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Hi, something weird has been happening to a modded server I have been on with a friend. We have quite a few mods installed so maybe there is a new incompatibility that wasn't there when we compiled the list initially as it was a few months ago. We took a break and when we came back (after updating the mods and the factorio binary a few versions), when we joined the server everything was frozen. We couldn't move or pan the map view around and belts and everything were frozen. I had the idea to try the most recent autosave and that did seem to solve the problem, but we decided to start over anyway as it had been awhile since we played. I also tried the broken save in singleplayer and still faced the issue there.

However, we went to try to play today and found the new save file in the same state, so it seems something is corrupting our save file for some reason. Let me know if there's anything I can provide to help debug the problem or if I should try posting this on the official forum. Thanks in advance!

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Try toggling to editor (type /editor in the console) and seeing if the game is paused there (the "time" panel).