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  • Fixed several issues related to latency state and quickbar.
  • Fixed underground belt related tips and tricks performing incorrectly. more
  • Fixed forced autosave flag would persist into loading another map if the current map got terminated due to script error before performing the autosave. more
  • Fixed a crash when loading some corrupt save files. ...
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01 Aug


How come you're still playing on 1.0.0?

29 Jul


Sorry, it is not possible, Steam is the only place where we offer regional pricing.

28 Jul


I am getting the urge lately to attempt some more work towards a balanced PvP focused mod...

The scope is always so large, rebalancing a whole combat system that was designed for PvE, adjusting the timing and systems so players don't just snowball and steamroll the opposition. But always the temptation is there

25 Jul


Originally posted by Enaero4828

the hydraulic pylons from the rocket silo. They're there because the artist thought making the banner even more cluttered spaghetti was more visually appealing, was mentioned here or in a FFF towards the end, not sure off top of my head.

Yes and no. Yes, they are the hydraulics for the rocket silo, but it's not fromt the banner, and we don't cheat in a way that we would just paste random stuff in a screenshot to make it seem busier. :)3


Originally posted by Silari82

Being a dev doesn't mean he worked on the banner. That was made by albert IIRC. Can't find where it's mentioned, only reddit posts with the same question that refer to it being mentioned before.

The banner == the original factory + some extra edits. These screenshots are specifically for 1.0 release and although they do originate from the same save, there's a bunch of stuff on top.

In this case it's both my save and I did work on those banners. :)


Originally posted by blolfighter

But what is it?

It's the arms that raise the rocket in the silo. It's just that they're a separate layer and the whole rocket silo section of these pictures is artificially put in to be able to position the rocket easily, as there were many variations of this kind of banner picture for the 1.0 release, it was very useful to have it flexible, as the rocket is one of the most important elements of the composition.

20 Jul


Originally posted by Texadecimal

It's not a bug, it's a spider.

Yea ... I think it is ok to leave it as it is :)
Edit: When I was developing the queue + follow features, I made a huge infinitely moving circle of spiders, I certainly recommend trying it.

13 Jul



  • Fixed belt drag building on the edge of building reach. more
  • Fixed that canceling upgrade of underground belt didn't make the corresponding operation with the (potentially) connected belt on the other side.
  • Fixed making blueprint from underground belt with direction upgrade order.
  • Fixed technology icons of flamethrower and rocketry. more
  • Fixed hang when deleting blueprint/deconstruction/upgrade planner or blueprint book held by an inserter. ...
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10 Jul


Originally posted by Quilusy

I played an SE run with TD's and the base looked really cool having separate factories (walled off) connected to a street of drones. Used trains for long distance like mines. Probably the coolest looking base we ever built.

We had to abandon the run because the FPS/UPS started dropping somewhere mid into the run. I can't be sure to blame TD mod for the drop in performance but i have my suspicion.

If you can provide the save game I can take a look at some possible optimizations

20 Jun


Originally posted by emlun

I think that at this point, how we got here isn't the most important part. What's more important now is how we go from here. As always, I think the best approach is to assume the best of everyone involved.

At this point, whether or not Uncle Bob deserves a platform is largely irrelevant. What's relevant now is that many people in the community are feeling betrayed, and some unsavoury people are feeling empowered. Trans people in particular are feeling alienated, and Steam is getting review bombed with people praising a "transphobic dev". As far as I can tell this seems to originate from Kovarex's use of terms like "cancel culture", and how those terms are tightly coupled with racism, transphobia etc. in USA culture. I've found nothing in Kovarex's comment history to support that he is transphobic, racist or misogynist (some comments display a lack of empathy, but not malice), but nevertheless there is now widespread worry that he is, and actual transphobes are now seeing th...

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This is a first explanation of how, even remotely, could anyone thing that this had anything to do with trans inclusivity.

For some reason, people took this very indirect information, and based their projection of me on that. And then, some people hate me for it, and some love me for it, I also find it pretty distrurbing when I get a positive comments based on me hating on someone, especially because it isn't true, that is absolutely absurd.
As I said before, I have nothing against trans people, and the issue I criticized is completely and uttery unrelated to it.


Originally posted by Base_BEAST

Here's something important to understand, in context of your recent posts about free speech:

The NFL is a gridiron football (rugby but intentionally smashing each other, essentially) league that is disproportionately peopled by dark-skinned African-Americans because of the way the US's society is set up. Before each game, the players and the audience are treated to the national anthem as a point of tradition, and the common practice is to remove any head coverings, stand, and usually cover your heart.

In light of recent perceived social injustices - whether you agree or not - some players and teams have taken to instead kneeling during the national anthem, in a similarly respectful but noticeably alternative pose. This is to bring attention to these issues and recognition of African-Americans' contributions to the NFL.

In response, your boy Bob and many of his GOP pals, while getting red in the face talking about cancel culture all the time, threatened to ...

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Well yes, the way you describe it, it seems quite unreasonable to hate on the act.
I just wanted (and I have to repeat it again and again), to stand against the culture of labeling people by their political opinions and statements to the
point, that people suggest labeling any link to the work to need a disclaimer.
And, yes he seems to be guilty of the same thing I stand against, but it doesn't changes the principle never the less. I never ever defended his political views, as I stated, i wasn't even aware of them, I didn't search for them, and I didn't care, because it wasn't relevant to that context.

But when I don't agree with his political views, the solution isn't to bash him and contact all the people around and warn them aboud him being dangerous. The solution is to contact him, and try to have a debate. There is a minimal chance of someone changing his worldview by having one debate, but showing reason has way bigger chance of making him rething hi...

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Originally posted by SlickSinkBro

But right after that you said "If teacher seduces his/her student and the act is voluntary, we can't really talk about rape right?" which does sound like defending child abuse.

As with most of these things, the devil really is in the details. What kind of teacher/student are you talking about? You will clearly get a different answers when you talk about 12 years old child from elementary school, or 25 years old grad student. Rape is very serious thing, and it feels like the term gets stretched little bit too much, and it might lose its severity. Again, I'm not a native speaker, maybe the conotations are different.
Do I need to say that I don't actually support child abuse? Well, then I state it just for sure.

19 Jun


Originally posted by Wiwiweb

Yes. Bob's blog post was referring to that.

Because no one is saying that "women are genetically inferior coders" there.

... that's kinda what the whole Google memo was about? Like the entire "Possible non-bias causes of the gender gap in tech" part? The whole reason the memo was news 4 years ago in the first place?

Some quotes for people who won't click the link:

"I’m simply stating that the distribution of preferences and abilities of men and women differ in part due to biological causes and that these differences may explain why we don’t see equal representation of women in tech and leadership"

"Women, on average, have more​: Openness directed towards feelings and aesthetics rather than ideas. Women generally also have a stronger interest in ​people rather than things"

"Women, on average, have more​: neuroticism"

The whole memo's argument is: "Google says their hiring bi...

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I still don't see anything that would state the orignal quote about women being inferior coders.


Originally posted by Wiwiweb

Example 1 is someone hating on Uncle Bob for wanting to disprove ideas instead of hating the person who said them.

The specific idea here being, "women are genetically inferior coders".

Imagine someone said Czech coders are just genetically inferior. And then I said "wait hold on, I know it sounds racist but we should hear him out, what if he had a point?"

Now imagine that there's already lots of science done about this gender difference, but we're both still saying the exact same thing.

Would you want to argue for your own non-inferiority with someone who had not bothered doing the research, and will never actually be convinced by anything you say?

Not all ideas are worth "debating on the marketplace of ideas".

Example 2 is a dead link, it contains just so...

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Are you referring to this?

Because no one is saying that "women are genetically inferior coders" there. If you didn't refer to this, tell me what you are referring to.


Originally posted by mithaldu

I don't know what Bob believes in his heart of hearts, i will however confidently state that he actively spread racist beliefs at one point in the past at least, with evidence.

As such, unless there has been a concrete change in Bob's engagement with political matters, i would prefer that my second-favourite game in the world does not provide even indirect free publicity to Bob's political opinions without at least a disclaimer.

Also yes, i'm one of those trans folk who love Factorio.

I honestly want you to explain your thought process to me. I just didn't see any racist beliefes in the post. Try to explain it like "for dummies" for someone who doesn't really care that much about football or the US drama.
I suspect highly, that this is the "two tribals" situation again.


Originally posted by faustianredditor

Important context here that apparently a similar law doesn't exist in CZ.

That does not mean that CZ has shitty child protection laws. It just means that they deal with that differently. Frankly, the fact that US/anglo law isn't the best solution here is illustrated that in some jurisdictions, a 17/18 couple can not have consentual sex, while a 17/16 and a 18/19 couple can. Because the law treats these situations quite simplistically.

Compare continental European laws which (to paint a few dozen countries with a single brushstroke) tend to see more nuance and look for abuse/power imbalance/grooming instead; however, these laws can often also apply to other personal constellations, like patient and caretaker, (adult) student and professor, etc.

Is it a shitty take to frame a decades old legal concept as SJW newspeak? Yeah, probably. Could kovarex have read up on the term before typing that? Yeah. Is it necessarily a pedo/pro-rape take? Absolutely not. It's un...

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I honestly didn't know that term, and it sounded to me like one of these newspeak terms (mensplaining and similar), and I thought that it means when someone has sex based on status (aka rock star and his/her fan).I searched it up right after, just to find out that it actually is an official term for child rape. That is all to it.

I could easily imagine that the mob will call me child abuse defendee or something like that based solely on that. But, who cares what the mob says, when it is basically just lies right?


Originally posted by sawbladex

I think that this is an issue of left leaning American not noticing how much of a trauma Communism was for former Soviet countries.

I will say that kovarex made a mistake in responding to one post that complained about political differences politely with venom, which basically means all of the stupidity that came out is his fault.

People were ribbing Uncle Bob for being a big advocate of Unit testing (i.e. separate code maintained by devs) when a whole bunch of bugs are only found by people using the software in ways the devs aren't able to classify in code. and kovarex didn't say anything there.

I actually say it directly in the original FFF, where I say doubt the idea of tests being completely independent, and advocate for usage of end-to-end tests in many cases, where I find the test dependencies to be a helpful tool.


Originally posted by PulseReaction

Yes, he has given talks in the past about software development where he basically said women are unfit to be software engineers (in the middle of the talk he said masculine traits are good and strong, and feminine are weak and bad, which made several women feel very insecure and excluded from the software community).

He did apologize for these comments, but in talks years later he continued to use that argument and basically repeated what he said.

Aside from that, his views on software engineering itself are outdated at best and outright damaging at worst.

Example one, example two, example three. Also why even his tech views are not that relevant


None of the examples supports your claim in any way.Example 1 is someone hating on Uncle Bob for wanting to disprove ideas instead of hating the person who said them. The hater is the guilty one there, not Uncle bob.

Example 2 is a dead link, it contains just some random tweet of a women saying she felt isolated. How is it relevant?

Example 3 Him not wanting to change the word craftmanship to craftwomanship.

And the last link is sum of the 3 links again.

This shows how empty this whole hate his, there is literally NOTHING AT ALL.