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Originally posted by KamahlYrgybly

Yeah, this some deeply disturbing dystopian shit.

As it should be :)

06 May


Originally posted by Sumned

Hi u/FactorioTeam, any news about the dls release date?

u/FactorioTeam is a robot



  • Quickbar shortcuts to items in blueprint books can be used again. more
  • Fixed grenade shadows.
  • Fixed it was possible to put blueprint book indirectly into itself more

Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at ...

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04 May


Hello, I have a question, why do you keep unconfirmed tips and tricks in the left bottom corner? I guess that the window of the "New tips" is there for a long time already, isn't it in your way? Aren't you curious what interesting infromation can be obtained by clicking tips and checking it out?

02 May



  • Significantly reduced the intensity of the red screen flash when the player character takes damage.
  • Changed fish so they won't swim into inactive chunks. more
  • Changed slowdown capsule and posion capsule icons to be matching in size. more
  • Added email authentication to login GUIs.


  • Fixed that overwriting ItemRequestProxy item requests wasn't working properly in some cases when the same item was already requested. ...
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18 Apr


Originally posted by Giocri

I guess and yet it still doesn't feel intentional maybe they made the icons from 3d assets and messed up the angle in between rendering one plate and the other

Especially the iron/copper plate icons got a LOT of attention, this is very much on purpose. :)



- you make icons the same shape, colour blind people complain

- you make icons different shape, other specific group of people complain they're different


15 Apr


Originally posted by Algorithmologist

Looks like it's automatically setting the player to invincible, and biters are programmed to run from things they can't kill.



as a happy 5950X user: O_O

05 Apr


IDK I'm having a real hard time with it as is.

01 Apr


Originally posted by TotalAbsolutism

What I really want to know is: Did you guys invent that 'offer', or was it a real email that you received?

Real offer, one of many.


Originally posted by urielsalis

I was expecting a Factorio versión like https://youtu.be/BeBdRETZ5fQ

That would be kind of cool :)


This post was written as a joke for April Fools' day. Nothing written here should be taken seriously.

No doubt you have heard about NFTs, the latest Blockchain innovation. With some big gaming companies exploring NFTs, where does Factorio stand?

We have received many offers

. Some of the offers were quite silly, others very tempting. Since we have many Blockchain enthusiasts on the team...

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29 Mar



  • Improved overall performance by 5-10% when fully zoomed out.


  • Fixed that some error messages wouldn't be translated. more
  • Fixed that biters might remain inactive when they should be activated. more
  • Fixed that units could teleport through cliffs if they bunched up close together. more
  • Fixed that setting LuaGuiElement::zoom to 0 would crash the game. ...
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14 Mar


You say horribly balanced... I say, not balanced at all

09 Mar



  • Some GUI fixes and improvements for screen resolutions under 1920x1080
  • Set the default GUI scale on the Steam Deck to 100%


  • Fixed poison cloud sound fade out.
  • Fixed tooltips for vehicles would still show entry instructions even when no passengers are allowed. more
  • Fixed train stop names with different amounts of leading spaces being treated as equal in some cases but not in others. more
  • Fixed idle machines without idle sound counting towards the max_sounds_per_type limit. ...
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02 Mar


We are a games company based in the Czech Republic. Russia's invasion of Ukraine affects us directly. We have team members there, we have friends there, and we get information first hand. There is no excuse for the actions of the Russian army, they have little regard for civilians including children.

We support Ukraine and have made contributions to relief efforts.

We support Russians that stand against the actions of the Russian government.

You can help too, even if it is just with your voice. World leaders are listening: every voice counts.

The Czech National museum, which has bullet scars from the Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968.

Please, keep the discussions about the world events (if you can't help it) specifically in threads related to this post, as we want to keep the rest of the content on topic.

28 Feb


Originally posted by Rufus_the_demon_Core

It appears 1.2 is getting pretty close...