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Ok, so for somme time its seems i cannot advance in rank im gold 1 after i already did 20 maches and destroy around 5 hitokiris with LB...i ussualy just skip the stuff after it ends and didnt realise i cannot advance from gold 1.
In fact after the mach ends i cannot see the rank progression at all its just the ch level up and the rank rewards.

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Hey there @Tezaur,

Thanks for reaching out.

Your rank is calculated at the end of each tournament match and any changes is dependant on your performance.

It may be that your performance is that of a solid Gold level, thus the changes aren't as apparent as they may have been when you were climbing previously.

There's no guarantee of gaining / losing a rank after each / every few matches.

More details on the Ranked System can be found here and if you have any further questions, please let us know.

Thank you!

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