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So for a while I’ve been thinking to learn how to code to make this mod. I want more people to experience factorio so ive been thinking of making a mod that would let people move the character with only their mouse. This would make the game playable for people with only one hand. I was thinking of a “circle” system where you can hold down the right mouse button to then have a circle of possibilities pop up. So for example if you want to copy a building you can hover over it, hold in right click and then have 2 options half of the circle around your mouse cursor would be copy and half would be destroy so that you can still easily copy buildings an place them. Would work the same with walking. hold right click somewhere and have the option to press “move here” do you guys think this mod would be helpful for people with a handicap or should I not bother. Or maybe it already exists and I don’t know about it.

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This mod has a 'Click to move' feature: https://mods.factorio.com/mod/Kruise_Kontrol

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