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Latest Patch NotesVersion 0.17.67 (16 days ago)


Originally posted by Cazadore

These towers are great. I love the fact their not op when the engagemet takes longer than 30s (after they have emptied out their internal power storage), they can only charge slow, they increase robot construction range and they get upgrades via techtree.

10/10 would use this mod again in my deathworld. Probably earlier than behemots...

Sidequestion for u/klonan

Can we get the "real visible bullets" change you did in your "Total Automation" mod as a stand alone mod ?

Yes, here: https://mods.factorio.com/mod/KS_Combat

Originally posted by mithos09

After all upgrades, they can even hold the line against behemoths: https://gfycat.com/widedesertedaltiplanochinchillamouse

Yeah, unless the ammo has been upgraded to uranium too, that is overpowered. Three lasers and a flamer wouldn't be able to hold that without repairs.

Yea the ammo has full upgrades too

17 Sep

Originally posted by Troyseph91

What is that limited by?

They can only recharge at a certain rate, so once the buffer is empty they repair things much slower, as the power trickles in

Originally posted by DominikCZ

Wow I love it. But yes, the consumption is important here as it looks quite OP.

they are less OP in practice, as the electric buffer empties after 25 shots or so, so the repair rate drops significantly as its limited by the inout flow rate

Originally posted by robot65536

Delivering repair packs along with ammo seems like a reasonable challenge for something this useful, and you have to do this with bot networks anyways. Maybe make it a config option?

The problem i figured, is that once you are delivering repair packs, you can use normal roboports, which are much more convenient, and make the tepair turrets obsolete

Originally posted by NameLips

Do they consume resource packs? Extra electricity when operating?

Yes, they consume extra energy when firing the repair beams. The efficiency upgrade reduces that energy cost by 25%.

They don't consume repair packs, the first implementation did, but I changed my mind after thinking through some gameplay/design considerations.

Link to mod: https://mods.factorio.com/mod/Repair_Turret

They are unlocked with green science.

There are some technologies that make the turrets more powerful and more efficient, so in the end game they can hold their own against behemoth biters.

Also they act as construction range extenders, so you don't need to build roboports along all your walls, using repair turrets will be enough to let bots rebuild destroyed entities. You will need to build roboports to house the robots, and pr...

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13 Sep

Fluid mixing saga Dominik

Hello Factorians,

Today I would like to talk to you about my favourite subject - fluid mixing and its prevention. It is a new mechanic introduced in 0.17 that seemed quite simple at first, but has been giving me nightmares ever since.

A while ago I took on the task of updating the fluid system (...

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09 Sep

Just installed the Experimental build.....WTH?

9 days ago - posila87 on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally posted by Toothless Raider: Good to know that. Is it safe to say that works on Linux as well?
Indeed. But you have to use valid Linux path, obviously.

Just installed the Experimental build.....WTH?

10 days ago - posila87 on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally posted by Toothless Raider: WTH? I mean WOW The graphic update is amazing!!!! Keep up the great work!

You can override mod folder path by setting launch options in Factorio properties in Steam Library. It's not the most convenient solution, but probably easier than having to fiddle with symlinks.
--mod-directory "D:\Factorio_mods"

06 Sep

Another week has elapsed, which brings us another week deeper into the declining weather of autumn.

Even more Remnants Albert, Dom, V453000

In ...

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04 Sep

Version 0.17.68

14 days ago - /u/FactorioTeam on Reddit - Thread - Direct


  • Pressing ESC while catching up to a multiplayer game will open the menu with most options disabled. more


  • Fixed migration bug that doubles up to one sample worth of statistics when a save is loaded from before 0.17.44.
  • Fixed production statistics not calculating the totals correctly. more
  • Fixed that on_built_entity wouldn't be fired for built blueprint entities. ...
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03 Sep

Version 0.17.67

16 days ago - /u/FactorioTeam on Reddit - Thread - Direct


  • New chemical plant graphics.
  • Heat pipes (also in reactors and heat exchangers) glow with high temperatures.


  • Pressing ESC while catching up to a multiplayer game will disconnect instead of opening the menu. more
  • An entity can't be teleported into a position where pipe connections would overlap. more
  • The camera will zoom to center instead of zooming to cursor in God controller, Ghost controller and Spectator controller.


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01 Sep

Friday Facts #310 - Glowing Heat pipes

18 days ago - /u/Klonan on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by crazybmanp

When will heat pipe glow be live on exp?

Next week (probably).

31 Aug

Originally posted by ICanBeAnyone

I still fail to see how jumpiness is a problem. When all your factories produce items in lockstep and then all try to grab inputs from a belt simultaneously, chances are that they will temporarily starve each other, too. So they will naturally end up in a rhythm where they cascade their production.

It's the same for pipes. shrug

It helps with seeing production balance, so you see a pipe with a constant 20/100 low flow amount, rather than a 1 second spike of 100/100 and 4 seconds of 0/100.

Originally posted by ancient_memes

What's stopping you? /u/klonan

The problem I can see with this issue is that it will mess with how productivity modules work and that it's too different to how the other machines in the game work. I wouldn't want to try to get my head around how some buildings produce at a constant rate and others produce a product at the end of an operation cycle.

I trust in our benefactors to deliver a solution. To be fair, I've not yet experienced any problems with the latest fluid changes at all.

Limiting the input/output flow rate is one good idea, it does smooth out the simulation and reduce jumpiness of ths system.

The solid state thing is never going to happen, its just not feasible.

30 Aug

Friday Facts #310 - Glowing Heat pipes

19 days ago - /u/Klonan on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by LeftFire

The heat pipes are also .18, they are post-stable.

The glowing heat pipes will be in the next 0.17 experimental

Friday Facts #310 - Glowing Heat pipes

20 days ago - /u/Klonan on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by MagmaMcFry

The FFF images aren't loading for me, but they load if I change their HTTP URL to HTTPS.

Should be fixed now, thanks for letting me know.

Friday Facts #310 - Glowing Heat pipes

20 days ago - /u/Klonan on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by craidie

Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't thousand celsius be dull red glow? And orange is several thousand?

The factorio universe might just have a different Stefan–Boltzmann constant... ?

Friday Facts #310 - Glowing Heat pipes

20 days ago - /u/Klonan on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Friday Facts #310 - Glowing Heat pipes

20 days ago - /u/Klonan on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Loraash

OK, with all these things that aren't the new fluid mechanics, I have to ask: is it pushed back to 0.18?

That is still to be determined, it may be a post-stable feature, it may be a 0.18 feature, it may never happen.

Only time will tell, but it is not forgotten.

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