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  • Fixed belt drag building on the edge of building reach. more
  • Fixed that canceling upgrade of underground belt didn't make the corresponding operation with the (potentially) connected belt on the other side.
  • Fixed making blueprint from underground belt with direction upgrade order.
  • Fixed technology icons of flamethrower and rocketry. more
  • Fixed hang when deleting blueprint/deconstruction/upgrade planner or blueprint book held by an inserter. more
  • Fixed hang when trying to delete blueprint/deconstruction/upgrade planner or blueprint book that was moved to different inventory in the meantime. more
  • Fixed pressing delete key in save/load game menus multiple times would pop-up confirmation dialog multiple times. more
  • Fixed that the close map generator preview button icon was too large. more
  • Fixed that the show/close map generator preview button didn't loose hover after the preview was shown.
  • Fixed that Cut and copy paste tools select trains in the standard selection mode, even when trains are ignored in this mode. more
  • Fixed crash related to wrong identification of non-default values in the mod settings gui. more
  • Fixed that linked custom inputs didn't work for some game controls. more
  • Fixed that the train fuel tab didn't work right for clients in multiplayer. more
  • Fixed a crash when using the prototype explorer GUI after just changing mods. more
  • Fixed rare corner case related to removal of mods and entities in more than 1 electric network. more
  • Fixed item product overload logic when using variable output items. more
  • Fixed crash when starting game without base mod and with --disable-prototype-history. more
  • Fixed a crash when using set_stack in blueprint books. more
  • Fixed a crash when cloning script-disabled beacons. more
  • Fixed a crash when using repeat_count with frame_sequence in animation definition. more
  • Fixed a crash when trying to build a rolling stock between other rolling stocks from a single train. more
  • Fixed ghost entities had reflections on water.
  • Fixed a desync related to processing on_gui_opened event of opening blueprint records in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to pick a fluid wagon with fluid in clone tool. more
  • Fixed that copying assembling machine recipes didn't update fluidbox temperature filters in some cases. more
  • Fixed that robots could sometimes leave roboports very slowly if they were called to work in the middle of descending into a roboport. more
  • Fixed trains GUI status button tooltip not updating. more
  • Fixed LuaPlayer::build_from_cursor would flip direction when every other building underground belts/pipes. more
  • Fixed Train GUI wait condition bars display with 0 slot cargo wagons. more
  • Fixed in-game EULA showing HTML character sequences. more


  • Fixed clearing LuaCustomChartTag.icon by writing nil or empty SignalID.
  • Added LuaPlayer::start_selection and clear_selection.
  • Added freeplay remote interface methods for adjusting the crashsite.


  • Added overlay layer to the tree variation definitions. more
  • Fixed parameter substitution when used with standard parameter more
  • Removed unused equipment prototype property "ability_icon".
  • Added select_group_row_count, select_slot_row_count, inventory_width, module_inventory_width, tooltip_monitor_edge_border, normalised_achievement_icon_size, tutorial_notice_icon_size and flying_text_ttl to utility constants.

Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.

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