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Hello, world!

There are lots of mods based on initial Mining Drones mod by Klonan. They can be splited into several groups:

  1. Balance fix: more difficult drone recipe (2)
    including my Mining Drones improved Tech
  2. Balance fix: electric energy usage (1)
  3. Balance fix: more pollution (2)
  4. Balance tweak: higher depot capacity (1)
  5. Compatibility with other mods (3)
  6. Skins (2)

Due to dealing with internal code, mods of groups 2, 3, some of 5 can only be forks, not patches, which means they are incompatible with other ones, and this is sad. In addition, from my subjective yet perfectionists point of view, most of them provide quite poor quality of improvements and almost zero customisation. But I love having opportunity to customise experience and difficulty to feel robust, engaging challenge. I guess you too, if you tune your gameplay experience with mods?

SO!! Hereby I'd like to present you my new mod Mining Drones 2.0 Remastered. The names sounds too cool, hah?.. I hope the content is worth it! 😎

What's so special about it?.. Is solved all the mentioned issues at once and even more!

1. 🔬 Technology: you need to research a technology to unlock Mining Drones and Depots.

2. ⚙️ Editable drones recipe: drones recipe is customasible by startup settings. There are the following optional ingredients:

  • iron stick and gear wheels
  • steel plates
  • green / red / blue circuits
  • heat / electric engine
  • battery

Some of them also affect depot's recipe. The cost of science packs and required dependencies of root technology will be updated with startup settings you pick. So, you can make Mining Drones an early-, mid- or late-game technology.

PS: yeah, I need to provide more options to make it a lategame tech. I'm thinking about adding these: 3 tier modules, portable fusion reactor, RCU, LDS. What do you think?

3. 💨 Pollution: mining drones produce pollution in accordance with to vanilla drills. The amount can be adjusted by map settings, whether you prefer more or less pollution. I love fights, so I make more.

4. ⚡️ Energy Drones: drones consume electric energy to perform work, so you need to attach a power pole. Required energy can be edited with settings, down to 0.

5. 🎒 Depot capacity: configurable number of drones in a depot, default capacity is 100, but you can set 10-2000.

6. ♻️ Prod research: I removed additional Productivity research for mining drones, now vanilla one is used. This can be reverted by settings.

7. 🚫 Disablable Drills: also you can disable Burner or Electric Mining Drills to live with drones only if you're crazy! Developed by a request which I liked.

8. ✅ Migrating from v1.x and forks: I spent several hours to burn my brain, but made migration process from original Mining Drones mod and its forks as smooth and seamless as possible, recreating state management objects and cleaning all the hidden entities to prevent wandering drones, collision with invisible walls and overlapping text labels.

9. 🌎 New locales: I also added translations to 8 languages in total.

Hope you will love my mod 🙌 Bug reports are welcome, feature and compatibility requests may be also considered as well as code suggestions.

I'm just learning Factorio modding topic and its API, so, I plan to develop more cool and original mods! 😊

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Originally posted by AchimAlman

Klonan published the original mod with a license that especially allows to do this and the last update of the original mod was 2 years ago.

No bugs in 2 years 😎

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