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Since 2 weeks, I play again at FH with my new configuration :
intel 12700k
rtx 4080
ddr5 64go

When I lauch game I have an advertisment : your configuration is less than required....
All my settings are on low, so I put them on high and do a benchmark ( and I have 250/300fps )
And my game crash 1 time per hour or 2 with a message that say my graphic card is not recommanded and too low for this game ?!?
I try to delete game, nothing, delete driver of my gpu, nothing, take old driver from my gpu, nothing.....
If someone have an idea....
Sorry for my bad english and have a good day

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Hey there, and welcome to the Discussions!

I'm sorry to hear that you are facing crashes on For Honor.

Is this happening on other games as well?

I noticed that you have a 4080 series, GPU that has faced numerous issues when it came out.
I would highly advise to get on online guides to find out what could be the cause of crashes for this graphics card.

As I won't be able to guarantee that this is the cause of the issue, I'd still recommend performing our troubleshooting steps.