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Originally posted by Mkoll666

I started playing warptorio and modded along the way but it got to the point that the loadtimes and performance is terrible (okay trechnically its only 10gb ram usage the rest is wndows). and I wonder how to trouble shoot it.6600k + 980ti + 16ram +ssd

posted everything that might be helpful, I tried deactivating all mods etc but this did nothing with loadtimes or ram usage. I think all of that happend after an update, so maybe something in my config needs adjustment? (tried to delete it and let it autodownload again)

In the config.ini, you can turn on atlas cache and mod data cache, which should speed up subsequent game loads

18 Apr


Originally posted by weirdboys

Units don't collide with each other in Factorio, unfortunately. I also wish to see the wonky pathing tbh.

You can make them collide with eachother by setting the collision mask in the prototype

17 Apr


Originally posted by Klonan

Ah recorded the whole thing with decoratives turned off

Came here to say this (:

16 Apr


Ah recorded the whole thing with decoratives turned off

14 Apr



  • Fixed color blending with a fully transparent color would produce slightly darker original color. more
  • Fixed that clicking gps tags in chat would also trigger chart drag causing chart to be not centered on gps tag. more
  • Fixed market gui would show wrong numbers when an offer has the same item multiple times. more
  • Fixe...
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13 Apr


Originally posted by paco7748

I have hundreds of blueprints and some of them are very large and sometimes I find a bug in my blueprint. For example: wrong value in constant combinator. Or missing rail chain signal. Or misspelled station name, etc. To fix this bug you need to put out your entire blueprint, fix bug, then create new blueprint, name it same way as old one, assign same icons, don't forget to include trains if needed, set up snapped grid size/grid position (need to remember those values) and then delete your old blueprint. This is ok 1 or 2 times, but after dozen times the overhead becomes annoying. It would be much easier to edit existing blueprint than creating a new one.

ah okay. yes, if your main issue is on editing BPs I feel your pain points. I thought you meant creating them was extremely inconvenient but you were actually referring to editing them.

I too wish /u/v453000 would update his ...

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I've mentioned a bunch of times, but yes, there are big reasons.

Most importantly, scripts can't write in to BP library. The version of my mod was using blueprints in inventory, which is very inconvenient nowadays. There's some more stuff, but this was the biggest one I think.



  • Fixed various issues related to how chat tags are open. more
  • Fixed that replays would break after winning the game. more
  • Fixed that listbox would loose focus when clicking on other widgets that can't be focused anyway.
  • Fixed GUI crash when furnaces would select recipes that have more products than it's output inventory size. more
  • Fixed that fluids could be purged from the whole fluid system in certain cases. ...
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11 Apr


This looks so cool.


Originally posted by VIIbrid

Just been using the in-game sprites. Prioritizing the one we see most: the in-game functioning inserter.

There's a slightly different version seen when destroyed, with alt views for the green inserter. There's also 2 instances of one smaller stylized one, likely to make it more appealing for small icons, but is completely different.

yes :)

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It is probably an antivirus software blocking the game from reading files from the disk for whatever reason.
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08 Apr


Originally posted by Pluranium_Alloy

There used to be a checkbox at the top of the advanced tab in the map generator, however it isn't there for me currently. (This is completely vanilla BTW)

07 Apr


That's excellent! This is what a mall should look like.

05 Apr


That's amazing :) I'm for sure not going to use that, but this is really well done.


Looks like you'll need another visit to the restroom, or is it too late?

03 Apr


The important features are what counts.

29 Mar


Originally posted by BLURE4l

Dude im trying too persuate him into buying it but he is really opposed to it and I wouldn't get him to play any other way. If he likes it he will buy it anyway so we can play the more recent versions.

Why can't he just pirate the latest version? 0.16 is over 3 years old

28 Mar


Merle haggard, Marty robbins, maybe some Bobby bare

25 Mar


Excuse me, how the f*ck XD

That's sick.

24 Mar