529s crafting something as well so let's have
3531s a little look at uh got some more yeah
3534s some more Catalyst as well nice
3538s uh so rare we hav got the rare booster
3541s yet have we
3543s okay uh let's craft something and let's
3546s just see what we get uh let's just
3549s accept it and we'll see if it's any
3551s better than what we've
3554s got not
3557s really
3560s yeah I mean that is so nice because it's
3562s got the extra 50% increased boost speed
3564s for 3% after each kill
3567s she
3568s uh things
3572s yeah ah
3574s damn Bearded Frog uh sorry I'll just
3577s answer these questions as we're going uh
3578s because it's always quite nice uh are
3581s you doing the Race challenge
3585s today maybe we'll see maybe um uh real
3590s bonman over on Twitch is the jumpt real
3592s engine progressing well uh yes it has uh
3595s we're still making further improvements
3597s where we can um it's not a finished
3599s project just because you um update to
3603s Unreal Engine you know that you just
3604s leave it there we do look at refinement
3606s we do look at improvements where we can
3608s so yeah it's a constant uh it's a
3610s constant
3611s Improvement um path that we go down so
3614s yeah we we we're going to keep improving
3616s where we can uh and making things better
3617s for obviously you guys uh where we can
3621s too all you have to do is finish the
3623s rest you officially done better than
3624s Eric the bar is low now now yeah just
3627s speaking about about this uh this race
3630s the scrapyard I have tried it three
3633s times and I've I've done it once I did
3637s it
3637s once but it was outside the time the
3640s other two
3642s times
3644s yeah didn't go so
3647s well it's a top wow I've actually just
3649s realized my sens has broken and my
3651s shield as
3652s well oh that's not good we need to find
3656s somewhere to dock don't
3658s we we I tell you what we're going to do
3660s we going to go back to de de gas the
3663s flying duess is there as well right
3665s let's uh let's get out of
3673s here uh but yeah so yeah that's good
3675s point Le actually for for those that
3677s don't realize with incursions and what
3679s you're seeing here um is Unreal Engine 5
3683s we are already switched uh switched over
3684s to the the Unreal Engine 5 uh 5.3.1 I
3688s believe currently um so yeah it is
3691s already
3700s there right let's get this fixed up
3703s because that was quite horrendous really
3705s we did get a bit of a kick in there yeah
3708s I I want to go see and I can sell things
3710s cuz obviously I picked up quite a bit of
3711s gear as well there so yeah it will be
3713s nice just to repair the stuff but yeah
3715s I'm just going to to uh go do um and get
3720s these gas Harvesters are absurd they are
3722s they're very
3725s absurd yeah yeah that's certainly an
3728s option uh you know uh we we do give you
3730s that option as as B frog says that you
3733s can um repair a dock um get restocked uh
3738s and everything but if you are out in the
3740s field and you need something to you know
3742s get you out of uh out of a messy
3744s situation then yep it's definitely worth
3747s crafting
3749s um to there that's good right let's see
3752s what else we can do nothing else yeah
3755s two what we're going to do is oh hello
3758s yeah I forgot about
3761s these yeah
3763s okay uh power core socket yeah yeah yeah
3767s okay hello
3769s you oh couple of power cores there nice
3773s nice got about these when we were here
3775s earlier
3778s power
3780s core okay you can uh BL into there have
3785s a little look over
3789s here that one as well so there was two
3792s over there wasn't there so that should
3793s be enough okay Shield gen down there as
3798s well okay so that's one of the outer
3801s Rings there yeah good it's good just
3804s trying to get
3805s some thank you uh some nice uh bit of
3809s extra gear if we
3813s can that one there as
3818s well right what I'm going to do is I'm
3821s not going to open these just yet because
3823s I'm quite close to level
3826s 15 and I don't want to actually open up
3829s the stuff until I get there and see what
3830s we actually get so uh what I'm just
3833s going to do is I'm just going to drop
3835s that there
3839s hello uh we'll go to the fly duess and
3841s just see what she's got for sale if
3845s anything uh okay where are you gas
3849s Harvester yeah we know that there it
3852s is some Outlaws close by uh if you do
3856s find that you're all of a sudden getting
3857s a little bit too close to
3860s enemies all
3862s in uh they may come and attack yeah but
3867s she will help you too but did you get
3871s docked yeah little bit of immunity there
3875s holding
3882s up there we go right let's have a look
3884s at the shop and see what we've got oh
3887s hello that's a bit of an improvement too
3890s of what we've got so we may have to
3892s purchase that it's a decent amount of
3894s money uh calibrate goost Cannon get rid
3898s of a blaster beam laser again something
3902s good in
3903s case intuitive rail
3907s gun not really something that we could
3909s use although you know the the distance
3911s of that 3 and a half th000 m is
3914s nice uh it is
3919s nice again you're not limited to one
3922s specific style of game play if uh if you
3925s do prefer
3927s um shooting for range then you know if
3930s you want to fly uh a sentinel and stick
3932s a rail gun on it then it's certainly a
3934s uh a viable option but you don't have to
3937s you know you can there's many ways to uh
3940s to build out the game uh your your ship
3944s rather so that booster yeah get rid of
3949s that okay we got that sensor 18 Crystal
3952s no she's not got anything there thing
3954s what we'll do is we will buy that though
3956s we'll buy an equip uh yeah sell the
3959s other one so that should give us a
3962s little bit of of an option so that's
3965s always
3967s good uh let's see what else we've got
3969s tractor beam still Cruise drive how are
3972s we doing on that so we need another
3975s Crystal diode we haven't got enough
3976s plasma yet hyron buffers we've got four
3979s S them into there that's good yeah we
3982s need a lot more plasma don't
3984s we hi uh
3986s okay so we still need one Flawless
3989s Culver
3992s unbelievable uh she's only got e
3995s crystal shocking I know shocking I know
3997s but um we shall
4000s uh shall check right special items oh
4004s yes that's the elite fighter signature
4005s we're still rocking there um challenge
4010s all zarov so we've done one distress and
4014s one high risk but we still got three of
4015s the low location challeng is still to do
4018s that will unlock uh the master which is
4021s the autopilot speedy speedy
4024s speedy right let's just have a little
4026s look see there um I don't think I'd
4029s survive that is actually one level above
4031s me verive 50% increased movement speed
4033s for the enemies corrosion on death yeah
4036s and jard sensors uh where you can't see
4039s what you kind of fighting yeah you get
4040s an improvement there
4043s but think you're just asking for trouble
4046s asking let's go see now this is a tough
4051s fight uh it really is a tough
4054s fight what we're going to do is just
4056s going to take these
4067s down come on come
4073s on he's down CR another one PR another
4076s one off we're just going to clear the
4079s area of
4080s these Scout the Viper as
4085s well I don't usually use mines but they
4088s are very very good tactic of just
4090s plunking things in enemy faces and go
4093s ha I'm missing completely like I just
4096s did
4106s yeah this is where I'm just struggling a
4107s little
4109s bit just because they're taking my
4111s shield down so quick with them being
4113s that much
4114s stronger okay let's get that a few extra
4118s little
4119s things Tailwind as well nice there some
4123s things to still work to in terms of gear
4128s uh Tailwind obviously is part of the
4129s Storm Chaser set which is nice we get
4133s anything else got the autonomous repair
4135s Bay H repair damage item every 90
4144s seconds Michael has popped it it's
4146s always good it's always
4147s good there we go all right so let's just
4150s carry on a little bit further let's just
4152s go that discover site at zarov it's a
4156s little bit higher than we want what we
4158s may do is we may need to just go back to
4160s Union and do a few things around there
4163s um cuz I think as soon as I go on this
4166s Mission which is a level 15 so you've
4168s always got to be mindful um you could
4171s always send in tears and that's not what
4173s we want so let's head to The Smuggler
4175s back door uh and then head
4179s through and see what else we can find
4182s which is always
4190s nice right smug this back door let's
4192s head that way cool off we go yeah for
4196s those of you who don't know Michael is
4197s the CEO of the company of Rockfish games
4200s um so wait we he he Graces us with his
4203s presence on Friday evening you know he's
4206s a busy busy man but yes he does uh take
4209s time out to to interact with you guys
4211s and say hello and
4213s uh see if we can have a chat at some
4224s point d this music just superb love
4238s it absolutely be black Omega on on
4241s YouTube absolutely if uh if things are
4244s getting a little bit spicy uh and you
4246s are struggling then go do side missions
4248s you know uh and some more XP build up uh
4252s and then come back uh let's not shoot
4255s them thir GMP oh hello how close do you
4258s want to get thank you and
4261s you there behind
4264s me so like they were level 13 you can
4267s see how well we can deal with those oh
4270s just jumped out s what left me to deal
4273s with a ravager that was nice there we
4277s go that's done anything down here while
4280s we still about this on the go I won't
4283s get range
4287s there we
4293s go
4302s nice there we go right some more stuff
4305s so that gave us some more goodies let's
4308s go check it out so they were slightly
4310s easier to kill obviously um which is
4313s very handy simply because um it means
4316s we're nearly dying
4318s again another shocking so we're just
4320s going to go through uh we'll see what we
4322s can finish up with the side missions uh
4324s and then get us dinged up to level 15
4327s before we take on that main mission um
4329s obviously at lower difficulties you do
4331s have the option of you
4333s know because of the way the game is set
4335s up you might be able to do uh a mission
4338s when you're that's level 15 at say level
4340s 13 for example if you're on a lower
4342s difficulty you've just got to be aware
4344s of how um how to push it so let's just
4349s deal with see these are level 11 so
4351s these should melt fairly
4353s quickly uh because obviously we're into
4355s a a lower level area let's have a look
4357s at our
4359s missions five stops we pick up a job
4361s from the Keto Plan kto Clan either data
4364s fishing go to yaan orbit
4367s okay well we'll do that one been Y in a
4370s while have
4372s we
4374s uh now this is the prime example of what
4377s we were talking about earlier with
4378s regards to HR is you can see this one is
4381s a level 9 it's below my level I'm level
4383s 14 so I'm like five levels now now I
4386s have no option to go to it now and you
4388s can see on the screen the only option
4390s that I have is to discard and that is
4392s just because I haven't done it you you
4393s got to complete them within a certain
4395s level so uh yeah unfortunately I've got
4397s to discard it goes off the map that's as
4400s much as we can do we have really not
4402s discovered a lot in Union have we we
4405s have not all uh we've got a job popping
4407s up on there have
4413s we okay well let's just dive out of it
4417s let's just try not to hit some
4425s rocks right here we go so yeah you can
4428s see that all these areas because I kind
4430s of bypassed them they are slightly below
4432s my level um but we do have a mission
4434s that we can still do which will hope
4435s hopefully kick us on um there we go
4438s let's head head over to there so if you
4440s do have any more questions please do
4442s fire them in uh we're going to try and
4445s spend uh a little bit of time uh
4447s completing this and then we'll maybe try
4450s and do that
4452s um that horrible race I don't know why
4455s I'm going to put myself through this uh
4456s over at the scrapyard I've got a save
4458s ready for it so we can uh we can see can
4461s see
4466s over to
4469s Yan just checking see if there's
4471s anything in there
4476s yeah everybody has more faith in my
4479s ability of flying a ship with uh with no
4483s inertia dampers on than I do the
4485s freelancer agent promised a handsome
4488s reward if you steal all data from The
4490s Outlaws in the area Okay so these are
4493s level 12 so hopefully you may want to
4495s have
4496s okay here goes nothing wow but you
4506s well don't didn't like him
4512s there
4514s done right oh yeah cuz you're an elite I
4516s wondered why you w dying very easily
4518s realize you are an
4520s elite oh well there we go thank you
4525s peace on stuff sunburns some more
4530s color yeah just just stop believing in
4533s me and they'll do better yeah that's
4534s that's the plan did nobody tell you
4536s about
4543s that
4546s okay right boomb C that did not hit the
4550s wrong
4552s key wow it thank you
4559s there we go that was
4569s annoying okay that's hello hello hello
4574s where you spawn
4575s from there we go
4578s right what we got oh yeah D efficient
4581s I've just remembered this Mission this
4583s is a bit of a nightmare
4585s oh hello
4594s no thank
4597s you yeah so what I'm going to do is I'm
4599s actually going to try and clear this
4600s area out if I
4602s can okay so where are you
4607s hello you can to say hello over there
4610s hello little drones thank you
4625s let's do that
4630s one why do I keep hitting the G ke I
4632s normally don't even hit the g key but
4635s today I'm hitting the G ke there we go
4638s right another
4640s container let's see a union see that's
4643s on our level the Blaster the on
4646s that another oh hello bomber Blaster
4652s nice have a little look we'll activate
4654s that cuz that's under around our level
4656s the mison's not as good see we're
4658s already running out of stuff so I might
4659s need to just dismantle things if we
4663s can cuz if we ping to 15 then we'll be
4667s able to put some stuff on the dismantle
4669s a bit more could do with a slightly
4670s larger cargo slot if at some point good
4674s one more container
4676s getting
4677s Crystal right I'm just going to clear
4679s the area of enemies for the time being
4682s if I can and then what I'll probably
4685s need to
4686s do keeping an eye on that time it's
4688s flying away with us this evening it's
4691s always fun and time flies when you're
4693s having
4695s fun there you go you just obler it into
4698s the wall you Dage done thank
4704s you there we
4709s go and where's the other enemies just
4711s over there
4713s containers oh hello that was nearly not
4716s a good idea got a face full of Rocket
4719s there didn't
4731s I oh bit stuff
4737s you okay energy spear dispenser
4742s there container credits thank you love
4748s credit okay
4750s that's we
4754s you that's a sec container check that
4757s out in a
4762s second
4763s okay that's that that's to there C in
4768s got that to there as
4775s well good
4778s right energy sphere dispens we might
4781s need to do that just bear with what I'm
4783s going to do then is I'm just going to
4784s save there cuz I'm just looking at the
4786s time so I'm just going to confirm the
4787s other right there yep and then
4791s we are going to switch to
4795s I have it where are you where are you
4798s where are you where are
4803s you now I just need to find the Lord
4806s where are
4808s you there we go found it so uh for those
4812s of you who haven't seen uh the attempt
4815s at this before um there's been a a few
4818s requests should we see of trying to get
4821s a bomber in first person with inertia
4823s dampers off around the one of the RAC
4826s tracks um it's tough if you don't
4829s normally fly with n dampeners um off
4833s then it's a whole new ball game and it's
4835s one of the reasons why we don't actually
4837s have the key for them actually um set
4841s because if we find that new players and
4843s this is uh definitely something that we
4846s were mindful of is if a new player comes
4847s in and accidentally hits the key and
4849s turns inertia dampers off and they can't
4851s remember that they've accidentally hit
4852s that key it could be an absolutely
4854s horrendous experience for them and
4856s that's not good from a player point of
4857s view and obviously from our point of
4859s view because the player is going to be
4860s and it has happened uh a player is going
4863s to be you know sliding around all over
4865s and like whoa this is too difficult for
4867s me and and and everything so it's one of
4869s the reasons why it's not bound by
4870s default um I am just going to check that
4873s it is actually uh on I've got the
4877s keybind set because this could go
4879s terribly wrong terribly wrong no hang on
4882s let's just go back to the customiz
4883s controls uh
4886s uh is it miscellaneous yes it is okay so
4890s I've got it set on two okay so I'm in
4893s the bomber a lovely colorful Edition yep
4897s um let's go over to the scrap Ras and
4901s let's see if we can do it but yeah as B
4902s frog says it's very much a what we
4905s consider an advanced um combat maneuver
4909s is to turn them off you know I've just
4910s turned them off and you can slide around
4912s and using inertia are approaching that's
4915s really not good I don't want the the
4917s ancient around thank you wish I knew
4918s what they
4919s wanted yeah go away no oh I really don't
4924s want to be dealing with you right
4928s now try to do a rest you know know you
4931s not see I'm
4936s busy right so that was done with the
4940s they want it to be
4941s on you wanted to see me fail yeah
4944s probably actually says
4945s no time for racing time for fighting
4948s inde day so yeah
4950s um it's very very I find it very very
4953s difficult uh I'm just going to put the
4955s inti ders on so I can actually get lined
4956s up I really don't know how this is going
4959s to play out I really don't know how this
4961s is going to be playing out so uh just uh
4963s bear with me while I do that uh we'll do
4966s that so uh yeah we shall
4972s uh just do this race and then we'll get
4974s all all lined up don't worry I've still
4976s got the N dampers now they're off we're
4978s going to go first
4980s person oh
4983s boy let's see let's see clipping
4986s clipping go go that way thank
4989s you
4991s uh the large Wings count don't they the
4995s large Wings
4999s count it's gentle control of the Boost
5002s and it takes a delicate uh to do it and
5006s tell you it's it's all fine and dandy
5008s through this but it's when you you know
5012s a how we put that
5018s there
5021s let right can we can we swing around can
5023s we swing around no no no no no that way
5026s thank you thank you this is where it
5029s gets tough for me I've always generally
5031s failed it big time around
5033s here let's get get to there let's get to
5036s there we boost through here and as soon
5039s as you put too much boost on it all goes
5042s B
5046s no that way come on come on straight
5049s line straight line we got this we got
5050s this we got
5056s this there we go clipped
5060s it how you do this in 44 seconds I'll
5063s never know come on come on come on come
5066s on going be sticking me tongue out and
5068s everything in this come on we're sting
5070s there we're just so close we're so close
5072s don't H that no
5077s now what a disappointing display of
5081s racing can we pretend this never
5082s happened ah it's live isn't
5092s it is all going so well
5095s it just literally if you lose that
5097s corner oh my word right let's just one
5100s more
5101s try leans and tongues are
5103s out yeah it's one of those it is an
5107s absolute nightmare it is an absolute
5109s nightmare oh dear
5115s right okay this is this is going to be
5118s this is going to be it this again I can
5119s I can feel it I can feel it's going to
5120s go totally wrong but I can feel
5122s it right come on good Vib peeps I need
5125s you to think good vibes Good Vibes this
5127s is this is going to work fine right come
5129s on right n dampeners are off we're in
5133s first person let's go go go go go we got
5135s this we got this come on come on come
5141s on see this this seems
5144s okay and you know it's just when you get
5147s these Corners that you just
5156s that way come on two
5161s go ow clip don't
5168s clip oh that was lucky I didn't think I
5170s was going to get that g to be
5175s fair
5178s down come on come on get the G get the
5181s get get the
5181s get oh we're so concentrating no no no
5184s no we missed the game we missed it can
5186s we tell you what we'll take the 7
5188s Seconds penalty it's probably going to
5190s hind us badly but we'll
5192s see cuz missing a GE is just
5195s diabolically
5203s Bad come on come on come on come on come
5208s on oh no no no no no no we missed the G
5212s we missed the G oh it's gone wrong it
5214s went went wrong it went so
5221s wrong it's so close so
5224s close right last time last
5230s time let's
5232s breathe let's get in the zone let's get
5235s in it was just that one ring that's just
5237s that one
5239s ring like the one ring
5245s right come on we got this we got
5248s this and he off thanks going all his
5252s glory in all his glory indeed
5260s indeed on that way thank you thank
5264s you
5266s NOP overcook that one overcooked
5272s it come on
5275s thank
5276s you it's not a maneuverable beast is it
5279s the bomber let's be fair it's not it's
5281s not the funniest thing to try and fly
5283s through these
5286s gaps right he corner there's Corner come
5290s on doing that thank
5294s you come
5299s on oh no we missed that one
5303s again oh right right come on concentrate
5305s concentrate we got this we got this we
5306s got this we got this we got
5312s this no we missed
5318s it no I think we're going to be outside
5320s the time to outside the time
5328s now oh put that there come
5331s on oh no I missed that gear I missed
5334s that yeah oh I might have done it if I
5336s had have missed that last
5340s G who put
5346s that oh right let three goes I I need to
5350s practice I just need to practice that
5353s the first half is always perfect as soon
5354s as you start turning direction right I
5356s promise you the next time that I stream
5357s I'm going to give it another go and we
5359s will do it even if it you know we we
5361s keep going we'll keep going we keep
5363s going we keep going right I need need to
5364s transition over um I need to set up some
5367s things but don't go nowhere um we shall
5370s be back very very soon I'm just I've got
5373s the save ready so yes give me a moment
5375s and we'll be back soon
5471s I can hear
5487s right let's just have a little of the
5490s Showcase here we are right uh we've got
5492s a wonderful little section here um of
5495s screenshots uh but it's not our usual
5498s screenshots oh no I said I had something
5501s on my sleeve and uh yes some of you have
5505s been crying out for these for a long
5506s long time uh and luckily we managed to
5508s twist his arm we managed to bribe him
5510s persuade him and everything else uh
5512s We've managed to
5515s get the man himself uh Michael uh on the
5518s Channel with us he's on his Avatar but
5520s say hello
5521s Michael hello everyone greetings Pilots
5525s there he is there he is so we've got
5526s some of Michael's selects uh he's chosen
5529s all these screenshots and uh we're going
5531s to show them on screen uh and he's going
5533s to talk through them as to why he likes
5535s these particular screenshots uh there's
5537s some absolute doozies and then we've got
5539s some more fan out at the end so uh we're
5541s going to dive straight in and this one
5543s is Brad
5545s uh and I think you've called this one
5546s complimentary action yeah exactly I mean
5550s this um you see the complimentary colors
5552s the purple the green perfect match um
5555s really goes well together then I also
5557s like the the details of the backside of
5560s the ship that to see in the front and
5561s then facing that VAB drone so there's a
5564s lot of um dramatic in here um perfect
5567s shot fantastic and I like the field of
5570s dep they use here yeah really good shot
5574s and um I love these kind of things it's
5576s I mean it's always hard to pick the the
5578s shots among those many many here but
5580s this one made the cut yeah definitely an
5582s absolute cracking shot from Bradley um
5585s next up we have uh this is an amazing
5588s shot I do like the coloration of this
5590s one this one's eight bit Vic Kaboom Sky
5593s I think you titled this one very
5596s apt yeah I mean this explosion is just
5599s perfect right and then almost like a
5601s cross are these these things are flying
5604s away I mean what in coincidence I mean
5607s this is uh I mean these explosions are
5609s obviously random mhm so yeah um very
5612s lucky shot perfect timing on the
5615s explosion and then I mean look at those
5617s thrusters and the engines burning so the
5620s color setup is really nice and then we
5622s can also see the the Tron like um ship
5626s skin delivery that we have here mhm it's
5629s really good and then there's this tiny
5631s glowy bit on the lower right actually
5634s Actually I don't even know what that is
5636s but it's it's a cutesy thing there going
5639s on I don't know do you know what it is
5640s uh I think that's uh The Shield effect I
5643s think when they kill uh I'm trying to
5646s remember what it's actually called now
5648s um you get like a two orbs that go
5649s around your ship um yeah and I forgotten
5652s the name of it right yeah yeah I think
5654s it's one of those yeah R the lightning
5656s perk by the looks of it yeah that's the
5657s one yeah yeah but again fantastic timing
5660s very uh great staging so it's really
5664s like the the important things are um
5666s properly placed here and then in the
5668s background we have some debris or um in
5671s asteroids and then the beautiful um
5674s space backdrop here some nebulas
5677s floating so yeah fantastic space game
5680s shot there's um yeah no denying no this
5683s is a money shot for sure absolutely
5685s absolutely and if you're lucky enough
5687s sometimes we do feature these
5688s screenshots as our thumbnail for the
5691s streams as well we do pick them out and
5692s we want to show off your work it's not
5694s everything that's created by us and uh
5697s and what we take in screenshots
5698s sometimes we like to choose your work uh
5700s because you guys do some absolutely
5702s cracking things uh next up we've got
5705s somebody who's uh a bit familiar uh and
5708s this one is actually from our very own
5709s Eric uh with his Tron like space art
5712s ship
5713s there yeah yeah yet another Tron like um
5717s shot here and I got to give uh credit to
5720s Eric because usually when he picks
5722s colors I always roast him I dude do you
5724s really had an education in art design
5727s sometimes his color combinations are so
5730s often like oh man this hurts my eyes but
5733s this one here I mean respect Eric this
5735s is fantastic and I think what he did
5738s here is like he took this shot underwat
5740s this is why there are no stars in the
5742s background so this must be on Gilbert I
5745s think something like that yeah yeah and
5747s then he perfect uh use of the the new
5751s Thruster effects from the supporter pack
5753s yeah yeah it's all in all and sometimes
5756s less is more um it's just one color but
5759s used uh to perfect effect here I love it
5762s fantastic shot yeah he's just got one of
5764s the ship delies on as well hasn't he
5766s almost like the kind of lightning strik
5768s in this yes that just accentuates
5771s everything nicely doesn't it yeah very
5773s very good shot uh from from Eric there
5775s um yeah so we have proof Eric can pick
5778s great colors so he's absolutely capable
5781s of doing that yeah well done Eric well
5783s done yeah you've not chosen some
5785s horrific color combination that's uh
5788s next up we've got another one that's
5790s absolutely fantastic from XL who
5792s normally brings us some uh fantastic
5793s screenshots nearly every week uh and
5796s this one is such a powerful again
5797s another Tron style gunship from him yeah
5801s this this is all guns blazing it goes um
5804s it's is it the gunship or is the bomber
5806s I wasn't quite sure to be honest yeah
5807s it's the gunship it's got the four
5809s gunship though okay okay yeah yeah all
5811s right yeah know now I can see the
5812s gunship um hard point for the turret
5814s you're you're right and um yeah it's
5817s again it's the Tron theme pretty popular
5819s I I hope we don't get in trouble with
5820s the Disney lawyers here but we don't
5822s name it SE so I just said it's a
5824s reference and um Exel sent in I don't
5828s know how many there were so in among of
5830s my top selections I think I had five or
5832s six of them or her and um but this is
5836s the one I picked for today so we will
5837s definitely have more shots from Exel
5839s showing in future Michael selects but
5842s today this one really stands out the the
5844s red color the material of the ships look
5846s very nice and then obviously the guns
5849s blazing I mean there's so much energy in
5851s that shot um love it I love the color
5854s combination the red uh with the um
5857s yellow thrusters so yeah really really
5860s well done M definitely a superb shot and
5863s I think as well it's almost like the one
5864s half of the shot is like red at the
5866s front and then you see the the second
5868s half where it kind of blends with the
5870s with the Tron effects into the yellow
5872s it's so cool uh very very nice uh next
5875s up um it's quite a familiar shot this
5878s one um that's from me yay y smart one
5883s I'm I'm a bit dubious about the title
5884s for this one because you had it called
5885s smart I don't know if that's I don't
5887s have to get called
5889s that no I mean we do have a lot of
5892s fantastic shots of letho starport which
5895s is also I think amazing station in the
5897s game so it's it's humongous it's great
5900s design and it's um in case people don't
5903s know from Co Carnage he supported our
5905s Kickstarter campaign and um he
5908s contributed to the space station
5910s designer and he worked with u credit
5913s designer um for this uh design of the
5916s space station and typically the
5918s screenshots that people take is like
5920s when you approach the station from a
5921s different angle like from the regular
5923s angle and but Gary smart one just uh
5927s flew up if there's up and down in space
5930s but in this case I think it's up in
5931s terms to the the planet here below
5934s and made a perfect perent angular shot
5937s is that the right thing I think so yeah
5939s yeah I know a lot of people are saying
5941s it looks like a drone and yes it
5943s certainly does yeah you know one of our
5944s drones in the game but yeah on a
5946s slightly larger scale I don't think I'd
5948s want to take on that drone to be fair if
5949s I came across it in the G I think this
5951s is this this is a smart screenshot man
5953s yeah love it I I'll take the credit for
5955s that one I like that one uh next up
5957s we've got a beefy boy uh this is
5959s literally beefy engine it's from it's F
5962s yfp who does some wonderful screenshots
5964s but yeah Lely so it's yfp um so this
5969s this is an individual who takes
5972s fantastic mro shots typically in nature
5975s like from bees and bugs and whatnot and
5979s then at some point he found uh his way
5981s into Des um in to everspace 2 I was
5985s almost to say Destiny 2 playing too much
5987s Destiny
5988s lately um and again he makes great use
5991s of uh the focal lenses here and uh this
5995s almost looks like an illustration and
5998s you can really appreciate the detail
6000s that we have in The Outlaw uh Destroyer
6003s here fantastic shot I love it because it
6006s also reduces uh to the max so really
6009s Keen Eye um so you can tell he's a true
6012s photographer in real life love it yeah I
6015s think the detail that it shows in this
6016s shot just like the the engine cones and
6019s everything it just not only shows off
6021s the game but obviously the power of uh
6023s what you can do with the with the photo
6024s mode in in the game and yeah it's a a
6027s superb shot as well so so ominous I
6030s think we've got another one from it yfp
6032s as well uh this one fantastic there were
6035s so there were so many from it yfp I was
6038s like okay I try to really pick the best
6041s here and I love this one because um I
6045s mean we do a space game but we also have
6047s this fantastic planetary locations and
6050s it really shines that you you see the
6053s the mountains in the background then you
6055s see these big industrial structures
6057s there and then you have the the
6060s spaceship about to land here which is I
6062s called it Luna Landing because obviously
6064s it's the Luna mining Colony here yeah
6066s yeah and again great use of uh focal
6069s lenses like the field of depth that he's
6071s playing with here excellent the lighting
6074s is superb um yeah love it this could
6077s come come right out of a movie so yeah
6079s yeah funny yeah with Jerry just said the
6081s ex exact same thing over on YouTube that
6083s could come from from a movie yeah I mean
6085s I think it's Testament to how good the
6087s the Artistry is in within the game as
6089s well and then when you you think about a
6091s shot and how to compose it uh yeah it's
6094s just beautiful absolutely beautiful um
6097s moving on to um
6099s Kowalski and this one I think you've
6101s named Cloud
6103s incursions
6105s exact it does indeed so uh when the team
6109s introduced the incursions I was really
6110s excited about these beacons I think they
6113s they look fantastic
6114s um but at the same time it's hard to
6117s capture them all especially if you have
6119s this major incursion where three beacons
6121s are there and then you you this this
6124s shot here really is perfectly staged the
6126s beacons and then you have these big uh
6129s gas Harvesters floating in the sky I
6132s mean this scream sci-fi um like no other
6136s it's like the fantasy thing of these
6138s aliens here and then you have this big
6141s industrial um Harvesters that are
6144s floating in space so this is yeah this
6147s this scam sci-fi to me all the way um
6150s love it you see the the the nice uh
6152s clouds in the background it's also one
6154s of my favorite locations in the game yes
6157s because it's it's so so mess memorizing
6160s it's so unreal um yeah love it and then
6163s um what makes the beacon shine so much
6166s is that we have this almost grayscale
6168s environment here so the beacons are
6171s really popping out it's fantastic and
6173s you can see the effect so market Marco
6175s our 3D lead artist um yeah so he's he's
6179s a real Guru with bfx and this is yeah
6182s awesome stuff yeah I think it just uh
6184s you can appreciate the detail that the
6187s team have gone to to to create something
6189s that visually look stunning within
6191s another visually stunning environment
6193s and you know sometimes one overpowers
6195s the other but yeah it's it's a great
6196s combination and uh hope everybody is
6198s enjoying the incursions I know they're
6200s tough for some people but there is a
6202s challenge there um and that's what we
6204s wanted from from within the game we
6206s always want to challenge you if we can
6208s but not again take make it too difficult
6210s that you're kind of put off by it but uh
6212s yeah very very nice shot there from uh
6214s Kowalski Right Moving on then we have a
6218s first shot from
6222s kizo I see you in chat hey there um
6226s always um he's a is a bank right AB K
6230s brings screenshots it's like okay which
6232s one taken this one this one and I took
6235s this one because as Kiza knows I play
6238s Destiny 2 quite a lot and this I I
6242s thought this could also be somewhere in
6243s Destiny the colors the design and I
6246s actually think that the ship here looks
6249s like utune the the Exotic uh Fusion
6252s rifle which the community the destiny
6255s Community calls it it looks like a
6257s toaster uh because it so has the square
6259s design so this really reminded me um of
6264s um the utune in Destiny and also in
6267s Destiny you have these structures with
6269s these um these alien structures where
6272s you have these stonik environments we
6276s have that too and then the mechanics of
6278s obviously the raid mechanics and Destiny
6279s 2 so I I really love our ancient puzzles
6283s here I know this this is something very
6286s special or not your typical thing in
6288s your space combat game but uh we we
6291s really like these kind of things and
6293s then again and this fantastic shot great
6295s staging look at the the engines like it
6298s really looks like
6300s burning so good and then we have the
6302s cutesy decal here um it's a Ramen cat I
6306s think is it it's the machine gun c yeah
6309s yeah it's a machine c yeah love it NOA
6314s fantastic shot um you send so so there
6318s are so many from you uh I still have a
6320s few on my desktop so we probably see a
6322s few more but I'm there's one more for
6324s today because again it's the way you
6328s pick colors or you see colors in a
6331s screenshot I really love that yeah so
6333s again we have this I call this glowy
6334s things yeah I wonder why because I
6337s wonder why um so the yellow the the
6341s orange yellow then there's then there's
6343s the the other yellow with this uh how to
6345s say a hint of green in there almost
6347s lemon style I love this is this is also
6350s a great um combination
6354s again great use of the focal lenses here
6357s you see it's super crisp there in the
6358s midr in the background it's blurry and
6361s in the forground is blurry again so that
6363s you really have the focus on the carpit
6365s you can appreciate the details on the
6367s spaceship mhm the framing of the shot is
6370s awesome the lighting yeah man well done
6374s absolutely super cool shot I think it's
6376s uh I mean we have a lot of Galactic
6378s photographers not only obviously uh on
6380s our Discord and and steam forums and and
6382s socials but there's always those shots
6385s that just you know that they've really
6386s thought about the combination not only
6388s for the coloration but the composition
6390s and yeah if if players can take
6392s inspiration from these kind of shots if
6394s you're into you know uh taking
6396s screenshots CU I think we've got a
6397s wonderful game that allows you to do
6399s that um yeah just have a look at all
6402s these different shots that we show and
6403s then just try and get some inspiration
6404s and you twoo one day could be as good as
6406s these guys uh but they're very very
6408s talented very very talented yeah but
6411s there's there's going to be more I saw
6412s Kea don't you worry I saved a few more
6415s of of your fantastic shots for another
6418s round of Michael selects later this year
6421s cool right next up uh not Sion now this
6424s is actually a personal favorite of mine
6426s because I used this uh a few months back
6428s for my thumbnail for one of the streams
6431s uh I just love the coloration the
6433s combination the the bright pink and the
6435s green and I I I suspect it's similar to
6438s how you found uh how good this game
6441s was yeah exactly so again it's the
6444s colors the green and the purple is is a
6446s great complimentary uh mix but I also
6448s like the blue lights in the background
6450s and then the orange and then this entire
6453s shot has this it really sucks you in
6456s because you're in this
6457s tunnel and uh inside this sci-fi
6460s structure again something I really like
6462s about um everspace 2 that you can fly
6465s inside complex structures and then the
6467s gaml changes you need to be careful that
6470s you don't Dodge against the walls and
6471s everything so it shows something very
6473s different in the game and this is the
6475s reason why I'm using the screenshot
6477s actually in one of our pitch decks when
6479s I talk to potential Partners like um if
6482s I talk to Microsoft and Sony and I want
6485s to show them something MH so I'm using
6487s this uh the screenshot in our marketing
6490s material and say well and then I and all
6493s the shots I'm using is see this is how
6496s the game looks like and imagine all
6498s these shots are coming from our
6500s community so this is not a doctor shot
6502s so this is from fans and um obviously
6505s they love it so fantastic shot and U
6508s yeah top tier marketing material thanks
6510s much well done not Sion that's quite an
6513s affidavit for for for the work that
6515s you've created that we we use it to
6517s promote our game to to Partners as
6519s Michael says there that's an amazing
6522s Accolade and next up uh son Zaki
6526s um what more can you say about this one
6529s really um I think you've kind of uh put
6532s it as sty Wars Z and I think that yeah
6535s epitomizes it really yeah absolutely
6537s again this could be right of a Star Wars
6539s movie I think so you approach a planet
6541s and um you see and then it's just
6543s missing the what is it the wipe
6545s transition when they land so you can
6548s almost Envision that it's um yeah it's
6551s it's great it shows great depth great um
6554s sense of scale of the planet and then
6556s the ship then you see some structures in
6558s the background um it's it's good good
6561s Dynamics good EST lishing shot for a new
6565s location there yeah it's it's um again
6567s could be from a movie so yeah definitely
6570s well done great capture yeah nicely done
6573s son Zaki uh one of our regular uh
6576s players uh this one uh fantastic shot
6579s from SPO knight uh damage phase indeed
6583s uh lots of uh again coloration uh but
6586s the great use of depth of field to yeah
6589s I think this is this is one of the best
6592s shots with the incursion beacons and
6595s then the action the immense action that
6597s you have in there and I also like how he
6600s um put the the the player ship in the
6602s front again the tronik uh glowing uh
6606s structures on the ship and then the
6608s thrusters the engines everything looks
6611s amazing and you really can see okay
6613s something is happening here there's a
6615s lot going on in that shot very Dynamic
6619s and it really shows okay it screams this
6621s is a fastpaced space combat game you got
6624s to play so again top marketing
6628s material and I think we should have do
6630s another round maybe on screenshots on
6632s our store Page and reach out to the
6633s individuals and individuals and get
6635s their approval prior to that obviously
6639s um but yeah I will have a chat with Lee
6640s and see if we can add a few more to our
6642s store Page because I think this is
6644s fantastic work here cool cool yeah
6646s indeed indeed so remember guys if you do
6648s produce some wonderful screenshots we
6650s may use them with your permission
6652s obviously to uh to show off our game
6654s that you obviously love so much and
6656s produce fantastic material for uh next
6659s up uh typed Kibbles uh with a wonderful
6662s shot uh slightly different to uh what
6665s we've seen normally
6667s uh yeah it is and actually I forgot to
6670s add why I put it in there this shot this
6673s shot reminded me to the opening scene of
6675s alien promethus oh yeah when they
6677s approach the planet just um like Mir you
6680s um the ship approaches from the right I
6682s think yeah and um I like this shot
6686s because this is the exact opposite so
6688s this this to me screams space
6691s exploration you see this huge Planet you
6694s see this star background there and then
6696s this one lonely ship approaching that
6700s planet and even touching the orbit the
6702s atmosphere a little bit here um
6705s fantastic so this is this is space
6707s exploration and this is also something I
6709s like about space games it's like you can
6711s have combat you can have exploration
6713s uh in some games you you can build bases
6716s and then you have the loot the crafting
6718s so really Space Games offer so much and
6721s um so this is a perfect check uh shot to
6724s show the exploration part of it well
6726s done yeah yeah it's definitely a
6728s sentinel is a very strange angle to be
6730s fair of how it looks but yeah normally
6732s you would see it probably rotated 90°
6735s but it's a very clever shot uh very
6737s clever shot indeed uh with the photo
6739s mode uh well done type cbles and then
6742s the last one we have from you is winged
6745s nightmare lots of green energy going on
6747s with this one yeah exactly so this was
6750s this was actually one of the first I
6751s picked because I thought fantastic use
6754s of the supporter pack and what this shot
6757s uh makes it stand out that it's really
6760s it's about the ship it's again about the
6762s delivery the effects on the thrusters
6764s and the engines just in front of a pure
6768s star um space background so there's no
6771s Planet nothing you Sean space you have
6774s the tiny tiny dots from all those stars
6776s and then there's the ship flying and
6778s then having these massive effects on so
6781s perfect shot to illustrate what you can
6783s do with a supporter pack love it yeah
6785s yeah definitely uh if you are able to um
6788s support the team a little bit further
6790s with the supporter pack we're very
6791s appreciative of it it doesn't enhance
6793s the game in in any way there's nothing
6795s that we're kind of microtransactions it
6797s purely is cosmetic liveries uh and
6800s effects for your ship um we're very
6801s appreciative if you do
6803s um you know because it just helps us as
6805s an independent uh development team uh
6808s that we can continue our work and we're
6810s we're so so thankful that you guys are
6813s alongside us for the journey as we carry
6815s on through everspace 2 now these uh are
6819s interesting because I don't know if
6821s you've seen these pictures Michael but I
6822s know much seen this is awesome these are
6826s some uh amazing custom wraps for cars
6830s from gt7 from one of our own team memb
6832s members uh Matias senior 3D artist and
6836s he put them into our Discord only I
6837s think it was yesterday or even today I
6839s can't remember uh and I I mean I know
6842s you're a car guy Michael but yeah these
6845s fantastic D super
6848s cool fantastic yeah I've got a few of
6850s them to show cuz he he did put many on
6852s there if you do want to see more they
6853s are on our Discord obviously the custom
6855s wraps that he's put into the game um
6858s various angles I mean this one for me
6860s just looks so photo I mean photo
6861s realistic it just it is superb um and
6865s you know what more do you want I mean
6867s everybody want a nice uh a nice car with
6870s r there's a reason why Matias does all
6872s our spaceships all the players ships
6874s yeah all the players ships are from
6875s Matias yeah yeah uh inde yeah cargo
6879s Jacka obviously I know you just
6880s mentioned about the supporter pack and
6882s it's not available on consoles it's
6884s something that we want to do in the
6885s future uh it's just it'll take time to
6887s to do so yeah we'll hopefully uh have
6890s them on more formats in the future just
6892s um it akes a little time to to work out
6894s these things but fingers crossed fingers
6896s crossed yes just some more uh obviously
6898s action shots as well I
6901s mean I think it's the power of uh games
6904s with great photo modes and this is the
6906s same you know whether it's showing off
6908s everspace to uh wraps or what you know
6911s it's just a wonderful thing so I think
6913s it's great that we have it included and
6915s a lot of the uh photographers uh the
6917s virtual photographers uh on say uh
6921s Twitter uh X whatever you you want to
6923s call it they uh they do appreciate the
6925s The Styling of it uh and and this one I
6927s find absolutely superb just CU of How
6930s It's kind of dumped into the environment
6932s it's just so realistic yeah exactly this
6935s is hyper photo realism this is
6939s crazy yeah yeah people are like when can
6941s we get a GTR rap in in
6944s ever it's all it's all going St uh this
6947s one actually this one's quite a
6949s highlight because uh the background I
6951s believe is somewhere in the in the UK
6954s but I think it was steiny uh if I
6956s remember correctly he actually noticed
6958s something on this rap which was quite
6960s individual and I think Michael you might
6961s even uh recognize this on the
6965s skirting oh it's the skyline of Hamburg
6967s it is yes the city where the studio
6970s space are located yeah it's fantastic I
6973s recognized the tower but then I was
6974s trying to think what what are the other
6976s ones but yeah Matas did come well the
6978s other one are the churches and then you
6980s have these zoom in again y
6983s the ones on the the triangles on the
6985s right headset there's one iconic bridge
6988s that goes through the harbor so this is
6990s this uh hanging bridge that we have yes
6994s right okay yeah yeah that's that's just
6996s detailed just to put that on there and
6998s and blend it in with the black skirting
6999s as well I mean that's the level of
7002s detail and like like Michael said you
7004s know Matias does our our ships you can
7006s see the detail he puts in in his spare
7008s time you know it's quite amazing really
7011s world doneas I I think this is my
7013s favorite shot of of them all with the
7015s going through the tunnel as well I I do
7016s think it's a again hyper realistic and
7019s just shows what is uh is possible but
7021s yeah you know we we just like it for all
7023s the Rockfish stuff you know let's be
7024s fair you know it might be another game
7026s but yeah this is awesome this really
7028s good yeah uh again some of his other
7031s ones I don't know where this shot was
7032s taken obviously it looks like a Subway
7034s again photo realistic uh which is very
7037s very cool uh and then an amalgamation of
7040s all these shots uh of all these car and
7043s everything parked somewhere in France
7045s very very nice Maas you're an absolute
7047s whiz and an absolute Legend um I've got
7051s one last shot which uh we got from uh
7054s our Discord which again is it's almost
7057s like either a book cover or used for a
7059s movie title and this was from megga
7061s force over on Discord um I mean that is
7063s just an amazing shot uh that he's he's
7066s used there and then just simplified it
7068s down
7070s um what can you say we appreciate so
7072s much of the work that people put in for
7074s for these kinds of shots you know it
7076s could be a book cover it could be a
7078s movie poster whatever it is uh not only
7080s is it Testament how good the game is but
7082s it also you know uh what you guys can
7085s produce you know we're happy to see you
7087s take the elements from the game and then
7089s produce stuff like this we know it's fan
7091s art and and everything but uh we're just
7093s so so happy to uh to see what you guys
7096s can produce and everything else so uh
7098s but uh yeah that that uh that's
7100s wonderful um we' got a few minutes left
7103s if is there anything you want to add
7105s Michael before we we close the stream
7107s down is there anything that you want to
7109s say you got me there
7112s um well I gotta say we're super excited
7116s for what we're going to show very very
7119s soon and um I mean the team put
7121s something new content together that's
7124s Absolut fantastic I think and we cannot
7126s wait what you guys going to see when
7129s when you uh will have a chance to have a
7131s first look and yeah stay tuned this is
7134s the only thing I know it's very vague um
7137s but this is how it goes um we have to
7139s keep our powder dry but there's some
7141s awesome stuff coming and um yeah so
7143s thanks again for everybody swinging by
7146s and I try to make this uh more often now
7148s so maybe with set up next time with the
7150s camera don't want to make any promises
7152s here
7153s um but uh yeah so we love these streams
7156s as well this is for you guys and um yeah
7159s swing by ask us questions happy to um
7161s answer everything as as much as we can
7165s and uh yeah stay tuned for more indeed
7168s indeed thank you very much Michael for
7169s joining us I know it was a bit kind of
7171s last minute but it come together very
7173s nicely and uh people do appreciate you
7175s you're dropping in and and hearing your
7177s voice uh you know sometimes we get to
7178s see you on video but hearing your voice
7180s and describing all the your uh Michael
7182s select shots is a is a nice addition I
7185s think a nice addition uh but yeah just a
7186s reminder um if you could if you are um
7190s or if you haven't left a review for us
7192s be very appreciative uh if you could as
7194s a small Indie Studio they make such a
7196s difference for as we get you know we're
7198s battling against other titles and
7200s algorithms and all sorts of things and
7202s you leaving a nice positive review for
7204s us um is very very helpful so we are
7206s appreciative of that if you can uh just
7208s reminder everspace one and everspace 2
7210s is available currently usually around
7212s 50% off for everspace 2 across the board
7216s uh so have a look on your favorite
7217s stores if you've not got it uh already
7220s if you know somebody that might like it
7222s well there has a nice big discount for
7224s you uh and even ever space one as well
7225s you're you're more than welcome to dive
7227s into that um we uh we're very
7229s appreciative uh but yeah as Michael said
7231s we're we're hard at work on uh working
7233s on some wonderful content that's going
7235s to be coming uh in the future uh but
7238s yeah we're kind of head down working
7239s hard uh but as soon as we have any
7241s details that we can share we will do uh
7243s just that you know what we like we like
7245s to sing it from the rooftops uh and get
7248s you guys in the know so uh yes uh and
7251s thank you for your content you support
7253s so again thank you to Michael thank you
7254s to Lee for clearing all the questions
7255s and thank you guys for joining us uh on
7258s these streams we do them for you and we
7260s love doing them but uh in the meantime
7262s folks take care be good and we'll see
7264s you in the next one toodles for now
7267s thanks Gary thanks everyone for watching
7269s take care bye-bye