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Is there anything on my end I can do to potentially fix this?

Make a bug report on the forum

06 Jul


  • High resolution power switch graphics.


  • Entities of other forces that are mined and brought back by undo are now set to have player force upon the undo application. more
  • Fixed a desync when unit group radius settings are changed.
  • Fixed that the final health value in the entity damaged event was wrong. more
  • Fixed a performance problem with the production stats GUI. ...
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04 Jul

Originally posted by sumelar

While the COVID-19 pandemic might be 'over'

It's not 'over' anywhere, no matter how well you think you're doing.

Be responsible don't do this in person.

I mean, that's why 'over' was in quotes, and the very next sentence was saying things can change very quickly.

If things continue as they are in Czechia (and most of Central Europe), with daily cases dropping, contact tracing up and running, etc. then we think its going to be fine to host this party.

We will continue to follow the recommendations of the Czech government, which so far has dealt with the virus extremely competently, and we will make sure the event is in full compliance with the requirements from the health ministry

03 Jul

The launch party Klonan

To celebrate the launch of the game later this summer (only 6 more FFFs to go!), we have decided to throw a party! It is going to be at the same venue as our 1 million sale party (...

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02 Jul

You're running an old version of the mining drone mod. Update it and the error will dissapear.

01 Jul

Awesome :D

28 Jun

It's not downloadable from regular releases, but there was download link here https://www.factorio.com/blog/post/fff-184

27 Jun

Originally posted by [deleted]


I would recommend updating your video drivers and turning off gsync

26 Jun

Originally posted by CptBishop

why we can't get .18 stable version on steam?

0.18 isn't stable yet


  • Fixed desync related to non-deterministic transport belt merging order when multiple merges happen in the same tick. more
  • Fixed alignment of number input entries.
  • Fixed that undo didn't remove deconstruction task to remove things in the way. more
  • Fixed stray tooltip bug in the map generator window. ...
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Locale plan update Klonan

Earlier this week I received the English proofreadings from Altagram, and overall I integrated over 500 suggestions into the game. Most were small, such as replacing "can't" with "cannot", things like that. It was the exact sort of external scrutiny we really needed, as it showed some areas where we were quite inconsistent. It feels like things are in a better place now, even if the majority of changes are relatively unnoticeable.

However it was very noticeable to our great community translators on Crowdin. When we update the English strings, the translations have to be updated on Crowdin. For the last few days I've been working through the issues raised on Crowdin, and there was a lot of good input on that last 1% of the changes.

So this concludes the 'English proofreading' phase. Starting on Monday, Altagram will start proofreading the target languages, and filling in any missing strings where needed. This should take about ...

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24 Jun


  • Full English text proofreading and corrections.


  • Fixed Trains gui listbox labels not being readable when hovered. more
  • Fixed a crash when using LuaChunkIterator. more
  • Fixed a desync related to placing blueprint with assembling machine with not yet researched recipe. ...
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21 Jun

That's when the Steam award nominations open up

19 Jun

Originally posted by waltermundt

Is it just me, or is the "trains" blurb on https://cdn.factorio.com/assets/img/blog/fff-352-evolution.png still showing the old train design?

Its the technology icon, If it gets updated in game we'll update it on the website

New website Sanqui

Over the course of the past year, you have seen the team put a lot of effort into polishing the game to get it ready for a full release. There's no doubt this is the most important effort here: we're all here to play the game. At the same time, the website is often the first thing people encounter—and in for many, return to every week! Unfortunately, until this point the looks of our websites have been neglected. The current set of websites are a complete mishmash of styles that are not coherent and do not fit with the look of the game.

Which website am I looking at again?

We set out to rework the looks of our websites last year to make them harmonize with the final game.

Albert and Aleš worked together to design the new website and make mockups in a process not too dissimilar to the GUI work in the game. Of course, web technology is a di...

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18 Jun

We are already on track for August 14th, no need to change the date again.

Yes, we keep the current August release date. Circumstances that allowed us to move the release date forwards haven't changed, and Cyberpunk was just a catalyst that started us thinking about moving the release date to begin with (not sole reason). 5 extra weeks would not be enough to squeze in some good surprise feature, and we'd probably just mess something up instead (we still might before August :P)

16 Jun


  • New beacon graphics.


  • Changed fluid mixing to a simpler version that only checks when manually building most things.
  • Added a flush fluids button to the pipe, underground pipe, and storage tank entity GUIs.


  • Show only unlocked items in filter selection (inventory and quickbar) and logistic/trash requests. Other selections like signal selection/upgrade selection are not affected. New interface settings (off by default) bypasses this and allows the player to see all items as before.
  • When selecting an element from a slot that has already value, the selected value is now going to be highlighted with the related tab (if applicable) selected.


  • Fixed a few weird pixels in heat exchanger East sprites. ...
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14 Jun

Originally posted by Zaflis

If you're seeing people talk about them messing with performance, that's an old bug that was fixed ages ago.

What? As far as i know, roundabouts are still horrible for UPS compared to usual 4-way intersections.

When people do roundabouts it's majority of the time for cityblocks, and that's where the UPS concern is the biggest because it's repeated in so many times.

(I guess with "performance" you meant throughput, but UPS is still more important than that in my opinion. I don't remember when i last saw any train waiting its turn at an entrance to any intersection.)

There isn't a significant UPS difference between rail systems with and without loops.

The main factor that affects train pathfinding cost is how direct a path there is from the train to the destination. Loops don't really influence that.

12 Jun

The Beacon Redesign V453000

The Beacon is one of the last entities that don’t have high resolution graphics yet. In the rather recent ...

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11 Jun

Originally posted by SkyCrafter2000

Is it possible to make a mod for it?

Not possible