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Almost every post you see, the 2nd or 3rd comment is always "oh, that's bad for ups." I'm sick to bloody death of it. 99% of players will never need to worry about ups. 99% of playthroughs will never need to ro worry about ups.

People say " that's bad for ups" like it is going to cripple their pc and haunt them.

" here is my nuclear setup I've put down on my moon base in SEK2" " oh that is bad for ups". Well so is SEK2. Who cares. " new lane balancer" " bad for ups"

Like a broken record. The person that triggered this ott post was responding to a guy re lane balancers. Now OP wasn't even consuming half a yellow belt of green chips and STILL we had the ups police out saying how terrible the solution was.

I wish the ups police would shut up amd only comment when people actually have megabases and want to optimise for ups.

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Playing the game is bad for UPS

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