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15 Jan


Greetings u/I_ForgotMyLogInInfo! Bayohne from the North American FFXIV Community Team here and I'm sorry to hear about the issue that you're experiencing. Can you please PM your character name/World (that is all the public info I need, please don't share other sensitive info) so that I can pass it along to the Support Center to look into? Thank you!

12 Jan


Originally posted by AscianAscalon

The broom emote is from the restoration, not MGP. I guess patch notes were wrong?

Hi all, yep - Indeed, the Patch Notes are currently incorrect, we will fix this asap. The /sweep emote can be obtained from the Ishgardian Restoration, and not the Gold Saucer.

Edit: fixed now :)

01 Dec


no u

10 Feb


Originally posted by murtadaugh

The blog post isn't even showing up now.

Hm, it's working fine for me (including various browsers on mobile) and with others outside of our network. Maybe you experienced an intermittent hiccup?

Anyone else having issues since we address the image loading issue?


As a heads up, we addressed the issue where images weren't appearing properly on the blog post! So if you missed it before, check it out again!

07 Jan


Originally posted by TheNexMessiah

So this is how we lure out the SE Devs. With treats. It all makes sense.

To each their own!
But you've found my secret! Now toss in some Dodo's and your bound to see a wild Okieeomi appear!


Congrats! This is truly the best nearly-5 year prize win!
What was your favorite part of the dessert and what were your "lucky" numbers so I can enter them for this week's cactpot if you get what I'm saying *wink wink* ;)

Also, hi Reddit! *'-')/ (Ofc my first post had to be on this delicious treat!)

06 Jan


Originally posted by marshmallow_sunshine

For those who are not familiar with how ranked Feast works, when you hit certain milestone ratings it puts you in a set of qualifier matches. You have to win 3 out of 5 of the matches to be promoted to the next tier, and if you fail you have to regain any rating you lost for losing and go through the qualifier games again. Diamond is the final tier which makes for an especially tense and thrilling set of games, but winning that last game feels amazing.

Nice! Did you get promoted or not in the end? :>

21 Dec


We had fun coming up with the clues and questions, and we hope you guys enjoy figuring them out :)

20 Dec


Congratulations to you both, this is precious! May you ever walk in the light of the crystal <3

19 Nov


Originally posted by TheodoreMcIntyre

It would be easier just to roll a fresh-character, do all the prerequisites, and then play with banana controllers for the fight prog.

New roulette wheel challenge for fanfest

Do not. Tempt. Me.

27 Sep


Who cut steppe onions...

Thanks for sharing your story :)

17 Sep


Originally posted by Arcade_Theatre

I submitted a ticket to Customer Service. I'd message you the order number, but I do not really know if you are the real Bayohne or not =/

That's what the flair is *supposed* to help with! But no worries, I'll ask the customer service team to keep an eye out!


Originally posted by EMBigMoose

It seems like a real mess. I got mine the mail yesterday (US), but it came with a delivery slip for someone else's order as well.

Sorry for the headache! Can you message me your order number so I can pass this along to our store team?


Originally posted by el_fang

Same here, USA, not shipped, not cancelled, money paid.

Hi, there! Can you message me your store order number? I'd like to pass it along to the Square Enix Store support team.


Originally posted by Arcade_Theatre

Mine hasn't arrived yet, either (USA). But, I already payed for it...

Hi, there! Can you message me your store order number? I'd like to pass it along to the Square Enix Store support team.

04 Jul


Be sure to follow the @FFXIV_NEWS_EN channel on Twitter for updates on the servers. Sorry for the inconvenience everyone!

03 Jul


Originally posted by Insert-Expletive

I'm having the same issue as OP - what would be the best way to get this fixed? I've redeemed the code via psn, but mogstation is still not showing that I have the collectors edition. ):

Definitely the best way to get this resolved is to contact our Support Center, via chat/phone/email. They'll take your info and help you out!
NA: Support Center: ...

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02 Jul



Sorry to hear about this odd behavior when redeeming your code. I'll send you a PM to get some information regarding this.

26 Jun


Greetings, everyone.

We had just responded to this similar inquiry on the official forums here but we wanted to share the news here as well:

Thanks for your patience while we checked into this for you.

Unfortunately, we won't be able to release the naming conventions ahead of early access and launch of Shadowbringers. Once things have calmed down post-launch, the team will be able to better dedicate time to creating them. We know it's not the news you wanted to hear, but we appreciate your understanding.

When do they post?

(GMT +0)
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