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Latest Patch NotesVersion 0.17.43 (about 1 hour ago)

Version 0.17.43

about 1 hour ago - /u/FactorioTeam on Reddit - Thread - Direct


  • The argument to --generate-map-preview is treated as a directory only if it ends with a '/' or '\'.
  • Car/tank color keeps the color of the last user.


  • Fixed that the technology GUI could freeze on certain technologies. more
  • Fixed a crash when trying to build train ghosts not on rails. more
  • Fixed a crash related to changing the logistic mode on an infinity-chest type entity through mods. ...
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Friday Facts #296 - All kinds of bugs

about 2 hours ago - /u/Klonan on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by RealFrizzante

When will 0.17 be "Stable"?

I don't know why i am being downvoted. If it is for the quotes is because I beilive devs do a great work and experimental versions are quite stable.

When all the bugs are fixed

Friday Facts #296 - All kinds of bugs

about 2 hours ago - /u/Klonan on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by jurgy94

Just add a null check 4head

But seriously though. After reading last weeks FFF and this one: if you are running out of idea's to write about, just write about some interesting bug you encountered like in this one. It's really interesting to get an glimpse of the inner workings of the game.

Just write about some interesting bug you encountered like in this one.

That implies there is an interesting bug each week

Friday Facts #296 - All kinds of bugs

about 4 hours ago - /u/Klonan on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Friday Facts #296 - All kinds of bugs

about 14 hours ago - Klonan, Rseding on News - Thread - Direct

Cars/Tanks remember their color Klonan

This really is a tiny feature, the car and tank will now save the color of the passengers when they exit the vehicle.

So now you won't forget which vehicle you were driving, and can warn everyone else on the server: "Pink tank is mine".

All kinds of bugs Rseding

As uninteresting as it is; most bugs are boring and typically involve missing code. Someone forgot to implement part of a new feature, forgot that some situation could happen, forgot to check for null. Rarely interesting things show up where everything is working but not how we want it to.

Performance: It's never what you think it is

Recently we had a bug report where a modded game would freeze for a minute for seemingly no reason and then continue like nothing went wrong. It being a heavily modded game my first reaction was to blame it on th...

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21 May

Version 0.17.42

3 days ago - /u/FactorioTeam on Reddit - Thread - Direct


  • Tweaked default graphics settings. The game should choose better default graphics settings for computers with integrated GPUs or less than 6 GB of RAM.


  • Fixed that GUI element size wasn't updated in inactive tabs when ui scaled changed. more
  • Fixed "Confirm Message" conflicting with some key-bindings. "Confirm Message" can no longer be bound to mouse input. more
  • Fixed possible crash when rendering GUI element with dynamically loaded sprite. ...
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17 May

Version 0.17.41

7 days ago - /u/FactorioTeam on Reddit - Thread - Direct


  • Fixed that some noise expression types used by some mods (literal map positions, offset-points, and distance-from-nearest-point) were unimplemented.
  • Fixed that blueprint rotation was not saved for blueprint books in the blueprint library. more
  • Fixed that the focus-search shortcut could be used to bring up the search field when it was disabled. more
  • Fixed that game.reload_script() could break LuaRecipe/LuaPrototype references.
  • Fixed a PvP script error on configuration changed. ...
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the bugfixing period boringly continues, we got down to 159 active bug reports, so in few weeks we should be finally down with this burden. But at least the graphics department has something new to show:

New design for the chemical plant Ernestas, Albert

After some time working on the redesign of the chemical plant, we can finally show the results:

In the old version, we had the problem of not being very clear when the chemical plant was working or not. So apart from the style modernisation and high resolution, this redesign was aimed for solving this readability issue. As an addition, we tried also to be very clear at the time of viewing what kind of chemical recipe the plant is processing.

Finally we came with the solution of adding a big window - pipe style - showing the moving liquids inside with the tinted color, and also adding a ch...

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16 May

Version 0.17.40

8 days ago - /u/FactorioTeam on Reddit - Thread - Direct


  • Improved efficiency of noise program compilation and quality of error messages.


  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes happen after deleting a blueprint from the library. more
  • Fixed crash related to train schedule containing only temporary stations. more
  • Fixed GUI inspector vertical align value inconsistency (middle instead of center). ...
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14 May

Version 0.17.39

10 days ago - /u/FactorioTeam on Reddit - Thread - Direct


  • Fixed that hand crafting wouldn't respect the hide_from_flow_statistics property. more
  • Fixed that modded GUI tables did not display borders that were set in their style.
  • Fixed the game would fail on startup if control settings were reset during migration of 0.16 config file. more
  • Fixed that train stop "must be build next to rails" error was not using the name of the train stop. ...
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10 May

Originally posted by Phase_Runner

Is it just me or is this an unusually short FFF?

They can't all be winners unfortunately

Version 0.17.38

14 days ago - /u/FactorioTeam on Reddit - Thread - Direct


  • When a train performs path finding while in a chain signal sequence, the pathfinding will have a constraint to not go through reserved block before exiting the chain sequence. This solves a problem of train intersections being possible to be deadlocked even with proper chain signals usage in cases of using temporary stops or when path is changed because of station is being enabled/disabled by a circuit network. (https://forums.factorio.com/68681) This also allowed us to to let train recalculate path spontaneously even in chain signal sequence, as it shouldn't break anything now.
  • When a temporary blueprint(e.g. blueprint from copy) is placed in the quickbar, the blueprint won't be destroyed when clearing the cursor and in...
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Blog thoughts Klonan

As the time goes on, the nature of our weekly FFF post has changed. At the very beginning (FFF-1) it was to let people know that "we're still alive and working on the game", and over time we've grown into covering a range of different topics:

  • Communicating our progress and roadmap of the next releases.
  • Showing new features and gathering community feedback on them.
  • Diving into the technical side of game development and particular challenges we face.
  • 'Meta-posts' about the company and...
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07 May

Question about Editor-Mode

17 days ago - /u/Klonan on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Unfortunately there is no mechanism to use the new feautres of 0.17 in older versions.

Version 0.17.37

17 days ago - /u/FactorioTeam on Reddit - Thread - Direct


  • Fixed acid splashes were blocking placement of buildings. more
  • Fixed that acid splashes would have a burning sound effect.
  • Fixed typo in font name that would cause crash in Cyrillic locales on Linux. more
  • Fixed that script changing train path as a reaction to train created event could break the rolling-stock connection process. ...
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n00b question no upvotes pls

17 days ago - /u/Klonan on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Can you provide a save game?

03 May

Originally posted by Imereale

I have another typo heads up , although off topic for this FFF.

On the content page (https://factorio.com/content) there is an instance of the noun "challenges" being misspelled as "challanges".

I'll get to this one on Monday 👍

Originally posted by Studstill

Just a heads up: The word "carrier" should be "career", right?

Right, fixed, cheers

Version 0.17.36

21 days ago - /u/FactorioTeam on Reddit - Thread - Direct


  • Added new specific remnants for various entities. (Work in progress)


  • Fixed that ghosts could be built in fog of war.
  • Fixed a stack overflow when merging large electric networks (149'000+ electric poles). more
  • Fixed some achievements not counting their requirements properly. more
  • Changed worm and spitter acid attack so they do not create acid splashes on water. ...
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More remnants Dom, albert

As for the conclusion of the topic opened in the FFF-288 we finally decided to go for ...

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02 May

Version 0.17.35

22 days ago - /u/FactorioTeam on Reddit - Thread - Direct


  • Increased the maximal length of station name to 1024, mainly to allow wider usage of multiple tags in the name. more


  • Fixed that making blueprints of locomotive ghosts wouldn't include the schedules. more
  • Fixed that worms and spitters didn't show attack parameters in description.
  • Fixed that the game would crash if it was closed when Sound Settings was opened. ...
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26 Apr

Originally posted by Mabuss

I mean, it's pretty reasonable to assume the same distribution of people playing different branches. So just use something like steamcharts to see how many people are playing.

What is a reasonable assumption for the number of people playing stable vs experimental?

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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