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Totall 10 rep players can block everything / parry all lights / dodge all attacks / option select never worked.

They're started use to enigma protection and new script , you have to see all comments on the script's download pages. Some peoples wrote " i'm using since 1 years / 2 years without ban" and dev team must be found a solutions for Enigma visualitor / box or protection.

For breach or dominion mode, some peoples waiting at our spawn point and just they're waiting there , when i hit to enemy, my camera goes to under the ground. and they're killed me each time.

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Hello everyone, sorry to hear you believe you have encountered cheaters using scripts and macros in-game and sorry for missing your initial posts.

Please make sure you report them to us using the in-game menu option, this will flag that player's account to us, as well as the date and time of match, for review by our For Honor team > https://www.ubisoft.com/en-gb/help/for-honor/player-safety/article/reporting-a-cheater-bad-behaviour-or-offensive-emblems-in-for-honor/000060652