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Latest Patch NotesVersion 0.17.58 (4 days ago)

Friday Facts #304 - Small bugs; Big changes

11 minutes ago - /u/Klonan on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by ChristianNilaus

Dear Wube

Since the "mega packet" update MP has been frustrating to play due to rubber-banding and latency. This manifests most obviously when you take a small step and it moved 4-5 tiles instead of <1 tile as it should. This is not always happening, but certainly more than 50% of the time.

I have played on the same server for many months and it suddenly went from "usual MP latency" to "OMG I CANNOT CONTROL MY CHARACTER!1!" from one day to the next. I have asked around and it seems this is commonly experienced.

Is this one of your 28 remaining bugs? if so I would like to upvote that in your backlog if possible ;)

Yea, we have also fixed that for the next release

Friday Facts #304 - Small bugs; Big changes

41 minutes ago - /u/Klonan on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Roxas146

So G2A gets to choose the auditing company? I'm sure that the auditors will be completely objective and reasonable towards the company that's paying them for an audit!

Its going to be one of the Big 4 accounting firms.

We are down to 28 bugs on the forum. The last bugs are often the ones we have been putting off for a reason, they generally require some more meaningful changes and decisions. That is why this week we have a lot to discuss.

G2A update

G2A got back to us this Monday, nothing much has happened so I will keep it short. They asked if we would agree to an audit to verify the money lost to chargebacks, we said yes, and they said they will start contacting some audit companies, and that it will 'take some time'.

Rail-planner obstacle avoidance

Kovarex was convinced by members of the forum to add someway to use the obstacle avoidance mode of the rail planner. Now when planning a rail path, holding CTRL will make it use the obstacle avoidance ghost planning.

MP server description Sanqui

Dear server owners: the server description field is being enlarged from 120 to 5000 characters, and it now loads immediately. As soon ...

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17 Jul

15 Jul

Version 0.17.58

4 days ago - /u/FactorioTeam on Reddit - Thread - Direct


  • Fixed a crash related to researching technologies through script.
  • Fixed a crash when opening other settings on the steam version of the game. more

Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.

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Version 0.17.57

4 days ago - /u/FactorioTeam on Reddit - Thread - Direct


  • Restored ore placement to match that of 0.17.50 more


  • Optimized synchronization time of blueprint library to a new game map. more


  • Fixed glitch in pollution cloud overlay rendering. more
  • Fixed joining multiplayer through Steam Friends would not work ...
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12 Jul

Originally posted by loozerr

There's a third possibility for why people are buying gifts and selling them under market price - skins are a huge market and it's one of the ways to liquidate money sitting on a steam account. So people can obtain skins (legit ways like loot boxes, gray areas like hosting trade websites, and outright scams like skin casinos and phishing accounts), sell them on Steam market and turn it into actual cash.

Ah, that is an interesting point

Originally posted by Illiander

Sorry for my ignorance, but who are G2A and why are they shady?

eli5 for me?

We have talked about them before:


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Version mismatch - need help!

7 days ago - /u/Klonan on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by RexKoeck

If build 46132 was released as version 0.17.56, then releasing 46133 should be done as 0.17.57. I wouldn't ever expect to see two releases with the same version but with different build numbers.

The deployment of 46132 crashed midway through, and since the deploy was not completed, there was no reason to bump the version number.

The problem was that it failed after it had already uploaded the Linux headless, so when the next deploy succeeded, the old failed deploy was still in the cache

Version mismatch - need help!

7 days ago - /u/Klonan on Reddit - Thread - Direct

So we think that there was a cache issue with a version of the Linux server, and a few people downloaded an old cached version instead of the latest correct version when updating last night.

So the solution is for the server host to download a fresh copy of the linux headless server

Under 100 bugs

We have a record low in our bug report forum, of only 55 active bug reports. I don't think in the history of Factorio the bug forum has been so clean. No doubt once we mark 0.17 as stable the count will shoot up again.

For this weeks graph I added the count of players on Steam as the left axis. We thought it would be somewhat interesting to see if there is any correlation between the two.

Note: The axis have different scales.

I also prepared the same graph but for...

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11 Jul

Version 0.17.56

8 days ago - /u/Klonan on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by AdmHielor

Updated my local copy via steam, updated my server via the linux updater script, I get the following error:

Version mismatch detected!

You are running version 0.17.56 (build 46133, win64, steam)

Server is running version 0.17.56 (build 46132, win64, steam)

Thanks for letting us know, we will look into it

Can you try running a clean install of the linux server and see if the issue persists?

Version 0.17.56

8 days ago - /u/FactorioTeam on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Minor Features

  • Added option to enable Steam Cloud Sync for blueprint library to Other Settings GUI. Please backup your blueprint-storage.dat if you chose to enable it. The option is available in Steam version of the game and Cloud Sync needs to be enabled in Steam for the library to be actually synchronized.


  • Fixed that the blueprint library GUI sometimes wouldn't update until the mouse was moved. more
  • Fixed that deconstructing tiles in the map editors instant-deconstruction mode didn't work. ...
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09 Jul

Version 0.17.55

10 days ago - /u/FactorioTeam on Reddit - Thread - Direct


  • Fixed that some of the textboxes didn't allow to write characters bound for different actions when focused. more
  • Fixed a desync related to removing rail signal that merges two rail blocks reserved by different trains into one.
  • Fixed that the belt-gap-fill logic could replace splitters/underground belts in some cases. more


  • Added LuaPlayer::connect_to_server().

Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or downlo...

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05 Jul

The multiplayer megapacket Twinsen

Last month I joined KatherineOfSky's MMO event as a player. I noticed that after we reached a certain number of players, every few minutes a bunch of them got dropped. Luckily for you (but unluckily for me), I was one of the players who got disconnected every, single. time, even though I had a decent connection. So I took the matter personally and started looking into the problem. After 3 weeks of debugging, testing and fixing, the issue is finally fixed, but the journey there was not that easy.

Multiplayer issues are very hard to track down. Usually...

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04 Jul

Version 0.17.54

15 days ago - /u/Klonan on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Xertez


I receive a 404 when I attempt to go to this page.

Its a spooky future link to a FFF that isn't released yet

Version 0.17.54

15 days ago - /u/FactorioTeam on Reddit - Thread - Direct


  • Removed the message of " is in the way" when building over the exact same entity with same direction and position as in cursor. more
  • Rails under trains can be marked for deconstruction. more
  • Better latency hiding in multiplayer when experiencing connection issues. Less issues with rubber-banding or character teleporting.
  • Latency hiding is no longer completely disabled when the character is shooting...
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01 Jul

Version 0.17.53

18 days ago - /u/FactorioTeam on Reddit - Thread - Direct



  • Fixed that curved rail bounding box wasn't rotationally symmetric.
  • Fixed window would flicker when dragging window from left to right, from normal DPI display to higher DPI display. ...
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28 Jun

Originally posted by triggerman602

Why are there two threads for the FFF? This one and https://www.reddit.com/r/factorio/comments/c6m0tc/friday_facts_301_crash_site_first_state

The bot posted the wrong link

Good bot

EDIT Bad bot wrong link: https://factorio.com/blog/post/fff-301

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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