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So i heard about some "greenbeards". What is that ?

And can you please give me any advise how to play engineer ? What weapon upgrades are better ? Armor shredding or crowd damage ? Also which granade is the best to use, and how to play engineer properly at all ?

I just bought bug repellent (or how is it called) on my platforms, but the bugs seem to be walking on platforms anyway. How come ?


Rock and Stone !

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Welcome aboard miner. Rock and Stone!

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I'll try to keep note of this for when I play tomorrow + THERES DIFFERENT TYPES OF TREES??? I've only seen pine so far so I thought that was it

The density of different tree species depends on the map. So if you're playing on a map like Washington, then you're going to see a lot of pine trees. In Washington, you can find other types of trees on the outskirts of cities.

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Hello! For now, Early Access focuses on creative building and caring for animals basic needs in their habitats. You can click on each animal in the Genetics Menu or after placing them in an empty enclosure to view their habitat needs!

Park & Staff Management will be introduced throughout later updates as development continues: https://trello.com/b/JAp8HMuy/prehistoric-kingdom-public-roadmap

The tutorial was temporarily disabled for some bug fixing, but will return in the next update!

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Just keep finding the bottlenecks and fixing the bottlenecks :)

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