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0.15 or 0.17 tutorials should be fine, the logistics system hasn't changed for a long time

22 Sep


- Nobody touches my sh*t.

- No need to organize or wait for somebody, if I have some minutes, I can play.

- I can dare to do wild, creative solutions that would be hated on by others.

- Building completely mental spaghet that only I can orientate in isn't very comfortable for others.

- Nobody touches my sh*t.

19 Sep


Now I'm not sure how good idea was to name the recipe this way :)

14 Sep


Most people just throw in 100 drones and call it good enough, with stack inserters you can get maybe 2 red belts out of 1 depot.

With loaders you can extract a lot more.

You can also load directly from the depots into cargo wagons, which saves on extra belts.

09 Sep


Originally posted by figsoda

It doesn't require you to change the name of the folder every time and you can publish to mod portal from its cli.

btw you can develop from a folder without a version number, it will pull it from the info.json.

If the folder does have a version in the name, it needs to match, and .zips always need the correct version.

05 Sep


It’s a nickname of a person :))


Originally posted by crumbapapa

In one of your Friday Facts, you showed how you use Blender to create sprites. When the blender updated to 2.8 how did that affect the process for creating new sprites?

Hi, it simply didn’t as we haven’t adopted 2.8 yet even now.

This was for many reasons, but the main ones:

- the initial versions of 2.8 did not support all of the features we really need (mostly stuff related to how we render things, so incompleteness of the new view layer system in compare to renderlayers from 2.79). I believe this is feature complete in latest versions.

- we have a significant amount of scripts we use for quite a few things, from generating render compositor nodes with standardized output paths from a list of renderlayers, including parsing some keywords to identify for example AO, height and shadow passes, through rendering scripts that handle all kinds of things like disabling some renderlayers so only the animated parts render all frames of the animation, disabling lights, rendering from all scenes in a blend file and/or multiple blendfiles, swapping materials (blender does not have exclude/include list for material override in renderl...

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02 Sep


Originally posted by Yokmp

You need to disable it whe updating the Game or any Mods, reload and reenable it.

No you don't, i have never done that in my life and I use it since the day it was added

01 Sep


You can enable atlas cache and mods data cache, its in the config or secret options menu

31 Aug


Originally posted by StormCrow_Merfolk

Because power poles have to connect outside the blueprint too.

They have to, but the connection inside the blueprint could be (and should be) controlled by the way the blueprint is setup.

27 Aug


Originally posted by Zr4g0n

Good thing they're not working for free, then! They've made somewhere over 2 million sales of the game, most on steam. Because of regional pricing, let's assume it's 10€ average per sale. And let's call it 2.5m sales, with steam promoting 1.0 and all. Currently the team size is 20, so let's have fun and assume that's been the case for the entire time, all 7 years. That leads to around 178K € per head per year, currently. Some of that is lost to steam, some is lost to overhead, and some is gained from having not 20 devs for all 7 years. And the average sales price might be different, as it seems most players are in europe. They also have sales of merch that I haven't taken into account. Wube isn't making the game for free.

As for possible DLCs, I'm sure there are potions out there that would not split the player-base. Without much effort put into it, maybe something like an additional campaigns or handcrafted maps using available-for-all resources would work. Or hav...

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Well, you have Steam cut, taxes, offices, hardware etc.
Also, you need to factor the "Risk reward", if we decide to do anything, we never know if it is going to be financial success or not, so the successful projects need to cover for the failed attempts in the long run.
Also, the company can make profit, it doesn't need/shouldn't stay on zero in the long run obviously.

And lastly, this way of thinking is not really correct, it doesn't matter how much the company or the individual people make, the thing that matters is if the product value for the customer is big enough for its price.

26 Aug

21 Aug


Releasing a lot of things directly to 1.0 would make it basically experimental for some time, and it would split the community in quite an important moment. For this reason, we are trying to clear all the tasks and bugs for 1.1, which will become experimental and allow us to finish all the remaining issues.


Originally posted by AlternativeFFFF

If by foresight you mean scrambling to get something out over the last 2 days, then sure ;)

It is the Friday Facts way :)


This is why I've never finished a zachtronics game :(

They are great though

19 Aug


Used to shrink a lot more. The standalone pipe would look too weird if it was shorter, and making the endings longer is a bit too much work to justify for this.


Originally posted by Aerolfos

This isn't even the final form, I think a later attempt managed to get 1200 tiles of stretch...

Honestly, it's hilarious to see and you need to be trying, it's not a problem at all.



Originally posted by generalecchi

Are there any concept art or different iteration of the current Spidertron ?

Not really anything worth showing. I have some extremely basic sketches somewhere I don't even know where, but generally similar to what is the final result. There was not much time for iteration.


Originally posted by Aerolfos

So we invented a system of stretchable & non-stretchable parts with posila.

Now I feel bad about trying to break it (with other players) less than a day after release...

Eh, don't care too much, especially seeing how hard you were trying to achieve that. :) There's less-hard-trying cases around, but I wouldn't be too worried about those. Now of course I wouldn't by no means claim that the graphics work fine for those extreme stretchings, but it's not completely disattached or other kinds of broken either...