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29 Mar


Originally posted by saelinds

Wait wtf, since when did SE have an official Reddit account?

Varies a bit from each of our team members but typically from the get go for each team member coming aboard to the Western community teams.

But we're basically NINs coming out of Hide to Trick Attack whenever the time presents itself.

Disclaimer: I lurk far more than I post!



We typically relay on X when prizes have gone out on X. For confirmation, these prizes have been delivered to those who were selected for the sweepstakes.

We hold various screenshot sweepstakes throughout the year however, and if you were not drawn this time, then be on the lookout via the Lodestone for new sweepstakes as they come!

21 Feb


Welcome to Eorzea!

07 Jun


Originally posted by Intelligent-Kale-427

My text seems to have gone missing for this. But I did post with it (new to reddit) anyhow the image is of this mousepad that I won in a comp on the FF community forums a long long time ago. I hope you enjoy this little bit of FFXIV merchandise, I am unsure how many of these pads where made but I will cherish mine <3

oh WOW! crazy relic :D

I daresay this even predates my time (even though I'm on the North American side), but thanks so much for sharing this is so cool you've kept it!

24 May


She has a very soft look to her, it's lovely!

23 May


OMG her eyes, the overall style too. In love ♥

22 May


Love her!! Especially her eyes and the horn jewellery :)


Clean style, nice colours and a very pretty face :>


Originally posted by nanobuilder

This must be what /u/SE_Kaposhipi dreams about.

Oh my God so real!!!!

18 May

17 May


♥ ♥ ♥

16 May


Love the hair and the little moody look!

15 May


You gave her such a pretty smile! Like this :>


Cute Au Ra, check.

Sage, check.

Republican Medicus's Chiton, check.

Perfection: achieved! ♥

11 May