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Most of the major problems happening in the game right now are actually related to each other in a weird way. They're all associated to communication with the server being sporadic, which implies they introduced latency compensation instead of expanding their servers properly when the game blew up. Examples:

  1. When you start a full game, notice how everyone is kind of hurky jerky out of the gate? That's the server only checking in with people every now and then, so that instead of constantly talking to 60 people, it talks to say 20 at a time. This lets them put more people on a server without paying for more servers, and is how they fixed the original overpopulation issues without spending money.

  2. This caused problems though, because grabs became buggy, all over the place, because if the game isn't talking to you when you hit grab, it doesn't notice that until it check in... except you've already bounced off the edge in Wall Guys, or the crown, etc.

  3. This is also the cause of the "long-arms" phenomenon, because essentially the game isn't talking to you / the grabber, but when it checks back in all of a sudden the update is "He grabbed you two seconds ago, while you were way back there" and you disagree but the server doesn't care, it's opinion comes out on top.

  4. There are also the normal "De-Syncs" which are up to 5 seconds missed by the server, then they catch up and pull you to where the server thinks you are... or disqualifies you, etc. This is basically when their lag compensation crashes into your actual network latency / packet loss. If you're only occasionally getting updates, and miss even one.. You're already at a multi second gap that is hugely disruptive.

  5. Then the final issue... with such sporadic communication, you don't have to miss too many signal windows before the server just thinks you're no longer connected. Which lands us at the constant disconnection issues.

So in essence... it looks like most of the biggest glitches are the SAME problem, which they created when they cheaped out on server expansion early into the game's launch. It became bigger than they could handle, they introduced lag reduction methods, those methods have broken the game's core mechanics... and they don't know what to do.

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I’m sure the devs know these issues but in the wild event they don’t maybe this will help!

P.S. I fully support the devs and think they’ve been very honest. Since I’m not a game developer, I’m not going to criticize anything they’ve done.

Hey! This is an interesting read - thanks for taking the time :). I don't know these kinds of technicalities, but I'll share this with the team!