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Latest Patch NotesVersion 0.18.17 (8 days ago)


Sound design update Ian

One advantage of switching to home working during the COVID-19 crisis is the ability to listen to the game using speakers rather than headphones, and this has proved useful in balancing the relative levels of the game. Val has also been getting to grips with Lua, and this has led him to working on attenuations, which have been proving problematic. For instance, we noticed that sounds such as the radar were getting cut off when you walked away from them, rather than fading out cleanly.

I investigated and discovered we had a maximum environment sound limit of 15, by raising this to 50 we have eliminated many of these problems. But then the downside is that there are now more sounds playing and therefore more clutter to mix and balance.

Pink squares indicat...

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01 Apr

Logitech 910 LED issue

3 days ago - /u/Klonan on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Nothing in Factorio has changed related to the RGB integration.

I would recommend trying to update the GHUB software, and doing a full system restart.

Also anecdote, but I had a lot of hassle with GHUB in the past, I would guess it is something in their software that has become corrupted.

29 Mar

Your client is running at 60UPS, but the server isn't.

A 2.6 GHz Xeon with 1600Mhz memory is not very well suited to running Factorio, you would be better with a lower core count processor with higher clocks (like your home PC).

27 Mar

Version 0.18.17

8 days ago - /u/FactorioTeam on Reddit - Thread - Direct


  • Fixed Map Generator GUI becoming larger than the screen. more
  • Fixed Blueprint Setup GUI becoming larger than the screen. more
  • Fixed number pad Enter would be ignored by personal logistic request setup GUI if it was bound to in-game action. more

Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental up...

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Friday Facts #340 - Deep desyncs

9 days ago - Klonan on News - Thread - Direct

Not mentioning it would be weird

I really think everybody has heard all about this and nothing else over the last few weeks, but yes, the Coronavirus.

For now, with Factorio, everything seems okay. We are all working from home, the team is still going, and so far we are following our plan quite well. We released the Character GUI and Statistics GUI last week, and some improvements such as new water splashes and leaf animations this week. Things are still moving along.

However it is still early days, we haven't really had any experience having the whole team work remotely, so there may be some challenges we need to tackle as time goes on. At the moment we don't know whether this will affect our 1.0 release date, I guess it will one way or the other, but for now we aren't announcing any changes.

Business as usual

Apart from the development side still running, our e-shop is also remaining operational, and we have just restocked on all ...

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25 Mar

Version 0.18.16

10 days ago - /u/FactorioTeam on Reddit - Thread - Direct


  • New water splash effects using water particles instead of an animation.
  • New animations for leaf particles.


  • Fixed the tank not being properly centered to its bounding box (graphical issue).
  • Fixed GUI windows not drawing properly when they can't fit the screen width. more
  • Fixed glowing Heat pipe ending sprites. more
  • Fixed some character bonuses in bonus GUI not being printed correctly. ...
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23 Mar

Help with changing PvP settings mid game

12 days ago - /u/Klonan on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Hmm, something like:

/c global.pvp.config.game_config.neutral_chests = true

It won't affect any old chests, only newly placed chests.

Here is another command to try to set the chests to the right force (it will set to the force of the last player who interacted with it):

/c for k, chest in pairs (game.player.surface.find_entities_filtered{type = "container"}) do if chest.last_user then chest.force = chest.last_user.force end end

20 Mar

Version 0.18.15

15 days ago - /u/FactorioTeam on Reddit - Thread - Direct


  • ENTER key can now be used to confirm the small "Set request" pop-up windows.


  • Fixed that defines.gui_type was missing some values. more
  • Fixed tabs not changing correctly in the item select gui for train circuit/item/fluid conditions. more
  • Fixed that deleting blueprints didn't work in some cases. mor...
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not starting! any1 could help?

15 days ago - posila87 on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Try to open Factorio properties in Steam, and set launch options to --dxgi-blit-model

The beacon is one of the last entities left to convert to HR. As always, before 'just re-rendering' we take the chance to re-think the concept and modernize it. This post will try to go a bit deeper in the process of redesigning such an entity.

The old beacon

At the beginning of the project, the style of the game was less or more clear: nothing looks brand new. Everything looks dirty and DIY. The machines need to be full of details, if possible trying to explain its mechanics. The colors are provided by the raw materials. The bounding box is everything. And some other rules that I don't even remember now.

The main handicap at that time was that we didn't have the experience of how the average player is composing the factories. So we produce a nice looking model but once it is placed in the factory, it doesn't look that nice due to the lack of context.

The ...

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18 Mar

Version 0.18.14

17 days ago - /u/FactorioTeam on Reddit - Thread - Direct


  • The production statistics and electric network GUIs now have a new look.
  • The kills GUI (K keyboard shortcut) has been removed. Kills statistics are now accessible as a tab in the production statistics GUI.


  • Fixed an issue with nested items in items. more
  • Fixed Character GUI missing logistics tab due to missing technology migration. more
  • Fixed Character GUI recipes constantly scrolling up when crafting or when inventory ...
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17 Mar

Version 0.18.13

18 days ago - /u/Klonan on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by triggerman602

Is there any way to request blueprint items or books with logistic requests? If I send a blueprint to trash, getting it back is pretty hard.

They are normal items, you can request them in the normal way

Version 0.18.13

18 days ago - /u/FactorioTeam on Reddit - Thread - Direct


  • The character GUI now has a new look.
  • Personal logistics has been moved to a separate tab. Logistic requests and auto trash have been merged into one panel.
  • Using quick inventory transfers in the player inventory of the character gui will transfer the items either to weapons and armor slots or to trash slots depending on the selected tab, regardless of item type.
  • Updated the look of filter, item and circuit signal selection GUIs.


  • Personal logistics are now unlocked by a single research. This unlocks personal logistic requests and auto trash(unlimited count), plus 30 character trash slots.
  • Removed the restriction of not allowing to have two identical blueprints in the blueprint library or blueprint book.
  • Allowed to delete blueprint/books/upgrade planners/deconstruction planners also when opened in other inventory.
  • Removed the utility slots (to create blueprint, book etc) ...
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13 Mar

The Character GUI Twinsen

It was 11 months ago when we first mentioned the new Character GUI, in ...

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10 Mar

Version 0.18.12

25 days ago - /u/FactorioTeam on Reddit - Thread - Direct


  • Fixed that some Lua events related to inventories would always report invalid. more

Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.

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Version 0.18.11

25 days ago - /u/FactorioTeam on Reddit - Thread - Direct


  • Fixed player character shadow didn't animate in idle state when not facing north.


  • Fixed that LuaEntity::splitter_filter would reject a LuaItemPrototype. more
  • Fixed smart entity collision mode in tile editor did not work with offshore pump. more
  • Fixed that modded shortcuts that spawned items not visible in the blueprint library didn't work. ...
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09 Mar

Factorio All Experimentals for Download

26 days ago - /u/Klonan on Reddit - Thread - Direct

We don't want people downloading and playing old buggy experimental releases.

We only keep up stable versions in the long term.

06 Mar

Originally posted by justarandomgeek

I think they like my buttons

Edit: Oh, they're pointing out a typo on one of them... I guess I get to make a third tiny update in a row...

Ah right :)

Originally posted by Villfuk02

Increment verion

u hwhat

Statistics GUI Klonan, Oxyd

The statistics GUI (electric network stats, production stats, etc.) is one of the GUIs that has been in the game for a very long time, and has had its functionality fleshed out reasonably over the years. It was not long ago when Twinsen added hovering and highlighting to the graphs.

Given that, and the relatively short timeframe for 1.0 release, the update of the statistics GUI has really just been a style update, no new features or heavy logic rewriting. Oxyd has most of the work done, so we are happy to show some real in-game screenshots of how it looks:

A notable change with the electric stats is that the Satisfaction/Production/Accumulator charge are next to each other in a single row, as opposed to each in a separate row. The label for the exact amount has also been moved to inside of the progress bar, which itself is much...

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